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Someone should tell Nicole that she does not have to move to Egypt if she doesn’t want to.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:59:34

LOL Daniele ran away from her job as a teacher in NY and ended up teaching math class *again* in the DR! At least the class sizes this time are smaller. And *bigger*, heh heh.

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It could be due to Super bowl Sunday here in the US. TLC probably doesn’t want to mess up their ratings.

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Weirdly I’m kind of on Jen’s side here. That conversation was in no way a red flag. Rishi got a DM from a random woman, he asked her if he knows her and where she is from and then stopped messaging. It’s not like he flirted with the woman or tried to meet up or anything.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:48:04

Is that really that shady? It’s not like he hit on her.

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Yeah especially Nicole’s friends who seemed shocked even though they clearly already knew about the Egyptian guys.

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How did you pay? If they don’t send you the product you can file a dispute as long as you paid with a normal method that has buyer protection.

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I guess it’s better than taking the risk that the Supreme Court will uphold an extreme version of the ISL theory. Still, immediately revisiting recent precedents as soon as partisan control of the courts changes just highlights that the judiciary is purely a political branch. Not that this wasn’t obvious before.

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She didn’t hold a gun to his head either. They both agreed to get married and are now surprised by each other’s personalities and cultural preferences. They’re both idiots, and it is kind of weird that people are acting as if the woman is the only person who could have prevented this conflict. As if the man didn’t have the same information and also could have said, “sorry, I don’t think this will work”.

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Maybe it’s his fetish. Some girls like “bad boys”, some boys like “bad girls”.

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Literally nothing has changed since last time. It’s so surreal that she is going back

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:34:50

Jayme still looks mammalian so we might have to wait for a few more seasons worth of surgery before she turns into Larissa.

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You can’t get onto that show unless you have an adult son that you kinda maybe wanna bang.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:28:09

That’s my question with every couple like this. “We disagree on everything and hate everything about each other, let’s get married.”

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I also suspect that it was done with Michael and Angela

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:24:56

I bet he is nervous because he is done with her and doesn’t want her to come back.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:23:29

What changed between Chloe Fineman and the Egyptian guy? It sounds like the issue that existed when they got divorced haven’t been fixed, so why is she surprised that the second attempt at a relationship isn’t working?

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Daniele, sweetie, bugs ARE meat.

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LOL @ Daniele pretending like she’s not hear for “the meat”. Don’t lie to us, baby.

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It’s too bad there are no other options for relationships besides “tortured poet” and “misogynistic control freak”.

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I think they’ll all end up banging.

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based on the commercial I think they gave the mothers and sons a test to see which ones have the least chemistry with each other and they are sending home the pair that scored the lowest. Don’t ask me what that means for the “couples” who didn’t get sent home.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 21:02:16

There really shouldn’t be any mothers and sons that have chemistry with each other, MILF Manor. Scoring high on that test is a bad thing.

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It’s kind of sad that Nicole thinks that this relationship with a guy who hates almost everything about her and wants her to be a completely different person is the best relationship she’s ever had. That implies that her past relationships were somehow worse!!

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This season was written by ChatGPT. They fed a lot of random 90DF names (“Danielle”, “Jenny”, “Nicole”, etc.) and 90DF tropes into the AI and this is what came out: * The relationship that clearly formed after a middle aged American lady got dicked down on vacation * The relationship where the man is a super conservative Muslim who wants to marry someone from a completely different belief system for no reason * The relationship where the Stern Asian Parents stock character disapprove of their son marrying a foreigner and they have to keep it a secret * The cast member who clearly sees this show as a springboard into a modeling or IG influencer career * The ongoing debate about whether and when to tell your family that your partner is LGBT

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:57:30

Well, at least she can still hug her dad. Hopefully he’s a “DILF”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:55:56

Is “Nicole” played by Chloe Fineman?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:54:09

Plot twist — Jen IS Jenny, in a parallel universe.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:48:52

Omg they are going to recycle the Jenny and Sumit storyline with Jen and this other guy!!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:45:54

It’s the same actor, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:45:33

I bet you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to lick the floors in public restrooms either, right?

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Wait, isn’t that Patrick’s brother John (Patrick and Thais)??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 5, 2023 20:43:10

She shouldn’t wait for Littlefinger to die, she should appoint a proper lord of the Trident now before things spiral too far out of her control. An overlord who doesn’t live in or visit or even notice what is going on in his lands is worse than useless.

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I don’t think it’s a common thing at all outside of scams. A normal person wouldn’t want to go to all that effort for something they can easily just go out and buy in a local store.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 20:37:22

I bet they heard of this scam from a stranger “friend” they met on social media too.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 20:32:02

It might be foreshadowing for us as readers, but I don’t think that it means that the *characters* know that Jaime is not Tywin’s son. That would be a massive, massive thing and if it was widely known in-universe there’s no way there would be no hints or rumors mentioned.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 20:21:58

There's a common fan theory along the lines of that (saying that Aerys either had an affair with or raped Joanna Lannister). If it's true, it is very, very unlikely that it was well-known in-universe or circulated within the Lannister family or the royal household.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 19:56:46

The chapter is called "The Griffin Reborn", the 61st chapter of ADWD.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 19:55:37

No, it’s not a thing that actual / non-scammer women ask for. Scammers play on the fact that a lot of victims are so eager that they’ll ignore how bizarre the request is.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 19:19:35

I’m rewatching season 6 and there’s an episode where Dean beats up Sam and in particular you can see him slamming Sam’s head into the ground over and over. Something like that would likely lead to brain damage or even death but in TV shows it is very rare for those types of injuries to do lasting damage even when it looks like they should. From an IC perspective, I assume that when the Winchesters are healed by angels or die and are revived, their bodies are cleaned of any lingering negative effects of injuries (torn rotator cuffs, shattered knees, badly healed bones, concussions/brain damage). Prior to the Chuck thing happening that was the most common explanation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 5, 2023 19:01:28

I think you’re right that more episodes would not have helped. My personal theory is that the show runners made the decision to start deviating from GRRM note’s early on, which they have the right to do, and then had to hurry to get to the GRRM’s planned ending even after cutting out the build up to that ending. Fixing the show isn’t about more episodes but about embracing the changes that the show made to the original source material and coming up with an ending that lines up with the show. It’s not a bad thing for a show to deviate from a book but once they do that they have to own the changes they made and figure out how the story should work starting there.

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> The YouTubers’ use of English may reflect this effort to reach global viewers. Both YuMi and Song A also helpfully include English names for their channels: YuMi also goes by “Olivia Natasha,” and Song A by “Sally Parks.” Who is this for? It’s clearly aimed at non-North Koreans, specifically people who speak English. But it all seems so unsettling and uncanny valley.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueReddit on February 5, 2023 18:52:37

He’s playing both sides.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 5, 2023 18:41:22

Those animals are pretty common in mythology and folklore, aren’t they?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 18:37:41

There used to be an online scam company called SaladCrazy that specialized in this kind of thing. It ended up closing down after the owner died in a helicopter crash.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 18:35:01

>That promise is his word and the word of the Lord of Casterly Rock is worth more than a kingdom's fortune, so if he fails to pay them upon victory, no one trusts house Lannister for generations. I never said or implied that Tyrion wouldn't pay them if he wins. I am saying that he only has to pay them if he wins. If he dies, which is very likely without their support, he doesn't need to worry about this. If he lives, and if he succeeds in getting into a position of power, he will easily be able to repay the sellswords. >And are we ignoring the fact that 500 men can't even take the smallest of holdfasts let alone (arguably) the strongest castle in the Seven Kingdoms? (It's built into a literal mountain, immune even to dragonfire) In no way does Tyrion expet the Second Sons to unilaterally seize control of Casterly Rock or Westeros. Think of the Second Sons as table stakes for the Game of Thrones. They aren't enough to single handedly win any war, but now that he is one of them he has more power than he did as a helpless slave and captive. He has their protection and if he makes the right moves to end up on the winning side of the wars to come, he could be in a position to take back more power which he can then use to compensate the Sons.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 13:33:21

He's not giving away anything, really. He is just giving the promise that he will reward these men handsomely if they manage to get him back to Westeros and if he succeeds in reaching a position of power. It's actually a pretty good deal for Tyrion since at that moment he was basically a helpless, penniless fugitive and now he is back in the game, all at the cost of some paper. If Tyrion's plans succeed, he will easily be able to pay off the surviving sellswords what he promised them with plenty of money left to spare from the spoils of victory; if he fails, then it doesn't matter what he owes them since he will be dead or in slavery somewhere.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 5, 2023 13:18:46

Do you know if the Jose from this episode was meant to be the same character as the Jose from the Danny and Rosa episode. I know it's the same actor who plays both characters but I wasn't sure if they were meant to be playing the same person.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on February 5, 2023 13:13:59

There’s so many scenes like that! I just rewatched the vampire episode from Season 6 (the one with the twilight vampire). There’s a big scene where all of the vampires get a message from their Alpha and they all start seizing and spasming. I wonder if it would be possible / easy to skip all of these episodes when watching the show. The seizure thing happens in so many episodes for variety of story reasons that I feel like you would have to skip over at least 2-3 episodes per season and possibly more.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 5, 2023 12:38:41

We give the writers of this show a lot of flak sometimes but I don’t think they would ever do something as hackish as that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 5, 2023 12:35:51

I think they should have. Ideally, they would have gotten rid of it early during Obama’s first term. To me the debt ceiling doesn’t have any real value to anyone other than right wing whackos. Debates over spending, taxes, and deficits can and should be had as part of the annual appropriations process.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 5, 2023 12:31:29

If you want to get verified on a specific subreddit you should go through the rules / guidelines posted on that specific subreddit. Don’t trust any separate subreddit that claims to be able to do that for you, you have to follow each subreddit’s rules (since each subreddit has its own mods) and you should believe them if they warn you about unrelated subreddits that promise to help you with them since that is not possible.

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She publishes basically anything so chances are she occasionally gets tips that turn out to be true. Similarly, if you read enough truck stop bathroom graffiti chances are you’ll see something accurate written there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 5, 2023 12:23:49

It kind of makes sense. If Republicans were genuinely concerned about the deficit they could have used reconciliation to enact any deficit reduction policies they wanted to during the first two years of Trump’s term. Instead, they did the exact opposite of that. The reason is because most of their deficit reduction ideas are either ineffective or highly unpopular, and they wanted to wait for a Democrat to be in office so that that person can take the blame for those policies. That’s why the debt ceiling never comes up during GOP control.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 5, 2023 12:21:18

It sounds like a common romance scam. A lot of people assume that all romance scams are catfishes (people using fake / stolen photos) but the version you are describing is actually a relatively common version of it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 11:51:19

Bella Reese once deepthroated Sean Michaels, whose dick is as long as her forearm. Does that make her the GOAT? Probably not but it’s still pretty awesome.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/PornStarHQ on February 5, 2023 11:49:32

Just find the biggest, baddest copyright infringer and give them a vicious beating in front of all of the other inmates. No one will mess with you after that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 5, 2023 11:06:00

The only way this could fit more perfectly is if this person was also George Santos somehow.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 23:56:23

The real mystery isn’t how the Dobbs opinion leaked, it’s why there haven’t been ten times as many leaks as there have been.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 21:54:28

Nothing, other than the fact that the subjects are just regular citizens who are probably too freaked out to take on a large group of armed men in a fight.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 21:53:09

I hope Jack got rid of purgatory. It’s super fucked up to think that think of all those good monsters like Garth, Kate, etc. being condemned to an eternity of torment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 21:45:00

You’re right. Demons are really stupid. There are a small number of them like Lilith and Ruby who are almost as smart as a normal human but most of them are very very dumb. There’s even a scene in season 6 where Crowley complains about how hard it is to rule Hell when all of his subjects are grade A morons. There’s a lot of scenes where the Winchesters will have a demon tied up and the demon will be acting smug and superior, not realizing how totally helpless it is.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 21:41:03

Dean discarded the amulet once he lost any hope that God would intervene in the apocalypse. Given the situation in “The End”, it seems clear that Future Dean would have done the same thing once things really hit the fan.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 21:35:22

I don’t think you’re ever going to find a definitive answer from the show. We only get one or two sentences of Ruby’s backstory. I’d encourage you to pick a region in a country that seems thematically appropriate for your story (France, England, etc). Most modern European nation states didn’t even exist back then so chances are the human Ruby would have identified as being from a specific village or a city rather than being a citizen of a country. One approach you could take is to just try to imagine what Ruby’s human life must have been like — what she ate, what she wore, what the climate would have been like, if it’s rural or more “urban”, and then place her home village in a country that fits with what you imagine.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 21:33:50

Sure, but Jimmy understood that Castiel was an Angel and that Cas needed to take him over. Cas spoke to him dozens of times and negotiated with Jimmy, promising that his family would be okay if he left with Cas. Similarly, he secured Claire’s permission by promising to use her body to rescue her parents, which he did immediately after she said yes. Something very similar happened with Michael and John Winchester; John let Michael in and in return Michael saved Mary and the brothers from Anna, which is what John asked for. Compare that to the Gadreel situation, where Sam thought he was talking to Dean the whole time and did not fully understand that he was being obsessed. He wasn’t even awake for the conversation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 21:23:17

There’s no way to take down an organized crime syndicate without working with shady people. Only shady people will even be involved enough to be able to help.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on February 4, 2023 18:33:55

Yeah I think if your kid is legitimately in danger you’ll put up with or work with anyone who might be able to save them, even if they are total scumbags. Anyone who says that they would probably not being really honest with themselves.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on February 4, 2023 18:32:41

I’m pretty sure she was the one with the Nazi boyfriend or significant other.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 4, 2023 16:47:42

I think Santos's reputation in the local GOP is way worse than Trump's. As i mentioned above, the fact that he is an obvious charlatan isn't the issue, it's the fact that he lied about silly stuff that makes him and the local party and district look bad.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 4, 2023 16:40:06

I'm not denying that the war against drugs is stupid, I'm just saying that the history and tradition inquiry doesn't stop states from banning or regulating things that aren't protected by the Constitution.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 16:21:32

In the earlier seasons, angels really did seem to require authentic permission. For example, while Lucifer does initially approach Nick in the shape of his dead wife, he quickly explains his true identity and motives to Nick and asks for permission. There's even an element of reciprocity involved since Lucifer convinces Nick not just to let him in but also to endorse his plans to attack God. I can't think of any situations prior to season 9 where an Angel was able to possess someone just by tricking them into saying the word "yes" in an unrelated conversation. Since season 9 changes a lot of Angel lore and backstory (eg making reapers into angels) I think that's part of the changes that the writers made at that point.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 15:34:09

It might be something akin to obscenity laws, where something would be legal if shown to adults but potentially not legal if shown to children.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 15:17:36

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 15:12:47

Theres no constitutional right to take drugs though, so the history and tradition aspect wouldn't come up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 15:11:59

Fox did a comedy series based on this case starring Brittany Snow, Megalyn Echikunwoke, and Emily Osment as three of the daughters resulting from this. Some of the funny storylines they came up with for the show was an episode where Brittany Snow's character accidentally has sex with her half brother (before finding out about the sperm donor) and the prosecutor on the sexual assault case having an affair with the doctor's defense attorney. Surprisingly this concept didn't get renewed for a second season.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on February 4, 2023 15:08:39

They can’t be that stupid, though, right? They have to at least be vaguely aware that prison is an inherently coercive and restrictive environment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 11:44:48

Luckily someone was prepared to jump on the lawyer's word choice using a typical Alison-esque, "I hope you didn't say what you clearly said": Person A: >As an attorney, this is a pretty shitty response, that is essentially going nuclear on something that may leave a bad taste in your mouth but isn’t actually harming anyone. I would not recommend this, if for no other reason that as in house counsel, if I heard one of my employees did this, I would be looking to gentle remove THAT person for opening us up to liability and/or abuse of their position. Person B: >Whoa. Wait. Are you telling another commenter that their comment was shitty? Please don’t do that if that’s what you really did here. “I disagree for X reason” is good but that seemed quite rude.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 4, 2023 10:05:59

Yeah it's hard to really feel sorry for her. Outside of politics, it is hard to think of another industry where someone would be humiliated to retire after successful five-decade-long career of achievement. To the extent that this is humiliating and uncomfortable, it's because she and so many other politicians have chosen to cling onto office as a form of taxpayer funded socializing / elder care. That's not really something that deserves to be indulged.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 4, 2023 09:46:58

Hard to say. We don't even have a clear list of what the Colt can kill in Supernatural, to the point where there used to be fan theories stacked upon fan theories to explain what Lucifer meant back in season five (ie did he mean God and the four archangels, or did he refer to five separate species of monster, etc.) I always assumed that it could kill ordinary monsters though, anything that is alive and has a physical body that can be hit with a bullet.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 4, 2023 09:41:08

I think they forget that, to someone who doesn't have the full context, long and vague complaints about previous jobs are usually not that interesting. If you only have, say, 30 minutes for a job interview, how much of that do you want to spend talking about how much you hated random strangers (to the interviewer) or rehashing old grudges?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 4, 2023 08:32:53

I think they’re using that in a tongue in cheek, ironic sense.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 4, 2023 07:26:32

My take is that people usually recommend jobs that they don’t really know much about. They assume that if they don’t personally know what the job entails then it must be pretty easy.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 4, 2023 07:24:56

This scam is perpetrated by fairly sophisticated gangs that put a ton of resources into it. A lot of people assume that scammers are never willing to video call or always use fake pictures, but that’s not the case with crypto scammers. It’s so profitable for them that they can afford to really put on a show if they think they can get hundreds or thousands of dollars from someone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 4, 2023 00:55:07

The whole episode wasn't worth watching.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on February 3, 2023 23:55:52

Very true. I just think it's interesting that one set of absurd lies are basically mandatory and the other set of absurd lies are taboo even though the former are more serious and threatening than the latter. Like, if Santos had said that he believed that Biden legitimately won the 2020 election we wouldn't even be talking about him right now. He would have been run out of the party on a rail long before making it to the general election. Right now, he's not in trouble for being dishonest in general, he is being in trouble for being dishonest about petty and silly things. If he stuck to the approved lies he would be a hero.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 3, 2023 22:59:47

After Dobbs came out I learned that many people, even many people who consider themselves pro choice, honestly had no idea that abortion rights were in any way being eroded or diminished prior to 2022. It’s like the entire 50 year timeframe prior to that where abortion rights were eroded piece by piece until it basically didn’t exist in half of the country somehow escaped their notice.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 3, 2023 22:41:02

Oh I just meant that the style, dialogue, and the plot in the episode felt way more like an average CI episode.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on February 3, 2023 13:03:38

I’ve never once heard of a real job interview that does done exclusively via text message of any kind. I’m not saying that it is impossible since I know that if I do someone will respond to me and say that all of their jobs have interviewed them via text message or Reddit direct messages. But i will say that 99.999999% of the time, a text only job interview is a scam. The scammer doesn’t want to talk on the phone or let you see their face because they think you’ll see through the scam if you do and because they are probably in a different time zone from what they are claiming.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 3, 2023 13:01:26

That seems pretty minor compared to global genocide TBH. It’s interesting as well that the vast majority of people who are victimized by the Others had literally nothing at all to do with cutting the heart trees.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 3, 2023 12:54:56

What did the humans of Westeros do to nature?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 3, 2023 12:30:42

I think you’re right. If the bastard is clearly well liked and supported by the king there a better case for the marriage than if the bastard was shunned or marginalized. It also depends on the lord — someone like Sybil Spicer is very hostile to the idea of marrying Joy Hill even though Joy is in favor with the Lannisters (Tywin made an effort to find a match for her and Jaime seems to be fond of her and her father).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 3, 2023 12:24:50

I think when people in the general public say “the polls”, they really just mean the media coverage of the polls and the election forecasting from pundits. I don’t think most people actually look at the polling averages or the underlying poll reports on their own. If you watched cable news or read any newspaper, the red wave and red tsunami coverage was everywhere and most of the time they were pointing to at least a few polls that seemed to back them up. When the coverage turned out to be overblown, people didn’t distinguish between the media interpretation and the underlying data that was supposed to be informing it. To the extent that 538 and Nate Silver have become conflated with the polling industry in the minds of the general public (ie people who aren’t /r/fivethirtyeight power users), that’s likely where a lot of the criticism is coming from.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 3, 2023 12:19:17

Good catch. It’s common for scammers to register throwaway domains for just 1 year (since they know they have to abandon the site eventually once it gets used on too many different victims). They don’t want to spend too much money on the site since they will have to make a bunch of new ones later on.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 3, 2023 11:50:59

That’s a tough situation. I think Lucifer would have to find someone else to break the first seal. There have to be more than 2 righteous people in the world, right? The worst case scenario is that Michael takes a historical hero from heaven and sends them to Alistair.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 3, 2023 11:48:15

I think those two things are closely associated enough that it doesn’t feel like her being two separate characters though. Like, it doesn’t sound *crazy* to me that a teenage girl with a tough home life might end up in an inappropriate relationship with a college student for some time (which is what happened). When we learned that in season 5, it wasn’t too shocking because we had already seen Benson having issues with her mother in season 1 and even seen her specifically defending a very similar relationship in season 1 between an adult man and an underage girl. With Cassidy, his character received almost no development or backstory in season 1 and was basically rewritten as a different person when he returned 12 seasons later. I don’t think that’s bad writing or anything, but it’s definitely noticeable because we don’t get to see Cassidy develop at all since he wasn’t on the show and the changes made to his character don’t connect at all to anything from season 1.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on February 3, 2023 11:42:07

Dick, by itself, is also a slang term for detective

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on February 3, 2023 11:32:56

It must have been strange to be on T_D the first time racism showed up there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on February 3, 2023 11:32:16

Part of the reason is because most of them aren’t lawyers. When they see a question like this, they treat it like AITA or Adviceanimals. For me what gives it away the most is that they often don’t ask or even wonder where the LAOP lives. They seem to think that there’s one law nationwide or worldwide that covers all employment situations and don’t seem to be aware of things like state or local regulations, other federal civil rights laws, collective bargaining agreements, etc. It’s not that they misunderstand what these laws say, they don’t even seem to be aware that these are worth addressing. I feel sorry for anyone who gets legal advice for a sensitive issue here.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/badlegaladvice on February 3, 2023 11:24:45

That whole episode felt like a Law and Order: Criminal Intent script got accidentally mixed into a stack of SVU scripts.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on February 3, 2023 11:21:13

The Cannon situation is a good example of why this kind of thing might not be necessary. She overreached and the government appealed her ruling and got it overturned in short order. The alternative proposed approach, where the government simply ignored the adverse ruling in the case, would have had far reaching implications beyond that case. It would mean that no criminal defendant would be able to challenge the government’s tactics against them in court. Precedents and statutes like the AEDPA have already dramatically narrowed the procedural and substantive due process rights of criminal defendants, but something like this would eliminate them entirely. I think people who are advocating that idea are assuming that there’s a way to limit the harm of that to just politically charged cases where judges are clearly overstepping, but there’s no actual way to limit it that way. The worst pain won’t be felt by people like Donald Trump, it will be felt by people who don’t have any money or political power.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 3, 2023 11:19:06

I agree. Ask a reader makes sense for low stakes general questions where you just want people to share their anecdotes and experiences. If you want something professional and sophisticated, throwing it out to a general audience and then, after a few hours, snippily adding a note that you only want experts to chip in is just dumb.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 3, 2023 10:44:31

Sadly that’s not just them. I’ve seen a lot of takes gleefully pointing out that AI could make painters, cartoonists, other artists, etc. obsolete. I expect this kind of rhetoric from actual corporate executives but it’s always surprising to see what I assume are regular people who are happy at the idea that artists might be eradicated.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on February 3, 2023 10:39:19

I wonder how the lanternflies feel about this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 3, 2023 10:36:31

Anyone who uses the word “woke” seriously is a douche bag.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 3, 2023 10:32:12

I think the MLM stats are for participants as a whole. The people who are at the very top, who have a network of recruits below them, probably profit greatly in proportion to the losses suffered by their recruits.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on February 3, 2023 10:31:27

There’s probably a subset of the population that actually liked him more because of the controversies. After all, even before the election he was an election denier / Stop The Steal type, and people voted for him knowing that. It

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 3, 2023 10:26:03

Thanks for the context! That looks shadier than I thought.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 3, 2023 10:24:18

At some point, probably in the 2090s or later, there will be a final report summarizing every investigation spinning off from the 2016 election.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 2, 2023 22:15:07

Not a fan of Carol's second act?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 2, 2023 22:11:43

Honestly you can't rule it out. They could also be pissed that she is repping cherries even though apples are Pennsylvania's unofficial state fruit. I'm sure she didn't intend to be provocative but some folks take that stuff super seriously.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 21:24:15

They are both human women who often have red hair and freckles, which is enough to be treated as an illegal cloning experiment and shunned by Hollywood. It’s pretty harsh and strict but that’s the law.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 21:09:46

I always wonder why some angels don’t care. It’s made clear starting in season 4 that it is hard for an Angel to find a vessel and they are basically powerless on earth without one, yet so many of them basically burn through theirs as if they were demons who can just grab someone off the street whenever they want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 2, 2023 21:06:18

He stopped being able to teleport so in the later seasons (post S8) he was just a guy who occasionally gets yelled at by his former coworkers whenever they happen to see him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 2, 2023 20:57:46

Yeah it's a shame that Alison didn't take this one herself or pass it on to an expert. I actually think the LW can turn her life around if given the appropriate feedback and guidance but I don't think the commenters will be able to help.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 20:25:35

Smart thing to do would be for Dany to adopt some kids and name them Targaryens. She could also start a breeding program if she finds other Targaryens like Aegon and Jon. She might not be able to bear children for them but that doesn't mean that someone else can't.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 2, 2023 20:15:46

I doubt this would screw up her career/future. The absolute worst case scenario for her if she gets convicted is that she winds up serving as a US Congresswoman for New York's 3rd district. Hopefully she won't end up like that though. But I doubt it will come to that even if it turns out she did steal the blouse on purpose. After reading the article it honestly seems like an innocent mistake to me, not intentional shoplifting.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 20:12:11

What stops them from just making an NFT out of your avatar without even talking to you? I don't get that part My suspicion is that they plan to take you to a website where you can mint your avatar as an NFT for them to buy. If they offer to buy it for $100, you might think that it's not a big deal for you to pay $10 to make the NFT. Of course, the site is fake and they just made $10 for free . That's my guess.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 2, 2023 20:06:57

My take is that he has a belief system that the best ruler is a meritocratic king -- someone chose from birth and raised and trained to put the realm first and themselves second. I actually don't think he cares about bloodlines or things like that; he believes that anyone who has the right combination of brain power, good judgment, and education can become a great ruler. To that end, he is willing to experiment on Westeros, sowing division and ruin so that his handpicked and groomed candidate can swan in and save the day.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 2, 2023 20:03:48

I'm not sure if there is a Dateline episode. I read a book about it by Peter crooks and also listened to a This American Life. The book is much funnier and goes into a much deeper dive about the case though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on February 2, 2023 19:59:05

He was actually a comedian (like doing sets at clubs and things like that) prior to becoming the host and I think he still did it off and on when he wasn't hosting.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 2, 2023 19:51:38

This might be a sequel, where the guy escapes and kills yet another alibi girlfriend or whatever.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on February 2, 2023 19:49:57

I'm mildly impressed at how long he waited to stage a combat. I'm used to these "cancel culture" victims / predators coming back in a couple of months.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 19:48:13

>We're told Chloe paid for other items using a credit card, but is accused of not paying for the blouse. At some point, the police got involved, and cops say Chloe admitted to taking the blouse -- giving it back to an officer. If she paid for the other items and not the blouse then couldn't it really just be a mistake? I would understand if she stole *all* the items she took or if she bought a bunch of cheap knickknacks to disguise the fact that she stole something really expensive, but the scenario described honestly does sound like a mistake to me. I'm probably getting the details wrong but the description makes it sound as if she took her cart to the register, scanned most of the items she took but missed the blouse inadvertently.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 19:46:24

George Santos has crossed that threshold where you can type any crazy shit you want about him and I would be, "Yup, that sounds about right."

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 19:41:37

Yeah, plus in politics people are willing to take so much in terms of bad pay, abuse, etc. just to have the opportunity and connections that someone has to be really bad to have that level of turnover. I'd be more sympathetic to the argument that it's just misogynistic lying if people weren't throwing their jobs away.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 19:38:52

That reminds me of Keith Raniere's volleyball games.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 19:33:32

Another super recent example is the Megan thee Stallion and Tory Lanez case. Reading a lot of the music subreddits and social media chatter made me think someone was running the Johnny Depp playbook.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 19:28:53

I think there's a big difference between getting rid of the filibuster and getting rid of judicial review. IMHO, getting rid of the filibuster would only be good for the country. It would allow parties who secure unified control of government to enact whatever legislation they would like and voters could see and hold them accountable for their policies. The current filibuster by contrast is basically nonsense. It requires a super majority vote to rename a post office but allows massive changes to taxes and spending to be enacted by simple majority. You can confirm judges for lifetime appointments by a simple majority but you need a super majority to declare a new holiday. Getting rid of that wouldn't really upend the structure of the Federal government or dramatically expand the authority of the government -- whereas getting rid of judicial review would allow the president to essentially rule by decree as long as their party controls 1/3 of the Senate.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 19:23:14

In the flip side she seems to think that her pension is not worth maximizing (she talked about forfeiting an extra $15,000 a year as if that was a meaningless amount of money), which implies that she's not worried about money.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 2, 2023 19:16:05

Honestly I'm just impressed that Mark's daughter is still alive.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 19:14:55

Yeah that's a common thing that I see on job advice boards in general. Someone has a very picky set of requirements and is asking for help brianstorming ideas for jobs, and most of the responses are from people recommending jobs that they only vaguely understand (real estate agent! janitor! marketing consultant! park ranger!) It kind of says a lot that most commenters don't think that the OP would be any good at their own jobs, probably because they recognize that their job does require some attention to detail, ability to think critically, and at least a minimal level of impulse control. There may be jobs that don't require any of those things but I bet they are rare...

