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I don't think this show was liked at all. Even if you never played Halo it had to have come off as stupid, poorly written, bad characters, awful direction... just bad

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I loved Warzone. I hated the gacha pay-to-win card bullshit.

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I really hope for a Kwan Ha spin off series. Just think how amazing it would be to see her finally put on a Spartan suit and say “Its Kwan’n time!”

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They stopped doing the $1 daily large fries which sucks. The coffee deals are still on though and those are great.

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Also had dachshunds growing up, we had a pretty large one who was just a hunger through-and-through. Had a big wooded area and he just downright brutal. Then he'd come in and demand snuggles.

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He can make his limbs into vines. Ugh, yeah ok Groot can get all fisherman’s wife on my ass

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People still don’t know you can download just about everything for free on the internet?

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Well I said it as a joke to just keep adding spreads to the grilled cheese. But I bet this would be pretty solid, layers from bottom up: Rye, Pesto Aioli, fresh roasted crunch peanut butter (smooth though if crunchy makes this a peanut melt), Fig Jam, extra sharp cheddar cheese generously shredded on top. Open face broil (top bread also toasting), optional spicy whole seed mustard scooped on that now melted and toasty cheddar before topping with other bread. That’s all spread and cheese. Grilled Cheese?

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Imagine having an issue with somebody who is paying their own way through college.

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Don’t forget to add some grape jam!

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I bet you run like Naruto in gym class

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Do a 12 episode series per book; 45-60 minute episodes. Give us “filler” like the Deathday party and more quidditch and classes

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The Good, The Bad, and The Weird is always towards the top of my western recommendations for “recent” movies.

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Bulk curries are pretty cheap and you can be very flexible with what veggies and stuff go in it. Agree with the Chilli comments also - dried beans and dried rice take more prep, but are dirt cheap and with a little veggies make for a complete meal.

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Peter in lingerie would be a solid Samira one to go with this

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Relevant [The League](

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I *literally* couldn’t agree more

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I’m a lawyer. Let me tell you how insanely rampant it is in the legal world. It’s *rampant* and the worst part is it is all lazy and low effort law. It is *very* hard work to start your own practice. It is expensive, you have few clients, no support staff to rely on, etc…. But, it’s insanely common to just go into your parent’s practice. There’s one firm near me that is on its 4th generation with 3 living and 2 deceased listed in the window. They practice very routine and basic law - honestly nothing that you really need a top degree for, especially if you’re getting trained on the job. I’ve known many people who just slacked off their way through a bottom barrel law school, took the bar 3 times, then went off to make 6-figures at daddy’s real estate closing firm, or any other super routine practice. You can debate how good or bad it is - many people dream of having a generational family business. Doesn’t mean it isn’t frustrating how prevalent it is in law. Also - if your parent works at a medium to big firm and is a partner, you’re virtually guaranteed a job if you hit their minimum hiring criteria.

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Agreed - this is the kind of movie that really makes you appreciate the theater experience. It’s a spectacle and an experience more than anything. I think this one was actually better than the first story wise. It’s the kind of movie that, like the first, just isn’t the same at home. Movies like this are why the big screen exist IMO.

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Level 6 is for kvass, but not that type of bread though

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If we get a new series, kinda hope it's a prequel. I preferred TLAB's pre-modern aesthetic compared to the industrial era of LOK

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There is no "seeing the world" when you work *for* the cruise ship *on* the cruise ship. But if you're working remotely for another job - just plan your time to enjoy every port. Then your 'normal' downtime is just enjoying the cruise ship amenities. I bet for something like this, he may not be required to jump back on the ship and live there 24/7 and make every departure. They could probably just rent a place and wait for the ship to come around again. There is likely tons more freedom with a situation like this dudes

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I've been doing contracted work as an attorney, fully working from home for coming up on 2 full years now. I've found the key is to just hunker down and take insane workloads when they're available and build up funds for "beach time" so that way, you can go a month or two between contracts. Depending on what their job is - their plan could simply be to pivot into another work-from-home job if their role with Meta ever goes belly-up. I am also planning to move abroad permanently and work remotely as a 'digital nomad.' The tax part is also super easy - but I say that using an accountant. It isn't like I'm the first person to ever want to do this, so it isn't crazy.

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Well your profile is “Keyboard Man” which kinda pushes people towards that assumption as well

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I liked the courtroom antics and the lawyer show stuff. Wish there had been more of that - It gave a very Harvey Birdman vibe! Like how the magicians lawyer was also a lawyer.

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The ripper also works insanely well!

