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Isn't every legal change a kind of experiment, though? ​ The 'scale' of anything passed by the US Congress is generally huge. Whether it is oppression or not depends very much on the details.

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Mobile tax prep You need: \- insurance \- advertising \- software \- A laptop ​ Charge $250 per return for W2, and have add-ons for schedule C's and such. You go to the client, which is easier for them and means you don't need an office. Plus, it uses your skills. ​ If you haven't done tax prep before, an accounting degree can easily get you a gig at HR Block or Jackson Hewitt or Liberty or any of those places to show you the ropes.

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Trump was a big Birther back in those days, had tried some publicity stunts saying he had secret investigators in Hawaii who came up with some kind of big revealing finding. In the end, it turns out it was all complete bullshit, obviously, and Trump was not as good at complete bullshit back then, so it actually made him look like a fool. Someone asked Obama about it, and he made some off-hand remark like "Whatever, he's a clown". This sparked a feud between the two of them. Then, in early 2011, Obama invited Trump to the white house correspondents dinner and mercilessly roasted the shit out of him, and Trump nearly had a stroke. Video below. That was the day Trump decided to get into politics. All this because he can't take a roasting. ​ [](

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Probably a pipeline. Classify what kind of graph it is, launch a different model + parsing method based on that classification.

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Do you have some kind of insurance? What happens if someone breaks their leg and then blames you and says you were negligent?

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There's a revolution going on in the programming world with tools like CoPilot and ChatGPT. People who are figuring out how to master those tools are far faster than people who don't, so they're getting a market advantage. ​ Mastery of AI-enabled programming is the current Next Big Thing. I've been coding for 25 years, and there are new Next Big Things every couple of years. Some of them really are big (Blockchain, web frameworks, IoT/Wearable tech), some of them aren't (Write everything in Haskell for 2015!)

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The all-time classic answer to this question: A line-waiting service. ​ The University Registrations office often has lines. The Will-Call at the stadium on game day. Lines that sometimes take a long time before you're seen. The business is you go to the end of the line and offer to wait in the line for them for $5 or $10. They give you their phone number, go anywhere that they can get back in 5 minutes or less, and you call them when you're next or next-to-next in line. They show up, hop in your spot, give you $10, and bada-bing problem solved. ​ I read about this idea in like 3 different business books because it is usually a winner.

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I love this idea, but I have researched it and tried to solve it in the past. The 80/20 rule and the internet cousin the 99/1 rule applies here. I think this is nearly impossible. ​ As a for instance, Wikipedia has a pretty democratic means of content creation, editing, and dispute resolution. 99% of all users don't use it. ​ []( ​ Another instance: 98% of Reddit's users don't even post comments, ever. [\_hear\_it\_for\_the\_lurkers\_the\_vast\_majority\_of/]( ​ You can't really just choose random users and assign them a task, because a vast number of them just won't do it. What are you gonna do about it? ​ One idea is to issue cryptocurrency in exchange for doing your job, with modifiers for "If you usually agree with the other community moderators, plus to reward, if you are usually against the grain, minus to reward". The crypto has no intrinsic value except scarcity, which is guaranteed to go down as the site scales up.

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You have social anxiety, my dude. ​ Get the book "How to Be Yourself" by Ellen Henrikson (Something similar to that name). It will explain the nature of the problem and has good strategies to handle it. It will always be hard, but you can redirect the anxiety to make it much more useful.

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Offer a 10-second BJ for $17, and do one every 10 seconds for a week. Technically, you only have to charge $16.54 to make it, so you can pay a salesperson $0.46 each, which would pay them \~30K for a week of work.

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And his job was shown as going into the office and pushing a red button, then kicking his feet up on the desk and chillin' for the rest of the time

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What are you growing that wouldn't require tilling, watering, fertilizing (even organic needs manure spread), and can be harvested cost-efficiently with zero machinery? ​ Here's a really good USDA paper on the topic: [\_eib123.pdf?v=0]( ​ It indicates it is a viable business, but also that most small acreage farm families have significant sources of outside income in addition to the farm... and that's families that ARE using machinery and fertilizers.

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Here's a ton of evidence of China using their investments in Africa to take over local resources and infrastructure, and exploiting the local workers in the process: []( []( \--- You're also delusional if you think Cuba has real elections or allows real dissent. Funny enough, China/Cuba/Vietnam are all close together near the bottom of the press freedom index: [\_Freedom\_Index]( []( [\_Cuban\_constitutional\_referendum]( The Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) denounced the violent break in of several headquarters of the organization on the island by the political police of the Cuban government. More than 200 Cuban military (assault troops) and police forces, with the presence of the high command of the Ministry of the Interior, stormed 8 UNPACU headquarters in the early hours of this morning \[Monday night to Tuesday\] with extreme violence. Without search warrants and simultaneously, using grinders, they broke the gates of the houses, which had been under siege for nights, and entered, beating all the people who inside. — Communiqué of the Patriotic Union of CubaAmong those arrested were the elderly, pregnant women and minors, according to José Daniel Ferrer, a conscientious objector and coordinator of UNPACU who was also arrested and beaten; he also denounced that both his five-month pregnant partner and his 78-year-old grandmother were attacked, that several belongings were stolen from their home and that the political police seized a list containing the names of 600 observers that UNPACU was to deploy to monitor the referendum day in order to denounce irregularities.\[22\]\[23\]The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) considered the referendum "illegitimate" and assured that it only serves to "mask the dictatorship" before the international community. The Cuban executive accused the Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, of formulating "slander and lies".\[22\]\[23\]The Cuban Observatory for Human Rights (OCDH) denounced: "It has become evident that this Constitution (as the previous one), imposed by the Communist Party, does not represent or respect the plurality of Cuban society. Nor does the National Assembly of People's Power itself, the organ of unanimity, represent such plurality."\[24\] ​ \--- I never said anything about the USA. My top 5 countries that get it right are Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, and Costa Rica.

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Odd you'd choose China since a huge amount of their foreign policy involves setting up exploitative deals with nations in financial distress, especially in Africa. Also intriguing that none of these three countries allow things like dissent, freedom of expression, freedom of religion, or a legitimate vote for average people. Is your argument "I love the working class so much I want to impose a system on them that allows them no opportunity to change or challenge the system"?

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I didn't make the argument that "neoliberal policies are the cause of poverty reduction". I argued that you can't break the world into "East Asia vs The Neoliberal world", because there's a vast difference between countries across the area you're lumping together as all having "neoliberal policies". ​ What country do you believe has done what you want? Can you point to an example of the system you want and the results from that system?

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Yard dude. So many times you hire someone and they don't show up or show up on whatever day they feel like, never tell you if there's a rain delay.

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Your first source is an opinion piece that doesn't even make its own argument well in many cases. \- Point 1 argues that $1.90 IPL is the wrong point to put the line, but is doing this in response to a graph showing sharp declines in people living under that number. These are two completely different points. Whether you're setting the line at $1.90 or not doesn't change the data in the graph, which is that fewer people are living under that line. If your argument that $1.90 is too low to use for this graph, then you should certainly be happy that people have AT LEAST gotten over that hurdle. Next, it makes a dishonest switch. Instead of continuing with a graph that shows the PERCENTAGE of people living under $7.40 a day, it shows an ABSOLUTE VALUE of people living under that line. Since population has rapidly increased over the past 40 years, and has increased the most in some of the poorest places in the world, it is possible that we reduce the percentage of the population living in extreme poverty while the numeric headcount goes up. It is just the relation between the population growth rate and the poverty reduction rate. This doesn't mean the poverty reduction rate is negative, it just can also mean the population growth rate is positive and higher than the poverty reduction rate. ​ \- On point 2, it again makes a dishonest move to not really make its point. The argument seems to be that the neoliberal policy prescription hasn't brought down poverty around the world, and only places like China, Korea, Japan have. Yet, the graph shows the opposite, showing progress across many regions. Maybe not quite AS fast, but still making progress. Then it seems to try to make the argument that the world is only 2 political systems: East Asia and The Neoliberal World. Come on, that's a ridiculous over-simplification. The government of Venezuela and the government of Saudi Arabia and the government of Khazakstan are not following the same plan. ​ Seems like you're posting dodgy opinion pieces like they're gospel.

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"We ain't just A.I. Programmers: We're the swole patrol, bruh" ​ The marketing just writes itself

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What if I had exactly 1 employee, please? Is there some limit here? I understand what you're saying, if I'm a big 100k employee company, it is less likely this is just the owners/top management trying to get a tax break. I could see that same argument at 10 employees, even... A nice little perk that also drives a particular culture within the company. But what's the lower limit there? ​ Thank you.

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Don't base trading decisions on WallStreetBets

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You have two boxes. You know that there is a pair of gloves in the boxes, one glove per box. However, the boxes are not labelled so the only way you'll know if you have a left or right is to open the box. The other box is taken to the moon. You and another person on the moon both open your boxes. You find you have a left glove, and it turns out the other glove is right. The gloves didn't communicate at the moment you opened the box, the result was set when the gloves were put in the boxes. ​ Same idea, but with particle spins. One is spinning up, the other is down, but you can't tell that until you look at it. When you look at it, you know the other must be the opposite, but that doesn't mean they decided just when you looked.

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Please see the linked article, those cases were provided by DeSantis' office. The two cases in which people were minors AND had surgery. This isn't referring to people who just change their clothes and pronouns. There's many steps/levels of transition.

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This is similar to me saying "People on the right actually support genocide". ​ Could I find a small percentage who support it? Sure, but does that mean YOU support it? Not really.

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It happens exceedingly rarely. Which means it must be in exceedingly rare circumstances. Like, if you go into your doctors office and say "My 13 year old wants to change genders, so bust out the knives and pills", the doctor will tell you no in 99.99999% of cases. So the world is as you want it in 99%+ of cases. ​ I'm pretty far left, and I'd say you'd be very hard pressed to find more than a few people who would say "Kids under 15 should be allowed to transition any time they want with no restrictions". I'm sure you could dig up at least 1, but I doubt you'd be able to dig up 5% of the population on that one.

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This is mostly a right-wing lie made up by people like DeSantis and Bishop. Even when pressed, DeSantis could only show 2 cases in the last several years in Florida where people under the age of 18 had any kind of transition surgery, and those were 15 and 17. Even the hormones are vanishingly rare, 1-in-25-million kind of cases. ​ Citation: []( ​ Politicians like to take these extremely rare edge cases and blow them up like it is some huge national trend, and they do it for political gain.

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The Daily Wire is a Ben Shapiro owned far-right propaganda outlet. Their entire business is posting lies to whip up hate and division. Don't be a rube.

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How so? The only counties that vote in democrats at all are along that belt with just a small deviation into Tuscaloosa and Auburn sometimes. The rest of the state is like 70/30 repubs.

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Yes. Pitch breakfast was well attended before COVID, haven't been in a while, but I actually landed some business there one time. ​ Tech After 5 is very active, and they also have "Networking over coffee" which is online from 10-11am once a month. The guy who runs TA5, Phil Yanov, knows everybody from here to Timbuktu, he's a great person to get to know. ​ Seed the South was a really great event, but again they haven't done another one. ​ Charlotte Inno is more of an organization, they put on a lot of one-time events and recurring events.

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Many many many times these "Big ideas" are already implemented a thousand times and 999 of them aren't making any money. ​ Have you done market research? Have you found any thing similar to your idea? What would make a user of any of the current solution switch to your solution? Why would it be easier for you to start from zero than it would be for a competing product to add features to their product? ​ Usually that kills most ideas.

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Serious answers: ​ Charlotte Inno: []( Pitch Breakfast: []( Tech After 5 Charlotte: []( Right before the pandemic, we had Seed the South which was a huge event, but it seems it has not re-occurred since: [](

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This was back during the debate on Obamacare. She said specifically "Sorry if your life didn't work out as well as mine, I can afford insurance and I won't pay a tax for your insurance". I said "Is that unlimited? If my whole family was dying, would you pay $1?" and she blocked me. ​ I know Roe quite well. I think they've opened up a massive can of worms by saying there are no unenumerated rights or due process rights. Denying that there's a right to privacy in your doctor's office is just absolutely brain-dead on so many levels. The current court is a joke. And they're going to steal your right to a real/meaningful vote in Moore v Harper, mark my words.

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I have personally had righties cut me out when they found out my politics. ​ Far more frequently, a hardcore right-winger will bring up politics in the first 10 minutes you know them, and if you say anything contrary they'll get frothing at the mouth, red faced angry and tell you to fuck off. ​ So, I have some experiences that contradict yours. ​ Now, granted, I've also cut righties out of my life too, so I'm not claiming perfection or moral high ground or whatever.

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There are some real open questions about it that haven't been answered due to the legal situation. Does long term weed use result in a higher risk of dementia or alzheimers? There's been no association seen between weed and lung cancer, but does it matter if you smoke from glass, metal, or paper implements? What is the interaction between mental illness and weed, long term? For instance, if you're taking it for anxiety/depression, it will help over the short to medium run, but does the anxiety/depression come back stronger after you quit? Then there's the "forever chemicals": fertilizers and pesticides that, once you inhale them, can potentially hang around in your body doing damage for years, possibly decades. If you're buying black market or grey market, it is pretty hard to know if any of those things are in there. Another one is potency: Now-a-days you can eat a 100mg edible and follow it with a dab of wax and then have a joint of regular weed that is literally 5x stronger than weed from the 80s. Does that extreme concentration have additional medical effects we're not aware of? It will certainly get you blasted absolutely off your ass, but will it cause other issues of the heart or brain? Nobody knows yet. ​ All I'm getting at is there are risks involved that are not well researched, and therefore are risks you're taking.

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McDonald's DOES have a fully automated restaurant running now: []( ​ If this works out well, they'll automate all of them in a decade.

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Extending this, there's long been an association between far-right beliefs and buying precious metals. There's a significant portion of the far right who fervently believe (or even hope for) very bad times are ahead. Obama was going to bring about communism and take over Texas in Jade Helm. Jesse Jackson was going to win the presidency in the late 90s/early 00s, and was going to genocide white people. Hilary Clinton is going to become president and usher in a satanic cult that will wipe out Christians. There's always something, and frequent pushers of these ideas like Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson and Rush Limbaugh, all have a huge number of ads playing on their shows that encouraged buying gold as a hedge against "bad times" or "difficult times".

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I live in an "open carry" state, meaning you can carry your gun around in public, as long as it is worn in an external holster that people can see so everybody knows you have it. Like, the opposite of concealed carry. Sometimes, I see people wandering around the grocery store with a gun on their hip. This is maybe twice or so per year. Generally you just ignore them. I really think those people are the frightened ones... like, is al Qaeda gonna jump out from behind the carrots in the grocery store? ​ It is a sort of background risk to me, similar to getting in a car crash or plane crash or something like that. Not a top-of-mind risk generally.

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Moore's Law continues today. We passed through the AI Winter of the 80s/90s/early 00s and have now entered a completely new era of large scale models. Virtual Reality is a consumer product with actual viability. Partial self-driving cars are commonly available at dealerships and there are a few full self-driving semis out there, and that tech is just getting started and will easily take over a vast number of jobs in the next 20 years: Airline pilots, bus drivers, forklift operators, bulldozers and on and on and on. Within medicine, CRISPR and mRNA treatments and senolytics are all real and are the kind of thing that would seem like science fiction even in 1990. We're finally making progress on some of the most complex and difficult diseases out there, like Alzheimers and cancer. Modern batteries and solar power are easily 50 times more efficient than they were in 1990. Just a couple of weeks ago, we had fusion ignition for the first time in history. The James Webb telescope was hyped up like crazy as being a new era in science, and it has topped every expectation. ​ We are making big huge leaps, it just doesn't seem that way because each individual day only moves us ahead a little bit. Compound those days and we've really moved a long way.

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I appreciate and understand your answer. From my point of view, the court is an extremely political entity these days and will either need to get back in their lane or put up with angry citizens hasslin them.

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Yes, I don't deny that. The fact that you mention these things and I have heard of them before, and I know very specific details of them and they have a wikipedia page... all that indicates that the CIA isn't great at keeping their operations secret over the long term. Lots of it leaks. I really think something as big as "ordered the murder of a president" would def leak by now

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You say "You shouldn't try to influence a case you're not a part of"... But why not? Isn't that petitioning your government for a redress of your grievances?

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On the fourth claim, the COVID vaccine and blood clots... Noted fascist agitator Candace Owens used a transcript of a webinar to make this claim. As with many claims made by Ms. Owens over the years, it takes a small grain of truth from sources too complex for her pea-brained followers to comprehend, and then makes completely unsubstantiated claims from it. The CDC webinar forecasts that the number of people needing treatment for blood clots will double by 2050. The true story is that the Boomers are getting old and old people need more clotting care than younger people. They never said anything about the vaccine, but you can always rely on a fascist like Owens to ignore truth. ​

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On the third claim, the FBI did, in fact, pay twitter 3.4 million. It was reimbursement for the cost of responding to various warrants, subpoenas, normal government shit they do all the time. Elon Musk, forever a bastion of truth/justice/the american way, made a claim that this was a bribe to silence conservatives. The evidence presented did not support that claim in any way, but the idea has taken off anyway. ​

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On the second claim, there were additional JFK assassination docs released this week that revealed a few further details about the CIA hiring Oswald for some LSD experiment a decade before he shot kennedy. Interesting footnote to history, but no evidence he was still in contact with the CIA around the time of the assassination, and even the LSD tale is a bit sketch. ​

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The FBI was made aware of a publication by the KKK in Texas that alleged they had proof that Johnson was in the klan early in his political career. As far as I can find, no such evidence was ever released, and in any event wouldn't have been that much of a big deal at that time... we're talking Texas in the 50s here. Here's the documentation: []( ​ In any event, while he was president, Johnson famously got the FBI involved in a KKK murder investigation and arrested several klan people over it: [](

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I was recently watching Seinfeld with my 2020s eyes and I noticed that Jerry low-key rapes Elaine at one point. ​ She reveals at the beginning that she faked orgasms when they were dating. He asks for another chance. She declines to bang him. He then goes on a multi-day harassment campaign. He calls up his old girlfriends and asks them if they had orgasms, and then calls her all day at work saying "Oh yeah, so and so was fine with it". He is seen leaving messages about it on her machine too. Finally, he insists she bring back all the stuff he left at her apartment and is threatening to end the friendship because SHE WON'T BANG HIM. Finally she relents, saying "We have to have sex to save the friendship". ​ Harassment and emotional blackmail with threats of being ostracized from your friend group? Pretty rapey, dawg.

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Believe it or not, there's about 34% of the population that don't drink at all, and another 40% that only drink a few times a year. ​ In fact, from the sound of it, you're in the upper 0.1% heaviest drinkers around. You have a problem. Turn back now before it eats your entire life. I've been down that road, I turned around and it worked out great. ​

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That's impressive scale. Are you running a bunch of parallel jobs in AWS or something?

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Once you get there, you have the problem of millions of new species of bacteria and viruses, parasites and phages. Unless we have some seriously revamped medical tech, we'll all die of a plague as soon as we arrive.

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The proposed way to detect a habitable planet is mass spectrography looking for free floating oxygen in the atmosphere. Because oxygen bonds readily, if there's no life to replenish it, it will all be used up quickly. So if you find oxygen, you found the signature of life. So any habitable planets we find will only be verified habitable if there's something already living there. ​ I don't think we'll colonize anywhere outside our solar system within the next 200 years at least. The distances are too vast. Once you get there, every bacteria and virus and parasite is a completely new, novel organism and a possible pathogen that your immune system has never seen, so we'll need some kind of universal vaccine technology or else we'll all be killed by a plague within a month of landing. ​ Can we just terraform the deserts and build ocean cities instead?

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I've always thought of it as a short-hand. It is faster and easier to say "Free healthcare" than to say "Free at the point of service and ultimately paid for by a tax and regulatory scheme". Anybody who says "It ain't free, taxes pay for it, gotcha libs!" and thinks they're revealing some deep truth is being foolish. Yes, we all know that, I just wanted to say it quickly. ​ I've tried to switch to the term 'universal healthcare'.

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This is maybe the most cringe thing I've ever seen and I loved every second of it, never change, we love you.

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I see this as a big savings. The alternative was $800 on a new computer. You saved $715.

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If we can find any way to have light travel backwards in time, couldn't we send messages backwards in time to ourselves? Like, set up a detector and decide we'll send a text file with the top 100 research papers of the decade back to ourselves in 10 years? ​ We could set up an almost infinite loop of get the papers from the future, spend 1 year reading/adapting technology for them, study more, send back more detailed and better papers to the point 1 year from the first papers' reception. Paradox activated?

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I also work with machine learning and AI a lot. I second this so freakin' hard. It is a huge triumph that things like Google Document AI and Textract can look at an invoice and figure out that the line item text is associated with the amount invoiced. ChatGPT might appear it is 'smart' but it is literally just a statistical model predicting what the next word would be, given the previous words in the sentence. It doesn't actually have creativity or ambition.

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You said "The problem is, what has to be done to help them is always vehemently opposed by those who claim to have compassion, so it would never be allowed to happen". ​ What is this thing that would never be allowed to happen, please?

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Taxes=Slavery is a hyperbolic argument. If the state does not exist to secure your rights, your rights do not exist. That is, if there's nobody to stop me from robbing you or killing you, then a piece of paper somewhere saying you have a right to not be killed or not be robbed is just a piece of paper. There have to be all sorts of complex systems built to sustain those rights and make them real. Thus people have always and will always have to pay taxes, and your recompense is living in a society. ​ Going on a somewhat different road, nothing in the constitution prevents congress from providing these things if they decide that's what they want to do. If we want to credibly call ourselves "greatest country in the world", it seems to me we would strive to have zero people hungry, zero people homeless, we would strive to support our young and old who can't work, we would strive to elevate our people at every opportunity. Good jobs don't come from nowhere, they require skills and knowledge, so we should strive to educate everyone whether they can pay or not. These are choices we are allowed to make under the constitution. We've (so far) decided to make different decisions, and the decisions we've made have had many harmful effects and leave us much less than we could be.

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Jeffrey Combs, legendary Star Trek actor who has played a ton of characters. Some were good (Commander Shran), some were evil (Weyoun), some were creeps.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskReddit on December 13, 2022 11:32:29

I'll be fully honest with you, I think it is a nuanced and difficult question. It is obvious that at some point there is a separate person that is the baby. It also seems clear that a single cell isn't a person. So, somewhere in between there must be a line drawn. Where to draw that line isn't easy and will always be somewhat arbitrary. This is further complicated by situations where late-term problems with the pregnancy come up, which they do sometimes. So, I'm not really an absolutist in either direction and I think a good compromise position can be found like on-demand for the first 20 or 25 weeks, medical need thereafter, but with a sufficiently broad definition of medical need so doctors don't have to wait until the woman is actively dying before making the decision. ​ It's one of the most complex questions out there and there's no simple answer. Every possible answer will be wrong, so we're kind of at a point of trying to minimize the badness.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/meme on December 13, 2022 11:04:27

"We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, and that among these rights are LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS". ​ You are owed life. Life requires food, water and shelter. You can't pursue happiness without food, water, and shelter. Liberty is meaningless if it is the liberty to live under a bridge in the winter, and we still arrest people for that. ​ "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, ESTABLISH JUSTICE, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, PROMOTE THE GENERAL WELFARE, and secure the BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America" ​ You are guaranteed justice and general welfare and the blessings of liberty. Letting one man starve while another lives in a mansion because of a dumb fucking game involving green slips of paper is not justice. Building our architecture specifically to harm people who have nothing is not promoting the general welfare or securing the blessings of liberty. ​ So, yes, you are in fact guaranteed much more than we actually guarantee people in practice. Get fucked.

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I've been a developer for about 25 years now. ​ Languages come and go. Fads come and go in development. You will always have to learn more and keep updating your skills or you'll get passed by. Give up on the idea that you'll one day be a dev in one specialty and one language and that's that. The industry just doesn't work that way. ​ As you run through more languages, your brain will notice a lot of similar patterns: Functions, classes, variables, loops, parameters and on and on. Thus, when you go to the next language, it's like "OK, this one is a semicolon language with squiggle brackets and everything is a framework" or "This one uses a : for a function definition, no semicolons, and no data types"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on December 12, 2022 16:33:33

Because she's holding decon gel, I thought "Is that T'pol? But no pointed ears and long hair??"

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We call it "snap back to reality" in my house. ​ I like to play in a rotating office chair so I can swivel around 360 degrees. But, obviously after 30 minutes in VR, I completely lose track of what direction I'm facing in the real world. If I use a large play area I can roll around in, I also lose track of where I am in the room. So, I pull the headset off and find I'm across the room and facing a wall and it takes a minute for my brain to process.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/oculus on December 10, 2022 19:03:11

Honest question: How do you know the sellers didn't just print up the cards and the PSA stickers/certificates?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/wallstreetbets on December 10, 2022 18:17:24

I've looked into this myself. I'm not a lawyer, so take it with a grain of salt. I'm in North Carolina. ​ First, you have city/county regulations. These vary considerably, and get more lenient as you go out a bit from the city. You'll need, at a minimum, some kind of septic system. Then there's a definition of what you mean by a "shack". Around here, you have regulations regarding the foundation, lots of building codes regarding the materials used, the spacing of the boards in the walls, how much insulation you have in the walls. If you're going to have electricity, even solar, then you'll have all kinds of stuff: Spacing of the power outlets, the type of wiring used, the breaker box, power inverter, and so on. All this has to be inspected by an inspector while you're building it. So, like, you'll have to build the foundation, call the inspector and have them come out and check. Then build the framing and put on the electrical, call the inspector. Put on the roof and the walls, call the inspector. Do a drainage test on the soil to ensure it will "perk" (meaning your septic waste will sink down through the soil instead of bubbling up through the ground). And call the inspector again and again on all this. An easy way around a big chunk of this is just to start out with a manufactured home, like a single-wide or double-wide. They come pre-certified with a bunch of this already done. ​ The biggest one, oddly enough, was water. To be certified as "habitable", you need some source of potable water. The easiest way is hooking up to city water. If you want to collect rain water, you'll need a certified method of purifying the water, which isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a whole system of bits and pieces and it all has regs about where you store it and how you store it and how you clean it and pump it and everything. This is really good in the end, because if you mess up this step, you'll die. ​ The other big one to keep an eye on is HOA type regulations. A lot of land is in planned communities. So, you look at it on a map and it looks like some woods at the end of a little road, but then you dig up the title and there's an association that dictates everything allowed to be built within the association. A lot of them don't allow single and double wides. ​ So, the TL;DR is go out in the county, get land that's not in an association, and buy a manufactured home. Various levels of off-grid living are available, but there are detailed steps you need to do. ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on December 10, 2022 13:02:15

Red Matter is OK. They ran out of money in the first one, so the ending is SUPER disappointing, but up until then it is pretty interesting. I've been going through part 2 recently and it is better.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/oculus on December 10, 2022 08:59:59

Umberto Ecco's 13 points of fascism points the way. Fascists are obsessed with: ​ Tradition: Things from the past are better than newfangled things. In the past our nation (whatever nation they are talking about) was great. Now, it has become non-great because of all this new-fangledness ​ Traditional gender roles, masculinity, and hierarchy: They always believe that there's a natural hierarchy in the world. Some people are above others and some below, but for a reason that is defined by tradition. Things become the traditional way through an evolutionary process, where the best ways survive through time and degenerate nations fall. Thus, the women should be mothers/carers/home makers/sex objects. Men should be tough, uncaring autocrats who enforce their will through just overt forceful will. Those who deviate from this -- such as lower classes wanting to have something from the upper classes, lesser races wanting equality, gay people being completely outside this hierarchy -- are an affront not only to traditional values, but to the very stability of society. ​ PLOTS: Always, fascist movements talk of outsiders who are keen to destroy all that "we" have built. "They" want to take it all from you, and look at all they've taken from you so far! Where is the line where you fight back? How much are you willing to allow THEM to take from YOU? ​ Putin does it with "The West" and also LGBT people, Hitler did it with a vast array of people, Duerte did it with drug users and the poor, Bolsonaro with gay people, environmentalists, and on and on and on. As a famous American politican once put it "When Mexico is sending people here, they're not sending their best, they're sending the murderers, rapists, drug dealers... and some, I assume, are good people".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on December 9, 2022 18:04:38

Sadly, 2.7% is on the low end of normal fees. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on December 7, 2022 18:22:11

Next time it is snake season, spring/summer, catch a big black rat snake and put it in your attic. Problem solves itself.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on December 7, 2022 18:12:28

The got him: ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on December 6, 2022 11:37:01

I guess my only response here is that the shooter hasn't been let off scot free, the police are investigating and have only had a few days. Give it a week or so and they'll have somebody in custody for it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on December 6, 2022 08:11:50

Who do you believe is not held responsible for their actions?

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I may be a bit late to the party, but I don't think this is as bad as you're thinking. ​ Swaps are 2-sided, so for every debt there's an asset. ​ ​ Phil loans Joe 100 million pounds in exchange for 125 million dollars. Phil owes 125 million back to Joe at the end of the deal, Joe owes Phil 100 million pounds at the end of the deal. There are 2 liabilities, 1 for 100 million pounds and 1 for 125 million dollars, and 2 assets, the 100 million pounds and the 125 million dollars. The net at the start of the contract is zero, but the BIS liabilities number only looks at one side of the balance sheet here, the liabilities. ​ Lets say the value of pounds go up to 150:100. So it will now cost 150 million dollars to get the 100 million pounds needed to pay back Phil. In dollar terms, Joe is down 25 million, Phil is up 25 million. But, if Joe kept the 100 million pounds by just investing it in british Gilt or a british bank account, he doesn't have to pay 150 million dollars to get the 100 million pounds, he already has it when the bond matures or he pulls it from his savings account in the british bank. So, maybe the real net cost of it is close to zero here too. ​ The number sounds worse than it is because the transactions are offsetting.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/stocks on December 5, 2022 12:20:44

Because it ignores the reality of living. ​ If you make $100k a month, then $15k brings you down to $85k, which is still easy to live on. You're not worried about affording anything significant like food, healthcare, and housing. You maybe have to cut back on your vacation home. ​ If you make $2,500 a month, you're just barely making it as-is, and bringing you down to $2,125 means you're legit wondering if you can buy food and rent in the same month. That $375 hits a lot harder in terms of actual lived experience. ​ It also ignores the efficiency. Generally it would be about the same level of work to collect from each of these individuals, but in the first case you get $15k in tax revenue, in the second you get $375. OR ​ You could ask that person with $100k/mo for $25k instead, and instead let 26 people with the $2,500/mo income pay $0. Same revenue, 1/26th the work for the state, and the people who have to live on less can survive much easier. This second situation is better in every way, how is that hard to understand?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on December 4, 2022 11:11:33

"Taxes" aren't just one thing. Politicians who sell you on "tax cuts = more money in your paycheck" may or may not be lying to you. For instance, lets say you get a tax cut of $5 a month, a person making $1 million a year gets $5,000 a month in tax cuts, and to pay for it all, they spend $200 a month less per citizen. The millionaire came out better by $4,800 a month, you came out worse by $195 a month. ​ The devil is in the details, and one of the key ways they sell you on a bad policy is making it seem like taxes are just one monolithic thing and "tax cuts" benefit everyone equally, when that's just false.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on December 4, 2022 10:35:09

Is there a sub for unexpected kanye appearances?