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 19:13:38

Yeah this is really one of those things that a FAQ would help with. There's really not that much a job applicant can do to the hiring manager or the person running the job posting when they get ghosted. You can maybe send a reminder email but beyond that you're kind of stuck either waiting around for them or moving on.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 19:06:22

That's hilarious. Is this a question about neurodivergence or a request for brainstorming jobs for quirky people?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 18:05:05

It sounds like this was a criminal case, so the defendant didn't really have a choice to not have their appeal of their conviction heard by the 5th circuit.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 16:42:28

It does sound correct under Bruen. One thing that makes me wonder is whether this argument could also be used to overturn state laws about gun violence restraining orders. Even though these proceedings give the gun owner the right of due process to contest the removal of their guns in court, I can see a court ruling that there are no circumstances (other than a felony conviction) where they can be allowed.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 16:41:40

I believe you. I was just saying that I don't know who these people are beyond the very very basic info so I was just guessing what the OP meant.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 16:26:21

Yeah I'm not at all familiar with these people or ha, that was just how I interpreted the comment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 16:24:29

I think the implication is that he is a jerk because he is basically insulting his own wife by saying that he feels sorry for OP's mother for having to work with her.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 16:21:18

It's not surprising. He's basically the embodiment of all right wing trolls on sites like Reddit or in the comments section of local news articles. He's not just loathesome, he's loathesome even compared to other people who have the same political beliefs.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 16:19:28

Is this from the same rumor factory as the Jane Krakowski / Mike Lindell (My Pillow Guy) rumor?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 2, 2023 16:18:08

Yeah in a weird way it's like arguing with creationists or conspiracy theorists or other people like that online. It's not that they are genuinely confused or ignorant, it's just that they're mastered the art of spinning arguments around and around and flooding the air with so much nonsense.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 16:12:20

I suspect that all of the specific recommendations that people have will be for jobs that the posters don't do / know anything about. It will be interesting to see if anyone actually suggests a job that they have a thorough understanding of.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 16:06:17

The Friday threads are filled with people complaining about shitty coworkers and incompetent bosses. There's no they would want to intentionally work with someone like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 16:03:56

I think their argument is that because they had to ask a patient or a client those questions, they felt the need to also share similarly intimate details about themselves to reciprocate. Which sounds kind of dumb and probably the best example of why their work struggles beyond just poor attention to detail.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 15:59:24

I think what they forget is that if you like someone, their quirks can be part of their charm. If you don't like them, or you don't know them, what's your incentive to put up with it especially if their quirks actually cause problems for you? I'm sure the OP is a nice person and I wish them the best. But I think even they would concede that they are an acquired taste and they can't always guarantee that random coworkers and managers will acquire that taste.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 15:57:59

I wonder how much of this is them getting in their way. If they have this self image of the flippant wacky person then they might feel like they are being inauthentic if they have to suppress it, especially if their career goals are things like: >global research, project management, quantitative and qualitative research, published as first author and data analyst in a field where that’s unusual If they are willing to completely walk away from that, and basically retool their life in order to get to a very different work culture and environment, then there's no way of avoiding this: >Unfortunately it turns out that as you get older, huge upheavals to your life become less feasible and take more time. I don't think there's a realistic scenario where this person can stay in similar work environments that haven't worked without changing *something*. If changing their personality is off the table then they'll have to invest the time and effort to change career paths / work environments.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 15:54:09

His politics didn't come up in the book I read (this was a few years before Trump became some people's entire personality) but yeah it's not surprising. IIRC Kenda compares Marino to Rupert Pupkin, the villain from the Robert De Niro's "The King Of Comedy" and honestly it really fits.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on February 2, 2023 15:49:22

If Reddit is any indication , a lot of right wingers really do see male circumcision as being the same as female genital mutilation. I think they would be happy to ban both practices (gender affirming care and circumcision) for younger people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 2, 2023 10:36:52

It's better than having a booze themed deck like that from GX.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on February 2, 2023 10:33:26

The vast majority of the spin-offs are just generic dating shows or family drama. The only show that still focuses on the K1 process is "90 Day Fiancé", the other spin-offs feature couples who are not considering marriage, couples who are already married, and couples who are not planning to immigrate to the US. As for your question, my theory is that the show saw how much people responded to trashy couples like Mohammed and Danielle and Nicole and Azan and then decided to lean in on that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 2, 2023 10:31:03

They are also worried that the person might click on the link by accident which Would ruin their plans.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 2, 2023 10:28:07

She used to be better about giving practical advice and encouraging people to pick their battles. I suspect that her advice has changed partly due to lack of recent experience and partly due to changes in the general discourse around work and relationships since she started the blog. For example, in the "insanely petty" letter that you mentioned, her answer is heavily inflected by the whole "punching up vs punching down" theory of comedy. The gist of it, at least as explained on Twitter, is that it's okay to be rude or mean to someone as long as you perceive them to have a higher status / level of privilege to you ("punching up"). I don't think she would have given this same advice many years ago; I think she would have encouraged the LW to just forget about this person and move on, especially since it doesn't sound as if they had any actual interactions or conflicts. She may even have pointed out that the person's absences could have been the result of some kind of protected situation such as a medical leave type of situation. Nowadays she is more likely to go along with this kind of thing because it aligns with a newly forming cultural norm online about who deserves empathy and who doesn't.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 2, 2023 10:21:43

A lot of people - scammers, people who sell expensive mascara in mall kiosks, etc. know that people are often uncomfortable just walking away from a conversation. they know that if they can get you to start talking to them in a friendly way (what some MLMs call "warm chatter"), it will be hard for many folks to extricate themselves even if they are uncomfortable. My recommendation honestly though is to always just walk away. You don't have to explain yourself or argue with them, and you definitely don't have to verify how the scam works (which is another mistake that people often make --- assuming that if they can't understand the scam then it might be legit). It's natural to not want to be rude to a stranger but these types of people have ruined it for everyone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 2, 2023 10:03:05

I hope not. It would be horrible if illiterate psychic scammers from Nigeria took away good paying jobs from illiterate psychic scammers from America.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 2, 2023 09:59:42

I assume it's the Comstock Act, but annoyingly the article doesn't link to the actual letter anywhere as far as I can tell.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 09:57:26

Yeah. One of the tricky aspects of doing that is that once you break the norm , it becomes impossible to really compel anyone else to follow it either. This would mean that any law that relies on judicial enforcement or involves the judiciary in some way -- which is nearly all of them -- becomes inoperable at least as it pertains to the executive branch. I'm sure there are some people who genuinely believe that the judicial branch is so broken that nullifying it completely would be justifiable, even if that means giving the administration of a future President Trump, President DeSantis, or someone else like that literally uncheckable, unreviewable power. For some people, that's a risk worth taking in order to end the threat of an out of control judiciary. But for anyone who still believes that there is some value in allowing citizens to challenge governmental actions in court, something like that would be a nightmare since every future administration will simply ignore any injunctions they don't like.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 09:55:03

I always felt that Sarah Vandella actually would be good at teaching that subject. She's one of the few performers that actually has charisma and can deliver dialogue convincingly, so she probably could be a good drama teacher if she had the temperament for teaching.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/PornStarHQ on February 2, 2023 09:44:03

Right? Unfortunately no, my username is just a mash up of parts of my name.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 09:35:05

I wouldn't be surprised by that. One of the risks with this type of app is that it's hard for a lay person to really tell the difference between something that is accurate and something that sounds plausible and well thought out but is nonsensical or even flat out false. There's a post on SCOTUSBlog where they asked ChatGPT 50 questions about the Supreme Court. It gets about half of them wrong, and some of the answers were way off. What's unnerving is that it does get a lot of questions right including some relatively nuanced topics. This is bad because those accuracies might make it hard for a lay person to tell if there's a potential problem with the other answers. One of the reasons why ChatGPT is so impressive is because it is eloquent and able to produce original thoughts in a more conversational style, but I think it would be negligent for anyone to use it (at least right now) for anything sensitive especially if they themselves don't have the knowledge to validate the quality of its responses.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 09:34:09

Chris Butler (shady private eye) and Carl Marino (the guy who plays Kenda in the show, a shady former prison guard turned reality TV wannabe) had a private investigative agency a while back. The gimmick they tried to use was that the main investigators would all be housewives / soccer moms, who Butler said were naturally good at investigative work and seeing through BS. They tried to get a reality show going based on the premise but it ended up falling apart when it turned out that most of the cases they were working on had been made up using actors. At the same time as all that, Butler, Marino, and his friend, an actual cop named Norm Wielsch, had been committing all kinds of crazy stuff all over California including staging DUI stings to shake people down. They ended up crossing the line when the cop decided to start stealing drugs from the police evidence vault and giving them to Butler and Marino to sell on the street. Marino ends up getting pissed off because he wasn't getting enough screen time on the reality show and turns in Butler and Wielsch for the drug dealing and extortion ring. The show ends up fizzling out and Marino ends up moving on from there into acting and ends up being cast as Lt. Joe Kenda on Homicide Hunter. There's a hilarious book about by Peter Crooks (a reporter that Marino initially reached out to about the PI Moms hoax and the drug dealing) as well as a segment on the podcast "This American Life". The book even has a section where Crooks talks to the actual Joe Kenda and he shares a couple of anecdotes about Marino's weird behavior on the show (such as the fact that he -- and only he -- has a chair with the name LIEUTENANT JOE KENDA written on it even though the actual Joe Kenda does not).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on February 2, 2023 09:28:04

He’d probably do it for a lot less than $25.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 2, 2023 07:00:09

The actor who plays his younger self is kind of a weirdo apparently. He was mixed up in that whole Chris Butler / “PI Moms” mess from a few years back

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on February 2, 2023 06:58:37

My take (which I think is pretty common in the fandom) is that Varys is playing the game in order to get his own vision of proper leadership into power. Whether this is a Blackfyre restoration or a genuine Targaryen restoration or some kind of meritocratic system where the best person is groomed from childhood for the job regardless of their bloodline is anyone’s guess. Varys likely believe that Aegon will be the best king and is willing to do anything to bring that about, even if that means intentionally destabilizing the realm and sowing chaos that harms the poor and weak most of all (as in his murder of Kevan which was done specifically because Kevan might do a good job). If Varys was a pure altruist, he would support and assist any competent ruler who is trying to bring peace and stability especially knowing that winter was coming, but he isn’t. He’s willing to sacrifice any number of people — starting with his mutilated child slaves all the way up to entire populations of brutalized peasants to get his way. At best that’s an “ends justify the means” argument and it is hard for me to see him as a good person or even a lighter shade of Gray. The only thing that really makes Varys better than Littlefinger is that Littlefinger’s motivations seem to wholly self serving and nihilistic whereas Varys at least seems to intend for something good to come out of his schemes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 2, 2023 00:09:54

Team Skyler! It is season 6 episode 17 (Robin and Wayne).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on February 1, 2023 23:58:37

Laura wasn’t in that episode though. I just watched it and it was Nev and Max.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on February 1, 2023 23:57:20

I can't even tell if you're kidding or not. The actual show went so far off the rails that there might really be a spinoff series like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 1, 2023 22:28:03

That whole thing kind of encapsulates the problem with both old and new Gawker. They are so often sloppy and reckless with the way they do their jobs and they seem almost disdainful whenever they get called out on it. They seem to think that if the person they are talking about is famous (a term they use extremely loosely) then there's no reason to make any effort to get the facts correct or check anything.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on February 1, 2023 22:26:39

The conventional wisdom is that he managed to convince the world that he was basically Iron Man. I think part of his appeal is the way he really engages directly with his fans on Twitter in a way that other CEOs really don't. Like, if you tweet at, say, Jeff Bezos or Tim Cook or someone like that the chances that they'll respond or get into an extended conversation with you personally is really (basically zero). But Musk is constantly getting into freewheeling discussions with random strangers, arguing with strangers like a kid, doing random polls and stuff and apparently taking action based on the inputs from anyone who feels like talking to him that day. It creates this sense of intimacy that other billionaires and CEOs don't even really attempt to create with strangers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on February 1, 2023 22:23:19

I wonder if part of it is a class thing. Kaiba and Joey both grew up in bad conditions, but Kaiba made it out of poverty into the level of extreme wealth and Joey never did. (IIRC in the manga Joey's dad had a gambling problem or a drug problem or something and Joey had to work to support the family). Kaiba probably resents that this working class kid with cheap and borrowed cards thinks that he can compete with his super elite deck.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on February 1, 2023 22:11:05

I was so surprised and thrilled to actually get the fifth book that I enjoyed every chapter.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 20:30:30

Maybe she rolled a natural 20 on her Constitution check.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on February 1, 2023 20:28:32

Theory - Mance used the Horn of Joramun to wake the Others and sent them force as his advance scouting force. That's why they've been attacking rangers and trying to assassinate Jeor Mormont using wights. They actually *are* part of his army and he has just been pretending to be afraid of them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 20:25:15

Yeah I think 2 had the crash. 2 was the one with the black man and 3 was the one with the woman. Each episode of each season was somehow worse than the one before it and I didn’t even consider watching the 4th season.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 1, 2023 20:09:05

>Browder hoped to make history by becoming the first lawyer to use artificial intelligence (AI) to argue a case in a court of law. Browder is not a lawyer and he never planned to argue a case in court. >He did not say which state prosecutors opposed the robot lawyer court appearance. Probably because they don't exist or never contacted him. I feel like a broken record but I sometimes feel like I'm the only person who can tell that this guy is just making stuff up. He might very well have a ChatGPT type app but there is no way that he had a real defendant preparing to use it in traffic court. The only source for any of this is his Twitter account. No one has spoken to or even named the alleged defendant, court, judge, or state bar officials (sorry, prosecutors) who threatened him. No one has even tried to find them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 1, 2023 17:07:08

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 1, 2023 16:27:21

I agree. To me it's clear that Roose knows that Theon is under Ramsay's domination; he tells Theon what he wants or at least expects Ramsay to hear.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 15:55:06

That's always been my take as well. I don't think he will affect the main story but he has a side role as being .1) an unquestionable Baratheon heir in the custody of Baratheon loyalists and 2.) nobly raised. If everything pans out as expected, all other Baratheons / heirs will be dead or living in obscurity but Edric could keep the family alive if legitimized.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 15:19:06

I think that's the most common theory. I've seen some people push back hard and insist that Theon wasn't castrated / that his penis is unharmed because the book doesn't flat out say that he was. I personally find the hints that he was castrated (or, at least that his genitals were damaged severely possibly due to flaying) pretty convincing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 15:16:29

There was an episode of Law and Order like this from 1996.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 1, 2023 14:25:32

The soldier one doesn't make any sense (the military doesn't have a problem with too *many* soldiers / recruits) but the student one sounds scarily plausible.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 1, 2023 14:23:08

Remember when conservatives used to argue that the abortion question should be decided by the people through their politically accountable representatives? They really did a good job executing the pivot from that to, "actually, one judge should be able to ban it nationwide unilaterally".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on February 1, 2023 14:18:47

I think people don't really value artists that much which is why there's a lot of glee at the thought that they might lose their jobs or have their ability to earn a living from art taken away from them. There might also be some denial where people think that this will only negatively impact artists and other workers that people don't like but won't affect them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 1, 2023 14:01:05

Those kinds of comments (along the lines of "Who?" or "I don't know who this person is") gets a ton of upvotes (not just here but all over Reddit) so I think people just derive pleasure from them. For example, if you go on television and there's a post about a popular show (popular IRL but not on Reddit), most of the top comments are from people claiming to have never heard of it or claiming to have thought it ended years ago.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/popculturechat on February 1, 2023 13:58:53

Monster Reborn. That way, when you get run over by a car or whatever I would be able to bring you back to life and your loved ones wouldn't have to grieve for you.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on February 1, 2023 13:56:43

unReal. The first season works as a standalone mini series, completely resolving all of the storylines introduced and leaving the characters in a place that makes sense. The remaining seasons largely just retread the same storylines and character beats except with less skill.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on February 1, 2023 13:42:48

Even in real life, you can't just take someone's percentage ancestry and say, "Well, they must have these exact phenotypes". Even within a single family in real life you sometimes see different hair colors, eye colors, heights, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 13:36:46

On the flip side, there are a lot of people who love animals but could not give less of a shit about humans. I wouldn't necessarily assume that someone who supports animal rights has other progressive views, but I definitely take your point that this burnished her image.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 1, 2023 13:26:35

Part of it I think is a deep pockets theory. The victims of these scams are unlikely to be able to recovery anything from a now bankrupt exchange or a dissolved hedge fund. Justin Bieber and Larry David are much more likely to be able to settle these claims since they have actual money. I have sympathy for the people who lost money but I'm not sure they will be able to win, especially if their only argument is that the celebrity endorser didn't disclose that they were paid for their endorsement.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 1, 2023 13:19:50

I think their anger at Rhaegar would be washed out by their anger at the Lannisters, who unlike Rhaegar are still alive and still in power.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 13:12:18

The safest thing to do is to independently contact your company's HR and ask about what they need you to do. By independently, I mean don't use any links or numbers in this email, go to HR yourself. It could be legit but it's hard to really tell from this and the URL might not tell you anything.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 1, 2023 13:09:20

Based on this subreddit, a lot of people are really courageous online when it comes to their social media. If you send them a link to a fake Facebook or IG login portal, they will type in their username and password without a second hesitation. Sometimes the scammers will disguise the link as something else (eg pretending like they found an explicit video of the person online and saying "Is this you?!" to bait them into 'logging in' to see the video) and sometimes they will just spam the link somewhere and wait for people to click on it. Other times, they will send a password reset link to someone and say, "Help! 🙏 🙏🙏 I need a friend code to help me get back into my account plz plz plz help 😭😭😭😭". Still other times, they will say that they are in a contest and need people to vote for them using the link. This approach is even easier if they've already taken over the account of someone the victim trusts. There are a lot of ways that scammers can bait the hook but the two main methods are getting people to type in their info into a fake login page or getting people to give up their two factor authentication codes so that the scammer can reset their password and lock them out of it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 1, 2023 12:58:44

I wonder if these podcasts would be helpful if they had more input from local journalists? It's probably not easy to do but I feel like whenever I read "national" news coverage of races in my state it's often really surface level or superficial. That's not a 538 specific problem but it's something I've observed and I think it's because the people doing the coverage aren't plugged into the local media and aren't hearing directly from many people who actually live there and are talking about those issues/races a lot.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 1, 2023 12:45:01

Honestly it sounds kind of shitty that management isn't just telling people to turn on their cameras or come into the office. The, "well we don't know who they are" thing sounds passive aggressive as hell to me, and it IMHO doesn't make sense for the leadership of a business to say that when they actually have the authority to tell the staff what they want them to do in more direct terms.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 1, 2023 12:38:55

I think the issue with that is that it's not clear that Bran will be able to skin change once his original body actually dies. Varamyr and the others couldn't, for example.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on February 1, 2023 12:31:55

Yeah that's what I'm thinking as well. A lot of these sites demand personal information just to view quotes and prices and people don't always want to end up on a spam / telemarketing list if they can avoid it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 1, 2023 12:15:05

I really feel like TLC is inching closer and closer to actually showing incest. They have that Extreme Sisters show (which apparently has two sisters who share a boyfriend and sleep with him at the same time), the I Love A Mama's Boy show, the show about extreme mothers and daughters (including the ones that act like couples and even shower together) and now this. It's like they are trying to see how close to the line they can go before the audience or the cops get involved.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on February 1, 2023 12:13:40

People are shaped by more than one experience or relationship. Ted Cruz's evolution into an opportunistic creep probably couldn't be changed by any one mentor or friend in his life.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on February 1, 2023 12:08:47

Is this a reference to /u/Took5PizzasForMyKids?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on February 1, 2023 12:04:40

We also have the benefit of hindsight knowing that Ruby is evil and that all of her apparently sincere moments and character development in season 3 was fake. Meanwhile, Benny's character arc is played straight and we learn that he really does have meaningful connections to earth and a genuine reason to be there. There is at least one episode where we explore the vampire pirate operation and another episode about his human family. Ruby by contrast doesn't get anything like that after season 3. The show never gives us even one reason to trust her in season 4, and j don't think the writers even intended for her to ambiguous or mysterious in season 4.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 11:48:22

I think it really depends on the season. In season 4 and 5, Sam is really brooding over the demon blood and apocalypse guilt stuff. It's difficult to watch those episodes and deny that he is brooding. And similarly Dean does have a bad boy side that especially gets emphasized in seasons 9-10 with the Demon Dean and Mark of Cain storylines. I do think it's wrong to just say that these traits represent their entire personalities, of course, but I don't think fans are pulling that stuff completely out of nowhere.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 11:43:32

I'm in the minority of fans that really liked that character and those episodes. IMHO a spin-off wouldn't really work though. Supernatural's brand really is Sam and Dean; take them out of the story (as 2 failed spin-offs tried to do) and you might as well just make a new show without any connection to Supernatural. That's not to say that the show itself would be bad, but it would not really benefit from being associated with Supernatural.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 11:40:55

I don't think there's any real numbers along those lines in the series. It's not even clear how many monsters there are of each species, so trying to give an exact ratio wouldn't be possible.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 11:38:00

> Mississippi is actually more competitive than it normally is. Why? Because Elvis’s cousin is running as a fucking democrat. Reeves’s position wasn’t rock solid anyways, and now he’s got Mississippi royalty on the ballot. Is being Elvis's cousin that big of a deal electorally? I'm looking at other misssippi elections and it looks Republicans have secured land slide victories year after year since the late 1980s with only one exception and Republican leaning voters seem to outnumber Democrats and independents combined by 2-to-1. Is the Elvis thing really that big of a game changer?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 1, 2023 09:47:53

The show naturally focuses on the monsters that are actively hostile. Hunters really only search for monsters once they start seeing signs that they are killing people so the vast majority of monsters featured are/appear to be evil. In addition, many monsters have natural traits that require them to harm humans, such as an uncontrollable need to consume human flesh or the inability to survive without eating major parts of human bodies. For this reason, I think the number of "evil" supernatural creatures probably does outnumber the good and neutral ones. However, there are some good / neutral monsters. Season 1 doesn't really go into this concept very much but from season 2 onward there's more of a nuanced portrayal of monsters and some monsters do turn out to be good or neutral.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 09:39:22

He'll be back in a few weeks. The cold Turkey approach doesn't usually work in addiction recovery; he should instead taper off gradually using an alternative drug such as baseball or rugby (what treatment and recovery specialists refer to as substitution therapy). That way he can discontinue football without extreme discomfort.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 1, 2023 09:33:42

It could be an !advancefee scam. The last message mentions $5,500 personal loans so it might be a scenario where they will approve someone for a big loan but require them to pay some sort of fee or down payment upfront to collect the money.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on February 1, 2023 09:10:58

It’s hard to really feel too sorry for either of them if their relationship didn’t work out. Maybe if they spent less time on raping and murdering strangers and more time on healthy and legal hobbies they both may have found more genuine friends.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on February 1, 2023 07:30:20

Both types of episodes continue for the rest of the seasons. There are episodes where they hunt random monsters (eg vampires and werewolves and lots of other things) and episodes where they deal with demons and angels. Most fans think that the first five seasons were the peak of the show but there are still a lot of good stuff in the remaining seasons. My recommendation honestly is to keep watching and stop if and when you lose interest. The show is constantly playing with its formula and introducing new concepts and also rehashing old concepts again and again, and there's enough variation across seasons and inside of seasons that it's hard to really say for sure what seasons between six and fifteen will click. Like for me I personally loved seasons six and seven, liked season eight, didn't too much care for seasons nine and ten, and loved season eleven. But there are some fans that absolutely loathe seasons six and seven and love seasons nine and ten.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on February 1, 2023 00:42:41

I think even Pete Davidson would consider that excessive. Although do we know if he got the tattoos on his own body or if he has a servant who receives tattoos for him?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 1, 2023 00:34:23

Yeah I see why people are definitely concerned. I just think that random people who don't know her, especially random celebrities, posting stuff like "Someone please go and check on Britney" is kind of the worst of both worlds. It clearly annoys Britney Spears herself, and if it is true that no one in her circle cares for her then who is the message supposed to be addressed to? Is it a call to action for strangers to check on her? Or just a general statement of concern that is not actually meant to affect her at all? If it's the latter, then it really does seem like a performance.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 1, 2023 00:31:55

Yeah it's not really a progressive thing. it's just that when people fall in love with an opinion they don't really want to check any facts that might require rethinking it. For example, "Republicans and Democrats have the exact same policies" is a super popular opinion and people who are in love with that opinion don't really want to learn anything about how Congress works or what legislation members of both parties propose or enact anything like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 1, 2023 00:27:57

I don't think the comment you were responding to was exactly written in good faith...

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on February 1, 2023 00:20:46

I have a strategy to win. People who know Britney Spears in real life and are part of her orbit in real life should go and talk to her or check on her in real life if they have concerns. People who do not know Britney Spears and are bothered by her posts can just block her or, as an alternative, don't talk about her in open social media posts broadcast to the entire world. I totally get why people are concerned about her but the kind of thing that she is referring to here doesn't really help anything. It's almost like a performance of concern and it may even seem to her to be a retread of the way that she has been treated before and during her conservatorship. I don't think Alyssa Milano is a bad person for posting that but I do think the post itself was pointless. In situations like this, it's fine to just not say anything and be concerned quietly IMHO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Fauxmoi on February 1, 2023 00:17:08

Benson is not as big of a weirdo as Goren but she's still pretty weird; I think she would get along with Goren than Bishop did. It still wouldn't be great though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on February 1, 2023 00:08:12

One thing I wondered about is if Ashleigh was really up to the burden of caring for him. It sounds like she is already caring for her ailing parents and lives in another state. I think she is a really nice person and very compassionate but she is better off not being in a relationship like this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 31, 2023 23:58:48

It honestly sounded as if he was hoping it was the murder suspect. He tried to concoct a scenario where it might be OK morally speaking if she went on a meth bender and killed someone in a robbery attempt, which he considered to be equal to being disabled. Max was trying hard not to laugh when Robert tried to make that argument during the conversation they had before they met the real Ashleigh.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 31, 2023 23:56:34

Yeah it's similar to how some other Romance scammers claim to be US military soldiers deployed in Syria who for whatever reason are allowed to chat online all the time using WhatsApp but cannot use phones or videochat. They always have these vague rules that are purely intended to protect their identify and allow the fraud to continue. The OP's best bet is to end contact immediately.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 23:44:54

I've heard of gift card scams where someone is able to access the code and use the money. I can't remember the details of exactly what they do but I think it's something that happens at the store (for physical cards admittedly) or maybe someone inside the issuing company is scamming. My recommendation is to contact them ASAP tomorrow and have the original receipt and registration for the cards handy.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 23:42:35

On some level, I think soulless Sam understood that he was missing something. There's a few scenes where get a glimpse of that in the early episodes. In the first episode, the brothers are in a kitchen and they see Dean's neighbors being attacked by djinn. Sam doesn't want to do anything but Dean insists on rushing out there to try and save them. Later on, they have a conversation about Dean's decision to go out and attack the djinn: >**Dean**: I'm rusty. I did something seriously stupid going out there. I almost got us both killed. >**Sam**: And that's exactly why I want you. >**Dean**: What are you talking about? >**Sam**: You just went. You didn't hesitate. Because you care, and that's who you are. Me? I wouldn't even think to try. >**Dean**: Yes, you would. >**Sam**: No, Dean. I'm telling you, it's just better with you around. That's all. There are a few more scenes like this. For example, Samuel has to patiently explain to Sam why it would be bad to let a monster kill and eat babies. Of course, any normal person (even the Campbells) could have filled that role for Sam. However, Sam is a psychopath; he uses people almost out of instinct, and he likely realized and remembered that Dean has a much closer bond with him than Samuel (whose priority was Mary) did or that the Campbells (total strangers) did. He probably figured that he would rather be working with someone who cares about him the most and will prioritize him the most whereas with the Campbells he is just an interchangeable drone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 31, 2023 23:34:53

I think any main character in almost any action, fantasy, sci fi, series meets all 4 of these requirements, and any character in any fictional story meets most of them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 31, 2023 23:27:05

Thanks for posting this. I wish people would just lay off the amateur medical diagnosis stuff. Not only is it ignorant, it's boring.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 31, 2023 23:24:06

A few of the commenters seem to be kind of unfamiliar with technology. I still vividly remember the one comment from a few years ago where someone was marveling at the basic functionality of Google Forms (which AAM uses for one of the site surveys).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 31, 2023 22:19:44

Smart approach. I personally have a rule to never just click on a link that someone I don't know asks me to click. Even if I do know the person, I hesitate. This isn't what's happening here, but there are a lot of account takeover scams that work more or less like this (someone begs you click a link, type in a code, whatever so they can get through your 2FA and take over an account).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 21:17:35

What makes me sad is that our political system basically rewards stuff like this. DeSantis was reelected by huge margins in 2022, even bigger than when he first ran for office. Not only that, his GOP predecessor Rick Scott also has a similarly poor record on healthcare specifically (both in office and in his business concerns) and his punishment was two terms as governor + 1 term (and possibly more) as Senator. To me this suggests limited utility of health care as an attack line; if the people most directly and negatively impacted are completely happy with this type of leadership, will anyone else?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 31, 2023 21:15:31

I have a theory that they like to aim for something that is intriguing and slightly confusing. The actual photo they use varies a little (I most often see a pretty girl's face in close off or a pretty girl in a luxurious seeming setting hinting at easy wealth) but they do use other stuff sometimes. As far as not being able to reverse search it, I believe that scammers have learned to foil that by stealing photos off of personal social media and things like that in order to make it harder to find the photos. They've evolved past the point where they are exclusively using, like, well known celebrities and other really obvious stuff like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 19:43:31

It seems a little unlikely. Natalie wouldn't eat meat so why would she drink blood? IMHO she probably uses the blood to style her hair. It's a great natural conditioner.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 31, 2023 19:40:26

A few of the theories that I've seen are that Rhaegar somehow got his marriage annulled in such a way that there are no records of it, or Rhaegar somehow had Jon legitimized, or Rhaegar somehow obtained a plural / polygamous marriage similar to what old school Targs did. Because we have nearly zero information about Rhaegar and Lyanna's time together people can make up whatever theory they want about it and there's no way to prove that it's wrong or even unlikely. IIRC the show went with the annulment explanation which is as good a guess as any.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 31, 2023 19:37:39

Ideally yes, but in a world of limited resources it's hard to say that the cops should spend time on a literally unsolvable murder from over a century ago if that means reducing the resources spent on current murders, rapes, etc. The Ripper murders have gotten a ton of attention (probably more than cases that can actually be solved today) and ideally someone will eventually crack it but I don't think it makes sense for it to be a police priority.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 31, 2023 19:33:35

I was able to locate the appearance bond here. It's pretty short and I think it's worth reading since it might help clear up your confusion. As you can see on the first page, the box for "personal recognizance bond" is ticked. You can also see where the parents pledged their house as one of the conditions. In addition, you can see the list of conditions that I previously mentioned listed below (going onto page 4-5. Included in those conditions is the promise to pay the $250 million if he violates the other conditions. As far as the dollar amount goes, it's really just a sufficiently scary amount that even a wealthy family would not want to be on the hook for. The idea is that even this guy wouldn't want his family to be in debt to the government forever and accordingly will stick to the bail conditions.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 19:29:15

I’m not sure what sources you were looking at but it’s definitely not true at all that bail requires that someone post assets equal to the full value of the bail. In fact, as I described earlier, it’s possible to get a signature bond which is just a promise (what is called a recognizance bond). Typically what happens to henna person makes their appearance in court, the judge will give them a recognizance bond and/or set additional conditions

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 17:31:29

It looks like it. It’s always interesting to see how the same story is covered in different news outlets. Almost every other source focuses on the Tiffany Miller sexual harassment allegations whereas this one is translated into DeSantis speak.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 17:22:34

Either that or they just didn't pay much attention to what they were watching. They seem to think that Raniere's only discernible problem was that he was a shitty boyfriend and seem to think that NXIVM is just an MLM.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 31, 2023 16:43:03

!refund scam The idea is that you will panic when you see that you are about to get charged $329 for something that you don't want. You'll freak out and call them and they'll talk you into giving them money or access to your computer or some other trick to get money from you. Best approach to deal with it is to mark it as spam and forget about it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 14:56:58

I think the purpose of the cheating storyline (which was hastily and clumsily introduced into the last episode before the tell all) was to make Angela more sympathetic. She also got a sympathetic edit in the tell all itself and I think they are positioning her to get a reputational "glow up" similar to Debbie just before they give her own show or include her on a new spin-off (single life or something else). It seems super obvious to me.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 31, 2023 14:54:53

I mean, you obviously know that she's not currently 18 years old, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 31, 2023 14:53:25

I really admire the people who still get excited about representation on this particular show even after all of the horrific stereotypes and charlatans that keep showing up on this network. I've always wanted to become a more optimistic and trusting person and posts like this give me hope.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 31, 2023 14:51:07

I think it is, but I also understand why the LW is scared since it sounds like this person is entrenched (been there for 35 years) and all of the people she would report her to are her friends. The follow up comment gives me the impression that this person is just an asshole that has been allowed to act out for so long that no one even considers doing anything to stop her.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 31, 2023 14:47:13

>Meanwhile Trump remains popular among the party base, and few other prominent Republicans show any ability to take him on and win. As well, the wholesale abandonment of political principles for a personality cult "left Republicans without a clear post-Trump identity," This is key. The race is shaping up to be Trump vs Trump Knockoffs. None of Trump's possible rivals can differentiate himself from him ideologically. Some of them are slightly different in demeanor. But the only reason republicans are rethinking Trump is because they think he might lose; they don't have a problem with his behavior or his policies, they just think that he might not get to 270 electoral votes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 31, 2023 14:41:31

>Hell, people should be allowed to join a cult if it's what they want. I still don't understand why the entire organization was obliterated There's nothing stopping the survivors from using the valuable parts of NXIVM and ESP without the human trafficking, child molestation, and financial fraud. If people want to join a group like that, they are free to do so; what they are not free to do is commit crimes against other people just because they also benefit from the group. If you watched any documentary about the group and didn't see that the group's issues went beyond him being a bad boyfriend, then either the documentary was not well done or you missed a large chunk of the story.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 31, 2023 13:37:12

Nuanced usually just means knee jerk contrarian. Like, saying that a child rapist doesn't deserve to be incarcerated.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 31, 2023 13:35:04

I'm not sure if any documentation has been released, but I suspect that Bankman-Fried's was a signature bond (essentially a written IOU / promissory note) promise. In this case, they aren't putting up the full value of the bond, just a token amount and as the article notes they are on the hook for everything if he doesn't show up. The third parties are basically acting as sureties -- roughly analogous to someone co-signing a loan.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 13:27:28

I suspect the King's men are less visible in Dance because Davos isn't with them. No one is going to want to put themselves to Jon Snow, a total stranger, or Melisandre, the enemy. I suspect that most of the QM are people like Justin Massey, who see conversion as being a way to stay in good with the authorities but aren't fanatical.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 31, 2023 13:23:04

There are a few that are mentioned by name. A good scene for them is the scene where Davos sneaks Edric Storm away before Stannis and Melisandre can burn him in ASOS. By definition the men who assist with this scheme cannot be queen's men -- Davos's confederates in that scheme include Andrew Estermont, who is assigned to guard Edric as he sails across the narrow sea, and Rolland Storm, who remains as castellan of Dragonstone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 31, 2023 13:13:01

Yeah for me this whole thing is deeply weird. Where I work, we are constantly borrowing things that are even more substantive than a punctuation mark or a cheery sign off from each other and from other things that the company has produced. There is never an expectation that these things, even if one person did originally come up with them, somehow belong to just that one person at work. If anything, the coworker might have gotten told by a manager to make her emails sound more like the LW's as part of their customer service approach and that's why she is doing that. (The letter mentions that people are having a positive reaction to that approach). The LW will come across as out of touch if she says anything.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 31, 2023 13:07:07

Unfortunately that's kind of the downfall with dealing with a small business. They're not all like that, but some of them are. Your best bet might honestly be to drop your subscription, especially if the content that you've already purchased doesn't seem worth it. You already know now that there's a chance that they will try to bait and switch you and the platform wont help.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 12:57:16

I haven't seen the full context yet but maybe it's a situation where their data set is limited in some way so they can't really say for sure why these people were in the list. They might have had a data set where they could find people with active warrants, people who were currently in custody, etc. but then they had a bunch of people that weren't tagged at all, either due to some kind of bureaucratic oversight or an IT system error.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 12:50:40

If you think about it, Office Depot itself also sells copiers at a markup from the companies that manufacture copiers. It's not really a good idea to just buy something expensive sight unseen without even doing any comparison shopping whatsoever, but as long as the person didn't lie about what they were selling or lie about the price it's probably legit. Is your boss the kind of person who makes impulse buys a lot?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 12:46:24

It sounds like Paxton filed a motion to dismiss which has been denied.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 12:43:55

I wonder if maybe it feels much worse than it is because it was a big contrast to the LW's normal personality. Like if the LW was normally pretty friendly and even tempered, they might have been caught off guard by how easily they got riled up. I think the advice to apologize was good ; it doesn't have to be long winded but it's worth a shot and if dickishness is out of character for them I think the apology would be taken seriously.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 31, 2023 12:41:02

If it was just the email I think the LW is just being silly. But she also took the LW's fake name (Jane), which seems a little aggressive. What's next? If she going to start taking the LW's job responsibilities? Break into her house and steal her clothes to wear? What if the LW comes home from work one day and finds the other Jane canoodling with the LW's spouse or eating her food out of the fridge? No, she has to nip this one in the bud now before it escalates. The next time "Jane" (ugh) plagiarizes a turn of phrase or a punctuation mark in an email, the LW should (calmly, professionally) reply all to the email and politely point out that these phrases/marks/whatever were borrowed without permission and that it would be appreciated if the recipients deleted "Jane's" original email unread so that she has to rewrite and resend it. And once the LW has her attention, she should let Jane know that the next time she catches her pulling a stunt like that again, it will be reported to their boss. That seems harsh but you really can't let stuff like that slide.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 31, 2023 12:37:17

Maybe there is a real company by that name but the people who go around messaging random IG users offering to sell them jewelry are almost always scammers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 31, 2023 12:18:38

