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73-75,38-74 11-52,11-39 17-75,16-88 3-96,2-95 23-48,6-47 29-37,21-73 4-91,91-91 31-95,31-32 30-90,30-89 11-64,65-65 12-72,13-72 84-84,16-83 9-77,5-9 72-98,38-41 37-80,36-36 48-48,47-98 61-73,62-74 46-53,45-47 8-93,2-93 35-61,35-40 7-16,15-16 67-79,21-68 93-99,61-94 9-23,3-9 66-87,26-87 97-99,97-97 2-21,21-22 1-84,2-84 36-87,86-87 92-94,7-93 50-97,44-50 19-69,18-88 44-57,31-66 87-87,79-87 56-85,55-55 42-93,80-94 6-66,6-67 9-82,9-10 53-60,52-59 23-86,17-24 6-44,43-72 52-66,1-88 3-88,3-34 35-75,75-96 39-54,37-37 2-41,23-42 56-56,6-55 31-32,32-57 61-61,8-61 55-96,95-96 32-76,14-75 9-44,13-70 9-30,31-31 6-96,2-6 26-53,23-23 23-80,79-81 6-65,17-65 23-32,35-97 57-66,57-68 13-60,13-14 30-52,18-29 33-46,33-45 45-69,46-68 71-96,97-99 58-60,18-59 29-30,29-95 34-37,37-70 5-90,6-90 52-96,24-37 10-79,65-82 3-80,81-81 66-93,94-95 6-25,6-72 8-9,9-98 6-98,4-7 26-80,19-23 75-75,7-75 8-92,11-93 13-96,12-98 64-66,28-65 23-93,47-96 62-75,53-60 42-42,34-43 1-66,2-65 22-46,21-46 2-4,4-83 8-9,8-41 68-91,90-92 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87-91,2-87 2-89,22-89 11-93,10-10 6-99,1-99 12-95,12-94 26-58,39-97 52-98,52-97 49-71,50-85 41-49,41-45 37-89,38-90 2-90,4-80 42-92,95-98 58-82,57-82 25-70,6-71 42-96,44-96 21-21,20-95 9-97,8-99 20-21,12-21 44-93,97-98 44-98,45-64 19-19,18-93 65-65,66-72 8-42,3-7 12-83,11-82 19-75,63-76 32-60,32-32 12-90,90-99 59-60,17-59 8-75,7-31 59-79,58-79 14-83,15-84 28-29,28-30 60-98,1-98 33-45,33-64 20-20,20-20 36-94,35-93 13-31,31-31 28-30,2-29 81-81,82-86 76-78,79-79 54-80,54-70 61-64,65-99 5-11,11-89 16-54,17-26 2-56,2-3 42-76,77-77 7-82,7-81 37-54,19-38 77-96,71-76 16-85,84-86 8-93,1-9 37-87,36-77 54-71,19-71 20-29,20-97 82-96,83-96 48-81,47-81 4-36,5-37 8-59,7-9 91-99,62-98 12-80,86-90 25-95,24-25 32-94,94-94 22-97,98-98 16-92,16-17 84-84,74-84 4-86,2-85 23-56,23-57 31-31,32-99 14-96,13-15 50-81,34-41 11-44,11-11 7-38,6-38 10-77,10-96 50-86,87-87 5-87,5-86 91-91,42-90 19-97,97-97 22-77,21-27 7-7,6-81 79-93,18-92 39-93,59-98 1-84,84-84 30-35,30-48 1-2,3-47 4-88,3-5 4-90,90-91 3-95,4-98 28-31,5-32 39-93,4-98 99-99,1-99 4-96,3-95 58-63,58-63 44-91,33-44 27-27,28-89 16-84,78-85 2-22,17-23 30-78,77-84 17-57,18-57 2-99,1-3 2-31,35-43 74-74,17-75 46-92,87-93 6-97,5-96 4-18,19-90 31-33,32-57 26-57,27-58 3-78,1-1 68-69,34-69 66-66,26-66 11-12,14-61 5-6,5-76 14-96,96-97 4-70,4-69 69-95,70-70 8-93,5-8 35-87,1-35 51-62,51-61 52-69,51-51 14-69,24-70 20-91,80-90 74-88,75-88 3-72,1-72 7-67,6-65 31-47,32-48 99-99,11-98 7-17,7-14 55-88,56-99 29-31,28-30 65-65,66-66 9-76,33-73 51-72,19-52 2-15,2-98 78-78,24-77 41-95,96-96 23-94,22-23 23-24,24-97 34-34,35-94 7-81,7-39 9-17,16-91 11-23,10-10 17-66,67-70 28-68,27-27 65-91,90-98 43-79,11-44 15-83,48-82 13-84,13-83 5-5,7-71 48-63,49-64 75-76,28-76 23-95,23-23 18-95,19-96 45-86,87-87 2-29,30-82 15-66,14-66 23-94,94-97 15-88,19-74 1-44,13-45 24-25,24-45 43-49,54-67 6-63,5-63 70-99,70-92 45-95,76-96 78-96,98-98 3-3,5-75 3-75,2-81 15-19,11-39 47-70,54-70 6-92,6-91 39-88,40-89 1-76,66-93 89-89,4-88 18-94,8-18 6-81,7-66 87-94,88-90 10-29,30-30 6-73,3-77 80-84,79-81 47-48,47-53 44-61,44-57 53-60,52-61 56-65,56-66 25-52,52-74 5-6,7-93 22-99,21-22 3-14,2-12 4-42,1-4 22-85,23-86 25-56,33-56 16-84,84-85 51-57,9-50 8-91,90-90 30-85,19-31 15-66,46-67 17-31,16-31 24-94,23-24 54-54,55-84 41-98,42-96 89-89,42-88 25-72,26-45 25-96,6-97 6-85,3-6 71-78,43-72 3-74,3-73 5-49,8-50 5-5,6-86 4-39,39-73 85-87,84-86 11-62,10-78 61-86,62-85 7-32,32-60 79-79,10-79 17-72,38-73 13-86,12-85 6-6,2-4 47-49,1-48 74-98,12-99 1-71,1-27 29-80,29-81 54-94,53-94 18-74,73-82 95-95,7-95 62-62,62-62 6-93,7-94 43-87,43-98 17-89,9-93 4-72,1-3 22-45,45-95 2-2,3-92 75-77,29-74 11-98,97-98 70-70,69-69 36-41,35-36 6-12,10-13 65-98,65-99 1-97,2-98 33-89,12-89 