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I have enjoyed watching Cobra slowly change his public position on several things. It's never too late to make up for ones mistakes in my eyes! Still, maybe this is a fun opportunity to revisit some of the highlights of Cobra's tenure over 15 June 2015: introduces an official ‘position on hard-forks,’ which meant it would not promote XT. will not promote software or services that will leave the previous consensus because of a contentious hard fork attempt. 26 December 2015: Cobra makes a Github issue to remove Coinbase from the “choose your wallet” page on to punish them for running a Bitcoin XT node in addition to their Bitcoin Core node. 01 July 2016: Cobra posts on Github that he wants to update the Bitcoin whitepaper because it confuses people. 03 July 2017: An issue is open on the Github account titled Removal of wallet? Cobra replies that he doesn’t mind if they are removed from the website as punishment because of their association with Jihan Wu and therefore, big block efforts. They’re associated with that monster Jihan Wu, so I don’t mind if they get removed because of this, they’re terrible people. I definitely feel like a line has been crossed here. 28 September 2017: Cobra opens a Github issue for labeled Add Segwit2x Safety Alert. The alert ostensibly warns users of hostile companies, but the list includes most of the oldest, most successful Bitcoin companies, and the real goal seems to be to scare or punish these companies for their stance on Segwit 2x. 08 November 2017: Theymos creates a Github issue titled Policy to fight against “miners control Bitcoin” narrative. Hilariously, Cobra replies in agreement and blames this misconception on the white paper itself. 11 August 2018: Cobra creates a Github issue to discuss relisting companies that were removed from for supporting the 2mb hard fork block size increase. His reasoning is that the delisting worked to stop the increase and that these companies are unlikely to try it again. You will be missed Cobra! If you are interested in appointing a member of who will be more open to competing ideas, I invite you to DM me. I am very familiar with the Jekyll static site generator you're currently using.

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>We are almost there. > >In less than thirty days I will be drafting an unprecedented announcement that your resilience made possible: the announcement that Silk Road has repaid all victims of our February hack. > >As of today, May 27th 2014, 82.09% of all victims of the Feburary hack have been fully repaid. > >In June the world will be reminded that when faced with adversity, Silk Road's community doesn't run. We unite. > >Our enemies may seize our servers, impound our coins, and arrest our friends, but they cannot stop you: our people. > >You write history with every coin transacted here. > >It is unprecedented for any entity, darknet or clearnet, to completely repay the victims of a Bitcoin hack. > >We are sending a clear message of integrity and justice, louder than the slander our oppressors can push into the news. History will prove that we are not criminals, we are revolutionaries. > >We are slaving to transform a notoriously-violent industry into a safe online marketplace, removing the risk of face-to-face transactions. > >We do not steal the People's money like Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. We bail each other out with our own sweat. We are not puppets of fear or greed. We do not run like the cowards at MtGox, TorMarket, or Sheep. Silk Road is not here to scam, we are here to end economic oppression. Silk Road is not here to promote violence, we are here to end the unjust War on Drugs. Silk Road is not here to submit to authority, we are here to defend a foundational human right: freedom of choice. Silk Road is not a marketplace, Silk Road is a global revolt. > >When the news hits that everyone has been repaid, do your part to help tear down the world's misimpressions about what our movement stands for. > >Four months of everyone's hard work has almost generated one spark. Throw it into the petrol. Be prepared with your throwaway accounts. Tweet. Upvote. Blog. Email editors. > >It is an honor to serve you. Defcon From the front page of the Silk Road six years ago....