I'm not sure there's anything specific about White Harbor. Controlling Winterfell and the North would be a huge boon for the Tyrells; they'd control two kingdoms directly in addition to being the power behind the Iron Throne. I don't think Olenna gave a shit about the Manderlys and planned to do anything to them; indeed, their wealth and prosperity would benefit her directly since Willas and Sansa would be collecting taxes from White Harbor and the navy would part of their army.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 31, 2023 12:17:21

I think they're all normal citizens, even if they are inmates. The whole thing just seems pointless and stupid to me. It's like if "America's Most Wanted" was mostly about people who were already in jail or people who were not being pursued by the authorities. Would anyone watch that?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 31, 2023 12:11:58

If the woman needs to kill the man to avoid being stolen, doesn’t that suggest that it isn’t actually an elopement ritual or something that the man and woman arrange together? The impression that I get is that the woman doesn’t really get to be in on the plan in an elopement sense; if she doesn’t like what is happening, her only option is to respond with lethal force. This might be better then what the Dothraki do but it still sounds monstrous, especially since the wildling argument suggests that if the man is able to overpower the woman then that means she loses the right to reject him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 31, 2023 07:13:42

Isn’t that a Reddit issue and not an Apollo issue? The same issue exists if you block someone and try to reply to a thread involving them even if you use the Reddit app or the web browser; I don’t think Apollo can change that since it’s a part of Reddit’s functionality.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 31, 2023 07:04:07

Yeah it kind of reminds me of HG Wells “The Invisible Man”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 31, 2023 06:59:06

In this case it doesn’t sound as if they know what a federal judge is. It’s not that they don’t like a given ruling, they seem to think that lower court judges don’t interpret the Constitution at all.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/badlegaladvice on January 30, 2023 23:35:18

Maybe what will happen is that Bolsonaro will be able to stay in the US for as long as he likes, but if Brazil requests his extradition and the court processes go against him there then he will be arrested/extradited back there. From what I've seen, Brazil hasn't charged Bolsonaro himself with anything yet and hasn't commanded him to appear, so I don't think the US government really needs to do anything to him yet.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 30, 2023 22:57:04

I think the writers just aren't as good. I don't expect the legal stuff to be super accurate, but the trial portion of the episodes are always super straightforward in a way that makes it undramatic and boring. Everything is always exactly as it appears early on in the episode. There are no twists, no sudden reveals, very few tough calls to make. It's like the writers are worried that they might startle the audience if anything even mildly surprising happens during the last 1/2 of each episode.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 30, 2023 22:50:40

**Michael**: In fact, I'm gonna do your mom and your dad a favor. **Dean**: What? **Michael**: Scrub their minds. They won't remember me... or you. **Dean**: You can't do that. **Michael**: I'm just giving your mother what she wants. She can go back to her husband, her family— **Dean**: She's gonna walk right into that nursery! **Michael**: *Obviously*. And you always knew that was going to play out one way or another. You can't fight City Hall.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 30, 2023 22:45:24

It's possible that if the show had continued, he might have been revealed to somehow still be alive. But I think as the episode was written, they intended for him to have really died there. (Just as how, in season 5, they really intended for him to have died and if the show had ended there they would have left it that).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 30, 2023 22:42:44

I don't think it's most shifters, it's just that the shapeshifters that *don't* kill people probably don't attract attention from hunters. If you think about it, there's really nothing about a shapeshifter that would cause a hunter to come looking for it. It's not like a vampire or a werewolf where them just living their lives requires them to commit very obvious crimes on a regular basis. A shapeshifter could go about its business for an entire lifetime without a hunter even realizing it was in the area, and I bet 99.99% of them actually do. It's just the .01% who coincidentally also happen to be serial killers, rapists, or bank robbers that give the rest a bad name.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 30, 2023 22:38:45

No, there were actually two episodes back to back with the same basic idea. S6 E14 was the one where he had car issues and couldn't make it before he left, and S6 E15 (the very next episode) was the one /u/clearwatermelon mentioned.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 30, 2023 22:35:52

Yeah I thought it was a mistake to have this episode right after 'Kelsie and Brandon' (another episode where the guy seemed flaky but turns out to be real in the end). As far as the relationship goes, I think that this is actually a natural reaction when a relationship drags out for a long time online without ever getting serious. AFAIK they started talking when they were really young like 13/14 and have been in and out of contact periodically for long stretches of time. IMHO, the weird part isn't that she wasn't into him when they met, it's that she even tried to look for him after the 2nd or 3rd time he ignored for a year. He definitely was going through some really tough stuff so I don't blame him at all for not having time for her, but from her perspective it doesn't make sense to wait around for someone who clearly doesn't give a shit about you and doesn't have the time/energy/emotional bandwidth for you. Just move on and find someone else. This is one of those episodes where the "hopeful" really shouldn't have bothered trying to find the person.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 30, 2023 22:34:35

There's a similar issue with trying to get medical providers in some rural areas. The low population density and other issues makes it hard to support health services networks (especially in places without Medicaid expansion and also have low insurance rates) and it ends up being a compounding issue where each issue makes the others more difficult to resolve. It might even be more complex than for lawyers since hospitals require more supporting infrastructure; it's not just getting one person and their family to move the way North Dakota was able to do as described in the article.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 30, 2023 22:21:22

There’s no such thing as Florida though. The only two places in the world are New York City and the Dominican Republic. You have to pick one, and if you don’t like it your only option is the other place you didn’t pick.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 30, 2023 21:37:47

I’m not following your logic. You’re saying that chess is not a good analogy for chess?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 30, 2023 20:30:11

Nah it’ll be like some kind of weird logic puzzle where all of the primaries happen at the same time and never do.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 30, 2023 20:28:45

I don't think it's because of racism, but isn't it possible that the majority of voters there prefer the GOP's political message? I got the impression that the last federal Democrats in those states were the last holdovers preceding a major partisan realaignment. That's not to say that Democrats shouldn't try to be competitive there, but there's a chance that the reason North and South Dakotans are heavily Republican voting is because they agree with Republicans more often than they do with Democrats. If that's the case, there's not a lot Democrats can really do about that without changing their platform to be more like the Republicans.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 30, 2023 16:09:23

You're definitely right about the corruption, but I still think the "days" framework is misleading when the war started decades earlier.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 30, 2023 15:30:44

You're absolutely right. Mastodon in particular just isn't the same kind of site as Twitter. Back when people were making their moves, they all seemed t have the idea that Mastodon was basically a smaller open source version of Twitter, but that was never really true. Mastodon doesn't just have fewer users than Twitter, it's a fundamentally different concept for a website.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 30, 2023 15:26:05

Same! It's not as if using a fake name will somehow give away anything sensitive. The only thing worse is when they decide to only use pronouns and avoid names at all, so if there are 3 Hes and 4 Shes in the letter you have to draw a diagram to figure out which person is doing what to whom.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 30, 2023 15:14:41

AAM commenters seem to always want to concoct explanations for stuff even if the explanation doesn't matter or affect anything. There's nothing in the letter that hints at an affair or a sexual assault or anything like that. The LW has no way of finding that out and even if she knew that's what happened there's nothing she can do to change that. She's not going to call her boss and preemptively deny a rape allegation on behalf of her father. My take is that people who say things like this just want to seem insightful and wise and don't really care that their comments are off putting or unhelpful.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 30, 2023 15:09:16

Barely squeaked by after like 15 rounds of voting though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 30, 2023 14:58:54

Moral panics are great politics. There's a reason why even after the Red Scare and the Satanic Panic, people still keep trying to come up with new ones.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 30, 2023 14:58:31

In fairness to the Afghans, it's a lot harder to fight your own countrymen as opposed to a foreign invader, and their war against the Taliban had been grinding off and on for like 20 years. It's not like the US withdrawal was the first stage of that conflict.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 30, 2023 14:53:47

I guess for me the difference between this and a contract is that a contract is negotiated between two parties with consideration whereas NH and Iowa unilaterally claimed the first primary and first caucus positions. It’s not like every state got together and agreed to be bound by that, it’s just two states seizing power and trying to make laws that affect every other state. The contract analogy doesn’t work too well in that scenario. If NH wants to be the first their only option is to bargain with or threaten the DNC; their state law doesn’t mean anything to anyone who doesn’t live in that state. It’s not a federal law, an interstate compact, or a contract with either the DNC or the other states.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 30, 2023 07:34:20

I wonder what would happen if multiple states enacted a law like this, essentially trying to codify their arbitrary order preferences. It seems like the only reason NH and Iowa got away with it is because no one tried hard enough to dislodge them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 30, 2023 07:03:02

Heh maybe he doesn’t any more. He’s always on the road and hasn’t been home in a while. I bet if Tywin or someone had visited it would like a serial killer’s hovel with body parts and refuse smeared everywhere.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 30, 2023 06:52:59

They usually don’t bother sending anything. If someone is dumb enough to give their financial info to a site like this then the scammer will just take them for all they can get.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 29, 2023 23:22:47

Yeah we probably won’t get an itemized list or anything like that from Valyria. I’d be shocked if even a single POV character even goes there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 23:03:40

Those are all good questions and I think they highlight why this whole scenario is basically a Rorschach test. Rhaegar fans will bend over backwards to come up with reasons why he had to do everything he did in the worst possible way, and Rhaegar haters will refuse to acknowledge any possibility that Rhaegar was anything more than a delusional pedophilic kidnapper. We have so little information about Rhaegar’s or Lyanna’s thought processes or plans that pretty much every theory about them is closer to fan fiction than anything else. It’s one of the mysteries that I wish we could get answers to because it’s such a black box in the first five books.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 22:23:11

Don’t apply for a job at his castle.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 22:13:16

Heh I just got this one! Like erectile dysfunction

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Jokes on January 29, 2023 22:12:15

I guess it depends on how we are defining failed relationship. Whitney broke things off with Andrew after she realized she wasn't as into him as he was into her, and Kim broke things off with Jackson because she found someone that she liked better. Leighton broke things off with her twin sister (I can't remember the character's name either!) because she realized that she didn't really want to be in a relationship with someone who was so similar to who she used to be. I'm not sure why Whitney's relationship is a failure while the other two aren't.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 29, 2023 21:58:27

I'm so relieved that Darcy is dating again. I've always felt that her biggest issue is that she doesn't focus enough of her time and energy on relationships with men.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:55:23

Daniele: "The American Dream is not real." Apple Evelyn: "Immabout to cut a bitch!"

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:51:10

Kris, just let that go, you still have 9 days before marriage.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:49:23

I don't know those two siblings IRL and I also don't think the names are too similar to each other. It's not like they were named Nora and Dora or something.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 29, 2023 21:47:46

>And why are they obsessed with making all her romantic relationship fail ?? Rubs me the wrong way Which cast member has had successful romantic relationships? All four of them have been through multiple breakups over the past 2 seasons.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 29, 2023 21:44:35

Honestly I found him a little too similar to Bela's guy -- the rude, tactless, super-ambitious guy with similar interests to the female protagonist who ends up falling for her despite the fact that they butted heads a lot. The writers didn't really give Andrew any positive personality traits (the closest was his ambition, which made him honestly come across as being both desperate and sycophantic in his interaction with her mom), so I can't really be surprised that it didn't work out with Whitney. At least Bella's guy had a sense of humor and had some scenes with her when he was positive and encouraging to her. If they do bring him back, they need to make him more of a 3 dimensional character.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 29, 2023 21:43:59

They both end in 'a' and have 'or' in them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 29, 2023 21:39:24

This reminds me of Pete Davidson who has to get tattoos added and removed for each new relationship.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:34:31

The language barrier is really helping Daniele here. Since he doesn't understand that she lied to him (yet) their relationship seems happier than it probably would be if she explained it to him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:28:45

This one?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:20:25

Kris is probably going to be demonized on this subreddit, but let's not forget that Jeymi is *also* willing to marry someone 9 days after meeting them in person. Not exactly a green flag for a non-messy person either.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:17:28

I love the looks of blank incomprehension on her friends' face when she says, "I don't think an extra $15,000 a year would be meaningful at age 63".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:05:07

It's too bad that there are no other places in the US besides New York City.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:02:36

Yeah I feel like TLC is inching closer and closer to showing straight up incest.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 21:00:29

She can manifest money out of the air. She also owns a yoga studio that seems to be doing well.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:59:49

Ellie! They have a similar storyline but Ellie wasn't really into magic or spirituality as far as I remember.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:59:19

It might just be, like, medicine for horses or charms to make the horses healthier, stronger, faster, luckier, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 20:58:45

They did this story arc with Kenneth and Amando (where Kenneth had to tell them that he was gay).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:54:27

If it turns out to be a scam, and they won't refund you, can you do a chargeback with your bank?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 29, 2023 20:53:06

This guy seems so likeable that he is going to turn out to be a total monster by episode 3/4.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:51:51

Hopefully he'll be able to recruit one or more additional people since a one person parade is basically a guy busking.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:51:21

I feel like strippers wouldn't be able to rely on something like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:47:19

I love how we have straight up commercials embedded into the episodes now. I'm surprised they didn't have a promo code.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:45:17

The scams are usually not particularly elaborate, it's just that people can't really identify the red flags properly. For example, they think that if they look up a website and don't find any negative information, that means it's probably legit. But that's backward -- a lot of scam sites are brand new and completely obscure, so there wouldn't be any negative information about them. Instead of doing a search, just apply some common sense. Does it make sense for a celebrity to be begging for money online? Why are you paying money to meet someone? If you think about it that way, you'll do the smart thing and cut off contact.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 29, 2023 20:44:18

Oh I thought you meant Jen's brother.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:40:03

Wait a few years, she'll end up just like 90% of the cast members.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:39:23

Jenny was on HEA, but with Sumit instead of Rishi.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:35:56

Wait, isn't this bald guy the same actor who played John (Patrick's brother) from the Patrick/Thais from a few seasons ago? He's doing a different accent but it's the same guy, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:34:11

Warning to anyone who is new to this franchise: anyone who seems nice or cute by episode 1 will turn out to the spawn of the Devil by episode 4 at the latest.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:31:41

I think they were on 90Day Fiance: Love In Paradise. I never saw that show but other comments mentioned it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:30:35

"It's hard to pinpoint what made me fall for Rishi." *TLC shows several photos of Rishi standing around in his underwear*.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:21:44

Oh my God, they are really recycling the Molly and Luis storyline about witches!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:17:09

Ah, it's Stock 90DF Trope #280, "middle aged tourist goes to the Caribbean, hooks up with someone working in the tourist areas, and decides to get married".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:15:54

I thought that was Natalie for a second.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:13:10

9 Day Fiance is the weirdest spinoff.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 29, 2023 20:12:03

It just be an empty DVD case.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 29, 2023 19:56:02

It feels like something Zapp Brannigan would say before sending wave after wave of his own men into a black hole for no reason.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/offbeat on January 29, 2023 12:40:14

That’s so frustrating! I wasn’t aware that digital art wasn’t covered under seller protection. Unfortunately I’m not aware of anything that you could have done differently beyond what you already tried. You can check the /r/PayPal subreddit in case there any tips on tackling this with them. It sounds like the “buyer” in this case is a real predator though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 29, 2023 11:52:44

As far as theme goes, I think Aegon is meant to be the fulfillment of Varys’s riddle in ACOK (the one about the swordsman who is confronted by a king, a priest, and a rich man — each of which commands the swordsman to obey him alone and kill the others). The solution that Varys gives is that power resides where people believe it resides. Aegon, if the theory is accurate, is just an ordinary boy who was plucked from obscurity and raised and trained to be a good person and a great ruler. If he succeeds, and people accept him as king, then his actual genetics don’t really matter . That’s not to say that *no one* will care about his ancestry or that we as readers won’t find out, but I don’t think Varys or most of the other characters will be able to nail it down completely. From an in universe standpoint, proving Aegon’s ancestry will be very hard. People who support Aegon’s claim will accept that he is who he says he is, and people who don’t will reject him. There’s no blood test or anything that can give undisputeble proof — even if he can ride a dragon, that only proves Targ ancestry (which the Blackfyres and many other people have) and not specifically that Rhaegar is his father.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 11:45:22

A weathervane is a device that moves around when the wind is blowing. Jaime’s joke is that Donnell just goes whenever the wind blows him — he changes which king he supports constantly. It’s the Westeros equivalent of accusing a real life politician of flip flopping.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 29, 2023 11:44:25

I think what /u/stupidsuburbs3 is saying is that there isn't any evidence that he was like this prior to his involvement in the Trump era. He doesn't have a documented record of corruption or abusing his power in his past career. Based on the NYT reporting, it's as if Durham discarded his own ethical principles, the ones he worked by and publicly advocated during his decadeslong career.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 29, 2023 11:30:33

I'm not sure it really needs more of an explanation. The monsters in Purgatory hunt for pleasure, and they don't have anything else to do to occupy their time. Angels and humans never appear in Purgatory (they either go to the empty for Angels or to Heaven or Hell for humans), so they are rare and special game. It's kind of like how humans in real life sometimes like to go on safaris and hunt exotic animals even though there's nothing special about the animal other than the fact that it is rare or hard to find. There's no actual benefit to hunting in this manner other than pleasure, since they don't need to eat. Its kind of like how dead humans in Heaven spend all day reliving their favorite moments of life; there's no actual material benefit to doing this, it's just for fun. Same for monsters.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 29, 2023 11:20:37

We actually see that [angels cannot smite leviathans and leviathans can easily crush angels though](

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 29, 2023 11:16:16

Seasons sixteen through eighteen would just have regular CDs with the letters 'SPN' hastily written on them in smudged sharpie.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 29, 2023 11:12:20

I wonder how many monsters escape by being smart enough to wait an extra day or two between murders so that they think it’s over and leave.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 28, 2023 22:09:03

Good for you for catching it before you sent money. Zelle should only be used with people you know and trust in real life. You should be fine if the only information you gave out is your email address; you might get some other scam attempts send to that email address but beyond that there’s not really a big risk of someone knows your email address.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 28, 2023 21:37:55

I personally think you’re correct (almost every state does follow the thinking that you’re describing), but I was just pointing out that it hasn’t been ruled on yet by SCOTUS. The Florida Supreme Court did rule on this exact issue but they later reversed themselves after DeSantis replaced 3 retiring justices with new, more reliably conservative justices. Florida’s law does contain an explicit requirement for unanimity in death penalty cases but they could change that if they wanted to and there is no current case law that prevents that. Hurst isn’t on point and the state level decisions have been overturned recently.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 28, 2023 20:47:00

Stannis wast the one who was called out the names — but the names were of the 3 remaining rival kings (Robb, the King in the North; Joffrey, the King on the Iron Throne; and Balon, the King of the Iron Islands). It wasn’t exactly a big guess that in the War of the Five Kings, Stannis would want to kill the other four kings especially since this happened after Melisandre killed the only other king (Renly) using another form of black magic.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 20:40:54

If Melisandre is wrong, she dies, but that doesn’t bring back Edric or change the fact that Stannis would now be both a kinslayer and a child murderer. Melisandre has no proof that killing a little boy will give Stannis a dragon; that’s never happened in the history of Westeros and her leech ritual was a fraud. Davos made the right call.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 20:37:53

I agree with this. I think even outside of ASOIAF, a “sacrifice” where the person making the offering does not value or care about the thing being offered seems sort of off.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 20:35:41

That’s not what Hurst said though; in Hurst, the issue was about whether the death penalty law that Florida had at the time was constitutional. The specific problem that SCOTUS found was that in Florida, the jury’s vote to recommend death or life in prison was purely advisory and it was up to the judge to independently make the decision whether or not to impose the death penalty. The fact that it was a majority vote didn’t really factor into the outcome and wasn’t ruled on here.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 28, 2023 20:32:43

Also I don’t think Dean or Sam ever found out that Cas was the one who let Sam out.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 28, 2023 19:48:29

I don’t really care about the non-work-related personal griping personally. Even if it is not especially dramatic or intense stuff, the personal stuff just doesn’t strike me as interesting enough to snark on. I pretty much never read the Saturday/Sunday threads for that reason. For me the most interesting and nutty comments worthy of snark tend to be related to the work threads and actual advice column letters.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 28, 2023 16:33:23

Ohh interesting I hadn’t heard of that one before. Thanks!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 16:30:31

I think that was just for the guilt phase, not the penalty phase. Florida has a state law that requires that the penalty (eg death) be agreed upon by all 12 jurors in the trial, but they could theoretically change that if they wanted to and allow the death penalty to be imposed by a majority or super majority vote without requiring unanimity. It’s hard to imagine the state’s Supreme Court reversing itself a 3rd time and requiring unanimity.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 28, 2023 16:30:03

I guess I’m still not seeing the connection between Robert and Rhaegar and Jon and Satin (and I fully could be missing something obvious here so my apologies if so). Why would Robert care that Rhaegar’s son is gay or bi?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 16:27:55

I think an elder chaos gremlin is a bad guy in an action adventure game.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 28, 2023 16:17:37

Would Robert really have an issue with Jon and Satin? I don’t get the impression that he really knew or thought about Jon that much. I always thought Elia and Lyanna would be funny though. Like maybe Elia wasn’t mad that Rhaegar gave Lyanna that crown, she was just mad that Rhaegar beat her to it. Utterly implausible as a twist but still funny.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 28, 2023 15:54:13

There’s an episode where a Russian suspect referred to her as a girl with “a heart like KGB”. I think working with her is why Jack is much more mellow in the seasons starting with Serena.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 28, 2023 15:36:04

A lot of times the person who runs isn’t even involved in the actual crime, they are just up to something else that they don’t want to reveal (eg they aren’t the killer but have drugs on them or something). I do think it’s kind of silly that the cops always shout the person’s name from 20 feet away though. They could more easily and safely wait until they are standing next to the guy to start the conversation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 28, 2023 11:54:05

Yeah that’s why I’m not sure how useful this research will be in tackling mass shooting specifically. The risk factors they describe seem to apply to so many people that do not commit mass killings that how do we (regular people) use this information?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 28, 2023 11:50:01

I don’t know if it is a scam. I think your approach to wait for the delivery date is smart. As long as you paid through eBay and didn’t go outside of that process you should be covered if something is wrong with the transaction. The only scam that I am familiar with is the one where the scammer mails junk to generate a tracking code, but there’s no reason to assume that that is what happening.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 27, 2023 19:24:22

It sounds like the OP actually does call the boss “Mr Spacely” and is ignoring the boss when the boss asks to be called “Cosmo”. Which to be honest is kind of weird to me; I don’t think I’ve ever worked anywhere where it was normal or common to refer to coworkers or bosses as “Mr/Ms Lastname”. The fact that the OP keeps getting corrected and refuses to change their approach probably says more about their personality than it does about the company though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 27, 2023 19:20:57

I agree. It’s clear from the situation that the OP can’t do anything about it. People are always going to grouse about something. If someone says that it’s a little chilly outside, that doesn’t mean that they expect you to change the weather. So many AAM style problems are from people who don’t know how to just let stuff that doesn’t affect them and doesn’t actually matter pass them by. It’s like the people who flip out whenever they see a mass email that doesn’t directly pertain to their interests or whenever they overhear a conversation about a topic that they don’t personally find exciting enough.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 27, 2023 19:13:23

I think there’s some value in encouraging peope to become more critical. Trying to hide offensive or even dangerous ideas honestly doesn’t seem practical to me. Even if you can stop bookstores and libraries from carrying bad books, how do you stop people from accessing misinformation through social media or online or from word of mouth? It seems like the solution of book banning is both ineffective at the goal of stopping misinformation (which can spread easily elsewhere) and has the negative side effect of restricting open debate, inquiry, and critical thinking.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/books on January 27, 2023 19:07:18

I think the argument might be that the guy was presented as an independent and neutral expert who can opine on the quality of the investigation, but he isn’t actually independent or neutral since he does so much business with the court that he would be influenced not to say anything bad about it for fear of losing those other lucrative gigs. The article also implies that there wasn’t a competitive bidding process and the court awarded the engagement to someone they were used to without attempting to see if there were more affordable and/or more experienced/high quality consultants they could have used. I don’t think this is that big of a deal. It was SCOTUS itself that chose to take a histrionic approach to the initial leak, and the fact that the investigation turned out to be untrustworthy and ineffective isn’t really a surprise. Most people predicted that when it was first announced, since the person leading it didn’t have the experience or the resources to do a thorough job. The organization, by its own choice, is subject to very few of the transparency standards or operational standards that a similarly sized executive branch agency would have. In my experience, this is actually pretty standard. In a way, this reminds me of those businesses and nonprofits that are dismissive of internal controls and don’t really see the need for them since they assume that no one would hurt them; then they get hacked or embezzled from or end up in some kind of scandal and suddenly have to put in place controls that they refused to even consider beforehand.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/scotus on January 27, 2023 19:02:53

Yeah that’s where I’m at as well. It’s one thing to make payments like that when it’s a landlord that you have met in person, lived at the property for months with no issues etc. at that point it’s a reasonable risk to take since the chances of it being a waste of money are lower. But sending money via Venmo or Zelle to someone you’ve never even seen before, who you’ve only communicated to via text message, who could be literally anyone? No.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 27, 2023 18:40:43

I think it’s valid to cite content from the show (even trailers) when specifically commenting on the show. It is a little cheap to cite that quote when referencing the quote though, since it doesn’t match book Dany’s state of mind at that point in her arc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 27, 2023 18:26:46

Whoopi Goldberg’s Fagin-like character from season 5’s “To The Bone” was chillingly creepy. That fact that she was one of the few villains to >!more or less get away scot free!< makes the episode especially intense. I also like Bernard from season 5’s “Slither”, the one that was based off of Charles Sobrahj. The connection that they made to >!Nicole Wallace!< was clever.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 27, 2023 18:20:11

She’s a classic reality Tv show villain, loathsome by design. I’m pretty sure she and Bilal’s friend were brought on to build up the supporting cast of people we would love to hate (boosting their chances of an additional season or a spin-off). It’s kind of like how Chantel and Pedro had a bunch of annoying side characters (her brother, his mother and sister, etc.) to fill up the roster.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 27, 2023 18:16:22

Maybe, but it still strikes me that even the original pitch was presented in a nonsensical way and had no method for anyone other than the CEO to verify any basic details. Imho reporters shouldn’t just print people’s tweets as if they were factual accounts, they should ask tough questions and try to corroborate aspects of the story and if they can’t do that they should say so. Every year there’s a scandal about something like this (not about AI, but about reporters credulously believing something that someone tells them and repeating it and then having to awkwardly walk it back when it turns out to be a sham). At a certain point it becomes an ethical issue IMHO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 27, 2023 18:13:59

In the book, the quote is actually: > "It has a name, does it?" Her father sighed. "Ah, Arya. You have a wildness in you, child. 'The wolf blood,' my father used to call it. Lyanna had a touch of it, and my brother Brandon more than a touch. It brought them both to an early grave." Arya heard sadness in his voice; he did not often speak of his father, or of the brother and sister who had died before she was born. **"Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it.** You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her." To me, that sounds as if Rickard forbade Lyanna to carry a sword around, not that Lyanna never actually learned how to use one or learned how to joust or anything like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 27, 2023 07:43:54

Yeah it’s kind of like Ancient Rome where certain rules like Titus have amazingly good reputations because they were alive for such a short amount of time that they didn’t have time to alienate any historians. Like, what would Aerys’s reputation be if he had died prior to the Duskendale incident? Probably pretty solid even among nobles. I do think Baelor Breakspear was a legitimately awesome person though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 27, 2023 07:40:51

Honestly I hope more social media businesses do this. There are posts on this subreddit on a daily basis from people who get scammed by ads they are on Facebook, Google, etc. I’m sure that even with this process there are still scam ads on Tiktok but anything that even somewhat slows it down would be a big help IMHO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 27, 2023 07:39:03

There was another case that was like this that I read about from Orange County, California. It involved this businessman David Brown who groomed his teenage sister in law (Patricia) and his daughter (Cinnamon) to kill his current wife so that he could collect the life insurance and marry the sister in law Patricia. He had intended for Cinnamon (the one who actually pulled the trigger) to die by suicide after leaving a note confessing to the murder, but she survived and eventually came clean while she was in juvie, exposing the whole plot. Patricia, the sister in law who was also involved in the murder plot had been molested by him since she was in the sixth grade. After they killed her sister she ended up marrying him and having a kid with him. After they are both arrested she ends up testifying against him though. For me, that’s especially disturbing about this case is the sheer amount of grooming and manipulation that this guy did. It’s like he turned his family into a weird cult.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 27, 2023 07:37:27

I agree. 12 year olds are supposed to be in middle school (7th grade, I think). No adult has any business getting into a relationship with them. If the adult man had some sort of mental health issue then that might affect his own individual culpability but that in no way makes the 12 year old girl responsible for his actions or somehow more guilty than him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 27, 2023 07:31:35

It’s a weird and stupid error that they introduced in season 13 and eventually abandon a few seasons later. I have no idea why they bothered since they had it correct for every other season and every other show they made set in NY.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 27, 2023 07:25:23

Joe Biden was on SVU once as himself (as Vice President), during season 18. There was also an episode of SVU in season 7 where Donald Trump was slated to play a rape victim based loosely on himself but it didn’t work out scheduling wise. The character was eventually recast with Julian Sands.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 27, 2023 06:56:07

It’s a nice idea but the timeline doesn’t add up. Joffrey killed that cat many years before the start of the story, back when he still had his baby teeth and when Stannis was at court. Ser Pounce is one of the 3 kittens provided to Tommen by Margaery after their wedding in AFFC; it is too young to be one of the kittens from the kitchen cat, and Margaery wouldn’t have been able to get Joffrey’s kittens anyway since she didn’t live in the city until recently.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 27, 2023 06:51:54

I don’t think Eastman or most of the Jan 6 crowd did this for money (or, at least, they didn’t do it so that Trump would pay them — they might have hoped for donations from conservatives). I think it was a mix of political opportunism and a sincere and deeply felt contempt for democracy. Like I really think a lot of these folks would love for America to be a country where a bunch of tycoons, military leaders, and shady lawyers can just decide who the next president will be and unilaterally cancel election results to get the outcome they want. Heck, I think some of them would like it if we just abolished elections entirely and had the RNC just appoint Congress and the President directly m, no campaigning required. IMHO that’s really why so many people were drawn into Trump’s orbit; they didn’t expect him to pay them, they just hoped or believed that he would actually seize power in the thuggish and lawless way that they envisioned (ordering Pence to toss election results in Eastman’s case, or sending in the military to hijack voting machines as some of the others suggested). If they had succeeded at any of this, it would be the end of democracy as a concept within the US; once that line is crossed (where the losing party simply refuses to leave office and seizes power by force), there’s no way to really undo that. I think that’s what Eastman and friends hoped for and why they tried so hard.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 27, 2023 00:53:33

It’s interesting that you bring up the chess analogy; even though AI is brilliant at chess, we still have human chess grandmasters and the game is really focused on humans. People are still willing to watch and are still interested in watching humans play the game even though an AI would be more skilled. If we follow the logic of (some) techno utopians, once a computer becomes even slightly good at something — no matter what it is — then humans will be replaced in that thing. But is that actually true? Maybe, maybe not but people are just flat out declaring it as an immutable fact of history when we don’t actually have a good reason to be confident of the outcome.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 27, 2023 00:43:31

It definitely could be a scam. Information such as names, phone numbers, current and former addresses, the names of relatives, roommates, etc. are super easy to get online so unfortunately it doesn’t mean much that they have this information. My advice honestly is that you should continue monitoring your credit; if you actually are served with legal papers then you should contact a lawyer; and otherwise continue your current approach of not calling the number. If it’s a scam you don’t want to give them even a tiny chance to mess with you.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 27, 2023 00:14:08

Yea I keep harping on this but I’m confident that he made the whole scenario up. There’s no traffic court case, no defendant, no judge, etc. The only evidence is a vague tweet from the CEO of a company saying that this is going to happen soon and then a second tweet saying that it’s not going to happen. There were never any sources or any checkable details in any of the stories about this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 23:55:34

McCarthy wouldn’t dare do anything to him. The only way Santos gets in trouble is if he crosses the line from insane fabulist to actual convicted felon.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 23:46:26

The writers are so lazy. They just recycle the same plots over and over.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 26, 2023 23:45:28

I think it’s Tom’s girlfriend (Tom as in Darcy’s ex).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 26, 2023 23:44:16

I think /u/Serena_Sers theory is spot on. One thing I also noticed during my rewatch is that SPN has had multiple universe monsters before and they seem to be outside the Angel/demon power structure. For example, the fairies of Avalon or the lovecraftian entities that appear periodically starting in season 6. There was a leprechaun that could apparently get into Hell and spring open Lucifer’s Cage without needing to use the rituals performed by Lilith and Ruby, for example. The Akrida are probably like that — entities from another universe that operate outside of the direct supervision of Michael / the angels and can more or less do whatever they want. After all, how bad can they really be? It’s not like they would end the human race, right? Right??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 26, 2023 23:43:00

McCarthy doesn’t have to do anything to them now. It’s not even really up to him; as we saw with Cheney, Kinzinger, etc. anyone who crosses the party risks censure by state party discipline, withdrawal of support for their next primaries, getting savaged by conservative media, picketed by activists, not to millions of dollars in donor funding to prop up some other far right whacko in the next primary. Mcarthy himself would probably prefer not to rock the boat but he doesn’t control the party establishment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 22:34:05

It’s like a “what not to do” series. Like Goofus and Gallant, except with just Goofus.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 26, 2023 22:28:19

I feel like the main cast is kind of a given so I'll focus on characters who aren't in every season Male characters * The Irish witch Patrick from "The Curious Case Of Dean Winchester" (season 5) * The young John Winchester from seasons 4 and 5, in general and especially when he is possessed by Michael * Henry Winchester (Season 8) * Baldur, the Norse god from "Hammer of the Gods" (season 5) * Mick Davies from season 12 Female characters * The witch? demon? Tammi from "Malleus Maleficarum" (Season 3) * The Whore of Babylon from "99 Problems" (Season 5) * The Plum sisters from "Various & Sundry Villains" (season 13) * Harper Sayles, the necromancer librarian from "Optimism" (season 14) * Jack's mom from season 12 * Maggie, the Apocaypse World refugee from season 13/14 * Anna the Angel from season 4