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Shouldn't it say "A team of full stack developers?"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Business_Ideas on December 3, 2022 12:07:40

I think it is part of the "depopulation" theory. Basically, there's too many people on earth, the rich only really need like a few million or so slaves to cater to their every whim and see the rest of us as a drain on resources. Therefore, their plan is to kill off all but a few million, enslave the rest, and become kings. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on December 2, 2022 20:23:53

"Blood for oil where the price is set.. the price is set" ​ "These people ain't seen a brown skin man since their parents bought one" ​ Yeah, no politics there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on December 2, 2022 20:07:34

So much sex. Holy hell. So much. ​ Also, start working out a lot earlier. Which, come to think of it, would have helped with the sex.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskReddit on December 1, 2022 18:00:20

Yes, correct. That's your problem. Hosting the site is cheap and easy, but without a bunch of marketing of some kind it will never get visited. ​ So, you can drive traffic by: 1. Getting other people to link to you: Sometimes this is paid, other times it is sort of "back room deals" by email. But in any event it takes time to do. The more back links you have, the higher you'll rank in Google 2. SEO content: If you ever look up a recipe and you have to read a 30 page novel about the author's trip to Medina in the summer of '13, the reason the novel is there is to put lots of keywords in to convince the search engines to link to that recipe. This is quite effective, but it takes time or it takes money to pay others to write all that. 3. SEO design: Meta tags, keyword tags, sitemaps, etc. etc. etc. 4. Social media: Get followers and post links to your site. They aren't going to want to see the same link every day, so you'll need more of that SEO content from #2, and you'll need to cultivate a social following. All that takes time, which you can expend yourself or hire out. 5. Advertise: Fastest, but most expensive, and it isn't durable. Once you stop running the ads, the traffic stops. As you pointed out, too expensive for this idea. ​ If you do what you propose, your site will sit quietly with 100-500 views per month making $1 a month, it will cost $10 a month to run. Or you can really apply yourself, spend 40 hours a week on marketing it, and wind up making $1000 a month.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/passive_income on December 1, 2022 07:19:10

Seconding this. Marketing web products is quite hard unless you want to put some serious $$ into it. When I read OP's idea, I think it would require a lot of time doing marketing that would wind up being very low ROI.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/passive_income on November 30, 2022 21:10:37

Julian definitely banged the submissive Jadzia he conjured up when Rumpelstiltskin showed up. He didn't just spontaneously imagine that, he had a fully formed character profile and everything in his head, he'd been working on that one. ​ Also, I think it is pretty much canon that when Riker met that "perfect mate" lady he did a hologram version of her.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ShittyDaystrom on November 30, 2022 07:32:54

I followed through to the original source, but can't get a copy of the full original paper. What was the sample size here? What are the confidence levels? How much of a difference? The summary and headline seem written to specifically gloss over the specific numbers involved.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Economics on November 29, 2022 16:37:35

A few I've learned: 1. Just because you think it is a cool idea doesn't mean anyone will use it/buy it/agree. 2. "Be your own boss" is false. Every customer is now your boss. Many of them are crazy people and want you to perform miracles for free. 3. Marketing is ridiculously hard. There's an old saying "You always waste half your marketing budget, but it is impossible to tell which half" 4. The costs are higher than you expect. "How can this plumber charge $175 an hour?! He must be rolling in money!" Well, once you get the taxes, the truck, the tools, insurance, education, refunds to customers where you mess up, working too long on a project where you under-quoted, hiring someone to help only to find out they're trash at the job, paying the accountants, the lawyers, the marketing, the phone, etc. etc. etc. etc.... Well, that $175 an hour works out to $75k a year.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/EntrepreneurRideAlong on November 27, 2022 20:23:28

Go get sildenafil from the doc. Works like a charm. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on November 27, 2022 17:42:19

Fun story time: ​ My family has long had a similar legend that there was some "cherokee or similar" native american heritage back a few generations. I got a DNA test that shows your heritage going back many generations. Much to the surprise of everyone, I had like 6% pashtun. I talked to my mom and she said "Well, they always said my great grandma Zula was part Indian, I thought it was American Indian, I guess not"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/agedlikemilk on November 27, 2022 15:54:45

Another for Horne here. They installed a whole new unit for me a few years back, I had to make a warranty claim on the unit, it was replaced entirely for free. They never gave up on getting it right, always honest. Not the cheapest in town for sure, but very honest. ​ Morris Jenkins is the opposite.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on November 27, 2022 13:30:31

It really isn't a scam, in much the same way professional wrasslin' isn't a scam. ​ I got one of these titles on a Christmas sale for like $120. What was I offered? 1. A certificate, 2. My name is in a website where I can look it up and show that my certificate is legit 3. They'd plant a tree in my honor in some little grove in the backwoods of scotland and 4. I'd get the GPS coordinates of my tree, and they'd grant me the right to say I owned that little plot of land, but no control or ability to sell my little plot of land. ​ So basically I bought it for the certificate and the plant a tree bit. I got what I paid for. At no time in buying it did I think I was actually joining a royal line of succession or something. I really didn't think I was actually buying land. I got exactly what I wanted out of it, which is the certificate that hangs on my wall among a bunch of other certificates, degrees, etc. ​ I also got the ability to call my wife "The noble lady xxx" and tell all our friends about her new "title", which she hated and gave me a barrel of laughs.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/agedlikemilk on November 27, 2022 10:34:12

Seven of Nine spent her early years in space and then her teenage/early adult years with the borg. ​ One of the members of Red Squad, one of the three that survived, was from the Moon.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on November 27, 2022 10:14:23

At 70mph, 3 feet takes 1/30th of a second.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/IASIP on November 26, 2022 18:25:54

Bought 100 shares of the blockchain ETF BKCH at $22.50. Watched it rocket up to like $45 in 3 weeks. Since then it has declined to like $4.75, sitting at about -85% overall return right now. I'm not selling. Going down with the ship.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on November 26, 2022 17:14:43

A few ideas: 1. Sprinklers and automation are key. Once you unlock the sewer, you can get iridium sprinklers for $10k every friday. Spend your winters in the mines getting gold/iron/copper to make quality sprinklers. Later you can get Junimo Huts, which completes your automation and really ramps up the amount you can make. 2. Choose higher value crops even though they take longer to grow, and choose things that don't have to be re-planted. Cauliflower in spring. Cranberries/Blueberries/star fruit in summer. Pumpkins in fall. Until you get ancient seed... 3. If you get an ancient seed, trade it to gunther for a plantable seed, but hold on to it until you get the greenhouse. Once in the greenhouse, use the seed maker to make more and more until the entire greenhouse is full, then by about year 3-4, you'll be able to make 1,000 ancient fruit seeds, plant as many as possible on Spring 1, and they'll produce without having to re-plant for the entire year. 4. Use Kegs to multiply your earnings. You can put them all over the place, so put some in the tunnel west of Pam/the bus, put them at the train station, etc. etc. I have about 400 of them.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/StardewValley on November 26, 2022 16:44:58

I'm amazed nobody has mentioned the Moorish Nation. They have special licenses and tags for their cars and claim squatter's rights on properties. It all has something to do with their religion, but danged if I know how religion == don't have to pay taxes

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 26, 2022 09:30:41

It has an airlock, and in the first 3 days or so I did get significant bubbling. Now, I do see bubbles form a bit on the peppers, but the airlock is silent. When I bump or swish the jar, I definitely see release of bubbles. ​ I will read your posts if I can find them, thank you. Real quick: If I add a bunch of vinegar and salt at this point, can I save it? Or is the risk too high already? ​ Temp in this room is no lower than 67 at night, no higher than maybe 76 in the day. No natural light, some artificial light.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/fermentation on November 25, 2022 21:33:46

Sweet, thanks bud!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/fermentation on November 25, 2022 19:59:50

Also, side note, I was drinking some beer at the time and I tested it, it seems to be somewhere around 6, maybe 5. I tested some apple cider vinegar and it is showing 4, maybe 3. So I think the litmus paper works OK.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/fermentation on November 25, 2022 19:54:26

No need to sell anything if you already have everything. ​ Build a big palace. Build a big wall around the outside of your estate, maybe build 2-3 layers of walls for a "defense in depth" to really keep the poors out. Build a medium-sized farm with orchards inside your compound. Automatic guns on the walls, robot guards, robot butlers, robot doctors patrol the grounds and take care of your every whim. ​ The only ones who could de-throne you is the actual government, who you can just buy off indefinitely. If there's a small uprising, your robot army can keep them out. If there's a large uprising, your puppet government can take care of it. ​ Add in immortality drugs and you could just live in your compound forever.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on November 25, 2022 12:29:35

The root technological idea of blockchain is a chain of entries that are secured by a hash of those entries. Publicly-verifiable isn't really a solid use case because 99.9% of users wouldn't understand a hash, let alone how they work to secure the information on chain. They definitely would not understand how they could personally verify things on chain, and so they won't really ever do it and won't really ever care. So, you're just talking about nerds like us who do understand it being the only ones who really care. ​ So, therefore, it is a solution in search of a problem. Most people do not care at all about how fees are handled for their debit card. They use it, it works, and they don't care about how the 'chip card' vs the 'stripe card' work. How are you going to get them to legitimately give enough of a damn to really drive crypto adoption? It doesn't solve a common consumer problem that isn't already solved by existing networks across huge areas of the world. ​ Then there's the 'smart contract' idea, but that could be implemented in a way that is a million times cheaper by just having 3-5 participants in a mini-blockchain verification system. I think IBM Hyperledger can accomplish this with relatively little fuss. There's just no need for public verification of most private transactions. In fact, posting the information on-chain, even in a way secured by 1024 bit public/private encryption, would be more of a risk than most companies would want to take. ​ There's a cool technology here, but the final implementation won't look like today's blockchains, because today's blockchains don't solve problems, and when they do solve problems they solve them at an enormous cost.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on November 24, 2022 20:12:19

Or "BLM are domestic terrorists" combined with calling for the genocide of addicts, liberals, protestors, and "illegals"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 24, 2022 16:48:41

Walkabout mini golf I expect you to die series Shadow Point

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/oculus on November 23, 2022 21:21:49

I have a surefire 100% safe reliable method to make the gazillion dollars, just sign up for my course for $199.95

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on November 22, 2022 16:12:04

Here's the story regarding the North Dakota incident: ​ []( ​ Briefly, the two were having a political disagreement. The killer said to the cops he hit the kid because he was part of an "extremist Republican" group. Later during questioning, it was revealed that the killer believed that the dead dude was calling a bunch of his friends to come kick the killer's ass, so killer ran dead dude over to subdue him or stop this plan. Police say the primary motive wasn't politics. Make your own judgment.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on November 21, 2022 19:36:23

If you can get good at Wordpress, you can get a server from anywhere for cheap ($30 a month for a decent one w/ backups) and host like 20-50 of them on there depending on traffic. Set up auto-scaling with someone like Google or AWS and you could just add more forever.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/passive_income on November 21, 2022 19:20:43

I did it that way b/c this is my first attempt. I just had a pile of peppers left over at the end of the season and decided to give it a whirl. :) ​ Thanks, I'll change the process with the swirl v stir.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/fermentation on November 21, 2022 08:11:14

"Originalism" is a scam. An originalist judge is a magician: Somehow they can divine the wisdom of people who are long dead, ignore half the evidence that doesn't agree with their conclusion, reach back to before the founding of the US when it suits them, and all this backflipping always winds up agreeing with the political opinions of the judge writing the decision in the end. ​ If your search space is every word written before 1850, you're guaranteed to find something that supports your view.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on November 20, 2022 20:22:15

If you think that's an irrational fear, you've never looked at the statistics: []( ​ "Every american" was, admittedly, hyperbole, but if I could swing it, I'd leave the USA immediately. I have many reasons, but healthcare is easily in the top 3.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 20, 2022 20:09:09

You addressed 0% of what I said. Straw man, moving goalposts.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 20, 2022 17:49:22

Yeah, I stir it daily with a sanitized spoon. I'm mostly worried that the added water will mess up the salinity enough to let the wrong stuff grow, or the extra water will make the final sauce more watery/less flavorful.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/fermentation on November 20, 2022 17:48:46

I have insurance. My insurance company will do what is best for their shareholders, not what is best for me. If the bill is small, they'll pay it because that keeps their reputation up. If the bill is large, or especially if it is large and repeating, I have zero confidence they'll pay it, because they have a huge financial incentive to screw me and leave me to die.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 20, 2022 14:47:29

Be sure you take into account that healthcare is a complete scam here. One poorly-timed broken leg or serious illness and you're ruined for life. ​ Do not leave Canada. We all want to come to Canada from here.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 20, 2022 12:56:58

The stylized "III%" is a reference to the right wing terrorist organization "Three Percenters", which refers also to the (mistaken) idea that 3% of the colonial population did the whole american revolution while 97% just looked on. ​ [](

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Why don't you just set up a pre-nup and get married?

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Here is the real answer: [](

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Never walk to the kitchen empty handed. ​ Getting up from your desk? Grab a handful of dishes and trash, take them with you. Getting out of bed? Any dishes nearby? Any trash? Laundry? Just grab a handful. ​ Don't walk through your house empty handed, always look for something that needs to go somewhere and do it while you're moving that way anyway. ​ It takes about 3 weeks to form a habit. Short term pain, long term gain.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/internetparents on November 18, 2022 19:51:19

"Dont repeat yourself" method is a useful way to think of it. If you ever find yourself copy/pasting a piece of code from one place to another, stop yourself and think "Could I make this a function and call the function in both places?" ​ Also, classes to group functions that work with similar data is always a mad banger of an idea.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on November 18, 2022 19:45:04

91% of abortions are at or before 13 weeks. Only 1.4% of all abortions are performed after 21 weeks. Here's the citation: [\_public/99/41/9941f2a9-7738-4a8b-95f6-5680e59a45ac/pp\_abortion\_after\_the\_first\_trimester.pdf](

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Maybe unpopular opinion, but I'd open the books for your employees at the meeting. ​ Show them the real, unvarnished, total situation. If they want expensive pay or benefit increases, put the onus back on them to say "Look, we're drowning here as it is, you tell me where the money is coming from looking at these books". If you were thinking of large staff reductions anyway, show them that business isn't sustainable at current levels, their jobs aren't safe as it is, offer to accept any resignations now to save the rest of the team. Hold firm that it is a pure math problem.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on November 18, 2022 08:21:07

You got Dolly Parton on the wrong side. Swap pizza and Dolly and you've nailed it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/starterpacks on November 18, 2022 07:10:21

Chavez in Venezuela Probably an unpopular opinion, but in terms of raw economics, it is true. Hugo Chavez came to power in a coup/revolution way, and the results are: \-- One of the primary ways that the Chávez administration attempted to fix the problem of economic inequality was by wealth redistribution, primarily via land reform, and social programs.\[28\] The Chávez government pursued a series of Bolivarian Missions aimed at providing public services (such as food, healthcare, and education) to improve economic, cultural, and social conditions. According to the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), poverty rates fell from 49.4% in 1999 to 23.9% in 2012.\[34\]\[35\]\[36\]\[37\] Data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) shows that Venezuela's poverty rate decreased between 1999 and 2013 from 48.7% to 32.1%.\[38\] A 2010 OAS report criticizing Venezuela's human rights standards indicated achievements in addressing illiteracy, healthcare and poverty, and economic and social advances.\[39\]During the past decade under Chavez, the income poverty rate in Venezuela dropped by more than half, from 54% of households below poverty level in the first half of 2003, down to 26% at the end of 2008. "Extreme poverty" fell even more - by 72%. Further, "these poverty rates measure only cash income, and doesn't take into account increased access to health care or education."\[22\]\[124\]Datos reports real income grew by 137% between 2003 and Q1 2006.\[125\] Official poverty figures dropped by 10%.\[126\] However, the World Bank estimates that 31.9% are below the poverty line.\[127\]Some social scientists and economists claim that the government's reported income poverty figures did not fall in proportion to the country's vast petroleum revenues in the last two years, much of which was directed to social spending to decrease the cost of living.\[128\]Venezuela's infant mortality rate fell by 18.2% between 1998 and 2006.\[129\]\[130\]Cite:\_policy\_of\_the\_Hugo\_Ch%C3%A1vez\_administration#Poverty\_reduction\_programs\_and\_social\_spending

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You will get better results and faster results for the client if you start with WooCommerce or Shopify and build out what they want from there. You're reinventing the wheel, which is a huge waste of time. The two most likely outcomes are that you'll take a large amount of time to deliver a minimal product, or you'll deliver a product with a million holes in it that they won't be happy with. Build from an established base and you pick up your first 10,000 features for free. ​ Relatively new freelance developers are pretty easy to find in the $15-$25 per hour range.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on November 15, 2022 10:52:25

Lehmann Brothers total liabilities were like 500 times larger than FTX. FTX will be a bad time for the whole crypto industry, but the contagion won't spread to regular financial institutions.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on November 15, 2022 08:28:45

Discord or Omeagle already do this.

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Leading up to January 6, 2021, Trump and dozens of co-conspirators had a multilayered plan to overthrow the election and install Trump as president. Due to the constitutional crisis this would have caused, they likely would have made him and his successors "president for life".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskReddit on November 14, 2022 12:41:42

I can live with it. I CAN live with it. \--- You'll understand later.

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Far beyond the stars is great. ​ The Visitor is better. I literally cry on that episode after seeing it 100 times. Just the gut-wrenching of a father watching his son throw away his dreams, because of you, to save you, even as you're begging him to live his life and find happiness.... It's just... Man. And then you have to watch him die? Fuckin' A, you know?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on November 13, 2022 21:54:08

Imagine being born on a generation ship where the Earth is almost a myth from 500 years ago and the place you're going is practically a religious belief that won't be realized for another 1000 years. The ship would be tiny compared with Earth, you'd easily see the entire thing by the time you're 15, and then there's nothing to do but carry out your "duty" and breed the next generation who are also doomed to stay on this same tiny bucket with the distant dream of arriving somewhere in another 985 years. Oh, and there would have to be a "department of genetic purity" or something on board to make sure you don't accidentally breed with someone too close to you. Nightmarish stuff.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/space on November 13, 2022 21:09:07

I also have social anxiety disorder. ​ Two things that helped me a ton: ​ 1. "How to be yourself" by ellen henriksen. You can get it as an audible and listen while gaming or whatever. Very approachable content, lots of great advice. 2. The Dale Carnegie Human Relations course. I don't know if you'd have it in the UK, but it is basically all about how to win friends and influence people. Importantly, it is also a sort of acting class where you have to stand in front of a bunch of people and do stuff. Hard to explain, exactly, but it gave actionable ideas for those awkward moments in the first 20 minutes of knowing someone, and lots of information about negative interaction. So, like, here's some things to talk about and here's some methods that don't work and why they don't work.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/internetparents on November 12, 2022 20:04:05

Drinking to sleep is a myth. For $40 you can get a pretty good watch from Amazon that can monitor your heart rate, sleep quality, etc. etc.. Measure with drinking and then measure without drinking for 2 weeks. You'll find by the end of the second week, you get better/more consistent sleep with less waking up in the middle of the night. If you're still having trouble with sleep without alcohol/weed, add 30-45 minutes of cardio exercise to your day. Net/net, the exercise takes an hour with stretching and clean up, but adds so much productivity and sleep quality that it makes your day overall much more productive.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on November 12, 2022 12:44:14

Also, the communications protocols between species, even across the galaxy, work perfectly every time. ​ Everybody uses the same video compression format? The same order of bits (big/little endian)? The same color pallette? The same encoding order (does the zero'th byte of the image go in the upper left or right? Bottom right?)?! ​ The communications system is definitely one of my main annoyances

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on November 11, 2022 12:42:58

The best prophecies always SOUND precise, but can be read to mean anything. ​ Nostradamus was a master of this.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on November 10, 2022 20:17:31

A Jewish man goes to Jerusalem on a combination vacation and pilgrimage. ​ He goes to the wailing wall, says the prayers, leaves the note in the wall, the whole bit. ​ He goes home, goes to his Rabbi, he says "Rabbi, I was very fortunate, I was able to visit the wailing wall and perform the prayers". Rabbi says "Oh, that's wonderful, what did you pray for?" The man says "Oh, the usual, prosperity, health, peace, my family" ​ The Rabbi says "That's great, so do you think it worked?" ​ The man says "Oy, it was like talking to a brick wall"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/tumblr on November 10, 2022 19:18:46

Just to play Devil's advocate here (ha!): ​ The overall story is being told by John, who lives on an Greek island around 80-100AD, and he says he's been getting these as visions. So, God is bringing his consciousness into some place and showing him scenes or images, and he's having to interpret what he sees into his own language and frame of reference. ​ Now, if you brought someone from 100 all the way to a 2022 grocery store, and they saw you take a little card with your right hand and slide it into a magic box, then tap some numbers on said little box, you might write that as having the number IN your right hand, right? You take the number from your wallet in your hand. And it would seem supernatural to someone from 1920 years ago, and he might not get exactly what the card is, but he knows it somehow marked who you are to the magic box.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on November 10, 2022 15:08:48

Remember, Tim Moore quite explicitly believes the state legislature should have completely unchecked power to set the "time, place, and manner" of elections without limit and without being checked by state or federal courts. I know he thinks this because this is the basis of a case before the supreme court "Moore v Harper".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on November 10, 2022 12:03:02

Made zero effort to de-escalate the situation or to come to any other conclusion. Didn't even try to kick the guy in the face. Pretty damn close to an extrajudicial murder by the cop.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PublicFreakout on November 8, 2022 19:27:43

I've frequently thought they should engage in marketing first! ​ "Greetings, we are the Borg. Join us and connect your mind to everyone you love. Learn anything instantly, know anything instantly. Free rent, free healthcare at the nano-scale, no need for food or water, and you get to travel the universe for free" ​ I'd sign up right away

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DaystromInstitute on November 8, 2022 19:24:29

A lot of the expansion of life expectancy has come from a huge reduction in childhood mortality and curing/reducing/mitigating a lot of middle-aged diseases like cancer, heart disease, brain diseases and so on. ​ However, there has been very little progress on increasing the cap. The world record oldest person died in 1997, second oldest died in 2022, third died in 1999. So, despite all our technological advances, a human body simply can't make it to 125. ​ There are some promising ideas on the horizon, but so far nothing solid. So, I'd put my wish list as: ​ 1. Re-youthification treatment that can cause an aged body to transform back into a younger one. A pill you could take that stops the aging process, or a treatment where you take the pill daily and for every 1 year you're on it, you get biologically 3 years younger. 2. Healthspan increase: Increase the time of your life where you're generally healthy and free from major disease. Like, imagine you live to 115, go out for your daily 3 mile run, come home, lay down for a nap and never wake up. No period of infirmary at the end, healthy all the way through 3. Permanent consciousness backup/restore: Kind of like Altered Carbon. Do a monthly backup of your brain, and if your body dies, you restore your consciousness to a new body.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Business_Ideas on November 8, 2022 08:34:24

Investment banking: Generally you need to be from a top university program, there's a long path, and the hours are insane. ​ Commercial real estate appraisal: I personally knew a guy who made 500k because he's a specialist in hotels and golf courses. Fuckin' legend, goes and stays at a resort for 3 days, counts all the rooms, measures stuff, plays some golf, hits the hot tub, then writes 300 pages about it. ​ Commercial real estate broker/realtor: If you're good at it and hustle a lot, after a few years you can make that much. BUT, some of them only do 1-2 deals a year, so a missed opportunity or two and you don't get paid for 18-24 months. Very long lead time

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on November 7, 2022 18:30:01

I've worked a couple of decades as a programmer of various kinds. ​ If someone wants to copy your product, they'll just sign up for it and do a detailed button-by-button walk-through of the product. ​ A couple of screen shots or a video aren't enough to go on to really reverse engineer much.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/marketing on November 7, 2022 17:26:19

I used to work as a mortgage underwriter, so I saw a lot of tax returns. Two that I remember that were surprising: ​ 1. A retailer of forklift parts. They also bought used forklifts, and it seems they harvested them for some of the parts, but a lot of it was just having exclusive distribution agreements for the whole west coast. The About Us section of their website said they started it in their garage. 2. A specialist in adding electricity to very old buildings. This guy had won awards for his work in this field, his website went on and on about the many unique ways they had to hide electrical conduit in places it couldn't be seen, without breaking open the walls. Specifically, he worked with stone buildings, castles, that sort of thing, and was #1 in the world. Think about it: You own a castle built in 1400, and you want to add electricity and internet to the bedroom on the top floor. You don't want to crack open the wall because you ruin the whole property. What do you do? Call this dude.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on November 6, 2022 19:11:44

Are we sure this is even true? His Wikipedia page indicates he taught for only 1 year, and has links to articles about that time in his life that don't mention any such controversy. ​ A grainy picture posted to twitter with a salacious accusation and no evidence to back it up is fake news 101.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PoliticsPeopleTwitter on November 6, 2022 11:59:51

Do you have any evidence to back this claim? I'm 99.99% sure this is untrue.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 6, 2022 11:54:45

Not legal advice, but I've been working in tech for like 25 years. ​ Hacking isn't something magical in real life like it is in the movies. The standard methods are: ​ \#1: "Social engineering", which is where you call someone on the phone and claim you're from tech support or the government or whatever, and try to convince the person you need their username and password. Won't work for you, since you can't call you and convince you to give you the password if you don't know the password, ya dig? ​ \#2: Phishing: Send out text messages/emails with links to a legit looking site that seems to be the site the person wants to log into, but just log the username/password they enter and put up some error message page. Again, requires the target to know the password. ​ \#3: Getting/decrypting the password file: You'd need to get the passwords for an account with access to their SQL server, or their server itself, depending on what you're breaking into. Once you access that data, the password is probably encrypted. If you don't have the encryption key, you can try to brute force it, but with most encryption schemes you'll be trying until the sun burns out. If the passwords are stored in plain-text, the people who built the site are morons, but this is a common way password breaches happen. In any event, you need to use something like #1 or #2 above to get the admin account, and that will 100% be illegal. In your example, the passwords are obviously encrypted because you said "support can't help", which means they also don't have access to the passwords. ​ \#4: Brute force: Just try every password until you find the right one. Probably not illegal as long as you do it slowly enough that you're not denying service to other users or the main site. If the people who built the site you're trying to get into are smart, they would lock the account after some number of tries. Again, you also have the problem of complexity: There are literally billions of trillions of passwords, if you try 3 per second, you'll be long dead before you have even a 1% chance of finding the right one. ​ If you're talking about a key for cryptocurrency, you're probably looking at 1024-bit encryption, which has such a huge number of passwords you could try a billion of them a second and you'd still never get it. ​ Odds are high you're just out of luck.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on November 5, 2022 12:24:45

What a weak little baby someone must be to worry this much about what is in their trash can.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on November 5, 2022 11:52:19

He believes the Grafenburg spot is 8 inches in, rather than 1-3 inches

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on November 4, 2022 12:32:42

NC has traditionally been a very unfriendly state for labor. The specific historic reason is that during the big labor struggles of the early 20th century when unionization was sweeping the land, a lot of the big NC textile mills shut down and moved out of the country rather than allow unions. The NC government -- forever corrupt, it seems -- helped to supress the unionization efforts with legislation. And a big chunk of the state were convinced that "unions took your jobs and sent them to Mexico". ​ That scar remains to this day.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on November 2, 2022 07:43:50

Libido generally declines with age. Lots of people from 15-25 are doing exactly what you're doing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on November 1, 2022 18:24:19

Ah, well.. I'm a linux dude. I haven't touched anything Windows in probably 5 years or so? I'm typing this now on an Ubuntu laptop. So, I have zero knowledge of Azure, sorry.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/stocks on October 30, 2022 20:44:31

My research is I own a Quest 2 and I've done the meetings myself. ​ Really, the best way to meet and chat anywhere in VR is Walkabout Mini Golf.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/stocks on October 30, 2022 20:43:27

I work in cloud based tech. Amazon all the way. ​ AWS is way, way, way ahead of everybody else. Google is the second best, but the Google cloud is at least 5 years behind in terms of usability. They may have similar functionality, but the way things are set up on Google's cloud makes me think it is a bunch of silo'd teams, each one trying to show off how whiz-bang-cool they can make their thing, but completely ignoring user experience and with very little consistency across the services. ​ AWS is much easier to get because they have standards across products, so if I know Lambda pretty well, then I need to venture off in to CloudFormation scripts, it doesn't feel like I'm stepping off into a new abyss. With Google, if I'm working in Google Cloud Functions and I need to do some work in the Apps Script/Google Office ecosystem, it is literally a whole new world to learn. \-- ​ What is Meta's product line? I really think they don't have a clear product future. Facebook: Everybody's drunk racist uncle sharing youtube videos made by Russian intelligence to whip up crazies. ​ Instagram: ??? I've never understood why anyone goes here in the first place ??? Seems to be fading from the general zeitgeist? ​ The Metaverse: which doesn't exist, and doesn't solve anyones' actual problem. For instance, if we're talking VR meetings vs. Microsoft Teams or Zoom or whatever, if I'm in a VR headset I can't do anything else but that meeting. I can't be working on something else in another window listening for my name, I can't look at my phone, I can't google something real quick to add to the meeting. Nope, I'm stuck in the headset. Same with watching movies. If I'm watching netflix, I want to be able to use a phone and a web browser at the same time. If I watch in VR, I get a huge screen and great sound, but at the cost of losing all contact with the outside world. To me, that's a net loss.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/stocks on October 30, 2022 17:10:06

Definitely beneficial to building a fortune. Lots of people put in tons of hard work and don't make it to multi-millionaire, though.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on October 28, 2022 11:20:39

Giving money to the Vulcans and not the Ferenghi too?! That's racist!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on October 27, 2022 15:18:57

I get this all the time. Someone wanted me to build all of shopify because they spotted a couple of missing features in shopify. They were also unaware there's such a thing as a plugin. I found 5 plugins that did the task already available. :(

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on October 27, 2022 07:30:35

I can do anything

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on October 26, 2022 18:04:25

I don't know about other places, but around here about 1/4 of restaurants just use tamper-evident bags. Basically it is a regular plastic bag, but they have a heated wand thing they can use to seal the bag so you have to tear or cut it to get it open. No way for the drivers to sneak it out of there. ​ As for co-workers, you could just get an insulated/padded lunchbox and a couple of those permanent freeze blocks and have a little mini-fridge you keep under your desk.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on October 26, 2022 11:44:31

I think the same thing about the calls for "bipartisanship" with the current GOP. The GOP's politicians are straight up sociopaths, and what they say or promise means nothing. They'll go back on their promises the second they think it benefits them. ​ It is like watching Lucy and Charlie Brown with the football, over and over. Dems make a deal with the GOP, an election happens that allows the GOP 50%+1 power, GOP goes back on the deal and absolutely trucks the dems. Over and over and over. ​ Alito told Ted Kennedy he'd respect Roe, for instance. We "couldn't" hold a vote on Merrick Garland because it was 8 months until an election, but we got Barret shoved in there with voting already underway. Harry Reid made a 'handshake deal' with McConnell that McConnell wouldn't use the filibuster except in extreme circumstances if Reid got his conference to leave filibuster rules in place, then within a month the GOP used the filibuster to bring about a debt ceiling crisis to force through their agenda. ​ Same with Putin. Any deal will be thrown aside the second he (or his successors) think it is in Russia's interest to do so. The deals mean nothing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/worldnews on October 25, 2022 12:10:33


Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/dankmemes on October 24, 2022 20:45:40

There's a local crank in my town who used to sue people all the time. She would pull stuff like this, refuse to pay and then file suit against the contractor if they tried to collect. Eventually, the court put a gag order on her where she can only sue if a judge pre-approves her request to file the suit. She's also run for city council a billion times and always gets crushed with 1% of the vote. ​ Anyway, she has a huge reputation around town and I once mentioned her in passing and my hvac guy was like "Oh yeah, that lady, I wouldn't work for her, she called us and we wouldn't go out there"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on October 24, 2022 18:11:00

You can lower your net cost and not lose a lot of quality by finding and hiring cheap workers in this global market, and make your pitch: \- US based project management. Timezones are the same, no language barriers, and we're in the same legal and financial system, which simplifies everything. US project managers cost more, but have reliability and high quality. \- Foreign workers for 'grunt work' of development. You don't need to pay $90 an hour for some simple javascript and HTML. A decent javascript/html/css dev costs like $15-$17 an hour in a lot of places, and you can hire them out at like $25 an hour. ​ So, a typical day might include 1 hour project management/client reviews at $150, 2 hours 'advanced' programming/dev ops/machine learning kind of work at $200, and 8 hours of foreign workers doing grunt work for $25 an hour. So, $750 for that day. You're doing the project management and advanced programming tasks, and you're picking up another $80 on the margin for the foreign workers, you wind up with $630 for the day and only work 3 hours. After a while, you can build up a stable of reliable overseas workers with lots of specific skills, so you can farm out the ML or dev ops or whatever, and you make margin on all of it, and lean more toward project management and being the conduit from the client's expectations and the requirements going to the workers.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on October 22, 2022 15:01:02

Sprinklers make hand-watering obsolete. They cost some bars, but if you spend pretty much one solid winter mining you'll have enough that you'll only have to water on day 1 of the season and the sprinklers will handle it from there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/StardewValley on October 20, 2022 13:58:17

California has a product liability law that basically says if a product causes cancer and you didn't warn the public, you're liable for their cancer. But the law was poorly written, so there's no penalty if you put a label on that says "may cause cancer" and it turns out it has zero chance of actually causing cancer. ​ Therefore, the safe move if you sell a product in California is to put the label on everything to protect yourself. ​ Which, in turn, means that the label means nothing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mildlyinteresting on October 20, 2022 11:33:50

Just get ARKG, it has all of them and it is down like 60% since all time high

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/stocks on October 19, 2022 21:09:33

In Soviet Russia, joke laughs at you!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Jokes on October 19, 2022 18:18:58

Lol, no way a prosecutor/judge/jury would ever see through that one, chief.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on October 18, 2022 19:33:40

Imagine you're in a room with 10 scientists who have slightly different opinions, but generally each offer something useful to solving the problem at hand. ​ Then, a guy shows up who has 2 air horns and runs around screaming. ​ Are you more or less likely to come to a conclusion? ​ :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on October 18, 2022 19:23:49

Follow-up question: What if they put me on the stand, and ask if I could faithfully execute the duties of a juror, and I honestly say "I don't believe in the government's authority to do x/y/z, and I'll decide accordingly". For instance, I don't believe the government has the constitutional authority to lock up addicts for being addicts under the privacy protections of the 4th amendment, therefore I won't convict or jail anyone for drug laws.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on October 18, 2022 13:12:52

Fact check: This doesn't seem to appear in the actual commitment to america docs. I've looked through most of it, I can't find this list or anything this specific regarding entitlements. ​ Possible this is fake? ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on October 18, 2022 13:06:10

Related question: Couldn't congress regulate that the supreme court has jurisdiction ONLY over specific things? So, write a law that just says "The supreme court's jurisdiction is limited to cases involving the regulation of fish and game birds"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on October 16, 2022 18:35:16

If you get into any situation where you're seeking outside investment from VCs or angel investors, they will invest based on the team and whether or not you have revenues. Having those credentials is a big boost.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on October 14, 2022 17:16:10

If you come to Nick's house, don't even think of going to the bathroom. He didn't pay that 0.25 cents to fill the toilet just for you to shit in it, lib. Go shit in the bushes.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 12, 2022 21:13:26

There's a ton of summarizing libraries out there. PySumarizer is a really good one, it works in just a few lines, it's free, and I don't have to give up my email or deal with APIs to use it. ​ Anybody who needs your thing would need it at least as an API to integrate into another app.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on October 11, 2022 10:09:08