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For those of you who don't know, the SLP Indexer isn't a public facing product, but rather a much needed piece of critical infrastructure that has been lacking in the Bitcoin Cash space for some time.  While we have nothing but respect for the work that James Cramer and the community ([]( have done with **SLPDB**, the previous indexer most exchanges and wallets were using has some quirks and flaws. The community has struggled with it, as it's been prone to crashes, and isn't currently built to scale. This has lead to downtime of SLP tokens across the Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem. With the hard work of our very own [@Andreas Larsson]( 👏 👏 👏 - we are giving back to the community an open source SLP Indexer that will help increase the stability, adoption, and growth of SLP tokens across the space.  *Fun fact: This is also the same SLP Indexer that the new* [**]( *Wallet is using for SLP transactions.* **Github**: []( >[]( SLP indexer is a service that listens to the Bitcoin Cash blockchain for SLP-token transactions. When it finds an SLP transaction it will parse, validate and save it in the database for easy and fast access. > >This indexer is built to scale and for high performance services requiring high uptime and scalability. At []( we use this indexer to handle SLP transactions to our native wallet across several global server locations. The health-check system makes it is easy to setup advanced DNS-failover strategies in AWS or any other cloud provider. > >Why should you run this indexer compared to the alternatives on the market? Our top priority during the development of this indexer was to support businesses with requirements on stability and scalability. It was meant to be a full enterprise solution for companies to support high volume SLP trading on an exchange where you need to rely on a close to 100% uptime. It also has the ability to make updates and bug fixes without any downtime which was a strong businesses requirement. ## Who is the []( SLP Indexer for?  []( SLP Indexer is built to support SLP growth across **exchanges**, **wallets**, **gaming platforms**, and **SLP supported applications**. We’re confident in its ability to scale to business needs. The SLP Indexer has received a full security audit in January to make sure the validator is fully compatible with other SLP validators out there. With the help of the Developer Services team lead by [@Vin Armani](  \- []( will soon offer this service as a cloud service and will be a part of our public REST API ([]( Anyone who wants to run it themselves on their own servers can also do that. We'll have additional details on this available on []( very soon. ***If you know an exchange that is looking to integrate SLP, please share with them the github repo.*** [******]( ## Where can I ask questions about this?  If you have general questions about SLP you can ask in the public SLP group which is maintained by the community. [](

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>For any newbies coming here wondering why there is so much pro-Bitcoin Core propaganda and lies, propagated by trolls such as OP, I would like to spread awareness about this issue, > >There are many signs that BTC has been infiltrated. When you put them all together, it starts to form a clearer picture. Here are some examples. > >There is consistent trolls/harassments/smear campaigns against Bitcoin Cash the last 2 years. Who is funding all these propaganda campaigns? > >In 2013, Peter Todd was paid off by a government intelligence agent to create RBF, create a propaganda video, and cripple the BTC code. Source: []( > >Blockstream kicking Gavin, the lead Bitcoin developer, out of Bitcoin development, successfully hijacked control over the Bitcoin github. > >Mike Hearn and Gavin wanted to prevent Bitcoin from being hijacked, so they created a fork. That fork didn't survived after they were heavily DDOS. Mike Hearn was heavily character assassinated by what I believe to be orchestrated paid campaigns by Blockstream. And of course, now that Mike Hearn is gone, the character assassination campaigns are directed at Bitcoin Cash main supporters like Roger Ver. Source: [\_bitcoin\_btc\_was\_hijacked\_and\_why\_bitcoin\_cash/]( > >Blockstream not honoring the Hong Kong agreement and the New York agreement they signed. > >Blockstream doesn't want Bitcoin to compete with the banks. Their aim is to make Bitcoin unusable with no long term future. Source: []( > >Samson Mow admitting in an interview that Blockstream is out for profit (in other words, the BTC holders will be milked as their cash cows, BTC miners will be driven out with Lightning Network taking its place) Source: [\_DMQ]( The false flag attacks where they claimed Bitcoin Cash was hacking them (but turns out Greg Maxwell was the ones doing it) Source: []( > >Hackers targeting Bitcoin Cash users stealing their tippr funds and taking over their reddit accounts Source: [\_on\_reddit\_disabled\_temporarily/]( > >Misinformation campaigns (BTC people registering bcash sites and subreddits, then trying to associate Bitcoin Cash as bcash to forums/websites they control) Source: [\_bitcoin\_cash\_users\_reject\_the\_name\_bcash\_so/]( > >Censorship to brainwash newcomers with Bitcoin misinformation and propaganda. Source: []( > >Blockstream declaring that Bitcoin is not for the poor. Source: [\_bitcoin\_isnt\_for\_people\_that\_live\_on/]( > >Blockstream sabotaged Bitcoin codes by reducing its functionality such as OP Return size reduction, RBF vulnerability, 1MB blocksize, etc... so that it breaks software built on top of Bitcoin. > >Source (OP Return Reduction): [\_few\_months\_after\_the\_counterparty\_developers/]( > >Source (Bitcoin RBF Vulnerability): []( > >I was involved in some BCH projects and there had been multiple DDOS attacks and other stuff, such as flooding my inbox with few hundred thousand emails per day. I'm sure those activities are not for profit, so why are they doing it? > >There are actually plenty more nasty unethical things BTC people had done which is not covered in this comment. Bitcoin Cash is an attempt to rescue what the bad actors had hijacked successfully, mainly the peer to peer cash revolution. And it won't be the last time the bad actors will try to find ways to sabotage this project. [Source]( by user /u/mobTwo