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 26, 2023 21:26:31

It's different because McCarthy can unilaterally remove people from the intel committee, freeing him from the risk of having to ask Republicans to vote on it and then saying, "Well, not so much". He's having more trouble getting rid of Ilhan Omar.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 20:40:51

More than her physical appearance, Lake is a media person. She was an on air personality for many years and has more charisma than MTG. Trump has a keen eye for that kind of person and likely finds Lake much more relatable and likeable than most politicians.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 20:38:42

I understand the argument for firing Durham before he could indict or try anyone, but in a sick way I think there's something satisfying about giving him all the budget and resources to conduct a thorough investigation and watching him fail again and again and give up on his own. If there's anything that proves that the Mueller probe was run cleanly and fairly, it's the fact that a partisan hack like Durham wasn't able to find a speck of dirt despite four years of frenzied digging. This of course won't stop the conspiracy theories in Trumpworld but it at least should stop the mainstream media from trying to pretend that there might be something there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 20:37:14

I think he lied about the original plan to test the AI lawyer in traffic court and then fabricated the “bar association prosecutor” stuff to help cover up the original lie (so no one can try to search for proof that the case happened). Now he can argue that the AI lawyer probably would have worked if the bar association thugs hadn’t threatened to throw him in jail for trying it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 17:12:45

Keep in mind that any Republican who joins a discharge petition would instantly become the new Adam Kinzinger or Liz Cheney, the sworn enemy of the entire party establishment or the activist base. It’s not about angering McCarthy, it’s about angering the entire party by going against one of the few priorities that unites Republicans (during Democratic administrations) in such a public and defiant way. I can’t think of any Republicans right now who would do that in the House. Whether they represent a district that was once won by Biden doesn’t mean anything since they’d be instantly vilified by the right, censured by their local and state party groups, and crushed in a primary (assuming they aren’t forced to step down at the end of their term). That’s not to say that no Republicans would eventually step up and do the right thing, but I can’t imagine they’d do it now (early in the crisis) and basically end their careers until they are sure there is no choice.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 17:01:13

The black cat you are mentioned, Balerion, seems to have it in for Lannisters. It steals Tywin's food from him, attacked Joffrey, and menaced Tommen. I can't remember if it does anything to Jaime, Tyrion, or Marcella though. Maybe it knows that they killed Rhaenys?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 26, 2023 13:07:21

Yeah I think singling out the Obama/Romney election requires you to ignore the rise of the Tea Party movement and things like birtherism (which was burning hot long before that election) as well as the Gingrich era, talk radio, etc. I don't think Romney winning would have changed any of that retroactively or slowed it down, since Congress and the broader political debate would still have even pretty amped up from those other trends that predated Romney's candidacy.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 13:02:39

I don't think a discharge petition will work. Unless some Republicans in both the House and the Senate are willing to agree to a debt ceiling hike, there's no way for him to get a bill ready. You'd really need to find a cadre of Republicans that are unafraid of their party's establishment and unafraid of their party's activist base. I don't know if there are many such people left in either chamber.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 12:57:24

Is this likely to pass? I know that ND has an Republican controlled government but have they slid so far off the deep end?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 26, 2023 12:48:19

I feel like Claire has way more haters than fans. Like if you search for her name in this subreddit there are many more threads saying that they hated her, wish she had died, are disappointed that she came back after season 4, hate the actress, etc. The only characters I can think of that have more haters are Mary, John, and Bela and the former two have much bigger roles in the series.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 26, 2023 12:46:09

There are no government programs that you can apply for through social media (Facebook, IG, etc.) Anyone who contacts you offering to help you with government grants or public assistance is going to steal your personal information or steal money from you (usually using !advancefee techniques).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 26, 2023 12:39:01

One thing I've learned from stories like this is that there are a lot of people who watch a ton of porn -- enough that they can recognize performers if they see them in real life -- but also believe that the people in porn should be systematically excluded from public life. There are a lot of stories like this that I've seen and the underlying detail that is always glossed over is that the person who reported them to the authorities must have been watching the porn fairly attentively. In this case, it sounds like the "concerned parent" or someone in the administration even took the time to take screenshots to circulate. I don't have a problem with people having different attitudes or religious beliefs or whatever but the hypocrisy really gets me. If you think porn is so evil that porn stars should be pariahs, the very least you can do to live up to those morals is to not watch porn.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 12:37:04

In a weird way it kind of makes sense. I think this is one of those things where the fact that it paid off so soon helps validate their decision. It's hard to argue that it was a waste of capital with the benefit of hindsight, and this example might give other teams the courage to do this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 26, 2023 12:31:19

Why won't /u/AWall925 tell us what the Supreme Court will rule? Why would they hide that information unless they had something to hide?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/scotus on January 26, 2023 12:18:25

I think it's very likely that the traffic court case was made up. I don't know if DNP really does have an AI legal assistant product but I'm confident that they never intended or planned to use it in a traffic court case.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 12:15:45

I believe all of the nominees preceded the election though some of the confirmation hearings were scheduled a lot later.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 07:50:00

Yeah I have to give Trump some limited credit for making four appointments to the board.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 07:45:36

Cut off contact with the person who introduced you to this site; they are a scammer as well.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 26, 2023 07:27:37

I think it’s just a quick, lazy way to add some excitement to an episode and also to tie up loose ends that the writers don’t feel like resolving in a more clever way.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 26, 2023 07:23:00

What especially annoys me is how uncritical the reporting is on this topic. Almost every article posted on here about it is sourced solely to the CEO’s Twitter account, with no independently checkable details whatsoever.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 26, 2023 07:17:37

“Boy Gone Astray” (L&O Season 20, Episode 7)

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 26, 2023 07:09:39

Oh yeah I definitely agree. I was just saying that if the writers wanted to make the phoenix a good guy and have the Winchesters befriend him, they could have used the same plot device of having the ashes delivered (just do it after the phoenix dies naturally). The Winchesters technically weren't in a hurry since they had 150+ years before they actually needed the ashes, so if they (the writers) had wanted to do it that way they could have without changing too much about the scenario.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 22:50:21

I'm curious about that too. Does anything change for public sector employees vs private employees?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 25, 2023 21:22:48

!Refund scam. You’re supposed to see a bullshit charge for $400 and freak out and call them to cancel it and that’s when they trick you.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 25, 2023 20:47:24

They kinda did have the time though, right? They had like a hundred years. After all, they ended up getting the ashes mailed to them by Samuel Colt; in theory, if they had managed to befriend the Phoenix, the Phoenix could have asked someone to mail the ashes to them 100 years later just like Colt did in the actual episode. You’re definitely right about the killing people though. Even though he only targeted the people who raped and killed his wife he still crossed the line.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 20:45:25

I was hoping he would be one of those serial killers who gets married to a woman on the outside while he is in prison. How would he pull that one off?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 25, 2023 20:40:47

There's a separate lawsuit attempting to vacate the FDA approval of the abortion pill from several decades ago. I think that's the more likely vehicle since it would withdraw the drug's availability nationwide without having to legislate against it by state by state. Under normal circumstances I would consider that lawsuit an extreme long shot, but I'm sure the plaintiffs have shopped around for the correct flavor of activist judge.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 25, 2023 18:45:26

When it comes to school curricula in K-12, states have a lot of latitude to control things like book lists, what teachers can say on the job, and what's in the library. Where Florida could run into trouble is when the thought police move out of K-12 and into the arena of telling colleges and private businesses what opinions are allowed.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 25, 2023 18:34:57

How were you saying it? I thought it rhymed with the movie "cinema".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 25, 2023 18:31:25

Yep. And they can't even really complain; Trump gloated about cheating and stealing and buying politicians and his base loved it. They thought he was a genius. They tolerate and approve of grifters who target them-- like that build the wall scammer Steve Bannon and his friends -- so this kind of thing isn't even remarkable.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 25, 2023 18:30:53

She might be trying to position herself with the conservative elites and donor class. The kind of people who are mainly concerned with winning elections and are losing patience with the Kari Lake / Lauren Boebert type of candidate (ie losers or near-losers). It's not an ideological issue -- they don't have a problem with QAnon type ideologies -- it's more about the pragmatic aspect of being able to cooperate with leadership, vote reliably for the donor class's priorities, and win elections easily. MTG might be able to do that in a way that some of her current antagonists can't, and someone like that will be wanted on any ticket.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 25, 2023 18:28:51

There were roughly 60 articles about the original tweet posted on this subreddit over the past couple of weeks (and roughly twice as many on the rest of Reddit). There were a lot of comments debating about whether this would be unauthorized practice of law, whether there's anything wrong with using an earpiece in court, etc. but not that many people seemed suspicious of the fact that the story was *obviously* made up bullshit. Honestly I blame the media for the fact that they just print corporate press releases and Twitter posts uncritically.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 25, 2023 18:12:12

Given how common school shootings (relatively speaking) are it's surreal that the admins didn't think it was a big deal that a six year old had a fucking gun at school.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 25, 2023 18:07:37

It does, but from their post history it sounds like they are asking for actual advice about these things mean in the real world. It's not about the TV show.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 17:52:45

Yeah I think this is the most logical theory. If the mark was just a physical discoloration on the skin then frankly it would not have been that big of a deal to get rid of it. IMHO it has to be something that's magically connected to the person rather than just their arm, which is why cutting off the arm, burning the flesh, surgically excising the top layer of skin, etc. wouldn't have made a difference.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 10:16:59

>But from a "Soulless Sam" logical pov, with no emotional attachment to either side. Crowley has every right to defend himself, defend his home, and defend his subjects. The boys have every right to attempt to shut the gates of Hell. Crowley shouldn't have to be obligated to just sit there and allow an attack to happen. Nor are the boys obligated to do nothing about a threat to their home either. Other than Chuck, I think pretty much every villain could be defended under this logic. After all, Dick Roman was just trying to secure food and safety for his family. Michael was just trying to destroy the ultimate evil and bring peace and paradise to earth (following the instructions he has been given since the beginning of time). Even people like Lilith and Azazel were just trying to rescue their father from Hell, which isn't that different from Sam and Dean's motivations.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 10:14:24

You could probably just lift the mechanics from the 4Kids Yugioh Capsule Monsters mini arc. Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan, and Solomon are able to capture duel monsters similar to Pokémon and summon them to battle (again similar to Pokémon).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 25, 2023 10:09:54

I liked Crowley but TBH I never really rooted for him as a villain and I didn't really find his goals sympathetic when he was a bad guy in seasons 6 and 8. (Like, give Bobby his soul back! Leave Kevin the fuck alone!) Some of the villains I did root for or find sympathetic were the Phoenix in season 6 and the highway ghost lady Molly from season 2.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 10:07:08

Part of the issue with "Supernatural" is that if you take away the main characters and actors, all you have left is a pretty generic urban fantasy setting. The spin-offs might as well have just been standalone show concepts; they weren't going to be able to leverage the success of "Supernatural" without having Sam and Dean involved

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 10:03:33

I think you're on the wrong subreddit; this is the sub for the "Supernatural" TV show.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 25, 2023 09:58:02

I bet he would shun her like Sam, Grenn, Pyp, etc. If he thinks the Lord Commander can't have any friends or close companions at all, I'm sure he thinks that the Lord Commander can't have a wife or a girlfriend as part of that logic.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 25, 2023 09:57:06

It sounds like you don't appreciate the edgy new comedy that the kids are enjoying these days. I was at a club and the other day and the guy on stage brought the house down just by reading from the Microsoft Office 365 software distribution license terms of service. The whole thing was pretty hilarious but he got the biggest laughs when he got to the section on exclusions for implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. I thought some folks would choke from laughing so hard.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 25, 2023 09:52:45

Honestly the Gmail part should be a red flag by itself, right? Like, why wouldn’t the company’s HR team use a corporate domain to handle communications with onboarding new employees? Why use Gmail?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 25, 2023 07:31:04

Varys is an asshole, but I think it’s totally plausible that Lancel would have tried to kill Robert in more than one way during that hunting trip if the boar thing didn’t work. I don’t think that’s gaslighting; IMHO it’s just common sense.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 25, 2023 07:21:14

Sure, if that's possible. I'm not convinced that it *is* possible though, especially since it more or less requires him to write / plot / develop the equivalent of 4 books when he's struggling with "just" 2. That's not to say that I wouldn't read it, but I'd be skeptical that retconning books 4 and 5 would make things easier for him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 24, 2023 22:37:59

It's like a step above Parcast.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 24, 2023 22:25:03

Is this like one of those sovereign citizen things or what?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 24, 2023 22:13:16

I wouldn’t consider the war on drugs to be wildly successful. We struggle to control drugs like meth that are widely considered dangerous — imagine how much more difficult it will be to controlling drugs that are 1.) legal Federally and 2.) half / more than half the country have zero problems with? If you watch interviews with anti abortion lawyers and activists they often try to portray abortion pills as being extremely dangerous to self administer whenever the pills are mentioned (in order to lay the groundwork for the argument I mentioned earlier). The responsibility of people who support abortion rights is to educate themselves on how the pills work so that the right wing doesn’t shape the debate completely on their own. And the responsibility of the media should be to make sure they are well informed on the medical risks and consensus rather than simply accepting the activists’ framing as fact just because they speak loudly and emphatically.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 24, 2023 20:39:33

That’s not even a theory, it’s basically a confirmed fact; Varys himself confirms that Cersei was going to make sure that Robert died no matter what in that very same paragraph: > "Oh, indeed. Cersei gave him the wineskins, and told him it was Robert's favorite vintage." The eunuch shrugged. "A hunter lives a perilous life. If the boar had not done for Robert, it would have been a fall from a horse, the bite of a wood adder, an arrow gone astray … the forest is the abbatoir of the gods. It was not wine that killed the king. It was your mercy." Cersei got lucky that the boar did the trick but she would have had him shot, poisoned, pushed to his death, etc. by Lancel or someone like that if he wasn’t maimed by the pig.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 24, 2023 20:27:16

I think he was mad that he got snowed by that kid especially after the kid murdered his son. In real life there are programs like the Mendota school in Wisconsin that can help sociopathic kids (or whatever the official name for the diagnosis is) but I don’t think that guy wanted to give the kid a chance to reform knowing that he killed his son. I can’t really blame him to be honest since he didn’t even give himself a chance to cope with his grief.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 24, 2023 20:25:03

You can sort of tell that the past few seasons of this story have been rushed and kind of sloppy.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 24, 2023 17:45:18

It sounds like a lazier version of the !Influencer scams. The stuff they send out are like worth 3 cents on Aliexpress but they’ll charge you $10 for “shipping”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 24, 2023 17:40:07

This is the Benson/Stabler ship some people want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 24, 2023 14:27:20

I think that's a good example of vibes outweighing poll results. Things felt bad for Democrats in general, and people used that to justify assuming that Democrats would get demolished in every close race no matter what the polling averages suggested. Deciding that Fetterman would lose because he needs to in order to balance out a Democratic win in another state across the country is not really polling analysis.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 24, 2023 14:26:45

He’s already a detective first grade, which is as high as he can go without going up in rank. If he wants to be a “senior detective” he would need to switch partners to someone who has been a detective for less time than him; for someone like Goren, that transition wouldn’t be worthwhile since he likes his current partner and being more senior than someone else doesn’t mean anything to him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 24, 2023 08:06:36

I think the OP was making a joke by calling it a lengthy opinion even though it was just 1 sentence long, and the second person was playing along with the gag by asking for a TLDR summary even though the opinion obviously didn’t need one.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/scotus on January 24, 2023 07:59:03

I don’t think that Goren was interested in moving past detective or spending much of his day in office politics. We’ve seen him interact with higher level police officials (such as in the season 1 episode “Poison”) and it usually goes pretty badly for him. If he got promoted , he would spend less time actually investigating crimes (his true passion) and more time navigating bureaucracy and dealing with administration (something he doesn’t enjoy and that he actually sucks at).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 24, 2023 07:56:30

Yeah if it's worth it for the business they'll pony up to be able to protect their interests. If it's not worth it, then they won't bother with a noncompete at all.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 23, 2023 22:07:24

Heck, there might not even be a *court* involved. For all we know, this is just something the CEO made up and posted on Twitter. If you read the article about it, the defendant and court are all anonymous and no one knows for sure if it's even a real traffic ticket case. They could announce next month that the robot lawyer won the case easily and we'd never know for sure if they were telling the truth.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/technology on January 23, 2023 21:42:21

Their first season pretty much confirms what you're saying here.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 23, 2023 21:38:08

Are breast implants really less “modest” than trying to become a reality TV star?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 23, 2023 21:12:40

Yeah it’s one of the things that is conspicuously missing from all of the articles that have been bombarding this subreddit about this for the past few weeks. The entire story is based off of a tweet. There are no independently checkable details anywhere. Even Theranos tried hard to flimflam people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 23, 2023 20:20:06

Modern = bad! Everything that happens today is bad!!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 23, 2023 20:14:35

Yeah it really annoys me. Just to make sure that I'm not misremembering, I dig through FiveThirtyEight's archives and Silver was pretty consistent in his interpretation of what he was seeing, and was one of the few that I saw consistently leaving open the likelihood that it would be a tight race rather than a Republican landslide. Even when other mainstream news sources were busy speculating about the size of the red wave (whether it would be a tsunami and not just a wave, whether democrats would just lose the House or lose it by 30-40 seats, whether Democrats would lose blue states like New York, and so on). I'm not trying to shame these reporters, who were consulting with campaign strategists and pollsters to hear their concerns and try and predict what the future. But people are acting as if Nate Silver was running around saying crazy shit when all he really said was that it would be a close race because that's what the polls showed for the most part.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 23, 2023 19:53:33

Off topic but it still kind of bugs me that Nate Silver seems to be taking so much of the blame for the "red wave" thing when so many pundits, newspaper reporters, and cable news anchors were reporting on a red wave or a red tsunami.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 23, 2023 19:37:15

Hopefully she grows all of the produce and raises all of the meat they use at home for those meals -- only a serial killer would go to a gr*cery store or order d*livery.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 23, 2023 19:30:48

Yeah that's how I read it too. Sometimes two people just don't get along or don't click. Neither of them are necessarily bad people or evil or anything, they just don't get along. I'm sure that 100% of people regardless of age have been in a situation where they had a negative first impression of someone *and* when they have unintentionally given someone else a negative first impression of them. It's just a thing that happens and as long as they can be civil in the workplace it doesn't have to be a big deal IMHO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 23, 2023 19:25:43

I wonder if it's the typical AAM LW belief that you can never ever lie and it is better to be rude than to lie. Alison suggests just lying and saying that there's a schedule conflict but the LW and the husband want to do something sillier instead.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 23, 2023 19:23:35

There are so many fleets in or around the story that I'm also curious what will happen to them. You have Salla and Aurane, the Redwyne fleet, Victarion's Iron Fleet, Euron's own forces, and probably a few more that I'm missing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 23, 2023 19:18:08

>Later during his rebuttal, Sullivan also tried to allege that Bronfman was punished in part for her wealth and privilege, which he called “a due process violation that does shock the conscience.” A judge, however, jumped in: “I’m not sure it shocks mine. So explain this to me: If you have tremendous wealth and you use that to destroy the enemies of the people who are opposed to what ends up being a RICO enterprise, that’s not something that the court should, or can, consider?” It doesn't sound as if the defense had a good day. The problem with over relying on hyperbole is that if there's too large a gap between the actual situation and the overheated description of it ("shocks the conscience!") it makes your argument seem a little flimsy. It's like the difference between pounding the law and pounding the table.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 23, 2023 19:13:12

I'm not a Rhaegar hater like most of this subreddit, but I think you're overdoing it in the opposite direction. Aegon V's children's marriages seriously damaged House Targaryen. He lost his alliances with the Reach, the Riverlands, and the Stormlands which led to a minor rebellion against him and permanently undermined his power to legislate. The latter issue directly led to the Summerhall tragedy that nearly annihilated the family. Saying that these marriage alliances "didn't cause any problems for the Targaryens" is kind of like saying that ironborn didn't cause any problems for Robb during the WOT5K...

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 23, 2023 19:04:39

I don't think it makes sense to skip any chapters the very first time you read the books. It's kind of like trying to watch a TV show and skipping every other scene. You won't be able to make sense of the arcs of several other characters that way. I'd encourage you to at least skim them if you really can't stand to actually read them, just so you're up to speed with the movements of the characters and how they affect the ongoing storylines of the other main characters who interact with him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 23, 2023 18:56:03

Those 43% of Democrats clearly do not have a big problem with DeSantis's leadership style or philosophy then, if they couldn't bring themselves to vote against him or any of his partisans. Which is my point -- people get the government they want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 23, 2023 18:51:23

I think getting those voters eligible again and letting them vote is important for moral reasons but I don't think that really explains the outcome of the race. Even if 100% of those 900,000 Floridians voted were eligible and voted Democratic (which isn't a reasonable or safe assumption) the Democrats would have been wiped out up and down the ballot. To me it is hard to look at the results and not think that there's support in that state for DeSantis's policies and approach to politics. Typically even in a state dominated by one party, if the ruling party overreaches what the local electorate is okay with there are observable signs of that discontent. I don't think there's much or any sign of that in Florida.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 23, 2023 18:27:40

Does it? That guy won the primary, presumably because the other candidates were worse. It's not like Crist ran unopposed or that he was appointed by God or something. If there was a critical mass of Floridians that had a problem with DeSantis's policies and leadership, they had the opportunity to clip his wings (by shrinking his margins in the legislature) or boot him out of office. They didn't. You can blame felon disenfranchisement or lackluster candidates for some of that margin, but at a certain point you have to accept that voters are therefore endorsing those policies and agenda items -- or at least signaling that they don't really have a problem with those policies. I'd feel differently if this was a squeaker of an election, one where sagging enthusiasm of one side could lead to a small shift to other side. But 20 points? A supermajority in both chambers? If that's not the will of the electorate, then no election is.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 23, 2023 18:20:39

That's definitely part of it. In many states with one party rule, there's usually internal tension and factions within the party. One guy doesn't dominate *everyone*. Florida isn't really like that right now. The legislature is completely under his thumb and the courts are mostly under his thumb. There's usually enough avenues for internal dissent that even a strong leader has to worry about overreaching.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 23, 2023 12:30:53

One thing that a lot of scammers do is ask their victims to send money in ways that are either hard to trace or hard to reverse, or both. For example, they'll ask you to buy gift cards and give them the activation codes; the scammer can quickly drain the card or flip it before the victim even realizes that it was a scam. By the time the victim has realized that it was a scam, the scammer has cut off contact and disappeared with the loot and there's no real way to verify their identity or their location.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 23, 2023 12:12:56

Things were going to get crazy over this topic. Historically the anti abortion movement was able to focus almost all of its attention on clinics, which were in fixed locations and staffed by doctors. These doctors and clinics could be both targeted legally and harassed, and since anyone who wanted a medical abortion had to go there it was easy to make targeting clinics a proxy for targeting abortion as a whole. Now, as clinics are shutting down and options for getting abortions at home become more widely understood and accessible, the anti abortion movement can't make clinics their primary focus any more. They are going to have to try and mobilize the machinery for the War on Drugs to target abortion pills (essentially trying to conflate these pills with meth or opioids and the people distributing the pills with cartels). On the Federal level they will push to overturn the legal guidance described in the article to make it easier to sue and prosecute people who send abortion pills by mail. I suspect that states will also target pharmaceutical companies based in the US in the same way that opioid manufacturers were targeted.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 23, 2023 12:08:17

I mean it's Florida. IMHO this is the downside of a one party state where that party is completely under the thumb of one guy. The entire state is being remodeled to fit the values of one guy, and there's not really anyone in the state with the strength to push back against him or force him to negotiate or compromise. The biggest example of this that I can remember is the way he steamrolled the Republican-controlled legislature on redistricting, to the point where they abandoned their own negotiated maps and just adopted the maps that he drew himself and gave to them without debate. I'm not saying that we should write Florida off or anything, but when someone like this wins by 20+ points it's easy to just say that they are getting exactly the type of leadership that they want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 23, 2023 11:44:41

Unfortunately it sounds like they reached out for help about the Leobor scam but didn't get any responses before their post was deleted. Their post didn't have many details but I think they were targeted by a pig harvesting scam; that's usually the main way that victims even discover these fake crypto sites in the first place.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 23, 2023 11:37:03

Yeah it's super frustrating. Not because the story shouldn't be covered, but because the "reporters" covering it are basically just accepting the corporation's press release as fact. They aren't able to verify that the cases are real, what the outcome of the cases were, where the cases are being tried, etc. Anyone covering this story has to take it on faith that the CEO didn't just fabricate the scenario out of whole cloth.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 23, 2023 10:38:23

I'm not sure if there's a good way to completely shut that down without inconveniencing legitimate users of gift cards. Scammers usually make money by reselling gift cards for cash / other payments online or by asking for gift cards that can be used to purchase items that can then be sold. There's not a lot the original issuer of the card can do to restrict that or even distinguish between fraudulent and non fraudulent uses of the card (especially prior to the report).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 23, 2023 10:33:26

I think this is "fake drama". When I was watching it, I don't think Yara herself was really upset; it was Shaun and some of the other cast members trying to turn it into a controversy even though it seemed obvious at the time that Yara and Jovi weren't having problems. In fact, I felt like a lot of their segment this episode was rehashing arguments that they had had months ago and already resolved between themselves. Whenever one of them would get attacked over it, the other one would jump in and deflect it so it doesn't sound as if it is a current source of angst for either of them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 23, 2023 10:26:42

He was really good in season 8 of CI. Honestly I kind of enjoyed some of his episodes more than Goren’s season 7/season 8 storyline, especially towards the end of season 8.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 23, 2023 07:22:04

Does Facebook marketplace have any buyer protection? You might be able to dispute it there even if you can’t dispute it through your bank.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 22, 2023 23:21:57

I think you hit the nail on the head. There’s a common scam that is sort of similar to this, where you get a call from an official sounding person (a lawyer, a cop, an IRS agent, etc.) saying that you committed some sort of offense and you’re about to be sued/fined/arrested but if you want to avoid that you can call them back and try to settle whatever dispute it is. Inevitably they’ll want to be paid some amount of money in crypto or gift cards or whatever. General rule of thumb of course is never to contact the person back or pay them any money. They take a scatter shot approach hoping that they’ll get at least a couple of people who will panic and pay up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 22, 2023 23:20:31

If Catholic priests and nuns are required to be celibate, why are government officials allowed to have kids?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 22, 2023 21:09:37

Usman has known Cymphony for literally 12 seconds and has already written her off as a person and a friend. You can sort of tell that Jovi and Yara are a lot less fucked up than most of the other cast members. Usman and Ed and Andrei have been trying to wind them up all episodes and it's not working.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:51:05

Poor Sumit, he's clearly squaring off for combat but it's so awkward because he's in another continent.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:48:56

Wait, does Ed think that California is in another country?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:43:22

It bothers me that "Symphony" is misspelled. I guess it's not misspelled since "Cymphony" is her actual name, but still.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:41:00

They are really struggling to try and create drama around Jovi and Yara and Gwen, aren't they? It sounds like they are trying to dredge up an argument that the three of them already resolved.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:27:23

Excuse me, Yara's boobjob was a medical emergency. What if she was in a plane crash or a car wreck and her boobs were too small to serve as an effective flotation device?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:15:19

The Shaaeda boobjob thing is clearly setting up the storyline for their next season. It will either be Shaaeda wanting implants and Bilal not approving, or Bilal wanting her to get implants but Shaaeda not wanting them, or maybe Shaaeda wants implants but Bilal's family judges her for it, etc. Just wait. I'd bet money.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 22, 2023 20:12:09

Isn't selfish, crass, amateurish, and disorganized what people love about Trump? He's not like those stuck-up snobby elites who cling to outdated tropes like being polite at funerals.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 22, 2023 20:11:08

Everyone already knows that state courts have the final word on interpretations of state constitutions. That’s not a new or unexplored area of law.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 22, 2023 13:37:57

I think the celebration of life organizers told him that he personally could speak for 15-20 minutes at the end, and he misinterpreted that as meaning that the *entire event* would just be 20 minutes long. Still, it’s surprising to me that he was willing to even spend 20 minutes on a non-relative. I guess it shows just how important Diamond and Silk were to him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 22, 2023 10:31:11

Duel Links is pretty good

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 22, 2023 10:27:30

Honestly I’m genuinely astonished that Trump attended at all. This seems oddly out of character for him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 22, 2023 10:21:33

I think the reason why Amanda is the way she was is that she is so used to being abused that she didn’t really believe that she deserved or could have a non abusive relationship. There was an episode in season 10 I believe where there was a woman in an abusive relationship. Benson persuaded her to file a report and the abusive man is arrested, but eventually the woman recants her report and goes back to him, insisting that she is happy and wants to be with her husband. A short time after that, the woman is killed by the husband. There’s a lot of parallels between that relationship and Amanda and Kim’s relationship in the earlier seasons.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 22, 2023 10:17:51

Leighton not coincidentally has the best arc this season. She seems to have received the only fully resolved storyline, whereas it feels as if the other 3 (especially Bella and Kimberly) were mostly getting set up for a storyline next season.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 22, 2023 10:08:16

Sure, but if the only people who can actually help him are the state courts and the state Senate, does he really have a lot of options? Going to Federal court is a waste of time since no remedy is available, so his only options are to call for a hearing before the Senate (where Republicans have a supermajority and which is totally under DeSantis’s control) or to go to court. If we are saying that both of those options are no good, then isn’t that saying that Warren doesn’t have any chance at all of being reinstated?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 22, 2023 10:06:19

Would a state court give a Federal judge’s interpretation of state law any deference?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 22, 2023 10:02:47

I think he still can. I'm just wondering why he didn't do that to start with.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 22, 2023 01:04:56

One of the things that really reminded me of Raniere was the way both men liked to make other people feel guilty for "victimizing" them. Raniere had this thing where he would decide that something that his follower did hurt him mentally or emotionally and there would be relentless pressure to heal the breach of trust (something that was always a moving goal post). Similarly, Ray would decide that one of his followers was either poisoning him or had destroyed his property or something and would demand exorbitant amounts of money in compensation, which served as both psychological abuse and as a way of backing them into a form of debt peonage. The main difference between Raniere and Ray as far as I can tell was that Raniere built a formal networking marketing organization whereas Ray didn't bother and just stuck with preying on his daughter's friends and acquaintances.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 22, 2023 00:57:13

I remember when I read the article it sounds like dorm is probably a misleading term for the housing that he was in. It seemed like an standalone apartment, not a traditional dorm with a bunch of college students and resident advisors, adminsitrators on site, etc. It sounds like the only people who actually lived in the building were the guy's daughter and her close circle of friends and roommates who were all part of this cult.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 22, 2023 00:53:14

It seems sort of pointless to hear the whole case and interpret state constitution when there's no remedy available. The case probably should have been filed in state court from the start.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 22, 2023 00:48:09

True, and I still maintain that someone who is genuinely just being friendly would not dig through their post history and look up their real name and then message them with that information. Why would any non-scammer, non-creep take the time to do that??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 20:51:01

A bunch of people, sure, but if you tear a kid away from everything he has ever known and ask him to come with you to save the world, the absolute bare minimum you can do is to let him stay in your mansion so that he isn’t hunted down by demons. Like, I don’t think that this is a crazy unreasonable thing to consider and the fact that they don’t even talk about it seems like more of a writing oversight than anything else. It’s not as if Sam and Dean discussed it and decided that they didn’t want to live with him back then, it just never came up for like several seasons.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 20:50:00

It kind of reminds me of those weird incel subreddits that have their own internal mythology and jargon. The people there fully understand what they are saying to each other but whenever they try to talk to normal people it’s like they don’t even share a language with them. Like I’m sure that in conservative media spaces, the idea that most grocery stores stock food made out of human embryos and fetuses is pretty unremarkable. It’s just assumed that *of course* this is a commonplace issue and the only real problem is that the cannibal groceries aren’t properly labeled. It likely doesn’t even occur to this Congressman that most people wouldn’t even know what he was talking about.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 21, 2023 20:45:35

A friendly person who took the time to figure out the OP's actual real name and slip it into a message? Not very likely IMHO; if the person just wanted to chat they didn't need to do that. IMHO the OP should block anyone who sends them unsolicited messages like that and should consider scrubbing their comment history in case stuff they have posted in the past is making it too easy to unearth their real life identity.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 18:42:02

If the OP, the person who works at the company and understands the company, the industry, how the boss works, and what the actual terms are and what they all mean, can't figure this out, what are the odds that some strangers online will be able to figure it? It's the advice column equivalent of being asked to guess how many jellybeans are in a jar that you're not allowed to see.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 21, 2023 18:37:44

I guess it is different since the second one is open to responses that are mediocre or bad. Which I guess is an underserved market -- the book community online tends to focus on recommending books that they think are enjoyable / good and don't really recommend books that they think are shitty. That seems potentially discriminatory to writers of books and readers who don't like enjoying what they read.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 21, 2023 18:34:07

I don't think she cares if it's true or not, she just likes him and doesn't care about what he does to other women as long as he doesn't do it to her (which he can't while he's locked up). Varya is even a mild example of this since she at least had a preexisting relationship with him before he was sent to prison. There are women who fall in love with incarcerated serial killers and child molesters -- not by accident but after intentionally seeking them out through prison pen pal programs and things like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 21, 2023 18:30:50

This sounds like something out of QAnon. Normal people aren't meant to understand it, we are just supposed to wonder how much fetus meat we have been eating because of poor labeling.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 21, 2023 18:28:45

It's kind of crazy that Littlefinger has Sansa believing that she is somehow responsible for Lysa's murder and Joffrey's murder even though he did both of those things himself without asking her for help or even permission. I'm pretty sure one of the reasons he is messing with her like this is because he wants to kill someone else (maybe Harry or Sweetrobin or someone else in the Vale) and set her up to have a more active role. If she is uncomfortable he can say. "Well, you helped me with these others, what's one more?"

