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now it's called drill and it's just put a nihilistic Gen-Z spin on the same game

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Most important tip if you are using AWS for this course and intending to only use the free tier services: 1. Understand exactly what is part of the (free tier)[*all&awsf.Free%20Tier%20Categories=*all&all-free-tier.q=Ebs&all-free-tier.q_operator=AND]. Common mistakes include using an elastic IP and provisioning a larger root volume for your instance than free tier allows (30GB) 2. Set up a billing alarm to (monitor estimated charges)[] 3. For the love of God enable MFA on your root account and any IAM user you create.

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This is so dumb. You can't ban individuals from trading it between each other, but you don't fucking buy anything meaningful from individuals these days. You buy groceries, pay rent/mortgage, fill your gas tank, etc. From businesses. Banning businesses from interacting with crypto is how you ban crypto. It's trivial. But you libertarian smooth brains are incapable of rational thought so it's no surprise you don't recognize this.

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Nice reminder that all it takes to start a weird cult is if you make Dipshit Internet Posts using nerd-coded language. This is thoroughly horrid. There is no "there" there re: yud's insight into anything

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> someone gets criticized for a dogshit opinion Morons: this is cancel culture!!

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>bankmanfried last year was a billionaire And we've since discovered that he was an amateurish grifter who used VCs to launder lies about his ethical commitments in order to buy the access necessary to prevent crypto from being regulated. So I'm thinking the possible scope of his positive influence was a bit more limited than you're making it sound

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Good to know. I'm not very in tune with the microcelebs in Siskind's orbit these days, I generally put firsthand exposure to that shit behind me.

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I don't think we entirely disagree, but I interpreted your earlier comments as excessively charitable to AMD as an entity, and kind of fanboyish. I agree that they do some good things that are worth supporting, but not to the extent that I will hold grudges against Intel or Nvidia, or buy unrelated, unfit or noncompetitive products as a token of loyalty. I'm not going to buy a shitty GPU just because I like that they're developing Mesa/Freesync/etc.

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based on his writing style, his irrelevant stats dump, and his maximal charity towards right wingers while presuming guilt of anyone to the left, it makes total sense. He even imitates slatescott's deferential commenting style

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Is this blog in any way involved with EA/Rat subculture? It seems like a blog hand-wringing about censorious left-illiberalism in academia

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people are justifiably sneering at you for this: > the people most in-position to help the world but i actually wanna ask you straight up if you stand by this statement and on what basis? in my mind, it can't be anything other than because you're a genuine Paperclip Maximizer Believer, but i'd be interested in hearing your perspective.

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Buying a product that does something you want is a transaction. If you buy an AMD GPU because of their FOSS capabilities and associated efforts, that shows AMD that people like FOSS and that contributing to it (and making hardware that it's designed on/for) earns them money. Buying an AMD CPU because of GPUopen would be unhinged magical thinking nonsense. Voting with your dollar only makes sense if it communicates something about your preferences.

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don't support any company, they're not supporting you. Do you realize how sad it is that you've developed a parasocial relationship with a fucking brand?

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Oh God damn it, this guy. He's just advertising his substack. U slash sylsau spams truereddit promoting his other shitty blog as well. Nice to know he's a moron concerning subjects, truly a talented man

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GME will be pumping popcorn stocks for quite a while, they have a year or maybe two of runway before factoring in dilution. They've also shown absolutely no capacity to change course, because RC and his goons are fucking useless morons, GameStop's non cash assets are an anchor, and market factors are making them unviable as a business in the long term

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I hope I get to live to see asteroid mining completely hose goldbugs by dumping insane quantities of "hard money metals" on the market. It probably won't happen but I can dream

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First of all, to be clear, we're talking about social democracies, which you could say are reformed liberal democracies that enacted welfare states in response to the great depression and world war 2. From that perspective, social democratic institutions do look quite a bit like attempts to create a mutually beneficial outcome for capitalists and labor. You don't have to give up your party membership if you accept the premise that this was the intention of some social democratic institutions.

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That's a non sequitur. Obviously social democracies weren't designed by communists, they were designed by people who had different notions of democracy and how to achieve collective action. But the NHS or social security or the FDA were definitely efforts of this kind.

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> Numbers that are inflated to look better then they are what the fuck are you talking about lmao it's illegal to misrepresent facts during a shareholder meeting, can you point to any specific concrete examples where this has happened? otherwise, sounds like you have a lot of axes to grind in defense of capitalism. Shareholder primacy is an unethical practice and worse, a terrible long-term business strategy.

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they're not talking about that. They're talking about the other tennessee cops who had group sex with a married female colleague. You've probably seen her face if you've been on reddit in the past month

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Well yeah. If they had actually learned something in school, they wouldn't need a helpdesk job

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Yeah, that's super Not Good but it doesn't support the 50% claim

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i mean unironically yeah given the choice i'll take mediatek or intel over realtek any day

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children are huge drivers of language, where do you think slang comes from if not teens and early twenties people do you think your aunt gladys invented "rizz"? it'll probably be in the dictionary in 10 years

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alternatively, that was just his way of saying "if you have to explain how not old you are, you're very old." That was my way of teasing my dad when i was your son's age. Ok boomer wasn't a meme back then, but he always used to try to argue his way out of it, which just made me double down.

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wanna hear my nuanced take on the supply chain issues of subaru? i own a car. "i bought a thing, now i'm an expert" mentality

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I N am N a N disgraceful N and N repugnant N sophist N with N a N persecution N complex N

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do you have calluses (fingertips don't count)? Do you have dirt under your fingernails (cheeto dust doesn't count)? Is your grip strong enough to strangle a bull moose? If you answer no to any of these questions you're a dirty bourgeoise reactionary and you get the gulag

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people working 3rd shift at ISP NOCs are laborers. Lots of those people are furries. That's the joke. Your comment makes it sound like you think only people who work with their hands count as 'labor'. Do you believe that?

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> and funny how redditors are always pro 3rd world but when they feel their livelihood is really threatened by them, they suddenly change their tune. ah yes, and you are so high minded. instead of wishing for less exploitation from corporations, you want to shift the exploitation to others. small minded, misplaced vengeance

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[oh no] (

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>pearl-clutching bullshit over humor

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It's not aggressive in the slightest. You're taking this extremely personally when that's probably not reasonable. You wished death upon this person with almost no context. stop engaging with things that upset you so much

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> My father figure was like this and it really negatively impacted me sounds like you're projecting a bit there bud. do yourself a favor and put the reddit machine down. get some air

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In the long term, it does. In the short term, more women having children means a disruption to the labor force, as well as increased social programs which cost the corporations in taxes and increased worker benefits

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glaring difference between wide roads and large blocks in the first one, and literally less than one building per city block in the second picture.

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most of these tech layoffs are targeting underperforming teams/segments. Amazon laid off alexa and stores, microsoft laid off XR/AR, not sure what's happening at google but we can probably assume part of theirs is stadia which just shut down.

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Your comment made me realize that I haven't heard coil whine from my 2070S in at least 6 months

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I live on the internet yet I open files from unknown senders on a computer where I store all of my money in the unsecured user context of a browser. Jesus Christ this guy's opsec is bad. It's like having a business meeting in your bank vault. And the guests have crowbars and wrenches. And the bank vault doesn't lock.

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>Why not look at what they are trying to say "Why won't you steelman my incoherent argument? Do my thinking for me, then argue on my behalf"

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it's not that simple lol. nvidia can make a bunch of different products with their silicon allocation. they can sell a lot of high margin datacenter graphics cards. They want to stay in the consumer space to diversify and maintain their position, but every consumer GPU they make is costing them profit. What is the rational reaction to this? raise prices and sell fewer. As a bonus, they get to position themselves as the top tier brand due to RTX, DLSS and CUDA.

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earth ele DR back + a buff to astral shift maybe and/or make cap totem not shit somehow. Or give instant hex back

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words have meanings. It's my perspective that you're a purple wombat from Uranus. Are you?

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No. Employees who are on salary and > work in an administrative, professional, executive, computer or outside sales role. Are exempt from being paid overtime. Look how broad those categories are! So convenient

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> Who wants to develop for that nightmare linux is the dominant server OS. fucking infinitely more people want to develop for it than for windows desktop, yeah, probably not. but i don't care whether it's the dominant os. I would like for it to grow enough so that fewer publishers ignore it, but it's fine. Nobody needs to distro hop for years, either. That's strictly for people who want to tinker and customize their OS. The average user will install Ubuntu and be happy with it or not.

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If you are not gaming, whatever you want honestly. The choice of DE will be the most impactful aspect so look into how gnome and KDE differ. If you are gaming, use a distro like fedora that quickly integrates the latest kernel updates.

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have you considered whether plastic might be far more essential to your way of life, compared to the cooking technology used by your stove?

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> Yes, let's insta ban fossil fuels to kill poor Africans and Chinese so we in the West can feel pure and good in our consumption. yeah! natural gas good! totally wholesome spotless supply chain there. induction stoves are more efficient than gas who gives a fuck about 1000W when gas stoves use the same or more after converting BTUs/hr to W? And that's before you factor in energy mix. stop talking out your ass

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Bonus points if it's a retailer specializing in commoditized goods and plastic trash

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> trend that is kind of approaching its peak you hope this is the peak

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Use zxcv, hit them with your thumb. Rebind a and d to strafe instead of turn, and use qer as well. I use 1-5 qertfgzxcv and an MMO mouse

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You could just try arena skirmishes for practice. Then, once you get a bit, jump into Solo Shuffle. You will probably go 0-6 a few times if you run into experienced healers while climbing, but it's the fastest way to learn. I'm in the same boat as you, just picked up healer this season and solo Shuffle is the way

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it depends on the restaurant and cuisine. Your average indian restaurant (at least where i live) tries to be authentic even if they don't live up to the expectations of the indian immigrants I know. Chinese food is a lot more mixed, on the other hand.

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cities need to be densified in order to facilitate efficient use of public transit. A lot of the reason cities aren't as dense as they should be result from car dependence. Some of these problems can be fixed without tearing down existing infrastructure, or with minimal disruption, such as turning parking lots into infrastructure. However, certain policies, like setback minimums and small parking lots/parking requirements will mandate redevelopment.

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/r/EarthPorn/comments/10d9u0e/three_sisters_new_south_whales_australia/j4msh01/ Three sisters are the name for these mountains in Oregon, USA

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im sure we both agree it could have been for a lot of reasons. Hell, maybe OP just has a punchable face. But we're not gonna pretend the words of police are treated with skepticism in the justice system

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on top of that, even a good study of this kind is going to output garbage data because what's being studied is literally people's _subjective fucking experiences_. Nobody actually has a full understanding of what's going on inside their own heads, or how it compares to other people's, and the question prompts are bound to be interpreted through the lens of those experiences. There are confounding variables that some people can't even conceptualize because they lack the mental frame of reference of what it's like to experience reality as a different person. Sure, you can enter different mental states that give you the perception of what it might be like to experience even more radically different qualia, but there's no way to know for sure. For an example, some people have extremely powerful religious experiences, or are able to be hypnotized by stage performers and end up experiencing a subjectively dreamlike state where it feels like their body is under the control of another. I've never experienced either (despite opportunities) but i've taken hallucinogens which made me feel similarly to both. but I only _think_ i feel similarly because i have some feeling, and my mind makes connections with descriptions of other people's subjective experiences, but i don't actually know how similar they are at all. It's subjectivity all the way down. People say they do/don't have an inner monologue/dialogue, but i think a large number of them are lying or are just interpreting the same thought processes in radically different ways.

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These are ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits). They do not do anything except mine bitcoin. If they were put in a landfill or recycled straight out of the factory, it would be better for the planet.

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i actually agree with you here. If you have a significant interest in millenarian evangelical christianity, it can be an, uh, _educational_ window into how they think. But you definitely don't need to read the whole series to get that insight

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You live in Montana/WY/ID? Those states legalized wolf hunting in most circumstances and it's an ecological disaster. You should not shoot wolves just because it's legal, they are endangered

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on January 15, 2023 12:49:51

Oh, ok. so you're just imagining a person to be mad at. That's very cool, carry on 👍

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 12:23:21

Struck a nerve?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 11:48:17

I think that's a bad analogy, tshirts have a purpose and the marginal cost of screen printing is much lower than a plastic figurine. But yes, I dislike consumerist collectibles of nearly all kinds for similar reasons.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 11:43:05

I didn't take a minor in art studies, I just put an ounce of thought into what art is communicating with its design language.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 11:40:12

Lots of things have a unified art style while having more visual diversity than Funko pops. The simplistic nature of them makes characters from every IP look the same. How is that good art in any way?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 11:35:28

all animals have a niche, challenge yourself to figure out what a 'useless' animal's might be. or google it, whatever

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/blackmagicfuckery on January 15, 2023 02:16:05

you have the right to think that. I think that it's almost insulting how similar they look to each other, and that the reason they look cute (big head, big eyes, soft features = babylike) is so transparently focus-grouped and soulless. some awful corporation is mass producing plastic and marketing it using lizard brain patterns. It's kind of vile and it makes me sad.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 01:39:21

dude i question your taste in books if you think they weren't that bad. I read them once as a Good Christian Boy at 12 or 13. Then, i re-read them as a much less christian high schooler because i thought the same as you do. They are absolutely awful books. There are already too many great books to read in a lifetime , nobody should waste their time reading a million words of that mess.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 01:27:51

the reason, such as it is, is because the authors are evangelicals and therefore treat revelations as God's Literal Instruction Manual For the End of the World, rather than the abstract symbolism of an insane hermit. Oh, and because they're dogshit writers.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 01:23:56

You're buying mass-produced, juvenile copy-paste vinyl trash to signify something as cheaply as possible, with no effort or thought put into it. It's not good art, and consumerism for consumerism's sake is wasteful and reflects poorly on your values.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tumblr on January 15, 2023 01:06:19

I don't know if you're trying to imply it never happens, but I see plenty of people who criticize chinese policies without being racist. Probably more than the actual racist people. There are also a lot of people who claim racism any time someone says something bad about China.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on January 15, 2023 00:38:49

Ballmer? Is that you?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/sysadmin on January 14, 2023 20:04:19

Bro this is the worst geopolitics take I've seen on this site. That is a very low bar to hurdle and you couldn't do it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on January 14, 2023 18:28:04

That's your fault for picking up his slack, you are not obligated to cover a coworker's obligations and as soon as they put that expectation on you is the time to speak up. You made a charity case of him and sacrificed your well-being to make your boss happy.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on January 13, 2023 00:08:20

Bro, stop idealizing get rich quick schemes and hustle culture and get some actual fucking skills lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on January 12, 2023 21:39:37

"the tail wags the dog, actually" -you

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on January 12, 2023 21:18:59

Just a reminder that you are hopelessly stupid

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on January 12, 2023 21:17:49

Corporate death penalty when

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/climate on January 12, 2023 20:31:52

Being a game dev without loving games is outright stupid. Game dev is very low paid compared to other industries. Game dev can be more difficult as well, but if they're in it for the intellectual challenge of creating high performance programs, they could go into Fintech instead and make much more

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on January 12, 2023 15:06:30

>would you be willing to engage in a discussion about what is true Not with you, I think irrelevant grandstanding is the appropriate use of this platform > Can you guess why? Yes. You are very predictable, not to mention tiresome.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 11, 2023 17:12:10

a) definitely clear to a reasonable person that i'm sharing my opinions here. b) i didn't say that, so your condescension at my leap of logic is ironic anyways, consider your communication style if you wish to convince people that they should be more skeptical about opinions, because what you're doing is definitely not going to work. But that in itself is me being charitable towards you by assuming that you wish to achieve anything other than scoring imaginary debate points.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 11, 2023 15:30:11

> a) in your opinion. is this the root of your problem? that you think this is not obviously implied? > b) What does "while attacking anything left of mitt romney" refer to? Framing simple challenges to claims as being "while attacking anything left of mitt romney" is rather dishonest or delusional, is it not? beep boop based on my own recollection of your past comments on this subreddit and elsewhere, it is apparent that you choose to level pseudo-intellectual critiques at only a certain set of claims boop beep

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 11, 2023 14:30:20

> CIRCLE THE WAGONS BOYS! you're not owed a conversation. people don't need to listen to you sealion about the statistical rigor of reddit comments, you clown. The only interesting thing about you is how strictly you adhere to the principle of not making any claim whatsoever while attacking anything left of mitt romney.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 11, 2023 14:03:17

You provided an alternative interpretation of the bigotry of the subject, then tried to pass it off as though you were just saying it's not sexist. You made a positive claim, even though it seems to be some throwaway devil's advocate tripe. Anyways, this digression is boring, and you're doubly wrong. Bye

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 23:47:40

Crypto bro who lies about the comments he made and lacks critical reading skills? Damn man you're really breaking the mold huh

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 23:31:24

Idk man when it's a bunch of anglophones talking about how the women get less attractive if they can communicate in English, it's pretty clearly not anglophobic.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 22:42:43

Really struggling to understand this take. When compared to CEX-issued cryptocurrencies, reward points lack: - a "market based" valuation - the ability to trade, transfer or sell - redemption/exchange at other vendors - the ability to "remove" them from the ecosystem by putting them in cold storage Relatively, credit card reward points are completely honest about what they are. Tiny discounts for marketing purposes.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 22:27:06

Talking a bit of shit as well I think

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on January 8, 2023 23:11:29

Yeah surprised they didn't comment on the second push. That also seemed intentional, the guy looked like he was talking shit too

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on January 8, 2023 23:01:42

sorry dude, inception just means 'thing inside the thing' now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/holdmyredbull on January 8, 2023 14:56:07

Someone cleverly created an HTTP error on silvergate bank's website to do a timely "we're still early meme" as it's widely speculated that silvergate is about to get blasted by the feds for various financial crimes related to their function as a crypto on ramp for exchanges like FTX

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 8, 2023 12:51:09

It's not clear that spreading out will benefit us in any way when it would be millennia at best before a colony on Mars or the moon would be self-sufficient, if ever. We need to solve our problems here. If we burned all the fossil fuels on earth and set off every nuclear weapon, it would still be more habitable than Mars. Mars and the idea of a multiplanetary society is a massive distraction being sold to you by a megalomaniac and airheaded dreamers. It's not real.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 7, 2023 00:49:28

Why don't we want a middleman? In this case, Middlemen provide high value services like arbitration. I would prefer for my house to still be mine if someone steals my house title NFT. if the house is still mine if someone steals it, this necessitates the existence of a trusted authority, in which case why not just make them the middleman?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/business on January 6, 2023 19:53:25

Mes has been wrecking with ww/frost/prevoker over the past few days. It's mes, but still

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldofpvp on January 6, 2023 16:14:58

Predictably weak effort from a small mind. are you saying the Montreal Protocol doesn't exist? Please stay on topic, or it will be very obvious you're talking out your ass when you continue to deflect

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/skiing on January 5, 2023 17:04:30

Wherever you're getting these ideas from, you should probably stop listening to those sources, because our carbon emissions are going up. On a year-over-year basis And even if they were going down, warming could still increase because it takes years for decreasing CO2 to affect global temperatures

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/skiing on January 5, 2023 16:58:43

China makes all of our shit, and Russia until last year supplied the majority of Europe's gas. So, yeah it's still mostly our fault.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/skiing on January 5, 2023 16:45:43

You have no idea what you're talking about, so let's educate you real quick: Do you know _why_ we stopped talking about the ozone layer? If yes: you are here arguing in bad faith. For everyone else, google the Montreal Protocol If no: you are ignorant and should stop talking about things you have no understanding of

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/skiing on January 5, 2023 16:34:49

AMD has made console hardware for 3 consecutive generations of Xbox (GPU only for 360, cou was ibm) and the last two PlayStations.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on January 4, 2023 16:51:35

6650xt, 12400f, DDR4 RAM, cheap mobo and SSD. Specs out to $800 before operating system but after case. That PC will smash most games 1440p/60/high

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on January 4, 2023 16:45:11

There are decent cards at decent prices, just buy a 6700xt or something

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on January 4, 2023 16:27:23

The other person was being insulting by insinuating that anyone who reads for reasons other than escapism is a loser.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on January 4, 2023 14:35:31

Wealthy Muslim countries are where they are because of resource extraction. As such, they do not rely on highly developed human capital to produce wealth. Their source of wealth is (primarily) locked to their geographic territory, rather than in the value produced by the knowledge and skills of their population. It seems very clear that Muslim countries which oppress their women could not compete as knowledge economies, their labor force has too much dead weight as a result of keeping women as dependents without economic prospects.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 4, 2023 14:15:12

The list included books so it's bad! Take it back now!!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on January 2, 2023 23:44:51

you're doing a terrible job of convincing people it's not weird. lmao.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TIHI on January 2, 2023 19:53:22

that's true, but a marginal increase in the housing supply would reduce costs over the medium term, as the demand is relatively static in relation to the value of the properties on the market. To put it another way, if all of these retrofitted apartments are luxury apartments, other apartments are now mid-tier by comparison due to worse aesthetics/features/functionality. So assuming a market with no collusion (unfortunately this is probably not the case), we would expect rents to fall on average even if the added supply is luxury housing. Now, the fact that large rental and property management companies are almost certainly engaging in price fixing is a separate problem with a separate solution, but it doesn't mean that building more luxury housing is a bad idea. Of course, there's probably a price floor below which these companies will choose to leave their apartments empty, which is another problem that needs a legislative solution.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on January 2, 2023 17:44:28

yeah, skepticism is warranted. The WEF probably isn't our friend, but the right wing criticisms of it are invalid. They basically boil down to "KLAUS SCHWAB WANTS US TO BE GAY COMMUNISTS WHO OWN NOTHING AND EAT BUGS AND ARE FORCED TO MARRY MINORITIES AND HAVE OUR ONE WOKE (BROWN) CHILD INDOCTRINATED BY THE TRANSGENDERS"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on January 1, 2023 23:04:32

this is the second time you've referred to me as a student, which i'm not. But you probably should be, so you can learn enough to avoid making profoundly stupid statements like that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 19:02:16

I'm talking about "class" which, if you open a dictionary or learn to read, you'll note is a different subject than "gender" and is learned about in different courses. Try to keep up.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 18:47:32

well, a monarchist who expects government to provide him with services is almost as ironic.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 18:39:16

my friend, you are deluded if you truly believe this. Classism is baked into the american republican ethos, they are literally inseparable. You cannot be a conservative american without supporting classism whether you know it or not. So if it's offense you feel, reflect on your own beliefs.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 18:33:39

Do you actually think this is a coherent response? are you brain dead? holy fuck lmao the absolute state of MRAoids Stay at home parents do housework on behalf of _other_ people, dumbass.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/NotHowGirlsWork on December 31, 2022 15:22:52

Yeah. That's why. Drop in a 5800x3d and watch your FPS double.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on December 31, 2022 12:12:40

no, you are just deliberately misunderstanding the evolution of consent. The fact that consent is expected to be explicit is a contemporary social more. As the previous commenter explained: In the past, consent was given implicitly/indirectly due to taboos against female sexuality. So in fact your contemporary analysis fails to contextualize and is actually pretty sexist as it invalidates historical expressions of female agency.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ToiletPaperUSA on December 30, 2022 21:57:56

Far be it from me to argue with carmack, but it's not hard to imagine why a brilliant programmer leaving a company to independently pursue AGI would be unsuccessful. It's also not contrarian to doubt that he'll be successful, there are many many brilliant people who don't believe the current AI paradigm would ever produce AGI. Many don't believe it's possible at all. Its one of the most difficult computer science (and many other disciplines but you know what i mean) problems that could possibly exist. It's a siren song for geniuses. I think they'll all fail for the foreseeable future, and I don't wish him luck, but i get it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 30, 2022 19:19:31

You are CPU bound somehow. I have a 5800x3d and a 2070S and I get anywhere from 70-110fps in valdrakken, full server. 9900k is still very good, make sure you aren't thermal throttling. Might make sense to monitor your CPU temps with a tool like HWInfo64 and reapply thermal paste if you see extremely high temps and your CPU not boosting to full speed

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on December 30, 2022 18:14:50

Evoker starts at 58 and it's op

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldofpvp on December 30, 2022 10:56:31

Even if they shaved, I wouldn't want to fuck them, so maybe try again. Or, just shave. I promise it doesn't hurt and people might take you seriously

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 29, 2022 18:30:01

Did you expect me to be on the "excuse me sweaty saying someone has 'small dick energy' is like super problematic ok, check yourself 💅" side of things? Obviously it's rude, Tate deserves it, and other people with small dicks don't deserve it. I think it's funnier that Tate got super mad, sorry to my small dick bros who are feeling bad rn. Maybe Log Off or something idk

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 29, 2022 18:04:23

There's a guy in that thread who keeps doing a whataboutism about how Obama presided over the worst war crimes since the Korean war, and his example is the Kandahar massacre. The Kandahar massacre was awful, but the fact that this gotcha was so historically inaccurate is just comical to me. Like, he's so eager to equivocate a contemporary American president and Putin, that he forgets about literally thousands of worse war crimes which occurred in the 50 years in between, many of which were done by Americans, and which are dwarfed by events like the sudanese and Cambodian genocides

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 29, 2022 17:22:40

I didn't say it wasn't body shaming. I said it was fair game. And it is, social censure in response to outward choices is not nice, exactly, but it's not bigoted.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 23:39:27

Ok, that's fine. Not all body shaming is created equal, obviously. If someone smells like shit because they haven't showered, rudely pointing that out is body shaming by that standard. It's also not the same level of rudeness as mocking someone's congenital physical deformity for example. It's very egalitarian of you to get offended on these poor unwashed shutins' behalf, but perhaps direct your righteous indignation elsewhere

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 23:29:57

Yet again, further proof that g*mers ruin everything

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on December 28, 2022 22:04:56

I'm curious to hear what some of the best, most un-problematic ways might be. Please share

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 21:37:23

Having a neckbeard is a choice lol. And unlike something like obesity which is very hard to change, it takes next to 0 effort to fix. So neckbeards are definitely fair game

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 21:35:21

And if you said Tate had rapist or misogynist energy he'd have a much easier time playing off that than alluding to him having a small dick. He doesn't care if people call him a rapist or misogynist, in fact his brand feeds on it. So if you are going to get into a Twitter feud with someone like that, actually hit him where it hurts. You can't win by mocking him in progressive-approved language. Greta is based for this, no notes. great job queen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 21:04:30

Facts are shaming if they make me feel bad!!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 28, 2022 20:57:09

Yeah that's for sure. She at least hides her dipshit opinions on Tumblr instead of admitting to crimes during a media tour

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 17:38:48

Some malls are still doing well, I live near one. But those malls don't rent space to dogshit Cheeto dust covered Xbox LAN cafes that make No Money

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on December 28, 2022 17:20:17

Nah, she's a fucking idiot too. Just a different kind

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 17:05:37

30-40lb weight gain, not 20. That's a lot of weight. Attraction is necessary for a relationship to flourish. If my partner gained 30-40lb for no good reason, then refused to address it and forbid discussion of the problem, i would lose attraction to her, not only because her appearance would drastically change, but because it would reflect a change in values that means we're no longer compatible. It seems that this might be a sensitive subject for you, but you are not being charitable at all. He's not a pig for having physical standards.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on December 28, 2022 08:13:37

I believe that prices are this high because Nvidia has already realized that. Similar to AMD's abandonment of low margin Ryzen because of Epyc, Nvidia is consciously choosing to sell fewer cards for higher margin, and dump the excess silicon into data center GPU

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on December 27, 2022 23:27:33

well he appears to be german

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/me_irl on December 26, 2022 23:05:36

\> libertarian \> making fun of someone else for associating with cringeworthy white people WPT is dogshit lmao, you have no idea who i am. Wow is good right now though. feel free to think that's more embarrassing than watch collecting. Fucking npc's first status chasing 'hobby' way to go you're really unique yourself

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 26, 2022 16:02:05

>> "woke" > "Jeangalt" I've actually never disregarded an opinion so fast, nice speedrun

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 25, 2022 20:09:55

> "rent free" it seems to have cost kanye a lot lol

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TIHI on December 24, 2022 04:11:13

this is an excuse that assholes tell themselves to avoid confronting the fact that they are bad people. It's almost poetic how your deficient personality will attract other low quality people, thus reinforcing your opinion about how shitty people are.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/terriblefacebookmemes on December 22, 2022 18:41:27

>holy disappointing crap, you're a Buttcoiner - you mock and bully people for liking something. It all makes sense now "Disliking terrible things is wrong and like super mean" screamed the cult follower I'm dying dude, this is too funny. please keep passing moral judgments from your fisher-price high chair. But remember, don't eat another crayon or they'll take them away for good this time!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 21, 2022 22:39:34

source on shorts closing: source on gamestop being a shit company: read all of their quarterly reports since Q2 2021 in succession and use your brain to identify patterns with respect to profits and cash reserves

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 20:33:23

> You're disappointing to so many people. You really, really are. :/ mate please stop doing this, i'm embarrassed for you. At this point i don't know why i'm engaging, but here we are. DRS is literally a thing that exists, yes good job, you did a pedantry. In practical terms, DRS doesn't mean anything with respect to GME in current year because: 1. hedge funds are not massively sold short so there's no mechanism to force them to cover at outrageous prices when (never, but let's pretend) your moon fantasies come true. They will have plenty of time to offload the moderate short interest that currently exists because DRS numbers are being reported quarterly and this gives them plenty of warning, because they are not stupid 2. The float will not be DRSed under any circumstance, because gamestop will dilute sooner rather than later. 3. Gamestop is a failed company and the inherent value of the stock is much lower than its trading price, since it's propped up by idiots. the only suppression of price discovery here is because of a retail cult that refuses to accurately value the stock. That's you, by the way. That's what meme stocks are.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 19:35:25

I didn't say anything about drs numbers in that comment, because as I've already established, i don't think they mean anything. And besides, I thought you were going to leave it at that and let this authoritarian pro-unionist have the last word? Kind of rude to just lie like that

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 18:29:26

>The first time anything like this has ever happened in market history with more participation than anything prior and you... ... ... rail against it and disparage everyone and insult and pretend to know what will happen and how it will all play out... ... yeah, makes total sense. <smh, eye-roll> Sure, pal. Sure, buddy. <smile, nod> Holy cringe. Are you old enough to have a brokerage account? I really hope not > Edit: I'll stop there Yeah you should have stopped a long time ago but now is fine too

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 18:19:27

Because they're using mcm in GPU for the first time in the modern era

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on December 20, 2022 17:11:58

Practicing bigotry means you are a bigot, regardless of whether you came to it through teenage edginess or "principles". Edgy teen bigots are far more likely to grow out of it, but they are still bigots. They don't get their own category, they're just less malicious and intentional, but that doesn't matter to the people on the receiving end, and nobody should go pull punches with them because they "don't know any better" or they're "just kids" or whatever

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Games on December 20, 2022 16:32:44

> Burial - Antidawn, actually the first record from him that I ever listened to. Tried to listen to some other Burial works but wasn't really impressed, I'm open to recommendations of albums/EPs in the vein of Antidawn You bounced off _Untrue_?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/electronicmusic on December 20, 2022 02:53:28