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>The truth is people believing in big blocks were the *majority* of the original Bitcoin BTC community. Polls on showed support for big block plans like BIP101 at over 80%. However, not everyone was the same in terms of passion and purity for the original big-block vision outlined by Satoshi. So when the network split between different big-block and small-block ideologies happened, August 1, 2017 when BCH forked, only a handful of the most passionate big-block supporters went and became the Bitcoin Cash community. The rest just remained with BTC and the most passionate small-blockers, on censored discussion areas. > >As for the "hate" you talk about that's an interesting story. Imagine a thief robbing your house then being furious at you in court. That's essentially how small-blockers behave toward big-blockers. Their version of BTC is *not* how the inventor, Satoshi Nakamoto, intended it to be. They won't deny this. So how can they be so angry? I think it's because they know deep down they're on the wrong side of things, and they lash out angrily similar to a child throwing a tantrum. Bitcoin Cash supporters don't exactly love small-blockers, and we're certainly angry they refused to compromise and work with us to carry BTC forward in line with the original plan, but we don't trash talk them. We don't call BTC a "shitcoin". We say if their plan really is best then let it be proven in the marketplace. That seems logical and fair. Yet small-blockers hang around the big-blocker discussion areas talking trash when we don't do the same in return. That should make people think. > >Last, regarding your question "I'm invested in both. Am I a bad person?" the answer is that's absolutely fine. Big-blockers believe in freedom of choice. If people don't mind paying high fees and want to use BTC that's absolutely fine. We don't get mad about that. On the other hand, people that choose BCH get harassed by small-blockers. Again, something to think about. [Source](

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>I'm talking about the Greg who using his very own [guilty by association logic](, that Greg Maxwell and Adam Back were associated and therefore [guilty of being involved with the Bitfinex hacking]( > >Or maybe it was the Greg Maxwell that was involved or guilty by association of the [hacking and vote manipulation]( events that [/r/bitcoin]( mods were involved with? > >Or maybe it was the Greg Maxwell that was [working with national spies]( to run surveillance on the Bitcoin community in order to subvert it? > >Or maybe it was when Greg Maxwell that was [engaging in vandalism on Wikipedia]( > >Or maybe it was the same [Greg Maxwell that was intimately involved with Craig Wright]( working with him to try to disrupt both BCH and BSV camps? > >Or maybe it is the Greg Maxwell that wrote the [Bitcoin Core (BTC) roadmap]( that shows how Blockstream (who he was CTO at the time when this was written) has sole control over BTC and it's future? > >But let's get back to guilt by association, maybe it's the same Greg that worked for Blockstream which is a company that was [embroiled in the Epstein controversy]( > >How about when Greg, at the time CTO of Blockstream, was [associated to Theymos, the biggest censor in the history of crypto](, when their connection was discovered? Source: [\_scammer\_in\_crypto\_is\_blockstream\_period/fagxwkt/](