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 18:27:21

Since the return of Stabler the writers and marketing for both shows have leaned in ship teasing more than they did before he left the show. I'm not really a big fan of the ship but they have been pushing it so hard on social media and in storylines on the show that I can sympathize with the shippers who want them to just follow through on this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 21, 2023 18:22:56

>case of clearly unviable or dangerous pregnancies. Anti-abortion activists and legislators claim that such situations reflect misunderstanding of the laws; some charge that doctors refusing to do abortions are trying to undermine the legislation. They say that, but these laws are actually working as intended. The idea of writing broad and vague law is twofold: first, it gives the government maximum latititude for selective enforcement. If the law is difficult to understand or comply with -- if it's hard to even distinguish between legal and illegal conduct -- then the government can hammer anyone whenever they want. Second, because the law is vague, it is easier to stay far away from the proscribed activity than to take the risk (however remote) that a prosecutor will cone after you. The costs of going through a prosecution (legal bills, reputational damage, loss of income, etc.) are so high that it's pretty life ruining even if you eventually acquitted

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 21, 2023 18:20:55

It's also filled with typos like subsription and this issues fixed.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 18:11:49

Yeah it's really sad. It's one thing to lose your own money, but losing money that you borrowed just means that you will have to live with the emotional fallout for even longer than the original scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 18:07:29

>At least people learned more getting fleeced in crypto than they would with scratch it tickets. I hope so, though I get the impression that most crypto investors just care about the number going up forever and don't understand or care about why. The proliferation of worthless tokens and seemingly endless series of crypto company related scams doesn't seem to sinking in as fast as it probably should.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 21, 2023 17:59:53

Hopefully that was money they had and not money they borrowed. That really sucks! I have a decent job now but I would be devastated to lose even half of that much money, especially to such a low effort scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 14:29:58

The writers dropped the alien storyline after season 1, I think.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 21, 2023 14:26:56

I’ve always felt like crypto is a game of musical chairs. Everyone involved is running around hyping this stuff and desperately trying to get in and out of the bubble before the music ends and the person stuck without a seat loses. Unlike with some other crypto things, where some people seemed to honestly be fooled, I actually believe that almost everyone involved knew it was bullshit all along. They all found it pragmatic to pretend to be true believers and maintain the hype just long enough for them to fleece someone else and cash out. The people who lose in the NFT game are the people who got in at the wrong time (eg right before the market fell out.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 21, 2023 14:23:56

Probably the best revenge that her online community can take on her is to just cut her out of their lives the way she did to them. Don’t talk to her, don’t buy her books, don’t argue with her on social media, etc. Just let her stay out of their lives and hope that she gets the help she needs away from them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 21, 2023 14:20:09

It sounds like you’re referring to the second state level lawsuit under the Adult Survivors Act, not the Federal lawsuit referenced above.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 21, 2023 14:13:21

Yeah back in season 5 there are a lot of scenes where Dean calls Cas on the phone and Cas is able to teleport to his side or teleport Dean to his side (such as “The End”). There’s even a scene where Adam is able to tell Zachariah his address on a dream and Zachariah teleports him away.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 14:10:55

It was confirmed that Raphael was the archangel in charge of protecting prophets. He appears at the end of season 4 and kills Castiel.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 14:09:11

Yeah, if Chuck is a struggling writer and the universe is his book, Amara is an overly stern editor who wants to delete every word in the book and just have a bunch of a blank pages. People will try to tell themselves that an entirely blank novel is edgy and avant garde but secretly they’ll just think that she is unimaginative and pretentious.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 14:06:01

I wonder if the big gap in episodes is undermining the show a bit. I purchased the first season on Amazon Prime and started watching it. It started slow / kind of dull but gradually built up momentum with episodes 5 and 7 being really strong and exciting. Then it just stops, abruptly, for like 2 months. My hope is that the next episode really does come out on January 24 and they pick up where they left off.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 14:02:09

The bunker thing cracks me up. It’s clear that the writers at that time were having trouble working around the fact that the Winchesters are no longer homeless drifters and now have a super secret, ultra high security magically warded home base.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 13:55:23

I think you’re right about that. There are a few people who know that the books are based on the actual Sam and Dean but most of the small fan base wouldn’t even suspect that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 21, 2023 13:49:32

Only from the actual government. If you’re not at an actual government agency talking to an actual government employee, chances are you’re being hustled.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 13:47:06

So many of them could! Stannis, Tyrion, and Jon Snow seem like the top picks though. I actually think that Renly seemed happy with his position. I never got the impression he resented Robert the way Stannis did. Same with Bran re: Robb and Oberyn re: Doran. They seem to fit in the family dynamic well and don’t ever express feelings of being limited by their role in their family.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 13:30:36

The scammer likely just made a second Facebook page to impersonate the original person. There are no private organizations that organize government grants on social media.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 21, 2023 13:25:58

She did find a man. Her issue, like most cast members,, is that she doesn’t really want a normal relationship. She wants a thrall (someone completely dependent with no self esteem), or sugar baby/sugar daddy type of relationship, or whatever but she doesn’t want to find someone who is into that kind of thing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 21, 2023 13:24:42

I did once hear a theory that though that those men (the Antler Men) were in fact Joffrey and Littlefinger supporters and Varys tricked Tyrion and Joffrey into getting rid of them. IIRC the main substance to that was that the Antler Men were still using Joffrey's Baratheon symbols even though Stannis had conspicuously changed his symbols to R'hllorian ones rather than traditional Baratheon. Tyrion even notices that the Antler Men were using the wrong symbol for Stannis but doesn't follow that train of thought anywhere. In addition, it is revealed that the Antler Men (the merchants) had all taken out big loans from the Crown during Littlefinger's tenure, suggesting that they were part of his faction which would give Varys a reason to frame them. (One of them was actually the chief of the jailers in the Red Keep, and had bought that job from Littlefinger directly!) Tyrion remarks how weird it is that all of the "traitors" coincidentally owed the Crown money but doesn't draw any inferences from that. I'm personally not fully convinced of this theory; I do think the Antler Men were in league with Littlefinger (the only noble who ever expresses real interest in economic policy) but it's also plausible that they would have wanted to avoid a siege or a sacking by helping Stannis take the city more easily. I don't think there's any real reason for them to have kept their plans or affiliations secret if they were Joffrey supporters through and through since that wouldn't have been a problem for Joffrey himself.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 13:09:44

Yeah I think it's just that they wanted to be on the winning side and avoid a sack (something that would have involved mass looting and destruction for everyone in thecity, especially the merchants). It's not that they preferred Stannis from a policy standpoint; there's really nothing about Stannis's ideology or message that is unusually good for commerce or trade. If Stannis was out of the picture and it was Renly coming up with a massive army they'd be on his side instead.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 13:03:59

Honestly I'm not sure. The lawsuit is definitely based on things that he said while he was in office though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 21, 2023 12:57:39

Also, it seems weird to say "your person" when you lie to them about almost everyone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 21, 2023 12:55:49

A little late to this but yeah I see what you mean. I think it's one of the things that they think but don't say.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 21, 2023 12:55:24

I can quit whenever I want, I just don’t want to quit. Stop judging me.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 21, 2023 10:04:35

I don’t think most critics of Cersei really care about adultery as her worst crime and the post is sort of dishonest by implying otherwise. In book 1, Cersei orders the murder of innocent children by Janos Slynt and Allar Deem, something that is considered despicable in our world and is one of the things that GRRM consistently portrays as monstrous in-universe (eg the deaths of Rhaegar’s children). Any defense of her actions that doesn’t even mention that and solely focuses on her cheating on her husband as her main crime in book 1 is IMHO off base and not very insightful. If you want to defend book 1 Cersei that’s the biggest thing you have to deal with.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 07:37:38

A standard alcoholic who orders her guards to murder children. Honestly I found this post sort of internally inconsistent. We can’t judge Cersei by modern norms, but we have to excuse her crimes because of modern norms? Like, pick a thing! Besides, I don’t think most critics of Cersei really care about adultery as her worst crime and the post is sort of dishonest by implying otherwise. Cersei orders the murder of innocent children, something that is considered despicable in our world and is one of the things that GRRM consistently portrays as monstrous in-universe (eg the deaths of Rhaegar’s children). Any defense of her actions that doesn’t even mention that and solely focuses on her cheating on her husband as her main crime in book 1 is IMHO off base.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 21, 2023 07:33:07

It’s kind of like how people in abusive relationships don’t always leave right away.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 21, 2023 00:23:40

I agree. People always try to blame Ned for judging Jaime harshly but... Jaime made sure of that himself! He didn’t explain himself to Ned or show the evidence of the wildfire plot or anything. He, on his own, decided to hunt down everyone who knew about it and leave the wildfire itself hidden beneath the city. Ned’s only crime was having a somber look on his face when he walked into the throne room that day, and Jaime projects all of this hate and suspicious onto Ned that isn’t really based on anything other than his own feelings of shame.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 21:17:00

I think physical appearance is sort of overrated by a lot of TV show critics. Yeah it’s great when you can completely nail a character’s look from the book but IMHO what’s really important is completely inhabiting the character’s persona. Charles Dance does not look anything like Tywin but I think most fans would agree that he captures the magnetic kingly charisma that characters like Stannis and Robert saw in him. Similarly, Iwan Rheon might be more handsome than Ramsay but he does a great job of portraying Ramsay’s toxic mix of seething anger and feigned affability.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 21:10:13

That’s assuming that the state court gives a lot of weight to the federal judge’s interpretation of the state law / constitution. They probably won’t, especially since the same ruling goes into detail about why the federal judge shouldn’t have heard the case at all. For me the biggest issue is that Florida’s law seems to give pretty broad latitude to the governor. You and I know that DeSantis is full of it but it’s not clear that him being full of it would actually matter. If the state court judge doesn’t reach the same conclusions as the federal judge then Warren might still lose.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 20, 2023 20:58:13

The acts in question took place while he was President, not before he was President.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 20, 2023 20:54:13

I think that argument was raised in the context of the Westfall Act invocation, with the idea that responding to reporter questions is in the scope of his duties as a President. As crazy as it sounds out of context, there actually are some cases historically where politicians and government employees responding to media questions about things unrelated to government (eg extramarital affairs and things like that) or spreading rumors about people they don’t like at work has been considered within the scope of their employment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 20, 2023 20:53:51

Maybe it’s like a weird coping mechanism. Some people deal with trauma and stress by smoking, picking at their skin, eating, dressing like a bat to fight crime, or putting on a fake accent.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 20, 2023 20:40:57

Hi, Sansa, welcome to /r/ASOIAF!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 20:33:13

I encourage everyone who hasn’t already watched all ten episodes of the show’s second season to consider doing so. Streaming services care about whether people are completing the shows (shows that don’t get completed are more likely to be canceled).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 20, 2023 20:30:12

I don't think there's anything that Biden can do to prevent the investigations from taking place; the only consolation he has is that they will be led partly by partisan bomb throwers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 20, 2023 13:56:39

Yeah I think so many people are "tough on crime" right up until the point they find a criminal they personally find relatable and all of a sudden the moral relativism comes out as seen in the comment above this one. People defend the guy with the hose because they see themselves in him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 20, 2023 13:54:03

Maybe kitsunes age faster?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 20, 2023 13:41:36

Sometimes the syntax gets weird because they are copying and pasting from somewhere else; other times, they do it in order to evade filters. As far as the scam goes it's a refund scam. The idea is that you'll see this email telling you that you have just purchased something expensive and useless. You will panic, thinking that they are going to start taking money out of your account and immediately call them to cancel the order and get a refund. When you do, that's when they'll initiate the scam (typically by accidentally "sending" you more than they were supposed to and getting you to send the "extra" money back).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 20, 2023 13:33:42

Jaime was careful not to tell anyone in Westeros other than Brienne that he killed Aerys to save people's lives, so he would be surprised to get credit for it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 13:18:37

Anytime I think about this story, I remember a Washington Post opinion article from a day or two after the leak, which compared the leak to the January 6 attack on the Capitol. The author clearly thought that it would soon be proved that a liberal law clerk or justice would be named the culprit and was already building an argument that the leak was the left wing equivalent of sending a mob to storm Congress and overturn an election.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/scotus on January 20, 2023 13:17:31

[Ruling here](

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 20, 2023 13:10:06

I liked seeing Casey again and seeing that she survived her season 9 trauma.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 20, 2023 11:05:21

People understandably feel bad about a bad interview and want a second chance, but it's sort of dishonest to make it sound as if it's a guarantee. Sometimes you don't get the job and there's nothing you can do to fix that, so you have to move on and apply somewhere else. Alison used to be really good at that kind of pragmatic real life advice. I don't hate her advice in this specific case but I think that the LW shouldn't push further after that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 20, 2023 11:01:56

This is one of the things that I never get about AAM letters. A lot of them seem to think that even after they have handed in their resignation they are still bound to their former or soon to be former bosses. This is a legitimately frustrating situation so I don't blame the LW for being annoyed, but they really should just check out emotionally and do the bare minimum in this situation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 20, 2023 10:58:08

There's a great scene when they're in a van together and start reciting Langston Hughes poetry to each other.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 20, 2023 10:47:50

Is that the one where her dad was banging her husband or something?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 20, 2023 10:45:44

It's good that you learned a lesson from that. IMHO it's not smart to send intimate photos or anything personal / potentially embassy's sing to a stranger. There are a lot of scams that start out like this -- ones where they blackmail you by threatening to send your stuff to your family and friends, ones where they pretend to be an underage girl and threaten to report you to the cops if you don't pay them, and ones where they take your photos and information and use them to scam someone else. In my experience, normal people don't usually jump to flirtatious / sexy talk immediately after starting a conversation. Not saying it *never* happens but 99.9999% of the time scammers rush to sexy conversations because they have a job to do and don't want to waste time before they get what they want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 20, 2023 10:42:11

Yeah but maybe he changed his mind or got killed by some other Hunter or something. Supernatural doesn't always or even usually follow up on MOTW plot threads. I always thought it would have been cool if they brought that character back as the person who goes after Demon Dean in the early part of season 10. That person had a similar backstory (they are seeking revenge after their parent, a monster, was killed by Dean when they were a child), and it might have given that storyline more gravitas if they used an established character for that role and connected it to both Sam and Dean.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 20, 2023 10:33:03

Season 1 of the Vow makes him seem like a crusading independent journalist who helped bring down the cult because it was the right thing to do and a big scoop for his newspaper. I don't remember them even hinting that he was once a fixer for Raniere or had connections to people like Roger Stone, which seems negligent in hindsight. I understand that any documentary has to leave stuff on the cutting room floor; this wasn't a Parlato expose and it would have bogged down the story to dig too deeply into him. But the edit that he got in the doc was so favorable that it borders on deceptive.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 20, 2023 10:25:20

I always assumed that they already started working on the next season while making the current seasons. I don't think it makes sense for them to retool it; if it's doing well in terms of ratings they'll keep doing what works, and if it doesn't do well then they would cancel it. Trying to retool it to appease critics (who aren't going to watch it and aren't interested in Scooby Doo spin-offs to begin with) is like the worst option they could make since they'd jeopardize their current audience without any guarantee of getting a bigger audience.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 20, 2023 10:14:02

Could it be an exchange rate issue or maybe a recent discount for new monthly subscribers?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 20, 2023 10:11:27

In one of the books, she remembers kissing Sandor Clegane even though that didn't actually happen. This has resulted in a cascade of theories and speculation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 10:05:40

Yeah especially when we are talking about a franchise that has been on the air continuously for over 30 years. People always seem genuinely shocked and flabbergasted or even angry when an actor shows up on a different show in the same franchise or on the same show and I'm always like... why is this such a big deal?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 20, 2023 10:03:42

Right?? No wonder people in that town are so fucked up. Battle City feels like it had to have been a couple of weeks but Yugi and co had to put up with back to back kidnappings and assaults (Joey and Tea getting kidnapped, Yugi being lured underground and chained up to Arkana’s trap, Mokuba getting kidnapped, etc.) and even when they are done they still have to fight in a whole other tournament. Add in the Noa filler and that’s another kidnapping / digital apocalypse they have to squeeze in before getting back to the completely separate apocalyptic showdown later that same morning. You can’t even really blame Mai, Bakura, and Odion for napping through the whole thing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 20, 2023 00:43:52

Interesting! I think I’ve heard of the theory that Dany isn’t the daughter of Rhaella and Aerys before but I don’t remember anything about Willem Darry not being real.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 20, 2023 00:36:52

/r/PeopleFuckingDying is still around but that one doesn’t seem so bad when I look at it these days. I think Reddit free speech makes sense when we are talking about people discussing fringe political beliefs and stuff, but I don’t see any value in the stuff that is just people perving on underage girls and taking creep shots and stuff like that. Like to me that’s not really free speech in the colloquial sense, it’s just people trying to edge up to the line of kiddie porn.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 20, 2023 00:35:49

I totally agree. This is one episode where it’s actually good that the person turned out to be a catfish since the relationship was so toxic that it would have ruined part of their lives if it continued.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 20, 2023 00:31:35

Yeah I can’t say I miss the upskirt subreddits or the creepy jailbait ones.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 20, 2023 00:01:47

Does the label also show the weight? That could definitely help in case there’s anything shady going on.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 23:28:50

Wasn’t he arrested at the scene? I’m not sure even a gifted lawyer would be able to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s evidence that he was the one driving the car. I think a real lawyer might have tried for something related to diminished capacity or something, not trying to argue that he literally wasn’t there at all especially if there’s a ton of evidence showing incontrovertibly that he was there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 23:17:10

He is a master of astral projection. He can appear in spirit form wherever he wants, even while his real body is elsewhere.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 19, 2023 23:12:36

For what it’s worth, in the manga it’s a little different. After the duel, Pegasus explains his backstory to Yugi and his friends and then sends them back to their rooms. A short time later, Croquet gives Yugi and Joey the prize money and Pegasus’s other henchmen release Mokuba and Kaiba. At that point, they all leave together. They never find out that Pegasus was murdered by Bakura or that the Millennium Eye was stolen since they are already heading away from the palace when that happened. The only reason we as the audience / reader know is because there’s a quick panel showing Pegasus’s dead body in between the scenes of Yugi and his friends as they are leaving island.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 19, 2023 21:53:16

Koin is okay though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 21:32:25

In crypto, searching for negative information before you lose money is called “FUD” (fear uncertainty and doubt). It’s a serious taboo. Besides, scammers make new fake crypto exchanges with weird names all the time. If the OP did a search for the one the scammer gave them they would likely have found no bad information about it and could have assumed that it was safe.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 21:23:59

I think it’s a mixture of sociopathy and the main characters just being crazy. Like there’s another chapter early on when Tea goes off on her own after school and Yugi and Joey just immediately assume that she’s working as a prostitute. This is someone they’ve probably known for years and is a good friend but that’s the conclusion they jump to first. Crazy people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 19, 2023 21:21:31

I always assumed that Domino just had a higher than average crime rate and possibly higher rates of anti social personality disorders than real life. The violent crime rate is so high that the cops are basically overwhelmed and just have to let most murders and kidnappings and assaults go unpunished. There’s a chapter where some kid at school steals a table that Tea wanted to use for a class event or something. Yugi kills / maims him with an exploding hockey puck. This is not seen as an extreme overreaction or even a serious problem. No one calls the police or even seems startled that someone set off an explosion in the middle of a high school. Presumably a janitor or another student had to either take that kid to the hospital with severe, life altering burns or (if we are being honest) and him to the morgue. There was no investigation into this violent assault / possible murder and it didn’t even disrupt the class event. This doesn’t just happen in the edgy early chapters of the manga either. Marik is the leader of an international crime ring and is personally involved in at least half a dozen murders and kidnappings just in the 2 (!) days he spends in Domino City. After the battle city tournament ends, he just flies back home like nothing happened. Meanwhile, the cops are probably still finding corpses of his victims like Arkana and Strings the Mime and those two tag duel Rare Hunters stashed in random places. Just a regular Tuesday night in Domino!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 19, 2023 21:17:49

He wasn’t a good guy when he helped them, it was just a thrill for him to fight the Crystal beast guy. His actual development didn’t really kick off until he gets into that other world.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 19, 2023 21:07:28

You don’t have to respond or even read DMs sent to you on Reddit. You can just block the person or ignore the message. That’s what I do.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 21:05:04

I don’t think those lawsuits would go anywhere. States have pretty broad latitude to set curricula for school districts and they don’t have to approve new courses suggested by the College Board or any other private group. DeSantis is doing this because it’s a way to show off for conservative elites so that he can have a better shot at running for President, and he knows that from a legal standpoint he doesn’t really have to worry about negative repercussions. To use the cliche, it’s like throwing red meat to the base.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 21:01:20

My recollection is that the actual draft (not just the outcome) was leaked which might be why they didn’t focus too much on the spouses of staffers who heard the outcome but didn’t physically access the opinion. That’s still a big hole in the investigation though I suspect they never believed or wanted to find the culprit.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 20:45:30

I saw a post on /r/television that claimed that cancellations are based on completion rates rather than viewership or reviews. So if people are starting the show but not finishing it, or if there’s a big drop in ratings from one episode to the next then that could hurt the show’s chances. If that’s true, I feel like I did my part with SLOCG. I watched each episode one per night for ten nights. If you guys haven’t finished the current season yet, consider doing so ASAP.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 19, 2023 20:40:47

My point is that I don’t think there should be differential punishment for women. The idea that a woman who commits a crime should be sexually tortured or humiliated as part of their punishment doesn’t sit right with me; no one talked about sexually abusing Ned, Janos, Tyrion, etc. as part of their trials. Meanwhile, women accused or found guilty of wrong doing usually are sexually brutalized in ways that men just aren’t. The Lace Serpent had her genitals torn out while she was still alive, to take another example. Cersei is basically a serial killer and a dictator; she deserves to be punished but only in the same way that a man who did those things would be punished.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 17:19:38

Is this one of those fake exchanges that you learned about from a stranger online. And when you started trying to withdraw your profits, they want you to pay more money first?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 13:35:11

I don't like the walk of shame, it seems both overly misogynistic and too lenient. Cersei should have just been beheaded, which is what would have happened to a male who committed all of those atrocities. That being said, she would definitely be my choice for "reaped what you sowed". Not only is she guilty of everything, she is the one who armed the faith and encouraged them to investigate crimes committed by monarchs. Every single part of this was her fault.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 13:32:49

I have three theories: 1. This is something that is a big concern within right leaning echo chambers (a la QAnon), and it hasn't yet made into mainstream discourse. 2. This is a "bait" bill, intended to trigger criticism which the bill's sponsor can then use to suggest that opponents must approve of eating human fetuses. 3. This is an attempt to demonstrate renewed fealty to the anti abortion lobby. Since abortion is banned in Texas, there's not really much more you can do to show how more pro life you are. This guy has to think of new issues to be against which requires some inventiveness.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 19, 2023 13:26:33

I'm more surprised that they have a minimum donation of $100. I'm having a hard time understanding why a scammer or a beggar would reject someone offering them $99.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 13:01:04

Yeah I think since there seems to be a stipulation that the tweets themselves were false, the lawyer's only recourse is to basically argue that the false aspect didn't actually affect the stock price.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 12:59:00

They've done a bunch of stories twice. They did two Jeffrey Epstein episodes, two Leopold and Loeb episodes, two Karla Homolka episodes, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 19, 2023 12:57:46

If you think it might be real, the only thing you can really do is contact authorities in that location / state and give them all the information you have. This isn't something that you can handle by yourself and it would be irresponsible to even try IMO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 12:55:05

I think his argument is that he actually did intend to take Tesla private and that he was confident that he would find the money. Under his argument, the stock price movements were caused solely by the announcement of his plan rather than by the lie about funding. If you believe me, the price of Tesla shares would have moved in the same way even if he didn't include the "funding secured" part or the second tweet about the only contingency being a shareholder vote. All of those specific and fictional details about the deal didn't affect the share price. I don't know if a jury will be able to swallow *that* much BS but Musk did get away with that "pedo guy" cave diver stuff so who knows what will happen?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 11:40:51

Why not? Since we don't even know when or even if the sixth book will come out, who is to say that there won't or can't be an eight book or even a twelfth book announced?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 11:36:38

States can disenfranchise felons if they want but only the Constitution can set qualifications for holding public office. Eugene V Debs, the socialist hero, ran for President while actually in prison.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 11:30:21

Usually these end up being !job or !fakecheck scams. A lot of times, the victims of these scams think that if the name of the person talking to them is the same as a real employee of a real company, that means that the whole thing is legit. It doesn't occur to them that someone might use a fake name on the internet or pretend to be someone they aren't. They also assume that sites like Indeed will proactively verify the identity of everyone who posts to make sure that they are who they claim to be.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 11:26:30

I think it was lifted from the Ariel Castro case:

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 19, 2023 11:24:17

I'm not sure which theory you're talking about.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 11:18:32

Lily Dale is good, but if this is supposed to be a Supernatural fanfic or something it's worth noting that Sam and Dean went to Lily Dale in season 7.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 19, 2023 11:02:27

Yeah I don't see how a retailer could make money like that. They'd buy the authentic AirPods from Apple for $120 and resell them online for $60? That doesn't seem like a pathway to profitability.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 10:47:29

Yeah the risk with cashapp is that if you send the money and it turns out to be a scam, there's not much you can do about it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 10:43:30

I've seen that type of argument before -- that the real problem with child molestation and rape isn't the act itself but the ordeal of the criminal justice system. They do have a limited point in the sense that the judicial process can be hard on victims of crime. But they aren't saying that because they want the system to be more victim oriented or sensitive; their real intent is that sexual abuse should be normalized and survivors of abuse shouldn't do anything. In the linked article, the author takes it for granted that the teenager who was molested was unharmed by that experience -- something that doesn't seem to be based on any actual insight into her case.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 19, 2023 10:38:50

That makes sense. I think even Cersei and Qyburn would have noticed 5,000 armed marines in King's Landing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 10:32:43

I don't think anyone really thinks that much about it. If it was meant to be some kind of slight or interpreted as a slight someone somewhere would have mentioned it in the series.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 10:26:14

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Who is Darry and why is he fake?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 10:24:34

I wonder if Aurane really even has enough people for this fleet. I'm bad with numbers but it sounds like you would need nearly 2,000 men to fully crew those 3 ships.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 19, 2023 10:21:21

It sounds like a set up for a !recovery scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 10:19:18

Just delete the email and forget about it (it's a !refund scam). In the future, do not ever call the number on a suspicious email. If you need to, google the actual company, go to their actual website, and use the number that you find there. Never, ever, ever call the number that the scammer gives you.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 19, 2023 10:16:12

I agree. IMHO neither side has the stomach for the types of revenue increases and spending cuts that would be needed to actually keep the US debt from increasing. Republicans only want to have this fight when there's a Democratic President, because they know that actually resolving the "problem" would be practically impossible and politically dangerous. They want a Dem President to take the heat for the forced austerity measures that conservative elites are fond of; that's why they didn't demand any tax hikes or spending cuts when Trump was in office. IMHO Democrats should play hardball as much as possible with this issue. The debt ceiling is a fake, manufactured crisis; they should have gotten rid of it two years ago. It's too late to change that decision, but the worst thing they can do is to agree to implement draconian austerity measures that wouldn't have been on the table if Trump was president.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 19, 2023 10:12:02

I knew that Parlato was a scumbag for some of the things that he has been doing in terms of fraud, but it never occurred to me that he thinks that it should be legal for adults to rape 12 year olds. It makes me wonder what he has against Raniere given that they seem to be sharing similar views.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 19, 2023 10:04:16

I’m pretty much with you on all of your picks. “Zebras” is probably the nadir of the series for me in terms of stupid characters; Stuckey just didn’t have the gravitas to be a compelling antagonist and the whole idea of him turning into a super villain planting elaborate death traps all over New York was ridiculous. And the Lourdes episode was just abysmal. People often go after Olivia and the show for situational ethics and picking and choosing when to follow the law arbitrarily and this episode is by far the worst example of it IMHO (the only ones that come close are episodes like “Vanity’s Bonfire” that I don’t even rewatch). For me the biggest sin of that episode is that it’s really a one-episode plot that was stretched out over two episodes for no reason. With two part or three part episodes, you would expect more twists and turns to justify the runtime. But instead, everything that Olivia assumed the moment she walked into the scene turns out to be true almost immediately. There were no twists or surprises; the story only made it to two episodes because of repetitive dialogue serving as filler. “Zebras” was badly written but at least it was fast paced; the other two episodes were just dull.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 19, 2023 08:00:10

>Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey's office called the time window change a “win for justice” and supporters said the appeal change would ease the burden on the court system. But a noted death penalty lawyer said the changes end a crucial avenue of review and increase the likelihood of “more cruelty and potential torture.” >The Alabama Supreme Court announced the changes to appellate procedure last Friday. At Ivey's request, the court abolished the previous one-day time frame to carry out a death sentence. Instead, the governor will set a window of time for the execution. A divided court in a 6-3 decision also eliminated an automatic “plain error review” where the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals automatically reviews death penalty cases for a clear error at trial even though the defense lawyer did not object. Justices said judges on the appeals court may undertake the review, but are no longer required to do so. > “I think the combination of these two rules increases the likelihood that we’re going to see more wrongful convictions, more unjust sentences and more cruelty and potential torture,” said Bryan Stevenson, founder of the non-profit Equal Justice Initiative. Stevenson said that nearly 40% of the reversals in Alabama death penalty cases have come under the plain error review. He said the rule has been in place since the death penalty was reinstated in Alabama in 1976, and its repeal is “shocking.” > Justice Jay Mitchell wrote in a concurring opinion that the change will relieve the court's burden so they are no longer required to “scour the record in search of such errors, nor will it be compelled to analyze claims of error." He said lawyers for death row inmates can present the issues in other appeals.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 07:48:14

Neal Katyal was one of the prosecutors on the original trial.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 19, 2023 07:32:46

Why would an undercover cop and a lawyer be the same person? It’s not as if Barry Querns was undercover in the second episode, he was just a regular lawyer. There’s no way a regular cop could have effectively gone undercover as a lawyer since they wouldn’t be able to practice law or represent the client, which would make the client get rid of them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 19, 2023 07:26:42

Wouldn’t 13 be considered pretty young to marry in ASOIAF?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 18, 2023 21:05:07

That episode was actually about the rape kit backlog elimination law that the government was promoting around the time the episode came out. The cameo seems random to people now but when it came out there was a lot of time and discussion about a backlog of untested rape kits across the US and there was a big push by the Federal government to get states and cities to start testing those kits using new funds that the government was providing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 18, 2023 21:00:01

The most common theory is body dysmorphia. What she sees is not what we see.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 18, 2023 20:41:40

I think they spend so much time on conservative echo chambers that they forget that people who don’t spend all day there won’t understand what they are saying. Those terms are probably well understood jargon in the places they hang out but when you see them in normal conversations it sounds alien. It’s kind of like when incels start talking about foids and chads and stuff, or when Scientologists talk about clears and bull baits.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on January 18, 2023 20:31:25

I think the disagreement is that some people think that he would be a bad justice because of his views (perceived or actual). IMHO that’s not the same thing as being unqualified; “Qualified” to hold an office just means that they meet the legal requirements plus the education and experience expectations that most people have, but that doesn’t mean that they are entitled to have that office over someone else who is qualified. When it comes to something like a seat on a court of appeals, “qualified” is basically table stakes. The person can be qualified but that doesn’t mean that he is the best choice for that job, especially if there is a list of equally good candidates that some advocates might prefer. And as far as the advice and consent goes, if the Senate refuses to vote on a nominee that’s functionally the same as voting that nominee down. Whether suing the Senate to discharge the nomination from the committee will work, I have no idea. It’s worth a shot, I guess, but if that doesn’t work it’s hard to justify spending more time and energy trying to ram this nominee through if he really doesn’t have the votes to even make it to the floor. After a certain point, if the nominee is merely “qualified” but not exceptionally wonderful, it’s better to just snag someone else off the short list and move on.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 20:24:04

I mean, isn’t he qualified? I don’t think there’s any serious person saying that he is not qualified. The real issue IMO is that he doesn’t seem to have the votes. If he can’t pass confirmation, the governor may as well pick someone else. It’s not like this is a scenario where she can’t get any of her nominees through no matter what, it’s just this one guy who doesn’t have the votes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 18:31:54

My guess is that they either didn't start to make your order when they said they did or fucked up the order and had to make it again.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/PizzaCrimes on January 18, 2023 14:05:19

Honestly I don't know. I assume they found other jobs between season 20 of Law and Order and season 21, which came out a decade later and was IMHO awful.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 18, 2023 13:58:27

Well, from this perspective, any amount of influence or political power or visibility is "outsized". The correct state of affairs for them is living in fear of ostracism or arrest; if things improve even slightly from that correct baseline, it's kind of troubling for them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 18, 2023 13:55:24

It's a great tool of speculation. If you get in and out of a bubble at the right time, you can make a crazy amount of money without any real effort. The challenge is figuring out when and how to to get out.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 13:48:50

I think they're both good. Seduced is heavily focused on the Oxenbergs story and I think that adds some value because they were more directly involved in DOS than Mark Vicente was. If you're interested in that aspect of the story I think Seduced hits on it in a clearer and more direct way than the Vow did due to its narrower focus. I also think that Seduced does a good job of bringing in outside experts to help supplement what we hear from NXIVM survivors.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 18, 2023 13:10:21

There are some religious adherents that practice forms of self punishment (for example, mortification of the flesh) That being said, penance is an extremely well known and common word/concept and I'm surprised you didn't find results about it. He definitely didn't make it up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 18, 2023 13:03:13

I don't think Chris Orbach really acts any more. The show also doesn't have good writers so they probably won't be able to come up with good wisecracks for him to say.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 18, 2023 13:01:11

Abortion is still legal in many parts of the US and contraception is legal everywhere. They won't be happy until everything is outlawed, so they have a lot of work ahead of them. It's crazy to think that overturning Roe v Wade was the easy part; now they have to find ways to federally ban abortion, get every state to ban abortion, and figure out a way to stop abortion pills from being shipped even in places where abortion is currently banned. In a weird way their fight is actually tougher now; historically, the fight over abortion rights was laser focused on the Supreme Court and the anti abortion activists pretty much could do whatever they wanted in every other level of government. Outside of the courts, no one was really pushing back as states and cities became laboratories for radical abortion bans. Now, a ton of voters are waking up to the issues and the anti abortion activists don't have a free hand any more. When their captured politicians push radical bills, they are getting criticism and scrutiny that simply didn't exist even a couple of years ago.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 18, 2023 12:51:56