24-69,18-18 3-65,2-66 14-14,15-80 18-70,2-5 8-59,9-60 52-53,8-53 72-89,39-72 18-81,82-82 1-95,1-94 57-73,92-99 10-20,9-19 44-68,56-68 18-22,19-27 28-65,28-38 63-87,47-86 8-87,9-88 26-55,25-95 28-96,13-27 38-38,6-37 33-37,40-73 72-95,95-95 61-93,28-53 73-85,86-86 2-93,94-94 42-97,43-43 12-99,11-13 11-94,12-86 63-87,86-87 47-48,46-47 91-91,7-91 8-21,22-45 49-57,50-58 10-11,11-91 41-47,36-47 30-64,30-65 1-28,24-24 3-12,1-3 60-76,57-59 15-65,16-16 64-64,5-64 7-99,6-6 48-98,69-99 97-99,1-97 66-66,10-67 5-99,4-99 32-86,85-88 2-99,2-2 3-35,35-44 62-62,37-61 5-53,4-54 1-98,98-99 31-98,48-99 3-5,4-88 47-54,36-53 44-91,69-92 52-65,66-98 10-72,62-71 6-98,6-97 53-53,54-80 2-96,2-52 10-17,11-94 25-90,25-30 55-71,55-70 44-66,66-67 83-87,82-87 34-76,1-34 35-38,41-54 64-98,1-98 58-58,58-71 56-89,89-99 55-73,37-79 15-97,18-22 4-97,4-98 8-62,34-95 1-4,5-51 37-65,51-95 22-87,51-87 29-40,28-28 21-83,21-83 24-26,25-46 23-68,24-69 69-77,78-78 42-92,41-72 37-78,28-77 2-90,2-89 5-9,8-50 4-82,3-89 47-49,48-82 10-99,11-94 19-42,10-18 15-48,7-16 21-86,21-22 69-69,38-69 24-27,32-92 30-94,30-78 35-36,35-56 85-87,86-86 70-70,71-97 7-7,8-84 7-83,83-83 9-87,10-88 1-14,13-92 2-93,92-94 37-45,45-84 6-98,5-94 5-74,2-4 5-23,23-57 14-77,3-76 5-84,3-83 22-52,12-52 18-71,19-72 13-91,13-90 95-95,19-95 4-39,3-38 5-71,2-3 52-52,3-53 4-81,2-3 77-98,49-98 48-48,37-47 13-86,14-86 9-99,10-99 89-98,22-89 66-73,66-80 12-12,13-98 4-5,6-23 79-99,79-80 40-72,4-41 70-74,69-76 15-16,16-37 22-78,1-96 66-79,66-80 2-92,92-93 80-95,81-90 34-37,32-37 17-34,30-49 16-98,26-99 11-12,11-23 2-72,72-72 48-50,31-54 75-90,75-82 4-20,21-26 3-3,2-85 1-58,2-59 3-94,3-95 55-87,54-86 22-81,33-80 14-80,15-15 3-71,71-72 60-60,60-70 25-25,25-95 20-62,20-61 64-84,84-84 5-98,5-98 3-10,12-71 55-77,55-74 12-79,78-79 23-36,23-35 16-42,42-42 27-85,26-26 3-71,71-71 87-94,29-86 2-78,77-79 22-86,22-85 7-84,8-85 63-67,64-70 28-45,28-29 23-74,74-75 6-50,50-74 49-68,51-59 50-50,49-63 7-7,7-83 11-53,54-54 5-89,5-89 7-88,6-87 8-58,9-58 5-6,5-71 16-79,7-17 98-98,24-96 49-49,48-86 20-64,40-96 50-89,90-90 13-72,14-72 69-70,69-93 13-96,12-99 21-47,36-47 34-34,19-34 3-82,5-83 26-46,27-47 39-91,6-88 8-97,8-92 7-8,7-82 80-81,37-80 33-44,99-99 17-36,7-18 7-99,98-98 36-78,77-79 24-67,24-66 1-68,9-67 60-60,61-90 90-91,42-90 3-94,3-95 16-96,16-82 2-4,5-92 6-93,7-87 2-4,4-44 62-77,57-77 3-99,64-99 28-89,27-27 53-53,26-52 14-76,61-77 33-94,32-33 37-42,38-42 94-95,55-68 34-58,3-35 13-48,35-45 4-54,3-99 11-12,11-97 27-88,95-99 32-92,33-74 21-72,6-21 2-98,2-99 5-96,4-96 1-67,7-49 53-89,11-12 30-36,29-34 73-96,72-96 31-68,16-31 31-51,50-59 90-98,76-93 3-61,3-61 42-47,8-28 10-85,9-10 50-51,51-82 83-90,76-89 2-70,3-21 46-74,46-76 4-67,1-3 1-94,94-94 2-4,3-51 12-51,5-12 18-32,18-33 29-84,15-83 15-57,14-56" /** * Data clean */ const sectionPairs = data.split(' ').reduce((acc, c) => { const [pair1, pair2] = [...c.split(',')] const [x, y] = [...pair1.split('-')]; const [k, j] = [...pair2.split('-')]; acc.push([ [ Number(x), Number(y) ], [ Number(k), Number(j) ] ]) return acc; }, []); /** * Question 2 */ sectionPairs.reduce((acc, c) => { acc = {}; for (let i = c[0][0]; i <= c[0][1]; i++) { acc[i] = 0; } for (let i = c[1][0]; i <= c[1][1]; i++) { if (acc.hasOwnProperty(i)) acc[i]++; } if (Object.values(acc).some(x => x)) tally++; return acc; }, {}) console.log(tally) Unsure if I'm missing something here, but I fail to see why this is returning too high of a result. For each pair I loop from the first side's smallest value to the largest and create an initial tally. I then loop from the second pairs smallest to the first pairs largest (there no need to go beyond this in the second pairs loop?) and add the number to the tally. Those that have a duplicate value in the tally indicates an overlap? Anyone see where I've gone wrong?