The green lady is an Orion. Orion women have an ability to seduce men into total subservience, and the guy in the yellow shirt is James T. Kirk who likes to bang anything in arm's reach, so he gets sucked in to the Orion's trick. The chair he's in is basically a mind trap, so they're trying to force him to hand over the enterprise. ​ The blue guy in the back left is an Andorian.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/explainthisscreen on October 8, 2022 13:00:25

Many years I wind up with too much of one thing and not enough of another, or some things that I only eat a little of, but accidentally grow a lot of (ex.: very hot peppers) ​ This year I planned my garden around the question "What will we actually eat" vs "What would be fun to grow/What looks cool in the seed catalog". Wound up with far less stuff that was picked and sat on the counter until it rotted.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/gardening on October 4, 2022 12:49:22

That is simply not in line with the data. ​ []( ​ Quote: ​ The Crisis Caused by Inadequate Staffing at the IRS Many problems plagued the IRS and tax administration last year. Erin M. Collins, the National Taxpayer Advocate, in her annual report to Congress noted: “There is no way to sugarcoat the year 2021 in tax administration. From the perspective of tens of millions of taxpayers, tax administration did not work for them.” The source of the problem: years of starving the IRS for resources so that there were simply too few people to adequately staff the agency. This was compounded because during the pandemic, Congress had assigned the IRS more and more vital responsibilities. In her latest annual report to Congress, National Taxpayer Advocate Collins went on to describe the significant challenges taxpayers faced. She explained: “Taxpayers require basic support and guidance from the IRS to fulfill their filing obligations and pay amounts legally due. Phone service is an essential component of support and guidance, providing assistance to tens of millions of taxpayers every year. In most years, taxpayers have difficulty reaching IRS customer service representatives (CSRs) to obtain tax assistance and account information, but this past year was worse than usual, as call volume nearly tripled and only 11 percent of calls reached a CSR. … Without support, taxpayers are disadvantaged and frustrated, and tax compliance is jeopardized.” How IRS Conducts Audits of Low-Income Taxpayers is Fundamentally Unfair Among these problems, Collins singled out the basic unfairness low-income taxpayers faced with the complex issues inherently involved with the anti-poverty earned income tax credit. The National Advocate noted: “The IRS correspondence audit process is structured to expend the least amount of resources to conduct the largest number of examinations – resulting in the lowest level of customer service to taxpayers having the greatest need for assistance.” Collins faulted IRS for assuming: (1) that these particular correspondence audits were simple. The requirements to substantiate earned income tax credits weren’t simple for this taxpayer segment, but often very complex. (2) IRS was faulted for not providing “comprehensible IRS correspondence” when sending these audit letters. Such letters can be only charitably described as often written in “computer-speak” jargon which fails to make much sense. (3) She further faulted the IRS for only providing these individuals with a generic toll-free telephone number which historically had been inadequately staffed, and reached a new low last year when the public could rarely get through to speak with anyone. The unfortunate situation faced today by this lowest income segment of taxpayers is not new. History is just repeating itself. More than twenty years ago, TRAC similarly reported that “low income taxpayers now stand a greater chance of being audited than higher income taxpayers.” Precisely the same rationale occurred back then: a jump in correspondence audits of low-income taxpayers reporting an earned income tax credit\[4\], and cutbacks in IRS staff. Quoting directly from TRAC’s report back in 2000: “Two developments have contributed to the dramatic shift in audit targets from the relatively rich to the relatively poor. One was the congressional mandate that the IRS reduce non-compliance in the Earned Income Credit program, a special tax benefit for low-income Americans\[5\]. A second factor has been the substantial decline in the size of the IRS during the Bush and Clinton administrations. There were 31% fewer full- time IRS employees at the end of 1999 than in 1988. … With fewer IRS employees, the face-to-face district audits essential for the examination of larger and more complex returns have steadily slumped. In 1981, for example, the rate for these more intense kind of audits was five times higher than in 1999.” Few Millionaires Are Audited To its credit last year, the IRS did manage to slightly raise the audits of millionaires. During FY 2021 IRS revenue agents and tax examiners audited 13,725 of taxpayers reporting $1 million dollars or more in positive income. This was up from the abysmally small numbers audited during FY 2020 (11,331), but still slightly below how many millionaire returns were audited during FY 2019 (13,970). Despite this modest improvement, IRS was still only managing to conduct about a third of the millionaire audits it had completed during FY 2015. Then IRS had audited 39,753 millionaire returns. Over this same short span of time, the odds of audit fell even more because the sheer number of millionaire returns has grown by 50 percent. Thus, the odds of audit have been plummeting. IRS recorded 617,505 millionaire returns filed that were available to be audited in FY 2021. With only 13,725 millionaire audits last year, more than 600,000 millionaire returns were NOT audited. See Figure 3.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on October 3, 2022 20:30:16

Why? So big tax cheats like the fortune 500 and Bezos can go on paying 1/30th (or less) of what you pay?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on October 3, 2022 19:17:44

This is a sigmoid function. ​ You just need to tune the sigmoid to the values you need ​\_function

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on October 3, 2022 12:51:42

Huh, wack. Years ago I learned about them, at that time they had listed rates of 5% to 15%. Now on the FAQ they specifically say individual lenders don't get interest, but borrowers do pay interest. The interest goes to pay for the NGOs who are on the ground making the loans. ​ TIL, sorry.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/passive_income on October 2, 2022 16:48:00

Kiva is a platform for microlending to people in developing economies. You could wind up doing a lot of good for a relatively small amount of money. Extremely high risk, obviously, but they do pay a pretty good return to make up for it. ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/passive_income on October 2, 2022 11:40:34

I'm pretty sure this is the ABC article they're referencing, but it doesn't say that or anything close to that. Much less hyperbole, more like "The worlds financial markets are over-leveraged and possibly on the brink of a huge margin call, but then again maybe not, we'll see". ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/wallstreetbets on October 1, 2022 12:42:09

I went to 1 meeting and they asked me for like $2,700 and went down a long list of rules about how many meetings you go to, volunteer hours required, 6 yearly big events and on and on and on. I looked at the crowd I was going to get in with and it wasn't really my crowd anyway, so totally not worth it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on September 30, 2022 22:35:11

Here's some polling data, it looks like it was almost 50/50 controversial through the 80s and 90s, only gaining wide acceptance in 2000+

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on September 27, 2022 17:42:43

People want things that are easy, cheap, and functional. My debit card is easy because it is accepted everywhere with an interface I've known for years. It's "cheap" in that the costs are not visible to me when I'm using it. It is definitely functional, the big processing networks haven't had a major outage that impacted me in at least 20 years. Therefore, there's no pain involved in my debit card, therefore when you come and talk to me about decentralization, I don't see any gain or any value in it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/cryptodevs on September 26, 2022 07:29:15

As you go down in the mines, the elements are earth, water (level 20), Ice, and fire.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/StardewValley on September 24, 2022 18:26:02

Common complaints about Python usually revolve around it being slow or being "too easy" unlike C++ that makes you work harder and is thus cooler somehow. ​ Python is actually a lot slower than something like C++, because it is an interpreted language and because it tends to be pretty heavy on includes and frameworks. BUT, this slowness is not neccesarily a bad thing when you look at the total cost of ownership. If I'm looking to build a thing that will run at midnight once per day to do some data processing, and a python version takes 60 seconds but a C++ version takes 30 seconds, do you care? If the python version takes half the time to write, that might be a big savings and worth the trade-off of 30 seconds extra run time. Most of the time, I think, it is worthwhile, especially since you can overwhelm Python's slowness with bigger hardware.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on September 21, 2022 13:08:16

Cure diseases, especially alzheimer's and cancer. My dad has alzheimer's, it's a terrible terrible way to go. I'd definitely fix him first. ​ Then... the political situation of the world would change very very quickly. Vladimir and Kim Jong would be referred to with "was" rather than "is".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on September 20, 2022 12:05:42

Computer, delete that entire log entry

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 19, 2022 21:42:13

Ideas aren't worth a damn. Execution is the only value. There are 8 billion people in the world, every idea has been 'invented' a thousand times before someone pulls it off.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on September 19, 2022 21:34:35

​ HHHello my friend,I've pondered this post for 24 hours now. I slept on it and re-read it so I could fully absorb it.Let's say for a minute I'm the working class who you claim to adore and elevate. Now, you come to me and want me to back you. Your proposals include:- "We don't seek to mitigate the negative impacts of capitalism", so if I'm out of work, you're not helping. If I'm in the homeless shelter, you're not helping. If I go to the food bank, you're not helping. - "Make sure they hit harder and are felt more", so you'll be actively working to make my life worse off. Why? to "Rile up more people". Your ultimate goal? "nourish and escalate revolution", which sounds to me like war. Then, once you get the war you want, you expect me to be the one to do the fighting and dying. And neither of us knows going in to such a revolution if we'll win, die, or wind up in prison. In any event, there's no guarantee what sort of system will actually arise after the revolution. In syria, for instance, it wound up with Russian occupation and the Assad family even more deeply entrenched, the people even more impoverished and under the heel of the regime. So, to piece it together, you want to make my life worse SO THAT you can lead me through a period of violence and chaos, and then you expect that I'm going to be willing or able on the other side to make you and people like you leader.---Then, there's the things you won't do on this side of things. You don't want any kind of change unless it completely gets rid of everything and everyone you don't like, and replaces it with PRECISELY the thing you do want. As you said originally "the left does not applaud the lesser evil and praise it as their saviour". So if you're a Maoist and I'm a Trotskist, then to you, I'm the 'lesser evil' and you have to oppose my system too, right? So this idea you present is also all-or-nothing.Since you've got this ideological purity and all-or-nothing system in place, you won't support things that might help me, the working class, right now today. Instead you sneer and say "It's for your own good that things are terrible". Hell of a political commercial you've got there. Overall, it sounds batshit insane. You offer nothing but pain.You'll surely rebut, as you have "elections do not change anything in a rigged system", but within our system this is obviously and patently false. Take a long view, compare the world of 2022 to 1922 or 1822 and you'll see a huge number of differences, many of those changes were won through popular movements, protests, a bit of a riot here and there, voting, running for office... All the engagements of electoralism as you folks like to call it. Besides, if you're unwilling to compromise and unwilling to attempt non-violent solutions to your problems because you think you can't get 100% of everything you want, then you don't respect the working class after all. You see yourself as a benevolent dictator who would surely do what's best for the working class and has no use for their opinions or input.---If I were a right-winger and I wanted to paint a caricature of a leftist, it would be someone who doesn't pitch in, they're pedantic and demanding and as uncompromising as Mao or Stalin. If I wanted to disable a leftist movement, I'd surely spread bizarre ideas like "don't vote, make things worse, start a war its the only way". This whole schtick you're doing is a right-wing dream.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on September 18, 2022 17:49:56

I was talking to some people on a left-leaning FB group about this. Out of the 30 people involved in the conversation, only 2 said they've seen real people anger-posting about it, and those were people previously known to be super racist. ​ So, only the looney super-racists

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CasualConversation on September 18, 2022 12:09:08

So when you say things like "created through conflict and revolution" or "not through elections, but by opposing the system", what does that mean to you in terms of real world actions? Please make it concrete, because this argument has never made a lick of sense to me. ​ Are you thinking you'll just convince a bunch of people you're right and you'll have a war and a genocide and install a new government? Virtually no one is going to buy into that plan unless their lives are absolutely in the shitter and death looks like a reasonable alternative. For historic examples, see Vietnam under French occupation or the state o the Russian peasantry before the revolutions in the late 1800s/early 1900s. I really don't see how you'd get from where we are at this very moment to getting enough people on board with the idea of laying their lives on the line.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on September 17, 2022 13:20:22

Hi! I work in this area and I used to teach university classes in financial technology, which included machine learning/AI. I've also published articles on machine learning. ​ You'll need to have skills in data, math, and code. ​ Look for "report runner" type of roles, usually under the name 'analytics specialist' or something similar to that. Data entry jobs might be a good way in. Once you're there, you need to think of ways to use code to automate the job and find the time to write little bits of code to get little wins. If you find yourself copying and pasting from one excel book to another, you can use VBA (visual basic for applications) to automate those little bits of your day. At first it will be like spending 2 hours to automate away 1 minute per day, but as time goes by those little wins add up to bigger and bigger wins. Can you learn enough SQL and get enough access to pull in data to reports or excel books automatically? That's usually a huge win. The goal in these roles will be to create a button that completely does the job for you. Click once and a report pops out with everything you need. ​ Making the move from data entry and running reports to writing reports and doing analysis would be next. Really read the stuff you're producing, look for trends, think carefully about how the end user will use it. Is there something they're trying to figure out by looking at your data? Can you pre-calculate it and spoon feed it to them? That's always popular. ​ Ultimately, you'll need to get some certifications to prove to others that you've learned all this stuff. This is where a knowledge of math will come in. This is probably the hard part. The classic path is Andrew Ng's stanford course on Coursera, intro to machine learning, and Ng's "Deep learning specialty" courses. He gets deep into the math of machine learning, but in a pretty understandable way. You'll need to understand concepts like derivatives and limits, and you'll need to develop mathematical intuition. At this level, it is less about solving the equations by hand, and more of understanding what the equations are doing so you can stack them together in a logical way, like building with legos. Understanding math lingo, like "What does the capitalized sigma with some equations written above and below mean?" will be required. ​ Last thing I'll recommend is publishing projects and articles, even dumb ones. Can you build some machine learning model against some data from Kaggle? Can you put an AWS or Google AI product in the center of a silly web app? Do that and write an article about it. Maybe train a stable diffusion image generator and put a cool interface on it, but with some twist... Like a diffusion model that designs fighter jets or something. ​ It's a long road, and the key thing is to build your skills from low-skill to high skill. If you just keep on chugging on, in 5-10 years you'll be amazed where you wind up.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on September 17, 2022 09:47:18

While you're on your high horse and dreaming of a revolution that will never come, the right wing organize, vote, take over, and crush your skull. Game over.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on September 17, 2022 08:48:52

Lol, I got banned from "All the left" sub because I said it was bad election strategy to constantly tell people not to vote. I've thought for a long time there's a lot of right wingers running leftist spaces to spread dumb ideas.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on September 16, 2022 21:42:44

That second picture is is "How dare you knock me off that wall" face.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on September 16, 2022 13:33:14

Look, you're the one who chose Argentina as your cherry-picked test case, this is a straw man argument. I could just as easily say "Somalia has no unions, look at conditions there", or alternatively "Germany and Denmark have strong unions, look at conditions there". I chose Mississippi in an effort to treat you fairly. I'll post my citations here, take the data for whatever you want. []( ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on September 15, 2022 10:45:57

That is false. ​ Argentina has a life expectancy of 76.6 years. Mississippi has 71.1 years. ​ Argentina has a voter turnout rate of approximately 80%, Mississippi is about 80%, Arkansas is 69%. ​ 18.2% of Argentina lives in poverty. 18.7% of Mississippi lives in poverty, yet Mississippi has twice the PPP-measured GDP per-capita. ​ Argentina is clearly better for the common man than Mississippi.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on September 15, 2022 07:25:12

Sure, but you could take the output of this API and use it as features in your model. For instance, it could tell you rectangles for faces, and you could extract that face and send it to an age-guessing model..

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on September 14, 2022 15:20:37

On VOY, Tuvok enters the Pon'Farr, but they are stuck in the delta quadrant. So, they make a hologram of his wife so he can bang and not "cheat". I seem to recall another Vulcan hit the pon'farr and got obsessed with B'elanna, and they gave him a holographic vulcan. Riker canonically fucks holograms. Tom Paris once refers to his "days of rescuing Orion slave girls on the holodeck" being over when he got married. Quark openly advertised holo porn constantly. He got in trouble for trying to get images of Kira for just such a use at one time, and we get the idea that reproducing someone on the holodeck without their consent is considered legally dubious and definitely immoral. ​ So, what are the ethics of a possibly-sentient AI being used as a sex toy? ​ Come to think of it, this will also become a question in the real world within the next 20 years or so. Imagine something 10 times smarter than Alexa being adapted to give personality to a RealDoll.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 14, 2022 13:02:28

Amazon Rekognition is an API that can detect "adult and violent content in images and in stored videos. Developers can use the returned metadata to filter inappropriate content based on their business needs. Beyond flagging an image based on the presence of unsafe content, the API also returns a hierarchical list of labels with confidence scores. These labels indicate specific categories of unsafe content, which enables granular filtering and management of large volumes of user-generated content (UGC). Examples include social and dating sites, photo sharing platforms, blogs and forums, apps for children, ecommerce sites, entertainment, and online advertising services. " ​ Gets you 1/2 way there, but doesn't detect the age of the people in the image. ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on September 14, 2022 12:56:48

Greater unionization lead to greater well-being, health, and democracy. ​ GDP isn't the end-all-be-all of human life. ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on September 14, 2022 12:34:59

Says the Washington Examiner opinion page..

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on September 14, 2022 09:36:48

The Lodge at Colony Place. Took 45 minutes to bring out a fried oyster sandwich that was cold with wilted lettuce, no side, and no drink. :(

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on September 10, 2022 13:34:16

I often wonder this when I see airport fights. It is difficult to understand how and why people get into these big public brawls to begin with, but in an airport? The most heavily guarded civilian space in the country? That's a different level of stupid. ​ And with all the cops and TSA at the airports, why don't we see any cops jumping in to stop it?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/trashy on September 10, 2022 12:27:02

At one point, they figured out they could transport Pulaski back to enterprise and use a sample of her DNA to rebuild her slightly differently, removing some damage to her DNA, but she retained all her knowledge and memory. ​ So, if you took a sample of everyone at age 25, then used that pattern every time they are transported, then the transporter is an infinite youth machine. Never get old, you get reset back to your 25 year old self every time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 10, 2022 09:44:33

What's wrong with the grand nagus?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 10, 2022 08:46:50

The two main reasons this won't work: 1. Poop stains/period blood. Every seat in a public place would have them, multiple of them, all the time. You can say "People should bring a towel", but not everybody will do that. 2. Domestic tranquility: A wife comes home from work. Her husband and an attractive female neighbor are sitting in the living room naked. Were they up to something or just chatting? I predict there'd be a lot more fights over this sort of thing if everybody were naked all the time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on September 6, 2022 17:22:58

At one point in DS9 when Cassidy Yates was suspected of dealing with the Maquis, Eddington suggests that Sisko should revoke her federation citizenship and declare her an enemy of the state.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 6, 2022 12:08:45

True, but for a huge company like Wells Fargo that is based in CA, it is usually simpler to set most of your basic policy around CA's laws rather than do state-by-state.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on September 3, 2022 11:28:21

Tariq Bokhari's grandfather invented toothpaste.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on September 2, 2022 20:30:14

Welcome to the sub-tropics, baby.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on September 2, 2022 20:21:42

I'm a semi-self-taught developer, I specialize in cloud tech and artificial intelligence. I'm a freelance coder, I can talk for ages about it! :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on September 2, 2022 11:20:28

Based on the things they've been saying \- Impeach Biden for something something Hunter's laptop \- Ban transgender people from living \- Require teachers nationwide to only read from the Bible or a single book written and approved by the GOP \- Change election laws to "If a democrat wins, that's sufficient evidence of voter fraud, unless they're in a district we gerrymandered specifically for them to win so the elections will appear to offer choice" \- Not only reverse student loan relief, but actually pile more debt on people with college degrees, cause fuck 'em that's why. \- Nationwide abortion ban, nationwide ban on unionization, make the minimum wage move opposite inflation

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on September 1, 2022 13:22:48

Borg battle cube, one of the ones with the extra armor on the outside.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on September 1, 2022 11:28:28

If that's your goal, and the product is legit and you're legit, then I don't see how an LLC is problematic in the least. I say again, what are you really worried about? You want to sell a product and have zero chance of any accountability if anything goes wrong?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 31, 2022 20:56:29

What are you REALLY concerned about? The reason it is hard to set up an anonymous business entity is because there's not a lot of legit, above-board reasons why you would want to be anonymous. You'll have to market your business, so you should be excited to tell loads of people about it, not hide it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 31, 2022 20:16:45

Check out a belize international business corporation. Panama also has some similar structures. However, it adds a lot of complexity and cost to your startup.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 31, 2022 20:14:17

Sign up for the premium AI artists like Midjourney. Many people won't sign up for it or know how to use it properly. Plus, the AI artists produce a set of 9-16 images at once, most of which are crap, so you could be the eye that chooses what is and isn't crap, what matches your customer expectations. You can also do a re-touch service where you take the AI production and further customize to customer needs.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 30, 2022 08:38:27

I usually think it is just short-hand. It's a lot easier to fit "free healthcare" on a meme than "Free at the point of service supported by a healthcare payroll tax and a related healthcare tax on the self-employed and certain types of capital transactions".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on August 28, 2022 19:12:44

Lol, obviously. Wake up, sheeple.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/bugs on August 28, 2022 19:02:37

This isn't a gotcha at all. Everybody knows this is what it means. I'd rather pay my taxes than blue cross. I'd rather have everything covered than have a death panel at BC/BS decide it is cheaper to let me die.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on August 28, 2022 18:12:48

Thank you for the response. ​ Unfortunately, the two biggest projects I've worked on have been total snoozers. One has to do with business document processing, the other with email classification. The thing I'm most professionally trained in (finance and financial technology) are also the hardest area to get hired in even as a W2, and practically impossible to be any kind of contractor in them. I will consider this and see what I come up with. Thank you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/marketing on August 28, 2022 08:21:55

Thank you for the response.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/marketing on August 26, 2022 10:00:42

There are many ways to write a piece of code, just as there are many ways to write a sentence. ​ Some people think it makes their code cooler and makes them a better coder if they can express the same idea in fewer keystrokes. They're like Stanley from the office "Why use more word when few word do trick?". This tendency to 'optimize' the code by putting everything on one line is what results in unreadable code. ​ I generally hate this tendency and discourage it with my students. The main problem is that you'll write something that looks 'cool' today, then a couple of years will pass and you'll have to come back to work on your cool code again. Then you'll realize that you've played yourself, and now you have to sit for 30 minutes trying to decipher what you yourself were thinking a couple of years ago. ​ So, write expressive code and comment well. The time you save may be your own.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on August 26, 2022 08:20:29

No, dumbass, you're going to pick up formula from a location with lots of people who have infants and mothers who just gave birth. They'll have a very hard time and severe disease if they get covid. ​ Quit being a fucking baby and get your shot.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/conspiracy_commons on August 24, 2022 18:07:05

Why do humans do this instead of a robot or a couple of robot arms?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhyWomenLiveLonger on August 24, 2022 17:51:25

If you think we didn't go to the moon, you're a fucking moron and have no intellectual honesty at all. This is the dumbest sub on reddit, and that's really saying something.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/conspiracy_commons on August 23, 2022 17:42:31

This assumes the government is a third party payor rather than the provider of the service. ​ The solution is the government providing the service directly, such as the government running the hospital, school, or university.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on August 23, 2022 17:34:35

I've seen these oil rig dudes doing this frantic clampy clampy job a bunch of times. I wonder... Why isn't this automated? Why aren't there just a couple of robot arms to do this by now?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhyWomenLiveLonger on August 22, 2022 20:12:22

Most people would agree that life now is much better than 1000 years ago. Abundant food, medicine that would seem like magic to people from 1022AD, a brick in your pocket that connects you to the world and all its information, a thing you put on your head and you see an entirely different world. Many many cool things now that didn't exist before. ​ Yet, at any time in those 1000 years, people would have said exactly the same, that the world was falling apart. In Europe during most of that period, there were wars going everywhere, many of them seemingly apocalyptic. ​ So just chill, bro. You're fine.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DeepThoughts on August 19, 2022 14:59:07

US Population: 329.5 MM US Teenagers: \~25MM Approximately 1 in 250 are transgender, or roughly 100,000 people. ​ If this doesn't count under the legal definition of "lawmaking for animus towards a specific group" I don't know what is.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on August 19, 2022 14:41:34

1. The nation has always been divided philosophically. Even during the founding there were pro-Royalists who wanted to go back to British rule, and even Alexander Hamilton wanted a pseudo-aristocracy by making Senate seats hereditary. 2. Racial strife has also been a common feature of all of American history 3. Distrust of police authority was definitely a big thing in reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement. The black panthers distrusted the police so much they had their own police force. 4. Doesn't even make sense. The constitution's views on citizenship were largely surrounding how long one had to be here to count in the 1775-1825 period, but doesn't say much of anything about immigration policy of today. Also, what's a 'swarm' exactly? 5. Women have been in active combat roles for 30+ years, and non-combat roles since the 40s. In that time, we've been the world's premier superpower 6. The net tax rate of the average citizen in the US is lower than the average of the OECD. Our total tax revenue amounts to 24% of GDP, while the OECD average is 34%. 7. Discourage accountability for all crime? Ha, no. We have the largest prison population relative to the size of the population of any nation on earth, except perhaps North Korea. The only ones above accountability seem to be our political leaders. 8. The government has always controlled all balloting. 9. Ok, you got me there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on August 19, 2022 13:03:02

"Rise of the Borg". It would start out like The Office. A jaunty workplace drama. Over time, it turns darker and darker. It turns out the Borg started out as a tool for office productivity, but they discovered (as was stated in Voyager) that it had some medical applications as well. Many people signed up just based on the opportunities for career advancement and the medical scans. Then someone began adding work metrics to it, and everyone was judged and compensated and eventually allowed to live or die based on those performance metrics. Finally, nothing less than perfection was allowed, and nobody who was 'outside' the system was allowed any resources. There was a brief insurgency against the growing horde, and this was when the decision was made that all those outside were a threat to perfection and had to be brought into the collective. But those brought in by force kept resisting. More and more changes had to be made to accomodate them, but still they resisted. The decision was made that no resistance could be allowed, and that resistance is futile. People weren't just brought in to the system, they had to be re-written. Assimilated, you might say.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on August 18, 2022 20:45:35

Watch the fine print. A lot of shady accelerator programs will award $150k to the winner, and the rest are "contest entries" that become the sole ownership of the accelerator program.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 18, 2022 20:38:39

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on August 18, 2022 15:44:03

You'll probably use some form of a 2D convolution network. ​ Here's an article:\_classification

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on August 18, 2022 15:43:27

I often wonder this myself. I don't think I've ever bought anything from any cold call, and google assistant filters so many. This sub is always all about cold calling, but I'd rather do my taxes five times a day than make a single cold call.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on August 18, 2022 11:03:21

According to at least some sources ([](, 99.99% of apps don't turn a profit. Others say it is 99.5% ([]( But overall, most sources agree that it is a tiny sliver of the market that breaks even or profits. The second source even cites 67.8% of apps never even crack 1,000 downloads. ​ If you think about all the garbage apps on the Google Play store, this makes a lot of sense. ​ If you develop it yourself, it needs to be a unicorn mix of things: 1. Not much competition 2. One very focused feature for one very focused audience; If it has a lot of features, you'll need a bigger team to put it together, if you're trying to reach a huge audience you may need a lot of advertising to get noticed. 3. Useful enough that I'll pay for it, which would be surprising given (1.) above.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 17, 2022 14:07:08

Normally the problem of social media sites is moderation. I don't think anybody has really nailed it, except to have user reports and some moderator staff. If you don't moderate, it becomes a haven for spammers, nazis and pedos. How do you solve this problem?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 16, 2022 15:14:36

It makes you appear more like an on-going business rather than just a small side business someone threw together. If I buy from you, I'd like to know you'll still be there in a month if I have a problem with my order.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 16, 2022 12:06:52

The guy who played Garak got his start as the bad guy in Dirty Harry. The movie is terrible and his performance was meh, but he was like 19 at the time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on August 16, 2022 07:30:52

Or when they're testing a mysterious alien device and they have data standing right in front of the (very obvious) business end of it. The one where he has dreams of his father...

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on August 15, 2022 14:43:52

First up, that's not the only data point. You can look across a lot of different areas and disciplines -- redlining is one, segregated schooling, centuries of policies that were explicitly racist, overtly racist policing and judicial systems. There's a ton of data points that all point in the same direction. ​ As for a causal mechanism, it's pretty easy to figure out if you're intellectually honest. Sharecropper level wealth in generation A, plus segregated schooling/policing/courts in generation B, plus redlining in generation C, equals little to no wealth (both economic and cultural) making its way to generation D and E and probably even F. Those who were subject to these policies have to hustle 10 times harder to get to the place where those not subject to these policies made it by default. ​ Another causal way of thinking about it: I start life with $100. You start life with $100,000. We both hustle just as hard and make the same level of return on what we started life with, we both average the same level of growth over those years. Who winds up on top after 50 years? Obviously you do, because you started out higher. ​ You can see these things carried over to today. Look at any major city's demographic maps and you'll generally see there's a rich side of town, and that side of town is overwhelmingly white, and you'll see a poor side of town, and that side is overwhelmingly non-white. ​ I might agree with you if we were looking at one cherry-picked data point and coming up with societal-level assumptions, but that isn't the case at all.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on August 14, 2022 19:12:06

I did one a few years back and this joke KILLED: ​ Get to the end of the speech, you're about to hand off the microphone. ​ Right before you hand it off, go "Oh, jeez, I almost forgot, sorry! Hold on, hold on". ​ Reach in your pocket and retrieve a piece of paper. Read awkwardly from the piece of paper. "And we all know that \[Groom\] is a great man, a wise man. A man who knows what he wants and goes and gets it. He's a ... uhhh... Hmm". Then lean over to the groom and say "\[Groom\], I can't quite read your handwriting, what does it say?", give him a moment to apparently respond and then continue with "...Oh, yes, and a Saint among mere mortal men!"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/internetparents on August 14, 2022 10:16:50

Google Drive would have this same problem. If I uploaded a file called "Family\" and inside were a bunch of files with the extension .jpg.gpg, and on opening each file it is just a GPG encrypted file... how would google know if those were legal or illegal images? They don't have my private key so, as you point out, they don't know. ​ As an end-user of your product, though, I have to trust that you're not secretly keeping my private keys. I have this same problem with Signal. They say it is end-to-end encrypted, but it is all done automatically in the background. I have no way to validate that they didn't actually keep a copy of my private keys so they can read the messages in transit.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 14, 2022 09:38:03

[I'm trying to hunt in my own star system here. Why the feds hasslin' me?](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/explainlikeimfive on August 13, 2022 21:26:49

Mine is a reference to the glorious founding of the Klingon Empire. ​ Yours is a reference to a glorious night in Mississippi in 1993 when you and your cousin JD hunted pigs from helicopter without a license. ​ We are not the same.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/explainlikeimfive on August 13, 2022 13:24:02

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 13, 2022 11:40:58

CAN I BLOW YOUR FREAKIN MIND, MAN?! ​ Dall-E and all the related projects are based on a diffusion network. It is really more a training method than a new kind of network. ​ How they're trained: First, get a bunch of images that have text labels with them. Next, convert the text labels into something understandable by a neural network using something like a Transformer. Training: Feed in the image and the transformed text as input to your neural network. The target it is trying to reach is to create the image based on the input data. Next, add some Gaussian noise to the image. Just a bit at first. Run that through your network. Continue adding noise to the image and running it through the network Repeat for millions of image + text prompts Keep adding noise until the input image is random. ​ Result: The network initially learns that the words and image are related. Over time it begins to learn that the input image is not reliable, only the text prompts are reliable. ​ \--- I tell you this because if you have any input file with attached text descriptions, you could potentially produce a similar type of network. Video. Audio. What about 3D designs from Thingiverse? Proteins? Porn from porn descriptions? ​ How about a thing where you have a text prompt, plus a drop-down list of celebrity names. The output is audio or video of that celebrity saying that thing. ​ If you got really crafty, I wonder if you could even do architecture this way. Like a computer where you type in "Modern house" and it pops out a whole design, and then you say "I want an open floor plan kitchen" and it updates the design to match.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 13, 2022 11:19:56

Why is your user name a reference to using aircraft to hunt wild burros?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/explainlikeimfive on August 13, 2022 10:57:16

The number quoted is from 2012-ish, and is the approximate amount for the federal government to extend the HUD rental voucher program to everyone who is eligible. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/coolguides on August 12, 2022 20:22:49

US Population is approximately 330 million. 20 billion / 330 million = 60.60606060 repeating.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/coolguides on August 12, 2022 20:17:13

Intriguing, thank you. ​ I'm the opposite way because I've never seen an HOA make the best decision for anyone but themselves.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 11, 2022 19:32:53

May I ask why? That's the way things were prior to about 1996 when the current HOA law passed. We got by without HOAs entirely until the 1960s. Obviously the system can be sustainable without them, and the system (as shown by the many comments here) with HOAs is wildly unpopular. ​ I'm genuinely curious, because the only people I've ever met who were pro-HOA were people on HOA boards, and their reasoning is generally that they are super petty and want personal power over their neighbors.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 11, 2022 10:45:18

Sorry, I do not understand what you're saying. My position is consistent. \- Sure, we need a mechanism for ensuring basic standards of safety in densely-packed societies. \- Local government has come up with a pretty decent method of doing so \- HOAs have come up with a petty, unaccountable, dictatorial method of doing so. \- Therefore, destroy the HOAs and return this task to code enforcement alone.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 11, 2022 09:41:52

Have you considered a 'sweaty startup'? ​ I recently had a guy come and cut 10 trees out of my yard, I paid like $6,800 for it. There was a crew of probably 6 guys plus a bunch of equipment involved. They took \~6 hours to do the job. So, 6 guys \* 6 hours \* $45 an hour total for the crew = $1,620, he probably spent $100 on getting me as a customer and another $500 on equipment costs for the day.. ​ I'm just saying, you got a degree in entrepreneurship, why not do entrepreneurship? ​ There's loads of businesses like that where once you get a crew set and a marketing plan set, it can provide a really nice income to the owner.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on August 11, 2022 09:38:24