I don't think there are even that many moderates. Most of the people who get tagged as "moderate" have the same political beliefs and voting records as the people tagged as "extremists". The only difference is in demeanor and strategy, with the "moderates" being more willing to cooperate with their party's leadership.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 18, 2023 12:44:43

They really just need to switch to their own personal Wi-Fi or data. They can't use the app when connected to the university's Wi-Fi but that is only obstacle for people who are connected to that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 18, 2023 12:42:35

Yeah I think people don't realize how precarious life is for adjunct professors. If they really wanted to, they could have quietly not renewed her contract and she'd be gone and there wouldn't even be a way for her to prove that this was the reason. They could have avoided the reputational damage. Now, a school that most people haven't heard of before today is being written up on many / most major media platforms and even they can't defend their own conduct.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 12:40:03

Sure, but that doesn't really have anything to do with the merits of the case. Lots of big organizations would rather settle than go through discovery, so they might settle even if the case against them is weak because they think paying a settlement would be cheaper and less reputationally damaging than fighting and winning in court several years later. If you are comparing this to the Oberlin situation from a legal standpoint, I think that's potentially misleading because Oberlin did a ton of crazy shit to the bakery before being sued. If they had *just* criticized the bakery once and then dropped the matter, they probably would have been on firmer footing legally speaking.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 12:37:46

The Oberlin case was way worse than this one though. They didn't just make a statement saying that they thought the bakery owner was racist, they organized big protests outside of the bakery, organizing boycotts against it, trying to cancel contracts with the bakery, etc. It was a very long production of events that bolstered the defamation and tortious interference claim against Oberlin and most of those things didn't happen in this case. I think this school, if it wanted to fight, would have a much easier time here than Oberlin did.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 12:29:44

I agree. I've always hated the way some writers will pad their posts by restating the same concept over and over in different words. It's as if they are trying to expand the length of their commentary by reiterating the same point. The worst part is that they'll make their comments longer by adding additional words to their posts without adding anything new in terms of actual substance. Moreover, they'll restate the same points in different language, using minor changes in verbiage to reiterate the arguments previously made earlier in the same content. In my opinion it would be better to make a point succinctly instead of being excessively verbose. By using fewer words more impactfully, it makes the comment clearer and easier to understand compared to the alternative approach of increasing the number of the words in the post by repeatedly rephrasing the same basic argument without adding anything new to it. It might seem contradictory but I believe that using fewer words and being more direct is actually an improvement in communication whereas the more common approach by writers is to excessively restate points that have been made previously by them without adding any additional insight beyond what they had earlier supplied earlier in the same post. They do this by simply taking their earlier sentences and reworking them slightly with alternative words and phrases to boost word count.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 18, 2023 11:55:20

Can we change his name to Carsidy or Crearidy?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 18, 2023 11:39:07

Some of them do, but honestly it's not really worth the effort. A lot of people still pick up unknown numbers and still trust whatever the person on the other end says uncritically. Taking the extra minute or so to spoof a real company's number isn't necessarily a game changer since many victims don't check (and the ones who do check probably are too cautious to send money anyway).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 18, 2023 11:34:18

They presumably would want to control the heir to the Iron Islands. It’s kind of like what the Freys are doing with Edmure and Roslin.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 18, 2023 07:51:14

It’s hard to defend the indefensible. The best thing that I can think of in their defense is that they made a knee jerk and thoughtless decision without gathering all — or any — of the facts, which still makes the school look terrible.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 18, 2023 07:27:13

Exactly. People need to let go of the myth that ASOIAF is still so obscure that the book is somehow going to fly under the radar. If GRRM finishes the book, we will likely know months and months before the actual date it hits the shelves.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 18, 2023 07:23:31

What are the odds that Feinstein decides to skip running for re-election?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 18, 2023 07:19:46

Honestly that story was more horrifying to me than anything Dirty John Meehan himself had done up to that point. To a certain extent I get what makes a con artist sociopath do what they do, but to turn on your own murdered daughter like that is beyond comprehension to me. In a way though that story helped me understand why Debra was so patient and tolerant with John’s behavior at first. If she grew up in a culture and worldview that devalued women to such an extreme degree that her mother would side with her sister’s killer over her, it would be hard for her to really actualize fair expectations for her own relationships. After all, if murder isn’t considered a red line, what *is*?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 17, 2023 20:56:39

They must have consciously decoupled.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 17, 2023 20:34:05

LPT: Don’t murder your wife.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 17, 2023 20:31:49

She apparently eats napkins.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 17, 2023 20:30:35

Maybe but it doesn’t warrant castration, really

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on January 17, 2023 20:25:38

He probably did the paperwork real fast while she was still worn out.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on January 17, 2023 17:43:13

You're thinking of Zachariah, not Uriel. In season 5, episode 16, Zachariah captures the brothers after >!they were killed by other hunters. Zachariah needs to resurrect the Winchesters but first he wants to torture them for wasting his time.!< He gives the following speech: >ZACHARIAH: Let me tell you something. I was on the fast track once. Employee of the month, every month, forever. I would walk these halls and people would **avert their eyes**! I had ‘**respect**! And then they assigned me you. Now look at me. I can’t close the deal on a couple of flannel-wearing maggots? Everybody’s laughing at me… and they’re right to do it. So! Say yes, don’t say yes; I’m still going to take it out of your asses. It’s personal now, boys, and the last person in the history of creation you want as your enemy is me. And I’ll tell you why. Lucifer may be strong, but I’m… petty. I’m going to be the angel on your shoulder for the rest of eternity!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 17, 2023 15:47:52

It could be true, but I don't know if there's any value in the actual letter. Stuff like this is rare enough that you can't really prep for it in advance (an extramarital affair with an employee that was specifically engineered to psych out a soon to be ex, I mean). It's a juicy story but there's nothing the LW can do now to change that and there's very little chance that this will happen again.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 17, 2023 15:34:14

Anyone can spoof a phone number so that it shows up as whatever they want on caller ID. They can even make your own number show up if they want, or the number of one of your family members or friends. If you have a reason to expect contact from ICE, you should go directly to ICE's .gov website and contact them directly yourself if you need to talk to them. Don't redial the number that shows up on your caller ID even if it looks legit.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 17, 2023 15:25:56

I think you might be on the wrong subreddit. This subreddit is for long form newspaper articles.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Longreads on January 17, 2023 15:23:22

Wouldn't the long night be pretty bad agriculturally for Westeros? Dorne might take less damage at first but eventually it seems like they'd get hit pretty hard too even if the Others don't set foot there. An apocalyptic winter event like that would make Renly's blockade of King's Landing (which led to starvation and riots) seem mild, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 17, 2023 15:21:18

She's, like, really pretty. And I suspect that even a new host would still do the same things because that's what the procedures and show runner wants.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 17, 2023 14:59:37

They didn't say that in the show; the only connection that was made was that the women's center was struggling for money and one of the sorority alumna (the mother of one of the protagonists) decides to donate to the women's center instead of to the sorority.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 17, 2023 14:54:34

I think the sorority = brothel thing is actually a myth. Though I'm sure people cited it by mistake, getting confused about zoning laws that bar communal housing with morality codes that specifically prohibit prostitution.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 17, 2023 14:53:24

Musk may have been may have crashed the Tesla stock but the crypto market crash was a group effort. You can't really blame him for FTX and Alameda, Binance, Genesis, Gemini, 3AC, Terra and Luna, and all of those other disasters.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 17, 2023 14:44:58

I don't think it's fair to count Sansa or Arya. They haven't had sex with anyone in the books and they are a lot younger and in different circumstances than their show counterparts. One of the themes of the series though is that there are a lot of really restrictive vows and moral rules that are so tough that very few people will keep them. Nearly every social group (the Watch, the Kingsguard, the maesters, the septons, etc.) requires lifelong celibacy (or the constructive equivalent), for example.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 17, 2023 14:38:47

Yep. One of the things that scammers usually want is to avoid meeting you or doing the transaction face to face. They always want to send money first, or have someone else swing by your house with a check, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 17, 2023 14:34:18

They never did a storyline about Olivia's struggle with pica.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 17, 2023 13:58:55

In some of the online forums, some people have argued that creating a business / merchant account improves your chances of getting into contact with an actual human employee instead of an automated system. It’s possible that this has worked for some lucky people in the past (maybe an employee took pity and routed their message to the correct team) so that could be why this advice is so common online.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 17, 2023 07:58:50

Amway! Amway guys love the “nice shoes” thing. I’ve gotten this exact fake compliment too when I was wearing old beat up looking shoes that I’ve had for like ten years.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 16, 2023 22:25:25

Raniere himself also cultivated a schlubby sort of look as well, which I think fit with his public image as a renunciate fully dedicated to a life of the mind and uninterested in worldly things. I have no idea if this was his conscious aim but I think making himself and his surroundings seem as humdrum and boring as possible was definitely a subconscious goal since he was playing into a specific culture trope (absent minded professor, genius monk, etc.)

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 16, 2023 22:23:26

Very common scam. The “girl” is just someone who makes money by tricking people into giving their bank information to that site. Other than an escort / sex worker, no legitimate person will ask you to pay them to date you or require you to give financial information before meeting up. That’s not a real thing that happens, it only happens in scams.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 16, 2023 22:17:37

None of it is really necessary. Like, if the tell all didn’t exist at all nothing bad would happen. That’s not a bad thing though; with a weak host, the only way to get really juicy questions and interactions is to let the cast members go after each other and this format makes it easier.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 16, 2023 21:30:39

Honestly that might be anti PR. If the best thing you ever did was 27 years ago, it makes me wonder what you’ve been doing since then!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 16, 2023 21:25:13

This is one where the episode actually starts with the victim being hit by a car outside a courthouse. It wasn’t after a trial or anything, he was a worker who was on strike and demonstrating outside the courthouse.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 16, 2023 21:23:58

He even acknowledged the ducks several times, so he was definitely paying attention!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 16, 2023 21:22:46

Iron is a very common supernatural weakness even in real life folklore (it's about as common in mythology as salt and silver), so it's a pretty good approach.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 16, 2023 21:14:05

That one I'm not too sure about. I think the writers went with evergreen stake because that's what Christmas trees are made of and in SPN the two monsters were based on Hold Nickar (which they linked to other Chrismas themed monsters like Black Bart and Krampus).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 16, 2023 21:07:47

I think the real answer is souls. Souls in Supernatural are incredibly powerful; Castiel was able to get a massive boost in power just from briefly touching Bobby Singer's soul. Towards the end of the season, we learn that Castiel did a treaty with Crowley, during which they would work together to unlock Purgatory in exchange for sharing the monstrous souls found within. As part of that deal, Crowley gave Castiel a "loan" of 50,000 souls from Hell, which boosted Cas's power enough that he could temporarily challenge Raphael. I think those souls, combined with the weapons that Cas later obtains, are what helped him stand up to Raphael. It's worth noting that even with that help, Cas's side was still losing. It's heavily implied that Raphael would have eventually overwhelmed Cas if the war had gone on much longer, which is why Cas was so desperate towards the end of season 6. After all, Cas's powers were mostly drawn from external sources (Crowley's loan and Balthazar's weapons) and Raphael was, as you pointed out, a full fledged archangel.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 16, 2023 20:59:01

A couple of ways: * Sometimes, a deity can be killed by a sacred weapon from their religion. For example, the god Zeus from season 7 could be killed by the sacred weapons of Artemis, his daughter and the goddess of hunters; in season 8, Sam defeats Vili, the Norse primeval god, using the hammer Mjolnir (sacred weapon of Thor). * Other times, a unique creature can't technically be killed but can be temporarily put into stasis. For example, Osiris in season 7 could be put into stasis using a special weapon or method that has already been used on him historically. For Sam and Dean, knocking him out temporarily is good enough and they were happy to just do that because they couldn't find a way to kill him. * Sometimes, a god ends up being susceptible to either overwhelming force (such as the power of an archangel like Gabriel or Lucifer, or a superior weapon like the Colt) or traditional monster killing methods such as silver, fire, etc. I've been doing a rewatch, and I noticed the same thing as you. A lot of times, it really does seem to be trial and error. For example, Sam and Dean might notice that the god or spirit is afraid of a certain thing and then they guess that maybe that thing can hurt them. In season 6, for instance, the goddess Veritas gets extremely angry when she sees dogs and that causes them to suspect that using dog's blood will hurt her. To give another example, in season 1 the brothers learn that the Vanir (Norse gods) drew their power from a sacred tree that the cultists were making human sacrifices to, and they figure that burning that tree would help them vanquish it. They don't know for 100% sure but it's a logical guess.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 16, 2023 20:52:54

I love the idea of just a business just sort of recruiting little kids who stop by. It sounds like something that would happen to a kid in a Roald Dahl novel or maybe an R.L. Stine novel. The little kid stays too long at the magic bookstore and is trapped forever within its walls.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 16, 2023 20:39:41

She did say that she thought the manager's impulse to write the employee up or send her home was "weird", which was kind of nutty to me. I think her perspective on that letter was skewed by the whole "lateness" thing; she tends to believe that it is usually a bad thing for a manager to insist that an employee show up on time unless they have an extremely good reason for requiring that. It's one of her bigger blind spots, and I think she would have come down more firmly on the manager's side if the manager hadn't said that she reprimanded the employee for being late to work.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 16, 2023 20:35:40

They might be used to the older, more traditional bookstores where armed guards will keep an eye out for anyone caught reading in the store and will frogmarch you out if you spend more than ten seconds making eye contact with one of your purchases.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 16, 2023 20:29:47

I agree that that content is worthless, but is it really worse than the constant threads complaining about how other people watch TV or how they talk about TV?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 16, 2023 13:01:12

When I first heard this story I thought it was someone she married who later went to prison, but it sounds like what really happened is that she heard about him being in prison for murder and then slid into his DMs.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 16, 2023 12:48:11

If Bilal and Shaaeda agree to have a child together and do have a child together, there's no "force" and both of them are responsible for their child. If Bilal doesn't want to have a child, he should not get her pregnant.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 16, 2023 12:42:47

> I get that fires happen, but what's the actual chance that this book store is burning down at any given time? The odds are 50/50, right? It's either burning down or it isn't.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 16, 2023 12:35:07

I don't think there's anything genuine about that: some people just love drama. They showed her those things because they were hoping it would upset her and were hoping it would lead to something spectacular or funny.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 16, 2023 12:28:09

It felt a little like of Game of Thrones Season 8 where they almost had a list of plot points that they wanted to hit and just sort of barreled through them without worrying about set up or payoff or even keeping the character personalities consistent from episode to episode. The only one who seemed to have a coherent arc was Rapp, and that's probably because her character's story was continuing directly off of the last season.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 16, 2023 12:24:40

I think they are romanticized because Westerosi desperately lack any sort of countervailing power base to the traditional aristocracy. They fill the same role that the High Sparrow and the Brotherhood Without Banners do in Westeros and the red faith does in Essos -- serving as a force that can in some ways push back or resist the powers that be. That doesn't make them good, but it does explain why they were beloved at times.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 16, 2023 12:19:29

[Season 18 Episode 16 - "Strike"](

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 16, 2023 12:13:04

I don't think she wants to. She seems happy waiting around for Bilal to do everything for her despite his obvious lack of interest and that doesn't really bode well for her future success as a business owner. When you have your own business as a solo entrepreneur everything falls on you. Even (especially) if you have investors, you don't have the luxury of just waiting around for someone else to figure out everything for you or provide everything for you. If Shaaeda doesn't pick up her feet soon she won't be successful, regardless of what Bilal does or doesn't do.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 16, 2023 12:07:11

The original Law and Order usually moved one or two cast members out every couple of seasons. In addition, the personal storylines are not as common; each character has a few (Lennie's daughter, Mike's sexual abuse, Anita's cancer, Rey's divorce, etc.) but it wasn't anything near as detailed or long term focus as anything that happened with Benson, Stabler, Rollins, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 16, 2023 11:59:01

Something like that would be loudly denounced as wokeism today, as would nearly everything Dr King had to say.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 16, 2023 11:53:44

It seems unlikely that there are many people in the US who don't have the resources to move to California but would be able to immigrate to Iceland. Most of the people who could do that would probably have an easier time immigrating to Iceland on their own without trying to claim asylum.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 16, 2023 11:52:49

How do you know what the words mean if you don’t understand the language?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 16, 2023 08:52:35

She probably thought it was okay since Whitney broke up with Canaan a while ago and was in a new relationship, so she didn’t see it as being the equivalent of her cheating on Jackson or Canaan cheating on Whitney. I think it was a bad move but IMHO I think it’s more driven by immaturity than her disliking of Whitney.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 16, 2023 08:39:16


Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 16, 2023 08:30:43

Yeah just glancing at the wiki it says that the guy had 23 wives and and 99 kids, which sounds weird and silly enough that it is probably not meant to be taken super literally. I haven't read the book this is taken from but I'd bet it is one of those singer exaggerations that are often mentioned in the story.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 16, 2023 00:17:12

The chart on the wiki makes it sound as if the half-sister and Ronard have the same father (someone named Durrandon).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 16, 2023 00:14:44

>Are there really people like this who help? There's no such thing as a government grant program that is administered by sketchy dudes on social media. It's just not a thing that happens, so you can be sure that anyone who approaches you and offers to help you get a grant is lying. There's no such thing as a form I-40 either (at least, not in the context of SBA loans).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 16, 2023 00:12:44

That's kind of the way it is with HEA. They always have recurring cast members (no new couples are introduced) and it's usually the couples who are basically "regulars" on TLC, having done multiple other seasons in the past. Jenny and Sumit did 3 seasons of The Other Way before appearing here; Ed did BT90D with Rose and 2 seasons of The Single Life; Usman was on 2 seasons of BT90D (once with Kim and once with Lisa); Elizabeth and Andrei were in regular 90DF for 1 season and did 3 seasons of HEA before their current appearance on HEA; Angela and Michael were on 2 seasons of BT90D, 1 season of regular 90DF, and I believe 2 additional seasons of HEA before their current appearance on HEA. Other than Bilal and Shaaeda, who only have one other season before this one, these all veteran performers who are good at playing up for the camera and keep a storyline going without breaking character or posting anything on social media that will undermine their story. They know how to work the system and that's likely why they keep being cast over and over.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 16, 2023 00:05:53

Oh, to clarify, I'm not defending the way the Clinton email stories were covered at all. I don't think the level of coverage was justified and I think the tone of the coverage was overblown. I was just saying that the steady drip drip drip of revelations created the impression of an ongoing catastrophe, and made it hard for the audience to contextualize it. If you're just a casual peruser of the news and every other week there's a new (or "new") story about it, it can be hard to tell that it was really just one discrete, resolved incident rather than something that is an ongoing problem for the country. IMHO, the best way for the government to handle something like this is to treat it almost like a plane crash (or I guess since this is Biden, like a train derailment). There's a thorough investigation that is aimed at identifying how big the problem is, what the risks and exposure are, what the root cause of the problem is, and what process improvements can be put into place to mitigate them. The individual documents being found shouldn't be treated as all separate stories but as part of one discrete issue that needs to be addressed by the administration.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 15, 2023 23:54:57

Yeah it didn't feel like something she would do. I can see Bela maybe giving badly worded feedback or something but I can't imagine her telling someone to give up on their dreams or not even attempt their dreams. Honestly that seems like the opposite of her style; she seems like the kind of person who would pump someone up and encourage them to keep trying even if they really *should* give up!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 15, 2023 22:01:27

It seems obvious that he was lying to his parents. If he wanted kids, he would have mentioned at some point during his **ten year relationship** with Jenny or his actual marriage to some other woman. It's so obvious that it makes the other people seem stupid for thinking that he really wants kids.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 21:44:39

I thought the same thing! The scene felt so out of character; Bella has done bad things before but she never came across as mean before. I really think that Bella would have tried her best to give the person feedback. Honestly the scene might have worked better if they had Bella give genuine feedback that landed wrong or was poorly worded or something, but having her flat out refuse to help the girl at all and tell her to give up on comedy seemed OOC.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SexLivesCollegeGirls on January 15, 2023 21:40:17

The "strongest question" was lifted from Alison Green's "AskAManager" blog from a few years ago: >5. Thinking back to the people who you’ve seen in this role previously, what’s the difference between a good performance and a great one? >Interviewers love this question, because it signals that you’re someone who cares not just about doing an okay or even good job, but about being truly great. It’s hard not to adore the candidate who asks this.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 15, 2023 21:34:49

It depends on how quickly it takes for something worse to hit the news. One of the problems is the "drip drip drip" effect when a negative story unfolds slowly over the course of a long period of time; each time a new detail is released, it creates another week or so of negative coverage. That's kind of what happened with the Clinton email thing where we kept hearing new (and largely irrelevant) details or updates about it over the course of several months which made the story seem like a long-term catastrophe. For Biden, if we keep hearing about new batches of documents being found in different places every couple of days then that will make the scandal seem bigger than it deserves to be. That's why I think the special counsel thing might be a good approach; it's like ripping off a bandaid, when the investigators will do a thorough search for all classified documents, figure out what went wrong and what the exposure is, and tell us what's up all at once instead of slowly over the course of a year.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 15, 2023 21:33:06

Very, very cheap blow-up dolls. Like the kinds you find on Craigslist for less than $1 or best offer.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 21:29:03

In a weird way, it kind of makes sense. For the person receiving the piano, there's quite a bit of cost and effort involved in retrieving it and transporting it and taking care of it/maintaining it. The kind of people who would want a piano and have the resources/skill to do all that probably would be picky. It's not like giving away a couch or something.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/personalfinance on January 15, 2023 21:19:31

I think it's because a lot of the sources of psychics solving cases are really dodgy. If there are "multiple highly publicized cases" then it should be easy to find credible sources, but unfortunately most of the sourcing tends to be random youtube links or puff pieces that just repeat what the psychic says without doing any research. It makes it hard to take the claims seriously, even if they are true.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 15, 2023 21:14:45

He's like male Leida. He is good at that cycle.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 20:58:16

Yeah it's like trying to teach a duck how to ride a bike. You can spend as much time as you want on it but it won't make any difference.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 20:57:14

I've heard rumors that there are some people who have difficulty conceiving.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 20:54:17

I don't think he really sees her as a person.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 20:52:18

The scene that the OP is talking about is a scene where Cersei and Jaime are having sex in Ned's castle. Not exactly a high IQ move. That being said I agree that Cersei isn't stupid.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 15, 2023 20:51:07

They might, but they haven't yet. Meanwhile, the Boltons turned on the Starks even when the Starks were still strong and they appear to have at least coopted some of the other northmen (the reason why the Northmen have to save Arya is because of what is being done to "her" by other Northmen). The Lannisters don't really have anyone like that. I can't think of any Westermen counterparts of the Boltons, conniving bannermen who are constantly probing their overlord for weaknesses and preparing to pounce as soon as the overlord's back is turned. I'm not saying that Ned doesn't culivate loyalty in his bannermen. His memory and legacy is still strong. I was just pushing back against the idea that the Lannisters don't have the same thing going on. As of book 5, there really isn't any sign that the Lannisters are being betrayed by their own Westermen.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 15, 2023 20:28:40

It kind of makes sense politically. Taking away benefits from older people provokes a political backlash that doesn’t really happen much when you take them away from young people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 15, 2023 19:34:09

I mean, the episode came out in 2015 and the Me Too movement didn’t hit mainstream prominence / go viral on social media until 2017.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 15, 2023 19:27:17

In fairness to Tywin, it does seem as if there is more lasting loyalty to his family than the Starks are getting. We don’t really see any Westermen trying to betray or undermine Cersei the way the Boltons betrayed and undermined Robb long before the Red Wedding. Tywin’s methods are cruel and sadistic but he left behind an extremely cohesive Westerlands with seemingly unshakeable loyalty to his heirs, which is more than what Robb received when Ned died.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 15, 2023 18:31:12

My favorite is when they take a really off the wall theory and say something like, “If this theory isn’t confirmed, GRRM is a bad writer”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 15, 2023 18:25:05

I don’t think plastic surgery or a new boyfriend will do anything to fix whatever it is wrong with her. Darcy and Stacy have been trying that approach for years all they have to show for themselves is multiple train wreck TV seasons and a rapidly deteriorating physical appearance. The same deep seated flaws and insecurities that led them into unhappy relationship after unhappy relationship haven’t gone away and will continue to be an obstacle for them no matter what they look like or who they date. Like them, Kim has to work on herself first or she’ll just find another Usman.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 18:21:37

I think it’s Jia Lissa, the porn star. I can’t tell who the other two are but I bet they are porn stars as well.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/StraightGirlsPlaying on January 15, 2023 17:53:48

As far as I know there’s never been a formal update or follow up on the actual show about that case. There is some more information that people have found out just by digging through news articles and social media but that’s about it. I found a couple of links [here]( and [here]( about the case.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CatfishTheTVShow on January 15, 2023 16:31:57

Ray Curtis from the original Law and Order has two daughters, Olivia and Serena; Serena is also the name of Olivia Benson’s mother on SVU.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 15, 2023 14:27:06

I don’t think the writers for this season are all on the same page with each other and that’s why you’re seeing all of these inconsistencies and plot holes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 15, 2023 14:23:19

Pegasus had a really uncanny gift for reading his opponents and being one or two steps ahead, which IMHO shows his talent and insight into the game.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 14, 2023 22:55:39

I think everyone has both good and bad traits, and if you look at any racketeering organization you will find that people at every level in the organization had some complicity in keeping the system goes. The Don / godfather / kingpin isn’t the only one doing bad things, and they exert their will in both subtle and overt ways through their entourage and subordinates. Ultimately anyone who wants to understand NXIVM or groups like it will need to accept that most — or if we are being honest, *all* - of the people directly involved with it will be complicit to a certain degree. The best way is to read as much as you want / read as much as you can and always keep in the back of your mind that people are rarely 100% objective about their own mistakes and wrongdoing. As you’ve seen, reading multiple sources and testimonies will give you more perspective and help fill in the blanks.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 14, 2023 22:48:23

You’re surprised that a Christian would be really into Christmas?? Wait till you see the Easter sales coming up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 14, 2023 22:20:23

What does this one mean? >Arya is very classict If you mean “classy”, this chick eats worms and lives with assassins...

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 14, 2023 22:18:31

It figures he’s a actor. Elizabeth and Geoffrey are too.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 22:16:53

I can’t imagine that notenow subscription service has many customers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 14, 2023 22:15:54

No kidding. Each couple has two sets of family members, friends, and clout chasing hangers on to keep track of. The only reason I remember Jamal is because he was on a lot of episodes and appeared on the spin-off Single Life as well.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 22:08:31

I thought it was pretty clear from the chapter that Barristan was making faulty assumptions and mistakes. Unlike some of our other POV characters, he is very aware that he is not a skilled politician and detective and his chapter is filled with self doubt. He was taking action because he had to and because he was scared that things were spiraling out of control, but he didn’t seem confident in what he was doing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 14, 2023 21:54:45

He is the son of Kimberly, one of the cast members from the most recent season of Happily Ever After. (Kimberly is the woman dating Usman/Sojaboy).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 21:47:31

Maybe the solution will be that time travel is limited in some way. Bran can affect the past, but only in certain ways, or or certain people, or or for a limited amount of time into the past. I’m one of the people who thinks that GRRM will introduce time travel into the narrative but I definitely think that he doesn’t want it to completely swallow or address every problem.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 14, 2023 21:44:41

We might be thinking of different cases. This was a situation where the nurse was supposed to pull and administer an anti anxiety drug (Versed) but instead pulled and administered an extremely dangerous paralyzing drug called vecuroniom bromide, overriding the system checks that are supposed to stop people from pulling this drug in the process.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 21:39:02

That comment reminded me of [this weird remark someone made a few years ago](

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 14, 2023 17:56:48

Yeah it’s probably not going to end well. The best case scenario IMHO is that this is announcement is an attention seeking stunt that West will quietly abandon if people don’t give him the attention he wants for it.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 14, 2023 17:52:18

Gregor, Ramsay, and Joffrey are all listed as Complete Monsters as well so if they qualify then this guy should as well.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 14, 2023 17:45:56

I don’t think you did anything wrong. One thing I wanted to mention — it is very easy to look up personal information about someone online. If you know someone’s name and roughly where in the world they live (sometimes state or city or zip code is enough) it is easy to find other little nuggets of information through social media or a variety of databases that scrape public records (such as Spokeo). They can get the names of people you’ve been associated with (eg family members, roommates), old addresses, etc. Some scammers use this to create the impression that they know more about you than they really do. They’ll throw out a detail like that to make it seem as if they know you in real life but they might just have typed your name into Google and are just hoping that you’ll think that the basic info they have means something beyond that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 14, 2023 17:27:20

He’s a minor character on the books. IIRC he appears in only a handful of chapters in one book. He might have a bigger role (maybe facing Euron in the Reach?) later but in the books he doesn’t really have a prominent role yet.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 14, 2023 17:16:26

I think it was just awkward because it made her look like she was kind of bad at her job. There’s a scene where Carisi is grilling her and it comes across as if she has no idea what is going on with the case and brought Jayvon to the precinct for no reason other than because the crowd scene at the park made her uncomfortable. The impression I got was that SVU was just clumsily trying to clean up a mistake / rush to judgment by the uniform cops who were already on the scene. I definitely agree that the plotline would have made much more sense as a follow up to “Community Policing”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 14, 2023 17:14:59

I think they’re joking because most of the plot points they mention occur in nearly every episode of the reboot.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 14, 2023 17:07:59

It’s pretty rare for any medical provider to go to prison solely for their job related decisions or mistakes. Nurses are at higher risk than doctors because they are more likely to directly interact with patients, but even their risk of being sent to prison for a mistake is pretty low. There was a case in the last few years where a nurse was criminally prosecuted for a medication error that resulted in a patient’s death; even though the nurse only received probation in the end, the fact that she was charged at all was shocking and *extremely* controversial in the area. (Many people think that sending a medical provider to prison for something like that would actually be bad since it discouraged them from coming forward and admitting to mistakes, which makes it harder to improve processes and systems that led to the mistake). But that case was so shocking in part because it was rare for a medical provider to be prosecuted at all for that kind of thing. Most of the time, a criminal case is filed only in a case where the medical provider intentionally killed a patient or when the provider was intoxicated. Cases involving errors tend to be handled like this one — a complaint to the state regulatory body (which is usually made up of other doctors and nurses, who are likely to give their colleagues the benefit of the doubt if there’s any gray area) and/or a civil court case for malpractice. Both of those processes are really slow because of the due process rights of the medical providers; you don’t just yank their license just because one person said that they did something. There are hearings and appeals and the process usually takes months or even years before a final decision is made.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 17:06:48

I’m pretty sure chewing ice at your desk at an ice cube farm would be considered employee defalcation and is grounds for termination.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:52:54

In their limited defense, I don’t think there *is* a fiction book that will help someone change their personality to the degree that they are seeking.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:51:53

I think they are at the stage where, rightly or wrongly, they don’t believe they can do anything to change their situation at that company. I don’t think there’s any advice that can be given to help them especially from someone who isn’t there with them in real life and has the whole picture. In the comments they reject any possibility of getting help or support of any kind from anyone at the company and they also reject the idea that they can improve without getting that help/support. Once both of those options (do it on your own or do it with someone else’s help) are ruled out, what’s left?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:48:24

I love how patient and polite the response was. I wonder how many other questions that lady gets along those lines. (“The recipe called for two tablespoons of cat but when I tried to milk Fluffy she scratched me and ran into the other room. What did I do wrong?” “Bea, the recipe calls for two tablespoons of **catsup**, the condiment, not **cat**, the animal. It tastes much better with catsup.”)