> but there sure as heck are brilliant and decade-long whistle-blowers involved, as well no there aren't lol. Who? Dave fucking Lauer? And sorry, you don't get to claim jon stewart. > but then won't take part in something that is equal to the cost of a bottle of wine? Of a dinner for two at McDonald's? For a few gallons of gas? That checks numerous of those little boxes you just laid out? Yeah, no. That's preposterous and absurd and simply stupid in the grand scheme of things. First, no it's not something that just costs one GME share. That's a sales pitch, obviously no mass movement has ever or will ever work that way. What it actually looks like in reality is a bunch of bagholding idiots who want to get rich first, "solve wall street" aka get revenge on perceived enemies second, and improve society a distant last. Talk of reform is a meaningless platitude and window dressing for greed at this point. It takes about one second of reading stupidstonk to realize that. Secondly, yeah, I don't invest in obviously misguided and impossible fantasies based on the mythos of self-organizing internet cults. I put my money where my mouth is in ways that actually make a difference. >> You don't beat market manipulators by playing the game. > Yes, you do. In this case you sure as shit do. RemindMe! One Year

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 02:22:56

> Edit: Also, I know this is a lot, but I'd be remiss to not mention it. Never before in the history of the nation and stock market have a group of individual investors all removed their shares from Cede & Co. and put them in their own name - about $2 Billion or 1/3 of only one company. That's more than Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon combined. It's 100% completely unprecedented... getting little to no air time... and more people need to know about it. > We must hold the greedy psychopaths on Wall Street responsible for ruining so many lives over the years - that's the goal. This is, potentially, a huge amount of justice being served in the name of the middle and lower classes and something to definitely have awareness about, if not actively take part in. > To clarify, taking so many shares of one company out of the hands of Cede & Co. - potentially all of them - of one company has never, ever been done in the history of the market - and it's only increasing every single day - more people taking part the better - and if there's fraud occurring (hint: there is and it's wide-fucking-spread, yessir), shares of companies being manipulated will likely be very, very valuable -- and the fraud, greed, and corruption will be acutely exposed. sorry man i'm not gonna allow you to motte and bailey me. This is the thrust of your argument. this is what you are suggesting people do to counteract wall street fraud, and cloaking it in a gish gallop of outrage over the scummy shit we all know wall street does. You are telling people to DRS shares in a company in order to catch some kind of massive price discovery event that is based on the copium of a highly financially illiterate subreddit which believes that they have outsmarted hedge funds that are still, somehow, _inexplicably_, still gorillions of shares short on fucking gamestop. And if this does happen, what the fuck then? while hedge funds are making money on the way up (because DRS numbers are public and they know what is going on because they're not trapped in short positions and they're definitely not stupid), apes can't sell because it takes a long time to sell DRSed shares. They lose. the end. Even if this incredibly crazy theory is correct, you can't beat them at their own game, and DRSing the float will never, ever happen. Gamestop will dilute anyways, they absolutely have to in order to avoid bankruptcy. you have undermined your own goals by grabbing the coattails of a flock of idiots. You don't beat market manipulators by playing the game.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 20, 2022 01:36:21

This person is a cultist from /r/superstonk If you think you can fight the powers that be by investing in a failed brick and mortar retailer, you are a flagrant moron. Unionize, organize, agitate, protest, commit acts of civil disobedience, and vote. Don't listen to this fool.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 19, 2022 22:01:11

A little bit of that, and a few other things besides: 1. "wokism" hand-wringing resulting from getting cancelled as a result of some (depending on who you ask) mildly/extremely offensive past writing that was unearthed during metoo 2. Wokism part two: accusing liberal media of being overly credulous, biased against trump during the Steele dossier and Mueller investigation era. Fair play with regard to the more salacious aspects of the dossier, but he really leaned into this one, going so far as to basically equivocate trump and Clinton in a really enlightened centrist way. 3. COVID like you said. Gave airtime to the ivermectin freaks among other COVID grifters/kooks

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ToiletPaperUSA on December 19, 2022 16:21:10

He makes crazy substack money, he could have kept doing enlightened centrist/bipartisan muckraking like he did for over 15 years prior to COVID. He didn't _need_ to pivot further right to keep making a living, he was already rich

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ToiletPaperUSA on December 19, 2022 14:30:42

this same logic works on property rights by the way. Or anything regulated by law.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/atheism on December 18, 2022 20:15:18

> some companies and their businesses just don’t lend themselves well to remote work those businesses went back to the office over a year ago.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on December 18, 2022 19:24:45

enron had both a larger peak market capitalization than FTX, and cost its investors more money.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on December 18, 2022 18:49:38

The existence of exchanges and other centralized entities like tether are the reason your shit coins are worth anything at all, because they facilitate speculation, the only true 'utility' provided by cryptocurrencies

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on December 18, 2022 18:08:27

FTX wasn't regulated by the SEC, although that's its own scandal. So you can't say that SEC regulations were at fault. Also it is in no way one of the largest corporate implosions ever. Multiple larger companies failed during the 2008 crash, and of course there's also Enron, and probably lots more. It's just noteworthy for the unsophisticated and blatant nature of the fraud, and for the fact that it punctured the image of the crypto industry among laypeople and financial journalists (who should have known better)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on December 18, 2022 18:01:51

I hereby authorize penn state to annex happy valley oregon

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/CFB on December 17, 2022 16:44:37

it is a mythic plus thing yes. don't prepare for normal and heroic dungeons, read the adventure journal if you die and dont know why

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on December 17, 2022 14:57:41

yeah, for sure. Lots of "house poor" multimillionaires in san francisco right now. of course they could sell and move to wichita or Omaha or some other random place in the midwest, and be actually rich, so they have choices.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 17, 2022 14:12:35

it's worth noting that in america, most millionaires are just 60-somethings who have paid off their house and saved a bit of money over their careers. 1 million dollars of net worth is not a ton. It's certainly not enough to get you through 20-30 years of retirement on its own.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 17, 2022 13:58:47

right, but frequently the wording is just cowardly. "Train hits Platteville police vehicle parked on tracks, seriously injuring woman who’d been taken into custody" vs "alleged police negligence: detainee struck by train while cuffed in squad car, officers could have prevented situation"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/JusticeServed on December 17, 2022 03:15:18

Decide for yourself lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on December 17, 2022 01:18:03

did you actually read those tweets? Twitter suppressed that story when it seemed to be hacked/misinfo, as spreading hacked materials violates their TOS. many of those 10 tweets were taibbi breathlessly posting cropped snippets of what appears to be a completely normal conversation between twitter's executive team responsible for moderating this content. Once the story gained some legs, they stopped suppressing it. All of this is normal behavior. What's the problem, other than your lack of critical reading skills?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 16, 2022 20:00:42

And now it's filled with people who think that buying Nvidia's most expensive GPU every year makes them Cool and Good At Computers

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on December 14, 2022 15:17:40

It seems to me that she was leaning into the "black community has embraced antisemitism, Farrakhan owns the ideological direction of the (especially celebrity) black mainstream" angle and Kareem was unwilling to concede that this is the dominant ideology. Disclaimer: prior to reading this, I had very little respect for Weiss as a journalist and I tend to agree with Kareem on most things, including this article.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on December 14, 2022 14:24:39

1080p is a low-end resolution. NVidia doesn't want to release cards targeting the low end, because the margins are lower. If you game on 1080p, you should absolutely not be considering any next gen graphics card. There's no point unless you want to push ridiculous framerates in non-competitive games.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on December 13, 2022 20:21:21

The shelter will know the pets history and may be able to suggest a cat that has been around dogs in the past. You may have to search multiple shelters to find the best fit. Cat Adoption Team in Sherwood is another place to look.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on December 13, 2022 18:43:59

His set at mystery land 2013 was one of the best festival sets I've ever seen. Absolutely insane blend of genres, perfectly captured the vibe of the day.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/electronicmusic on December 13, 2022 13:15:01

The good pub is Man City, Newcastle, PSG, F1 races/sponsorships, off the top of my head. Qatar WC 22 was an expensive failure of reputation laundering but these people have basically infinite money to continue doing the same thing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on December 13, 2022 12:41:35

he killed more germans than anyone in history. The state is its people and hitler murdered them on unprecedented scale. you are a nazi sympathizer and an abject idiot to boot. fuck yourself.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/todayilearned on December 11, 2022 22:03:51

You called him a good leader. And when I explain how he's not a good leader, your defense is "other dictators do it too" What is this, baby's first Nazi apologia? Am I talking to someone with no education whatsoever?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/todayilearned on December 11, 2022 20:50:36

I'm sure you could be doing more to kite effectively, but mm hunters are at a huge disadvantage because your spec is just terrible in pvp. So all else being equal, you will probably lose against most people, especially if they get the jump on you.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on December 11, 2022 15:12:32

This is a great perspective to have. Good luck with your studies

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on December 11, 2022 14:11:11

This dumb motherfucker thinks Hitler was alright aside from racism/genocide? So coups, destroying democracy, over investing in the military, repression of civil liberties, gun grabbing, destruction of unions, elimination of workers rights, and fighting pointless wars based on esoteric cultural fanfiction was all cool to you? Are you a fucking moron or just a wehraboo?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/todayilearned on December 11, 2022 11:47:17

I was in the middle of this comment when the dude's posts were deleted, so I'll just paste it here. For reference, the guy was saying that 70% of Americans "supported Hitler's policies" - note the ambiguity, it's likely that the deleted op planned to retreat to some ancillary nonsense like the Autobahn when. Challenged. But if course his numbers are wrong: _________ Opinion on persecution of Jews: 84% opposed to Hitler's most notable policy: Opinion on whether to join the war: 84% (not 96.4%) opposed: But that's only one snapshot in time. Opinions change: So I think you [deleted op] either accidentally bought some fascist propaganda, or you're selling it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/todayilearned on December 11, 2022 11:42:48

You don't know what ad hominem is

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 10, 2022 15:22:13

completely substance free response as expected

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 10, 2022 14:52:34

Bari Weiss and taibbi are professional IdPol scolds, with their supposed nemesis "cancel culture". Meanwhile, their careers are dependent on convincing rubes like you that they have been cancelled by an authoritarian, left media climate. In reality they have amplified their careers by embracing the right-wing narrative about the state of the media. They are the alt-media face of modern right-wing 'respectable journalism', but they are anything but respectable. Claiming no bias is laughable. Glenn greenwald is so reflexively contrarian that he pitched softballs to Alex Jones to promote Jones' fraudulent new documentary. Not a single ounce of pushback to be found. He has a long history of [sucking Putin's nuts] ( and regularly appears on Fox news. Taibbi made his name lambasting the architects of the 2008 crash calling them parasitic thieves stealing from the American people. He made his pivot after 2016, opposing journalists who treated trump the same way he treated the individuals and organizations that facilitated Lehman brothers and Goldman Sachs. Today, his brand exists in opposition to a supposed censorious and biased media. He holds the privilege to speak the truth as he sees it, but refuses the "mainstream media's" right to do the same. Bari Weiss is a Zionist who canceled herself over the firing of the NYT opinion editor, who was himself firing for republishing hard right authoritarian Texas senator Tom Cotton's editorial which promoted violating the civil rights of BLM protesters. Like greenwald and taibbi, her brand depends on threatening readers with the specter of an all powerful left media that can cancel anyone, as if screaming about just that hasn't made her extremely wealthy.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 10, 2022 12:45:59

Nah, I remember the pump and dump history of doge just fine. But im sure you're an 8 year holder just like every btc maxi bought at $50. Enjoy your post-ironic losses I suppose

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 9, 2022 15:19:42

>to give my middle finger to inflation Don't look up a 1yr $DOGE chart lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 9, 2022 15:08:55

I imagine the average Friedman listener as someone who either "liked the old Rogan" or considers themselves too smart for Rogan. Fridman has the charisma of a sack of turnips and doesn't seem to have any particular insight beyond his field of expertise. He lacks the interest or ability to push back hard enough when necessary. unlistenable

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 9, 2022 15:05:06

Did you steal that from a wine mom wall art inspo Pinterest?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 9, 2022 14:59:17

Investing in a Litecoin clone crypto that was started as a joke is still investing in crypto, my dude. If you seriously invested ironically, you're just throwing money away, which is your right, but also pretty stupid

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 9, 2022 14:52:30

as time goes on, fewer understand. Fewer people understanding means over time means we've become even earlier. This is good for Bitcoin.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 17:16:36

writing an essay is a good way to demonstrate that you can develop a complex argument and communicate it clearly. Not enjoying that process is understandable but your distaste doesn't reflect upon the value of the process itself. It just means that you don't like it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on December 7, 2022 15:51:49

> I'd personally much rather be a woman when it comes to this, actually. hm so you'd prefer to defer final decision making authority in your own relationship, but God says you can't because you're a man. and doing so would be a sin. It seems to me that this is yet another of the many areas where biblical morality fails the test of time. It is blatantly obvious that this should be a decision left up to the couple themselves, as there is nothing inherently better or worse about a man's decision making ability vs. a woman's. Upon what does God justify this discrimination?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/clevercomebacks on December 7, 2022 15:35:13

> GNP represents your society's labor value That's not a good definition of what GNP is. You seriously cannot stop confidently talking nonsense, can you? Educate yourself.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 6, 2022 15:26:55

> Currency issue must be pegged to GNP + Precious Metal reserves,

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 6, 2022 14:34:59

>It's not "goldbug nonsense", it's basic economics. It is not basic economics lmao, that's just what you tell yourself as reassurance that you're Extremely Smart and Obviously Correct. If this statement were accurate, the [IGM survey]( on the matter would be inverted from what it actually is

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 6, 2022 14:24:16

>The Federal Reserve has a weak, failing peg to crude oil in order to slow the death-spiral of its fiat currency, This is literally goldbug nonsense. Or maybe, if we're feeling especially stupid today, crypto nonsense

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on December 6, 2022 12:17:38

I have a KitchenAid fridge with the ice maker in the refrigerator door, and it doesn't have this problem. Sounds like a Samsung issue. I'm sure you're right that this design is more unreliable, though

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on December 4, 2022 12:51:06

hope you guys actually get an expansion team one of these days

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on December 4, 2022 01:05:56

Aw man now my feelings are hurt

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on December 3, 2022 13:23:08

Sorry, you're right, my mistake. I should have said "it's clearly a joke to those who can understand subtext in written communication", which you accurately point out doesn't include you or seemingly the majority of people.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on December 3, 2022 13:16:43

It was clearly a joke. Why do people say "well it was bad" to excuse their poor comprehension?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on December 3, 2022 13:10:18

His account is not deleted, that's what it looks like when you've been blocked. Not quite as much of a triumph, but it shows you got to him.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 3, 2022 11:44:20

dwayne, its time to drink your metamucil and get off the internet. Antiques roadshow is almost on

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 3, 2022 01:11:23

it's onlyFans for hack pundit blogspam

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 3, 2022 01:09:47

Does it have a TV adaptation? I prefer to read my books using my 4k video-kindle

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on December 2, 2022 18:31:51

If you listen to his depositions, there are multiple occasions where he has the opportunity to help himself in a legal sense by not continuing to insist that there are problems with the official narrative on sandy hook. He cannot stop himself from saying that there are still problems, under oath, in a way that directly cost him millions of dollars. He may have been a Limbaugh wannabe grifter, but it's clear that he's also a true believer of his own BS Alex Jones is certainly an antisemitic bigot even though he also steals from other antisemitic bigots

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 13:54:08

It would have to be protection from the feds AND SDNY. I have doubts

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 2, 2022 13:43:30

He was a mega asshole but he understood what consumers want. I think it's fair to say that he would have realized that people don't actually want cryptocurrencies, they just want number go up

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 14:16:05

you can also fix it by spamming jump during the loading screen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on November 30, 2022 21:13:45

"this is just one of the underperforming stores they're closing in Q5!" " I saw someone wearing a polo shirt going into the subway next door! Citadel psyop confirmed!"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on November 30, 2022 11:32:54

Have you read any Gene Wolfe?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 30, 2022 00:24:28

Gene wolfe, the book of the new sun is a good example. Ursula le guin as well

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 30, 2022 00:23:33

>Let people like what they like Let people dislike what they dislike. If you liking something is valid, and sharing that opinion is worthwhile, then me disliking it and sharing my opinion is equally valid. Part of the problem in the "book community", not that such a thing really exists in the first place, is toxic positivity and validation-seeking. Who cares if someone else thinks your Colleen Hoover books (or whatever) are trash? Their opinion doesn't matter, right? Like what you like! Unless... You're afraid maybe they're right and you do have bad taste? If you actually don't believe that people's negative opinions are relevant, it should be easier to act that way instead of crying about gatekeepers who point out that Dan Brown is a hack and his books are bad.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 28, 2022 16:01:40

/r/literature , /r/truelit

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 28, 2022 15:36:22

Because sharing negative opinions is part of having a discussion? If they outright say that anyone who likes the book has poor taste, then that's a bit rude. But it also might be true. I am comfortable saying that if you like _ready player two_, you lack discernment in your book preferences.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 28, 2022 14:37:10

>I don't know anyone that actually talks about local politics at Thanksgiving (although i'm sure some do that too). Now that's something to be thankful for! Just another layer of holiday discomfort to enjoy/ignore

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on November 28, 2022 14:21:08

>literally have 0 ability to change it (if you think you actually can change it, you're either a billionaire, or extremely naive) This isn't true. You have a lot more influence than you think if you get involved in specific issues on a local level and have decent social skills. However, that's a big time/personal investment that not everyone is interested in or capable of.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on November 28, 2022 14:06:01

yeah! he's just a cool guy who hates women and promotes an ignorant, violent, degenerate worldview. Oh, and he hates reading. He actually thinks reading is for stupid people. That's someone we should valorize. yep we get it, you're a child with no life experience or discernment. Some day, I hope you look back on this phase with embarrassment.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/facepalm on November 26, 2022 21:40:20

First of all, how dare you But no, it's not normal

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/CFB on November 26, 2022 19:58:44

The empty half is under construction

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/CFB on November 26, 2022 19:27:46

They're similar, but Corvallis is in the middle of the Willamette valley and Pullman is in the middle of cow shit and nothing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/CFB on November 26, 2022 16:49:51

Me criticizing your choices or the technology isn't reflective of my desire to control you, or of my envy for your supposed earnings. I have no need of either. I'm trying to get you to think critically about what you're actually saying, which is that Bitcoin is valuable because of technology. There is no evidence of this. I'm gonna stop talking to you now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 12:28:52

>it is a technology that has its applications and your hate honestly sounds like envy or Every time. I'm asking you a question, why isn't it being used for any of its applications if the technological capabilities of the Blockchain are what provides value? And if that's the case, why is Bitcoin the most valuable cryptocurrency? Does it have the best Blockchain implementation? (The answer is no, by the way)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 11:55:09

>The blockchain is technology at it purest Strip away the crypto pumper hype language please. What does this even mean? The "purest" technological invention, which is ready to provide better social media _and_ elections, but which has done neither thing in 14 years? There's absolutely no evidence of this. Actually revolutionary, mature technologies find at least one, but usually several killer use cases within 14 years of invention. You seem to be expecting us to just accept your assessment of Blockchain's potential utility, but neither you nor Blockchain has done much to support your case.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 11:45:42

I'm curious, how do you feel about paying $100 for a AAA game?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on November 24, 2022 23:27:07

Engravings - forest swords Crush - floating points

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Music on November 24, 2022 21:04:26

That person is credible in the field, but I don't agree with him, and judging from the responses, plenty of people in the field disagree. I will leave you and nando to your predictions, I am confident that time will prove you both wrong.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on November 23, 2022 18:01:45

>Many industry experts have adjusted their predictions for AGI to be before 2030, Can you provide a source for this that's actually a credible computer scientist or neuroscientist? I don't believe you and I couldn't find anything aside from clowns or the hype man for neuralink. I'm not about to trust "longtermist" nerds or vaporware hype men to tell me when AGI will take our jobs.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on November 23, 2022 16:11:38

What borrowed power systems do you feel constitute "the game" if raiding, m+, pvp, fashion and crafting don't qualify? Do you think wow is content-less without some bullshit character locked alt-unfriendly grind like covenants, azerite, legendaries etc? Genuinely don't understand why you'd prefer a game with mandatory elements like that which prevent you from playing alts and are not fun in the first place.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on November 23, 2022 13:54:59

You don't need to try so hard to prove you deserve that flair. Nobody is going to take it from you

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 12:37:31

I have a 5800x3d and 2070S and my PC crushes 1440p. Wow is not a GPU intensive game

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on November 20, 2022 01:22:00

>I don’t comment when I don’t know enough, but people love to Highly ironic statement based on all the other unsubstantiated bullshit you just typed here

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 19, 2022 16:04:40

Yeah! Nobody ever dies of heart problems

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on November 18, 2022 00:59:08

If they got in early, before jan '21, and took profits, yes. There is a financial cult around the stock now, they normally manipulate their cult's posts to the top of /r/all. People who are still investing in it are down for sure.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on November 17, 2022 15:52:45

I'm actually being paid very well to call you a rightoid moron, thanks for your concern

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 17, 2022 13:45:56

I'll direct you to re-read the qualifier "in the USA" that you conveniently omitted from your quote. I wouldn't say that the relation of labor to capital is inherently exploitive, and if we want to get into specifics, i would say it's not in denmark, for example. But it seems like you're just trying to epically dunk on commies or something, so I'll leave you to it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 17, 2022 13:32:36

Antiwork is a generally embarrassing subreddit, but so is noworking, it's full of reactionary bootstrap enjoyers. Their problem is that antiwork is correct about the fundamentally exploitive relationship of labor to capital in the USA, but the members are too ignorant to express that in reasonable ways. So basically the result of a community built around mocking that is a subreddit that exists to shit on poor and miserable people. Who cares if a large percentage of them could succeed if they worked hard? Someone will need to be flipping burgers either way and those people will be bitching about it, and cunts will tell them to pull themselves up by their bootstraps anyways, not seeing the forest for the trees. Example: current top post, highly upvoted comment advocating for a $0 minimum wage. This is just ignorant ancap shit posting with no foundation in economics. Studies of minimum wage laws consistently show unemployment effects do not match the increased income of low wage earners, resulting in net economic benefits as a result Verdict: not fun, miserable reactionary circlejerk

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 17, 2022 13:20:37

In this case it's probably because Solana is collapsing, not binance. yet.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 17, 2022 12:17:38

>bias that is generated by **information** existing within your head > hold **certain information** and discard or ignore other pieces of information > **information in their head** [that] compels them to pursue their ideology motherfucker where do you think this information should come from? school? or youtube videos you will later refer to as the object of your "research" damn dude why did you even type that, you're not even addressing my comment and you're very mad about it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 17, 2022 00:54:12

> Getting arts degrees is a part of that. No critical thinking learnt. are you saying that people with degrees in the domains i mentioned don't learn critical thinking as part of their coursework? you could make an argument about the relative market value of those fields, but if you control for quality of education I don't see how you can just make that assertion unless it's coming from a place of ignorance or arrogance. It shows a pretty profound lack of critical thinking to conflate all arts degrees like this actually.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 16, 2022 21:26:32

STEMbrain is when you think that becoming a good citizen just requires even more emphasis on career oriented disciplines. people don't become better citizens by learning molecular biology or computer science. They do so by learning ethics, philosophy, history and political science. You know, icky _liberal arts_

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 16, 2022 20:24:09

Thanks for mentioning that. I am now imagining an ass that could have been transplanted from one of those naked trump statues

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 16, 2022 17:45:43

That's true. But when you think about which party is in favor of regulations in theory, let alone in practice, it becomes obvious that the only party that would consider it is the democratic party. If you were to try to appeal to Republicans, you might use a different argument like perhaps national security

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 16, 2022 17:36:40

I agree with you lol. It is mismanaged, it got worse during COVID, the homeless problem is severe. But the people complaining about it haven't seen shit, it's still excellent in comparison to the real trash heaps of this country.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on November 16, 2022 00:17:51

that wouldn't have fixed the problem, he would have still been vulnerable to a run, because most of FTX's assets were in FTT (value proxy for the state of the company, kind of like stock) and SRM which is also value proxy for FTX's DeFi experiment, kind of like stock in a subsiidiary of FTX. SRM was EXTREMELY illiquid with the "free float" being less than 3% of the total tokens, and of the remaining 97%, FTX owned two thirds. You can see how this would be a problem regardless of whether their trading firm collapsed. source:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on November 15, 2022 16:36:01

It doesn't require a cabal. It only requires consolidated markets (nearly all of them) and CEOs who know how to signal to their competitors in earnings calls, which are public record. Oh look, that's exactly what happened:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 15, 2022 14:43:59

This is nonsense. People haven't lost trust in fiat currency in general and especially not the USD in particular. Whatever echo chamber you're stuck in, you should find the exit.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 15, 2022 14:31:22

Unlike Bitcoin, gold actually has some value as a medium of exchange of last resort (as well as decorative/commercial uses, obviously) but conflating the base utility of gold with the goldbug eschatology is what I take issue with. It's nonsense, just like the promises of Bitcoin are nonsense. If you think gold will moon because of the imminent collapse of the dollar, you are just as economically ignorant as butters.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 15, 2022 13:21:23

Sounds like it might shock you to learn that central bankers are already aware of goldbugs and silverbugs lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 15, 2022 10:41:30

Damn dude you got sucked into boomer bitcoin

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 14, 2022 23:21:42

Extremely reductive. > It's all about balance A balance of _what?_ must we strike a balance between green vegetables and processed carb heavy garbage? What is your point?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on November 14, 2022 22:55:26

The only possible way that this sub is dead in 2025 is if Bitcoin dies in 2024

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 14, 2022 10:52:14

well, it doesn't take long to get back to level 10 so you might want to just make another character. If you want the name or just want to keep the character, submit a request here:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on November 13, 2022 21:04:01
/r/SneerClub/comments/yu175o/im_sorry_but_if_you_have_convinced_yourself_that/iw92l1s/ Solid sneer here

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SneerClub on November 13, 2022 16:51:10

Uh, excuse me, it's called "nominative determinism" and it's _literally_ science, sweaty. Check yourself and re-tighten your radiation deflection cap, the government FIAT mind control rays are sleeping through

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 13, 2022 13:43:35

You would know better than I do, but It seems likely that most of these exchanges/"projects” would have eventually become insolvent as a result of crypto crashing, regardless of terraluna's implosion, and the latter just accelerated the timeline somewhat.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SneerClub on November 13, 2022 13:32:18

> /r/redscarepod denizen People who participate in a community built around two illiterate aesthetic "leftists" are always welcome here brother. No need to be ashamed. We can't read either

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on November 13, 2022 13:03:23
/r/WorkReform/comments/yt7q8c/time_for_a_tech_union_as_workers_lives_upended_by/iw4ub67/ > Operating income decreased to $2.5 billion in the third quarter, compared with $4.9 billion in third quarter 2021. North America segment operating loss was $0.4 billion, compared with operating income of $0.9 billion in third quarter 2021. International segment operating loss was $2.5 billion, compared with operating loss of $0.9 billion in third quarter 2021. AWS segment operating income was $5.4 billion, compared with operating income of $4.9 billion in third quarter 2021. Q3 profit was $5.4b from AWS on $20.5B. For amazon minus AWS, profit was negative: ($1.4B) on $106.6B

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WorkReform on November 12, 2022 18:42:15

you can google it. AWS has huge profit margins but relatively small revenue compared to On any given year, AWS accounts for most of Amazon's profit margins

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WorkReform on November 12, 2022 17:03:10

Has anyone seen Jensen Huang and CZ in the same room together? Think about it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 12, 2022 16:01:20

Yeah, there are some, but most of them are much smaller. People like to see their content creators making their best O face in thumbnails. These people are just playing the game. Patrick Boyle makes good videos regardless of what his thumbnails look like.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 12, 2022 14:26:26

You may have a point there, at that time I had a general disdain for crypto but wasn't particularly invested. Now, I'm paying much more attention.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SneerClub on November 12, 2022 13:01:15

Whatever you do, don't look up what happened to investors bank accounts during the 2008 collapse! The size of the losses will shock you 😮😮

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 12, 2022 12:23:51

Idk, this year seems busy from my perspective. 3AC, Voyager, Celsius, terra, helium (ongoing), blockfi, hodlnaut, there are others I'm forgetting. Sure, perhaps less outright scammy than the heyday of shitcoin rug pulls, and ICOs, but it's been a busy year for scams collapsing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SneerClub on November 12, 2022 11:47:01

> You see. The time to reevaluate crypto has come, at the exact moment I realized there might be problems with it. It couldn't possibly have been even one second before now. - me, a rationalist, frequent Updater of Priors

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SneerClub on November 12, 2022 00:43:39

That's not a proper benchmark, you probably just had something wrong with your previous windows install. Your findings are an extreme outlier compared to every tech review I've seen.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on November 11, 2022 20:05:04

Yeah, that's a sign of instability in the ecosystem but I wouldn't consider it a real depeg, it's already recovered. For now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on November 10, 2022 13:12:07

On this timeline, the crash is coming much sooner than that. It'll happen when tether depegs

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on November 10, 2022 12:21:28

Yeah, of course I have a 401k. I happily invest it in things that, if they were to crash, then we'd all have bigger problems than money. I'm mostly being glib, my point is that I don't feel bad for people who get burned

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 11:01:33

Yeah, when the investment is as obviously malicious and antisocial as cryptocurrency, I do. And anyways, isn't the golden rule of investing to never invest what you can't afford to lose? Surely nobody did that, so it's just an expensive lesson, right?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 10:45:07

But that's the worst thing about it. _it's not intended to be YA._ Cline wrote with people his age as part of the target demo

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on November 8, 2022 16:35:51

From this comment I can only assume that your reading comprehension is absolute dogshit. Please get off social media and learn to read

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 6, 2022 15:09:34

You need to look at the spec page on the manufacturer's website.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on November 5, 2022 19:17:51

Why can't you people ever figure out that these engineers are delivering features for the customers of the company ie. Advertisers?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 4, 2022 20:47:49

Tankie moment. "It's ok that North Korea is in a permanent state of violence against its own populace! They are too poor and isolated to project military power beyond the yellow sea. This makes them very peaceful 😇😇😇"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 4, 2022 15:38:10

The word is "dissent," my dude

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on November 4, 2022 00:16:10

Can you explain how kyrie is being "persecuted" in a way that doesn't include literally everyone who faces consequences from their employer for breaking corporate PR policy according to their terms of employment? Or are you talking about the backlash received from normal people? In which case you need to explain how his treatment is any worse than people getting dragged for saying the Holocaust didn't happen. Consequences are not persecution. Backlash isn't persecution. Taking action in response to public statements isn't persecution.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 3, 2022 23:41:08

The value of a diamond (within the semi arbitrary framework of diamond jewelry that we all love to hate) is based on size, coloring and features that are influenced by its shape, facets and coloring. So you could destroy a diamond by chipping or cracking it. You'd still have smaller diamonds but they would be worth little or nothing.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on November 3, 2022 22:39:33

I don't know, how about union organizing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on November 3, 2022 22:11:43