posted by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 4, 2022 16:01:51

I really don't see why people are so into politics. It's a pastime for the thick and/or arrogant. As if a single person on this sub of despair even knows 10% of any single topic. With this thread the left are tying themselves in knots trying to say it's ok to publicly say to kill certain people because x, y, z when in reality the thick planks defending it would be up in arms if it was the other way around.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on February 5, 2023 06:28:16

Hover over the item on your dev tools?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/tailwindcss on February 1, 2023 15:57:31

I'd send the request with js in times like this, becomes easier to handle.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on January 27, 2023 03:26:28

In the codebase I'll use Docblocks on the methods with a write up file stepping through the flow of more major features. Prior to this we use figjams to visualize a higher level flow to create an overall team understanding. And some sort of design tool to create basic layouts, with more troublesome things being prototyped in code.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on January 27, 2023 03:22:12

What I meant by the last bit is that when I had an eager loaded query, and an accessor on the related models key, the queried relationship would return null. Which must obviously have been from the accessor changing the fields value so the relationships link broke.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on January 26, 2023 08:49:10

I put an accessor on a model to abbreviate a value on fetching from the DB. I eager loaded this model as a belongsTo from it's parent, i.e ``` parent::with(this model)... ``` The accessor seemed to run prior to the query executing though as the relationship returned null? I've never noticed this before, have I done something stupid or is this expected?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on January 25, 2023 14:34:16

He'll be dead in 2 minutes. Obviously a right nutjob, so can't imagine he'd do well on a front line.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on January 15, 2023 06:15:44

Looks like an addict dragged off the street.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on January 6, 2023 03:06:29

Unfortunately you're realising why the average age of a house buyer is over the age of 30. You are in a better position than others but it's not the systems fault you are where you are. You borrowed money to be able to afford the deposit and now seeing how precarious it can be to take on a mortgage when economies alter and you don't have a salary safety net. I can't get on board with this desire to blame the system and have a vent. I know this is no help, but others have spelt out changes you can accommodate. You are still in a very good position with that said and I wish you well and know that if you take the practical advice others have given here, then this time next year you will for sure be in a far better position.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKPersonalFinance on January 4, 2023 14:38:42

Short [interview with Prof Michael Clark]( Tldr: The mobiks are being told that Poland is invading Ukraine, who will then invade Russia.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on January 4, 2023 13:20:33

Size of that jacket potato lol

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on January 4, 2023 10:56:38

>We were left with no choice. Neither we nor our husbands wanted war. But the whole West rallied against us. They wanted to destroy us, us and our children. Cracks me up every time. I don't know how they keep a straight face.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on January 3, 2023 13:20:35

£50 a week does sound a little high for a single person in his circumstance. I spend roughly £35 at Tesco and going to Aldi / Lidl you could get a good weeks worth of food for £30 fairly easily. It's not ideal but I don't see why your son couldn't find an extra >£60 a month for his back pocket here.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKPersonalFinance on January 3, 2023 08:53:24

>They do not struggle. But that’s beside the point. That would be a major point. >And he’s in tech This phrase has to be a meme now.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on January 2, 2023 06:25:41

It might have been an expensive coat in an already expensive month.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on January 2, 2023 06:11:10

JWT are sent in the client request. Where you host your DB doesn't matter.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/devops on January 2, 2023 05:21:01

2 is a bit low isn't it? I'd have gone 3 with no thought.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on January 1, 2023 09:27:21

I'm in the camp that the userbase of this sub is just bots. Well rounded people can not have a personality so cynical and misanthropic.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on January 1, 2023 08:03:38

I'd be interested in knowing what "scando type socialism" is as well?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 30, 2022 07:59:47

The pause and tilt right before the drop beats me up. The drop itself isn't bad purely because it's so quick. You get some vapour spray in your face at the bottom of the drop as well, as you enter the tunnel. It's the first "big one" that I tend to go on after leaving that initial entrance street. My AT order begins on spinball wizard(?) then oblivion then to the smiler.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on December 29, 2022 02:14:09

What exhaust is on that?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AlfaRomeo on December 24, 2022 11:58:28

Bang on same as me. I had a '98 polo.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on December 24, 2022 06:41:20

>Was any thought put into this at all, or was the allure of employee exploitation too great to ignore? Chefs kiss

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/london on December 22, 2022 14:53:42

>Do you not respect other peoples right to have an opinion that differs from yours? Rather oddly, I asked the person you're replying to an almost identical question, less than a day ago. I think us both noticing it does highlight the actuality of their personality.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 22, 2022 03:06:47

Do you get angry when people come up against your uneducated "opinions" as well? Doesn't bode well for society in my eyes.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 12:19:09

