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Assuming the FBI is involved, they want to bust these people, they already have a mountain of evidence, and they aren't dumb: They already subpoena'd records from service providers and they know who the bad actors are and what has been done. Getting the SEC to politely ask will cause bad actors to delete their phone's history, so when the FBI raids and seizes their phones they have more evidence for more crimes, specifically obstruction of justice, on top of the other charges. That's all assuming my first sentence is true.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on February 2, 2023 19:27:43

My money is on the FBI already having warrants to obtain data from the service providers and they know who the bad actors are. The SEC is asking politely so when they come in to seize phones they can find evidence of who deleted their history, just piling on the damning evidence. Or they are just incompetent.

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Acquire - as in acquire Blockbuster?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on February 2, 2023 19:20:41

It is interesting how acquisitions work, in that you buy something that someone else owns. Hmmm.....

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on February 2, 2023 19:19:55

Should have been a 10% discount, if they expect this to ignite a squeeze. But my feeling is that this play is more for discovery than for punitive results.

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A coupon is a potential reduction in future revenue, not a cash out of pocket today kind of thing. Meaning that someone has to buy something to apply the discount. Which is why coupons have no monetary value, because otherwise a coupon holder could demand $10 from the company in exchange for the coupon without redeeming it on a purchase. Let's assume their most affordable program is a $100 tuition. Holders of the coupon would have to spend $90 to realize the savings of $10. If all 10m coupons were redeemed in one year, that would be a minimum revenue of $900m. You say their revenue is currently at $13m a year. Imagine their 10Q if all those coupons were redeemed in a year! But realistically there is probably a mathematical model that predicts the revenue boost from this over the valid term of the coupon. Something like a bell curve but maybe more sophisticated. So even if the shorts just pay $1 for every naked share and there is no squeeze, this is still a value play.

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We are holding a royal flush and the dealer is dealing out copies of our hole cards [AKs] with a suited flop of [QJT]. Either everyone at the table has the stone cold nuts on a hand that cannot be a split pot. Meaning each player is entitled to the full value of the pot and the house must match every winning hand from it's own reserves. But doing so would expose the fraud, and so they make rules against going all in and/or showing your hole cards. They will need to pay out each player their asking price to quietly muck their cards back into the deck. Oh, and did I mention that there are confirmed a minimum of 200k players at the table with roughly 81m hands in play? Because there are confirmed a minimum of 200k players at the table with roughly 81m hands in play. Oh, and last I checked the pot was ~$160m.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on February 2, 2023 12:53:23

Blue is popcorn. Poppers always put their stock ahead of GME, apes don't even mention popcorn. It's kind of like the guy selling door tickets for a rock concert telling his friends that he and the band are playing a show that night.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on February 2, 2023 12:44:40

It's for positive PR, that's what it is for. $25m is less than what he lost in his couch cushions last week. He would notice more pain and weakness donating a pint of blood.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 31, 2023 15:39:29

Then they shouldn't dismiss the complaint after looking at a faked lease either. If the owner claims that the lease is faked and has a forced signature, that is a criminal matter. And if your cop has no formal law education, he's a shit cop, and he works for a shit police force.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 30, 2023 15:09:29

What's RC's?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 30, 2023 15:06:54

All it takes is for the victim to show the cops records of: * Utilities in their name paid to date * Mail delivered to their address * Testimony of friends and family * A comparison of signatures on the "lease" to other documents victim has signed * Landline phone in their name with incoming and outgoing calls And, you should be able to evict a tenant from your house in order to move in yourself. It is a process, but if all else fails, serve them and get them out. Or sell the building and let the new owners deal with it. But the cops didn't even try.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 26, 2023 15:21:25

Would have been hilarious if the victims were tenants and the landlord could produce a real lease signed months or years earlier and proof of rent paid up to date. Makes me want to lease my home to myself just in case.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 26, 2023 15:16:47

All they needed to do was ask the "tenant" to show proof of rent paid. Or talk to the neighbors. Or the victim's family and friends.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 26, 2023 15:14:07

The next few DD posts are gonna be fire.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 24, 2023 19:31:32

So that brief window in time is when everyone reported their positions to meet margin requirements I assume?

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Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 24, 2023 19:23:17

Satan is morally better than god. There, I said it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/atheism on January 20, 2023 13:20:54

If a special dividend is coming then some of the smaller shorts could be closing positions to avoid being fucked by having to pay the dividend. Could explain the price action. Bigger shorts might be doubling down so it doesn't blow up their position. Who the hell knows though I'm just a ~~regarded~~ \[redacted\] smoth braned ape.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 19, 2023 19:05:57

24m shares outstanding with a 10m float and they have traded 137m shares already today.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 19, 2023 12:31:48

Trent Reznor saw this coming.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 19, 2023 08:01:10

If China is the same color as the ocean, that means that China is under water.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 18, 2023 15:46:25

And that's why you need diapers.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on January 16, 2023 17:22:21

I honestly think they are putting stuff out for us to go nuts theorizing on because they know we would figure out their real plan and don't want us tipping it off to SHFs. We are their tool to spread FUD back at the SHFs.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 16, 2023 17:21:09

Well, the underlying asset is outperforming most other stocks.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 16, 2023 06:52:36

Relax guys, he just wants to jack her tits.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 14, 2023 11:03:59

They likely never decided they wanted to fuck us over. They just saw a way to exploit the system to rake in serious coin. The fact that it fucks us over just doesn't matter to them, and they compartmentalized it. That is how greed works. I just take for me and don't think or care about others. Harming them isn't my goal, getting money is.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 14, 2023 00:46:47

OP has no chill. He could have been tactful and asked leading questions and let her talk, but he had to jump to GME and scare her off.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 14, 2023 00:41:46

If we can't own anything then we can never stop working. This is slavery by definition.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 13, 2023 21:46:56

So here is the process I went through to play Kiraverse: * went to the link in this post for Parmalabs * Created a new account * Searched for help on how to link my wallet to my account * Linked my wallet to my account * Downloaded Epic Games as required by Parmalabs * Installed Epic Games * Created an Epic Games account * Validated the Epic Games account * Requested access to the Kiraverse Beta * Entered the Beta code * Was brought to elixir's website * Requested to play Kiraverse * Was prompted to download elixir's desktop app * Downloaded the desktop app * Was prompted to sign in and validate through emailed code * Validated my sign in * Selected on "play Kiraverse" * Was prompted to download the game. * Game downloaded and is installing as I write this. I'm sure I started this all about an hour ago. Can you make this more complicated? I need a way to waste the rest of my day doing nothing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 12, 2023 15:12:41

Better a kik chat than a crowded shopping mall, but certainly rude and unwelcome.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on January 5, 2023 19:36:09

Yeah, but someone has got to look at the liabilities and say ok, WHAT do the have to buy back and WHEN? It is a convenient way to present it as a win when investors are too lazy to do their DD into what the actual exposure is.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 5, 2023 19:18:45

And that's just the value of what he sold them at, or at best their market value today. He ain't getting them back for such a steep discount.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 5, 2023 19:16:37

Record revenue means nothing until you factor in expenses and liabilities. If you are opening ~~millions~~ billions of naked short positions, that's your revenue. But if you have billions of securities sold not yet purchased, those liabilities could put you in the red real quick.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 5, 2023 19:14:59

If someone can convince me they have another card they haven't played I will argue your post. Otherwise I'm right there with you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 5, 2023 19:04:52

I'm gonna capitulate about going out for dinner and buy 2 shares instead.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 4, 2023 21:14:01

The matrix is real, and it is constructed by our language. Marshall Rosenberg wrote about this in his book Nonviolent Communication. We are immersed in a language paradigm that is about dominance and power over people. This language causes violence and division, which is useful for keeping slaves at odds with teach other, unable to unify against their masters. He teaches a language that is more human and expresses who we really are. It removes things like enemy images we have of people around us, and lays aside criticism and judgments to deliver communication that is authentic and compassionate. I believe if humanity could reach this level of consciousness dominantion would be impossible. But for now I buy drs and hodl.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 4, 2023 21:03:03

I would just love it if they called me begging to buy my shares. But when it comes to selling shares for phone numbers, I'm not authorizing any sale unless my price and terms are put in writing by the broker and I sign my name to it in the presence of my lawyer. This isn't something I expect to be able to key into a trading app or online account portal. I won't even do it verbally over the phone with a broker or even senior trader. I will state my terms and ask for it in writing before I authorize the trade. Remember, things can go fuckey - apps can crash, data lost, etc. But if you have it in writing, they can't deny the deal.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on January 2, 2023 15:26:50

I might be wrong in my thinking, but it seems like the only times the FDIC is ever needed is some sort of contagion event like this where they are gonna be underprepared and underfunded no matter what. Kinda makes you wonder why they exist, sort of.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 31, 2022 18:07:50

By zeros, I assume you mean the number of zeros in the prison sentences.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 31, 2022 18:06:02

I made a recording of the entire video. I may upload it somewhere, but not sure where. Just wanted to comment this as another source if one is needed.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 31, 2022 18:01:55

I think insiders are barred from buying or selling stock leading up to any sort of corporate action like mergers, acquisitions, or any sort of major announcement that could impact the price of the stock. It's called "insider trading" and is illegal, unless you are a member of congress.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 30, 2022 18:56:39

The counterparty in 2021 probably thought it was easy money. Now they see it as terminal cancer.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 27, 2022 21:13:19

You mean that guy in the blue checkered shirt?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 24, 2022 20:32:14

Forever. To get rid of the smell, remove the diaper, dispose of the solids in the toilet and flush, roll up and tape shut the diaper, and dispose of it in a sealed container. Clean any remaining mess on the baby's bottom. Smell is gone.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 24, 2022 02:48:22

Meanwhile sour beloved company is creating true digital ownership free from centralized control.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 23, 2022 02:30:00

As someone who is on 3 medications with possible sexual side effects, so much this. Also, blowing your load inside a woman isn't the making of a man many believe it to be. A gentleman is a giver and receiver, not a taker. He is called a gentleman because he is a gentle man. Yes he is powerful, but he commands his power, he isn't ruled by it. He restrains his power to help others feel safe around him. He masters his power to be able to protect himself and others from those less restrained. And he commands his power to submit to his gentle will, in order avoid contributing violence and conflict unless at the end of need. I think the world could use to rediscover what it is to be a gentleman.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 02:24:51

As someone whose been there, I can say it is a very frustrating place to be in. A lot of times it is just not there for us. We can look at your body and say "damn she is sexy" but something in us just isn't connecting that to our dick. And after building up this expectation that I'm gonna walk in and just suddenly be hard and have amazing sex, it's like why is this happening? And I've had to learn that its just ok to spend $400 to cuddle with someone, talk about things, get naked and see what happens and be ok if nothing does.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 00:53:19

Testosterone is a hellova drug.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 00:46:34

Let me help you with your confusion. When you book time with an escort, you are spending time with a person. This person is like you in many ways, but different in some as well. Like you, they have limited energy and time, they can become fatigued, and their bodies are subject to the whims of nature. Like you, work is work, and it can become bland, boring and even stressful and fatiguing. Just because you think she is hot and you want to fuck her non stop for an hour doesn't mean she feels the same. Chances are pretty low she is turned on at all. The secret about spending time with an escort is that treating them like a person and being attentive to them makes the sessions so much more enjoyable. They relax more when they feel that you see them as a person. Not every time, and not every woman, so YMMV, but generally speaking that is the case. There is a big difference here between paying someone to use them like a fleshlight and hiring them so you can treat them like a lady for an hour or two. Feeling like a man isn't about jackhammering her pussy. Feeling like a man is about acting like a gentleman and showing common decency, respect and care for another person. And it feels 1000x times more satisfying than cumming on her tits while she watches the clock.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 00:42:55

Reddit used to have this motto, haven't seen it around but maybe it still is. "Remember the person." Same applies to sex workers. Remember they are people, and people have limits and people deserve to be treated like people regardless of the service you are paying them for.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 00:33:37

We're talking about sex workers here. Escorts. Real women. If you want the one you put quarters in to extend your credits, just mount a Realdoll to a pinball machine and go full tilt.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 23, 2022 00:30:19

I've reported this to mods as sighting is not unique or interesting.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 23, 2022 00:25:02

Yesterday I quoted Matthew 10:34 to someone on facebook who was annoyed that the comedian was poking fun at religion. >Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law— a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household. I actually quoted several other verses about Christians facing suffering and persecution. Then I said this: >Why are you so sensitive to being challenged? Are you not up to the task of being a Christian? Perhaps you need to read your bible, so you know exactly what is expected of you. Perhaps you need to pray more so this doesn’t bother you. Being a Christian is not for the weak or easily offended. It is not for those who want to be respected for their values. Jesus himself said that following him would create division and violence. You are expected to spread his teachings and turn the other cheek when persecuted. Yet you can’t handle a simple FB post like this? I don’t think your faith is as strong as you think it is.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 23, 2022 00:17:21

Yo, your momma's so fat...

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 23, 2022 00:01:25

I see a lot of back pain in her future.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 23, 2022 00:01:00

She is more than terrified, she is traumatized. You are watching PTSD happen in real time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 22, 2022 23:53:39

Worker is not ok. She has a lifetime of PTSD to now deal with after having her life threatened like that over a prolonged period of time. I hope her employer covers all of her therapy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 22, 2022 23:53:12

And then Joe Swanson accidently knocks over a bookshelf that falls on his back, disabling him.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 22, 2022 23:48:49

Well, it is sort of akin to snake oil salesmen, except she isn't asking for money. But she is offering false hope, which I think is just deplorable.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 22, 2022 23:47:06

This is when I'd just start acting like I was demon possessed.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/peopleofwalmart on December 22, 2022 23:46:16

Choosing between buying new tires for your shitty car or paying rent.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:44:37

Ooh ooh are we allowed to make exceptions on a pure whim? Goody! Then I make an exception for you!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 22, 2022 23:42:12

Shorter than my willy >!wonka chocolate bar.!<

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 22, 2022 23:40:52

*gestures broadly at every of the people of all time*

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 22, 2022 23:39:41

If there isn't a price on Kenny Griffin's head so high that Russia, Qatar, the rest of the Middle East, North Korea, China and anywhere else he has safehouses will extradite him in a heartbeat, I'm not selling. And yes, safehouses. Plural. What does anyone think he has been doing these last two years flying his private jet all over the world? Stashing physical cash and cold wallets around the Middle East, Russia and even parts of Europe so he has several places to run and hide.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:38:25

And then you will ask for a reasonable $741,420,069 per share, right? Right?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:33:13

Financial terrorists go to prison for life.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:32:27

Which is why I'm not even going to bother getting accurate cost basis from my brokers. Even if I did sell, which I won't, but hypothetically if I did ... Just hear me out now... I'd mark my cost basis at $0.50 a share and pay the slightly higher tax. Because who gives a shit.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:30:58

"You will own nothing and you will be happy." They will own everything and be miserable, because they have no souls.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:28:01

↑↑↓↓←→←→BA START

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:25:39

And when there are dozens of unique GUI's we use every day... I'm getting too old for this shit.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:24:35

I bought shares in a ticker that's been causing a stir lately, you might have heard of it. Got halted, then chilled. Some say the brokers will have to call their clients and offer to buy back their shares. Not sure if that will actually happen or not, but if so they are going up against an OG GME Diamond Hanz. And that's just the warm up for the real squeeze.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 23:23:50

I hate it when apps and websites have constant GUI updates. Like c'mon Facebook, just leave it where you put it last time. My ADHD doesn't tolerate looking for things that you moved. Same with websites that are very stylish to look at but not intuitive on where to go.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 18:25:53

Because wall street still operates on systems designed in the early 60's. Computers weren't popular then.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 18:23:35

My friend's husband died of Glioblastoma just over 2 years ago. She is heartbroken beyond grief. These fucking waffle farts need to face justice. Throw the entire library at them, and let them rot in solitary for the rest of their miserable existences.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 13:12:29

How can I forget it when they keep yappin about it?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 12:11:13

That's like 4 layers of trust me bro... a trust me bro layer cake. OP>Buddy>Sales Rep>Sales Rep's Source

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 12:04:10

I have creditors breathing down my neck. The amount I invested isn't a drop in the bucket. This play would have got me back to even and a little extra back in March 2021 with what my floor was then. But instead I've been losing sleep for a year and a half watching them fuck around with the value of my investments. They aren't getting my DRS'd shares.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 05:12:31

Qatar has no extradition treaty with the US. Wonder if Kenny is planning a long term stay.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 22, 2022 05:06:10

Those panties were made for your body alone! That and for dropping to the floor!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/PussyFlashing on December 22, 2022 00:12:02

"Checking if water is still wet."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Babes on December 22, 2022 00:06:49

But if I'm gentle, you won't struggle as much. Where's the fun in that?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/rapefantasies on December 22, 2022 00:01:19

Yes baby, and now what do you want me to do?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/barelylegalteens on December 21, 2022 23:58:38

"Hike up your skirt a little more, and show your worlds to me!"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/frontviewpanties on December 21, 2022 23:38:22

I would say "I don't find myself attracted to him/her." Places emphasis more on who you are, as it is perfectly fine to not be attracted to some one, and less on the other person's attributes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 21, 2022 18:47:37

>The last year we kinda fell out of contact and has different views on politics and life Without knowing that your views are back in tolerable alignment why would you want to go on a date with her?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 21, 2022 16:36:43

Maybe they care about him developing normal and healthy relationships and ideas about sex.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on December 21, 2022 16:32:21

Unfortunately this is how it is likely going to be for you until you are able to leave home and not be dependent on your parents. I cannot give you advice or direction at ALL about any sexual content, and just be careful about who you interact with online in ANY sexual context.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on December 21, 2022 16:30:36

Guys in my office don't get to see it either because I shut the door to jerk off to your tits.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RealGirls on December 21, 2022 16:26:58

I haven't seen someone discuss this angle yet so I thought I would. Assuming \~200k Computershare accounts, and all accounts holding fractionals, how many shares are we talking about? Lets assume all accounts hold a fractional of 0.65 shares. At 200k accounts, that is 130k shares tied up in fractionals. Now those cannot be DRS'd so they are in plan. Plan means they are in DTCC/Cede & co. So if all apes sell their fractionals, well, that's about 130k shares not held in street name in plan holdings. But if holding fractionals keeps even 1 share from being truly DRS'd, that's another 200k min shares not DRS'd. Some also imply that if you hold fractionals, your entire holdings is in plan, not book. I'm not sure I believe that, but imagine if that were true? We are potentially allowing millions of shares to be exposed to lending for the sake of not letting go of 130k? Without hard proof one way or the other, to me it seems more logical to let go of fractionals, which are just a claim to a fraction of a share, and keep everything else in book. Especially when fractionals can't be direct registered.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 21, 2022 16:08:43

If I pm you my address will you come knocking on my door?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ChristianGirls on December 20, 2022 16:11:42

My type is goddamn sexy, so yes, you are my type.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/VeryBarelyLegal on December 20, 2022 16:05:27

I bet you just love standing outside in the open with your skirt up and your panties around your knees. Waiting for some pervert to come along and stroke his cock to you!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gwpublic on December 20, 2022 15:55:56

Q1: How's your inbox? Has it been stuffed more than your pussy? Q2: How does it feel knowing women get off to your sexy body? Would you get off to theirs? Q3: How long would I last with you riding me CG style?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on December 20, 2022 15:53:00

I'd just cum in them while you wore them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/FullBackPanties on December 20, 2022 15:48:57

"Do or do not, there is no try." I would do you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/wifesharing on December 20, 2022 15:47:38

Reported to Reddit for sexualization of minors.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/hotxstories on December 20, 2022 15:45:04

This is my best erection!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/lingeriewomen on December 20, 2022 15:40:45

It's a bit nipply... er I mean nippy outside. Cold weather. Yes. How about you?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/midriff on December 20, 2022 15:36:39

Still enjoying that whipped cream or do you want me to come over?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Babes on December 20, 2022 15:33:20

Canada's a small place, right? You can't live too far away from me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SFWNextDoorGirls on December 20, 2022 15:27:46

Well, since I am on reddit and recognize you by your outfit, please report to my office for disciplinary action.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/UpskirtPanties on December 20, 2022 15:25:45

For implants I always worry about heath risks. I'm sure they are way safer today than 30 years ago, but still.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 20, 2022 15:15:16

You're gonna stock up on food and toilet paper and wait for the system to crash?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 20, 2022 09:28:47

No, you should take them off.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SFWNextDoorGirls on December 20, 2022 01:14:01

Daddy's gonna have to spank you for being so naughty. Bend over and pull down your panties.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/DadWouldBeProud on December 20, 2022 01:11:09

I think that's a question only you can answer for yourself.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 20, 2022 00:48:28

Happening as we speak.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ReStrictD on December 20, 2022 00:21:14

Toxic ex is pretty accurate. Your ass is FINE

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/xsmallgirls on December 20, 2022 00:19:24

Maybe we could do some pumping of our own while you wait.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/FlashingAndFlaunting on December 19, 2022 23:51:42

Just god damn sexiness all over you!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/lingeriewomen on December 19, 2022 23:45:13

Those panties are so cute on you, and I think Teddy agrees!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Outiebellybutton on December 19, 2022 23:05:09

Hi babygirl!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Babygirl on December 19, 2022 23:02:18

Damn! I could go for some of that right now!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Submissive_ on December 19, 2022 23:00:49

Can I be your teddy, pretty pretty please?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Outiebellybutton on December 19, 2022 22:58:38

Damn sexy! What I wouldn't give to see those panties around your ankles!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/cuteasfuck_butclothed on December 19, 2022 22:56:58

If its wet we're going to have to change it right here too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on December 19, 2022 21:45:10

"What do you think about having an open relationship?" "I think it is workable." "Well, I don't. We're through. I'll have your stuff ready for pickup tomorrow at 3pm. If you arrive anytime after 3:30 I will be on my way to the Goodwill to donate it."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 19, 2022 21:22:21

Hell, I'm thinking back to my ex, and I should have ended it the moment she baselessly suggested I was setting things up to cheat on her. She broke my trust by allowing her own fears and daddy issues to override her good judgment. You need to show her the door and move on yesterday.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 19, 2022 21:14:57

Just because she said they didn't meet up doesn't mean they didn't.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 19, 2022 21:13:09

>if she gave him the wrong number He would have never even known, unless she told him.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 19, 2022 21:12:40

She has traveled into the trust breaking event horizon. She needs to be able to travel at the speed of light into the past and change her decisions to fix it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 19, 2022 21:11:44

I swear these people were born without mirror neurons. Fuck, I'm always just absolutely grateful when a woman sucks my dick, because even I don't want to suck my own dick. It feels great, but knowing someone is doing that for me... I can't imagine doing things I don't want to do, and I have a hard time not being concerned that she isn't uncomfortable. I wonder if these guys would suck their own dicks if they were flexible enough, or if they think it is a degrading act that only women and gay men should do?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 21:07:55

If kicking him to the curb isn't feasible for you, I would raise your rates specifically for him. If he complains, tell him that he doesn't respect your boundaries and verbally degrades you, so it's gonna cost him way more. I hope though you can find options that no longer serving him is easy to do.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 21:03:56

While I agree in principle, he doesn't sound like the kind of guy that will accept responsibility for making her puke. He's more likely to get upset with her for puking. She should cut her losses with this client. It sucks since he pays well, but how much is dignity worth these days?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 21:02:04

> They watch too much porn. That’s why they think they can do this shit. I watch A LOT of porn, but I can tell what's real and what isn't, and what women would and would not appreciate in real life. These guys are just douche canoes who WANT to live like a pornstar and don't care how they treat people.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 21:00:06

Would anyone like a peanut?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 20:55:26

"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 19, 2022 10:41:51

These blast points are too accurate for sand people.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 19, 2022 10:40:28

I get that. But in his search for your money he might find your weapon first. Just something to think about.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 16, 2022 23:09:41

I see a lot if ads that say "text or email only, calls will not be answere." It let's you get to the point, and get a sense of who they are without the live interaction. Someone sends an offputting text? Just ignore it. Someone tries to haggle? Tell them to look elsewhere. Easiest to do it through messaging. Don't defend or explain yourself, that is just giving them more of your time they don't deserve. Also, be clear in your ad or website the things they are expected to say/do and not say/do. IMO, the business of intake and screening a client should be straight to the point, no nonsense, and all through messages. And if he isn't meeting your clearly written expectations he isn't worth your time. When it goes well, he will show up sober, presentable, on time, with envelope in hand and asking where the shower is. If he misses a beat, a gentle but firm reminder will help the better men realize they are out of line. Ideally this would be the worst client you see. Ideally. Life is never ideal.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 16, 2022 23:01:03

You are your own boss. If you can afford to take a break, why not? There is no need to compare yourself against the full time worker or the demands of the traditional working life. Work to live. You can only live today.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 16, 2022 22:49:24

So he searches for the money and finds a weapon? I'm not understating this at all.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 16, 2022 22:37:07

Yes and yes!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/smallboobs on December 16, 2022 22:29:02

I know of a few situations like this, where its about one person not getting what they want and the other person being a doormat for fear of the marriage failing. My friend wanted to be in a throuple and met a couple \[MF\] on Tinder. They did their best to ask questions and make sure the couple really wanted this. Direct questions to each of them. This was over time and not an interrogation, but they did eventually trust the couple enough to move in. Years later it all comes out. He had wanted a throuple for a long time and had been asking for one. She finally agreed because she was afraid of him leaving or cheating. My friend wasn't their first by a long shot, and every one of them ended in disaster. Well this was all devastating to my friend, and the woman has been treating them like shit. Getting out isn't easy for them. I don't want to share details though.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 20:13:12

[SEC permanent record](

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 16, 2022 20:05:58

Naked women are nice to look at even when I'm not horny or wanting sex.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:40:00

Look who is assuming things now. Go read through my comment history and ask yourself if I'm really a kink shamer. I'll save you the effort though. I'm ABDL. That's right, I wear diapers. That is one of the most taboo kinks around, and one of the community that deals with a lot of unnecessary shame. Simply saying that some kinks are not for everyone and are very risky doesn't make me a kink shamer. I'm just being level headed about people's expectations, and how people can go in way too deep and get burned because they don't know what to expect. It says a lot about you that you label me a kink shamer for bringing a level headed response to a thread about your brand new kink that you are still trying to understand (I read your post, it sounds like you are doing fine.) You sound like you are feeling exposed about your desires and anything that isn't easy to interpret as supporting your journey is interpreted as being negatively directed at you. You would do well for yourself to realize that someone's random comment has nothing to do with you. It would also do well for you to realize that polar extremes like "right" and "wrong" have no basis in the nuance of every day relationships and human behaviour. Just go do your thing and stop trying to get offended by everything people say.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:36:06

It most certainly is. Have you ever met someone you don't "like?" I mean, they are a nice decent person and on a platonic level you like them, but you just never think of them in a sexual or romantic way? And maybe you have asked yourself if you could, and you just aren't able to? Maybe you think "we get along really well, too bad I just can't feel more for them." Maybe they asked you out, and you said you are flattered but don't feel that way. It isn't because your care for them is limited and you don't want them to find happiness with their desire for you, it is just that you aren't able to return that desire. Can you choose otherwise? I doubt it. If you can, tell me please how you do that. So if you can't choose otherwise, how can they make you like them? We don't draw cupid's bow. If it isn't in the cards, it isn't in the cards. So trying to overcome that lack of natural two way desire requires manipulation. It takes a lot of work to get the other person to think they desire or need you. This often comes in the form of some kind of narrative that changes their perception of themselves, you, or reality in general. If you are saying or doing things to them that causes them to doubt their own feelings, needs, abilities, self trust, etc, you may be gaslighting them. Gaslighting is a manipulative form of psychological abuse. I've been attracted to a LOT of women. Unrequited love is something we all have to face. She isn't the one. Yes, this girl you like, she isn't the one. Who is the one? That is a meaningless question, because our love an happiness does not depend on one person. Well, actually it does. There is the one, and that one is YOU. It is YOUR responsibility to bring the happiness, love and intimacy into your life that you desire. And in a world with \~7 billion people, the one you eventually fall in love with could be one of 100,000 women who could be a good fit for you and you for her. The question you want to ask is "how do I be the person who is likeable by the kind of woman I am looking for?" Do you know the kind of woman you are looking for? You'll need to figure that out first I guess. But I think the most important question you need to ask yourself is "who am I and what do I want?" Know yourself, love yourself and express yourself to others, and you will have everything you need to attract the kind of woman you want in your life. Because I think that the kind of person you really want to be isn't interested in making people like them, but wants to be genuine and attract genuine people.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:28:59

That's just it. I always seem to wake up before it gets good. Like a dream I had once where a previous female roommate and I were bored, sitting in the livingroom just shooting the shit. Suddenly she's just like "I'm so horny all the time and I haven't been laid in a while." Next thing I'm on the floor on my back and she is straddled me, still both clothed, but we are clearly gonna fuck.. ..aaand I'm awake.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:16:03

I guess the point I was trying to make is you don't want to obsess over making your odds of sleeping well any better than your average night. Especially if you want to get to the bottom of some potentially serious health issues.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 16, 2022 14:14:28

Well, I'd feel that way to if I believed this was a true story.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on December 16, 2022 14:13:06

IDK, sounded to me like the way OP worded it and from other comments and the fact that he stated it was his first cuck as a bull, that maybe OP is new to this and didn't expect it to feel this intimate. Did you read everything he posted or just read my comment and made assumptions about me? How about that? How many more comments of mine are you going to criticize today, hmm? Go do your study on satisfactory outcomes of cuck relationships. I'm not doing it for you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:10:20

>Something tells me This is another way of saying "I have a hunch." People expecting everyone to have a scientific study on hand to readily back up their intuitive assumptions really frustrates me. Like seriously, do you expect that someone at a university somewhere has run a survey or study on the ratio of people in cuck scenes who have an easy time with it vs those who don't? I think you know intuitively that it has likely never happened, so why are you asking? Are you trying to put me on the defensive? Show that I am speaking nonsense or spreading misinformation? What is your angle here? And why do you call it "negativity?" I feel that is completely unwarranted. Is it that cuckolding is your thing and you feel judged for it if other people don't have the opinion that it is something everyone is cut out for? Are you struggling with self acceptance of your kink and have to suppress the ideas I present because they threaten to force you to face your own insecurities in this? Get used to being frustrated if you are going to bring your own discomfort to a dialogue and make it someone else's problem. I have better things to do than to placate you by finding "surveys and studies" to back up every thought or idea I have to express. You want a study? Go do it yourself. Good luck with that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 14:06:19

Exactly. I liken it to going to flight school and expecting to climb into the seat of an F35 on your first day. No, we're going up in that Cessna, and the instructor is gonna be watching you closely. Most people will never make it to the F35.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 13:56:38

I think it requires a huge commitment to and personal comfort with consenting non monogamy, role play, and masochism. Also the maturity and language skills to thoroughly communicate feelings and boundaries. Jumping into this realm unprepared would be like climbing into a fighter jet when you only have a private license for single engine propeller aircraft.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 16, 2022 13:53:40

Yup. "Look, I signed up to go to the most extreme places humans can go; requiring extreme training, physical conditioning, and an acceptance of extreme risk to my health and life. And you want me to wear a DiApEr?!?!?"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 16, 2022 13:50:51

Please don't price anchor on this sub! (do I need the /s?)