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>Lightning was supposed to make tx fees low right? Well it technically has, but it also introduced the following problems that Bitcoin never had: > >LN requires that both sender and receiver be online at the same time to transact. This never existed on Bitcoin. > >If you're an LN merchant accepting payments, you must periodically topoff your side of the channel...just so you can keep accepting money. This problem never existed on Bitcoin. I can have an empty address on Bitcoin and receive any amount of money without any limits. > >In Lightning when making a transactions you must always reserve the current Bitcoin onchain miner fee, so that if either channel party wants to close the channel it'll get accepted and mined by a Bitcoin miner. Well when Bitcoin fees hit $3 a few months ago, 60% of the Lightning network capacity was locked up in miner fees lol... defeating the purpose of microtransactions and the LN network > >In Bitcoin my coins can only be stolen if I leak my private key. Well for LN your money can be stolen simply by not being online to monitor your money. In addition to stealing your LN private keys, a bad user can attempt to steal your funds when you're offline. Which is why LN requires a 3rd party service called Watchtowers to watch over your funds. Way more complicated than Bitcoin > >The unsolvable routing problem. A good chunk of LN transactions will fail simply because the routing is weighted and chanes constantly. Compare that to Bitcoin's gossip network which doesn't require any weighted routing. FYI weighted routing is currently a mathematically unsolved problem. > >LN is centralizing around At one point had over 70% of the entire LN network capacity. LN will continue to centralize around these big hubs, because they can offer cheap connections and low fees than a regular peer can. Welcome to Bank of America LN Hub TM. > >With Bitcoin I can keep my money in a cold wallet. With LN it's either a hot wallet or cold wallet and I must close all my channels and pay the Bitcoin onchain fee just to close it. You're literally choosing betwen low fees OR security with Lightning, where as with Bitcoin you have both. > >Both creators of Lightning Drya and Poon have publically stated LN was never meant to be a scaling solution for Bitcoin and show many problems that will simply never be solved. Like the race condition when a big hub closes and hundreds of users all attempt to race to transmit their transaction to miners. > >In the Lightning whitepaper, LN requires AT LEAST 133MB+ blocks for global adoption for LN to work without congestion... And Blockstream blocked a minor 2MB increase. So good luck. > >So congrats to Lightning, for "solving" 1 problem and creating 12 new ones. > >There's many more, but these are the ones easily digestable by users without going into the deeper technical problems with LN. There's a reason Lightning is always 18 months away from completion....for 5.5 years now. While Bitcoin Cash just works. Source: [\_reminder/f4qpdlc/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=ios\_app&utm\_name=iossmf](

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A few examples are: 1. [SLP Tokens.]( 2. [On chain dividend payments to token holders.]( 3. [Schnorr Signatures]( 4. [32MB maximum block size increase limit enabling \~200 tx per second]( 5. [Second most used crypto currency in the world for payments.]( 6. [The crypto currency with the most physically accepting merchants in the world.]( 7. [One of the most active developer and social communities.]( 8. [Amazing new Opcodes like OP\_CheckDataSig]( 9. [On chain privacy tools that can provide privacy on par with Monero.]( 10. [Listed on nearly every exchange around the world with many using it as a base pair.]( ​ What other developments are you excited about that we should help get the word out about?

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>Hi, my name is Gabriel, I lead Developer Services at We have a suite of developer tools which should be familiar to an ETH dev. > >[]( is the home of all our developer documentation > >[]( is our typescript framework similar to truffle > >[]( is for creating, minting, sending and burning tokens. It's also a superset of BITBOX SDK > >[]( \- this is the json rpc over http > >[]( \- real time indexer of BCH blockchain in to mongodb collections > >[]( \- bitbd data in real-time over websockets > >[]( \- entire token graph in mongodb collections > >[]( \- slpdb data in real-time over websockets > >[Badger is our fork]( of MetaMask for BCH: > >[Cashscript is our smart-contract language]( inspired by Solidity. It exports an Arifact w/ ABI > >[CashScript examples as .cash files]( and needed typescript files to transpile and run them > >[Testnet Faucet]( > >Any of the above cloud services also works w/ testnet by adding a t to the beginning of the url. For example []( > >We have [a developer discord]( and [a telegram room]( > >I'm [@cgcardona]( and I'm happy to help on-ramp in any way. Cheers 🎩 [Source](

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🚀 Get Started with SLP Tokens 🎯 📋 General Information📌 🦄Featured Projects🧞‍♂️ 🔐 Get An SLP Address! -- Wallets 🔑 🚰 Token Faucets🚿 🔭 Block & Token Data Explorers🔍 📈SLP Exchanges🐂 (includes: USDH) (includes: LLM) (Only SLP) (includes: ACD coin) 🧰 Developer SDKs & Code Examples🛠 Web - Web - iOS - Android - 🏢 SLPDB & Infrastructure📡 - SLPDB: - Chat: 📐Specifications🤓 👩‍💻Consulting Resources👨‍💻 First ask for free help in this chat room! 🥇Bounties** Code & Design🏋️‍♂️ No bounties listed currently - Have an idea? Pitch it in the chat!