I would vote for my taxes to go up for a whole bunch of reasons. HOA are definitely one of those reasons. ​ Besides, HOA dues are frequently in the hundreds per month range. If taxes go up and HOA dues go to zero, plus I have more control over my property and fewer headaches to deal with, then net/net I'm better off.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 11, 2022 08:55:29

Investors aren't going to be terribly interested in an idea without an implementation. An implementation with no users is also not going to turn many heads, because there's a load of devs who can crank out a basic marketplace from open source code and big frameworks like React. I've built a lot of software, and I could get something wireframed up in a couple of weeks. ​ What you need is a minimum viable product that has traffic, users and especially if you have some revenue. That's going to get some people to talk to you. ​ If you can show a pipeline of getting users cheaply enough that you turn a profit on your average user, and that pipeline is set up and delivering, and the investor's money could be used to open that pipeline up to maximum speed.... now they're interested.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on August 10, 2022 21:33:48

Intriguing, thank you. ​ Are there any particular groups or sites you can recommend, please? ​ Just to be clear, the opportunity you're looking for is essentially: ​ Buy it from website A Sell on website B for (Price from A + all shipping costs + profit)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 10, 2022 21:25:49

There's a city department called "Code enforcement". They have inspectors that go to new builds and large remodels, and they check everything is within code. They field nuisance calls over everything from trash piled up to abandoned houses, and they can enforce with fines or even an order that a building is not habitable. ​ However, they are much more a part of the political and government system, so they tend to tread very lightly so they don't get people calling their city council or planning board. ​ I'm not saying no enforcement of some kinds of building codes is the way to go. I'm saying HOAs tend to be a very bad way to go about it, especially when we have processes in place that actually work pretty well like the code enforcement system.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 10, 2022 21:23:55

They're also slowly taking over. Once they're established, it is very hard to dis-establish them. Newer neighborhoods all have them because the newer neighborhoods are built by big corporate builders who use the HOA to have early control over the neighborhood and make people buy into one of their 10 pre-set styles of houses. Then, when the neighbors take over, it is inevitably the most petty, busy-body, power hungry cunts that run for and win office. But anyway, as older neighborhoods get replaced by newer ones, the plague spreads everywhere until it is hard to avoid.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 10, 2022 21:09:20

No way, the HOA board is never honest, and not technically capable. The rule should be regular building codes. HOAs should be effectively banned, or taken back to the way they were pre-1993, meaning you can have a sort of neighborhood club, but they aren't allowed to place liens on your property.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on August 10, 2022 21:06:55

How do you find the arbitrage opportunities?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 10, 2022 15:49:41

Yes, 100% on VBA. It takes your excel to a whole new level. If you can figure out pulling in data using SQL and/or creating dashboards in Tableau, you can get into analytics and reporting, which is the same idea but cranked up to 11 using cloud tech.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on August 10, 2022 09:43:10

The American-ness is consistent with the overall epic arc, though. Humanity begins with us as seen in the Bell Riots episode of DS9. Then we know we have the nuclear war/eugenics war/khan singh era. Then from those ashes, Cochran leads us into the warp era and everything starts to change. 100 years later, we're seeing humanity who have first grown up in the warp era, and they're evolving to the form we see in TNG and DS9. Along the way we stop off at the less-cowboy-but-still-cowboy era of Pike and Kirk. ​ Archer had to be very American, it was his place in history.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on August 9, 2022 17:49:40

If what you need is a spreadsheet with a data element to it, could you just use Google Sheets? Depending on how big a database you need, that might be enough.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forhire on August 9, 2022 17:44:15

I do freelance programming, and I've mostly been able to get by on my existing network and just talking with a few people I know, plus a bunch of in-person networking thrown in. This gets me enough work to do OK, but I know if I had more customers, I could easily find time to fit them in and make more money. So, some sales/marketing tips are handy, plus it is somewhat reassuring that if I send someone an email every other month, I'm substantially less annoying than most people. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on August 9, 2022 11:56:57

I'm not in sales, I come to this sub to learn more about how to sell. I find it to be the complete opposite. This is one of the most toxic, sociopathic subs I've ever seen. You people are nuts. It is often interesting reading just because of the level of depravity you all go to calling people for months at a time even after they've told you they're not interested. Bothering thousands of people hoping you can get 1 phone call out of it. Just off the hook insanity, a level of bothering your fellow man that I can't bring myself to.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on August 9, 2022 09:59:26

Love to see it? Here you go: ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on August 8, 2022 13:02:30

Here you go, dingus: [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on August 8, 2022 13:02:12

Invent the replicator from Star Trek and the related energy infrastructure to support them. ​ The end of scarcity, and the beginning of a new chapter in human existence.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on August 8, 2022 12:57:18

Early season 1 of TNG they show a starbase large enough that it has a huge door on one side that the enterprise flies into, and they dock inside. I remember there were a few other large starships docked in there. ​ In The Trouble With Tribbles, both versions, they are at a huge space station that has apparently hundreds or thousands of people, yet also has big sections still unused and being built.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DaystromInstitute on August 7, 2022 17:29:32

Ackchually... ​ The odds of getting 'off by one' is at least twice as high as getting the winning numbers, because you might be off by +1 or you might be off by -1. ​ If you're off by 1 measured at an individual number level, it's like 14 times higher chance. Like, if the differences between your number and the real one are +1, -1, -1, -1, +1, +1

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Showerthoughts on August 6, 2022 09:01:42

Tradestation is one, it uses something called EasyLanguage that's pretty easy. Basically you can write a script and use a couple of variables, then set tradestation to optimize those variables. So I might write a script that will buy N% of my portfolio value into stock AAPL if the price goes M% below the 30-day average. Then I can set it to optimize N and M, and it will run a range of values for both variables and show me the end result. ​ NinjaTrader has a similar system, I haven't used it directly, but I've read a lot of docs on it. ​ International Brokers has a really robust API and trade simulation platform. They have a lot of libraries for common languages. ​ TD Ameritrade has ThinkOrSwim which is pretty similar. ​ []( ​ The difficulty you have with a simple drag-and-drop interface over a coding language of some kind is that you'll be limited as to the complexity of your algorithm. It's easy to set up 2 If statements in a drag-and-drop way, but if you're using 50 calculated variables and 150 if statements to decide how to set up your portfolio and related hedges... Well, you're going to wind up with a drag-and-drop surface covered in spaghetti and hard to read/analyze anyway, so you may as well go ahead and do a script instead.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 5, 2022 15:36:41

The reason parents give kids their 10+ year old car is because it isn't such a loss when you ding them up. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/internetparents on August 2, 2022 16:04:14

Near as we can tell, the global climate was within -1 to +0.5 from the 1850-1950 average for most of our existence as a species. We are now at around +1.25, pushing us well outside the range our species lived with for 500,000 years.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DeepThoughts on August 2, 2022 12:45:23

"Well, I'll have to check with my wife and see if she'll allow it."

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on August 1, 2022 14:15:41

He was convicted of attempted murder, robbery, and prison escape. He is not being held due to his political beliefs. Going to bat for people like this only holds back leftist movements.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Anarchism on July 30, 2022 18:33:08

He should have turned the Elder Wand against the ministry of magic and swept away the 'purebloods' entirely and then established a dictatorship of the proletariat magical people.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on July 30, 2022 12:17:13

Yes, a thousand times yes. I'm 43 years old, and I've stayed in shape since I was 20. I run 3 miles a day, garden, and have some VR exercise I do. ​ Compared with people in my own age group, I'm already way ahead in terms of health and well-being. I know people who have had heart attacks and strokes. I knew a guy who died of cancer. These aren't old geezers, this is like in your late 30s/mid-40s you start to notice these things. ​ Then, even with people who are "healthy" but don't take care of themselves, you can still see a huge difference. They're low energy, their skin has a sort of weird palor to it, they're getting fatter by the day, they complain about everything hurting and being tired all the time. Exercise, diet, and hydration keep those things (mostly) at bay for me. ​ It isn't just about preventing things in a distant future when you're 90+ years old. Your life over the next 7 decades will be dramatically improved by good health habits.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DeepThoughts on July 29, 2022 12:02:22

Article I, Section 4, Clause 1: The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof; but the Congress may at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators. ​ \--- That is the constitutional language. So the theory is that because it says it is prescribed by the state legislature, the courts don't have a say in these matters. If they meant for the state or federal courts to be able to intervene in election disputes, the constitution would say "shall be prescribed in each state by the legislature thereof, overseen by the appropriate courts" or something similar. ​ That's the idea, anyway. If the supreme court is honest about the 'traditions' arguments they love to use in abortion and gun cases, then they should see there is a long unbroken tradition of courts having a say in elections, and a long unbroken tradition of checks and balances. They aren't honest, though, so all bets are off.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on July 29, 2022 11:12:32

I never said AR-15 falls in the category of "unusual or dangerous". I said a stinger missile, which is not a commonly-owned weapon, probably does. You brought up the AR, you bought up the assault weapons. ​ Honestly, I don't even understand what point you're going for here. Are you trying to say the 2nd is fully unrestricted by DC v Heller and therefore the Stinger is OK, or are you trying to say the restrictions of DC v Heller don't apply to AR style weapons?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 28, 2022 11:38:07

You might go back and review my comments, I never mentioned the AR15 or any specific weapons, you're fighting a straw man. I pasted quotes from the supreme court and tried to make out what they've said in case law.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 28, 2022 10:08:05

I think the total of gun deaths across the US per year is about 35,000, so I'll go with maybe 5% of that total or 1,750. What do I win?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 28, 2022 08:13:49

They don't like it because they read such "woke" books as To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, 1984, and Huckleberry Finn.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on July 27, 2022 12:59:43

To be honest, I think this is where it will ultimately come down. The ruling over the texas "abortion bounty" law leaves open the possibility that states could pass laws outlawing literally anything they want and shield it from judicial review by making it a civil bounty style law. California passed a law saying people can sue gun companies for making a dangerous product, that will also definitely make it to the supremes, and we'll see which of these wins out. ​ So I think they'll ultimately say "Any weapon is OK and the government has to have a very high bar strict scrutiny reason to ban one, but if it is too dangerous the states can allow lawsuits to block them"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 27, 2022 12:37:38

I pasted the exact language from the supreme court, they say prohibitions on unusual or dangerous weapons is OK, but fail to fully define how we would determine which ones are "dangerous" or "unusual", instead just saying handguns and regular rifles are common enough to be protected.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 27, 2022 12:35:32

An actual answer: ​ The relevant case is DC v Heller: [\_of\_Columbia\_v.\_Heller#Decision]( ​ "Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose: For example, concealed weapons prohibitions have been upheld under the Amendment or state analogues. The Court's opinion should not be taken to cast doubt on longstanding prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, or laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places such as schools and government buildings, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms. Miller's holding that the sorts of weapons protected are those "in common use at the time" finds support in the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of dangerous and unusual weapons. Pp. 54–56" ​ So, probably your stinger missile would be considered a 'dangerous and unusual' weapon since it is not in common use by regular people for things like home defense. This could be further tested by the supreme court down the road, and it should be obvious from this most recent term that the current court doesn't give a fuck about precedent and all bets are off. ​ But for now, no stinger missile for you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legal on July 27, 2022 08:55:17

Took a small number of samples from a small area of ocean during the wrong time to measure. Details here: ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/BikiniBottomTwitter on July 26, 2022 12:57:58

I use Horne HVAC. Top quality people to deal with. They installed a complete new system for me, it failed within 3 weeks, but then they spent at least 2 solid weeks with between 2 and 4 guys here working to fix it. Ultimately, they did a warranty claim on the entire system and I got another brand new system for free. They stood behind the job like no company I've ever seen before.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on July 26, 2022 11:33:22

I've been coding for 26 years and I've taught coding at 3 different universities. ​ Yesterday the code I was working on wouldn't produce any changes in behavior. I made a few edits and then re-ran the code, nothing. So I went back and put a bunch of logging messages to figure out why the code I wrote wasn't being called. ​ It turns out I was running the wrong file. ​ So, yes, very normal.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on July 26, 2022 08:55:47

An NFT is similar to a car title. ​ If I have a car title, then I set the car ablaze, later I still have the title -- to a burned out husk. Just having that title isn't valuable now, is it?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 08:38:55

It doesn't solve a real problem that people are having. Most people don't see credit card transaction fees, and 99% of the time your checking account and debit card work just fine. Since I already have a seemingly-free, already rolled-out, easy to use and popular service known as Visa, why do I want to switch to crypto? Not theoretical things about ownership of your capital and down with the man, but a real actual thing I don't like about my debit card that crypto would fix.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 25, 2022 19:08:06

The entire song "Isn't it ironic" by Alanis Morrisette. ​ NONE OF THAT IS IRONIC, IT IS COINCIDENTAL.

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PJ Media is a notorious fake news factory. ​ [\_Media](

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Just use the same tricks the right wing uses. "Lets all meet for a protest at \[date/location/cause\]. You never know how these things could go, be prepared for anything, and I mean anything, to happen. They might try to fight us, so come prepared to stand strong. Now is the time to fight like hell! " ​ Who is they? What is prepared? It's non-specific enough to be covered under 1st amendment, but specific enough that the people who understand the dog whistle will get the message.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Anarchism on July 24, 2022 08:14:12

What did you write that took 21 million lines? ​ Did you just copy/paste huge volumes of that from somewhere? If so, why can't you use header files?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnprogramming on July 24, 2022 08:09:50

I think this is probably false. Read the insane shit that goes around on right wing social media, and then consider whether or not saying "Workers should own the means of production" is actually going to move the needle. ​ I suspect that rumors like these are actually started by right-wingers who are trying to disrupt the ability of leftists to effectively organize.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Anarchism on July 23, 2022 12:26:44

According to our climate data table, our average July high is normally 90.1, [,\_North\_Carolina#Climate](,_North_Carolina#Climate) And for this july so far it has been 89.96: []( ​ According to the first source, our average dew point is 67.1, while the second source says this year it has been 70.72. Dew point increases when there is more moisture in the air, so this huge increase indicates it is much more humid than a normal july. Therefore, although the temps aren't too far off from averages, the humidity is crushing us all under its stanky boot.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on July 23, 2022 09:16:05

I love these articles based on the premise that Manchin is speaking truthfully or has any moral fiber at all. ​ The guy is either the 'designated baddy' or 'lucy with the football'. ​ Designated Baddy: Back when democrats didn't really want socialized medicine, they wheeled out Joe Lieberman to kill the public option and a bunch of other customer-friendly stuff in Obamacare. This is actually a pattern, any time there's something that would help the people but hurt the donors, the Democrats will pick one or two who are in safe seats and have them act as the bad guy so the rest of the party can say "I agree with you, constituents, but the republicans and \[designated baddy\] won't let us!" ​ Lucy with the Football: He never meant to pass anything. He negotiated in bad faith, using the negotiations to run out the clock and get as close to the election as possible before blowing it all up. There was never a deal that would satisfy Manchin unless the deal is 'give the Manchin family 10 billion and do nothing else'. All his talk about finding common ground and inflation and jobs and all the rest are just lies. He knows his donors and his family business will be hurt by any attempt to save the climate, and he's enough of a sociopath that he cares more about money than about having a planet to live on. This is the simplest explanation for his behavior.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on July 21, 2022 13:06:45

Pay enough for teachers that actual professionals and people with a lot of experience outside of education are attracted to the profession. Where I live, teacher pay for a very experienced teacher is $1,000 a month below a living wage based on our average rents. So, a lot of people in the profession are, shall we say, not the best people available in the community. ​ Update curriculum to catch up with the 21st century. People don't use cursive writing any more, grandma. ​ Extend the school year to all 12 months of the year, but with a few 2-week breaks. ​ Bring back practical education into the mix: Home economics/personal finance, carpentry/basic handy-man skills, car repair ​ Bring back arts education. ​ Call me a commie if you want, but I'd also close down and ban private schools. Everybody goes in 1 system. Then, use transportation to shuffle kids around to all the schools in the city rather than putting them directly in their own neighborhood. The idea is to get rich kids mixing with regular people, so rich parents will use more of their political influence to help the public school system and so the kids will grow up knowing people outside their class/neighborhood/race.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on July 19, 2022 07:42:04

Get a book called "The E-Myth". You can get it on Audible. One of the best lines is: "Working for yourself is the worst job in the world, because you're working for a lunatic that lives in your head". As others pointed out, it is a difficult mental game. ​ Another point to remember is that working for yourself doesn't mean you're the boss. Your customers are the boss. So, really, you have like 10 bosses at a time and you're always out looking for another boss.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Entrepreneur on July 17, 2022 10:12:03

I'm a dude in my 40s. I do a lot of networking for business, meeting with people and trying to convince them to do business with me. 90% of the early conversation isn't about business, it is a sort of 'getting to know you' and feeling out process. We have to determine that there is some overlap in the kind of stuff we work on, and determine if we each think the other is worth working with. If you have a broad knowledge of loads of things, it is a kind of marker that you've gone far in your education. If you start to talk about your interests and I have no idea about any of it because I decided I didn't want to pay attention that day in school, I miss a chance to make a comment and a connection, and you potentially come away thinking I'm a bit under-educated or a general dumbass. ​ They don't really tell you this in school for some reason, but a huge amount of the general knowledge stuff like this is all about later posturing and appearing smart/worldly/well rounded.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on July 17, 2022 10:09:46

Does the site where the apartments are posted require a login or is it on the public web? Dealing with logins is often a pain. ​ Instead of notifications, how do you feel about emails?

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I'm in software, I know a lot of coders. Nobody wants to go into the office, and most people see it as a sign of a micro-managing culture with bosses who think they have to be on top of you to get anything done. Usually along with a general attitude that everybody except the boss is lazy. ​ Can I ask WHY you want people in the office for 2 days a week? What do you gain from it that is worth the couple of hours of my commute time? What do I get out of it?

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It would be things like illegal camping or trespassing. They're not going to put you in jail for life or anything. 30 days in jail + a fine is probably your max risk.

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Have any of you looked at a satellite map of Alaska and Russia on either side of the bering strait? There's nothing out there. The nearest port to Russia that could actually be used for bringing in lots of heavy equipment is probably anchorage. The closest heavy port where they could launch from is Magadan or Okhotsk, both of which are hundreds of miles from even the tip of the aleutian islands. You can find some small towns out on that penninsula, but there's no big highways that you could get the equipment + troops to the port. Tiny port to take off from, long sea journey, and arriving in a large protected port when the US has easily weeks or months of warning, and then you have to time it with the weather to be able to move your equipment OUT of Anchorage and into the surrounding countryside. This would be too hard for Russia even if the US navy did nothing, just from terrain perspective.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on July 8, 2022 16:57:50

It is mandatory in NC. I'm strongly opposed to it being taught AT ALL. The world is clearly going digital more and more every year. We don't need to teach 2 writing styles to kids who will spend 95% of their lives typing. ​ Cursive is hard to read, hard to write, and provides no net benefit over typing or block lettering. Let it die out completely.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Showerthoughts on July 7, 2022 12:43:33

I 100% agree on the "defund the police" line. That has to be the worst political marketing in history. ​ Most of the population don't vote and are only marginally political. They'll give you maybe 30-60 seconds to get your point across. If they see a bumper sticker or flag with "Defund the police", they will assume that's your whole position and think "Great, just let gangs run the city?" and that's it you lost them. ​ Slogans and headlines like that need to emphasize the MOST popular ideas in your platform, not the least, and Defund the police is a hugely unpopular idea that led to most people dismissing the idea entirely without looking into it further. And lo and behold, a year later cops have more money and more power than they did before, and the top officials of the democratic party have come out explicitly against the idea. ​ The right move politically is the one that gets you the levers of power to carry out your agenda. All this mincing of words and making sure we say exactly the right term and coming up with hyper-specific in-group terminology and then acting offended when outsiders don't get the message is just absolutely brain-dead politically. ​ To be honest, it would be much more beneficial to couch it as "All these issues are class war, they are meant to divide us so we can't see our real enemy, and that enemy is the elites that dominate us all", and go from there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Anarchism on July 3, 2022 10:38:48

Unclear! The court said it was up to congress to decide "Major questions", but failed to clearly define what that means, and now we wait for a bunch of lawsuits to define that term.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on July 1, 2022 10:49:16

If I can offer three productive calls to action: ​ 1. Protest and march. Seeing rising protests will get more timid people to realize that other people also feel like they're getting screwed. Success feeds success, just show up and make some noise. If things get rough (counter-protestors, cops, media), that means you're winning, don't back down. If politicians look out the window and see a huge crowd howling at them, they get scared and they'll break. Then you win. Don't back down. 2. Radicalize others. This speech is great, this is the kind of radical message we need. We need to give calls to action, rather than just saying what not to do. The United States is a failed state and we have to establish a new order, and we do that in the streets. That's a very effective, short, radical message that calls to action. 3. Join organizations: Democratic Socialists of America has branches everywhere. The green party has branches everywhere. Join a union. Join the kiwanis and spread the word. Political action happens with people more than keyboards. And a bonus: Get involved in state and local politics. The media focuses on federal politics, and that's where a lot of the activism is focused. This makes for a fine media and fundraising environment because you can blast out one news program to 350 million viewers, vs. covering state government and reaching 5 million max. State governments see fewer activists, fewer protests, and overall less pressure than the feds, yet they have enormous power over things like elections, ballot access, districting, school policy, medicaid policy and on and on and on. Easier to get them to do things with a relatively small group of activists vs. trying to get a senator with 10MM constituents to listen.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/antiwork on June 30, 2022 20:33:55

It was apparently also mentioned in TOS: Whom the Gods Destroy. ​ [\_Orders\_and\_Regulations](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DaystromInstitute on June 30, 2022 19:53:20


Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on June 30, 2022 12:47:20

This is even bigger than this one case, obviously. They have adopted this concept of a "Major Questions" doctrine, but the definition of major questions is so vague it is almost a blank check to challenge any regulatory agency authority. ​ In a handful of cases involving a challenge to agency actions, the Supreme Court has rejected agencyclaims of regulatory authority under the major questions doctrine when (1) the underlying claim ofauthority concerns an issue of “vast ‘economic and political significance,’” and (2) Congress has notclearly empowered the agency. The Court and commentators have sometimes justified the doctrine basedon the Court’s observation that Congress “does not alter the fundamental details of a regulatory scheme invague terms or ancillary provisions—it does not, one might say, hide elephants in mouseholes.” ​ Ok, but what exactly is a "vast economic and political significance"? How about an increase in social security, is that vast enough? Costs billions, impacts everyone in the country. Well, it depends on the second test, did congress explicitly give the social security administration the authority to do COLA increases or not? Well, how explicit does congress have to be? ​ This is a step along a longer slippery slope. The end game here is to force congress to pass laws to cover every specific rule of every agency, which would cripple the federal government's ability to regulate almost anything. Imagine if congress has to pass different bill for regulating every possible form of power plant. Think of Joe Goddamn Manchin standing in the way because he says he's OK with regulating type 3 steam-operated generators to 193 parts per million, but going to 192 parts per million on type 4 steam-operated generators is too far. Now multiply that times a million for every goddamn thing the federal government regulates. That's our life now.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on June 30, 2022 12:46:03

First, you should create your dataframe: ​ result = pd.DataFrame(Country, columns=\["Country"\]) ​ Then, use pd.get\_dummies() to do your one-hotting: ​ result = pd.concat(\[result, pd.get\_dummies(result\["Country"\])\], axis="columns")

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on June 29, 2022 20:11:24

That isn't the 3-percenters. The 3-percenters have 13 stars and they have a roman number 3 (III) in the middle. This one has 12 stars and no symbol in the middle. It is the flag of the European Union. ​\_en

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Amazon offers classes for their certifications for free. You can get cloud practitioner in just a couple of months, then specialize into machine learning in another few months. They also have paths for network construction, data engineering, security, whatever you want. It is pretty in demand and has a big brand behind it. If you can find 3 friends to team up with you, you could join the Amazon Partner Network, but it is much harder to find people you can trust than you think..

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on June 5, 2022 10:51:43

My brother in law is a "big power" electrician, makes $100-$150k depending on how many hours he puts in. Works in power plants, oil refineries, etc. ​ He used to work offshore oil rigs too, that was good money but he described it as going to jail for several months every time he went on a call.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on June 2, 2022 17:51:07

Always my complaint about Porsche. Unless you're a hardcore porsche guy, they all look exactly the same. C6 corvette looks completely different than C5 or C7, for instance. But a 911? Just change the angle of the headlights back by 0.6 degrees and call it a new model!

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Nah, I've been down that road. Basic accounting software can really help you see things a lot better

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on May 24, 2022 18:37:35

I've been with Wave for like 4+ years, never heard anything from them. Out of nowhere, they took $7k+ of payments hostage until I complete some kind of fraud review. I sent back the stuff they want, but I'd like to punish them for sticking me in the eye by leaving. ​ I talked to QB extensively, looks like they will cost me an additional $300 a year if I go that way, for what seems like (as you say) the same exact product I now get for free. ​ So I have to balance my need for vengeance vs. my hatred of paying more than I have to for anything. ​ Thank you for your reply! :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on May 23, 2022 15:39:26

You can find tons of examples on Google AI Hub. ​ []( ​ The specific thing you're looking for is a classifier, and if you have only 5 inputs and 2 categories, it will probably be fine using Logistic regression. You don't need a million-parameter neural network for 5 inputs. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on May 22, 2022 09:04:17

I've often wondered the same about the blue/green fingernails of the Ferenghi

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That doesn't matter in the least. ​ First, for short(ish) term spending, the very rich can take a loan against their shares. If you have, say, 100 million shares, and you borrow against 1 million of them, this is a very low risk/low cost loan. This also means you can effectively cash out and wait, without actually cashing out. ​ Second, there are a whole set of rules about how frequently and how heavily a large shareholder can sell, and standard practice in ultra high net worth wealth management is to stick to that schedule and diversify. If you look deeply into, for instance, Bezos or Gates history, you'll find that they do regular annual stock sales. ​ So, if your company is worth $10B, you can sell $100MM in shares, live on that for a while, borrow another $100MM, live on that for a while, then check back on your holdings and they're worth $12B. So, you sell $100MM to pay off the loan, sell $100MM for the next couple of years of pocket money, and you have $11.8B left after starting 3 years ago with $10B. ​ There are a ton of tricks they can use to diversify over time and smooth out the gyrations of the market. ​ The game is rigged.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on May 19, 2022 08:11:37

The other direction is even more Boring Dystopia than this. ​ Retirement planners will tell you about the 4/3/2/1 rule of thumb... If you're invested in a regular 70/30 or 60/40 portfolio, then, on average: ​ * Withdraw 4% per year of your fortune, it will last \~30 years on average, a 'regular' retirement time. * Withdraw 3% and it will last much longer, maybe 100 years, but you'll lose out to inflation over time... The 3% you're taking out will buy you fewer goods each year * Withdraw 2% and you'll keep up with or slightly beat inflation, so your purchasing power will remain the same and the money will last forever * Withdraw 1% or less, and (on average, over time), you'll get richer. Your 1% withdrawal will buy more and your account balance will go up. ​ Now, the kicker: If you have $1 Billion, that means you need to spend $10 million a year just to keep yourself from getting much richer every year. ​ Elon Musk with his $200 billion needs to SPEND 2 BILLION A YEAR or he will (on average, over time) get richer and richer. $175 million a month. ​ Anyway, come on down to Crazy Larry's Pitchfork and Guillotine Emporium today!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on May 18, 2022 18:34:08

[]( ​ Worst since 2007-2008... ​ [\_world\_food\_price\_crisis](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on May 17, 2022 22:07:54

1. The hardest part is finding customers. You will spend 10 times more time looking for customers than you expect. 2. Scope is whatever you want, that's the big lure of freelance. I would advise you to be very targeted about what you do. Be specific and be the best at your specific thing. Who needs your service? Why can't they do it themselves? Where would they look if they wanted to find someone with your skills? Why are they having a problem finding someone to do this work? Can you reach them before they know they need you, perhaps through cold outreach on LinkedIn or similar? 3. Standing out from others in freelance is very very hard, especially at first. The best way to stand out is to get great referrals. Get a few very satisfied customers. When you deliver for them and they are happy, say "If you could please help me a little, I'm just starting out, and I would really appreciate it if you could tell your friends about me or introduce me to anyone you know that might need my skills, please. Thank you!" 4. Depends very much on what you're doing. You need to do market research. What is your specific skill? Who is the customer that needs your skill and doesn't have it? Where would they probably look to find someone like you? Once you know that, you should go shopping for others doing your particular type of work, and see what they are charging. I find charging a little over average, about half way between average and the top price, is a great place to find good clients. If you charge very low prices, you'll get "bottom feeders", people who want the moon and the stars for $5. They are usually cheapskates, demanding, and mean. If you charge very high prices, you will have to have a very impressive resume and lots of referrals, and the clients will be exacting and demanding and sometimes don't pay if they don't get absolutely top-notch work. Very profitable if you put in the work, but it becomes more like a job with a demanding boss. Somewhere in between are these clients with realistic budgets and expectations that become your bread and butter. ​ Good luck, my friend. It takes a long time to get it going, but when it is going well, it is really great. ​ The next phase, and the place you can make a huge amount, is to get your prices and services high enough that you can afford to hire someone to do a lot of the grunt work while you put on the expert touch and spend your time building the business and getting more customers. If you can figure out how to profit off the work of an employee, you will go very far.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on May 17, 2022 20:52:22

(Other than the obvious that huge pew pew space battles are the bomb from a TV production standpoint)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DaystromInstitute on May 17, 2022 18:57:18

Difficulty in finding new clients, and especially new clients that aren't completely unrealistic

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on May 17, 2022 13:31:36

Yeah, you're just a fucking nazi. Fuck all the way off. You're making shit up to be mad about to justify mass murder.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on May 16, 2022 10:36:12

Lies lies lies. This whole litterboxes is more anti-everybody right wing nonsense with virtually no basis in reality. This has been debunked a thousand times. ​ Go back to 4Chan, fascist.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on May 16, 2022 07:27:27

This didn't happen, you're a liar and fascist troll.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on May 16, 2022 07:26:22

During the 1920s and 1930s, the SA functioned as a private militia used by Hitler to intimidate rivals and disrupt the meetings of competing political parties, especially those of the Social Democrats and the Communists. Also known as the "brownshirts" or "stormtroopers," the SA became notorious for their street battles with the Communists.\[5\] The violent confrontations between the two contributed to the destabilization of Germany's inter-war experiment with democracy, the Weimar Republic.\[6\] In June 1932, one of the worst months of political violence, there were more than 400 street battles, resulting in 82 deaths.\[ ​ Hitler's appointment as chancellor, followed by the suppressionof all political parties except the Nazis, did not end the violence ofthe stormtroopers. Deprived of Communist party meetings to disrupt, thestormtroopers would sometimes run riot in the streets after a night ofdrinking; they would attack passers-by and then attack the police whowere called to stop them.\[8\] Complaints of "overbearing and loutish" behaviour by stormtroopers became common by the middle of 1933. The Foreign Office even complained of instances where brownshirts manhandled foreign diplomats.\[9\] ​ Cite: [\_of\_the\_Long\_Knives]( ​ Hitler and the Nazi party were explicitly and violently anti-socialist and anti-communist. The heart of their mythos was that communists from Russia and jews from New York and London were plotting to take over the world. ​ This whole line of thinking that "Nazis were socialists because the party name had the word socialist in it" has been completely debunked a thousand times. It's like saying "North Korea call themselves the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, so therefore, they must be democratic, and a republic, and run for the benefit of the people!"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on May 14, 2022 19:43:32

If: \- A nation following an economic policy has people die due to bad decisions by that government's leaders ​ Means: \- That economic policy is responsible for those deaths ​ Then: \- How many deaths have been caused by all the capitalist governments around the world throughout history? ​ After all, actual Hitler was in a capitalist country. Tons of people die every day in the USA because they can't afford their medicine or proper food. Aren't all those deaths due to capitalism?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on May 14, 2022 18:05:07

The problem with a regulated pegged stablecoin is it no longer solves any actual problems. You could just use dollars or euros. ​ I agree, NFTs are getting a bad rap because the first application of them is trash, but within 50 years, all your car titles and house titles will be on some kind of blockchain or WORM database system.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on May 14, 2022 13:27:22

Those languages have produced tons of value and tons of actual money, trillions of dollars worth collectively, so I'm not sure what your point is. ​ A lot of the stuff currently done with smart contracts is also possible with traditional languages and write once/read many databases. The downside of that is if the WORM database is in the hands of a single custodian, it is theoretically possible to re-write the database. ​ Seriously, though, when you first boot up a smart contract you get a lot of functionality. The network layer is handled, the cryptography is handled for you, the transaction clearing and verifying and on and on and on.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on May 14, 2022 13:25:09

ETH has a utility value beyond speculation. ​ There's this entire thing called Web3 and smart contracts. Basically they are programs that live in the internet and you can run by dropping in a coin. That coin is ETH. ​ Tulips had far less utility value.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/economy on May 14, 2022 10:39:10

This guy got his sex ed from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. ​\_rBtA\_wdw

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on May 13, 2022 17:21:12

No way. There's a great book called "The E-Myth" in which he makes a great statement: "Working for yourself is the worst job in the world, because you're working for a lunatic". ​ Not only do you have regular work, but when you can step away from that, you have these nagging thoughts in the back of your head about accounting and taxes and payroll coming up and on and on. And unlike a usual boss, this boss is in your head with you all the time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on May 13, 2022 07:44:11

So is the federal government going to send ICE agents to guard the baby formula aisle at costco now? Are we going to need to show our papers to get bread next week?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on May 13, 2022 07:36:47

I always find this kind of thing isn't worth it. In less time you can just grow a new one from seed. The damage done by harvesting is very severe for the plant, so it takes a month to heal before it can really grow.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/coolguides on May 11, 2022 18:52:36

Also if you have a 529, and you graduate and there's still money in there, you have until age 35 to name a new beneficiary, meaning you could potentially set your kids up with a college fund for life from this too

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AllAboutWealth on May 9, 2022 20:50:10

Find out if the money is in a 529 College Savings plan. If it is, brother, I've got a method for you. First, GET IN SCHOOL. Second, find out where the student rental housing is in your area. You can buy that rental housing with a mortgage, then pay rent to yourself from your 529 and it qualifies as an allowed expense under 529 rules. Talk to a tax pro, but this is a well known way to buy a house in a tax advantaged way. Graduate with a partially paid-off rental house you can rent out to students until the end of time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AllAboutWealth on May 9, 2022 20:49:13

The #1 best investment you can make right now is education education education. 600K?! Good lord, man, get a masters or doctorate in math, physics, computer science, artificial intelligence, law, engineering or medicine and you're set for life. The old saying "You'll never get rich digging a ditch", well, you'll never get rich working in that warehouse. Don't you also get GI Bill money for school?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AllAboutWealth on May 9, 2022 20:47:21

Good lord, so much, 2022 has been such an absolute shit show. ​ Illness in the family, legal troubles for a close friend, more illness, compounded by... you know, the world.