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 16, 2022 13:49:11

Can't be cheap to license a Beetles song... They mean business.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 16, 2022 10:29:54

I think probably the main reason that diapers are not an occasional alternative that the average person would consider is the taboo. Who wants to get out of bed to pee when you are so sick that every muscle aches? Or maybe you just want to drive 6 hours with no breaks? Have diarrhea? IBS? Just want to feel a bit more secure about that rush to the toilet? Diapers. Pregnant and feeling a weak bladder? Diapers. Super heavy period? Diapers. Like, they are an actual thing with an actual practical use, yet we delegate them only to diapers, geriatrics and medical incontinence. Imagine if we were the same way with facial tissue? Bandages? Knee wraps/braces? It is the taboo used to reinforce potty training. Big boys/girls don't wear diapers. YES THEY DO

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 21:42:05

Making time and space. Lube, porn, wipes, hot towel, toys, and just set a mood. Sometimes just raw floggin the snake is just not enough.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:34:53

Not too often. I can admire someone and get a bit turned on by thinking about their body. But for me to actually start thinking of fucking them I need to have had some sort of idea from our interaction that they could be attracted or interested in me in the slightest way.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:32:48

Ask her how old she is? How old her mom is? And if all is good, ask that GILF to join us!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:31:09

[What do you think?]( My advice? Don't try it, ever. If she catches on, things could end worse than if you are just honest with her. DO NOT go down the path of manipulating people to get what you want. That is a recipe for a miserable life for you and for the people who will eventually get tangled up in your web. Be an honest, sincere and straightforward person.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:28:42

You recognize that if you open up about your feelings, they might not share them and it might bring the FWB to an end. You can't make that transition to full on relationship if they are not onboard. But just be honest. Say how you feel and what you would like and ask if they are interested in the same. And then accept their response. And then face how that changes the FWB situation.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:25:01

Ehh, I think this is a bit of a mix between her being flirty and very forward and you being forward but not knowing how to flirt. She didn't want you to ask for it. She wanted you to suggest it, hint at it. She is speaking and acting very seductively without explicitly saying she wants to have sex with you. And you responded by asking permission for a quickie. This could have been a long drawn out flirtatious game that built tension over days or weeks and ended with you fucking like animals in the stockroom on a Friday night. But you jumped the rails hoping for a quickie. Hoping. Flirting isn't hoping, flirting is desiring. She wants to communicate desire and you made it transactional and asked for it plainly. I think that rightfully killed the mood man. Learn to be playful. Learn to be a tease. Instead of trying to seize the moment like it will be lost if you don't go all in. You probably have let these opportunities go to waste before and now you are swinging to the opposite extreme. Play it like a game of poker. Every flirt is raising the stakes, like placing a bet, calling, raising. Are you bluffing? Is she? Will she call your bluff? Hold your cards tightly but hint, tease, suggest. The payoff is on the river when she goes all in and you call, not when you go all in pre flop with your pocket aces and she folds. Extract all the innuendo you like from that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:18:00

In high school I had a dream that my crush and I were showering together but it wasn't sexual. I was like as if it was a coed locker room and we were in the shower after gym class or something. Nobody else around.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:07:34

Yes... to deliver a pizza. Didn't like the environment one bit. Saw my first pussy IRL so that was neat.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 21:04:59

And that's just what they'll do And one of these days these boobs Are gonna feed the lot of you!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/BreedingMaterial on December 15, 2022 21:03:40

>To be fair though, for a change it was really passionate rather than a pounding, like I did do anal but it was like romantic in a way Read that to yourself. Romantic is an intimate thing. That is the thing that is supposed to make them "them" and you just a "guest." Now you are feeling like you are all up in his territory, not just as a bull that is ravaging his wife, but you are moving into that deeply intimate and personal space too. If you had that vibe, likely he felt it too. Something went too far. Either boundaries weren't discussed, weren't thoroughly negotiated, or they were crossed.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 19:51:54

She basically got his permission to cheat by making it a kink to explore. She wasn't getting what she wanted and either he couldn't figure it out or she couldn't tell him. What a horrible way for him to discover this. Adding a 3rd to the bedroom isn't going to save a dying sex life. It is dying because the couple are not communicating and in touch with each other. Bringing in someone that can drive a wedge further is a death blow. Have an amazing sex life and share all of yourself with each other? Want to explore new things? Are communicating boundaries and such? Ok, take it slow and pull back if you need to.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 19:48:47

Putting the shoe on the other foot, would you want him to reach out to you if the roles were reversed? I wouldn't. That's just another layer to the cuck that I couldn't handle to begin with. Not only is this guy fucking my GF/wife, but he is also consoling me about it and helping me with my emotions. Just don't even.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 19:41:33

Something tells me this kink is only doable for a very select few people, and for the rest it is a hope but a hard fall off a cliff when they are hit with their real feelings abut it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 19:39:33

"Hi Kate (or whatever her name is), leaving last night I felt like this is not something your boyfriend was really ready for and am worrying that he was hit with emotions he wasn't expecting. I am uncomfortable with this and would like to step back and give space for you two to sort this out. I hope you are ok and able to sort through it, but I must move on to other things. All my best."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 19:37:38

Maybe you should find a nude beach to visit. It sounds like you fit that vibe. I started going this last summer and it is awesome! You just get to be around naked people and it isn't sexual at all. Some people are really attractive to you, but you just keep chill because it's not about gawking. Sure, there are exhibitionists and voyeurs, and if you are that type you definitely need to learn the subtleties of how to engage. But you can meet people and just be normal and natural.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/TrueNSFWconfessions on December 15, 2022 19:28:52

I mean, I wanted to believe this all happened, but also know that someone can lose their license to practice over something like this and it is hardly worth the risk.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on December 15, 2022 19:21:56

It is a good chance that you do have it, and I strongly encourage you to get whatever treatment they prescribe. You may think you are sleeping through the night, but the results might indicate otherwise. It can affect your mood, your concentration, focus, energy. It can cause depression, anxiety, and serious cardiovascular diseases that shorten your life. The alternative to all that is to wear a mask at night that is connected to a hose that is connected to a machine that quietly and gently blows humidified air into your airway as you sleep. I'm at the point where I find the whole thing more comforting. It's like my personal life support system; like a fighter pilot donning his oxygen mask. (It just pumps room air, no oxygen tanks unless you specifically require that.) If you have extended benefits it should all be covered, which is really helpful because you need to replace components (mask, headgear, hose, filters) on monthly, quarterly or semi annual basis. Good luck!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 19:13:10

>I can say...getting my cpap machine was one of the best things I ever did for getting better sleep. Literally changed my life. I can say the same here. Night and day. I was a zombie and now I am a normal human.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 19:09:16

I want to suggest that the purpose of a sleep study isn't to have a good nights sleep. It is to subject your average sleep to laboratory testing so they can potentially diagnose a very serious condition. But you also don't want to be so uncomfortable that you don't sleep at all.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 19:08:22

Just be honest with your doctor if you do get that call. "I get anxiety about it even though I only have accidents 2-4 times a year. It is easy to cope just by wearing every night, so I can sleep well and not worry. I never felt it was something that needed treatment, and think I am fine." All the sleep clinic and your doctor need to know is that you are wearing a light pullup, not a big thick ABDL diaper. He might want you to have some tests, just to be sure. His job isn't to judge, but to investigate causes that could point to serious problems. I doubt he will find anything, but in rare cases something like this could indicate further testing. Just go with it, and play it down as much as you need to to feel normal.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 19:06:01

For best results, you do NOT want to have your best sleep at the clinic. You are there to demonstrate your apnea. But if you do bedwet occasionally, wear something discrete like a pullup, and if you have to let them know, then so be it. They are professionals and should treat you with discretion and care. I did my sleep study with an at home kit due to covid, but I can't imagine them having anything that intrudes into your diaper zone. Good luck! I hope you find the answers you are looking for! I was diagnosed as mild at an AHI of 10, and I can tell you that treatment with a CPAP is night and day!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 15, 2022 19:02:15

Looks good, but I'll need to see your form from the front.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/girlsdoingstuffnaked on December 15, 2022 18:59:41

>They don’t fall too easy if your movements are controlled. I don't find that reassuring. I have excellent control, but I still prefer the bar at my gym that is anchored into the cinderblock wall.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/girlsdoingstuffnaked on December 15, 2022 18:59:01

Someone could run the same test and it goes the other way. That's why sample size matters. I don't disagree with your thesis, I'm actually neutral, but I don't really believe that one attempt means anything.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 15, 2022 16:42:13

Your test of which post (plan or book) gets removed first is a very poor sample size.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 15, 2022 13:47:42

Don't threaten me with a good time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SheFucksHim on December 15, 2022 02:43:57

If it is, I want to be the worst sinner!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on December 15, 2022 02:39:38

Bonobo apes are like that. They have an orgy to celebrate anything. And when a female matures, she has to leave the tribe and get herself accepted with a new tribe. How does she do that? By eating out the tribe's matriarch!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on December 15, 2022 02:25:17

It means that ending things was the right move.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 15, 2022 02:18:34

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 15, 2022 01:14:29

I would never "forget" $40 of the required fee. I would be anxious about making sure it is all there. This guy tried to intentionally short you $40. I'd consider that next time he wants to book.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 15, 2022 01:13:24

Depends how close to center we are on the more important issues. If she is against abortion, MAID, LGBTQ+ rights, etc. then we are not going to last. And even some on the other extreme are just too much for me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 14, 2022 18:49:34

Chances are those boys were inexperienced and immature.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 14, 2022 18:46:44

Does a bear shit in the woods? I love to lick your lotus flower!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 14, 2022 18:46:01

Count me as one

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/brunette on December 14, 2022 01:31:02

There is an escort near me who had a double mammectomy and unfortunately her nipples had to be removed. This was more of a preventative step as there were signs that she had an almost guarantee to develop breast cancer at a very young age. She decided against plastic surgery to reconstruct nipples, and proudly flaunts long horizontal scars across each breast. She seems to do well for herself in the business. Own who you are and others will respect that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 14, 2022 01:10:13

That's alladin.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/FullBackPanties on December 14, 2022 01:06:29

Get yourself some lube.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:32:27

Close my door, open reddit, and ... you know the rest.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:28:21

The sexual power they wield. Guys can be attractive, but women are off the charts sexy in a way that men just can't match.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:27:16

That's why you wear them! You can't wait to get to the potty to do your pee pee, so you have to wear your diapers.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on December 13, 2022 20:14:34

Having sexual thoughts about someone or some fantasy when I'm really not in a setting where I can just indulge. So much hotter than when I'm alone and can just whip it out and choke it to death.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:03:59

Now and then I think it would be hot to do, but only with a willing partner. I don't want someone to cum on my face so why would I do the same if my partner didn't want it or hasn't consented?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:01:15

Spitting on someone is an insult and also criminal assault in many places. That's not how I treat women.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 20:00:10

I'm more adverse to "uncle" than daddy, because I am an uncle and not a father. So I can kinda understand. Every time I go to read an NSFW story on some of the subs, and it turns into an uncle and their adult niece, I have to stop right away because the thought of seducing my niece makes me want to cut off my dick and live like a monk.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:58:57

I find that a lot of close up shots, at least for me, suggest a POV opposite of what I would like. We all want to insert ourselves somewhere in the scene. For example, a blowjob closeup. Somehow only seeing her face and this cock she is sucking feels uncomfortable for me, because the only person in the scene is the woman. A cock could be a dildo. So who am I in the scene? I skip these because I don't want to imagine sucking a cock. If it is the guy's POV looking down on her, it is a little easier to feel like the guy in the scene. Or a scene where most of what I see is his cock penetrating her. That's not what I'm interested in. I want to see her being penetrated. It is a subtle difference sometimes but important to me. I want to see her straddle him cowgirl/reverse CG, not see him with a cropped torso bouncing on his cock. When I'm having sex, I'm watching and feeling and interacting with her. Stop focusing on HIM so much when you are targeting the video to MEN! If it is clearly targeted at women AND filmed by women, I get it, and I pick my moments. But usually these are shot way, WAY better and have a more balanced perspective.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:56:16

Long fingernails that she fingers herself or another girl with. Like... I'm a dude and I just know that I don't trust that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:50:47

I think [THIS]( is probably what you mean, and I agree. There is so much sexual tension and chemistry. The flirting that carries on right through the sex. So fucking hot.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:49:47

I find it problematic at times because the camera angle feels a little too much from her perspective.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:47:51

Yeah, in missionary I want to see what's going on more from her perspective or his.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:46:53

Going from extreme close up on cock in pussy to extreme closeup on face (mostly his) then back to cock in pussy then back to face, then like 30 seconds of a wide shot that actually looks hot, then close up of him pulling out and her face as he blorps all over it. Or 15 minutes of her sucking him off sloppy and gagging with a mix of saliva and precum everywhere, then 5 minutes of penetration in 3 positions, then him finishing on her face. Here's the thing; I watch porn to se HER get off, not HIM. I got the "him getting off" part covered. I want some fairly clear indication that she is having her last orgasm so I can join in and stop it before I have to watch and hear him paint her face white. I mean, sometimes I find a facial hot, usually it is framed right so that I am more in his POV. Most times though I feel like the camera framing puts me in her POV, especially with BJ's, and no thank you. I want to feel like she is doing that to me, not like I am doing that to him. It is subtle, and may not affect others, but I fucking hate it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:45:36

Help me step-counter, I'm stuck in this USB charger!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:39:36

Show me a natural woman with freckles, a gorgeous candid smile, a sense of self ownership, natural tits, and a trimmed to modest bush every day. Someone you might see at the office or at the grocery store who has responsibilities other than swallowing 5 loads of cum a day after taking it in every hole. Someone who is modest and proper on the street but who is unashamed of their sexual side and can explore, even though the modest and proper is still evident. Youngish and pretty but mature, balanced and healthy minded with a sex positive attitude.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:37:01

Or bro and stepsis progress to fucking on the couch while mom is in kitchen doing something with severe tunnel vision and never once looks even 5 degrees to the left or right. Sex has sounds besides moans and grunts. Ain't nobody gonna stealth like that and ain't nobody gonna zero in on slicing an apple for 20 minutes of their foreplay and another 20 minutes of 5 positions ending with her swallowing his cum.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:33:23

A story that is beyond unrealistic with acting that is beyond unconvincing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:28:29

I've done that while fingering a girl. I just think it is overacted in porn.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:27:23

I've caught myself moaning along with my girl as I'm fingering her, I was just in the moment and was doing it. She thought it was hot. But I totally get what you mean; porn is so overacted it is ridiculous.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:26:55

Moaning to try and sound sexy: not sexy Moaning because you can't help it: DAMN SEXY And yes, we can tell the difference.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 13, 2022 19:25:07

When the photographers are a bunch of creepy old men... She seems to enjoy it though.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/youtubetitties on December 13, 2022 19:23:48

"I'm a man whore and want you to use all of my holes unprotected. $50 an hour, all inclusive, all kink friendly. Submissive bottom and can go for hours. Ask about my couple's rates. xxx-xxx-xxxx"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 13, 2022 19:17:49

They want power over people, thinking that will make them feel good. The power you want is power WITH people. The ability to pool your resources towards a mutual goal that is a great outcome for both people. THAT is what actually feels good, and with a sexual encounter, it makes the difference between jerking yourself off with her body and going on a journey to Eden together.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 13, 2022 19:14:41

Yeah, he got more of your time than he deserved. This is a good case for why taking your time to respond is a good screening method. I had a provider show up 3 hours late once, while constantly apologizing about it and giving various reasons. When she finally showed up, she was relieved that I was nobody she knew. She was visiting her hometown and needed to work but was nervous about running into an old friend or such. I was patient the whole time, and really had no other plans. If I had to be somewhere, I would have politely told her that I couldn't extend my schedule. And when she told me her real reason I gave her my understanding. So that is what you get from a respectful guy who has to wait for your response, or deal with your uncertainties about the booking.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 13, 2022 19:11:47

>Housing bubble is worse than it was in 2008? Where are you seeing this? 6 months ago people were overbidding to buy houses. Overbidding to buy houses is A HUGE PART of what leads to a housing bubble. Watch "[The Big Short](" and you will get a basic overview of how this works.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 13, 2022 19:04:22

Do you have a source for that? Would really help.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 15:12:06

Do you have a source for that? Would really help.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 15:11:54

Now where have I smelled that before?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 15:09:45

I think it borrows that pretty from you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/VictoriasecretGW on December 13, 2022 13:34:22

Now where have I heard that before?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:32:34

How is it that nobody has ever thought of putting together a FUD sentiment tracker, sort of like a DRS tracker? This is way beyond my ability to even conceptualize let alone implement.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:25:40

I find it interesting that the whole brigading and sub removal threat went on exactly at the time that the dividend ticker of the materials company was being manipulated by Finra. Suddenly we aren't allowed to mention other subs or screenshot with usernames exposed. Sus. Imagine if that story had been able to blow up here and we were able to go to that sub and share our DD and give support. super sus

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:20:20

Feels like he's trying to get out in front of something big...

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:08:12

It feels like groundhog day around here sometimes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:03:28


Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:02:52

Now where have I seen this before?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 13, 2022 13:02:29

Horton hears a Hoe!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Babes on December 13, 2022 12:56:18

Doesn't matter, you won't be wearing them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/rapefantasies on December 13, 2022 00:39:00

I'm going to touch you anyway. Starting by placing my hands on your knees and slowly moving them up your thighs, under your dress and up to your hips where I discover you aren't wearing panties at all. I move one hand over your abdomen while the other hand goes to the opposite inner thigh and moves up to lightly touch your wet pussy. Then I suddenly pull your dress up over your head, bend you over the stairs and have my way with you. Then you will not be able to wear dresses without everyone seeing the rug burns on your knees.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/rapefantasies on December 13, 2022 00:37:48

Judging by your post history I'm not sure Santa would agree. But I'm sure he's watching you none the less!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Babes on December 13, 2022 00:30:55

Regarding job openings: 6.6m people died over the course of 3 years due to the pandemic. Others are unable to return to work due to long covid, and a lot of people near retirement simply retired early. This isn't a good indicator of the health of the economy. From my other comment: All of the financial markets in the world are over-levereged to the tune of some 60-80 trillion dollars. S&P, Dow, Nasdaq and other indexes have fallen from all time highs and are forming very bearish patterns. Treasury bond yield curves are inverting in real time ([meaning short term rates are higher than long term rates, which is BAD.]( Massive fraud in the crypto broker world is cascading through into traditional markets. (FTX is worse than Enron.) Housing bubbles are insane compared to 2008, and adding to that are commercial mortgage bond bubbles, student loan bond bubbles, car loan backed bonds, etc. while household debt is climbing and massive waves of defaults are looming on the horizon. Credit Suisse saying everything is fine while losing billions and trying to secure financing for liquidity. Inflation is hitting highs not seen since the 80's. Talk of central banks testing digital currencies to replace failing fiat currencies. And nobody is really talking about most of this. This is what happens when the crisis in 2008 was never met head on but solved with temporary bailouts that kick the can down the road.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 13, 2022 00:04:05

All of the financial markets in the world are over-levereged to the tune of some 60-80 trillion dollars. S&P, Dow, Nasdaq and other indexes have fallen from all time highs and are forming very bearish patterns. Treasury bond yield curves are inverting in real time (meaning short term rates are higher than long term rates, which is BAD.) Massive fraud in the crypto broker world is cascading through into traditional markets. (FTX is worse than Enron.) Housing bubbles are insane compared to 2008, and adding to that are commercial mortgage bond bubbles, student loan bond bubbles, car loan backed bonds, etc. while household debt is climbing and massive waves of defaults are looming on the horizon. Credit Suisse saying everything is fine while losing billions and trying to secure financing for liquidity. Inflation is hitting highs not seen since the 80's. Talk of central banks testing digital currencies to replace failing fiat currencies. And nobody is really talking about most of this. This is what happens when the crisis in 2008 was never met head on but solved with temporary bailouts that kick the can down the road.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 12, 2022 23:58:38


Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 12, 2022 16:18:02

If you weren't trying to convince me you would have ignored my request for sources. "Trust me bro" is a common thing to say on this forum when someone doesn't provide sources or gives 2nd hand information they can't back up. And trying to make me look silly does not remove from you the burden of proof. In case you haven't noticed, we are talking about very serious issues on this sub that relate to peoples finances and major macro economic events. If you can't show some fucking integrity and posts sources or STFU then you need to leave.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 12, 2022 16:09:01

Daddy never said you were allowed to not be in diapers! This is what happens when you don't listen to daddy. Now come with me I'll get you cleaned up and put a fresh diaper on you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on December 12, 2022 16:06:26

Doesn't help you convince me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 12, 2022 16:00:14

If there is than someone please tell me what I'm missing! You are stunning!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/PublicSexHub on December 12, 2022 15:56:46

Ask for a snack and she brings a whole goddamn meal!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/lingeriewomen on December 12, 2022 15:54:55

I was 18 in my final year of high school, it isn't uncommon. But the part where they are still in high school is definitely a concern for me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on December 12, 2022 15:37:49

That's not a source, that is a screenshot of a screenshot of a reddit comment. "Trust me bro."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 12, 2022 15:35:51

And it is utterly disgusting that the most wealthy people in the world right now are moving their positions around so that they can make even more money from this while everyone else's lives fall apart.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 12, 2022 12:42:41

After wrinkle brain apes show clearly that SHF spoofed and rug pulled DRS numbers, sub deletion FUD and DRS Plan vs. Book is forum sliding. Change my mind.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 12, 2022 12:40:15

The government isn't able to do what they did in 2008 because in reality they haven't stopped what they did in 2008. Printing money. They've just kicked the can down the road another 14 years and now they are running out of road. This is the end game of the financial markets as we know them, and of the US dollar and many national currencies.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 12, 2022 12:35:55

As someone who follows the macro economic trends quite closely, this recession has the potential to be just as bad if not worse than the great depression. Denial is not healthy. Take a sober look at what is happening around you and plan for it. There are big players that are starting to sound the alarm but much of this was known and anticipated more than 2 years ago.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 12, 2022 12:32:53

Even on an IRL date, if I invite my date out for a dinner date, I'm paying. If she invites me out, I would expect she is paying. It is about one person showing the other person a good time on their dime. IMO, a "dinner date" with a provider is a service where the provider offers the client an opportunity to be the one showing their date a good time. Because, you know, this actually feels good to do. It is sort of a roleplay. Client maybe hasn't had an opportunity to take someone on a real dinner date in a while, and really wants to experience that. But I think it should probably be clear on your description of services and compensation, for people who have never taken someone out on a date or always expects to split the bill.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 11, 2022 14:11:44

Do you have a source for this?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 11, 2022 14:06:35

The part I find concerning about this whole plan vs book is that some people may choose to sell a fractional share to make this happen. Well, that doesn't sound like much, but if you think about 200k CS accounts each having a 0.5 fractional, that is 100k shares. And if this push gets repeated say every month, that can really add up. I was sure that CS made it pretty clear that all fractional shares are held outside the DTCC. I really don't know what to think about this entire narrative including both sides of the debate. It just feels like this is something that should have been settled a long time ago, but just like options, it keeps coming around and causing division.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 11, 2022 14:05:32

And as a client I say this to other clients; you are not guaranteed a good time. Even if you bring your best self and she brings her best self, there is no guarantee. That's just life and that is the nature of services vs. products.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 10, 2022 18:01:34

I haven't had sex in almost a year. If a girl just wanted to cuddle though I'd be ectatic!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 9, 2022 22:39:38

Sometime in the evening for sure, after a long work day.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 9, 2022 22:33:55

I don't think that Wal-Mart nametag is gonna score him points with the ladies.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 9, 2022 22:28:44

I have intrusive thoughts, but I keep them to myself because I know they aren't who I am. Telling people about your intrusive thoughts is concerning, telling your girlfriend about intrusive thoughts about committing homicide is terrifying.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 9, 2022 18:57:56

If someone says they are having homicidal thoughts then they are dangerous.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 9, 2022 18:56:14

I don't see anything on their site about them remaining in place when flaccid. Is this just an experience thing or do they promote that?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 9, 2022 18:41:07

Yeah, I lost a couple hundred. Isn't my life savings, but this time of year it really stings.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 9, 2022 18:32:06

The amount of work it takes being a mod theres no surprise it requires someone with no life who loves to be on reddit all day.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 23:12:56

lol you don't even know who you are replying to.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 23:09:20

Thanks, I'll give them a try. I can always request a provider have some on hand if she is open to that. I have ED from PTSD so those could really help. When I do get hard, if I cant get a condom on and go to town in like 30 seconds it's not gonna last.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 23:05:23

I think I'm just a normal human, but thanks! I just can't tolerate someone suffering or not enjoying themselves when we should be having fun together. Doesn't matter if it's a provider or not. Everyone is a human. Besides, what does it benefit me to ignore her and let her have a bad time while I get my rocks off?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 20:08:40

This girl got a LOT done in one hour. Felt like 5 hours, and in a good way.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 20:06:20

If I did something during sex that had my partner throwing up, I'd be disgusted with myself and feel really bad for her. And I'm not into women with emetophilia, or enjoy being around vomiting myself, so if she is throwing up she is not having fun.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:48:00

Took a minute to notice the mountains.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/NotSafeForNature on December 8, 2022 19:45:27

what is a naughty married man lady?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on December 8, 2022 19:44:46

I missed the part where she goes from crying about the breakup to becoming flirty with him before he just starts "devouring her face." At what point was she already into this before he is fucking her? This is absolute trash.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/hotxstories on December 8, 2022 19:43:35

>Or it’s ok to claw down your back where your wife can see if because you didn’t ask me not to???? hahahaha! I doubt he's married though.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:37:19

Words mean things with or without emotions.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:36:39

I think any man who feels entitled to a bbbj and cim should first eat his own cum, then provide that service to another man. I have never tasted my own cum and it's been readily available to me since I was 14.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:32:47

When women turn away from you they are not playing hard to get.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:29:27

You sound like the kind of person who takes more of his share of food because nobody told you the exact portion you should take. And then sit there and watch everyone else ration the gravy while your plate is flooded with it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:27:56

How many dicks have you sucked btw? Thinking about the other person is pretty reasonable. Assuming something is ok when it hasn't been discussed isn't so much. Would you just shove it in her ass without asking, just because she doesn't mention it in her marketing?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:25:39

Gives them the choice when they know what's ~~coming~~ cumming.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:22:18

That method is a whole lot better than just trying to hold it with your nails and roll it down as I'm getting soft. lol

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:21:19

>CIM - $10,000 7 figure salary CEO >I'll take a discount /s I knew one service provider who listed rates for members of a specific review forum that she was disgusted with. I think it was like $5,000 for a one hour rub-n-tug.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:20:00

Sometimes I can't stay hard for a BJ because I get anxiety about cumming too fast and not having time to tell her. Who the fuck just blows their wad in her mouth without having had prior consent to this?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 8, 2022 19:17:54

Ya kinda tucked er in tight to the bottom of a paragraph. Little hard to see after reading all that. Try to separate by a line next time, so it stands out. And putting my username in the middle felt like being called out. Honest mistake. Apologies though. I am usually only a dick to people who deserve it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 8, 2022 19:13:15

lol somehow you determined from what I wrote that I want people to put all of their sensitive information on this forum must get really good mushrooms where you live and good luck controlling 800k users who freely speculate i mean join the real world with the rest of us it kinda sucks but at least you know what is really happening

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 8, 2022 14:02:18

That's why I didn't tie my comment so much to a specific price point, just what is reasonable.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 23:25:06

You still don't have an award because this is copy paste and you didn't read the story.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on December 7, 2022 23:19:32

Can you ejaculate without having an orgasm? I can do it and keep going after taking a few seconds. Stay hard the entire time. The ejaculation is pleasurable in a different way than an orgasm. You are not having the spasms that pump it out, it just kinda flows out. Kind of like how a baking soda & vinegar volcano just flows over. It's this flowing ejaculate that fells really good in a different way as it comes out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 7, 2022 23:11:57

I can actually do the reverse Ejaculate without an orgasm, and stay hard. I have also been able to have an orgasm begin while soft, and I'm hard by the time I'm jizzing. This usually happens when I'm jerking off 3 or 4 times in close succession.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 7, 2022 23:08:21

>actually increase your price and require screening. This is a very sound business principle in general.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:45:06

It is always tough starting up a new business, this isn't unique to sex work. Think about the idea of "introductory rates." This tells people that you are looking to build a client base, and in time you will be going up to a higher rate. Today you need to put food on the table. But tomorrow do you want to be like today or do you want to be thinking about putting aside an emergency fund? It's ok to be where you are today, but you want to plan to rise above it in reasonable time. Also, a lot of SW are low volume. They might have 8 clients in a week, or even less, and are able to charge more because they can attract higher quality and higher paying clients. Being low volume respects your energy and the space you need to yourself so that you can dedicate client time to the client. Low volume providers in my experience are very healthy body and mind, thoughtful, compassionate and present. This might not be for you, but if it is, work towards it. Set your rates and be confident about them. Lots of SW's raise their rates over time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:43:43