The point is for every Bitcoin there are dozens of plays that seem like a 10 bagger but tank or flatline or go to zero. You're more likely to miss a lot and come out way behind if you invest like that. This is why playing for high risk plays is a bad strategy. You are statistically unlikely to succeed and statistically likely to lose quite a bit of money.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 23:08:04

Nak won, taste of Sichuan, Frank's noodle house (shit on in this very thread so ymmv), Westgate, boriken, ramen ryoma, the restaurant in Indian connection supermarket, blu olive (good but not sure it's worth the drive), broder has a restaurant in Beaverton as well.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on November 2, 2022 22:43:42

There are literal Greek gods and Medusa in the game lmfao.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/DotA2 on November 1, 2022 23:30:11

It has good restaurants and a Uwajimaya. That's it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on November 1, 2022 22:02:55

That's your problem, he was pretty clear.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on November 1, 2022 16:29:21

Probably druid. Last I checked, druid also had the fewest buttons so if you have an MMO mouse you can probably reduce hand strain even further

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wow on October 31, 2022 22:59:47

yeah tiktok definitely bad. reddit bad too but here we are

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 31, 2022 16:45:44

i'll just give you one blatantly obvious reason, looking forward to your response: elon musk has an incentive to blame this on bots because it fits his pre-existing narrative for Why Twitter is Bad: Too many bots. If that's not the case, he has to confront the reality that publicly advertising that you plan to reduce moderation results in a predictable increase in the kind of content that would previously have been moderated. This reveals his sophomoric obsession with free speech on pseudonymous platforms as naive and unrealistic, which is a direct attack on his image as a savvy, intelligent technologist.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on October 30, 2022 15:18:43

You know what else has a full set of my chromosomes? A fingernail. A tumor. Any cell with a nucleus. Why do you think that defines what a human life is? For a non religious person you seem to have a very incoherent, supernatural idea of what actually defines personhood. Are you a dualist or a materialist? If the former, how can something unmeasurable be the basis for rational policy decisions? If the latter, how can you define something as human when they lack the required cell structure to generate thought? If a baby was found to have no brain, is it unethical to abort?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on October 30, 2022 12:17:51

Yeah, search the subreddit for it, there was a huge thing months back

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on October 29, 2022 00:30:34

>We will have to become content as poorer, more local people. No flights. No driving. Vegan food, in season, grown locally. More frequent hunger. Less medicine. This is an impossible wish. You need to communicate a more optimistic vision of the future in order to outcompete the business-as-usual neolibs and the authoritarian right. Nobody will ever be satisfied with this even if you're correct about the scale of degrowth necessary, which I don't think you are. It's not even an internally coherent prognosis. There are maybe 2 or 3 north American cities that can even function without personal vehicles, yet you say that we will have to be satisfied with no driving AND no construction to fix the problem? If the problem is societal collapse from climate change and ecological destruction, and your proposed solution is societal collapse of a different kind, you're fucked

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on October 28, 2022 17:50:54

They do. They have representation at the local, county and state levels. Rural people are not a special class of citizen whose lifestyle entitles them to more than 1 vote worth of representation. Rural people are already overrepresented in most states and federally. I agree with you in the sense that our system isn't as representative as it should be, but my solution to that is a legitimate multi-party system with alternative (star/RCV) voting and proportional representation at both the state and federal level. I would like to ally with anyone who wants a more representative democracy, but right-wing extremists have taken over the republican party and they do not want fair elections or equitable representation, they just want power and don't seem to care much about democracy.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 27, 2022 20:00:46

You say "3 counties," I say "majority of the people in the state". Do you think land votes, or that conservatives should have more representation because they live farther apart from democrats on average?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 27, 2022 19:44:58

Yeah, I enjoy mocking your dumb opinions and your gish gallop rhetorical style

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on October 27, 2022 17:24:29

This entire comment is fucking stupid and I'm embarrassed for you that you spent any amount of time writing this.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on October 27, 2022 17:17:14

not necessarily. it just requires emphasizing the "well-regulated militia" portion of 2A rather than the "shall not be infringed" section. Of course, that wouldn't happen with our current supreme court, but there is a wide latitude under the second amendment depending on how it is interpreted.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/politics on October 27, 2022 01:59:35

yeah man i know! who in the world would assume the worst of someone who loads two guns and over a hundred rounds of ammunition on the back of their pavement princess pickup's driver seat? is that a real question? This person is without doubt a huge fucking loser. they deserve to be judged.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Justrolledintotheshop on October 24, 2022 19:15:18

some industries have realized that if they set that expectation, they tend to get a bunch of employees who appear busy but don't do shit. Or, they are prestige industries like Big Law/Consulting/medical/accounting which are known to be fucking sweat shops. most IT/software shops are not like this. You have your expected output, if you are performing well but wasting some time, nobody cares. Everyone wants the tryhards who use 8 hours efficiently every day, but setting that expectation is counterproductive and leads to burnout.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 23, 2022 22:28:32

> excellent imagination Mods! This man right here

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on October 23, 2022 16:14:15

people who need adderall react differently to it than people who don't. Source: Me, who doesn't need it and experiences strong stimulant effects from it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on October 22, 2022 01:20:55
/r/Unexpected/comments/y9dj7w/i_wonder_if_you_know_how_they_live_in_tokyo/it5x7po/ is it really doing ok though? The us is the richest country on earth. However, we are behind every major western european liberal democracy aside from Spain. According to this metric, we are closer to Russia than Germany.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Unexpected on October 21, 2022 00:05:52

i will, thanks. enjoy roleplaying sisyphus rather than putting in the work necessary to actually understand the problem. Honestly, if you have that much effort to invest in talking about the benefit of 3rd parties, i don't understand why you would consciously choose to invest that effort in the least effective way possible. Are you opposed to alternative voting methods like RCV? Why not tell people about that as well? It seems like a natural segue from the starting point of having convinced them that voting for 3rd parties is good or worth considering.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on October 20, 2022 23:39:04

well, in tesla/spaceX's case, they abuse people who are passionate about the mission, and/or people who are musk fanboys.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on October 20, 2022 22:33:22

> “it’s not true” or “ITS NOT EVERYONE” don’t fucking understand that this is a serious issue and not a hot take on some social media website. dude your own site doesn't even support your statement 1.64% more problem drinking, 3.53% more prescription drug abuse. Not earth-shattering stuff. These charts, linked in the article prove that other industries have it much worse: Also, it's literally not everyone. Source: Me and my coworkers with decent tech gigs. I have known some people with substance abuse problems, as I think everyone in any industry has. But to say it's everyone is just nonsense. not sure why you think you can speak authoritatively about the entire tech industry.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on October 20, 2022 22:30:07

>Well, it worked for me! Yes, thanks for the reminder that you don't understand the problem or the solution.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on October 20, 2022 20:42:30

i think you'll find that tilting at windmills is not good enough for anyone at all -- including you -- unless your objective is to be a pretentious contrarian with an analytical deficit.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on October 20, 2022 19:14:35

What an inability to engage in systems thinking does to a person. You should direct your energy towards promoting alternate voting methods that enable permanent multi-party elections, rather than arguing for a 3rd party within the current system, which will inevitably collapse into another unrepresentative duopoly. You're literally fighting against both Game Theory and human nature, don't you realize that?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on October 20, 2022 18:50:37

Soniqs betboom g2

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/DotA2 on October 18, 2022 22:33:18

> For me its being strongly politically/socially aligned and not even being open to debate or alternative views to such a level that you have an us vs them mentality so conservatives are woke by your definition. but in common english, conservatives use it as a pejorative to describe anything liberals do, and liberals previously used it to mean "aware of social inequity and systemic injustice" which is its original definition in AAVE. This definition has fallen out of favor due to the way conservatives have bastardized it so your definition is pretty garbage, and you are communicating poorly as a result.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on October 17, 2022 01:37:16

1. There's nothing to intellectually engage with in your comment, just ignorant nonsense. 2. I don't know what race you are, and confusing it's/its and their/they're/there isnt the Hallmark of AAVE or any other dialect. It just reveals you as mildly illiterate, like many people of every race. Its a nice one two punch with your economic illiteracy

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 16, 2022 15:23:18

Their* Its*

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 16, 2022 14:56:06

Seriously? Windows core already exists and nobody uses it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 15, 2022 23:58:20

Your metabolism doesn't slow down significantly in your 20s for age related reasons. I don't know your situation, but that's not why you're becoming unhealthy.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationships on October 15, 2022 22:32:49

Don't listen to that other person, they're a weird loon. You should say something, frame it as being concerned for his health, because you are, but be prepared to bail if he responds poorly, which he probably will.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationships on October 15, 2022 22:30:12

> LOL... no, Harry Potter was advanced reading in the 4th grade. I'd call something like Atlas Shrugged 'advanced' for college students (content aside). Ah yes, the notoriously opaque prose and confusing allegories of Atlas Shrugged. As I often say, Ayn Rand is what Joyce would have been were he not a fart sniffing degenerate libtard

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on October 15, 2022 18:13:12

Flair based prejudice is stupid as fuck my dude get a grip

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/DotA2 on October 14, 2022 12:36:07

Saying this excuses her bad behavior. If you have low self esteem and cope by judging and insulting others, you are a bad person irrespective of your self esteem issues. Who cares if she's unhappy with herself? I would not tolerate this behavior regardless of the excuse. As adults we are responsible for developing healthy coping methods for our problems.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on October 14, 2022 12:27:06

Yeah, that is insane. Windows is less important to Microsoft than ever, but they are not planning to abandon NT and the windows ecosystem for Linux.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/linux on October 14, 2022 00:41:50

Shoulda done it, that's funny

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on October 13, 2022 23:39:59

like others have said, it's not well studied so we don't know for sure. However, with your example of taking a bump before going to the gym, it wouldn't last long enough to get you through your workout, and on the way down you tend to want to do more (not that bad IME but other people have described this urge as powerful so it depends on the person). It's not like getting high or drunk where you can ride it out and stay buzzed for hours. Personally, the most addictive part of coke for me was the actual act of insufflation. Idk what it is but i love putting drugs in my nose. So it seems like it has the potential to be more psychologically addicting than alcohol, similar to how the act of cigarette smoking is what gets most smokers, but less physically addicting than alcohol.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/oddlysatisfying on October 13, 2022 22:42:06

Nah those days are over, graphics cards are still overpriced but not extremely. Aside from the new gen that just came out, but not many people actually need those

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LifeProTips on October 13, 2022 22:05:09

Sorry bud, critical thinking has little to do with dogwhistling, inventing conspiracies or misunderstanding the 1st amendment, which is all you've done so far. I am enjoying irritating you though. Wanna keep replying? It's fun watching you seethe

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 13, 2022 21:04:03

This entire comment is cringe. I've seen the video you're referencing, I don't think it's particularly noteworthy that special interests are pushing narratives via media. That's not new and Sinclair owned news stations were caught doing the exact same thing. Regardless, trump has in fact turned out to be dangerous to our democracy so ultimately that video is just a demonstration of a factual anti-republican media campaign. Are you equally outraged about this: The rest of it is nonsense. Sure I'm a CIA operative or a sheep for not agreeing that "THEY" (HMM who could you be referring to here? Nobody could possibly understand this jet-engine sized dogwhistle) have put out a financial hit on Alex Jones. Defamation is a tort. Alex Jones committed defamation. Following existing defamation laws is not a challenge to the first amendment. the size of the fine is being appealed. You are conspiratorial and unintelligent.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 13, 2022 19:35:01

I'm not disputing that the information is readily available. I'm telling you that people don't think about it that way and probably also don't check the site you're referencing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 13, 2022 16:41:33

Right, but I think people get hung up on all the stuff that chrome doesn't gather, and miss the fact that Google has other ways of tracking you via search and ads. Their fingerprinting methodology is definitely robust enough to gather data about you in incognito and they don't say that they don't do that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 13, 2022 16:31:46

_Sandy Hook: An American Tragedy and the Battle for Truth_ by Elizabeth Williamson may be a good option. I haven't read it but it covers a lot of the same information discussed by the podcast. She's been a guest on the podcast a couple of times.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 15:44:08

> violation of the first amendment defamation has been illegal for the entire history of the country and beyond. This is not a first amendment issue and You do not have a right under the first amendment to slander a private citizen's good name and jones did so knowingly. Your reply demonstrates that you are either so ignorant of basic first amendment law that nobody should pay attention to the things you say about 1A topics, or you are operating in bad faith in which case nobody should pay attention to you.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 13, 2022 14:42:24

>Also apparently using your brain to connect the dots is worthy of the tinfoil catchphrase. Yeah, schizos think they're connecting the dots all the time. Wanna explain the "real victims" shit or are you going to keep boring me with your persecution complex

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 12, 2022 23:30:20

I think you're excessively cynical about him dodging payment. I don't doubt that he'll continue to have his audience and sell his pills, though.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 12, 2022 22:16:49

> actual victims next level delusion lmao. quick, go buy some super male vitality, your tinfoil daddy needs you more than ever.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 12, 2022 21:02:32

they have an extremely good chance of piercing the corporate veil in his bankruptcy proceedings. I agree that he'll never pay 1B but they may reduce him to what amounts to a one-man podcast show through garnishing his assets to pay the victims. He pretends not to give a shit because he knows his audience will not accept weakness from him. He definitely cares about this.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 12, 2022 20:59:59

Or, like me, you can afford it but don't want it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on October 12, 2022 16:22:08

At the very least I would wait to know more about the index 2 before you make that decision. That's what I'm doing.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 12, 2022 13:05:08

Even then it doesn't make sense for 3 reasons: 1. it's a huge time investment just to get things working across multiple game engines, frameworks and codebases, and the payoff vs. Just Selling Stuff In Both Games is unclear 2. In this scenario, the publisher is the trusted authority, as the publisher owns all games. Therefore, trustlessness -- one of the only supposed use cases of crypto that even passes the sniff test -- is irrelevant. There is nothing about NFTs that makes them useful or necessary in this scenario. Valve could allow you to use your CSGO knife in dota if they wanted to. No NFTs involved. 3. If the items are cosmetics, it cannibalizes the profit of the games receiving transfers, destroying the art style in the process. If the items affect the game, it's a balancing nightmare. NFTs are a joke man

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 12, 2022 12:35:14

Nobody is replacing their smartphone with a headset man

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 12, 2022 12:17:46

Don't buy an index, it's pretty old at this point. Valve is very likely to be designing the index 2 right now.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on October 12, 2022 12:12:12


Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 12, 2022 00:18:21

i (mostly) successfully redirected my dog by teaching her to lick on command. Any time she would get mouthy i would flip my hand over palm up which made her want to lick it, and give my command, she started to pick it up pretty quickly, you could probably put a bit of peanut butter on your hand if it doesn't work initially. The problem is, now she's a licker. but it's a huge improvement.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Dogtraining on October 11, 2022 22:09:44

My favorite kind of low stakes conspiracy theory. I'm in, grabbing the tinfoil now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 11, 2022 20:48:55

A naturalistic belief in hierarchies of human beings and the desire to either enforce those hierarchies via state power (fascists, theocrats) or allow some external mechanism like markets to enforce hierarchies for them (ancaps)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 11, 2022 20:39:58

Agreed. Him or someone like palmer luckey seem likely

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 11, 2022 20:36:11

No, I game at 1440p and graphics arent incredibly important to me. I also hate the idea of buying some 4 slot monstrosity that wastes tons of power. I can afford it, but I don't want to spend money supporting those choices

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on October 11, 2022 18:38:48

I have a wild idea for you: it's possible to like an artist's music without aggressively swallowing their whole cock all over the internet. You should try it 💀

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on October 9, 2022 21:45:53

Lol he said he's never read a book. This is fully in character

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on October 9, 2022 21:36:22

I propose a ban on saying anything that resembles "wow [geopolitical/historical thing] is just like Harry Potter!!!" Very cringe when your go to analogy is a children's book written by a morally bereft new labour shitbag

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on October 9, 2022 12:24:57

Two different people replied to you. I wanted to see how little substance there was behind your comment.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on October 9, 2022 12:09:29

No, no you don't get it (Few...). Anarchy is when Mom can't tell me to make my bed which is cool and based. That's how deep my theory goes.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 9, 2022 12:03:24

_Debt, the first 5000 years_ by David graeber discusses this in depth as well. Great book.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on October 9, 2022 11:58:32

you do play those games because your previous comment described desantis as "based". highly ironic that when you receive an emotional reply, your response is to have a kneejerk reaction in the opposite direction. Legitimately feels over reals nonsense.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on October 8, 2022 22:26:00

I'm just curious why you would say that, like legitimately. I don't delve into dogshit opinions much so my understanding of your affliction is like golf ball sized in respect.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on October 8, 2022 22:04:45

> “We’re not talking about a 50 percent decline in nutrient density, so if you’re getting a variety of different-coloured fruits and vegetables, you’ll still meet your nutritional needs,” says Kristi Crowe-White, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on October 8, 2022 18:07:11

> “We’re not talking about a 50 percent decline in nutrient density, so if you’re getting a variety of different-coloured fruits and vegetables, you’ll still meet your nutritional needs,” says Kristi Crowe-White, an associate professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama If it's not a 50% decline, it's definitely not an 86% decline

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on October 8, 2022 18:06:18

Smh. I know for a fact that John Green is a voracious weightreader. He devours barbooks.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on October 6, 2022 16:43:49

Levels of self-hatred and guilt previously unknown to humankind

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on October 6, 2022 00:04:17

> we all need an escape from reality from time to time . > [I read] *Almost exclusively* trashy romance novels Hmmmm

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on October 5, 2022 14:18:43

I don't think it's that out of place or pretentious to use 'stultify' here, but 'Atrophy' would be a more common synonym.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on October 5, 2022 13:46:06

I think this is an overcorrection lol. If you don't like the show for non-bigoted reasons, you should be able to talk about it without being called a bigot. I haven't seen she-hulk and probably never will, but I saw and didn't like The Wheel of Time, The Last Jedi or Captain marvel, should I be called a bigot for those opinions because lots of reactionary bigots also don't like those things?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on October 4, 2022 22:40:45

You're asking if it makes sense to pay several hundred dollars for a barely perceptible performance uplift. Most people would say the answer is no, especially since if you have money to burn, you'd buy a more expensive replacement.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on October 4, 2022 12:18:11
/r/pics/comments/xuk52p/the_granddaughters_of_an_iranian_regime_cleric/iqxi4hl/ is this what you're talking about?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on October 3, 2022 16:31:45

did you watch the video? he says that although there are hundreds of examples of people dying from misuse of Nyquil-like products, nobody has actually died from nyquil chicken. It's a cool video, but nobody has actually done this yet (that we're aware of)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/dankmemes on October 2, 2022 22:35:59

the companies that are choosing how to sell their products "give two fucks how this impacts [their] bottom line" and they are telling you that you cannot buy their products in NFT form. what is the NFT solution to platform owners denying you the opportunity to put their game product key on the blockchain and resell it? come on, you're gonna have a lightbulb moment, just think about it for a second. Learning new things is cool!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technews on October 2, 2022 14:44:34

yes, there is purple Lib Right for when authrights want to call libertarians pedos

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Gamingcirclejerk on October 2, 2022 01:20:25

No, I don't think blockchains are fit for purpose and I don't subscribe to libertarian economic axioms which hold that actively managing fiscal policy is a Bad Thing. There is no replacement for regulation, especially not No Regulation.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 29, 2022 14:08:49

Lightning payments aren't free, it costs money to open and close the channel, which you need one of for each payer-seller couple. It's also incredibly poorly designed and cannot scale efficiently for many reasons including pathfinding and the aforementioned pair structure. As for paying in USD over Bitcoin rails, why the fuck would I do that? How is it better than paying in USD over traditional financial applications such as PayPal, credit card, venmo etc. I prefer having a trusted authority to adjudicate transactions and reduce the impact of fraud. There is no Bitcoin use case that is superior to a non-blockchain implementation, aside from suckering ignorant butters like you into a greater fool scheme. I hope you can take profits at some point in the future. Seriously, I am wishing you the best.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 29, 2022 13:29:58

That's a bad counterargument, it is controlled to various degrees by the miners, exchanges (hello tether/bitfinex!) And developers of the bitcoin protocol. Each of these parties is quite centralized in reality and each have various incentives to be corrupt. Butters think that Bitcoin is decentralized but in reality it is not. The premises of their argument are incorrect.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 29, 2022 13:22:56

There's no "word soup" involved, but I suppose I'm not surprised that you don't know the correct form of the idiom is "word salad". Maybe you were going for "alphabet soup" and got some wires crossed, idk. Regardless, if you want to externalize blame for your lack of comprehension, or accuse me of using sockpuppets to upvote myself, I don't mind. The cringe speaks for itself.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 15:20:05

Math isn't rude, you are. You also clearly don't understand what I was even saying. At this point, I'm convinced that it's your problem, rather than anything to do with my writing style. Have a nice day.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 10:41:01

> You’re giving me a goddamn stroke. We're just talking past each other, and you're being a bit rude about it. Let's stop here

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 02:07:05

> I’m just going to first politely say, you have a chaotic way of writing that can deliver a migraine directly through a screen. This is the first time i've heard that, but thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure what's so confusing. You said two things in your last comment that i disagreed with, so i addressed them in order. Then, I tried to explain why i'm even talking to you in the first place. > I want to say that the person you called snarky, who essentially asked, “how are we any different from input/output systems”, made a great point. I don't think it's a great point at all, so we disagree there. More on this below. >“If the Human brain were so simple that we could understand it, we would be so simple that we couldn’t” that's not what i'm saying at all. I'm saying we don't know enough to say "how are we any different from input/output systems" in any more than literal terms, which is not a good point at all, it's trivial. So is newton's third law. So is a ouija board.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 01:55:11

> The main line where you rolled off the train tracks is when you said that math is “literally invented”. Not to be too combative, but this is just mathematics pedantry. You are correct that mathematical formulas are discovered rather than invented. when algorithms such as those that underlie neural networks are described, they are often said to have been invented. That's what i was referring to when i said we invented the math for "AI." What you got into a debate about was some other guy snarkily questioning how our brains are different from a very sophisticated linear algebra calculator. The obvious answer is we can describe current AI systems in terms of math. We cannot do so for our brains because we don't understand, and what we do understand makes it clear that we haven't been able to make ML/Neural Networks 'think' very much like us at all. That's a separate discussion from whether we will one day be able to do so, which we agree is theoretically possible but very difficult. This brings us back around to the original claim, which is that people describing ML/Neural Networks/Deep Learning as "AI" are overstating the sophistication of their technology by associating it with higher-level cognition despite scant evidence. That was the reason I replied in the first place, to support this stance.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 01:04:45

Right. I'm not trying to take a stance against the theory that probably everything in existence is reducible to math. But surely you see the difference between math that we not only have the formula for, but literally invented, and cognition, the research on which you could reasonably describe as so incomplete that we don't even know the parameters of the equations from which to build the grand unified equation of human thought. It's a lot like saying that because we have the mathematical formula for the Strong Force, the hypothetical unified field theory equation is just more complicated math. Saying that is probably true but also holds no explanatory power for how close we are to understanding it in terms of math.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 00:25:21

Assuming other people are just faking higher level thought strikes me as a very self-centered and arrogant perspective. More logical to assume that since you are yourself and not them, there is something about their inner lives that you don't fully understand since all you will ever have is a N=1 sample size of the qualia of being human

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 00:09:37

What are you talking about? Lol We don't understand human cognition. Hardly at all. On the other hand, we understand ML comparatively very well. So without a solid understanding of how people think, we are unable to explain human thought in terms of math or statistics because we literally don't understand it well enough to describe. However, the obvious deficiencies of ML models mean that we can be very confident that they don't 'think' like we do and cannot ever do so without basically being something else. That's why people say AI is a hype term.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 27, 2022 00:04:46

No, it's not. If it were that simple, we would be able to simulate a human brain at fractional speeds. We don't understand enough about neurology and cognition to simulate a human brain, so saying it's just a really fast calculator is reductive to the point of nonsense. Might as well say "the brain is just really good at thinking and computers aren't."

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 26, 2022 23:49:36

for most dementia-related studies, the answer is bound to be nothing due to how little we understand the etiology of the disease. What we know about prevention hasn't really changed in decades: eat a mediterranean diet, get cardiovascular exercise, control blood pressure, body weight and stimulate your mind through mental exercise and new experiences.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on September 26, 2022 17:13:55

actually I went to edit punctuation and saw it was already at 0, but thanks for not denying that you did it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ThatsInsane on September 26, 2022 16:46:57

Throughout all of history, people with power murdered and persecuted those without. Now you pesky enlightenment thinkers invented "human rights" and say we shouldn't do that anymore???

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ThatsInsane on September 26, 2022 16:22:42

Two things are true: the_law_of_pizza is a status quo poster, but they actually do seem to be knowledgeable about finance to the point where they probably are not lying about being a finance attorney. However, you should distrust them when they throw up their hands and claim that nothing can be done to solve broad problems like wealth inequality. On the other hand, he's right to say that, /r/superstonk posters are part of a conspiratorial financial cult with a tenuous grasp on reality, stock market dynamics, and how to affect social change. They don't actually want to solve any problems in the stock market because they believe they already have the solution: buy more $GME stock and become wildly, personally rich from it. It's deranged nonsense that won't do anything to fix any problem, and trying to hitch their wagon to legitimate issues that were addressed in one segment of a job Stewart show is just sad and pathetic. They are trying to sell you a solution in the form of an offer to become bagholders of a dying company along with them.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on September 26, 2022 13:18:32

Two things are true: the_law_of_pizza is a status quo poster, but they actually do seem to be knowledgeable about finance to the point where they probably are not lying about being a finance attorney. However, you should distrust them when they throw up their hands and claim that nothing can be done to solve broad problems like wealth inequality. On the other hand, he's right to say that, /r/superstonk posters are part of a conspiratorial financial cult with a tenuous grasp on reality, stock market dynamics, and how to affect social change. They don't actually want to solve any problems in the stock market because they believe they already have the solution: buy more $GME stock and become wildly, personally rich from it. It's deranged nonsense that won't do anything to fix any problem, and trying to hitch their wagon to legitimate issues that were addressed in one segment of a job Stewart show is just sad and pathetic. They are trying to sell you a solution in the form of an offer to become bagholders of a dying company along with them.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on September 26, 2022 13:17:27

absolutely. I should have been more clear, I watched the game and he wasn't good. But he's a sophomore and a one game sample size isn't enough. I was just being snarky

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on September 26, 2022 00:40:22

True for people with amazing box scores, but on the other hand people said the same thing to excuse Connor cook's awful box scores and he was one of the most atrocious NFL QBs I've ever seen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on September 25, 2022 19:03:57

The Caleb Williams whose team just hung a fat 17 bomb on Oregon State after getting a +4 turnover margin?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on September 25, 2022 16:06:01

Just KSA isn't "most" North Korea, Eritrea, south Sudan, Iran, Russia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, venezuela, Myanmar...

