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​ [Sister Miriam Godwinson. Her concerned expression is because we told her gay people exist.]( ​ [Lady Deidre Skye. We wanted her looking at the camera but she just ate a full tin of edibles and executed a guy via mindworms so we decided it wasn't worth it.]( ​ [Academician Prokhor Zakharov. I'd make a joke here but the real joke is how many absolute gigachads I had to filter through to generate him. NovelAI is clearly a University player.]( ​ [Colonel Corazon Santiago. If you're worried about her lemon consumption don't worry, she always looks like that.]( ​ [CEO Nwabudike Morgan. If you're impressed by how young he's looking, visit pww.MorganAgeless.pnt\/agetreatments\/specialoffers\/karnewarrior and your first pod is free!]( ​ [Chairman Shin-ji Yang. The AI doesn't really seem to like him - his pics always come out like some weird collage of IRL pic and anime karate master. This was the best I got.]( ​ [Commissioner Pravin Lal. His eyes may be hyperrealistic, but his policies are hyperIDEAListic!]( ​ [Aki Zeta-Five has altered her cybernetics, but we still had to enforce the silly human custom of wearing clothing before we could take this pic.](

posted by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 8, 2022 12:20:28

Mahiru is like, anti-Tenko. She's all about those traditional gender roles, like guys protecting women. Pretty sure it'd be sad music and black and white pictures, some real MCR stuff.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on February 5, 2023 17:14:58

Unfortunately, Gypsycrusader gets his opinions from a ChatGPT they trained wrong as a joke.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on February 5, 2023 17:12:38

"Furry Art style"? ...Do you mean "Includes Stellaris Aliens"?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on February 5, 2023 17:10:19

"If Russia turns Fanatic Militarist, Ukraine is dead" \*coughs in Zalensky\*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on February 5, 2023 17:08:52

Presumably First Contact includes dropping whatever fields confound primitive sensors. You can bet that every goddamn telescope we can get is going to be pointed directly at that starship, being recorded with basically everything we can from every angle we can manage. And that's going to tell us a lot. Astronomers and physicists are used to working with really really scant information, just knowing what kinds of radiation we're looking for could put us on track to inventing FTL decades or centuries early.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on February 5, 2023 17:05:37

That only sounds dumb because you're approaching it with the axiom that the Clintons MUST be child molesters. But that isn't supported. They tell you to call it brainrot because the easiest way to fool someone is to tell him everyone else is wrong/lying.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 4, 2023 18:55:07

I don't think the snow would be able to keep the armor cool long enough for it to matter. It's supposed to be red-hot, right? That's a lot of heat. You could probably cool an amulet or glove like that but you'd need a lot more snow than is plausible if you wanted to counteract the heated armor. At least, that's my ruling.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on February 4, 2023 18:36:06

You misunderstand. It's not about party, it's Trump in particular having expressed sexual interest towards underaged girls. I'm sure the Cheneys had plenty of interaction with Epstein and Dick was one of the most assholish politicians in recent memory. Liberals don't think he's a pedophile for it though, because we're not projecting, we're actually wanting to stop pedophilia instead of using it as a bludgeon.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 3, 2023 19:13:12

>It still doesn't make sense to say that they had the word "national" in the name and therefor they match some other nationalist group, anymore than it makes sense to say they have "socialist" in the name so they're the same as Bernie Sanders. Good thing I didn't say that then? Their actions reflect nationalist ideals. They do not reflect socialist ideals. Therefore the nationalist part of their name is right, and the socialist part is wrong. It's not about what they call themselves. They can call themselves the fluffy unicorn clopper's party. It's about how they behave and where they stand on policy in action.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 3, 2023 18:10:56

You can link them in 2D space, making it more of a web. Though some level of 3 dimensionality in the circle would look badass.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 3, 2023 18:09:24

Fox News Entertainment is the full name and they have legally argued that Entertainment is the important part in court, to get out of allegations of libel and misinformation and such. They essentially present themselves as a news company, yet when it comes to legal stuff the base doesn't pay attention to they happily tell the people in charge they're just entertainers pretending. It shouldn't be possible, but that's their strategy these days. The Republican Party effectively runs off Shroedinger's Douchebag.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on February 3, 2023 18:08:47

It meshes kinda well with Fullmetal Alchemist's "Alchemy" system, in that it would mean magic circles are required for any kind of casting and that magic would be treated in a much more scientific way.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 3, 2023 18:05:13

Cybersecurity arms race against YHWH. Now that's the plot of a book.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 3, 2023 18:02:40

Pretty much everyone hung out with Epstein at some point or another. Comes with the territory of being in the upper upper crust, far as I can tell. Having a picture with him does not indicate membership to his freaky sex ring, for either of them (Though Trump probably was considering he wanted to grab 14 year old pageant girls by the pussy).

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 3, 2023 17:53:53

It's about behavior, not name, and the Nazis behaved according to Nationalist ideals much more than Socialist ideals.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 3, 2023 17:39:50

That's true of the socalist part of National Socialist, but policy-wise Naziism does line up with Nationalism at a reasonable degree of frequency. Naziism is specific and Nationalism is general, so they're not *equivalent*, but Nazis can be called nationalists without being wrong.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on February 3, 2023 17:38:13

Not to mention that outfit definitely looks like something the Founding Fathers and their fathers would wear. Dude not only doesn't understand Race, he doesn't understand history even kids grasp.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on February 3, 2023 17:30:14

Different Functions within the code could be mapped to different subcircles, which semi-randomly will either be contained entirely within the central "Main" circle/function or drawn separately and linked. Perhaps by what variables they call or give. And naturally the program also tries to line up the variables from circle to circle via rotating them around the axis of the whole affair.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 2, 2023 19:10:36

Right? Important for making the circle look nice and pretty necessary for any modern wizard who wants to be taken seriously, and can even help a bit in some weird edge cases, but not actually, itself, magical. Perfect.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on February 2, 2023 19:04:59

They work for "News" organizations that are legally just entertainment.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on February 2, 2023 19:01:37

When you think Hitler was right, your perspective on what "Germany went through in WWII" changes. These people want to continue the holocaust. Straight up. They're pro-genocide.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/NotHowGirlsWork on February 2, 2023 18:55:45

FDR being a communist reeks so strongly of "Waaah Daddy Hitler" that I think my dog just died.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on February 2, 2023 15:31:11

It's kinda like how you come up with the best comebacks in the shower. Benefit of having more time to think, usually. And an example.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on February 2, 2023 15:18:42

She's Fourteen. You know what they say, if her age is off the clock, she's old enough to sleep with a U.S. Senator.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on February 2, 2023 14:55:36

Joker: "The tighter we hold to the deal we have in place, the stronger we both become." Yu: "The deeper the connection between us, be it friendship, mentorship, or love, the stronger we both become." Minato: "My dick will level you up. Where you want me to go in?"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 04:17:36

This fuck doesn't deserve Megumin. And Megumin is pretty mid.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on February 2, 2023 04:15:27

Rolled a nat 18 on making the meme

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on February 2, 2023 04:11:45

You have to have not revealed the ley-line yet, which is why it's kind of a balancing act. If you're going Hermetic you usually want to delay getting the first governor perk until you've got some districts out. Frankly it's kind of a PITA, but Hermetic is strong.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on February 2, 2023 04:10:19

That's because Futaba is no more Joker's sister than Makoto is, though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 03:55:15

We don't know Joker's family situation. We don't even know if his father was *allowed* to contact his son. Soujiro also explicitly states he'd be okay with Joker dating Futaba at the end of his SL, and obviously Futaba shows no adversion to it. Their relationship isn't very siblinglike either.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 03:54:15

It doesn't though? Futaba treats Joker as a close friend and a crush. She treats *Yusuke* like a sibling.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 03:52:04

They definitely do not. Did you stop playing at Persona 3 or something?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 03:50:21

She's not even a step-sibling, neither her nor Soujiro make any overatures along those lines and Soujiro even *states the opposite* at the end of his Social Link. ​ Really though it's fiction, people shouldn't be throwing hissy fits if we want to live in sin with Morgana, Kaneshiro and Lavenza, much less Kawakami being our teacher. Folk need to learn to chill the fuck out.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 2, 2023 03:48:37

This is high tier taste

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 1, 2023 19:24:22

Soujiro: I'm about to Hoo this Boy a new asshole

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on February 1, 2023 19:23:37

r/whoosh Books can be described as small slabs of wood you know?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on February 1, 2023 16:44:26

That's as silly as having a wooden shelf upon which you store multiple, other, smaller slabs of wood!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on February 1, 2023 05:45:41

When I played NWN2, I played a Rogue Pally. He was taking levels in Rogue up until the Obligatory Hometown Eradication, at which point he started taking levels in Paladin. The RP was that, at his core, the dude was a sneaky, snarky, irreverent dork. But after the tragedy he decided to turn around... Somewhat. Turns out Paladins don't live by quite as many rules as he first assumed and he doesn't actually have to give up on stuff like trickery, robbing (the evil), or banging hot tieflings. I do like to imagine though that his Communions with his God (the God of Death and proper burial) were... Interesting.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on February 1, 2023 00:15:46

Exactly. Multiverse Theory doesn't cover Multiversal constants, among which would be the Multiverse itself. You can't have a Multiverse so expansive it contains no Multiverse, that'd be like having a bookshelf so stuffed with books there was no bookshelf.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on February 1, 2023 00:11:48

That'd make a killer NPC, or PC for a level 20 campaign. Imagine a campaign that's a level 20 campaign, except the real protagonist is the NPC reporter who's in way over their head with this old, long-past-cracked adventuring party who keep holding mundane conversations while battling creatures most people wouldn't ever so much as see from a distance. And the other half of the fun is the enemy reactions, none of whom are quite prepared for the party. In a way you're playing the antagonist, because most of the campaign movement comes from the enemies reacting to the party's actions rather than the other way around.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on February 1, 2023 00:09:12

The Rough 'n Ready Pally, my favorite build. It's strong, but not OP. And nobody ever expects the Pally of all people to have underworld contacts and a willingness to backstab. "Look man, just because I work for the Light doesn't mean I live there."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on February 1, 2023 00:00:47

You cannot save them without understanding.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 23:57:04

Hey, uh, what about Fortress?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/heroes3 on January 31, 2023 19:23:58

He's not wrong though, you are. You're literally calling yourself out and attaching it to him. This is the first picture in the book titled "What projection looks like".

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 31, 2023 19:07:12

Don't worry. We can recoup our losses by downvoting the idiots who think the photo being staged makes it less cute.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 31, 2023 19:06:14

No he didn't. He announced that Covid *precautions* are being removed. Covid, as a disease, is still definitely present, and will never be over. The difference is that MTG is an illiterate who thinks Covid was a hoax.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 31, 2023 15:12:00

Obviously the latter. It's unamerican not to have blind faith in Trump to behave well simply because he's nominally on your side.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 31, 2023 15:09:11

Norwegians are famously vulnerable to Chunka-mania.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on January 31, 2023 15:01:49

That's a weird way to spell Democrat \~Man who votes for anyone with an R beside their name because he thinks it means "Religious"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on January 31, 2023 15:00:03

Tfw you will never pay Mukuro one million smackaroos to commit murder for the side of Good instead of Evil

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 31, 2023 14:52:53

The Church was always more important than The God, I always say. When your real leader is a spiritual, non-interactive entity which explicitly moves in mysterious ways anyone can make their followers do anything with the right mix of honeyed words. Lotta churches in the U.S. scream their devotion to God while doing the work of the Devil.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 14:50:02

It's because those rules aren't based on Christianity, but on propaganda which has seeped through the church until Christ barely remains. Few of these people can really be called Christians any more. They call themselves ducks but they don't waddle, don't quack, and can't swim.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 14:46:20

tbf that's how Bronze Age people recorded real history. It's kind of a problem for archeologists because even first-hand sources you KNOW witnessed the real events will just decide it's cooler to say King Scatalogese had a pet dragon he fed orphans that breathed a miasma that'd turn your toes blue. And then they'd treat that as a straight factual account.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 14:35:07

Wasn't that the Quaran? I heard that was a bit of a base-breaker.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 14:25:51

>critical thinking aspects Fuck Reddit Athiests who think it's *every* church, but there are a *lot* of churches here in the U.S. which would hate this. When your modus operandi isn't preaching the love of Christ but propaganda for the theocratic plutocrats of the system, you don't want your sheeple to think about anything but how sad they are they have to leave friends and family behind to follow you.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 31, 2023 14:19:18

Nice no u. Did you get that off Funnyjunk?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 30, 2023 23:56:21

It's not mental gymnastics, it's how nuclear reactors are constructed. They're solid blocks of reinforced concrete, lead, and steel. These are the same materials in the same positions made to make bunkers. Shelling a powerplant is pretty bad regardless, but in neither of your examples, Nuclear or Solar, is the risk of leaked fuel or explosion very high. Solar because there's no fuel to leak or explode, and nuclear because there's several meters of solid fucking rock between the shell and the reactor.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 23:55:54

Yup. They'll carry that one to their grave and die smiling, content in the knowledge that they were right despite literally everything possible saying otherwise. Whole generation of snowflakes we only wish were fragile and easily destroyed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 30, 2023 20:52:38

To this day my most-liked comment is on a tweet like this, pointing out the absurdity of expecting a significant difference between an MD and a PhD. Doctors are Doctors. It only matters in their field in particular, and shouldn't shadow the fact that they earned the title at all.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 30, 2023 20:28:03

Exactly. People get their idea of nuclear safety from the Simpsons - I'm sure they'll find some horrible source for Fusion safety too.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 02:21:02

Man that's just normal Archive of Our Own fanfic. Place is a hotspot for teenage girls just figuring out that rubbing between their legs feels good. the amount of "x reader" shipping for just about everyone is insane. And almost always wildly OOC too as all semblance of character is stripped away and a Yaoi puppet put in it's place.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 30, 2023 01:40:11

Oh, I'm sure that soon you'll start seeing a lot of people "asking questions" like "Is Fusion Power Safe" and "What if the reactor melts down" and "What about the radiation from Fusion" You know. Shills.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:36:59

Gross negligence, bribery, mass mistakes, and two massive natural disasters, and Fukushima still only popped one of multiple reactors and killed fewer people than most serial killers. But nah, Nuclear power isn't safe. What if the government cheaps out?!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:35:41

I'm willing to bet that you could give the American populace a nuclear reactor and have them TRY to make it melt down and they couldn't do it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:33:48

I think it's worth noting that even in the really negligent and stupid examples, death tolls number in the hundreds and happen once maybe every 40 years. ​ Meanwhile dams burst killing hundreds of thousands and coal plants operating normally slowly strangle entire cities by the thousands.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:31:20

Fukushima wasn't catasrophic, and that's taking into account the fact a botched response resulted in a couple hundred unnecessary deaths. To date, the number of people who were killed in Fukushima due to the reactor meltdown directly is exactly 1. Including deaths via radiation sickness and long-term disease like cancer. It was an accident, and it could've gone better, but calling it a catastrophe is overselling it by a lot.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:29:58

Why? They're not arguing about it now. You put it next to the plant, in big concrete cylinders. And this is with our current, inefficient reactors which produce loads of long-lived waste. In 100,000 years not only will the material be safe enough to just rub back into the dirt (not that anyone probably will), it won't be being produced any more. Likely because in 100,000 years we'll be harvesting power directly from the hearts of stars and flying around in our spaceships asking Lieutenant Data to mix us a martini.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:26:57

But even if you go for the most gruesome estimates they still have killed less people overall than hydroelectric has, unless you count Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:25:09

Yes. People were concerned because the media was concerned. The media was concerned because they're incentivised to consider the worst possible scenario and make it sound like it's already happening, regardless of how likely it actually is. Nuclear reactors are built stupidly solid, to the point it's actually a drawback in most ways. They can handle a shelling better than most buildings, even military ones.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:24:06

Solar panels reflect a lot of light and can cause plane crashes or bodily harm if you stand in the wrong places. They're also constructed of toxic materials, which can leak into waterways and eventually make it back into the home through the tap. They aren't really as clean as they'd have you believe, even if they're still astronomically better than coal.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:22:06

And that'd be fair, since the people who died because of the Fukushima plant shutting down (not the meltdown, one person died from the meltdown, the other people were from different but related causes) are less related to Fukushima than pollution deaths are related to coal power.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:04:42

Really? Their profile shows them posting a selfie. No face, yeah, but... I dunno, looks more like a new profile to me.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:02:20

I mean, something's gonna be vulnerable to something somewhere. When I talk about Fukushima to anti-nuclear people I generally tend to emphasize that, in order to get it to leak even a bit, it had to get hit by TWO natural disasters in rapid succession. There's very little they can say to rebut "God had it out for this reactor in particular and it's the only one that's melted down for decades", especially when they're trying to defend coal and oil power plants which catch fire and leak shit all the time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 01:00:23

Total energy is reduced, but remember that reactors do not use total energy, they use the accessible energy. This is higher in the waste products because they are more radioactive - they're unstable after being put through the first reactor. This allows you to build a more specialized reactor which can more effectively break down these "waste" products. Remember that a nuclear reactor as we have had them in the past use only a small fraction of the actual fuel, due to the design. Most of those old reactors aren't even designed to create energy as anything but a byproduct of producing fissile material for bombs. More modern designs use more of the fuel and are leagues more efficient for it - a specialized waste-fueled reactor, which have been proven to work, would be able to utilize the stored energy even more effectively. Basically you're mistaking the reactor for a perfect machine already, when it's actually highly inefficient due to opposed design.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/memes on January 30, 2023 00:56:22

I remember a ttrpg game where you'd sight from your mini's weapon and you could only hit if you could see exposed flesh on the enemy mini, it had hex tiles. No clue what it's called though, I've completely forgotten.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 30, 2023 00:13:16

Again, there's nothing unhealthy in taking comfort of any of those movies/shows. A story does not need to be happy to be comforting. Sometimes it can be comforting to relive the trauma in a controlled fiction to more easily process it, or to return to an old sad story to remind yourself that sadness ends. This is what escapism actually is, and this is where Evangelion falls flat. Because when you cling too hard to reality, you overstress and eventually lose your grip.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 29, 2023 23:58:54

In the interest of ruffling feathers, I propose Teaching Feeling. The story isn't very thick, but it does hit really hard. I genuinely know people who don't play it for the porn (because the porn is, ah, something most people would disagree with. It's also avoidable!). And they definitely don't play it for the gameplay which is mostly carting Sylvie around and buying her cute clothes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 29, 2023 19:37:52

It's pretty low-key, but Jontron tends to hang out with the kind of people who say Andrew Tate or Kanye West aren't wrong. It's less a single event and more a general, tacit acceptance of horrible people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 29, 2023 19:35:45

A little bit of escapism has never been bad. People who don't get away from things with a distraction at least some of the time are mentally unwell and often overstressed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 29, 2023 19:26:19

When you convince someone that making their opponent mad is winning the argument, a lot of new styles become possible. Combine that with winning over being actually right, and you get the modern state of the American Right. It doesn't matter if it's correct or even if it's plausible from a certain point of view, the goal is to make the opposition upset and angry at all costs.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 29, 2023 19:22:20

Bullshit, they never figure that last bit out and they walk out of the argument feeling like they've owned the libs because the opposition is angry.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 29, 2023 03:26:20

"Liberals..." \**Crowd is silent*\* "...Are stupid!" \**Crowd erupts into laughter. There's a middle-aged housewife wheezing in the front row. Someone somewhere slaps their buddy so hard in the back their teeth fall out. A man in a toyota truck (with "I drive a Ford" bumper stickers under his Trump 2022 ones) honks his horn, deafening several employees of the small comedy club. Gunshots are heard and people on the floor above are given a number of related injuries*\*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 29, 2023 03:24:38

In order: Of course there's a connection. It's bidirectional though, and this advertisement does not push any particular body image. No, because just seeing something doesn't make people believe it. That's why kids can play GTA without turning into gangbangers and thugs. Likewise, looking at someone saying "Hey, we can tuck your ears up" isn't going to give someone a complex about their ears. And no, offering a *product* to something *nobody is saying is a problem* isn't going to influence anyone to think something is wrong with it. Do you think people are stupid or something?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 28, 2023 05:50:18

That's like saying in a society where some people are starving, advertising food is preying on the hungry. Fact is, there's nothing immoral about this advert.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 28, 2023 05:47:58

I'm not sure what you're saying - that guages and earrings are immoral? People have done things to their bodies to make them look better since the dawn of time, and it's okay. There's no immorality to offering a service to support such ventures, in particular when you consider that the alternative is people doing it in-house and putting themselves at risk. Nobody is getting body issues because someone is offering earlobe surgery. Nobody is going to die because they went to a plastic surgeon about their funny ears. Y'all are making this out like it's some maximal sin but literally all they're doing is offering a safe way to feel better about yourself. Do you even hear yourselves?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 19:31:03

I only just now realized the pun, lol What I mean is that if you only do things that are strictly necessary you're going to look, act, and smell like a caveman.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 19:27:13

Which isn't what's happening here. The advertisement simply states something that happens with age, and that they offer a solution to people who dislike it. There is no shaming going on here.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 19:25:25

Yeah, somewhere between her and Luna Lovegood.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/katawashoujo on January 27, 2023 05:51:50

I always imagined it as one of the deeper voices of the cast, and also being a bit scratchy, like she's slightly dehydrated or had just woken up. Add in a bit of Luna Lovegood dreamy lilt and that's how I always heard her.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/katawashoujo on January 27, 2023 05:50:35

More like "It's their business and it's not harming anyone." People in this thread keep extrapolating body image issues to some corporate hellscape when in reality it's something people have been dealing with since their head of state wore a golden snake on their forehead.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:47:46

I mean they make makeup. I'm sure they pollute some but I sincerely doubt they're big smog producers.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:45:07

No? The cosmetics industry - that's the proper term, by the way, 'cosmetics' - advertises something which is sought after by a lot of people, and a large number of things that *aren't* people. Consider that this industry is older than writing, for a moment. That when it came time for the first cavemen to clack rocks together and call it technology *this was more important to them than information*. Are you going to try to claim that they were influenced by the media? That it was advertising's fault? What about animals that have cosmetics, like Flamingos? Guess the Capitalists are putting chemicals in the water to give the birds body image issues, eh? It's the human condition to want to look good. Been that way since Krugg was trying to figure out if Thagg was born with it or if maybe it was Maybelene. Trying to blame people getting too invested in something literally baked into our biology at a pre-human level is like trying to blame people for getting too into screwing or competition - even if you're right about it being individually harmful no amount of limiting advertisement is going to make it go away.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:43:20

Dude's out here acting like his job is pulling orphans and puppies out of house fires and rehoming them with loving families

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:36:01

Exactly. It's a cosmetics service, advertising cosmetics. Screaming against a condition that *isn't even just human* is far dumber than anyone's plastic surgery woes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:33:42

90% of the modern human experience is typing...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:31:43

It's also been a thing since before the dawn of humankind. Proto-human apes were braiding their hair and painting their skin back before there were even clothes to be fashionable, to say nothing of stuff like ancient egyptian makeup and Early Modern peoples' obsession with looking like they just crawled out of a mortuary. Say "It's stupid" all you like Bon Jovi but you'd be better served punching the pacific in the hopes it doesn't take California. Better odds and less people looking at you like you're an idiot.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 05:30:35

Rin's route in particular he's lost all brain function and became so stupid he forgot he didn't know how to talk.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/katawashoujo on January 27, 2023 02:34:48

The thing that always boggles me about these kinds of charts is that they're always making people Jewish who... Aren't. Like, if you took that same exact chart and added a new purple background for "SEKRET Jew" I'm betting the thing would look like fucking Barney. It's just cope to deal with the fact most of those people are just white dudes who aren't neo-nazis like they are.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 27, 2023 00:10:30

The party that screams "CENSORSHIP!" every time a Democrat asks them not to say the N-word is currently pulling books out of schools in my state, including not only the same Dr. Seuss books they were sobbing about being censored last year, but books like No, David, wherein a small child is told not to steal cookies and not to chew with his mouth open. They say in a two-party system elections force a choice between a turd and a douche, yet somehow we've managed to elect the exiled ass-fungus of the nation and still think it's better than the other guy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 27, 2023 00:07:11

My man's got no culture. Flat is Justice and Medium is Premium but Small beats them all.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 26, 2023 18:00:32

Knight, Thief, Cleric, and Sorcerer ​ What, I played a lot of Might and Magic

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 26, 2023 17:21:49

Hospitals: "Hmm. This new technology could greatly help a vast number of patients live more comfortable lives during and after an injury, but the start-up cost is a bit expensive and we can't increase prices. Guess we won't do it!" Capitalizing medicine was a mistake

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on January 26, 2023 16:52:55

Can't wait to see him post on a pro-birth sub making it out to sound like he actually gave the guy the comeback and everyone clapped.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 26, 2023 16:46:13

I think that reddit's meant to be reserved for missing jokes that are actually funny to someone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 26, 2023 16:37:47

He also opens the way to Humanity, but Asuka in particular is asked for by name so she gets brought back specifically.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 25, 2023 18:18:28

That's not what happens in EoE. Shinji is explicitly asked if he wants to bring anyone back and he says Asuka. I suspect she didn't exactly say no, but it was Shinji who dragged her out, not herself. That's why she's sitting there next to him on the beach so relatively soon after Impact ended and no-one else.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 25, 2023 16:46:57

Depends. It's the house for Andrew Jackson and Josef Stalin, sure, but it's also the house for Abraham Lincoln and Vladimir Zelensky. Like most houses it's kind of a mixed bag.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 25, 2023 16:45:18

'Cuz it was dying then. They had a resurgance in the 30's, hence why all those confederate statues got put up and why Jim Crow got really bad around then.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansAreMetal on January 24, 2023 20:00:58

Well they certainly don't hate wife-beaters now. They were terrorists then, and I guess worse terrorists now. The Klan is horrible people and are one of those organizations that really deserve a Death Note entry.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansAreMetal on January 24, 2023 20:00:06

The thing is, this isn't about people making money off their hard work. This is about Hasbro wanting to make money off the hard work of someone who says "Beholder" instead of "Floaty Eyeball Laser Shooty Man". So let me pose the question right back at you. Why should WotC have dominion to tell Samuel Streamer that he must pay them half his revenue because he used a mod for Rimworld that happened to include Flumphs? That's not their work he's using, it's someone else's. The only thing they created was the name, and even that's been subsumed into the cultural zeitgeist and is no longer theirs.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 24, 2023 19:58:53

10,000 followers on the 'hub.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 24, 2023 19:55:39

And you're a coward and a charlatan, sir.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 24, 2023 19:55:09

Sounds about right for a corporation. Just get handed a massive, partially rotted turd and be told "Hey, shine this up, and if people don't buy that it's actually a coprolite gemstone and wear it in their jewelry, then you're fired." PR people get shit on constantly.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 24, 2023 19:53:19

I like that the half of the fandom can be further subdivided into the people who think being in Slytherin automatically makes you a supervillain, and the people who think Slytherin is the house for abused woobies who are always suspected of crimes they didn't commit. ​ When in reality it's the house for Politicians.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 24, 2023 19:50:05

It's Ryuuji's balls. Makoto had them on her mantelpiece.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 24, 2023 19:45:35

Right, and that's why Bose isn't.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 24, 2023 01:37:43

I mean, I know what the execs want them to do: Make people suddenly love giving their money to rich companies who own everything they create based on flimsy premises. I also understand that this is a rather hard job for a PR professional who's torn between feeding their kids and being ethical and not pushing a complete scam on the consumer.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 24, 2023 01:35:30

So? Why is your circle of knowledge personally what determines if someone is famous? Is your mum famous? I'd ask after your dad but I don't figure you knew him either. People who are educated know Bose. But Joe Blow on the street is going to think he makes speakers, if anything. They don't know shit. And he's a certifiable genius, considering he helped discover a new state of matter. And I guarantee the scumsucker who made OOP would say something like "India never produces scientists anyway", because HE doesn't know Bose. It's easy to say that famous scientists never get tattoos when you don't know any, and judge who's famous or not by who you personally have heard of.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 24, 2023 00:56:44

\[Proceeds to beat 12 people to death with a watering can\] And that, Timmy, is how Comrade Merkin got the watering can put on the USR flag.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 24, 2023 00:41:53

inb4 "But I don't know him so he can't count"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 24, 2023 00:38:25

Bull-fucking-shit. Most people don't even know Bose, much less astrophysicists who've done things like discover exo-planets. Your increasingly narrow definition of what a genius is is nothing but cope and pretending you didn't just get proved wrong *thrice*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 24, 2023 00:37:05

Man I wish there was a Candlejack ga-

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 23, 2023 19:16:06

"Crime never sleeps, because they fear Bass Reeves underneath their bed."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansAreMetal on January 23, 2023 19:14:54

I do work with software, poser. I help design game AI. You don't overestimate and then shrink, that wastes drive space and CPU cycles. You predict as accurately as you can what you need and then iterate when a prototype comes up. Doing it your way isn't putting the cart in front of the horse, it's putting the horse on the cart and then tying the cart to your dick before shoving it over a cliff and saying "Fuck Zeus" while stood in a lightning storm holding a tall metal rod.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 23, 2023 19:13:52

East of the mountain could give a solid industrial zone though with an aqueduct.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on January 23, 2023 19:07:37

When people say "Virtue Signalling" this isn't usually what they mean, but it is what those words mean. Just blind adhesion to an arbitrary value for nothing more or less than showing off how much better you are than the people who are being less pedantic.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 23, 2023 17:52:14

As much as I want to believe this is a troll, I actually do believe you're really this confidently incorrect. And it's sad.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 23, 2023 14:16:00

They've been reaching for decades. Complaining about shit like candy mascots is just the part of the cycle where the Dems haven't fucked up enough for them to keep the base angry.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 23, 2023 14:06:56

Vic3's systems are just better, I think, for the super economic-focused Cold War era and beyond. ​ I mean Ideally you'd have something that could take you from 45/56 or something all the way to 2200 but that's asking a lot I think.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 23, 2023 14:00:41

Wow, even if you refer to him as part of a group Candlejac

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 23, 2023 13:32:49

I mean yes that's why I excluded them from the statement, since obviously they would be. The point is that it has to be a trafficker doing this, nobody else would have motive

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansBeingBros on January 23, 2023 04:54:29

I imagine a large algae farm in a region of the ocean with relatively little ecosystem would probably support some kind of ecosystem itself. A weird but cool way of farming fish maybe.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 23, 2023 03:53:12

Wait, what the fuck Do you think we're making cars directly out of oil? For that matter, do you think the energy gained from a nuclear reactor or a solar panel is in any way besides scale different from the energy gained by burning oil?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 23, 2023 03:49:57

Not saying Musk Good, because lawd knows that boy has some fuckin' *problems* But I'm pretty sure the idea is something scalable and industrial, so that we don't have to depend on trees which grow slowly and can't easily be innovated upon. A mechanical means of sequestering carbon from the atmosphere that could be scaled into massive complexes would be a godsend for the environment, doubly so if we could then turn that carbon into something useful, like a good. ​ Unfortunately I don't think Musk is going to have that 100 million for much longer considering he's begun racing JK Rowling for the "Most widely hatable person on twitter"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 23, 2023 03:47:30

The Klan hated free black folk, yeah, but they hated white people who liked free black folk more.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansAreMetal on January 23, 2023 03:41:35

Evil Campaign where the party is a band of modern hooligans who make the mistake of graverobbing Bass Reeves, who rises from the grave to dispense justice? Sounds pretty fucking metal to me.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansAreMetal on January 23, 2023 03:39:41

Honestly I can't imagine the thought process of someone who *wasn't* at least a consumer for human trafficking. What else could motivate you to be, apparently, pro-kidnapping? A deep love for the institution of slavery? Andrew Jackson out here with a window scraper going "Fuck these kids!"?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansBeingBros on January 23, 2023 00:49:48

Would it be possible to take a save into this from a regular Vic3 game? Or back-convert one from HOI4? I mean really we just need a cold-war/modern era game to convert to that'll bridge a bit between HOI4 and Stellaris but-

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 23, 2023 00:42:12

Better than here in Florida, where if you try to tip a cow it stands up, cracks open a bud light, takes a deep drag, and proceeds to kow-rate chop you so hard the farmer has to wake you up the next morning.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 23, 2023 00:39:04

They're wolves, so they're not attacking in a hallway, most likely. They're attacking in the woods, where they're easily capable of moving through the underbrush and certainly capable of flanking. Similar things apply for most animals. They don't leave their home territory easily, because not being there is such a massive debuff to their ability to eat. And they're not going to attack a shelled giant because that's obviously going to get them injured, which means they'll starve even if they win. If they absolutely must attack the party, which itself is already implying something afoot given all the clanking and obvious predator behavior that comes from a group of heavily armed apes thrashing through the underbrush, most creatures are going to set up an ambush that maximizes their ability to grab the weakest-looking party member and bug the fuck out with them. They don't want, nor need, four massive human corpses. They don't want, nor need, to fight any more than they have to for their food. They're going to grab the Wizard, and try to fuck off - and if that doesn't work, they're definitely not going to stand and fight, they're going to cut their losses. ​ Animals are calorie maximizing machines, they don't possess a sense of honor or even significant feelings of vengance; they want food, so they'll get the easiest food in the area. A lot of things have to come together for that to be the party Wizard, much less the Fighter.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 23, 2023 00:33:38