>Most of the time clients are not even aware they’re the ones being illegal lol. There is a rub-n-tug in my small city, mere blocks from the police station. The sign out front is the same name they advertise with online. Regarding sexual services, the ads say "no fs" but nothing else. But you can negotiate non FS sex acts with the ladies. And there are review boards local to the area that talk about this in great detail. I wouldn't doubt that some of the police are clients there. As long as they aren't shady or disruptive, the police don't care. They have bigger problems to manage.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:38:19

> If I found out a provider offered that I would no longer consider hiring them due to the sheer difference in risk. This right here. I don't give anyone offering BBFS a second read. Condoms break, or slip off. If she offers BBFS to others that can put me at risk in spite of my best efforts. OP you are probably driving away the clients you want by offering BBFS.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:33:00

Not sure what you have now, but you want to be working towards a professional website with a photo spread and writeups about you, your rates, services and etiquette. This will help you to get the higher end clients you would like.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:30:43

>even from a client point of view $300 for 90 mins is a VERY reasonable (maybe even slightly low) To add to this, charging less than a reasonable rate does two things: 1. It makes those willing to pay a higher rate a but uneasy, wondering why you undersell yourself. 2. It attracts low-ballers because they already see a crack in the door they can exploit. "If she isn't charging what most charge, maybe I can talk her down even more." As a businessman, the hardest thing I had to learn was to charge industry standard rates. You have to value yourself. If you are doing the same as your competition, charge accordingly.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 7, 2022 22:29:08

The point is he doesn't know how to improve his life so he wants to bring others down to his level.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/IncelTear on December 7, 2022 22:12:24

Slid right out into a paper bag before leaving the delivery ward.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/IncelTear on December 7, 2022 22:09:27

So you think if they couldn't find those ideas here they also couldn't hire really smart people to come up with them? These people have money to throw around. What is $10m on a strategic consulting firm if you are trying to save hundreds of billions of dollars in garbage risk? "Loose lips sink ships" actually refers to OPSEC, where people who KNOW things about the operations accidentally leak them. Have fun imposing OPSEC control on a reddit sub. And we're only speculating.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 21:59:58

The deviations in the linear growth chart for q2 and q3 support this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:27:47

An entirely reasonable explanation.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:24:08

Wasn't mentioned at all on the call.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:21:14

You could almost argue they padded Q2 and pulled Q3. I mean c'mon, that's what they did. Q2 numbers were higher than expected. You bring up a very good point. We are still going up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:19:00

"If a strategic asset or a complimentary business becomes available in the right price range, we want to be able to explore these acquisitions." I'd be hesitant that they are actively exploring acquisitions, because they don't say that explicitly. They could be, and it has been speculated for a while now. But this doesn't necessarily con firm that they are.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:14:00

I didn't hear anything about an sec message. I started recording to late to pick it up if it was there. When I get back to the transcript I'll have a look.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:02:37

nvm this was an early comment of mine while trying to process what we are seeing, and in later comments i figured it out

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 19:01:38

with only one chamber empty actually not empty, loaded with a blank so you can't see if the empty chamber has aligned to the bore

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:58:15

You may be right. I don't know what obligations and requirements exist between CS and GS, and I didn't read my TOC when I made my account so it might say something in there about sharing my information with share issuers.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:56:47

"What if the moon crashes into the sun?" That comment aged like afterbirth in the Sahara?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:54:22

Well, they could default on all that negative debt.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:53:22

"Securities" has a defined meaning in the financial world. []( A series of NFT's as securities is a possibility, but I can't see them just being your bog standard gifs and collectables. If they are NFTs, they are something more than that. Some sort of real world financial instrument implemented on the blockchain as NFTs.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:52:18

He said, that, I can confirm and I have a recording of the call.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:48:32

I just had a thought though, the Privacy act likely prevents CS from disclosing names and accounts, but the raw data of how many accounts and how many shares per account were likely involved could likely be disclosed. In time, lawyers could do their lawyer thing to get those details. Or maybe they have already. They could have followed this in real time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:44:22

Furlong not reading the numbers on the call makes me curious. What do they know? They know what accounts withdrew or sold over the last quarter. They know the discreet transaction data and where the shares or cash for the sales went. They had to publish the numbers, but Furlong knows, and wants us to know he knows.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:40:11

Who would have thought a christmas cracker could have red and green pencils?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:34:56

I seriously doubt they could have enough resources to make our DRS reported numbers go negative next quarter. I do though expect that DRS will enter MSM's spotlight for the first time as a negative story. "Reddit meme movement to DRS shares stalls, declines over retail investor's disillusionment with company's mediocre performance. Shareholders report difficulty in moving shares out of Transfer agent. Brokers say they were warned of this problem."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:31:45

This isn't something that has to be cryptic. They can just spell it out in the 10-Q.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:26:28

To me this could be the reason Furlong did not read the DRS numbers on the call. They know. They have the legal entity information of who put them in and pulled them out. They know all the discrete details of the inflows and outflows. They can't tell us. Furlong praises the investors at the beginning, and skips the DRS numbers. To say "hey, we know something, we can't say it, but we are not going to read this out like it is normal and expected."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:25:00

My guess is that they stowed away 5m per month the previous 4 quarters, and were hoping for a decrease of like 5m shares due to us adding 15m and them pulling 20m. While we think we DRS'd 15m, maybe we actually DRS'd 20m. We underestimated last q by 3m, so that is reasonable. So the 20m we added cancelled out the 20m they pulled, save for 500k.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:18:46

Exactly. DRS numbers dissappoint? Well, that doesn't disprove the DD, it just adjusts our expectations of the timelines.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:15:45

I doubt they were unable to come up with this on their own. They are smart. They are losing for that reason. They thought being smart made them invincible.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:14:49

They just need enough to split the 15m shares under reporting requirements.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:13:37

The sentiment I'm seeing is generally skepticism, so I think we all have the basic preparations we need. To me, Matt Furlong not reading the numbers says that he wants us to think there is something fishy going on, and they can't tell us.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:12:48

Curious if they logged in long enough to post, feed the bot, and then remove the post. IIRC it was late at night these events happened, so not many apes around to take not of DRS posts dissapearing, not that anyone would anyway.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:10:55

Imagine if they buffed the numbers 5 million for the last 4 quarters, then pulled those 20m this quarter expecting it to put the DRS 5m down from last. But apes actually DRS'd 5m more than our models expected and we basically broke even? That would be quite the long play and I wouldn't put it past a hedge fund. But we have figured out all their possible attacks because we are a crowdsource of ideas.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:05:41

Anything we can think up, they can think up. They can pay teams of strategists, game theorists and psychology experts to conjure all sorts of tactics. They aren't losing because they're dumb, they're losing because they are smart and they thought being smart made them invincible.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:02:15

Also they spoofed too much in too narrow of time to hide it as a slowly changing trend.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 18:00:11

Also, they could have pulled 30m shares out, meaning that 15m of those were padding previous quarters. But since retail DRS was going strong this quarter, all we see is the 15m gone. []( is accurate. Apes added 15m. It just doesn't know that they pulled 30m out as a FUD attack.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:58:49

If we can think of it, they can think of it. They aren't losing because they are dumb, they are losing because they are smart and thought that made them invincible.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:55:30

But explain how actual retail DRS just flatlined over 3 months.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:52:21

I think they can, it is just a very dangerous play for them. Probably why the price has flatlined for the last, let me check, 3 MONTHS TO THE VERY FUCKING DAY OF THE LAST EARNINGS CALL!!!!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:51:03

If it was a typo, it could explain why the CEO did not read it out. Someone could have caught it last minute before the call, maybe when our sub sounded the alarm, and they scrubbed it from his script. We could see a filing to revise this in the near future. I'd like to think that's the reason. But who knows. In any case, it gives MSM some fuel for its FUD cannon.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:48:29

>\*edit. Now prepare yourself for msm to finally talk about DRS. They would never talk about DRS when good things were happening, which was odd. How can they ignore the little guy story? The Rocky story. The Rudy story. The poor guys all individually supporting a ticker to get a once in a lifetime win. The american public loves the story of DRS. Dead silence. Crickets. If the DRS rug pull was the play book, be prepared to hear all about DRS now and how retail has finally given up on it. In essence, the exact same play book as what they did on red days, except now with DRS and quarter reports. I'll buy calls on this theory.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:46:35

So... Last quarter they used proxy methods to just buy and DRS 15m shares? And at the same time, actual DRS numbers by diamond handed apes dropped by 15m? And did they know that ape DRS numbers would drop by 15m or did they take the risk that by DRSing 15m themselves it could make things harder for them on the whole keeping the price down thing? I'm not giving any conclusions, I just find some things aren't adding up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:46:01

They would have had to do it all in the last quarter too. Not to mention that the previous quarters numbers on []( were validated by the 10-Q's, and this would mean that actual ape DRS numbers took basically just flatlined.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:39:46

I don't think institutions hold shares in Computershare. They loan them out for short sellers, and can't do that in a CS account.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:37:54

I'm not convinced that institutions DRS.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:36:58

This part too: "If a strategic asset or a complimentary business becomes available in the right price range, we want to be able to explore these acquisitions."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:35:02

This part though: "If a strategic asset or a complimentary business becomes available in the right price range, we want to be able to explore these acquisitions." Unrelated, but it caught my ear.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:31:45

I am listening back now.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:29:41

Timestamp please? I recorded it and will have another listen.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:27:53

I don't either. But things I find curious: I still can't find the 10-Q on GameStop's website. It isn't posted like usual. Matt Furlong did not read the DRS numbers on the call. I also saw a comment that says they heard that there was a rule change about reporting DRS numbers, they had to dig but would get back. Such a significant decline in the DRS rate needs a solid explanation before I trust those numbers.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:27:24

Got my Matt's confused, thanks.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:25:00

Until this is proven with solid DD, I'm going to assume no.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:24:05

10-Q report live on Fintel and SEC, still not posted on GameStop site. CEO did not read DRS numbers on the call, but has read it every other time. Something is not right here.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:23:35

What else could he do? You have a crystal ball he can borrow?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:20:04

CEO did not read the numbers on the call. Gamestop website still hasn't posted 10-Q. I'm curious about what you find. !RemindMe:3 hours!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:18:18

10-Q still not posted on gamestop investor relations site. Matt Finestone did not read DRS numbers on the call.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:17:15

Still this represents change from last quarter. 3 months. You think we only drs'd 500k shares in 3 months after doing 10-15m each following quarter?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:15:34

Matt didn't even read the numbers in the call. 10-Q was not posted on Gamestop investor site before call. I'm feeling uneasy about all of this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:14:39

Matt Furlong did not read the DRS numbers like in other quarters. What is going on?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:09:53

Said institution would also have had to feed enough data into []( because that statistical model was incredibly accurate up to now.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 17:00:36

I won't rule out that insiders in Fintel and SEC could have forged in a fake total, but it has to be proven. I will be interested to see what is read out by Matt Furlong on the call.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 16:59:10

that's one way the other way is to convince us that a portion of apes holding almost 20% of the expected DRS numbers have given up and gone home The first way is just their spin on the truth The second way is an outright lie that is hard to disprove

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 16:48:11

So these hedgies were posting to the DRS bot? Otherwise there is something seriously wrong with the statistical model over at

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 16:46:30

I'm not seeing the 10Q, did they pull it to correct it? I missed when it was up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 16:40:16

My big question is how can they avoid gas fees? What do they know that GS doesn't? Or are they rolling that in somehow to the price of the asset and hiding it? Or can they just afford to pay the gas fees? Or do they have their own user fee they charge? Ethereum L2 incurs gas fees, however minimal. How did they work around that?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 15:38:51

[Here is how much META rose on that day.](

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 7, 2022 15:15:58

I don't drink coffee as the caffeine gives me insomnia. But I drink wine!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/VictoriasecretGW on December 6, 2022 22:19:53

Hot & Adorable!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Bellissima on December 6, 2022 22:07:58

That is not proper gym attire. You need to be wearing shoes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/girlsdoingstuffnaked on December 6, 2022 21:37:09

The missing facial features might clue you in next time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on December 6, 2022 21:02:58

Compliment us! Use your discretion with randos, some will take it as a come on, and that could range from awkward to trouble. But the guys you know and trust, compliment them in a way that is platonic. Unless you like him, then make something more out of it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 6, 2022 21:01:03

For someone like me, I have a hard time seeing the difference between "she is just being friendly, so I will in return," to "oh, she is into me. I'll take a chance and ask her out." Women, if you are interested in a guy and are talking to him, find some things to say that are clearly "I'm not just being friendly here," but aren't as plain and obvious as "do you want to go on a date?" Or find a way to get the two of you a bit separated from other people, where you are less likely to be interrupted. I think inviting someone to walk to a quieter space, sit at a table for 2, or break off a bit from the group, is a great way of saying "I only want to focus on you right now." Then get a little flirty. Nothing too much, but a compliment (we don't get them much and they will CERTAINLY get our attention) could give him a hint at where you are taking this. If looking at him makes you want to smile, then show that. Don't suppress it. Having a girl smile at us out of attraction to us can light up our day! Up to this point, if he is following your lead or taking the lead himself, time to say something more direct, like "hey, I really like you and would like to hang out some time, go on a date maybe." If he doesn't catch on to the nonverbal cues, he is either not interested that way or isn't picking up on the signals. Might be time to move on, but it is at least a softer rejection than if you jump right in with "I like you, can we go on a date?"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 6, 2022 20:59:42

He never said she did. But she made the first move.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 6, 2022 20:45:55

This sounds more like they thought about issuing corporate bonds and realized people would demand a high interest rate and even then would be a hard sell (S&P, Moody's, et. all. rates them as junk) , so they got the idea of creating and marketing a product using somewhat ambiguous or misleading language and hand their bag of burning shit to retail investors. If they pull it off, they essentially sell non fixed principle 5 year bonds with a 1% coupon. Which they will never pay back. To dumb money retail investors, 43% of which have FICO scores below 650.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:42:49

This is like when she says you can go in raw, but you just know she says that to someone else every night.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:33:38

You'll LEARN they took it all when they go bankrupt in 6 months. But it was gone the moment you gave it to them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:32:07

>Robinhood will be insolvent in 5 ~~years~~ so… FTFY

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:31:03

Yeah, it caught me off guard too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:30:32

It will be gone the moment you execute the deposit.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:29:02

Any idea what the short interest is on HOOD?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:27:48

I check in there now and then, and it is fucking insane! Someone will just buy a bunch of calls, never get in the money, and oops, there goes $20k. Or dump $750k on a stock that ends up going down 80% and he sells at a loss. That was 15 people's annual salary you just gave away to smart money.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:26:24

You should feel the same way about this as when the hooker tells you that you don't need a condom.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 20:23:01

lol @ the mom helping remove the girlfriend's bra!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 19:19:21

Sex is the one thing that is a very powerful natural drive, and may even be a survival drive, that the world has a very negative view on offering services for money. I can pay people directly to provide for ANY other human need without being looked down on, or in some places arrested: Food/drink - cook/chef/barista/bartender/grocery store Sleep - hotel/motel Travel - bus/train/boat/plain tickets/vehicle purchase/fuel/mechanic Medicine - Doctor/nurse/specialists (often through healthcare) Listening/empathy - therapist Clothing - retail store/seamstress/tailor R&R - masseuse/RMT/salon Entertainment - sports game/tv/netflix/comedy/rock concert/opera/orchestra/tours Dating/matchmaking - tinder/dating coach/speed dating/matchmaking service But paying for sex is immoral? Why?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 19:15:54

\^\^ This guy works for free. \^\^

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 19:05:40

PTSD for me as well and I relate to the way you isolate. I was not in a war, but a victim of CSA. Being able to visit a provider has helped me a lot.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 19:05:11

No no no. Telling them their time is worth less than they state it's worth is fucked up. You are fucked up, and now you are blocked because you aren't worth my time. Grow up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 12:52:31

"Short everything that guy has touched. I want another $100m in swaps."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 6, 2022 12:49:15

what the actual f.... what is this pile of rancid horseshit you spewed from your mouthhole? I spoke about dollar figures for my professions make the point that a dollar figure doesn't give you rightful claim to touch a person's body in a sexual way. Hourly rates for architects, engineers, doctors can be comparable to SW's on a discreet price basis, but the transaction is wildly different. You can barter on the price of the car, because it is acceptable to disagree on the value of a car. It is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO EVER disagree on the value of a person's dignity, self respect, and self stated worth. You are telling her that her time, attention, and physical intimacy are worth less than she says it is. That is the most contemptable thing I can imagine. If you can't afford her rates, time to suck dick behind Wendy's for nickels so you can make a better living and learn what losing your self respect feels like. Have fun never being able to see a provider with your attitude.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 6, 2022 03:19:15

I am 42 years old and in my entire life I had a two week "relationship" in high school and a 7 month serious relationship at the start of COVID. When it comes to real world practical experience, I can't speak for much. But you are right that it does teach a lot. I learned in other ways, because I looked for ways to learn in spite of my lack of experience in relationships. So considering that, it is even more wild that someone can come on here and just say "she's shady" with no fucking justification. Probably had a string of shady girlfriends himself, thinks the reality he created around himself is everyone's reality, and doesn't recognize by now that if he keeps running into the same problem, then he is the problem. I'm in a rantin' mood tonight, don't mind me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 6, 2022 03:07:01

>If bf is overcome with jealousy, Read that part again. Overcome with jealous. That's not "feeling a bit jealous but can work with the situation." Overcome means: >o·ver·come /ˌōvərˈkəm/ verb succeed in dealing with (a problem or difficulty). "she worked hard to overcome her paralyzing shyness" defeat (an opponent); prevail. "without firing a shot they overcame the guards" ***(of an emotion) overpower or overwhelm.*** ***"she was obviously overcome with excitement" <-------- this one*** I chose this word to describe someone who is overwhelmed or overpowered by their emotions. How would you picture that? Well, someone who is unable to control their jealousy sound about right to me. And for this situation, that would be completely out of place, hence a good indicator of insecurity. You see, I'm painting an extreme here. And I also painted a picture of someone overcome with jealousy but self aware enough to own up to the unresolved issues behind it and communicate with his gf to a mutually satisfying solution. So please read and understand the words I write before arguing against them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 21:36:48

Look, I'm going to address one point you made and then I'm done. Jealousy: I'm speaking in the context of OP's story. If he is gonna get overcome with jealousy here, that is unreasonable. The circumstances are understandable, and nobody did anything untowards. I also said that if he is self aware of his jealousy and can communicate, there should be no problem. >To say that a guy having a problem with the fact that his girlfriend was getting railed by his best friends for months, demanding no emotional investment, and then demanding emotional investment from her bf for the same opportunity, is some kind of problem with his emotions Actually, I will address this part. People are allowed to have sex with consenting partners for whatever reason they want, and as long as nobody is cheating, it is nobody else's business. What is with this "demanding" part? Love isn't demanding. Love is caring and considerate. Love is kind and gentle. If they love each other and WANT emotional investment; i.e. commitment, then that is what it is. IT IS IN NO WAY CONTINGENT ON THE TERMS OF HER LAST SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYONE. FULL STOP. I'll say it again. Nobody has done anything untowards. These are just purely awkward circumstances that people who had unrevealed connections found themselves in. I'm not saying that OP's BF isn't gonna have some feelings about this, but she shouldn't fear that he is going to dump her. Because he likely won't, if he's a loving, caring guy. If he does, given the situation it is more likely he has some personal stuff to work on. Or maybe he just wasn't as into her as she thinks and decides its for the best. But I talked about being overcome with jealousy. I am talking about AN EXTREME. So take a bit more time to understand nuance before you come back and lecture me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 21:23:02

hahaha! Look, I have had a pretty dormant sex life for my entire adulthood. But it ain't nobody's problem but mine. Yes, being sad and depressed and lonely sucks, but imagine how much it would suck for the other person you bring that energy to. So pony up a few bills and call a SW. Offload your V card so you can learn that it doesn't change a thing. What changes is when you get the mental health support you need so you can change your outlook on life. Once you can value yourself and the person you are with, then you will discover a garden of delights you never thought possible. /rant

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 21:11:34

It's the difference between feeling like $1m after and feeling like the $50 you paid her.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 19:25:55

Reminds me of a girl I knew who got tinder messages: "hey, I'm a virgin and I am lonely and depressed. Can you help me with that?" Wow, sounds like a dream catch, eh?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 19:24:46

I'm with you on the commitment and loyalty part. And I have friends that had to do the long distance AFTER they were married. If you can't face those challenges head on while dating, the marriage has no hope.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 19:21:30

It's been 3 years and I think about doing this now and then. And then the thought of her response smartens me up. I can't just break the silence and expect her to either not respond or to be pleasant in her response. I broke up with her for good reason, but I have to respect that she had to suffer the loss.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 19:19:55

Yup! I mean what is her new man missing that she needs to create closure with OP? Something isn't right here. She may have regrets, but that is her problem, not OP's. The wisest thing I was ever told was from someone 13 years younger than me. She was a friend, but I had a hidden attraction that I didn't feel comfortable with because of the age gap. I struggled to regulate my feelings and keep things platonic, but I eventually ended up treating her poorly and the friendship ended. A year later I saw her at a speed dating event. I had no choice but to sit in front of her for 5 minutes and chat. We made small talk for a couple of minutes, and then I expressed my regret for how I treated her. She said "I'm not interested in dating you." I replied "no, please understand, I am sorry that I wasn't a good friend." She said "I'm here to meet someone, not to hash over your regrets. If you feel bad you have to figure that out on your own." Immediately I knew she was correct, and showed much more wisdom than I did. I put it out of my mind, sat up straight and engaged in small talk until the bell rang. OP's GF is doing a much more emotionally charged version of what I tried to do.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 19:18:33

I don't think she really took your feelings into consideration when she reached out. She decided to end things, yet you were both very hopeful for a future together. Now she is beginning that future with someone else and wants to "tie off loose ends" for the sake of her future with him. I can't tell you how to respond to that. I can tell you how I would respond, but bear in mind this is based on my experiences in life, my inner thoughts, feelings, values, etc. My response would be something like this: Hi Sarah (I'm just going to call her that.) I received your message about your upcoming wedding and your interest in meeting up with me. I want you to know that the breakup was terribly difficult for me. It has taken me a very long time to process my feelings and move on. I have recently come to the place that I have found some peace and am focusing on things going forward. Your letter was a surprise and I am feeling really conflicted about your request. This is digging up some old feelings that I had long ago put to rest. We talked many times; late nights, weekends, travel trips, about building a life and future together. We constructed a dream, one that I was convinced you were equally committed to. Now you are returning to me in celebration of realizing a similar dream with another man. I cannot help but feel uncomfortable and a bit hurt that you would make this request, after we have been out of contact for several years. Having no idea about where I am at in my life or how I was able to process our breakup. I must respectfully decline your offer to meet. I have worked hard to move on, and I must continue on that path. I'm sorry that this won't provide you the closure you seek, but you will need to find some way to do that without me. Sincerely, CoitalFury17 So that's my take. If it fits for you, think on it. If it doesn't fit, toss it and keep searching. Take care!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 19:12:07

I was going to express some concerns with an idea of say an industry standard minimum rate, and the difficulty some providers might have with that, but then I remembered that in Firefly, there are training houses and licenses. This provides SW's the tools, skills and confidence to practice under such rates. Definitely a lot of important pieces required for such a system.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 19:01:09

Thank you for the kind words. I go because I need to experience my sexuality, pursue healing, and learn & grow. And the few SW's I've been with have all helped in some way. I am a survivor of CSA, and it makes organic relationships very difficult. Seeing a provider allows me to explore an intimate space in a way that feels safe and supportive. I cannot be thankful enough that I have been able to do this. Unfortunately it tends to be a twice a year thing. I struggle with my income and this means I rarely get to see a provider more than twice before they are no longer available for whatever reason. I do what I can and am always grateful for the experience.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 18:58:03

I've done the budget allocation and forecasting for myself, and you are right. It does add up. $150 per hour sounds like a lot, but people don't realize that office work in front of a computer is really draining, and the brain only has the stamina to go 3-5 hours per day. So one hour of billed work pays for 2 hours of a typical 8 hour work day. Office rent, utilities, computer equipment, legal fees, bookkeeping, licenses, marketing, it goes on. At the end of the day, I take enough home to live on, but I'm not rolling in it. And if I want to hire a jr. draftsman, I have to bill him at $80 to pay him, cover proportional expenses, and make some money off his time. I actually had a builder balk at my rates, telling me I'm charging too much. His last designer charged $60 /h before she retired. I'd be out of business if I charged that. Another one happened to read through the multi page contract I had my client sign, and said if he had seen it first he would have told my client not to sign it. Well, my lawyer tells me to use this contract, so I'm taking his word for it. It sucks horribly to face this BS in a white collar business. It has to be many times worse as a SW.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 18:51:25

I do. And I am ashamed that I once asked for a partial refund. I was in a very dark place, mental health wise. I was not able to be present, and I became emotionally detached/dissociated really early on and was not able to communicate that I didn't like what she was doing. I can imagine it was really hard for her not having me communicate, and asking me what I wanted to do and I just laid there not talking. And that I responded to a lot of things poorly, like turning away when she went to kiss me instead of saying "my boundary right now is no kissing." But when I asked and she said no, I immediately felt horrible and dropped it. I knew in that moment that I had made a serious mistake, and I wish I could tell her that, because I didn't have the ability to do so then. I know she felt awful; she was reaching, but I was shut off. She said at one point "If you call for a hooker you should be ready for her" or something to that effect. I've learned to go into a session ready to communicate my boundaries up front, and it has gone well for me. I still don't like that I made that mistake.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 18:35:41

I'm glad you are able to affirm your value and put up a polished image. I imagine that the amount of garbage men that contact you is still likely par for the course. I just want to assure you that by mentioning my minimum standard I wasn't intending to imply you weren't as put together as you say you are. And for others reading who might not meet my criteria for minimum standard, please do not hear criticism in my words. You all have the right to set your rates, screening methods, and other aspects of your work where you see fit. My minimum standards are due to what helps me be comfortable seeing a provider, nothing more.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 18:27:00

MOASS theory rests on the thesis that ALL SYNTHECTIC LONG POSITIONS must be delivered, i.e. shorts must close. So once this candle lights, if a long position in a broker is sold, that likely would close a short position. Now, for people to not be able to sell their long positions, the kind of fuckery that would likely bankrupt a broker would need to occur. And this kind of mass collapse of EVER broker holding long positions in client's accounts would destroy the public's trust of banks around the world. Could a few "free" app based brokers go tits up? Sure! And I wouldn't want to be on any of those. Could JPM go tits up? Bear Sterns and Lehman Bros did, so anything's possible. But if EVERY broker went tits up, we are looking at chaos the world has never seen. They don't just get to shake off all these long positions and say "oops, lost our records!" IRA's and other locked in investments cannot be DRS'd without tax penalties or even at all. Posts like this come off to me as a fear campaign to motivate people to DRS. Is it the better option? Yes. Is there a chance you could get screwed by your broker going tits up? Yes. Are a hell of a lot of people who aren't in on all the DD on this sub gonna paperhand before their broker goes tits up? Absolutely. I want everyone to DRS because it will make things VERY interesting in a way the world has never seen. Likely would trigger MOASS. And I would like for that to happen yesterday, not tomorrow, because financially I am in a horrible place. But if you are going to scare people about potentially losing all their shares due to fuckery, at least acknowledge that banks don't want to fuck this up because if they do, they're done. Nobody will buy anything from them ever again. And if they all do, it's all over. The game is up. Don't get me wrong, I think eventually the entire system will collapse. People will get hurt. But if the outstanding shares are short by 500%, then only 20% of ape held shares can be DRS'd, and according to your theory, the rest are screwed. That can't be unless that makes MOASS uncertain.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 5, 2022 18:06:11

Oh, and I didn't even think about this, there is overhead costs for you. Websites, incall suite/hotel room, local travel, supplies (condoms, mouthwash, etc.) Did I miss anything? Maybe not all of these for every provider, but that comes off your hourly rate. Not sure how much, but I'm sure it adds up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 17:16:02

Oh give it a rest. Please explain the different between what you see as shady and simply just being scared of a new and overwhelming complication. Peoples feelings, reactions and fears are a dynamic, real time part of this, and we can't just act as keyboard judge to measure time passed and call someone shady. Please tell me you have never found yourself completely unable to decide how to approach someone about something, and had to take some time to think and consult with some form of supporting person or group? OP can easily just say "I was having a hard time with this and how I should tell you. I'm sorry it took so long." If bf is understanding, that won't be a problem.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 17:07:58

While I agree that people are entitled to their feelings of discomfort, this can reflect on the boyfriends emotional regulation. I use regulation instead of maturity, because maturity is often used to malign people who "aren't mature enough." Regulation is more about a skill set that everyone learns at their own pace and is also subject to past trauma and heartache. If bf is overcome with jealousy, there might be some unresolved insecurities going on. He has to deal with those, they are his responsibility, and if he ignores them they can cause problems in the relationship. This is not to invalidate his feelings, it is that he needs to take responsibility for them and for what is driving them. Now if he is overcome with jealousy but self aware, he can share this with OP and say "look, I feel this way because of this thing in my past, not because I don't trust you. It is very hard for me to overcome these feelings and be at ease around the situation. Can you help me with this by establishing a boundary?" And then OP can decide how she feels about it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 17:03:30

I don't see anything morally or ethically wrong with what happened. People have purely physical relationships all the time. But it would be healthy to tell your boyfriend. It shows that you are open and honest, and care about his feelings, and not want him to be blindsided with this if it comes from another source. If he struggles with this new knowledge, he needs to figure that out. He needs to communicate his concerns. And together you can decide on what is comfortable for both of you. Best of luck!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 5, 2022 16:56:44