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on September 25, 2022 14:21:47

That's also true. The best case scenario would be for more people to use firefox to put them in a stronger bargaining position. However, not very many people use adblockers and most probably won't switch to firefox. Hell, I still use brave for now although i will probably switch to firefox as a meaningless gesture. I hate that google has crippled their apps on firefox. google maps on firefox is so bad.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/memes on September 25, 2022 03:18:34

you know that you can change the search provider in firefox _and_ brave right? search indexing has nothing to do with your browser choice and everything to do with your search engine choice.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/memes on September 25, 2022 03:04:45

> If Google stopped paying Firefox to be the default search engine, Mozilla would have to fire most of their staff. Google doesn't want Netscape Lawsuit v2 so they won't do this

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/memes on September 25, 2022 03:01:38


Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LivestreamFail on September 25, 2022 00:52:08

Serious question? Yeah. They were.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on September 23, 2022 01:25:06

actually he's talking to me, and i don't post there.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 22, 2022 19:22:28

Not particularly. I just know what a justice system is for, and how to spot a shitbag

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 22, 2022 17:17:31

> he's there to be punished No. He's there to be separated from society since he cannot participate in it constructively. Anything you suggest beyond that is just a reflection of your own moral degeneracy

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 22, 2022 17:05:31

Buy ETFs. If you think you're smart enough for individual stocks or options, slap yourself as hard as you can and buy ETFs Unless you like losing all your money, then buy SPY options like the top minds of this sub

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on September 22, 2022 16:38:54

Yes. Wallstreetbets and similar braindead stock gambling subs use it all the time

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on September 22, 2022 14:21:08

Reddit has been perma-banning accounts for saying it, lately. Mostly in wsb and adjacent subreddits

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on September 22, 2022 14:03:30

gambling on games?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on September 22, 2022 02:33:59

> surely the most influential alright, that's also not true. No need to overreact here. Surely there are individual artists who at least have an argument. michael jackson, prince, Elvis, John Williams, take your pick from one of handful of jazz-related musicians including Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles. Madonna. Stevie Wonder. David Bowie.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/entertainment on September 21, 2022 03:03:58

they aren't. They're trying to get into the Ad business and they're using their walled garden to carve out a marketshare:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/YouShouldKnow on September 21, 2022 02:32:24

In-the-moment hot take 🥱

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on September 19, 2022 21:45:44

cool! i wasn't aware someone had actually done this, although I'm not too surprised. And I didn't want to get into it in my last comment, but the first person to do something like this might produce value, if for no other reason than the slightly ironic artistic value of completely wasting something that has real tangible value. They might even make their money back! but what about the next person who does the exact same thing? when value is derived from novelty, and then someone tries to commodify it, it kinda begins to fail conceptually.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 19, 2022 00:59:23

Yeah this guy is a dope. But in this case, the behavior he describes is inline with the expected for a self-admitted "yield farmer" like SBF

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 18, 2022 17:53:31

An NFT is not the image, it's the link. The cost to produce something does not confer value. If I lit a hundred dollars on fire, doing so would cost me slightly over a hundred dollars. How much value do you assign to the ashes?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 18, 2022 17:37:05

Which ideals are those? Freedom of religion, the right to bodily autonomy, or scientifically sound and common sense safety laws?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 17, 2022 17:00:36

Hey guys, hear that? putting religious iconography back in schools is fascist. Anti-abortion laws are fascist. Right to work legislation is fascist. Seat belt laws? Better believe those are fascist too! If a law makes you uncomfortable it's fascism, which is why when an officer tells me to click it or ticket, I call them a fascist pig cause the strap hurts my tummy wummy :(

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 17, 2022 16:22:58

Are you trying to censor someone for their viewpoint? How dare you sir, that is illegal under Texas law

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 17, 2022 11:52:21

> Your reality my dude you admitted it. > Now they're (likely) retaliating like little children . >> The police not doing what we pay them for >Yes they are HMM

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 17, 2022 01:21:56

> Yes they are haha alright so we're just denying reality now > Exhibit A of a low IQ! Pretty sad 🤡 reddit moment

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 17, 2022 01:12:19

> No I don't know the history of Portland's policing evidently. > extreme behavior and what the public wanted caused this. incorrect on both counts. The police having no system of accountability caused this. > People said in almost every major city they want less policing and more public services, like mental health response teams and social workers. Well, that happened apparently. no it didn't, obviously. > What are people complaining about now? The police not doing what we pay them for. read my previous comment. Do you find this sort of low-effort debatebro nonsense validating? cause it's kinda embarrassing from my pov

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 17, 2022 00:55:46

> for something that happened in Minneapolis? As a foreigner you don't understand or are deliberately dismissing this city's previously strained relationship with the PPB. they've been under a federal gov't consent decree for 8 going on 9 years, and the history of tension obviously has gone on for far longer than a decade. Minneapolis was just a catalyst, and then eventually the conflict here devolved into anarchists throwing childish tantrums while the police did little about it because their feelings were hurt at that point. Tldr it's way more complicated than "Minny burn, Portland burn"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 17, 2022 00:04:59

the thing is that most cat owners don't buy their cats from a breeder. I agree that you shouldn't do that under any circumstances, especially if its as superficial as "uwu cute scottish fold" or whatever the flavor of the month breed is. Most cats are adopted from shelters because they are very successful animals in the wild, while -- at least in north america where most redditors live -- being an invasive species. I think it's possible that my cats have some sort of mental problem, although i doubt it, but the alternative to me adopting them would be that they are euthanized. I think they are happy animals and live generally good lives inside my decently-sized house. Are you saying you think they should be dead instead?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/NatureIsFuckingLit on September 16, 2022 22:31:25

Dostoevsky shares my love for outrageous dumpy _and_ reactionary politics? King 👑🤩😤🤯

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on September 16, 2022 16:57:26

What else would you use to watch videobooks?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on September 14, 2022 23:57:58

I agree that Google search has fallen off, but unfortunately nobody else seized the crown, Google search is still the best, just worse than it was 2, 3 or 5 years ago

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 14, 2022 15:18:06

Please explain how 5G and fucking Blockchain, of all things, will reduce the marginal cost of movie production. Blockchain. Movie production. 🤡🤡

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/movies on September 14, 2022 00:10:34

>An Amazon recruiter gave me a ballpark of 80k for an SDE2 position lol Where? Cause there is not a single American Amazon sde2 making 80k. That's impossible, I know several.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on September 12, 2022 17:47:39

The J curve for all cause mortality is important in showing that being underweight is a very bad thing for your health, and that being slightly overweight isn't bad for your health. But it also shows that being obese is a statistically significant predictor of all-cause mortality. And colloquially, most of the people we think of as 'fat' in America are obese due to the prevalence of obesity skewing perception. This doesn't change anything about the fact that people are treating OP like shit for losing weight, or that society is biased against fat people. But it's also unhelpful and unkind to use dodgy rhetoric to imply that obesity is just fine from a health perspective

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on September 12, 2022 13:22:54

Crypto isn't going to take off in a way that affects GPU prices any time soon, and probably not ever again with Eth merging.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on September 12, 2022 12:54:19

Ah, I didn't know that. But this article is about the Connecticut case

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 12, 2022 12:44:47

It's the other way around: as soon as his strategy stops working for him, the door is opened to criticism of his strategy. And given that he's looked like absolute dogshit this year, that time is probably coming

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/DotA2 on September 12, 2022 12:38:06

They only have a relationship with the Texas lawyers for the case that just wrapped up

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 12, 2022 12:07:12

Your instances have to be managed by ssm agent for it to work

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on September 11, 2022 18:28:18

literal definition of copium my dude. Nobody expects to get carjacked in NYC

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/dataisbeautiful on September 11, 2022 01:34:06

Not to mention that Bitcoin now consumes more electricity than Argentina, which is over 150 Twh per year. That's almost 5x gamers in the USA, for ONE cryptocurrency. With literally 0 practical use other than buying drugs in a very easily traceable manner now that tumbler services are sanctioned. Source:'s%20largest%20cryptocurrency,of%20Argentina%2C%20population%2045%20million.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 10, 2022 13:36:09

Yes. Don't bother with hardware raid.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/buildapc on September 9, 2022 03:20:58

He thinks investing is a team sport, that there's a larger purpose than making money, and that by donating profits to smarter investors, he is fighting some imaginary battle. Aka he's a fucking moron

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on September 8, 2022 23:08:41

This is an advertisement, and worse, it is an ad that shills cryptocurrencies.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on September 8, 2022 12:45:23

That seems hard to believe from the outside looking in, in light of all the pandering he does. If that's the case, at minimum his strategy includes pumping the cultists for liquidity and getting them to buy some bags during a dilution in order to keep things afloat for a few more years

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on September 7, 2022 20:24:18

Remember that they think the short interest is still a gorillion percent, so somehow they'll trick short hedgies into not selling until the float gets too small, triggering another short squeeze. Nevermind that this is devastatingly stupid for a number of reasons, chiefly how long it takes to sell DRSed shares. In reality, if it were to happen, SHFS would have plenty of time to sell, maybe at a small loss, and GME would be delisted for lack of trading volume (lmao)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on September 7, 2022 20:10:40

There has to be something more to it, though, because he could have made more by selling at a number of points throughout the last 2 years. There's probably something I don't understand about the regulations around unwinding such a large position, and taxes certainly play into it, but I think he's delusional if he actually thinks he can pump the stock enough to make it worthwhile to stay in past 2 years after he bought

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on September 7, 2022 20:04:31

Reading a dead person's fiction books isn't justifying their behavior, put your designated clutching pearls back on the shelf

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on September 7, 2022 17:13:03

You know, I've always said that casual literary discussions need to adopt the structure and aesthetics of seo-optimized recipe blogspam. Now here's a heartwarming and folksy story about how when my husband was dying of cancer, my oldest son shared macaroni art from his 3rd grade class which inspired me to write this ~~chili Mac recipe~~ mistbob-adjacent narrative about nothing.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on September 7, 2022 14:44:05

I agree with you. This is just someone trying to read the tea leaves and make a name for themselves. We should be skeptical of this lightweight analysis, especially when it appears to confirm our thirst for comedy godl in the near future

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 6, 2022 13:36:21

But how is that possible when _I_ am the REAL Jim Cramer of CNBC fame

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on September 6, 2022 11:24:08

There are not 6 black people for every white Republican in the south, unless perhaps you're talking about at the county level. Just demographically that's impossible

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on September 5, 2022 22:00:33

that book is so _fucking_ bad. Andy weir is a hack

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/movies on September 5, 2022 14:14:04

Grip your hog and praise sando you disgusting seriousposter

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on September 4, 2022 13:07:31

> Adding even more civilian bureaucracy beyond that isn’t going to be as helpful as you might think it would be. This is blatantly untrue when police IA have a vested interest in not doing their job in holding officers accountable. Regulatory oversight is toothless when the regulators are part of the same union as the people they're regulating

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 4, 2022 00:52:36

> The thing that many people don’t get is that Portlanders need to support police by default. The police have repeatedly demonstrated that they don't support our community and don't want to hold bad apples accountable. There needs to be some give and take, they need to actually commit to their consent decree, accept civilian oversight, stop the work slowdown, and show they understand and respect the community. In short, act like they're asking for respect, rather than demanding it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on September 4, 2022 00:13:15

the costs are political, not inherent. If there was political will to develop high speed rail like there is for highways, it would be cheaper than road construction

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/fuckcars on September 3, 2022 00:53:03

yeah, that's definitely true. but in this context we're discussing people who get angry when that false belief is challenged, and whether that's a reasonable or acceptable behavior. personally i think that thinking of the medieval ages as entirely white is a wrong but pretty benign idea that lots of people have, obviously that doesn't make you a bad person. _unless_ you become furious about people who don't see it that way. especially in a fantasy show with much more challenging tests of immersion than skin pigmentation.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/entertainment on September 3, 2022 00:46:41

yes, obviously lmao. do you know what was happening in iberia, the levant and eastern europe/turkey during large parts of the middle ages?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/entertainment on September 3, 2022 00:25:38

Someone who makes videos critical of others is not by default a guru. A guru, by definition, sells you a broad and heterodox set of beliefs about the world. They push a worldview that attempts to provide answers for most if not all questions that their marks might have, and they try to craft their audience into followers rather than consumers. By your definition, the hosts of the "decoding the gurus" podcast would be gurus themselves, since they are culture critics like Dan Olson. I suspect that your response to this will be something incredibly witty like "ummm yaaaaa. Noooooo 🤪"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on September 1, 2022 11:41:41

If you can't afford food, then one of the following is true: your job is not well paying, or you are bad at budgeting, or your fixed expenses are extremely high.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on August 31, 2022 23:25:58

In comparison to meme stock bagholder subreddits, WSB might as well be the planet vulcan

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on August 31, 2022 16:05:40

Implying that any media has "themes" or "meaning" is very ableist of you.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on August 30, 2022 23:32:41

I thought he paid to get the ape back at near peak prices

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 29, 2022 10:45:56

> In reddit it is popular and a quick dopamine hit of positive feedback to declare that everyone slightly right of progressives is somehow a fascist etc. Strange, on Reddit I see far more people saying exactly this, than I actually see saying what you're accusing them of. Really, I don't know of a single space outside the tankieverse where this is a common sentiment at all. Most reddit progressives recognize that there's a spectrum of people to the right of them, including mainstream Democrats, neoliberals, and never-trumpers. However, it's true that the republican party has recently coalesced around trump, an authoritarian leader. Calling people who've fallen victim to an authoritarian, xenophobic cult of personality which tried to subvert democracy 'fascist' perhaps isn't completely accurate in the academic sense, but there's not much daylight between trump worship -- or Christian Nationalism for that matter -- and fascism.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on August 29, 2022 10:06:23

You didn't find the joke unfunny, you tried to say it was wrong by denying the antecedent.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 27, 2022 16:22:47

the technology isn't the main problem. That's what is clear to people who actually want to be informed about this issue. The problem is a systemic lack of interest in solving real problems when the necessary solutions reduce engagement. For someone who thinks they know more about the actual problems that cause facebook to be discredited in the eyes of many, you have a real misunderstanding of the situation. and yes, I have a background in tech. But you don't need one to understand the problem, which again, isn't primarily related to the software tools used to do content moderation at scale, or lack thereof.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on August 27, 2022 14:40:04

i'm not twisting anything. the token being on the blockchain doesn't make it interoperable any more than a pgp keypair does

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on August 27, 2022 02:52:26

> If there was some towering difference you would have mentioned it the towering difference is obvious in that one was an attack on the seat of government at a time that a function critical to our democracy was occurring, and which had the assistance of members of the previous executive branch as well as some members of the sitting legislature. and the other was a block or two of commercial and residential real estate in the downtown area of a city that isn't even the capital of its own state, which had the ideological support of maybe a couple of city councilmembers in principle, and otherwise was supported by precisely nobody of influence, and which had no long-term goals whatsoever. It was basically a more violent version of the zucotti park sit-in during the 2008 crash.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on August 26, 2022 15:38:40

It should be trivially obvious that the number of deaths that happened at CHAZ and on Jan 6th are not the only, or even the most important point of comparison. Or else I could say that the crowd crush at astroworld was twice as bad as Jan 6.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on August 26, 2022 13:28:00

> burrocracy when every decision must be approved by no less than 5 officious, self-important donkeys

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on August 26, 2022 01:24:34

Ok, but $799 is an objectively high price for a 2 year old card that's the bottom SKU on the largest die, and I don't think that it's going to be the new normal. You're justifying paying it according to your circumstances, which is fine, sounds like it's within your budget and it's your money at the end of the day. But it's expensive, no reason to pretend that the market is suddenly reasonable just because you can afford it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on August 25, 2022 12:33:06

Used cards are going to drop further if/when eth actually merges. Still no reason to buy at this time. Personally I'm still skeptical after years of being 6 months away, but it may really happen this time

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on August 25, 2022 12:21:03

Dude you're in a thread about Nvidia missing sales targets due to weak gaming demand, clearly they are not selling as many GPUs as they want/expect. Hmmm, could the issue be price related? Now that lockdowns and stimmybucks are gone, nobody wants to pay outrageous MSRP prices for 2 year old GPUs

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on August 25, 2022 12:08:04

Le unknown gem _The Very Hungry Caterpillar_ by esteemed auteur Eric Carle

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on August 24, 2022 20:45:09

If you actually looked at the output of midjourney or dall-e and came to the conclusion that you can now use words to craft a coherent art style that would replace the storyboarding process for a Pixar animated film, to use one example, you are very overly optimistic about the capabilities of the technology. That's what I'm talking about.

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Visuals are not already there. Dall-e and midjourney are state of the art, but nobody would use their output in a Hollywood movie

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It works. Thanks for sharing

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That's dumb and wrong, stop with this persecution complex, it's embarrassing. Right wing: Liz Cheney, mitt Romney, Ross douthat Far right: Ron Johnson, Josh Hawley, Tucker Carlson

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What are some of these unbiased sources, and what do you see as the primary tenets of longtermism after having read them? Because longtermism grew from Effective Altruism, which has driven some very significant positive outcomes, and some of the initial/foundational conclusions of longtermism, namely that we currently insufficiently prioritize the well-being of future generations, are commendable. But when the ideology verges into the science-fictional (trillions of future individuals, simulated humans, "x-risk" of rogue AI), the probability of which we -- despite the warnings of the longtermists such as bostrom who profit from increased funding -- have no real way of measuring quantitatively, it goes off the rails in spectacular fashion. For example, there is currently no way to assess how likely it is that we will ever be able to simulate one human to the degree that it can be said to have consciousness and therefore rights. We entirely lack the input values necessary to do so. And we also lack the knowledge necessary to assess the probability of being able to scale this system to the order of millions or trillions of beings. At some point, we also need to assess physical limits, which involves the need to assess the probability of interstellar space travel, which we also probably cannot credibly calculate the odds of doing. Ultimately, when we attempt to assess the value of these future people from a utilitarian perspective, it seems clear to me that to do so now would be to engage in technofuturistic speculation a la kurzweil. This is not a solid foundation for making policy, there is no way to balance this hypothetical and perhaps impossible future against the actual long term outcomes of humanity on planet earth. Any policy suggestion that dismisses the latter (ie. Don't worry about climate change, a popular one among longtermists) strikes me as dangerous and self-serving

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Can top end phone SoCs push PS4 graphics at resolutions that make VR not-nauseating? The PS4 can't even do that

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Unfortunately, more than likely it's into Cohen's pocket. As funny as it is to see apes get embaggened in the most pathetic way possible, I'd prefer if rc wasn't the one profiting

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No he wasn't, you just got roped into a cargo cult that worships Twitter poop emojis posted by a dog food salesman. Nice parasocial relationship, baggie

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No it's not lmao, $GME is still a cult around here. Copium is on the menu for the foreseeable future

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Voting by Blockchain is a terrible idea:

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Because bussing Argos nets more gold than just doing p1. As for why bus valtan/vykas? No idea other than bad or lazy

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> As others have pointed out, "overpopulation" is a Malthusian fallacy that has repeatedly been invoked only to be swiftly surpassed. There is no ideal or intended population; it will grow as large as it can be supplied and supported. First, I am not an antinatalist, and overall I agree with your perspective on the mean-spirited and self-defeating nature of the philosophy. I am also not a malthusian, unless you believe it's malthusian to say that there is a theoretical population limit which permits what I would consider an ideal relationship with the ecosystem and the long term viability of our planet, for not only human life but also the wondrous biodiversity of the planet, which I view as our responsibility to steward and not to pollute overmuch in pursuit of reducing human suffering. Overpopulation in the strict sense of "worldwide starvation is imminent, we need fewer people 5 billion people ago" or for that matter even now, or soon, given overall trends in population growth, is malthusian. More, there are obvious logical and humanitarian problems with asserting an end to population growth or forced degrowth. But the earth does have a carrying capacity, there are inherent problems with maximal rejection of physical limits, which you try to sidestep by saying "it will grow as large as can be supplied and supported". Well, yes, in the absence of a contradictory scientific or philosophical perspective that informs policy, of course. that is a truism, and one that does absolutely nothing to contradict Malthus. But your argument suggests a moral calculus that disregards most factors except population, and makes you seem narrow minded even in relation to antinatalist philosophy which has an ecological component in addition to humanitarian. Your argument as written is anthropocentric in the extreme and I view that sort of chauvinism as morally myopic in an inverse sense to antinatalist perspectives. Knowing what we know about the society that exists today, we can say that humans have an inclination to overproduce, engage in mindless consumerism, and think in the period/scope of the human life to the detriment of future generations and beings outside of our built environment. It's easy to say that "well, if we all just went vegan and stopped buying fast fashion and never boarded a plane, earth could easily carry 20 billion people." But that is clearly not what would happen even in whatever post-scarcity fusion-powered eco-punk utopia which facilitates this dream. The human drive to accumulate, pollute, and possess, and in ways that cause damage to precious natural environment, will be with us forever, and climate change is the tip of the iceberg in terms of moral harm done by human activity upon the world. The temperature has risen about 1° C in the past century, a small amount, yet [ Between 1970 and 2012, vertebrate abundance declined by 29 % and, collectively, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals have declined by 58%. The domesticated poultry of humans (primarily chickens) account for two-and-a-half-times the biomass of all wild birds. Reptiles and amphibians have been so thoroughly reduced that they are considered “negligible” as biomass in this current census]( And you could correctly argue that ending factory farming of livestock and reducing fishing to sustainable levels would help some in this regard, but this loss of biodiversity is being driven by habitat loss and human activity. There is a limited amount of arable land to feed people with, and the more you take, the more our natural world is destroyed. That's a moral affront of its own and the solution is simple. Have fewer children. Tldr: just because talk of population policy is squicky and some past racists used it as cover for racism, does not negate the moral imperative to consider the implications of unchecked growth on the non-human world

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What do you mean, libtard? There has never been a woke book

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You haven't addressed my primary point which is that the wall is a symptom of right wing media's need to stoke xenophobia first, a symbol of trumpian racist populism second, and a solution dead last. You should have some empathy for Democrats, whose "silly opposition to just a few billion for a placebo" becomes a lot more understandable when understood in that light It's funny how your definition of compromise is just for dems to give Republicans what they want. Compromise would be for Republicans to drop the wall nonsense and offer to actually compromise on an immigration bill, since they were the ones pushing for immigration restrictions.

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Your posts don't deserve better, you need to earn a thoughtful response by providing a something to thoughtfully respond to. Saying "maybe we should build the wall on the off chance it makes suburban white people in Indiana feel better about the southern border" isn't that.

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Because your other points were dumb and I felt like sharing my disagreement, obviously.

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If he lacks empathy, you have an overabundance. > Most republicans believe in vaccines--they're just skeptical about the mRNA ones. Then why weren't they lining up to get the J&J vaccine? Or pushing for the astrazenica vax to be imported so that they could "safely" get the jab? No answer you can give will make sense except one that accepts that Republicans were generally misled to oppose the vaccine because of media misinfo and anti-intellectualism. Nobody said they shouldn't be allowed to mistrust vaccines, just that their reasons for doing so are stupid and infantile. > Who cares if it doesn't "fix a problem"? If it allays millions of people's anxiety, isn't that enough to at least try? No. The wall is the "solution" to fears caused by right wing media stoking racism/xenophobia. It can't be fixed by capitulating, because right wing media works by selling fear, and they'll just come up with a new threat, or since you've already admitted the wall doesn't work, keep using the same old threat and come up with a new, worse solution. You want us to live in a society where good governance is defined by whether we follow the nonsense make-work solution pushed by fox news to fix the problem they're selling? My dude, you can't be serious. > And I'm acutely familiar with the arguments and thinking of so-called "White Nationalists". You are straw-manning their beliefs. Based on your other answers, it's safe to conclude that your elaboration here will be equally stupid.

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> the rest of the Azure service stack is built onWindows Server/Hyper-V. You're correct that I wasn't specific about which part of Azure is mostly linux, but calling Hyper-V Server "Windows Server" isn't entirely accurate either.

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yeah nobody is switching from AD and exchange to samba/postfix or whatever. But ECM is _fine_ for configuring windows workstations, otherwise ansible is just better. and obviously linux is more useful for the large majority of other server workloads. of course, enterprises aren't switching their workstations away from windows to linux for anything in the near future, unless it's to ChromeOS maybe. this article is just nerd argument bait, same as it always has been.

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> As such, it's an entirely philosophical question and thus not worth thinking about. are you saying that philosophical questions are not worth thinking about? kinda weird thing to throw in at the end of the comment, philosophical questions are some of the most worthy things to think about, and coming up with answers to these questions is part of the reason we have science in the first place.

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> He is also a co-founder of the German Effective Altruism Foundation Longtermist detected. You should really look into the philosophy of these people because it's basically a technocratic-utilitarian religion seeking to maximize the future utility of some imagined trillions-strong humanity which spans the galaxy, and discards all present-time issues and problems because they don't affect enough people. It's a bunch of techno-philosophers and computer scientists who've invented from first principles a philosophy that says that the most important thing you can do with your money is give it to techno-philosophers and computer scientists who are worried about imaginary AI.

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the fact that you're trying to posture like i'm the mad one here is an interesting move, mr elite brain literature tastemaker and fitness model

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i've never read a terry pratchett book in my life you fucking nerd.

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reacting seriously to my nonsenseposting on a circlejerk sub is indeed indicative of your intellectual superiority. Time to admit defeat and return to goosebumps, the safety blanket protecting me from the trauma of getting horrendously owned by a self-described founding father of a circlejerk sub

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for the record, i really hope this is all ironic because the alternative is pretty embarrassing for you.

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I missed a real opportunity there, didn't I? Fatass.

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A lecherous sunrise flaunted itself over a flatulent sea, ripping the obsidian bodice of night asunder with its rapacious fingers of gold, thus exposing her dusky bosom to the dawn’s ogling stare

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Thank you for the validation! I'm going to add this interaction to my Goodreads 😊

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Similar to how graphic novels, video books and YA are genres, yes. Although to be honest I prefer the latter, they are comfy and help with my phantasmagoria, I have a hard time connecting with my books unless the pictures are nice and big

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Sorry sweetie I have phantasma or something so asking me to know bcj lore is ableist

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I was about to comment on how your unironic serious posting is an allegory for the general decay of this sub into a reactionary litfic circle jerk no better than /r/literature, but then I remembered that the curtains are blue

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> Several credit cards’ worth of plastic every month, or so. i couldn't find a source for this, this sounds false by several orders of magnitude. There's absolutely no way this is true, you'd "ingest" an observable amount of plastic just by touching something over a relatively short period of time. If this is true, why is my computer mouse still the exact same weight it was when i bought it? i touch it for hours every day.

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This is me letting you know that if you think AI will solve material scarcity, you have severe computerbrain and need to touch grass. Physical limits are important and govern the material reality you're able to access. A computer which creates a coherent output in response to "Garfield fucking SpongeBob in the style of the impressionist movement" can't fix the fact that we are unable to feed 7 billion people (with the western diet they all seem to want) without slowly boiling the planet.

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Pareto distribution isnt a law, it's a coincidence

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A friend of mine got banned for rmt and his follow up email didn't say that. , Only the date. It probably depends on some internal configuration of the ban ticket, basically whether or not the CS rep put a note on it.

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Think of it as a password protected bookmark bar in your browser where you keep all the links to the awful monkey jpegs you paid cryptocurrency for. Note, the art itself isn't stored in the wallet. The links aren't really either, if I go to the same link, I can see "your" monkey jpeg in my browser, and download it. You just own the link so technically it's yours according to some blockchain. but if I want to use your monkey picture, you have no recourse. If i try to monetize it the courts may do something, but the party being infringed on is most likely the people who created the art. So what do you own? What did you pay for? Best not to think too hard about that

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I'm pretty sure it's more of the first one and less of the latter. These companies see BAYC as a proxy for a marketing segment of 18-34 men with more money than sense. They're not investing in any technology here, BAYC is a digital members club

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I used to like him too, around the Snowden times. Now he brown noses jones and seemingly can't say a negative word about Putin. I'm also confused by his behavior,

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on August 5, 2022 23:35:59

Greenwald is so reactively anti-establishment that he [washed Alex jones' balls]( on the same day that Jones was in a damages trial for defaming the parents of children who died in sandy hook.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on August 5, 2022 23:21:50

sir this is the psychiatric nurse, you really do need to take your meds

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/JusticeServed on August 5, 2022 22:46:26

damn i didn't know that defamation was protected speech. where did you get your law degree?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/JusticeServed on August 5, 2022 22:34:58

What's confusing is that you're not seeing what he's failing to do. I don't think you understand how exhausting it is for one person to have to do all of the preparation, planning and take all the initiative in a relationship. And on top of that, it's not even her biological daughter, it's her stepdaughter. The husband is massively fucking up as well. You can't just do "what you're asked" as a father, or you are failing. You have to take responsibility for your child. Needing to be told what to do, or you wont do anything, isn't that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on August 5, 2022 14:01:17

> it sounds like he takes care of his shit No, it doesn't. She says he doesn't parent and doesn't take initiative with anything. That's not "handling your shit" and working a full time job isn't an excuse. At this point you're just accusing OP of lying because of your own experiences aka projecting. Why are you even here if you prejudged the situation?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on August 5, 2022 13:23:13

That's all she says in the OP, she's made comments as well.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on August 5, 2022 13:04:01

Stop projecting your personality into his situation, you're giving bad advice. Her issue clearly isn't with the computer usage itself, it's with how the husband uses his computer to dodge his parenting and relationship responsibilities. I like computers too but come on man, it's really surface level to see this situation as primarily an attack on your hobby

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Amazon could have a map of your house without this. In fact most anyone could since Zillow/redfin publish floorplans when a house goes on sale. Computer vision would easily be able to scrape a floor plan and match it to mpls. Now, they wouldn't know where your furniture is, but it's close enough.

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But in the real world, nobody deposits money they borrowed in a bank (or at least not for long). Because that would be stupid.

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But that's not what starvation _is_. Starvation is not the lack of satiety. starvation is the lack of calories, which obese people have plenty of in the form of fat.

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Their comment was flippant and non-serious, I didn't think it needed to be said.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 4, 2022 17:44:42

If it happened on two CPUs, that sounds like a motherboard power delivery problem lol. Did you try either one with a different mobo?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on August 4, 2022 14:14:06

This is both reductive and misleading. Insulin resistance among obese people is not universal, although it's highly correlated. But more importantly, the impulse control issues (or poor dietary education) are the cause of what food is eaten which promotes insulin resistance. Eating a healthy diet mitigates insulin resistance but requires impulse control. So yes, it's an impulse control issue.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 4, 2022 11:42:43

Being garbage outside of marvel and star wars is sort of an ongoing thing for it. If you're not a literal child or a manchild, Disney plus is awful

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/television on August 4, 2022 05:44:31

I wonder if this randian megamind has considered the possibility that his 'products' attract the audience they deserve?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 3, 2022 22:04:00

This guy is an Infowars consumer. The "agenda 21/agenda 2030" shit is a dead giveaway

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on August 3, 2022 10:03:22

They'll probably force university bookstores to use them or not sell new books to them. Which will only encourage back channel selling. It's still really dumb.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on August 2, 2022 18:44:21

I could see it going under $20 in the next 2 months, it hit the $70s in march

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Vrad is attainable now with the challenge abyssals, 10 chances per week with decent odds if you pick the right pack from the challenge selection packs

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on August 1, 2022 12:51:16

I don't see how they wouldn't, since they control a majority of state legislatures. Our uniquely shitty implementation of federalism gives them an enormous advantage in this scenario

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nobody said books for teen girls are bad because they're for teen girls. Everyone has different reading capabilities, but insecurely seeking approval for not expanding your horizons beyond young adult fiction is embarrassing, and exactly the sort of thing that circlejerk subs mock. > I say this as an English major: YA books can have some literary merit. They can be well-written, there can be things to analyze ok, you can analyze any work of media, so that's not a very convincing argument. I know some are well written, but by and large the genre is formulaic and trope-y. > people mock YA, but not “schlock” genres written for men: action, detective, western, etc. people on /r/books don't constantly extol the virtues of clive cussler or Louis L'amour lmfao > More importantly, YA can introduce people to reading, which is great! More people should read great! i'm on board with that. but if you just use reading for cheap escapism, which is ultimately what confining yourself to one genre (for children) is, it's not actually any better than watching television or movies. This is one of the central conceits of /r/books, that reading _anything_ makes one better than those who choose to consume other forms of media. It's simplistic to measure yourself that way, but I think beyond that, it's true that if you want to engage your brain thinking about what you consume, different media consumption habits can be better or worse. Reading isn't simply better, you have to actually engage with the medium in a way that provokes thought. Beyond a certain point, YA is no longer a source for that. You're meant to outgrow it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 31, 2022 12:10:40

That's not an accurate figure at all? You seem to have misremembered the fact that 15 container ships produce more _sulphur_ emissions than all the world's _cars_. That's bad but also not even in the same universe as what you said

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on July 31, 2022 10:50:11

Adults on /r/books frequently say YA is their favorite/only genre, and they don't want to read books for adults because scary/hard/boring/English class ruined their love for reading OP, an adult on bcj, with absolutely no self awareness: YA is good! Wait y downvoted?? YA is schlock, it's totally fine and fun for young adults but as an adult, reveling in your arrested development is embarrassing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 31, 2022 10:27:35

Sorry dude, sando sucks and your meandering wall of text won't change that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 31, 2022 00:01:14

Falcons hard knocks made me dislike Mike smith. Guy has the charisma of a doorknob

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on July 30, 2022 19:26:28

Yes. But by nature of the way right wing messaging works, where they just don't stop using a buzzword, while redefining it to mean <vague left wing thing bad>, that's not its only meaning in popular culture anymore

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 29, 2022 17:42:51

>Who said anything about investing in a risky venture? That’s... One of the key generators of economic activity. Investment in return-making ventures, which by nature involve risk as there is the possibility of failure. Putting money in the bank has no risk but does nothing to generate economic activity so any system that incentivizes this behavior is a less efficient economic system. > I said that people with money sitting in the bank don't produce returns. But in a deflationary monetary environment, they do! > I said that real estate and stocks are what you do to get returns. Stocks and some forms of real estate investing produce real net gains through increasing monetary flows and allowing companies to finance investments. Congratulations, you have backed your way into understanding why deflationary currencies are bad.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 29, 2022 16:09:59

Ok, that's fine. I may have misinterpreted your previous comment to be smearing the entire left with the terminally online crazy brush. But those people exist, and we don't have to give them more attention or respect than they deserve because some rightoid says every left winger is like that. Not everyone who believes they're fighting inequality is doing it in a coherent manner.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 29, 2022 15:27:14

Why invest in risky but potentially profitable ventures when doing nothing provides a sure return? Innovation down, production down, income down, wages down because everyone is sitting on their pile waiting for it to be worth more tomorrow, instead of investing it in a productive venture that generates returns by inducing economic activity. You say that investors don't produce returns with their money, then you reference _real estate and stocks_? What do you think a developer does with the land they own? What do you think a company does with the liquidity provided by a rise in stock price resulting from investors purchasing stocks? You are economically illiterate. Pick up a book

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 29, 2022 15:09:11

What "woke" means is ill-defined on purpose, but if we agree with your premise, you're just letting Republicans define the scope of debate. I could just as easily say that the progressive agenda is to raise taxes on the wealthy, pass a green new deal, and eliminate discriminatory voting restrictions, whereas the "woke crowd" is a tiny subset of progressive twitterbrained shutins who scream about how minorities can't be racist and accuse people who are losing weight of being fatphobic. I bet I'm more correct than you are