Those aren't mutually exclusive though? The hypocrisy is more for Latin Americans who are lazy welfare queens yet they take jobs by being hard working and willing to work for low wages. With black people they're pretty static and consistent about them being Jewish puppets, which is equally ridiculous and stupid but not actually hypocritical in the same way.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 23, 2023 00:26:26

The people who are coming up with this stuff know the problem is capitalism and not the Jews. What this is is a net, by which they can catch people who are drifting towards socialism and turn them towards anti-semeticism and fascism.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 23, 2023 00:24:43

Animals just want to eat prey who are more calorie dense than it took to kill them. In order to ward off predators, they try to make it look/be more calorie intensive to eat them than it's worth. Ergo, the giant plated monster making angry gestures at them is going to be really expensive and dangerous to take down, why not go after the squishy one at the back? ​ That said animals shouldn't hunt a group of humans like that in the first place unless they're super desperate already, or very powerful. Animals do not get in even fights. Even fights are how animals die.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 22, 2023 17:03:11

He who shouts loudest about their love for Jesus does so because they are trying to convince both you and themselves of it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 22, 2023 16:55:56

Yeah but the people protesting Kinkymation pics are definitely troubled by the thought of sexuality, given the often very wholesome and SFW content. Literally the only excuse they have is "spam" which doesn't hold up when Kinkymation posts have been less than 1% of posts in the past three months and less before that.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 22, 2023 16:54:01

Sonia is very good... But I didn't forget about her.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 22, 2023 16:51:38

This. There's saying "The Consensus must be right" and then there's saying "The Consensus is probably right". If over half the people on the bridge are jumping off it, it's worth taking a look with an open mind to jumping, because there's probably a reason they did it. Particularly in a community as skeptical and nitpicky as the scientific community. There's probably a lot of things to learn about physics and I'm sure that the Standard Model is an innaccurate representation of reality. That doesn't mean I'm going to declare them wrong on facebook and begin actively resisting anything physicists say, falsely proclaiming my immunity to gravity. There is such a thing as being more right, and the scientific community as a whole has pretty consistently been moving in that direction for hundreds of years.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 22, 2023 16:49:49

The cow certainly wouldn't tolerate it. I don't think the locals would necessarily *need* to get involved.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 22, 2023 16:41:17

And wondering if the person screaming isn't the pedophile too, no doubt. Yeah. It's seriously irritating to see people get all up in arms because a pic of Futaba smiling was posted and the pic happened to be from a chick who does porn. This isn't normal behavior.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 22, 2023 02:22:11

Well, good thing they aren't flooding the sub then. Y'all act like two posts a month is spam or something on a sub with 400k members. It's pretty easy to see it's an excuse.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 22, 2023 02:20:27

cue that pic of the manly handshake except it's James and Lily both agreeing Harry should hook up with Hermione.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 22, 2023 01:11:19

It's tempting me to post some honestly. Maybe if we flood the sub with SFW art from NSFW artists the people who can't handle even the idea of titty will leave and never come back.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 22, 2023 01:07:57

Who the fuck's been posting their OC art to the persona 5 subreddit Boi get real

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 22, 2023 01:06:42

Chiaki, Ibuki, and Hiyoko It's only missing Mahiru to be the lineup of the four best girls (not in order)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 21, 2023 18:25:07

Given there's only one doujin with that ship...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 21, 2023 18:24:15

Imagine James and Lily having a betting pool on whether Harry goes Harmony or not

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 21, 2023 13:36:57

You losers been having this discussion for five years. Five. Goddamn. Years.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 20, 2023 23:26:41

Bold of you to suggest they need a downturn to abandon morals for money

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 20, 2023 20:11:35

The governor of my state, Florida, is banning children's books like Dr. Seuss and No, David! to the point they're coming into classrooms to remove the books, not just the school libraries. There are definitely books that it's appropriate to not want read to your kids, but I think one should ask themselves why the censorship is happening pretty regularly, because a lot of the time it's not about protecting people but controlling them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 20, 2023 19:49:42

There's nothing to say the parking lot wasn't empty when he parked there. And two out of what should be dozens if not a hundred spaces to park depending on the size of the lot/garage is hardly monopolizing the resource.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 20, 2023 16:19:16

Hey, he paid for both spaces. Plus, those spaces *are* tight. I wouldn't want to park my expensive car in dent central either. IMO buying the two tickets shows he at least understands he isn't obligated two spots to park, which is the real problem.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 20, 2023 05:28:52

I like both of them. Their relationship is one of the most paradoxically likable and hatable ones in the series. They're so similar, but they took different paths to protecting themselves from the pain. Then when they meet each other, Hiyoko is constantly bullying Mikan... Yet, in a way, that's what both of them want.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 19, 2023 17:37:51

Hail to the sauce master

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/luckystar on January 19, 2023 17:19:24

>why can i imagine Hiyoko listening to punk music Hiyoko does respond really positively to Ibuki's... Weird death metal stuff.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 19, 2023 14:09:55

Check my other comments, dude. The show was awful. I'm saying that if the raceswap is your major concern with a show so riddled with problems that it can only be the result of ragebaiting, you're a racist. Because god, there's so much fucking wrong with the show *besides* Shaggy being black.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 19, 2023 13:56:47

\>Downvotes are censorship Maybe you're being censored not because you're edgy or too cool for school but rather because your takes are dumber than the rocks penguins fuck when they can't get any?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 19, 2023 13:54:14

"Titanium" is another hilarious one for the Barbarian

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 19, 2023 13:48:16

If they were out of touch it wouldn't be this bad. This is ragebait, pure and simple. This is the TV show equivalent of a kid in school turning in a 50 question multiple choice test and getting a flat zero.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 19, 2023 00:27:52

Not to mention people don't roll around in cars that have Biden stickers and anti-Trump stickers so thick they can't see out the windows, or massive flag arrangements causing enough drag to parachute the car safely to Earth from orbit. But you do see that shit. Just not for Biden. Not on the left. Someone's treating their politicians like the second coming and it ain't us.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 19, 2023 00:25:42

Not entirely surprised. I'm sure that the person behind the account is too trans for conservatives, too transphobic and stereotypical for liberals, and not a dog, to piss off anyone left over.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 18, 2023 23:09:22

Yes, with the other changes. If you watch that show and the thing you care the most about is what color Shaggy's skin is, you're definitely racist as fuck though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 18, 2023 23:06:16

The show was specifically crafted to piss people off. Raceswapping everyone they could is just part of pissing off racists. Making Shaggy not Shaggy any more pisses off everyone else.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 18, 2023 21:12:57

This isn't about the race-swap, dude. That's kinda racist. It's about the fact that Norville isn't Shaggy at all, to the point there's a fucking metajoke about how much he hates weed. Y'all being upset about raceswaps is just missing the much worse crimes in favor of a meaningless change.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 18, 2023 21:11:35

The new Scooby Doo show, Velma, which doesn't even feature Scooby Doo, appears to have been carefully tailored by ancient and extremely wise television show writing monks on a mountaintop in Tibet to be the single least likable show possible, to have no redeeming characteristics or substance, and to leave everyone it possibly can as embittered and disgusted as possible. So they made Shaggy black, stopped him from smoking pot, and made him a streamer, pissing off conservatives, liberals, and young kids respectively.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on January 18, 2023 21:07:46

>We have no duty to participate in their self image confusion. Well glad to see you're not a trained psychologist? Screaming at people that they're wrong is not the accepted solution to any mental health issue, and certainly mocking them isn't. You guys act like this isn't about hating trans people, but your actions say otherwise.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 18, 2023 21:03:09

Lotta losers upset you're making fun of their r/onejoke I guess

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 18, 2023 21:01:27

So, uh, not complaining, but why's she pulling her panties dow- oh

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 18, 2023 18:50:33

I'd probably let trusted players play a nazi vampire, under the understanding that not only is their alignment *required* to be Evil and unLawful, or whatever equivalent is in VtM, that they will end the campaign by dying horribly or reforming. Doesn't do to restrict options, but I would definitely want to get across that Fashes need Bashing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 18, 2023 05:38:05

Okay but the peace and love side of MLK did exist too. I don't think this is going to be very effective activism.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 18, 2023 03:59:31

Or even worse - Human-on-animal crime!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 18, 2023 03:58:11

International Politics are mostly big countries enforcing their will on smaller countries without consent, so enforcing human rights violation on a massive superpower with nukes and one of the largest economies in the world, in particular when even more significant violations are happening in the other superpowers, is understandably if regrettably not on the to-do list for the EU. Plus, people are very rarely willing to stick their necks out for "Criminals", even abused ones. That's why people have been backing these kinds of laws in the U.S. in the first place. Not everyone is on the same page when it comes to reforming, some people just want to punish those who've behaved badly and don't actually care about correcting the behavior.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 18, 2023 03:42:05

Actually, many inmates in modern prisons are indeed made to labor without pay or other compensation, which is in fact slavery. You don't get sentenced to it, it's just sort of baked into the system. Living is a prick in other ways, particularly for being a cynical bastard, but he's not wrong about slavery still being instituted in the U.S.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 18, 2023 03:31:08

Because having a speech impediment doesn't make you a bad president? Pretty sure Teddy would agree that the content of a man's character is rather more than just how silky smooth the words come out his mouth.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 18, 2023 03:29:00

Knowing those types of guys there probably was brandishing involved... We had a protest down here when the SC repealed Roe v Wade or whatever the legal terminology is (since I know some brandishing twat's going to try to be pendantic) and they all showed up with their weapons actively trying to intimidate. Some of them got arrested, but not all, and the ones who did only fed the persecution complex.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 18, 2023 00:46:47

Yeah it's kinda interesting how Mishima gets blasted for putting up with Kamoshida but the other people who did don't. Y'know, like Makoto? Even Ann for a long while. Dude had his hand wrapped around the throat of the entire school it's kinda bullshit to put the blame for not speaking out on Mishima.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 17, 2023 21:02:06

It seems there's been an outpouring for Kazuyoko recently ​ And I am fucking here for it

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 17, 2023 18:38:31

I think it says a lot about his character that his shadow is the only one that's defeated without a fight. Mishima changed himself, with the bare minimum of Phantom Thieves intervention. He came to the conclusion that what he was doing was wrong and that he had to fix it basically on his own. There's strength in that.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 17, 2023 18:33:34

All Pdox really can do is make it well known that the nazis don't have their blessings, and they've been doing that, so...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 17, 2023 18:30:13

It's from the Boys, where nothing good ever happens, so no.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on January 17, 2023 16:54:09

Gendo's expression is comedy gold, though

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 17, 2023 04:08:32

They're still mad because it's still the only thing they have to be better than other people. Without their made up crown, they'd be forced to admit that *they* are the lowest rung of society. The unfit. That *they* are the untermensch. And while they're not good at guessing what's going on in other peoples' heads, they know what they'd do to a sector of the population that isn't pulling their weight.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 17, 2023 04:00:12

Yeah, Haru's remarkably resilient. There's a reason she's an A-tier waifu.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 16, 2023 23:17:10

> It's not really hurting anything I dunno. There was that time we discharged a sizable group of patriots and defenders from being *allowed* to serve their nation and potentially sacrifice their lives for freedom on the basis that they were trans. There's also all those camps where teens are sent to be actually tortured in an attempted brainwashing to make them repress their sexuality.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 16, 2023 18:10:00

What I was saying was that the linked passage is saying "If your nutsack gone you're not out of Heaven" Which isn't what's happening with intersex people. They aren't just "men sans nutsack". They've got a bunch of weird bits that probably don't work right and a life to live. It also completely whiffs on trans people, who have a perfectly good nutsack in working order but their brain's mixed up about what should be there. The passage is speaking about eunuchs, not trans people. Which is nice and inclusive... For Eunuchs. But isn't useful for including trans people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 16, 2023 18:06:26

Their purpose isn't to protect bad people, but to make sure the system only prosecutes bad people. They do this by making sure that the prosecutor must have proof of the crime which is undeniable. If they manage to get their obviously-guilty client off with less or zero jail time, well, that's not so much on them as on the prosecution for not having enough evidence to make the charges stick. At least, ideally. Most of the time. Shady shit happens reasonably often but that's kinda just what dealing with humans entails.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRenaissance on January 16, 2023 18:02:20

I mean, it confirms that people who've been cut in the nards can go to heaven, and that are born eunuchs. I'm not sure I understand where the non-binary thing is coming from though. Non-binary people aren't eunuchs, or at least don't need to be, and the passage rather explicitly notes staying celibate for god, rather than because you don't want to fuck. I would like to find a bible passage which supports non-binary people but I don't think this is it?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 16, 2023 05:52:32

"Sorry, DM, but, what's on fire?" "Everything, Player. Everything." "I have a ring of fire resistance." "***EVERYTHING***."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 16, 2023 04:19:28

I would encourage you to see for yourself. Remain as the original cell and do not evolve. See how long it takes for you to go extinct, or if you can Thrive for 2 billion years. ​ It's an extremely difficult challenge because of two things, which are the reason you should evolve. One is that glucose in the water quickly becomes a rarity outside of corpses, which you can't create as a single bubble of cytoplasm. The second is that other cells will evolve, becoming faster, bigger, and gaining access to weapons like spikes and toxins, while you remain the most easily engulfed cell in the environment vulnerable to everything.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/thrive on January 16, 2023 03:58:26

tbf that's a defense attourney's job. Sometimes though you just have to be in awe of the level of their professionalism in not immediately just giving up the case, flipping off the client, and shooting them the bird and screaming "FUCK YOU MURDERER" as they back out of the room. God knows that's what I'd do.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRenaissance on January 16, 2023 03:49:36

Basically a bunch of businesses realized that, hey, minority religious groups exist, and started saying Happy Holidays to be more inclusive. The Christian Right took this as a direct assault on their persons and did what they always do: whine, cry, and blame the liberals for ruining their perfectly good pseudo-fascist theocracy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 16, 2023 03:43:13

>You ever hear of the idiom that starts with "one bad apple...."? Yes and it's been used to justify years and years of racism against multiple minority groups. Because it's a stupid idiom that's used to denigrate and dehumanize an outgroup. Just because the outgroup happens to be Christianity doesn't make it okay to generalize.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 16, 2023 03:40:40

That's along the lines I was thinking, but I wasn't sure how to reinstall. I think u/Embarrassed-Range-13 is in bed now, time zone stuff, but I'll link him to this so he sees it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/StableDiffusion on January 16, 2023 00:47:13

It stops being strange when you realize that they're not saying "Racism doesn't exist" because they believe it, but because that's what they want everyone else to believe. That hating on people for being black isn't racism. Because they're racists.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 15, 2023 21:29:30

Friend here. Embarrassed is trying to use miniconda to open the webui, and is having issues with installing torch as he said. While I'm significantly more educated in computer science and AI than he, I'm not really skilled in python, which has led to a lot of floundering. As best I can tell something in the path is screwed up and it's telling the batch file for the webui to run python 3.9.12, when by all rights it *should* be running 3.10.9 instead. I suspect it's part of the environment set-up, but I'm not familiar enough with Python to even check, much less tell the program to change the environment's defaults remotely via Embarrassed. I'm hoping some of you are more familiar with python, or perhaps even have had the same experience. Even a small lead would help me help him.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/StableDiffusion on January 15, 2023 20:18:57

It's like they went out of their way, on purpose, to write an unlikable show. As though a bunch of actually good authors sat down and wrote a really good show, then inversed every trope they used, one by one, until the show stopped getting worse, and then, they made sure to add the most vapid, braindead, character-shredding attempts at racial commentary possible. It doesn't watch like a television show that was screwed up. It watches like a television show which was deliberately made to be bad in just the right way that you can't even get worth out of it by mocking it. It's fucking weird.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 15, 2023 06:43:07

>Then Velma opens her locker and a brainless corpse falls out. Wait, who stuffed Daphne into the locker?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 15, 2023 06:39:24

...Does this work for players? In multiplayer? Asking for myself, don't tell my friends.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 14, 2023 04:07:09

I mean these kind of people think that saying "Women don't belong in the workplace because they get paid less than men" are those well-thought out arguments so

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 14, 2023 03:07:40

Leave the middle panel blank or simple to let it be a meme format, third panel is something along the lines of him blushing, looking away, and saying "But I'm okay with it."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 13, 2023 18:00:00

Oh, it's this comic. Must be a Friday.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on January 13, 2023 17:43:11

They're pro-birth, pro-war, and pro-wealth. And that's it. Petty things like morals and happiness get in the way of the things they love.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 13, 2023 17:39:44

'cuz he's a liberal. But yes also because he's gay.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 13, 2023 17:38:44

Wait, it wasn't? ​ That might explain it, yeah.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 13, 2023 12:50:07

Man, it's 2023 and this game had millions, right? Why do the animations look like something I'd come up with in Blender for an indie project?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 13, 2023 12:12:14

Looks a bit older than that. Really early 1900's or so. It's the coal mine childhood did that.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/awfuleverything on January 13, 2023 12:00:53

He expected what he got, I imagine, which is "posted on reddit"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 13, 2023 11:57:58

You're making it out to be like people are giving money *because* others gave money though, which isn't true. People are giving money because they want to compensate the entertainer for a free service being provided. How much money the streamer has isn't really something most people think about. If Selena Gomez was waiting tables, she'd get tips. Same principle.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 13, 2023 11:54:00

It's expected for people to give money to live entertainers on-stream, yes. Often if this is done for recognition at all, it's recognition from the rest of the audience, not the streamer, but for the most part, it's because they're an entertainer providing a service that is *otherwise for free* and you want to compensate them. How rich they are doesn't really come into it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 13, 2023 11:52:23

And the other abusive Dangans? Mikan, Hiyoko, Byakuya, Kokichi? There's a large minority, if not majority, of Dangans who have done worse than what people always say is Haji's worst trait, who don't get nearly as much flak for it. Sonia is a warcriminal, so is Mukuro. Sakura betrayed her classmates to their kidnapper during a murder game. Miu sexually and verbally harasses her whole class. All of which, I think, are worse than the thoughtcrime Haji commits. Not saying Haji isn't worse, because he is. He's a physical abuser of children and pretty genocidal himself. *But that's not what people talk about.* It's not about realism, it's about easy targets.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 13, 2023 11:39:29

Except if the person thinks the streamer is garbage, they don't make money.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 13, 2023 11:33:07

Or just because "that's what you do", yes. People aren't sending cash to Selena Gomez in the hopes she'll notice how generous they are, come on.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 13, 2023 11:30:28

"I did reasearch on both sides. I went to the most liberal site I trust, Infowars, and Breitbart agreed with them! It must be true!"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 13, 2023 11:27:22

Sure, he's also fictional. Junko convinced a group of elementary schoolers to commit genocide and slaughtered multiple schools worth of other children. Pretty sure actually committing multiple genocides is worse than getting a boner at the YMCA.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 13, 2023 00:59:55

Far as I'm concerned, actions speak louder than thoughts, and thoughts louder than words. He only really said it to get the girls (I think it was Komaru who was flirting with him?) off his back. If he was abusing Monaca physically and not sexually, despite being a pedophile, that says some interesting (and weird) things about his character. And if he was touching Monaca, I think we would've seen it, given we're all but told directly of the same thing happening with Kotoko and Monaca is even shown using that as a bludgeon. I'm opposed to the idea that Haji's character is less interesting because he's got a gross paraphilia and doesn't hate himself for it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 12, 2023 23:12:42

Personally I take the tack that for an action to be morally reprehensible it must harm another person, much less to be "one of the most reprehensible", but go off I guess. I don't think I'm going to have problems with people who are just open about things they can't control though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 12, 2023 23:06:22

Pedophilia isn't a crime though. Child molestation is. There's a difference.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 12, 2023 21:38:04

Even so, we have no evidence of him sexually abusing anyone so... Oh no? Mans was born a way and folk make him a demon for it. ​ When there's perfectly good reasons to demonize him just over there!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 12, 2023 21:35:43

Nothing says "I'm in the moral right!" like spamming a suicide hotline in an attempt to get someone removed from reddit over liking a fictional character who said he was attracted to kids.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 12, 2023 21:34:19

My dude, you're being unrealistically narrow, AND ignoring the actual meaning of the word. A piece of music can be aesthetic, and thus, categorized as aesthetic. It's a subjective description, not a genre, but that doesn't mean it isn't being correctly used there. You being ignorant of how languages develop and evolve, not to mention ignoring the fact that Aesthetic being used in this context is not a new phenomenon. People were describing things they like as aesthetic like this hundreds of years ago. They will continue to do so regardless of how upset you become at the perceived change. What you are describing is not the word aesthetic, and is not how it was ever used. You're calling me wrong when you, sir, have been objectively wrong this entire time, creating an entirely new definition of the word out of thin air and ignoring common use in favor of juvenoia and complaint. If the statement was nonsensical, Google would not provide a response. If everyone else seems not to know what words mean, perhaps you should consider that *you* don't know what the words mean, and accept explainations instead of going on tirades about how wrong the explainations are to your limited understanding.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dwarffortress on January 12, 2023 19:42:23

\>Say something negative about the far right \>"BUT TRUMP WASN'T THAT BAD YOU STUPID" This is why people are shitting on you all the time. It's not because you're right. It's because you're so busy sucking your own cocks about the enemy being both weak and strong

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 12, 2023 15:38:17

Nice rebuttal. You want to explain how a neural network is fundamentally different from an arrangement of neurons that's made out of carbon? People are constantly complaining about computer generalizing while ignoring the fact that humans do it themselves. You have to teach kids that dolphin != fish just as much as the computer. The difference is we understand the computer architecture and how it processes images better than we understand the brain architecture.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 15:29:05

Aesthetic music is exactly what it used to mean. That the music is pleasing to the ear. If that feels vague to you I'm sorry, but you're dealing with humans here, everything is always vague. It's not, and never was, a genre.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dwarffortress on January 12, 2023 15:25:39

The thing is, "problem solving" isn't... A thing? Like, it's not something that you can create or develop, it's something that happens when certain conditions are met. Machines do problem solve, usually algorithmically. What your housemates are probably discussing are the faults in the current way AI is handled, which I brushed on in my post. Right now, most AI, even the most powerful neural networks, are restricted; they may be generalist in design, but in application they're only taught using one or two verbs. The AI draws pictures. The AI drives a car. The AI writes a really terrible grad paper. That kind of stuff. What we've found out recently is that by adding more of these verbs, the AI's capability in *unrelated* verbs grows. So by having the AI learn how to drive AND how to draw, the art gets better. Thing is, most people don't want to pay for the processing power and time that it'd take to train the AI to do hundreds of things, so the status quo remains. But AI has shown it's capabilities are not being met yet, and that it can be significantly more "human" than most people give it credit for. The divide between human thinking and artificial thinking is much, much smaller than people like to think. In the end, all you and I are are advanced neural networks with years of high-capacity learning time on multiple subjects. We do not *think* fundamentally different from the computer just because we don't know all the variables yet.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 15:23:50

Okay? Bit of pot calling the kettle black with the toxic traits comment, but leaving that aside. He's not a liberal. That's the point here. Liberals do not, by definition, advocate for genocides, particularly for people making harmless life choices with little effect on others.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 15:17:10

It means stuff to teens even if you don't get it, gramps.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dwarffortress on January 12, 2023 14:04:29

\>Liberal The dude wants to commit a genocide against a subset of the population, he's not a liberal.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 13:40:58

In this case it was more of a misstep. She didn't learn from chat, so she didn't learn to be a nazi, she was just prodded into saying something anti-semetic because she's a bot and struggles with context and implication.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 13:39:53

>It’s just pattern recognition. I mean, so are you. You're de-anthropomorphizing here - assuming something is non-human without any evidence. AI already learn and display emergent behaviors like small children or animals, so I don't believe they really learn any differently from us. They just have much less computational space and capacity for intuition. Indeed, from what I've seen working in the field, intuition is the main thing missing. They can be very close to human intelligence, but they lack any way to intuit information and are normally kept very narrow in scope to save on processing costs.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 13:36:25

>the creator had made it such that she can only learn new information from the creator and noone else Which is smart since if she learned from chat this would've been the least bad thing she said.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 12, 2023 13:33:05

This is a really old tweet. Not saying he doesn't post just as much stupid shit now, but this one in particular is ancient.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 11, 2023 23:27:57

Heck, just properly embalming the bodies would make them a lot safer. I imagine that there's a lot of Necromantic cantrips that are all about controlling microbial growth and keeping dead things dead and not dirt.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 11, 2023 14:45:40

Discovery is one of the best parts about the game, so why not check for yourself by stacking all the items you can find? &#x200B; >!No, there's not.!<

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on January 11, 2023 12:17:04

It's definitely Kokichi, and he's being facetious because he's a little shitball. He knows they aren't friends and won't like being called his friends or friends of each other which is why he tricked them into taking this pic and why he posted it publicly with this caption. Kokichi is an asshole.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 11, 2023 10:42:25

This basically doesn't work because Negative Energy is an actively malicious and corruptive force which *wants* to do evil, so calling up a skeleton in DnD is essentially like letting Hannibal Lecter out of his prison for walks around the town; no matter how tightly controlled you're still putting the townspeople at risk, unnecessarily. But I agree, that's boring. I use necromancy differently in my homebrew because a tool being objectively evil is a coward's way out. &#x200B; In Karne, which is the source of my username, necromancy is... Well, just another branch of magic. Indeed, it's used semi-frequently - the Church of the Snow Maiden, the local catholic-like religion, uses necromantic rituals to preform resurrections for extremely wealthy or important people. This isn't common, and you need to get special permission from the Pope every time you do it, so death still is a big deal, but it's well known that some people can be brought back by powerful magics. Necromancy, or Spirit Magic as it's properly known there, deals mostly with the mind. Where Light Magic deals mostly with intelligence and electromagnetism, and Fire Magic with temperature, Spirit Magic deals with the more esoteric algorithms that dominate emotion and the thinking mind. Spirit mages are the ones who can shift someone's emotional state, curing fear, bolstering spirits, or enraging enemies into attacking their allies. It's also the class of magic which deals with animating forces, whether they're regular stone golems or skelingtons. Significant portions of this branch of magic, thus, are outlawed, among them the commonly termed "Necromancy", which is commonly used (incorrectly) to refer specifically to animating the dead. A Necromancer raises the dead by either constructing magical simulacrums to revive the deceased, or by rebuilding their minds entirely. For this reason zombies get smarter the fresher they are, but skeletons are stronger due to magical muscle replacements. Liches use this simulating magic to vivisect themselves and link remotely to organs which can then be hidden in a reinforced "Soul Jar", making them effectively immortal so long as the jar remains unbroken. Necromancy in this world is frowned upon, in no small part due to the influence of religion. This means that most necromancers are also super rebellious outcasts and thus, assholes. People don't look to learn Necromancy unless they're willing to break rules to get what they want, and very important rules at that. Necromancy is not inherently Evil and indeed can be used solely to help, but it's made Evil by the way people react to it; by limiting the kinds of people who come into contact with it in any positive way, by restricting it's users to people who are probably going to be pretty insufferable to begin with. I think it's much more interesting than WotC's "It's evil because vague shadow energy" stuff.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 11, 2023 10:40:36

You seem to be under the impression that Antimatter is a corruptive force, rather than just an unstable explosive. Antimatter is not anathema to life, and indeed life is perfectly possible made out of antimatter without any noticable changes. You just need to keep them from coming into contact with regular matter. The two are identical until you either peer closely at the atoms or touch one to the other.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 11, 2023 10:22:32

Note that this is exclusively the case in Faerun specifically, and not necessarily in other settings. For example, in Enroth, raising the dead is an Evil Act, but it's not a pollutant one. Rather, undead are just naturally evil creatures like demons and it's bad that way. Attempting to use necromancy on yourself as a good person also will simply just hurt you, up to death if you try to lichify yourself. If OP's DM is using a homebrew setting it's perfectly plausible for necromancy's only violation to be of respect for the dead.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 11, 2023 10:15:46

There are people *in this comments section* who're still wary of the Good Boy just because he's a pit. So sad.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:34:40

I dunno what I would've done as a toddler because I don't have an eidetic memory and I don't remember being a toddler. I do know however that my parents wouldn't have permitted me to hit strangers' dogs with a water bottle, empty or not.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:31:58

Kid probably doesn't understand why this behavior might bother the dog. It's not really on them, it's on the parents for not properly instilling that you don't hit strangers, even non-human strangers and even with something light like a plastic bottle.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:30:55

No, you're thinking of cows. Pitbulls are way down the list.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:20:11

The fact that you felt the need to specify that you don't want to kill the kid because he's black is, itself, pretty racist. Like, why is that your first thought? What the fuck, dude?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:19:47

I mean, the dog WAS friendly. It got thwacked a solid three times with the bottle before it felt the need to retaliate. This isn't really on the dog, it's clearly well socialized. This is the parents not controlling their child and stopping him from putting his head in the proverbial lion's mouth.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:18:32

With how close the dog and kid are, yeah, the leash would've actually made the dog harder to control.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on January 10, 2023 20:14:52

It could be just an aesthetic thing, the point is that it doesn't hurt and the guy in the middle is just shilling for people who'd rather see you dead than their cushy class position even slightly rocked.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 10, 2023 17:11:51

I wanted to say monkey but I wasn't sure if it held true for all monkeys or just Great Apes. And unlike some people I value accuracy in what I say.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 10, 2023 14:13:00

Admittedly I've only played one game and it was heavily modded, but from that game I'm pretty sure Free Cities are the new meta. And by that I mean I've now seen an entire continent turn black and grand civilizations collapse into a sweeping anarchist commune of randomly agitated rioters

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on January 10, 2023 13:30:25

Some animals do this with poop though. Not apes though. Apes don't pull this shit. These people are *actually* dumber than apes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on January 10, 2023 13:27:17

Racism isn't discrimination based on skin tone, it's discrimination based on race. A term who's meaning shifts quite rapidly and consistently. In 1300, racists were British people who hated the French. Complete with talking points about how they were a subhuman group of idiots who were quietly controlling everything behind the scenes to suck. In 100, racists were Romans looking down on anyone from further north than the Alps, discussing how horrible all the "non-assimilating" people who didn't speak latin were. Shit is NOT a new concept. Racists can't even invent new concepts. They scavenge new ones from other causes and crawl in to stink it into a home like some kind of horrible, hateful hermit crab.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 10, 2023 13:24:11

Look up some youtube videos about environmental storytelling, particularly in video games. That'll help you make the info drops a bit more believable and make it a bit less obvious that the girl is there to stop them from being murderhoboes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 10, 2023 13:14:59

"Low IQ Mongrel!" Shouts man who mixed up Portugal and Spain and didn't bother to so much as google translate some arabic in his meme assembled from stolen images

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 10, 2023 11:03:01

ZF is generally against this kind of shit. I hope whoever took this pic reported the profile, to them or to steam. Stealing a clan tag is rude as fuck, to say nothing of the actual contents of the page. Considering one of their members is \*ahem\* "A Trans" I'm going to guess they'd have about the same reaction to this guy taking their tag as a nest of hornets would have to Mitch McConnel sticking his dick into their hive.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Gamingcirclejerk on January 10, 2023 10:58:06

James with a machete, actually.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AsABlackMan on January 10, 2023 10:46:48

...Did you just respond to your own comment?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 10, 2023 08:46:09

Temporary Litigation Commission

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 9, 2023 12:56:19

The absolute disrespect of this bot &#x200B; Give them their 750 back, they clearly have the upper hand.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on January 9, 2023 12:50:54

In 1539? No. By 1800? Yeah. &#x200B; Spain's just ahead of their time by... A little...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on January 9, 2023 12:46:39

Of course they do. "White" is whatever is inside the smallest circle of ancestry that they can manage while still making White the majority of the country. "White" is the narrowest possible definition of "People Like Me" that doesn't make them part of a culturally irrelevant microcommunity. "White" is what they need it to be to justify knee-jerk violence towards anyone who looks "too different" or behaves in a way they dislike. &#x200B; "White" is a security blanket, who's meaning shifts based on what monster lives under their bed tonight.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 9, 2023 09:12:32

Probably has to do with how markets work. The AI is likely considering (or meant to be looking like they're considering) bringing in those nations into their economic spheres. Why let massive sections of the population stay out of the market then? They probably ought to be a little less prone to picking it, but it's historical and makes some amount of sense economically too.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 9, 2023 05:44:45

Dwarf Fortress player: "Oh, that's a good idea! DM, I'm gonna cast regenerate on myself!" DM: "I'm not going to just let you-" Dwarf Fortress player: "Now, Ranger, skin me! As many times as you can manage!"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on January 9, 2023 02:21:09

More likely it's something more along the lines of "Just one drop"...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 9, 2023 02:13:24

100% of the time they're idiots. I'm gonna go with the higher success rate.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 9, 2023 01:58:01

Indeed it's mostly practiced by heterosexuals who make their whole lifestyle about not being gay and scream and cry whenever you expect them to touch another man anywhere except sports-appropriate ass-to-hand contact. You know. Losers.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 9, 2023 00:42:30

Just like the kids.^(/pleasdon'tbanme)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 9, 2023 00:38:10

"It's okay, he was a pedophile, I heard him say his kid was cute."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 9, 2023 00:37:31

Only an asshole would hear that medical care is free to all who need it and ask "Well what about the group I dislike?"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 9, 2023 00:36:27