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It’s a pilot thing (also fly). Some small airports have a little diner or restaurant on them - it’s nice to fly over, have a bite and watch the other planes and talk to folk. Burger isn’t actually $100, but it’s a joke since flying there is expensive.

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The Sting is such a great movie to look back on because the turn of the whole heist is so much mode foreign to a modern audience. It’s a very fun reveal and also just. A great revenge movie

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Thanks! We are in that place of wanting to keep them wild, but also wanting to help keep them alive through winter. Especially since it is their first. We have a trap and I think we may try to take the runt for basic medical and release.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/aww on December 21, 2022 22:27:51

Do you have advice on how/when an opossum may need help like this? We started feeding a pregnant one a while back and now her and 3 of her babies - mostly grown now - come back each night. One of them is a real runt and gets bullied away from food so we try to feed in separate areas. But the runt will also just hang out with us by our smoke spot and isn't scared like the others are. We don't feed them enough to keep them from hunting and being wild - but enough to help them out.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/aww on December 21, 2022 18:04:07

Yes, but now I just separate my laundry by how much effort I'm willing to put into folding it.

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Half the appeal of going to KK is watching the giant donut making machine culminating in the glazing waterfall and then promptly being snatched up by a stick and shoved down my gullet while still too hot even maintain its shape (they don’t count against your diet if you don’t have to chew).

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They have locations all over. I know there is one in Williamsburg, VA and West Jefferson, NC. This one is from St. Augustine it says. One of my favorite shops. Seems like they mostly post up in smaller touristy towns. This place really helped me learn to get better at cooking since I could bring in a recipe and get just a little of spices I wouldn’t normally have. Loved that

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Not an officer - but Mariner & Boimler gotta get that officer/FO duo on

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She has the annoying party girl vibe - but also takes being cast to hell and striking a blood deal with a goat in the same kind of stride she would with any normal night of bar hopping. Just absolutely unphased by the ordeal and, wasn’t ever a damsel to be saved - she did it herself. So she kinda bucks the stereotype by being fiercely independent and fearless. I fucking loved her and she really needs to have regular and minor appearances to let us know that she and Wong are still dating, married, expecting, etc…. Just peaks at their life throughout the next couple phases

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A lot of places that people may turn their nose up to initially. But the main focus is dual-citizenships allowed and securable immigration status through property investment (for example - Türkiye grants residency if you buy a $50-75k+ property). We are also really only looking at places where 100k or less gets you this. If we had more - there are many more countries that let you “buy in” for 250-400. But if we could do that, we probably wouldn’t think the US was so unaffordable.

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I remember growing up in the 90s; the general message was, "you can be anything you want when you grow up!" The world was our proverbial oyster and going to school, getting a good degree, and staying out of trouble were the 3-things required to have a good life and achieve your American Dream. We watched Boomers have their success and believed we would have it too. Turns out, nowadays, those things just get you by in life, and I think today's kids must see how poorly Millenials are doing and think, "Ok so what the fuck is going to happen to us?" I don't think that hope of achieving the 'American Dream' exists anymore and today's youth are just looking at a future of just getting by as the most hopeful thing for them. Also - I absolutely cannot fathom going through puberty and enduring middle school and high school in the modern social-media world where everything is recorded forever. Social Media has become a mental health plague where only the positive bits are pushed constantly and then you have to judge your life based against the best sound-bites of everybody eles's. Its why I got off most social media - it was driving my mental health to the ground.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 20, 2022 15:29:26

I'm an attorney and make decent money, but my wife and I have ongoing health issues that take us max out of pocket with our insurance each year. We can afford things, but saving for a home has been nearly impossible - Plus, why would we take all of this money we've saved to bury ourselves with a 30-year mortgage? We've experienced job turmoil over Covid and realized that we aren't living to achieve our dreams - we were trying not to hit rock bottom. For us, a Job means home & health. So we are leaving. We are saving up more and more and getting the fuck out of this country, buying a place overseas, somewhere cheap and in-full to avoid any debt related to our living situation, and somewhere where health is socialized. I want my "Rock Bottom" to look like this - Keep our home, Keep our health. I want to expunge from our existence the looming threat of "work or be homeless and healthless" and instead let any work be there to improve our lives and help us chase our dreams. The new American Dream is to leave.