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​ ​ Your form of business is called a "Sole proprietorship". Your tax/accounting things you should be doing are: Keep track of everything, ideally using accounting software. I use Wave at [](, but even if you have a notebook with one column that says "income" and the other says "Expenses", you're better off. Ideally, figure out how far you are from all customer locations and how much you're driving for work every week. ​ Once per quarter (April, July, October, January) you need to send in estimated tax payments to your state and to the IRS. You can just google "IRS pay estimated tax" and go to the first link and there's a link on there to pay. You just estimate what you think you'll owe and pay that. Probably like 15-ish% of your income to the IRS and 5-ish% to MD would at least make a good guess. ​ File a tax return by April 15th. Here, you'll need to do a schedule C form. On that form, there's lots of boxes where you can write down those expenses, and you don't have to pay tax on the money you used for those expenses. Anything legitimately for your business is usually ok, but if you think "Maybe I can squeeze this one by".... don't. It isn't worth it. You may also have sales tax obligations, I don't know about MD. Check w/ an accountant. \--- That's kind of the minimum stuff. Other recommendations \- Form an LLC \- Get business insurance \- Talk to an accountant and lawyer The LLC and the insurance are to cover you in case you really mess up and burn down somebody's house or spill cleaning fluid on their ultra-rare 1929 mickey mantle little league card or something. If those things happen now, they could sue you and saddle you with debt for life. If you have the LLC, they could only force you out of business and take any business assets. If you have the insurance too, the insurance company will help with either a settlement offer, lawyer, or both. ​ \---- I'm just a freelance worker on the internet. I am not a lawyer or accountant. This is just stuff I know personally. Not financial advice, not legal advice. See an accountant or lawyer for proper advice. Do not rely on me. Thank you.

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Terrible marketing on this meme and on the whole "Defund the police" concept. ​ Look at survey data, the people are NOT with you on this one at all. It has to be sold in some other way than "No cops". People hear "No cops", they believe that's your position. If that's your position, they immediately go to "Great, so gangs run the city". Conversation over, you lost them. ​ Sauroden is much closer to the right path. The meme should be more like: ​ Cops now: Militaristic, shoots your dog, kills without remorse or consequence, driven by metrics to arrest and ticket as many as possible. Image: Full-gear swat team ​ Cops of the future: De-escalation experts. Focused on solving real community problems, not just shooting the consequences. Arrests only the worst, gets help for the rest. Image: Barney Fife

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Child support starts at 1/4 of your income and is enforced with jail time. Have fun in jail, you bag of shit.

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A lot of the pressure upward on housing prices in the USA right now is large investment funds buying up tons of single-family residences and turning them into monthly rentals. It has happened a bunch in my city, to the point that there is a real push to limit it through regulation. ​ These buyers are all-cash, but they're expecting a certain return on their money. My big concern is that they are using models saying "If we buy today, we will get 12% annual return in equity appreciation + 12% annual return via jacking up the rents". ​ If they don't wind up with those returns, they won't try to hang on to the property because it is their home. Nah, it is an under-performing asset, dump it and move the money elsewhere. ​ Then the next hedge fund down the block says "Wow, prices in city X haven't gone up 12%, they're DOWN 3%", so they'll sell, increasing downward pressure. ​ So I think that in the end, these corporate landlords will all see their returns are lower than expected around the same time, and there will be a sort of "bank run" of big corporate landlords trying to dump entire portfolios of housing. ​ Then it all goes boom.

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Baby formula was invented in 1860, so I'm fairly sure Jesus and the disciples were not given formula.

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Nothing shows your kids that you really believe in your views more than refusing to allow any critical thought, analysis, or contrary thoughts. ​ /s

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on May 7, 2022 11:54:26

First up, vote for Ernie Lee. Maybe give him some $$.

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The Kahless Party: For Glory, Honor, and Q'pla!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladviceofftopic on May 6, 2022 19:38:37

Thank you, this is very useful. It looks like the entity I was thinking of was a independent-expenditure PAC, so I wouldn't even need to run. I will research those further, thank you.

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I'm perhaps the biggest trek nerd you know, good to meet you. ​ The social, economic, and political culture of trek has some weird moments. ​ The Federation has a Federation Council and a president, both of whom are apparently elected. There's a clear hierarchy system in society, but the amount of inequality isn't about material possessions, it is more about experiences, respect, and the ability to live exactly the life you want. It seems the president can declare martial law without the approval of the federation council. Starfleet is given broad latitude in the field, but it is clear the final word rests with the civilian government. ​ There is some kind of money still involved in society. Most money and all poverty were apparently eradicated BEFORE the invention of the replicator. The first replicators were in the TNG timeframe, 2350s->2400s. On Enterprise, they are just getting the first transporters (2150s), and have warp engines that are just touching warp 5. They mention having no poverty left, but there are people who work as long-haul traders/space-truckers who talk about being able to barely afford to keep their ship running. In both timeframes, there are space pirates who apparently can't freely obtain things they want and steal them instead. There's something called gold-pressed latinum, but not all societies use it. It is also described as "suspended liquid platinum" in the 2150s, which is when it is first used as a currency. It is very clear that healthcare, housing, food, and clothing are free to all by the 2150s. ​ As for human rights, the federation charter seems to guarantee rights of privacy, speech, culture, and religion. HOWEVER, at one point Captain Sisko on Deep Space 9 seriously entertains the idea of stripping someone of their federation citizenship for acts of treason. This seems accepted by others at the time as something he could do. He also took military resources after what were essentially common criminals. There's also the infamous Janeway/Tuvix decision. ​ ​ So, like, most of that is actually buildable today is my point.

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How much per month/per year do the vending machines make? ​ How much time per month/per year do the vending machines require? ​ $20k sounds like a really, really low selling price.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on May 6, 2022 08:18:38

I suspect there are many right-wingers who sow this kind of division frequently among us.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DankLeft on May 5, 2022 08:07:33

Many of those quadrillions are offset. ​ If we make an agreement that I pay you $100 in 10 days in exchange for $99 today, you could count that as $100 in 'derivatives and other debts', but it is balanced by counting the $99 as an asset, so the net debt is really only $1

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Ive had this stuff. I didn't like it. Very heavy mushroom-y flavor doesn't go well with the hot sauce. It also doesn't go well with most things that go well with hot sauce.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/amazonreviews on May 2, 2022 19:48:16

Don't knock it until you try it. A really quick electric engine can give you 0-60 in sub-3-seconds.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/carporn on May 1, 2022 18:12:14

Yeah, look up why microbrews can't sell direct to the public after 50,000 barrels. The answer you get is basically "We at the ABC are corrupt as fuck and want to screw microbrews in favor of our beer distributor buddies".

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on April 25, 2022 07:32:38

I was there 2 weeks ago, it is $60 now. Still worth it!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on April 23, 2022 08:31:39

At the end, the voice-over says "They cytherians have given us knowledge it will take our scientists a century to read"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on April 22, 2022 11:44:01

Barclay was able to describe to the computer how to build a brain/computer interface, and he somehow used the instruments on the enterprise to produce a personal wormhole to a specific spatial location in another galaxy. ​ Did anybody look in the logs to figure out how he did that? Nope, back to warp drive!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on April 22, 2022 10:57:56

Also, 2 dudes came in with phasers and blew this dude's head completely to campbells soup, walked out, no trial no inquiry, nothing. Just "Hey, sometimes you've gotta explode somebody"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on April 22, 2022 10:56:41

Malodorous toffe-nosed pervert!

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There's a lot of discontent in the activist left because of the debacles with climate legislation, build back better, and Manchin/Sinema. We were promised the moon, elected biden president, but it turns out some rat from west virginia gets to be president. ​ Then there's the on and on, back-and-forth about student loans. ​ Then there's the administration's weak response to January 6th, with it now looking like a full-on treason will go unpunished because the people involved are too powerful. ​ Net/net what has been passed through congress is barely status quo. ​ So, from the farther reaches of the left, it's been a complete shit show.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MapPorn on April 20, 2022 07:34:13

If you're just looking to drop a hundred and get a dopamine hit, why not go out to a bomb ass dinner alone? Get a giant steak and 2 drinks, go home, beat ya meat, you'll feel way better in the morning.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on April 19, 2022 18:15:54

Many rural places of the USA are pretty permissive about what you can build on your own land. ​ If you have enough $$ to get like 10 wooded acres ($125k-$250k these days), and start building out in the middle of all that space, there will very likely not be anybody around to complain about it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PrimitiveTechnology on April 17, 2022 12:27:27

No it doesn't. Storming off involves shouting and boos and a bunch of people all going together and suddenly. Leaving means you pack up your phone and papers and everybody just kind of wanders out.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MarchAgainstNazis on April 8, 2022 10:22:23

\[citation needed\] ​ The video on PBS doesn't seem to show anyone storming out, it looks like they voted and then many of them were just sort of disinterested and wandering off.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MarchAgainstNazis on April 8, 2022 07:26:45

For anyone wondering, that URL goes to the "InterPlanetaryFileSystem", IPFS, the preferred way to store something immutable on the blockchain. ​ The thing he saved is a huge 20-page long journey in schizophrenia. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on April 7, 2022 19:23:24

[]( ​ Long multi-page schizophrenia rant on the blockchain.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on April 7, 2022 19:21:37

I will unite all Klingons under a single banner and teach them the value of honor by defeating my other half.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on April 7, 2022 09:55:10

Fact check: True. Their original wedding announcement can be found on page 7 of their local paper here: [\_2011.pdf]( ​ The pics look like a dad taking high school graduation pics with his daughter. Literally revolting. ​ Oh, and in an ironic twist, there's an article right next to it titled "Early bird gets the worm"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on April 7, 2022 07:31:42

Because Gene Roddenberry was in the navy and used all kinds of navy lingo and thinking when writing and developing Star Trek, which was one of the earliest franchises to really shape peoples' imagination of space travel. ​ Star Trek TNG changed the way people pronounce data or database.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/explainlikeimfive on April 6, 2022 12:24:35

Yowza. I'd fight to keep him away from the main fund too. Still I'd bump it to like 4k a month forever and that would probably quiet down brother.

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The lake was angry that day, my friends. The sky threatened trouble, but the beer and the boat beckoned, and I reckoned it would be fine. ​ Two hours later we're in the middle of lake norman and the wind has whipped up and the rain has begun. Lightning flashes in the distance, white caps began to form and the boat rocked. Finally, we admitted defeat and decided we had to head back. ​ I started up the boat and Larry yelled out "Good lord what is that?!". He dropped his beer in the lake he was pointing so hard. ​ There, off in the distance, through the chop and the waves, I saw what looked almost like the back of a whale breaching the surface, but much smaller, like alligator size. The skin was smooth, but at that range, I couldn't tell if it had fish scales or alligator bumps. Definitely no stegosaurus plates on the back. ​ As the hulking beast disappeared once more beneath the waves, I saw its tail was wide like a fish, but seemed to be more firm like a seal. ​ We made for shore posthaste, and when we returned we counted our blessings to be alive and not eaten by the waves, the storms, or the monster. ​ The lake was angry that day, my friends.

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It should exceed 0.95 for the significance level of 5%, and it can be computed on absolute or relative returns.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/meirl on April 5, 2022 11:50:56

This is the central legend of the QAnons.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/OutOfTheLoop on April 5, 2022 11:45:08

Unfortunately, a lot of negative human behavior is probably primate bullshit, come to think of it. How many times have you seen a fight video with some dudes beefing over some girl and you think "Dude, it's just a girl"... Same kind of thing

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PoliticalHumor on April 5, 2022 07:22:22

What is this dude thinking when he goes out in the morning? What does he expect others to think when they're seeing that?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PoliticalHumor on April 4, 2022 13:31:49

2 billion dollars + micropeen = this dude

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AbsoluteUnits on April 4, 2022 13:21:22

Maybe they have ridges on the dick that somehow split the stream.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on April 3, 2022 16:01:40

I've seen tons of AMAs from them and they are 100% sociopaths who de-humanize the prisoners so they can justify to themselves that it is OK to hurt/maim/torture/kill them. Complete sickos.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on April 3, 2022 08:37:34

Republican Mark Harris DID commit voter fraud in an election against Dan McReady, was denied his seat in congress, and in the special election we were graced with Bishop.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on April 1, 2022 13:03:29

The problem is that we're so gerrymandered, we can't give them hell and they know it. ​ That's why the same garbage bag full of knuckleheads keeps getting re-elected.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on April 1, 2022 12:24:07

\- Thom Tillis repeatedly and loudly supported allowing pawn shops to charge any rate of interest and fees they want. He rose to fame by fighting medicaid expansion in the NC legislature, a move decried as "insidiously evil" by the press at the time. ​ \- Richard Burr made a speech to his wealthy buddies telling them to sell their stocks because COVID was going to be terrible, then the same day made a public speech saying it was no big deal, nobody panic, don't worry. ​ \- Madison Cawthorn is a national embarrassment for a number of reasons, including his recent boast about cocaine and hooker parties and his overt obvious involvement in Jan. 6. ​ \- Dan Bishop rose to fame with the "Bathroom Bill", HB2, back in the day. It was later partially repealed rather than being struck down as blatantly unconsitutional. Then, during the George Floyd protests, he introduced a bill that said if you organize a protest, and someone at that protest commits any act of violence in which a cop is involved, you as the organizer of the protest are criminally responsible, and the bill included federal death penalty if a cop was killed at your protest. He was then deeply involved in the planning and execution of Jan. 6, and strangely enough, stated he didn't think the organizers of that protest that resulted in death and mayhem should be punished. The dude is just absolute bottom of the barrel scum. ​ \- On the other side of the aisle, Alma Adams is primarily known for creative hats. The NC democratic party is just completely worthless at politics, want to play nice with fascists and try to compromise and not upset anyone ever. You can see where that's gotten them. ​ The entire delegations to the senate, house, and state house are just straight trash.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on April 1, 2022 12:22:43

Toyotathon, when the prices were low.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on March 30, 2022 14:41:52

I still wear one, it is now a pedometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure sensor, sleep sensor, and shows me when there are calls/texts/emails.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/FuckImOld on March 29, 2022 19:33:02

Thank you, ordered a tub of it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on March 29, 2022 16:03:21

I will wear my mask until Korgano chases Musaka from the sky.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on March 29, 2022 08:24:01

This is super easy to see, just look at places with the highest Gini coefficient in the world and you'll see the end game. ​ []( ​ Huge masses of the population living in shanty towns on less than $2 a day, working manual labor to provide profits for a tiny elite living in palatial plantations and mansions. If the rif-raf start to get loud, just put up more walls and more guards. ​ []( ​ Namibia is another great example of a society designed for inequality. ​ Note that the tools in both are: \- Racial division \- Educational division \- Spatial division ​ So if you can protect yourself and your family on these axes, you might make it through.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AllAboutWealth on March 29, 2022 08:20:24

You know if someone is about to commit a mass shooting and then kill themselves, I'm sure they're concerned about the in-school suspension they'll get for bringing the gun in a non-clear backpack. Or a coat pocket.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on March 29, 2022 07:42:49

It would be interesting if we had large corporations, lets say over 1B market cap, required to use 20% of net income to purchase shares and put them into a trust FBO the workers, so that over time the companies would become worker-owned.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AllAboutWealth on March 28, 2022 21:36:25

Definitely. The shooting happened behind a truck, but then they put his body on the front of the truck like a deer and paraded it through town. Also, I remember before they shot him they DID stab him in the ass repeatedly on camera.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on March 28, 2022 21:17:19

Have you never seen a picture of the president's desk? ​ There's a bunch of levers for 'gas prices' and 'unemployment' and 'the economy' and 'interest rates' and so on. The president just sits there all day like a train conductor crankin on those levers. ​ In the 80s, Reagan had a lock put on the bottom right-hand drawer, because in there is a red button they can push to do communism. Literally all Biden has to do is find the key, unlock that drawer, push the button and boom: communism.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on March 27, 2022 09:13:12

The amount you could draw would be significantly more than that, btw. I used to be a financial planner at ML before they went under ('07-'08). If you have the money invested, the earnings from investment will make a huge difference over time. ​ There was this general rule of thumb we used: ​ If you need the money to last about 1 normal retirement (\~30 years), withdraw 4% of the initial amount each year. ​ If you want it to last forever at roughly the same balance, withdraw 3% a year. However, your purchasing power will decline every year. Imagine if someone had $5000 saved in 1795, and ever since they had pulled $150 a year out, and they would now still have $5,000. ​ If you want to keep up with inflation and maintain your purchasing power, it is 2% ​ If you want your money to grow over time in inflation terms, withdraw 1% per year. ​ This was a general rule, I know there was some research behind it. So, $8k/$500k = 1.6%, so most likely you'd get to the end of your 60 years you listed and wind up with well more than $500k in the account.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ifiwonthelottery on March 27, 2022 08:06:29

If you want to decentralize the wealth and power of society, then you need to either favor having more, smaller entities doing the work of the world, or you need some form of collective ownership over large entities, or you need government ownership and operation and pray the government acts for the benefit of the people. ​ The thing you specifically don't want is all the power and wealth being controlled by a tiny elite, which is what we have now. We have that because policy consistently favors larger entities and entrenched interests over smaller entities.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MurderedByAOC on March 25, 2022 11:11:32

If you make formation of smaller entities impossible, you hand over the entire economy to mega-corporations. Is that really what you want?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MurderedByAOC on March 25, 2022 07:36:14

It isn't, though. I'm a freelancer, I've worked in many startups. That first 3-5 employees is, relative to the amount of capital and revenue, a huge investment and a huge risk. If your third employee turns out to be a scammer, even under current law, it can wipe you out.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MurderedByAOC on March 25, 2022 07:35:23

Does anyone on earth have all of this already? ​ Seems like it would work OK for large businesses, but would present a huge risk for small companies of 1-5 employees. Specifically, the year-long parental leave and unlimited sick leave would need to be government funded.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MurderedByAOC on March 24, 2022 12:23:21

But the real question is whether or not that seems accurate for a 2M tall glass pitcher. That is a lot of glass, but 2600kg still seems really high. ​ Perhaps he's made of uranium glass?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AbsoluteUnits on March 24, 2022 08:24:57

I did and it worked out great. If you want to talk with her, please DM me and I'll connect you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on March 23, 2022 11:40:09

This is very clearly a Ukrainian propaganda piece. They don't even bother citing reliable sources just "available information". ​ It may be true, too, but there's no way this could be confirmed enough to be called journalism at this point.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/worldnews on March 23, 2022 07:27:33

Does anybody have a link to the longer video? I want to hear what this knucklehead said next

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PublicFreakout on March 21, 2022 12:24:48

You get one journey through this life. I wanted the home and family life, and I planned for it and I think in that way. I see myself as a part of a collective whole, like the left leg of a larger being than myself. Service to the family gives life meaning and purpose. Are they knuckleheads much of the time? Yes, definitely. But if you add up the good and the bad, at the end of the day the family and service to the family enrich your life far more than they cost you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on March 19, 2022 18:39:17

I decided to murder this one dude so I could bring back these other two dudes who were lost in a transporter accident. Right before I killed him, he begged for his life and said I was an asshole, and now these two I brought back are both acting like I'm the bad one here! AITA?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on March 18, 2022 12:16:05

Oy, did you hear that thunder last night? Woke me up in the middle of the night! ​ My dog has learned to fetch! ​ My cat caught a squirrel! ​ My fish got a new castle!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on March 16, 2022 14:35:44

`def create_AGI(intelligence_multiplier=1.0):` `return tf.Human_Intelligence_Net(intelligence_multiplier=intelligence_multiplier)` ​ `def learn(brain, wikipedia):` `return brain.learn(wikipedia)` ​ `def super_human_intelligence():` `"wikipedia")` `return learn(create_AGI(intelligence_multiplier=99), wikipedia)` ​ ​ ​ Get good, noobs.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ProgrammerHumor on March 16, 2022 12:52:14

Can anyone translate "exploiting lack of maneuver"? ​ So, the Russians have established fire bases and are launching loads of artillery, but they know they can't take the cities so they are mostly just hanging around the base. Then the Ukrainians have control over everything around the base and around all the roads leading to the base, and since they know where the russians are and that they aren't moving, they can do endless hit-and-run attacks from the woods. The russians, meanwhile, can't pursue because they can't drive their vehicles over the muddy early spring fields. ​ Is that what they meant?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/worldnews on March 16, 2022 07:33:18

Patrick Stewart ​ Leonard Nimoy

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on March 13, 2022 18:09:56

Yesterday's Enterprise was the one where an enterprise from the past arrives in the TNG future, but that old enterprise was supposed to be at the Battle of Khitomer. Since they weren't there, the Federation Klingon War continued on and on, and by TNG era, Starfleet was on the brink of collapse.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on March 12, 2022 18:10:54

Slavery is quite normal now. The 13th Amendment didn't outlaw slavery. Read the final clause, it says "Except as punishment for a crime". ​ There are loads and loads of people in prison for petty crime and minor stuff, who are forced to work for the benefit of private corporations. They aren't allowed to leave, aren't paid (or are paid nearly nothing), aren't allowed to quit, and will be harshly punished by the state if they refuse to work. Sounds like a slave, doesn't it?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on March 12, 2022 08:48:57

Question 13 is ambiguous. Am I supposed to express an opinion as to whether or not they SHOULD work for free, or my perception of if they currently work for free?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TalesFromTheSquadCar on March 11, 2022 12:30:03

They should have left him dead at the end of season one.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on March 9, 2022 12:05:06

It is hard to see what military objective might be obtained from the use of nukes. ​ Russia is having a very hard time with Kiev 'defense in depth', so they could blow a huge hole in the defenses by nuking the outskirts of Kiev. But is that going to really do much? You capture an irradiated city that is now more galvanized than ever that you're a mass murderer, and the rest of the country now sees it as a literal life-or-death struggle for every citizen, no more sitting on the sidelines, you're 100% doomed if you don't fight. If anything it would make the situation in Ukraine much worse. That's all before you consider the NATO response. ​ One thought is if a nation is losing badly and an enemy army is advancing rapidly toward the capitol, maybe you take the risk of nuking that army and then immediately contact your enemy and sue for peace and holding the line at this point. Maybe you wind up triggering MAD, but maybe you don't care because the army you're nuking is going to kill you in a few days anyway. ​ It is always, always, always a crazy idea to drop the bomb, even in very dire circumstances.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on March 8, 2022 18:22:13

Sorry, thought you were the original person.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 13:43:01

Adoption is shrinking in BTC. The number of transactions per day, for instance, has generally shrunk since '17. ​\_transactions\_per\_day

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 11:01:38

Median has crossed $1.50 at least 6 times since Oct '21, and was at $1.75 as recently as 6 days ago. It was above $5 virtually the entire time from January to June of '21. And it hasn't been down to 17c as claimed since at least April '20. ​ CITE:\_transaction\_fee.html#3y

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 10:59:45

[\_average\_transaction\_fee]( ​ No it isn't.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 09:39:06

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 09:21:09

The fees might be small compared to international bank wires of similar size, but they are still exceedingly high for regular small-to-medium transactions that make up the huge majority of payments. Most BTC transaction fees are like $1.50-$2 now, right? Visa is still only $0.50 for small transactions, and they're accepted everywhere on the internet too, far more than BTC or LTC or Nano.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 08:21:30

* Can you find one use-case for blockchain technology that makes the world a better place for all? ​ One big problem with the future of crypto is the massive scale it runs on. If we just need supply chain verification, we can get 99.99999% of the reliability of data with just 5 independent write-once/read-many databases that have hashes stored with data points. ​ For instance, if I want to track a fish from farm to table, I could have an independent Fish Verification Association server, and that talks to an independent WORM server run at the fish farm, then there's another one at Safe Fish Shipping, Inc., and another at Yummy Fish Distribution, Inc., and finally a last one at Mega Grocery Corp. If they are all verifying each other like a little mini-blockchain, you'll have essentially the same reliability you'd have from a huge public blockchain system, but only needing to run 5 servers instead of 5 million. ​ This is the case with a lot of the supply-chain related use cases: A lot of data needs to be kept semi-private, and a lot of it can be easily handled with cross verification among 3-15 parties instead of needing millions of verifications.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 08:18:57

It has low usability and a trash reputation. XMR is the coin you go to if you want to buy drugs or traffick humans or hire hitmen. Wal-Mart doesn't want to be associated with it from a marketing perspective, and never will. You can say "You can buy drugs, etc., with USD", but it doesn't really have that reputation from a marketing/cultural perspective. ​ If a person has heard of XMR, they've heard it is the coin for secrecy and shady shit. Most people have never heard of it at all. ​ If a person has heard of USD, they've heard of it as the reserve currency and that common thing in every store. Virtually the entire world has heard of it. ​ Marketing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on March 8, 2022 08:10:34

US Energy production has been on a clear up-trend for more than a decade on strong natural gas production, and began its ascent in about 2010 -- under Obama. I have no idea how the right has convinced anybody that the Ds are anti-energy production. The oil companies have long since bought the entire legislature. ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forwardsfromgrandma on March 8, 2022 07:12:42

Are you []( ​ Generally speaking, you can start your path to revenue by figuring out who your target customer is, what problem they have that you solve, and how your solution is better than other solutions. ​ So your target audience is religious or spiritual people who want a more fulfilled life, right? ​ I guess my big question is: why would they not be achieving that now? How do the current set of solutions -- blogs, churches, support groups, self-help books and on and on -- not solve their problem? How can you solve that problem in a way that the existing institutions can't? ​ The other possibility is to set your expectations. How much money do you need this thing to make? $100k a year? How much is a single monthly user worth to you in terms of ad revenue? $0.25? So you'll need like 400k viewers to hit $100k revenue, and probably 1MM to hit $100k profit. Realistically, this indicates you need mass marketing (Google Ads, FB ads, etc.) and strong viewer retention (email lists, constant contact, etc.) to get to those numbers. Person-to-person networking isn't going to grow it fast enough or far enough.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on March 7, 2022 08:34:04

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck? Assume you have a dog-sized frog companion.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on March 4, 2022 12:24:33

This might explain the supply chain problems they've had. The army really did think they were just on maneuvers as a political ploy, and thus weren't really prepared for a full-on invasion.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/worldnews on March 4, 2022 12:13:22

Lean into it: Assume you're not really the top-notch sales person you see in your head, you really are just pretending. Now, the game is that you're like a spy and you have to see how far you can take the gag before anybody notices. Can you imagine if these jabronis bought it and you wind up running the entire sales operation in 5 years, and then you pull off the mask and you're like "Ha ha, bitches, I didn't know shit the whole time!"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on February 28, 2022 07:41:28

Even people arrested for solicitation aren't charging these prices.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NotHowGirlsWork on February 28, 2022 07:37:03

1/2 gal is tiny, that's 1/10th a packet of yeast.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on February 27, 2022 19:08:56

No, probably not. ​ Putin really wants to preserve as much of the wealth of Ukraine as possible so he and his buddies can plunder it. He ultimately would like to re-assemble the Warsaw Pact/Eastern Bloc countries and Make Russia Great Again. ​ Using a nuke wouldn't accomplish that. What is he going to hit? Either he hits a NATO target, in which case it is the end of the world, or he hits a military target within Ukraine, in which case he risks destroying the very prize he's trying to take. It would also further galvanize the Ukranian population against him. ​ It just doesn't make a whole lotta sense that he'd launch any nukes in this conflict.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on February 27, 2022 16:49:42

If I buy a new air conditioner or a new water heater, I have to pay 50% up-front, 50% on completion. Regular business practice.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on February 26, 2022 20:15:23

This honestly got me wondering, so I checked. Yes, it seems West Virginia was a hotbed of raids and guerilla warfare through most of the civil war. ​ [\_Virginia\_in\_the\_American\_Civil\_War#Guerrilla\_warfare](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on February 26, 2022 08:42:37

Here is a list of relatively non-violent revolutions: ​\_revolution

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on February 25, 2022 07:16:55

Wow, turns out if you advertise that you can come on this site and say anything.... ​ people turn up and say all sorts of things. ​ Odd. Who could have predicted?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on February 23, 2022 07:18:17

Literally all education is indoctrination. In the choices of what literature to cover, what history to cover and how to present it, what values to promote, schools will always indoctrinate. There is no other way, so really the only argument is over which form of indoctrination we want.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on February 22, 2022 17:41:25

Sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays. :(

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on February 22, 2022 16:54:57

It is TWOS DAY and I'm the only one in town who seems to even realize it! ​ Tuesday, 2 22 2022 ​ Come on people, get hyped! Why isn't there a 2 parade??