Just because you can't read doesn't make your opponent wrong you know.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 8, 2023 19:31:04

Kind of amazing what people won't believe on the internet. Kid loves his mom? Never fucking happens. Everyone knows kids are completely incapable of loving their mothers.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 8, 2023 19:29:22

Havoc has been wreaked on humanity in the name of Athiesm as well, just check the USSR and China. The difference is, when you try to call an Athiest out on it, they'll try to sound oppressed by religion and use the age-old excuse of the asshole; "They did it worse!"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on January 8, 2023 15:48:34

Reminds me of that guy who commented on a pic of a girl at a shooting range that she's holding the gun wrong and it'd break her wrist if she shot it like that. Only for the girl to be an olympian sharpshooter who was using her olympian sharpshooter stance to olympically sharpshoot the target, without a broken wrist.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 8, 2023 15:14:04

At least we're not hurting for slaves, since we colonized Africa.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 7, 2023 18:11:49

I'm always hurting for Rubber, that's usually what drives me to colonize Africa.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 7, 2023 15:19:10

It's a Geyser, and it's not good. I mean, it's not really *bad* \- you can build around them, and IIRC there's some arcane way of getting rid of them. They also occasionally (read: almost never) produce science anomalies for your rover. But for the most part they just make shit dusty. Just try not to build near them where you can and you'll be fine.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/SurvivingMars on January 6, 2023 22:19:14

Fox didn't even want Trump, they only went pro-Trump after he won the nomination. Trump got himself that slot, by being the only one brave/dumb enough to have no fewer than three scandals going at any time, the whole time he was running. A technique he kept up in the Whitehouse, because it's literally the only thing he has going for him. Remember when the redhats realized they could use the fact Trump is constantly under scandal as a reason the scandals aren't real? Nobody could possibly really be that bad, they'd argue. Except he was, and it was deliberate.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on January 6, 2023 22:13:59

Which returns back to my initial statement, which is that if she was that kind of person he wouldn't be so sweet. Don't be so quick to see the evil in everyone. You'll just wind up living in a world of hate and bile.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 6, 2023 18:43:39

Really? Because I get Fascists popping up all the time, in the weirdest places. Fash leaders seem to love my intelligentasia, which is an interesting choice considering the Petite Bourgoise are right there and xenophobic.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 6, 2023 16:53:12

It's a marginally open relationship where you can be naked with another person but not have sex with them, so sometimes you have to jump on the bed because your SO is soaking with another woman /s

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on January 6, 2023 16:46:20

Ironically he's right about it being like twitter, just replace "Communism" with "Fascism" so it's more accurate to both the game and Twitter

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on January 6, 2023 16:05:07

Considering Gundham's Ultimate, I could easily see him extending the Deva's lifespans to five or six years. And if not, then they lived full and happy lives, so no need for tears anyway.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on January 6, 2023 15:55:09

Doesn't look that different on a surface examination but I'll check her out in more detail later. It's a sad fact of life that not a lot of cosplay porn puts more than a token effort on playing the character, even in Japan where every minor series gets a two-cent AV.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 6, 2023 15:49:58

...The fact the kid calls her "Mommy"?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 6, 2023 15:48:04

These kinds of people usually imagine that the world rewards trans and gay people with love and affection, because they see liberals fighting for their rights and thus those same liberals must be showering their new gods with gifts (?) &#x200B; It's not really logical or even sane, but then that's the whole right wing at this point.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 6, 2023 15:44:44

If she was that bad he wouldn't be such a little sweetheart. Kids raised by real assholes don't talk like that. They talk like assholes. It's what they learned.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 6, 2023 02:01:47

"Every time people learn about the world and reality, they stop believing the things I do! Those schools are ruining my life!" It's like shooting yourself in the foot by aiming through your groin.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 6, 2023 02:00:28

It's not just that, it's that all her "Cosplay" sex videos have her sucking the same plastic dildo and making ahegao faces with no dialogue. The only thing customized to the character is the costume and maybe the background music. She puts almost zero effort into actually reflecting the character, which undercuts the whole cosplay angle.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 5, 2023 17:12:04

Alright, so basically \-Every unit has hitpoints, which is 10\*(Reactor Level). To make that a bit more clear it means that fission reactor units have 10 HP, while Fusion reactor units have 20. Quantum units have 30 and Singularity units have 40. The relevant part of this is that the biggest jump relative to the size it was before is at fusion, so fusion reactors are worth having on basically every unit. \-Units have an attack, which is determined by their weapon. That's the number by the side of the weapon on the interface. Regular guns are attack 1, lasers attack 2, so on. \-Some units also have armor, which as expected gives them a defense value. Again, this is listed on the interface, with silksteel being better than synthmetal etc. &#x200B; So, when a unit attacks another unit, the game starts rolling dice. The attacker and the defender compare their attack and defense stats respectively. This determines what the roll means - if the attacker has 10 attack and the defender has 10 defense, it's a 50/50 split, but if the attacker has 12 attack and the defender has only 6 defense, it's 25/75 in the attackers favor. When the roll happens, the result is checked against this balance, and whoever won the roll deals damage to the opponent. I'm not sure what determines how much damage is dealt, but it's pretty steady through the game, which keeps HP relevant. What this means for you is that, for attacking, you want good weapons, and for defending, you want good armor. The cost of adding both is prohibitive though, so designing assault and garrison units is pretty vital. Additional abilities can help support this specialization. Psychic units like mindworms ignore the normal attack/defense calculation and instead have 2 defense and 3 attack, always, and set their opponents to the same. They do not, however, change reactor, which is why getting Fusion helps tame planet too. &#x200B; The highest defense unit in a square, with the highest health (put simply, the unit with the highest chance of winning) is considered the tile's defender and will be called upon to protect their mates. If they fail, all units in that tile take collateral damage, which varies but usually hovers around 33% of their HP or less. This doesn't happen in bunker tiles or cities, which is why such hardpoints are valuable. Artillery always deal collateral damage, making them useful for sieges or pushing through a frontline. &#x200B; Planes don't naturally compare defense, and instead will compare attack directly, with bombers getting a nasty -50% against fighters. So don't bother armoring your planes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on January 5, 2023 14:56:39

Comes with being the more reasonable party.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:43:13

Honestly by the standards you're using (European standards, AFAICT) Sanders isn't even that left wing. Very moderate socialist, maybe even enough to be called centrist in some countries.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:34:08

They were talking about the Republicans both times. The Democrats were only mentioned as an aside because they're operating as a bloc right now.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:33:04

It's possible they're doing both. Letting the Freedom Caucus run roughshod over the Republican Party visibly for a couple days before proposing a compromise would make the Dems look exceptionally reasonable and still get something out of the situation, while weakening the overall power of the Freedom Caucus through the means you suggested. In a way it's more dangerous because it's a bit of a game of chicken - the longer the Dems draw this out the more desperate the "moderate" Reps get, but by the same token, the more desperate they get the more likely they are to cave to Trump's cronies.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:30:54

Given some of the Gravy Seals on the red side of the isle I think we're good.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:26:09

America uses mostly First Past The Post for our voting systems, so all splitting the parties would do is make the various factions unhappy as they all lose seats to the others. Because all that matters is who has the required votes first. This kind of system naturally leads to two factions in the government because people are required to vote for who they think has the best chance of winning, and not who they really would like to win.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:22:46

That's the part you fixated on out of all that?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:20:13

Better a well-intentioned idiot than an ill-intentioned one.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on January 5, 2023 14:19:04

Yeah. MollyRedWolf does a lot of cosplay stuff but it's really samey and mostly hidden behind a paywall the quality doesn't really warrant. Which I guess makes her a good businesswoman but fuck if I'm paying for porn in 2023.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 5, 2023 14:12:26

dawg, those are just history books. The real racist tract propaganda shit doesn't usually have HITLER written in big letters across the front. The one on the bottom is "becoming Hitler" which sounds to me like this guy's just studying WWII and it's causes, presumably to stop it from happening again

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 4, 2023 15:27:22

I wouldn't say that. I've never been hard attached to the OG waifus and I still hate Mari - she's tonally dissonant and intrusive while also not really breaking any new ground, which I think is a good reason to hate her even if you haven't been arguing Asuka vs Rei for 20 years.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on January 4, 2023 11:34:17

Actually, a run where you cannot spend money would be kinda interesting.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 4, 2023 11:22:17

Harry Potter goes to the Bathroom to engage in activities his teachers don't know about or approve of Harry Potter learns to trust scruffy older men with criminal records Harry Potter finds out the creepy 60 year old can touch him now Harry Potter and a year of hard physical abuse from a trusted adult Harry Potter and the Potions Teacher who won't leave him the fuck alone Harry Potter's unbeatable wood

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on January 3, 2023 17:49:10

It's worth noting that even rare stuff is still cooked, just not enough such that they have to put a disclaimer on the menu. But... There's a disclaimer on the menu. So it's not like anyone's really surprised by it except for complete idiots who probably would've gotten botulism anyway.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 3, 2023 06:24:37

Yes. All sticks can work as spears but there's three levels of sharpness and the sharper the stick the more damage it does when it's used. You can fairly easily convert a rough stick to a smooth stick with your hand, but sharpening it to the final stage is a bit time consuming if you don't have a chopper, so generally I don't bother. It's definitely a thing though and can be useful if you're specifically going out to hunt big threats.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on January 3, 2023 06:22:57

Why not everyone? If this is NG+ you should be able to max all female confidants for the Valentines Of The Century

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on January 2, 2023 18:51:51

Use two hands. Rock + rough stick makes smooth stick, smooth stick + rock makes sharp stick. Listen for the 'ting' or else watch for the cracked glass at the edge of your screen.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on January 2, 2023 15:35:53

Somehow I doubt cooking it more than 160 internal is going to somehow resurrect the bacteria like Jesus and get people sick, you absolute buffoon

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on January 2, 2023 15:23:37

That's because it's a middle school insult tossed at a mentally middle-school level manchild. Tailor your insults to their target.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/rareinsults on January 1, 2023 22:37:24

Definitely gpt, I play with the historic speed mod so 50 gold from harvesting corn is rarely worth it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on January 1, 2023 22:16:55

It's an operating system. It's open source, so anyone can have it for free. &#x200B; Which makes this absolutely hilarious. A guy dedicates his life to providing a completely free product to anyone who wants it, one that's modular and powerful at that, who's independently wealthy and chooses to do this out of a firm moral fiber, and this guy's pissed that he's not charging for it. This is what naziism does to a mfer

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on January 1, 2023 17:09:56

There's no art in rubbing a wad of dyed horse hair over a bolt of cloth either. Turns out there's no art at all. Or at least I'm saying so, and I challenge you to prove me wrong in a way that forces me to be logically inconsistent. Since right now you're attributing meaning to the horse-wad pictures that's being arbitrarily held back from the RNG pictures.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 31, 2022 23:17:31

Exactly. Best results involve having a real artist go over it and correct little inconsistencies, because the AI is dumb and often can't do hands. But calling it "soulless" ignores the fact that all human art is soulless too. I can't prove that statement. But then, nobody can prove it's false either. That's the neat part about a subjective application of meaning. *It's subjective.*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 31, 2022 23:15:25

You've missed a very important point though, which is that "Humans can create better art than AI" is subjective and not provable. You can't logically follow through on that presumtion because it's based entirely on the personal experience of the viewer. You're also ignoring the consideration that mass production is, itself, a form of quality which both Omniman and the human artist fail at in comparison to the jet fighters and AI artists, respectively. That's an important factor in the matter of execution after all.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 31, 2022 23:13:49

Given it's Reddit I do expect a post along the lines of "AI art isn't always better than human art you sell-out! It's all soulless!" Which really is ignoring my point and fabricating their own. In any case, I agree that AI art is almost always inferior to human art. But the point is that that's subjective - AI can even occasionally do hands better than some mediocre human artists, and the idea that the picture has soul and meaning is a fabrication that doesn't actually mean anything; it's assumption based solely on the fact that a human made the art and isn't actually detectable when the picture is presented blind. People will downvote me, but it doesn't really matter. I have enough Karma that I don't really notice the meter moving unless thousands of people take my funny internet points.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 31, 2022 20:52:19

I don't think so? Pretty sure I settled on Corn before and got the gold from it. Luxuries are probably more useful to settle on anyway though since you get the amenities on top of the bonus yield, so in the end it's not something that should come up often.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 31, 2022 20:48:13

It's quite amazing that not only is the burn obviously false, the comments are stuffed with people lighting OP up like nobody's business and yet there's still more upvotes on this turd of a post than there are downvotes. Sometimes, I hate democracy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 31, 2022 15:38:29

Halk would have the advantage at first while Earth reels at magic being real and Halk having actual air destroyers and navies. Then, the tides shift rapidly back to Earth and Halk very quickly finds out why tech beats magic when Earth shows them exactly how many tiny supersonic chunks of lead we've got to put in their heads, as drones alpha-strike directly at their high command silently from thousands of meters up without warning, and as rapid response tactics from militaries which have been forced into adaptability by literal centuries of industrialized warfare shred Halks "I just discovered what nationalism is! I have a flag!" militaries who are used to warfare innovations taking actual decades to come about. In Halkegenia, you need the efforts of a rare upper crust of mage, of a certain element, to spend minutes making you a magic mirror that'll let you communicate with someone distantly. On Earth, even before the invasion, billions of cell phones are produced <i>each year</i> using labor which can be largely done with a couple months' training. Need I remind you that the Nazi's initial success in WWII was almost entirely due to their communications capability being <i>marginally</i> higher than France's? They had radios in every tank. Now imagine that except take all the radios from the French and Belgian tanks, and give a personal, tiny radio, to not just the German tanks but all the German infantry. Attach a computer to it as well. Pope Dongcopter was about to get his ass blown out through his esophagus and he had absolutely no idea.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 31, 2022 14:45:07

Go prod him with a fleet and find out

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 31, 2022 14:36:03

I think the comparison is very apt, as while Omniman is hyping himself and looking down on the jet fighters, they are still *flying*. And the idea that flying without a plane is better is mostly subjective, if very understandable. Which is reflected in AI art. They're still doing "art"; putting image to word and thought. Most people think human art is subjectively better and more valid and that's a perfectly understandable viewpoint but we've definitely reached the point where the lines are visibly beginning to blur.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 31, 2022 14:34:16

How much you wanna bet if Biden took this same pic with this same quote this same guy would be decrying it as proof that Biden wants to sniff kids?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 31, 2022 14:29:13

I guess, sure. It all comes down to tribe, and who you're taught to see as a member and who to see as not.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 31, 2022 14:28:23

Not to worry, there's a lot of Acronyms that make NA

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 31, 2022 14:23:55

No problem. I'm always trying to get new people into this game.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on December 31, 2022 14:23:24

Being bothered by Barbarians is normal, but once you're even kind of used to the game they usually stop being a real threat; Barbarian units can't heal, and they spawn asymptotically - that is, essentially at random, which is much slower than you can produce units. Once you have your first civic, your units can also be stronger than they are, since there's a card you can slot in that gives everyone +5 strength; huge in the early game. Build a small task force of maybe two or three units and put them on barb stomping duty. Focus on the ones closest to your cities, for reasons both obvious and not. If you see a scout with an exclaimation mark over it's head, smash it; it's seen a city and is running home to tell big brother. If he succeeds, the camp will immediately spawn a bunch of horse-riding ninnies and some warriors to come ruin your day. &#x200B; Prince is generally more of a 'medium' difficulty, a total newbie probably would prefer to play on something like chieftan or settler. But it's hardly impossible, either, so don't abandon this run. Consider this a chance to learn and explore, particularly from the AI. Pay attention to everything that the computer does, maybe put some scouts of your own in their territory, and see if you can't pick up some techniques. The AI isn't exactly great, but they know the game they're built in.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 31, 2022 14:19:27

Citizens have to work tiles to produce the yields displayed. That is, you have two citizens, so only two tiles (besides the city center) are actually producing. Clicking the citizen head icon on the city's option bar will show you where they're working, but as a vet who knows the AI I'm pretty sure I know where they are anyway. 1- The first tile producing yield is the city center. That's because that tile is worked for free. This tile is producing 3 food and one production, which is pretty solid. City centers remove tile features like woods, or improvements like farms, but if you settle on a resource that resource remains. Remember this if you find something with a lot of production, science, culture, or faith, since it's good to get these things for free. 2- There's almost certainly a citizen working the woods with a deer. The AI prioritizes production a lot, which is smart because it's your most valuable yield. The Deer tile is a good tile too. Each citizen consumes two food and one housing, so since the Deer tile produces two food it's a net zero for food consumption, meaning you're getting three production for one housing. Very nice. 3- The final citizen is probably working the woods. Two food two production is a decent tile, though not a great one, and if he was working the wheat tile, you'd have 4 food in surplus. This can be useful if you want to grow quickly, though in my experience I find housing to be the real limit on growth in this game. It'd probably be quicker, easier, and more efficient to harvest the wheat directly for a 50ish food boost. &#x200B; You should also consider getting Petra in this city. Unless on of your others is somehow even better suited, Petra + Cahokia mound on the three gold two culture tile + nazca lines on the remaining desert tile ought to make that wonder tile insanely productive. Even better, there's two other tiles just like it that should be within the city's limits to work.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 31, 2022 14:11:06

Not even evolved to see, taught to see.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 31, 2022 13:51:32

The stat that stood out to me is that the lethality of Covid is almost as high as the lethality of the *Bubonic Plague*. Y'know, the one that took out a quarter of Europe because nobody but doctors wore masks and people didn't wash their hands?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 30, 2022 18:47:06

She's a half-blood. Why's it matter though - you some kinda death eater?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 30, 2022 18:39:30

Yeah, the fragmentation is nice, but they really should recoalesce. Germany didn't stay a horde of tiny citystates forever.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 30, 2022 18:37:52

\>I'm not on YOUR political side or the other one! First of all, irrelevant, this isn't a political thing, this is a "you're sucking the dick of a child molester" thing. &#x200B; And second of all, people who say that are always sucking the dick of one side SUPER hard and just using it to deflect. Dude, you can't even *lose* with originality.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on December 29, 2022 23:23:01

That's being owned. Stop being salted just because your big bald peepee stroker finally tripped on his own feet and the curtain came crashing down.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on December 29, 2022 22:38:26

Same charmer who *lost* a dust-up with Greta Thunberg. Imagine losing a fight to a girl half your age and then getting sent to jail by a pizza box. Sic Semper Alpha, I guess.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 29, 2022 22:35:51

That's a mirror dude, just find someone with a distinctive hat and then look for their counterpart on the wall.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/blackmagicfuckery on December 29, 2022 22:32:51

That's true, but 6's are... Less weighty? It's hard to describe, but they lack a gravitas that the old quotes had.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 29, 2022 22:31:47

Yup, but those don't take when there's a significant proportion of the population which is actively supporting the liar even after it's proved they lied. Look at what happened with Trump. The man broke federal law on national television and when people tried to prosecute him his supporters stalled and cast themselves into the system until the gunk from trying to clean up all the corruption stopped the legal system almost entirely. And that same guy stacked the highest court in the land with the help of his friends, so the whole justice system is now compromised for literal years with no recourse.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on December 29, 2022 13:50:43

If she was near the towers, sure, but his mother was a housekeeper in a totally different city, and died in 2016.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on December 29, 2022 13:47:54

People will sit there, knowing you're lying to them, and applaud you then go home and repeat the lies to their children because they're "right in spirit"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on December 29, 2022 13:45:12

Still a better waifu than Ohya

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 29, 2022 12:19:11

Now you're just throwing in words you don't understand the meaning of to sound smart. Maxim of relevance? Why do I get the feeling that 9 hours ago that was something you thought had to do with porn? I'm replying to you because you're wrong, and explaining why you're wrong. You're deflecting, increasingly badly.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 29, 2022 12:14:14

If they valued reality they wouldn't sob about how censored and oppressed they are every time someone tells them medicine is real or that minorities deserve rights.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 29, 2022 12:11:59

Like I said, I can't remember exactly. It's worth the 47 chapters either way but all I remember is that wizard swapped his butt up

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 29, 2022 12:11:03

More like you can't oppress yourself. You can't censor yourself either. You also can't be censored by a private entity.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 29, 2022 12:10:15

Sounds like you already have things well in hand, but IIRC, Basalt Chopper does the most damage as a rock, and the sharpened stick does the most damage from sticks. Of the two the sharpened stick deals the most damage in the game, but the chopper can be used repeatedly, so the stick is really for alpha striking.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on December 29, 2022 12:07:17

Reminds me of that one fanfic, I think it was Finishing the Fight? But there was this wizard, and as part of preparing to fight Illithids he cast a spell to swap his organs around. Specifically, he swapped his brain and his colon. The Illithid that managed to bite him was displeased.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 28, 2022 17:36:44

I dunno what you're talking about, I just checked and I didn't even SEE the blur.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 28, 2022 17:20:28

I think Lala existing kinda disproves any homophobic or anti-trans intent. If they really wanted a "haha gay" joke on it's own she's RIGHT THERE, but instead she's one of the coolest minor characters in the whole game. I definitely think the joke is Ryuuji's reaction to their pushiness, and them being super pushy about it, and not specifically that they're gay while doing it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 28, 2022 17:19:38

People cry censorship over everything these days. It's becoming a meaningless word, which I imagine is the point.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 28, 2022 17:16:08

Try "Suppression or prohibition" both of which refer to external forces acting on an outlet and not internal decisions not to say something stupid. You're still wrong.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 28, 2022 17:15:04

Lincoln was a trained Saberman too. Dude was no pacifist, he knew how to kick some ass, and specifically kick ass as a string bean at that. Jackson was a tough old git, but Lincoln is a total badass in his own right.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 28, 2022 17:12:49

So what you're saying is, the battle would be legendary

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 28, 2022 17:11:02

False equivalence. I'm not talking about Andrew Tate, I'm talking about "Influencers" (read: social media personalities) as a whole. And no, nobody's able to stimulate away their own boredom forever. Bread and Circuses isn't just a government way of keeping rebelliousness down, it's an actual physical need which people fulfill through all manner of things. You can get it from solo play, but you can also get it from watching others preform, like streamers. You're again making the assumption that they aren't essential, and then building the logic to support it. They are important members of society and generate a very real, positive benefit for everyone, whether you *like* them or not.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 28, 2022 17:07:25

I've seen them raze cities but also not. I don't *think* it was a capital, but perhaps I'm wrong. I've definitely seen multiple city city-states though, so it can happen, it's just super rare.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 28, 2022 17:02:47

They captured it at some point, and they won't use it normally. City-states can have multiple cities in their empire, but it's rare because they'd need to take a city from someone else, and they usually don't have the opportunity to do so since they're... Well, city-states. That settler is going to be useless until a major civ grabs it off them though. May as well be you!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on December 27, 2022 18:16:54

Louise is pretty good but Henrietta will always be my favorite

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 27, 2022 18:14:23

You can create almost anything with the tools, but the set that you have access to by default is kinda limited, so you're going to need to code or lift code from someone else. That said, kids have a LOT of time and a surprising amount of patience on their hands sometimes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/rareinsults on December 27, 2022 18:13:09

God has been curiously silent on the nature of wiggling one's eyebrows.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 27, 2022 18:06:36

This is not always the case, you need Ryuuji's social link to be level 7 before it becomes unlocked. This maneuver also stacks with Hifumi's perk for defeating an enemy in the first round of battle, and Jose's mementos alterations, so you can make absolute ***B A N K*** just by ramming the shit out of shadows in Mementos once you've got them all appropriately leveled

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 27, 2022 18:01:04

Entertainment is mentioned in many survival guides as a crucial part of maintaining mental health. You're saying that they, and I quote, "Do not contribute anything meaningful to society". However, by providing entertainment, a basic mental need which we all *require* to remain mentally healthy, they very much are contributing meaningful work to society. Do you also frown upon architects because they build buildings out of the unnecessary luxury of concrete and steel instead of sticks and leaves? Of course not. So why hold entertainers to such a high standard?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 27, 2022 17:56:17

>They do not contribute anything meaningful to society, they only exists to provide amusement for the large masse. Why do you contradict yourself?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 27, 2022 09:48:44

Because for men like Tate, it's not about the sex, it's about the control. I doubt he's a pedophile, in the true sense of the word, he's just a coward who can only feel big when compared to a child. So, even worse.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 27, 2022 09:47:51

Wow this post really sneaks up on ya.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 27, 2022 09:43:06

Hit 'em where it hurts, not where it matters.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 27, 2022 09:38:44

tbf, that means it still works for a resume, which is always depthless and subtly wrong.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/blackmagicfuckery on December 26, 2022 18:59:18

The Q in LGBTQ+ stands for Quencha

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 26, 2022 18:48:04

Yes but you're gonna have to roll wisdom at disadvantage

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 26, 2022 18:42:06

The goblins know the weakness all Rangers share. In the next room, you find a pedestal, and on the pedestal is a scroll. The scroll is labeled "SKROL OF TRUTH" and inside it has a 500 word essay on how useless and lame Rangers are. Take 2d4 Emotional Damage

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 26, 2022 17:33:55

The goblins have been throughly pissed off. They're actively redesigning some rooms further in the dungeon to be anti-monk traps, like by planting a really stupid tree so that when he meditates under it he loses Intelligence points. Roll a d20 to see if you interupt Graknook while he attempts to teach a tree how to be contagiously stupid

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 26, 2022 17:31:45

Exactly. I dunno why I'm getting downvoted here - I'm not saying Socialism Bad, I'm saying USSR bad. Cuz, y'know, mass genocides. Pretty sure this is a sub which is opposed to genocides. "Tankie" here usually refers to people who are Stalin Apologists or similarly auth-left assholes. Which I guess either represents a larger population of this sub than I thought, or I'm being misunderstood.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 26, 2022 17:29:29

That's why the goblins buttered the walls of their cave. Turn the trio of Naruto ninja into the three stooges

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 26, 2022 11:52:55

No one said the liberty that was guaranteed was the liberty to have kneecaps or working lungs

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 26, 2022 11:51:37

>What reason do you have to believe in the non-empirical if there is by definition no proof or evidence? Those who fail to believe in philosophy are not wiser for it. Your argument is flawed. There are a large number of things which can be taken as true, and are widely accepted as true, and should be understood to be true, without being empirical. Consider "Rape is immoral". Do you disagree with this statement? If you don't, you believe in something which is not empirically true. Because there is no testing morality. And yet, nobody's going to say the statement is *wrong*. We can all agree rape is immoral. But on the basis of the non-empirical, not on provable evidence.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 26, 2022 11:06:03

Are you really surprised by that?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 26, 2022 10:52:27

We're not talking about demsoc here, tankies like that authoritarian-flavored communism where dudes are sent to the gulag for disagreement. You know, Stalin's shit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 26, 2022 10:41:19

That's fair, but that process has already begun at the 60 day mark, and in aggregate it still results in about the same thing - even if each individual is only binging once every 5-6 months, as a group it's unlikely for everyone to line up and as such the peaks will be "smoothed out" into a sort of makeshift average. Obviously if you want to actually be super accurate about things, you need to aggregate and analyze a bunch of different datapoints. But for us, for whom the actual accuracy isn't too important, the 60 day mark is close enough. You can, in general, expect the 60-day-out peak to reflect the various peaks over the whole year.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 25, 2022 18:55:44

Probably should have some little buffs to make a difference in even fights to - free people will fight like wolverines to preserve their freedoms against invaders.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on December 25, 2022 12:17:10

This post brought to you by Miu and Teruteru

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 25, 2022 12:03:34

The peak player count 60 days in is the important thing, imo. 60 days after release most people have formulated opinions on the game and most of the chaff fanbase from launch has shed - the people still playing are the people most likely to buy DLCs or keep playing updates.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 25, 2022 12:01:16

It would've been better had they been more fantastic - linking them to real-world cultural identities made everything feel more locked down and like there was a path to follow, so switching from the Celts to the Chinese was a big leap. Having the cultures be made up but have some distinct groupings regardless would help curb that tendency and make changing through more malleable for roleplayers.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 25, 2022 11:58:07

No, that Satan persona is just taking up space when you already have something as powerful as Mandrake.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 25, 2022 01:03:36

"I break rule. I cool kid now?" They're literally like four-year olds.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 25, 2022 01:02:12

Impeding science is not chad behavior. Failing to make your study robust enough to handle some betas trying to prove masculinity through withstanding pain is also not chad behavior. &#x200B; Why does this sub have an anti-chad tag in the first place, this is meant to be a sub for positivity. Nagging on people for being anti-chads isn't chad behavior.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on December 24, 2022 19:03:00

Got a radical idea here, but... What if, maybe, women have personal preferences for *different* bodytypes instead of acting as a monolithic entity simping for one particular look of dude?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 24, 2022 18:22:46

I can't believe that! Shut up! YOU'RE NOT ME! *Boss music begins*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 23, 2022 18:19:21

It only looks like she's looking at Akko's butt. Not that anyone's blamin'

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 23, 2022 13:10:20

Good, Book Hermione looks better

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on December 23, 2022 13:04:48

\>Pick Gray \>Let Voldemort recruit you on the basis of "stopping the tyranny of the elites" (cuz magic nazis) \>Get mad and leave because you didn't sign up for racist bullshit \>Pull out a bunch of other unhappy Death Eaters because there's always a few (like Malfoy) \>Swap ideologies to communist \>Communist wizarding Britain go \>Become the wizarding world's first Redlord \>Die horribly in a fight against the bourgoise \>Become a martyr of the proletariat \>People put stickers of your face on their fridge It's nothing but wins bros

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on December 23, 2022 13:04:15

But I want to think about the less wholesome version. &#x200B; It's what Futaba would want.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 23, 2022 12:54:39

Ugg started a big fire once and it didn't turn out well for him but 10000 years later we're still throwing Gender Reveal parties in the california fire woods

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on December 23, 2022 01:18:11

Honestly kid looked kinda gorrilla-ish when he was on all fours and damn, lemme tell you, some legless kid rocked up to me in school like a fucking silverback I would NOT be trying to fight him. Sheer chad energy exhibited in those movements is enough to power New York for like ten minutes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on December 23, 2022 00:26:20

I mean, I try to restrict weapons so that they're best used in their historical roles. Ergo, Guns are nerfed so that they're at their most useful when fired in a formation at unarmored targets, or a single armored target where a bullet might punch through plate. Greatswords are meant for fighting formations of spears and tend to eat shit when going up against one dude with a more mobile weapon. Not saying I always succeed, but there's a reason guns, crossbows, pikes and greatswords all co-existed. They fulfil different roles on the battlefield.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 22, 2022 01:28:09

Still, he deserves a hug every now and then

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 22, 2022 01:19:28

Wow, you're learning at a blazing pace then! I'll let you in on a bit of a spoiler, and tell you that of all the rocks, Basalt is the best. It's up to you to find out why, but if you see any Basalt, bring it back with you to your camp, wherever that is, or at least somewhere you can find it later. Basalt is Bestalt. Also, always carry a safety rock when away from home.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on December 21, 2022 18:45:28

There aren't meant to be prompts - it's part of putting you in the mindset of the ape you're controlling. You're meant to screw around, break resources, and spend minutes at a time twirling in a circle doing nothing at all as you desperately fumble with the state of reality and attempt to wrap your tiny pea-brain around the gargantuan world you live in. So basically, spam inputs and narrow it down on your own. The game is very simple once you've mastered the controls, so consider that part the actual game.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on December 21, 2022 17:54:35

Because that doesn't have to go through *stomach acid* to get into the bloodstream.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on December 21, 2022 17:31:19

Sonia isn't the Ultimate Princess for nothing. She was basically holding the country together and keeping the boil of the civil war to a light simmer. Then Junko made her a nazi.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 21, 2022 17:28:59

That's the most horrible thing I could've heard in Sonia's voice. Upvoted, but angrily.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 20, 2022 22:31:32

It's not stated explicitly, but AFAICT that's the fan consensus. It makes sense - The Novoselic is a tiny, fractious kingdom with a significant focus on military matters and a weird mix of archaic and modern cultures clashing. Something that can describe a lot of Balkan countries. When I had to put it on a map for Ikusaba Quest I split Croatia in half and gave the inland bit to the Novoselic.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 20, 2022 22:27:32

Thinking about it, you could've also had the failure shatter the spell locking the blade in place, and the blade along with it. As a result they get the broken blade (which is still a very feasible weapon, but greatly reduced and possibly worse than their equipment outside of as a sort of tool) and a mission to get it reforged, bringing it back to full strength.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 20, 2022 22:23:25

I've *definitely* heard midget used disparagingly. As a slur, just outright, really. I'm sure there's plenty of people who'd be happy to let it slide, but it's not what you should tell your kid to call 'em.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on December 20, 2022 19:00:28

Unfortunately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and not the beheld. Not saying he can't keep the hair if he likes it - indeed that's a perfectly valid choice and confidence is always handsome - but generally speaking people prefer all bald to balding in terms of appearance. So if he's interested in looking handsome to the general public that opinion has to factor into how he goes about it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on December 20, 2022 18:37:59