I find it absolutely insane to haggle a sex worker! It is on an entirely different level!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 16:53:15

I run my own company, and I RARELY if ever have someone haggle me. If they can't afford it or they think my prices aren't reasonable, they just go elsewhere. Sometimes I quote them much higher than my typical rate hoping they will go elsewhere. I really like some of the ideas presented in Firefly, where clients and providers are required to be on a registry, and a client who breaches etiquette, or conducts himself badly, can be reviewed or blacklisted on the registry. I think that is safe for everyone involved. Client and provider. Which is why an independent provider with a professional website, higher rates, and a screening process is my minimum standard for FS.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 16:51:16

I charge $150 per hour to design someone's home. That doesn't give them permission to touch my body, aside from a handshake. An actual architect would charge $300+, and still, just a handshake. Allowing a stranger to touch my body in a sexual way is something that I cannot put a price on. Seeing a SW for the first time is allowing a stranger to touch me in a sexual way, but they are a professional and I've vetted them as much as they have vetted me. And still it isn't easy for me. I look at the price as a necessity, because you have to charge a rate that will get you the level of clientele you are looking for. I consider what a SW posts as her prices to be her MINIMUM price, and I STILL feel like I've underpaid for her time, whether the session was mindblowing or just meh. All this to say that I don't know how you do it, and I admire and respect you all for that. If I had my way you would have the full legal framework that you collectively decide you need, to keep you safe and successful.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 16:45:59

Was my thinking too. The price of gold should roughly half if the supply was doubled in a short period of time. Probably be quite a volatile adjustment though. So they are trying to dampen the run on gold by releasing a CBDC backed by this new supply of (fake) gold, to create trust in it? I wouldn't put it past them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 5, 2022 16:15:10

Thank you! That really helps me to understand the situation. It is still hard though, because I really don't want to get too lost in things like chemistry and attraction. And it wasn't stated anywhere that this is a "GFE" type of service, where I understand there is an element of role play. Something for me to think about next time I feel that energy with a provider.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 5, 2022 16:10:38

Eh, kind of but not really. More that when an AB has an opportunity to show off who they are to the vanilla world, through some form of vanilla media, show your adult side too. Show that you are mature and self reliant. Would go a long way for our image, and for the perception of a vanilla partner who one of us is nervous to open up to.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 5, 2022 16:07:06

Right? I see all these spotlight blogs on ABDL cammers, and they just want to ham up the baby part. Why not show the world that you go out and pay bills, get groceries, all that stuff, in normal clothes and the ABDL is your indulgence?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 5, 2022 16:05:21

They always cut these scenes with no wrap up or resolution. What really happens between those words and when Lawrence and his lanky partner leave the office? Do they talk about the Mets game or something?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 5, 2022 16:03:58


Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 5, 2022 16:02:46

Not op here, but I had a question. There was a situation on my 1st nude beach visit this summer where I suspect a woman was trying to get my attention. I really am dense around this kind of stuff, but if I told you about it could you maybe offer some insight?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/NudeBeach_freaks on December 4, 2022 23:57:56

There isn't enough Adult in AB these days.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 4, 2022 23:54:41

That's when you give her your hourly rate. Seriously. She is requesting your time. Propositioning you. If its because she needs the work, then its probably best to block her. If its because she needs your cock... well thats where you get to negotiate.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 4, 2022 23:46:39

A woman telling me to put my hands on her body.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:35:15

Cumming inside her is what our biology and sex drive want us to do. It is more satisfying.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:28:12

Her dragging her teeth on my cock, then asking me to eat her out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:24:26

I swear it was in self defense.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:20:02

I really want someone who wants me to call her a dirty slut. That is like my dirty talk fantasy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:18:47

I struggle with my finances. I'm in deep shit right now. I don't feel confident dating when I can't even balance my books. I don't do stupid things like credit cards to pay off credit cards. I just have a hard time with money. Probably gonna have to file my 2nd bankruptcy soon.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:16:36

Genderfluid here. I plan to keep the bait and tackle, but would love panties that worked. Want to get a tuck kit and try that out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:13:30

I wear a bra once in a while, and a nightgown around the house (they are so comfortable!) But yeah, no panties. They don't work.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:12:41

A few I've enjoyed: "You are super hot!" (I'm a guy and we rarely hear that.) After fingering her and making her cum twice: "You have a naturally intuitive sense of what a woman wants!" "You are good with your fingers!" "Your cock is so big and veiny, I just want to feel it inside me!" That's really about it. I honestly wish I got more non-sexual compliments. But you take what you can get.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:09:22

Are these common? Is there something you would expect to see that indicates there is one? And what goes on? Random hookups? Glory holes was mentioned. This seems like something you'd see in bigger cities.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:06:39

Sex in general, although not so much any more. I grew up in a religion that shamed you for even thinking about sex if you weren't married, and even if you were, you were shamed for even checking out another person. Masturbation was a grave sin and defiled the body. You couldn't go on dates alone, you had to be with friends otherwise the devil will tempt you to commit sins of the flesh. Fucking religion. I've been done with that shit 12 years now.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:03:03

Use silicon based lube. The anus is very good at removing water from your system, so water based isn't a good idea. I've had one dry up in there and wasn't super comfortable to remove.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 23:00:07

Nope. It is a fucking retarded holiday and I experienced a fallout with my family over it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:58:15

And you are not a champion. Or 916 years old.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:51:47

You have to head over to r/superstonk for that. Ask for Rick of Spades.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:51:16

There is a song called "Lake Fever" by a popular Canadian band "The Tragically Hip." Here's the lyrics: >We can take a bit of a breather > >We can skip to the practical part > >We can skip to the time of neither > >When we're together and even > >When we're apart > >I'll tell you a story about the Lake fever or > >We can skip to the coital fury > >You didn't say yes or no, neither > >You whispered, hurry [Lake Fever](,vid:eC3eYFnVrMk)

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:49:38

You are asking reddit. Think about that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:47:08

Probably an 8. I think my best feature are my slight athletic build and solid posture.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:43:46

She didn't intend to turn you on, but you got turned on anyway.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:42:45

On another time at the office, a female coworker and her boss were in my office discussing a project. It was near Christmas, and she mentioned adding Bailey's to her coffee. Her boss made a comment about by Christmas she will be prancing around the office half naked. She didn't even blush, just rolled with it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:42:06

Saw me at the bar, came over to say hi, chatted for a bit, then brushed my thigh with her fingers before returning to her date. I was kind of in a bad way, NGL. I think she was just trying to cheer me up.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:40:10

No, I'm turned off by the fact he's a guy. I want to see girls.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:36:47

If the connection was right I'd be all for that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:33:38

Yeah, shooting blanks is when you gotta say that's it for today. I've actually gone so far that my dick doesn't want to get hard but I still orgasm. Kind of like just phones it in from bed.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:32:11

How little I could feel through the condom.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 4, 2022 22:25:02

The amount of gold they claim to have found, $12t, divided by spot per ounce, $1,800, equals \~6.7b troy ounces of gold, or \~ 207k tons. According to Wikipedia, about 197,576 tons of gold have been mined in human history. Other sources say as much as 204k tons. So a gold ore vein equaling ALL TH GOLD EVER MINED TO DATE has just been discovered in Uganda? We just found that now? In 2022? Really? Well one thing's for sure, if all that gold is real and they mine it and dump it on the market, gold's price is gonna crash. But that won't happen. Because they did not find 207k tons of gold. Convince me otherwise.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 4, 2022 21:58:30

Yes, and I can tell that you need to. I better check if you need a change.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on December 4, 2022 20:11:46

Judging by the comments here, if you aren't comfortable with almost exclusively male clients, you probably should get an OF. It will still be all male, but you can make up anything in your mind you want to feel like you are entertaining your ideal audience.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 4, 2022 20:07:51

>If we weren’t currently fighting and I was trying to break up, I’d still act like we were in a relationship. I don't know how this is necessarily your fault. There was a strong element of manipulation and gaslighting on his part. He told you he couldn't live without you. Was this just him being weak, or was he threatening suicide? At worst, this situation was incredibly difficult and confusing for you, on top of the abuse you suffered at home that you were trying to escape from. I would encourage you to give yourself some grace and forgiveness around this. You are learning and growing from it, and it should not hold you back from finding a loving partner, a relationship where you are great to and great for each other.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 4, 2022 20:05:03

Thank you. Honestly I was conflicted, not about the money, but about the chemistry between us and the stuff she said. I want to think it was just part of her service, but she said some things that were hard to reconcile with her boundaries. Maybe you could give me some insight? She was a massage/happy ending only provider. No mouth to mouth kissing, oral or penetration. It was a very intimate massage, with lots of body on body, neck and ear kissing, that sort of thing, before we finished each other off manually. She was gorgeous, and despite her limited services, it was a WAY more enjoyable experience than ANY FS provider I've ever met with. Slow and sensual. It was the 2nd time I saw her. As she was massaging me she was sharing about her personal life, and went on about how she had her tubes tied because she never wants kids. Ok, that's cool, I'm not into having kids either and I shared that. But she came back to it a couple of times. As things are heating up and I'm flipped, she tells me she wants to gag on my cock and how big and veiny it is. She said it would feel so good pulsing inside her. I'm just like... I didn't know how to take it. Is she teasing me? Is she just trying to make me feel amazing? Or is she trying to say "I want to fuck you but am too afraid to ask?" This was so outside the way she behaved the first time I saw her. And the first time was magic too! She allowed me to slide my fingers inside her; we were in a 69 position, just not doing oral. I made her cum multiple times. But this time, after she said all those things about my cock, when we were in that 69 position, she was in a position where it was awkward to touch her there. I asked if I could put my fingers inside her, and she said she doesn't allow that anymore, because there's been problems. Ok, I'll just rub her clit, which she allows. Overall, I've never had someone talk like that for a rub and tug. To me if we have boundaries I don't feel like we should be teasing beyond them. I'm not gonna push the boundaries, and if she wants to make an exception, she has to be a bit more forward. After the "fun" she hopped in my shower to clean up, and I hopped in after. She asked me if it would be too "girlfriendy" of her to use the toilet (#2) while I showered. I said "If you aren't comfortable, there is the other bathroom." And she knew that because she freshened up in the other bathroom when she arrived. (Before that she had also offered to hop in the shower and wash my back, which I politely declined, not sure why. Probably because I was starting to feel the intimacy was getting further than a client/provider relationship usually allows.) So I was just really torn because I felt what I considered genuine chemistry between us. When we got undressed at the start, she took a GOOD look at my body. She's either an amazing actor or she was weak at the knees. As we were wrapping up the session, I asked her if she ever had clients that thought they were in love with her. She said oh yeah, it happens, but I tell them its a nice thought but that's not what she's here for. Saying she would not see them again if they pressed further. We ended on a good vibe, with aftercare talk. I wished her well and encouraged her, saying she does amazing work, and valued her as a person. That is something I always do. That's when I noticed she forgot the envelope. I saw her once again after that, it was memorable, but nothing like what happened the 2nd time happened again. I wouldn't say I was in love with her, but the chemistry and connection were genuine. I just wished there could have been some honesty around that, and maybe I should have been a bit more straightforward. Shortly after that she stopped touring in my area. I checked in once in a while to see if she would be around, but she never was. She has a twitter, and recently someone paid to take her on a long, several week trip. Now they are engaged. IDK, she certainly found someone with deep pockets, and that isn't me. And I really hope she found someone of great character. Am I jealous? Kind of, but that's fine. We shared a few special moments together and I would like to think we are both better for it. She's retiring now too, which makes me sad in a way. Doing one last tour so I might get a chance to see her, but probably not. And given all I said it is probably best to just let it go. Well, that's off my chest. Thanks for reading this far if you did. Thanks for reading even if you didn't.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 4, 2022 19:55:21

Would have been nice if you hadn't cropped out anything that explains everything but the historical price, which is easy to understand.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 3, 2022 22:15:12

Not cropping the legend would be helpful.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 3, 2022 22:14:03

Bear in mind that the low sample size can be skewing the accuracy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 3, 2022 21:51:09

If it's anything like my last relationship, then your job would be to tell me I've got anger issues and I'm just like my dad. Then berate me for not considering your feelings while you constantly hurt mine. And then tell me if I'm going to break up with you just do it already, and then complain that I'm not being romantic enough. I dunno if I want to pay for that service when I can get it for free. XD

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 3, 2022 20:10:56

I just want to marry an amazing woman who is deeply in love with me and I with her. She would be understanding and accepting of my kink, and would understand the space I need from time to time to express it. If she needs to be away from me at the time, that's ok. If she is ok being around me at the time, that is good. If she is willing to participate to help make it special for me, that's better. If she is curious about it herself, that is awesome. If she is into the kink herself, that is most ideal. But there are many other facets of my life that need to match with hers to make it work. My love life does not revolve around my kink at all.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on December 3, 2022 20:01:37

>It can feel awkward but you have to think of it professionally IMO, as a client, if it ends up being awkward it is probably because the client wasn't prepared to make it as seamless and nonchalant as necessary. So I would encourage any of you not to feel like the awkwardness is your fault.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 3, 2022 19:57:48

>The reality is, that lots of different service providers do take payment upfront these days. I am a professional designer, and I take a % of my fee up front, and installments with every deliverable. My clients don't get delivery of the completed project until EVERYTHING is paid in full. I have found that they will promise to pay you, but in reality they are paying the next person who requires up front payment to further their role in the project. I end up getting paid 30-45 days late. People have a natural tendency to not prioritize payments if they aren't needing something from the person they owe money to.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 3, 2022 19:54:19

Same here. One time she for some reason put the envelope on my kitchen table and forgot about it. As she was leaving I noticed it and ran it out to her. I kinda had a suspicion too that she was more into me than she ~~should have been~~ was ready for, and was maybe a bit flustered. NGL I was really into her too, but I stick to boundaries.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on December 3, 2022 19:48:56

My genitals were mutilated without my permission. How do you think I feel about it?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 2, 2022 19:01:52

I know he and Maxine are connected, but... Isn't he in the Bahamas? And am I incorrect in thinking there isn't an extradition treaty with the Bahamas? So stroking his ego and inviting him to the hearing would put him on US soil and arrestable?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 2, 2022 16:29:05

This seems to be the case for other tickers like AAPL and TSLA, so I don't know what to make of it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 2, 2022 12:49:14

I'm finding volume for the daily candle to be sporadically available. Same for the most recent 1 minute candles.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 2, 2022 12:46:23

Well, if you don't need solid gold butt pugs, I'm not gonna judge.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 2, 2022 12:08:53

Never read that. For me, it was my brain telling me that I had buried my grievances against my parents who blamed me for their almost divorce, as well as burying my true self when I accepted the blame.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 12:04:44

That's not a good sign. Wait till they slash CEO bonuses... Oh, wait, no, they will increase those.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 2, 2022 12:01:27

A very generic and overdone makeup job, fake smile and a million poses from different angles. The profiles all look the same. Show me a genuine smile, a makeup style that enhances but does not cover your natural features, and you doing some fun things with friends. But the first photo is just you, and neither an extreme close up or an extremely far away shot. And show us your body. Not in a sexual way, and I'm not asking so I can oogle it. But if we met first in person I would know what you look like, so don't hide your body from me. And don't take pictures at weird angles that disguise your weight. We can tell. If you are not comfortable showing your body then what are you going to do when you meet them in person and you've created a false image of yourself?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on December 1, 2022 22:45:24

I've seen some tinder profiles where they literally mean COD, WoW, etc.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 1, 2022 19:59:45

My go to is to plainly and gently tell the truth. If she is insecure enough that she has to start an argument, then she isn't someone I want to be with. Lots of couples are connected enough that they voluntarily disclose to each other about other people they find attractive. It is an intimacy of sorts to let your partner in on this part of your inner world. It shows you trust them and they can trust you, that you are telling them and not some random European blond bombshell.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 1, 2022 19:58:51

With my ex, on our 2nd date, I was clear that I wanted a long term serious relationship but I was uncertain about wanting kids. She said she wanted kids. Well Ok then. So then why was she my ex? Well, she was very much interested in going on another date, then another, and then taking the relationship into the committed territory. Yeah, in retrospect I should have just moved on. But I didn't, a few months after we became serious, she was upset that I didn't suddenly want kids. Suddenly all the problems in the relationship were my fault. Sometimes you can be completely honest about not being ready to commit on some level, and they just ignore that and expect you will change to their liking. I learned to not just "go with it" if she doesn't protest. I hope she learned not to expect someone to change after you get serious.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 1, 2022 19:56:34

"I swear this isn't what it looks like! We were just talking that's all!"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on December 1, 2022 19:51:33

>They are not set up for such a thing. ...Yet Let me be clear because I wasn't too clear before, that my previous comments were educated speculation. Educated by my dealings in trading stocks over the last 2 years as well as my business experience in the last 20 years. So shake that bit of salt over everything I said. To answer your question, I would expect that the situation would create the demand for a direct interaction between apes and ComputerShare's broker, so that we could communicate and document a limit sell order. Right now as we speak, selling through CS is just them routing the order through their broker partner. Same with all the direct buy orders. CS is not a broker with access to the big boy trading platforms. They are a transfer agent. But in the end, liquidated hedge funds will create a demand for our shares. We can then create a demand for settlement however we like. You have to understand that whoever holds the most valuable asset sits in the most powerful position. Just think about how SHF right now can make what they want happen (short of closing their shorts or bankrupting GameStop.) A guy like Kenny Griffin just tells his people "make this happen" and they get it done. When liquidators are desperate for our shares, we just have to sit back and say "only if I'm paid in solid gold butt plugs that weigh a total of 84k troy ounces (equal to roughly $150m) Now, they might get to everyone else that just wants bitcoin or ethereum first, but if at the end of the day they need your share, well I guess Adam & Eve dot Com gets a lucrative contract.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 19:48:16

Uh, OP said that today's price movement follows PID. Today's chart looks like the 2 year. So yes, it can be fractals, but maybe it could also be that there is PID control stretched out on a 2 year time frame.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 19:37:24

In situation #3, supply and demand dictates that the seller has a lot of power here. Like literally, you could ask them to settle with anything you like. They might tell you no, but then you just say OK, I'm not selling then. They will come around. And when the dollar is worthless, there will be other more stable assets/currencies/cryptos that rise up to fill the vacuum. Also, you aren't just going to enter 9 digits into your trading app and in 30 seconds get notified that the share is sold and the funds are in your account. The share you bought today with your back-of-Wendy's earnings was settled instantly because the broker just marks you down for one, takes your money, and if they actually buy the share they wait until the price is lower and take the spread. Same when you sell. If they have the share, they just give you your paper-handed ass the $28.56 and wait until the price is $29.74 and keep the spread. Times billions of trades that's a nice spread. For MOASS types of trades you will likely be talking to a broker's Sr. trader directly, giving and documenting very clear instructions. They will then have to go out into the market and find a willing buyer at your limit sell of $147,069,420. Your broker can't float a trade like that, or at least your broker doesn't want to pony up the $147,069,420 to your account while they wait to find or settle a trade. And nothing will settle that day, or the next, or perhaps the next two. You will be notified that your sell order has been accepted and given an estimated settlement date. Moving 9 digits of money isn't child's play. So after a few nerve wracking days, you will get a notification that the trade has settled, and your tendies are in your account.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 14:45:45

Someone commented or posted earlier that today's chart looks just like the 2 year chart. o.0

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 14:11:06

It should be marked NSFL because they are shorting a GBM cancer research organization.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 12:15:32

I appreciate the /s, but please don't even joke like that. They are working on a breakthrough cure for GBM, an aggressive brain cancer that kills 93% of patients in 3-5 years. My friend's husband was a victim of this. They are actively shorting people's lives by attacking medical research.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 12:14:55

This is like medical research, the kind that saves lives. Citadel is actively manipulating the stock of a Biotech company that is developing a breakthrough treatment for Glioblastoma, a serious type of brain tumor that kills 99.99% of patients within 3-5 years, even with surgery, chemo and radiation treatment. My friend's husband died of this less than 2 years after they were married, and the lead singer of my favorite band also died of this. They are actively shorting people's very lives to line their pockets. This is the most disgusting, abhorrent and contemptable behavior I have ever witnessed. MOASS is more than just a short squeeze play. It is taking power away from these tyrannical, sociopathic, morally corrupt shit stains on the underwear of society.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 12:11:16

>Based on the detailed data presented in the complaint, one of the most egregious examples of this behavior occurred on May 10, 2022, at the very moment the topline breakthrough results of the Phase 3 clinical trial of DCVax-L to treat glioblastoma, the most common and aggressive form of brain cancer, were being announced at the prestigious New York Academy of Sciences medical conference. Fuck these guys sideways with a rake.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 12:01:11

>battered the stock price even as the company released positive results from the trial of its lead product, a brain cancer treatment. My friend's husband died of brain cancer a month short of their 2nd anniversary. Would a lack of interference have lead to a market ready treatment that would have saved his life? I don't know, so I am assuming it would have until proven otherwise beyond a shadow of a doubt. These are murderous parasites we are dealing with, and I am out for monetary blood.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on December 1, 2022 11:59:04

No, you should take it off.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/PetiteGoneWild on December 1, 2022 02:50:24

Exactly. Retail FOMO will light the rocket.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 23:28:58

shh... don't tell them about the rug pull we have planned.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 23:28:25

I don't trust it. They are setting up a rug pull.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 23:25:33

A bit like musical chairs. As long as the music is playing, they can just take a selfie in front of an empty chair and post on twatter that they have a place to sit. But in reality there are 100 of them and 1 chair.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 13:46:49

Exactly. If JPM needs to move 69,420,741 shares of $MAYO they should be either required to do it slowly to minimize price impact or just eat the fucking losses when the price moves against them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 13:44:53

Are we not going to talk about how they admitted to moving large blocks of stock after hours so it doesn't affect the price? Maybe there is a perfectly acceptable reason for this, and I'd like to hear it if so. But why the hell should a big bank be privileged to move that much stock without impacting price discovery?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 13:40:14

Throw the deadbolt in the room, tell him to slide the cash under the door, and then call you from reception. Be sure to speak to the receptionist first. Once you confirm that he is at the front desk, leave the room and GTFO the back way.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on November 29, 2022 03:57:05

I have seen some providers that charge $12,000 for a long weekend. I know you are new, and everyone starts somewhere. When I started my business I was making pennies. And I had to lose money on a few big projects to learn my value. It sucks, and probably worse in your situation given the vulnerabilities. I wouldn't put $200 in the same balk-park as "not even close to half" of an agreement for a two week arrangement. Hell, I'm not a SW, but two weeks of my time is $6,000. And I've (happily) paid almost 3 times my business hourly rate to see a provider. I hope you make your way out of this situation safely and with haste!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on November 29, 2022 03:54:07

>I’m currently on a trip away from home with a ~~client~~ ex client I’ve known for 3 months and met with twice. FTFY Rule #1 in any business, if a client doesn't pay they don't get any more. I run a fairly white collar business. My client's don't get final delivery of the project until all bills are paid in full. A retainer is required upon signing a contract. For a 2 week trip, I think you need a deposit up front and the remaining when you arrive. The up front deposit is a screening tool. As in, if he is a tool that won't pay, you will find out before you commit.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on November 29, 2022 03:44:32

He aged like an open mayo jar in the Sahara desert.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 29, 2022 01:47:44

When I was like 4 I thought people with darker skin didn't wash after wiping. I think it was because I really only got a good look at their hands. Glad I got that one straightened out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on November 28, 2022 21:53:24

Marshall Rosenberg said "anger is an emotion... mixed with unnatural thinking." The unnatural thinking part is about how we jump to assumptions about our circumstance or the motives of others. Anger is based on beliefs that haven't been proven. You are entitled to experience anger but you should be cautious about acting on anger.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/YouShouldKnow on November 28, 2022 21:43:06

Hedgies be mad 'cause everyone's going bankrupt except the company whose stock they over-shorted to oblivion.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 28, 2022 20:06:01

Exactly. It would be like if we knew the insured value of all the building insurance policies globally. The number would be hundreds of trillions: []( Insurance companies likely only have liquidity to cover about 30% - 50% of their potential losses. But nobody expects a global event that would destroy more than 50% of buildings worldwide.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 28, 2022 12:23:07

I have a wild tinfoil speculation of what an NFT dividend might look like. Imagine every share gets a Kiraverse asset. I don't how what it would be, but it could be a very powerful asset for use in game. The holder of the NFT asses can rent the NFT to other players. The proceeds of this, through smart contracts, is shared between owner, developer and Gamestop. This assumes Kiraverse will dwarf Fortnite in popularity. God level tinfoil time: Kiraverse has a built in component that when you play, the game uses your systems resources to validate L2 transactions on ImmutableX. The player is rewarded with gas fees. Rented assets share the rewards between player and owner. Incentivizes players to rent the assets, and owners to put the up for rent. You can put your x, xx, xxx, xxxx, xxxxx, .... shares up on the rental market and just watch the cash roll in. Best part? Nobody wants to sell their shares, because they don't have to to make life changing money. Better part? Shareholders are free to claim the NFT by DRS with Computershare. Nobody is obligated too, so RC & board are in the clear. Even better part? The requirement to DRS is justifiable as the NFT is both a valuable asset and a product that a company like Gamestop is likely to create within their business model. Added bonus that the NFT is limited and on the blockchain, and has to be paired directly to the share. God tier part: by voluntarily DRS to get the NFT, the share is exchanged for an official GME tokenized stock, paired with the NFT. They cannot be separated for a bbn period of time, or maybe never. The never part makes it a permanent passive dividend of sorts. Institutions may opt out of the dividend, it doesn't matter. But after time they may realize that revenue from the dividend is more than interest from loaning shares. This is power to the players, the investors, the creators (dev's and Gamestop.)