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on February 22, 2022 08:18:56

Bootcamps vary wildly in quality. I used to teach one at a university, it was OK quality. I know many of my students were able to get into a tech job thereafter, but it frequently took 4-8 months. If you have no prior coding knowledge and you need to get overview-level ideas like For loop vs While loop or the idea of what a database is and how to use one, they're a good ride. Especially look for ones that have a university label associated with them. Also note that a lot of the bootcamps that you can find at one university are also offered at other universities for a similar price.. So, if you're looking at a coding bootcamp at University of Nebraska, you can probably get the exact same content with the exact same entrance requirements from Columbia or Harvard, but at the end you have a certificate with an Ivy-league name on it. ​ I also work in tech. If I were you, I'd look into a tech-stack-specific certification. I mean do something like the AWS Cloud Practitioner -> AWS Cloud Developer -> AWS Data Specialist certification path. The classes are free through AWS Skillbuilder, and the certificates are in demand. Look it up on the job sites. With that you're certified on the very very specific thing that companies are actually using day-to-day. These certificates are very cheap compared to bootcamps, and much more in-demand. HOWEVER, many of the classes assume you already have at least a post-bootcamp or mid-degree level understanding of programming. If you go into AWS Developer courses and don't know a coding language and some design patterns, it will be (quite literally) taught in a language you don't speak. ​ Finally, this is huge: Projects are everything in tech. Build some stuff that you personally would use and publish public repos of it on Github. Get a LinkedIn and show off your projects. Even if they suck, it is clear evidence that you've wrestled with most of the common problems and come out on top. Like, if you make a nice clean app that can keep up with your stock portfolio for you, obviously that's not going to work as a startup. There's a billion of that app. But, as a demo project where you can show your skills and have a work sample, it is gold. Get done with 3-5 1-month mini-projects and you look really good.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on February 22, 2022 08:11:42

"The owner is the owner and it is his business" is the root problem idea here. ​ The workers create everything, and if they leave, the owner doesn't have shit.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on February 22, 2022 07:26:27

No, you misspelled Valentinian as "Valentine Anus"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/HistoryAnimemes on February 21, 2022 13:07:58

Once again, the 1/2 your age plus 7 rule works great here. ​ 18 year old -> 1/2 = 9 -> + 7 = 16 years old would be a little young but not scandalous. 14 is clearly too young. ​ The oldest person a 14 year old could date would be: 14 = 0.5x + 7 ​ 7 = 0.5x ​ x = 14 ​ Ergo, the 14 year old should stick with other 14s, and the 18 should look elsewhere. ​ That's just science.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on February 21, 2022 12:30:19

This should be super easy since there are two entirely separate supply chains for libruls and conservatives. Just don't sell your farm products to "Big Blue Elites Food Distribution, Inc.", and sell it to "Red Real America Food Distribution, LLC" instead.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on February 19, 2022 08:53:18

Python error messages all come with a free hug and a pat on the back.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 18, 2022 17:59:24

You'll make more, have better clients, and sell more if you market yourself as a premium product and charge a decent rate for it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/shopify on February 18, 2022 17:25:13

Maybe I'm out of the loop, what was "explosively offensive" at the halftime show? ​ I saw highlights on Ozzy Man Reviews, looked tame to me.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on February 17, 2022 07:30:33

Shirtlessness is a plague upon this city, as it is upon every city. ​ We should go the other way: Nobody is allowed to go topless

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 16, 2022 12:24:59

Facebook stock is going to zero within 3 years. ​ They already have to pay huge salaries to get anyone to work there. Now I have to pledge fealty to "Meta, Metamates, Me"? Fuck all the way off.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/technews on February 16, 2022 08:30:07

Things like this make me think the entire "MAGA movement" is fake paid protestors. ​ This guy woke up one day and thought "I'm going to take my new $199.95 trump flag to the baseball game with me, unfurl that bad boy in the bottom of the third and...." ​ ... what? Like, what did he expect to gain from this action? How was this supposed to go? Everybody cheers and we all march on Washington? ​ It makes no sense from that perspective, but from the perspective of a corporate marketing campaign where the point is to saturate your target market with the same message/narrative over and over, it makes perfect sense. This actually seems like the far more likely scenario. ​ Ergo, this dude is fake.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/happycrowds on February 15, 2022 13:11:25

Good luck jumping the air gap.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/linuxmasterrace on February 15, 2022 09:56:02

That can't be a full time war horse. There's no more horse wars, after all. It must be either a pet or a worker most of the time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/interestingasfuck on February 15, 2022 09:31:12

Horses are quite smart. Imagine being the horse. ​ You're just a regular farm horse, one day they put all this shit on you, the human climbs on wearing matching shit. ​ Then they have you run the fuck over somebody, like what the fuck ok. Then all the other people get mad at you and you're like "I'M JUST DOING WHAT THE FAT GUY TOLD ME, JESUS WHAT THE FUCK?!" And they're all wearing matching stuff and hitting you with sticks and you're like "What is this, beat the horse day?"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/interestingasfuck on February 15, 2022 08:04:21

September 1, 2024. Be ready. ​\_Riots

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/starterpacks on February 12, 2022 12:49:24

When I see something like this, I always wonder: What do they want me, the viewer, to take a away from this? How did they see this going in their head? ​ I mean, this guy had to buy this shirt, get the shirt and think "I know!" and then stage this picture, then look at it and think "Fuck yeah" and put it on social media. Why? What do they think is going to happen next, and how do they see that benefiting them?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/trashy on February 11, 2022 08:31:03

I think a small, vocal minority do that. I'm not doing that, I'm not asking somebody to do that. ​ y'all nasty.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on February 10, 2022 18:44:22

Curtis is marrying up, because he's a weird looking dude. Really landed a catch there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/HumanTippyTaps on February 10, 2022 18:39:57

And naturally hairless

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sadcringe on February 10, 2022 18:38:27

Compute power and memory aren't a huge issue for me, so when I get a new client, I ask them for a couple of days to explore their data and I just hammer it through like 8 different models almost willy-nilly. I'll try the tried-and-true techniques of that type of data (convolutions for images, for instance), but a lot of it really is just run the data through a bunch of models and see what pops out. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on February 10, 2022 08:22:42

My wife wanted to get a root beer kit from Mr. Beer for the kids for Christmas. Apparently they were out of the root beer kits and they offered to send a craft beer kit instead. She said yes, and gave it to me for Christmas. ​ About 6 months later it was my birthday and I got myself a 5 gallon kit from Northern Brewer with all the fixins. ​ That was about 2 years ago.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on February 9, 2022 13:21:30

This seems like the sort of thing that would get you arrested within days... how do these people walk around in the world?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/niceguys on February 9, 2022 12:47:09

Sounds like you have a good set of scripts to generate all of this. ​ You should look into Collective2, you might be able to sell subscriptions to trading systems there. ​ [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Jobs4Bitcoins on February 8, 2022 20:39:29

Bathroom door. Owen wants to watch you pee. (This is for safety)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/oddlyterrifying on February 8, 2022 18:57:34

The end-user use of ML for you is an API call or a library/SDK. You don't have to understand how Tesseract or AWS Textract work internally, really, you just have to understand the API.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on February 8, 2022 15:42:51

There's some haters in here, pay no attention to them. This is a very cool project. Integrates a lot of disparate ideas really well. ​ Great job. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on February 8, 2022 09:59:11

I'm always confused by this "Get lazy people to work" idea. If you're the sort of person who really doesn't want to work at all due to just outright laziness, you're going to be a completely shit employee. We've all worked with this kind of people, they're just a drag on the whole team. ​ Economically, there's a contingent of the population we'd be better off paying to just stay out of the way. ​ I mean, I get the real intention behind it all is to over-supply the labor market with enough bodies that the bulk of the working class loses power because "I can get somebody else to do your job"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on February 8, 2022 09:24:49

Do we even know if this is legit? He could easily be photoshopped in there...

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forwardsfromgrandma on February 7, 2022 19:02:03


Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DiWHY on February 7, 2022 08:27:14

I like to keep a fresh potato on the table while I dip my fries in mashed potatoes so it can watch me dunk its brother into its squashed cousin.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 6, 2022 20:47:10

Another 20% is complaining about current languages and frameworks. Another 40% is meetings The last 20% is split between learning, writing, and checking in.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on February 6, 2022 20:33:21

This can be solved with a write-once/read-many database, which is like a mini-blockchain run inside a regular centralized database. There was recently a paper + real world product where someone built a "semi-centralized" system where audit chains were rapidly verifiable to have never changed by just running a set of database scripts on 3-5 independently owned machines, rather than thousands or millions. That is, obviously, thousands of times cheaper to run.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on February 5, 2022 14:42:40

Oddly enough, there are many solutions to this problem. The most obvious one is some form of ranked choice voting or parliamentary form of government, plus much easier ballot access rules. For instance: \- Go into the voting booth, the ballot looks like it does now. There's a name with party affiliation to vote for in each office. There are several parties there. \- All votes for the state are tallied up by party. \- Multiply the number of seats for that race times the percent of the vote the party got, round to a whole number, and that is how many seats are allocated to that party. \- The actual individuals who fill those seats are the candidates who got the highest percentage of the vote on their local ballot. For instance, if the Libertarians get 10% of the vote statewide, but in your district the libertarian got 20% of the vote, they would wind up in a seat. ​ This way, no matter how you split up my districts, if I vote Libertarian, I'm adding to the number of seats held by libertarians. Maybe I get my local guy, maybe not, but at least I'm guaranteed my vote counts for SOMETHING. That wouldn't require changing the ballots even, just the way we count! The system is rigged up this way for a reason, and no matter who you want to vote for, you should be pissed.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on February 5, 2022 14:38:37

Surveys of the public seem to mirror those findings. For instance: ​

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on February 5, 2022 14:31:51

There was a rumor/hypothesis over on WallStreetBets that FB knew their daily/monthly user count was declining and their moment was passing, so the pulled a hail mary by buying Oculus and Instagram. Insta kept them going for a bit, but now that is losing big to tik tok, and Facebook has a reputation as the place where your Nazi uncle posts memes about jewish space lasers. The writing is on the wall, their core business is dying. ​ So, as a last hail mary, they trot out this half-conceived idea of a fully virtual world where you wake up in the morning, pop on your oculus, spend all day working in some virtual workspace, then you "go home" by switching from the office space to some other ill-defined social space with your friends and games. The hope is they can get enough traction out of this to sell enough Oculus units (Oculi?) to paper over the death of their main two platforms. ​ Unfortunately for them, nobody really seems interested. That sounds like complete hell. I don't want to wear an oculus on my face and type on a virtual laptop all day. That solves exactly zero real-world problems I have and sounds awful. ​ VR is cool for what it is cool for, but it isn't going to replace real life.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/oculus on February 5, 2022 11:46:02

There are loads of decentralized web3 contracts that create debt and create additional artificial supply. This doesn't solve the problem, it just moves it around a bit.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on February 5, 2022 11:37:09

But do most people care enough about this to actually do anything about it? I feel like leaning hard on the decentralizing argument is going to attract maybe 10% of the total market. Most people want cheap, fast, and easy. Crypto isn't there yet.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on February 5, 2022 11:35:51

Also, here's an in-depth analysis of the current situation, using both congressional and social media polarization. The different parties seem to inhabit entirely different worlds, with totally different values and very little or no communication or commonality between the sides: [\_polarization\_in\_the\_United\_States](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on February 5, 2022 10:04:56

This is a measurable statistic, and the answer is that during the post-WW2 period, we're in the most divided, most contentious time ever. It is so much worse now than the civil rights and vietnam era. ​ []( ​ That ends in 2011, but I don't think any sane person would say we're less polarized now than in 2011.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on February 5, 2022 10:03:40

We've seen this song and dance before, I can tell you exactly what comes next: ​ 1. Court sets a deadline for new maps 2. Republicans say they're working on it, ask the court for more time until the court says no. 3. Republicans don't release anything public until the deadline (or maybe a week past) 4. They release new maps that have changed 1% of precincts and don't change the power balance at all. 5. Court rejects those maps, cycle continues until.. 6. The court says "These maps are unconstitutional, but there's no more time before election day, so we'll have to go with the ones originally passed so we can hold some kind of election" 7. Rinse and repeat for 9 years, then it is time to begin the redistricting process over again. ​ The NC GOP isn't trying to run the state in a legitimate way. They don't see their role as setting good policy, they see their role as centralizing all power in their hands and cutting off every venue for anyone else -- especially common people -- to have any power. ​ The current party ideology does not believe in representational government at all, and they're hell-bent on destroying it. You can tell because they say this frequently. It is not an exaggeration to say they're a party of something between aristocracy and fascism.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Charlotte on February 5, 2022 09:43:29

Basically a travel agent, right? ​ They're kind of a dying breed, but the real trick is getting discounts from hotels and attractions for people. That's the value of travel agents. Pay them $500, they save you $1000.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on February 4, 2022 16:25:02

Supposedly America has 25% of the population with food insecurity, yet Joe Biden ate some ice cream one time, CHECKMATE LIBS

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forwardsfromgrandma on February 4, 2022 08:18:30

If The Woke Mob existed and could cancel people, I'm pretty sure Candace Owens and Trump would have been cancelled long ago.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/starterpacks on February 4, 2022 07:31:31

User name checks out

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on February 4, 2022 07:19:58

Couldn't you just check into a hotel for a week and have the same effect?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on February 3, 2022 18:13:46

Am I supposed to know who the people in the lower-right are? ​ Or the dude in the red jacket? ​ Also, who got cancelled? ​ I must be getting old.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/starterpacks on February 3, 2022 18:12:16

Weakest beer I ever made was because I miscounted the lines on the side of my fermenter and made a 6 gallon batch with a 5 gallon kit.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on February 3, 2022 09:46:47

The people who made this poster are the same sort of people pulling the strings of the puppets on the supreme court.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on February 3, 2022 07:20:15

The problem with a lot of decentralized tech is enforcement mechanisms. ​ Hey, I'm using your shade of blue, what are you gonna do about it? ​ Hey, I minted an NFT using a copy/paste of your bored ape JPG, but with precisely 1 bit changed in the file, and now that's my verified twitter profile pic. What are you gonna do about it? ​ Hey, I conned you into sending your ETH to my wallet address by using some malware, what are you gonna do about it?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ABoringDystopia on February 2, 2022 12:28:56

For the blurring one, you should look at AWS Rekognition. They have a video processing API. Could be cheaper that running your own GPU-heavy servers.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on February 2, 2022 12:21:00

I have an oak tree in my yard. If I bought a syringe of chanterelle spores and then sprayed it near the roots of the tree, under some leaf litter, would that be likely or unlikely to work?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mycology on February 1, 2022 18:27:43

You should have named the combination of Texas + Oklahoma "Tokelahoma"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/imaginarymaps on February 1, 2022 18:22:46

No it isn't. That's not the problem at all. &#x200B; The big problems are first past the post and ballot access. &#x200B; Most states will let your party on the ballot if you got more than some % of the vote in the past 2 or 4 election cycles. Where I am, that number is 5%. If you're under that, then you have to gather petitions to be on the ballot. Thus, third parties are constantly spending all their time and effort on getting on the ballot, while the major parties can just write a small check and be done with it. &#x200B; With first past the post, you get 100% of the power with just the majority of the votes. If, for instance, the entire right unites around one party, and that party gets 40% of the vote, while the left fractures and winds up with one party with 25% of the vote, another with 20% of the vote, and another with 15%, then we're seeing 2 of the most successful third parties that have been fielded in the last 150 years.... and the three left parties wind up, collectively, with 0% of the power after the election. &#x200B; Both of these are easy to solve problems, but the people with the power to fix them aren't going to fix them, because it would mean giving up their own power. &#x200B; All the 'attitude' in the world ain't gonna fix that. Thinking you can magically go from <5% of the vote to 51% is nonsense.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on February 1, 2022 10:01:46

Oh, and February we talk about the civil rights movement and how everything's better now.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on January 31, 2022 21:13:14

Easily 1/3 of the population don't know we did all that. The actions you talk about aren't really in the history books of most middle/high schools. It goes 1776, 1812, Civil War, WW1, WW2, more WW2, WW2, WW2, WW2, Vietnam, War on Terror. &#x200B; Anything not on that list gets covered in college. &#x200B; They also skip from the end of the civil war right to the beginning of world war 1, thus side-stepping the bulk of the labor movement.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on January 31, 2022 21:09:59

The good news is your 'record' doesn't actually matter much. Nobody outside your company will ever see it or care. So if you get another job, it becomes irrelevant.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/legaladvice on January 31, 2022 08:09:33

[\_Th%E1%BB%8B\_Th%E1%BA%AFng]( &#x200B; In July 1968, the Viet Cong tasked her with assassinating a suspected spy in Saigon. After failing to kill her target, she was arrested by the South Vietnamese government and sentenced by a military court to 20 years of hard labour in Côn Đảo Prison. Upon receiving her sentence, she faced the jury and retorted, "Will your government last long enough to imprison me for 20 years?"\[a\] A photograph of her smiling, taken by a Japanese reporter at her sentencing, became popularly known as the "Smile of Victory", a symbol of Vietnamese women who fought in the Vietnam War.\[2\]

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/interestingasfuck on January 30, 2022 20:21:06

So how do you simultaneously build a movement (meaning add people) without de-radicalizing? As you add more to a distribution, you'll move toward the population mean. &#x200B; The right seems to move the population mean in their direction by excluding those who aren't radical enough. The Dems operate with 'big tent' of invite in everybody, take a little piece of their talking points, and seek the population mean. &#x200B; So, honestly, it seems like the balancing force would be something to move the population mean to the left by excluding those who aren't radical enough. Unfortunately, historically, this has resulted in the "I only associate with neo-Trotskyists who opposed the second international's 18th resolution" type of leftist, right? The "read some theory" bro.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DankLeft on January 30, 2022 16:30:27

Well, I know things are pretty competitive in the vagina plunger business.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on January 30, 2022 12:16:19

LinkedIn has a similar feature, sorry to say. &#x200B; Go to your LinkedIn profile. Look for the More button under your picture. There you can choose to either export your LinkedIn profile as a PDF that looks really good, or you can run their resume builder thing that will take an existing resume and give advice.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on January 29, 2022 18:51:26

Why are they after Medford OR and Reno NV right away? How are those on the short list?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/interestingasfuck on January 29, 2022 14:31:56

Why would NYC get obliterated in the first 500 AND in the other 1500? Why keep pounding on, basically, a pile of rubble?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/interestingasfuck on January 29, 2022 14:31:32

Yes, but sort of squished down a bit.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/carporn on January 29, 2022 08:38:41

State Senator Jeff Jackson posts here regularly. He says as long as we have gerrymandered republican single-party control (i.e. at least until 2032), it won't ever happen. &#x200B; When you talk to the hard right around here, it's very clear they think it's a good way to arrest black people.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NorthCarolina on January 27, 2022 12:06:57

I fully disagree with the "Nothing can happen to bring down BTC/ETH". In fact, I'd say the opposite: In 15 years, we'll look at BTC and ETH like we now look at MySpace and Yahoo: First on the scene, definitely had something there, but ultimately not the killer app. &#x200B; BTC has a bunch of problems that are completely intractable. First up is the "Dead coins" problem. There's loads of BTC out there that is phantom supply because somebody got 20 BTC in a giveaway years and years ago and lost the key, never to retrieve them again. Every day, people are dying and leaving their BTC to relatives who don't know where the key is and have zero hope of getting it back. At some point, we'll hit the end of BTC supply and the rest of it will slowly rot away. Second, BTC doesn't efficiently solve the biggest problems it is faced with. Efficient cross-border payments can be made faster and cheaper on other networks. As a store of value, it is actually trash in similar ways to precious metals: The entire value lies in reputation, scarcity and fungibility, but not in actual VALUE. If I own a bond, the actual VALUE lies in the fact that there is an entity out there doing business, making things, who will deliver me an interest payment in the future. With stock, there's an entity with people who are out there every day generating me a little profit. With gold/BTC, it's just a lump that produces nothing and just sits there soaking up a carrying cost. Since there's no real actual value behind it, if the reputation collapses or if people aren't using it much, the 'value' disappears. Then there's proof of work, which is basically just a giant power-wasting circle jerk. There's no dispute resolution mechanism: If you accidentally send your BTC to the wrong address, or if you get scammed, or even if you send your BTC to an unused address where no users have the keys, you're screwed. The only solution to this is insurance, and since the insurance knows it will be hard to recoup, that insurance is expensive. &#x200B; ETH's big selling point is smart contracts, and right now they're the king of smart contracts. But they're obviously having problems with scaling and don't have a realistic plan to achieve the kind of scale you see in VISA. Since ETH has smart contracts that are trying to be Visa, some that are trying to be like foreign exchange markets, some are trying to be futures markets, some are trying to be banks.. Well, ETH potentially needs multiples of VISA through-put every day. It might need NYSE + VISA + NASDAQ + CBOT levels of transaction volume to meet the full promise of decentralization. Their current roadmap def can't handle that. The cost of doing business on the ETH network is unreasonably high for a lot of these use cases. &#x200B; So, to answer your question, the alt-coins to win will be: &#x200B; The ETH killer will have turing-complete functionality, lower costs, a development language similar to Solidity/Javascript so it can lure away ETH developers and projects, and it will be massively scalable in a realistic way. Current contenders here are, IMO, algorand and Radix. &#x200B; The BTC killer will be some kind of proof of stake, lightning fast, much cheaper, and will contain a dispute resolution (chargeback) mechanism. Realistically, any crypto that can do smart contracts can do cross-border payments, so there's really no reason for BTC to exist!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on January 27, 2022 09:19:13

HBO's Real Sex had an interview with a guy who had a thriving business of refurbishing real doll sex dolls.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/badwomensanatomy on January 26, 2022 08:24:22

Surprising! I thought it was more like 10-15% due to chromebooks.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/linuxmasterrace on January 26, 2022 07:45:22

Borg: Origins would have a ton of opportunity.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on January 25, 2022 20:48:29

Ass in assimilation should be a different color.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on January 25, 2022 12:33:02

The expansion of your skills needs to match this realization. &#x200B; Specifically, instead of being an expert on Tensorflow.Sequential components, maybe get into the AWS cloud-based ML products, or similar stuff from Google and Microsoft. That seems to be the direction things are taking: Pre-trained mega-models that you can build off of. &#x200B; But yeah, it seems like a lot of the basics like text classification, image recognition, etc. etc. are very well coded now. Starting a new MNIST model now is about as effective for your career as starting up a webdev project to build the next Twitter.. Everybody's done it 10 times.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on January 25, 2022 08:42:54

Seems like the sort of thing I could arrange... :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on January 24, 2022 12:13:41

I don't have the equipment for bulk aging, but I do have a bunch of bottles already. How should I deal with the large amount of sediment at the bottom of bottles?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on January 24, 2022 10:26:57


Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on January 24, 2022 08:25:34

I have a 6.5 gallon fermentor for primary, I have a 6 gallon bottling bucket, and I have a boatload of 1-liter bottles. I've done this procedure before: 1. Sanitize bottling bucket 2. Carefully pour all bottles from a batch into the bottling bucket, but leave the sediment behind 3. Wash and sanitize the bottles 4. Put the mead in the bottling bucket back in the bottles It's a pain in the ass, but it really helps to make a better end-product. One one batch, I did a re-bottling for 1/2 and kept the other half in the original bottles, and the re-bottled batch was much clearer and has a much cleaner taste.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on January 23, 2022 21:38:43

Why do not do on rebottling, please?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on January 23, 2022 18:55:46

Yes, but that's the good news! &#x200B; Why NOT do the thing? In the end, it won't even matter! Ask out the pretty girl! Try to run 10 miles and fall over and puke! Move to the country and work on a farm raising worms! Fuck it, move to Djibouti!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on January 22, 2022 20:23:23

Data science and artificial intelligence consultant. &#x200B; What are you studying?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on January 21, 2022 09:30:08

I've worked from home for 10 years. It is funny how, as recently as 2019, that was weird and people were like "Oh wow, really?". Now the discussion has completely shifted to "I'm on a computer all day, why am I not at home instead?!"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on January 20, 2022 09:38:04

I can't speak to the sales world, but this is the way in a lot of the software development world. I've read about people going through 4 interviews, then being invited for 5th, and asking "How many more are there?" and being told "We don't know yet". &#x200B; I think labor costs are up and there's some sticker shock in middle manager budgets, so they're responding by trying to get a ferrari for BMW money.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on January 13, 2022 12:11:30

You know the establishment dems are going to ram through Godlewski, right?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on January 12, 2022 18:44:26

This kind of processing power would only be useful for problems where the work can be 'chunked' mathematically. It is the same reason some things are very fast on a GPU, because the GPU is really good at doing math on multi-dimensional arrays, and can process a bunch of entries in a huge array very fast. &#x200B; But a lot of on-demand computing wouldn't work for this. For instance, if I am playing a game and I want to get this super-computer to handle my graphics processing, then I'd need my computer to package up some description of the ray trace that needs to be done, send it over the internet (0.5 second lag), unpack it on the other end and do the compute (faster or slower than my own machine? Who knows?) then pack it back up and send it back (0.5 sec lag on the way back too). So I'm getting maybe 1 frame per second when I want 30+. &#x200B; So the lag of sending things back and forth over the internet is a big problem, and then on the other end of that you have to have each machine doing only a portion of the compute, then re-assemble the completed answer and get it back to the requester, all faster than the requester could have just done it themselves. &#x200B; That lag time between machines inside a data center where the physical hardware are 3 meters from each other and connected with 100 gigabit hardware in between is microseconds. Over the main internet it is 100s of milliseconds and that'll kill you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on January 8, 2022 15:58:56

The article never actually says what to do to stop fascism and instead tells me to read this guy's book for the punchline. &#x200B; Anyone read it and know the advice?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/alltheleft on January 6, 2022 11:48:59

The scene where she and sisko meet before the vote for Kai and she asks for his support and he diplomatically tells her to fuck off and they just have the most hated, heated, fuck you nah fuck you conversation, but so diplomatically... &#x200B; Some of Sisko's best work.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on January 6, 2022 08:16:42

Because if you can't turn off the safeties, how can the holodeck go mad and start taking over the ship, duh

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on January 5, 2022 17:44:20

Please put a "jump to recipe" button at the top of each post. Most recipe sites have to have a long article before the recipe for SEO reasons, and the good ones put a button that will skip all that filler. &#x200B; Second, I wonder how you'd stand out? There's a million sites out there already, aren't you going into a super crowded market?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on January 5, 2022 08:26:07

Do you mean decentralized as on "Everyone is remote" or decentralized like "blockchain decentralized autonomous organization"? &#x200B; What kind of business is it? JIRA works well for software, badly for retail, for instance.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on January 5, 2022 08:21:15

Get an outdoor gas burner like the dark star from northern brewer, and then the brew part can happen outside and by the time you move inside, you're putting on the top and 99% of the remaining smell stays in the bubbler.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on January 2, 2022 12:51:59

Turn the heat down you absolute potato

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on January 1, 2022 08:40:44

Anyone who would make a hiring decision based on this is not someone you want to do business with. Keep it. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on December 31, 2021 12:25:13

Amazon Rekognition can do this. That may or may not be relevant to your project. &#x200B; []( &#x200B; But the cost is quite high, I think.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on December 31, 2021 11:42:59

I think current entry-level is $70k to $90k.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on December 30, 2021 08:37:01

What kind of goods are they? How did you find these 'local marketplaces'? &#x200B; Great job, man. &#x200B; A lot of sellers next scale point is to have a repeated stock so you can use automation programs to re-list, and all you have to do is enter your new inventory.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on December 29, 2021 17:22:22

Appeals to farming conditions work well with a lot of conservative-leaning listeners. &#x200B; Lots of fruit trees can't fruit without predictable winter cycles. Freak storms and unexpected frosts get more common and can ruin a whole crop at once. The aquifers that feed the midwestern US are running out and it is raining less and less across the mid-west, so we'll be hitting peak production followed by another dust bowl out there.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on December 29, 2021 09:57:32

Reinforcement learning is super hard among ML disciplines. &#x200B; Was for me, anyway! I worked for like 3 months on a crypto trading RL method. Failed failed failed. Went and looked up lots of reference projects, ran their projects and ... they also failed!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on December 27, 2021 20:55:15

If your employer is going to cut your pay for doing the exact same work, you should walk away from them and work for someone who will treat you as a person. &#x200B; Do not accept that pay cut.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on December 26, 2021 15:50:40

How to Win Friends and Influence people by dale carnegue

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on December 25, 2021 18:24:03

Astounding that I have met actual adults who seem to think the president is a king.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AteTheOnion on December 25, 2021 17:10:24

As for me, I find procrastinating is often a symptom of having a task in my head as The Whole Task. So, I use a method called "Real Next 10 Things". &#x200B; Basically, if you know you need to write 5 blog posts this week, don't look at it as 5 blog posts this week. Instead, make a list like: &#x200B; 1. Open editor 2. Write 1 sentence 3. Get some water 4. Write 1 sentence 5. Fold laundry Each item should be <= 15 minutes, so a realistic list covers no more than an hour or hour and a half. &#x200B; Another one is what I call "Get in the flow". Instead of thinking "I've got to work an 8 hour day", just say "Any knucklehead can work for 10 minutes". Put on a timer for 10 minutes, try to focus on work for just that time. If your timer goes off and you didn't make it, try 5 minutes next time. Eventually, you'll be 'in the work' and your timer will go off and you'll jump because you weren't expecting it. Then you're off and going.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on December 25, 2021 11:55:43

"Test" should be a tiny blue sliver to the right of "Release". Or maybe the "Release" section should be a red and blue stripe pattern. "I don't always test my code, but when I do, it's in production"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 25, 2021 10:57:22

This is how Consumer Reports started. They were originally "Consumers Union" and positioned themselves as a sort of, well, union for consumers to band together to address concerns about safety, value, and quality. Eventually that led them to publishing safety, quality, and value reports. That report was called Consumer Reports, and eventually that became the whole show. But note that the participation of individual consumers melted away in favor of expert testing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on December 24, 2021 08:59:01

The property will have to be held in some kind of a legal entity. That entity will need to be set up and registered for each individual property. Then you'll need iron-clad shareholder agreements. You'll need a means of governance (i.e. what if 45% of shareholders want to sell a property and reap the long-term capital gains but another 45% are happy with the income stream, and the final 10% can't be contacted?), and that governance needs to be written into the initial docs. Then all this will have to be registered with all the proper authorities and approved. Next, you'll either need to do a "blue sky" registration to sell to the general public, or you'll need to do highly qualified investor due diligence and only sell to those who pass that round. &#x200B; It isn't a technologically expensive problem, it is expensive b/c you'll need a bunch of lawyers and government approvals.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on December 24, 2021 08:49:21

One time I was on a trip to England with my family and it just so happened that Ron Jeremy was on the same train as we were from Heathrow. He walked by and I blurted out "Hey! Ron Jeremy!", but he looked tired from the trip and walked by without saying anything. My mom said "Oh, do you know him?" and I said "Oh, he's a porn legend for like 25 years!" (I was early 30s at this time, so not really a secret I'd seen the adult films) &#x200B; Anyway, two days later we were out to lunch at some Cafe' and there he was! He was in a meeting with a bunch of people about some rum he was promoting at the time. When they got up to pay he stopped and took pictures with some people. I got a picture with him, and he actually remembered me from the train and was cool about it. Said "Hey, sorry about that on the train" and I said "Oh yeah, no problem you seemed tired, it's a long flight" and he said "Yeah, all the way from Vegas to London this time, it's brutal". Then we took a picture. Legendary. &#x200B; Shame he's in prison, but he did rape a bunch of people, so like whatever.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Showerthoughts on December 23, 2021 17:29:20

This kind of thing is already happening in commercial real estate. The property goes into a trust or master limited partnership, and you buy into the trust or MLP. &#x200B; The cost of setting up such a transaction is pretty high, and would usually be sold as a private placement. That usually means you need a "highly qualified investor" if you're in the USA. That severely limits who can invest. &#x200B; Here's one that is actually very similar to your idea: []( &#x200B; Here's more about the commercial side: [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on December 23, 2021 17:10:11

I dated for 6 years before getting married in 2004, so I guess that's 23 years we've been together and neither of us have cheated. A few things: &#x200B; 1. "In the dark, all cats are grey": Basically, I don't see a substantial upside to the decision. Is it \*really\* going to be that much different or better? Probably not. Your idea of what it will be is probably much better than the reality. 2. Trust is built over years and ruined over hours (or minutes!): The downside is substantial. A 30-day fling in exchange for marital problems for 5 years? Ain't no pussy good enough for that. 3. Bitches is CRAZY: Like, if I go out and pick up somebody, what are the odds she's a nut who shows up to my house in the middle of the night to confront me? I've had a vasectomy, but that's no guarantee that she won't show up with a baby and claim it is mine. 4. Diseases: I'm not just talking STDs, there's prevention for that. I mean like a stomach flu or a regular flu. I hate getting sick. The fewer people I make out with, the lower the risk. &#x200B; So, basically, it is a rational risk:reward decision, where the risks are substantial and the payoff is meh. &#x200B; Edit: #5: As someone else mentioned, ain't nobody got time for that. I'm a freelancer and a CTO. When would I have time for all the picking up, the dating, the sneaking?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on December 22, 2021 14:39:30

Amazon recently agreed to censor any review of Chairman Xi's new book in China which isn't 5 stars. I think it only applies to reviews from China, but I'm not sure.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/amazonreviews on December 21, 2021 17:23:27

3 applications per minute? 20 seconds per application? Is there a bot for that or something?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on December 21, 2021 09:45:22

Just in case someone finds this and thinks "HMMMMMM, WHAT?!?", here's a cite: &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on December 20, 2021 23:45:12

No it isn't. If you go to a car dealership and ask for a car for $25k, and the sticker is $50k, and the salesman says "That's not paying enough to get this fancy car", that's not arrogant, that's setting the price. Not land the job? If they don't want to pay the price to get the job done, why would you want the job? If they're going to sit there and say "Well if you're going to ask for MONEY in exchange for your LABOR, you're not our kind of person!", why the hell would you ever work for them?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on December 20, 2021 10:07:46

I'd love to know how fast a modern mechanized division could move in a day realistically. Sure, a tank or a humvee CAN travel 70MPH, but only on perfect roads and perfect conditions, like an interstate where everything is flowing perfectly. But trying to move 1,000 tanks and 5,000 humvees and 5,000 trucks with howitzers and all? There's traffic problems, logistics problems, gotta keep everybody together, etc. etc. How fast do they really move?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/coolguides on December 18, 2021 09:08:45

Try turning your projects that you posted on social media into articles for places like Towards Data Science or Analytics Vidhiya or Open Data Science rather than blogging on your own site. It adds a ton of credibility if you are a "published author" and it isn't too tough to get published in these kinds of places.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on December 18, 2021 09:03:45

Can't you just replace the features of an item in the examples to the features of a person? For instance, instead of having categories like 'coffee machines' and 'fax machines', you have things like, married, has kids, political lean score, a set of binary columns for expressed interests, etc. etc. &#x200B; Think of people as fungible data objects.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on December 18, 2021 09:01:40

Is this satire? &#x200B; Wouldn't it be faster to go to any of the hundred other stores you could get to within an hour?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/karens on December 17, 2021 07:34:33

You could enforce ownership rules, such as one wallet can't own more than 10% of the whole organization. You can have a process for voting on things that are normally decided by a board of directors, but those things can be voted on by all holders of the 'shares'. You can register your DAO in Wyoming as an LLC, so it can interact with real world contracts and courts. You can set up all the agreements of the DAO as smart contracts so there's (theoretically) no fudging and the outcomes are all known at contract agreement. &#x200B; That's the sort of standard line of thinking, but a lot of this is pie in the sky because the technology isn't really done yet.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DankLeft on December 12, 2021 21:03:29

Huggingface gives you pre-trained models. So, it isn't so much that it is tough to figure out a transformer, they are just very big models and so they require a lot of time and a lot of data to train them really well. Models like BERT were trained for days on millions of examples.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on December 11, 2021 18:17:10

Look at the notes, the biggest differential in the groups was a 2.6% difference in intellect, which was used as the basis for those charts, so that became the 1 and the 6.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/dataisbeautiful on December 10, 2021 19:43:47

Even MORE implants than you want!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on December 6, 2021 12:40:26

This is a terrible meme, why do so many memes here have pages and pages of text? Surely we can sum up "Fast train good" better than this.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DankLeft on December 5, 2021 09:13:33

This is a terrible meme. The fascists have us beat hands-down in meme production. &#x200B; A good meme needs to convey a single message, quickly. This has like 6 different bits to parse. &#x200B; Say what you will about the fascist ideology, they can definitely make a meme that spreads and riles up the knuckleheads.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/alltheleft on December 4, 2021 07:26:12

\[Citation needed\] &#x200B; Is there seriously a well-run survey out there that asks the question "How often do you wear a mask when you go out?" and also asks "How often do you have a sexual performance failure?" or something similar? &#x200B; Who would fund such a study, and for what purpose?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on December 3, 2021 09:24:34

Like all these internet "Gotcha" algebra problems, the real answer is "This question is poorly formed and the author needs to use parentheses to clarify what they meant". &#x200B; The English equivalent would be something like saying "The pear and apple, it was delicious, and it was juicy". Sure I can parse that, but if you didn't write it like a dumbass, I wouldn't have to.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on November 30, 2021 12:02:20

Somehow I've always been under the impression that the Romulans invaded Q'onos before the Klingons had warp drive, they were beaten, and the Klingons got disruptor and warp technology from them. This, in turn, led to long-simmering hatred between the Klingons and Romulans.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on November 30, 2021 09:30:17

The biggest problem of economics is the scarcity problem. If I grow apples, and I give you an apple, I have 1 fewer apple. There's only so many apples to go around, so we need some means of resource allocation. &#x200B; A lot of what you see in the Trek universe, especially from TNG onward, is the removal of the scarcity problem. They have anti-matter power and replicators. Therefore, there's no poverty and therefore, I can give you an apple and there's no loss in the number of apples to go around. &#x200B; Once we've solved that, the rest will fall in place. No need for crime, no need for poverty.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on November 26, 2021 17:36:36

Key difference being they had the backing of the state by that time. &#x200B; The cops didn't intervene, the army didn't intervene, the courts ruled it was all legal, etc.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on November 23, 2021 07:29:43

Most people just make their kids do this. They're just sitting around, eating your food, messing up your place, not paying rent. Put them to work.