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**Adam Smith** * An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of [the Wealth of Nations]( * [The Theory of Moral Sentiments]( **Ludwig von Mises** * [Human Action]( A Treatise on Economics * [The Theory of Money and Credit]( * [Socialism]( An Economic and Sociological Analysis * [The Anti-capitalistic Mentality]( * [Planned Chaos]( * [Liberalism]( * [Bureaucracy]( * [Economic Freedom and Interventionism]( * [Liberty and Property]( * [Omnipotent Government](; The Rise of the Total State and Total War * [Interventionism: An Economic Analysis]( * [Profit and Loss]( * [Nation, State, and Economy]( * [Planning for Freedom]( **Henry Hazlitt** * [Economics in One Lesson]( * [Man vs. The Welfare State]( * [The Failure of the New Economics]( * [Thinking as a Science]( * [The Foundations of Morality]( * [What You Should Know About Inflation]( * [The Conquest of Poverty]( * [Rules for living: The ethics of social cooperation]( **Murray N. Rothbard** * [Man, Economy, and State]( * [History of Money and Banking in the United States]( * [The Anatomy of the State]( * [For a New Liberty: The Libertarian Manifesto]( * [What Has Government Done to Our Money?]( * [Egalitarianism as a Revolt against Nature]( * [The Ethics of Liberty]( * [America's Great Depression]( * [Making Economic Sense]( * [Conceived in Liberty]( * [The Case Against the Fed]( * [Power and Market]( * [What Has Government Done to Our Money?]( * [The Irrepressible Rothbard : The Rothbard-Rockwell Report Essays of Murray N. Rothbard]( * [Economic Depressions: Their Cause and Cure]( * [Education: Free and Compulsory]( * [Economic Controversies]( **Milton Friedman** * [Capitalism and Freedom]( * [Free to Choose: A Personal Statement]( * [Why Government Is the Problem]( * [Money Mischief: Episodes in Monetary History]( * [Two Lucky People: Memoirs]( * [The Tyranny of the Status Quo]( **David Friedman** * [The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism]( * [Law's Order: What Economics Has to Do with Law and Why It Matters]( * [Hidden Order: The Economics of Everyday Life]( * [Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World]( **Henry Grady Weaver** * [The Mainspring of Human Progress]( **Frederick Bastiat** * [The Law]( * [Essays on Political Economy]( * [Economic Sophisms]( * [Economic Harmonies]( **F. A. Hayek** * [The Road to Serfdom]( * [The Constitution of Liberty]( * [The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism]( * [Individualism and Economic Order]( * [Law, Legislation and Liberty]( **Harry Browne** * [How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World]( * [Why Government Doesn't Work]( * [How You Can Profit From The Coming Devaluation]( * [Inflation-Proofing Your Investments]( **David Boaz** * [Libertarianism: A Primer]( * [The Libertarian Reader]( Classic and Contemporary Writings from Lao Tzu to Milton Friedman **Lysander Spooner** * [No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority]( * [The Collected Works Of Lysander Spooner]( **Karl Marx** * [The Communist Manifesto]( * [Das Kapital]( **Friedrich Engels** * [Socialism, Utopian and Scientific]( **John Maynard Keynes** * [The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money]( **Robert T. Kiyosaki** * [Rich Dad Poor Dad]( What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! And many many more I didn't have time to list. ([original post](

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1- The History of Bitcoin Cash []( 2- 12 Reasons Bitcoin Cash is the Real Bitcoin []( 3- Bitcoin Cash vs Other Top Coins []( 4- The background of creating [r/btc]( (censorship-free bitcoin forum) [\_asked\_questions\_and\_information\_thread/]( 5- A (brief and incomplete) history of censorship in [/r/Bitcoin]( []( 6- What Happened At The Satoshi Roundtable by the CEO of Coinbase []( BCH decentralised social media platforms Memo: []( Honest: []( More: []( [\_response\_to\_my\_post\_the\_other\_day\_about/dqq2t7q/]( [\_for\_historians/dw0ewb9/]( 1- For more info about BCH developments: []( 2- For more info about BCH Privacy: []( 3- For more info about BCH tokenization: []( 4- For more info about BCH smart contracts: []( 5- For more info about BCH cash accounts (Decentralized alias system for wallets): []( Source for the above post: [\_to\_say\_goodbye\_to\_core/euhbr9l/](

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Would love to see you add a competitor to the Bitcoin Cash version at [](

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/ethtrader on July 3, 2020 19:46:02

I was just about to mention that.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on July 2, 2020 22:36:06

The nonsense AML complaints from ABC were real. They seemed to have zero understanding on the topic even after I paid for a lawyer to give them advice on it.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on July 1, 2020 07:35:01

We need Art Bell to come back to us from the other side!