I think that going into such a public role where a degree is needed, then the wage should from the start at least meet the threshold to be paying back the student loan, with annual increases. Beyond that, I have no idea. I dont have the knowledge or data to know. Im just cautious of "throw money at it" being any sort of solution, for any sort of problem, whether short or long term. We seem locked in this cycle of thinking.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 12:14:54

>So do I think the £250 extra a month would help? Fucking yes, undoubtedly. Well those newly qualified have just got that £250 as you've now learnt, so at least that's crossed off. We can move onto the higher bands.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 11:43:21

>Yes, my £1500 figure was a guess, Who does this benefit? That's > £3k per year, not taxed, straight cash in the pocket you had no idea of that you made your initial thoughts from.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 11:30:30

Putin said he's had 20 minutes on the hamster wheel and it's Shoigu's turn to power up a drone.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on December 21, 2022 10:02:01

I'm with you on the state of education. People in this sub are the most simple, uneducated people going. And they'll each think they're the smartest in the room! Take any thread on this sub and read the flow of people's replies. A lot will be hearsay (made up), without question a lot will be easy to prove wrong and the remainder won't go beyond "hurr durr capitalism". There's a thread of people wanting nhs staff to be paid more, and I would hang my hat on 99% of people won't even have bothered to learn how much they're earning to begin with. And I'm by no means claiming to be intelligent or even know 5 of the ins and Outs on any given topic but I won't pretend I do.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 09:51:30

I think your mum needs to have a word with your newly qualified nurse friend from 3 days ago who "couldn't be happier".

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 04:45:29

Do you think an extra £250 a month to start with would be reasonable atop of the £1500?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 03:57:00

I plugged 27k into a salary calculator and including a loan plan 2 and 6% pension contribution they would come out with £1780. A bit off from £1500?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 03:55:00

I plugged 27k into a salary calculator and including a loan plan 2 and 6% pension contribution they would come out with £1780. A bit off from £1500?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 21, 2022 03:54:29

If you guys are meant to be the better option then I'll stick with the status quo. We'll be in for a right vicious and dumbed down society if people here are given an inch.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 20, 2022 10:33:11

Why I'll never vote left wing. You don't even put the mask on anymore.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 20, 2022 10:06:12

I thought it was a sodding mint vienetta at first.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on December 19, 2022 14:46:43

What age breakdown for those that had never used it?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 19, 2022 07:15:57

How did you get this job in the first place?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/LegalAdviceUK on December 19, 2022 05:08:04

Put Neville and Southgate in charge of the country and they'd still have to make tough decisions and you'd be abusing them because the media needing to sell stories unbeknown to the finer realities of the situations will tell you to and you'd gobble it right up no doubt.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 19, 2022 04:22:24

I have never in my life seen anybody pick crumpets up off the shelf or load them onto a till. AMA.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on December 19, 2022 03:37:04

Should be noted 1 in 50 have COVID. We had a Christmas do last weekend, where we had a meal in a private area of a restaurant. Off the back of it about 6 or 7 of us tested positive for COVID, myself included. And a further 3 or 4 were off ill but didn't test positive. Either those 3 or 4 didn't test positive again having had it in the past and so their body worked to "cheat" their test or it's a huge coincidence. This thread will contain 100's of people with COVID symptoms adamant they don't have COVID. Again 1 in 50 have it right now.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on December 19, 2022 03:16:29

If it's your first time. Be aware that it is hugely more likely that the exact opposite of what doomers here will say, will actually happen. The people that spend their time talking politics on Reddit are a high majority out of touch and hilariously inaccurate in their predictions, despite believing themselves to be extremely knowledgeable in everything and know the ins, outs and actualities having read a media article.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on December 18, 2022 11:08:55

A or D but you'd have to pick the one that isn't the right answer.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 17, 2022 08:07:25

Don't agree with it. It's not fair on people having to work.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on December 15, 2022 07:45:59

javaScript, Quick glance at other JS' and I think the majority of us have proceeded with using Set? marker = null; sliceLength = 14; for (let i = 0; i <= bufferStream.length - sliceLength; i++) { const sliceEnd = i + sliceLength; const total = new Set([...bufferStream.slice(i, sliceEnd)]).size if (total < sliceLength) continue; marker = sliceEnd; break; } console.log(marker)

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 6, 2022 15:04:54

Javascript. Luckily, for part 2 it was as easy as removing the array reverse I used in part 1. I just had to change `data[toCol].push(...took.reverse())` to as below for (let i = 0; i < data.moves.length; i++) { const move = data.moves[i]; const str = move.split(' ') const fromCol = str[3]; const amount = str[1]; const toCol = str[5] const took = data[fromCol].splice(-amount) data[toCol].push(...took); } answer = ''; for (let i = 1; i <= 9; i++) { answer += data[i].pop(); } console.log(answer)

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 5, 2022 14:42:52

Javascript Luckily, my part 2 was an almost exact copy of part 1 but with the removal of the reverse method on the final line of my main loop. Was as quick to complete as it is to change data[toCol].push(...took.reverse()) to data[toCol].push(...took) &#x200B; for (let i = 0; i < data.moves.length; i++) { const move = data.moves[i]; const str = move.split(' ') const fromCol = str[3]; const amount = str[1]; const toCol = str[5] const took = data[fromCol].splice(-amount) data[toCol].push(...took); } answer = ''; for (let i = 1; i <= 9; i++) { answer += data[i].pop(); } console.log(answer)

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 5, 2022 14:37:20

I was messing about for ages trying to get it to work one way. Couldn't. So went in this direction. ``` const sectionPairs = data.split(' ').reduce((acc, c) => {     const [pair1, pair2] = [...c.split(',')]     const [x, y] = [...pair1.split('-')];     const [k, j] = [...pair2.split('-')];     acc.push([          [ Number(x), Number(y) ],          [ Number(k), Number(j) ]      ])     return acc; }, []); tally = 0; for (const section of sectionPairs) {     const [x, y] = [...section]     if (y[0] > x[0] && y[0] <= x[1] ) {         tally++;         continue;     }     if (y[0] < x[0] && y[1] >= x[0]) {         tally++;         continue;     }     if (x[0] == y[0] || x[0] == y[1]) tally++; } console.log(tally) ```

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 4, 2022 18:00:11

No, I just assign it to 0 at the start (I missed this bit off my OP).