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 26, 2022 13:14:07

Where are the lines of coke on Crammers desk?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 26, 2022 12:39:07

I have 130 and I'm shit poor.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 26, 2022 12:30:10

"I guess that means you will be everyone else's worst."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 01:24:07

That for me is my cue GTFO right now, as in emergency grab only the important shit. Change your number, your social media, everything. Go to the police and tell them what she said and that you are disconnecting from her completely and don't want her knowing where you are.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 01:17:58

"I shouldn't have to explain to you how this works."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 01:08:12

"Well, I want to find someone who has your looks, but a better personality."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 00:56:04

My abuser said something like that to me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 00:53:12

I recommend you tell a therapist about this first. Get some help exploring why you feel this way, so at worst you can be more clear when you drop the bomb.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 00:50:24

"You're probably using me as a practice girlfriend." That one hurt. I moved on. She didn't.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on November 26, 2022 00:47:14

I you are serving I'll be eating!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RealGirls on November 26, 2022 00:09:18

Yes, but what about second breakfast?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RealGirls on November 25, 2022 12:27:30

Stagnant shares include those of former executives and board members. I'm not expecting them to be super useful in a vote. But if they go along with GameStop's plan, maybe there will be a vote put to shareholders that is game changing. Maybe even Game Stopping. On the bright side, the share limit increase was voted in, as well as everything else the board put to vote. Maybe the stagnant shares did pull their weight? And even more since there was less DRS back then.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 25, 2022 00:35:53

So you expect everyone on reddit to agree?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 24, 2022 20:48:26

Well, men can still be qualified to give their perspective, their successes and failures.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 24, 2022 01:25:03

Wait, I thought it was u/Doodles_183's nipples I was playing with. Sorry.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 24, 2022 01:24:08

RemindMe! 1 day "check again for part 2"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 24, 2022 01:23:25

I'm hoping before mid January. Because I'm in a world of financial hurt. I did it to myself, NGL, but undiagnosed sleep apnea and childhood PTSD didn't help. I have creditors who will seize my assets soon. To be clear, they won't even be a drop in the bucket of what I owe. But I got into this expecting the MOASS to happen a year ago. What little I've put into GME would never have serviced my debts. I mean, if MOASS is still a long way off I can still pick up a few shares, but I would have to file bankruptcy meaning I would have to disclose my investments. There is only so much they will let me put away. I know, this is a Wendy's.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 24, 2022 01:22:01

It's gonna change how people respond. As a guy, I'm thinking about how I as a guy would approach the situation. If I think you are a guy, I feel more qualified to answer than if I knew you were a woman.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 23, 2022 13:10:08

I would just go with the energy between you. Don't push anything. If you guys start making out, just make small advances to push it further, but check her reaction. If you move your hand to her body, does she pull away, does she do the same? Is she following your lead? Is she taking the lead? Or is she staying right where she is?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 23, 2022 13:08:20

More like a fully powered de-orbit; point 'er right at the ground and full throttle!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 23, 2022 12:14:59

I agree. Also, screaming that incessantly on this sub isn't going to change anything. The DOJ isn't going to take a single look at this sub and go "hey, you know, they're right! We have all the evidence we need. Time to file charges." It is just forum sliding. We can focus on other things while we wait for the fallout of that. People like to think that corporate crimes are gonna be prosecuted lightning fast the same way their brother in law was when he was busted snorting cocaine off a hooker's tits behind Wendy's in a stolen Toyota Tercel. White collar crimes take months, years, even decades to investigate.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 23, 2022 11:56:07

RemindMe! 1 day "check for part 2"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 23, 2022 00:10:18

I could use a couple jugs of milk.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RealGirls on November 22, 2022 23:51:58

Yeah, we've moved on to other things like r/Superstonk, where we are free to discuss this saga.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 23:47:20

Ok, so you are a saint then. But I'm sure at least 50% of the people on this sub would have. Remember we didn't know the depth of fuckery then that we do now. And a lot of people just thought it was over until we dug a little deeper.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 11:16:12

I read this late at night and while my confirmation bias was jacking its tits, the warnings in my mind were going unheeded. A rested mind and a well written rebuttal has given heed to my caution.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 11:14:53

Hey, if he did it legally, it is just another trade. Like I said, you would have done it too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 02:55:45

If you had understood at the time what was going on, and had a margin account and enough margin to short, you would have done it too. Half the people here would have. Shorting isn't a problem, it's naked shorting that is predatory.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 01:55:31

[\_gme\_token\_was\_a\_backdoor\_bailout\_of\_shorts/]( This DD demonstrates that before the January sneeze they had $1t in bailout funds as they saw GME getting away from them. They only used like $141b before they realized the $1t wouldn't be nearly enough, and all they could do was shut off the buy button. They haven't been able to un-fuck themselves since.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 22, 2022 01:53:19

Isn't this in Miami?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 22:48:09

>his interview from a few weeks back. Yeah, that is the source we would like you to link if you have it handy. Please and thank you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 20:03:53

Well, when he did allegedly short GME they were being mismanaged and not fully utilized. RC had not yet taken over the board of directors and installed a new executive team.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 20:01:01

The shitpost flair is misleading. Most shitposts are fabricated for lulz. Please change to "news"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 19:54:56

He has all the way up to $480 to close at a profit or break even level. Actually, that's pre split numbers. He has up to $120 to close break even. Still, that is a scary number for SHF. Bullish!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 19:54:23

My initial thought is that this somehow put in place a setup so that they can be bailed out when they are forced to buy. But I'm not samrt so I'm likely wrong.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 19:49:42

RemindMe! 2 Hours "check for informed replies"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 19:48:16

Watch the frequency of his natural blinking. There is a short pause before the smile and wink. He was very conscious of what he was doing. Very intentional with that wink and smile.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 11:49:28

My bosems are elevated.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 11:40:39

Not necessarily. Look, the DD has to be disproven, and my disagreement with the premise of this post doesn't disprove the DD. But think about it. If RC had undeniable proof that the DD was wrong, why would he tell us? After we got over hating him for going against the DD and wrinkles actually dug into it and found it to be legit, people would sell their shares en masse and the price would tank. Even assuming that SHF were no longer involved, this is BAD for GameStop, and also opens the door to invite SHF back in for more shorting. GameStop also alienates a passionate investor base. Also, he would open himself up to accusations of market manipulation leading to potential lawsuits.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 11:36:54

The entire interview sounded like it was all about "plausible deniability" with the added bonus that any MSM quoting the interview would have to include []( as their source.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 21, 2022 11:32:21

I saw an incall sex worker once and she was telling me about how she once went to see another lady just because she needed something for her. Said she was nervous AF about it, even though she is a SW. Gave her perspective on her clients.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SexWorkers on November 21, 2022 03:27:32

I once saw my neighbor eating out his GF on the kitchen counter. I heard the moans and looked through the chain link fence (no privacy for our rear yards) and she was up on the counter spread open and he was going to town.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 21, 2022 03:26:04

Maybe they did a quasi Michael Burry and just gave a glimpse of it before changing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 20, 2022 17:38:07

I had the same thoughts, but watching it I was convinced he was talking out of his depth of experience.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 20, 2022 16:30:43

Remember that if RC confirms MOASS is likely it could be seen as market manipulation and he could get calls/visits from regulators, DOJ, and be served with dozens of lawsuits.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 20, 2022 15:56:01

If you look at RC's twitter profile, he is still only following one other account. GameStop. If you look at the website for Teddy, there are no social media links. It was fake.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 20, 2022 12:33:54

I want her to whisper in my ear "rape me" and I just take over like an animal. She then resists, to play her part. She doesn't scream and I don't slap or anything, but she struggles the entire time. I know CNC is a thing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 19, 2022 19:04:31

If he has time to put into a book project, maybe that means mission accomplished over at GameStop? IOW the long days and nights of getting shit done are over, everything is put in place, and as a chairman his time isn't under as much demand and he can do these books?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 19, 2022 15:00:48

It also might be a more reliable place to keep tabs on than RC's twitter with everything going on with twitter. The kind of meme posts RC is known to make would fit well on that page.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 19, 2022 14:10:11

Do we know what he is Bookking?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 19, 2022 14:03:26

If someone I could trust organized it and made sure both people were tested and that she was on the pill... still no. It is hot in a fantasy, but I need some communication and trust before I can sleep with someone.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 19, 2022 14:01:22

Well, I mean, "RC is my daddy" is a popular saying around here.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 19, 2022 13:59:35

Opening the shades for some sunlight, or better yet going outside.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Minecraft on November 18, 2022 13:25:24

Again? I think I would have remembered you from the first time! It's that damn amnesia again.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/pregnantporn on November 17, 2022 15:48:16

No, I would hate it actually. I'm going on a date to get to know another person, not to express my kink and indulge in a secret delight. Dating is about being in tune with another person. I can't do that if I'm distracted by my kink. To me it completely defeats the purpose of going on a date.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 17, 2022 15:35:37

With my ex, I wanted to do it with the lights on.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 17, 2022 15:31:40

You might want to speak reassuring words that refute what she was told as a potty training child. "It is ok to wear your diaper. You can go in it if you want, or not, it is up to you. You don't have to use a potty if you don't want to."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 17, 2022 15:28:15

I mean, tomato sauce is useful. Have you ever considered being in tomato sauce?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 17, 2022 11:24:50

Same meaning, different words.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 17, 2022 11:23:39

[Shots fired.](

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 17, 2022 11:23:04

If you like that you should try this\_video.php?viewkey=ph633d31219da86

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/NSFWTalking on November 17, 2022 01:48:07

Just out of curiosity, how useful are you?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 17, 2022 01:29:31

I met a woman on tinder who said she is living out of her van and living off COVID relief payments. I suddenly lost interest in messaging back and arranging a coffee date.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 16, 2022 21:34:07

I've read this a number of weeks ago I swear.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on November 16, 2022 20:26:21

Reckless driving, driving under the influence, vehicular assault (maybe attempted murder?), fleeing the scene of an accident, brandishing a firearm in a threatening manner, impersonating law enforcement, did I miss anything?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Unexpected on November 16, 2022 17:44:26

No wonder the customer service department manager doesn't give a shit that they fucked up my order.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/technology on November 16, 2022 14:41:28

Replace security guard with police officer. The police are duty bound to respond. And lets say it is an armed robbery, because, well, if it wasn't, it probably wouldn't have happened first of all and second it wouldn't have made a good analogy. Now I've read the criminal laws where I live, and this is only my interpretation, but here goes. When someone commits a crime, they are criminally responsible for the actions of people who are legally justified in trying to stop them. Period. And not just the guy who goes into the bank, but the driver who sits idling the car. Yes, he is also guilty of 2nd degree murder if the cop who is firing at their vehicle accidently kills a 3 year old bystander in his fathers arms.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on November 16, 2022 14:25:36

I'm at a bar, minding my own business. Some drunk asshole decides he wants to kick the shit out of me, and while I'm trying to defend myself I accidentally knock over an old lady walking by. The police will charge the drunk asshole with assault INCLUDING the injuries to the old woman. Russia attacked Poland by causing Ukraine to take defensive action near it's border with Poland which created collateral damage across the border.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on November 16, 2022 14:15:01

Is nobody going to talk about how they consider RC's shares institutional because they are held by RC Ventures? I man, RC is an insider. I believe that takes precedence.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 16, 2022 12:48:58

Where we're going, we don't need an off ramp.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 16, 2022 12:38:20

Man, the Streisand effect is gotta kick in sooner or later.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 16, 2022 00:59:04

As long as CeFi is manipulating the price it isn't going to be looked at as a stable every day payment method, and I believe that is their goal. I would expect without their involvement and a limited supply of tokens, price discovery would eventually find an equilibrium that is relatively stable over time. We forget that our dollar fluctuates in value too, but are being reminded at present what inflation is. When we stop looking at crypto as worth $x, and simply see a menu at a restaurant in LRC or a price of a car in BTC, we might realize that it doesn't matter that the dollar is rising and falling against the value of crypto, and might see that it is really the dollar that is unstable. Then more and more people will be willing to keep their crypto denominated price of goods and services stable as they have little interest in fiat, and even less dealings with it, and buyers will develop the same sentiment. IOW people will jump off a rocking boat in a storm and realize there is no storm, just an unstable, floundering ship that was going to take them to the bottom, that they were almost fooled to believe was the more steady choice. This will happen, and the old dogs of CeFi fear this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 16, 2022 00:53:49

I see it as MSM trying to price anchor. I am not interested in what they think it will be unless they think it will have 2 commas and contain enough numbers to solve a sudoku grid.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 15, 2022 19:04:19

I'm sure that if you had an ISDA you could do it no problem. Or at least if you were doing business on that level. There are likely easier ways, but I doubt anything that is worthwhile is available to retail. They likely would be screwing you over one way or another.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 15, 2022 01:33:22

Whose the mad lad that wants to calculate the net change across this entire filing?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 15, 2022 00:09:47

They can be DRS'd but you have to transfer them out of the TFSA first, and the gains from that point on are taxable.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 15, 2022 00:07:04

>Add this to the ***DTCC***/XRT fraud train FTFY

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 15, 2022 00:00:00

~~That's what she said.~~ Are we still doing phrasing?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 23:59:18

Your father's, brother's, uncle's, sister's, cousin's, high school roommate's, ex boyfriend's bartender's text to you that he has seen in passing a Xeroxed copy of a drawing of a photo of the notebook paper with the word “GME” scribbled on it, will also suffice.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 23:54:11

Really depends on what the texting is. Is there a fluid conversation going and just suddenly stopped? Or is he constantly saying "can't wait till tomorrow night." "Just making sure you still want to go out." "R U mad, you didn't reply!" And it gives no room to the possibility that she just had a busy day or something went off the rails at work and she wasn't able to attend to her phone. People have lives you know.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:13:37

Exactly! If this was a routine business meeting, there would be no anxiety, second guessing, or self doubt at all. Because when people say yes to something, they generally mean it. With dating, we are afraid of getting hurt so we try to mitigate that by anticipating it. The outcome of this more often than not is that we give off the wrong energy and miss a possible connection, thus getting hurt. You gotta be confident and not too attached.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:11:17

If she didn't explicitly cancel the date it is still on. If you show up and she doesn't, and has no reasonable explanation, she did you a favor. Stop reading little thinks like you are some kind of psychic. Also, you can message her the morning of the date and just say "hey, looking forward to tonight! Have a good day!" But don't take her lack of response as a cancellation.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:09:00

Exactly this. OP, if she hasn't cancelled the date, SHOW UP! Could she stand you up? Yes. But that can happen to anyone. You might be in your own head too much on this. Good luck!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:07:01

Your anxiety is normal, we all can experience that. But you gotta rein it in or this can happen. Messaging her over and over again after securing a date can be seen as desperation, and that's gonna be a quick turn off.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:05:37

Yeah, you are too attached to this person that you've never met. 11 hours for a response is generous, especially when the next date is already agreed to. You both need time to establish a connection that might warrant constant communication, if even that's her thing. She isn't yours until you both find that spark and agree to pursue the connection. And you shouldn't be abandoning your profile yet either. Keeping it updated is always good. Get out of your head, go for a walk, and put away the wedding plans.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 14, 2022 22:04:20

I am a fan of SpaceX. I am not a fan of Elon or anything else he touches. SpaceX may be his vision, but credit for their achievements belongs to the engineers, developers, contractors and worker, and anyone else I missed, that has made Falcon happen and has brought Starship as far as it has. Elon once tweeted that two of the medications i heavily rely on for my well being actually make people angry and violent. No, Elon, it is your attitude about the drugs I, and likely other people you know take that makes them angry and violent.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on November 14, 2022 20:25:34

Ok, not a tax attorney/CFP but what you just said makes no sense to me whatsoever. Like, IRS is gonna want their taxes either way. Do you have something to hide? Maybe not. Maybe you are just working loopholes and working the system to your advantage. Doesn't matter. The term "paperhand" was coined because a squeeze works best when as many people as possible diamond hand as long as possible. You want to avoid some tax burden/scrutiny so you sell (way?) early. Someone else is willing to pay whatever tax as long as at the end of the day they still have life changing money after selling their 1 share. As for timing the peak, thanks for good luck wish. I'll need it for sure, I'm not naive to the difficulties. But I will do my best because other people are counting on it. If I mistime it on the way up, thinking I guessed the peak, that sucks but at least I tried. If I sell after the peak, that is the main objective. Hitting the actual peak is a side quest.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 18:18:20

Really? Are you aware of the successes of these people? You don't get that successful by making blind mistakes. You get there by taking calculated risks. Sometimes they pay off, sometimes they don't. And sometimes people can only see them as ignorant because they don't want the people they admire associated with shady businesses. It seems more culty that people here want RC to be ignorant in this dealing, because if he knew more he certainly would not have gotten involved. That's a pretty fucking scary thing to assume about someone who is running the company many have invested their life savings in and are counting on to support MOASS through their growth and new market. I certainly didn't invest believing that RC could blindly partner with a shady organization and risk destroying GameStop and causing my investment to lose significant value. Yet, RC can only be innocently naive on the one hand, or on the other hand unwilling to get up close and personal with shady people lest he be perceived as shady himself and compromise his company or shareholders trust. That is the narrative around this. And it is a culty narrative. It assumes he either can't beat them at their game or that doing so is wrong and needlessly risky. I bet everyone through history that has renown for their moral integrity has gotten their hands dirty like this to take on the corruption and evil around them. But the stories are left out of history books because they need to be sanitized to be accepted by the masses. I'm not the culty one here. I live in a reality where people are not black and white caricatures of our own ideals.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 18:05:44

So... Do you think GameStop enters in to a partnership with FTX on a handshake? Or are there lawyers and accountants involved? What if the partnership required FTX to disclose matters of its financial dealings with GameStop? Because GS's interests were in making sure it's customer's got what they paid for? What if the disclosures were a good look inside GameStop's competition in the crypto/nft space? What if they were willing to pay for these disclosures by refunding all their customer's FTX gift cards? It seems you can only see RC as making an ignorant mistake or staying 1000 miles away from a shady company like FTX so you can call that "integrity." Not me. I'm willing to think of RC as being shrewd and "morally underhanded" when dealing with adversarial organizations, with the goal to protect GameStop, place it's new markets in a better position, and protect the value held by investors. We may never know which of us is more accurate, because the truth of all this may never be known. I just watched a documentary of how JFK was like this with a lot of the mafia that was around him. He acted like as expected of a president they could manipulate, until they realized he was actually a good guy and working against them. "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 17:50:36

So you are a paperhand. That's fine, you do you. Nobody can tell you when and for how much to sell, we are all individual investors. But just know that selling a few shares early for STCG hurts those apes with very few shares who want to get something out of this. I mean, not if it is just you who does it, but if EVERYONE did, it could really have an impact. That's why "paperhand" is the term for you, and everyone who sells before the peak.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 17:14:13

>But you do you: we are independent investors, and reasonable people sometimes reach different conclusions when looking at the same facts. The important thing is that we both remain willing to consider other points of view, and assess them critically. Thank you for a respectful and level headed response. To be honest though, it sounds like you are not willing to accept that RC may be willing to take a strategic loss. In business, a lot can be gained from taking risks that don't pan out. Even ones that do and meet fierce resistance. For example, my business is in the field of construction, and I design custom homes for my clients. I work closely with their builders to bring the project to completion within the budget. Recently I revised my business policies as well as my rates. It was necessary from many standpoints; legal, financial, business growth and planning. It rubbed a couple builders the wrong way, and I got to know really quick what they were made of. They tried to tell me I wasn't worth what I charge, and that I was gouging my clients. I saw this coming, yet I went forward with the changes. It likely has cost me in the short term, but will have great benefits in the long term. I bet some of those builders are looking at this saying that I'm going to run my business into the ground. Yet I know what industry standard rates are as well as standards of service. Here's a thought; In partnering with FTX, what kind of disclosure of financials were required? Did FTX have to disclose their balance sheets? You don't make deals like this without lawyers and accountants involved. Was there an opportunity to learn about their competition in the crypto world? Sounds like a calculated risk and a strategic loss to me.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 17:08:53

GameStop's partnership had nothing to do with tokenized shares, it was the sale of gift cards. If I am mistaken, please provide a real source to refute this. &#x200B; >he didn't even realise that FTX didn't hold the shares they collatoralised the tokens with Are you speaking of RC here? If so, or even regardless, how do you know this? If RC, he doesn't speak a peep that isn't some weird Twitter post that apes will extrapolate into 69,420 different interpretations. Also, please explain this: If for whatever reason he wanted to play 5D chess, how would knowing this have changed his mind? Do you think a chess master would be unwilling to sacrifice a pawn (cost of refunding customer's FTX cards) to gain a checkmate, or even just take out a queen, or even a rook? Look, I'm just as regarded as anyone here when it comes to stocks and financial markets, but I know business. I've been a business owner for 15 years. I am confident that I know what I'm talking about. You can disagree if you want. Go ahead and make some rational and nuanced arguments against my position if you can, including sources. But all you've written so far is more knee jerk than those who say RC is doing 5D chess. Are you actually looking at this with an open mind, or are you just predisposed to look at any news of a deal gone bad as a sign of failure on RC's part that knocks him down to your level for a bit? Hey, I could be wrong, but it takes more than "YoUr CoMmEnT sUx" to change my mind. You call my comment "rediculous" yet can't even spell the word. Or "collatoralised" for that matter. I know they are big words, and sometimes I struggle with them too, but when I want to be taken seriously, I take time to edit, spell check and proof read my posts and comments. So please, try harder. Seriously, I'm game. Bring a level headed argument and I'm willing to engage. We could both learn something. But leave out the personal attacks. I won't tolerate them again, and I'll refrain myself. But if you want to change my mind you have to work for it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 16:59:21

Decentralized... "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." Hey Citron, I think the word you are looking for is "unregulated."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 16:39:07

Well, he was responding to your claim that they are building a legitimate business. So he asks how they can do this while GME is being suppressed. A valid question, and I don't see how it devalues what they have achieved so far. The fact they are able to do it at all is a small miracle. Through some shrewd and clever planning, not to mention a loyal base of retail shareholders who support the price with constant buy pressure, they managed to raise almost $2b in cash through an ATM share offering that didn't hurt shareholders. But to u/CokeShack67's question, imagine if there was no fraud and manipulation, and they could just do another ATM offering and raise another $2b? Maybe they could have done what they've now accomplished in half the time? Also, lots of legit businesses engage in corporate espionage. The idea of GameStop having a secret team of investigators and hidden actors carrying out legal yet deceptive activities against their competitors and adversaries isn't all that far fetched. Business is ruthless, and only the ruthless survive.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 15:20:56

I don't think you can equate the general mistakes of fallible humans to the kinds of "mistakes" that the Chairman, Board, and Executive Team of a company like GameStop could make. Not to say they are infallible, but they are more disciplined than most of us by an order of magnitude. The general mistakes we often make as average humans are uninformed, seat of our pants decisions, or working with limited information because we don't have the resources to get our hands on information we really need. Also, we tend to look at the outcome of choices as "win" or "lose" scenarios. As a business owner myself though, I see choices a lot differently. They are not about making the right or wrong choices, they are all about calculated risk. You put together a plan of action, and you support that plan with as much data, intel, and reasoning as you can. Meanwhile, you pile up all of the unknowns, risks, dangers and potential losses surrounding that decision. Now you compare them both, and gauge your risk vs reward potential, and your expected ROI. If it looks like a good decision, you execute. That is why you are a CEO; the middle word is Executive, meaning someone who executes decisions. A chairman is also an executive position, but of the board of investors instead of the business operations. I highly, HIGHLY doubt Cohen and the board, along with Furlong and the executive team, went into that partnership blind around the risk of FTX's solvency. Hell, even the most crayon munching regards around here know that centralized brokers selling crypto is dumb x 10\^69,420. There was a risk they knew. There was also a benefit they wanted to achieve. RC, Furlong, and the board and executive team are not stupid. You don't turn a startup pet food chain into a billion dollar business by being stupid. Did RC make some educated and informed choices with Chewy that didn't pan out? You bet he likely did. Some more wrinkly Regards here were skeptical of FTX long before this recent fiasco. To assume that RC and team had no idea is rather insulting to a man of his position and abilities. Remember, the blockchain is transparent, and RC, through RC Ventures, likely has a team of accountants and lawyers looking into stuff like this. Because, you know, RC Ventures is heavily invested in GameStop and has a vested interest in uncovering all fraud and crime related to it's shares. And you BET YOUR ASS that GS Investor Relations always looks at things behind the scenes when a Crypto broker creates a tokenized stock of their company. I don't credit GameStop as being a company that doesn't pay attention to anything directly or indirectly related to their shares. History has proven that through subtle tweets, RC is years ahead of even the most wrinkled brains on this sub. I have no reason to believe that FTX going under caught them blindly. Did RC make clear intentions to the board and executive team that he wants this deal in order to uncover the fuckery, and is willing to pay out customers who bought the FTX gift cards? Most likely not. But it isn't hard to look around a board room table, knowing everyone is already on the same page, and suggest the partnership, propose contingency plans in case of unknowns, and know that almost everyone is on board and understands the angle he is going for. Hey, if GameStop has to fork over $1m to reimburse customers for their FTX cards, that is a cost of doing business. Businesses write off stuff like that all the time. And if secretly that $1m bought awareness from the shareholders and even Binance, causing the latter the most caution, and put FTX in an uncomfortable public spotlight before, during and after filing for bankruptcy, then really the GameStop board of investors is actually following their mandate by putting their investors first. In a roundabout way that will never be on the record. They took it on the chin publicly to follow a secret agenda of exposing crime and fraud. This is what heroes do.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 15:10:49

Paperhand. They will not hold a limit sell in place for phone numbers, as they have to tie up liquidity to maintain the order. Or you are just lying.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 14:16:02

Too bad for them that the blockchain is transparent, and anyone can know at any moment what they actually have.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 14:14:50

MOASS theory is based on the foundation that all shares sold must be delivered. Meaning if you own a share in street name with your broker, it HAS to be delivered. All DRS'd shares have been delivered. If we were to DRS EVERY OUTSTANDING SHARE, they are all delivered. Meaning that if all banks & brokers go under and positions held there are lost, THERE IS NO MOASS, FOR ANYONE. Because there are no longer open positions that need to be delivered. No demand to deliver shares = no MOASS. Is it possible a few "robbinghood" type brokers will go under and positions there be lost? Yes. Is it possible one major bank will go tits up like "lehman brothers" or "bear sterns?" Credit Sus I'm looking at you. But with shares held at hundreds of institutions around the world, how many would have to fail to seriously limit or prevent MOASS? And how many could fail before the entire financial system went into WORSE chaos than just MOASS? Like WORLD ENDING chaos? By your logic, MOASS is only for DRS'd shareholders, which I've already explained is illogical. MOASS is for EVERYONE who has invested their money with the rightful expectation they are a GME shareholder. DRS isn't to CAUSE MOASS or JOIN MOASS, it is to ACCELLERATE MOASS.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 14, 2022 10:56:38

This is like the 3 witches that have to share one eye. Except it is exchanges swapping collateral around to look strong when they are weak.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 13, 2022 23:44:14

I think the way I worded it sets it in the context of looking out for the best interests of their shareholders, which is their legal obligation, due to how the Split Dividend went down. IANAL NFA

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 13, 2022 23:38:46

RC negotiated the FTX deal to get apes attention/ire so we would be ready to see this all go down and be able to investigate and expose it. He was willing to have GameStop eat the costs of all those gift cards to make it happen, and KNEW FTX was dogshit wrapped in catshit. Change my mind.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 13, 2022 23:36:21

I just had a thought... Maybe RC has run this by his lawyers and will get the greenlight to issue the NFT "only to shares Directly Registered with our transfer agent, Computershare." The stated reason will be that "feedback from shareholders, including evidence submitted by them with regards to their broker's handling of the stock split dividend, leaves us with uncertainty that the NFT dividend will be distributed correctly through DTCC and brokers. It is our duty to our shareholders to take actions that are in their best interests, and we feel that issuing the NFT dividend only to shares Directly Registered with our transfer agent is the only way to accomplish this." IOW, the share split dividend was a test of the system RC knew would fail, and would give him all the evidence he needs to issue an NFT dividend under these criteria.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 13, 2022 13:30:56

I just had a thought... Maybe RC has run this by his lawyers and will get the greenlight to issue the NFT "only to shares Directly Registered with our transfer agent, Computershare." The stated reason will be that "feedback from shareholders, including evidence submitted by them with regards to their broker's handling of the stock split dividend, leaves us with uncertainty that the NFT dividend will be distributed correctly through DTCC and brokers. It is our duty to our shareholders to take actions that are in their best interests, and we feel that issuing the NFT dividend only to shares Directly Registered with our transfer agent is the only way to accomplish this."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 13, 2022 13:29:37

They basically take your money, say you have x bitcoin, and then use your money how they want, even to make bets against bitcoin or trade bitcoin in a way that makes them money but not you. It is predatory.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 12, 2022 22:47:51

The entire MOASS thesis depends on the fact that all short sellers are future buyers and that brokers losing your shares means the end of that broker. Go ahead an promote DRSing, but this is low level FUD.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 12, 2022 22:45:11

Makes me wonder what key search terms in this story are being front run ahead of a scandalous event that would have people searching such terms. Remember when he did an interview about Crime in Chicago when "Ken Griffen Crime" was trending? Key words I see here: Asian, woke, schools, children, crushing, ideology, punishment, compliment.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 12, 2022 16:23:31

This is like pausing your video game during a busy battle just after taking critical damage, so you can put down the controller, take a deep breath, walk around, and come up with a plan to escape almost certain failure.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 12, 2022 15:44:15

They're gonna want those back.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on November 11, 2022 22:28:11

Anyone with big money doesn't need to DRS because they deal with the big brokers and when they tell the big brokers to make sure their shares are locked in and not lent out, the big broker does what it is told. Or, if they want to lend their shares out, they make sure that they get a sizeable chunk of the interest payments. That is how things work when you have big money. It is us plebs who don't have that kind of control, because lets face it, even if you are paying a $7 commission for a trade through a self directed brokerage at a major bank, that's not gonna cover shit. They are taking your money so that they can put the shares on their books and then lend them out to short sellers. The real money they make when you buy shares is by lending them out. The petty commission is just the cherry on top.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 11, 2022 18:30:03

She died 2 years ago. I'd rather not kiss her ashes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 11, 2022 12:13:12

All they will end up regulating are the central exchanges that hold your crypto assets in custodial accounts. This is why traditional stock brokers are regulated, because they are custodians.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 11, 2022 00:38:10

I bet many a porno has been shot in that shower.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/mildlyinteresting on November 10, 2022 23:58:25

I've often imagined a bra constructed like a diaper; absorbent padding for the cups, and taped wings for the straps. Weird concept, but it would be interesting to see what it's like.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:55:51

I am an architect IRL, and I would love to design and build a house that was scaled up in size and would effectively scale down the average adult to the size of a small child. Get the furniture custom made too. And then I could put it on Airbnb as a novelty getaway to "revisit your childhood." There would be a separate bookings link on places like fetlife where you could book access to the ABDL room and supplies.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:51:30

I am an architect IRL, and I would love to design and build a house that was scaled up in size and would effectively scale down the average adult to the size of a small child. Get the furniture custom made too. And then I could put it on Airbnb as a novelty getaway "revisit your childhood." There would be a separate bookings link on places like fetlife where you could book access to the ABDL room and supplies.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:50:46

She probably felt more embarrassed thank you did.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:45:58

I really don't get the whole "pantsed" thing. Like, if someone did that to me I'd unfriend them IRL in a hot second. But somehow some people think its ok to do that to someone.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:45:01

I was at a client's house a few years ago to measure the space in order to design an addition. First thing I saw on the porch was a clear bag of used adult diapers. Inside there was a half empty package of diapers, and on the kitchen floor playing like a toddler was a mentally disabled man of probably 30+ years. Not my idea of an exciting encounter with diapers. I just went about what I needed to do.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:38:29

I had left my bedroom a mess and packages of diapers clearly visible, and forgotten that due to the landlord listing the place for sale, there was a showing that day. I was reminded when I found the realtor's business card on the kitchen table.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:35:19

Could also be her husband's or her mentally disabled child's.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:34:27

Ideally, if I was the type who was super social and loved to host social events at my home, the most readily accessible bathroom would be well stocked with everything; from baby diapers & pullups, bed protectors, feminine hygiene products, wipes, and a small supply of various sizes of medical adult diapers. Cause - you never know. They wouldn't be front and center, but if someone was in need and was looking around for a solution, they wouldn't be hard to find.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:33:19

I've had small leaks in public, but certain nobody noticed. One time though, I was sure my roommate had left town for the weekend to be with his GF as per usual. I had diapered up on Friday night, and Saturday morning I got up and went about my day in just a diaper and a shirt. At one point I was feeling still a bit sleepy so I went to my room and crawled back into bed. That's when I heard him get up and go to the bathroom. He is kind of a "bro dude" type, if you know what I mean. Wasn't the kind of person I would expect to be understanding. Would have gotten some extreme ribbing for sure.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:28:02

I find that taping these up really tight makes them prone to leaking. At a full flood, no diaper can just absorb it all instantly. It needs space to pool a bit while being soaked up. So having it on tight and jacked right up, bonus points if legs not spread, is gonna make it leak prone. Also the higher chance the standing leg guards are not so much standing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:24:06

Diapers are underwear, not swimwear. Some people claim there is no difference but there is. It comes down to cultural expectations of appropriate attire. While underwear and bathing suits cover the same stuff, they are made differently, and are visually discernable from each other. Cultural expectations dictate that we don't show our underwear in public. Even bathing suits are more likely to be considered inappropriate in even semi formal settings, but are fine at beaches, pools, parks, or just on the street on a nice spring/summer day. So back to diapers being underwear. There is no social acceptance I am aware of where an incontinent person older than a typical non potty trained child is just free to walk around in an exposed diaper. It also gets into the part where medical conditions are usually kept private, and someone who isn't trying to be discrete about their medical condition really sends off the wrong vibe. Exhibitionism. So just don't do it. At least when there is likely to be people around.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:20:25

Asking for a raise has taken a new twist!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:12:37

I would like this, but it happens spontaneously when my schedule and private secure location allow for it. Suddenly I've wet my pants and have to clean up and put on a diaper. So I'm not expecting it, but the spell knows I'm prepared and ready to get into it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:12:08