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on July 29, 2022 14:46:39

He's definitely not 'just your average conspiracy theorist' unless you think the average conspiracy theorist is an unhinged wingnut bircher who believes his enemies are literal demons hell bent on eliminating the human race. He's racist, antisemitic, and attempts to invite stochastic violence regularly. And yes, I've listened to a few hours of his actual show, not just clips. The man is either certifiably insane with violent reactionary tendencies, or he's played that character so long the distinction no longer matters. Your attempt to rehabilitate his image as _just a kook like those area 51 guys_ is pathetic and makes you come off as a limp centrist who thinks that uncritically consuming garbage from the most debased morons on both sides makes you open minded and superior to people with ideological convictions.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on July 29, 2022 00:04:05

RemindMe! 1 year ”gme baggie u slash msteltz38 aka /u/deleted"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on July 28, 2022 16:55:40

Most psychology practices make it mandatory for psychologists to have their own shrink, fyi

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 28, 2022 16:02:45

Ok, I did, and what I found was a bunch of non peer reviewed infowarrior type nonsense that references back to Facebook posts, and articles from respected news organizations such as [reuters]( politely calling you -- and people who think like you -- fucking stupid. So how about you link that source

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 28, 2022 15:33:25

The "lowest of the low fanless laptop" is the same price as the "high end performance" ZenBook, and more if you want a reasonable size ssd or more RAM. AMD is keeping pace with apple's efficiency, although the 6800u is basically a paper launch. Feel free to criticize them for that. It's Intel which is falling behind in power efficiency. Not sure what culture you're referring to, unless it's the culture of making valid comparisons between similarly priced and specced products with clear tradeoffs

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/linux on July 27, 2022 18:00:01

For fun: demar, kd, the corpse of LMA, beal, jokic, cp3, Seth curry, and thats all I got

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on July 27, 2022 16:45:40

Almost but not quite top 5 in midrange shooting? One of the least valuable skills lol

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on July 27, 2022 15:24:10

> I have a madonna-whore complex - you

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhyEvenWearAnything on July 27, 2022 14:20:55

You should not have over 250k in a single bank under any circumstance. If you need to have more in the bank, use multiple banks. If you are very rich, you can make alternate arrangements if you feel the need to have large amounts of money in cash or cash equivalents. T-bills are an example. This is all dancing around the point, which is that crypto is infinitely more vulnerable to a run

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 22:14:10

Their attested reserve page? Which has never been audited?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 21:55:13

Are you aware of what the FDIC does? If you have more than $250k in the bank, you are a certified rich moron. If you don't, you don't have anything to worry about.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 21:47:44

Their reserves are largely denominated in shady commercial paper from questionable sources, and Bitcoin. Bitcoin is incredibly volatile and another crash could trigger a run. The commercial paper is not reliable due to the fact that it doesn't appear to be from a credible western institution. All of this is supported by attestations, not an audit. It's still fraudulent until further notice.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 21:28:46

That's not an accurate understanding of what would happen if the dollar stopped being the world's reserve currency. If it did, we'd be able to fix our trade deficit and balance our budget. I encourage you to look into this a bit further than surface level memes. Here's a good start:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 21:25:51

> Many of those people I met have since moved their assets into stable coins and other types of cryptocurrencies. those are equally unstable, they just haven't collapsed yet (well some of them have, ie. terra, celsius). Tether, for example, is a complete fraud. It's only a matter of time. I have sympathy for people whose governments have created the conditions for hyperinflation, but many of them will learn how poor of a substitute cryptocurrencies actually are.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 20:19:34

> If you like travel, live events, i love those things. I will never consider VR a substitute for the real thing. It's just not. And i'm super impressed by the immersion potential of VR in general, but it can't compare to actually going there.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 20:17:26

it has a lot to do with AR tech lol. It _is_ (was) AR tech. when or if AR actually becomes mainstream, google glass will be part of practically every story ever told about the technology.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 26, 2022 20:12:53

Telling people not to have cars is obviously a bad idea because it's asking individuals to fix a societal problem caused by industry lobbying and car centric city planning. but we should definitely be telling people to get out of the way of urban infill and zoning reform so that public transit becomes a more viable option for a larger percentage of people. Apart from the climate change issue is the fact that car culture is a driving force in obesity, inequality, atomization of society, a general breakdown in community, high housing costs, disadvantaging small businesses in the market, and time wasted in traffic, to name a few societal ills. We should not force people to live in unwalkable suburbs and drive cars, car suburbs simply do not deserve to be the only housing option available for a huge number of Americans. I wouldn't live in one of I had other viable options, but I don't. You also say that it would be easier to convert to a nuclear-baseload green energy system than to get rid of car ownership, but I see that as equally non-viable. People simply distrust fission energy and we've completely lost the ability to build it quickly and efficiently. Fusion would be great and we need to be investing an order of magnitude more money into fusion research, but it remains a generation away at best.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 26, 2022 19:29:55

I know more about NFTs than I want to, but more than likely the answer is still no. Bored ape yacht club says that its members (shitty ape art link owners) have permission to profit from their apes. But more than likely, the creator still owns the image, and a license is being granted via the NFT. After all, the image isn't contained in the NFT itself, because NFTs are just sub-kilobyte size JSON objects written onto the Blockchain that refer back to a webserver URL or IPFS address. That doesn't confer ownership unless the creator explicitly says so, and it's still untested in court. So I guess if the author thinks they're conferring rights, they kind of are, but at most it's a license, not total ownership

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on July 26, 2022 17:10:49

They do not. [These guys found out in the dumbest way possible]( and in the process gave money to d*ne fans 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on July 26, 2022 16:59:50

Yeah, that one. It took me 3 tries over a bit more than a week, iirc, which wasn't too bad. Anecdotally none of my friends had terrible luck with it, unlike some other RNG in this game. If your play schedule doesn't often line up with the adventure island schedule, its probably frustrating to get. I wish the other purple wealth rune wasn't locked behind the worst collectible grind in the game

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 25, 2022 13:15:19

If you have 0 wealth runes, check every guild member's stronghold. If they've logged in for the first time less than 6 hours ago, won't take long to find blue wealth from the merchant. Just 2.7k adventure seals. That plus tripods should probably get you to demon form in one rotation if you hit every skill. That wealth, the giant heart wealth rune and the epic wealth from adventure islands shouldn't take too long to farm. You really want the legendary wealth though.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 25, 2022 12:04:29

that's not what they mean, and you just proved them right about your lack of reading comprehension. quality self-own

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/PublicFreakout on July 25, 2022 01:25:46

They're not legally obligated to defend their patent, you're making it sound like they'd get fined if they don't. They'd just lose their patent. Which they should. Their patent is both a great illustration of how much we need patent reform, and an example of an invention that shouldn't have been patented in the first place. it fails the obviousness test in blatant fashion.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 25, 2022 01:20:16

He won't answer this because there's no answer. You can't fix police corruption as a greenhorn patrol officer, and anyone who thinks it makes sense to try on an individual level needs to learn about the concept of a "coordination problem"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on July 24, 2022 14:37:40

What the fuck? He already knows the guy doesn't have another weapon. What exactly could go wrong that justifies that level of force? Police defenders like you are seriously unhinged. You're so brainwashed by the American status quo of poorly trained macho punisher-logo-having morons with badges that you're totally unaware of other countries' relative lack of the same problem.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on July 24, 2022 14:34:56

you're a fan of this dude? he literally said that smart people don't read. Aside from all of the other shit he allegedly does or doesn't do, that might be one of the dumbest things you could possibly say. how can you take someone like that seriously?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/rareinsults on July 24, 2022 12:11:46

With the added novelty of having no formal leader, just a parasocial one (RC) and a few prophets in the form of DD 'researchers'

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 24, 2022 11:29:12

It will find durable long-term adoption among the "I hide my cash under the mattress" set. In other words, paranoid cranks

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 23, 2022 16:33:34

blitzscaling is the term for this, and if that's the strategy, it's a terrible time for doing so because new debt just became extremely expensive as a result of Fed rate hikes in response to inflation. that's assuming any of this is actually real, which, come on lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 23, 2022 16:00:31

people who believe in homeopathy are able to have coherent conversations about the concept, due to their internal experiences correlating. The difference between a soul and homeopathy is we can prove definitively that homeopathy isn't real, but for the believers, that changes nothing since they discount the proof for various reasons. To them, it's a shared experience just like the concept of a soul. You have no more positive evidence for the existence of a soul than a homeopathy believer has for their nonsense. moreover, anything that is socially constructed has a common language within which to discuss the concept, that doesn't prove something is real any more than western people discussing Elves or Bigfoot, it just means that the concepts are derived from similar cultural understanding. Schizophrenics in the west hear angry and paranoid voices, schizophrenics in other cultures have more positive experiences.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 23, 2022 13:43:46

it doesn't need to be, but yes a vast majority of it actually is. Their competitors know what google's capabilities are due to the incestuous nature of ML/AI labor market. Everyone is poaching from everyone, they know how the models and programs being used work, and more importantly, how they do not work. Google themselves publishes a huge proportion of their own research, the people doing the work are actual computer scientists after all, they progress in their careers by publishing research. In order to argue that google is hiding a revolutionary Strong AI model, you would have to implicitly argue for a crackpot conspiracy theory wherein tens of thousands of software developers were acting against their own interests to cover up transformative research for at minimum, no benefit to themselves, and in the case of the people doing the research, incredible success and wealth in their field. It's complete nonsense logically. you can deduce this without even understanding much beyond the job market for software developers. and if you understand the technology a little, it's even more absurd.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 23, 2022 13:38:27

I agree with this aside from the notion that crypto isn't already subject to surveillance and control. It's a public ledger my dude. If someone has your wallet address, they know an insane amount about what you use it for, especially if they have access to the third party intermediaries. Surprise! Those intermediaries are businesses. The boogiemen have access. If you want the government not to surveil you, Bitcoin/eth will not help you. Monero helps quite a bit more but is less popular for a lot of reasons. It's much more important to pursue political change to make your society more open, than hope for some magical pie in the sky technological solution.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on July 22, 2022 11:06:57

You know he's a public figure and his opinions on a wide range of topics are public as well? Obama is intelligent and articulate and can code his behavior as white as well. It didn't matter because bigotry is not logical and conservative news media, fox in particular, have a tight grasp on the collective amygdala of right wing america. If they want a significant number of cons to start hating buttigieg, they will have absolutely no problem making it happen. If Pete becomes a serious candidate for president, they will want it to happen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 22, 2022 10:35:52

> and the middle class immigrants who own a restaurant might even have more in common with the 1% than I do. The wealthy's interests include affordable college for their children, regulatory structures that don't crush small businesses, safe dense neighborhoods that promote local economies, improving pathways towards citizenship, and cultural tolerance among the middle and working class? You're upper class. Your comments on this subreddit make it abundantly clear that you love the status quo. You constantly engage in civility politics, wield your economic literacy as a rhetorical cudgel to deny the severe problems inherent in American capitalism, all while Republicans bulldoze our failing institutions, which you never acknowledge. It's easy to see that you come here in bad faith to engage in unproductive debate about relatively minor issues with peope less educated than yourself.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 22, 2022 05:05:18

The problem is he has no ideas that will actually fix problems. He's a mckinsey-harvard elitist goon who hates the notion of universal healthcare, public transportation, and really fucking loves the third way economics that contributed to the mess we're in now. He's Obama, except a sexual minority rather than a racial minority, which apparently makes him more palatable to racists. And he's taken less seriously so they haven't gone heavy on the homophobia. Make no mistake, if they wanted to, fox could bury him in the mind of the average conservative

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 22, 2022 04:49:10

Active timezones and ping mostly

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 20, 2022 15:44:11

I appreciate your optimism, unfortunately I'm a bit more cynical. I don't think that a bad solution's emergence will be the catalyst for people to look for good solutions after the bad solution fails to deliver the desired result. And I don't think that even if it did happen, the positives would outweigh the negatives in the form of Blockchain's implicit legitimization of some extremely silly libertarian economic principles, like that deflation is good for currency, or that central banking is unnecessary for proper functioning of a currency

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 12:57:25

Ok, great. But if your overall point is that these types of attacks invalidate the use of any database at all, that doesn't follow, because the inability to roll back is a feature of append only databases, which makes Blockchains uniquely vulnerable to this sort of attack. If the point is to be trustless, failure modes that are fixed by a trusted authority form the core weakness of the system

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 12:36:59

Your last paragraph defines the better solution you should be arguing for in place of NFTs. Like a lot of problems supposedly solved by Blockchain, it's not actually a technological problem at all, it's a cultural/societal problem. you can't solve one with the other

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 12:11:34

It's not 'that easy' but it doesn't have to be in order to ruin trust in a trustless system which inherently lacks a central authority which can adjudicate. There are also other ways to get hacked or lose your property which are solved by existing institutions for which crypto has no solution. Like phishing, or compromise of a 3rd party wallet company. Somehow I don't think "not your keys, not your coins" will satisfy someone who lost their house because metamask or whoever used Admin/Password. And in the end, property rights are guaranteed by the government, not a Blockchain. The Blockchain can't put someone in jail for squatting in my house while I'm on vacation. Trust is necessary for physical systems, you can't just replace all that infrastructure with a computer program. Once again, Blockchain is a non-solution for a solved problem.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 11:35:53

That's not the case at all, you should look up real world examples of smart contract exploits. Nothing about a scenario where malicious code makes a transaction to steal your assets violates atomicity.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 10:58:16

what about either scenario implies a lack of atomicity?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 10:30:35

so what happens if someone drops a smart contract in your wallet that steals your home title? do they then own your home? I would think the "legal framework" would say no. So there would need to be some way for the blockchain to rollback the transaction or otherwise prove you still own your home. But then you're basically just removing the point of the blockchain. This is just the first problem that comes to mind, but i'm sure there are more. What about if you lose access to your wallet? is your home no longer yours if you can't prove ownership? Obviously it would make more sense to have a 3rd party to confirm the record of ownership is in fact valid. but wait... they'd need to charge fees for this service? hm sounds like a title company. this is all so very stupid. Oh well, i'm sure a use case will appear someday!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 20, 2022 03:22:14

Do you not see the 3rd roster page just waiting to be unlocked, every time you logon? 3*6 = 18. Consider glasses

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 19, 2022 17:25:13

Pass on scrapper, express on bard

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 19, 2022 15:55:15

Exceptions to the spec rule are DI SH and Pinnacle glaivier, both of which are good at 1370, 3x3 and abyss dungeon set

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 19, 2022 14:51:22

i just discovered that you can actually see people's PFPs on old.reddit, but you have to hover over their name

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Gamingcirclejerk on July 18, 2022 12:27:24

The population of somalia is 16 million people. Source : United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs: Population Division The Sahara desert is hundreds of miles away from somalia Source: a fucking map There are your lies. Before advocating genocide the least you can do is not be a proven fucking moron. Stop sharing your worthless opinion

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on July 17, 2022 23:47:51

We don't have coalitions before or after because there is no opportunity for multiple factions to be represented in government, that's exactly what the charter reform bill aims to fix

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on July 17, 2022 22:09:46

no, i was talking in the context of portland elections, i.e. wheeler vs iannarone

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on July 17, 2022 19:21:37

He didn't flip on anything, Reagan was always a right wing piece of shit. He reported members of the SAG to joe McCarthy's commission

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on July 17, 2022 15:44:38

It effectively does because all of our elections are fptp winner take all. That enforces 2 factions, one will be conservative and one will be progressive even if the cons (wheeler for example) call themselves democrats

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on July 17, 2022 15:41:00

> But those cloud servers run on HDDs anyway so... you know! the majority of them do not, at this point.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on July 16, 2022 12:25:36

Good point, I'd forgotten that some miners were doing that. Definitely will make me reconsider if I do try to upgrade soon. Luckily my 2070S is just fine for now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 15, 2022 17:21:40

I'd spend a few hundred for a 3080 if I was in the market. But only from a large miner because you can be certain that it was undervolted so it should be in decent shape

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 15, 2022 15:38:23

There's still going to be a supply glut as miners offload ampere GPUs. If you can stomach buying a used 3000 GPU, you'll be able to get one cheap

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 15, 2022 14:49:57

I would bet $100 that person is peter thiel or palmer luckey. Both crypto loving hard right authoritarian weirdo billionaires

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on July 15, 2022 14:19:47

Im not an expert either, but I would assume you use a traffic analyzer like Wireshark or postman while accessing the public website, and scrape as many API calls from the traffic as possible by using the features of the site. Then send individual GETs to the API endpoint to decipher any syntax thats missing or functionality that you assume each API action needs to perform,forwards%20it%20to%20the%20server.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 14, 2022 13:52:54

As recently as this year they still had rates of 10% for many coins

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 14, 2022 10:56:04

You don't understand the stock market, but let's entertain your stupid notion for a second. If hedge funds are using dark pools to do what you say now, they were also doing so in January 2021, when the reported short interest was over 5x what it is now. So did they get over 5x better at it in a year in change? But wait. If the squeeze only went to $375, and your floor is 120,000,000, they'd have to be shorting over 1.5 million times more super special secret shares. And why would they do that, after the squeeze already played a role in the bankruptcy of one hedge fund? They'd have to be simultaneously the most powerful organization on earth, while also being absolutely the dumbest. Occam's razor is a concept you should familiarize yourself with. But I know you won't. Have fun with your copium, baggie

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bestof on July 13, 2022 22:07:56

🤡🤡 you absolute idiot. The total dollar value sold short is 1.8b. the short interest is below 25%. If this-- and I can't stress how absolutely off the wall insane this theory is -- _absolute lunacy_ didn't happen during the squeeze, when short interest was over 100% and dollar value sold short was twice as high as it is now against a relatively tiny market cap, it won't happen. The _floor_ is $120 million per share? That would make the market cap of GameStop 8.8 QUADRILLION DOLLARS. That's over 100 times the gdp of the entire planet. For one company: a chain of used video game stores. You are too stupid to use the internet. Log off for good, for your own sake. i mean it. But I'm sure you'll say those numbers are FUD or something.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bestof on July 13, 2022 21:55:57

This post is a cult recruitment effort. Superstonk is full of delusional meme stock bag holders who are effectively donating money to a failing used game retailer.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bestof on July 13, 2022 17:19:25

> future billionaires Lmfao I can't with you people. What you expect to happen is mathematically impossible. There is no pathway to becoming a millionaire off of a handful of DRS'd $GME shares. Pure delusion. I'd almost feel bad for you if it weren't for your smug attitude

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bestof on July 13, 2022 17:15:23

But that will require using new reddit

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 03:04:58

lmao thanks for a laugh. have fun with your bag

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 01:41:29

i know about all the other supposed use cases. none of them are real, they're less than a fart in the imagination of an ape. i know you really really want this to be real. "future of gaming", "digital used game sales", "cosmetics across games!", MOASS, ToO tHE mOOn!!! Hedgies are Fuk, phone number share values and all that. when absolutely none of it comes to pass, hopefully you realize that you're just a gullible sap who's prone to falling for cults, and that informs your behavior going forward. I won't hold my breath.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 01:23:21

It doesn't take an expert to understand how incomprehensibly stupid gamestop's used jpeg shop is, or NFTs in general really. but thanks!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 01:14:02

If they were manipulating the numbers that say bad things about $GME as FUD to discourage retail or whatever your conspiracy theory is this week, why wouldn't they also manipulate the utilization rate? wouldn't that be even better for hedge funds?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 01:12:09

What is GameStop's short interest percentage compared to Jan 2021? What is the dollar value sold short? Oh, what's that, both are lower, despite the fact that $GME is between 3 and 10x the price it was immediately before the squeeze? Hopium lmao can't wait to hear your thoughts on the split, er sorry, "dividend"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 00:54:14

Sorry bud, your best case is a few web3 pay to earn games. That's still garbage

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 00:40:03

What's GameStop's EPS? Remember when you morons were saying "$2B in cash and no debt?" Imagine thinking r/buttcoin of all places would be receptive to apes

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 00:31:04

What a relief GameStop is making it easy to buy absolutely worthless garbage

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 12, 2022 00:06:20

and the producers have a shit ton of data that informs them about when they should reduce the price of their games, which they still keep the majority or all of the profit from. Every company, with the exception of nintendo -- who have their own strategy that works for them and also doesn't include NFTs -- does this. So again, why would they allow people to resell used games, and take a 10% (or whatever) cut when they can just drop the price of their game to the same price the used game would be resold for, and keep a far larger percentage? you people have overdosed on hopium.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on July 11, 2022 22:10:26

nothing is stopping microsoft or sony from doing the same. Yet they don't. curious

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/wallstreetbets on July 11, 2022 22:06:05

that's literally all this subreddit is. a manifestation of the [Motivated Reasoning](,accurate%20reflection%20of%20the%20evidence.) of millions of ignorant nerds who missed the squeeze

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Superstonk on July 11, 2022 21:20:36

on one level, yeah, because this is crypto distilled to its essence. "Don't make _those guys_ rich! Make ME rich!!" on another level, it's like a million blown out walkman headset speakers blasting tinny fart noises at full volume. a droning torrent of shit that makes no lasting impression at all. it's funny knowing that it exists but i'm not gonna spend any more time looking at it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 11, 2022 00:05:45

Social darwinism is for imbeciles. Shedding dead weight really means consigning the less fortunate to lives of abject misery, which leads to a breakdown of civil society, which in turn leads to either the welfare state, which I gather you hate very much, or authoritarianism, which seems likely to be your preference. You're an authoritarian, is what I'm saying.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 10, 2022 18:59:06

Some people make successful, formulaic, low effort music. It's ok to point that out. I just thought it was interesting that your comment seemed to imply that you found it offensive that someone called trap trash but not with the way they compared it to another genre that's commonly criticized for being trash. For the record I think there's a lot of low effort/commercial music of every genre and pointing that out isn't offensive, it's just realistic. Im not in tune with trap enough to say whether it's the specific artists being referenced here or other ones, but there's no reason to pretend that every artist is an artiste. I don't like country either but I know enough to respect artists like Chris Stapleton and disrespect Florida Georgia line. Same with electronic music: Porter Robinson is an artist, datsik is a vapid commercial hack And some genres have a higher concentration of that type of musician, like brostep or mid 2000s buttrock

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Music on July 10, 2022 18:13:13

I don't think you have any way to know whether playboi carti puts more effort into his music than creed did, so it's a bit telling that you get mad about one but not the implication that creed is also lazy mindless trash

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Music on July 10, 2022 17:42:49

The Chinese vaccine sucks and operating under a zero COVID policy for so long means that the Chinese population has very low rates of natural immunity. So unlike the rest of the world, they face potential healthcare crisis if they just stay open like the test of the world is doing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on July 9, 2022 19:24:07

you're trolling lmfao, there's no way someone actually believes that the dutch were atheist in the 1600s

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SelfAwarewolves on July 9, 2022 13:27:29

Chaos dungeons, lopang, cube on a lot of alts

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 8, 2022 15:01:51

Someone has never played Pala or SH, or you wouldn't be saying that

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on July 8, 2022 13:59:49

as predicted, coping off the charts in those comments. MOAM soon

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on July 7, 2022 23:43:01

theoretically, but celsius can't create money out of thin air to pay their debts. Best case, it takes years, maybe more than a decade, to recover a small part of what was 'invested'. also, they are in the back of the line, behind everyone who invested more money. Celsius is in far too much shit to worry about minnows who only invested a few hundred grand or less For reference, the Mt Gox exchange collapsed in 2014. its bankruptcy is still ongoing, and nobody is going to be made whole

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on July 7, 2022 19:22:55

Nobody invests in the dollar, and centuries worth of macroeconomic evidence indicates that some inflation is a good thing. You shouldn't be writing anything that has the appearance of financial advice

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on July 7, 2022 18:00:05

You don't understand. Celsius is a ponzi scheme, unless you are a crypto megawhale like FTX or sam bankman fried, any money in Celsius is gone, and in fact the money was effectively no longer yours as soon as you put it in Celsius's hands. There is also no guarantee that an asset like Bitcoin which has no fundamental value will ever increase in value again, let alone to its previous ATH.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on July 7, 2022 17:56:11

They are not getting that money back, this is a mischaracterization of what is happening with Celsius. Celsius is liquidating Bitcoin to pay off large creditors with which they have legal agreements, before entering bankruptcy. The little guy is getting fucked, your money is gone. that means you and OP and 99.9% of everyone else.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on July 7, 2022 17:53:51

Probably not, they're not stupid enough to think that they can squeeze enough money from the rich to fix the liquidity problem. More likely, they see going after the rich as a proactive measure to maintain the authority of the government at a time when market forces are weakening their hold. Taking out their most powerful internal competition and scaring the rest straight at a time when those individuals could use their finances to drastically increase their domestic power if left unchecked

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on July 4, 2022 11:38:27

Mine is worth more because it took longer to produce. Buy my EdgeCoom

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 3, 2022 12:08:03

That's not how farming works. Hobby farms are not profitable and small working farms usually aren't either without an insane amount of hours to put towards the task

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationships on July 2, 2022 19:01:39

What do you mean? Do you interpret my comment as saying that wealth is the only axis along which personality is determined? That would be a very strange interpretation. No. I'm saying that mark Zuckerberg, known adolescent asshole and current asshole, probably didn't do a lot of moral development as a result of becoming one of the wealthiest people on earth, given what we know about the effects of wealth on people in general, and him specifically.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 2, 2022 12:41:51

Yes exactly. The only area where they even approach the resemblance of a point is with international transfers. Most US banks have a limit of $5k per day. But if you frequently need to transfer more than that, you are likely to be either very rich, in which case you can work around this limitation with the help of banks, or you're into some shady shit. And even in that case, the volatility of crypto makes it unfit for purpose

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on July 2, 2022 12:09:33

You're right, making billions of dollars almost always makes people more kind and empathetic towards those they consider lesser

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on July 2, 2022 12:03:09

Recessions are almost always massive transfers of wealth from the poor to the already rich, as wealthy individuals and corporations buy assets at a discount from the less fortunate who need cash to pay their debts or in the case of poor people, simply to live. You're right on the margins, e.g. cryptocurrency crashing is good for the real economy as it's by and large a worthless scam which delivers no real value to society. But in aggregate, recessions exacerbate wealth inequality and cause serious real world harm to everyday people.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on July 2, 2022 11:08:31

the thick wallet is your second party foul

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Wellthatsucks on July 2, 2022 00:50:43

It's ok to be wrong sometimes, you don't have to take it personally

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 26, 2022 19:52:02

that's all you have? really? i expected nothing and was still disappointed. attacking the form of the argument rather than the substance is far more juvenile than 2000s era internet slang could ever be. you're wrong and you know it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 26, 2022 18:04:22

that engineers are overrepresented among both islamic terrorists and western right-wing extremists. that's not the same thing as saying that engineers are "generally violent" lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 26, 2022 17:22:01

That's not the claim being made.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 26, 2022 10:31:17

A bit late but bard is super fast in chaos dungeons, even without dps engravings or tripods. Just make sure you have a second page. Abuse the shit out of prelude of death to kill the boss and elites. Gather all enemies on a cluster of elites, prelude of death, prelude of storm, everything dies and your cds are up again from the elite kill cdr Source: I didn't buy true courage or create an alternate gear page for my chaos dungeons set until T3

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on June 26, 2022 00:32:05

I appreciate the optimism and I think that there are a lot of areas, like training surgeons, entertainment, and certain technical applications where you'll be right. But overall I'm pessimistic about the net benefit, just like I think social media has been a net negative for society overall.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 25, 2022 21:20:14

Social media is 20 years old, and the abuses and harms associated only began to be fully understood over the last 5. Effective regulations are nowhere in sight. I see your techno-utopian comments all over this thread, and I wonder why you're so excited about this tech. With greater immersion comes greater intrusion, yet you're bullish on the tech and excited about the associated future. That seems incoherent to me. You should be worried. I am.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 25, 2022 21:08:56

Because the Republicans have a structural advantage in both houses of Congress. This should be civics 101. And aside from that I don't think it reflects well on you to equivocate drug decriminalization with the removal of human rights from over 50% of Americans. That's kind of an asshole argument to make

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on June 25, 2022 00:00:09

So you really think anyone says "I got downvoted on Reddit by mean libs which made me do a 180 on all my principles including human rights, racism, the separation of church and state, class issues, and free market capitalism?" Anyone who would do that is a pathetic, cowering mental midget. Are you saying that's you, or anyone you know? or are you just repeating this moronic talking point sight unseen? Because either way i feel bad for you

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on June 24, 2022 23:54:36

Marketing is the first thing that comes to mind, yeah. Companies see coiners as a profitable demographic and rightly conclude that the HODL mentality and the tediousness of transacting with Bitcoin will reduce the actual utilization of the service, making it a good marketing tool for attracting a valuable customer segment. Also, that webpage is out of date and deceptively implies that a franchisee accepting Bitcoin means the brand as a whole accepts it e.g. subway Finally, it's an outright lie that 36% of small businesses accept it as payment. That is completely false

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 24, 2022 15:59:25

Presumably because they want all the bitcoins they've been mining to be worth something, and because it's more destructive and difficult to coordinate a 51% attack than it is to collude to generate arbitrage opportunities or avoid hash rate arms races. And I notice you decided not to address my point about Bitcoin completely failing to deliver the functionality of a currency. Curious 🤨

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 24, 2022 13:59:32

You said "the point" of authority is to control, that's a statement of purpose. It's synonymous with "ought" in the way you used it. An example of what I'm speaking about would be the FDA. The purpose of the FDA is to ensure the safety of food and drugs to provide for the common good. The purpose of the FDA is not to arbitrarily ban things as an expression of will to power. There are a LOT of examples of these types of systems, and before you mention one of the FDA's many mistakes and abuses of power, those explicitly aren't the point of the institution. you're just being obtuse

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 24, 2022 13:10:18

You mean... Like institutions in democratic societies? The governments born out of the ideals of the enlightenment that form the basis of western philosophy? You made a normative statement that served to excuse misuse of power by saying that the misuse is the point, silly me for assuming you were advancing a coherent argument instead of confusing "is" and "ought".