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:44:00

I don’t think he really had enough relatable life experience to give good advice. He did okay when the questions overlapped with his life in some way but if he couldn’t empathize or relate to the topic or question (especially questions from or about low income and/or working class people) then he couldn’t really help them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:40:25

In fairness it’s hard to have conversations if you don’t have thoughts.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 14, 2023 16:34:12

Yeah, I agree. There’s no way that Kanye West has never heard anyone criticize his life choices before. If he’s still doing self destructive or weird things it’s because he wants to, or because he cannot stop himself. There’s nothing that an outsider, a spouse, a friend, etc. can do to change that for him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 14, 2023 16:27:03

I wonder if there’s a way to do a flattering *photo* of him. It’s like he has resting smug face.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 14, 2023 16:21:47

It’s very hard to strip a doctor of their license and nearly impossible to put them in prison no matter what they do. It’s fucked up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 14, 2023 16:12:44

This is one of those episodes where they wanted to comment on a social issue but had to do in the context of an SVU case and it just felt awkward and pointless. They did an episode almost exactly like this one earlier where the guy was going around getting women pregnant on purpose for some reason. It was an interesting idea but it was super obvious that what he did was completely legal and there was no way they could prosecute him. This episode felt the same way. That older episode sort of did a cop out by having some lady kill the guy with an exploding knife, so I guess this episode wasn’t as lazy in that they actually let the main characters find a solution to the problem instead.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 14, 2023 16:10:58

Yeah I suspect that for a lot of people, the collateral was only part of the reason why they stayed. After all, they had to be pretty committed emotionally and practically in order to make and provide the collateral to begin with.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 14, 2023 15:01:05

The bad takes *usually* get upvoted like crazy even if there are big factual errors or erroneous assumptions, so there’s no incentive to really read things or try and understand them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 14, 2023 12:19:22

> For prosecutors to secure a conviction for “obstruction of an official proceeding,” — a felony that carries a maximum 20-year sentence — they must show that a defendant had “corrupt” intent. But Jackson said prosecutors failed to support the charge with evidence proving Black’s intent. Evidence that Black intended to block Congress — or even was familiar with the congressional proceedings occurring that day — was “absent from the government’s case,” Jackson said. >Some evidence suggested that by the time he arrived at the Capitol, Black believed that the certification of the election had ended, Jackson noted. >Black was seen in images from the Senate chamber bleeding from his cheek, the result of being shot with a police projectile before he breached the building. Jackson emphasized that Black had both religious and political reasons for his presence in Washington on Jan. 6 — a mixed motive that she said was rooted both in his claim to have “the Lord’s imprimatur” and his steady diet of social media disinformation about the election results

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 13, 2023 23:16:43

What if it’s someone wild, like Sweetrobin or Alayne Stone?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 13, 2023 22:22:28

Oh yeah she was awful in “Punk”. I think Abbie is the kind of person who can just choose not to understand something. She does eventually come around at the end of the episode but it’s really frustrating the way she just avoids comprehending what the woman was going through.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 13, 2023 22:20:49

On /r/SVU, an “unpopular opinion” is one that is shared by like 70% of the fan base and posted on this subreddit once every 2 or 3 days.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 13, 2023 21:42:14

“Agony” was about a serial killer.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 13, 2023 21:40:07

Jaime and Cersei are disgusting and wrong. Tommen didn’t do anything wrong. The fact that Stannis is pretending like Tommen is not human is a sign that he is trying to convince himself that he deserves to be killed.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 13, 2023 21:37:56

Legitimate recruiters do this sometimes. I personally dislike the practice (IMHO social security numbers shouldn't be used for things that aren't directly related to Social Security / taxation) but the practice itself isn't inherently scammy.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 13, 2023 11:10:48

I really liked the ones in "Rage", "Countdown", and "Annihilated".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 13, 2023 11:09:05

For the longest time, the anti abortion movement has generally portrayed women who get abortions as victims of crooked doctors. They have tried to focus their enforcement against providers of abortions. However, as abortion continues to move away from something that is primarily performed by doctors in a clinic setting towards something that is commonly done at home using pills that women can get on their own, I don't think that stance is going to hold up. The anti abortion movement will try at first to portray dispensers of abortion pills as being akin to narcotics traffickers or cartel thugs, in the hopes that they can recycle the drug war tactics against them. But I don't think that will work politically or practically; most people don't see abortion pills as being the same as crystal meth or fentanyl, and if we are being honest the drug war hasn't really been that effective even against actual hard drugs. Marshall is getting flak from the anti abortion movement for tipping his hand like this, but I suspect that, in the end, most Republican led states will aggressively target women seeking abortions for criminal prosecutions. They won't have a way to actually track and control the pills directly and the conservative activist base won't tolerate them just ignoring the issue for very long.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 13, 2023 11:06:23

Doesn't Stannis describe Tommen in particularly dehumanizing terms? It sounds like he is trying to convince himself that his nephew isn't really an innocent child.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 13, 2023 10:38:16

Shouldn't Sansa's armor be her courtesy? I can't imagine a great sword being able to penetrate her ability to sip from a tiny teacup without spilling anything or her ability to stride across a room with six books stacked on top of her head.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 13, 2023 10:34:55

Which spaces are these? Do you mean like in online forums or in GOP circles / events like CPAC?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 13, 2023 10:26:10

Who is Sidney and why does he have his own stock exchange??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 13, 2023 10:07:05

This is going to sound crazy, but it kind of reminds me a little of the war in Ukraine, when the US and western allies shared detailed information and intelligence about planned Russian false flag attacks, troop buildups, etc. in the lead up to the war. This approach [made it harder for Putin, Zelenskyy, or anyone else]( to deny what was going on and made it harder for Putin in particular to flood the zone with BS that is hard to dispel after the fact. I think it's an intuitively pragmatic way to deal with stuff like this in every context where one side has the resources and connections to funnel smears through back channels, social media, bots, etc. Exposing their methods and tools helps weaken the effectiveness of those tools. It's unfortunate that this is all happening in the context of a family's dispute playing out in public, but the tactic itself is smart and should be studied and implemented by anyone who has to fight against disinformation campaigns.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 13, 2023 09:44:35

What, are you saying that showing up to work suddenly imitating a fictional character's mannerisms and personality might be weird and off putting?? That's silly talk!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 13, 2023 09:30:38

He was fragged by his own men for the awful crime of trying to get them to do their jobs properly.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 13, 2023 07:32:16

That’s unlikely. The website looks like ass — it’s riddled with typos (“shoping” instead of “shopping”), the address for their “store” seems to belong to a completely unrelated contracting firm, the About Us section is generic copy pasta that can be found on the websites of a ton of other equally fake looking stores (it doesn’t even mention the company by name or mention what they sell, so it’s vague enough that any fake scammer store can copy and paste it). It would be a horrible idea to give something like this money. Even though you could probably fight the charges when they inevitably ripped you off, why spend that time?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 13, 2023 07:30:23

I agree 100%. Everyone has weird anxieties and hangups, and not all of them need to be shared with former acquaintances or strangers. If the LW needs guidance they should look for it from someone they’ve worked with recently.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 12, 2023 20:54:31

Part of the issue I think is that GRRM keeps the ages for almost every character too low. It becomes hard to tell if these things are intentionally meant to seem weird or if he just didn’t think about the numbers too much. The show had to age up almost everyone just to make it filmable.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 12, 2023 20:30:54

The dragon has two heads!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 12, 2023 20:28:35

This is like rolling a natural 20 on your shark hunting check.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 12, 2023 12:41:10

It sounds like he is just ignoring the cases and hoping that they'll go away on their own. I'm sure he could find a lawyer if he really wanted to, but if he doesn't want to participate in the legal proceedings at all it will be hard to force him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 12, 2023 12:39:29

I was hoping this would be a crazy conspiracy theory akin to "North Dakota doesn't exist" or something like that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 12, 2023 12:37:22

It's actually not that bizarre. Even with MAGA, they still managed to flip the House and hold onto a decent chunk of their statewide races (such as the rightward shifts in formerly swingy places places like Florida, Ohio, and Montana). The general consensus that seems to be taking shape is that MAGA is fine but Trump might be a drag; if you can get a MAGA candidate who isn't Trump (eg DeSantis) there's no need to really change policy or messaging that much.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 12, 2023 12:35:46

No "a" in Jennette, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CelebBattles on January 12, 2023 12:30:36

It sounds like one CSPC commissioner making a vague conditional and then saying that no option is off the table. It was a stupid thing to say if there are no actual plans to propose such a regulation, but I don't know if this kind of thing really says anything about progressivism. The article even concedes that no ban is being proposed or debated by the administration or by the CPSC, so why does this one guy's statement (quickly disavowed by everyone with authority over this) represent progressivism?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 12, 2023 12:29:52

Yeah I agree. I always interpreted it as Stabler just saying something sweet to make her smile rather than her being a goddess or something. I don't think that his comment was meant to be taken super literally.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 12, 2023 12:21:44

Isn't it plausible that Robert won because he was much more experienced and stronger than Rhaegar? I don't really see the need for the whole rigged tournament thing. Robert's skills are well recognized and he had a ton of battle experience from earlier in the war. Rhaegar's tournament wins could have been completely legitimate. I always saw tournaments as basically being like sports; someone can be good at a sport legitimately and still lose against a superior opponent. It would be like a gifted boxer or an MMA fighter losing a fight to the death with a Navy SEAL or something like that. It doesn't mean that the boxer or the MMA fighter cheated their whole career, it just means that their sports experience didn't translate perfectly to an earnest fight to the death in an actual war.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 12, 2023 12:14:36

Don't feel bad, I couldn't find it either. The claim being made in the quote is pretty extraordinary and to be honest it sounds sort of implausible.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 12, 2023 12:03:32

If I remember right, Trump's thing only hit the news because he publicized it. The Archives had been in contact with him for over a year (since he left office) trying to get the documents back politely. The FBI search was the last resort, and even *that* was intentionally done discreetly (plainclothes agents in casual wear showing up during odd hours) and it probably could have been kept secret if he didn't immediately run to the media about this and file a doomed lawsuit to try and reclaim the documents.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 12, 2023 11:57:57

Not with social security and Medicare, specifically, but it's definitely a huge issue with non-entitlement government spending. Ever since the sequestration caps were put into place due to the Budget Control Act of 2011, there have been caps on defense and non defense spending with planned automatic cuts to each. Democrats and Republicans have tended to negotiate deals trading increases in nondefense discretionary spending (which involves pretty much all government programs and social welfare programs outside of the mandatory entitlements) in exchange for increases in defense discretionary spending. Republicans in particular seem to need the "cover" of the military to justify voting for non military spending; without that I think we would probably see a lot more government shutdowns or general refusal to appropriate funding for non-military, non mandatory entitlement programs than we do now.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 12, 2023 11:49:25

> Is it rude to leave a coworker waiting for the elevator? This letter was weird to me. I thought it would be about a scenario where you’re in the elevator and you can see that your coworker is hurrying to catch it, and whether it’s rude to let the door close before they can get there. But it sounds like the LW’s friend believes that if you happen to walk by and see someone waiting for the elevator, you have to wait with them and ride with them even if you didn’t plan on riding the elevator. That just seems weird and stupid to me.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 12, 2023 07:44:53

The pedophilia and sex trafficking arguments are just accusations that they like to make against people that they disagree with politically. They don’t really believe these allegations, they just make them because it’s a nasty thing to say about someone. With this Tate guy, they don’t really have any beef with him so they won’t believe any allegations about him. Indeed, some of them might actually approve of his over the top misogyny which explains why they are so eager to defend him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SubredditDrama on January 12, 2023 07:38:24

This scam is relatively new. I don’t remember seeing it at all until last year when it suddenly exploded in popularity.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 12, 2023 07:25:40

How can the general public verify that these cases were successful or even that the company didn’t just make them up?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 12, 2023 07:23:33

They aren’t going to do a painting, this is just a set up for a fake check / fake payment scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 12, 2023 07:15:00

My theory is that the showrunner came up with ideas for four or five different episodes and showed them to Dick Wolf. Dick Wolf was like, “Yeah, those all sound good, go ahead” and the showrunner misunderstood him and thought that he mean that they should combine all those episodes into one.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 12, 2023 00:27:51

Season 12 “Rescue” is like that. It starts with a woman being murdered at a party by one of her acquaintances, then shifts to a story about an EMT who is a rapist. That guy kills himself but it turns out his partner, another EMT, is a burglar so they follow that case for a while (I guess SVU was bored?) and then it suddenly shifts to more Vivian Arliss / Walter Burlock drama for a few minutes. This is half heartedly explored until it is suddenly cut off by yet another murder. By the time the episode ends its hard to really remember that it all started because someone drew on an unconscious woman with a magic marker. At some point Calvin, a little boy that Olivia is taking care of, is removed from the home by his grandparents or something.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 12, 2023 00:23:38

It’s just pure misogyny. They defend Tate not because they think he’s innocent but because they like what he does.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 12, 2023 00:14:12

I think it’s become pretty commonplace for elected law enforcement officers (DAs and Sheriffs) to pick and choose which laws they’ll emphasize and which ones they’ll circumvent or ignore. They do it for guns, they do it for abortion, they do it for pot (in states where it hasn’t been legalized statewide), etc. It also comes up in the context of the mechanics of the justice system as well, with individual prosecutors taking different approaches to requests for bail, requests for the death penalty, and things like that within their discretion even if state law is supposed to be uniform. To a large extent they kind of have to, since they rarely have the budget to enforce every law as rigidly as people want them to. But sometimes they get pushback. Part of it I think is that a lot of these are hot button political issues and there isn’t much (if any) consensus across the state on how to handle them. In these very red or very blue states, the party out of power doesn’t really have any influence on statewide decision making so their only ability to have any influence on what happens in their community is through locally elected officials s

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 12, 2023 00:08:58

I think they do a background check, and they weed out anyone who isn’t crazy, doesn’t have a record for abuse, etc.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 12, 2023 00:00:57

My head canon is that Cragen gets away with a lot of stuff because no one else wants his job. This is the second time that he has been framed for corruption and most of his detectives have also gotten in trouble for crazy shit on the homicide squad and SVU.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 11, 2023 23:59:31

Hillary was the main reason I watched Fresh Prince.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CelebBattles on January 11, 2023 14:26:19

I think it's obvious that the producers asked Michael to make that recording, and they gave it to Angela as part of a storyline to make Angela seem more likable. I suspect that she is going to get her own show or is going to end up on "The Single Life" or something and they are trying to get people on her side.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 11, 2023 14:10:06

You'd be surprised. A lot of people will see something like that, panic, and immediately call the number provided. The scammer will pick up and talk them into a !refund scam or trick them into giving access to their accounts or maybe even to their whole computer.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 11, 2023 13:50:32

Since he is already dead, I'm not sure that there's much else Olivia could get emotionally from that.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 11, 2023 13:46:24

I think because he is a sympathetic person overall no one really wants to question what he is saying too harshly.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 11, 2023 12:45:56

Yeah I think people don't realize how hard it is to stop an adult from getting victimized in this specific way. If they had completely shunned her, they wouldn't have been able to try and get her away from him. IMHO the only person who is bad here is the predator who targeted his kid / had kids with his own kid.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 11, 2023 12:44:30

Season 6 episode 22's "Homesick" (where a British au pair is suspected of killing a child) looks like a straightforward ripped from the headlines retelling of the real life case of Louise Woodward, in which a British au pair is suspected of killing a child. Except the Law and Order episode aired nearly a year *before* the real life murder took place. I don't think there's any sign that the real life au pair was inspired by the episode or anything like that but it's still an eerie coincidence!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 11, 2023 12:41:54

I don't think the right to petition the government comes with it the guarantee an effective or compassionate response. That's the tricky part when we elect douchebags to office and then hope that they metamorphose into thoughtful leaders.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 11, 2023 12:40:23

I think the show features reinterpretations from the books. It’s that one is more or less wrong than the other, but the show actually has to portray things on screen so we can see them, so they can’t do the whole “source X says this, source Y says that, who knows if any of it really happened?”

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 11, 2023 08:08:33

This seems like an obvious stunt. No lawyer admitted to argue before the Supreme Court would do this for $1,000,000. This announcement was made solely to generate media headlines.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 11, 2023 08:05:33

Wait, so who won the game? If he won, then $10 are legitimate winnings from the contest. CashApp is only supposed to be used for people you know and trust in real life. Be wary — other scammers who see this post might message you and pretend to be able to get the money back. These are !recovery scammers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 11, 2023 07:49:16

I don’t think it’s from the show, the OP is just a dumbass (or more likely, just a spam bot).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 11, 2023 07:19:12

One of the big complaints that NC Republicans had with Cawthorn is that he neglected constituent services. I remember seeing articles about where they would show his offices closed for a long time, for example. If that’s the case, it’s possible that Cawthorn’s team didn’t retain records of that kind of thing since they were ignoring the voters. Shitty, incompetent, but not really illegal as far as I can tell. Cawthorn doesn’t legally *have* to care about the people living in his district and he certainly never pretended to care about them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 10, 2023 22:33:49

I don’t think they were expecting to avoid hard work, but I do think that many of them believed Keith was smarter than they were and if they internalized his beliefs that would be a quick way to wisdom. These were smart and driven people but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t seeking something miraculous from him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 10, 2023 22:22:13

Eh it feels sort of redundant. Chuck’s real punishment is having to be human and live in someone else’s world as a nonentity, just an ordinary person who doesn’t really matter to anyone one way or another. To me that’s more poetic than some kind of super special hell torment by Rowena.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 10, 2023 22:00:18

I believe Best shows the top most upvoted posts over a certain defined timeframe (eg Best of all time or Best over the past 24 hours) and Hot just shows the most active / popular threads at that moment.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/apolloapp on January 10, 2023 21:56:58

Ben somehow looks worse now than he did on the show. /u/hamimono hit the nail on the head — he looks like a slightly less sleazy version of John McAfee.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 10, 2023 21:55:38

It kind of reminds me of an episode earlier in the show when Cabot and Munch strongarm a woman who has been abused by her husband (a police officer) into filing a complaint and testifying even though she really didn’t want to. I think the issue is that the characters really only have one tool at their disposal — the criminal Justice system. All they can really do to help victims of abuse or rape is to try and prosecute the rapist and also try and connect the victim with counseling services. If that’s not what the victim wants, their only options then are to drop the case (allowing the abuser to go free and contribute to the impunity that rapists and batterers already feel) or try and badger the victim into going forward anyway (which risks overriding the victim’s autonomy and rights).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 10, 2023 21:52:12

My assumption is that the producers are often prompting them with questions and requests for immediate comments / feedback, and that’s why you sometimes see repetitive dialogue.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/My600lbLife on January 10, 2023 21:46:20

Scammers are clever in that they’ll sometimes let people take a little bit of money out, which often seems to seal the deal and convince them to keep going even if they have already suspected it was a scam and gotten someone else to confirm that it is a scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 10, 2023 17:11:34

That's like asking why people start businesses even though there is a good chance that the business might fail after a few years, or asking why people write books if there's a good chance that someone might not read them. Netflix is still a huge and successful company and if Netflix picks up a show that's still a big win for many creators even if they wish they got more seasons upfront.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 10, 2023 15:41:18

Yeah IMHO it's completely selfish for them to do that. A career in the legislature should never be seen as a public entitlement akin to Social Security or Medicare. If someone can't do the job or is no longer willing to do the job, they should step down instead of insisting on being wheeled out on a gurney.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 10, 2023 15:37:52

A lot of fake jobs involving you receiving money (in the form of a cheque, wire transfer, or something like that) and having to take some of that money and send it to someone else. I'd encourage you to keep an eye out for anything that seems unusual or unsafe on that regard. The speedy interview where they didn't seem to ask you any questions or want to learn about you before giving you the job is weird but IMHO most job scams involve shuffling money around in that way.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 10, 2023 15:30:55

the LW mentions that she sometimes uses the mouse thing to take extra long breaks which probably explains why they are not super excited to have a conversation about this with their manager. Alison tends to be a friendlier ear to this type of thing. For example, she seems to view being on time as an unusual or exceptional requirement at work, rather than the norm for many / most workers (such as in the car sex letter where she seemed to think that the manager should rethink addressing lateness).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 10, 2023 15:25:07

My general rule is that if you *must* have sex in public then it's your responsibility to make sure no one catches you. If someone does walk by and see you, it's automatically your fault. If the prospect of having your manager or coworkers see you getting finger banged by your boyfriend is unpleasant, there's an easy and straightforward solution to that -- don't do it at work!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 10, 2023 15:09:06

Because anyone can send an invoice through PayPal, it's a common tool by scammers. Since the invoice itself is legitimately coming from PayPal, victims often assume that the entire message is legitimate / from PayPal and don't realize that the scammer typed it up themselves.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 10, 2023 14:34:19

They sometimes use the phrase "acquaintance is fate".

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 10, 2023 14:31:45

Yeah that argument seems kinda nit picky to me. It seems obvious that the OP means "taken seriously" in the sense that the author and the story doesn't intend it to be a black comedy scene. I know that a lot of folks on this subreddit don't have much regard for GRRM as a person, but it is hard for a normal reader to read Craster's scenes and chapters and conclude that GRRM *intended them* to be humorous. The fact that the Watch doesn't do anything to stop him doesn't mean that Craster is meant to be a comedy relief character. It's sort of baffling that this has to be explained (in fact this whole thread is kind of weird) but I think it's what the OP meant.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 10, 2023 14:25:39

The article is about Trilogy Media because they are taking scam baiting a step further and doing it in a more interesting and dramatic way; why does it have to primarily focus on Jim Browning (who only helped them occasionally)? It was an interesting article about a fascinating topic; you're reading into it something paranoid but they are presenting both the arguments in favor of this approach to scam baiting and the arguments that critics are making. It doesn't have to be puff piece.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Longreads on January 10, 2023 14:16:54

She's so good looking! I'm really impressed by the performers who were able to work with her and not be overwhelmed. I guess they all have a ton of experience but still, that's gotta be a wild experience by most people's standards.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/PornStarHQ on January 10, 2023 13:58:22

I think they don't understand what skepticism means. They are using skepticism in the colloquial / conspiracy theorist sense (eg where the skeptic is someone who flat out refuses to believe something no matter how much evidence piles up). But that's not what skepticism means when scientists use it, it's more about questioning and being rigorous in testing claims, not about being stubborn or closed off to new ideas or new information.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueReddit on January 10, 2023 13:56:56

I think a lot of Congresspeople stay because they have all these staffers to support and protect them, a built in social life, etc. I can't think of any other job where staying until your late 80s/early 90s is even an option, let alone considered acceptable.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 10, 2023 13:48:49

One thing that kind of bothers me is that the client and the court are secret, so there's no way for any outsider to verify if the experiment was successful or even if the experiment really happened.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 10, 2023 13:45:44

It might just be the same actor playing both roles.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 10, 2023 00:45:53

Why not? It’s worth a shot.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 10, 2023 00:29:14

I think SVU is at its best when it’s sort of confronting the tension between the legal system and the needs of the people the system is supposed to serve. There’s one episode early on “Futility” that is a great example. A serial rapist is on trial, and there’s a scene where one of the victims makes an ID shortly after talking to a counselor. Later on, the suspect casts doubt on the ID by suggesting the counselor told the witness who to pick on the lineup. The tension becomes whether the counselor should break confidentiality by telling the judge what the victim said to her (to confirm that she didn’t tell her who to pick on the lineup). If she does that, then she’d be breaking the confidentiality that survivors of rape depend on in order to be candid in their sessions. People might be less willing to come forward knowing that their private conversations might be shared involuntarily. If she does not break confidentiality, then the ID is tossed out and the rapist could go free. There’s no easy outcome. Either option involves breaking some sort of rule or falling short in some way. All you can really do is try and figure out what you can live with, and even then you’ll still always wonder if there was a better choice.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 10, 2023 00:25:12

Per Google, the show ended in 2007 and the murders took place ten years later in 2017, so it’s not even like the show was a big part of the case. I’m surprised that people think that the show was somehow the “motive” for a mass shooting.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 10, 2023 00:12:07

The first amendment would prevent the police from forcing the journalist to take down the information, but it wouldn’t require the police to share the information with the journalist in the first place. If the journalist obtains information on their own, all the cops can really do is ask the journalist to voluntarily take it down.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrime on January 10, 2023 00:01:20

I feel like every kid clashes with their mom once in a while, but she’s still their mom.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 9, 2023 21:35:41

Yeah I definitely agree. It’s the classic dilemma of keeping a vow vs keeping your honor/integrity/morals. Brienne knows that killing Jaime would be wrong and that her own search for Sansa and Arya is morally justified. She also knows that letting Hyle and Podrick die would also be wrong.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 9, 2023 21:34:08

Honestly I'm not too surprised. This sounds like the kind of thing that would get her or her bosses a target on their backs if it wound up on Tucker Carlson or something like that. (Which admittedly is what right wing censorship is intended to achieve, which is keeping everyone scared to say or even think about topics that the authorities don't want them to). I think most people would agree that a Dr. Seuss book (and the rather straightforward, child aprpopriate messages) would be completely normal for a 3rd grade class, but they are afraid to admit that because they'll get fired or sued (if they are lucky) or bombarded with death threats (if they aren't).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 9, 2023 19:27:16

The Bolton theory is one of those thoeries that I think is sort of clever but just seems way too involved and complex for such a minor character. I don't really think that Roose is so important to the narrative that he needs to have an insane supernatural backstory that explains his presence; he really could just be a neurotic rich weirdo whose main contribuiton to the story is to kill Robb and then be a secondary antagonist in the north subplot.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 9, 2023 18:41:50

Any story that involves Yates automatically is less credible. He is basically a slightly trashier and less trustworthy version of Deuxmoi.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 9, 2023 11:04:16

Yeah I get that, but it just seems like terrible logic. The fact that there are women who look like Angela but aren't so bad doesn't make Angela a worse person than Brittany. The worst thing you can really say about Brittany is that she is a clout chasing gold digger, which describes virtually all current and past participants of the show. (Having braces, being divorced, etc. are not personality flaws). I definitely agree that Brittany is not a good representation of black women but all of the cast members are poor representation of their races, religions, genders, etc. That isn't really unique to Brittany and she's arguably a better person than any of the actual abusers on the show.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 9, 2023 11:01:38

I think you might be overestimating the percentage of the fan base that sits on Reddit and YouTube arguing about theories. These books have sold millions of copies and attracted an even larger fan base once the TV shows come out. The vast majority of those folks (readers, show watchers, etc.) aren't Preston Jacobs and haven't committed themselves emotionally to any theories. If the last two books come out, people are going to like them and enjoy them. There might be some vocal elements on social media complaining that their preferred fan theory wasn't mentioned, but that's going to be a tiny sliver of the readership and it isn't going to affect the overall perception of the series.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 9, 2023 10:53:24

One of the things that people sometimes mistakenly believe is that only pedophiles sexually abuse children. The fact that Raniere had so many relationships with women his own age / adult women in general probably helped make it seem as if he wasn't also sexually abusing younger children and teens.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 9, 2023 10:49:11

That's a really good description. Some of the higher quality photos of her actually make them look more alike.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CelebBattles on January 9, 2023 10:43:27

Yeah that's another tricky aspect. Even if the AI's legal advice is great, it will still be tricky because of the deception angle. The client is going to have to pretend to be answering the questions themselves unassisted, and there could be issues with whether the AI can completely understand what is being said (in terms of audio quality, accents, etc.) I'm just having a tough time believing that this is going to happen, and the way the experiment is designed means that there's no way to validate any of the findings or even to validate that the experiment itself was attempted.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 9, 2023 10:41:44

It might be one of those things where the scammer has compromised a real person's account and is using your friend to convert the stolen funds to bitcoin and send it back. When the real person noticed what is going on and reports it, the investigation will lead back to your friend and the person receiving the bitcoin (the true thief) will vanish.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 9, 2023 10:34:05

> The plans drew immediate outrage from Democratic and Republican lawmakers, who themselves have failed for decades to create a functioning immigration system. A pack of hypocrites across the board IMHO. The only thing Congress ever does on immigration is complain that the President is either too lenient or too strict. The fact that Congress could change the policy whenever they wanted is always treated as an after thought. The legislative branch is so broken that expecting it to legislate on an area as important as immigration is considered pie in the sky idealism.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 9, 2023 09:58:45

It doesn't matter if it helps them or not, does it? The election denial stuff arguably cost them the Senate in 2020 and it didn't stop them from continuing and doubling down on it in 2022, to the point where they blew several more races that they could have won. Debt ceiling / government shutdown brinksmanship is a standard tactic whenever there is a Republican Congress and a Democratic President (or vice versa).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 9, 2023 09:55:11

That subreddit was ground zero for the election denial stuff in late 2020. I don't think they can play themselves off as being somehow different or better than Trumpers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 9, 2023 09:51:02

I feel like the change they made in Justice League did a good job of meeting the two designs in the middle. The New Batman version of the Joker didn't really look like a person any more (he had sort of black demon eyes) but the Justice League version looked more like the BTAS version.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 9, 2023 09:27:42

For whatever reason, some of the most heavily upvoted content on /r/television are posts complaining about / insulting other /r/television posts. It's kind of a weird sort of asynchronous debate where people are clearly reading each other's posts but instead of replying directly they instead make new threads to make fun of each other. I can't say I totally get why this type of content is so popular (especially since it seems to be subreddit meta-commentary and doesn't seem to be related to actual TV shows) but I can't deny that it's popular based on upvotes and comments.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 9, 2023 09:25:01

Was this an online transaction or this person someone you have interacted with in person in real life?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 9, 2023 09:19:35

This type of scam plays off of greed. They are basically telling you that there is a pot of someone else's money sitting out there and that you can take advantage of their error by logging into the account and taking the money for yourself. They want you to think that they sent you this email by mistake and that you have the opportunity to take the funds that belong to someone else.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 9, 2023 09:16:07

For me the biggest weirdness is that Angela had voice recordings of him but doesn't know who the other woman is. How could she and the show have gotten that? Either the woman gave it to her/them (why?) or Michael himself did. If it was a real incident I'm sure they would have tried to get the woman to show up for the tell all for extra drama, but instead the only evidence we have is that voice message that Michael could have recorded in a studio with a producer's microphone just for this scene.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 9, 2023 08:56:02

He also thinks of Joffrey as a teenage delinquent with too much power, which suggests that school bullies used to be way, way more vicious when he was a kid. Joffrey never struck me as an ordinary kid with too much power, he struck me as a budding serial killer. Even the other characters in the book like Robert and Stannis found him unsettling.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 9, 2023 08:01:28

Yeah, I don’t get it either. I don’t see how the fact that Brittany is black or young makes her automatically worse than racist, controlling abusers like Angels or Lisa. Brittany is awful, but there are plenty of awful people like her and her bad behavior isn’t worse than Angela’s, Ed’s, Geoffrey’s, Steven’s, Colt’s, etc. Even if you decide to just compare her to other women, she’s not as bad as someone like Leida, Lisa, or Angela. She’s maybe in the same tier of annoying as Paola or Ashley or Pedro’s sister.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 9, 2023 07:55:51

Some scammers are psychopaths.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 9, 2023 07:38:34

I’ve read some other stifled about this and it all sounds really sketchy. They couldn’t find a courtroom where this kind of thing is allowed, so they are apparently circumventing that by [having the defendants pretend to be using the earpiece as a hearing aid]( For this reason, they are concealing the identity and location of the cases, which also makes it impossible for anyone to verify how well they performed. If they lose or get the client into trouble, will they disclose that to the public? Or will we only hear about this again if they win?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 9, 2023 07:35:59

McGow**a**n, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/CelebBattles on January 9, 2023 07:18:12

The show was framed to show Michael as the bad guy. From what I saw, they focused on the cheating allegations and glossed over all of the other stuff that Angela did. For example, the scene where Angela shows up and smashed Michael’s car is quickly summarized with “a wife can visit her husband without calling ahead, if you have a problem with that it’s because you’re doing something you shouldn’t be.” Yara was the only character who noticed that they were glossing over a ton of stuff but she was outnumbered. It also helps that Michael isn’t very charismatic or dominant. It’s easier to jump all over him since he won’t fight back; anyone who tries to go after Angela half as hard as that would have been attacked by her.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 23:52:24

This has been one long season haha

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 8, 2023 21:31:09

I think you might be overestimating how good medical doctors are at seeing through con artists and scammers. In theory they should be great at it, but in real life there are a disturbing amount of them who fall for scams, anti vax bullshit, etc. I wouldn’t expect a physician to have a special understanding of quantum theory, metaphysics, or all of the other concepts that Raniere used and abused.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 21:23:47

They did a Johnny Depp Amber Heard episode [literally one season ago]( I don’t think that there’s any value in doing a second episode about the case so soon after the first one.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 8, 2023 21:21:36

I personally don’t think of either them as scientists TBH. I’m not saying that they are stupid, but I don’t think they had any special expertise or background that would have helped them evaluate what Keith was saying. He was good at sounding smart and I don’t think that any of them really understood what he was saying or why it was bullshit.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 21:13:22

Theory — the reason why Darcy‘s relationships fall apart is because her appearance changes so rapidly that the people she is with forget who she is.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 21:11:17

How many of those people were actual working scientists? Raniere fits the superficial stereotype of the quirky, unkempt super genius and he had the rigged tests and fawning local media coverage to back it up.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 21:06:45

I think Mark was once a follower of the Atlantean warrior spirit Ramtha, so he has that extra experience with people like Raniere.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 21:01:03

It’s SteVen. He was on an earlier season with A Russian girl Alina.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:44:45

They’re too scared to point out the obvious.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:44:13

That’s the only way they could have these clips.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:43:38

I’m so relieved that Yara is talking sense.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:42:24

They could take clips of him from the show and edit them together to have him “say” anything they want.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:41:27

Nah she’s like 39, she has just had a lot — **a lot** — of work done.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:39:50

Okay but this time it’ll take!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:39:27

I’m glad that Darcy is hiring a matchmaker. I’ve always felt that her main problem is that she doesn’t focus on men enough, so hopefully this will fix her life completely.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:37:10

That is one of her true names, given to her by lord and master.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:36:08

Michael has been exposed as history’s greatest monster.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:35:35

That would explain how Angela got those recordings!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:32:22

Wait if Michael is going to use the imposter excuse why didn’t he use it to cover the whole cheating thing too?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:30:29

So, Rene is the woman that Michael was cheating with, right?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:28:58

Shaun: How do you text other men when you’re with your wife? Michael: Well, I use my thumbs like normal...