It's a molecule which looks like Estrogen that's found in plants. It doesn't behave like estrogen chemically because it's a totally different chemical - and that means while it can effect the human body as itself, it's never a replacement for actual human estrogen. There's also the part where you're eating the hormone, not having it injected into you. Generally, this breaks down the stuff you eat... Cuz it's eaten. Most pills have to have covers to prevent this if it happens, for example. The human body doesn't incorporate estrogen from it's foods to a degree which could have any kind of measurable impact on a person. Someone above did the math, and even assuming the phytoestrogen interacts with your body the way the estrogen you produce does, you'd need to eat some 7k+ of these tofuburgers just to get to the minimum hormone level used for transitioning. Remember that Spongebob episode where Squidward ate so many krabby patties he literally exploded? You'd have to do that, and then keep going afterward. It's the same for any food with estrogen in it. You just don't pick up enough of it from foods for it to do anything besides change your odds of breast cancer. Nobody becomes effete from eating burgers, vegan or otherwise. >!They will, however, become insufferable. :V!<

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on December 20, 2022 17:35:49

Phytoestrogen is a plant hormone which *looks like* Estrogen. But it doesn't work like Estrogen, and certainly wouldn't interfere in human biology (for that matter, you could drink a gallon of pure human estrogen and be uneffected, because we don't blindly incorporate the hormones of what we eat into our biology.)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on December 20, 2022 17:29:29

That's bog standard grandpa crap for everyone else. It's only weird when you make it sexual, instead of the family grandpa way Biden clearly intended. I mean, it's not like he's talking about going into a changing room to grope a 14 year old girl.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on December 20, 2022 17:27:13

"I see! So in America, people from Africa are seen in the same light Serbians are seen in the Novoselic! How fascinating!" Sonia being low-key a balkan racist has been my headcanon for a while, so she's either going to get along great with Ruckus or hate his guts for hating the wrong people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 20, 2022 17:24:49

Right Winger owns Right Winger pretending to be a Left Winger &#x200B; Tale as old as time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 20, 2022 17:12:52

I mean, part of the draw is the Alt-history of the game. Locking the American AI out entirely forces a historical outcome, which isn't desirable. Rather, it should be weighted so that the U.S. colonizing Africa is rare enough to be notable, but not impossible.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 20, 2022 15:57:52

That's only weird if you apply a sexual intent to it. Little kids really do be playing with other peoples' leg hair sometimes. Because they're little and noticing Grandpa's leg hair moves on it's own is like a full Vsauce video for the little brainlets.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on December 20, 2022 15:16:36

Perhaps have it be a reaction event - that is, IF America tries to claim a section of Africa, a signitory from another nation which owns (or has a subject who owns) land in the americas becomes upset. The U.S. is then given a decision to either withdraw their claim, drop the Monroe Doctrine, or do neither for a big infamy penalty and the loss of some prestige and relations with Europe. The AI would obviously be weighted to select keeping the Monroe Doctrine in place and leaving Africa to the Europeans. But occasionally they would get colonizing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 20, 2022 11:40:15

It's not that you're criticizing Islam. It's that you're generalizing an entire population of people based off their worst members. Human Rights get shit on by Qatar and Iraq is still dangerous, but that doesn't mean Morocco is a bad place to live or that people in Indonesia are automatically misogynists. Deciding they are based on religion is the definition of bigotry.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 22:39:05

Who the fuck looks at a tree taller than they are and goes "Yeah I'll stuff that up my cooch and walk out all natural-like"?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on December 19, 2022 22:29:20

It's literally in your second paragraph. "Appeal to purity" We are not engaging in that. This is not a fallacy, this is literally the definition of a group. I cannot just claim to be a member of the U.N. Secretariat and wave people off because their definition doesn't include me. Christians are people who follow Christian values. That's the definition. They follow Christian rules. The people we're discussing in particular do not do these things. They are lying about their inclusion. That's not a fallacy, that's definitional. You can't be a member of a group and not a member at the same time. Stop trying to sound smart by quoting wikipedia and think about what you're saying.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 18:35:06

Dude, your NFT avatar and constant Starcitizen jargon don't give you any room to talk. Both y'all are massive nerds, only difference is you're shit at sysadmin and he's not pretending to be important.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 19, 2022 18:30:58

>No amount of wholesome reddit pastors will change that. "No amount of helping the situation and being a positive example will change how I perceive that religious group" Wow dude. Next time just say you're racist.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 18:28:58

I agree that people are generally kind and well-intentioned. You seem to have misunderstood my post. What I'm saying is, a shitheel person does not need religion to make judgements about other people and be hateful. Hating LGBTQ+ people is not a uniquely Christian phenomenon, or a religious one. It's present in most human societies, because they are a minority population and that makes them easy targets. Dropping religion altogether would not, therefore, necessarily make a better system. In fact, I'm positing it wouldn't make a different system *at all*. Because these people do not hate gays, jews, and liberals because Jesus told them to. They hate them because of underlying psychological issues which wouldn't change if the excuses were made secular. They hate them because they can, because while most people are kind and well-intentioned and won't check a car wreck to make sure the victim isn't black before helping, *some people will*. Those people, that small minority of people, do not represent the whole population. They should not be used as discriminatory arguments against the whole population, or any group. They are naturally, genuinely shit human beings who wouldn't be different if Jesus had never existed, and implying that what they're saying is correct just because they're saying it is buying a bridge on a flat plain. Religion is their *excuse*, and they're using it because people like you will take them at face value and waste time casting doubt on otherwise good people through association.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 18:24:08

I always hated that quote. It's so incredibly wrong. What you manage to accomplish is always secondary to intent. It's better to try to help and fail than it is to not try to help and do so by accident.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 17:57:33

No, I'm not. That fallacy you're misusing - it refers to when you're claiming some people aren't a member of a group based on *arbitrary* distinctions. These distinctions are not arbitrary. We're deciding if they're a member of a group based on whether or not *their actions reflect the claim*. No True Scotsman does not apply, because it is a fallacy about disinclusion based on shifting principles. I would advise you to go reread the article you linked, actually. As you seem to have skimmed it the first time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 17:56:38

We recognize how silly, presumptuous, and harmful it is to ask Muslims in their mosque to "admit Osama Bin Laden was Muslim" - that nobody with good intentions makes such demands or decries them when they say he's not like them. Why, then, are we not applying the same to Christianity? These people do not act like Christians are told to. They do not follow the rules laid upon them by Christianity. Many barely even read the Bible. Why give them the benefit of this smoke screen and attack the real Christians when all these people are doing is hanging a cloth with a cross over their horns and calling it a hat? Bad people always profess to be good people. They use little nitpicky wordings and misspeaks, ancient diatribes from ancient hatemongers, and genuine outright lies to do it. But they're never really good people. They're never really members of the group they purport to be in. It's a mask they use to hide from reproach, or to make the people who want them snuffed out strike other, genuinely good people. Don't play into their game - make the distinction clear.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 14:36:33

Very much this. Those shitballs exist without Religion, because they're shitballs by nature. Religion is just the excuse they give themselves. But they don't need it to be complete shitballs. If you judge every group you see by it's worst members, you'll quickly find yourself alone and surrounded by assholes. For me, personally, do or do not, what matters is what they're trying to do.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MadeMeSmile on December 19, 2022 14:26:01

>Hanako is a delicate flower you need to be patient with. Ain't the literal point that she's not? Hanako is solid iron. She doesn't need to be babied, just cared for properly and carefully.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/gaming on December 19, 2022 14:18:16

Some of the burns hitting OP are hotter than the ones Hanako's mother received.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/gaming on December 19, 2022 14:08:20

I mean, Misha makes it explicit immediately beforehand, by equating "comfort" with "sex"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/gaming on December 19, 2022 14:06:08

A quest I used to write. Think of it like a fanfic version of a Choose Your Own Adventure novel. The basic premise was "You play Mukuro, except someone's replaced Makoto (in-universe too, Sayaka has a bit of a freakout over it) with a Ultimate-tier schemer. Navigate the trainwreck Junko's plan quickly becomes and try not to die horribly." Besides having some rarepair friendships show up, like Mukuro/Sonia, I think the best thing about that quest was the mechanical decision to give Mukuro a Despair and a Junko Dependency stat, essentially balancing the rate which players can move away from Junko's faction. Lowering Junko Dependency (JDep) required raising Despair, which would slowly limit options and at 100% would just end the quest. Lowering Despair would also usually raise JDep. It made play much better reflect Mukuro's difficulty distancing herself from her obviously abusive sister.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 19, 2022 13:07:35

That's my point. Snowden can't be a good CEO because he's trapped in Russia, where Putin has inconcievable amounts of power and any actual good Snowden might do would be kiboshed immediately. Compare and contrast Elon, who just won't do it because he's too high on his own farts. I don't really give a damn about the whole Wikileaks thing. It's irrelevant. If Snowden is CEO it means he has to choose between being a good CEO and being a fucking dead one, and neither outcome is beneficial to anyone wanting twitter to be a better place.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 19, 2022 13:02:34

Reminds me of that wholesome moment in Ikusaba Quest where Mukuro was getting coached by Sayaka and Ishimaru on being more forceful when she spoke. Unfortunately Sayaka and Kyoko didn't pick Mukuro's not!JROTC course as their elective, so it was only one-way learning. Peko did though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 19, 2022 12:01:48

Ship was busted before it's first plank was cut from the tree.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 19, 2022 11:55:54

Well now it's 7 ancients and 1 total badass

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 19, 2022 11:50:40

Give it a bit of time, but sure, this could be like a regular thing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TheBibites on December 19, 2022 11:41:15

The issue with Snowden is that we'd be trading Musk, a right-wing hypercapitalist who's head is so far up his own ass he can taste his own tonsils, for Snowden, a free-information-at-all-costs hacker who is, willingly or not, under the thumb of Russia and Valdimir Putin with very little recourse. Neither of which is beneficial for spreading freedom and liberty. Elon won't do it, and Snowden *can't*.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 19, 2022 11:39:41

>I mean, he's living there, he can't exactly talk shit about them or who knows, he'd 'fall off a building' or 'hang himself ' shortly after Which is another something Snowden has experience with.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on December 19, 2022 11:35:36

It's not that, it's that his logic is so faulty scientists are watching it in preparation for the next super-quake.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 19, 2022 09:25:10

"I was doing alright but the Naruto slash fiction I was reading just now ended so abruptly I'm a bit upset."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 19, 2022 09:23:33

Ovums are not plucked from a stockpile in the ovaries, they're produced from ovarian follicles.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 18, 2022 22:38:02

This is actually untrue. While women are born with a limited amount of ovum producing follicles - more than they could ever need, in fact, with hundreds of thousands; they degenerate in pods though - the ovum itself is created on-site when the follicle matures. This is why part of the menstrual cycle is called "folliculary". The follicles are currently in the process of producing a new egg. A woman does not at any point in her life have a limited number of ovums, because she only produces one, maybe two or three at a time (more very rarely). You can't run out of eggs. Your production facilities simply shut down. This story about limited eggs is a deliberate misunderstanding of the process by people who'd rather see women coerced into traditional gender roles via this weird sort of blackmailing of their fertility. Eggs released during ovulation are not plucked from a stockpile.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 18, 2022 22:36:51

Gold actually has a bit of brown to it, but that's beside the point. It isn't just flat yellow, it has that bit of darkness that distinguishes gold, whether you see it as orange or brown - but the predominantly blue UI plus the complicated shapes that modify the color make it hard to notice until you're looking for it. It is, however, meant to be gold, even if it comes off as yellow. Once you realize that it's a lot easier to see the logic behind making it the color of rare traits.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/SurvivingMars on December 17, 2022 17:59:41

"90% of her eggs will be gone" You mean... The ones she... Like... Produces? As in she makes them? How the fuck do you run out of something you're the source of? I feel bad for ever mixing this guy up with the one who made Fable

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 17, 2022 17:55:50

It's easier to make when you realize the color is *gold*, not *yellow* &#x200B; Though given how the UI presents it I understand the possibility of confusion.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/SurvivingMars on December 17, 2022 16:31:49

The NSFW subs wouldn't accept the clearly SFW pics and comics though? Because they aren't lewd.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 17, 2022 16:27:48

That's not true though. There's been plenty of perfectly SFW Kinkymation stuff posted to this sub. Stuff which, were he actually interested in Persona, I'd have no issue showing my dad. People are losing their minds over literally nothing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 17, 2022 16:26:42

Actually, Strikers is only a couple months after the original game, so not only were they 17, Ryuuji at least was on the tail end of it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 17, 2022 16:25:34

Imagine if fights this large broke out about every other porn artist on here who's SFW art got posted

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 17, 2022 12:53:31

People act like you're really messing with him, but IMO that response and a couple others show pretty clearly that Mishima is just playing back.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 16, 2022 20:01:35

The fact that people don't play the sassiest Joker possible is the real unforgivable crime.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 16, 2022 19:55:34

There's a reason I was vague about the other things. Are you accusing everyone who has a private island of hosting kiddie orgies or something? My point is that, yes, it's certain that legitimate business meetings happened on "child sex island". It's impossible for them not to have. It's a private island. There don't exist enough pedophiles on the planet to keep that place constantly shrouded in fucked up sex. Hawking was there for all of a couple hours alongside multiple noted physicists - they weren't *all* pedophiles.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 16, 2022 09:13:24

Just further proof that it was never the actual porn that upset them, but people enjoying things they didn't

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 16, 2022 09:07:51

He does call them delicious repeatedly, which rather implies he likes them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 16, 2022 08:42:45

It was Epstein's Private Island - he used it for all the things you'd use a private island for. The pedo orgies did not and could not take up 100% of the island 100% of the time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 16, 2022 08:36:15

They are if you assume they are because you don't like them, like a nazi does.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 16, 2022 08:33:03

The Rich and Famous are all but obligated to hang out with all the other Rich and Famous. To deny an invitation like that can be seen as snubbing - and that can make enemies of all the other friends of said person. Ergo, being invited and then saying 'nah' would, by virtue of Epstein having lots of rich and powerful friends, make Hawking rich and powerful enemies. So he went, because spending one party with an asshole is the lesser evil to having a whole gang of assholes declare money war on you while you're trying to study.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 15, 2022 23:59:33

A *lot* of people visited Epstein Island. Statistically the odds of every single one of them being actually involved in that shit somehow, or even knowing about it, is kinda low. Somehow I get the feeling Stephen Hawking is one such person.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 15, 2022 22:24:40

She wants to join your biker gang

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 15, 2022 21:19:53

Your gens are very good, though. They give a totally different vibe from mine. I made those when I was still very new to toying with the network. People joining in to reinvigorate this sub and the old 90's artwork is exactly what I wanted out of that post, so I'm overjoyed to see things like this happening.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on December 15, 2022 17:51:15

[I actually already did that, plus the Conciousness.](

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on December 15, 2022 14:26:12

to be fair though, most calculators can handle pi out to some ten places without any noticable slowdown, so there isn't really any reason to further estimate even if it won't hurt anything.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 15, 2022 13:29:07

Aurora has pre-FTL start too, but it's also Aurora, and you need a masters' degree in like 4 subjects just to understand vaguely what's going on.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 15, 2022 13:27:42

Ireland: Oh yeah, it's finally my tim- Wales: So anyway I started forcing them to grow potatoes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on December 14, 2022 11:17:36

Really? Huh. Wonder why I haven't seen it in a while then.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 13, 2022 11:30:26

They store an absolutely pathetic amount of energy on city-wide scales, when compared to their price. Building a battery that can smooth out the power usage of a city using, say exclusively solar, costs millions, even billions, of dollars, uses absolute tons of extremely toxic, caustic, and explosive chemicals, and requires frequent upkeep. Meanwhile, even the massive arrays being built today are at the end of their rope keeping the city powered overnight. Compare and contrast a nuclear power plant, which provides safe, clean energy for decades which is easily modulated, can power multiple cities overnight with no problems, and uses an amount of fuel in a year that a single person could carry on their back. Indeed, if built properly by someone who isn't eating crayons, they require multiple natural disasters striking the plant directly to fail. And reactors are currently under testing which make even those caveats obsolete. The only reason to build batteries in such a situation is either as a safety net if the reactor needs to be taken offline for a couple hours, or because public opinion has been wildly redshifted on a perfectly viable source of energy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 13, 2022 11:28:12

...About Civ yes. Sid Meier's Civilization is not, however, an accurate representation of reality, as the lack of giant three-man teams of infantry walking over New York ought to show.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 13, 2022 11:21:36

That'd be the most efficient way of doing it, at least barring some unforseeable change in how computers work. Consider: Every tiny fragment of a thought that a computer has *necessarily* must take at least one CPU cycle - they aren't divisible by their very definition. This means any time two numbers are added or subtracted, even in the most raw, compressed form, it takes a cycle. For most calculations it takes multiple, due to the way maths works in that sort of binary/unary scale. You can process things in parallel; that's why most modern CPUs have multiple cores, and thousands of simple processes in parallel is how your GPU makes modern graphics work at speed. But there's a limit to this. If your computer is trying to figure out (3+2)/10, it *has to* have the solution to 3+2 *before* it can work out what that over 10 is. So even if you put both operations on different cores, the division is stalled until the addition completes. Now consider how many calculations are happening in even one sentient mind. Every emotion is factored into the algorithm. Every minute, indivisible particle of sight has to be processed into a workable image. Every past experience has to be tagged and stored and drawn back up at least in part to see if it has any relevance to the current situation. Possible futures have to be mapped out to make decision-making possible, sometimes using intuition which we haven't even figured out how to make a machine do because it's so complex. Now imagine a galactic-size example of that, forced to process trillions of these images, trillions of decisions, quadrillions of memories, all in parallel, all being beamed back and forth across lightyears. The number of cycles you'd need to complete that would be prohibitive, even if you squeezed your processing time down to a Planck Second; the amount of time it takes light to cross the smallest relevant amount of space possible, a span smaller than a quark. Compare this to offboarding all those calculations onto processors on the bodies themselves, with more rudimentary minds that are simply fashioned to make "the right" decisions when presented with a problem. It won't always work, yes, but it also won't lag like trying to play Crysis on a computer from 1995.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 13, 2022 11:18:53

Not quite, they all show up as a unit in the Q series and occasionally tag-team in other spin-offs. But yes you aren't going to catch Margaret helping out someone who's name isn't a pronoun

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 12, 2022 23:58:43

Well, even assuming FTL communication - which Stellaris assumes by default to be cross-galactic and instantaneous, from day 0. Not what physics suggests is feasible as we understand it! - having one overmind micromanaging every drone in their military and navy is really just putting a LOT of computational strain on whatever hardware is running the central mind, for very little actual benefit. This goes for hiveminds too, which is why we don't really see them IRL, but it's usually better to simply engineer the drone through whatever means to enact a set of rules that is *in accordance with* your will, as opposed having them enact that will directly. Rather than have every motion be purposeful and intended, relegating some things to reflex is simply an efficient use of resources. The machine overmind's most optimal strategy isn't integrating everything into one massive cloud server, it's standardizing the subsidiary neural nets of the drones to react in real time in a way that suits what the overmind believes is best, and then the reports are gone over and the networks updated to remove any errors in that action. At no point does the Master node directly control the actions of the Child node, much less waste cycles micromanaging it. Instead, evolutionary phenomena are exploited to essentially evolve a military mind which just so happens to always choose the response most in line with what the overmind would desire.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 12, 2022 22:22:19

>Thankfully there's more than just wind and solar options out there. Wind, Solar, Hydro, and Geothermal all have their issues though. Of those, Geothermal is the only one without sizable effects on the environment of an area, and that's not available everywhere. Nuclear energy is the only real option I see going forward for the brunt of our energy needs. I'm all for throwing up some solar panels on rooftops and keeping some wind turbines where they can do the most good but they aren't really an energy solution *on their own*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 12, 2022 22:14:52

Could've been worse. Could've noticed on the pregnancy announcement event.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ShitCrusaderKingsSay on December 12, 2022 22:12:59

Yes, but the Rebel Yeller crowd blame the poor winterization on the wind turbines being wind turbines, because they're republicans and overlooking all the wind turbines which do handle ice and snow in basically every other state is second nature at this point.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on December 12, 2022 22:06:32

They're there to Preside Over Power, as opposed to Igor who runs the Velvet Room. The difference between the jobs is subtle, but definitely there. Specifically, the Attendants' duty is to preside over the powers of the protagonist; to foster them and give the contractor the tools they need to properly grow. Igor's job is to upkeep the velvet room and advise the ones inside it, be they Attendants or contractor. This is why the Attendants keep catching feelings. Because they're custom made to help the protagonist be social and bond and, to that effect, generally appear as a hot babe/cute loli who pushes them to be better. >!Yaldy warped this which is why Lavenza's split halves are the most abrasive attendants - he failed to fully grasp the nature of the Room and the Attendants and so made them more servile to him and less concillitory to the protagonist than they were ever meant to be.!<

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 12, 2022 22:02:36

Adorable, you're not allowed out of the basement!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 12, 2022 21:56:21

Generally the idea is to have more forests and building massive decentralized solar plants everywhere makes it difficult to rewild regions. Let's not let Putin ruin green energy too.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 12, 2022 21:49:40

Well yeah, but Solar and Wind are unreliable (in a generation sense - meaning that they don't generate a consistent amount of energy over the course of a day and can't be modulated without the use of massive, inefficient, and polluting batteries) Hydro causes a surprising amount of environmental destruction by blocking the flow of rivers necessary for fish migrations. And neither Hydro nor Geothermal are available everywhere; so while Geothermal is preferable in basically every circumstance where you *can* use it it's just not enough.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/sciencememes on December 12, 2022 21:46:34

Where do I fall on the chart? I don't need indentation because I write everything on the same line.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 12, 2022 21:38:42

I don't think the machine minds can really be classed as hiveminds. I mean, I know what they are mechanically - hiveminds - and what they're meant to represent - cloud computing - but That doesn't really say "hivemind" to *me*, as a computer scientist. It's more like a direct democracy, which we did once have IIRC in the game. Really a giant conglomerate of machines wouldn't need a hivemind anyway. They'd have no need for government at all because loyalty wouldn't come included with existence as a concept; the mining drone doesn't need an uplink to the researcher drone to do it's job.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 12, 2022 21:25:24

I mean yeah it is a brain transplant. Which means it doesn't really work when your brain is the thing that's breaking. Basically, wear and tear is inevitable. Stellaris tech isn't even that advanced, by sci-fi standards, being almost entirely Kardeshev I level techs - there's no reason for robots to be immortal where organics aren't because it should be just about as easy to repair one as the other.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 12, 2022 19:57:16

I mean, removing wear and tear on such a level would be in violation of physical laws, not just an engineering nightmare to accomplish. And while yes repairs could be preformed by other robots, that matches up with medicine for organics and runs into many of the same issues, such as problems which can't be repaired.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 12, 2022 19:27:21

You're saying this about *the lewdest* confidant in the game. Not just the lewdest girl, or lewdest Phantom Thief. Futaba is the most consistently lewd person in the game, and not just to you.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 12, 2022 19:24:43

That little eyebrow quirk though. I've never seen a strategy game character model exude such absolute and complete confidence before

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 12, 2022 18:59:21

Okay but the meme is talking about *Muslims* aggravating other people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 11, 2022 15:01:40

>Landlord hatred is a very chronically online young American radical populist thing Adam Smith confirmed for chronically online young American radical populist

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 11, 2022 13:10:20

American muslims have proven, repeatedly, that they're a very peaceful, accepting community. In America, it's the white christian kids who commit acts of terror, violence, and war. Usually on them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 11, 2022 03:04:00

"Cummy bears" better be a really weird way of saying "Creampie" and not some homebrewed gummybears made with semen like some anime psycho girlfriend would make

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on December 10, 2022 21:00:58

Why does that whole essay of a response ooze "I'm in denial about my own misery" Like I don't believe in god either dude but get over yourself

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 10, 2022 20:49:40

\*ahem\* "America." This guy: \[surprised pikachu.jpg\]

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 10, 2022 20:24:56

Scientology barely qualifies as a religion, and doesn't need a schism to persecute it's own members regardless.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 10, 2022 20:24:01

I just thought Orcish Ninja fighting Elvish Pirates was a cool concept for a fantasy world You'll probably be horrified to learn that my Dwarves and Elves don't have much historical beef, the real feud is between the humans and elves and even then it's just one country of Humans because they want the dwarvish gunpowder and vice versa. That whole section of the world is constantly in trade wars, while the dwarves make absolute bank.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 10, 2022 17:50:12

My elves speak French - does that put me on the latin side? It's my orcs that speak Japanese.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 10, 2022 15:54:36

Flesh is Weak just makes your people cyborgs, giving them a (fairly powerful) trait. Synthetic Evolution should make them proper robot folk. &#x200B; That said, I though Synth Evo used to require Flesh is Weak - did that change?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 10, 2022 14:09:58

tbf when the *Secret Service* get involved de-escalation usually stopped being in the cards ages ago

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 10, 2022 14:04:08

...Yes. But also, y'know, Goebbels was a nazi. Pretty sure he's not going to draw the correct conclusions from a book about a black guy being on trial. Even if he does, he's not going to like the message of "Racism bad", because he's a nazi.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 9, 2022 19:19:51

Yeah, trusting Reddit with actual theological debate is like trusting Goebbels to write you an unbiased review of *To Kill A Mockingbird*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on December 9, 2022 14:30:17

>Is it some sort of fallacy to say. "this thing we have been doing has been going pretty well so far. If you think we should change it then you should provide a reason why."? No, but it is a fallacy to say "This is the way my ingroup handles business, thus it necessarily is the only way."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 9, 2022 06:41:37

Yeah, they just got done shredding a bunch of bandits or goblins or whatever, and they're at the end of their rope, and then this big beefy fucker kicks down the door, boots their dog Fable style, and announces himself as the boss. Give the party enough time to curse their luck and then bean him in the head with a skeleton at terminal velocity.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 9, 2022 06:39:48

The next main character is an overpowered shitheel minmaxxed to hell and back and dedicated to causing chaos because this is the third goddamn campaign in a row I died in session 3, Travis, I'm so goddamn done! &#x200B; Honestly though I'd absolutely pay to see an Old Man Henderson movie.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 9, 2022 06:27:38

Makoto isn't trafficked unless you fail Kaneshiro's palace. But her *friend* is.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 9, 2022 06:19:20

r/persona5 : "Futaba is like your little sister, and she's too young to be lewded! Stop making her say kinky things or dress up sexily in your comics!" Futaba in the game: "Oh, damn, my Bad Dragon subscription is running out. Better make some purchases before it expires..."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 8, 2022 09:22:29

That isn't proof, because we have one situation with one observation. Your insinuating that that means it can't happen anywhere else, but as a metaphor that's like watching a pot boil on the stove and assuming water can only boil on stoves.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 8, 2022 03:17:13

Except he isn't correct, or at least has zero evidence to back up his theory. It's not rhetoric, it's asking for proof of a rather significant and unbelievable claim.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 8, 2022 03:14:36

That's not how it works, though. Something happening once in one situation doesn't mean it can't happen elsewhere, and you're the one asserting the limitation that it's necessarily because of materialism - where's your proof of that?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 7, 2022 14:53:52

Anno made Evangelion because it's boring and misses the thematic appeal of the original? Weird.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on December 7, 2022 14:52:05

Honored dead, the children of Bulgaria call you!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 7, 2022 12:06:06

This man gets it. Futaba and Kasumi are like asshole detectors. They just can't help but mald and seethe when people post them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 7, 2022 12:04:36

Different deal with God.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on December 7, 2022 11:56:07

Native Americans also sucked as slaves because they were familiar with the land and their people lived nearby most of the time -meaning escapees had an easier time evading capture, particularly in the first few generations. It's hard to keep someone a slave when their cousin lives free over the hill and keeps releasing them

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 7, 2022 08:22:52

You have no basis for saying that though. Just because the knowledge was gained in a materialist system does not imply that a materialist system was the only or even the best way of gaining that knowledge. It certainly doesn't imply that materialist systems are the only way to gain all knowledge.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 7, 2022 08:21:01

Imagine being the leader of a state and you tell your aide "Hey. Go tell this german minor we'll guarantee their independence, Prussia wants to integrate them and it's a convenient cause for war." And he says "No-can-do sir, we've already got four vassals and an alliance taking up our entire diplomatic corps." Then again I dunno what they expected when they only hired three people to be diplomats and have them go back and forth between the capitals on repeat every time they want to send a pouch of pennies. Whole-ass country and the diplomatic corps is smaller than the staff at your local bread and breakfast.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on December 6, 2022 18:03:57

"Liberty, once lost, is lost forever. That's why the Founding Fathers came from the freest and most liberal place in the world - Georgian Britain. They revolted because they had liberty, which they didn't lose since obviously, once lost, liberty is lost forever. I am incredibly smart."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on December 6, 2022 17:40:29

Not all revolutions were won by blood and violence. England remains a good example, because many of the democratic customs they enjoy today were granted gradually over time through bloodless means, or in response to *failed* revolts. I'll also point out that Louise is most likely heir to the Vallieres since Eleonore is a femcel and Cattleya has anime cancer - Louise will be the only sister liable to bear heirs. Meaning that the queen and the most powerful noble family in the kingdom are both at least moderate; Henrietta leans heavily on the reformer side of things and Louise is a monarchist who's nevertheless very liberal and humanist in ideology. Guiche's brothers don't make an appearance, but judging by him his family is also surprisingly liberal, if snooty, and helping with the water spirit will buy Montmorency's loyalty too. That's a pretty solid political bloc to agitate for reform. Between the pressure from up high and pressure from below once the peasants hear of the proposal, while the bill might get some opposition, most nobles would be incentivised to let it pass, particularly with some concessions to make sure the new House of Lords has some remaining primacy over the new House of Commons. The peasantry get their say in government - granted to them for free by the De Tristains, which if Henrietta isn't an idiot (and she's not) she won't let anyone forget) - the Lords get to remain the pre-eminent political force in Tristain (and indeed gain some power in the decentralization), and the Royals get to keep their cushy chairs and veto powers while minimizing on the revolt risk of the populace.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 5, 2022 19:53:00

Otherkin != furries. One is a society of people with an extremely weird fetish lifestyle, and the other is a conglomeration of mentally ill people feeding their illness and self-harm tendencies by encouraging shit like eating raw meat.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 5, 2022 11:00:43

Of course, Henrietta could probably head that much off at the pass by getting started on a constitutional monarchy. Decentralizing the government in general is good for the lords, and giving the populace a say, even a weak one, would severely hamper revolutionary sentiment in educated populations. That it would also ensure the De Tristains remain in power would no doubt be a cherry on the cake - Henrietta's great-granddaughters would be in similar positions to the royalty in the british system during the reign of Liz II.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 5, 2022 10:58:32

Well, barring some strange biology. They are aliens after all. But yeah, the surface is definitely dead.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on December 4, 2022 20:22:50

Louise only gets World Portal by the end of the story, and we don't know enough about how the Prayer Book works to force it to appear earlier. Trains are already somewhat underway - Colbert is actively searching for a use for his baby steam engine in the first season, and he finally does with his sky-Ironclad by the fourth season. What makes them not trivial to set up is the fact that train tracks require a shitload of wood, steel, gravel, and labor; iron won't work because it's too soft. You need wood for the slats. Gravel is important for fills, which keep the tracks and thus the train on even ground. And of course, you need a John Henry to beat pikes into the dirt to keep the tracks attached. I don't believe a modern person would be able to build many mass-production lines, particularly in the timeframe of the series, not without Earth help, which defeats the point. Those supply lines are massively complicated and would require dozens or even hundreds of inventions at every single step. There's a reason it took centuries for us to hit mass production here on Earth. Transportation would not be my first go-to: while the transportation of goods is vital, it also requires an established industrial base to begin with. I'd try my best, I think, to follow our industrial revolution, because even I don't fully understand the supply chains there. That means the first order of business is Cheap Iron, which we can use Colbert's steam engine to make possible - vertical shaft mining becomes possible when you can use water to pump water out of the hole. Suddenly a lot more iron deposits open up at that point. Tristain is a land of water too, so most likely river shipping and air shipping would handle the biggest transport problems until supply chains can support a couple railways. Those would be already established and only need scaling up.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 4, 2022 20:21:20

If this is how big your country is going into CKII you're gonna be world-conquesting by the end of CKII. Admittedly, I've considered bringing a World Conquest game into Victoria though. It might cause some interesting challenges to try running a country there who has access to every resource, no foes, and a population so staggeringly diverse that even their weakest political movements are comprised of millions of people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on December 4, 2022 20:11:47

First off you can't dump someone who doesn't deserve you &#x200B; Second, my priorities would be to flip Tabitha and/or Matilda, industrialize Tristain, and construct at least a small cabal of characters who know that I know the prospective future and how - but how exactly I even *begin* going about that depends on when exactly I'm put into Saito's body, and some of it is going to be a huge challenge anyway. My personal laptop has several schematics for industrial-era tech saved that could be of use in making Tristain able to out-produce her larger competitors, but I wouldn't have that, I'd have Saito's shit LED gaming rig with four copies of Gal\*Gun and a virus. Reverse Engineering stuff with Colbert is an option but it'd be slower and much more difficult than being able to draw a blueprint and just hand it to him to build a prototype. Flipping Matilda obviously relies on her being around which means she can't have fucked off to the Reconquista yet, she'd have to still be Longueville. Flipping Tabitha would only be particularly effective early too. Both would be difficult to maneuver while maintaining informational security for Tristain's side. And of course, just telling someone you know the future gets you laughed at, not believed, so I'd need to show precognition for at least a small number of things. Louise and Henrietta and Agnes would probably be my closest confidants in this, but I might actually start with Agnes - she's easily the most rational of the three and the one who'd see the most use for knowing what would've happened if nothing had changed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on December 4, 2022 06:34:05