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/ArtBell on June 30, 2020 00:04:54

This was shocking for me to see.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 29, 2020 23:44:51

I hear a major update is being rolled out...

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 29, 2020 23:44:15

It’s still happening. I’m spending most of my time on this each day. I already made several investments this month alone.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 29, 2020 08:54:44

I just bought a bunch more at $216

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 28, 2020 21:53:52

Interesting. Who are the devs or team behind this?

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/Bitcoincash on June 28, 2020 21:51:03

I'm bullish so I just bought a lot more yesterday.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/Bitcoincash on June 28, 2020 21:49:15

This makes me even happier to be an anarchist.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/PublicFreakout on June 28, 2020 07:33:24

This is what the rewriting of history looks like.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 27, 2020 18:31:03

I was just thinking this morning that people should start this as a business.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 26, 2020 14:33:15

[]( enables Oreos at a 25% discount.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 25, 2020 21:49:55

As the seed investor in Kraken, it was people like Pierre who drove me away from BTC. I’m embarrassed that my money helped fund paying this guy to attack Bitcoin as a peer to peer cash system.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 24, 2020 15:20:00

Oh look, another new Reddit account attacking BCH.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 23, 2020 08:55:30

They did this back in 2011

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 23, 2020 06:49:13

Anybody with a bit of guard practice could have defended this attack effectively,

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/bjj on June 23, 2020 06:47:20

Doing BJJ is guaranteed to give you some additional back injuries. Check with a doctor about your specific injury.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/bjj on June 22, 2020 23:14:19

Someone else pays the BCH "gas" in exchange for one of the SLP transaction outputs sending them some of the token.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 22, 2020 20:55:54

That’s great for waves but they still don’t have the massive network effect and passionate user base of Bitcoin Cash.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 22, 2020 12:34:52

The IFP started somewhere else before it was presented to me. I still love the fact that BTC miners pay for most of it, but that wonderful aspect doesn’t outweigh all the negatives so I never supported implementing the IFP. Anyone saying otherwise is spreading a lie.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 22, 2020 12:32:57

I never supported the IFP.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 22, 2020 12:29:56

[]( has this problem solved.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 22, 2020 11:28:29

More like [2012-2013](

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 21, 2020 20:32:53

I was just thinking the exact same thing.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/StKitts on June 21, 2020 14:59:11

Thank you to whoever is making these graphics!

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 21, 2020 13:21:48

BRD continues to lead the way

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/Ripple on June 21, 2020 07:57:58

I made a full explanation video for those who are interested: [](

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 20, 2020 14:39:16

This is standard driving procedure in mainland China.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/IdiotsInCars on June 20, 2020 07:59:41

Check out []( too!

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 18, 2020 15:11:53

I sold my free HEX and you should too.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 16, 2020 11:25:18

You seem to have a reading comprehension problem. Amaury says: BCH tokens are better for simple tokens. ETH tokens are better for more complex things.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 16, 2020 11:23:14

We are looking into doing this with the wallet.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 16, 2020 08:47:11

I wonder how many people have bought BTC legitimately thinking it is Bitcoin.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 15, 2020 22:32:32

check out []( too!

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 15, 2020 22:27:52

Thank you for your service.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 15, 2020 19:42:37

You are denying reality if you don't think Bitcoin has already pivoted away from its original goal of being cash for the world. BTC IS THE PIVOTED VERSION.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 15, 2020 19:10:08

2nd layers are nice for ETH as long as the second layers don't end up being other chains.

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/ethtrader on June 15, 2020 18:50:25

You can get a 20% discount on Synology products from Amazon by using Bitcoin Cash on [](

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/synology on June 15, 2020 18:44:37

Good idea. Everything used on []( is open source!

Commented by /u/MemoryDealers in /r/btc on June 15, 2020 14:14:25