So you are in the gym changing room, just getting out of the shower and after you towel off and set it aside, across town your husband is in a boardroom giving a presentation to executives and snaps his finger to drive home a point. Suddenly you are wearing a diaper in front of all the other ladies in the dressing room.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:10:29

THIS is a great idea! And for those who aren't 24/7, an accompanying big boy/girl pair of underwear that breaks the spell.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:07:14

Just a box of diapers that never ran out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:06:31

As someone who used to have panic attacks at night, and didn't know what they were, I have to say you have a really understanding mom. I would come out of my room and tell my mom I felt sick, like I was going to throw up. She wouldn't believe me because I didn't have a fever. I assured her I didn't feel well, but she would suspect I was just trying to stay up late and watch TV with her. So she would let me lay on the couch but I'd have to have a blanket over my head. I'd have panic moments thinking I was gonna barf, but it was really just the panic attack spiking, probably a combination of having my head covered and having a non empathic mom. So if your mom is sensitive to your mental well being, you are in great shape!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:04:54

For me it is challenging because I work out 4 days a week, and having the time to wear in between just isn't practical when most diapers are barely used after 1 wetting. But I started buying goodnights style pullups and surprisingly I can get them over my fairly large quads and they can handle a full wetting with a rare leak. I wear an M4 over them, crawl into bed, and in the morning fill the pullup. If a bit leaks, it's ok the M4 has me covered. And it isn't so much that I don't want to put the same M4 on the next night. So I continue this until I just go with the M4 and use it in the morning.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 21:00:55

So many little details about diapers that I feel this way about. The way the padding forms around the legs and bum at the edge of the diaper, due to the elastic gathers crimping it together. I also like seeing from the side with the diaper not yet taped up and open on the side.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 10, 2022 20:49:54

This is the age old "now that we are dating, is it fair for me to ask him/her to stop smoking?" If that's a problem for you, why did you decide to date a smoker in the first place?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 10, 2022 20:46:17

Gay sex doesn't make you gay. Some straight men have gay sex just to experiment. They realize they are not into it at all and prefer women 100%. So if I thought about having oral sex with a man, it doesn't make me gay. By your logic, thinking about going to the moon would make me an astronaut.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 10, 2022 20:43:47

Opinions are subject to provable facts. Sexual orientation is a personal truth, meaning what I say about WHO I AM is a fact. For example, my favorite color is blue. That is an irrefutable fact. I am 100% straight, that is an irrefutable fact. You are 100% wrong, and you are not entitled to an opinion that I am bi any more than you are entitled to an opinion that gravity is a choice. Gravity is a force of nature, and so am I when someone claims they know better than me who I am.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 10, 2022 20:42:20

It's because I haven't joined the sub.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 10, 2022 20:34:57

>Don't worry, they have ~~-7.5B~~ *\~7.5b* in ~~revenue~~ *gains* realized and unrealized. FTFY \~ is not the same as - \~ is shorthand for "approximately." Also, gains and revenue are not the same. Revenue is funds received by the sale of merchandise or the receivables collected for services rendered. Gains are the value of your investments minus your cost basis.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 10, 2022 12:24:40

"They're holding the market hostage!!!" lol, by their logic we are actually propping up the market.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 9, 2022 23:47:41

Don't talk about your mom that way!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 9, 2022 12:52:22

This right here. Not all, but a lot of breakups, and likely all of these "friendzone" heartbreaks are due to inventing a reality that the other person knows nothing about and wouldn't be interested in if they did.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 9, 2022 00:57:19

This is what happens when you invest yourself emotionally beyond what the present relationship merits.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 9, 2022 00:55:31

Fall madly in love with a woman who see's me as the only man she could ever love with all her heart. Also, a 3 way with Megan Fox and OP's mom.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 9, 2022 00:54:06

Non sexual answer: My newborn child. Always wanted a family. PTSD and depression took my hopes and dreams away from me. It is hard to deal with the reality that I may never have the strength and capacity to take care of a family.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 9, 2022 00:53:01

I think you should try something like a MegaMax, LittleForBig or Rearz. They are a real diaper for real babies and can hold all the wetting that are likely to happen. Plus a lot of them have really cute baby prints that are just perfect for a baby like you!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on November 8, 2022 19:30:24

The blockchain is decentralized by it's very nature. It is a ZK Layer2 rollup on the Ethereum L1 chain. But to order and execute trades, you need a platform, which is the app that is a centrally developed tool. The server that runs the app can be attacked, but not your assets. They are protected through custodian recovery. The best example I could give is that shutting down reddit does not eliminate the existence of memes. They survive and if reddit comes back they will be there again. But they can be distributed on 4Chan, Facebook, myspace, instagram, and your mom's headboard. Memes are ideas that live in the minds of millions of people. DEX blockchains are very similar. It is just the platform to view them got shut down like a reddit blackout.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 8, 2022 19:28:00

Who told you that? Who has the right to tell you what you can do with your body? As long as you are with someone who is consenting, and they are close to you in age, and you are being safe, why is it anyone else's business? I'm not telling you that you can or that you should, I'm just saying that the only person who should be making those choices is YOU.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark2 on November 8, 2022 13:06:54

Well, you know, if the markets were free and fair, and GME was fairly valued based on fundamentals, GameStop could easily issue more shares for bullish investors to buy up and really pad their balance sheet. But knowing that doing so would only fuel SHF agenda and risk upsetting investors, they are kind of doing the best they can with what they have.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 8, 2022 13:05:34

Those aren't going to be enough, you need some real diapers soon!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on November 8, 2022 03:20:01

I could certainly use one a lot of days.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 8, 2022 03:19:13

Look, I don't want to say sex toys are inappropriate for a 15 year old, because they aren't. It is your body, nobody can tell you what to do with it. But asking adults on an adult reddit page to help you procure one is something you should not be doing. I didn't have the internet when I was 15 (27 years ago) I had to make do. But I do remember being that age and having older guys (like 50s) try to groom me. (If you don't know what that means, it is basically manipulate someone, usually underage, into a sexual act or relationship.) I really don't know any answers to give you, except to google "homemade fleshlight." But really, in all honesty, just know that the experience is going to be underwhelming. Sex is pleasurefull and meaningful when you can share it with someone you are intimate with. That will come in time. Seek that out as you grow and mature; with greater enthusiasm than you are right now currently seeking a sex toy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark2 on November 8, 2022 03:17:28

I wouldn't worry about porn. You are 17 and have a LOT of opportunities to meet girls your age and date or just mess around, whatever you are looking for. Trust me; putting yourself out there is gonna leave you with fond memories in your 30s and 40s. Finding a way to be comfortable watching porn, not so much.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 8, 2022 02:55:50

I suspect that much of crypto right now is dot-com 2.0 A lot of wealth is going to be wiped out when fly by night crypto exchanges and actual coins go under/are devalued. The dinosaurs like Bitcoin and Ethereum will survive, and any other well designed L2's like Loopring and IMX. But there is a reckoning on its way. I can feel it in my tatas.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 8, 2022 01:13:25

I was 100% while watching this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Bodysuit on November 7, 2022 21:31:02

I could use a cupcake right about now. Is it ok if I call you cupcake?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/FilthyButNotPorn on November 7, 2022 21:23:50

It is possible that she is in so much trauma that she represses the choices she makes to put herself in these positions. Very used to doing whatever it takes to survive. OP if you get this far, please go to therapy and put dating far out of your life for the time being.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 7, 2022 21:21:51

This exactly. When you place a boundary, it is your responsibility to hold it, not the other person. Because if the other person was able to hold your boundary it wouldn't be necessary in the first place.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 7, 2022 21:18:12

I'm really sorry for what you went through. That is really tough. I'm going to be honest with you; right now you need a therapist, not a boyfriend. My ex was in this state when I met her, and I wish I had recognized that, and that she had too. You are not doing anyone any favors by trying to date while you are in this state. My ex told me she didn't feel safe at my house, even though she came over. I will tell you that didn't make me feel very good. Putting aside this one specific guy; you are in no place right now to be able to treat a partner with the type of kindness and love that he needs. That isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility. As far as the guy you met; he has serious problems. If he can't feel safe alone in his own home and needs a vulnerable woman he just met to stay with him, then he needs 10x the therapy you need. The other, more likely explanation is that he is just a manipulative POS. Which brings this back to you. When you come out of an abusive situation, it is common to seek the same kind of connection with a new person. Again, this isn't your fault, but it is your responsibility. You are at a high risk right now of landing right back in the same situation you were just in, but with a new guy. Take care of yourself first.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 7, 2022 21:10:09

I think saying you were attacked for it is a little extreme. You were asked for a source and to not crop relevant info. In a world where facts matter, this is expected due diligence. Despite the flair, you are posting data that other people could take seriously.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 7, 2022 20:05:08

Hello there!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Nofans on November 7, 2022 11:58:56

If you want to appear credible, include more, not less, information and don't get snarky when someone asks for it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 7, 2022 11:53:28

>saying that's "turning off the buy button" is assuming noone could buy anywhere else Just because robbinghood and other "free to use" brokers turned off the buy button for GME doesn't mean nobody else could buy. Many self directed brokers at large banks did not prevent buying of GME. It is just that the major part of the FOMO was happening on these easy to use investing apps that got shut down, and the fringe that were buying through commissioned brokers weren't enough to sustain the run.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 6, 2022 12:41:43

Buying through a CEX is like going to your broker whose order goes to a dark pool. It doesn't impact price discovery. So by DDOSsing the LRC servers, they prevented retail from FOMO buying directly on the blockchain causing price discovery and an even stronger run up. I'm pretty confident that when you buy xxx LRC from Coinbase, they just mark you down with an IOW. Why? Because several months ago when Coinbase had a bad earnings report or some shit, a LOT of people pulled their LRC out of Coinbase. I was tracking in real time with etherscan as Coinbase's wallet was being drained while users transferred to their private wallets. Coinbase was running out of LRC tokens very often and was buying them from various other wallets to meet demand for transfers. Even if those other wallets belonged to Coinbase and just used to distribute or disguise their actual holdings, Coinbase is still able to manipulate customer orders to get it's cut. Lets say you buy 1,000 LRC on your CB account. The price is $0.25 per token. CB takes your $250 and credits you with 1,000 tokens. Then it sits on that order until the price is $0.23 per token, and takes a $20 spread. And it can sell those 1,000 tokens in small batches so as to mitigate the impact on price discovery. In reality, while CB has to buy your 1,000 tokens, it really could be buying xxx,xxx tokens for all it's clients. So it will take your money and strategically buy those tokens over time at prices lower than you paid. I'm sure they have experienced traders who do this part. 100,000 tokens at a $0.02 spread is $2,000, and I'm sure their daily volume of LRC trades is into the 8 digit range. Easy money for them, and they undermine your investment by manipulating price discovery. CEX crypto brokers are 100% a scam, including major banks who sell crypto. The ENTIRE POINT of crypto is that you don't need a bank; it is decentralized P2P. They just found a way to deceive and fleece the public over the idea of convenience of not having to set up your own wallet or learn anything about what you are investing. Sound familiar? \*cough\* \*cough\* Robbinghood \*cough\* \*cough\*

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 6, 2022 12:36:52

>Many men confuse boredom with hornyness and entertain a mild masturbation/porn addiction. This is the core of porn addiction. Not everyone who watches porn is an addict, but some people can't make that distinction.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 6, 2022 01:34:33

Watching porn doesn't mean you have a problem. Addiction is a thing, but just like any other addiction, it is based on replacing real life connections with your vice. If you are beating it now and then to porn just cause you're horny, it's like having a beer after work. If you are beating it 3x a day to porn because you can't relate to real people, you have a problem.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 6, 2022 01:30:22

[Or maybe someone could animate something over Derek's dialogue in this video.](

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 5, 2022 00:56:44

Can you maybe imagine the possibility that while he may be happy with the sex between you, that he still wants to have solo time? Lots of couples have their own toys and use them while in a relationship, sometimes together. Also, I'm very skeptical that even in the best relationship, both partners will 100% get all their needs met with the other person. This doesn't mean that one or the other partner isn't enough or isn't doing enough, it doesn't mean that one or both partners have to have an affair to get their needs met. You are not the only person your BF is sexually attracted to. He can't help it. Did you know that the shape of the penis evolved so that when a man penetrates a woman, the pumping action will actually draw out of the woman the semen from the last man she was with? Sloppy seconds is something our bodies are designed for. Monogamy is the standard in our culture. Anyone who decides to be non monogamous without the consent of their partner is cheating. But our species did not evolve that way, and it is in our genetic memory to have sex with as many people as possible. Our culture does not readily allow that desire to be met. But if he is faithful to you and fulfills you as you say, and is happy himself with your sex life, leave him alone to fantasize about stuff and use his toys. Or maybe get curious about it in a supportive way. This could lead to greater intimacy between you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 4, 2022 19:24:02

A coin mixed with licking the terminals of a 9V battery, without the electric shock.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 4, 2022 19:11:40

Just look at the genuine reactions of pre-teens when taught the basics of sex. If it wasn't for evolution giving us such a rush of endorphins and oxytocin, every sexual species would have died out millions of years ago.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 4, 2022 19:09:21

Like a wine connoisseur: "I detect notes of lilac and dark russian rye. Maybe a hint of early 1800's coin collection."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 4, 2022 19:06:43

Actually, yeah that taste like putting your tongue on a 9V battery, without the jolt of electricity.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 4, 2022 19:01:59

Just want to say I appreciate you being a vocal member of this community as a mental health professional.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 4, 2022 18:56:08

There are many things we can't control in life. We can't control how people treat us, and we can't control 100% of our private world. Things happen. The best way to find inner peace is to recognize what you can and can't control, and let go worrying about the latter. If people kink shame you, that is their choice. You can't stop them. But you can choose what to do next. Do you cower in your social circles and accept the labels and judgments, or do you decide you are worth better treatment, leave them in your dust and seek out more genuine friends? Most people are too absorbed in their own world and their own problems to go out of their way to meddle in yours. So anyone who does is a really toxic person and you are better off without them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 4, 2022 18:53:35

My brother in law found out about my kink, and his knee jerk reaction was to tell me I wasn't allowed around his children unsupervised, and that I needed therapy. It hurt like hell, but eventually the tables turned. His sister's deadbeat husband was a POS, and he and my sister actually left their kids in my solo care so they could drive 5 hours to rescue his sister and her daughters. The cops were involved and everything. There is suspicion that the POS deadbeat husband sexually molested his daughters. My kink was never brought up again, but I think that experience made my BIL re-assess who he should trust and why. I won't lie, it has permanently damaged our relationship and I will never be able to trust him past a certain point again, but he has never once shown any indication that he is judging me or treating me differently due to my kink. I didn't tell this story to scare you into thinking being caught is super horrible. Yes, it can go down that way, it can go down many ways. But being your true self will win out in the end. The people that matter don't kink shame, and they seek to understand before they judge.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 4, 2022 18:48:55

I just wanted to comment that having a lot of anxiety over this, self shaming, and going through binge/purge cycles, is more likely to cause social damage, than if you just accepted yourself, embraced the kink and practiced self love. When we are scared, ashamed, and self loathing, we tend to think and act in irrational ways. This can lead to slip ups in being discreet, and when caught can leave you feeling extra vulnerable, scared, defensive and withdrawn. This can make it harder to mitigate the aftermath of a potential "outing." The truth is that you will quite likely live with this kink the rest of your life. Do you want to do that going through cycle after cycle of binge/purge with all the shame and self hatred involved, or do you just want to accept it as a harmless indulgence that you can make space for without it taking over your life? Thinking towards a future partner, the difference between her accepting and rejecting you over this kink could very well land on whether you have yet accepted or rejected it in yourself.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on November 4, 2022 18:41:34

Do you still have a dildo or vibrator?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on November 4, 2022 18:34:45

Well, he does post videos of himself here "when the wife is out." So he might already be heading down that path.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 4, 2022 18:34:11

Holy shit... Yeah I think OP is half the problem here, at least.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 4, 2022 18:33:08

She is the one not respecting that you are a human with a sex drive and that it doesn't cater to her whims. You are not out sleeping with other women, you are just masturbating.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 4, 2022 18:31:22

There is a post on the loopringorg sub of a guy who sold his position a few days ago, with a $30k cost basis, for $5k. He realized a loss of $25k only to watch LRC rip today. That, my friends, is a paperhand.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 4, 2022 18:29:30

If you think orders on Binance hit the blockchain I have a bridge to sell you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/loopringorg on November 4, 2022 17:14:11

Maybe that was meant to imply that while RC is doing things more in the spotlight, being the chairman of GameStop, Warren Ichan has been doing things behind the scenes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 4, 2022 02:15:32

At least you are being modest by covering your nipples.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/girlsdoingstuffnaked on November 3, 2022 23:39:48

Attachment styles are deeply rooted in our early childhood, and can be impacted by things like trauma or neglect. While people here on reddit can offer some insights, you should really talk to a trained therapist if you feel that you have some issues with how you connect with people.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on November 3, 2022 23:38:38

>When a woman ~~who is not confident with her body~~ gets naked for you, she is putting more trust in you and you should recognize what a compliment it is that she is willing to do it for you. TRUE? FTFY

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 3, 2022 23:31:20

Right? Like, if all debt evaporated today, hell even if all money did, what is there to keep us from doing what we already do? Nothing. Money is a tool for accountability. It accounts for what we produce and consume. We use it as an assurance that our work will be rewarded. We would find a new system in short order to get back to business. And we already have a superior system.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 19:03:00

Had Taco Bell last night so I'm about ready to liquidate my shorts as we speak.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 19:00:38

No, I think he was actually hungry.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 18:50:26

It's not just you. The dialogue right after jacked to the tits sounds like his voice.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 18:29:21

The point of my comment is that if OP continues to behave like this, she may find herself in a situation where what she does gets her in a lot of trouble.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on November 3, 2022 12:32:42

18 is a very legal definition of an adult, and there are legal implications to being on either side of that age.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on November 3, 2022 12:31:49

ugh Investing isn't about being a believer or having faith. It is about doing research and making sound judgment. Yes there is risk involved, there are uncertainties, and we have to act on a belief that our model is reliable, but it is all calculated. You sound more like you are trying to convert him to a religion. You say they would prefer facts but talk about them not "believing." You said you are not smart enough to comprehend, let alone lay out why it is the play. And you are dealing with really smart people. Sounds like the first person you need to educate is yourself. You are not going to convince them unless you can learn these concepts and speak knowingly about them yourself. You are asking them to do a LOT of work and can't show that you've done the work yourself, so of COURSE they are going to think you are nuts.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 12:29:53

Yeah, right. Just like that guy. I was gonna say. But for everyone reading who isn't familiar with that story, can you give them the TL:DR? I don't think I would do it justice.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 3, 2022 12:23:46

An investment decision should really be based on a thesis. That's right, I'm using a big word for something they make you write in university to get your degree. A thesis isn't a knee jerk, TL:DR summary. It is hard work; lots of reading, research, and self educating.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 12:22:22

Investing large sums of money into one company isn't something anyone should do based on a TL:DR. (I did, but that's beside the point. Actually I only invested $80 in Feb '21 before reading all the DD.) Also, convincing other people to invest large sums of money into something you believe in isn't such a good idea either. Unless you are an investment professional giving solicited financial advice, that is risky business. I would do nothing more than to explain in your own words why YOU are invested, point them to the DD, and then it is up to them.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 3, 2022 12:19:24

You should know that generally speaking what you did could fall under indecent exposure or lewd acts laws. At the very least learn to be more discreet if you are going to continue with this behavior. Not caring if you get caught only works if you don't get caught, and generally you don't get caught by caring about getting caught. So have fun figuring that one out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on November 3, 2022 00:54:43

Especially considering it is high school. OP say's she is 18, but is the guy? Are the other students? I was 18 in my final year but most of my class was 17 up until near graduation, some after.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on November 3, 2022 00:52:10

They know that GME shorts/swaps whatever are toxic positions. That's because they know we are diamond handed. That's all I need to know.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 20:36:38

Sell your extra car. Sell your gaming rig. Heck, sell your wife. If you investments are the first thing you need to unload, you haven't been planning well at all (as you have admitted.)

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 20:25:10

Which is weird. "I'll be your boyfriend, because, you know, if you are offering me road head I already know you're a bit of a slut. But once you take it too far I'll draw the line and basically say 'you are lucky to be with me.' I don't really want to marry someone like you but I am willing to have some fun to a certain point and for a time. Now I have my out."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 2, 2022 20:09:36

The counterparty DOES NOT want the SHF to fail a margin call. This would blow up their interests as well. While a 75 bps hike would make things harder for you and me and the small hedge fund, a SHF that is a systemic risk to the entire system is probably gonna get some leeway.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 20:06:12

Agreed. He expresses judgment on her sexuality instead of communicating his comfort levels, preferences and boundaries. Red flag #1.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 2, 2022 18:16:02

"Wife material." He's making this about a judgment of her suitability for him, instead of expressing his own concerns, preferences, limits and boundaries. I see trouble in their relationship.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 2, 2022 18:14:55

Was leaving the beach one day, and this woman got up just as I was nearing their spot, and was talking to her female friend. As they talked, the woman kept walking back to be in my line of travel, even when I started angling off a bit. I almost had to put my hands out to avoid bumping into her, and I even called out my approach like one would if you were passing a pedestrian on a bike. The week before, the same two woman walked past my towel fairly close, and after a bit turned back and stopped in front of me, talking. The same one who I almost walked into the next week, had put on her bikini bottom before walking by. When talking to her friend, she squatted down to pet her dogs. I realized a few weeks after she was trying to get them to bite down on her bikini strings. I'm a clueless fucking idiot.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/OutdoorRecreation on November 2, 2022 17:42:00

Bury my face in my book because I think you are walking towards someone else. True story.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/OutdoorRecreation on November 2, 2022 17:37:13

When someone has an angry, offended response to being asked out by a gay man, It makes me wonder if they are so deep in the closet themselves ~~they are having adventures in Narnia~~ that any sort of pleasant response on their part threatens to dig up feelings they'd rather not feel.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 2, 2022 17:34:43

I'd be flattered for sure, and politely tell him so but that I'm straight. But also that I admire his courage in asking, and good luck in your search.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 2, 2022 17:31:42

"I'd say the same about your face but unlike you I don't say rude things to people."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on November 2, 2022 11:26:18

Did they stow it in the engine cowling?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on November 2, 2022 11:24:19

Same. Seeing it a lot today. The real SS

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 11:16:36

Please don't use SS for this sub. SS was a nazi organization.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 11:14:18

3 of my last 8 Amazon orders were FTD. Only one was able to get a refund. They were all inexpensive but still. Amazon is going to shit and investors know it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 2, 2022 10:58:12

Does a #1 come with foreplay or is it just the BJ?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 1, 2022 17:11:47

Easier to type than anestethse... anesthesiel... anasthestis... drug dealer.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 16:28:15

hahahaha! also, don't put your dick in that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 16:27:23

I mean, it is supposed to be places you can't rub one out, so....

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 16:26:40

Remember people; YOU do not require a properly functioning market system to sell your shares for phone number prices. THEY need a properly functioning system to BUY YOUR SHARES at phone number prices. The difference is about who is desperate here. We are zen. They have to buy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 1, 2022 16:19:48

Please tell me you've had to turn your head and cough before. I mean, I've had, over the course of my life, several doctors, male and female, cup my balls and tell me to turn my head and cough. I've had a doctor snap on the glove and the KY. I've been naked on a surgical table getting my hernia's repaired, in front of a doctor, drug dealer, and female nurses. I mean, I will grant that jerking it in a medical clinic isn't the most ideal place, but c'mon, you aren't the first to do this. Maybe bring some scented candles and Barry White.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 11:57:07

If you don't feel like your doctor's office has enough privacy to masturbate in, you may need to find a new clinic.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 11:53:23

The staff is not sitting outside the door giggling to each other while you whip your meat sausage. They are busy doing medical clinic things like any normal medical clinic. A good clinic will have you do this in a washroom, and they have a little slot for placing the sample in when you are done. On the other side of the wall is the lab, and the tech will retrieve it without even seeing your face. YMMV

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 11:52:02

By Incumbents I think he means wall street dinosaurs.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on November 1, 2022 11:45:17

"I want to feel your throbbing cock inside me!"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on November 1, 2022 01:47:57

Sell orders that are an order of magnitude above the bid/ask spread always get cancelled. When you enter a limit order, you are asking the brokerage to do something like staking the value of your order until it is filled or cancelled. Meaning that they have to tie up capital. They aren't going to do that when according to their models your order isn't likely to be filled. It would be like you putting a deposit down to rent the Boston Gardens for your birthday party, expecting 20,000 guests to show up and pay a cover fee. The venue isn't gonna take the deposit or reserve the booking because they know you aren't going to pack the house and you wont be able to pay them. What they lose is the opportunity to then book that night for the Nickelback tour.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 31, 2022 19:53:07

It makes me horny knowing you want me to watch you masturbate.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/jilling on October 30, 2022 14:16:25

OP is about to learn a hard lesson that I unfortunately learned, and lead to years of heartache and self doubt. If he keeps hoping for something she will eventually get tired of his persistence and say something mean to drive him away. And he will be too open and vulnerable to not be hurt by it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 30, 2022 14:12:33

She's in the grocery store for the free samples, not to buy groceries.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 30, 2022 14:10:47

You deserve better. She is stringing you along for her ego and you are going to get hurt, if your emotions haven't taken you past that line already. Chalk this up to a learning experience and don't let women like this play with your heart again. And do yourself a favor; end things with her on your terms, because if you wait for it to be on her terms it will hurt more.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 30, 2022 14:09:06

"If a girl lays down naked on my bed, spreads here legs and says she wants me inside her, it a sign that she's interested in me?"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 30, 2022 14:02:40

If I'm ever not sure I just check this sub.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 29, 2022 20:03:06

My personal choice is to not bother people with advances when they are working. If you would like the opportunity to date people that come to your bar, you may have to make an obvious move. The likelihood that someone who tries is someone you want to date is probably pretty low, where the likelihood that someone who respects that you are being pleasant because it is your job and doesn't want to read into it, is pretty high. And that demonstrates the kind of traits in a partner you may be looking for.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 29, 2022 19:22:05

I would guess that a lot of people assume I'm taken or look unapproachable. I have a bit of a resting biatch body language thing; I command myself to be pleasant and positive when interacting with people, but if I'm out in public on my own I might not be the most inviting of persons. And I am attractive and fit, so I wouldn't doubt some people expect I am taken. But I am not. I rarely get approached. I don't blame women, I have personal work to do. I have been around women who seem to be interested, but I tend to get anxious and can even have a panic attack as a result. It's getting better over time but I'm still not having an easy time with it. Just remember, that just because someone doesn't approach you, it isn't necessarily about you, it is about them too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 29, 2022 19:17:51

For myself, the only expectation I have of a partner is that they accept that I am this way and let me be to indulge and explore this, while I hold the expectation of myself that I still dedicate enough time to the relationship and making her feel special. Anything more than that is a bonus; it would be nice if she was willing to participate, but if she isn't I can manage without. Having someone special in my life is about way more things than just my ABDL kink, and I'm not gonna upset that balance by trying to get her to do something she isn't comfortable with.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 29, 2022 19:13:29

I watch lesbian porn, so technically I like gay porn.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on October 29, 2022 19:09:04

Any price that will induce enough apes to paperhand is too high for them to afford to pay.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 29, 2022 19:08:33

He should take up comedy when he retired from politics. Wait...