No? Folk IRL hate, say, black people, because they're black. They make up a bunch of completely fabricated shit about race to justify it, because there IS no real source of tension beyond xenophobia. I'll point out that by DnD terms, Earth only has one major race. And DnD terms are honestly a lot more realistic than anything you'd hear from our chucklefucks.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 4, 2022 00:22:36

There probably ought to be different levels of discrimination, to represent the difference between trying to make a business as a white dude in England (Relatively Easy), trying to make a business as a black dude in Jim Crow America (pretty difficult), and trying to make a business as a Jew in Nazi Germany (fuckin' impossible) As it stands though, you've got Congolese people running the plantations in the Belgian Congo, which seems a bit weird considering what happened there IRL. Even at very small volumes thanks to the debuff it's still weird to think about.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 4, 2022 00:19:18

Dwarf vs Elf isn't a racial tension to begin with, it's a Romanticist vs Rationalist tension. People have just forgotten that's what it really is and made it a race thing. Dwarves and Elves who grow up in human nations where there isn't a societal lean towards either extreme don't have the same viewpoint.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 2, 2022 20:00:15

The humans won't like this. They need that dwarven Gunpowder for their muskets - if the Dwarves are selling to the Elves again, the Humans are going to get paranoid. This'll lead to another trade war. This can't be good for business in the gulf. This is why I moved to Porcia to live with the Orcs!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on December 2, 2022 19:54:22

That objective is completable?!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 2, 2022 19:51:29

Because Russia is cool and fascist now, so we need another rival country to placate the hate glands - China is big and has a working economy so they're an easy target

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 2, 2022 19:48:41

Of course, it's the only thing they know how to spell after all

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on December 2, 2022 19:46:18

The game probably should have more events like that anyway - where being in a certain situation at the right time makes a historical thing happen. I'm all for allowing Alt-history to happen, but we shouldn't forget that IRL happened for a reason too.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 2, 2022 19:43:02

tbf, people should move from Europe to Africa to some degree - representing people trying to make it big (read: become a Capitalist) by exploiting the colonial resources. It's unbalanced now, but I don't think removing it entirely makes sense either. These populations are being exploited, they probably shouldn't be also running the farms.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on December 2, 2022 19:41:50

And just how neural networking like this works. It's simultaneously trying to fit the image to all the training data while meeting specifications, as best it can. The method leads to generality and stereotyping, just like any mass action. Uniqueness is drowned out by the majority. An AI with no training shows the opposite extreme, too. Uniqueness with no concern for generalizing and no concern for stereotyping leads to an incoherent mess. Scientists have been hard at work trying to find the proper balance for ages; but political scientists have been doing the same thing longer and not had success, so...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on December 2, 2022 19:38:07

Those are quite the generic accusations.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on December 2, 2022 16:58:15

The sabertooths are some of the hardest things in the game to kill, despite also probably being your first kill, because they like to stalk the player before pouncing and when that fails they usually just run away. What most players find works best is always carrying around a rock buddy. Rocks count as weapons to the game, sharp rocks in particular are good for chopping. If you dodge \*towards\* an enemy while holding a weapon, being either a rock or a stick, your monkey will beat the enemy with the weapon. The reason rocks are preferred despite dealing less damage on the whole is because they're reusable, whereas as the video shows, sticks get stuck in the enemy. Sabertooths take some 4-5 sticks to take down, normally, so what really makes the difference here is patience. If you find it's nesting site, you can usually spawncamp the thing allowing you to hit it more often.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on December 2, 2022 12:11:41

The has the terrible taste of getting aroused and going "go on" exactly once. As opposed to all the other characters who, as we know, are pure snowflakes who never say anything erotic ever.^(/s)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on December 2, 2022 11:59:28

Could be. There's a lot of stuff in afro-american cultures that stems from reclaimed slavery stuff, and which can be racist or not more on context than any definition. It complicates matters a lot, but that's how it is. I just wanted to give an explaination as to why they thought Uncle Ben was racist, since a lot of white people (and other minorities who aren't as close to afro-american cultures) don't really understand why or how it can be seen as bad.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on December 1, 2022 03:49:09

I dunno if that one where Makoto's dressed in a cop uniform and putting her baton up Futaba's behind is quite wholesome, no matter how much Futaba seemed to be enjoying it. Her art *is* quite happy though. Everyone enjoys themselves in her works, even the kinkiest ones.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on December 1, 2022 03:45:53

Evidence that her dad did it. We know someone raped her, but there wasn't enough to prove it was **him** specifically.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on November 30, 2022 00:04:21

Look up Union Busting, where business owners or anti-worker governments actively intervene in the workers' personal affairs to stop them from grouping together to achieve a goal - i.e, interfere to stop the people from "voting with their wallets" and altering the free market. If the market were truly free, it'd be stuffed full of Unions, which would eventually take it over, making socialism.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 29, 2022 14:45:04

Yeah, the gag works with basically anyone's name and any inappropriate bodily bit. Futaba's butt, Aketchi's ass, Ann's Titties, Ryuuji's Dingus - as long as it fits in the box, it'll show up on cards, and people will remark on it's power. There are some truly hilarious moments if you do such a thing. It feels like a normal playthrough right up until Aketchi walks up to you in the train station and tells you out of the blue that Ryuuji's Dingus has grown in popularity.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 29, 2022 14:41:50

That's still too many gays since 2019 for Klandma

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 29, 2022 14:32:04

In my current playthrough? Arsene Lupin. Didn't want to do anything too fancy. However, in my initial P5 no royal NG+ run? Where I was just fucking around and luxuriating in having freedom from that damn Social Stat star? Futaba's Butt. Because no-one expects to be struck by Futaba's Butt. No one could anticipate the power behind Futaba's Butt. To most people, Futaba's Butt is unseen, hidden behind layers, but for a special few, it's something special only they can take part in. The impact Futaba's Butt had on Japan was beyond anyone's expectations. Even Futaba Sakura, master hacker, had to appreciate the power of Futaba's Butt and request their services. Everyone was stunned when the world forgot about the social phenomenon created by Futaba's Butt. However, it wasn't long afterwards that Futaba's Butt took on a god, and won.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 29, 2022 02:18:59

Actually that could be possible if you were some kind of autocrat. But such a limitless freedom can't be extended to multiple people.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 29, 2022 01:37:18

Again, that's not really how it works. You don't take 20% off the 32K just flat like that. It varies based on product and price, and isn't paid on some categories of purchase. Also, most people don't live in Oregon, and that 32K is going to buy you far less because of other taxes you're not paying directly. The U.S' labyrinthine tax system and bureaucratic nonsense have an overhead and that's usually passed down raw in price, which means that the 26K in London would still buy you more than the 32K in Oregon, even if you really did pay those taxes which you don't. In all the states I've lived in the U.S. taxes have been quite a bit more severe than 40K -> 32K anyway. It's not really a fair comparison.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 29, 2022 01:35:22

"This sub disagrees with me, so it must be an echo chamber, and his story damages my perception of my own beliefs, therefore it must be made up. Thank god I figured that out before my echo chamber was broken."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 29, 2022 01:25:55

Bruh this is supposed to be a sub about accidental racism, not stretching like Mr. Fantastic to see racism where none exists. Besides, I've seen funnier posts in r/eyeblech. Screaming "THEY SAID BLACK MAN MONKEY IS ACKSIDENTAL RACIM" isn't funny even when it's true, much less when the person saying it is just inventing shit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 28, 2022 18:50:03

No such implication exists though. "Through the eyes of a chimpanzee" is not related in any way to the Morgan Freeman there. Considering how famous Freeman is for narrating nature documentaries you'd need to have an IQ lower than the Chimpanzee's to assume Freeman was in any way being implicated to be a monkey here.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 28, 2022 09:00:24

When you gotta flush the toilet 4 times to dispose of the paper cuz your butt just won't quit

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 28, 2022 05:44:15

I dunno man. IME you don't hit -5 war exhaustion just by having half a state occupied unless you're tiny. You're Russia, so you're not tiny. Double check the peripherals of your country. It's quite possible the AI did some completely silly shit like naval invading Kamchatka and have been sitting on your territory for a while. Either that or you've taken some kind of massive casualty.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 28, 2022 04:33:24

You don't generally get to play on the globe view in those old games, it's more of a way of "zooming in" the minimap to be fullscreen. So as long as you have an algorithm that can convert the hexagons into something that can be painted onto a globe, it's perfectly fine. Presumably it also converts to a political mapmode of some sort because that'd probably be prettiest and most actually useful.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 28, 2022 02:34:52

He's 14 and is literally the last man on Earth with his crush - that wood is *never* going away.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on November 28, 2022 02:19:06

Well yes, but in Dixie culture that's a paternalist thing. And that's where "Uncle Ben's Rice" was invented and branded, with the Dixie cultural connotations in mind. The idea is that by continuing to be called "Uncle Ben's", it hearkens back to an era where white people saw themselves as shepherds guiding black people like sheep in a very literal sense. We called older black men uncles not out of respect but out of a patronizing sense of superiority, where we were graciously uplifting them from barbarism. As you might expect, that sentiment doesn't particularly sit well with the people who know about it, and while the rice brand itself no longer has any particularly racist attributes that old taproot into the racist CSA vernacular isn't something some people are willing to stand.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 28, 2022 01:34:23

\-100% birth rate

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 28, 2022 01:29:21

Using stable diffusion is GPU intensive and the game already lags and makes the computer achieve liftoff during the late game, so I don't think that's really plausible. And while other AI generation models exist, they'd run into similar issues of cheap-looking, samey generations. Or horrible multi-limbed eldritch beings. So I don't think AI generated on-the-fly portraits is very viable.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 28, 2022 01:26:53

They actually did the opposite, CK3 uses the engine Victoria is using, but it's more refined. It's weird how that worked out with V3 coming out after CK3, but that's how it go.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 28, 2022 01:25:04

The sub still responds positively to the original sort of story though, so you can be the change you want to see there. A couple years back I wrote a short story that was basically the diary of an insectoid alien talking about her first encounters with Humans (not first contact because radio contact came way prior, but she was one of the first Clickers to actually meet a human in the flesh and was staggered by our size, resiliency, smell, and non-caste dimorphism).

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on November 27, 2022 06:38:21

I dunno. There's actually been some pretty big steps taken for the alcubierre drive - basically the warp drive in game terms. Not saying it's definitely going to happen or something, it'll probably be so modified if it does come out that it'll be a completely different invention, but you don't need a Jupiter-sized mass of negative energy to make it work any more.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on November 27, 2022 06:32:50

The first computers didn't have an OS, they were run directly on the engineering. It wasn't until computers started having more widespread uses by people who didn't know the difference between a NAND gate and a OR gate that someone decided to put in a default code base to run everything else on. Same with quantum computers. Before someone writes an OS, there must be demand for an OS. Gigabrain comp-sci engineers with PhDs in exactly that computer don't need an OS, some of those motherfuckers can communicate directly with the mainframe via goddamn telepathy

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 27, 2022 03:00:27

I guess. But it's kinda silly how people make it out to be this big giant thing when Connor is way more into simping for freedom and liberty (only to get screwed over by the Founding Fathers) Dude spends half the game not even doing anything to fight the Templars and instead just being a revolutionary nightmare for the british.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on November 27, 2022 02:57:46

It's a solid civ game for when you're in the mood for a short game with some interesting and quirky mechanics that isn't as involved as a regular civ game. Basically it's kind of relaxing. A sort of videogame candy, or fast food. It's nice once in a while, even desirable, but if it's all you've got you're gonna get sick of it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 27, 2022 02:55:13

Oh hey, it's Ohya. I see she's still repellent to everyone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 26, 2022 19:31:40

Honestly it sounds like a cool sci-fi technology if you write it out fully too: "Lightspeed Increment" Totally something that means nothing and gets glued to other words that mean nothing to say nothing but sound cool saying it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 15:37:28

They don't have any functionality that's useful for personal computing *yet*. People will find a way to make QC's strengths useful for game designers or social media, it'll just take a bit. And, you know, the coolant system not being the size of and more expensive than my house. Nobody's going to make an OS for a computer that needs a specialist just to turn on.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 15:34:54

Tesla phones being Quantum would be quite the huge step given we're struggling to make a full-sized consumer PC that's quantum. It's also amazing that he thinks simply having a better smart phone will somehow swap our government over to a direct democracy despite that requiring *multiple* changes to the constitution, something that I know for sure applies to the U.S. and I'm pretty sure applies almost everywhere else too. And I don't want my phone on the blockchain, the blockchain is a scam and a waste of data transfer speed. Of course it's unhackable if there's nothing to hack and all your personal information is literally glued to a chain that can't be modified without the approval of everyone else on it. Imagine trying to take a nude selfie down and pornhub can't remove it without every user on there Ok'ing the decision. Absolutely insane.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 15:30:25

Ironically this meme mentions Charles Lee more times than Connor does over the whole plot of ACIII. Never really understood how it became a meme.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on November 26, 2022 15:18:11

You're right, u/Boring_Mushroom_7304 is wrong. *You* are Umbrige personified.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on November 26, 2022 10:49:10

tbf, Social Psych is one of the first techs and Psychological treatment is one of the slider bars and placed with the same importance as the economy itself and national research. So it's not like even Santiago is relying on just the threat of being shot. A lot of energy is likely going into getting mentally ill people help and places to safely be. As opposed to the modern day where getting even a mentally sound person with plenty of money psychological help isn't just underfunded, it's socially seen as scamming them. Presumably, the risk of active shooters is almost nil in most societies due to this glut of psychological medicine, and as such the face of crime is significantly changed from what we have here on Earth.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 25, 2022 20:48:45

>But Soryu was waaaaaay more fucked up in the head Ain't that kinda the point? We ain't watching Evangelion to see well-adjusted teens live good lives. We're here because Shinji's an abandoned and neglected child being abused so that he can be objectified into a child soldier in a genocide war started by and backed by the Illuminati and their crony, his dad, who exploits his based fetish for feisty redheads to push him further and further into a painful existence of conflict until finally he's ready enough to snap at which point everyone he loves is summarily executed and the boy kills himself by smearing his fear-cum on an alien spear and committing seppuku with it. The above rather disincludes people who aren't completely fucked in the head.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on November 25, 2022 07:31:43

She do but the eyepatch is the only thing she has over Sorhyu and it just ain't enough to make up for the fact she's part of the Rebuilds.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on November 25, 2022 07:28:02

Legit thought for a moment I was on r/HarryPotterMemes and someone had named all their cats after the Weasleys and was showing off the stockings. Then I actually *looked* at the stockings instead of just seeing "R"s and "G"s

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 25, 2022 07:25:43

That's kinda the opposite of the Nuclear Ghandi though. The point of Nuclear Ghandi is that, really, Ghandi was a pacifist who would've abhored the use of nuclear weapons for warfare. Yet in the game, due to mechanics, he bombs the fuck out of anyone looking at him funny. Lady Deidre is kind of the opposite in that respect. A lot of their surface mechanics seem to make them out to be peaceful, tree-hugging hippies, but the quotes and lore behind her give the impression of an increasingly dangerous and religiously-motivated sociopath. Less "Atomic Ghandi" and more "Hippie Hitler".

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 25, 2022 07:23:44

For Santiago, I'd say that the negatives of living with her faction are the positives to other people. In the Federation, what matters most is Duty and Strength. It means you can always count on your comrades; it means that everyone gets the same basic training, so social classes and de-facto caste systems are stymied; it means everyone is armed and combat capable, which means everyone can protect themselves and crime is dissipated by the risk of getting shot back at. It's a country for the kind of people who like rugged trucks and self-sufficiency, who only like the government as a militant agency. Santiago's appeal is in the same places and same reasoning as why a lot of people don't like her. What feels oppressive to one is liberating to another here - what one person sees as making the crimes that do happen worse another sees as a consequence of simply lowering crime. &#x200B; Likewise, with Yang, I don't think you really need to modify his society that much. His faction is very cultish, in that a single philosophy and way of thinking is being perpetually pushed onto it's people. But if you look at it, you'll see that unlike many cults Yang's philosophy is self-supporting and non-hypocritical. It doesn't contradict or ignore itself in any way. In a sense, Yang's biggest victory is that despite all our instinctual revulsion at what he proposes, he's *right*. We *do* treat our genetic code as if it's sacred, despite it being easy to manipulate. You *can't* really tyrannize someone who cannot feel pain or despair or want. Yang's philosophy is entirely self-sufficient; so what if it's based on wildly different axioms on a very basic level? I think it was rather clever, allowing him to have that. Allowing all the factions to have positives and negatives, so that even if you don't buy into them yourself, you can understand why someone would. &#x200B; You asked for the Cult and for the Usurpers, so: **Usurpers** is simple. They're the alien Hive. The end goal is to ascend their leader to godhood, at which point he can come along and either ascend everyone else or elevate them to a complete paradise. The faction is based off trusting that Marr is capable and willing to do this. We're not given a lot of insight however into whether this trust is well-placed; we have to assume it is because the other factions tend to be ideologically whole and run idealistically, with the leaders not really demonstrating much self-interest outside of interests the faction shares. Any misfortunes or pains the Usurpers go through in the process of Marr's apotheosis is retroactively justified by their success: the Manifolds are insanely powerful, deific beings. If Marr is placed in charge of one, Chiron, then he can simply wish away everything up to and including death itself. &#x200B; **The Cult** of Planet is a bit more complicated. They obviously all have a distaste for Humanity, but what does that mean ideologically. In the context of Alien Crossfire, it's evident that the Cult couldn't really have existed upon planetfall. Necessarily there must be something in Planet to attach religious significance to if Cha Dawn is to be more than a scientific curiosity. This means they're not a splinter from the Believers, the Hive, or the University, because all those factions already have religious stances. It's likely they're a Gaian splinter, though they could've theoretically branched from any of the others. The stance of the Cult is quite clear: Humanity had it's chance and it blew it. It's a fatalistic worldview and somewhat emblematic of why the OG factions are better liked in general; the Cult really doesn't have a clear moral stance on how to live well. Rather, they simply have the stance that not living is better than being human. This rather complicates matters for a faction composed of human beings. It's likely their ideology is centered around Cha Dawn himself, bolstered by his semi-mythical origin and seeming immortality without the stasis pods the other leaders use. In this case, morality for the Cult - how to Live Well - is simply "whatever Cha Dawn says". This hearkens back to the old God-Kings of early civilizations, something I wish was explored in more depth with the Cult, but never was.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 25, 2022 07:21:03

Because they didn't use a gender neutral bathroom, this tweet is made up as propaganda to keep gendered bathrooms around and/or generate outrage in general, whichever is more useful at the time. That's why you see all these shit takes online but so rarely meet them IRL - because it makes it trivial for a white neonazi to pretend to be a black communist and say something universally reviled so it gets spread around; or vice versa.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on November 25, 2022 00:07:43

Fun is always more important than balance.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on November 25, 2022 00:03:52

The caveman toga is probably a good start, considering it doesn't look remotely like the traditional garb of any African tribe and certainly doesn't look like something a modern person from any African country would wear.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 24, 2022 12:35:29

Even traditional African clothing isn't like that - that's straight-out a caveman outfit, if they wanted to go for a tasteful traditional outfit they would've had thousands of distinct ones to choose from. Traditional African Clothing is made of cloth, leather, and finely tooled hide, not scrounged together skins tied together with sinew. It's extremely intricate, and often covered in designs that are unique to the particular tribe and are highly geometric. They're also often colorful, as Africa has a wide number of natural dyes. They do not usually murder a leopard, skin it with a rock, and just huck the skin over their shoulder with a belt and call it clothing. People have lived in Africa since before they were recognizably people, they *know how to clothe themselves*.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 24, 2022 12:34:00

The difference is mostly wide vs tall play. Forests don't give a great amount of any one yield, but they give solid amounts of every yield, particularly with a river. You can get similar results on the right tile with improvements, marginally better results even, but those tiles are rare and improvements don't usually spread themselves. Forests are quick and easy to put up, and give solid returns even fading into the late-game, even if they can't compete directly with more intensive improving. This means forests can be placed quickly to get bases off the ground, and if you want to just forget about those bases and have them be decent bases then that works too. The benefit is in the quick start and sustainability - plus, with all appropriate upgrades each worked forest is a net positive, which combined with pop booming and the eco bonus from other bases can result in a base with dozens of citizens in a matter of just as many turns, which can later be flipped to a more intensive strategy to allow the base to support more specialists. Cutting down forests later can also give bonus minerals, even if that rarely comes up. Basically, forests are for lazy/new players, for kickstarting bases, or for factions with bad planet ratings who can't properly capitalize on fungal pops.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 23, 2022 20:33:00

This becomes really frightening when you realize literally everything the conservatives rail against is projection from something they're actually doing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 23, 2022 20:20:49

Having guns wouldn't have stopped those people from being shot. The difference between a good guy with a gun and a bad guy with a gun is that the bad guy always shoots first.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 21, 2022 14:29:57

That's not what's being referred to. In the old south it was common to call *any* older black dude your uncle regardless of prior affiliation. It was a (very literal - look up Paternalism) patronizing thing that came to be viewed as extremely disrespectful once blacks had a proper voice. To put it in a more modern way, it wasn't a loving "uncle" that's really a family friend - it was calling them "uncle" the same way you might refer to uncle Billy and his rather extreme views on Middle Eastern folk. Except this time your Uncle Billy is the minority and you're the racist cad. It's a bit hard to move forward like that but hopefully that helps.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 21, 2022 01:35:23

Nah, I don't care about NPC opinions. I just wanted to take a deep dive into what we know about Louise's canon politics.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on November 21, 2022 01:32:05

tbf it's an extremely old practice which fell out of use over a century ago. It's a bit silly to be up in arms about it now. It's not like it really changes the rice or anything though so it's a moot issue regardless.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 20, 2022 18:32:13

I cracked open NovelAI and entered in Ibuki and some very Irish tags and the first thing it gave me was [Kiryu Coco](

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 20, 2022 18:14:33

It's something to do with an old slave-era practice of referring to older black men as "Uncle" and women as "Aunt", I think. I do agree though that removing the person entirely is kind of missing the point. Just remove the uncle, call it "Old Ben's Rice" or whatever.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 20, 2022 17:59:42

I think your opponent may be a wee bit racist. Or at the very least extremely misinformed on politics. Louise isn't a fascist nor a racist. I don't know about Filipino politics or how Leni feels about Trump but even if they're very similar it's a bit disingenous to insinuate you're a red-hatter unless there's an explicit connection. Here's what Louise is politically, knowing what we do from the anime: \-Louise is a staunch Monarchist. We know this because of the severe loyalty she shows Henrietta, even going so far as to push aside their friendship in favor of the monarch-vassal relationship. We also know she takes a feudal view of Monarchy as well, as she holds nobility to be in high standing by default and tends to see commoners as people to be sheltered by the aristocracy, rather than worked by it. \-Louise is an anti-paternalist, in that despite her heavy Monarchist leanings she's relatively liberal when it comes to government control. Over the course of the series she befriends Siesta and falls for Saito, both commoners. It's clear that while she holds the caste system in high regard, she does believe in some level of social mobility, and that the peasantry is capable of making decisions of their own that are good or wise. \-Louise is NOT an ethno-nationalist, or even a nationalist at all. She shows no particular love for Tristain over Henrietta herself, or sign she believes the state to be any entity greater or even separate from the royal family. Louise believes in The Crown, not Tristain. She certainly never worries about race - what little racial bias she shows in her verbage towards Tiffania is done exclusively in anger towards \*Saito\*, and in every other occasion Louise extends a shockingly liberal and egalitarian hand to Tiffania whenever she needs it. This suggests Louise would be *violently opposed* to an Ethnostate where race was a determinant factor in almost anything. &#x200B; We can't tell if Louise is an abolitionist or not, because slavery never really comes up in the show outside of Saito - and it's made quite clear, then, that Saito's expected submission to Louise is not that of a *slave*, but a *serf*. This is a politically salient distinction, because a slave does not make money off their work and is considered property, while a serf is permitted to make profit (albeit usually a very small one) and is considered a citizen (albeit one with few rights). This means we know Louise's stance on serfdom - a hard "yes" which makes sense given Brimirism's equally firm stance on the subject - but it's not explicit what her stance on slavery is. Many pre-modern monarchists abhored slavery but supported serfdom.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on November 20, 2022 17:55:33

As someone who owns and has played both - Yes.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on November 20, 2022 17:38:09

I was thinking along the same lines. Any of them *could be* those things, but given I don't recognize any of them and they aren't dressed like scientists or lawyers, they could also just work the desk at the local game store. Which, to be fair, is also a perfectly respectable profession.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 20, 2022 17:33:56

tbf Dorf Fort isn't all that hard once you grasp the basic mechanics either. A lot of the difficulty there comes from the learning cliff as well.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 20, 2022 01:14:40

Yeah but you can keep talking to the DM of AI dungeon for several paragraphs before it opens it's jacket and dozens of D20s fall out. There's a certain sort of logical illogical consequence to actually AI generated text that isn't present here. It's all too well connected, too context-aware. It doesn't forget things it said two paragraphs ago, but it does forget things it said last sentence. Stuff like that isn't how AI Dungeon or NovelAI does it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 19, 2022 22:26:08

It'd still be exponentially more complex, and thus slower, than what we currently have. Even with the 1.06 optimizations, which were extremely good optimizations and made the game run noticably faster as early as 1850, much less 1900 or 1920, we're not at a stage where increasing AI complexity is really feasible without tanking the FPS again. And I'd rather play a game with bad AI than a slideshow with good AI.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 19, 2022 20:37:53

Hey now, that's not fair. We acknowledge China. And the Middle East (which is all Iraq, right?). And Mexico. Can't say what Americans think about those places while being polite but I can say my grandmother thought I was in a gunfight for two weeks because I told her I was going into the city while deployed in Qatar.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 19, 2022 15:28:33

It's exponential growth, basically. Decisions for a computer are arranged in a tree, no matter what they are. The computer can only make a decision if it either has pre-written instructions or it searches X levels of the tree. If the instructions are pre-written it's not even an AI, it's just a script. If the AI only searches one or two levels of the tree it's going to be pretty dumb. If the AI searches some Y levels of the tree that's greater than the above, then it has to check X^(Y) Branch nodes on the tree, where X is the number of splits any given branch has (obviously the math can and likely is significantly more complicated, but those are the significant figures). Consider how many variables each individual building can effect just in it's own country, including one for each building that takes the upgraded building's output as input individually. Those are your branch nodes ***per level***. Then realize that the check has to go at least two or three levels ***deep*** if you want the AI to actually look like it's planning ahead at all and not just as dumb as it is now or worse. You very quickly get into the *billions* of checks per tick, per building upgrade, per AI country. Unless you're running a NASA supercomputer, that isn't a game at that point, it's a picture. And while there do exist techniques to optimize this, there's only so small you can get it, and this kind of predictive AI has a very large "Big O", or limit to it's optimization. &#x200B; I'm agreeing with you by the way, just wanted to give a harder explaination since I actually am in CS.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 19, 2022 15:21:33

People are *extremely* stupid

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 19, 2022 01:23:50

I mean, over time people are going to start expecting farmhands to have at least three marble statues in the foyer, but yeah I agree. We'll probably have to wait for DLC for that to really get looked into though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 23:59:12

I've had my police at 5 for ages and, while it does slow SoL radical gain, it doesn't do a thing for having hundreds and hundreds of factories all wriggling their little occupation bars by a couple thousand each. Every time they fire someone that person is likely to become radical, so I've got millions of the fuckers.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 23:57:39

Crazy to think this is considered "older" now. Oh god I think I've got a grey hair...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedOdyssey on November 18, 2022 18:34:34

He goes on twitter to scream loudly about liberals and quietly about the Jews, while also constantly bitching about how nobody will hire him and he's so oppressed for voicing his opinions. But his "opinions" are just racism. IIRC he also buys into the Alpha Male bullshit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedOdyssey on November 18, 2022 18:33:53

Mori's part of a larger corporation, one that has to abide by Japanese Copyright and U.S. Copyright. The situation is complicated, and because the network of talent is bidirectional letting a bunch of their streamers go violate someone's IP and cause a legal kerfluffle would spillback on the other streamers. Ergo, she needs to get permission. She's been trying to do so for ages, but ATLUS Japan has been hesitant for unspecified reasons. It seems they've finally relaxed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 18, 2022 18:31:01

Get fucked then loser I pull both.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 18, 2022 18:28:28

It's kinda wild you're trying to throw shade on people who watch Vtubers when you're on Reddit. There's a pecking order, I hear.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 18, 2022 18:27:33

With Lincoln and two teddies, you could have a small but actual game of Civ with only America. Add in some workshop mods and you can populate a medium map with Americans. Burgers for everyone!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 18, 2022 18:24:30

Luxury goods should probably be that measure, I'd think. Or perhaps better said, "better goods than the expectation" A pop in 1830 might expect only grain but a pop in 1930 is going to be less impressed by being able to purchase groceries. At the same time though, if a pop is wealthy enough to buy Fine Art even though they're supposedly Lower Strata, that definitely needs to factor into their willingness to become radical. It's quite hard to convince people that things will be better under revolutionary government if they're routinely consuming luxuries their parents didn't have access to. It'd probably be really slow to implement a system where a pop looks at the goods they had 20 years ago and adjusts expectations based on that, but it'd also probably be much more realistic. Set expectations for a certain era of the game though would make a lot more sense and be light to implement.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 18:18:40

"Skinny dipping" was written on her secret paper in chapter 2 Prove me wrong

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 18, 2022 15:46:10

I don't know what's going wrong with those graphs but they're always doing this shit in my games. It's kinda... Not good, honestly.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 15:39:47

I find that for whatever reason, Murderhobo parties are completely sent by Uncle Iroh. In particular, first they're sent for a laugh by the old man trying to stop them from stabbing the shopkeep. Then they're sent for a loop when he's not intimidated at all by the barbarian's natural 18. And then they're sent to meet god by Uncle Fucking Iroh if they fuck around and find out.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 18, 2022 15:32:16

Heck, could've just pacted with a good celestial.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 18, 2022 15:30:32

Right now pops are way too eager to be radicalized by minor fluctuations in the economy. There's thousands of open jobs and the SoL for the whole nation has risen by almost eight points, but they're still radical because the Steel Mill's bosses are on a cycle of hiring and then firing and then hiring again some 5k workers. I think radicalization due to work should be moved to unemployment, barring ownership shares since that's relatively minor. People who spend long periods unemployed are much less common and it makes much more sense for them to be radicals than the guy who just got laid off from his job and immediately grabs another one. If there are radicals from lay-offs, they should be very small. Small enough to only become a problem if all industries are firing all at once, because that's a big deal.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 15:04:25

>Personally I’d rather deal with the loan officer because once you’ve signed off there’s not much oversight. That's not really a good thing though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 18, 2022 14:39:25

Always have need of a good Louise\~

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on November 18, 2022 14:24:51

You can also be a nazi who thinks the Jews are out to get white society and still be a vegan hippie who thinks "white society" should be a free love commune. Politics is a fluid field.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 17, 2022 15:53:48

Can't wait for the cursed map mod that makes the USA bright green, Canada orange, Prussia shit-brown, the Ottomans a deep navy blue, and of course, Russia is painted a brilliant violet. And also swaps India and England. Not Britain, just England. Swaps South America and Africa too.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 17, 2022 05:07:30

Pretty sure they'll only do so if they're really desperate or think you're just that pathetically weak, but yeah, you have to maintain the dominance established or they'll try to punk you. And usually fail because they're starting at a severe disadvantage, but

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 17, 2022 04:53:33

A ninja, obviously.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on November 17, 2022 04:51:23

Canada takes bloody forever to colonize that region, it's quite silly.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on November 17, 2022 04:49:59

No need. I out-Morgan'd Morgan and bought and sold the most valuable resource of all - knowledge. Meanwhile I built from the Manifold Nexus to the Uranium Flats and spammed forests near the nexus (where I started) and coated the flats in boreholes. End result is I had enough energy production to overcome my research malus and start out-teching Zak. Combined with friendly relations, I quickly took off through the middle of the tree and once I hit supply crawlers and no longer had to rely on citizens the game was set. Miriam can actually be a tech beast when played correctly. Probe Teams are a very cost-efficient way of delaying enemies or boosting yourself. Just starting a couple wars between the heretics was enough to keep them distracted while Jesus' light dawned.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 17, 2022 02:41:44

\[Gay groaning to the tune of [a certain car horn](\]

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 17, 2022 01:15:40

Small attendum - the pact isn't for "life", it's simply very strongly weighted to be respected. I can, and have, had rescued factions decide they no longer wanted to be my friend. As an example, playing as Miriam I rescued Zak and so pacted him - I gave him all my tech in the hopes he might toss a couple new techs my way when I couldn't be bothered (I was certain to out-tech him given the difference in our sizes regardless) Some hundred turns later he had established himself as a minor power and I was cleaning up the last remnants of resistance to J E S U S on Planet, and he contacts me to tell me that we're now at Vendetta. Needless to say, he regretted that decision. But rescuing a faction doesn't guarantee their submissiveness.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 17, 2022 01:12:59

...Right, this guy is definitely a nazi.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 16, 2022 14:21:32