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 24, 2022 12:53:37

"The point of authority is to control" Obviously, to those with an authoritarian mindset, the point of having authority is to use it to control other people. If you have an egalitarian mindset, the point of authority is to be given to those with the knowledge and skills to direct outcomes of systems in a way that results in the most benefit according to the aims of the system Nice self own, bravo

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 24, 2022 12:33:33

The only schools with tuition policies such as OP describes are in the top 25 or so as far as I'm aware. Your ivies, Stanfords and other colleges with huge endowments. Being able to pay for your child to go to one of those colleges, choosing not to, and telling them to go to a much worse in state school, or take out loans, makes you a dogshit parent. The value of an ivy league education is absolutely insane compared to a regular college, you'd have to be a real asshole to not want that for your child. Or bad with money, which again is asshole behavior

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on June 24, 2022 12:03:42

Given that the Tumblr era is about a decade in the past, and that joke is still constantly being made, I think it's time to accept that the usage of the joke has changed somewhat from its original form

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 24, 2022 11:50:47

That doesn't demonstrate value, and even if it did, it's incorrect. Because of bitcoin's technological deficiencies, it has been centralized on the mining end _and_ the transactional end by large conglomerates which act as de facto regulators. But since they don't actually have regulatory controls and standards requiring them to act ethically and within some sort of legal structure (other than KYC in the case of some exchanges), "regulation" in Bitcoin is just market manipulation. That's not an asset and it doesn't improve bitcoin’s utility as a currency. Speaking of currency, it can never be one because of many reasons, chief among them transaction rate. If Bitcoin was a good currency, why would stablecoins need to exist? Few butters understand

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 24, 2022 11:26:40

The war on drugs was the invention of a president and Congress (and state legislatures) passed the laws. it wasn't a scientific regulatory effort at all 🤡🤡 Bureaucrats brought you the clean water act and you want to tear it all down because you can't be bothered to learn some fucking civics. No first world country hands all regulatory power to the legislature, it's fucking impossible nonsense that nobody who believes government should work actually wants

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/environment on June 22, 2022 12:29:54

> The heads of Goldman Sachs, Google, Blackrock, Bridgewater, Microsoft, Disney, etc... are all people advocating for these policies. This is hilarious. None of these groups want their industries to be regulated, unless they can get preferential treatment via regulatory capture, most famously Disney which has extended copyright protections more times than I care to remember. Want to know who did that, each time? _congress_, most recently via the Copyright act of 1976 These organizations are in the business of buying influence, they don't need the administrative state to do so, they already buy congresspeople. Oil and gas, mining, and heavy industry are the legacy industries which most want to abolish the regulatory state because their businesses have the most negative externalities which regulations seek to curb, at those industries' expense, and rightly so. Subjecting air and water cleanliness regulation to Congress sounds like a right wing dream. Because it is, those industries have bought congresspeople and supreme court justices trying to make it happen Everything else you wrote is conspiratorial dissembling to deflect the causes of populism onto your boogieman, when the blatantly obvious answer: MONEY IN POLITICS. WEALTH INEQUALITY. OLIGARCHY is staring you right in the face. But you've been told the problem is elsewhere

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/environment on June 22, 2022 11:49:00

Redditor discovers the concept of nuance, 2022, colorized

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 22, 2022 11:28:33

Every democracy hands regulatory power to bureaucrats. Nothing about American democracy is exceptional in that regard, and you couldn't be more wrong about the rise of populism. The rise of populism is a reaction to the media environment and the fact that people perceive that our _elected leaders_ don't represent us. Because the way we elect them is broken and the supreme court has institutionalized corruption by allowing citizens united and striking down the voting rights act. Our elected officials are owned by the wealthy and special interests. That's the really undemocratic aspect of our society. It has almost nothing to do with unelected bureaucrats, nobody knows or cares what the FAA or USPTO does, and pretending that they're why we got trump is frankly beneath you, since apparently you can write in whole, coherent sentences.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/environment on June 22, 2022 11:08:54

>At worst, the president just has to take the regulations, proposed by the EPA, and then submit them to Congress as a bill. Are you saying that wouldn't be a catastrophe? Because it absolutely would be. The executive has too much power precisely because Congress is completely incapable of doing this. Congress is paralyzed by bicameralism and the filibuster, and held hostage by a party that doesn't believe in government. giving them more responsibility all but guarantees nothing will be done. Which is of course what the conservative supreme court justices want.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/environment on June 22, 2022 10:54:12

Congresspeople aren't scientists and can't write effective regulations on things outside of their area of expertise (for the smarter congresspeople, that's usually law. For the dumber congresspeople, all they're good at is getting elected). Do you want lawyers deciding how to protect the environment, regulate the stock market, and decide whether drugs are effective? Or should we let scientists do that? How to tell me you read the article but didn't critically think about it for even one nanosecond

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/environment on June 22, 2022 10:47:59

Highways are demonstrably the wrong solution yet we keep building them. Pick a better argument

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 19, 2022 17:28:54

And it would be useful too Also how would it be slower? Any subway would literally have dozens if not hundreds of times the passenger throughput of musk's one lane minitunnel

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 19, 2022 14:20:18

Yeah, and the fact that it's prevalent on meme stock subs should give you pause, because they also formed a cargo cult around Dollar Store Elon Musk and they think the short interest in their beloved stonk is still a gorillion percent. They are fucking morons. I don't tend to listen to the "common sense" folk wisdom of idiots, and you shouldn't either

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 17, 2022 11:41:17

Yeah, and the fact that it's prevalent on meme stock subs should give you pause, because they also formed a cargo cult around Dollar Store Elon Musk and they think the short interest in their beloved stonk is still a gorillion percent. They are fucking morons. I don't tend to listen to the "common sense" folk wisdom of idiots, and you shouldn't either

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 17, 2022 11:40:48

People say it was satire, but it's more accurate to say that it was initially a post-irony onion 4chan style. Bunch of reactionaries going Woo trump! But only joking... Unless..? 🥺👉👈

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 16, 2022 18:21:24

Another gamergate type watershed moment. If you could share the podcast you heard it from, that would be cool

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 16, 2022 00:30:54

The author's comment? The article? Yes. Glad we agree

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 14, 2022 23:45:28

This sub has never been favorable towards reactionary idiocy, which is an apt description of the statement being "reported" on by this article And that's not to mention the source. Yahoo? This sub also used to be for long form in depth articles, not pseudo-blogspam about a Thing a Celebrity said

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 14, 2022 22:15:57

because the fundamentals of an economy vulnerable to hyperinflation have almost nothing in common with the US economy. In order for hyperinflation to occur, your economy needs to suddenly experience a severe drop in productivity and/or your currency needs to be devalued _relative to other currencies_. Unless something's changed in the last 30 seconds, the US Dollar is still the world's dominant reserve currency (aka valuable compared to other currencies because lots of countries hold it in reserve thus there's a high demand) and the US is still the largest economy in the world.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 14, 2022 16:05:30

you can short things on various different crypto exchanges. you know, the same exchanges that are currently halting withdrawals and are difficult to withdraw real money from under 'good' circumstances. it sounds fun, but i wouldn't do it with more than pocket change/fun money if i were you.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 14, 2022 16:02:20

so can an entry on a centralized database which is accessed through an app such as ticketmaster or seatgeek or whatever.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 14, 2022 15:59:29

there is no chance of that, chicken little

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on June 14, 2022 15:49:38

Makes incredible sense. Ponzi on the way up? Why not ponzi on the way down

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 13, 2022 23:51:25

Self awareness and personal growth are cool attributes to have, good for you

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on June 13, 2022 16:49:54

Lmao, yep totally reputable CEOs routinely display no interest in continued investment in the company they control. Just doing some reputable CEO things, unwinding my position in the business I run

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 13, 2022 14:59:11

there are definitely technical reasons. Like for example the fact the game uses EAC

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on June 13, 2022 00:33:27

What's going on is simple: 1. Christian subs such as /r/Christian have a healthy contingent of former Christians who go there, who are a large portion of the people doing the downvoting. This doesn't appear to be the case for r/islam 2. Globally, the average Christian is significantly more socially liberal than the average muslim

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 12, 2022 11:01:39

You are doing the wrong guardians. Urnil, chromanium, calventus and lava chromanium always have people queuing. I haven't had much trouble getting abyss dungeons either

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on June 11, 2022 21:27:22

Nobody said they weren't

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on June 10, 2022 18:35:11

I wouldn't put Israel in such glowing terms lol, they are cunts too. USA-aligned cunts aka strategic allies

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on June 10, 2022 17:00:55

It definitely, absolutely will push Israel to do things, as it has before with stuxnet

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on June 10, 2022 14:32:12

I agree! Good work. If you're open to an unsolicited writing style suggestion, I noticed a couple of occasions where you used ”way, way" as a superlative, where perhaps a different word could be used to improve the flow. Of course, you're doing this for free on your own time so I don't mind if you tell me to fuck off :)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 8, 2022 15:12:42

OP, what you are looking for is an SSM state manager association. Maintenance windows are fine but they're really more useful for actual maintenance window tasks:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on June 7, 2022 16:53:58

And now remember how many mmo developers completely fail to develop parallel balance environments for pvp and pve _within their own single game_. Now they have to do the same thing with n! Combinations of games made by different developers? I'm dying

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 7, 2022 16:33:38

> be wrong > > Declare victory > > Sound like an idiot trying to seem smart bye now. nothing of value was lost

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 6, 2022 15:41:19

I mean, you can say they have no idea all you want. But the fact remains, you're generally incorrect, and we're not. No amount of accusing me of caterwauling and chasing dopamine will change that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 6, 2022 15:28:48

They clearly do have some knowledge about it, given that they correctly stated the uncontroversial fact that in the vast majority of jurisdictions, buying a gun has a lower barrier to entry than legally driving a car, because our regulations aren't strict enough. You just pedantically replied with an edge case because you're a projecting hypocrite chasing the same rush you accuse me of chasing Edit: for someone complaining about downvotes, you sure do hit that button quickly lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 6, 2022 15:19:38

>would you like to try again with just a bit of honesty or are you just enjoying the rage high? Lol, saying this after you came in hot accusing people of being completely unfamiliar with the subject, then edited your comment to remove the incorrect generalization I called you out for. Not sure what you're doing but it's unconvincing and mildly embarrassing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 6, 2022 14:45:13

No, you do not. A background check is the only requirement for buying an AR-15 in most states. No licensing (especially not license renewal), test, registry or permit required Source: having purchased multiple guns in the USA Why do you feel the need to tell easily disprovable lies?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on June 6, 2022 13:34:10

> take control of their finances Nice buzzword. But of course, "few understand 😞" I'm extremely confident that my Vanguard ETFs and FDIC backed savings account won't be rug pulled. Somehow I'm gonna get scammed, though, I'm shaking and crying at the prospect. Certainly just as vulnerable as crypto

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 5, 2022 15:07:47

Unfortunately I'm expecting an MLM future for crypto, where it becomes a cyst on the rump of legitimate business, still attracting idiots, clearly should be illegal in the eyes of most people, but the beneficiaries have become too wealthy and politically connected for the scam to be banned outright. Bankman-fried and winkelvoss become the new DeVos

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on June 3, 2022 17:02:43

> Chinese citizens have more economic liberty than the US This is you comparing the two in binary terms first, do you have short term memory loss? Accusing someone of being 'peak reddit' while simultaneously being smugly contrarian based on a nonsensical, pedantic premise that no sane person would agree with, and prematurely declaring victory, is amazing, thanks. Really made this whole interaction worth it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 15:31:37

I didn't say America's government is good, just that china is in fact bad, and saying it's somehow better than the porn industry is weird and nonsensical. Jesus fucking Christ I am begging you to read a single wikipedia article about rhetoric. your brain clearly lacks the capacity to understand nuance so I doubt it will make much of an impression but please try

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 15:20:28

"Human rights are socially constructed" isn't the gotcha you think it is, when we're talking about governments and industries, which are also socially constructed. Everything except material reality is socially constructex, you walnut. The moral framework that tells us "murder is bad" isn't built on any laws of physics, but you wouldn't reply to someone saying "murder is bad" by saying "well actually ethics are fake" Nice whataboutism too, potent 1-2 combo with conflating per Capita rates as a function of raw population

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 15:14:10

Supporting an exploitative industry is worse than supporting a government that doesn't believe in the notion of human rights. Cool stuff thanks for sharing your dogshit opinion

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 15:08:28

As a function of football being more popular than basketball, yeah. But UO mens bball isn't even close to the blazers

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 14:58:45

Super torta in Oregon City!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on June 3, 2022 14:06:32

I mean, arr slash neoliberal is one of the only subs that effectively brigades SRD, so it feeds into the tankie persecution complex

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on June 3, 2022 13:10:36

I'm just curious why you care about the stock and get upset when I say something negative about the company. Personally I'm fascinated by self-organizing high control groups, especially online ones like QAnon and Superstonk. I'm clearly not a fan of GameStop's long term outlook, but that doesn't mean I'm trolling. Being bearish on a meme stock isn't trolling, but you seem really sensitive about this topic. Why is that? I checked a few pages of your post history and don't see any of the ape subs. So what gives?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 2, 2022 19:34:23

Why do you keep down voting me? Not that I care about karma, but it seems like you're bothered by what I'm saying. I'm curious about why that is. Are you invested in GME?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 2, 2022 18:43:47

I guess we'll see if they convert all that inventory into profit. I am betting they won't.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 2, 2022 18:30:53

And that inspires confidence? Sounds like they're having a hard time moving inventory, what with revenues increasing less than inflation

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 2, 2022 18:16:26

They're burning over 100m/quarter of that cash on hand, it would be reasonable for investors to value that at less than the full dollar value since every indication is that the cash will be gone sooner rather than later. In 2024, when the cash is gone and they've failed to transform the business, we'll see where the stock price ends up

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on June 2, 2022 17:31:38

> The FDA keeps people from taking tainted untested drugs. Most people agree its doing an alright job No we do not. Lol. The opioid crisis was caused in large part by the FDA completely failing at their job

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on June 1, 2022 20:27:43

Crypto does absolutely nothing to change that, anyone can track your history if they have your wallet address, which, surprise! They get when you buy something

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on June 1, 2022 14:20:57

Do you think that people who don't have access to a bank are invested in stablecoins, or should be? What's the relevance

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 22:57:28

> Unbanked people for the most part do have capital citation needed. but moreover, why did you say this: > Most of the world's retail investors also don't have access to USD bank accounts, or any bank account they would want. in response to someone questioning the use of cryptocurrency exchanges, which are not banks, poor investment vehicles, and function as a wealth vacuum extracting money from retail investors to enrich the wealthy? what are you actually trying to achieve, here? you want to convince me of "unbanked, ergo crypto?" that's dumb as shit, nobody here is gonna buy that talking point

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 22:35:08

that's just a statement of fact. People who don't have bank accounts aren't investors because they lack access to both capital and things to invest in, largely as a result of the same factors that cause them to not have bank accounts. Getting them "invested" in buttcoin, which is none of the following: 1. a currency 2. a bank 3. a legitimate investment 4. A solution to the problems that cause them to be unbanked is a joke

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 22:16:34

Dumb, boring, and worst of all, _predictable_. "Have fun staying poor"-tier response. Crypto bros don't want to educate the unbanked on sound investing principles, because the "investment opportunity" they're pushing relies on obscurantist technobabble that is designed to prevent lay people from noticing the scam, and because the unbanked would inevitably use those principles to invest properly. Crypto bros are degenerate lowlifes who see the poor as a piggy bank to smash. Or did you actually inhale that utopian transformative buttcoin hopium?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 21:18:08

Not many of the world's investors lack access to bank accounts. the unbanked aren't investors in crypto, they're marks.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 20:08:45

I'm not sure if that's what people are talking about when they say the economic system is unsustainable, or at least those aren't the only reasons. The real problem is that we haven't solved the basic issue of human wants and needs exceeding the available resources. Our economic system requires the complete destruction of the natural world because externalities are systematically unaccounted for, and institutions which can ensure they are priced in are disincentivized from doing so by money. It's not just the challenge of quantifying the loss of the Amazon rainforest or the ogallala aquifer, it's the complete abdication of the notion that we not only should, but _must_ do so or be complicit in untold levels of future suffering. And all of this is being done because lots of (predominantly old) people want money now, before they die.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 31, 2022 19:22:55

they are members of the american medical association, which uses licensure and residency limits to artificially inflate doctors' wages and therefore the costs of healthcare. teaching hospitals rely on mentally abusing residents who are forced to suffer for no reason other than the guy who invented the residency system was a coked out workaholic shithead. This all comes at the expense of patient outcomes. patients benefit from having more doctors who are more mentally stable and not sleep deprived. It's about as close to exploitation-free as it gets, but the AMA is seriously fucked up organization.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/starterpacks on May 29, 2022 17:30:24

Damn so a bolt action .22 is as lethal as a semi-automatic 7.62mm AK? Someone tell NATO they don't need to make the big bullets anymore

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on May 29, 2022 00:19:07

they didn't miss anything. they serve the people that control the corporations.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 28, 2022 17:13:52

You guys are fucking weird. making sexually harassing comments about someone, _to their face_, isn't a behavior that's only inappropriate in a white collar office context, it's actually inappropriate in the vast majority of contexts. People who work in white collar jobs don't generally conform to your cringeworthy caricature of an obsequious corporate shill, either. Sounds like a massive cope tbh

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on May 28, 2022 15:58:55

For now. If they manage to enact more racist oppression, you can be sure that they will find ways to exclude more and more people from the white in-group to satisfy their desire for a racial hierarchy

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 28, 2022 12:13:16

That flag shirt and the tacticool sunglasses are awful lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/starterpacks on May 27, 2022 23:42:22

The only thing I can think of is he has some debilitating phobia of water, oceans, boats or some shit. Incredibly hard to believe that someone could trigger that phobia in a video game but idk. Or, more likely he's a weird dude with a self imposed restriction so he can be UnIqUe fOr AtTeNtIoN

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 27, 2022 15:02:06

Levanos is a meatbag, it only sucks if people don't hit the tree

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 27, 2022 14:23:01

> You just need socialists to keep repeating the same falsehoods over and over again until the majority of people believe they're true - like that the minimum wage would be $25 if it kept up with inflation, First, not everyone, or even close to the majority of people who say that are socialists. Second, it's a literal objective fact, albeit based on a questionable interpretation of which data is relevant. Third, the fact that legislation to this effect is a complete impossibility given the filibuster and the structure of Congress exposes your position for the fear mongering that it is. Not to mention the fact that over half of the effective electorate is currently going through a media induced reactionary spiral in the exact opposite direction. You're right about people believing oft-repeated lies, but wrong about who is currently successfully telling the lies (rich people who tell right wing lies to stay rich, rather than socialist boogiemen) and are ignoring that the lies which are more well funded are the lies that get repeated, and who structurally benefits from the ability to turn dollars into lies, i.e. the wealthy, not socialists

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on May 25, 2022 14:35:04

This subreddit has been left of center for a decade.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on May 25, 2022 14:06:42

The socialists aren't circling like sharks, they're systematically excluded from the halls of power because the compromises needed for a sufficient number of socialists to get into federal office are extreme, given how much capitalism is intertwined with elections and policymaking. On top of that, Republicans have an insane structural advantage in both houses of Congress, to the extent that even mildly social welfarist policies are currently impossible to pass. you're severely overestimating the likelihood of the "worst" case scenario for your position, and given the tone of your ouvre I think its because you're more right wing than you want to admit, or than you want us to think you are. Several constitutional amendments ( lmao @ this ever happening), or a complete collapse of the economy so devastating it makes the great depression look mild, would need to happen for socialism to have any meaningful influence in America.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on May 25, 2022 13:58:37

and so that liberal districts which diverge from a zero-tolerance policy get sued.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nextfuckinglevel on May 25, 2022 00:29:23

can't wait until the 60s start calling again

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 24, 2022 12:33:31

these people are so delusional, this is a hilarious reminder. For those too lazy to watch the video, he basically just says that he thinks there's some hedge fund, crypto firm, or financial institution that probably has an over-leveraged play which will collapse in the next 10-20 days, which will cause the market to drop to the bottom. he doesn't have any particular idea of which company or what kind of leveraged strategy will be the one to collapse, just that it's a historically common cause of large single day market corrections. It's a fluffy, vague statement at best. but not to stinkystankers. To them, everything is evidence of GME mooning, despite the fact that there's absolutely no evidence that GME is a hedge against market downturns. Going to be fun to repost this one in 21 days.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 21, 2022 19:07:08

> absorbent amounts of money bruh

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 21, 2022 14:50:09

i don't know about that. These servers are running on AWS, and unless smilegate has experienced AWS engineers (doubtful, unless they already used AWS for the KR and JP regions), they are certainly working with AGS/AWS to run the servers.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 21, 2022 14:02:53

oh i'm not saying musk is above board, and i'm not a fan in any sense. I'm just saying that his company makes actual products and has value, even if it's currently very overvalued.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 21, 2022 13:41:32

if a company goes out of business, shareholders and debtors will be paid from the liquidation of the company's assets. Unless you are aware of a company whose assets were worth less than .00001% of its ATH stock price, i'm right. Maybe Enron fits the bill, but i don't think anyone would reasonably believe that tesla is engaged in outright fraud like enron.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 21, 2022 12:49:43

Pedantry incoming. This shows you don't understand cryptocurrencies, or the stock market, or both. UST crashed 99x... Three consecutive times. It's not possible for a real company to crash that hard even if it literally goes out of business, because even with a complete failure, stocks are based on some fundamental productive capacity of a business, such as tesla's IPs and battery contracts and factories. Crypto's value, on the other hand, is based on how much you can sell it to a Greater Fool for, ie. Absolutely nothing fundamental That being said, I'd love for Tesla to be brought back to earth.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 21, 2022 11:43:55

There are a lot of reasons to assume that saving 15% isn't sufficient to guarantee retirement, unless you expect line to keep going up at historical rates, in which case I would like to introduce you to climate change, unsustainable agriculture, and the ongoing erosion of democracy in our country You can't assume 10% average stock market returns will continue over the medium term, there is ample evidence to the contrary.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on May 20, 2022 13:27:25

It's eventually going to happen regardless, because the asahi Linux team has some incredibly talented developers working on reverse engineering the GPU code. This legislation won't affect that process but it will hasten similar efforts in the future and that's what excites me because apple has become such a compelling hardware company

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 20, 2022 10:03:57

> But in my view Apple is more of a hardware company that provides access to write programs for their iOS. But in very tight parameters. I agree this is valuable. And hopefully if this legislation comes to pass, there can still be some guardrails to preserve the original Mac development experience. I'm biased as well because in all likelihood I am buying a MacBook pro as soon as asahi Linux is stable, after not using an apple product since the iPhone 3, because the idea of ARM Mac hardware combined with the Linux developer experience is so attractive to me

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 20, 2022 09:53:10

In your opinion, why is breaking the walled garden bad? This would give people like the asahi Linux crew direct access to the M1 GPU driver so that they can have an easier time creating their own open source version . It seems great to me. And besides, apple doesn't need to allow an app or firmware within their ecosystem just because developers create a tool, they can keep the benefits of the walled garden for lay users while developers are empowered to tinker as they please

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 20, 2022 09:41:05

The party of "believe women" forced him to resign. Are you slow?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 20, 2022 05:36:32

Yeah for those rates. Google, MSFT, amzn, apple all pay similar rates and hire directly from facebook

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 20, 2022 04:28:33

I disagree, especially with the supreme court ruling likely to come between now and then. That might not have much of an impact on national politics, I don't know enough to say. But drazan's anti-choice stance will destroy Republicans this cycle. I expect dems to go heavy on the negative ads to drive turnout

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on May 18, 2022 21:08:03

Check application specific logs as well. The application log location should be specified on the company's site, but if you can't find it, check %PROGRAMDATA% and program files for folders named after the creator of the program. You may need to enable the "view hidden folders" checkbox in file explorer

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on May 18, 2022 11:46:02

Generally i agree with you, but there's at least a few more hours per week to spend on weekly activities, plus you need to collect enough coins to buy out the pirate coin vendor on every character each week, as well as enough gold to convert to blue crystals for Mari's shop if you're actually trying to min-max. And you can always make more alts. Overall, though it's true that if you've done most horizontal content by now, it's very hard to spend 12hr per day on this game

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 18, 2022 10:41:31

Who am I brown nosing lmao? Also nice retort, very self actualized. "Yeah I simp for a billionaire, but I bet you're a simp too! Gotem!!" Develop your own fucking personality independent from the Twitter feed of someone with too much money to care that you exist, you pathetic cringelord

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 18, 2022 10:02:58

Schedule chasing, alts and horizontal content. Trying to hit all your shangras, tookis, al'akkirs, sailing co-ops, gates, adventure islands, wandering merchants, bosses, ignea tokens, mokokos. Plus 6 or more alts worth of chaos, guardians, events, weekly content, and pvp You really don't see how that could fill 12 hours a day?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 18, 2022 09:59:56

"musk doesn't use his platform responsibly, and here's why that's a good thing!" You brown nosers are pathetic

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 18, 2022 09:52:30

Yeah, and when there are enough people like him, it becomes an "us" problem. and wouldn't you know it, the fact that trump was so popular proves that there are many many authoritarian followers. So it's an "us" problem after all! Gee whiz

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on May 18, 2022 09:15:14

Nice personality you have there, bragging about your privileged existence at the first whiff of the misfortune of some redditor with a different opinion

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on May 18, 2022 08:55:20

Obviously le good one is Gabriel Garcia Marquez! Which leaves the ugly one... Hmmm

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on May 17, 2022 21:50:21

Was that a theme, or was it a result of the books being written in volumes and initially published in periodicals? I really enjoyed Crime And Punishment, but it's pretty obvious that his long-windedness and proclivity for tangents was a result of the initial format

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on May 17, 2022 21:07:00

I don't think any book should be banned, with the notable exception of every dune novel written by those two. Truly miserable, abominable books with absolutely no merit. Base profiteering. They should be ashamed

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on May 17, 2022 21:00:11

By losing more games

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 17, 2022 19:33:47

Gme cultist spotted lmao Classic conspiracy mindset. Step 1: Take a common sense fact -- consultants, financiers, MBAs, and various business types ruin companies by diverting focus from core business to financialization and stock price maximization Step 2: extrapolate that to insane extremes -- BCG is purposefully ruining GME to help the hedgies!!! In reality, you're right about Boeing, although it wasn't purposeful, just a result of such people being lost in the sauce of their own social circles, business norms, and myopic educations. BCG has nothing to do with GameStop's imminent failure, GME is managing that quite well on their own

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 17, 2022 17:25:25

I'm with you, cross contamination seems like a far more likely cause than purposeful cutting. So many cheap, legal adulterants for cocaine, why waste a drug you can sell separately? Especially if it's being done at the cartel level, it's not like those guys are dumb, they run businesses

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 17, 2022 16:22:00

Yeah, I didn't see it as a huge investment though, basically 40 each blue + green books for ambush master and PS. I knew I was going to play other back attack classes, and spent purple books on that as well. so only PS books turned out to be a waste ultimately. If I had been alting SH, I would have forced DI from the start probably

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 17, 2022 14:34:58

Hi, freeway expansion does induce demand, and worse, is inefficient, wasteful, environmentally destructive, historically economically discriminatory, promotes the usage of cars for intra-city transportation, results in more usage of land for parking, and diverts funds from more efficient mass transit programs. Quite simply, it is unsustainable and we need to move towards a future where cars are not necessary for urban living and working. The future of cities is not Houston, it's NYC/London/Tokyo/Amsterdam/Barcelona/Paris On the other hand, I don't think we can build our way out of the homeless crisis, although building more and eliminating single family zoning is part of the solution to housing affordability which has at least a small impact on the homelessness crisis. Maybe talk to people instead of building strawmen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on May 17, 2022 14:27:13

Sh mains gimp themselves playing DI until t3 plus wealth. I tried both while in t2 and DI felt so bad with just 1 blue wealth rune and like 700 spec. It's only fun once you can hit demon form in one rotation PS on the other hand is just boring, but consistently decent regardless of gear

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 17, 2022 13:59:50

You're just spouting empty platitudes related to nothing. I have nothing to say to you about Nietzsche aside from that you obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Similarly, Evolution has nothing to do with the origins of the universe. Let me leave you with this:

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on May 17, 2022 12:50:02

Not a single coherent thought in your comment. Nevermind. Do you have cognitive challenges, or some kind of mental health disorder? Whatever it is, seek help

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on May 17, 2022 12:19:23

Plus two whole nerias. Nerf neria rapport requirements please

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 16, 2022 23:43:08

You wish fewer people abused it but support the mechanism that will force companies to allow them to abuse it. Make it make sense, cause it kinda sounds like you're on some hippy copium wishing for people to not be people. Join reality please

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 16, 2022 13:18:29

Idk, I agree with you generally, but wouldn't you say calling him simply a social conservative is underselling it? He's a social conservative with various conspiratorial and authoritarian tendencies, who's positioned himself in an information/delusion bubble not altogether dissimilar to putin's

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on May 16, 2022 13:12:28

Did.. you just suggest that evolution, one of the most thoroughly studied and understood scientific theories in existence, with literally tens of thousands of scientific studies confirming the nature and particulars of its mode of operation, is somehow equivalent to God, which has absolutely no material evidence in favor of its existence? And your argument is that it seems crazy and impossible to you, so it must be. On what basis do you make that assessment? What justification do you have to disregard the work of millions of scientists and the overwhelming consensus of the academy?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on May 16, 2022 13:05:02

Giannis and jokic are better for now

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 15, 2022 23:53:48

No way, Suns are still too talented. They get a league average starting pg instead of cp3 and they're the wolves at worst

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 15, 2022 23:49:55

Bro, sadly reddit's gross history with shit like arr slash jailbait doesn't hold a candle to 4chan and especially not to 8chan. The chans make reddit look like fucking Mr Rogers in comparison

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 15, 2022 01:44:47

> Even if it causes those same employers to cut hours What? wage increases don't change the labor needs of a business, if they can cut hours in response to wage increases, then those businesses were already overstaffed, or they have begun trying to squeeze blood from a stone and will shortly experience the consequences in the form of turnover > and cause more young unskilled individuals to become unemployed. This is conventional wisdom among people who know what a micro 101 supply and demand chart looks like, and love to regurgitate conservative talking points without understanding what they're talking about. but there is insufficient evidence to support this claim, especially when the upside (paying people more) has huge benefits > And especially if mostly mom and pop companies struggle the most to pay the new higher wages leaving Amazon and Walmart to continue to gut them. It's actually profoundly stupid that you would make this argument after saying that people who can't compete in the labor market just need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Maybe those mom and pop shops should just develop more competitive business models? It's time to ask yourself why you feel that individuals who lack the skills to compete in the market deserve no sympathy, but individual business owners in the exact same situation deserve so much sympathy that they should be able to pay as little as they want. The answer, of course, is that they both deserve sympathy, and we can fix the regulatory environment for both without turning it into a zero sum game. But I get the impression you're just a boring conservative without much actual knowledge about this subject. Maybe the daily caller will drop a sick new classist talking point for you to use the next time you have this argument. That will surely convince people! guess you didn't have anything better to do tonight after all

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 14, 2022 01:28:35

Jesus fucking Christ man, do you think everyone can just go out and get a better job? Who is going to flip your burgers, stock your shelves, or change your gramgram's diaper in the nursing home? _don't_ say high schoolers or I will invent a machine that lets me poke you in the eye through the internet. Individually, gaining skills is a solution, but you clearly don't understand how to think systematically if that's your argument. It's nonsense. Every full time job needs to pay enough to live on because we need living people to do those jobs.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 14, 2022 00:50:01

Alternatively, practice pressing buttons while not getting hit

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 12, 2022 23:22:17

That's a pipe dream imo. There is no way to coordinate the necessary transaction rate in a decentralized manner, inefficiency is a Hallmark of decentralized systems. In theory it would be nice but it's not likely to ever outcompete a centralized solution