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I could go either way, as I think it could be well executed. Andor has been one of my favorite Star Wars and favorite shows for a while. I did miss lightsabers and the Force, though. On the one hand, It's great to see how non-force users shape the rebellion, given that Jedi fucked it all up to begin with (Even though a Jedi does technically come and win the war for them). On the other hand, he has proven to be a very skilled pilot, and the object the guards inspect at Saw's camp could be his lightsaber (albeit weird looking). If he were a fallen Jedi, it would give a lot more meaning to his speech and how far he has fallen and give good contrast that ultimately even 'using the tools of the enemy' wasn't enough and that it was Luke's ability to advocate for his Father's humanity that turned Vader to kill Palps.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on December 20, 2022 14:59:24

Disagree. Most Fioras will go Q>W>E; which means at level one the ranged champ needs to simply understand how she works and reset the vitals marker towards their own turret. She probably is one of the best at level 2 to get up in a ranged's face, but even still - it kinda comes down to skill then and who is able to bait the other. Once I see her blow her W, and I've got her Q on my back - it's free poke. Past that though, she is probably one of the hardest match-ups for a ranged champ in solo (IMO). Typically I just try to let her push in and set up for jungle support or turret farm if I don't get it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 20, 2022 14:28:52

Without Jedi - I still think Luthen is a force user.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on December 20, 2022 13:54:01

I’m interested to see how fucked norms is at lower ranks. Since I only did enough to do Draven; I’m sitting D4 still. So I guess I’ll drop down to Plat? Already it feels like most of my normal games skew like crazy - I had a game with a Chal and a silver (clearly smurfed M+ skill) the other day. I like goofing in norms more, but there are some major balance issues because in those games are also true plats who just get fucking stream rolled. And game to game is very inconsistent too.

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90s was all about the RTS scene. StarCraft, Warcraft, C&C, AoE. Brood War was my absolute jam growing up, had posters of build trees, time-goals, etc. always rush even when no rush

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/xboxone on December 20, 2022 12:12:42

I was support GM main. I don’t do ranked now though - too stressful - and I just want to mess around in norms. I thought Sup was very easy to climb, lane ends so early you can roam and support where it’s needed and really help to impact the game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 20, 2022 12:05:17

Good offer. I wouldn’t negotiate - you have no bargaining power right now and any new hire is really the company “taking a chance” on you.

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I recently lost a cat with kidney issues and we put her, and subsequently all of our other cats, on mainly cooked/raw foods. Why? Because most canned cat foods are absolute garbage and riddled with all sorts of nasty shit. It was insane to start learning because we always fed our cats “quality” brands and cans, expensive at like $2-4 per can. The ONLY cat food I can recommend is Primal’s frozen raw food. I stay away from dehydrated and freeze dried products save for the occasional treat. It’s the only brand I found where you can read all the ingredients and it’s all just food. My other biggest surprise was how much cheaper it was to switch our cats from quality cans to what I consider to be a “spoiled” diet consisting of rabbit (everyone’s favorite), frog legs (another very surprising favorite), quail, chickens, and sometimes mice. I priced it out for our 3 cats now and I’d save money if I spent less than $0.80 per can. There is a ton of bad information and straight up stupid information out there when it comes to raw feeding and cooked feeding. The hardest part was learning what is stupid and what is proper health. Anyway fuck the pet food industry, which is basically just 2 main companies now, churning out unhealthy garbage in a fancy package and overpricing the everlasting fuck out of it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Showerthoughts on December 20, 2022 11:01:57

The patience part is so big. Ranged champs will always win level 1 and their goal should be to punish a melee champ to a point where they B early or don’t have enough HP to spend on a successful all-in

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 20, 2022 10:48:07

Same. Bunch of melt loving cunts i tell ya what

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on December 19, 2022 20:37:44

Oh snap I didn’t realize this was a new addiction to chance

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on December 19, 2022 20:09:22

Honestly, until I was convinced it was non-toxic my first reaction would be of severe concern.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on December 19, 2022 18:50:06

Agree - the best move is not to play. Plenty of great games out there that are truly just the price of the sticker. Games that are there for the sake of being a game, not to sell you more shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on December 19, 2022 18:00:24

Best part of working from home - I'll sometimes just get my laptop and do morning emails from bed with my cats on me.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on December 19, 2022 16:57:03

No - the 3 was just FINE for it. 4 didn’t really offer much of an upgrade since it’s still really hard to do anything 64 or PS1 with it. I just wanted a 4 just because. Lol

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 19, 2022 16:52:59

To be fair - it did turn out to be expensive for me because I used it as an excuse to use my 3 and buy the 4 so I could use the 4 as my new emulator. Although the SNES controller was still about as much as the pi

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Hufflepuffs live next to the kitchens and are affiliated with Herbology. All the other houses can have their drama - I know where my stoned hungry ass wants to be

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on December 19, 2022 16:38:48