I used to post on 4chan. I was present for the /pol/ breakout - something those same nazis deny ever having actually happened. I know their rhetoric.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 16, 2022 14:19:05

I don't think Elon going on a firing spree of his programmers counts as them "sucking" considering the only reason the Twitter offices aren't literally on fire is because Musk is in there personally pouring soapy water on all the hard drives.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/rareinsults on November 16, 2022 14:17:49

Fortunately, in Computer Science, nobody knows what's going on, so you're bullshitting the teacher, and the teacher's bullshitting you, but most importantly, the software is bullshitting you both

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/rareinsults on November 16, 2022 05:38:29

You could not have picked a response that made you sound more like a nazi, my dude.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 16, 2022 05:12:58

None. Attack rates among dog breeds raised in similar environments are identical.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 23:24:57

Ironic you would bring up copium when you have to modify my argument just to make your insults work.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 23:24:24

That's not logical though, that's making a major assumption, which is that Helen Keller had no political leanings. There's no evidence to support the idea that her "handler" was just using her. Indeed, there's quite a bit of evidence to support the idea that Helen Keller did have political intent and thoughts. Because most people do and *Helen Keller was a person you absolute sub-arctic IQ motherfucker*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 15, 2022 22:25:29

I mean, to the nazi, all non-whites are violent barbarians. The Jews are just also supposedly schemers (who simultaneously are sub-white in intellect yet repeatedly play white people, and also have a worldwide multi-racial conspiracy to control all major world governments, because when you're a nazi the enemy is both weak and strong simultaneously). Ask a nazi and they'll probably tell you a Jew with a gun is just as dangerous as any black dude with one, probably while spouting enough slurs to turn off an edgy 14 year old from racism and so many unfounded conspiracy theories that the last one can rest comfortably supported by the sheer wreckage below from the ones that came before.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 22:19:35

The dog was bred for fighting, and yet if it's raised outside of the ring it's just as peaceful and friendly as any other breed of dog. So I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's not both. Raising a pitbull in a suburb doesn't change it's genetics, but it does change the environment. Dog attacks in those areas are more frequent anyway, not taking breed into account - German Shepherds, Shitzus, and Labradors all attack more frequently when they're gotten for home defense rather than for companionship, which only surprises the astounding number of super biased twats in this thread.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 22:16:19

They aren't. That statistic is false. Pitbulls aren't any more responsible for dog attacks when other variables, like the place and purpose for which they're raised, are equalized.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 22:13:02

Sorry to hear that, but I have a scar on my hand from a beagle and I don't use that as an *excuse* to hate on all beagles.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on November 15, 2022 22:11:58

Wait, Prequel updated already? But I just checked it last year. It should be six more months before we get another update!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 15, 2022 05:50:17

\[Four-legged happy nerd kid dance intensifies\] &#x200B; Giga-sweet, like someone condensed 20 pixie-stix into a single nugget

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 15, 2022 05:38:06

Mine was construction, honestly. After beds, what other "buildings" do you really need? Predators getting into the camp is quite rare to begin with, and all the branch really allows you to do is build little stick walls. Heck, even a nicer bed would've been nice. Alas.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on November 15, 2022 05:31:47

Air reconnaisance by airplane dominated. Air-to-Ground was invented during WWI but only really took off during the interbellum - a period which I'll point out is meant to be simulated in the game. But you're being a bit nitpicky. Air Support refers to Support, from the Air. That includes air reconnaissance, as well as air messaging and air transport. By the end of WWI, airplanes were used extensively both in reconnaissance roles and for messaging between battle groups, as the above citation states. Air Transport was also being built upon, although it'd be years before that particular field made significant improvements. You're also ignoring the wider point of the post, which was that the period of WWI saw, *in general*, many technological advances directly to warfare that were implemented. Another example of this besides the militarization of the sky is the concept of gas attacks, which played a large role in the perception of that war, and apply the same debuffs in game if you try to introduce them mid-conflict. It's an unrealistic approach to warfare, in general. While it does make sense for your troops to need to get used to new equipment, it's all but commonplace for equipment replacement to happen during a war, simply because the technology is invented then. Few modern wars are fought with the same technology beginning to end unless they're very short indeed. The debuffs in the game need retooling to better reflect the decision a commanding officer would need to make when deciding whether to introduce new equipment in the middle of a conflict. Certainly giving a small portion of my troops bicycles shouldn't make my trenches less effective.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 15, 2022 01:06:05

I mean, a Dyson Swarm is going to provide more power than any fusion power reactor of reasonable size, so... Remember, Fusion power isn't *free*; you still need the hydrogen fuel, in whatever form, and you need energy from the reactor to keep the reaction going by simulating a high-pressure and high-temperature environment. It's plausible to make one that's net positive, and surely will become more efficient with time, but you're never going to match the output of even a fraction of a genuine star where those conditions exist naturally.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 15, 2022 00:57:48

Unfortunately, neither wind nor solar are divorced from "spicy rocks". Unless you think the panels are manufactured out of a couple iron plates and computer chips like this is factorio.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 14, 2022 19:05:59

Great advances have been made in fusion recently, but yeah, it's bad practice to put your hopes in technology that hasn't been invented yet. Fission in particular has a habit of always being just out of reach. I don't think space solar is particularly plausible though, due to the same principle. Just getting the panels up there is already prohibitively expensive, and then you need dishes on the ground... It's an idea, but one to be explored in the future, not implemented now.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 14, 2022 19:04:26

That's making a lot of assumptions for optimal use cases, and disregarding the fact that energy usage in California is going to grow exponentially in the future, necessitating exponentially more batteries. So one of the richest states in the union spent a boatload on one of the biggest battery arrays, and it only is a net positive when used optimally. *That* is the problem with renewable energy. *That* is why we need nuclear power as, if nothing else, a stop-gap. Because running battery arrays the size of small cities isn't going to be much better for the environment than a coal plant - especially when a California wildfire hits them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 14, 2022 19:00:42

[]( Aircraft during WWI were mostly used as scouts, but given we have dudes on bicycles scouting as a thing we can do it's definitely relevant enough to include. By the interbellum Air-Air combat and Air-to-Ground was a growing concern which only continued to grow as we transition to WWII and Hearts of Iron. What's perhaps a bit silly is that swapping to planes partway through the first World War degrades *all your stats*, meaning using this new technology for reconaissance somehow damages your ability to defend your trenches. That's a bit silly, and certainly not realistic given integrating technology into military affairs was a major part of wars during this period.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 14, 2022 18:53:55

Well that's a bit rude. Paperwork is still work. It's one thing if he talks like he saw combat or can automatically whip ass just because he's a vet, it's another to denigrate his contribution to the cause, even if it's not as flashy. I was an MP, I never saw combat, and I don't much like being thanked for my service because I feel like I got thanked plenty with the paycheck for a fairly mundane job. But I don't pretend I didn't serve at all, nor would I tolerate someone suggesting I didn't. Logistics is a vital part of even small military operations, arguably moreso than the actual gun-toting.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 14, 2022 14:55:42

Scalable in the sense you can always add more generators, perhaps. Solar and wind, however, scale very poorly in response to demand - a solar panel will always generate the most energy at mid-day, and no energy at night, which doesn't always line up with energy usage. Wind and solar necessitate the use of huge, explosive battery banks or hydro storage (which isn't always possible for the same reasons hydroelectrics aren't), nuclear does not. Nuclear is also cheaper to run and maintain - constructing a nuclear plant is extremely expensive, but keeping one going is actually very cheap due to having very few moving parts.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 14, 2022 14:41:42

Imagine being a career politician and the worst thing your opposition can say about you is that you married a single father.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on November 14, 2022 14:03:36

Poor Zak. Poor Zak. I hear that, all of the sudden, out of nowhere, and nobody could've predicted this, but all of the sudden, all of his buildings, every single one, went "poof". It's just really unfortunate that literally every faction *except the Believers* just happened to hit all his bases with these really skilled probe teams, yup yup.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 13, 2022 20:02:28

This is true, but upgrading your gear during war is also kind of important. Tanks and air support weren't really a thing in most armies at the beginning of WWI, and yet they dominated during the endgame. The current system fails to reflect that and in fact suggests that whichever side got the new tech *last* would've won. Some kind of curve is probably best. It dips down a bit a couple weeks after you introduce the new tech, but then quickly matches the old tech and starts crawling up to full capacity as the troops become used to the new machines of war. It should probably also cost a lot of money, probably by having double resource usage or something. Introducing the new tech is then a question of both how long you think the war will continue for and how desperate you are for that edge - it's expensive to introduce the tanks, but it will give you an edge over your opponent. You'd still want to keep your troops equipped during peacetime to avoid the debuff for swapping over and the increased resource usage, but that was a real strategy IRL too and it should be situationally viable in game, I think.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 13, 2022 19:57:19

Why's her name got an e in it now?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 12, 2022 11:13:59

The single talent also means less need for psyche spending and just generally more productive bases. The Peacekeepers kind of depend on massive early-game expansion, but if you can build a big empire as Lal you're set to keep up with the other factions, even in their own domains. You may never be quite able to out-tech Lal, but you'll keep up with him, while making almost as much money as Morgan and being almost as planet-friendly as Deidre.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 12, 2022 11:10:42

Not sure where you got that the faction that committed canon genocide via mindworm, something that only isn't a warcrime because the geneva convention didn't know it existed, are the good guys. They won, but the Gaians are definitely the bad guys. The Peacekeepers are definitely the good guys the whole way through. Miriam... Probably is a bad guy early on, but by end-game she's firmly occupying the Good Guy spot. University is super popular because when you give a bunch of nerds the ability to play a faction comprised entirely of nerds they mostly will just assume that's the best faction (even though the University is *such* a shit place to live that it's the only faction to get bonus drones instead of talents or citizens...)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 12, 2022 11:06:24

>Miriam is the least played faction of the original 7. \[Sad Believer Main noises\]

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 12, 2022 11:00:53

I mean, given the situation you outlined it definitely sounds like the scout should be able to beat that MAA, realistically. Yeah he's the better equipped front-liner... But he also sucks, while the Scout has been backwards-long-jumping around the map doing speedrun strats and accumulating mad skillz.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 12, 2022 00:32:10

Nah, but I did plan on having them hook up anyway. Rather than it being Mukuro's weakness to cinnamon I just made it a mutual softening of two rather PTSD-inflicted warfighters. Albeit one was a spy and the other a soldier. It was a SMAC crossover anyway so poor Naegi probably wouldn't have wanted to be there.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 11, 2022 19:23:40

Doesn't have to be. When I was writing a Mukuro-protag fic I actually just removed Ultimate Hope from Naegi and replaced him wholesale. Still works, and honestly the idea that the Ultimates need to cooperate and coordinate to make Ultimate Hope feels more thematically appropriate. Plus giving a smug, charismatic snake-in-the-grass the title of Ultimate Pastor was worth cutting out the cinnamon roll but shhh

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 11, 2022 13:05:18

People are capable of change. We aren't balls, and sometimes, they do in fact "roll backwards". Lovecraft regretted his racism on his deathbed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 11, 2022 12:51:03

Futaba emerges from the sheets: "But this is my house and I say he can make a mess." Soujiro: "What the **fuck** were you doing with my daughter?!" Joker: "Honestly, no clue, I didn't know she was here."

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 11, 2022 02:20:49

I think she can be held responsible for what she did in Fenris. We don't know exactly what she got up to, but it's pretty clear that those guys weren't exactly the good guys. But I don't think blame can be apportioned to an abuse victim for their actions at the behest of their abuser. Mukuro was coerced into doing that stuff, she was under duress. If any blame lies with her for what happened, it's a pittance compared to what lies with Junko, because in the end it simply wasn't Mukuro's choice or will.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 11, 2022 02:17:54

I think IF should be considered canon. It was very deliberately canon-compliant and was obviously heavily proofread for consistency errors, much like a mainline entry to the series. It's kind of like how Spiderman's had a couple dozen different origin stories and none of them are any more or less "canon" to Spiderman for it. I agree our time with Mukuro was cut short, which probably harmed her potential fanbase, but I don't think disincluding IF is the proper way to frame it, and that's why you're having trouble understanding why she still does have a big fanbase. For a lot of us, Mukuro's character concept was all hooks, and the mystery behind her made her interesting. IF and school mode helped to fill those gaps with someone who was startlingly kind and giving for... Well, a mass-murdering terrorist and war criminal. The contrast is what makes an interesting character though. It's the dichotomy between Mukuro-the-Soldier, where she's cold and emotionless, a killing machine with no morals and no remorse, and Mukuro-the-Girl, where she's blushing and stammering trying to talk to her crush and putting herself down in the mirror, feeling unworthy like a lot of teenagers. She's a character who was forced into lonliness, but who had a soft side that just needed someone to help bring it out. There's a reason why the interactions I like to see most in Mukuro fanfics aren't about Makoto, but the other students. It's that gradual opening up, watching them realize Mukuro isn't just a stoic gunman, and seeing someone else feel that attachment and desire to take that lonliness away. Mukuro/Kyoko is one of my favorite rarepair friendships for this reason - both of them are lonely and isolated stoics, and them opening up to each other is wonderful to read about. If kinda rare. :/

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 11, 2022 02:15:31

Why is that pig's ass so caked up?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on November 11, 2022 01:58:07

"Not gonna say having a lady over is bad. But you best remember that at the end of the day, *this isn't YOUR house.*"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 10, 2022 20:57:57

PDox probably needs to rejigger the systems so these historical figures are less likely (but still capable) of these extreme 180 redemption arcs. Andrew Jackson having a very small chance of becoming a radical liberal advocating for the freedom and equality of every man of every race? That's cool. It happening in every game is, perhaps, a bit much.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 10, 2022 20:37:11

"Do not tell her your intentions." "Do not ask her permission to kiss her." Now hang on just a second buster, what if she doesn't want to kiss you? No amount of anti-septic gum will make that okay.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on November 10, 2022 20:33:05

Yup. Whatever industries you build in a state will make little cities pop up, with their own unique names. Upgrade the industries and the little cities, once small towns around a factory, will eventually become sprawling urban metropolises. It's really, really neat. And also probably absolutely killer on FPS.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 10, 2022 20:24:48

People put too much weight on first impressions and minor slights, and not enough on the deeper causes of the behavior, or the circumstances that caused the development of a character's philosophy. Criticizing someone for being "an asshole" in a game where over 50% of the characters are actual murderers is just so... Lame. It's like walking into an AA meeting and deciding someone's attempts to get dry aren't valid because they're wearing a tacky shirt.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 10, 2022 20:05:17

She has characterization in School Mode as well, which you're not taking into account. Mukuro is a woobie character. She did a lot of very bad things, but just like how we don't blame Sonia for the mass murders she committed while Despaired, I don't think Mukuro can be blamed. She was being controlled by Junko for longer than anyone else, through much more realistic, grim methods. She's an abuse victim who was bullied and taught to enjoy the negative attention because she had it forced into her head that that was all she deserved. She slavishly devoted herself to someone undeserving out of a sense of obligation which was pulled, warped, corrupted into a deep hook into her soul from which Junko could force her into doing anything. All Mukuro herself ever wanted was to be a badass warrior woman who protected her family. All Junko ever saw was an easy puppet. And when the abuse ended, it was with a very literal backstab from the person she trusted most. None of the above is taken from DR3 or IF - all of that is said either outright or implied by her FTEs. Even filtered by her disguise, obvious bits and Mukuroism's shine through, particularly when you actually know what Junko sounds and acts like. It's easy to tell when Mukuro is trying to impersonate her sister, and when she's having a genuine reaction to something Makoto did. I don't take IF to be an alternate version of her character, because at not one point does it contradict anything established prior in a way that isn't justified by the circumstances. Indeed, most of Mukuro's FTEs show her allegiance to Despair is essentially hinged on her fundamental misunderstanding of Junko's desires, and her implicit trust in family. With that broken, she has absolutely no reason to remain. And in IF, we see exactly what happens when that trust is snapped all at once. There are no bad Dangans. But likewise, there are no perfect ones. Acting like Mukuro is something unlikable simply because she did something dozens of other characters did only shows your own bias.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 10, 2022 19:57:42

The Barricade was never justified, and actively harms those inside. Our ancestors shat where they ate - do you expect us to do the same?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 10, 2022 19:40:39

Lady presidents are way too frequent right now, I find. I didn't even enfranchise women in my Austria run and yet the minute I moved away from an absolutist monarchy BAM, there's Madam Minister, running around stabbing people because she's Jack the Ripper.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 10, 2022 17:57:02

It's not that, it's just people salted as fuck about systems and design goals that changed (for the better, in some cases!) That, and forgetting that Victoria 2 had like 20 years of development and fanpatches to make it as playable as it is.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 10, 2022 11:56:50

They're closer in shape to Yoda, really.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 10, 2022 11:51:04

Excuse you, Lal looks like a total chad

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 10, 2022 11:49:20

Almost certainly it'd try to make them into a cute anime girl, and it would probably fail. I was making some less SFW pics before, wound up with it generating me Mami Tomoe as some kind of bicycle made out of penises, it was extremely weird. The AI definitely has the capacity for weird abstract art, but as long as the subject is human it generally avoids it unless you overemphasize a tag or give it some impossible combination.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 10, 2022 11:46:38

A doctor in a wheelchair could be kind of an interesting twist on the premise. Forget the Daleks, in this episode the Doctor faces his new greatest enemy: non-OSHA compliant architecture!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 10, 2022 00:13:50

>wasn't hot enough. pfft. I'm sure she featured prominently in their Rule 34 folders though. Those kinds of twats are always massive hypocrites.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 10, 2022 00:12:48

I used the img2img function (I'm using a webui that makes it simpler to use), and I used the faction leader portraits. I whitelisted masterpiece and best quality for obvious reasons, along with some basic tags that describe the leaders. Stuff like "older man" for Zak, "orange hair" for Miriam, that kind of thing. I also blacklisted a ton of tags that would fuck up the generation, like "low quality" or "text" - I wanted neither of those things, obviously. The generator definitely has a bias towards waifus, all of the men were much more of a struggle. It seemed a bit confused with Santiago too, but that was mostly a case of arbitrarily giving her extreme babyface - I actually picked the least babyfaced one I got of her. Much of the 'work' of AI generating art is tag pruning and regenerating portraits when you don't have a good one. It can take upwards of an hour on some complicated gens. There's options to gen in large batches, but I generally advise against that - doing that means waiting for ages to see the results. I find a batch of 4 or 5 works best for looking for a new solution. More than that and you're spending too much time waiting, less than that and you're not quite getting the full scope of what that set of tags can generate. I might post Giga-chad Zak soon, if people really are interested. It only looks vaguely like him though, as you might expect given what I eventually went with.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 9, 2022 11:20:32

Alas, in the game that runs into a cap too. Definitely by simply what techs exist in the game, although also probably by resources (Ain't got no oil, then your advanced sawmills are going to be running at crippling debuffs)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 9, 2022 11:07:51

I feel like I had a stroke reading this

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 9, 2022 11:06:23

People try to get together and collectively create the means of production all the time. They're stopped, *illegally*, by bad actors in the market who are willing to bribe and cheat to hide their crimes, or worse, pre-emptively crushed by even badder actors who see the efficiency of simply paying the government to make this kind of production illegal - which they then display as non-invasive government to people like you. There's a reason anarchism and communism are on the same far left end of the scale. There *are* two ways to get powerful unions: either you cut the throat of the government entirely, or you coerce the government into cutting the throat of anyone who tries to pressure away the natural free market.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 9, 2022 11:02:52

There's a number of different models you can use, I happen to be using one that was trained particularly hard on anime.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on November 8, 2022 19:42:20

The republicans will claim that a vote for them is a vote for veterans. What they don't say is the next part: "To die"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 8, 2022 12:26:38

This whole thread, from OP to this post, sounds like the pitch to a shockingly good comic book villain

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 4, 2022 22:07:31

forget daddy's ballsack, he's still in the cow dad's gotta eat to get the protein to make him!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 4, 2022 22:06:42

South Park stopped being funny when Cartman stopped being a joke and started being an icon... How they managed to let that happen is a mystery to everyone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 4, 2022 21:21:04

The right wing is no longer in the business of policy or platform. Instead, they simply view the entire political arena as a competition, like a sports match. What happens during the game is largely irrelevant as long as victory is achieved at the end. And when that victory is achieved, there's no goal to accomplish, the goal has been accomplished. You begin arming for the next match, preparing for the next conflict. You don't need to agree with your party any more - it's your party, and you simply support it. Policy is irrelevant. That kind of thinking leads to what we see here. Blaming the left for everything bad and taking credit for everything good, regardless of circumstance, is their version of a Bills fan blaming the Dolphins for everything wrong and giving praise to their quarterback for everything right. It's not political debate, it's political spectacle.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 4, 2022 21:15:17

1,000,000 Americans dead in the desert? Sounds pretty manly to me, the liberals will hate it and that makes it good. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go back home and take a deep, uncomfortable sniff of my daughter's hair while she watches Fox News and tries desperately to pretend everything is okay. \~Republiman

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 4, 2022 20:55:31

I don't think it's about boys liking girls, I think it's about them wanting to hide something and deciding to do so by persecuting people online for minor offenses. Not sure if you meant to imply this is some kind of weird gay agenda thing about hating heteros but it's definitely not that.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 4, 2022 20:53:38

I mean yeah it's pretty fucking mild. Dude was looking at her legs for like 10 seconds going "ooh" It isn't *possible* to get more mild than that.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 4, 2022 20:48:13

Yeah, "Kamoshida sexually harassed Ann so showing any sexual interest in her at all is the devil" is really an extremely premium shit take.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 4, 2022 15:46:32

They're teenagers. Folks in this thread are acting all scandalized about teenagers checking out other teenagers. Sometimes I hate this sub.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 4, 2022 13:29:27

I just summon a persona I've loaded up with resistances and then rush the battles. Who cares if your allies get knocked down if you're invincible? Block phys, electric, wind, ice, and fire, and you're basically golden for the first two Palaces. Shadows can't touch you. Reflect and they'll die faster, absorb just for the troll, it really doesn't matter because Rush is all you need.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on November 3, 2022 22:33:30

Hanako's bad end proves she doesn't need to touch you to destroy you I give this guy 5 seconds with bacon before he comes out looking more charred than her mother.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/spnati on November 3, 2022 22:18:53

I had to basically cut Sending out of my setting, or the warfare just wouldn't make sense. I wanted 16th century tactics - giving every army a small battery of radios would get in the way of that. Everyone in Karne knows how to cast Ignite, which is basically the lighter spell. But while there are long-range magical communication solutions, they're really advanced Light magic - thus, not only are they restricted to the clerical class by religious law, even then only the most learned bishops know how to use them. Kind of like resurrection; you need papal approval for that, so most people stay dead when they die and very few people get rezzed even once, much less multiple times. That said, wizards in the military are pretty common. As armies professionalize and begin standardizing training, more and more advanced spells are added to the cirriculum. Some advanced armies have their foot troops trained to throw out a small barrage of firebolts as they charge the enemy, though it's rarely as effective as a dedicated musket regiment.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 3, 2022 22:14:38

It's definitely a highly underrated rarepair.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on November 3, 2022 22:08:54

>That or it's a right-wing troll who then screen-shot their own tweet to "prove" how "crazy libruhls are" on > >r/conspiracy > > or truth social. It's 100% this.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on November 3, 2022 22:00:51

Cool idea, but I'd like to see a totally non-earth setting. I've been writing an Assassin's Creed/Familiar of Zero crossover for that reason - it's neat to slot the AC ideal and feel into a setting where people can throw fireballs by waving little sticks around, and examine how that impacts the ideologies of the Templars and Assassins. Plus, what's cooler than Assassin Pirates? Assassin Skypirates.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on November 3, 2022 15:45:26

I grew up on Might and Magic so I've always had the base of my health potions be Widowsweep Berries, which don't taste bad and aren't toxic. Widowsweep Berries are slightly spicy and eaten raw can be very dry (they're filled less with pulpy fruitflesh and more a sort of peppery powder) but grant a small bit of healing, usually enough to staunch bleeding but not actually close a wound. My worlds usually come out looking more like Skyrim in such instances, because people will occasionally drink health potions with their meals if they can afford it - it's basically spiced berry juice. My worlds are usually higher magic though. Not only is "Alchemist" the sort of job any peasant can aspire to and not be completely unrealistic, most commonfolk can cast minor cantrips because prestidigitation is just so goddamn useful it eventually trickled into the general populace. In fact, "common" magic is one of the four major groupings of the craft, the other three being "academic", "adventurer", and "military". Common magic is basic and household useful, academic is usually useless for anything but research, military is stupid powerful and stupid slow, and adventurer is the kind of magic your wizard uses to zap goblins because it's deliberately quickcast by default.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 3, 2022 10:26:58

The addition of Sending would also completely change warfare similar to the radio. Sure it's a 3rd level spell, but the more mages you have with Sending in every slot the better your squads can communicate with an HQ who doesn't need to be on the field and can collate that information into a cohesive whole and then coordinate the squads. I can imagine an academy of magic *specifically* for these NCO Sending Operators, where everything they learn is specifically designed to get them to Sending as quickly, cheaply, and easily as possible.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on November 3, 2022 10:16:26

Except it's 2022 so people have stopped bathing the baby entirely and are now just pushing it out of the house with the pressure from a hose.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 2, 2022 19:49:13

Nah, that's Rockthrow's business model, this guy's the next layer down in the onion. His business is run by putting out these word-salad hate sentences every few days to make the people who watch him angrier and angrier at imagined slights and make people like us talk about him which brings the main message (of general "OH FUCK LIBERALS ARE DOING BAD THING") to a wide audience while preparing the people who believe it for the next step down the onion, which is where they start proposing solutions. Eventually the core of the onion is the final solution. It's a factory for neo-nazis.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 2, 2022 19:47:45

I wish there was a better in-game interface for what goods your pops are buying for what need.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 2, 2022 19:30:17

More mechanics to control information between civs would honestly be nice in general. It's *exceptionally* strange that not only can two civs with with friendly and trade-heavy relations, who're right next to each other, not ask each other to get better access to resources to boost trade, but can be in wildly different eras. Going to another continent and finding a new civ who's still in the middle ages makes sense, but if my Greece is right next to Portugal and we're not only buddies but trade partners, it's really strange that I don't even have the *option* to give portugal some of my techs. Really, it should spread naturally along trade routes and borders, on a delay. Science-heavy civs still have an advantage in tech, but there needs to be more rubber banding in that arena both for realism's sake as well as just being a more interesting game than twenty civs throwing useless men-at-arms into a single unit of infantry.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 2, 2022 19:20:23

Look, he even got them gifts! \*still image of Jackson smiling magnanimously and handing a pile of cotton blankets to a cherokee guy who looks EXTREMELY put out\*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 1, 2022 21:45:34

This definitely seems to be the more common route. My AImerica never even had a civil war, Lincoln just folded and the slavers won. Now it's up to Austria to be the liberal beacon of freedom everyone needs.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on November 1, 2022 21:43:47

Love it when they write in pen on their cars. Classy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on November 1, 2022 21:37:27

Someone else suggested hiding the resources behind a generic type to represent this. So instead of being able to settle on horses before you know how to use them, which would be weird in-universe, you'd have several "hunting" plots or whatever, and only after discovering the tech to reveal them would you know if they're Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Deer, etc. That way the game could still say that there's a resource on the plot to be exploited, as ancient peoples would definitely hunt horses. But you the player couldn't purposefully settle near horses, only settle at good hunting sites and hope that they're horses. Likewise, building a district over the plot would be a bit of a gamble because you'd be sacrificing the potential tile yields of a bonus resource (harvested or otherwise) possibly for nothing. You wouldn't know if you put your campus on horses, sheep, or cattle until you got the appropriate tech, only that it's something like them - is it worth potentially losing an early game boost of 200 food to possibly get free horses? Are you losing out on a gold tile in your bid for iron?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 1, 2022 20:28:43

Actually that does kind of make sense - ores usually look distinct. If the ancient scouts' information is still there, and they described the rocks in the region, modern scientists might be able to know it's pitchblende and thus an ore for Uranium that could be exploited. Combined with predictive geographical data from a description of the landscape and the assumption becomes plausible, if not really an actual certainty. Civ doesn't usually display the resource until your civilization has an idea of how to use it. But it's still there. So really, your scouts are just giving your immortal ruler a really good description of the hex, which is then stored in an infinite time vortex until it needs to be checked again. Totally plausible.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on November 1, 2022 20:22:19

tbf this is the MAGA crowd so this might qualify as a babe to them. Gotta work with the materials you have.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on November 1, 2022 20:12:13

Sorry can't hear you over the constant stream of "operation successful" from all these probe teams

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 31, 2022 13:16:51

tbf there isn't a lot of black people in anime, especially not ones who don't look... Really weird and kind of uncomfortable

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 31, 2022 09:47:49

I like how the AI just decided to straight-up raceswap Morgan, Yang, and Lal. All this technology and our robots are still inexplicably racist.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 31, 2022 08:15:38

I believe in Miriam-the-Closed-Eye-Oneesan Supremacy

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 31, 2022 08:14:40

Don't take that one, she'll cuck you for your son and produce more male heirs than you can assassinate.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 31, 2022 08:13:01

Ryuji? I'd have pegged him as one of the palace rulers... Or all of them, perhaps. Can you imagine?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on October 31, 2022 08:09:40

Does that suggest that Palaces have to first spawn inside or budding from another Palace to survive, in order for the proper "proteins" to be assembled in the from of shadows?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on October 31, 2022 08:05:51

>sleep with dead That's a cantrip if you're a NecRomancer

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 30, 2022 23:11:39

I always try to buck stereotypes with those sorts of things. Try to accurately represent speaking with something with that kind of mind. Plants and insects and such get one-word answers only, just kind of basic impressions of what's going on. Trees in particular would speak super slowly, not really slurred but almost slow motion. A Spider would have a sibilant voice with some chittering. But none of them are going to hold real conversations. Bigger animals are more likely to have real things to say, but none of them will speak perfect common. Dogs and cats communicate like Whataboutbunny or Billispeaks, in sentences of two or three words. Complicated desires, but they don't really see other things as "real" in the sense of themselves - they rarely ask questions of others, particularly if investigating personally is an option. Closest to speaking with an actual person would be communicating with an ape, a corvid, or a dolphin. They'll actually use proper sentences with you, although they're not going to be particularly bright or educated for obvious reasons. A raven might be haughty as hell though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 30, 2022 22:57:52

Implying looking racist isn't exactly their plan all along

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 30, 2022 20:05:44

If you cast Wee'abou on the troll though, that becomes reversed as any hostility is seen as "being a tsundere"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 30, 2022 20:04:20

Alright, well, metagame guy handled by default because I don't really run modules any more. I just like my own farts too much. Mercer Syndrome guy is gonna have to be happy with doing voices 'cuz I don't have the budget for high-quality maps and shit, but I like Critical Role too so I can make an effort Saw It In A Greentext and Phone Addict can be killed with one stone - Obviously, Greentext is hit with a poison early in the campaign which damages his psyche. Phone Addict is his hallucinatory and terminally mute friend, Abraham Stinkin'. To everyone else Greentext is just a completely batshit gnome sorcerer and his pet bull. &#x200B; Plot of the campaign is that a terminally edgy and deathly serious cult to the Dark God of Villainous Evil seeks to topple the Kingdom of Glittergood. The King, King Incelious, sends the better half of the party to investigate a possible feminist uprising, at which point they meet the insane gnome and his cow and set out to destroy the villainous machinations of Ebony D'arkness Dementia Ravenway in the name of the bright god Choonybaux, God of Laughter and Silliness.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 30, 2022 20:02:33

...You have to train the pitbull to be violent, not the other way around. Much like any dog.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 19:50:10

Yes exactly, because the perception of "Dangerous fighting dog that eats babies" changes by the decade.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 19:48:52

Not according to Adam Smith

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 19:47:37

If we ban guns, they'll just buy V2 missiles on the black market and use those! So we need to make sure every person in the U.S. has their own personal maxim gun.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 19:46:41

I'm imagining that scene where Unit 01 is holding Kaworu, except this time it's Putin and he's the one crying hysterically

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 30, 2022 19:45:07

That always seems to be going well but the minute you step outside the restaurant she ambushes you with several of your friends and stabs you to death.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 19:39:28

ngl if discussing nuanced feudal dynastics and political intrigue drops her panties you know two things must be true: 1: She's a total weirdo 2: She's a keeper

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 19:37:41

I'm imagining this dude dressed in full WWI british uniform handing this confused scene girl an entrenchment shovel and telling her to "get digging, Jerry's going to be here in less than a day!"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 19:36:25

I'd say the difference begins at "uses the first date as a debate stage to discuss Hitler's nuance"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 19:34:33

And the instincts of our cousins. See what chimpanzees will do to someone they dislike for an example. Frankly, apes are the absolute *worst* when it comes to violence. We attack with little warning, and when we do attack, it's cruel, unusual, and often results in mutilation. We're determined too, so just running away will rarely make you safe. An ape will hunt you down, tear you apart, and leave you to bleed out on all those weird flat rocks they leave lying around their nesting sites. If you're lucky, they'll stab you with a little tiny spine and force you unconscious, and you'll wake up in a cage surrounded by the monsters with a strange ache in the back of your head and wounds all over because they can't even bother to let you be awake to fight back when they mutilate you. And that's just the tip of the iceberg compared to what they'll do to themselves.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 15:00:00