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on May 12, 2022 12:09:29

This is embarrassing boomer nonsense. Buying a house in methsville, Fucksylvania does you no good if there are no jobs, which there aren't, or even foreclosed houses wouldn't be $25k And before you resume cringe posting, I'm a millennial homeowner

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 12, 2022 11:01:44

You should put your surplus money (beyond emergency fund) In a CD account instead of your regular savings, unless that's already what you mean

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 12, 2022 10:42:53

i don't know, look at the times where it's worked, and try to emulate the characteristics of the societies which brought about the desirable result. Like, investigate how postwar europe created strong institutions and pluralistic societies which resulted in the rights, freedoms, and social safety nets they currently enjoy. It's happened before, it can happen again.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on May 11, 2022 22:28:04

Penny stock mania has ebbed and flowed over the years, similar vibes

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 11, 2022 21:54:30

Pulte of gme/Twitter grifter fame is an heir of pulte homes, but iirc my gme lore, he was ousted from the day to day business due to the fact that he's a talentless failson who can only grift

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 11, 2022 19:10:48

Kirkland signature implies some measure of quality. Mr. CEO and founder, Lord Micropeen himself, is the 7-11 store brand elon musk

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 11, 2022 18:42:35

Crypto grew out of silicon valley techbro-libertarian principles though, so the two are very closely linked in my eyes, and some problems in the crypto sphere represent failures of libertarian thought rather than technological failures. of course, crypto being generally shit-tiet vaporware means that most problems are related to the latter.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 11, 2022 18:29:45

except you can see the same mountains and be much safer in neighboring pakistan and india. and Nepalese himalayas are similar in character. Hell, it's probably better to try to go to tajikistan, another neighboring country, if you want to see the karakorams.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/starterpacks on May 10, 2022 14:44:21

ok, that's fine for you to believe. it's my opinion that his wife is an equally terrible person and calling terrible people bitches and not being sad they're dead is ok. if putin died tomorrow, people would be lining up to spit on his grave. Doing the same for reagan is only slightly less justified. liking him because he was somewhat charismatic, and defending him on that basis, is kind of messed up too, since you're not immediately affected by any of the things he did. calling for civility in politics is sensible in the dutch context, it's wholly irrelevant in the american context. Not coincidentally at all, Republicans got rid of that notion during the nixon and reagan presidencies

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 14:30:09

That's ok bud, I don't have an opinion of you either way, you might be perfectly likeable in person IRL. But I think you're a bit naive in this area. Disliking bad people, and being mad at them, the things they did and believed, and the people who supported them, are all normal and acceptable behaviors. Especially when that person had the title "former president"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 13:46:37

I went to UvA for a year. And yes, I agree that the American populace has intractable cultural problems that make our government more contentious and less functional. but when republicans can win the Senate, house of representatives, and presidency consistently without earning a majority of votes for any of the three, you get right wing minority rule. That can only happen because our democratic system is outdated and flawed Not being angry at politics is a luxury afforded to you by virtue of the fact that your government mostly works. And again, social media, American attitudes and other factors contribute to the anger and polarization here, but I don't think you appreciate that it's reasonable to be angry at a government that doesn't reflect the will of the people, and transfer the anger to the people who helped make it that way. And although Reagan didn't invent our system of representative apportionment or the electoral college, he and his ideology, such as it were, have been a disaster for this country. And he was personally a redbaiting, anti-labor, bigoted right wing crank piece of shit likely rapist. So I don't like him.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 13:36:31

You seriously need to look into who he was as a human, then, because he was every bit as contemptible personally as he was politically. Liking someone because they're a smooth talking actor -- and getting mad at others who see through that -- is the lowest level of political analysis. Especially when you have drastically less skin in the game due to being a citizen of a different first world country. And as someone more familiar with dutch politics than the average American, i think calling yourselves one of the most left wing countries in the world is quite a stretch, given that your governing coalition is largely neoliberal-centrist and your largest opposition faction are hard right with a nice dose of fascism. You're not more meaningfully left wing than France or Germany. I am quite jealous of the fact that your government seems to work. The US's government doesn't work, in fact one party runs on a platform of ensuring it stays that way. That party controls ~45% of the votes, earning them more than 50% of the legislature due to our failing mode of government. personal animosity towards politicians is a result of that, among many other factors that you don't fully appreciate as someone whose society has hundreds of years of cooperative government, so much so that they named your unique civic orientation the "polder model"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 12:53:57

"The cloud" denotes a real and important trend in computing. The metaverse may eventually as well, although I seriously hope not. The other two were never anything but dotcom boom buzzwords

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Games on May 10, 2022 12:40:17

I think you meant to say you like him _because_ of your political opinions. His movies, although I haven't seen them, aren't critically acclaimed, and everything he's known for otherwise is political. So it seems like you're just deflecting

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 12:10:45

Let this comment serve as a reminder not to take your dad's half-drunk political musings as gospel.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 11:53:07

It's not possible to care about every injustice. Not caring about it in a specific instance doesn't mean you're justifying it. Personally I try to save my sympathy for people who deserve it. Also there's no evidence she was sexually assaulted, so that guy is assuming based on #metoo, which adds another layer of I don't care, because although Hollywood was overwhelmingly sexist in 1960s, making it plausible, I don't feel strongly enough about the quality of Nancy Reagan's life to make an assumption

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/HistoryPorn on May 10, 2022 11:43:30

You pay gold to skip the continents you've already completed. It's in your stronghold. You can do it 9 times per continent per roster. If you have a level 10 character, here's what you do: unlock songs, port to the stronghold, buy the north vern power pass for 600 gold, and wait 8 hours. After that, go to stronghold, complete knowledge transfer, and tada, you have a level 50 alt that's finished north vern storyline and ready to progress through tier 1

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 9, 2022 20:06:30

Lmao they think high double digits share price is "square 1" Lots of disappointment in their future

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 9, 2022 17:07:01

As long as the market doesn't crash and reduce your equity. Fortunately for homeowners, unlike GME the fundamentals of the housing market mean that line will actually keep going up

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on May 9, 2022 16:52:23

Lmfao unbelievable. The stupidity of cryptobros is amazing The person who wrote that feels very smart for knowing what an SSL cert is

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Buttcoin on May 8, 2022 11:49:38

sorry, the mail expires in 30 days, but you're right about the 7 day expiration if you use the item. I thought i remembered it working like the vern passes, but i was wrong. so as long as it's out of your mail and in a character's inventory, you can use it until june 30

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 7, 2022 21:53:48

claim it from your mail before it expires, and use the in-game item that you get from mail. once you do that, it will disappear from your inventory and be attached to your account and available forever.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 7, 2022 21:14:50

that doesn't solve the problem, it just means that whoever has the most processing power wins

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/space on May 7, 2022 00:55:05

well that's the other side of the coin. a lot of people don't see the end of work as a hopeful thing. Many see it as "as soon as my labor is no longer useful, the people who own the AI will no longer have to care if i live or die"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/space on May 6, 2022 21:56:46

There it is, again, that funny feeling.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on May 6, 2022 16:52:57

If you're a gullible doormat without opinions of your own, maybe

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationship_advice on May 5, 2022 18:29:51

Most of those things are real, but if you think a late mover with no experience in any of those industries -- which is what square enix is -- will make a splash in those markets, you are delusional just like they are. You're talking about cloud and serverless computing like square will challenge MS, AWS, Google, or even oracle/ibm/Alibaba. None of that is happening

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcgaming on May 4, 2022 00:16:12

well, first off just try to have fun and don't worry about min-maxing. If you're not at 50, just level. feel free to skip side quests, you can always come back later. but you do have to complete the storyline so you might find yourself at level 50 and with parts of the campaign left if you've done too many other things. if you're at level 50, there are a couple general areas to focus on: 1. character progression: honing to increase gear score to access further story/continents/tier2&3 - within step 1, you should be doing your catch up islands. there's a good maxroll guide to get you started. TLDR: lots of islands give tier 1 honing mats. doing those will give you a nice boost. - aside from islands, do your una's tasks and chaos dungeons daily and abyssal dungeons weekly. Do the event guardian every day and spend the tokens to get more materials. To be optimal, you can do 2 normal guardian raids every day as well, but personally i don't do that every day because it's boring and takes a long time. - PVP if you find it fun for additional mats. - do the tower, plus any boss rush and/or cube tickets you get whenever you have spare time and want to do something else. 2. account progression: Skill points, runes, rapports, other horizontal progression - skill points and runes are probably the most impactful account wide progression systems. To get all your skill points and runes you have to engage with the collectible system which means adventure tome, island tokens, giant hearts, masterpieces, etc. there are guides that help you figure out where to get started. More skill points makes your gameplay more fun! - do your rapports every day. you can do it on your main (use bifrost points for this) or your alts. i would suggest prioritizing rapports that give virtue potions, giant hearts, and those in locations with easy adventure tomes (rethramis, yudia, west luterra, anikka, tortoyk) - other collection stuff such as makoko seeds, omnium stars, ignea tokens give nice

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 3, 2022 18:25:16

i always remember because i trained myself to open the guild tab immediately after clearing the crystalline aura bug by opening my titles. so every time i login to a character, I press [ twice, then ALT+U. ez thanks to my irrational hatred of red dots on my UI

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 3, 2022 17:34:15

No it's not lmao. It's structurally impossible unless you plan to flip demographics on its head over just a couple election cycles. Pure hopium. You'd have to convince rural America to stop being republican. Definitely Not Possible. Let's stick to reality here.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 3, 2022 12:36:28

Impressive how you managed to twist an innocuous comment into an internet argument based on nothing but a desire to Be Mad On The Internet. That guy wasn't even disagreeing with you, he was just saying that it sucks how you have to change jobs to earn what you're worth in our society. Which it does. That's not a controversial statement. Changing jobs is stressful, and it would be nice if we didn't have to do that in order to get raises. That's what you're picking a fight with. Touch grass.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on May 3, 2022 12:29:12

Yeah, as we all know, millions of cowboys fans just appeared out of thin air in the 90s

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on May 1, 2022 14:42:50

> have fun staying poor lmao buddy. "everyone who disagree with me is poor!!"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 1, 2022 13:26:00

> You want money that appreciates, not depreciates. This is really simple. you don't want money to be an investment, you dingus. Money is used for exchanging goods and services, not as a store of value. If it were a store of value, velocity would decrease (nevermind that bitcoin's velocity _can't_ increase, that's a totally different fundamental problem) as people hold more money waiting for returns, which reduces the rate of economic growth. You want people to invest money in ventures that generate economic activity. Stuffing your piggy bank -- or hard drive with your wallet in this case -- under the mattress produces no economic value for society. Placing your money in $VOO to beat inflation produces value because it provides money to companies that use it to build products, provide services, and employ people. Placing your money into bitcoin upon the promise that it will be worth more later does the opposite, it takes value out of the real economy and locks it into a system that produces no net growth except when more people do the same. It disincentivizes real economic activity in favor of speculation with no inherent productivity aside from wasted energy. so net negative productivity. bitcoin is up 3000% over the past 5 years because it is a speculative investment vehicle whose value derives from greater fools piling into a nonsense scheme they don't understand. It has nothing to do with Bitcoin being a currency, because it's not a currency. If you want money to appreciate in value, you hate the poor. Poor people hold the most debt, and debt is prison in a deflationary system, because on top of usurious interest rates that lenders would charge to justify their loan, your debt would still be growing over time due to deflationary pressures increasing the nominal value of the money you owe. compound growth of debt replaces compound growth of investment, further impoverishing anyone who owes debt.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 1, 2022 13:13:58

well you could try to set up a proxy on a VPS instead, maybe that would work for getting connected. I don't know how your country blocks the game, but if it's DNS based that might do it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on May 1, 2022 12:46:25

You don't understand anything about what makes money useful... Scarcity? That's flat out the dumbest thing I've ever heard in my life. With scarce currency, people are incentivized to hold it because its value can increase significantly, which discourages investment, as the early adopters of Bitcoin hoard their digital gold waiting for it to appreciate, instead of investing it into projects that offer a material return and thus generate value. Bitcoin, on the other hand, destroys value because it serves no actual purpose and consumes insane amounts of energy just existing. And don't even get me started on the frankly stunning thesis that removing monetary controls from a currency improves that currency. it's incredibly ahistorical libertarian hopium, not a single economist aside from a few Austrian School kooks would agree with you. You have severe cryptobrain, log off and learn some real economics before you embarrass yourself further.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 1, 2022 12:27:13

Because the primary definition of "execute" is violent. Personally I don't really think using "execute" is a big deal at all, but my employer is pushing to change the terminology used in these areas so I'm sharing what I know

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on May 1, 2022 12:07:18

Nah, you're just searching desperately for a reason to feel superior to others because of your enthusiasm for dickriding a billionaire

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bestof on April 30, 2022 18:58:50

What else could you possibly be implying lol. Successor to the Nazi concentration camps means death camps my man. Try to communicate complex concepts without caricaturing them with the most extreme analogy possible. Edit: the comparison with the American system of slavery is right there, and far more valid than saying that our prison system, which has existed in the current state since before the Nazi party existed, was the successor to the Nazi concentration camps.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 30, 2022 18:04:07

That's insanely hyperbolic. Reality is bad enough without calling US prisons death camps -- they demonstrably aren't. Your comment does nothing except make you feel good

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 30, 2022 17:04:16

Lots of people do give solutions, the most common of which is to focus on building more shelters, then ban street camping. After seeing the abject failure of the current policies, I agree with that solution. It's called the Dutch model and it's proven to work but it hurts some people's feelings because it demands accountability from the unhoused. Oh, and NIMBYs hate shelters in their neighborhoods but they can get fucked imo

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 30, 2022 16:49:21

Becoming much more common. Same with master/slave being replaced with f. Ex. manager/worker, and "execute" a task being replaced with initiate, invoke, and other synonyms

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 30, 2022 16:32:48

Caring for relatives is literally one of the least "arbitrary, empty" traditions that normal people have. You believe that your personality disorder gives you insight that NT people lack, but from your comment here it is incredibly obvious that all you have is unearned arrogance instead.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on April 30, 2022 00:44:06

Yeah I wouldn't mind being wrong. I do feel like since we're missing 2 mages we'll get one next, but I wouldn't be surprised if you're right about scouter coming soon

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on April 29, 2022 19:39:07

Yeah I know. I just think the reaper archetype/fantasy is more popular than scouter in the west so it will come first

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on April 29, 2022 19:31:50

About in the middle. I would be a bit surprised if they're next, I'd guess either summoner or arcana, and reaper before

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on April 29, 2022 14:50:42

he didn't start the rise of the christian right either. that was started by wealthy businessmen decades before goldwater, who didn't like that most preachers were left-leaning economically. in the 20s-30s, most preachers were heavily in favor of redistributive policies and many were outright socialist. The wealthy didn't like that, so they began a decades-long push to change the politics of america's clergy. then, in the 80s, the tail began to wag the dog, with the rise of the moral majority, leading to today.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ToiletPaperUSA on April 28, 2022 16:52:45

i've had a good experience with their customer service. tip for interacting with amazon support in any capacity is to use the chat option. it's much more effective, and you will be more likely to work with a capable support person, because new agents can't take chats

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on April 28, 2022 15:53:44

Nice strawman, dipshit Quin is a bigot. Evidence: his repeated misogyny as documented in this very thread I don't care to argue about whether his fans are bigots. I never called them bigots, although the other guy did, and I don't have a problem with that. People who don't want to be called bigots shouldn't consume bigotry-filled content made by a prejudiced asshole, or develop a paradocial relationship with such a person

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LivestreamFail on April 23, 2022 16:39:00

We don't need heavy-handed leadership dude. We just need a DA who enforces laws against violent crime and property theft. Walking and chewing gum doesn't require an authoritarian DA who lets cops operate with impunity. You may not want that, but based on your previous comments it kinda sounded like you did

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on April 23, 2022 16:21:55

I'm stuck in a corner? You're the one extremely pressed about this whole situation, demanding I cite my sources to prove that internet man who says bigoted things is a bigot with a community of bigot fans. Evidence of the former is the thread we're in. Evidence of the latter is something I don't give a shit about. If someone is a fan of a bigot, at best they don't care about bigotry, so why would anyone who doesn't care be mad to be called one? And why would you white knight for them? Sounds like weak shit.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LivestreamFail on April 23, 2022 16:18:54

Calm down guy, you seem a little mad. Dumb and angry isn't a good look for anyone.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LivestreamFail on April 23, 2022 15:42:53

You know, if you weren't such a 2head, you'd realize that complaining about the left calling everyone bigots is only coherent in a context where the subject of the accusation isn't an actual, obvious bigot. Engage your other brain cell, and you'll realize how stupid you look

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LivestreamFail on April 23, 2022 15:01:26

Heavy handed option? That's some blue line shit, buddy. We can't maintain the pre-blm status quo of policing in this city either. The PPB/PPA need real accountability. there need to be consequences for violent felons and thieves, but Swinging hard in the other direction isnt the answer

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on April 23, 2022 14:34:56

once again, if we had not gone to war in afghanistan and iraq, we would be in the exact same position, and hundreds of thousands of people, including Pat Tillman, would still be alive. What are you even talking about man? We're talking about the bad things the military has done, you're over there in the corner wanking to the things that happened because america has an expensive military and 11 aircraft carriers. No wars had to happen for that to be true.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on April 23, 2022 01:54:35

none of this bullshit validates the senseless military excursions that killed Pat Tillman, or for that matter, anyone who died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Nor does it justify american valorization of the military. It's easy to recognize the value of having the strongest military on the planet, even if we object to the pointless wars, millions of unnecessary deaths, the treatment of soldiers and veterans, and the many inefficiencies. Those aren't contradictory positions to hold.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on April 23, 2022 01:36:04

god damn, that first vermeule piece in the atlantic is chilling. a few thousand words to dance around the point that vermeule thinks the supreme court (now firmly in the hands of conservatives for a generation, _what a coincidence_) should legislate extreme social conservatism from the bench, and that the executive should no longer concern itself with constraints of power and instead enforce a powerful bureaucracy that enacts _subordination_ and _authority_. what a piece of shit.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LateStageCapitalism on April 19, 2022 18:57:00

People living in the country: I hate cities, and avoid them as much as I can. Now listen to my ideas about urban planning! We're not talking about you. Nobody wants to make you ride the bus everywhere in your county which has less than 10 people per square mile

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 18, 2022 16:24:13

We don't have a tremendous amount of space _in cities_, in fact by the very nature of cities, there is never plenty of space for anything. As for what about cars takes up so much space: Both, of course, along with the attendant single family zoning laws and ban on mixed use zoning which further exacerbate the problem. Designing cities around cars ruins cities.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 18, 2022 16:20:55

Not like they have great alternatives, south America hasn't prospered under right wing governments either lol

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/DotA2 on April 18, 2022 15:31:08

One problem is fixable. The other isn't. You can't un-stupid people systematically. Being stupid is like being addicted, except it's worse because it's a drug (information) that you can't quit taking, and the people trying to fix you have to figure out how to give you the same drug but this time you don't get high and delusional. Sure, we'll just send all the addicts to rehab so they'll be cured! Problem solved!! Edit: The real problem is that our built environment makes stupidity contagious. We need to destroy the ability of morons to disseminate their idiocy to millions of people. You have the right to free speech in America under the constitution. You do not have the right to use a private company's platform to reach people you otherwise would not be able to.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/tech on April 18, 2022 01:16:28

AWS can and should improve their billing controls, but you made a fundamental judgment error when you signed up for an enterprise cloud service and didn't bother to understand what you were signing up for, as evidenced by your statement that you thought it was a "free tier account", when no such thing exists. Overall though, nothing you said in this comment is relevant to your current problem, and I don't care to discuss it with you. Have a nice day.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on April 16, 2022 18:40:06

my man, it sounds like this is stressful which I sympathize with. but you don't want to follow the advice of support (add a new card), or the advice of people here (just close the account), and you posted a huge angry rant about how bad support is despite it being entirely your fault that this is not resolved. On top of that, you didn't search old posts here or you would have found a million other people with similar problems. Variations of this same problem are by far the most common problem posted on this subreddit. i think it's warranted to be a little annoyed at your obstinacy. you can fix the problem easily. you know what support wants you to do. it will cost less than a starbucks coffee to do so. just stop wasting your mental energy and time fighting the obvious solution, and fix it. you will thank yourself later.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on April 16, 2022 18:30:48

I don't think there are any regions with only 2 AZs at the moment: But I wouldn't be surprised if some regions launched with only 2 in the past. It seems like they try very hard to launch with 3 these days

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on April 16, 2022 14:12:16

You don't need help from AWS. You just need to search Google dot com for how to close an AWS account. If your bill is 1.60, why are you even asking support for help In the first place? You wasted more than $1.60 of your time posting this question, and certainly more than $1.60 of your time going back and forth with support who are probably just doing their jobs.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on April 16, 2022 14:03:30

To answer your last question, the number of subnets in a default vpc depends on the number of AZs in the region. Newer/smaller regions will have 3 AZs and therefore only 3 subnets in a default vpc

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on April 16, 2022 13:52:52

that's ahistorical nonsense, by the end of the roman empire, citizenship had been expanded to include far more people than the pampered elite, diluting its value and therefore the benefits conferred. and that wasn't even an important cause of rome's fall, really. It's just a right wing talking point that's been laundered via ignorance of history.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on April 16, 2022 03:28:01

I watched the games and you're wrong

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on April 16, 2022 00:52:30

the steam marketplace exists dude. All steam games have product codes, it would be trivial to make product codes an "item" that you sell to other steam users to transfer ownership.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Economics on April 14, 2022 15:27:03

I've never needed the full dump, just make sure you set up your windbg to point to the MS symbol server.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pcmasterrace on April 12, 2022 19:48:53

yeah but if that was the case, she would be aware of others' perception of ol' candace. so unless she thinks OP is a conservative, she'd probably include the caveat, kinda like you did.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AskReddit on April 12, 2022 00:47:08

I'm aware of what eco said and I agree with most of your response. What I don't agree with is the assertion that because everyone will say that they're pro democracy, we can't meaningfully identify the liars. Mitt Romney is an anticommunist who's not pro-lgbt, although he supports Israel. He says he's pro-democracy, and based on his actions I believe him, even if I disagree with most everything he says. By contrast, Josh Hawley, Cruz and his ilk will say the same, but they are demonstrably not. I find them to be fascistic in style despite the fact that neither are anti-Semitic to my knowledge. But regardless, Naziism and fascism aren't exactly the same either.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 8, 2022 15:04:32

It's literally not, because being an antisemitic, anticommunist homophobe says nothing about your disposition towards democracy, which is at least as important as bigotry, if not more, in determining whether someone is a nazi. You can be all of those things, and pro democracy, which would make you something other than a nazi. Naziism is inextricably linked with an authoritarian mindset. I'm not defending Nazis, homophobes, antisemitism, or anticommunists here.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 8, 2022 14:08:12

"Libs said a meanie on the web so I love authoritarians now" Maybe make up your mind based on something more substantial. Unless you're just here to feel superior to others based on your ability to not care about something important.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on April 7, 2022 23:52:26

Affirmative action is not prima facie racist unless you're trying to deny that any structural advantages can exist under any circumstances whatsoever. Colorblindness isn't the solution to all of society's racial issues.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on April 7, 2022 22:36:43

> ...that we should discriminate against people based on their race in hiring decisions, that's CRT. affirmative action is not uniquely associated with CRT

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on April 7, 2022 18:11:40

explain the lizards that live in the hollow earth. explain how the moon is made of cheese. Explain why JFK Jr. is going to resurface and partner with trump to overthrow biden and kamala and take back our country!!!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 5, 2022 23:52:24

I'm happy to fight that fight. I think personal finance and various other "practical" topics should have more room in high school curriculum, but not at the expense of the humanities, and they probably wouldn't help the type of person who complains about it the most, in any case. It's pretty amusing that kids who moaned about high school never teaching them anything useful, then turn around a few short years later trying to pretend that they would have paid attention to stodgy Mrs. Weatherspoon teaching them how to balance a budget. It's so transparently borne of the young adult angst that results from externalizing the blame for feeling like you haven't quite found your place in the world yet. _Just teaching it in school_ isn't a panacea, you have to actually be receptive to the knowledge as well.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on April 5, 2022 23:47:57

shorts literally covered in february 2021 so they don't need any help. it's in the SEC's report, and you've been bamboozled by one of the dumbest cults i've seen in my life. GME short interest 19.1%

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 5, 2022 23:35:50

I don't agree. My AP history, english and philosophy classes were just as helpful as any high school math/science class for learning reasoning, and fat better than any but physics, at that. and I learned more about critical analysis in my media theory elective than I did in any hard science class through my entire college career. (Side note: what is a scientific paper if not a "long text"? Do you think that reading and writing skills aren't important for scientists?)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on April 5, 2022 22:11:25

With respect, I don't think any of those things are more important than learning to structure a 5 paragraph essay. Organizing complex concepts into a coherent and logical framework that clearly communicates an idea is an essential tool for understanding and discussing advanced subjects. An apology or proposal is simple and easy to learn in comparison, and where it is not, it would be taught in a specialized writing course in college (business or public relations). And many of your examples are already taught, they're not mutually exclusive.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on April 5, 2022 19:42:42

I didn't prove anything other than that I don't like cops, extrapolating that to support the premise that "ACAB exists therefore insurance impossible” doesn't follow. but if you think that's some kind of gotcha that unravels my argument you're not worth any more of my time. Have a nice day.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on April 5, 2022 16:53:52

I don't think it's wise to handwave reading and writing as "subjects of decreasing importance" like you do here. While on one hand it's true in the sense that there's more available entertainment that requires neither, becoming a well rounded person, a good citizen, developing critical thinking skills, and deeply understanding almost any topic at all requires these skills as well as the patience and grit that develop as a result. Critical analysis and rhetoric are two of the most important skills that children fail to learn, and neither can be developed without reading and writing long texts.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on April 5, 2022 16:48:19

There are, however, people in grievous medical debt who will grasp for any chance at remuneration. And if the cops are beset by frivolous lawsuits, that becomes their problem to solve with community outreach, good behavior, and CYA documentation solutions such as partners, bodycams, external auditors/reviews, and non-discriminatory detention practices according to high standards of behavior. You know, those things they currently could do butwillfully disregard because it suits them to be authoritarian pricks who do whatever they want. Personally it feels like you actually made an argument in my favor, sounds like my solution would implement a virtuous cycle that would incentivize good behavior. Blaming ACAB people for a lack of appropriate consequences sounds a lot like victim blaming to me. "Well if you were nicer to them, they'd behave well!" Institutionally, they need to behave well first in order to earn our respect. They have the power, they need to show they can use it appropriately.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on April 5, 2022 16:08:57

Ah the good ol days of 4/80 for Allen crabbe

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on April 5, 2022 00:04:02

that's what insurance is for. Doctors have to carry insurance, many police officers make as much as doctors do. maybe the police unions can collectively fund insurance from member dues, since they're such huge fans of defending piece of shit cops

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on April 4, 2022 22:23:23

interesting point, but in this situation, wouldn't the 'reasonably ought to have' been fulfilled during the initial investigation into the discrepancies in inventory? an audit seems to be a 'reasonably ought to have' type of scenario

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/antiwork on April 4, 2022 18:58:34

Social mores, childhood experiences aka "nurture", environmental conditions, theological doctrine, ideology, parasites, gut microbiome and probably others that don't immediately come to mind

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on April 1, 2022 17:57:07

Everyone who uses Facebook "wants a Facebook future"? Bro, do you know what network effects are? Nobody cares about a Facebook future, people just want to be where their friends are. Right now thats Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp for a lot of people, but nobody would be clamoring for Whatsapp if all their friends were on telegram instead. Mistaking market position for customer sentiment is silly. Everyone uses Comcast, and they fuckin hate it. Guess we all want a Comcast future

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on April 1, 2022 16:24:38

Just trust me bro. As a result of the removal of the GVRT, I was turned into a newt

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on March 30, 2022 17:03:45

What about Anthony Bennett? Sometimes It's easy to predict

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on March 30, 2022 16:10:03

You'd need Durant and an all-defense rim protector who can shoot, and another non ball dominant star who plays D. and Westbrook. So about 140 mil in salary to 4 guys

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on March 30, 2022 13:55:31

Brother, global warming isn't the only ecological problem on earth, we're not going to switch to 100% renewables even if it was, and you can't just divorce supply from demand by putting all of the blame on corporations. Those companies provide essential goods like fertilizer, food, concrete, plastic, and many more things that "just switching to renewables" isn't an answer for. Sure, they're more responsible for the status quo than any individual or group of consumers, and more importantly it's much more ethical to regulate them instead of consumer behavior, but we still buy the shit they sell. Anyways you're on some hopium if you think that we'll technology our way out of our current problems. We need to have fewer people. And regardless, what ever happened to valuing nature? What are you going to do, put a vr headset on a sloth so it can pretend the Amazon Rainforest still exists? Or is that the price of progress, fuck them silverback gorillas and dolphins

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on March 30, 2022 00:17:52

We are well over the limit for people who live like Americans. And everyone on earth wants our standard of living. If we all lived like people from poorer countries, you'd be right, but we actually don't have enough natural resources for everyone on earth to have a car, Amazon prime, quarter acre in a suburb, beef for dinner every day, a new iphone every year, and several destination vacations a year. Wanna tell people to accept a lower standard of living? How about telling billions of poor Chinese, indian and African people that they'll need to accept a Thai's standard of living rather than an American/western European's? How do you think that conversation would go?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on March 29, 2022 15:53:44

You're even further along than you thought, because it's "imminent". Being the Eminent Drooler would be a sick title though

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on March 29, 2022 15:14:10

He's too good, might ruin our tank

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on March 27, 2022 01:28:29

In an alternate reality where your first comment had any relation to the subject at hand, it could only be interpreted as an argument in favor of pacifism in the face of southern aggression by way of equivocation. But since apparently you were just responding with a non sequitur that amounts to "different circumstances are different," my response doesn't make much sense, I agree.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 25, 2022 21:42:51

You didn't make a point. Nobody ever said that violence is necessary in all circumstances, even similar circumstances

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 25, 2022 21:16:54

Yeah dude it's totally the north's fault that violence was used, they should have just sent a nice letter asking the confederates to please stay, and btw slavery is super mean so stop that too, that would have worked perfectly. Your Nobel peace prize is in the mail

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 25, 2022 21:10:32

Missing out on what? Being down 50% YOY?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on March 24, 2022 22:50:37

You post in cult subreddits 24/7, you literally live in a dumpster my dude

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on March 24, 2022 22:24:22

Lmfao dude. imagine crying about someone looking at your public post history. Next, imagine crying about someone clicking your usernamr immediately after requesting they do so. Most intelligent ape

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on March 24, 2022 20:59:47

there are small bits of evidence that inuit were in the same areas as the norsemen around when the norsemen died/disappeared. inuit-carved walrus tusk were found in the remains of norse settlements IIRC. Moreover, given that they were both hunting walruses in the same place at the same time for hundreds of years, it's unlikely that they never interacted although it is pretty clear that minimal if any trade or cultural exchange occurred.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on March 24, 2022 17:27:27

not a psych, but have you been tested for bipolar? sounds like you're in the manic phase of the cycle

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/todayilearned on March 24, 2022 17:08:55

what the fuck, $.003/word? so you'd have to write 7500 words an hour, 8 hours a day to make over $50k/year before tax. please tell me the going rate for experienced people is at least 5x that.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/antiwork on March 24, 2022 16:17:11

to be fair, at this point it might as well. other aws services are acronym-ized in random ways, Application Migration Service is MGN for example

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on March 23, 2022 00:33:37

Simple Systems Manager was the previous name. But everyone calls it SSM

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on March 22, 2022 18:04:06

Him not having an agent is probably why there's not much buzz. Bobby's gotta learn to employ shefter for some Twitter payola

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on March 20, 2022 23:15:53

That includes all of the fringe guys who were only in the league for a few years. Id be highly surprised if that number was just as high for people who got second contracts

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on March 20, 2022 22:58:10

see: china's current efforts in myanmar, sri lanka, kenya, and other east african countries. It's not precisely colonialism, but it's using their economy as a tool of hegemonic influence. These countries are not getting fair or equitable deals as a result of chinese investment. And yes, of course the west does it too through the IMF/World Bank

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/confidentlyincorrect on March 20, 2022 14:14:22

If you're confident enough that they're sarcastic that you tell them -- instead of asking-- they need the /s, they didn't need it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on March 20, 2022 13:32:57

> catch-22 isn't funny I agree. We should be friends. Wanna give each other lobotomies and watch 3 stooges?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on March 19, 2022 19:20:57

why do you keep deflecting? i don't particularly care about the historical popularity of nambla, i care about your implicit assertion that efforts to "protect the children" don't deserve scepticism.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on March 18, 2022 16:19:02

ok, I don't think that NAMBLA (or current pedos such as gaetz) was/are nearly as influential as would be convenient for your argument, but that's ultimately irrelevant. Do you believe that the existence of pro-pedophile groups means that non-pedophiles must uncritically support politicians using loaded language such as "protect the children" to pass bills that have nothing to do with protecting children? because that's effectively what you're arguing for.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on March 18, 2022 16:15:07

Child porn supporting libertarians are a marginalized fringe ideology. That's not strong evidence in support of your position, I don't know why I have to even say this. Also, I made no such generalization, I responded to you specifically about the law criminalizing child porn. To be clear, I think that politicians who promote legislation in a way that implicitly impugns the morality of anyone who attempts to disagree should be subject to additional scrutiny, yes. given the nature of political economy in the us, legislators are heavily incentivized to add unrelated addendums to bills, often at the behest of special interests, which are then easier to pass if nobody can disagree lest they be smeared as "pro-child-porn".