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Your imported scripts are designed for an earlier version of solidity (0.4.23) than the one you have selected as your compiler. (0.5.16) &#x200B; Either: Use the older 0.4.23 compiler &#x200B; Or &#x200B; Rewrite those 4 imports to use a newer pragma statement + newer compiler

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/cryptodevs on November 11, 2021 17:20:46

Why not just wear basketball tear-aways?

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Ok, but hear me out: **THE DEVIL WON** &#x200B; The Devil went down to Georgia looking for **a soul to steal**. He wasn't there to cut a fair deal, just a deal. And it's the devil we're talking about here. &#x200B; The devil clearly played the superior fiddle bit. He had a whole band with him. Even if the devil had been beaten, why would he ever agree or admit it? He's the devil, he'd just lie! &#x200B; No, that means the devil 'lost' the battle because it served his interests. He layed the golden fiddle down at Johnny's feet to feed into his pride, and Johnny took the bait and sinned in pride "I'm the best there's ever been" is the last thing we hear him say. &#x200B; The devil got Johnny to proudly sin without remorse, thus getting his soul without Johnny's knowledge. He was looking for a soul to steal, and he got it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/dankchristianmemes on October 27, 2021 12:24:03

Math and calculus are some of the most useful skills in the world. Your friends don't understand that. &#x200B; Engineering, finance, programming, and all the sciences rest upon calculus.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on October 27, 2021 12:06:54

eh... Afraid not &#x200B; [\_among\_Native\_Americans\_in\_the\_United\_States#Difference\_in\_pre-\_and\_post-contact\_slavery](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on October 23, 2021 14:48:07

Since bullying happens at every school everywhere, you should be able to provide lots of national news citations back up this claim, right?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on October 21, 2021 09:28:29

$650 a month?? Get a new insurance agent!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NotHowGirlsWork on October 15, 2021 07:55:12

I'm sorry to tell you, but it is already a police state by this definition. &#x200B; There's suspicious activity reports for certain large transactions, there's reporting under anti-money laundering laws, there's repeated checks of your name + social against banned individuals databases maintained by the government. If they want access to your bank records now, most banks hand them over without a fight with just an IRS summons or a DOJ request. &#x200B; []( &#x200B; Then there's all these derived pieces of info: 1099s, W2s, 1099-INT and on and on and on. They have a very full profile of your financial life right now, today.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on October 14, 2021 11:18:26

But you don't need to do that. Buy the TV for $1400. That transaction won't be specifically sent off to the government. Instead, at the end of the year, it will be summed with others and the total sent in. That's a very different thing. You're fighting a straw man here.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on October 14, 2021 09:24:09

This isn't the rule, for crying out loud. &#x200B; The rule is that the bank will sum up all your transactions over $600. Then they report that aggregate number -- a single, summed up number, NOT individual transactions -- to the IRS. &#x200B; So you, individually, have no new reporting requirements. And the government doesn't get an itemized list of every transaction you've done. &#x200B; If the government really wants a list of every transaction, all they have to do is ask the bank and most banks will fold immediately and hand it over with no questions asked. That's today, right now, no new rules needed. Banks dont give a fuck about your or your constitutional rights, they're not going to stand up for you. They worry about their banking charter and hand over anything the government asks for. Source: I worked in big data in banks for 10+ years.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CryptoCurrency on October 14, 2021 08:00:34

Shouldn't it be "HONK HONK, P'TAK"?

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Common propaganda technique: False consensus. It is there to make it look like everybody already agrees.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forwardsfromgrandma on October 4, 2021 10:55:10

Ok, but hear me out: There's an eagle on cap's shirt. There's a guy standing there in a black hat. And there's a tennis player on the screen to the right. &#x200B; This is clearly predictive programming telling us the Colonial Pipeline hack and gas shortage were coming. Wake up sheeple!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on September 27, 2021 11:18:01

It isn't cynical virtue signaling! Empathy: "Doing the dishes sucks, bet my wife hates it too" Generosity: "Therefore I should do more of it myself so she doesn't have to"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/forwardsfromgrandma on September 1, 2021 17:30:46

Then why aren't you in there helping her with the dishes, POPS?

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The address button in remix is only going to be clickable if you have a compiled contract selected in the drop-down above that button. So if you have the .sol files from your deployed contracts, you should put in the solidity in the code editor, go compile it on the compile tab, and then go to the deploy tab, paste in your 'at adress', and bada bing, bada boom. &#x200B; If you want a zoom call to walk through it, dm me.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/cryptodevs on August 31, 2021 21:12:30

The same is true of policy, though. They'll make a little adjustment here and there, and pile that up over 30 years and you've got a radically different situation. Not necessarily a better situation, but different.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on August 26, 2021 08:58:19

Government changes frequently but incrementally. Every year a lot of small stuff changes in your school district. It feels like not much changed from year to year, but if you compare across 30, 40, 50, 100 years it winds up being a lot of huge changes. Example: If you went back to 1990, there would be no computers in the classroom, and only urban schools would have had a 'computer lab' with a few ancient black-and-white machines. Now, all middle-schoolers are issued chrome books and get the Google Slides deck the teacher shows on the smart board shared direct to their Drive.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on August 25, 2021 12:50:42

A wallet is a key pair of public and private keys. These keys are generated from a complex password called a mnemonic phrase. It is 12-24 words long, the words are from a specific list of 2048 words. The mnemonic phrase is then used as the input for generating SSH-like public/private keys. So, if you can randomly generate a new mnemonic phrase that meets the specs of a mnemonic phrase, you can also generate public/private keys and wallet addresses from that phrase. &#x200B; The relevant specification is BIP-44.\_standards

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/cryptodevs on August 17, 2021 09:01:19

For small transactions, you might want to use a different coin. BTC has relatively slow clearing and higher transaction costs than something like Litecoin, for instance. The library in python to use for bitcoin transactions would be bit. You would obtain some BTC, put it in a company wallet, and your users would enter their own wallet address. Then, when it is time to pay out, you pay them from the company wallet. []( If you want to work with the Ethereum ecosystem, use []( []( &#x200B; Another odd idea is a solidity smart contract where you issue them tokens over time and then you can allow them to cash out the tokens at some future time from a wallet held by the contract, and you'd pay them in ETH. There's also ways to use uniswap pools with smart contracts to let them cash out your token to something that is directly tied to BTC, which they can later cash out or trade. Quite complicated, but this would keep your cost of paying them down because you'd have one transaction to 'turn on' earning time, another to turn off, and the pay in-between would be (mostly) free.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/cryptodevs on August 16, 2021 15:30:21

I have thought there would be a problem of the salt building up on the sprayers.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NoStupidQuestions on July 16, 2021 11:28:47

My thought was that by putting it 500 meters off-shore, there is enough time for the regular evaporation cycle to take over. So, the droplet initially has (for instance) 10% salinity, then some of the water evaporates away and the remaining droplet has 50% salinity, which means it is denser and therefore floats back into the ocean. Isn't that basically why regular rain near the coasts isn't salty?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NoStupidQuestions on July 16, 2021 11:28:21

As I understand it, as the water molecules evaporate away, the remaining droplet will be heavier because it still has salt in it. So the saltier water falls out back to the ocean, while the purified water floats away, which is why normal rain near the coasts is fresh water and not salty.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NoStupidQuestions on July 16, 2021 11:26:58

Teachers are generally given a lot of leeway acting 'In loco parentis', meaning they can take actions which would be normally illegal, but are OK because they are acting "in the place of the parent". This would apply here. Sorry. &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SchoolSystemBroke on May 21, 2021 09:59:59

After you correctly encode the audio, you'll likely need a convolution (probably 2D) as your first and maybe second layer, then a dense or two to figure out what the conv nets meant. &#x200B; Here's a good article with code sample: [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on May 16, 2021 10:59:46

All degrees farenheit, obv

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Thank you everyone, I updated the post to document findings.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on May 7, 2021 08:05:52

Introversion and social anxiety disorder, my dude. I have it too. It is physically draining to talk to people on Zoom. It is five times worse in person. I've had to work for years on developing such skills as "talking" and "hanging out", and still I'm at novice level.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskMen on May 6, 2021 21:07:00

Thank you. Thankfully these are plastic bottles instead of the glass ones, so the risk is somewhat limited. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on May 6, 2021 10:23:40

Almost all of these are scummy behaviour that view the employees as a net expense instead of as actual human beings.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TalesFromYourBank on May 5, 2021 12:02:17

Interesting, thanks. I haven't measured final gravity b/c I thought it was only useful in comparison to initial gravity, which I also didn't measure. Actually, I bought the thing to measure gravity while this mead was bubbling.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on April 13, 2021 21:28:43

I didn't remove chlorine, no. However, I use that same water to make beer all the time and I have no problems. I did use yeast nutrients. Is there some reason why chlorine is a problem in mead but not in beer?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on April 13, 2021 21:28:01

Traditional plus a half-stick of cinnamon. Cinnamon was added while the mixture was still boiling hot, so I know it was sterilized. I think the other ideas of maybe the chlorine in the water or maybe too much honey. I was using a recipe from the internet, but the measurements didn't line up just right, so I think I wound up using too much honey, honestly.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/mead on April 13, 2021 21:27:22

When my wife complains that I bought yet another fermentation vessel, I will simply reply "Sorry, hon, smoothest brain on reddit said I had to."

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on March 7, 2021 17:35:07

Oy Yeah, I went by a recipe here: and that came out to 2.75 pounds for 1 gallon of water. I only put 0.75 in the pot, added the honey, then topped up the jugs after splitting the must as evenly as I could between them. It was pretty experimental, really! I got cocky because the internet was like "oh yeah, first ever fermented drink, cavemen made it i clay jugs", and I was like "Hey, I'm about as smart as a caveman with a clay jug!" So, yeah, I guess I was probably pretty flippant with my measurements!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on March 7, 2021 17:34:16

"Northern Supply Yeast Nutrient", which says to add 1 tsp per gallon for mead.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on March 7, 2021 12:03:28

Eh, none of that, really. I just looked for the bubbles. I'm a relatively new home brewer, got a kit for Christmas last year and got hooked, so I don't have all the gear yet.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Homebrewing on March 7, 2021 10:09:00

NO, HEAR ME OUT &#x200B; The one with Data's daughter. &#x200B; Picard comes to Data's lab and sees it and says "Data I would like to have been consulted", and Data retorts "I don't recall any other members of the Enterprise crew consulting with you about their procreative choices". &#x200B; And Picard pauses and then sighs this incredible heavy sigh. Patrick Stewart, ladies and gentlemen, amazing actor. In that sigh, he says "I'm in the federation and I argued this dude was a person and I'm supposed to be all supportive and open minded and shit and now a goddamn android is sassing me and I can't do shit about it". I laugh my ass off every time. About a minute later is the famous picard double-facepalm. It's a great episode.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on December 26, 2020 19:17:24


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If a guy who makes $50 million after tax this year winds up only making $40 million after tax next year, why would he even get out of bed and face another day of such unmanageable oppression? GOTCHA LIBS.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SelfAwarewolves on November 17, 2020 11:27:49

But the real meat of the question is how many such operations are on-going now vs. 5 years ago, how many people are engaged, what kind of casualties, do we even know anymore, etc.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NoStupidQuestions on November 12, 2020 10:34:27

That's what I meant by "quasi-legal". Sure, it isn't a war, it is just a large organized set of military operations with a specific geopolitical goal between armed groups with differing interests. Totally not war, right, gotcha. I understand what you mean, it isn't legally defined as a war so that congress can abdicate their responsibility over military matters to an unfettered executive.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/NoStupidQuestions on November 12, 2020 10:33:36

Well, if we start asking questions about borg strategy, the whole thing falls apart frankly. 1. In voyager, they use a transwarp conduit to get right next to earth. The borg could have used that the whole time to assimilate the place. Why did the cube that invaded Wolf 359 putter over at regular warp? 2. In all the descriptions of borg invasion, it is sudden and overwhelming "Hundreds of cubes surrounded our system and we had already surrendered to fear" one person said. "When they come, they come in force", guinan warned. Seven of Nine once threatened Janeway by asking "if I sent 500 drones to your ship would you survive?", while the crew of voyager is only 150, so a 3:1 ratio. Yet they sent 1 cube to putter over at warp 8 instead of launching a hundred cubes at transwarp?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on October 25, 2020 13:01:35

Many people see the government as inefficient, corrupt, and ineffective. A standard refrain is "You want the doctor's office to be like the DMV?". "DMV" in the US means 'Department of Motor Vehicles', the office where you go for your number plate on your car. They have historically been mired in beuracracy and underfunded, therefore very slow and inefficient with long lines. &#x200B; Second, many people are convinced that anything paid for by taxes is a hundred times more expensive by default or by corruption. There are jokes about a "$100 toilet seat at the CIA", related to the fact that secret spending is marked on budgets as obviously over-inflated common items. Thus, the thinking goes, government healthcare would wind up spending $100 on an acetamenophen either through incompetence/inefficiency/corruption or some combo of the three. &#x200B; And finally, due to years and years of budget cuts and a laser focus on reducing the cost of government known as "running government like a business", most people perceive government anything to be minimal, cheaply run (Irony, eh?), a bit dingy/dirty/behind the times. Thus they think government run healthcare means going to a hospital with no air conditioning and smelling like a public bathroom.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on October 11, 2020 14:34:49

No, you'd have to keep it in taxable accounts, but I don't feel like that is such a bother. I don't mind taxes, just a cost of doing business. In this example, then, I'm dropping an annual netflix bill from $100 down to $10 paid to the government as tax. I'm still +$90 on that.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on October 9, 2020 07:21:07

I said 20% rate bc Federal 15 + state 5. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on October 8, 2020 20:24:19

I was thinking of a taxable account and harvest long-term gains. The net tax bill is not that significant, I think. In our example, if your $100 payment was comprised of $40 of original principal and $60 of gains, and paying a 20% net long-term rate would be $60*20% = $12 wasted on sending the youth of america to schools or building roads or something. And that's many years in once you've built up some gains.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on October 8, 2020 19:15:15

In my experience, degrees improve the rate at which you move up much more than they improve the rate at which you get in. &#x200B; If you don't have a degree, you'll hit a ceiling much faster and move up much slower, which is what ultimately causes the difference in lifetime income between degree people and non-degree people.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on October 3, 2020 07:45:21

But what is your solution? Everything you said is true, but there are currently exactly 2 people capable of becoming the president of the US. The Greens could technically secure enough electoral college votes to do it, but in order for that to happen, events would have to swing in such a 1-in-a-quadrillion way. If not electoral politics, then there is direct action: Form a community that lives sustainably, and build out from that community to try to encompass everyone. This is a massive undertaking likely to take a century, and it has been failed a thousand times in the past century. So, realistically, what's the solution?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on September 30, 2020 21:11:34

True, but the advice holds. &#x200B; Trump represents moving backwards wildly on climate policy: More coal subsidies, less solar subsidies, huge heaping piles of money to oil companies. This will kill us all in \~50 years. &#x200B; Biden represents, at worst, Obama-era status quo. He has appearances of being better than Obama. However, he'll need a lot of time just to clean up the disaster left by Trump policies, so probably net/net 8 years of Biden will get us back to Obama-era status quo. But, 8 years of the Green Party candidate as president without a party to back them in Congress and the states, gets us jack squat. &#x200B; Ergo, Biden's the best choice we've got.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on September 30, 2020 12:42:26

They did this same shit with the Epstein story. &#x200B; "Ya know, if we investigate Epstein, they'll find out Bill Clinton was all mixed up in that. Gotcha libs!" &#x200B; Yeah, nah, if Bill's a pedo, lock him up too, WTF? If biden cheated his taxes to the tune of millions, yeah lock him up too. How is this a gotcha?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on September 28, 2020 21:24:54

The answer is there's no governmental difference, it is a hold-over from Oliver Cromwell days, and is meant to emphasize that the people, rather than a ruling elite, run the show. &#x200B; [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on September 11, 2020 11:55:35

Do you start with the water and coastline, or the roads or what?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/imaginarymaps on September 1, 2020 22:03:08

The sad sad case of Senjanus' granddaughter. Sejanus was a Roman consul during the reign of Tiberius. Tiberius, the emperor after Augustus, never really wanted to be emperor and ruled from his island fortress on Capri, so he was kind of absentee emperor. Sejanus was his man in Rome who handled the day-to-day. Sejanus started making moves to become emperor and overthrow Tiberius. Tiberius caught wind of this. He sent letters to members of the Senate, some praising Sejanus, some denouncing him, to sow confusion. He then sent a letter to Sejanus telling him he would be appointed co-emperor and to come to the Senate the next day to be sworn in. &#x200B; As the Senators all filed into the Senate for the ceremony, they congratulated Sejanus, and everyone was seated. Outside, a legion closed the doors and surrounded the building. An emmisary from Tiberius began reading a letter from the emperor. At first, the letter praised Sejanus and his many years of loyal service. Somewhere in the middle, it took a dramatic turn and accused him of being a traitor and sentenced him to death and damnatio memoriae. The legion bursts in, grabs Sejanus and hauls him outside, chokes him to death in front of a crowd and throws his body to them, where it is torn apart. Yow. &#x200B; Then, they were going to kill off his entire family, to ensure no chance of revenge and to send a strong message not to screw with Tiberius. One of his granddaughters was a virgin, and there was a general prohibition and taboo against execution of virgin girls in Rome. Therefore, they had a legionnaire rape her, then they killed her. :(

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on September 1, 2020 07:47:52

Yes, but I don't think either one is easy to get to. 3 is only for researchers last I checked, and they claimed 2 was "too powerful to release upon the world" or something like that. BERT is in pytorch and you can do a lot of it in like 10 lines of code.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 31, 2020 07:46:41

In Python, there is a sentiment analysis engine called Vader that could do this well. &#x200B; []( &#x200B; &#x200B; Also in python and pytorch, you could get really fancy by getting the BERT language engine and fine tuning it using a bunch of articles. &#x200B; Really great job for a first app!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on August 30, 2020 21:14:46

You sound like a giant douche, or a mildly autistic one. Maybe that's why.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/getdisciplined on August 25, 2020 12:08:10

Thanks, really adds to the conversation. This must be a proud day for you and your family.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 12:06:21

How is it more risky to sign on an employee/W2 vs letting me build it for free and only paying if it works out? I can't imagine how this shows any risk at all to them, I'm literally taking 100% of the risk on myself. I don't see how this is less beneficial: With an employee, they pay regardless of the outcome, regardless if it works, but with me they only pay once the money starts flowing in for them. &#x200B; I've offered free work. How is that anything like the "security of regular paycheck"? &#x200B; What lifestyle I've idealized? What does that mean? &#x200B; I legitimately do not understand how you're coming to these conclusions. This sounds like the opposite of what I've actually said.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 09:55:44

Ha. Man, I'd have blocked you after month 1.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 09:34:37

I've tried a number of different approaches. I don't want to do regular 40-a-week W2 style work because it is not scalable or delegatable: You just get whatever income they're paying, no way to scale up.. Also, in most salary positions I've been in, it is a constant struggle where they want you to have zero time off, work from the minute you wake until you go to bed. Maybe I had bad luck with employers, but those kinds of things are what drove me to try and strike out on my own in the first place. &#x200B; I've offered to work for free to some people because I thought maybe the overall company was large enough to offer something worthwhile later. &#x200B; I've offered value based pricing: Let me build you something, see if it saves you time/money, and if so you pay me 10% of that savings and I'll maintain the thing over time. &#x200B; I've offered co-ownership of projects: I have this idea for expanding on one of your products, how about I build it, you add it to your suite of tools, and pay me a licensing fee if it sells. &#x200B; I've also offered part-time/short term work as a sort of 'puppy close'. Let's work on this little thing that will only take a couple of weeks and then discuss again. &#x200B; In every one of these cases, they've ghosted.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 08:39:47

The most common outcome for my conversations is ghosting. Generally if they don't respond to 3 emails spread over 3 weeks, I figure they are not interested and move on, generally never to speak to that person again. It intrigues me that you say "constant prodding/followup" because I've experimented in this area by being a prospect for other salesmen to see what happens. If I have a conversation or two with salesmen and then intentionally ghost them, they generally follow up exactly one time and move on. Therefore, I figured following up 3 times and then moving on was way overboard as it is. Are you saying you continue to bug people even when they're ghosting you?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 08:29:15

Generally if I get to the point of making a proposal, they ghost me when I submit it. I've offered to work for free and gotten ghosted. I had someone explicitly say they were having problems with a data system I didn't know a thing about. I didn't let on I didn't know anything about it, and I offered to fix it for free, they ghosted me for 3 weeks and then said they didn't want to move forward with the project. It's fucked up.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 25, 2020 08:26:45

These are easy criticisms to make, but it seems you don't offer solutions at all. -- The skill is in highest demand in places that have a lot of data and understand the way that data translates to business results. This means medium-to-large kind of enterprises, who generally want only W2, 70-hours-a-week type of gigs. -- I've never had anyone, anywhere, in any conversation in the history of my entire life tell me a pain point. Ever, about anything. Not just within this area of my life, but like all over the place. I have heard this phrase thrown around for years, I don't understand what it means, what it would sound like, or what kind of conversations you're having. -- The targets I've been talking with have been startups with a digital side. An education tech company. A point-of-sale company. A recruiter company that prides itself on its high efficiency digital workflow. Companies that are generally 3-5 years into their journey, have 5-50 employees, and where their tech is at the center of their business. This target was recommended to me by both a marketing consultant and SBA/SCORE. It made it easier to get into conversations, but hasn't gotten any closer to actual work. -- I know I can explain the value of the technology just fine. I teach a class in this tech. I'd be happy to hear your solutions, if you have any.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 24, 2020 14:40:16

I have an exceedingly high value skill set. I am really deep into machine learning and AI. I teach a class in it. I have published several articles about it. I'm all the right groups, I've done a ton of networking with businesspeople around town. I know a ton of people, I've had probably 100 zoom meetings during lockdown with various people in all sorts of lines of business and listened carefully to what they've said. I have generated exactly zero interest in hiring me to work on anything. &#x200B; I'm not saying you're wrong in all cases, I'm saying that "take a high value skill and market it" doesn't always work. For me, it has been an enormous waste of time and energy.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on August 24, 2020 14:04:23

I had a news site that was built by harvesting news around the web, similar to google news with a sprinkle of reddit/voting/social sprinkled in. They also said that wasn't content. I think if you are just copying/scraping content, they can detect it and it doesn't count.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Adsense on August 11, 2020 18:46:51

I've gone and found it completely counter-productive. Every psychologist I've ever talked to is a complete quack with nothing useful to do with their lives.

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I watch at least 6 shows in rotation. Maybe 7 if I'm feeling groovy.

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Well, you're obviously wrong. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrek on July 11, 2020 18:02:20

This isn't correct, I'm sorry. &#x200B; A single-member LLC is called a "Disregarded entity" in taxes. You fill out the same tax form as a sole proprietorship. The main benefit of an LLC is that if anyone wants to sue you, you only stand to lose what the LLC owns. Also, you can more easily keep business and personal separate by having separate bank accounts vs. just dumping the money in your own account. &#x200B; &#x200B; What you're referring to happens with a C corporation.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on June 3, 2020 18:21:32

How did you promote the game to get big enough to bring in that kind of dough?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on June 3, 2020 18:14:15

I've always thought this too. The replicator is the core of the star trek universe for all times after its invention. Fully automated gay luxury space communism works because they've solved the scarcity problem with unlimited energy (antimatter reactors) and replicators.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on June 1, 2020 12:01:09

But we do have a huge political movement who think that walls are the answer to major societal problems. We didn't really have that in the '90s.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on June 1, 2020 11:59:41

From personal experience, I can also say that Charlotte, NC, Atanta, GA, and Birmingham, AL all have ghettos that have been there for years. They don't have walls around them... yet

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/startrekmemes on June 1, 2020 11:58:16

I had the same question, man. Still don't have an answer.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on May 29, 2020 07:27:46

This has been a long time coming. &#x200B; There's been a nationwide move toward gerrymandering. Most people, by population, live in districts that are already decided. As a result, they're often held by people who don't care at all about their constituents, and are just there to do corrupt favors for their donors. The courts have been closed for most people for years; 97% of people sitting in prison are there on plea bargains, not jury trials. So there's no path for voting, no path to address grievances through lobbying or court. &#x200B; Then the government turns around and has acted ever-more authoritarian and has clearly favored some people over other people. There's injustice everywhere, and these same fuckknuckles go around bashing people who speak out about it. &#x200B; So, now what? What other options are open for change beyond just burning shit until they listen to you or you're in charge?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SeriousConversation on May 29, 2020 07:27:01

I've been hearing that for several years now, still not any more true than it was 5 years ago.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on May 28, 2020 13:50:14

I don't know if you can honestly say 'never recovered'. Their GDP per capita in 1992, at the worst, was about $200. That's very extreme poverty. Today it is $5,268 per capita, more of a global middle-class sort of situation, and undoubtedly much better than 1992.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/history on May 28, 2020 09:15:33

Tough to say. Right now, the biggest ones are 125 million neurons, last I checked. The human brain is 100 billion+. So, we have at least an order of magnitude to traverse just in terms of compute power first. Second, it was recently discovered that our neurons in our brains aren't just regression/activation cells like the artificial ones. The links between the biological ones are also trainable filters and connectors, so potentially to mimic a human we'll need on the order of 10x the number of human neurons, or like a trillion artificial neurons. Once we figure out how to get the algorithms to run on that scale, perhaps creativity and sentience will emerge as emergent properties. For now, though, you're right. Not so much Terminator, more like a clever insect or rodent. Def not going to replace us within 10 years.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 21, 2020 17:02:16

IDK, I have a bachelor's and master's in finance. :) In the career world, within a few years of graduation, what you've done is more important than what degree you have. It seems the line is more about "has a degree with math knowledge" vs. "has a degree without math" vs "no degree" as the dividing lines I've seen related to major.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 21, 2020 09:19:04

I've thought about this a lot. I started programming by learning BASIC, then C, then assembler about 20 years ago. I've been coding since those days and I've been in C++, perl, the rise of HTML and relational databases, SQL, Ruby, various data analytics tools, etc. Nowadays I use python for machine learning, data science, and web development. &#x200B; So, over that time, I've seen the tools evolve from the most basic C and assembler through creating reusable objects like C++/Java, and then to creating flexible objects with loosely typed languages like perl and python. I've seen the rise of the MVCs (Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask) that make building out complex web apps much easier. &#x200B; The evolution has been 'do more with less code by sacrificing lean and clean under the hood'. With the more modern libraries, you can do as much in 10 lines of code as you would have done with 10,000 lines of C and 100,000 lines of assembler. HOWEVER, you have the problem that the library you're dealing with is effectively like 100,000 lines of C behind those 10 lines you're now writing in python/django, and you can't really choose to leave behind 90,000 lines of it. When you deploy python/django, you kind of deploy the whole thing. This, as it turned out, doesn't matter that much because in the 20 years I've been coding, computers have become about 30,000 times more powerful (true stat, look it up), so we no longer really have to code with worries about memory use or processor use on most apps. If you need more horsepower, the cloud and services like AWS mean you can spin up horsepower instantly and virtually infinitely. &#x200B; "No-code apps" take this evolution onward and upward, and so the trend exists elsewhere. The apps you build with those will have to have some balance struck between producing boiler-plate code vs. having more configuration options available for your app. They are taking a set of libraries and giving you a nice GUI for configuring what variables you send to those libraries, then producing code to match. What results is something with all those libraries and bloat attached. Maybe you don't care for simpler apps, because the phone you're running on is a pixel 4 running 400 billion operations per second. But, if you're doing a no-code app, you're limited on how precise and how configured it can be. If they add more precision and more configuration to their GUI, it is just coding with a weird interface. I think that will be the limitation on no-code-apps: They're great for rapid prototyping, but to get them to do exactly, precisely, the innovative thing you want them to do, the builder thing will get so complex that it will be effectively like trying to write code anyway. &#x200B; Further, even with a really good tool like a no-code builder thing, there's still a lot of difficult questions that require human minds to solve. I work in AI and machine learning. We are not close to producing human level AI. Easily 10 years away from that. We are not close to producing a true coding AI that can read a problem description and output code. No way we can do that right now. We definitely can't build an AI to come up with creative ideas for what to build next. &#x200B; So, the tools evolve so you can build more with less human time, but the human element won't be eliminated for at least 10-20 years now.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 21, 2020 06:54:18

Ah yes, 40% of people with incomes under $70k have lost their jobs and are barely surviving by not paying their rent and using their Trump Bux on dried beans. Clearly, the minute they are out of their houses, their first priority will be a new car, a flight to a disney vacation, and a 77 bazillion inch QXR-9000HDTV.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/wallstreetbets on May 18, 2020 19:17:26

Why do you need this partner? They sound like they are not adding much vs costing you a lot of headaches and time. The idea isn't a "wow, world changing" idea, it is simple enough you can explain the entire business process in 1 sentence. So the idea is worth zero. As others have said, this will be all about execution. &#x200B; Take your $200 and do it yourself. Your friend might complain, but if they aren't big on execution then they won't do anything about it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 18, 2020 07:30:10

Bad data architecture design has blown up in his face, and instead of turning all those TaskNLine objects into an array-like so he could do TaskLine\[n\], he decided to be a moron.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/ProgrammerHumor on May 16, 2020 11:51:59

Real Talk, though: &#x200B; In my state, the right are pure fascists. They may not call themselves that, but they have openly said for several years that they don't believe in letting people have a vote or a voice. They've gerrymandered the state so bad that a Harvard study said our elections are less free than Cuba. If the D's won by 5 points in the overall vote tally, they would still not win power in the legislature. They've consistently made it harder for targeted groups to vote. They've pushed race hatred as a mainline political ideology, including one of our US House Reps saying we had a riot in my city because "the blacks are jealous that they aren't successful" and "just want to steal anything they can't have"... And he had the full-throated support of the state party and all their street-level minions. They've worked really hard to ensure voting doesn't work and to entrench a system where the winner of the primary wins the seat, and the party bosses pick who wins the primary. So the amount of effort you need to gain power in my state is far disproportionate to the power you win. Once you win any power, the right has made it clear they will immediately strip all powers from any office held by the left. Governor, board of elections, superintendent of education have all faced this fate. Oh, and the gerrymandered maps have been found in violation of the state constitution 5 or 6 times, then the legislature will draw new maps that are still just as gerrymandered and illegal, knowing it will take so long to get through the courts that they will win the next election based on the maps. Then they get smacked for an illegal map and start the cycle over again. &#x200B; Power is thus entrenched in right-wing hands, and no amount of organizing or suffering by the people will change it. Because they're so entrenched, they also don't give a fuck about what any of us think. I've written to them many times only to have them reply with red-faced screeds that sound like your drunk racist uncle on facebook. &#x200B; At the federal level, the Supremes have said that gerrymandering is fine and a valid exercise of state power. They've also said that states can pretty much run all election law however they want, with only a few restrictions TBD later. So it seems there's no help coming from the federal side. &#x200B; Finally, the idea that people in general can be convinced and mobilized in large numbers is counter-acted by a giant propaganda machine with billions in funding that spends all our energy on a furious Gish Gallop: They just spew so much bullshit that there's no time to correct anything before the next outrageous bullshit is spewn. &#x200B; So, I've lost all hope in electoral politics. &#x200B; Instead, I feel like maybe organizing communities of people who operate outside the normal legal system is the way to go. Set up arbitration councils to replace courts for minor disputes. Organize backyard garden clubs who donate their excess to charitable causes. Organize with your neighbors to declare unjust laws null on your street. (Pot smoke? I don't smell pot smoke, do you larry?) And build B-corp or co-op style companies to feed capital to people who need it rather than funneling it into the pockets of the elite. All of those seem more effective than electoral politics. &#x200B; Tl;Dr: Our reps don't give a fuck because they're gerrymandered. Voting doesn't work because they rig the elections. There is no power coming to fix this. Spend your time organizing your neighbors and pretending the government doesn't exist.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on May 13, 2020 10:14:35

Something like this already exists, sort of: &#x200B; [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 10, 2020 16:24:52