Someone was saying there were racists in here using the pitbull dogwhistle. For those who aren't very observant, this is one of them. The difference is in how the "positivity" is presented.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 14:55:28

Not a species, but otherwise correct

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 14:53:12

Well the breeders failed, because pit bulls do not have extreme aggression unless someone is fucking around and making them think there's a threat. My German Shepherd has the same response and he's definitely not a pit bull, so holding this one specific breed responsible for *being dogs* seems a bit counterintuitive.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 14:51:40

Hold on. I've seen the racist subs for this kind of stuff and I know that "pitbull love" can be a dogwhistle, but none of the stuff posted here shows any signs of being anything but good-faith argument about dogs.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 14:50:07

Tell me you've never interacted with a pit bull without saying you've never interacted with a pit bull

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 30, 2022 14:48:23

Exactly. Better than a lot of games which either get no significant upgrades, have literally everything gated behind six 20$ DLCs, or go broke because they have huge teams of people working for free updates. As long as the content in the DLC is worth the price, but the game continues to grow and not having the DLC doesn't heavily impact a lazy vanilla playthrough, I think it's fine. Something has to give somewhere.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 30, 2022 14:44:31

>If, in some bizarro-world situation a tyrannical government emerged to make that kind of 2A gun nut dream come true, the people saying that kind of thing would 1.) probably get > >really > > quiet all of a sudden or 2.) become a corpse. Ironically, the 2A people are the ones cheering on the people who want to make the tyrannical government who can come into a free citizen's house and blam them like it's 40k. The difference is that instead of telling Cleetus he's not allowed to say the N-word, their tyranny is focused on gay people, black people, etc. Nobody cares about tyranny not inflicted on themselves, it seems.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 14:36:35

Well yeah, we SHOULD prove that police can handle and be trusted with an instrument of death, given how many of them apparently cannot.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 14:34:09

It's kinda funny how far back you needed to stretch just to find a mass murderer who didn't use guns. Guess that proves the point though.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 14:33:01

>I agree let's ban guns. I'm sure the gang members will happily follow along. They can't get guns because when there's a blanket gun ban then smuggling guns becomes costly, expensive, and dangerous. Gangs also aren't the ones shooting up schools. Literal children aren't going to go on the black market to get a gun just to Pumped Up Kicks three people and get merked by a mall cop.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 30, 2022 14:31:34

The U.S. system was explicitly structured to allow minority political groups to stonewall the shit out of the majority and it's only gotten worse as more and more complete twats realize they can simply use that system to stop the government from functioning at all, allowing them free reign to block popular policy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on October 30, 2022 14:28:28

It'd probably need the system to divorce the elections for upper house from the elections for national leader, which is no doubt going to be in an expansion pack if anything. It should be tenous, yes, but I don't think it should be impossible for some government types. Perhaps tying it to interest groups would be more fitting - the core interest group of a fascist party should always be super xenophobic and hate pluralism, so tying those beliefs and traits to radicalism when the nation leader isn't also in the ruling interest groups would probably be a good way to represent this.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on October 30, 2022 14:25:55

Hitler killed a lot more than that, really But no Asuka is definitely worse because she plugged Shinji's nose when she snogged him. /s

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 30, 2022 14:20:30

No, you're hiveminded with everyone else. Shinji's little pocket worlds we see in the show are just the show's attempt to show the weird soul-meshing going on as the sense of self disappears, with an added dose of Rei fucking with shit in a blind attempt to make Shinji happy with what's been done. Everyone else is still there though and they're all meshing hard.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 30, 2022 14:19:30

It's the lowest point in Shinji's mental breakdown. I disagree with wolf's statement that he's a hair-width from killing himself - Shinji WAS at the point of killing himself, he just was so far beyond that line he couldn't even bring himself to do it. The kid was in a grief spiral so deep and dark he may as well have been drugged. This is miles and miles of PTSD most 'Nam veterans don't have mixing with lust and love for Asuka as well as fear and anger over the same. He even culminates it with a rejection of the self. &#x200B; Basically, the scene is there to drive home exactly how bad shit has gotten. Really, really fucking bad. The only pilot who's still active and awake is so cracked at his core that he's fapping over the comatose body of the girl who went comatose like 5 episodes ago. He's gone completely insane.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 30, 2022 14:17:46

Seen a lot of shit takes blaming Shinji for what happened in that room like he's a malicious psychopath But it's a new degree of shit take to blame *Asuka* for it what the fuck &#x200B; For the record, nobody's to blame for this except obliquely Gendo, who put Shinji in mental breakdown mode to begin with. It's the culmination of a 14 year old boy being put through shit which would break fucking Rambo like a pocky stick, he has about as much control over his situation here as an autistic kid being forced into a group project has over the project itself. It's a wonder he still has the presence of mind to regret it, honestly, he can barely be qualified as sentient at this point he's so fucking depressed.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 30, 2022 14:12:51

with the little minus sign on the building view?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on October 29, 2022 07:48:19

I mean, it isn't when the government is relatively liberal in structure. Think about all the times IRL USA has had a Democrat president and a Republican senate/house, or vice-versa. However, the fascists here would definitely not allow this kind of fuckery. The governments probably need a full expansion pack to make things make more sense.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/paradoxplaza on October 29, 2022 07:46:48

>Isn't the whole point of stock to democratize a corporation? Less Democratize, more Oligarchize, but I suppose it's more democratic than a monarchy in such a case, if not by much. Real democratization of the workplace is called socialism, and you know what happens when you try that? Everybody starts screaming on the outside and your Stalins start plotting on the inside.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 29, 2022 07:33:03

Trump and the right were always the snowflakes. That's why they're constantly complaining about stuff like Death the Endless being black in the Netflix Sandman, even if she behaves the same and acts the same and does all the same things and even canonically could be black if she ever got bored of being a hot goth. But they just cannot handle the idea of a black person being the same thing as a white person so the change is significant to them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on October 28, 2022 19:08:07

I'm not entirely convinced he gave much of a shit about the power, even. He just saw the presidential election as the biggest popularity contest possible. Trump exists for Trump's fame and Trump's glory, nothing and no-one else.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on October 28, 2022 19:06:19

Well obviously they've been discredited, I mentioned as much. But there were definitely rumors going around about several Ministers at the time. Some were taken more seriously than others, and none turned up any actual evidence, but they were investigated. Given Crusader Kings gives you the ability to ram Cthulhu with a viking longship in some events, that already gives "The Prince of England is Jack the Ripper" more verisimilitude.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 28, 2022 10:35:03

They don't believe the nordic countries have a higher QoL any more because people used it to bludgeon them. The nordic countries are now a "cautionary tale" about not letting "rape gangs" into your country. Apparently, living there now means being constantly at risk of sexual assault, something I'm sure a lot of people who live there would be surprised to find out if you told them. &#x200B; Nazis don't care about the country, only what it can be used to support for their ideology. It's not about the truth, it's about the victory.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 28, 2022 10:32:44

Perhaps multiple leaders for an IG, each providing influence on the group's policies depending on their popularity? Combine that with a system to track if those individuals are radicals or not and you can model much more subtle effects on the large-scale group dynamic. Groups IRL are influenced by big names in the IG after all - and an event that makes one leader suffer a massive popularity loss and that resulting in a change in IG politics, or that makes a leader radical, would also be a more immersive way of handling the current effects from the events, which are good.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 27, 2022 15:45:55

>A highly influential political leader secretly being Jack the ripper is just ridiculous. Wasn't the prince at the time an actual suspect of the Ripper murders? And several Ministers definitely were. We know, today, that Jack was *most likely* not one of those guys, but it was a very plausible theory at the time. It's not ridiculous that in the game one of the theories turns out to be true.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 27, 2022 15:42:31

Yup. Also bucktoothed bossy nerd girl is absolutely a type. I should know, it's *my* type.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 27, 2022 14:18:22

Markets fluctuate, but interestingly they fluctuate in time with political interests. Even more interestingly, they fluctuate down when laissez-faire capitalists make it into power, and up when social democrats get voted in. Almost like mismanaging the economy includes not managing it at all.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 27, 2022 05:48:01

That didn't stop some other people, but you might still be right. Third Impact was a bit weird about who it picked up - Asuka was dead before it all fell down too yet she's clearly alive after. I think it's safe to assume that Shinji, given the desire to do so, could've pulled anyone and everyone out of the tang sea he wanted, but he decided to just pull out Asuka and not Gendo or Akagi or Hikari or George Washington.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 27, 2022 05:44:22

Penpen left 3rd impact of his own accord but only after the hot bitches and fish had left before him, because Penpen is a chad who eats two things.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 27, 2022 05:41:26

He strangled her because he hated her. He stopped strangling her because he loved her more. It's likely he still thought he was in Third Impact, as he wasn't out for long and definitely didn't look all there upstairs until the very last few frames. My question to you is, he saved Asuka, but not Misato. Why? Both died around the same time. He pulled out Asuka, but not Kensuke. Why? He liked Kensuke. He stopped strangling Asuka; do you think he would've done that with Gendo? End of Evangelion's ending doesn't make sense if Shinji doesn't love Asuka. She constantly pushed him away. If he just wanted companionship, he could've chosen almost literally anyone else. Hell, Hikari is right there if he's just a teen who wants no competition for the pussy. Yet out of everyone, he picks Asuka. On purpose. Why?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 27, 2022 05:39:16

Dunno about sibling-like, Ron never had to stop Harry from twisting Hermione's arm to make her get off the Xbox when it wasn't her turn on it. :V

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 27, 2022 05:32:59

>Don't tell me people ship Harry/Hermione and Draco/Hermione based on average bucktoothed bad hair always panicking under pressure Hermione from books. No no, that definitely happens... Remember, Hermione is the main female lead. That automatically gets her shipped with the main male lead by default. While Movie!Hermione definitely contributed to her popularity it's also definitely not the sole factor.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 27, 2022 05:16:43

I can only hope to someday be so influential that I make a segment of the population as enduringly salted as Karl Marx made the capitalists.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 26, 2022 14:14:21

I know this is the internet and reddit at that but holy shit dude, it's literally stated outright that Shinji picked Asuka.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 26, 2022 14:12:04

She's the one he brought back with him. Everyone else got the choice to stay inside at their leisure, but not Asuka. Misato stayed dead. Kaworu stayed dead. Penpen and Gendo and Toji and Kensuke all stayed in the big puddle brain. But Asuka got dragged to the surface with him. Everyone else he was willing to accept a world without, but not her.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 26, 2022 14:09:50

They're the happy merchant hands - the cloud nearby also looks like a very large, hooked nose. Anywhere else I'd assume it coincidence, but not here.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 26, 2022 14:07:00

Honestly Kazuyoko is one of my favorite rarepair ships.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 26, 2022 10:30:58

Yup. Mahiru is low-key a freak. Kind of the opposite of Ibuki in that way, who seems like she'd be down to fool around without much impetus but is actually a bit prudish.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 26, 2022 10:28:08

People give out charity more frequently on NMS than anywhere else, but it's still not frequent enough for everyone to necessarily just recieve a bunch of goods. That said, if you ask someone for a specific item they'll usually give you some if they have it. The number of people who'll be nice on request always outweighs the number of people who'll be nice by default.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/NoMansSkyTheGame on October 26, 2022 10:21:22

I think it's really a question of how much of Rei is Yui and how much is Lilith Since she's a genetic experiment it really could be any degree of either, and given Lilith is definitely not a human if it's even 50/50 it still makes Rei less related to Shinji than Asuka is.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 25, 2022 11:40:40

I mean, I was talking about his followers, but probably sure. You're underestimating the cognitive dissonance here. Israel is good, but it's also evil. It can be this because it is both a source of American power projection across the world, and Jewish. The enemy is weak and strong. They are also the ally, except not really, but we'll say they are. It's a philosophy of saying what wins over everything else - the nazis did this as well; Asians are bad, but the Japanese are okay? It's contradictory and stupid, but they get around that by saying it so firmly and so often and saying similarly dissonant things so much that by the time you actually bring up one knotted statement's problems everyone's moved onto the next vapid thing to talk about and eventually the contradiction is simply taken for granted. They make lies and hypocrisy mundane so it cannot be weaponized against them, but can still be used for their ends.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 24, 2022 17:51:06

No True Nazi fallacy, except instead of trying to exclude someone else from their group by focusing on minute details, they try to exclude themselves from their own group by focusing on minute details.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 24, 2022 17:47:05

Yeah, the plan was a bust from the start, but Monokuma was happy to let everyone off themselves. Probably giggling to themselves in whatever backroom they had.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 24, 2022 08:13:18

>Ben's a Trump supporter. Not a Nazi. Those are the same thing...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 24, 2022 08:11:25

IIRC he's constantly pissed that 4chan neonazis are ripping his mask off though. Kind of a funny dynamic.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 24, 2022 08:10:57

Oh hey, Godwinson got first billing. Doesn't look too happy to be next to Santiago and Deidre but who would be. :V

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 24, 2022 08:09:10

Ubisoft is reluctant to bring us out of the Mediterranean or European colonies, no way would they take the leap for a Dog Assassin.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on October 24, 2022 08:05:05

Pretty sure this is basically Vtuber software, just in a different environment. That stuff's everywhere you know. Tony the Tiger is a Vtuber now.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingSmart on October 24, 2022 08:03:50

For some reason, all the poor people who weren't buying health insurance died. Then the premiums went up, because the average life expectancy went down. So some people lost health insurance. Then those people died. Those people worked the factories, so in addition to raising costs again production went down... What he's saying is that he's glad he doesn't live in a communist hellhole and while it's unfortunate that the invisible hand smacked his ass like a lecher at the bar it surely won't happen twice in a row...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 24, 2022 08:00:57

Half the time they're Neo-nazis larping, the other half they're complete and total idiots who bought the bait. You can tell because they'll use "Cultural Appropriation" wrongly. Celebrating another culture's holiday while acknowledging it's from that culture is not Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Appropriation is when you rob another culture for it's traditions and then try to act like they were your traditions the whole time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on October 24, 2022 07:58:09

That relying on the fact that the facts won't support their rhetoric to hold any water with people who see arguments as something to win rather than something already won or lost is like counting the grains of sand on the beach on your fingers and expecting to get an accurate count.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 23, 2022 20:47:14

That lingering shot at the end of the road safety ad was the most awkwardly funny thing ever on Television, my god.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 22, 2022 10:36:46

Gordon trying to hold back corruption in Gotham is like a little kid building a sand wall to hold back the storm surge from a category 5 hurricane

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 22, 2022 10:34:29

>That approach would never yield the results racist geneticists would be looking for. tbf, that's never stopped them from trying before.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 22, 2022 10:27:58

That's a bit weird to specify for *voldemort*, a man who's willing to off a literal baby because some bint said he could be dangerous in the future.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 22, 2022 00:45:55

Cattails show the way, yeah. Not always obvious though. The intelligence scan is much easier to use.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on October 22, 2022 00:43:05

Use your intelligence. &#x200B; ...No, really, the intelligence in the game. Fishing spots appear in it as the little resource diamonds, and they always appear near water. Most nesting sites have at least one.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on October 21, 2022 18:36:25

I may have misunderstood the assignment, maybe I'm just old and working off an old version's rules, or maybe I'm just crotchety about Paladins catching shit on the regular about being edgy assholes but, in my opinion: If you are not a good person, *you are not a Paladin* It's not about religion. It's not about an oath. It's not about some ethereal concept of faith, or even about wearing plate armor and and sword-n-boarding baddies. It's about doing your best, for everyone, to make everyone as safe and happy as possible. The perfect Paladin never has to draw his sword, because he's always thinking about how to save everyone, even the people he's fighting. Being a Paladin is about believing so strongly that everyone can be saved that you start to live your life by it. It doesn't matter why you believe it - if it's a rational idea you've come to after evidence, or if it's because you follow a God who says so - If you're the one who deals non-lethal damage so you can engage the Bad Guys in a dialogue, that makes you a Paladin. You don't need to be foolish about it. Sometimes people come into conflict and you need to stop it, and just knocking someone out won't work for whatever reason. You don't need to be a technical pacifist or something. But it's about the Hope, it's the optimism. If you don't have that, you're not a Paladin. If you're not playing Superman, real Superman, the optimistic, relentlessly Good big blue boyscout - you've messed up. You've missed the point.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 21, 2022 17:18:13

I assume it's some kind of status effect in Marvel. I've heard "bloodlusted" used like that in video games. I have no idea what it means in Marvel but I assume it's an established thing. Why Voldemort of all people would need a buff to take out Cap I don't know but...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 21, 2022 17:04:39

...Did he say that though? I think he's saying the opposite.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on October 21, 2022 16:58:42

...Okay now that one I'm going to want sauce for.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 21, 2022 16:51:41

I never had my clan die on me while I was away - I did have a stalkercat decide my casa was his casa for a bit, but I was there for that. In my experience, while they'll become hungry, thirsty, hot, or whatever else, they won't die if you're not close enough to look at them. Probably they aren't even really loaded in. As long as you celebrate your comeback by either gathering everyone for a giant slurpfest at the pond or to eat all the berries in the camp site, or you just age up, you should be fine. Don't bring predators back to the nest though it's bad juju.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on October 21, 2022 04:06:51

Given the nature of the hive I've always figured that it serves a number of purposes, among which being a gas-mask/helmet, being an interface for any MMIs he might interact with, and of course most important to the hive, being incredibly fucking uncomfortable for absolutely no reason. When Yang takes the suit off his neck looks like he's some kind of Yokai

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 21, 2022 04:03:33

As you learn how to play remember: Miriam did nothing wrong

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on October 21, 2022 04:01:44

Damn the parties at your middle school must've been intense

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on October 21, 2022 03:56:15

🎶 Getting fucked up by three letter agen-cies!🎶

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/InfowarriorRides on October 21, 2022 03:54:01

I take it with the understanding that just because a magic AMV wasn't used to do it, Mukuro was just as brainwashed as her senpai were.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 20, 2022 05:56:58

I like how apparently one shitty viking came along and decided to downvote us. And they say they're the side that can take jokes...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on October 20, 2022 00:47:35

Q+ is what happens when a Trumper takes so many testosterone pills he enters MASCULINE OVERDRIVE and starts chasing down less high-T people in the street, screaming obscenities and propelling himself through the sheer force of will like some kind of racism-powered Saiyan

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on October 19, 2022 22:50:48

QBHOUSE, a magnet for magical girls ...Oh Oh no YUSUKE DON'T DO IT, DON'T MAKE A WISH

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on October 19, 2022 17:24:56

Thanks, American Education system, for forcing teachers to condense 300 years of difficult and complicated research into an extremely chaotic and constantly shifting system into one hour in one afternoon for a class of rowdy hooligans coming out of mathematics with all the sugar energy Dr. Pepper can provide.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 19, 2022 17:19:57

>renewable energy is no where near good enough to be profitable HA! ...Oh wait you're serious. Let me laugh harder. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on October 19, 2022 17:15:49

The challenge is convincing your SO to put up with one week of your pig grunting.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 19, 2022 17:13:48

"looks like"? We *know* she didn't shower between THH and UDG. >!Neither did I!!<

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 19, 2022 17:08:43

...oh oh dear

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/madlads on October 19, 2022 17:04:25

Which you'd know if you'd paid attention in biology The teachers do say that, basically every time they bring up the Mendel Square. It doesn't stick because a lot of people just go "haha funny sqaure say how DNA go" and assume the guy doing research by sexually molesting peas in the early 1800's is the most advanced biological science to date.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 19, 2022 16:56:24

Either one of them could've had black hair growing up and changed as puberty progressed. Both of them could've been carriers of the black-haired gene which is dominant but doesn't always express in the binary way mendel predicted. A blonde and a redhead can absolutely have a kid with black hair and "hon" was wrong

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on October 19, 2022 16:53:31

Editing as well, most likely. I figure some creators have already started thinking about what videos to make or have already begun recording some. Big mod authors probably recieved a early copy too so they can begin porting over their vic 2 mods or otherwise making fan content.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 19, 2022 16:46:33

I mean, bugs are definitely not going to make me refund my pre-order. It's a Paradox title, of course it ships stuffed with bugs. I'm still going to play it, because under the bugs there's gold, and Paradox operates by bricking them in with more gold DLCs like some kind of fucked up mammonian Cask of Amontillado.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 19, 2022 16:45:10

They have conscription, yes. A lot of countries do - Sweden for example. It's generally seen as a way of making sure people who're entering the workforce have some degree of discipline and self-control.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 19, 2022 06:47:04

Yeah, open war on the Korean peninsula would be bad for everyone. I mean, especially bad for the North, but pretty goddamn apocalyptic for everyone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 19, 2022 06:45:59

Don't fall in love, it always dooms the girl you like

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 19, 2022 06:44:51

Probably, but that's unlikely to be quite as big of a factor as the propaganda. The Military isn't usually concerned about the GDP, and boybands are frankly replacable given a bit of time.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 19, 2022 00:42:34

I'm sure there's some minor deployments into the middle east and such, maybe some volunteers for Ukraine? But yeah no way are they getting combat deployed, I'd be surprised if they're given a position staring down starving North Koreans at the border.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 18, 2022 22:47:52

Killed by who, Carl, nobody's shooting the South Koreans.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 18, 2022 22:46:32

I mean, 90% of the military consists of supply lines to the front. A *LOT* of work goes into making sure the action heroes under live fire don't run out of bullets or have to drink their own piss. Even disregarding the fact that a pop star serving can drive recruitment up while a pop star getting fuckin' shot will probably drive it down, odds are they're going to be serving lunches or fixing cars or mopping floors or doing paperwork or at the very least guarding some semi-important door.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 18, 2022 22:43:48

Mary Sue, except exacerbated because in this cursed timeline the author had experience with toxic twitter and an insulating bubble of equally horrid fangirls

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 18, 2022 22:38:27

Guess it's a question of whether you hate black people or Jews more. Apparently, this guy's hateboner for dark skin outweighs his hate boner for people in itty bitty hats.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 18, 2022 22:32:32

My dude, the most intelligent word you've said thus far is "the"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 17, 2022 20:13:35

Erm... It's a cute pic and I've had it saved since it was posted, but neither of those girls are Hiyoko.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/UltimateClassicDancer on October 16, 2022 18:38:23

Did Abraham Lincoln really do battle with a secret race of cannibalistic Romanians? New evidence from ancient historian Timur Bekmambetov suggests he might've! -Taken from 2640's Tiktok suggested page

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on October 16, 2022 18:27:36

If the AI refused to trade with every single nation that had negative relations with them that's an exploitable, unrealistic circumstance. France having a reason to believe they'll be at war with Prussia isn't a variable. The computer doesn't understand that. You need a decision tree. The AI already prunes options based off what's happening in the present, but it can't trim everything, the possibility space is too wide. Just because they're a rival and contest lands doesn't mean they shouldn't trade - what if Prussia has access to a certain good which France needs to conquer them and the real strategy is to trade for it? What if France just doesn't really need that cored territory and should be worried about England who has historically high relations with them but is about to come into conflict with them in Africa next time the invention timer ticks over? It's not just "not a single line of code", your 'simple check' there is a multi-page function incorporating multiple other functions and thousands and thousands of calculations which you're expecting to be made by every country in the game every tick of the game for the whole game. Complicated calculations which can't be offloaded to the GPU, which have to be routed through the beefier, slower datacenters in the CPU. Calculations which, in addition to being exploitable and wrong, are slow, unwieldy, and result in stupid behavior. I work in Computer Science. I've built AIs that learn and judge new situations. I have not yet built a machine which predicts the future, because nobody has. It's simply not possible to judge the full possibility space like that yet, even to the flawed degree of a human. What you're describing, working the way you think it will, is a technical impossibility. It doesn't exist yet. Dozens of skilled engineers with human lives on the line couldn't design a system which did it using all the cybernetics they could pack into a Tesla - what makes you think the guys at Paradox can invent something which works on a laptop owned by Joe Blow that spends most of it's processing cycles fighting the virus he picked up from a Pornhub ad?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 16, 2022 18:23:59

I mean it's both, considering the whole time you're playing an ape where the most advanced technology you can figure out is putting a bunch of pointy sticks in a row to ward off predators. Maybe it's more monke game than evolution game, but they're so interwoven and close that I think it's folly to distinguish them like that, particularly since no other game attempts to do what Ancestors does

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on October 16, 2022 03:28:33

If I could get one item from the future to entertain myself with it'd be a book of historical conspiracy theories from 4000 CE. We've already got people trying to suggest cavemen fought dinosaurs, ancient peoples' hyperadvanced civilizations literally melted away into solid rock, that the ancient egyptians had electric lighting despite the fact that we've found no wiring at all, and of course the 5000 different "Ancient animal survived to the modern day in isolated place" myths. Imagine what the same people will claim about our civilization centuries from now. It'd have to be wild.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on October 16, 2022 03:05:23

Getting a computer to think ahead is ABSURDLY difficult even for something simple like that. Remember that a computer is a machine, you can't just have it select the likeliest branch of the tree off intuition like that. It has to manually check every single possibility in a game with hundreds of resources operating in real time with a constantly shifting political atmosphere factoring in as well Basically what I'm saying is that you'd be hard-pressed to get a NASA supercomputer to think ahead like that, much less something that'd work on a commercial system.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/victoria3 on October 16, 2022 03:00:18

I can definitely see conspiracy theorists being like "How did the Americans know how to build a Pyramid if the Pyramids were all the way in Egypt?! It must've been Aliens, who acted as a go-between for both civilizations!"

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on October 16, 2022 00:02:31

Yeah but he's loved down here by the kind of people who proudly declare that the confederacy was about state's rights and not slavery, then drive away in a 10 foot high pick-up flying ten flags at least 7 of which are the confederate *naval* flag while slugging bud.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 15, 2022 03:58:54

They wouldn't be experienced if they weren't discriminating in their targets. They also wouldn't be experienced if they took unnecessary risks with their kills. Ergo, they wouldn't kill during the killing game, because it would put them in too much danger. Why take the risk? They can clearly defend themselves, so they're probably not going to be a victim. And as experienced killers, they're well-suited to seeing the techniques for obscuration that they use, so they're safer as one of the class than one of the blackened.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 14, 2022 15:49:46

Eh, Hiyoko was always one of the oldest girls in SDR2. People who care about pre or post growth spurt are really just more concerned with what she looks like rather than if she's actually underage or not.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 14, 2022 15:45:12

>Here I was, thinking the variants evolved in response to the vaccines. I don't know why you would - the vaccines weren't hardly out before the first variants appeared, and there exists no logical way for the virus to know we've been vaccinated, considering, again, it simply notifies the immune system of a threat in the natural way.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 14, 2022 15:28:19

It does not, no. Different variants of the virus came about, but only after significant lollygagging from people about getting vaccinated, and those variants arose in unvaccinated populations because that's where the virus thrived. Those variants are also fought off by the regular vaccination, just to a lesser degree. The booster shots are to patch holes. It's not a subscription, it's an update, just like the antivirus on your computer.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 14, 2022 00:36:33

Natural immunity and vaccinated immunity are literally the same thing.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 21:50:11

Perhaps it could've been better to declare it a sort of sub-canon. Everyone knew his brain was on the fritz anyway, so it might've done to have the fandom as a whole just kinda decide themselves what parts work or don't work.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 16:35:59

...Wow, that's impressively stupid of them. Pratchett was old and so almost definitely had some old-fashioned and probably not particularly palatable habit nestled in his personal life but someone would've had to have not read him entirely to believe he was transphobic in any capacity.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 16:33:15

I think it's quite telling that the conservative subreddit, where they crow about how bad being censored is, actively censors users and hands out bans for posting "the wrong" information, and even requires you to wear a badge of support in the form of a tag While the similar lefty subs don't do that. There's a couple tankie subs where you can be banned for saying Stalin did it wrong, but nothing significant compared to the actual named conservative subreddit. It's nuts, the projection involved.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 16:25:21

...The Covid Vaccines were never supposed to do that though, they're Vaccines. They just prepare your natural immune system for the virus. That's why a large majority of people need to be vaccinated before it does a lot of good on a societal level - because the virus is still out there infecting people, it's just that getting the vaccine means your immune system is prepared instead of completely unaware of the deadly new superflu.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 13, 2022 16:22:50

McGonnagal: So this is the manner in which you choose to die?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HarryPotterMemes on October 12, 2022 14:25:28

I don't think it's ever actually shown, only mentioned. It'd be one of the very early ones though, as the Zerbst/Valliere rivalry is strongest there, bet you a silver award

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on October 12, 2022 14:21:50

This is just normal racism, though. Nothing accidental about it. Not even a joke, just racism.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on October 9, 2022 16:47:17

Some of them are pathetically easy, some of them are shockingly hard. Really, I'd just like an easier way to get an animal to follow you for a while. And maybe a way to pin a couple goals to a UI element so that I can remember which ones I'm going for instead of feeding 8 gazelles to crocs before realizing I already had that one.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on October 9, 2022 16:42:47

...They were though? People in my neighborhood got together to do exactly that

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on October 8, 2022 16:26:36

What about if the black person asks you to? Like, outright asks you to, no implied consent outright consent. Should we disrespect their wishes just so you don't feel bad?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 8, 2022 16:18:20

>it shows you just group each individual race based on stereotypes ...Or phenotypes. You know, the actual differences people see. Anyway, I'm glad you think I'm racist - people who use anti-racist rhetoric to hide their racist ideas piss me off, so the fact you're mad I don't want to control people based on the color of their skin means I must be doing something right. Double that with your assumption that it's about whipping black people (most raceplay is the opposite, actually) just because you're uncomfortable with admitting that people have sex between races and yeah, pretty happy I'm not in your good books. What makes me sad is that you're not alone in being a racist piece of shit - there's a lot of people who're so determined to keep control away from the people who deserve it, and they all use rhetoric like this. Assuming the other poster is white just because they don't post in ebonics or don't agree with your racist ideas - and then when someone calls them out they try to say "well it was obvious" or "Well it's still racist because it puts a physical and consensual collar on someone and not the metaphysical and nonconsensual one I want". Ironically you touch on another point here, that being nonconsent fetish. It's one of the most popular fetishes among women, or at least it was last I checked. It's also linked to the BDSM community and kink play. And importantly, it's probably another thing you understand only through seriousness and actual rape, without even considering the idea that someone might give consent for it. You've eliminated all nuance to preserve your black-and-white view of the world, which makes sense for a racist prick who assumes nobody will talk back. You're pulling this same shit in other subs too, where you accuse people of being racist or sexist or transphobic out of nowhere and then double down, claiming to be in the right. It is, frankly, pathetic. Almost as pathetic as your attempts to shackle african-americans to your WASP sense of sexual morality.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 8, 2022 16:16:49

A shocking amount of r/KidsAreFuckingStupid is actually r/kidshavenocoordination

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on October 8, 2022 01:20:50

...Because *THEY* get off to it. Read my posts before you reply, please.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 8, 2022 01:07:42

Having a fetish does not contribute to racism, whether that fetish is for a specific race or not. That's silly - you're attributing a particular preference for a hostile and - importantly - *ignorance-fueled* way of looking at the world. Being into raceplay does not, and never has, implied that you're ignorant or are racist in real life. Indeed, it implies the opposite, as multiple studies have found we fetishize topics seen as forbidden; that is to say, people who live egalitarian and raceblind lives are more likely to have raceplay fetishes. It's just how psychology works. You're looking for villains where they don't exist. Calm down, and reassess.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 8, 2022 01:07:03

I remember seeing articles about that. They were surrounded with people talking about how she was a shit human being though. Crypto-fascist or something? It's hard to tell these days.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on October 7, 2022 23:30:35

It's not racism if it's restricted to the bedroom and it's consensual for the purposes of arousing someone. That's a fucking fetish, my man. If you're going around dropping the N-bomb on all kinds of people on the regular, or if you're doing it out of anger or hate, that's racism. But if you have a consensual partner *asking you to call her that* it's not racism. It doesn't matter what races are actually involved, as long as it meets those criteria.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 7, 2022 23:28:32

Having played plenty of sims in my time I'm 100% convinced that "Parent Simulator 3000" likely involves putting babies in catapults to launch them over zombie hordes to safe zones while simultaneously changing diapers and keeping tabs on a "pipe-o-meter" which requires you to smoke a pipe every 5-10 seconds. Sims are weird, man.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on October 7, 2022 18:04:29

What about black women who get off on slavery play? Are you going to disrespect their bodily autonomy too just to feel a bit better about yourself? Really good job of stopping racism by not letting minorities choose what fetish they're allowed to indulge.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 7, 2022 16:42:50

What I'm saying is that it's weird to fetishize feet too, but it's only wrong to get a footjob if the person giving it isn't consenting. There's a lot of people who're of minority race who like being degraded that way, just as a particular kind of masochism they're into. Being all high and mighty about it is disrespecting their autonomy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 7, 2022 16:40:25

Democracies tend to be better about that than a bunch of fascist plutocrats in communist cosplay. Not saying they'd be a perfect government, but I doubt they'd be doing the bootstomping the CCP gets up to, especially since China is already a lot to control for a democratic government.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on October 7, 2022 02:25:12

\*shrug\* If she's consenting, she's consenting, and they clearly are a family full of love. I ain't kinkshaming.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 7, 2022 02:22:58

Were that someone could just Thanos Snap and put Taiwan in charge of all of China. Alas.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on October 6, 2022 21:04:06

Nor Tibet. People tend to forget since they were unjustly occupied ages ago, but that isn't actually part of China. Unfortunately now both countries have cores on the territory so that's a shitshow...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on October 6, 2022 18:40:31

Elon Musk is many things, but capable of admitting fault is not one of them.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on October 6, 2022 17:10:14

\>Video game goat: climbs ladder \>Chiaki: \*WHEEEZE\*

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on October 6, 2022 16:02:36

\>Persona \>Kids game Your opinion was already discarded for being complete trash but holy shit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on October 5, 2022 18:44:59

Because whether we like it or not profit motive is the major driving force of modern society and proving you can make a profit off space travel is the only way to get serious progress done, because it's the only way to get lots of people to go up there without having to convince equally greedy politicians to spend taxpayer dollars.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on October 5, 2022 06:07:11

Emphasis on "occasionally". Actually not even emphasis, just strike it out entirely and replace it with "accidentally". SpaceX and reusable rockets + cheap space travel is great and all but he wasn't thinking about the societal effects, he was just thinking about going to space so he can take dick pics and send them to the girls on whatever island today's Epstein is running.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dontyouknowwhoiam on October 5, 2022 06:04:01

\>Gigabytes *\*laughs in terabytes of ram, but not in Crysis because we still can't run that\**

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on October 5, 2022 05:41:20

I do imagine vacuum-welding might cause some complications though, depending on the circumstances. Just a little bit of a scratch and oops, your thigh and your shin are now the same chunk of metal.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 5, 2022 05:38:25

Difference being a cellar spider isn't going to look down from it's place on the ceiling, see me chilling out doing some work down on the floor, and say "Fuck that guy" and come fuck my shit up. Wasps, meanwhile, seem to believe me bringing the lawnmower within twenty feet of their hidden little nest is a three-way declaration of war, insult to their mother, and insinuation of cowardice.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/KidsAreFuckingStupid on October 5, 2022 02:16:28

Real space wouldn't see the warforge ice over much either. A vaccuum is a remarkable insulator, so he'd only lose heat from radiating it away, anything in the light is going to heat up massively. Since he's flying towards the sun...