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on March 18, 2022 15:06:11

Let's Put aside the weird framing where you try to imply that there's a substantial portion of the population in favor of child porn. I don't think you have meaningful evidence for that assertion. More importantly, you don't actually know that people were using the same argument in opposition, OR that the people trying to ban child porn were using the same rhetorical tactic. Do you understand how "we need to ban child porn to protect the children" is different from "passing my omnibus technology bill is necessary to protect the children"

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on March 18, 2022 14:18:49

Nothing, it is already banned and everyone agrees it should be so. Try not to make a point in the form of a question, it makes you seem stupid and tiresome

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on March 18, 2022 13:56:00

I thought you were a loony anarchist, and you turn out to be a boomer straw man assembler. Disappointing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on March 17, 2022 03:48:32

What's your alternate philosophy? Because there don't seem to be any good alternatives to the _concept of the rule of law_, lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on March 16, 2022 21:30:54

Joe is already there. Russell brand is a huge disappointment, yeah

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 16, 2022 15:38:22

Both your examples are excessively reductive and demonstrate how horseshoe theory is nonsense. Given the existence of anarcho-communists and ancaps, perhaps example 1 is less a demonstration of horseshoe theory, and more a demonstration of the inherent sophistry of describing every political ideology as a point on one axis. Just some food for thought.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 16, 2022 14:28:12

Dave rubin and tim pool are right wingers. They pretend to be centrist so that right wingers can jerk off over how moderate and unbiased they are, and so that clueless centrists are pulled right via deception/framing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 16, 2022 12:24:26

No, because horseshoe theory is about extremists, specifically. Liberal boomers are not extremists, they are hardworking folk, the common clay of neoliberal america (morons). Oh, and horseshoe theory is dumb

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on March 16, 2022 12:20:05

I'm not an expert at the Linux kernel but from my understanding, most cheats AND modern anti-cheats are essentially kernel level applications. Because of kernel security guidelines, programs don't have visibility into other kernel-related processes, so developing an anti-cheat that inspects unrelated syscalls isn't supported by the architecture or (perhaps more importantly) philosophy of linux

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on March 15, 2022 16:25:14

Right. I personally don't mind the UX gap. My issue is the inherent challenges implementing anti-cheat into games running on linux. It's pretty much the only thing that keeps windows installed on my pc

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on March 15, 2022 15:49:56

Yeah, if you want a product that does everything for you, you have to accept the manufacturer's going to do whats in their best interests as well.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on March 15, 2022 15:41:08

PowerShell is on Linux and windows doesn't use DOS so basically it exists

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on March 14, 2022 22:19:49

man, the only explanation i can think of is that his opponent was just that much worse. Hard to imagine how someone could be that bad to make so many voters choose biden, of all people. what a headscratcher, do you remember who the other guy was? look him up on wikipedia i bet he did some crazy stupid shit or something. yeah, that's gotta be it.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on March 14, 2022 16:06:31

no, they can't stop watching that shit. Why do you think the whole "cuck" thing caught on as an insult? projection, baby

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on March 11, 2022 21:20:29

You don't get to tell people what they're allowed to talk about. It isn't wrong for a cis person to observe the very same reality you do. Someone says that some trans people start out identifying as nb. Then, you say they can't say that because it's offensive. but you, who are also not nb, are allowed to make the same observation because it happened to you. It's totally incoherent

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/relationships on March 10, 2022 18:59:15

Bro blevgod is putting in MINUTES. We can't lose

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on March 5, 2022 22:16:52

Cooling a huge data center takes an incredible amount of water. They could recapture most or all of that, but they don't give a fuck

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/collapse on March 5, 2022 17:58:29

I do, and as the other guy said several times, you're wrong for logical reasons, not anything to do with the particulars of American urban development, which you coincidentally don't understand. Stop having strong opinions about things you know very little about. As a side note, the small town/suburban way of life is a subsidized liability trap. Low density areas have incredibly high tax burden per sq. mile which makes them uneconomical in the long term, and the only reason it exists at scale is through bond-fueled debt and bailouts from urban areas you hate. Welfare queens.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on March 4, 2022 22:58:46

It can't work like that in the moment. But it can, and should work like that in advance. She fucked up by not communicating clearly beforehand.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on March 4, 2022 11:28:13

What do you mean the reason doesn't have to be good? If she has basic respect for her husband, it definitely does. Because arbitrarily excluding him from a major life event is a cruel thing to do. Who cares about her legal right? If they want to foster a healthy relationship, there needs to be mutual respect. Telling someone to miss their child's birth because of legalistic fiat is disrespectful.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/AmItheAsshole on March 4, 2022 10:36:41

imagine if we spent 2% of the military budget on fusion research. how about instead of buying unnecessary tanks from General Dynamics, we pay them to build some experimental fusion reactors for our universities? worst case scenario is exactly as useful as surplus tanks

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Futurology on March 3, 2022 02:01:31

Strongtowns is a good blog about it. They have a YouTube channel as well. Not Just Bikes is another good YouTube channel

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Games on March 1, 2022 00:31:42

Our city planning is atrocious my dude. Obviously living in America isn't hell but our cities were designed by some of satan's minions

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Games on March 1, 2022 00:24:25

> fat texan troglodyte calls russian invaders "denazifiers and liberators" >> you: he opposes the war machine absolute moron you are

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/PublicFreakout on February 28, 2022 21:53:17

They have to, because kicking a country out must be unanimous and Poland will not agree because they're only marginally less bad atm

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on February 28, 2022 18:45:02

Damn bro you'd kill everyone on earth just cause your life is shit? You're trash lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on February 27, 2022 14:30:21

Hey bro, what 6 year olds are going to need puberty blockers? Do you know the world's most developed child? Did they spend a year in the hyperbolic time chamber? Stop both sidesing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/news on February 27, 2022 13:58:58

It makes the NFL a worse product, which is actually wild, I'm not sure of any other sport where I'd root for overtime to not happen

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 27, 2022 12:01:59

Yeah, probably not, although I'd argue it's much easier than kicking Russia out of swift, since AWS could do it unilaterally. I'm not a geopolitical expert, I'm just saying that AWS probably knows where its outposts are located

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on February 25, 2022 12:14:56

Not AZs, outposts. But yes, it's trivial to do that

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on February 25, 2022 10:52:38

You're just a tedious person desperate for validation, don't need to be a doomer to be irritated by that

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Portland on February 24, 2022 19:59:27

Yeah art and collectibles are also generally scammy. But there are a hundred factors inherent to the original babe Ruth card or Mona Lisa with which to differentiate a forgery. Don't get me wrong and assume I'm trying to say that art forgery doesn't happen, because of course it does. But it's hard to produce a good fake, whereas almost literally anyone on earth with a mobile phone can "save as" a bored ape. And by that same token (heh), the original has inherent value in a way that the bored ape doesn't.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 24, 2022 19:20:52

Smells like bagholder to me. Scammers are too busy hustling to defend NFTs outside of crypto cult subs.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 24, 2022 19:17:34

> I just don’t get why you guys are so willing to believe everything you read. motherfucker, you don't even read your own links before you decide what they say. blue hypertext doesn't help your argument if it disagrees with you. everyone's a pharmacist on reddit, lmao

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/interestingasfuck on February 24, 2022 00:35:57

Harry Potter and the philosopher's dilemma over the ethics of the use of a magical hat that defines small children as one of "the bad kids" or "the lovable hapless idiots" based on heritage

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on February 23, 2022 20:14:54

i mean you don't even need to look that far down the page, he posts in /r/superstonk. he's in a financial cult for the dumbest people on the internet

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on February 22, 2022 14:15:04

also amazon was just in the news for raising salaries. Not for warehouse workers, but still, they're doing it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/antiwork on February 22, 2022 13:37:43

not only was this comment incoherent, it also has no relevance whatsoever to the topic of discussion. I am seriously concerned for your mental wellbeing. Good luck.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on February 22, 2022 13:16:35

engineer confidently chatting complete nonsense, day ending in y

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on February 22, 2022 12:58:08

I really hope this is satire. For your sake

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on February 22, 2022 12:05:29

> I'm so intolerable that people have nothing to say to me except 'be less annoying' > That makes me the winner

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 22, 2022 03:51:52

Run command with systems manager is the answer. Use it with the RunPowerShellScript document, have it ask each instance for their $psversiontable.psversion, and dump it into s3 for easier querying

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on February 21, 2022 14:11:17

Religious fundamentalists may be calm, although my experience contradicts yours. What they are definitely _not_, is reasonable.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/science on February 20, 2022 14:19:24

Do you live in the USA? If so, how can you say that public transportation is sufficient? There are maybe 3 cities in the USA where living without a car isn't a significant decrease in quality of life: NYC, Boston, DC. And even in cities where having a car isn't strictly necessary, like Seattle, Portland, and a few others, it's massively inconvenient unless you live in a very expensive area or don't mind wasting an incredible amount of time being inefficient waiting for public transportation. How about turning that "just don't drive lol" energy on the policy failures that got us here, rather than blaming individuals for reacting rationally to short term individual incentives

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/dataisbeautiful on February 18, 2022 18:21:28

Long Jump to Conclusions gold medalist

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on February 18, 2022 10:52:02

I guarantee you I have a better understanding of NFTs than you do. Thanks for the words of affirmation, though!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on February 17, 2022 17:29:47

It's not a good use case lmfao. Theres literally no incentive for developers to use NFTs for a cross compatible hat shop. That was literally solved by valve almost 15 years ago at this point. And even if they do choose to use NFTs for this purpose (for literally not one good reason, NFTs are a joke), why would they farm it out to yet another 3rd party who will take a cut? And even if they DO choose this incredibly stupid, wasteful, cultish, over-engineered solution, Why is GameStop uniquely qualified to run such a marketplace? Their name is mud outside the apesphere, and they aren't a technology conpany. So nah

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on February 17, 2022 16:21:56

Infrastructure is part of the game if the game is online-only. Obviously the flip side of that is adding server capacity is easy and will flip player sentiment

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/lostarkgame on February 13, 2022 23:33:26

and a system for resolving internal disputes, and remains stable enough to form relationships with other central governments which allow them to compete with each other along other axes than "who has more guns". oh and sometimes they cooperate to the benefit of people in both countries. you: democracy is the same as perpetual violent warfare because people are people in both systems

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on February 13, 2022 13:18:34

You yourself are rug sweeping the y uglier aspects of human nature by blaming historical atrocities on governments. While simultaneously acting as if governments could exist without authority over the means of legal force. Neither of these assumptions strike me as particularly valid. Power vacuums are filled and the people who do the filling don't tend to be altruistic, ethical anarchists. Your suggestion boils down to "we've tried the central state, why don't we retry a society built around roving warlords?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on February 13, 2022 11:15:50

Saying it wrong? Cue and queue are pronounced the same

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on February 13, 2022 10:55:10

cultists stan for the dumbest tweet imaginable challenge (gone stupid)(easier than u think 😳😳)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Superstonk on February 11, 2022 23:09:16

Fuller probably wasn't an idiot but this is a terrible take. Work is still necessary, we haven't achieved the conditions required for 'just not wanting to work' to be a morally justified position. Should people be working as much as they are now? No. Does the system 'create' worthless jobs because wage slavery is a desirable outcome for the ownership class? Sure, absolutely Is it possible to have a successful society without productive labor, and therefore the need for people to do unpleasant jobs? Fuck no and you're on anarchist hopium if you disagree

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/LiminalSpace on February 11, 2022 17:55:48

Sure. But the IPCC report is a political document. the data that is omitted can be found within the primary research

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 14:52:11

I'm referring to the unfounded conspiracy of climate science suppression that you literally JUST implied exists. You are not engaging in this discussion in good faith which is counterproductive and fairly pathetic. If you care about this issue at all, try to communicate more effectively.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 13:52:34

You're changing the subject and I'm not interested. I'm just pointing out that you're engaging in conspiratorial thinking

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 13:41:32

On top of your conclusions, which I disagree with, you're also committing basic factual errors. Please actually try to understand the difference between a glacier and an ice sheet if you're going to base your conclusions on thwaites lol

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 13:36:50

Yes. Put down the tinfoil hat. Nobody is exerting systemic control over the output of climatologists. You're just as bad as the deniers who claim that climate science is a conspiracy to achieve a green leftist agenda.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 13:30:55

Nobody is saying the thwaites glacier will be gone in 20 years lmfao. You're confusing it with the ice shelf, which will "only" produce .6m sea level rise if it completely disappears. Safe to say your couch-level scientific synthesis can be disregarded. Climate change is plenty serious without inventing string-and-corkboard quarter century apocalypse scenarios

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on February 10, 2022 13:25:25

He thinks that it doesn't matter because the king doesn't have to follow peasant rules. Yes, he's literally a cryptomonarchist

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SelfAwarewolves on February 7, 2022 13:24:18

Does it matter if he's said anything lately? He sits out half the team's games in an unprecedented action by an NBA player. Because of the vaxx. He doesn't need to say anything. Why am I even explaining this to you? Bye

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 7, 2022 00:19:01

Kyrie publicly making a media circus out of not getting the shot absolutely influences people, and he deserves criticism for it. And you deserve mockery for licking his taint. But I'm not surprised you can't grasp that. He doesn't know you exist. Go get vaccinated

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 7, 2022 00:04:22

It's not useless, it's excellent at preventing hospitalization, death, and likely to eliminate the chance of contracting the long term side effects you people conveniently forget about. you're just a braindead tool with an empathy deficit and a lack of scientific literacy.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 6, 2022 23:55:33

Please explain to you how a celebrity publicly promoting antivaxx nonsense causes increased vaccine hesitancy, which has caused ecord numbers of nurses to quit, which jeopardizes every hospital patient? Would you bother explaining to a dog how we know the earth is round? No? Then fuck off Calling me poorly educated, then mindlessly repeating the 'durrr you can still spread it' canard is rich. The vaccine prevents hospitalization you amoeba

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 6, 2022 23:37:19

It's about keeping people out of our overloaded hospital systems, asshole. Are you aware of the state of the nursing profession? It's in shambles. The fewer nurses we have, the more innocent people will die due to preventable issues not related to covid. Control, my ass. That control narrative is ironically all about controlling the voting patterns of credulous morons who've bought into the freedumb narrative.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on February 6, 2022 23:14:15

i know that. you know that. Many many people running EC2 instances do not. expecting sysadmins to be competent is setting yourself up for disappointment

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/sysadmin on February 6, 2022 16:22:35

you still have to manage the patching infrastructure in AWS. Trust me, SSM generates a LOT of questions from patching administrators on both the design and technical level. not everyone is going serverless.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/sysadmin on February 6, 2022 15:58:11

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/aws on February 2, 2022 20:34:40

The mass market paperback of _Executive Orders_ is 1347 pages. i'm sorry, is mistborn #4 the point at which that series stops being YA? cause it definitely seemed that way when I read the first couple books in high school > "Good for a fantasy novel" oh so this is another one of those my favorite genre is best and all others mearly exist in its shadow posts. no, you goofball. I said I like many of these books. But there's not much fantasy in the western canon, and having read a decent number of classics as well as a lot of fantasy, i'm inclined to agree with the consensus here. The best fantasy books are not as good as the best non-genre-fiction books, unless all you're looking for is fun entertainment, in which case what do you care for debates on quality? just like what you like and don't worry about clinging to pretenses of sophistication. Nobody seriously argues that the marvel universe is the height of cinema. But Avengers: Endgame is over 3 hours long. Serious Film Alert! > Oathbringer has a character fall into a suicidal depression after he accidentally murders his wife by burning her alive but it's not serious because its fantasy? ok, cool. And _deadhouse gates_ is an objectively brutal novel that follows an army on a death march and features all kinds of murder, betrayal, sacrifice, and pathos. I still wouldn't call it a Serious Novel. But that's beside the point, because you initially argued that these books are serious because they have lot word. I am here to reiterate that That's A Dumb Thing To Say.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on February 1, 2022 22:12:30

The sword of truth series is braindead libertarian polemic with a veneer of sword and sorcery and a healthy dose of gross sexual themes. The author idolized Ayn Rand and somehow failed to surpass her meager writing abilities. Like you, I read several of them when I was about 10 and failed to pick up on the weird shit goodkind was into (aside from the non-con BDSM, that's impossible to miss). Went back to read it again in my teens and found it to be worthless and revolting.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on February 1, 2022 20:16:38

A book isn't a serious book just because it's long, thats child brain shit. I felt very grown up when I read a 1200 page Tom Clancy book in middle school, that didn't make it serious literature, it's schlock. I like many of these books, but saying they're Serious Reading because they're long is just silly. These are genre fiction books of varying quality, ranging from 'good for a fantasy novel' to 'pulpy YA'. That's it. Also, if you think an archetypal Serious Book Enjoyer likes _self help_ of all genres, you're very wrong. Self help books are almost exclusively worse than this stack. True bottom of the barrel garbage

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/pics on February 1, 2022 19:56:48

It literally is military propaganda but ok. It builds an emotional attachment. The more people who soyface at the whiff of cool military technology, the more people who will defend the military. Flyovers at NFL games are propaganda too. Having veterans sing the national anthem is propaganda. Singing the national anthem before sporting events is also propaganda

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 31, 2022 15:26:30

Hyperfocus on social liberalism is a mental disorder. Twitter isn't leftist for being against racism, and any stance a company takes is profit driven. It's profitable to make social justice noises, so companies do it. Their executives don't believe that shit, zuck in particular is a right wing authoritarian. They just do that because their employees and also a majority of Americans with disposable income agree. But yes, very leftist of them lol

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 31, 2022 12:59:24

Imagine calling anyone who disagrees with your pet philosophy a feckless reddit mod lmao Even for a playground insult that was lame. What next? You gonna call me a commie for pointing out that libertarianism doesn't even try to solve coordination problems, it just categorically pretends they don't exist?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 31, 2022 12:52:13

anywhere from around $12 to $25 for a new movie, depending on time of day and theater technology

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on January 31, 2022 01:04:00

Yes. There's a lot of traffic and we have the tragically stupid habit of putting highways through our city centers

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/fuckcars on January 30, 2022 13:49:57

i wouldn't exactly call boeing and airbus an example of healthy competition. each company is propped up by multiple national governments and therefore aren't allowed to fail. Boeing basically got away with the 737 MAX scandal scot-free. I'm sure there will be financial penalties somewhere down the line but the USA will not allow boeing to go out of business. That's not competition, that's a duopoly of public-private partnerships.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on January 30, 2022 01:48:53

> for games you need proper GPU like RTX 20xx and higher no, you really don't. For cutting edge AAA games, yes. But there are a LOT of games including tons of older AAA games which tank on iGPU but run well on less powerful dGPUs. the best iGPU on the market is worse than a gtx 1030. there's a lot of room for "bad" GPUs in this market, and a lot of games to play using them.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on January 29, 2022 13:34:20

a duopoly is not a recipe for healthy competition in the long term.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on January 29, 2022 13:31:06

their roster composition is dogshit lol, they made bad decisions in the offseason, and THT is garbage. i'm not gonna defend vogel but i also don't think he's the biggest problem. instead of asking, "what's wrong?" ask, what's right?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nba on January 29, 2022 01:34:49

> You either get bitcoin now or you get less of it later immediately after > I don’t care what investors do for speculation amazing

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on January 26, 2022 01:20:05

it's definitely not the future of economics. It's the present day of digital tulips, its derivatives are the present day of pump and dump schemes, and nobody involved in the space wants to actually do the work to make it the real future of economics, they'd rather get rich and build new walled gardens so they get to be in charge.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/worldnews on January 25, 2022 19:09:24

> I challenge you: name even one anti-science belief I have. . > We are regularly told that these people are Very Smart, if they are utterly helpless at this, then perhaps they aren't as smart as we've been led to believe. Here. Here it is. You are saying that if scientists can't solve a complex problem outside of their area of expertise, the results of their investigations in an area which they are expert in should also be questioned. You are also asserting that they are "utterly helpless" at this. Imposing unreasonable standards before conferring legitimacy is literally an oppositional belief. If the thing you are imposing this framework upon is "science," you have an anti-science belief. This is fundamentally anti-intellectual and expecting smart people to have all of the answers to many disparate problems is literally anti-scientific by nature because it dismisses the body of knowledge and rigorous inquiry by specialists that is required in order to produce scientific advancement. The most powerful conclusion you could reasonably draw from this assertion is that scholars of science communication have failed to triumph in the media landscape. But even that would be incomplete, because you are omitting the opposing contingent of vested interests (governments, businesses, lobbying firms, non-profits) with their associated cadre of Very Smart People who have vested interests in preventing the conclusions of the scientific establishment from reducing their power and/or profits. So to distill this to its essence, you are basically questioning the legitimacy of science because one sub-field of communications studies has failed to deliver information to a group of loosely affiliated independent journalists which will result in good science communication, or to triumph over a huge variety of opposing forces, some of which specialize in propaganda (and which employ many Very Smart People with far more money).

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 25, 2022 16:53:29

> I don't see why charity is necessary, why not "just" accept reality as it is? That's what we're doing. accepting reality requires accepting the axiom that humans can be dishonest to others and themselves, and are prone to presenting controversial or inflammatory opinions in a way that shields them from personal criticism. Weasel words such as "a bit of a stance" sound a lot like a way to present a claim with plausible deniability, especially given the context of the rest of your replies so far. So charity would be required because you are asking us to accept your internal version of your beliefs, which you have not communicated well, in place of the anti-science beliefs you have actually shared in practice. because if we're not inside your head, the difference is stridently argued pedantry, so a reasonable assumption for other people to make is that you're trying to shield an anti-science argument from criticism. And your argument for this is: > Because one objectivly exists would be one reason. Ok, sure. 2+2=4. But why would we expect you to be able to be objective about your beliefs or motivations, something that human beings are notoriously terrible at? All we have to judge you on are your words, which to this point have been pedantic and prevaricating. Assuming the best of yourself and the worst of others is a form of bias that needs to be interrupted in order to communicate clearly. You are having difficulty with this because you seem unable to consider the conversation from the perspective of an outside observer, which I did prior to sharing my opinion in the previous comment. As an outside observer, my perception was that you drew a distinction without a meaningful difference in order to communicate a fundamentally anti-intellectual position which withholds credibility from an institution based on unreasonable standards and the actions of external actors. > I could try to mimic you guys but it seems utterly beyond me. not in the way you meant, but yes clearly this is difficult for you.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 25, 2022 16:13:56

> Perception: >>you stated you are anti-science > Reality: >>I've adopted a bit of an "anti-science" stance for people who aren't excessively charitable and allow for the possibility that you're here in bad faith, which to me seems to be the case thus far, we will not be inclined to make a distinction here. And why should we? would you extend an unreasonable amount of charity to someone who said "I'm not a moon-landing denier, i've just adopted a bit of an anti-moon-landing stance." and then proceeds to pedantically argue for impossible standards that would make them trust NASA again, involving novel solutions to unsolved problems which the people at NASA are not trained to solve? you're acting a bit dim right now. shape up

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 25, 2022 14:59:36

🤡 so instead of buying real stocks with actual fundamental value at a bargain, you will buy a future penny stock for a dead used videogame store. Makes sense

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/gme_meltdown on January 24, 2022 12:27:43

well yeah, but that's moving the goalposts. The point i was making is that it's reasonable for western leftists to attempt to reach christians in their own terms. And bad christian theological arguments have reached these people before, slavery apologetics and the prosperity gospel are two examples that immediately come to mind. is it a coincidence that those arguments also happen to promote the uglier, more self-serving interpretations of christianity? no. It's much easier to misinterpret scripture in order to steer people towards their own imagined self interest than otherwise.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 23, 2022 13:39:05

nothing online is real but thats ok because dopamine :) :) :)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/Unexpected on January 22, 2022 22:08:25

You don't understand why leftists living in majority-Christian nations would want to present arguments from Christian texts that support their ideology? regardless of their personal beliefs? Really? If you can't deduce this, you have no business condescending to others about comprehension

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 22, 2022 14:32:30

You're not "in traffic", you ARE traffic Everyone complaining about shitty screenshots is also someone piping up for the first time even though they don't usually say anything about it

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/eu4 on January 21, 2022 14:14:58

they are providing value to the sellers and the performers by deflecting anger in response to price increases. The sellers and performers benefit as a result, and so we can expect any NFT-based solution to replicate the existing problems. Making the transaction trustless is nice in theory, but due to TPS restrictions, and the fact that web browsers/end user clients can't meaningfully participate in the blockchain, large-scale NFT based operations are filtered through a centralized 3rd party which provides a REST API ie. OpenSea. You're delusional if you don't think that the same thing will happen with any NFT-based ticket market. The blockchain is decentralized in name only. Exchanges, NFTs, and wallets are all centralized. Cryptobros literally reinventing the web2 wheel and calling it web3. except with a LOT of extra energy overhead.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on January 17, 2022 12:42:55

No. The fewer games you win, the more your playoff chances depend on the rest of the league, and vice versa. If you go 12-4, you make the playoffs approximately 100% of the time

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/nfl on January 17, 2022 11:39:30

For condescending to supposedly ignorant people while being ignorant yourself? Yeah, that's really dumb

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/technology on January 16, 2022 12:44:18

Objectively true that the rise in homicide is due to BLM? The only thing objective here is that you aren't accounting for confounding variables

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/TrueReddit on January 16, 2022 01:44:45

One is a consequence of the other. AMD is winning in server so they are pushing hard at the expense of desktop

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on January 15, 2022 20:57:40

Of which graviton is beating both combined

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/hardware on January 15, 2022 20:55:51

It's clear that he's knowledgeable within the field of Jungian psychology, but his attempts to branch out have varied between mundane (12 rules) and absurd (maps of meaning)

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/ToiletPaperUSA on January 15, 2022 16:33:22

The superstonk people have been working on that in their own way for almost a year. it's a multi-pronged effort

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 14, 2022 22:49:37

And then everyone clapped! And then I found $20!!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/bookscirclejerk on January 13, 2022 14:44:46

At the same time, certain books are written to promote a viewpoint, and that can be done through the author's framing, narrative, prose etc. You wouldn't say it's "woke cancel culture" if someone observed that The Turner Diaries is advocating white nationalism. to be less hyperbolic and more direct, authorial intent can be inferred and critiqued on the basis of their words. So it's reasonable and expected to critique that. It should just be done in a rational and analytical manner. Analyze the work on its own merits and then determine what, if anything it says about the author's views. Observing that Dostoevsky is critical of nihilism and utopian socialism is valid literary analysis. so is observing that the author of the turner diaries is a racist hack.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on January 12, 2022 13:30:46

> It can be a character flaw spurred by past trauma for example Sure, but a reasonable question to ask in response might be "why that character flaw, specifically?" Good authors are generally, though not always economical with their words, and they are almost always intentional as well. So when a stylistic or artistic choice is made, we are motivated to ask about the reasoning for it. There could be many valid reasons, of course, such as historical accuracy, narrative relevance, allegory, etc. and analysis of what that might be should be left to the reader. But it's worthwhile to ask oneself whether the choices made improve the story, and there's certainly ways to write about these topics which reflect negatively on the writer.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/books on January 12, 2022 13:04:28

How does capitalism encourage unions? When the Blair mountain strikers were bombed, and shot, that was capitalism being pro union? or in the modern day when Walmart puts out anti-union propaganda like this: They're pro union? When Kellogg's tried to break a strike by wholesale replacement with scabs, that's pro union? We're not talking about the young Turks. Try to stay on topic

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on January 11, 2022 17:09:49

Capitalism is demonstrably anti-union in the country we're talking about, and nothing about capitalism is inherently pro union. the incentive is to profit, and unions reduce profit by giving more power to labor.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on January 11, 2022 14:59:46

"Nothing to do with capitalism" even though at-will employment is a product of capitalist corporations squashing unions. Hmmm You guys aren't as smart as you think

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/mildlyinfuriating on January 11, 2022 14:52:32

lincoln? detestable shit? other than suspending habeas corpus, what is there that would place him on the level of nixon?

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/MapPorn on January 10, 2022 21:01:26

ackshually, sweaty, The curtains were blue! It's not that deep!

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 7, 2022 17:22:28

Believing in gme is embarrassing tbqh. See you at $25

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 7, 2022 17:06:24

The only hedgefund which got screwed over was Melvin capital. Plenty of hedge funds profited off the squeeze. Since the squeeze, apes have convinced themselves to baghold a dying company for a variety of awfully pathetic reasons, including the supposed "great fundamentals" of the company.

Commented by /u/DAM1313 in /r/SubredditDrama on January 7, 2022 15:08:03