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on October 29, 2022 16:06:08

Tryna think of something more useless to do.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/programming on October 29, 2022 12:11:03

This isn't the burger you're looking for.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 28, 2022 20:36:14

There's a reason you call him a boy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Upskirt on October 28, 2022 04:35:11

That post script is hella sus.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 28, 2022 02:42:34

2nd photo is in the dictionary definition of adorable.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/GirlsInDiapers on October 28, 2022 01:04:01

Hard to tell, since you never showed it on the floor. But you look amazing with or without it!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RealGirls on October 28, 2022 00:56:00

I think this article is 8 months old.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on October 27, 2022 17:32:37

Could I just not have read this? I wasn't ready to have my heart broken today.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ukraine on October 27, 2022 17:21:00

Exactly. How many of them went to Ukraine voluntarily?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 17:19:50

PR Stunt to show he's humble and repentant and willing to own a mistake Any real remorse is that he is likely balls deep in Meta Any real apology is to his overlords who expected him to bolster Meta's perceived value so there wouldn't be a mass sell off that threatened their margins

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 17:12:39

TIL not to wipe side to side.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 16:58:50

>I am trying to understand it, but a one word answer like this **feels like an inside joke that I'm not a part of** rather than an actual effort to explain something. **It's condescending and unpleasant** and **doesn't deserve a response steeped in manners.** A lot of your own interpretations going into your reaction here. You should be mindful of that, because it colors your view of the world. Also, a simple google search of "contagion financial" brings the following link: [\_contagion#:\~:text=Financial%20contagion%20refers%20to%20%22the,spreads%2C%20and%20capital%20flows%22](,spreads%2C%20and%20capital%20flows%22). Nobody said we were here to spoon feed you. The constant theme here is "do your own research, your own due diligence." If you can't take a single word fed to you and run a google search, but instead have to complain that we are all out to condescend you, then the problem is you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 12:56:44

The Arecibo collapse is a good visualization of this concept. One cable was showing signs of impending failure, and when it finally let go, it caused a massive scar on the telescope. Other cables shifted to take on the added load, but it was too much, and eventually the entire thing collapsed. This is what our economy looks like right now.\_channel=PracticalEngineering

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 12:35:16

[\_channel=PracticalEngineering]( Think of each bank as one of the cables holding up the telescope, except the telescope is the world financial markets. Credit Suisse is showing signs of failing. We have a problem.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 12:31:22

Throw me a bone here, do you know what the tool is called? I can't find it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on October 27, 2022 11:45:50

No worries my friend. Stay frosty!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 27, 2022 11:43:22

I don't think you realize that I am agreeing with you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 27, 2022 02:30:17

I haven't seen this mentioned yet, but they are also mocking Computershare, a publicly traded company and one of the biggest transfer agents, representing some of the biggest companies around the world.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 27, 2022 02:29:05

If it's the 2nd date, yes. If you've been together for a year or more and he just had a rough day, no. Anything in between, YMMV.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 23:55:18

"DoWnVoTeS jUsT mEaN eVeRyOnE iS jEaLoUs!!!" Side note, we need a feature to just convert a string of text to alternating caps.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on October 26, 2022 23:52:59

>Do not operate the toaster near a water source or open body of water. "Anybody nervous about making toast on the side of your bathtub?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 23:50:32

Yeah, do it on your phone in the toilet. Boss makes a dollar I make a dime. That's why I jerk it on company time.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 23:49:05

Nope. Browsing Reddit is always a masturbation session.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 23:43:34

Well that's just, like, the perfect thing then!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/PetiteGoneWild on October 26, 2022 23:42:47

Hi New Here, I'm CoitalFury17.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SFWNextDoorGirls on October 26, 2022 23:40:55

Stimulus checks. Because we are all from the US.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 26, 2022 23:38:44

By last do you mean hold back from cumming or giving out to fatigue? I mean, if you can do 10 minutes worth of squats on my dick, I'll do my best to just lie there and not cum. But if I'm gonna be doing even half the work, I'm going to want to change positions a few time just to have a break. I'm fit and muscular, but still sex gets tiring if you are going hard without stopping. Oh, and I might be dripping in sweat.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 19:43:40

At 10-15 minutes straight hammer thrusts, it isn't just about self control, but also stamina.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on October 26, 2022 19:41:46

I'm sorry, I was too busy running the business I started in my late 20's (over a decade ago) to keep track of this development. What did I miss? I'm just a DRS'd ape like the rest here, if Fudelity has something to say to me they need to book an appointment. My rate is $150 per hour.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 26, 2022 18:04:16

>Margot Robie She has to do that accent from Wolf of Wall Street though or I'm just going with Claire Danes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 19:11:28

Same, and even I get a semi watching him.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 19:09:53

And you could be an old man and she'd still fuck your brains out.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 19:08:52

I read it as "Padme Amedala" and was about to say you couldn't have a fictional character.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 19:08:22

You mean I would have to narrow down the list of celebrities I could have sex with? Colin Mochrie. Bald men are sexy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 19:07:18

No, I'm not. I'm asking for clarity and understanding. If a girl is gonna turn that into a fight, chances are I never got past the first date with her anyway. If in your experience this turns into a fight, maybe you need to date more mature women.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 16:46:23

I demand that you delete this post.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 16:45:21

Wake me up when several trading halts and +155% on the day.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 12:31:04

When you are a big player like RC Ventures, you can get an account with a big broker who will do whatever you want them to do with your shares. I guarantee you they are not fucking around with his shares like they do to retail. And if they did, RC has a team of lawyers to take care of that. Seriously, why would anyone think billionaires are treated the same as retail when they buy shares? Retail brokers are set up SPECIFICALLY to fuck with retail; to earn money off their shares while undermining their position.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 12:28:50

Not to mention there are backroom deals to keep institutions playing the game for as long as possible.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 12:25:57

Retail holds in retail brokerages, like robbinghood. Robbinghood lends out the shares and makes money. Institutions don't get treated like retail, I guarantee it. They hold their shares directly, thus having the power to lend and earn the interest. It is highly likely that the DTCC ledger has the shares marked specifically to the institution, which is why the bloomberg data, which the []( numbers are drawn from, shows how many shares these institutions hold. Sure, the go to a broker to purchase the shares, and pay commissions for it, but they hold the shares in their name at the DTCC.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 12:24:56

I don't think institutions need to DRS their shares. They don't trade on Webull or Robbinghood. They trade direct with no intermediaries, and likely have shares at the DTCC marked with their name. So as far as they are concerned they control those shares. So if they want to stop lending them out and stop making fees, well, they could but why? For the same reason, I'm not sure even RC holds his shares in CS. RC Ventures would likely have access to a broker who locks down his shares. Notice on []( that insiders are counted separately from DRS. We DRS because retail brokers fuck around with our shares; lending them, not even receiving them in the first place, etc.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 25, 2022 12:20:27

I think it is more mature and adult to just have a conversation about it. Ask her what her reasoning is for it, try to understand her. And then express yourself in a way that seeks her understanding. Just communicate. No games, no strategy, no guesswork. Talk.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 25, 2022 11:52:30

One morning I woke up feeling not too hot but got up anyway. I was going to take a shower buy my heart was racing so I went back to bed. I laid there for about 5 minutes and then suddenly just started retching. I rolled over in a panic and vomited all over the floor. So yeah, that was pretty gross.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 25, 2022 01:25:03

She gave two years to the guy, probably helped him a lot to transition to a new life of some measure of dependence and limitations. That is noble in and of itself, and hopefully he was grateful and understanding of her need to move on. I'm reminded of my friend who fell in love with a man, and he was diagnosed with terminal cancer shortly after. He proposed and they got married. He died 2 years later. He was lucky/fortunate/grateful she was in love with him, and had a beautiful, caring, loving person by his side to the bitter end when the doctor gave the injection that stopped his heart. I get emotional writing this. She is heartbroken, and says she will never fall in love again. So for her it was bittersweet. His love was something she desperately needed after a really dark time in her life. But she wanted it forever. She wanted them to have a family. Now she only has a memory. Tragedies are the real test of friendships. When I went into the depths of depression, crickets. Even from family. I had to work through it all alone. Part is that I had moved just prior, so was more difficult to connect, but people who said they were my friends made almost zero effort to keep in touch after I moved.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 17:01:20

I made no claims to what I said being true, it was clearly stated as speculation. You seem to have a problem either with reading comprehension or black and white thinking that you project onto other people.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:53:44

If everyone instead focused on what they liked, the world would be like 25% better overnight.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:51:37

Many of us were the frog slowly boiled in the monetization of the internet. We started out when it was a place corporate media laughed at, and we had our space and our fun and were left to ourselves. Slowly ads and marketing and data collection creeped in, and none of us noticed that the internet fundamentally changed. Some of us did, even subconsciously, but we were already engaged, habituated. Now it can seem very hard to pull away and find some meaningful life that isn't connected to everyone else 24/7.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:50:00

But at night it can make it harder to see the road, as your eyes will adjust.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:47:04

Exactly. Anyone coming here expecting a civil discussion should be grateful when they find one, and unfazed when they don't.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:45:55

"We live to survive our paradoxes." Gord Downie

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:43:22

It's like if they city's bad infrastructure cases sewage to back up into your basement. Not your fault, but IS your problem. Hopefully you have insurance.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:31:25

blarbua floggusa blim sporkerite good luck with that

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:14:30

Right, because only the brand new girlfriend is obligated to take care of someone whose life just got turned upside down from being paralyzed. /s I don't blame her for moving on eventually. It is draining her life away into isolation. It happened super early in the relationship. I can understand not wanting to bail right away, but if they weren't super in love already and the love remained despite the accident, she needs to move on. Hopefully he had family he could depend on or was able to manage enough on his own.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:13:18

>Beauty ~~matters~~ manifests in how people treat people. I would say it this way but I think we both have the same idea.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:08:27

I'm 42. fuk that 42. wen does life start again?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:07:50

It isn't fair, but there are simply no other options. Even the most repentant abuser cannot undo the damage. They might be able to offer some support, but the damage is deeply wired into the victims behavioral patterns and has to be trained away.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:06:32

Yup, survivor here too. "I'll be happy when..." the abuse is over. It is never over, at least to a traumatized brain. Any little thing can put you right back in that state, and then it is hours, days, weeks, months, years feeling like you are just surviving. Until I got therapy I had no hope of finding happiness.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:02:14

Make something to look forward to. Anything you can, anything that is within your power. As long as it builds you up and makes you feel a little less sad, do it. Learning to find happiness in any way is an important skill and will grow more powerful over time. Right now it might just be cooking a nice meal for yourself even though you live alone and have no one to share it with. Ribs, corn, mash potatoes made from scratch instead of pizza pockets. Eventually it will lead to bigger and better things, where one day you might land the job that you really want and be able to afford a mortgage on a modest home. All the while gaining the confidence to approach and date the kind of women you are interested in. It starts with ribs, corn and mashed potatoes. Take care of the little things, cause they matter too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 16:00:36

I'm too busy cringing over the awkward thing I did last week to be bothered with that 'incident' in grade 4.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:57:07

My mom used to pack juice for my lunch in these 80's tupperware cups, with a not so tight fitting lid. She'd compensate by putting saran wrap over the cup before placing the lid. Well, one day the seal didn't work, and I had apple juice dripping from my bag down the back of my pants as I walked to school. I could feel myself getting wet and thought it was dew from the tall grass in the field I usually walked through. But then I realized it wasn't. I dug out the cup and it was empty. Nobody believed me that it was apple juice.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:56:10

I remember leaving class in 2nd grade to use the bathroom. I walked past the doorway of another class to the sound of riotous laughter, and then a girl ran out crying, holding a diaper. She tossed it in a bin and ran into the bathroom. Best I could figure is she was a bedwetter, and had finally had a dry night and decided that for show and tell she would proudly show off her dry diaper to the class. Didn't go like she expected apparently. Wonder how the parents didn't nip that one in the bud. Yes, 35 years later I still remember it, and probably half those in her class. For my part, I didn't know her name at the time and have no idea today who she is. If you are reading this and it was you, I felt your pain in that moment. But now I hope it is something you can just laugh off.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:52:52

When they do think of you, often it is THEIR version of you.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:48:57

This, and it also makes a lot of choices much more incredibly difficult. Like recently my landlord told me he was going to evict me and move his daughter in to my place. He did give me 6 months notice, and he is legally allowed to do this. I looked through my legal options and there were none apparent to me. Now, he has to serve me with official paperwork on government forms to properly evict me, which has to be done 2 months before move out on the 1st. He also has to credit me one month's rent, and I can move out any time after notice is served without penalty. He sent me an email 10 days before that notice deadline, saying this was official notice. Well, it wouldn't stand up because it wasn't served on an official form with all the information required. I had 2 choices; ignore the email as if I hadn't received it, then he couldn't evict me because he didn't follow procedure. It could be ugly with the landlord since he had acted in good faith up to the point of serving me properly, but I could simply refuse to move out and he'd have no leg to stand on. He would have to serve me again, and that would buy me 2 months, getting me past the holiday season. Second choice was to just be up front with him, which is what I chose. I told him that I could not accept his email as official notice and I would need to be served on official forms. Now there are some benefits here such as not antagonizing a good landlord with a good reference, but I chose this out of personal integrity. Yeah, I would have a solid legal case, but I certainly would not be returning any sort of consideration his way after he gave me essentially 3x the notice he legally had to. I chose a conscience I can live with.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:46:27

I wish my ex had understood this. She was my first, I was her 2nd, but first since high school some 20 years prior. Both of us SA survivors having lived much of our adulthood in isolation and fear. Both on our own journey to healing. But to her I was the one. To me, the relationship had potential that got choked to death by her expectations.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:39:10

Even though I've found my life to be incredibly unfair, I have more recently chosen to treat others fairly and with kindness and civility to the best I can. Why do I want to make someone else's life miserable just because I am? And you know what? It actually helps you be less miserable when people enjoy your company.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:36:30

"That's not a weakness Data, that's just life."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:33:17

You create the reality you live in. Is everyone around you a total jerk? You made choices that brought you to this place. Maybe YOU are the jerk and they are just reacting to you. You don't like how someone is behaving towards you? Well, you might be half that equation. You don't know people, you only know your version of them, and vice versa. We all tend to put up strawmen in place of the people we know, treating them as OUR version of who they are. Right and wrong are simply our lazy minds trying to categorize other people and their choices instead of trying to truly understand our impact on the world around us. We all like to act like complete objective observers who are a stable foundation upon which we observe and judge all those around us. But the truth is that we are being tossed too and fro on the stormy seas of life just as much as they are. We may be able to deny to ourselves how much the wind and waves toss our boat around, but to others it is crystal clear when we are floundering.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:31:20

All you really need is to find enough people that do like you. Assuming you are doing your best to be a likeable person. If not, you got some personal work to be doing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:25:39

Venomous snakes can kill humans, bears can maul them, mercury and lead are toxic, a fall from a great height is fatal, and we drown in water. That's how nature works. Nature is neither good or evil, it just is. If there is something naturally occurring that is causing harm, we have the option of choosing to change our environment so we can experience less harm. That is also a natural thing to do: Prey flee a predator, animals avoid their own feces or walking off of cliffs, and stay out of water if they can't swim.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:24:12

I'm not sure if you are right or not, but I don't think it matters. An old lie is still a lie, while a newly revealed truth will outshine it for eternity.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:19:29

An old lie is still a lie, while a newly revealed truth will outshine it for eternity.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:18:53

That doesn't invalidate the latter saying, which might have origins independent of the older one or was adopted as a better alternative. So while not being the original saying, "the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" might have eventually been shortened to "blood is thicker than water," for ease of use. Those connected to the longer saying at the time would understand, but eventually the twisted meaning could come back into play.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:17:53

This is a very acute observation. It took me years of NC with the donors to understand this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:13:44

And sometimes family will hurt or neglect you because they have more to lose if they do the right thing. This happens to a lot of child SA survivors where nobody was willing to accept that uncle creepo was a pedo or that grampa touchy feely was a child molester. It's easier and safer to ignore the child's protests and obvious discomfort around these people than to challenge a family member or to open up a criminal investigation if something is discovered.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 24, 2022 15:10:28

Part of the problem is that dividends, AFAIK, need to be equal to all shareholders, thus the unique part would be a challenge. Say GS issues a series of NFT's that are all unique, and a variety of them see high demand from the market while many others are worth pennies. Can you see how shareholders might not appreciate a sort of dividend lottery? That's why I think a game works. It may have market value, but it also has high utility. And the demand for the early release would put the market value over the top really quickly. I don't know if it is perfect, it is just the best I can come up with.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 23, 2022 23:25:51

like I said, I would never do it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 23, 2022 22:52:04

I think what could really take this to the next level is if the NFT had an actual use that people want. Maybe it is a pre-release of a game that could be in high demand. Even a normal NFT, the DTCC/Brokers could try to give people cash equivalent to the NTF's value on market. But if the shareholder wants the game instead, well, they want the game. And if millions of non share holders want a pre-release, they have to buy it on the open market, just like the DTCC/Brokers/SHF who have to deliver it to shareholders.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 23, 2022 22:51:10

I was sexually abused when I was 2.5 years old and definitely have memories of it. The biggest thing I've learned about recovery is to take your time. Recovery is a lifetime journey and it does get easier, but don't pressure yourself to heal all in one day. Also, none of this is your fault. You didn't do anything wrong and the fault for this is entirely on your abuser. You are doing the right thing for yourself by going to therapy. I hope you can find some support outside of that too, which is important.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on October 23, 2022 00:52:27

Put your phone down and go live your life. 20 years later after you've met someone new, fallen in love and are married with a kid, one night you will realize your crush never responded to your text.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:54:43

"Your tenants insurance will be an extra $350." I mean the rest were basically on the same level of arousal, that's just the first that came to mind.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:50:49

I want to have sex with a married woman. To fuck her knowing her husband is on a business trip. Hell I don't even want her to remove her ring. I'd never do it because in reality that's pretty fucked up. And no, an open relationship doesn't work. She has to be cheating on gim.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:42:12

Burying/disposing of the bodies is horrible work.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:33:43

Did y I'll unjust copy this comment from your DVD screensaver?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:30:48

I feel like I'm in the wrong room.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:27:02

My wife developed Parkinson's after our 3rd child. So it's fair to say that her MILF shakes brings all the boys to the yard.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:25:23

Tinder profiles wanting purebloods only would be reasonable.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:19:15

I'd go make some friends. I feel like it would be easier.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:14:11

16 years. Raised conservative Christian and have childhood sexual trauma that causes panic attacks around women. Had sex the first time at 32. Am 42 now, have had sex maybe 15 times.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 01:10:11

When she quits her job at the place where you are a manager, and days to come visit her at her new job, it means she is into you and doesn't want your position as her boss to interfere. Go for it!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 22, 2022 00:55:34

Foley guy spent about a minute slapping his palms together with interlaced fingers to get that scene done.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/softcorenights on October 21, 2022 00:55:24

Have fun cleaning all of that out of the engineering console.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/RedditAfterDark on October 21, 2022 00:52:53

Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/facepalm on October 20, 2022 19:30:42

Reading the negative reviews, now I want to go to that bar.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/mildlyinteresting on October 20, 2022 19:26:44

I guess we bbn learned who isn't a big boy.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 19, 2022 16:19:44

Cold dating ... yeah that's a hard no for me too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 19, 2022 00:04:20

I don't think I made my meaning clear, and apoligise. When I say text to get tot the point of meeting, I mean that we text and ask things and learn things but at a certain point a decision should be made to want to meet or not. I didn't mean that we shouldn't go through a vetting process. Sorry for the confusion.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 23:57:53

I can see a lot of problems here that I am trying by best to explain in words but am failing at. All I can say is that an overt discussion to arrange a session feels ... pointless. A subtle language, code, passive signaling that has very clear meaning, all agreed upon separate from an actual pending session seems necessary. Part of me feels that maybe you need to be ready for it. Some of the stories I've read is that the woman just sends a text with one ver bemigh word. It means that she is open to play. He then cam begin the session at a time of his choosing. In this case both of them seem to need the surprise of it. Maybe that's what he needs, and maybe you don't. I'm not sure how that works though if you are expecting it at 7pm sharp. I can't wrap my head around that. But maybe there are levels of CNC and some need it a bit "safer" than others. As far as your partner, he really wasn't in tune with you. As much as I may have been frustrated in the moment, at worst I'm getting mixed signals and would check in. Then build better understandings. He crossed that line. But maybe the next partner you explore this with, you might check in if your specific needs are compatible. I hope that makes sense. It is just my perspective and if you get nothing from it that's fine.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 23:51:44

And half of those "other side" stories could be just as full of shit as half the stories here.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on October 18, 2022 23:07:58

I feel like this would shatter my world. I hope you are doing ok.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on October 18, 2022 23:01:28

You said a lot of things that really hurt, and it hurt more that when I told you, you didn't acknowledge it and apologize. This is why I became distant and cold. And then you were all hurt that I was distant and cold and accused me of having anger issues, and that was like a knife in the back. You said you didn't understand why I broke up with you, yet you threatened to break up with me if I didn't fix all this. That you are counseling psychologist scares me and I think you need years of therapy for your own issues.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskMen on October 18, 2022 22:56:33

Well that fixed the problem, right? Nope. Instead of refusing to work, now they CAN'T work. Maybe just give them what they want?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/antiwork on October 18, 2022 22:32:12

I've actually never participated in ANY kink play, but have done a lot of reading about it and just used my years of experience negotiating boundaries with people. When you learn the fundamentals, it is really not difficult to hash out a set of boundaries for a new situation. CNC is different than BDSM, which differs from vanilla. And sex/kink acts are different from business negotiations and client contracts. But the heart of the matter is that these are agreements between humans with needs. Understand the needs and the boundaries reveal themselves.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 21:09:38

I really got the insecure vibes off my ex. Can you help me understand what that pressure is like and where it usually comes from? There really isn't a male equivalent to makeup. Yes, we see a guy with a chiseled figure and then look in the mirror and feel insecure, but we aren't tempted by anything to cover our faces.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 21:06:14

As soon as I smell it on her breath, everything disappears back inside my body.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 21:03:16

That is great when you know your friends/family are gonna stick around and it will all pretty much even out in the end so you don't worry. When I pay for our meals on the first date, and she says she will make it up next date, and that turns into buying me one beer, then ghosting me, well, not so fun.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 21:02:11

I would include that in "to get to the point of meeting." I left it kind of vague I guess. As an ex christian I swipe left on anyone who is christian/religious and most who say "spiritual." I know what it is all about, and not looking to be anywhere near that again. YMMV, but in case you don't know, most conservative christians value being partnered with a fellow believer. "Missionary dating" is a term we used to use on fellow believers who dated non christians under the guise of "trying to convert them." It is more likely they just wanted to date whoever they liked and used that as a cover. "Missionary dating" was heavily frowned upon by church leaders. Again, YMMV, as some people are christian by tradition only, and keep their values to themselves. I also stuck to very conservative christian circles so have limited experience with more liberal christians. I also know of couples where one was christian and one wasn't, and they made it work.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 21:00:34

"Sometimes you can make no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, that is life." Captain Jean Luc Picard

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:44:02

Guy here. I don't understand why people don't text just to get to the point of meeting. Like, for me it is a quick burst of back and forth get to know you and what your day is like, and from then it's "do you want to meet sometime?" And then we make a date, and the texting just ends. Lets learn more about each other face to face.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:42:54

And then you went for round 2? I don't understand. Up to this point you have no idea your partner has mental health issues, and so he rapes you and then blames the issues? Look, he is 100% responsible for his actions, and I find them inexcusable. But there are some things you could do differently next time you have a partner who wants to explore CNC with you. Safe words are VITAL.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:39:51

In your ideal world, how do you want a CNC session to begin? I'm genuinely curious, because all of the dialogue that you had fits right into what your role would be in a CNC scene. What form of communication outside of a CNC scene was specifically created and understood as a use to communicate/initiate a CNC session?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:36:51

My idea of CNC safe words/communication is that the "victim" would have something specific to signal she is down to play. A specific hairdo, or something more concrete like a specific book left open to a specific page. Unless this condition is met, no CNC sessions may be initiated. If the condition is met, he can find her and initiate the session according to pre-determined boundaries (such as amount of physical force, slapping, level of restraint.) She still has the safe word to shut it down any time. And a "tap out" as well. If covering her mouth is permitted, she needs to always have a hand free "to tap" out. (think MMA) She needs to show him how she will do this, and he needs to recognize it as the end of the session.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:34:14

Was looking for this comment. She says that her boundary is "before anything is initiated, normal rules of consent apply." Well, CNC is about "non consent," so how do you initiate CNC play by asking? "Honey, can I rape you?" "Not tonight." "That's the spirit" or "Honey, can I rape you?" "Yes, please do." "Buzzkill." You need a safe word, so if the partner wants to initiate, they do a thing that is known by both as the first step. It would be a fairly benign step but very specific, gives partner a chance to say "banana." IOW, signal state of consent while giving chance for a spontaneous session. Or she can have a specific item she wears, like an earring or watch, that signals she is down to play. He comes home, sees a red bandana hanging from the stair railing. He knows. He is free to initiate a CNC session. He knows the safe word, and reminds himself what it is. He finds her, he begins, she says "no please don't" and he knows she is playing her part. Something changes and she says "banana," session over. Time to talk.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:27:10

I'm a bit confused why safe words weren't part of this at all.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:18:05

I think you are way past making boundaries clear, and it is time to get the hell away from there and protect yourself. I'm also curious why you didn't assign a safe word? First of all, I'm pretty sure if you did, this guy would have raped you anyway, so not having a safe word is no excuse for his part. Though it might have helped clarify for you that he is respecting your no. When you say "***banana!!!***" and he blows past that, then it is clear that he doesn't just think a normal "no" is your part of the scene. A safe word can be tested in vanilla sex, and and a caring partner will stop and check in. I hope you can get to a safe, secure place and leave this all behind you. I would also like you to find justice, for what it's worth.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:17:02

It is like going to a car dealership and not being sure the dealer is interested in selling you a car, and not wanting to let him know you want to buy a car in case he isn't interested in selling you a car. Because the last dealer you let him know you wanted to buy a car told you "sorry, I'm not interested." So you kind of just hang around the lot, looking at these vehicles from a respectful distance, and the dealer looks in your direction, then turns way, then turns and walks in your general direction, smiles and says hi as he passes, and leaves you alone. Now you are thinking he wants to sell you a car, but maybe he was just being friendly? Then someone walks up to him confidently and says "You got some nice cars here. Are you looking to sell any of them?" And he says, "well you look like someone I want to sell a car to. Do you have something specific in mind?" And they walk off together looking at cars, and now you feel like there is no way the dealer wants to sell you a car because he is now selling someone else a car. As you are leaving, someone else comes in rather obnoxiously and shows him a picture of their car and says "I want to sell you my car and I know you really want to buy it." The dealer responds with disgust and tells him to get lost, he is not interested. Besides, he is already busy selling someone else a car.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 20:09:30

Who pays the bill? This is my preference: Coffee dates: It’s easier to have one bill. It’s cheap. Whoever initiates the date can pay, or we can “fight” over it. Moderately priced menu for a meal date: Lets split that every time. This is the cost of getting to know each other, and shows we each are willing to pay our way in life. High priced menu/drinks for a meal date: I’ll always pay the full thing if I set up the date. This means you are special to me and I want you to feel special. We’ll see how the night ends but there is no pressure.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:53:02

Last few dates I was on, the woman didn't seem super ready to split the bill. Partly was due to not being clear up front, which is what I aim to change. Not being clear about this leads to tension, and then I just end up paying. Except the last time, it was a 2nd date, and I was kind of anxious about it. I actually thought she was going to pick up the bill and just said "separate bills." I don't think that sent the right message.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:43:21

It might be good to sit down with a therapist and just talk about this stuff. You might be simply dragging energy from one relationship into another, not having had the chance to debrief and find closure. Or you might have some stuff to work on, and they can point that out to you. I don't think you should give up dating unless you see a major red flag that you need to work on. Otherwise just strive to be genuine with yourself and others, and if that means some openness with a partner, after things get serious, about some of your weaknesses, that is doable with the right person. It is still your job to fix, but if you are already committed to working on it, there shouldn't be a problem.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:40:14

Every time this happens I fail to recognize the opportunity and do something to turn her off before she can even ask for numbers. It's a defense mechanism built in from childhood SA. Fuck though I hate it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:35:16

To me too. People have pregnant sex. I wonder why we see that differently? I know I feel it is ok.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 18, 2022 19:32:51

My rule of thumb, as someone who isn't out there looking for hookups, is that if I don't want to make the effort, I either swipe left or come back tomorrow and see how I'm feeling. It is a numbers game sometimes, yes, but I'm only looking for one. And if I can't be assed to look at her profile and say something about it in my intro, what's the point?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:12:41

I don't find any of that reassuring on this end of the internet. I would still say trust your gut. I'm curious, what is it about him that makes you want to give him a chance? Is there something that makes you swoon or go week at the knees? Does being around him make you feel great in other ways? This whole kink thing you shared is in kinda a context vacuum, so maybe you can tell us more of his character.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:09:05

IMO makeup should showcase what you have. Make it pop more. Sometimes you do that by covering up less flattering parts, but as long as you are still showing off what is unique to you, that's fine. But masking your face to make a blank canvas to draw on the most copied looks just makes me swipe left. I never saw my ex's natural face. Also never saw her naked for that matter. Everything was lights off and under the sheets.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:06:01

"You" seems more respectful honestly. It is a full pronoun. "u" is a letter in the alphabet and shows you are too lazy to type two more letters first to acknowledge someone's personhood.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 19:01:43

>(I’m a woman and I don’t get the fake eyelashes!) This and with all other fakeness... give me a chance to be attracted to who you are, not who you want me to see.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 18:59:43

Most faces I see on dating apps are the exact same. Heavy makeup, crazy trimmed brows, and those little girl faces. No natural complexion or features. No uniqueness. I know for women wearing makeup can have some meaning. But please, it feels more natural interacting with someone who shows their real face. A lot of nonverbal communication comes from the face and the eyes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 18:58:31

Attractive: A smile that she couldn't help. Damn. Unattractive: Smoking.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 18:56:28

Love summer dresses. I'm genderfluid so I like to wear them too!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 18:55:17

I just wanted to inject a thought, as someone with a very private kink who shares it with nobody but my therapist and potentially a partner when the time is right. I FEAR BEING JUDGED BY WHAT I AM IN TO. This is my NSFW account and you can look at my history to see what I am into. ABDL. Wearing diapers, doing sort of babyish things. I would never, ever blurt that out on the first few dates. If the conversation steered towards kinks, I would still test the waters. If she was into BDSM, I'd be happy to hear it, and it might give me confidence to bring in my kink slowly. I STILL WOULD NOT BLURT IT OUT PROUDLY! This guy is unstable, and isn't connected to his own needs for privacy, trust, safety, and care. So how can he then be connected to yours? He isn't. This is how nature says "DO NOT TOUCH!"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:30:39

Go with your gut. He heard BDSM as a chance to blurt out what was on his mind like it was a stick of dynamite in a dam. And then he tries walking it back, which tells me his delivery was out of place and your reaction was appropriate. You being upset isn't a problem, and he needs to grow up. He is trying to gaslight you here. If someone is upset with you the first think you need to do is ask why, and understand their feelings and what they needed in the moment. If he is using your COMPLETELY RATIONAL reaction and feelings as leverage against you, run now.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:24:23

It is possible she has been gaslighting him and he is really unsure of himself.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:18:38

I really want OP to discover what real love feels like, because I doubt he ever felt that with this girl. Infatuation? Lust? Desire? Happiness? To varying extents, sure. Love is to see and accept each other for who you really are, and to support and encourage each other to be your genuine self. I would bet my inheritance that he never experienced that with her. Safe bet though, I'm probably written out of the will at this point. But I'd make that bet regardless.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:17:26

I think this person is bringing in a lot of their own trauma and shit into this. I find their comments completely baseless.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:13:58