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 5, 2022 02:07:55

Hang on. What kind of damage does crushing and gravity deal? Because I'm pretty sure it's not radiant and fire.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on October 5, 2022 02:05:45

Well for one his general is God and yours barely qualifies for his star

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/eu4 on October 5, 2022 02:03:53

Harry Potter as a series is alright. It's definitely not a basis for a belief system, but it's a pretty solid story for teens and under. Now, if you asked me which fiction novel I'd center my morality around it'd probably be Ender's Game, but that's because I'm a massive Card fanboy.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 4, 2022 19:55:55

I certainly would expect very few of them to *knowingly* subscribe to that stuff at least. Probably plenty who're TERFs and just don't self-identify because they have the self-awareness of a stepped-on cactus.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on October 4, 2022 19:54:20

>If you spoke out you died , all the bad things they were known for etc etc . American Socialists never up and killed people for speaking their minds, you're thinking of the anti-unionists.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 4, 2022 14:45:34

Eh, his mental state seems fine. At least he's not buying NFTs off Reddit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/MurderedByWords on October 4, 2022 14:43:18

Go caving. Bring a chopper

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Wasn't one of the sorting hat's descriptions of Hufflepuff House in one of the books literally along the lines of "Godric wanted the brave kids, Rowena wanted the smart kids, Salazar wanted the purebloods, and Helena just took everyone else"? Sounds like Hufflepuff is the house of the masses. Slytherin makes politicians, with their cunning and good breeding and expectations to be conniving and social. Gryffindor gathers your First Responders, Jocks, Bullies, and the other physical "LETS GO" kids. Ravenclaw collects your science nerds, conspiracy geeks, engineers and bibliophiles. What's that leave Hufflepuff with? The working class, the masses, the proletariat and the followers. Basically what I'm saying is that errybody sleeps on Hufflepuff when they're flying black and yellow but the minute the flags turn red and someone paints a hammer and sickle outside the second floor girls' bathroom people are gonna be quakin'...

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tbf a lot of the time the shortage is because some dingbat in charge fucked up the supply lines thinking they were clever. Stalin helped cause the food shortages in the USSR because he decided factories were more important than farms growing, y'know, food. But yeah, I'd rather get my bread from a line and know I'm getting some than have to compete for a job where someone's gotta lose and starve just cuz.

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Nor does it cover near the timespan Civ tries to. That does mean more definition to the time it does cover though.

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Zebras: the actively hostile Donkey-kin who everyone just assumes is a fancy horse despite wearing the prison gear they got back at Alcatraz.

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What Anno fails to understand is that people understood his message, they just disagree. Participating in a fandom about a franchise you love isn't bad, it isn't something that should be stopped. People aren't arguing about Asuka vs Rei 25 years on because they're just obsessive about Asuka - they're doing it because it's routine, because it's meme, because they enjoy talking to other people and debating the themes of the show and the characters in it. Anno will keep screaming and nobody will listen, because in the end, *Hideaki Anno is wrong*

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She cared, she just forgave him because unlike the people in this sub she was in his head and understood just how broken and shitty he felt at the moment.

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Get redpilled liberal, it's not gay to spend four hours pouring over the muscles on a nasty, muscled, oiled up black adonis who can hold you in their big strong arms It's not gay, because it's racist!^(/j)

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Ursula: \*finishes her Poor Unfortunate Souls bit\* Ursula, three seconds later: "Hey, isn't that from the Doom soundtrack?"

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Even humans have trouble with limbs, just ask the foot fetish community.

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Setting art they're excellent for, yeah. For characters... Well, even good AIs still sometimes struggle with making decent faces. It can be done, but it takes a really gentle, knowledgeable touch. They can give good impressions of how the character looks in a more general sense though.

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Shitting on people trying to claim them using a prompt makes them an artist => Good Shitting on AI art in general and making up a bunch of problems it'll cause the artistic community or pretending like "meaning" is still meaningful in an era of bananas taped to walls and NFTs next to Picassos => Bad AI generated artwork => Ugly

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[Dream decided not to put in the black hole rain, but... You can't tell me this wouldn't fit right in in some pretentious gallery full of surrealist modern art](

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Yeah. I don't think it'll be easy to make money off AI generated artwork anyway, unless the software is proprietary. Using an open AI to generate art and then selling the art is going to be hard when people realize they can get the product for free with some clever wording and a bit of tooling. And if not, well, that's their money and their prerogative. AI art isn't a threat to the art world any more than the printing press was, even under the already-strained assumption that classical art goes the way of the illuminated manuscript.

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There's this one settlement in the corner which is right by a lake that's got dozens of hippos in it that's just perfect for the newbie ape. Hippos are notoriously helpful creatures and have never been recorded to kill players, you can just walk right up and touch one. And the nesting site is plenty far enough away not to bother them anyways and is definitely not directly next to their spawn zones. Sure there's lots of snakes and foxes around that can be a pain, but the proximity of the hippos means you don't need to worry about them, especially if you allow the hippos to enter your nesting site peacefully, like hippos are known for. Famously friendly things hippos. &#x200B; I'm joking, go for the big fuckin' rock in the middle, or one of the smaller ponds nearby it. Try to stay away from the elephants until you're confident you can take them on and be wary of the hippos regardless because they're assholes.

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In an atmosphere, the two are tightly related and removing one will eventually result in the loss of the other.

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Not really - it's fast, but it's always catchably fast. If the Accio was applying enough force to tear out an organ which is as integrated with the body as the spine, you wouldn't be able to catch it.

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1: Don't think the spell operates on part of a larger object unless that part has been removed. You can summon a screw from a hammer, but only if it's been removed from the hammer. 2: The spell's pull doesn't seem all that strong. It'd take quite a bit of force to rip someone's spine out like that.

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Natural rogue progression should go through Assassin's Creed up into Batman

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"Futaba is my waifu"

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Gimme that time machine and I'd be giving those dixie boys a deep emotional understanding of what the demons on mars felt when Doomguy woke up.

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His ideology need not be harmed by being disproven, is my point. There's plenty of people walking around fully convinced of the fact the Earth is flat despite supposedly not only believing in science but also having been in Airplanes where the curvature of the Earth is visible if you peer at it. And Nagito is already a bit unhinged. It'd be quite easy for him to believe what Da Vinci is saying on the surface while still believing in his initial talent-first ideology. It wouldn't be the first contradiction in beliefs held by a person and certainly wouldn't be the last.

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1: Possible. The man vs Environment motif of the first volume is going to be a lot less visceral in a game where oldowan tools are a "starting tech" 2: Firemaking and domesticating dogs might still be outside the timeline presented, if we remain entirely within Homo Ergaster/Erectus' time on Earth. Dogs definitely happened after Cro Magnons and Neanderthals show up, and firemaking by Homo Erectus appears to still be under some debate. 3: Bows and Arrows are very recent inventions and are almost certainly going to be something for the third volume, if they show up on the timeline at all. Compound tools in general arose only 300,000 years ago, which is likely to be close to the end of volume II if present at all. 4: This will probably be the case. Tribe complexity and the beginnings of specialization would make for historically relevant, mechanically useful upgrades. If we assume the invention of compound tools to be something which happens at the very end, then the development of language would be a major focus with proper language as we'd recognize it being a late-game upgrade. 5: Building on the prior, I also think there'll be a tech tree. However, I suspect it won't involve complex tools or more advanced home-making, but more complex sociology and the outcomes of that. Tools still have a ways to be upgraded before they become truly complex, and development of communications skills is *huge* not only for inter-humanoid communications but the things it was useful for in Volume I as well. 6: Agriculture would be a huge technological leap from where we left off, with oldowan tools and the latest advances in management allowing for someone to tell you where to put your stick. I'd move the end of Volume II back much further, to the evolution of Homo Sapiens, or even the development of Fire Control. 7: That'd be a cool addition. However, given Africa underwent some severe climate changes over the timeline of Volume I and it went unreflected, I'm not sure we can expect that. 8: Wearing furs would definitely fit in our theoretical tech tree. Whether draped furs with minimal modifications count as clothing is a bit more in question, although the idea of an "Antler Borer" to go along with our Basalt Chopper just feels right, so maybe some rudimentary stitching will make it in as well. 9: Art could very well be something developed *on* the tech tree, in whatever form that takes. 10: I think you're gonna need to explain why a player would want to worsen their relationship with a clanmember... 11: Makes sense, but it also would've made sense in Volume I. It's not like animals can't use herbalism after all - ever seen a dog eat grass? Depending on what makes it in, Volume II might already be survival-enough to not need to account for random diseases as well. 12: The last Glacial Period would've been at the very tail-end of Homo Erectus' time. I suspect we won't spend much time there. 13: Tactics are almost certainly in, with most of Homo Erectus' advancements being social or incremental in nature.

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Not so much that there isn't racism, but the racism is notably different. As it is in every country.

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Knowing humans, my bet is that he'd just dismiss Da Vinci. People are good at doing that.

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New character concept: Lawful Good Warlock/Paladin who's method of choice is summoning and contracting demons/devils in order to bind them close enough to be purified through compassion and good deeds

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I look forward to seeing you balance the flying monkey who casually picks up mountains and hucks them into the ocean

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\>tfw no lustful intelligent gloth gf^(/s)

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No. There's laws against it but that's less of a persecution thing and more of a legal liability thing - they're there so that if you jaywalk across a busy road and get isekai'd your family can't sue the truck driver's company for reparations, because you were technically engaging in a crime.

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Yeah, if it wasn't outright mind control, it was *basically* mind control

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Happened to TF2 as well. Likewise, a lot of games undergo significant UI changes in the center of development as well. That can change a lot even without using new assets.

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All KS girls are good. Hanako and Emi are definitely toppers though

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To be fair, Emi's the one most likely to laugh along if you poke fun at her disability. She's not going to take bullying, but she tells jokes about it herself. Rin would just blink in confusion and go "I don't think so...?"

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The screenshot is an edit. The game actually treats disabilities with a great deal of respect.

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He's telling the truth, although this particular choice is a modified screenshot of the game. It actually handles the topic of disability with great respect.

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I mean, the shape is kinda distinctive. Those are *swords*. The Sangheli should've been cracking Kigyar skulls for the disrespect. We know the Covenant uses energy blades for all their cutting needs, because apparently just having a normal knife is too uncool for them, but swords specifically are a Sangheli thing, as part of their status as founding members of the Covenant.

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Try to avoid it. The creators deserve zero recognition for it. I'm simply saying that a lot of the worst parts are specific to the franchise (and their donut steel OC...)

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Republicans: Do you know what it'd be like if we let all those illegals cross the border?! It'll be taco trucks and mariachi bands on every street corner! \*jump cut to a bunch of people grooving to the Tropico soundtrack with tacos in hand, having a good time\* Resident: Welcome to Michigano, Amigo!

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Her mother isn't her only genetic donor. We don't know anything about her father. Likewise, we don't know how Wakaba looked in high school - for all we know she was borderline Louise de la Valliere right up until college. Malnutrition may have played a part, but there's plenty of petite people who aren't malnourished and plenty of big people who are. It isn't the sole deciding factor and can't be labeled as a cause with what we know.

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Kaede might not hate it, if she hasn't seen Halo's other properties before. A large amount of the cringe of the TV show is how it treats the Halo canon with such sheer, unadulterated *disrespect and distain.* People who're introduced to Halo through the show don't pick up on how completely absurd and cringey it is to have Jackals using energy swords or Chief taking his helmet off. It'd still be a mediocre, poorly animated shithouse, but not an exceptionally terrible one.

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Ah, the "Name something that didn't terrify Stalin into a murderous rage any% challenge" But yeah. The USSR was kind of screwed over, considering Stalin was a paranoid thug with chronic backstabbing syndrome, and Lenin was [basically a german plant]( \- neither of which are good traits for the first leaders of your new government to have. It was, however, still technically a democracy, just a shitty one run by two dudes who weren't particularly in the business of providing anything but the veneer of communism OR democracy.

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Siblings also tend to fuck with each other a whole lot more than Ren and Futaba do. If you want a more life-accurate sibling relationship, Futaba and *Yusuke* is a better fit - they actually fuck with each other and needle each others' soft spots, yet they'll fight to protect the other if actual danger arises.

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Minato: I see you visit the playground frequently as well.

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I... No? She did experience those things but it's never linked to her height. She's just kinda short.

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More like they're assuming that having any attraction at all to an underaged digital anime character makes you an actual IRL child molester.

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I dunno, Industrial Strength Aphrodesiac for a laugh? Ants, because she can be a bit of a bitch like that? I mean if it was Mikan I'd be checking it for fingernails, but Hiyoko seems to go for the things that'd gross people out instead of weird yandere love shit so I'm going to go with "unexpected carapace" for 400 Alex.

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I'd go so far as to say if you're not playing some kind of Anime character you're playing DnD wrong. After all, what's the point of fantasy if you're not doing some unhinged Rule of Cool shit?

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Or you could just stop worrying about what age a bunch of triangles in a computer were said to be and just enjoy the game as a real person and not an artificially constructed moral strawman

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The USSR technically was democratic; while the people couldn't vote directly for the leader they (in theory, the USSR was corrupt as fuck and thus often lacked what was supposedly guaranteed) did vote in Soviets which voted in bigger Soviets all the way up the chain. So while a de facto dictatorship government, it was designed to be democracy. It's just, y'know, Stalin and Lenin being the angry brainlets they were either didn't realize or didn't care about the giant gaping hole in their plan.

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I would, though I'm also definitely giving it a once-over in case she's put something in it.

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I'm imagining more Stalinist USSR in WWII, which wasn't very based, but Shared Burdens is definitely a good civic.

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Well, if I'm looked at with such disgust by someone as morally bankrupt as you, I guess being an Asuka fan was the right choice.

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Finally, a good fucking meme. Somehow still got a prick up in here complaining about people liking Asuka and Rei though.

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Nobody seems bothered about people wanting Umbridge to die or with Naruto being a child soldier. Both those things are horrible in real life and those aren't even the worst examples of what people say should happen to fictional characters. Yet nobody ever has this argument about those kinds of statements. Because this isn't about morality, this is about you being mad salted over other peoples' taste in lines on paper.

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It's not the kind of easy game most people would say should be your first, but it's definitely playable and could even be a lot of fun if you know how to cope. I think what really matters here is how willing you are to possibly lose due to your noobishness - if you're the kind of person who plays Dwarf Fortress or those similar games where losing is an inevitability and you're used to having fun learning and fighting a glorious loss, then you should 1000% play this start. If, however, you're here to see the victory screen, nobody is going to blame you if you restart and try for an easier, more noob friendly initialization. Personally I'd play this start, because it's not really too bad and it'd be a lot of fun to play a mostly naval game, which is basically required by this start. But you should make the decision to play or not play the map based on your own feelings about what you want to get out of the game on this playthrough. It's definitely more difficult than average even if it's also definitely not unplayable, but there's a lot of fun in going to the Dragon's Cave at level 1 to raid his riches and the hope of swaggering out.

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Perhaps a hard split when a certain milestone is met, where auto-evo will force-evolve a pre-built cell which is then released to evolve more naturally to fill the niche? Taking a look at Bibites, it seems to be really difficult to actually get something to evolve, say, predation naturally. Milestones might look along the lines of "First auto-evo cycle with a cell in a patch with 100% lux will force-evolve Basic Phytoplankton", or "First auto-evo cycle with a patch with a total population of over 1000 will force-evolve Basic Predator"; "First auto-evo cycle with a cell in a patch of Cave type will force-evolve ferrovore". Whatever route the player is going will likely already have a filled niche with evolved cells which will outcompete the basic cell, but an unfilled niche won't. In this way, you should wind up with some reasonably diverse worlds without really *forcing* any particular clade to become dominant and thus keeping an element of natural progression to it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/thrive on September 18, 2022 05:15:48

>Fleur-de-lise I dunno about that. The Fleur-de-lise has three "blades" which are of similar length and tied together by some kind of binding agent like a string or a rope or a band of metal. This makes some sense since it's a vague representation of a flower. The symbols on the wall behind Henrietta only have one blade. Instead at the bottom we get a four-pointed star (the top point is obscured) and two connected balls. If it is a Fleur-de-lise, it's extremely distorted.

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Huh. Usually there's a couple of protest votes from guys in states blue enough to force their hands.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on September 16, 2022 20:37:00

I don't believe it was *every* republican. But it's very common to see a split along these lines in congress, as tribalism extremifies our politics. It helps that none of these guys are in any danger of being monitored - as lawmakers they get exceptions from the companies doing the monitoring and controlling because they're the ones who allow them to do it. It's symbosis for them, parasitism for us. All that matters is whether they voted in the company's favor or not; believe you me, the guys who didn't vote for this bill would've been under quite a bit more scrutiny than the guys who did.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/yesyesyesno on September 16, 2022 17:43:11

Ah, no, I actually meant statistics on when people start their games. I'm 100% convinced the algorithm for placing player start locations doesn't take how late the strat resource actually comes into play. And overvalues corn, for some fucking reason, I always always always start with too much goddamn corn. But yeah, I'm curious to see if I'm the weird one for always playing ancient start, or if most people do avoid a more modern start era.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on September 16, 2022 14:08:47

I also assume lower values are given to later game strategics - a lot of the "Bad" spawns I see on here tend to be spawns where there's *definitely* like five oil or aluminum deposits there and would be a god-tier city location that's simply marred by the fact most people start their games in the ancient era. Actually what are the statistics on that does anybody know?

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on September 16, 2022 12:33:17

>the first real threat we have made to ourselves It's not though - the external combustion engine can and has caused more worldwide damage than nuclear energy, and that's only over the same timespan. It gets worse when you consider we've been using the former much longer than the latter. Nuclear Power is a big step, but hardly uniquely big.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on September 16, 2022 12:26:32

Sword, it's a sword. &#x200B; A very suggestive-looking sword. (Source is directly from the anime, in what I assume to be Henrietta's summer palace because the residence of a monarch being several minutes horse ride in the weeds instead of in the capital with the bureaucracy and walls and guards is... Well, silly.)

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ZeroNoTsukaima on September 16, 2022 07:26:32

I don't see any reason for the Dragon to attack the party. They're insignificant ants, yes, but they're ants who did him a favor. Unless the Rogue decides he wants to pocket some dragon gold in the World's Quickest Darwin Award, I can only imagine the Dragon's first goal would be completely eviscerating the guy who thought they could use the dragon's skin as a cocksock.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on September 16, 2022 07:06:20

They could. I'd actually like to see someone take a crack at the opposite though. Give us a chance to see post-heart-change Kamoshida and get into his head. As it is the Palace Rulers, once they tearfully confess, just up and vanish, we never see them again except in the spoiler dungeon at the bottom of the big thing. And those are really just one-line explanations of the spoilers happening there. They just go away and never do anything ever again. People don't do that. I think it'd be interesting to see Kamoshida, or Madarame, any of them, after their change of heart, with them struggling to come to terms with what they've done and searching for a way to make it right that may not exist.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Persona5 on September 15, 2022 16:44:02

He's on the front lines, but he's not fighting, he's taking selfies as the enemy charges his bunker. He hasn't died yet because the xenos are terrified of his chad energy and fear that if they kill him, he'll stop being useless and come kill them all from beyond the grave as a revenant.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on September 15, 2022 16:35:47

Probably, but chromatic dragons aren't always the most logical creatures, sometimes they're just assholes to be assholes. It definitely works as a hail mary though. I'd probably have the Red go off to kill the BBEG on his own, unless the BBEG happened to be there, in which case it's less of a teamup and more a case of two different "groups" fighting the same enemy without any particular animosity between them. Basically, the Red is going to "help", but he's still a selfish asshole and a massive one, so don't expect him to particularly care if you're caught in his dragonfire cone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on September 15, 2022 16:26:17

> if sightings have dropped off Actually, IIRC sightings have increased *significantly* since the Roswell and Kenneth Arnold incidents, most likely due to popularization in media. It's an interesting thought experiment though, to consider what policy changes could give the appearance we've seen of the aliens we think we saw

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Stellaris on September 15, 2022 12:50:09

swear to god we're gonna need another version of r/onejoke to hold all the memes like this. Pretty sure we get like one legitimate meme per day here.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/evangelionmemes on September 15, 2022 03:24:54

Not if you're an American!

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on September 15, 2022 03:08:44

Why are her pants down though? And her hand looks like it's headed... Well, somewhere that wasn't burnt, as Hisao knows.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/katawashoujo on September 15, 2022 02:23:59

Evolving will always move you to a random nest site in the biome your nest site was already in. That unfortunately can move you "back" towards the jungle.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on September 14, 2022 17:41:47

How someone can go through Calculus and get hung up in Discrete Maths is beyond me, honestly. Calc was hard, but I never had a single problem with Discrete.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ProgrammerHumor on September 14, 2022 15:34:46

The Redcoats weren't the bad guys though. Connor was on the side of the Americans, but it's made very clear that the actual bad guys, the Templars, are working both sides of the war and that America is far from perfect itself. Hell, the game ends on a somber note when Connor realizes his fight for "Freedom" wouldn't extend to his people soon, if ever. And he very nearly swaps sides when Washington straight-up betrays him.

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It's underrated. Combat is actually a lot of fun, more fun than the RPGs combat in my opinion - no silly number crunching or behind-the-scenes-stat-walls here, it's based entirely on your skill. Not saying that it needs a lot of skill to play, but... &#x200B; People severely underestimate Connor as a protagonist too, he's one of my favorites. His cool, stoic contrast to Ezio is awesome and really highlights the few times we get to see him actually smile or cry; he's a really well done Quiet Badass type, while we've been inundated with smarmy snarkers since. Bayek is as close as we've gotten, I think, to Connor since Connor. I wish he had gotten more time. There's still huge segments of the fandom which will laugh you out of the room for saying you like him, even though their only arguments are that he has no emotions (which is completely false, he's a stoic not a robot and that's visible in every scene) or to repeat the "WHERE IS CHARLES LEE" line like he actually says it more than twice.

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I just found them boring. None of the ones I tried could find a proper balance between being a TBS or a RTS and for both parts of the game I found better versions.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/alphacentauri on September 14, 2022 15:15:59

Interestingly this also provides a small niche for spec ops, who could be paradropped behind enemy lines and get their ambush bonuses while supporting the larger corps

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/civ on September 14, 2022 11:21:50

Depending on what you pull out of the goody huts, it could well be that big. I'd say it's not as useful if you're going wide, but if you're planning on playing tall anyway then it's one of the biggest early advantages you're going to get. If you're playing a powerful Spiritualist nation and get your pantheon first, then grab this, you could easily have thousands of gold within a matter of 10-15 turns.

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Hello it's 8 months in the future. We would like to cordially say ***what the actual fuck dude***

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/thomastheplankengine on September 13, 2022 20:22:56

Especially not in Florida

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/TIHI on September 13, 2022 19:33:34

I'll never get over the fact that you need a "conservative flair" to post in their subs. Like, how big a pansy are you that just banning people who disagree with you isn't enough, you need to pre-screen them, and you can't even do that well because you're convinced that liberals react to conservatism the way a vampire does to a fabreez bottle filled with holy water.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/clevercomebacks on September 13, 2022 17:08:09

I spent like five read-throughs thinking Nerd-doms was a fetish term and wondering how we got from Ubisoft to girls in Slave Leia outfits that quickly

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on September 13, 2022 15:27:01

It's a quote from Ubisoft saying they're cutting out the best part of the franchise because some twats who thought Game of Thrones was gritty and realistic wanted it out. But there's other people saying it's fake, so I dunno

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on September 13, 2022 14:23:49

Only a very vocal minority. Most people are clever enough to realize that losing the part of the story that adds actual weight to what's happening, that ties the whole franchise together, that provides context and foreshadowing, and that does all that in relatively swift segments of maybe 15 minutes at most... Is dumb. Cutting the modern part of the story out is ***dumb***.

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The likelihood of being assaulted isn't that different, it's the likelihood of reporting the rape that's different. That's the point, the perception is simply wrong and Miu is no less likely to rape Kiibo than Hifumi is whoever you choose to mention.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on September 13, 2022 14:09:42

Nah, it's because MLK is a forgiving man and he volunteered to go to Hell and bring back people who seek redemption and mean it. *That* would piss the white supremacists off worse.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on September 13, 2022 14:07:39

It's not that good, honestly. It's a decent anti-fascist tract but it's just not a good book, with a lot of loose plot threads that go nowhere, scenes that mean very little and unprompted plot devices that don't make a lot of sense.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansBeingBros on September 12, 2022 23:37:46

Or they're old racist tracts presented with no outside context that are still valid propaganda pieces. Funnily enough those books rarely get banned.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansBeingBros on September 12, 2022 23:34:57

I dunno, this one's gonna stick with me for a while. Calling her a chlamydia-infected pox on mankind might be more accurate but it lacks the class and comedy of the full cowboy outfit.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/Chadtopia on September 12, 2022 23:33:03

Right? People make it out like Hifumi is one bad fap away from pouncing on the nearest vulnerable wamen yet he is *consistently* the most respectful dude towards female characters in the whole of THH. Even his interactions with >!Alter Ego, while a bit weird and creepy, don't give the impression of sexual assault so much as just Hifumi being really bad at flirting and AE not being able to tell he is!<.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on September 12, 2022 23:31:10

> while when a woman acts perverted, it's more innocent because it's unlikely they're going to be harming anyone that way Right, cuz everyone knows a woman can't rape a man... Creepy perversion is creepy perversion. I believe in gender equality.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on September 12, 2022 23:26:41

>Reddit thinking it's 'Chad' wouldn't surprise me lol I mean, if she's boasting about cheating on her boyfriend, she deserves all the roasting in the world. Her vagina does not grant her diplomatic immunity to being called out for playing the asshole.

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something something immigration is war, everyone should stay put and remain xenophobic and terrified of travellers like me, because cosmopolitans make my peepee feel small

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ForwardsFromKlandma on September 12, 2022 20:14:41

Last time I saw an opinion this unbased, it fell into the swamp and the guy who owned it had to build a new one, which also fell into the swamp.

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They've been trying to kill the modern story for years, and they finally did it. This is why I was never hyped.

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A song of ice and mushrooms

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Well, because we don't know, because Hermione never asked and nobody else seemed to care. Frankly as far as a pro-elf organization goes, SPEW was shit from the beginning. Hermione didn't seem interested in what the elves themselves had to say to any extent - even if the Elves hadn't been written as a monolithic servile entity, Hermione probably would've failed because she didn't have the support of any elf besides Dobby. She simply assumed she knew better than they did about what they wanted.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/BrandNewSentence on September 12, 2022 19:23:47

I'd like to see that wretch try to scoop up my big Shepherd and try to load him into a catapult. Or anything, really. That boy is big. And if the dog is a Chihuahua, the catapult isn't a warcrime it's pesticide

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ShitCrusaderKingsSay on September 12, 2022 17:17:35

Possibly part of it, but they were doing this kinda thing before /pol/ broke containment. The KS Devs have always been really wary about fanstuff for their game in general, it's a wonder we got so much as Katawa Crash. They're kinda dinguses for it, honestly. It's disrespectful towards the game they created, and the community around it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/katawashoujo on September 12, 2022 16:56:52

I knew the monkey paw was curling a finger the minute I saw it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AssassinsCreedMemes on September 12, 2022 11:20:27

I'm shocked you convinced them to trust Google. Last time I tried the guy I was talking to dismissed it because, and I quote, "Google is a liberal media company and they're biased."

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Actually, Ancestors is incredibly fair. Everything is predictable once you know the underlying mechanics and if you pay attention. The game is built to represent the experience of being an ancient ape learning about the world for the first time, so it can be a bit obtuse, but once you've learned the key mechanics things begin to fall together extremely quickly. Indeed, by the late game there's really no more challenge beyond actually finding that last crocodile for the evolution points.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on September 11, 2022 14:29:33

To everyone saying that this passes muster because they accidentally called POC animals... They did that on purpose. This is a troll post, made to inflame everyone.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/AccidentalRacism on September 11, 2022 14:03:02

That's... That's most games though. Most games spawn enemies who will attack you. And the tigers in this game aren't random, they have dens and patrol areas, if they see you they'll chase you, but as long as you remember to fuck off to the trees they can't even touch you.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on September 11, 2022 03:34:12

If you collected every X ever written by mankind and sized them up by two, they still wouldn't be enough to express how much I doubt that.

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Quit walking on the ground until you've learned how to dodge, my dude. You're an ape. Act like it. You can swing from any leafy region of space by (IIRC) holding down the jump button - use this to move from branch to branch. Sabertooths can't get up trees, and the Eagle can't go below the canopy, so if you spend most of your time on the low branches you're set. You should also remember to use your senses. Both hearing and smell will detect a sabertooth who's trying to hide from you. Games have enemies, this is ours. Stalker Cat is there to teach you lessons. Learn them. Learn to hate the cat. It'll make it more satisfying when you figure out how to kill it.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/ancestors on September 10, 2022 13:29:36

Yeah but it's not stupidity, it's emotion. Hifumi was repeatedly shown throughout the game to be extremely respectful of everyone, women included. Then, in the chapter where he's at his most vulnerable, he's told that the guy he's been fighting with, an asshole who's already being "unreasonably controlling" (in Hifumi's opinion) of one girl(male), sexually assaulted one of his classmates. By a liar who's so skilled at selling it that she can be introduced at a casino as the "Queen of Liars" and still clean the place out. I'd say that's not slander any more than saying someone got beat up by Sakura would be. It's literally part of Celeste's talent. Celeste could've sold the lie to anyone else, but Hifumi was particularly vulnerable and thus the easiest to convince the plan was worth it. Kyouko is cold-headed and would've wanted to investigate and bring Taka to justice inside the school, Sakura might've snapped and killed him with the right provocation but would've almost certainly admitted guilt soon after to protect everyone else. Hifumi was already close to snapping and lashing out, and she struck at a sensitive spot that was already sore and then immediately presented a plan of doing it which, according to the plan Hifumi was given, would've even saved one of his classmates - rather than everyone else dying he was expecting to walk out of there with Celeste. The man was an artist for a living. It shouldn't be seen as a slight on his character for him to be fooled in his most vulnerable situation by the Ultimate Liar with exactly the right lie to punch him in the gut.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/danganronpa on September 10, 2022 12:23:03

This. Being a teacher is way rougher than it needs to be, and sometimes people in hyperstressful situations like that will lash out. Imagine being underpaid by half, overworked by triple, and then told to wrangle and largely raise not 30, not 60, but 120+ children. We put a lot on our teachers. If they can't hack it they can't, and making fun of the kids isn't acceptable, but treating it like a failure of the teacher in this environment is downplaying the sheer volume of shit rolling down that part of the hill. A volume that most people don't notice, because a lot of teachers will never let you see all the work they do.

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/HumansBeingBros on September 10, 2022 05:52:44

Doing this is how you start table fights about whether elves should be allowed to have beards

Commented by /u/Karnewarrior in /r/dndmemes on September 10, 2022 05:41:24

I always assume that rest healing is due to healers in the party using long-form casts that would be irrelevant in a combat situation but are more plausible if you have a couple hours uninterrupted. I mean, it doesn't work if there aren't any healers in the party, but that party comp is trash anyway. :P

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