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/adventofcode on December 4, 2022 16:20:17

I'd probably check the Laravel log. Seems Apache is serving fine?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/Ubuntu on November 28, 2022 03:11:38

Spend the night walking around on your hands and point out it's not easy to drink upside down.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on November 27, 2022 09:43:04

That doesn't say that everything will go back on display again? It leaves it brief at "transform how our collections are presented". That could equally mean things are removed.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on November 27, 2022 08:36:35

>and it will work on the blockchain so it can't be rigged or hacked. A classic.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 14:23:46

You can do a git fetch origin [remote branch] to get the remote branch to your local and then checkout to it if needs be. Checkout onto branchB and then do a git merge [branch A] and it will merge A into branch B. To merge with the remote, whilst still on branch B you can do a git pull origin [branch C] direct to the remote or to get the C branch locally do the initial git fetch origin [branch C] and then git merge [branch C] remembering to be checked out onto branch B still.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/git on November 22, 2022 04:42:29

That would be a good way around it. I just can't understand the default way, the security should be obvious. I just can't see how it is. The qr code secret in my database has to be linked to the Google Auth app when it's added as an account on there and can only be on 1 device at a time but I'm only guessing at this because there's no info out there that I can find.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on November 20, 2022 15:07:45

Help my understanding. I've set up a QR code to use with Google Authenticator, using the pragmarx/google2fa-laravel package. I generate a QR code, scan it, open up Google Authenticator and type the 6 digit password and then I'm in my system. What I don't understand is what prevents someone after having hacked my initial username and password then just scanning the qr code themselves and opening up the Google Authenticator app? Have I missed something in the process? I can't find an answer on this.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on November 20, 2022 14:28:19

Hey, Thanks for your help earlier. I appreciate it. Just to let you know that I'm receiving external email now (from the random newsletter sites I've signed up to in order to test it), so it all looks to be good :).

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/webhosting on November 17, 2022 16:35:08

I appreciate the response and it is now semi-working. I can receive emails sent from another of my personal accounts. For example, if I send a simple "Hello me" email from my work email or gmail or yahoo I will get the email by the looks of it. However, I'm not receiving any "external" email. For instance doing a password reset on amazon wouldn't get received. Do you know why this might be? Doesn't really feel linked to my improper MX setup...

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/webhosting on November 17, 2022 15:27:20

Someone take a picture of the bridge before I piss myself

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on November 10, 2022 18:23:14

No bother. Thankfully society won't have to worry about yours as it's on par with a 7 or 8 year olds and we don't place them in responsible decision making positions.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on November 6, 2022 16:25:50

Sweetcorn, sweet onion, spicy relish sauce, chicken, cheese and then shoved in a toastie maker for a few minutes (*chefs kiss)

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on November 6, 2022 12:31:37

Also people may pick it up with the intention of putting it in a bin, but after x amount of time walking and not coming across a bin, they probably think sod it and sling it.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on November 6, 2022 06:39:31

There are people who research and those that work in dealing with these ethical issues around AI and data sharing. Redditors have it thought out from the start. Whether you like it or not AI has and will continue to be strongly used in healthcare. You want faster treatment times, or quicker drug discovery (ai was used to discover drugs for covid and can take what would normally be a process counted in multiple years if not decades down to months) to name a few off my head, you will need to stop the incessant ill thought out screeching at surface level detail.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on November 4, 2022 18:12:08

It does appear. Scroll down the page to the article. I give up anyway. All I'm getting is it should be a smaller wave to showcase the worst immigration crisis in 20 odd years, and it shouldn't showcase dover even though that's what they'll see when they cross from Calais. And there should be equal if not more white faces even though the article is talking about immigration from North Africa. It's just silly how far people look to find offense.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 16:14:56

The White cliffs of Dover is also the first thing they will see when they cross from Calais. Read the article. That will also shed light to why the imagery skews towards black and brown faces.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 16:08:11

Go with a tsunami then. >The UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, says last year was the worst for refugee crises on record, reaching levels not seen since the Rwandan genocide 20 years ago. The population of forcibly displaced people is now 51 million, twice the entire population of Afghanistan. Yet no one fights for them. You see a tsunami as only bad, the article uses it to emphasise the crisis. I suppose they should have just done a small wave, that would better highlight the seriousness.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 15:47:39

Here's the article I'm obviously still missing something with regards the uproar. Your explanation of it being a tsunami goes against the articles use of "wave". Is the word "wave" offensive?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 15:34:17

You should be able to explain it...again back used on a pro immigration article back in 2014. I would really like to understand how people can be so aghast towards this cartoon, to generate the comments I'm seeing. Is it the different skin tones? Should they all be white only? Only allow stick men? Stick women?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 15:08:48

You'll have to explain it. I can't fathom how people can react so much to the image. I look at that and see it representing a large influx of people trying to come ashore and then I carry on with my day. Some woman on the Twitter thread said she felt physically sick looking at it. I just don't understand the reaction to it, sorry.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 14:59:32

I don't get the uproar? It says it's from a pro immigration article first used in 2014. It's a cartoon sketch...pretty bland really, if this is the litmus test for uproar.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 4, 2022 14:51:49

Was everyone clapping?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on November 2, 2022 04:27:38

It won't be a BMW winning the best interior. More plastic than can be found on a fisher price little tikes car.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on October 30, 2022 12:46:52