I think over the course of human history, diseases have killed more people in war than war has.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on May 10, 2020 15:16:04

How will you contact your customers? &#x200B; What are they using for this task now? &#x200B; Why does that solution not work? &#x200B; How does this overcome it in a way nobody else has? &#x200B; Seems like a great idea that will be relying very heavily on getting your marketing message to a very very specific market.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Startup_Ideas on May 7, 2020 20:38:41

I'm a developer and I've written full stack apps in Django, so I guess I'm your target market. &#x200B; I might like the shirts better if they were funny or had something more than just the logo. When I look at the shirts, I don't see much in the product description. Is it soft, rugged, well made? Is it the cheapest fabric ever? Is it made from organic peruvian alpacas? Nah, just shirt and it's 5x what I'd usually pay for just a shirt if I went to target. Is there a why here? Is there a reason I'd shop with you vs. buying direct from the django foundation or just buying a shirt somewhere else? &#x200B; I don't see a phone number or an address anywhere. I don't see anything about returns. Makes me wonder if I could get my money back if I didn't like it. Makes me wonder if I'd send my money and not get anything.. who do I yell at if that happens? There's a note on the front page that says to let you know if I can't find something and you'll get it for me, but there's no contact form, no email, no nothing. With no contact info, I'd pass on any purchases. &#x200B; No reviews on any products? Not even 1? Can't even write one yourself and get your mama to write one?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on May 6, 2020 08:04:23

[]( &#x200B; There's a bunch who survived. &#x200B; [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on May 5, 2020 17:52:34

I also want to know this. I looked into it a few months ago and literally closed down an entire site rather than do this because it looked like so much work vs. the value of the site. At that time, there were no specific instructions or tools to automate things, just thousands and thousands of guidelines on accessibility from all kinds of sources related to text, stores, forms, images, hover behaviors and all this other stuff. Some of it I had naturally (alt tags on images) other stuff I didn't (aria/hover on links?)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/webdev on May 4, 2020 12:08:02

This isn't a sensible way to look at this, though. As OP alludes to, in the event of a cash crunch or a crisis, assets can be liquidated. So if you're planning for an emergency, you should definitely take those assets into account, maybe think on scenarios of risk here, but his idea would definitely not go to zero in a crisis and would still provide some cushion. &#x200B; Your statement makes it sound like he has $0 for an emergency if he puts the whole $20k into a bond fund. That's just not true. &#x200B; If we DID get to a situation where the bond fund was down 70, 80, 90%, the savings account wouldn't be there either because that decline in the bond fund implies such a massive crisis that the government and the banks would be fucked too.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/personalfinance on May 1, 2020 10:34:34

Starting out without a clear idea of who my customer is, what they wanted, or how to reach them. I knew the idea was cool, that should be enough, right? :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on April 28, 2020 20:12:10

This seems like it would have a value of near zero. You're a spammer. This sucks. You suck.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Jobs4Crypto on April 21, 2020 20:40:49

This begins with knowing who exactly your ideal client is, which is itself a whole other task I've never mastered. It is a chicken and egg problem. &#x200B; To find the pain, you have to talk with the ideal client. To find the ideal client, you must know what you're marketing. To know what you're marketing, solve the pain. To find the pain, find the ideal client. See the problem? &#x200B; How do you break this loop? Especially if your network is limited and you can't go out due to lockdowns? &#x200B; Whenever I cold-approach someone to try to understand their pains more, they interpret it as a pitch and then won't meet with me. How do you overcome that?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/digital_marketing on April 21, 2020 10:36:23

The same is true if you have a car accident. You're driving, there's a screeching of tires, and then you wake up a week later in an ICU, you're told you got a helicopter flight for $50K, plus emergency services of $25K plus the stay in the ICU of $200K. &#x200B; Same for a lot of things, really. Like, if you get bitten by a rabid animal, you have a choice between $15K of treatment and certain, horrible death. You could be an athlete who eats right for decades and yet gets cancer at 55 and you're dead and financially ruined by 58. &#x200B; Charging money for healthcare in ways that can bankrupt you is morally bankrupt.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/unpopularopinion on April 18, 2020 18:11:45

You actually have a big opportunity here. If you tell interviewers that you took time off to help your dad and they act like that is unacceptable or a bad explanation for the gap, you know instantly you don't want to work for them. You have a strong litmus test. &#x200B; The people who matter won't mind, and the people who mind don't matter.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on April 18, 2020 11:53:41

What the world needs now Is love Sweet love It's the one thing there's just too little of

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on April 16, 2020 21:56:12

Depends on how much volume you're doing. Small volume, keep it in Excel or Quickbooks. Large volume, pay a CPA $200 to set it up and have a book keeper come in once a week to update everything.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on April 16, 2020 19:46:29

You'll need to do accounting periods and close out months before sending your payments out to the partners. &#x200B; For instance, you sell something, it ships, takes a week to get there. While it is on the way, the payments are sent as you described. Item arrives, customer is unhappy and gets a refund. Now do you need to reverse all that other stuff too? Uh oh. Now apply this to 1,000 transactions a month. Oh jeez. &#x200B; Instead, you need to accrue the income when the order is placed, then move the money in your accounting journal, then wait like a month for everything to settle out, then send payments out to everyone.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on April 16, 2020 18:23:15

I have done some eBay and some drop ship Amazon. I routinely came to the conclusion that I could do it at maximum speed and still only make $25 an hour doing it on a good day. So I've thought many times about how to solve that and the obvious answer is having a unique product and selling it on my own marketplace with relatively little competition. I've yet to come up with such a product. I've thought about building some wood doodads I know how to build, but once again I do all the math and net/net I think I'd make about $15 an hour if everything went well. To sum up, I've tried e-commerce, I know a bit about it, but I've never figured out the particular mix that would make it profitable enough to be scalable or worth my time.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/digital_marketing on April 15, 2020 07:57:07

Yeah, well, this is something I have looked into extensively. The problem is the depth and breadth of competition. No matter what your app idea is, there are already 10 of them. The other day I was thinking of a machine learning way to figure out what is wrong with my tomato plants. I started googling on the problem with searches like "convolutional nets for plant detection" or "how to deal with too-similar data within image recognition", and after about 10 searches I started getting ads for the exact app I was designing. I've had this experience many times.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/digital_marketing on April 15, 2020 07:53:36

I have same question as OP, but a master's degree in finance, a background in programming and machine learning, and about $2,500 to invest. Your thoughts?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/digital_marketing on April 14, 2020 21:36:06

Get the book "How to Be Yourself" as an audiobook. It will fix you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on April 14, 2020 18:20:10

If all the account does is log in, search for 1 user, follow them, log out, and then that happens 20,000 times from the same IP address, any algorithm is going to think they are bots and either ban them or severely downgrade the weight they have in popularity

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Jobs4Crypto on April 8, 2020 17:27:58

If these are all botted accounts, they won't be worth much to anyone. I'd say more like $0.05 per follower would make sense.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Jobs4Crypto on April 8, 2020 08:11:58

You probably don't want to pursue a graduate degree just for the money. You don't want to wind up deeply invested in doing something you hate for the rest of your life. &#x200B; That said, if you want to sell your soul for filthy lucre, law is always paying well and will continue to. In finance, you could go for a master of science in finance or a PhD in finance, then combine that with a CFA designation (chartered finance analyst) and be set to move into the areas of trading, treasury management, or even fund management. Sky's the limit there, literal billion+ fortunes to be made.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on April 6, 2020 11:17:28

I can't decide if I just want corona to end, or if I want the entire US political system to end, or if I want to just re-start humanity entirely as a whole new species with a completely new culture, history and way of life. &#x200B; Other than that, though, same.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/everything on March 23, 2020 12:56:00

Any thoughts on how to find the correct product?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on March 20, 2020 14:11:39

Yeah, it is hard to tell from the outside if a model is the 'standard business model' because it is easy to make OK money at it, or because the morons are all piling in and selling at ridiculous prices just to get sales. I'm trying to avoid being one of the piling-in morons. :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on March 20, 2020 12:13:29

yes, that is accurate. I'm still, a couple weeks later, having this problem. The insurance agents I was working with have suddenly ghosted in the corona crisis. :(

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on March 19, 2020 11:27:56

I'm concerned with blowing up a database, mostly. Second, I'm concerned about just regular contract disputes where I say a particular requirement is met, but the client doesn't agree and sues me.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on March 6, 2020 07:15:17

I am looking for general liability and professional liability. The specific instance I'm most concerned with is accidentally blowing up someone's database. I can't imagine why I would ever type in a drop all tables command, but you never know. &#x200B; If I tell them I make websites, but then it later turns out I wasn't doing anything of the sort, I feel like an insurance company would use that to weasel out of covering. That's basically 90% of their business, just weaseling out of their commitments.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on March 6, 2020 07:14:31

The Hartford and Travellers. Pretty mainstream. I have applications in now with Pogo and Hiscox.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/freelance on March 6, 2020 07:12:23

Get the audiobook "How to be yourself" by Ellen Hendrikson. The first 3 chapters you'll wonder if you were secretly interviewed for the book and forgot about it. I did.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on March 4, 2020 06:37:42

Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face. &#x200B; The internet gives us cover (most of the time) and so we can drop the normal social rules. For many people, this results in being a prick.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SeriousConversation on February 25, 2020 11:52:05

Are you going to release the code for version 1 now that version 2 is out? Do you have a github with the code for version 2? Maybe publish some articles about this, it is really good!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on February 15, 2020 17:09:59

United States tax collection and enforcement agency: The Internal Revenue Service

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 13, 2020 10:25:42

Cool bot

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 13, 2020 10:25:05

Sorry, I was unclear. I was trying to find out the origin of 'enslaved fish' and didn't find anything in the origin story that gave that bit of info. &#x200B; I didn't mean the translation was wrong, just that I couldn't find the origin of that literal translation.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 12, 2020 16:00:08

"During [Byzantine]( period, the small town which had become increasingly neglected was known as *Palaeokastron* ([Greek]( Παλαιόκαστρο) meaning Old Castle. Also, when the [Turkmens]( came from Middle Asia to Mysia, they called it Balak Hisar because of the remains of castle, as Hisar is the Turkish word for castle." &#x200B; I don't see any mention of enslaved fish: [](

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/memes on February 12, 2020 07:02:18

Even if we went carbon-neutral as a species right now, we'll still touch 2C due to feedback loops. We've already warmed -> Permafrost is already melting and releasing more greenhouse gases -> more warming will continue even if we went carbon-neutral. &#x200B; When you take into account that even aggressive action will take many many years to de-carbonize us, and I think 3C is probably our best-case at this point. Plan accordingly.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/climate on February 9, 2020 11:47:07

I would argue a different direction here. If the thing you're concerned about is "Doctors have $300K student loans and now only make $60K", then there are 2 obvious policy portions to that. The student loan debt and the income level. The same people who want Medicare for All want to eliminate student loan debt through a mass loan forgiveness. Backing that policy addresses this. A fall-back or compromise position is to get student loan forgiveness for healthcare providers included in a medicare for all bill. The other part is simply unrealistic. In Canada, a typical physician makes C$339K, while the average income is C$70.5K. Translated to a US median income (US$63K), times the markup seen in Canada (4.8x) = an average doctor would be about US$303K. If you look at Denmark, the mark-up amount is roughly 3 times. In France, it is a little more than 3 times the median. So, if we wind up there, you're still looking at $190K. So I'd say the correct response to the issues you raise is to lobby for and raise awareness of those issues and focus on realistic policy solutions to them. That's a way way better stance than standing in the way of everyone getting healthcare. You can have both a full-coverage system AND the policy outcomes you stated that you wanted.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on February 9, 2020 09:44:33

I've run into this Joe Pilot character before. I have serious doubts he is who he says he is for so many reasons. &#x200B; Key among them is the account seems mostly dedicated to abrasive right-wing trolling against anything resembling universal healthcare. It's basically a "doctor" who goes back and forth between "If we have universal healthcare, you'll never be able to see a doctor because there will be so few and they'll be so poorly paid" and "If you don't have insurance or money, you deserve to die and die as painfully as possible"

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on February 9, 2020 07:36:28

Chapter 2 of this book "Medical Bondage: Race, Gender and Origins of American Gynecology" has a lot of well-documented source material around this topic. [\_info\_tab\_contents]( &#x200B; It appears to be from a credible source and uses personal interviews and sworn court documents as source materials.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on February 9, 2020 07:29:56

Oh man, I think this too. I imagine it as a closet where I can go in, close the door, and I can still do stuff in there, but time doesn't pass outside and I don't age or get tired. I can just go in there and chill and play minecraft for 2 years at a stretch and not miss out on anything, I'll come out and my life will be waiting.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SeriousConversation on February 7, 2020 12:48:53

In my experience, the major part of machine learning isn't the sexy model development bit in the middle. 60% of the work goes into gathering data from all over the company into a single data set and cleaning it so it can be used for modelling, and 20% goes into turning the output of your model into an interface usable by the end user, especially because you'll need new data to come in and be pristine to use the model. &#x200B; The last 20% is building/training/optimizing models. That's the sexy part everybody wants to do. &#x200B; The reason for this is that many companies have a data ecosystem build up over years and spread out across all kinds of systems, including industry-specific systems and company-specific systems, all of which were designed in isolation and don't tie together well. &#x200B; The actual training of models is relatively simple once you have the data set in place. data.reshape, model = Sequential (...), [](, model.evaluate and then tune. It is fun, but it doesn't really take that long to do compared with figuring out how we're going to get data from Karen's personal salesforce account to merge with the sales records that are stored in some accountant's excel book. &#x200B; So I'd say the reason that job seems to be spread across multiple people and teams is because they're very different phases of the project and have a lot of complexity in each step.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on February 6, 2020 06:09:46

From an office/admin role, you could build a path of data analyst or data analytics with: 1. Excel and VBA: Every business has a ton of excel stuff going on. VBA can automate a bunch of it. If you figure out excel really deep and get into VBA (Visual Basic for Applications: A very simple programming language for controlling office applications), you can automate a ton of work away. This will always get you good attention. Every business needs Excel nerds. ARMIES of them. Always always a good foundation skill. 2. SQL: The language of data. Once you understand how to query data using this language, you can use the Data Connections feature of Excel to super-super-supercharge your VBA stuff and automate away entire jobs. This discipline is often called Robotic Process Automation, and it is a huge area. The biggest qualifiers are domain knowledge about some kind of business, SQL, and some kind of automation language like VBA or industry-specific ones. 3. Tableau/SSRS: This is kind of the third leg of the stool, so to speak. You know from (1.) how to move around and manipulate business data, and from (2.) how to get as much data as ever. Tableau allows you to then build amazing visualizations and interactive web apps that end-users can use. You could get all these skills lined up within a year. Once you get (1.) done and start showing benefit to your bosses using it, you can push them to pay for certifications or classes for the rest.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on February 2, 2020 18:25:07

So, doing some research, it looks like maybe my opinion is outdated. I see some posts from back in 2015 to back me that flask doesn't scale well, but more recent stuff from 2019 says it scales just fine. I've never run into the Django ORM choking up on recursive selects. Maybe that's been fixed too? :) We all have our flavors, I suppose.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on January 31, 2020 07:19:37

My fave is Python/Django. Django will scale well if your thing turns into a commercial product. It is a rich, full-featured MVC framework with everything you need. The downside is it is a rich, full-featured MVC framework with EVERYTHING in it, so the overhead is big relative to Python/Flask. Python/Flask is better for small projects but doesn't really scale up to big projects well. It is lightweight and quick for doing basic stuff.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on January 30, 2020 12:02:05

I also came here to say this. If you can build a web app they can use at the interview that covers a lot of the basics -- Login, store some data, get some data, delete and update some data. Even something simple like a message board or image gallery with comments is light years ahead of most people.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on January 30, 2020 11:35:03

You can issue a 1099 for any amount paid, so why not just issue to everyone no matter what?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/smallbusiness on January 30, 2020 07:28:15

Interesting. I see a lot of people in freelance reference 'agency' and I wasn't sure what they meant and it's getting to that "Too afraid to ask Andy meme" phase

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on January 26, 2020 17:22:09

When you say "an agency", what does that mean exactly? Is it a job jockey place like Kelly Services or Tek Systems kind of outfit? Is it a large web dev company that uses some freelancers?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on January 26, 2020 12:02:55

You say you're a family business, where's the family? Clearly your big selling points would be 'smaller, more local, friendlier, more focused on you than big companies'. So there should be some pictures of the family who is right there in tyler ready to help you, everybody in matching hats and shirts and a recognizable Tyler landmark in the background. "We're not a big company, we're your neighbors!" kind of a feel.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/growmybusiness on January 23, 2020 18:40:55

It goes like this: &#x200B; I am a good person. &#x200B; Therefore, my beliefs are the beliefs of a good person. &#x200B; Therefore, beliefs opposite of mine would be the beliefs of a bad person. &#x200B; Therefore, anyone offering counter-points or opposite beliefs must be a bad person. &#x200B; You don't want to take advice from bad people if you're a good person, obviously. &#x200B; Therefore, to be a good person, I must reject the bad people and their evidence and beliefs. &#x200B; It has nothing at all to do with critical thinking and analysis.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/insanepeoplefacebook on January 6, 2020 06:58:35

There was one comment on this sub that actually changed my perspective about where I am right now and re-framed what I had written in an interesting way. It helped. I don't know if it was a game-changer exactly, but it did remind me to breathe, zoom out, and consider a longer term and narrower plan.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on January 4, 2020 11:06:18

Eventually, the empire was being attacked on several fronts. Then, in the crisis of the third century, a new emperor attempted to pay off the germans to leave the empire alone for a while. The legions considered this an act so cowardly that it amounted to treason by an emperor, so they turned on the emperor, lopped off his head, lopped off his mom's head (she was a real piece of work, btw), then they declared one of their own generals as emperor. As news spread, several other generals elsewhere also declared themselves emperor. This basically set up a situation where the Senate would decide who was really emperor, so all the generals raced back to Rome to declare themselves emperor. A couple of them executed each other, and the ones who survived got into a 75 year long civil war with events like "The year of 4 emperors" that massively destabilized the internal power structures of the empire. &#x200B; So, suddenly that city garrison of 2,500 romans who kept you away 30 years ago was now 1,000. Then 30 years later it was 100. Then 'barbarians' take over the city.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/AskHistory on December 29, 2019 12:48:39

A huge amount of the resistance I see to climate science has nothing to do with climate science and everything to do with perceived economics and identity. &#x200B; If you say "Stop burning oil", they will hear "I will take your pickup away, you can't work without it, so I'll leave you jobless" &#x200B; If you say "Stop burning oil", they will hear "We'll close all the oil/natural gas companies and you'll lose your job and your little town in backwater Oklahoma will finally wither and die" &#x200B; If you say "We are suffocating the world and it's going to kill us", many people hear echos of many authoritarian regimes in the past grabbing power by saying there's a threat to The People and only The Leader can save you by using absolute power. &#x200B; Honestly, I think: "Green new deal: A Just transition to a better future", maybe with "For our children" or "For our jobs" or "For our towns" might be good sub lines for posters.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/GreenNewDeal on November 25, 2019 11:50:46

I think the thing you're describing as dark energy is dark matter. Dark matter is the supposed weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) that produce no detectable radiation but do produce gravity. Dark energy is the unknown form of energy which is causing an acceleration of the expansion of the universe. Right?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/askscience on November 21, 2019 06:50:32

Of course, the same standards we've applied to the major banks and even to the president of the United States. &#x200B; Oh wait, no, we handed the banks a couple trillion when they couldn't pay their loans back and the president built his fortune on not paying his loans and they love him for it.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/restofthefuckingowl on November 21, 2019 06:41:54

The Andrew Ng course from Stanford/Coursera is only $70 and goes all the way from regular regression up to neural networks and support vector classifiers. It is kind of an old course now (7 years?) but it covers the fundamentals really well.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/learnmachinelearning on October 26, 2019 08:23:20

Basically, life comes at you a lot faster than you think. &#x200B; Your parents have seen tons of people they know decide they'll put off college for a year or two, and then never go and wind up working low wage jobs and always talking about 'next year' they'll get to it, and then after a while just talk about what might have been. &#x200B; Tons more people go to college, finish only a year or two, and then take a pause to make money or for a job or because they want to be a youtuber or whatever, and then they never make it back. &#x200B; The pressure on this point is just that your parents don't want 1 gap year to turn into 2 and then 4 and then 15 years from now you're wondering what happened and what could have been.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on October 18, 2019 09:24:54

You need to quit if they are demoting people to part time because they got cancer. The people you work for are fucking monsters. Get out now, or when you have a crisis, you're the one getting pizza.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/jobs on October 12, 2019 17:39:04

Don't half-ass two things. Whole-ass one thing.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on October 1, 2019 08:44:41

You can turn this into a job. Become a real estate appraiser. I don't know where you live, but here (NC) it is a good career path. 3 months of classes at the community college, then a 2-year low-paid 'apprenticeship' period. Then you get your individual license and get paid $50-$70K depending on output. 2-3 years of that and you can get your "general appraiser license", which allows you to do commercial property and immediately bumps you to $80-$100K. I know at least one person who specializes very narrowly in hotel and golf course appraisals and makes $400K per year, plus the company pays for him to stay in the hotel for 2-3 days when he is appraising it so he can get all the details of it, so he winds up staying in hotels for like 70% of his life.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/TooAfraidToAsk on September 19, 2019 06:50:06

I think I've read the article. Basically, there's almost no land anywhere on earth that isn't claimed by someone in one way or another. Certainly no livable land. So, you'll either have to create it (as mentioned here), overthrow an existing country, or take lands militarily. The first is virtually impossible, and the other two will probably get you killed. Good luck, champ!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/restofthefuckingowl on August 30, 2019 11:38:13

Please destroy the code and burn down the building where it was housed. Thank you.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/MachineLearning on August 27, 2019 12:59:50

Thank you for your informative and actionable post. If you could be so kind, I do have some questions. &#x200B; What do you mean by "calls" in the context of today? I thought that telemarketing has been completely killed by the robo-call phenomenon plus Do Not Call? For instance, Baylor did some research on 6,260 cold calls and found that it only resulted in 19 actual successes. (Cite: []( So that's 1 success in 330 attempts. Even at a breakneck pace of 30 calls an hour, you're talking about working 11 hours for 1 success. That doesn't seem like an effective marketing channel by the numbers. Salesforce also has this handy chart showing leads from a lead list closed at 1/4 the pace of those generated from social media and 1/3 that of email campaigns. (Cite: []( &#x200B; So, can you please define what you mean by "call"? In your experience, is cold calling effective? Why is it a better use of time than social, paid search, direct mail, or other channels to generate leads?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on May 30, 2019 15:59:31

I am currently in business for myself. When I left the corporate world, the goal was ad-supported or subscription-supported income to achieve income without having to tie it to time. The lack of time freedom in the system you describe is the problem. My ideal would be a situation where I can work more today and increase my income from now on, or not work today and know my bills are paid anyway. &#x200B; I built one ad-supported news website, the marketing plan failed spectacularly. I built a subscription twitter bot business, the marketing failed, I hired a marketing consultant to fix it, but sadly Twitter rules changed before I could test his changes to the marketing plan, which kind of killed my competitive advantage. So, now I'm trying to adapt to the new rules, but if I worked on it for a year I wouldn't have half the features of Hootsuite's free product. &#x200B; With the failure of those ventures, I'm looking at freelancing as either a way to generate relatively-quick revenue to push into another subscription/ad-based/rent-based income stream, or just to see if I can manage the freelancing life in a way that will provide enough time control. &#x200B; Life-goal wise, while I don't want stuff, I do want money -- that's why I studied finance in the first place. My ultimate goal for my entire life has been to free myself and my family from the dystopian hellscape of modern life by having enough wealth that we could "live off the interest" so to speak. I'd like to have that option of "work and improve" vs "don't work and everything's still all good" for myself and my family. &#x200B; Finally, I have to point out that EDM sucks ass. ;)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on May 30, 2019 15:00:58

Oh, and I also finished Never Split the Difference about 6 weeks ago.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/sales on May 30, 2019 13:49:41

CPA societies generally require a bachelor's degree in accounting, and the tests aren't something you can just take a test prep class for and that's that. It is definitely the kind of thing you need to devote 4-6 years of schooling to. Same with actuary: That is hardcore statistics and statistical methods. That's just not something you can pick up with a couple weeks of youtube videos. You really need to get a related degree (math, accounting, finance, etc.) &#x200B; Getting certified and then getting a job, but without a degree, these things come to mind: &#x200B; 1. Google Ads/Facebook Ads certifications: Pick up all of those takes about 6 months, and you can certainly find a job as a PPC specialist 2. Trades: This is especially true if you're in a strong union state... The union will have an established training program and route of apprentice->Journeyman->foreman->master, and the money you make along the path is legit. Plumbers and HVAC guys regularly make $50k. I know electricians making $75k. 3. Personal trainer/Nutritionist &#x200B; &#x200B; &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/findapath on April 6, 2019 08:12:12

Except for that $35/month, of course.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/SEO on April 4, 2019 20:14:58

sad trombone. &#x200B; Try Bing/Media.Net ads? Also, it is kind of low quality, but I know ylix will take literal anything.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on April 4, 2019 17:59:02

Weird that they'd be opposed to a legal product. Does google also prohibit alcohol and tobacco and vape ads?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on April 4, 2019 16:43:20

Ha, I heard the opposite from a friend at the estate sales, she says the big-name ones are still hot. I wouldn't touch them with a 50-foot pole. &#x200B; &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Ebay on April 3, 2019 20:28:43

\- Men's shirt and cufflinks, still in the bag, but old style (1980s) \- Cigar boxes \- Old camcorder w/ bag \- Coffee mug with inspirational message and matching coaster \- Waterford crystal figurine with a 2mm piece cracked off the tail (which apparently ruins it for collectors?) \- A crapload of DVDs: Bought a huge box of them from FB marketplace. 70 DVDs for $20. Tried to resell them at a profit of $0.75 per disc, free shipping. Zero sold. Most get <5 views per 10-day period. DVDs are dead. &#x200B; &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/Ebay on April 2, 2019 12:09:33

I have a master's degree in finance. I went from working at banks to working at a tech company to now breaking into digital marketing. &#x200B; Run the other way, fast. Go back to the bank. You have it way better than you think. &#x200B; The competition is fierce, they have years and years ahead of you, and will gladly starve both of you to 'win' the account. Gaining clients is harder than you think, and they pay drastically less (like 95% less) than the numbers you see thrown around on this sub. &#x200B; RUN THE OTHER WAY

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DigitalMarketing on April 2, 2019 08:17:05

Have you tried some other strategies? &#x200B; Do you have a website advertising your service, and is it ranked pretty high on "how to monetize youtube videos" or "how to make more money on youtube"? &#x200B; Have you written some useful blog posts on the subject and distributed them? &#x200B; Have you built a social media network with youtube creators as your followers so you can tweet/blog about your monetizing ideas to that audience?

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/digital_marketing on March 26, 2019 10:11:48

In other areas I'm working on this side of things too. I've been trying to get some responses from small business owners, realtors, and bloggers, but I'm not having a lot of luck. So I thought "well, maybe I'm asking the wrong people", which led me to come ask you guys what audience you normally deal with. :) &#x200B; Thanks!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DigitalMarketing on February 28, 2019 16:48:45

I was thinking sort of on the smaller side since this is my first year of this. I don't really know how to get in front of CMO/Director level people, and my personal network is essentially non-existent. I appreciate the insight, though!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DigitalMarketing on February 28, 2019 13:13:13

Thank you, this is an excellent answer!

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/DigitalMarketing on February 28, 2019 13:10:57

Just to add a little more flavor, I don't think that's crazy. A plumber charges $50 to $200 an hour, and you really don't want the dude charging $50 an hour.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 27, 2019 12:51:53

What range of prices are normal in this area as far as setup, retainers, hourly fees? I've read that digital marketers make 80k to 100k a year pretty regularly, so that translates (50 wks/year \* 40 hr/week) to about 40 to 50 an hour. So a freelancer charges like $75 to $100 an hour, plus setup plus retainer? &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 27, 2019 12:50:51

I noticed this far later than I should have... :)

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 13, 2019 08:39:10


Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 12, 2019 21:27:35

Ha, well, maybe if you've got $100K operating budget, but I'm just one dude with a small amount of money, that much would kill me.

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 12, 2019 15:12:03

1. Logo: Ha, yes, this is 100% accurate. It was literally made with a pre-built Gimp2 filter/script. :) On all my screens, though, I can't see any difference in the black on the logo background and the overall header. I have wanted to get a new logo design for quite a while, but it is $400-$600 to get someone to do it and I have zero eye for art, so can't do it myself (obviously!). 2. [Unslanted.Net](https://Unslanted.Net): So, []( is owned by a squatter who wants like $3,595 for it at last check. So, I put the .net on all my branding because I don't own the .com and I want it to be a part of the name so people remember where to go to get there. Any thoughts on that? 3. I'm confused by this one. If I go to CNN, their first ad is at the top-middle of the front page, right under the bar with their sections. Fox news: First ad is right below their markets round-up, again at the top-middle of the site. I go to NY Times and the entire top half of their front page is ad space (which is, interestingly, not loading an ad for me right now). Washington Post: I count 3 ads in or above their banner. So that's why it is there: It is a good spot and seems common among others...? What did you have in mind? 4. Will do! 5. What size screen are you working with? I have 3 monitors, a tablet, and a phone, I've looked at it on all of them and I don't see the bug you're seeing, I'm sorry! When you say "cut off" do you mean characters are missing, or do you mean it wraps onto multiple lines or what? 6. If I remove the bold, the font winds up being so faint I can't read it, but if I add the bold it tends to look a bit fat like that. I chose it as the lesser of two evils, but as I will be doing some major alterations based on this thread anyway, I will look into some kind of font change here. Could be that I'm just old and half blind! :) &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 12, 2019 13:30:22

I wasn't banned from Google AdSense, I never got approved for reasons that are unclear to me. &#x200B; At first they said insufficient content, so I waited 2-3 months until there was more content there, then re-applied. They said the same thing. So I did a complete redesign to reduce the amount of the page devoted to images and to increase the amount of user-generated content/text per page. Applied again. Same answer. I think I've applied 3 or 4 times and got the same answer repeatedly. &#x200B; So, I gave up. June of last year was the last time I applied, and I can't figure out what it is they're looking for. &#x200B; Since then, I've done additional modifications to get even more content per page to give more value to users, so maybe I should apply again. Does google pay a lot more? &#x200B; I am planning out some big redesigns based on the previous comment about it seeming slow to some users, so I may re-apply when that redesign is complete. &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 12, 2019 11:19:13

What is weird is the site seems blazing fast from some networks and crawling slow from others. I will check out that speed insights thing and see if there's anything there I could do to speed it up. Thanks! &#x200B; The source for those numbers is here: [\_\_source=twitter%7Cmain]( &#x200B; &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/PPC on February 12, 2019 09:24:12

We live in one of the big finance capitals of the US. I have a master of science in finance, she has the law degree and has worked in finance for most of her career. So, Toronto is the obvious choice because of the financial sector there, the TSX, etc. &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/askTO on October 19, 2018 20:27:18

Hello! &#x200B; American here. We have this problem, and have for a long time. &#x200B; My theory is this: There are powerful people who are screwing you, and they don't want you to notice they're screwing you, so they present you with a scapegoat. &#x200B; People want to feel like they're better than someone, that they're a good person and they're ahead. If you're a politician and you tell them they're a good person and deserve to have a good life, they'll like you. But then you also have to explain why they don't have a good life. You can't say "Well, the billionaire class pays me and people like me to take your healthcare, your retirement, your union, your power and everything else and turn you into a debt-laden wage slave, which we've been very successful at", especially if that's the truth. &#x200B; So instead, they say "You're a good person, you work hard all the time, play by the rules, and for what? Look at your situation! You can barely pay the bills half the time, your wages aren't going anywhere while prices are going up, healthcare's a mess, retirement is out of reach. You know what it is? Those immigrants! They took your job, they work for less than you, and they make up the difference by mooching off government programs you pay for with your tax dollars. You're better than them, and if we could just get rid of the immigrants and stop spending money on social programs, we could get rid of the taxes and you'd be doing great". This is the basic Trumpian line of reasoning. This is also known as Othering or building The Other. &#x200B; However, a lot of people then point out that those social programs mean that their cousin who is disabled gets his medicine and food. So you have to do something to make people stop feeling sympathy for The Other, which means you have to dehumanize them. They're 'filthy', they have bizarre habits and practices like slaughtering goats in hotels, and always there's this undercurrent of being dangerous and getting free stuff that you've had to pay for. They're freeloading, funny-talking weirdos who want to kill you or make you worship their weird gods, they're roving rape gangs, drug dealers, murderers, they're whatever. All these things I've heard from right-wing people about muslims, mexicans, or both. &#x200B; The long game here is to get you so mad about this made-up Other that you'll support getting rid of all the free stuff "They" are supposedly getting... which conveniently means the billionaires can get a huge tax cut, and your disabled cousin will conveniently starve to death rather than taking up any more tax dollars the billionaires feel they deserve. It means that you won't notice your workplace is a tyranny and the person most responsible for your wages being stagnant is the guy setting your wages. It means you won't look around and wonder why the CEO has 100 billion, works 3 hours a day, and yet somehow makes you work for $11.50 an hour with no breaks, no healthcare, no retirement, for 11 hours a day. &#x200B; &#x200B;

Commented by /u/KahlessAndMolor in /r/CanadaPolitics on October 19, 2018 14:49:51