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:28:38

Ed and Liz will never quit each other.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:25:52

They will probably make Angela President.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:25:40

What if the other woman that Michael is talking to is Baby Girl Lisa??? Or... what if it’s Kim??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:19:05

I think she uses astral projection. While her physical body is sitting there working while her soul is at home with her family or watching TV In another room or something.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:16:52

Is this the Instagram set up by the imposter? If so, there’s no reason to think that the real Michael was ever talking to the people just because the imposter was.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:15:49

Angela is not the first one to admit when she’s wrong.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:14:00

Everyone is a badass when Angela is not in the room.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 20:13:19

He’s right, but to be honest, how many cult leaders actually *do* come across as charismatic and inspiring to the people who aren’t part of their group? Like, how many of us really find Marshall Applewhite or L. Ron Hubbard or any of those guys more appealing or magnetic than Raniere? This type of thing isn’t something that can be meaningfully explained. It’s like trying to explain the mechanics of a friendship.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 15:19:47

What I always found strange about the !muse scam is that the model is asked to collect the money from the artist and use some of it to pay other people who are involved in the project. I know why the scammer wants that approach since it is a way to get the model / muse / scam victim’s money, but it seems unlikely that any legitimate modeling project would require the model to basically act as a middleman for other people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 8, 2023 14:49:46

Did Belarus have a long history of protecting the property rights of foreigners? If not, this might just be a symbolic thing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 8, 2023 13:14:58

A judge can never overturn a jury’s verdict of acquittal. I think that was the whole issue here; he was found not guilty of the rape so from a legal standpoint there was no rape; the law treats the case as being two parents who are no longer together but still have equal rights to their child. It’s a completely warped outcome but honestly the only solution that she had was to run away in the end. She could have tried to stay and fight the custody case based on the fact that he was convicted of stalking her and tried to relitigate that (arguing that he isn’t a safe person to share custody of a child due to that history of violence). But that would have been a tough and lengthy fight, and I don’t think that she wanted to take that risk especially since the legal system already failed her once before by acquitting her rapist.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 8, 2023 13:13:29

I think Liz was just being supportive. She knew she’d need allies later on so she was going to try and suck up to the other cast members.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 13:07:01

I think it’s just a mix of the way QAnon is set up (as a self guided journey towards truth, which dovetails well with self actualization and self help messages) and the fact that QAnon’s message fits in with a Manichaeans good vs evil dichotomy. If the enemy is literal child molesters and child killers, pretty much anyone else is basically a saint by comparison. It gets rid of a lot of self doubt and scary nuance for adherents since they can tell themselves that even if their guru / leader is sort of shady, they can’t be that bad since they are fighting the ultimate evil.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 8, 2023 13:05:11

With a V! Steven with a V!!! It’s Very important!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 8, 2023 01:40:02

I think on average I prefer the original somewhat. SVU is more of a police procedural (kind of like Homicide: Life On The Street) whereas the original is half police procedural and half legal drama.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 8, 2023 01:20:22

Don’t reply to stuff like this. You never want to let a scammer know that you’re the kind of person that interacts with dodgy unsolicited messages because you’ll end up bombarded with them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 7, 2023 21:04:31

I think some people are just gullible. They see people posture on social media and posture on reality TV all the time and somehow they can’t just accept that it’s a show.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 7, 2023 20:49:55

Maybe Targaryen exiles went out of style. The new hip thing was Summer Islands exiles; even Robert had one!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 7, 2023 20:45:38

Based on the dialogue it sounds like the babies were taken and sold on the black market. >**Elliot Stabler**: First they work the farm, Then they're forced into the sеx trade. >**Fin Tutuola**: There's more money in flesh than produce. >**Olivia Benson**: **And private adoption.** Warner said that Carly had a baby. How much would an infant go for on the black market? >**Don Cragen**: **Thousands. A lot of pervs out there looking to raise a victim in-house.** And >**George Huang**: What did they give you? >**Micah Hobart**: Scraps, garbage, stuff from the compost heap. Except when the girls got pregnant. We ate real good then. >**George Huang**: How many babies were born? >**Micah Hobart**: Three. They took them away. We didn't see them again. And >**Christine Danielson**: Minor sеx slaves on the hook, **missing black market infants**. Your case is solid. Why bring it to me?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 7, 2023 20:41:13

Honestly I wonder if it’s just him being sloppy with numbers. Even outside of the context of romances, a lot of the characters in the book are much younger than we tend to imagine them. There’s a funny thread from a few weeks ago that points out that Aeron Greyjoy, who generally comes across like a crusty old man ranting on about the good old days of the Iron Islands, is only in his mid 20s during the series and is only a few years older than Theon, who is generally portrayed as a callow youth. These characters come across as generations apart but they are relatively close in age. I think that a lot of the weird age stuff is more careless writing than necessarily an argument in favor of wide age gaps in relationships. The Sansa / Tyrion marriage is portrayed negatively, and the age gap between them (Tyrion is like 22 and Sansa is 13) is actually narrower than Drogo and Daenerys.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 7, 2023 20:22:45

It might just be an advertising thing for Bitcoin Cash. After all, it got us all talking and thinking about Bitcoin Cash, right? Though BCH is too heavily traded to really need this kind of heavy handed marketing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 7, 2023 20:16:37

For what it’s worth, SVU is not like the regular law and order. The regular law and order always has that split where 1/2 of each episode has the investigation and 1/2 has a trial. SVU does sometimes have trials but it’s not every single episode like in the original. The police characters usually dominate the runtime of the vast majority of episodes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 7, 2023 20:09:46

“Beautiful Frame” and “October Surprise”

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 7, 2023 20:07:38

Mildly off topic but that 163 master crucifixion thing always bothered me. Daenerys let the great masters choose which of them would be killed. We assume that the ones who were chosen were the most guilty and culpable, but what if they weren’t? What if the people who were chosen were the ones who were least powerful or most amenable to cooperating with Dany? It seems like the most powerful and implacable of the slave masters would have made sure that they themselves were not among the crucified and that only the ones they didn’t like or trust would be sacrificed. That’s another lesson that is sort of missed by some of the defenses of this. Dany makes the decision to execute people — which is totally reasonable when dealing with literal mass murder of children. But she doesn’t decide herself who to punish, and she doesn’t delegate this decision to her enemies. She instead delegates that to her enemies — the child murderers — and just kills whoever her enemies tell her to kill. That goes against the more enlightened and thoughtful justice system that Dany puts into place later (where she hears the cases and tries to make the best decision herself), and it also goes against the moral lessons that are espoused by some of the other characters (eg Ned’s lessons on executions).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 7, 2023 20:03:28

I don’t know if anyone other than Cersei and Osney knew about the plan. I can’t remember if Qyburn was there when she mentioned it so I don’t think there is anyone around who would have sent another assassin to the Wall. I definitely agree that the whole is pointless. Jon isn’t really a big threat to Cersei and she can’t afford to spend time and resources on him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 7, 2023 19:51:02

I wonder if even Alison has control over that. If it’s the vendor doing the maintenance on their server all they really do is tell her about it ahead of time; she probably couldn’t postpone it even if she wanted to.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 7, 2023 17:18:20

In universe there are some restrictions that don’t exist in real life which makes comparisons hard. For example in the series, many cards are super rare to the point where they might be only 1 copy in existence. In real life, we are used to being able to include up to 3 copies of each card in a deck (outside of a restricted list) so the way we think about decks is going to be different. I definitely agree that it doesn’t make sense to say that the series decks are bad though. Especially in early series, the game is fundamentally so different that it doesn’t make sense to compare it. So many of the rules are different that it’s kind of like pointing out that your Magic the Gathering deck could kick the shit out of someone’s Pokémon TCG deck. Even if that’s true it doesn’t mean anything since they aren’t the same game.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/yugioh on January 7, 2023 17:16:52

I think it’s worth reading, just because the show does go it’s own direction with a lot of the characters and plot elements and some of the things you’ll see in books 2 - 5 are building off of stuff from book 1. If you completely skip the first book, you won’t be completely lost but some of the future plot points and character arcs will make less sense since the show handled them differently. Beyond that, I think the book itself is a fun read. When I first read it many years ago I wasn’t someone who really liked diving into huge fantasy bricks and things like that but AGOT went by really fast. It’ll probably be interesting for someone who saw the show first to go over the book and see where things are the same and where they are different.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 7, 2023 17:13:25

Another comment said that Netflix contractually agreed to 3 seasons upfront when they acquired the property, so in that case the completion rate didn’t need to be that great.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 7, 2023 13:05:47

Yeah but then you’ll miss out on the next season which is >!3099!<. Everything will pay off if you just hang in there until then!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 7, 2023 13:04:54

There’s no way that anyone would send you $10,000 randomly. That’s just not a thing. The way the scam works is that they will send you a link to a fake crypto website that the scammer made showing that you have an account with a decent amount of money in it. To claim the money, you will have to do something stupid — like paying them a fee upfront or giving the scammer control of a real crypto wallet that you will need to put your own money in. When you do this, they’ll just take whatever money you give them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 7, 2023 13:03:11

Most of the crazy things that the “idiot caucus” might do are things that the majority of Republicans in the House are okay with — debt limit brinksmanship, default, government shutdowns, etc. McCarthy will probably have to work out deals with Democrats to keep the government open, and that’s assuming he even wants to avoid shutdowns and defaults.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 7, 2023 11:40:22

Co wrote it with his wife!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 7, 2023 11:05:12

Wow, that sounds so staged.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 6, 2023 23:29:40

I feel like they just want to vent about something at work. Which is an understandable emotion, but, like, get a diary or tell a friend. They don’t have to pretend like they are a crusader for Justice trying to fix a company in their literal final moments there.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 6, 2023 23:02:26

Hmm, okay, good point. To be honest I don’t use the team feature at all so I don’t understand what the problem is.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/WordsWithFriends on January 6, 2023 22:58:48

They’re getting prize money that they haven’t earned!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/WordsWithFriends on January 6, 2023 22:48:34

Yeah IMHO the article is sort of overstating the conclusion from this case. As /u/jorge1209 explains below this is in the context of a bankruptcy case and the judge is just looking at the contract in an effort to determine whether the funds in a specific ultra high interest account belong to Celsius (and can end up in the bankruptcy estate). It’s not a general ruling that *all* exchanges now own the funds of all of their depositors. In fact, FTX is in very different position now because their customers did *not* sign a contract giving FTX free use of the money / transferring ownership of the accounts. (This is why FTX’s boss and his associates are facing embezzlement charges). The people who deposited in FTX were expecting to be able to use that money to make transactions for themselves; they didn’t agree to allow FTX to give that money to its owner’s other companies or buy houses or donate to political candidates.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 6, 2023 22:45:16

The contract itself was also very, very clear: > In consideration for the Rewards payable to you on the Eligible Digital Assets using the Earn Service . . . and the use of our Services, you grant Celsius . . . all right and title to such Eligible Digital Assets, including ownership rights, and the right, without further notice to you, to hold such Digital Assets in Celsius’ own Virtual Wallet or elsewhere, and to pledge, re-pledge, hypothecate, rehypothecate, sell, lend, or otherwise transfer or use any amount of such Digital Assets, separately or together with other property, with all attendant rights of ownership, and for any period of time, and without retaining in Celsius’ possession and/or control a like amount of Digital Assets or any other monies or assets, and to use or invest such Digital Assets in Celsius’ full discretion. And >3. In the event that Celsius becomes bankrupt, enters liquidation or is otherwise unable to repay its obligations, any Eligible Digital Assets used in the Earn Service or as collateral under the Borrow Service may not be recoverable, and you may not have any legal remedies or rights in connection with Celsius’ obligations to you other than your rights as a creditor of Celsius under any applicable laws. That last part (3) is what the customers are getting fucked by right now, but it’s pretty unambiguous.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 6, 2023 20:51:22

There are so many of these people! A few weeks ago there was a post on here about someone who insisted that safe words (like in S&M) were a form of rape.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 6, 2023 20:46:23

Wait, Colt is with Brittany??? As in Brittany from Brittany and Yazan on “The other way”??

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 6, 2023 20:33:02

The only thing I remember about her is that her parents were legitimately stressed out and concerned that she wasn’t yet married at the elderly age of... 18.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 6, 2023 20:30:08

I don’t think the unconscionability would apply here. This wasn’t really a one sided contract. For context, Celsius (the company) had a savings-account like product for crypto currencies. Customers could deposit crypto into in these accounts and in return Celsius would pay them interest rates upwards of 20%. This is (was!) a staggeringly generous offer to the customers, especially if you compare with the interest rate that a normal checking account would pay. Celsius was able to pay these crazy high interest rates to customers during the crypto boom by investing the deposits into other crypto related ventures / coins. For this reason, it’s not really the same as putting a contract term that solely fucks over one party like the blowjob thing. The contract itself was pretty clear, consideration was exchanged (the company gets to use the customer’s money however they want, and the customer gets paid an extremely high interest rate), etc. This ruling doesn’t necessarily mean that the customers will lose everything it just means that they will be last in line to get repaid from the bankruptcy estate.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 6, 2023 20:26:49

My point is that there shouldn’t be an easy process, especially in a case where the person is legitimately elected but turns out to be a douchebag con artist.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 6, 2023 18:44:42

I didn’t write it, it’s what the OP has printed in the text above.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 6, 2023 18:44:05

I think people like to do that kind of double think when talking about ASOIAF. If you criticize a character for committing torture, rape, etc. you are accused of bringing modern moral values into the medieval world. If you point out that some of these things were also considered bad in medieval societies, then they pivot to saying that Westeros isn’t really a medieval society so you can’t compare the norms to that. Even within a conversation there’s a sort of double step where the Wise Masters’ use of slavery is why they are villains but criticizing other characters who do vile but legal things is considered off the table.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 6, 2023 18:40:16

For what it’s worth, in the ProPublica article they said that this evidence was not usually introduced directly into court rooms because it doesn’t meet even the minimal and lenient standards under Frye / Daubert. What usually happens is that this technique is used by law enforcement to identify suspects during the investigation phase; if a cop believes in this theory, they can use it to laser focus on the caller and treat it like a shortcut to investigation. During the trial, they might not be able to use it directly as evidence but they can try to sneak it in through testimony impugning the demeanor of the defendant during the call or suggesting that they are lying or unreliable. To me that part is much scarier than if they were using it in court. A good defense attorney can probably explain to a jury why this isn’t a good technique. If you really break it down I think most folks would be able to see why it’s possible for someone to be upset in a call after they found a dead body. But if the technique is being used to concentrate police resources on someone innocent, they won’t necessarily have any opportunity to even challenge its reliability. In the ProPublica piece, they interviewed a juror who said that the main reason why they found the defendant guilty was because the medical examiner ruled that the injures on the victim could only have been caused by intentional suffocation rather than a medical condition. They didn’t really give credence to the cop’s insinuations about the defendant’s demeanor but the other evidence (which was also unreliable) made her look guilty.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 6, 2023 18:34:54

It’s one thing to lose money investing / gambling on crypto. Everyone kind of knows it’s a speculative bubble and treats it like a casino (even if they have to half heartedly pretend like they really believe in or even understand blockchain technology’s applications outside of getting rich). But a lot of these recent losses have not been people betting on a coin and then losing; they’ve been people using an exchange (essentially a platform for trading) and having their money stolen / misappropriated / lost by the exchange. It’s the equivalent of you depositing money into a brokerage in order to buy and sell stocks only for the broker to just walk off with the money as if your customer deposits were his personal funds to use. A lot of these crypto exchanges take this sort of imperial attitude to their customers. They dress and talk like banks but when you really dig into the fine print , customers often don’t have any real protections or even rights to their own money that they deposit. They think they have accounts but what they really have is nothing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 6, 2023 18:27:41

I think the idea is that if someone is legitimately elected, then only a severe issue (such as a criminal conviction or a debilitating medical condition) that prevents them from participating in government should get them removed. There are ways to recall state and local officials in many states and ways for Federal officials / lawmakers to be impeached / expelled but the bar for removal is set high to prevent this ability from being used capriciously to undermine election results.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 6, 2023 18:21:33

That’s why in the end I think he will be able to get the job. Most of the beef that people have with him is personal, not ideological. No one in the House GOP conference is going to lose their seats because they voted for McCarthy. Eventually he is going to make enough concessions that all but a couple of people like Bob Good will have enough to satisfy them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 6, 2023 18:18:34

I agree. The term gaslighting implies a level of intentional emotional abuse and manipulation that is not alwsus appropriate when describing a normal disagreement or even a fight.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 6, 2023 18:16:05

Can you list 10 Republicans like that? I’m not trying to be overly cynical but you seem to be underestimating how radical that idea would be. Any Republican who decided to do that would basically be going to war with both the GOP establishment and the activist base at the same time. They’d anger their entire party. I’m sure there are some Republicans who really would like to stick it to Boebert, Gaetz, et al but I don’t think they would do that at the cost of having a future in conservative politics. The only way something like that would be on the table is if there was no other option. As it stands McCarthy is closing in on the majority he needs to become Speaker.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 6, 2023 18:10:30

Terrible argument. Most of the nonviolent defendants being discussed are only getting modest sentences — probation, community service, intermittent confinement, or incarceration for less than 1 year. Erasing all of these penalties would essentially mean that they would face no punishment at all for what they did. The only way you could make a dent in the number of 1/6 defendants in prison is if you started releasing the ones who committed the most serious crimes.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 6, 2023 18:05:09

It’s not the most well thought out lie.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 6, 2023 18:00:00

I guess. It’s really just a summary of what he says during the calls.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 6, 2023 17:59:35

People will fall for anything. There’s a post here once a week on the !sugar baby scam even though it’s even dumber than this one.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 6, 2023 08:02:10

A majority of both the pro and anti McCarthy factions voted against verifying the election results even after the insurrection. The “moderate” side of this fight are just people smart enough to realize that McCarthy is a perfectly good sock puppet for extremists. It’s not an ideological debate, it’s a personal one. That’s why the anti McCarthy side isn’t bothering to whip for an alternative candidate; they know they can’t keep McCarthy out of office forever, they just want to squeeze him.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 6, 2023 07:58:03

It is a problem, just not a new one. They were on the same show for 12 seasons and the romantic subplot did not move forward even an inch. Now that they are on different shows, it’s only natural that it is even slower since they aren’t even interacting anymore outside of crossover special events.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 6, 2023 07:52:29

I actually don’t think that this is a big problem for him. McCarthy doesn’t need to be wildly popular among Republican voters; as it stands, it sounds as if a majority either like McCarthy or don’t know or care about him. Only about 1/3 actively dislike him, and there doesn’t seem to be a solid alternative according to the polling data. If McCarthy can work out a deal with the holdouts he could still pull this off. All he has to do is to reassure them that they have him completely over a barrel and that he will always do as they say. Eventually, the capitulation and groveling will be so much that even the cruelest bullies will take pity on him. The pro-McCarthy faction isn’t really ideologically distinct from the anti-McCarthy faction, so I think they will choke down whatever deal that McCarthy makes to become speaker as long as he does in fact become speaker.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 6, 2023 07:50:01

Wow, that really is a Msscribe level hoax.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 6, 2023 00:32:53

The fact that they aren’t on the same show any more should be a sign that this relationship is not going to develop quickly. I’m actually a little surprised that there are a lot of fans who have been following this show for like 30 years and are still surprised that the relationship subplots are super slow.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 6, 2023 00:00:21

Seeing this written out, it seems kind of messed up that Larissa maybe manipulated her elderly father into spending money on something that he clearly doesn’t understand and Rachel is mad only at Lenny and not Larissa.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/itslenny on January 5, 2023 23:57:32

Yeah, it’s actually pretty good since peep has more points (2 Ps and 2 Es) than Pete in WWF.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/WordsWithFriends on January 5, 2023 23:55:38

I don’t blame Jovi for not intervening. It would be horrible if *both* of Mylah’s parents were killed at the same time.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 5, 2023 23:49:46

Yeah the OG detectives he had mostly ended badly. EO had issues but they are both still alive which is a huge improvement for Cragen. An Ayanna/Cragen scene would be amazing!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 5, 2023 23:40:24

He probably wanted that money for after prison. He was only convicted of the rapes so that doesn’t really impact his ability to collect the insurance.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 5, 2023 23:38:12

I’m pretty sure Mike *was* convicted. He was in a prison uniform at the end of the episode and all of the incriminating evidence against him was still valid. The ending definitely was a bummer though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 5, 2023 17:45:37

This is good advice. A lot of people don’t realize how easy it is to make a polished looking but fraudulent e store. Scammers do it all the time with templates.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 5, 2023 17:42:23

If he was really all that smart he probably wouldn’t have killed four people.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/TrueCrimeDiscussion on January 5, 2023 17:40:25

That’s why I don’t see this Speaker debacle as a bad thing. McCarthy not winning easily isn’t the problem, the problem is his entire party is run by crazies.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 5, 2023 17:33:36

She will get her own spin-off, Angela in Abuja.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 5, 2023 17:14:02

I have a lot of respect for the male talent that could last for a long time with her.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/NostalgiaFapping on January 5, 2023 17:13:20

The hard right is going to get their candidate no matter what. They will either get a weakened McCarthy who will cave to everything they want, or they’ll get someone else who will do the same thing. The only reason for Democrats to get involved is if there is a faction within the GOP that will back a moderate alternative and make concessions to lock in whatever compromise they hash out. That’s not something that the Democrats can do unilaterally, and switching their votes to Liz Cheney (someone who has zero clout within any faction of the GOP right now) would not help anything. This is a Republican problem in a GOP controlled House; only Republicans can fix it. Democrats can help, if some Republicans take the initiative to develop a solution, but Democrats *cannot* fix it for them.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 5, 2023 17:07:33

Sadly, this scam can work even if you are broke; they usually send you a fake check and have you deposit it into your account and send some of the money back to them. When the check is eventually bounced, you’ll end up owing the bank money.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 5, 2023 07:17:53

I think it’s obvious he just put that in as a joke. He has also included references to other authors and stories — such as the Harry Potter reference in the fourth book and the references to Robert Jordan/James Rigney/The Wheel of Time. There are also references to NFL teams like the New England Patriots / Coach Bill Belicheck and the New York Giants.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 5, 2023 00:15:01

Your six are the most common ones. The seventh that I would add is kind of hard to explain, but I have noticed that a lot of times people will not really understand something the scammer is saying but go along with it anyway even if they are confused or unsure. Like the victim will be selling a bike on Craigslist, and the scammer will be pushing them to cash a check for more than the agreed selling price and then send some of it to someone else. The victim will be confused as to why they need to do that but they’ll go along with it anyway. A lot of times scammers will come up with confusing or overly elaborate ways of doing business. They’ll ask you to use an unfamiliar payment app or have you shuffle money around in confusing ways. If you don’t understand or aren’t familiar or confident in something, you can just say so and end the transaction even if you aren’t sure it’s a scam.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 5, 2023 00:09:38

I don’t think he likes Democrats.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/samharris on January 4, 2023 23:05:05

In the US, sex-Ed is heavily politicized. Giving kids accurate information about safe sex practices and sexuality in general sense is intensely controversial enough; trying to venture into discussions of porn on any level is probably too scary for policy makers. The type of conversation that you are describing would be healthy and can be done in an age appropriate way, but it could also be construed as “grooming” and be used as justification to eliminate comprehensive sex education.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/samharris on January 4, 2023 23:03:51

That’s crazy! Veronica is honestly pretty hot so I don’t blame him. I always think it’s kind of weird when people on the same reality show end up together, like how much of that is real and how much of that is the production crew nudging them to be together for ratings? It kind of reminds me of that Dancing With The Stars where there will always be a cute little scenario where one of the professional dancers and one of the celebrities have a flirtation that (usually) only lasts until the show ends.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 22:57:15

The gap between Feast and Dance was tough for me. There was even a section at the end of Feast that had a little explainer which had a mid joke making fun of the reader for wondering what Tyrion was doing. At least with Dance’s release we know what is going on with all of the cast members.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 4, 2023 22:54:50

I assume he tells his friends that the person on 90DF isn’t his mom, just a lady that looks a lot like her and had the same name. They don’t believe him but he won’t back down.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 22:52:29

Wait, he’s with Tim’s Veronica???

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 22:51:22

It’s so confusing that the tell all is mostly discussing stuff that didn’t happen on the show. If you don’t follow the cast members on social media then the stuff that they are arguing about in the tell all is coming out of nowhere since it wasn’t mentioned during the season.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 22:49:13

Sounds like Law and Order season 19 episode 8 (“Chattel”). It had Lupo and Bernard, not Benson, and the Haitian boy buried the gun in the park.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 4, 2023 22:47:05

That’s where I’m at nowadays. There are so many shows that it’s hard to get really mad when there’s a popular show that I don’t like. It’s not as if there’s a shortage of other things to watch.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/television on January 4, 2023 22:37:49

Meanwhile McConnell and Biden are in Kentucky together celebrating their bipartisan infrastructure law. They don’t want McConnell, they see McConnell as a traitorous RINO because he sometimes legislates. They want someone who can guarantee that the House will be a circus for the next two years and they are worried that McCarthy will sometimes work out deals with Schumer, McConnell, and Jeffries on legislation.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 4, 2023 22:20:41

Honestly I can’t disagree with you. While I thought those episodes are intense and dramatic, I can’t really say that I found the character particularly interesting. I think there are two broad categories of SVU villains. The first group are the ones that have some foundation in reality. They are either fictionalized representations of specific real life criminals or they are meant to be shine a light on something in the criminal justice system or in our society in general. The things they do are things that *could* happen and are often things that are common place. The second group tend to be closer to super villains than ordinary sexual criminals. Their crimes are generally astonishing in scope and complexity, often committed in such a way as to shock the audience even if it doesn’t make a lot of sense for the character to have done it that way. Not only that, because the villain is so crazy, it sort of gives the other characters and the writers free reign to go nuts as well. I call these “monkey in a basketball” villains because their presence turns the episode into less of a crime drama and more a slapstick cartoon, and you pretty much have to ignore everything that happens in the episode after watching it in order to take the other, normal episodes seriously. These episodes (like the last Rob Miller) are not necessarily bad but it can be jarring if you try and compare them to an episode like season 1, “Limitations” or season 4 “Futility” that are more grounded in tone.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 4, 2023 19:34:38

I think women in ASOIAF are generally so fragile health wise that people don’t even speculate or gossip about how they die. We barely get a rumored cause of death, other than vague insinuations that she was killed during a rape or died in childbirth.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 4, 2023 19:20:41

What I found interesting about this tell all is how much of it is based on stuff that wasn’t in the actual season. We are getting a discussion of social media beefs involving cast members as well as drama that seems to have all taken place after the season finale.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 19:18:03

It’s wrong of you to speak something like that into existence!!

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 19:15:48

My head canon is that Cragen’s trauma from Law and Order is why he is such a pushover on SVU. He is so grateful that Benson and Stabler are still alive / uninjured that he is willing to let them do anything.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 4, 2023 19:14:30

Season 13 episode 1 for Rollins, season 13 episode 4 for Amaro

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 4, 2023 19:11:57

Honestly it would be easier to list the episodes with good or just mediocre parents.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/LawAndOrder on January 4, 2023 18:32:47

Yeah honestly I wonder if this guy wasn’t Black, or if he wasn’t homeless, he would have been arrested at all. It doesn’t sound as if he is doing anything that would be unusual or against the law in that state. In fact, the law seems to explicitly protect this kind of behavior which makes it sort of puzzling that the prosecutors and police are fighting so hard to keep him behind bars for so long even after dropping the charges from felonies to misdemeanors

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 4, 2023 18:25:27

I think the argument is that Bytedance / Tiktok are legally required to cooperate with Chinese intelligence agencies and assist them in anyway they require, which makes it a security risk to allow it on government-owned devices. The article mentions that but sort of glosses over it in order to make the case that restricting Tiktok on government-owned devices is more about politics than any genuine security concerns. That’s a separate issue from the actual health and usefulness of the app though. Banning or not banning it from the devices used by government workers for their job won’t affect the broader issue of child safety on Tiktok (or other social media apps) or anything like that. That debate still needs to happen and one thing that I do agree with the article about is that we need a broader and more comprehensive set of regulations on that beyond just the immediate issue of Tiktok.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 18:02:48

Yeah I’ve seen attempts to analyze the relative extremism of the anti McCarthy side but that only really holds up if you ignore that extremists dominate the pro McCarthy side. Very few Republicans in the House are similar to Brian Fitzpatrick.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 17:57:05

If the Republicans have a bigger margin (especially if these are from purple or blue districts) then he might not need to. His real problem is that the country has so many hopelessly gerrymandered and uncompetitive districts that he is kind of stuck with these types of lawmakers.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 17:54:46

Greenwald seems to admire far right politicians, so it’s not too surprising that he would find this debacle inspiring.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 17:51:49

I don’t think he has enough self respect for that. Someone with self respect would have lined up the votes two months ago and if they couldn’t they would have tried to find a replacement.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 17:49:37

I wonder how much of the next two years we can skip if someone showed them how to find internet porn featuring men more attractive than Hunter Biden. If they legitimately just want something to masturbate to it would be a lot easier to do than to form a select committee to obtain dick pics.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 17:47:53

!sugar scam There’s no such thing as an online-only non sexual sugar mommy. If you ever did have a real sugar mommy that person would not give you, a random stranger, money to give to some other random stranger. All you can really do is what you have already done; let your bank know ASAP and don’t send of the money out since you will eventually lose it and you don’t want them to think that you intentionally tried to commit check fraud. Hopefully they will be able to resolve it quickly so you can quickly forget about this annoying situation and move on.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Scams on January 4, 2023 02:56:37

He knows or assumed that McCarthy and whoever becomes Speaker will have to grovel to him and give him whatever he asks for.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 02:43:05

Honestly this is why I am enjoying this debacle so much. These guys are really just getting a taste of the misery that they gleefully inflicted on others for most of their careers. These Freedom Caucus and Tea Party people didn’t just materialize last year, they are the direct descendants of the Gingrich era GOP and the shift towards this approach to politics. It suited the GOP to use them and stoke the fires of various extremists within their movement (John Birch Society, birthers, election deniers, NWO conspiracy theorists, etc.) and now they are stuck with the fact that a large chunk of their party is like this and they aren’t just going to hassle outsiders.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 4, 2023 02:42:05

Other than Canada, Dick Roman planned to turn the entire world into a factory farm. Once he spreads his SucroCorp food additive, no one in any country will be able to do much about him. It would be like how cows in real life don’t know or care what happens to cows in other farms.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/Supernatural on January 4, 2023 02:32:09

I think people who actively seek out serial killers, rapists, child molesters, etc. are just warped losers TBH. Like it’s one thing to marry someone and then realize that they are a bad person, but the people who intentionally go to prisons looking to marry or date the worst predators they can find are not really victims IMHO.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/90DayFiance on January 4, 2023 02:23:23

In the letter, the LW says that they don’t work in the field and don’t operate any heavy machinery, which they seem to think means that they shouldn’t need to be drug tested. They are basically saying that it makes sense to drug test someone who is operating heavy machinery (since that’s a safety issue) but it doesn’t make sense to test someone who isn’t. I don’t really see it as a class issue; we don’t really have any information about the types of company or what the LW’s role would be or any of that. I don’t even think the LW knows what is going on, or if they are being purposely evasive about the reason for the policy because they know that Alison is anti drug testing and want to get a high five from her. This is one of those letters that is IMHO shouldn’t have been answered without more context. There are regulations and insurance company requirements in the US that require certain employers to drug test every employee within a given category (eg all CDL holders) even when those employees don’t routinely operate heavy equipment. Complaining to the recruiter about this is of no value since the recruiter can’t change the policy and the company might not be able to change the policy even if they want to.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 4, 2023 02:18:56

I think at first they were just hazing her, but when they realized that she was almost as crazy as they were they realized that they could probably do whatever they wanted to her.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 4, 2023 00:57:44

Honestly I look at it as being more of a time waste than anything else. The LW has every right not to want to be drug tested, and if this is something that’s rare in her industry it should be easy to avoid that. But if this company has a reason why they need to drug test everyone, if it’s a contractual or regulatory issue, then telling the recruiter that you think the policy is bigoted isn’t going to change anything. The recruiter likely doesn’t have the juice to change the policy even if they agreed that it was a bad idea, and it might not even be a bad idea if the company would get into trouble for not doing the drug tests. The LW even conceded that they don’t want or expect the policy to be changed as a result of their feedback, so why waste the time?

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/AskaManagerSnark on January 4, 2023 00:46:52

It’s sad that there are so many people like that that it’s hard to keep them straight.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 4, 2023 00:39:52

I still can’t get over that time she said women should have babies so that someone will still love them when their husbands cheat on them with college girls. It’s one of those comments that is (hopefully) a joke but at the same time reveals something really bleak and empty about the person’s worldview.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/blogsnark on January 4, 2023 00:34:31

I think for people interested in getting NXIVM (or really any topic) it makes sense to watch and read as many different sources as you can find. None of them are going to be perfect, all of them are going to be limited in some way, but the more of it you see the clearer the picture will be.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/theNXIVMcase on January 4, 2023 00:24:16

Cant people be more than one thing? Waymar was brave and determined, and arrogant and bratty.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 4, 2023 00:17:21

Whenever people on Reddit say “unpopular opinion” they really just mean “please upvote me for being so brave”.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/PornStarHQ on January 4, 2023 00:13:19

I think it depends on how strict you are about what makes a victim likeable. In real life, people respond in different ways to both the trauma of the assault and the ordeal of going through the criminal Justice system (starting with the invasive ritual of receiving a rape kit to submitting to multiple police interviews, attending hearings, etc.) I can’t think of too many victims that were actually unlikable — as in so unpleasant that they didn’t show any positive personality traits. But there were a bunch that were shell shocked, sullen, withdrawn, despairing, etc. especially earlier in the episodes when the trauma is most fresh. I didn’t see those as being wholly unlikable, just not showing their best face right away which is understandable given the context of the show.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/SVU on January 3, 2023 23:45:32

I think a lot of people genuinely believe that their preferred fan theories must play out in the every precise detail or else GRRM is a bad writer.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/asoiaf on January 3, 2023 23:39:17

I think what he is trying to say is that if there were pervasive errors that swung the election, that would be enough to order a new election even if the errors were unintentional (not the result of fraud). If so, this is a classic example of answering the question they would rather answer instead of the one before them. They’re sidestepping the question of proof of fraud, by bringing up the concept that the election outcome was skewed by massive errors that effectively disenfranchised voters. But they don’t have proof of *that* either; in their trial, even their own witnesses admitted that the problems at polling locations did not prevent people from voting. It was a nuisance for the workers but Lake’s team couldn’t find even one case of a voter who was denied the ability to vote.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 3, 2023 23:32:58

He has been working on her for a while. He avoided criticizing her during her various controversies during this past Congress, and more recently promised to restore her committee assignments including a possible appointment to the House Oversight committee (one of the most prestigious assignments that any member can receive).

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 3, 2023 16:46:46

I think the argument is that it is easy for a new / less well funded candidate to distinguish themselves in a small state and then use that to get donor attention to make them competitive in the rest of the primary. If all the primaries were on the same day, the story goes, then only candidates that were *already* big names would be able to attract donor attention. It's not about getting donors to give earlier, it's about getting name recognition for less prominent candidates. The party establishment might benefit from having them all on the same day, but that's not necessarily what the establishment should want since it could inadvertently knock out candidates who would do well if they had more time to build support.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/fivethirtyeight on January 3, 2023 16:35:30

That's true, but I don't think it's that big of a deal. To me, the Republican Party is just a shambolic mess; if there's a shame, it's the fact that they are in power at all rather than the fact that they are struggling to select a leader after a historically narrow win. The latter is just basic math; if you don't have a lot of MPs, or Representatives, it's harder to get a majority since just 4 votes can sink you. Every large group has at least 4 idiots in it so I don't think the US is unique in having this specific issue. The former issue, the presence and continued success of the GOP despite its decay, is a deeper and more profound problem. It would be a problem even if McCarthy easily won the Speaker race on the first ballot. To me, that's the bad thing.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/atlanticdiscussions on January 3, 2023 16:10:51

I think people who support the death penalty want to make it look clean and professional. They want it to resemble a medical procedure and they don't want it to resemble a murder. They might be okay with a guillotine though.

Commented by /u/Korrocks in /r/law on January 3, 2023 16:05:18