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Hello everyone, First I want to thank everyone for the support. The reaction to my Bitcoin scavenger hunt has been overwhelming. I'm happy to hear that many of you were inspired to become a **BitcoinMan** in your local city. I know many of you are tempted to launch a flip starter to raise funds to do this, but I want to give a **warning** and some advice. The warning is that this may attract bad people who will exploit our generosity. As all of you know the cryptocurrency space is full of scammers so please do not donate to random flip starters unless the person behind it has a good reputation. Now for my advice. If you wish to do your own Bitcoin scavenger hunt, I'd recommend doing it with a small amount of money first. You need to understand that most people will have no idea what the sticker is and have no reason to think it's anything of value. There is even a good chance nobody will even scan the stickers at all. What caused people in my city to become curious was not the stickers, but what I posted on social media. If you think all you have to do is stick a few Bitcoin Cash stickers on a few walls and the local news will do a story on it you're mistaken. I spent hours emailing local news outlets, having photos of the stickers posted on reddit, calling the news stations and even having friends do the same. If you're not prepared to do this style of gorilla marketing then do not expect a big reaction. **My challenge to everyone is the following**: Print 10 stickers worth $5 each and stick them around town. Take photos of what you're doing then share it with everyone on reddit. Let a few days go by and see if any are scanned. If anything interesting comes out of this, share it with us. If you get a good reaction then maybe try a small flip starter. You need to build trust first and show you're someone who will actually take action if you expect anyone to donate anything to you. Again i'm touched that many of you want to do this, and I think creating a trend like this can be powerful. I've already started working on my next move. stay tuned. Thanks again for everything.

posted by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/btc on September 21, 2020 23:08:41

I want to print stickers and place them all over the city. Each sticker will be basically a paper tip of $5 or $20

Commented by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/BitcoinBeginners on September 24, 2020 16:22:00

"do it manually" is technically an answer i guess lol.

Commented by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/BitcoinBeginners on September 24, 2020 15:16:58

ok, but i was just giving it as an example.

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[]( or [](

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Please do. If this challenge becomes a trend, or a right of passage it could do a lot of good.

Commented by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/btc on September 21, 2020 01:42:59

i'd be happy to create a kit others can buy or copy.

Commented by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 02:47:49

Here's proof. []( read the comment. I don't want to draw much attention to this flipstarter to the nocoiners following me.

Commented by /u/BakersfieldBitcoin in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 02:46:56

One of the goals is to onboard a few local businesses and include them in this. Those who claim say, a $10 sticker will read a note that "to find whats next go here and buy the 'blue cookie" or some kind of item. The item can only be bought with BCH, and the item will have a sticker with the next clue. This will force those who win to experience their first transaction. I also plan on creating a tutorial, or some kind of "kit" one can get to teach others to do this same. If I can create a trend that others want to copy, it can be a big deal.

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