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Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 4, 2020 08:25:42

There is no place on this world were the behaviour of the parents justify mistreatment of the next generation. According to your statement the USA would deserve to be nuked like Hiroshima & Nagasaki or the population deserve being crippled with chemicals like Agent Orange for several generations, how it happened in Vietnam. Or the wars in Afghanistan were based on a lie, Colin Powell admitted that. If any nation deserves wars it is that nation which has invaded hundreds of other nations. But not even they deserve it, nobody deserves being a slave. It only creates future conflicts. Nothing can be achieved by force.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 4, 2020 08:23:06

The biggest military base outside the USA is in Ramstein Germany, it has 12 nuclear missiles, which are illegal according to german constitution. Germans pay the military base & salary of the 50000 soldiers in Ramstein with their tax money Thousands are demonstrating each year to get the occupants out of Germany & they do not want to participate in illegal international warfares But the occupants force Germany to go to war against their constitution. Therefore as the constitution is being completely ignored, its clear that it is not even a souveran state, they are slaves. They produce mostly weapons & cars in Germany, its a war factor y. In addition to that in the North of Germany the UK has 13000 soldiers occupieng the territory. Does that help you understand my perspective?

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 4, 2020 06:57:00

The bitcoin valley 🥳

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/brisbane on July 4, 2020 03:01:46

Germany has 1500 tons in possession inside other big banks around the world e. G. NYC but only 500 tons had been returned home. Thats 1000 tons still missing. Nobody talks about that... The germans are complete slaves to the occupants since WWIII

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 4, 2020 02:37:04

Thanks for your feedback You can use our PWA Web App that you can actually install on the IPhone (Google tells you how search for "IPhone install PWA") Web app: Otherwise we would be extremely happy to finally release our Coinector app to the App Store, so if you know anyone who would like to publish that open source app under their brand, we would assist them on that. The Coinector app is compatible with Apple & soon Web as its written in Flutter which is the latest hype of cross platform solutions. We can build a package for the App Store easily. All we need is a partner who can publish it. Do you know anyone with an IPhone developer account that would like to support BCH adoption??? Tell them!!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 3, 2020 21:42:58

Its a very simple & effective solution On all the places are linked to Google Maps To find out if a merchant is still available you can check on that link and if they are permanently closed you will see it right away. In the past the no. 1 reason why merchants stopped accepting BCH was because their business failed Once they accept BCH they usually continue doing that. The issue you describe is mostly out of the time of BTC adoption, as many merchants stopped accepting BTC because of high fees, that won't happen on BCH ever Another way to interact & find out if a merchant accepts BCH is to put a question or comment on their Google Maps page Problem solved!!! Our data can never be more accurate than the data of Google Maps, so we simply integrated it. I say that because even if we gave the merchant a solution to update their data with us, they wouldnt do it. They have enough work with Google Maps already. To keep our data synchronized with Google Maps we update it periodically, at least every 6 months we will check on the whole data set. Our data of merchants accepting BCH should be 95%+ accurate, that is our target.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 3, 2020 21:29:37

Congratulations!! Did you know you can promote this place on Its as easy as filling out this Google Form Thanks for your support!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 3, 2020 21:19:35

How do you like it? You can download the Android App here

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 3, 2020 03:39:38

Just focus on progressing with BTC if you think that is the better solution to your specific use cases. All this hating leads to nothing but negative energy, it also goes into your attitude on anything in life. Every time you hate on others, you have to manifest that hate within yourself. Until you get addicted to it as it gives you an adrenaline thrill to go into a fight. Get your adrenaline from onboarding users to BTC, win the fight by being the best, not by making others fail.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 2, 2020 08:00:41

Sad news is that majority needs governance because they never learned to solve their own problems but they only learned to follow the orders of others. We are in this situation, we cant change it by tomorrow, first the upcoming generations must be educated without blind obedience, then we might be living without governments in three generations. Just forget about the current generation, educate the kids, thats the only hope we have to be living in a free society one day. I do not share your world view that others simply want to rob. They don't understand taxes, they don't see alternatives. Show them the alternatives, don't judge them for what they are, they were raised like that, they don't know any better.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 2, 2020 07:49:58

Great to see you are back! If there are any new locations in your area which are missing on You are welcome to submit them here Http:// Thanks for your participation!!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 2, 2020 00:02:16

Actually the Venezuelan government promotes Bitcoin, Ethereum & DASH usage & mining as you can see in this video: They like it!!!! Not all governments are the same!! In their essence the idea of a democratic government is to represent the needs of the majority of that population. Its just that most governments are corrupt under all aspects. We should hate on the corruption these governments practice, not the idea of governance in general, because most humans believe that they need governments & you won't convince them otherwise in this life time.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 23:40:44

To learn how to truly collaborate with everyone is to stop thinking in personalities. Just focus on the task.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 23:30:41