Halloween costume...someone going as an electricity bill or a lettuce. Annoys me to no end.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on October 29, 2022 08:35:04

Id take the positive of working with a bunch of chicks. Seesaws and roundabouts.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on October 28, 2022 12:11:58

Dual boot ubuntu. If you're doing it to use Docker then don't bother it's still got niggly issues.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on October 28, 2022 10:13:55

Fingers crossed he hasn't finished growing.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on October 28, 2022 10:05:33

What's Keir short for?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on October 28, 2022 09:58:42

Very scary. Halloween isn't just dress up, there is a theme.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on October 27, 2022 16:07:55

I've sent Rishi an email congratulating him on behalf of this sub. Told him after becoming a firm favourite with the place, you're all excited to see what he can do and can't wait to see some literal ink to paper on a wide range of issues. You're welcome.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on October 24, 2022 12:48:07

Go and when they offer, say I'll have it later and pour it into a bag.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on October 24, 2022 12:15:27

She's still not gonna shag you mate.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on October 24, 2022 12:01:28

Set aside >=£500 for the belt and if there's no history of the belt, its likely not looked after and so the tyres and the oil will need changing, so you'll need to set aside >=£250 for the tyres and ~£60 for the oil change. You'll need to add them atop over an already overpriced car. Safe to say it's going to be circa £5.5k to get that on the road really.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on October 9, 2022 06:47:15

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on October 8, 2022 10:31:17

PHP has a list of timezones. I'd seed these to your database and allow the user to store their timezone when they sign up. There are additional methods on the date time object to grab offsets or you could use carbon. You could pass the course time through the conversion prior to it being rendered.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on October 7, 2022 01:46:07

Can I get a eli5 Atonovsky bridge please?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on October 4, 2022 14:41:21

Nothing to worry about. Forget about it and carry on with your week.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on October 1, 2022 17:45:48

I have a Giulietta cloverleaf with > 100k miles. I've no drive issues (touchwood) but it's had a full service history at "Alfa specialist" garages. My only issue has been the petrol cap not opening and having to awkwardly pull the emergency cord in the boot. 59k miles is nothing, providing it's not been owned by an idiot. I've attached the service intervals for a mito, check things have been done and be aware of when costly things are due. [service intervals](

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 28, 2022 14:48:15

Can't see how they could practically do this. But good none the less.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on September 28, 2022 03:23:48

My car's red which is a little spooky.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 24, 2022 09:24:23

I found one as well earlier on the rear near the licence plate. God knows how that got their, as it's too high for a stone chip really and it's took more put than a stone chip would as well. Currently contemplating a touch up pen on the back alone or having a resprayer touch the back up and combine it with a front end panel spray for £600.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 20, 2022 14:35:38

I'm going through the process now. Someone suggested to me on here to use a company called "car take back" which I am doing. I originally arranged it with them and then cancelled it a few days later as a local garage caught whiff of me scrapping my car and wanted to come and have a look. Having cancelled it with "car take back" they did keep calling quite regularly, trying to get it off me. So they do hound a bit once they've got a foot in. Ultimately the garage decided against it...and so I went back to "car take back", who are picking it up shortly. Also they'll knock further price off the online quote so knock 10% off that if you do use these people. Im just going to give them my v5 and hopefully that'll be the end of the saga. Touch wood.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 20, 2022 14:26:40

Hash browns and a piece of breaded chicken, smoothers in ketchup. And a yoghurt.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on September 18, 2022 07:12:17

It would look daft and be a lot of money. Swap the car now or put the money you would have spent aside for when you do.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 18, 2022 05:55:11

Will people stop saying fog of war.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on September 12, 2022 11:07:27

>Staff are overworked to fuck at the moment, they just don’t see that Have I missed something? I know the queen passed away but I don't think it's caused a massive increase in buying takeaway sandwiches.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/bristol on September 12, 2022 02:05:44

Had to go to Georgia to get a McDonald's.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on September 10, 2022 15:54:15

I've sent Liz an email congratulating her on behalf of this sub. Told her after becoming a firm favourite with the place, you're all excited to see what she can do and can't wait to see some literal ink to paper on a wide range of issues. You're welcome.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on September 5, 2022 14:11:57

No help to you op but I wonder how tf people end up with these weird damages. I viewed a car once with the advert cleverly disguising a crater in the passenger seat. How does it even happen. A stain is understandable but ripped out material / foam is bizarre.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on September 4, 2022 10:38:13

>I got tired of their bullshit and put in my two weeks after a shift last night - and immediately got job offers starting at CAD 16/hour, Multiple new job offers on a Saturday...

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/antiwork on September 4, 2022 09:47:03

>put in my two weeks after a shift last night - and immediately got job offers starting at CAD 16/hour, much above my pay of 14.15/hour. Put in your notice Saturday night and have multiple new job offers Sunday morning...

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/antiwork on September 4, 2022 09:45:28

I love Halloween combined with the time of year leading up to Christmas. I always get down about how we don't really celebrate it and that seems ever more true each year. Dressing kids up as a pencils and fairies isn't Halloween.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on September 3, 2022 06:55:26

You know the toys you can get that are a horse's head attached atop of a stick. I'd get one of them and gallop around your street for roughly 5 minutes each night.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on September 1, 2022 01:25:17

First: 1998 polo Now: 2011 Giulietta Cloverleaf

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on August 31, 2022 13:52:22

I don't want a dodgy bloke having my address. And I don't want to have to go out of my way to have it be picked up somewhere else as an example to get around this.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on August 30, 2022 13:37:25

>Well ~~assuming~~ they are legit there is no worry. Yes but this is the purpose of my post. The guy I spoke to briefly has put me right off