Yeah, well I bet if he stays with her much longer he is going to be super cautious about talking to ANY women, or about **physically moving away from her** in any way without a justifiable reason. This chain of events could be the first time she exhibited overt abusive behavior. We can all speculate all day, but if you want to say you are certain because you read some texts on another sub, then I think you have too much of yourself invested in finding the truth here. A personal anecdote: My ex got upset if I moved away from her in the bed. She wanted me to spoon her all night. Well, our shared body heat made it WAY too hot for me to sleep. I am also more comfortable sleeping on my right side, and she was to my left. So after cuddling for a good while, and **making some space and rolling over,** she told me if I wanted her to leave just say so. She wasn't overtly abusive, but she expressed herself in manipulative ways like that. I rolled back over and told her I didn't want her to leave, why did she think that? She told me because I moved away and turned my back. I gently explained that I'm too warm to sleep if we cuddle all night, and I am used to sleeping on my right side. I offered to switch to the other side of the bed, so that I would be facing her when I sleep, but she insisted on being close to the window. I said ok, "I'm going to sleep my way, but I do want you to stay and feel welcome. Is there something else I could do?" She said she didn't know. So I said ok, let me know if you do, and went to sleep my way. She acknowledged my explanations, but never really accepted them. I won't set myself on fire to keep others warm. I offered to help, but she has to do her part to compromise and find something I can do to help her that also works for me. She was always quick to assume some minor thing I did meant I didn't love her. This was a benign thing, but some things were reactions to things she did or didn't do. One example is when I apologized for a mistake I made that was hard for her. I also talked about something she said earlier that really hurt and I was acting on that hurt when I made the mistake. I owned complete responsibility for my mistake, but also wanted her to know how I felt about the things she said. She forgave me for my mistake and changed the topic. Then 15 minutes later told me if I want to break up with her just say so. Why was she thinking that? Probably because she noticed me closing off to her after she chose not to acknowledge my hurt and the harsh things she said to me. I took responsibility for my mistake but she was unwilling to address hers, so now we are distant. She think's it is me but it is clearly her. >OP knows that being attacked with a fork and having his dog attacked is abuse. Doesn't need anyone to tell him he just wants the online validation. I challenge you to go on r/askwomen and use that line about a woman who is in an abusive relationship. If anyone is polite enough to explain it to you before you are permabanned, they will say that abuse victims have been gaslit so much that it is hard for them to make decisions for themselves, and OF COURSE they need validation. They need someone outside to recognize what they suspect but are having self doubts about. They need to borrow the reasoning capacity of someone outside the relationship who is a healthy and sound mind.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 17:12:15

If she wanted to cuddle she could have moved closer to him. The fact that HE moved to get HER what SHE wanted tells me that he is NOT manipulating her.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 16:53:32

Or before he wakes up to her cutting off his penis or carving her name in his back with a kitchen knife.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 16:52:15

Reading your comment, part of me wants to think that the lady at the bar wasn't flirting, she was checking in to see if he was ok. 100% this behavior did not start after the lady approached them, and she might have seen some red flags already. OP comes across as lacking in confidence, so could have put out that energy. This is 10,000% wild speculation of course.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 16:51:33

This post is like a soviet parade with all the red flags.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 16:49:14

>I told her that she the girl was drunk and it wasn’t a big deal and then she swiped at me with her car keys until she nicked me. That's it, you're done. Relationship is over. Make your getaway plan and don't look back. Look, I know maybe it was a very minor flesh wound, but when do you draw the line? It was the INTENT, not the result. Next are you gonna wait until she is throwing kitchen items at you? You do not deserve to be abused, and she has no excuses for that, drunk or no.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/dating on October 18, 2022 16:44:37

[He certainly would be.]( And there are good reasons for the regulations in real life too. In a training exercise, the hard deck is meant to represent the ground. You do not fly under the hard deck, because that is you crashing across the terrain. Cheating this rule creates a precedence of reckless flying and decision making. The military is about discipline and relying on your training to keep you calm, alert and focused in a tense situation.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 18, 2022 16:37:34

It looks to me like he is wearing a gorilla suit under his shirt. That may be defining his chest and causing the shirt to be so messed up on his abs.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 18, 2022 16:33:40

You don't think knowingly breaking regulations to perform a dangerous and prohibited maneuver should have any consequences, especially when it directly leads to the death of a pilot? The colvert starburst was banned because the last time it was attempted all 5 pilots died. Wes and the other 3 were lucky. Do you not know death when you see it?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 18, 2022 13:04:35

"You are a coward, Ulkar. You are unwilling to shoulder the burden of unpleasant feelings..." One of my top 10 episodes. Really calls out narcissism for what it really is.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 18, 2022 12:58:09

I love the aboriginal tradition that land does not belong to us, we belong to the land. Can this be our new story? Can we heal this land and get back to being human?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 17, 2022 12:11:22

You are demanding that another person have preferences when they stated they don't. You are dictating to someone else what their personal truth should be. That is extremely rude. Then you justify it by stating that he didn't answer the question OP posed. Again, get a life.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 17, 2022 00:03:14

And nobody asked you to come here and be Mr. Pedantic, but here we are. Get a life man.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 16, 2022 23:32:53

lol ok I guess u/irish-guy-2021 gets to dictate other people's personal truth.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 16, 2022 23:29:04

You are just in time for the kool-aid ceremo.. Er... I mean welcome! Let me get you a pair of Nike shoes.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 16, 2022 11:50:28

For the sake of humanity, my anus is ready and I have a leather strap to bite down on.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 16, 2022 11:39:48

I love that you can be topless in Austin.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/casualnudity on October 16, 2022 02:28:38

I think you need to take more responsibility for your feelings and investigate why you don't like this behavior. Is he just straight up ignoring you sexually and you feel justifiably jealous, or does he rock your world in the bedroom but you are just insecure that he might think someone else is hotter than you? If it is the former, then you need to communicate your needs and confront him about his lack of passion for you. It could lead to better intimacy, it could lead to the end of the relationship. If it is the latter, you might want to evaluate why your level of trust is out of alignment with his contribution to the relationship. It could lead to self discovery and learning better ways to develop trust. Of course these are simplistic extremes and real life is usually more complex. But putting aside your hurt feelings as the motive to do things, including blaming him for your hurt feelings, and actually investigating the relationship dynamic, you might be able to find a better way forward, instead of making the situation potentially way worse.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on October 16, 2022 02:12:01

Which means he does too. So you two need to communicate to come to a mutual compromise you can both live with, instead of getting back at him like this.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on October 16, 2022 02:04:52

What she is doing IS equal to him. He is browsing NSFW subreddits, same as we are. And lo, we are chatting and interacting with women. Interacting is cheating. Passively watching isn't. So please convince me he isn't chatting with women on reddit subs. So you have judged her appearance as being not so much worthy of his attention so he is entitled to his porn and reddit subs where he can watch and interact with 10s. That is a pretty cheap shot. I will agree though that she has stooped to his level. That isn't too mature of her, but it doesn't justify tearing her appearances down like that.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/SluttyConfessions on October 16, 2022 02:03:24

Glad you highlighted the \[f\] in girlfriend or I would have been confused on her gender. /s

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/gonewildstories on October 16, 2022 01:45:27

Maybe he has no preference and is interested in what SHE prefers.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 16, 2022 01:44:02

and it is perfectly OK to have no preference. Which is what OP shared. No reason to hate on someone else's preference (whether specific or a preference for no preference.)

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 16, 2022 01:43:06

Even for lewd act, they need to give tangible, specific reasons why it was lewd. IIRC, lewd acts are usually something like making sexual gestures or sexually stimulating oneself over or under clothing. You can't just charge the guy and say "he just made me feel uncomfortable." So yeah, he might get a loitering ticket. Or maybe some sort of misdemeanor mischief charge, but none of that puts him on a list.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 21:46:10

I mean, there is context to a lot of the examples you gave, as well as the one I gave. In my example he was at a kid's playground. Also there is a measure of public tolerance for certain things like spiked collars and such. But you wouldn't wear that into a court room, or funeral. But a pride parade... you see stuff like that. People expect that. And if someone was presenting a bit BDSM or ABDL at a pride event I don't think it would be too far out of context. I just don't think society is ready for grown adults in diapers and regressive clothing in general public. Will we ever be? How often do you see someone in full BDSM gear in broad daylight on main street? I don't think it is unhealthy for society to have acceptable standards of dress in public spaces. It is respectful to all people that you don't go around presenting something that is unnecessary, attention grabbing and discomforting/deviant. People have to process stuff like that, and not everyone wants to. The response is fear, judgment, etc. It taxes their energy. LGBTQ+ is about peoples gender and sexuality, and these are things that all people are open and obvious about. But LGBTQ+ people for the most part don't live every day as a feature in a pride parade. They are just open about who they are. You ask what about wearing a cookie monster shirt? Ok, someone else for similar reasons may want to wear full medieval armor including a battle ready sword. Do we tolerate that as a society? What about furries? A lot of it does come down to "read the room," and when in doubt, I assume the room is vanilla.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 21:43:26

Oh I'm fine with it. I'll send you a PM and it should explain why I don't want these things on the board.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 21:15:53

So the downvotes confirm that it is unpopular.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 21:14:06

No, just being in an adult mind more or less.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 20:24:23

Just wanted to add another thing that I'm working on as a more forward thinking objective: I'm used to living life in my head where it is safe. Even around other people I have this other world going on and rarely interact. When people try to interact with me I feel like they are intruding on a conversation and feel annoyed, but really they have no clue about my inner world. I want to build up skills that allow me to switch out of my inner world quickly and adapt to an external interaction/connection without too much difficulty. I also want to interact in a way that I don't feel like it is costing me anything or that I am expecting to gain anything significant from it.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 19:43:18

What you wrote sounds very much like an earlier stage of my journey, so I want to offer you a few insights I have gained over the years. But first I will say that yes, it really sucks to be where you are and there are never easy answers, so I don't want to present any of this as simple fix solutions. These are things that I've implemented over time to create small changes that add up to some massive changes. I'm just going to fire these things off in the order they come to me, so take that as you will. * I had to choose to be a pleasant person to everyone no matter how little I cared or how miserable I felt. I chose this because I wanted people to be pleasant with me in return. The energy we send to other people is most likely to be the energy they return to us. * I had to choose to laugh at myself and not take everything seriously. I used to get madly irritated at the smallest things and look to blame someone else. Now I roll with the punches and use these moments to laugh and make others laugh. You gain a reputation of being this easy going, funny person and it creates relationships. Here's an example: * In my effort to become more pleasant, I began eating at restaurants and practicing it with servers. I became a regular at one place and have gotten to know most of the serving staff. One day I spilled a bit of coffee on the table, the server saw it and I said something like "I've got a drinking problem." Mutual laughs. * Later after she pours what would be my last cup and walks away, I reach for the little pitcher of cream (smaller than a shot glass) and fat finger fumble it, spilling most of its contents over the table. I have just enough for my last cup, and toss my napkins on the mess which begins to drip on the other seat. I flagged my server as soon as possible. * "I told you I have a drinking problem. You guys are gonna start giving me sippy cups if I'm not more careful." Mutual laughs. She says something in response, about how I must not want any more coffee. I said, "well yea, I was done with it so I figured I'd just pour the creamer all over the table." We both laugh. * Next time I'm in, she's like "you're back!" I say "Of course! Last time I had such fun pouring creamer over the table I thought I'd come for another!" Mutual laughs. * Then yesterday, she clears my plate and I had left my stir spoon on it, so I flag her for a replacement. "Oh I took it away, didn't I?" I replied "well, I forgot to set it aside." She responded "it was a team effort then!" Both chuckled. * She comes back with a spoon, I reach out to take it, she decides to place it right in my mug but accidentally ends up splashing coffee everywhere. "Hey! That's my job!" More laughs. * So you see how being lighthearted and fun and easy on yourself and others really builds report with people. It takes some time but is worth it. * Right now I am trying to learn the art of small talk and how it creates engagements that can build to more connections. I'm trying to focus on being a bit more charming and creative. * I have learned to compartmentalize all my trauma and stress. Spending too much time thinking about that stuff will create a feedback loop and a downward spiral. * I've learned to take care of myself first and to love myself first. This shows people how I like to be treated, and distances me from those who won't treat me well. * Depression can be death by 1,000 cuts. Dressing one cut isn't going to fix the entire problem, but making a habit of dressing cuts regularly makes healing less of a chore. Some of the cuts are self inflicted due to poor self care. Do your best to stay on top of: * Housecleaning, laundry, hygiene * Keeping fit, healthy, active and eating healthy foods * Make these changes gradually over time. Don't commit to goals that will frustrate you * Time management; you need YOU time. Say NO to other things, people, when you don't have the time to commit. * Say NO in a way that expresses other commitments and doesn't just come across as refusal. "I have set aside tonight for personal time, which is very important to me. Can we try another time?" If they push back (i.e. so I'm not important to you?) respond with "My commitments to myself are at least as important as my commitments to other people, if not more. Maybe give me more advanced notice next time and I could be more flexible with my commitments." * Do your therapy with your therapist, not with your friends/family/coworkers. You wouldn't go to your brother for a biopsy on a questionable lump on your body, so why would you dump all your stuff on him looking for help? Even if you have to pay (no benefits at work), it is worth your time to seek a qualified professional. If you do already, that's great. But don't go back to your brother/mother/friend with the same approach as to your therapist. Do talk to them if they care to know, let them know how you are doing, where you are struggling, how therapy is helping, etc. But don't leave them feeling like you expect them to fix it, and if they try to, assure them that it isn't necessary and you don't want to burden them with solving things. Just assure them that a listening, empathic, validating ear is helpful enough. * The mind is a powerful thing, and what we focus on can shape the "world" around us. By world, I mean our connections with ourselves and other people. Our minds don't have the power to bend the physical laws or even go against human nature; as in, we might want to think that treating people like shit will make them like us, but it never will. Also, I'm saying "shape our world," not guarantee that you will marry your crush. * Our subconscious drives our thoughts, feelings, actions and patterns. We choose things before we are aware of our choices, but we can guide how we respond to things. * The subconscious mind does not deal in negatives, as in "I don't want to be around toxic people." When you think that thought consciously, your subconscious mind only hears "I ~~don't~~ want to be around toxic people," and then makes choices that fulfill that wish. * You might as well spend your day trying not to think about elephants. It is a futility. Instead, think about giraffes. Giraffes are taller than elephants and can see more of the world around them. * So what kind of people DO you want to be around? "I want to be around healthy, thoughtful, kind, sincere, genuine people." Ok, tell yourself that. If you are also working on being that yourself, it will be a good match and your subconscious mind will make the choices to get you there. * Fear is the greatest enemy for the reasons I show here. If you are afraid of something, you are basically telling your subconscious mind that the thing you fear is real, and your subconscious mind will find ways to manifest that which you fear. * Our society is full of things like social media that are designed to [trigger our sympathetic nervous system](, to keep us engaged so they can sell ads or content. Recognize how immersed you are in this and disconnect from things that make you triggered. Our sympathetic nervous system evolved for dealing with immediate short term threats, not pervasive, vague, ominous and elusive fears. Being in the SNS state for long periods of time is toxic to your body and mind. * It is OK to put away the diapers for a while if they bring you no joy. This isn't about binge/purge cycle, it is about recognizing that something just isn't fulfilling you right now, putting it to rest, and giving it a try later when you feel more engaged with it. That's all I got for now, take what you like and leave the rest. Everyone is on their own journey and there is no exact roadmap for everyone. I hope you are able to find a way through this and to a better place.

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It depends on my mood and how much wetting I'll be doing. A droopy diaper sometimes feels the right amount of babyish, and certainly can help when flooding as the urine has more free space to go before being soaked up. But not too loose the leak guards don't seal against your skin. Sometimes a tight diaper is what I want. I love megamax done up tight and pulled up high on my waist. Feels really babyish when that waistband covers my bellybutton. But if it's too tight I tend to leak more readily than if it's somewhat loose.

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It is neither right or wrong; it comes down to the comfort levels and consent of everyone involved.

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There are just as many, if not more, vanilla cam models who are in it for the same reason.

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I've done it 3, maybe 4 times in 12 years. I may do it again, but the stars have to align for me to feel right about it.

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>Honestly I haven’t had very many sense it. That still sounds like too many have sensed it. More than zero is too many.

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Messing in public - I draw the line when the smell begins to bother other people. Babies mess in public, but a parent will change them right away; first for the baby's health and also for the smell. If you are fine sitting in your own shit for hours, give er. But nobody should have to endure the offensive smell so that you can get your kicks. That crosses the line of requiring consent to participate in an expression of a fetish.

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I think there isn't enough "adult" in available AB content. I want to see adults playing like babies, but being adults. Talking and laughing like adults, relishing and reveling in the deviancy of what they are doing. Being genuinely shy, embarrassed, intrigued, playful and flirty.

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I do NOT want to indulge in this kink with anyone who is NOT an intimate partner.

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I bought some Superstore brand goodnites and wore them under a MM. Flooded it twice and not a drop hit the MM. Flooded it more, some leaked, but the dam thing held up like a champ!

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I've worn to bed sometimes just because I'm feeling stressed and it calms me, or I've been waking up the last few days to pee and I just want to lie in bed, pee my diaper, and go back to sleep. I honestly think that Diapers have a utility value for situations that anyone could benefit from if the stigma was removed. Sick in bed and getting up to pee is a real hassle? Diaper. Travelling and anxious about bathroom stops or using the airline/train bathroom? Diaper. (At your discretion, not that of those inconvenienced by your bathroom breaks.) At a music fest and don't want to line up for the disgusting porta potties? Diaper. You are a massive squirter and are tired of soaking the bedsheets? Diaper, or even just a mattress pad. Have diarrhea and anxious about not making it? Diaper Taking a 3 hour university exam with no bathroom breaks, a weak bladder and a dry mouth? Diaper It is just a thing that serves a purpose. Originally designed for incontinence of the young, old and infirmed. Used by NASA Astronauts. Imagine if we had stigma around bandaging a wound, and people just let non critical wounds bleed openly until they scabbed over? Imagine if there was a fetish around bandaids and medical dressings (there probably is either way) and people felt shame for buying that stuff and not being a doctor or nurse? Imagine if airlines didn't offer vomit bags, and people were ashamed to use them. (I'll steer away from vomit bag fetishes, thank you.) Diapers are useful, and useful things are cool.

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I remember seeing a documentary video on YT where they followed escorts and agencies. One dude calls up an agency and asks if he can hire a girl to change his diaper, and what that would cost. The lady tells him how much, basically the standard hourly rate, and he is like "oh really? I don't want to pay that much," in a way that sounded like he was going to barter for the rate. "You don't want to pay that much, for a lady to come by and change your diapers for you?" "No, I'm sorry." "I'm sorry too, goodbye." *click*

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 18:24:29

People don't wear regular underwear as an expression of a fetish, at least that I've heard of. An ABDL person wearing a diaper is expressing their fetish. So is someone wearing a butt plug. But if you keep it under wraps and refrain from overt sexual or fetish behavior then there is no harm. But dressing like that guy in another comment; hanging around a park in a onesie and diaper with children present, is disturbing. The implications are disturbing. He is regressing as part of his kink lifestyle, and seeking to find a way to engage as this regressed person among real kids. Or even adults who are not giving consent. ABDL or other kinks are just that, kinks. They are not sexual or gender identities that are impossible to hide in our outward lives; as this reflects on who we love or how we present our ADULT outward image. Kinks are private matters that require consent of all involved.

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Yes for the list and to be banned a certain radius from parks and schools. I think the criminal charges would be a hard sell for me. What would the charges be? Lewd acts? Indecent exposure? I also shudder to think of the media's spin on it and the impact it would have on our community. But if there are charges that fit, make em stick. We will deal with the fallout.

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I want an ABDL diaper with the capacity of an M4, which isn't a lot these days but they are cheap and I wear them when I don't want to be in one for a full day.

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Somewhat related to your depends; I bought some generic goodnights style pullups to try as maybe a booster. They had leg cuffs and full standing leak guards. I grabbed a pack of M/L instead of L/XL, but they actually stretched over my hips without tearing. The waist has fabric like texture over plastic, so that helped. I wore it like that under a Megamax, and expected on the first wetting it would spill over into the MMX. I emptied my bladder like 3 times and still had no sense that the pullup was leaking. So I took of the MMX and yup it was dry. The pullup was about 1.5" thick and soaked it all up like a champ! My god they really don't want the kids wetting the bed.

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For some context; My aunt and uncle were very controlling, dominating people, deeply religious, and later I learned incredibly abusive. My own parents were of a somewhat lighter shade of that gray. Even much less on the abuse, but it was still there in some serious measure. The short story is that we all walked on eggshells around his mom, and to a good part his dad. When he brought me the diaper he shut the bedroom door and we were talking in whispers. Apparently his mom got suspicious and called my dad. Later when I'm home, my dad asks me if he and I were frotting. I ask what that means and he kind of stammered, and said it was when two boys showed their penises to compare size. I said we did nothing of the sort. But as an adult and knowing what frotting is... well there is a much bigger story that unfolded. So that is the short story of why I didn't dare to do anything risky at their place. If you want the long story, I can PM you but I won't share it here because there are some very sensitive things I won't risk disclosing on a public forum.

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The thrill of the possibility might be enough for them, or safer than actually having a hookup. I qualify "safer" as a different thing than how a woman will consider safety around sex, and willingly concede that women fear being raped, beaten, kidnapped, murdered. So while men don't fear that from the woman, we do or can fear other things: * Sabotaged condom leading to unwanted pregnancy or STD * The family courts are brutal to men when it comes to child support/custody * A clingy person that gets emotionally attached and stalks/harasses you * A false accusation of rape or sexual assault * A scam where there is one or more guys there to rob you or worse All of these are fears of mine, but that last one is legit the biggest fear for me. I think it comes from the misleading idea that very few women are into hookups, so if someone wants to, there is something shady going on and I'll get there, close the front door behind me, and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a bathtub full of ice. I don't know if this is a more widespread fear men have about hookups in particular or meeting women in general, but I do. I think part of it comes from a time I was renting a room from a lady after being homeless for almost a week. She was toxic and a terrible mother to her 3 year old, and I was done. I had found a new place and was packing my car when she wasn't home. Well, she came home unexpected and confronted me. I wasn't planning to give notice, and there were like 3 days left on the month and I paid no DD. She was furious, and demanded I leave that night. I not only couldn't (I didn't have my new place yet,) but she couldn't legally do that. And I told her as much. She then said that if I don't leave, she will call some people to come over and make me leave. I asked her who she would have come over and she refused to tell me. I took that as a threat and go the police involved. After getting through the "this is a civil matter" response to my story and to the part where she made the threat, the police agreed to call her and find out what was going on. The police made her agree to leave me alone until the end of the month, and to not bring anyone by. I bet she got a healthy dose of reality when the police called her and said that I took it as a threat. But that instilled a bit of fear in me that although a woman herself isn't much of a threat to me, she can have connections to people who can be. At the time I wasn't very confident or fit, and I was terrified of confrontations with people who were at least equally matched to me. Today is different, I deadlift my bodyweight and hold and orange belt. But I still have that fear when meeting up with a woman.

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I pooped my pants in the middle of church for some reason. I couldn't have been older than 3. My mom took me to the ladies washroom to clean me up. She had me on the change table and was wiping me down then washing my underwear in the toilet. At one point she opened a cabinet and took out a diaper. She contemplated putting it on me but then decided not to. I was very disappointed. She sat me in the car on a plastic bag, and by the time we got home it and my bottom was covered in shit again. I bet she regretted not using the diaper. I also remember a time before that when my mom discovered that I was in fact not wetting at night, but getting up and peeing in my diaper willingly since I was already wearing it. That night she told me I wouldn't need a diaper and didn't put one on me. I remember the bag of diapers sitting on top of my dresser for like a week after that but I was too nervous to get one and try to put it on. When my mom was confident that I wasn't a bedwetter she took them away. My older sister by 2 years was still a bedwetter, but she had plastic sheets instead. I think maybe back in the early 80's there weren't diapers that would fit her, but not sure. I used to sit on her bed because the crinkle of the sheets made me feel sort of the same feelings as wearing a diaper.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 17:10:09

I was jealous of my younger cousins who all wore diapers to bed. They grew out of it one by one, but I still remember staying at their place and at bedtime my aunt telling the 2 younger ones to go in their rooms, get a diaper out and she would be by shortly to put it on them. Part of me wished she had said the same to me. The oldest was out of diapers by that time. He was one kid that I shared my diaper desires with. He once went into his brother's room and got me a diaper. I didn't want to wear it because then what? How do I hide it? How do I dispose of it?

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I've had similar dreams but not about someone I was that close with. It takes a while to shake the feeling.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 16:59:31

I had a dream that I was married to a beautiful woman, she was my best friend, and we were deeply in love. Lots of backstory and everything. Woke up, realized it was a dream, and felt like someone really close to me died.

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*on a first date* "So let me tell you about my kink. Wait baby come back!!!"

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskRedditAfterDark on October 15, 2022 16:56:35

Romantic passionate sex with a partner where we are deeply in love with each other and have amazing chemistry.

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1% of global population is about 80 million.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/ABDL on October 15, 2022 11:40:08

Yeah, that explains it. Jesus was supposed to heal it, right? I hope she can find some peace and joy again.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 11:27:00

As in, touching your eyeballs together?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 06:15:36

I bet the woman next to you could tell an interesting story on this thread.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 05:44:55

That is so fucked up. Did the police get involved?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 05:18:57

None of this was your fault. He created these problems and your responses to him are quite understandable. I would encourage you to speak to a therapist about all of this.

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I used to have dreams there was a body burried under the floorboards in my room, and I was the one who put it there.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 04:06:09

My cat had seizures near end of life, it was heartbreaking to watch.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:53:34

Also know that any weapon you hold can be used against you if you lose it in a struggle. Knowing how to defend yourself bare handed is very important. And the best defense is always to flee. Only fight if yo can't run.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:38:13

Sounds like a multiverse collision, where an alternate reality merged with ours for a few moments.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:32:30

It sounds like she needs to compartmentalize the memory. Seal it over like an oyster does to a grain of sand. Maybe some form of hypnosis therapy van do that. I have vague impressions that I was sexually abused by my neighbor, his sister and her bf. It might be better if I never recall it because I've obsessed enough over a separate abuse I remember well. For your friend, moving past it might take repression, bot processing.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:24:30

I kinda want to have kids now just to experience this. When I was 3 I felt like part of me was ancient and timeless. I wish I had never lost that feeling.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:09:57

This is what makes me believe collective consciousness is real. An experience of someone who died returned to the collective and then imprinted on a new individual consciousness.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:07:07

Kid had lived previous lives.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:05:31

I was lying in bed one night half asleep when suddenly I hear a man screaming in agony as he walks down the street "FUCK ME! FUCK ME, OH FUCK ME!" I half thought maybe he ran over his dog or something.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 03:04:33

That's some Obiwan premonition right there.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 02:53:03

Reminds me of when I got up to get ready for school at 11pm. I had gone to bed and fallen asleep, and had a dream that my alarm clock went off, then woke up. Thinking it was morning I got dressed and went downstairs to pour a bowl of cereal. My dad was like "what are you doing up?" I look around, it is dark and he is sitting watching a late night show. It took me a minute to get my bearings before I could explain myself and go back to bed.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 02:48:10

What are the chances there was an evacuation order before you arrived, and that woman who served you was the crazy lady who refused to leave?

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 02:33:49

Please tell me you roughed him up good.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 02:04:49

My little sister went to a private Christian school. My dad told me that the VP had called all the girls in her class one at a time into his office to ask very personal questions. Like "do you masturbate?" My sister apparently just said "that isn't your business " but her friend left crying and horrified. He was fired shortly after.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 01:24:50

When I was 8 and my sister was 10, we were staying at my grandma's house. Our parents were in the guest room and my sis and I were on air mattresses in the office. We had spent a lot of time in that room in daytime and knew the space well. On the desk there was an old halogen lamp that when switched on took about 30 seconds to warm up, so it just gave a dim glow until it would suddenly go full bright. Fast forward to the middle of the night, I wake up and have to pee. The room is pitch black. There is no light outside coming through the window. We are in the country, and it is overcast. But I have a good memory map of the room so I get up and walk to the door. Except it is not there. Feeling around I can find the familiar spot where the wall turns a corner for a little nook with the desk, and then the desk, but going back to my left I cannot find the door. It is smooth wall right to the corner, then the next wall. A door! I open it and walk into hanging clothes. The closet. My sister has woken up and asks me what I'm doing. I say I need to pee and can't find the door. She gets up and can't find it either. Between the corner and the desk, there is nothing but smooth wall. No door trim, no door handle, no door panel that moves a bit between the latch and the jamb. No light switch. We do a full circuit of the room, starting with the desk, turning a corner going along the wall with the kitchen on the other side. Then the exterior wall with the window, after going around the piano. Then the next wall... a door! ... to the cost. One more turn should bring us back to exactly where the door is.. Should be. It isn't there. No light switch. We find the desk again, and fumbling around I find the lamp and switch it on. The faint glow of the halogen tube was the creepiest thing in the world. We waited for like 5 minutes to light up full and illuminate the room, but it never did. It was so faint you could barely see your hand right under it, but it did give off light. We couldnt move it far enough to explore the room under the faint light. I eventually shut it off because it was more unsettling to have it on. After another two full circuits of the room we gave up and called out for our parents. The got up and opened the door which was magically right in front of us and demanded to know what the problem was. They were not impressed. I went to pee and then went back to bed. Some uncomfortable conversations around breakfast the next day. For years after I had nightmares that there were monsters in my room and when I turned on my bedside lamp it just gave a soft eerie glow and went out. Eventually it would t even come on.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 01:15:47

I've had predictive dreams about comparatively mundane things, but with striking detail.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 01:02:40

Endermen tend to teleport away once spotted.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 00:53:49

Ooh, say it slower baby!

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 15, 2022 00:24:36

This will be required reading in economics some day.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Superstonk on October 15, 2022 00:20:08

I just found my price too.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 15, 2022 00:16:28

A cuddle when your life isn't falling apart.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 14, 2022 22:38:40

As in you'd give a blowjob for it? I mean, cause that's a super deal.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 14, 2022 22:37:52

Eating pussy. I am a giver.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 14, 2022 22:36:04

"Your money is safer in a bank."

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/AskReddit on October 14, 2022 21:23:17

Hi to that naughty bush

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/bottomlessbush on October 14, 2022 21:09:45

I don't think Victoria has any secrets any more.

Commented by /u/CoitalFury17 in /r/Bottomless on October 14, 2022 21:04:50

Wen 142,074,169?

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