Please can someone who visits that place tell the owner that they can register their place on or do it for them ?? Its as easy as filling out this Google Form to expose that place to 1500+ monthly active users searching for places to spend BCH Afterwards that business will see more clients spending with bitcoin which will make him feel even more happy about his great decision to accept bitcoins. Their latest app on the Play Store called "Coinector" is even fully translated to 7 languages including Japanese. Thanks for your support!!! We are Satoshi Nakamoto ❤️

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 23:20:33

Amazing to see you got a meetup now!! Are there any locations accepting #BCH in your area??? You are very welcome to submit these locations to You can use this Google Form They will display that place to 1500 monthly active users over several Android & Web apps. Your participation really matters to the whole bitcoin community. Obrigado!!! Bom día!!!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 23:10:31

He can spend it on Bitrefill using a coinbase account to make phone refills with it. BCH is also accepted at all terminals for example at Farmarket they accept it. Check out to find these places I can recommend the Farmarket at C. C. LIDO & C. C. CCTV

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 23:00:33

Bitpay is not real adoption, its a service which technically enables the bitcoin community to interact with the FIAT merchants. Real adoption is bitcoin to bitcoin usage.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on June 30, 2020 19:03:56

Thats a totally different statistic with a very broad angle not highlighting the benefits of BCH over BTC at all, what does it have to do with this thread? In a real world use case, like playing online poker, the coin with acceptable fees & biggest community wins. Now proyect that for the next 1000 games adopting bitcoin & you can imagine how much bigger the user base of BCH will be. Anyway I am impressed that BCH payments overall are at 10% of BTC level already, which is far from being reflected in a 1:10 market cap. Thats a strong buy signal for BCH.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on June 30, 2020 17:36:06

Which one meets demand best? Doesn't help if you offer the sea when people want a swimming pool.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on June 30, 2020 17:26:05

If you want to live a normal life, do normal things, because you care about the average & what others do so much, then probably bitcoin is nothing for you to begin with. Go open a bank account, marry a girl, plant a tree, get a mortgage. Cu

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on June 30, 2020 16:52:20

Every single data point supports the premise

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on June 30, 2020 02:44:33

Thanks! You are welcome to add that place to, so that everyone can find it and so that Izziban has more BCH customers, your efforts will be appreciated by millions even if they will never tell you:

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on March 16, 2020 09:18:08

TRAKI accepts BTC, they do not accept BCH, you seem to be very bad informed!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/Bitcoin on March 16, 2020 06:21:25

[]( recently added the first five places in Brasil that accept DASH payments! Find Kemono Sushi on Google Maps: [](

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/dashpay on March 16, 2020 06:18:32

Google Maps [](

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on March 16, 2020 05:54:19

[u/Amanda\_B\_Johnson]( Might be an opportunity to deposit the funds with a service like []( as they are being trusted with much more funds already and implented a high level of security. DIF might be able to negotiate with crowdnode that they would not release the funds without getting the ok of 3 out of 4 DIF supervisors.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/dashpay on November 13, 2019 01:27:07

I dont understand how to set that user flair :(

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/litecoin on November 11, 2019 14:15:14

Shit comment about shit

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on September 16, 2019 22:27:54

Usually people would value factful information over that one which is biased by opinion and loaded with insults.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 31, 2019 13:44:22

If you would really believe that people should make up their own opinion, then why are you trying to manipulate others with your FUD? You seem to be very passionate. Why not go and do something constructive with it?

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 31, 2019 13:16:21

Maybe you are the paranoid one??

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 31, 2019 12:49:55

Actually I think you are one of the paid shills spreading FUD to destroy the constructive community who actually wants to get adoption done... I would recommend anyone to make themselves their own picture by watching the interview with him on ... He also publishes videos in that YT channel in three different languages, while he has been a software developer since the age of 8 (as you could read on a DASH proposal he has published on the website of dashnexus), he seems to be very intelligent... That might be the reason why he appears strange to you... He is publishing on too... Make yourself your own picture instead of believing in any opinion or FUD

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 31, 2019 12:20:57
/r/btc/comments/cxvewe/there_is_a_guy_selling_mining_shares_via_memo/eyo00ab/ You must be registered on while having funded your wallet there with BCH

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 31, 2019 11:45:01

Nice to see the DASH and the BCH community collaborating

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/btc on August 30, 2019 15:48:50


Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/funny on January 11, 2018 00:57:34

Jamming the fuck out. So good!

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/Drumming on May 19, 2015 08:03:59

rock climbing. go to your nearest indoor or outdoor climbing place. SO MUCH FUN.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/AskReddit on March 13, 2013 17:11:32

When will Bob Ross make a triumphant return to your stream? I need him in my life.

Commented by /u/Blackson123 in /r/Destiny on December 18, 2012 05:48:19