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on August 30, 2022 13:29:18

I'm cautious of that. Just had some right weirdo call me after plugging my car's details in for an online quote.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on August 30, 2022 13:22:26

Cute. I bet you couldn't wait to get his knickers off after all this time.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/MadeMeSmile on August 28, 2022 15:32:03

Potato waffle and boiled egg sandwich with ketchup.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on August 28, 2022 11:22:53

I have 18 months experience and recently got an 8k bonus with 32k base.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestionsuk on August 27, 2022 18:24:10

Grow up, you melt.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on August 27, 2022 16:43:46

"Virge, I fuckin asked Jürgen for mcnuggets at half time and he's got me a fuckin cheeseburger"

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/soccer on August 22, 2022 15:43:45

They're pretty nice tbf. Can see that they're extremely well looked after.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on August 21, 2022 04:02:35

Imagine calling your kid Edward post 1950

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on August 20, 2022 16:27:30

People with dashcams have a great ability to beep prior to a collision, rather than an inherent nature to try and avoid it. Dashcamers seemingly have a tendency to look for trouble.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskUK on August 20, 2022 09:24:25

He's probably off with stress

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/reddevils on August 14, 2022 08:34:50

I had a \~1:5 hour commute each way for a job. It was actually quite chill driving there and back each day, putting on a podcast. I used to look forward to the drive home at times. I would try and negotiate arriving and leaving early though to avoid as much traffic as possible. I could never do the drive long term and it would be a none-starter for me having to do the equivalent journey via public transport, but if you're not bothered about getting there, it might be a sufficient option for 6 months to get your foot in the door for your industry.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKJobs on August 6, 2022 11:23:49

What falls under special equipment?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on August 1, 2022 11:52:38

Her reaction was normal and commendable. What would you have done in the 0.5 seconds it took her to make sense of what had just happened and moved towards her? Made yourself the main character? You then start dishing out health advice whilst the paramedics are treating her? You'd do nothing, probably pass out yourself if anything. Absolute low lives on here.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/unitedkingdom on July 26, 2022 16:00:45

> £100k of student loans from a music degree. How did she manage this? That's insane.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKPersonalFinance on July 24, 2022 09:10:39

Give her one from me

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on July 23, 2022 10:04:54

I had a 2014 DS3 thp back in 2018. It was nippy to drive and nice inside with the leather seats...timing chain went at 30k miles though. Citroen did replace it for free even though it was about 8 months out of warranty. But still. I've now got an r56 mini that I got for £3.5k and that's costing me a litre of oil every 6 weeks.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CarTalkUK on July 22, 2022 06:38:42

I do move away from default but I don't go too far down the rabbit hole. I stick with the qogir theme for my env and shell and then just change a few default settings.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/Ubuntu on July 19, 2022 14:31:23

When I go to the API docs, some of the methods make reference to a key. For example the tooManyAttempts method of the [rate limiter]( Can someone explain the key a little? If you take my example the key is to be different from the name I gave to the throttle middleware reference value. The key seems to just be an additional random value, is the key meant to be produced per user session?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on July 19, 2022 03:37:42

I had the same title and pretty much the same setup with a lack of mentorship, it's a small company with just 3 newly introduced devs (me included). I started on 22k, it went to 25k after 6 months. After the year mark I'd had enough and applied for other roles. I was immediately offered another junior role at £34k and a midweight role at £32k. My company counter offered with £33k, a change of job title to remove the junior aspect and the chance to become the centre point of the team. They are being underpaid and your company knows it. I took the counter offer where I am, and do kick myself every day, but I don't plan on staying more than a few months, just enough to build up a little CV experience under a mid level role. If they can do I'd suggest trying to get a year under their belt, it will soon come round and it just looks better and gives you a bit of an experience safety net if the next job doesn't work out. If it helps their mental health make a mark on the calendar for when they'll hit the 1 year mark and in the mean time have them change their mindset away from the company and more to what they can be doing in the role that will look good on their c.v. I take it you're both young, £25k to £30k is ~ £250 a month extra. Not life changing and you sound capable of supporting them through the next 5 months. I think doors will open a bit easier with a years experience. Edit:- Realised that he's not on £25k and still on £22k. Applying elsewhere is now more favourable in my eyes. A decision you'll need to make between yourselves. Try and think a little longer term though, It would likely be at least ~3 months until they would have accepted a new job and see the new salary increase. Where as a 5 more months staying put may pay off more in the long run.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestionsuk on July 17, 2022 02:57:06

Is this a joke? Nothing you say is relevant for the salary they offered you and you weren't misled at all.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestionsuk on July 15, 2022 17:05:22

Yup. I've spent 2 days trying to get this working. And am getting nowhere. Went back to Mix and had it working within the few minutes it took to configure.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on July 13, 2022 16:22:11

Id worry about those big ass feet rather than your hips

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/malelivingspace on July 10, 2022 16:54:40

At shell garages the process is that they'll take your info at the counter alongside pictures of your car (may even take a picture of yourself depending if the attendant can be arsed as its on the form to complete) and it'll be input into a third party site. You'll need to call and pay the third party. It's pretty demeaning. Might be different at other garages.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKPersonalFinance on July 7, 2022 16:39:05

My parents have a window cleaner that seemingly comes round and does the windows when he wants and then we pay him after lol. As if this is a completely normal process.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/CasualUK on July 6, 2022 15:44:03

I'm not subscribed here, this thread just popped up on my feed. Just want to say " 'kin 'el' ".

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKPersonalFinance on July 6, 2022 13:10:14

If your circumstances allow it, i.e. you can make do as you are, and this revamp is literally coming about within the next <= 3 months. I would probably stay tbh, and play with it for a month and then start looking at new jobs. Having a months professional experience on your c.v of this new tech would look good. I would exaggerate the fuck out of this month though on your c.v. 4 months will come round quick and I think this'll be better long term for you. I also think the experience of refactoring a system is also something that could only help you stand out.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestions on June 29, 2022 15:52:37

I'm in the UK as well, just outside Cambridge, working as a junior full stack (PHP, js) starting on £23k and then it went up to £25k after 6 months. I'm a little over a year in now and have some interviews booked where I'll be asking for £32k. As others have suggested you're really underpaid. You're still young though by the sounds of it (in your 20's), so don't feel too disheartened. And in addition you'll be able to get a really good salary jump with your next job which will feel great. Just don't tell recruiters your current wage or, if you do, at the very least really inflate it.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on June 27, 2022 09:25:14

Are you hoping to learn dev stuff or is it just a hobby?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AncientEgyptian on May 26, 2022 14:20:51

I used to work at a Shell garage (with a little Waitrose attached). Day shifts have you partnered with someone else and between you, you decide who is on the till, who is doing stock rotation, cooking the deli food (we had a Jamie Oliver hot takeaway food section) and other general tasks such as changing the forecourt bins, cleaning the costa machines or taking the deliveries (both fuel and food). It was a pretty chill job. But there was always till work, as even if you could push it onto your colleague, at busy times (think lunch times, after work) you'd both need to both be on a till as managers get snotty if more than 3 people are queuing and there's always some dick buying £60 worth of food to be scanned during midday rush.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/UKJobs on May 24, 2022 03:37:19

In part we use actual devices. We tend to have issues, if any, with Apple devices so we have a few iPads and iPhones which we test on, as browser shrinking wouldn't show these issues (this is more so a legacy practice from when we briefly used bootstrap CSS as it seemed to work a bit differently in ios) and iOS tablets / phones have more security around accessing file storage, cameras and live updates we push when the user has placed their browser app in the backdrop briefly. Android seems to always work as expected via normal browser testing.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/webdev on May 15, 2022 08:12:03

I have a JSON column stored in my dB. When I retrieve it I want to loop over each object and append a new property I can then use client side in my js. What's the best approach for doing so?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on April 27, 2022 17:22:09

Hey thanks for your responses, I appreciate the help. The issue seemed down to running both artisan serve and Laravel mix. Laravel mix was adding a browser sync package that I think was the direct cause. When I turned it off and just ran artisan serve, it all worked as expected.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on April 11, 2022 19:06:43

It is yes, I handle the login via js. I haven't checked my log file per se and I'll have a better look tomorrow. However, what I also saw is that if I open a console for each of these 2 tabs, when I attempt to log in on either tab, it will produce a 419 error (indicating an issue with my csrf token? Both tabs csrf tokens are the same, not sure if I should be getting a different one?) With the error only showing on the console opened from the "first" tab, i.e the tab that I opened up the site on from my initial visit. So basically if I attempt to log in via the newly created tab off the back of the password reset form, the 419 error is produced onto the console of the other tab.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/laravel on April 11, 2022 18:01:50

Croatians getting stuck in [volunteers arriving in Ukraine.]( This is only the start, more foreign fighters should begin to trickle in now, Russia's army is creaking and NATO artillery is being fed into Ukraine at a much higher rate now.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on February 27, 2022 03:01:18

How does this intel leak? Like it's a tight nit group of his most trusted tossers.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on February 26, 2022 07:39:55

>Strange because I remember CBS saying the invasion was supposed to start last Wednesday according to their 'US intelligence' sources. Ukraine's defence and banking systems were ddos'd that day. The US has noted that they didn't / don't know how it will / would start. Only that date seemed significant. I think you've took the media headline "invasion" too literally.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on February 20, 2022 12:52:45

Condemned. The first one with the doll factory / Apple Farm. Second one was rubbish.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/AskMen on February 19, 2022 12:29:51

Have a test to do for a new role. Its fixing a series of bugs on an, in my eyes, vastly overly engineered codebase that otherwise works as a simple crud. Someone tell me that this is a waste of my time. Sounds like it would be a nightmare role to end up in.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/cscareerquestions on February 19, 2022 09:00:04

How tf you keep a meth addiction hidden. Did she not look like Gollum crawling out of a binbag each morning.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/TrueOffMyChest on February 17, 2022 11:11:03

Imagine of people went to this effort regardless of which side said it.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/ukpolitics on February 17, 2022 10:59:56

Gary "can't tweet with a dictionary" Lineker. Guys a nob that has to stick a big word in his tweets or pretend he's writing an academic summary the world is on edge to hear. Guarantee he drafts his tweets out 3/4 times before pressing submit. Tit.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/MurderedByWords on February 15, 2022 16:19:27

Unfortunately this scenario hasn't occured under Trump's administration. So Reddit can have a laugh about it and ignore it. Shame for the kids though.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/mildlyinfuriating on February 13, 2022 07:49:14

Redditors will genuinely believe they can outsmart the GRU and spot their failure points before they do.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/worldnews on February 12, 2022 15:22:46

Is that the opener on your c.v?

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/pics on January 14, 2022 13:24:48

muchas gracias. Appreciate it.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/Nestjs_framework on January 6, 2022 16:54:50

He probably walks around with his cock tucked between his legs.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 31, 2021 15:08:12

Right **clap hands**...I'll leave you to tidy up.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on December 30, 2021 12:58:16

Go all out and ask if she wants a shag instead. Leave the dating, she ain't interested.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/Tinder on December 30, 2021 03:44:06

Cool car. Good driver. We need more of both.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/IdiotsInCars on December 28, 2021 11:59:05

How has that mf got himself what looks like a new ass Merc, when all the yanks on here complain they can't afford to survive.

Commented by /u/Ive_got_my_willy_out in /r/nextfuckinglevel on December 28, 2021 05:39:29