If a game sells you things inside of the game, the game isn't the product, it is a sales platform and everything is designed to get you to spend more money. Games have become predatory as Vegas casinos. To me, the whole "just parent better" or "don't buy the skins" argument is such bullshit in light of some of the practices these games have implemented. Season Pass? Daily ~~chores~~ quests. Rewards for F2P players, but then for just $9.99 all of that playing you did for 15 weeks gets you so much MORE! What a DEAL! Vaulted items, countdown timers on special deals, making the shop the log-in landing page. Not just Epic, but I swear it seems like every fucking multi-player game is now just an excuse to try to sell me shit at every turn. Gatcha shit and lootboxes are straight up gambling and bullshit. But I'm not even talking about that. You get people to grind your game with daily log-ins, weekly quests, season passes. Free Pass or Paid Pass so the free players really know what they're missing out on. Do timed special events for limited prizes. Make players really feel that FOMO if they go to another game. Then people think shit that I see on reddit all the time, that I've felt before too - "I've played this game so much recently, whats $10? for something I'm enjoying?" Games glorify collection scores, players get renown for having older and rare skins - so if you keep playing, in 2 year you'll be like that too! Voice chat and online bullying is an issue sure - but let's not fucking pretend that companies have built empires by squeezing money from children.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on December 19, 2022 16:10:01

Nah, you can run it off a very basic raspberry Pi. Like even a zero is fine. It’s always been dirt cheap. It’s only expensive if you feel like getting a nicer Pi and a fancy case or something.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 18, 2022 22:21:02

I use a Pihole. I am otherwise pretty dumb with tech, but that was easy enough to set up with YouTube help. It isn’t perfect, but I’m always amazed just how much stuff is getting blocked. Like hundreds of thousands of blocks. Plus it blocks things before it even hits your device. Probably my favorite little gadget

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 18, 2022 17:29:56

I think Twilight Struggle goes in there too

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on December 17, 2022 20:28:15

Also, I have traveled a bit, and America's beer scene is leagues better than anywhere else I have been. Americans have embraced the craft-beer scene but demand various choices from even their small local bars. Breweries have become a place to eat and eat something good. IMO an "American" section needs to have some American beers! Which, ironically, would also include chocolate-peanut butter stouts.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on December 17, 2022 17:22:37

As an American, I unironically have Siracha, Ranch, and Buffalo sauce in my fridge right now and more or less at any given time. Siracha is the interesting one since I've never seen an advertisement for it in my life - but anybody will have that one specific brand with the Rooster.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on December 17, 2022 17:20:43

Wendy just wrongly accuses everybody she knows of being the monster before she finally gets it right.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StrangerThings on December 17, 2022 16:51:46

On Dancing with the Stars it was always the football players who seemed to do the best. Very athletic and trained extensively in footwork.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on December 17, 2022 16:49:24

Halo CE pistol. Cross map headshots with that thing were the best

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on December 17, 2022 06:02:01

It's deadly enough that you should just go get the treatment if you've ever come into contact with a wild animal like that. It is detectable and treatable very early, which is the good news.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on December 16, 2022 12:39:29

Instead of pit stops, lets just have drivers jump into new cars like a relay race baton pass

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/formuladank on December 16, 2022 10:01:22

No pit. No breaks. Only throttle full in.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/formuladank on December 16, 2022 10:00:46

So word around the office is you’ve got fat cock. I’ve got a fat cock too. Maybe we should rub our fat cocks together sometime. Maybe a little oil… two fat cocks… together… oil.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on December 15, 2022 20:13:29

I’m an attorney and one of my favorite bits ever is The People of California vs. Timothy R. Heidecker. A lot of their Awesome Show Great Job is miss, but the hits are hit AF. Plus stuff like the trail I just love by them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adultswim on December 15, 2022 19:32:30

It absolutely blows my mind how SHIT of a movie Army of the Dead was. Like holy FUCK how do you take such a fun concept and just destroy it?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on December 15, 2022 17:17:48

Oh shit this show was so good!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on December 14, 2022 22:06:57

Maybe just finish the Expanse instead? :(

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on December 14, 2022 21:04:36

Light blue crew checking in

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on December 14, 2022 16:09:59

One of my favorites for this was in Divinity Original Sin. You can cheese line of sight by moving something like a changing curtain, or breaking your party and having one member chat with an NPC to direct their LOS away. Steal everything, then dump it all in your storage box and just trade/barter as needed. Very very helpful for doing LW/GC - wherein I find the absolute best is a mage with stasis arrows. It can be hard to start that up if you're broke AF.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on December 14, 2022 13:09:51

I forget about apocalypse all the time.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on December 13, 2022 23:12:56

I love my Moka, it’s my go to. I want to get a 9bar but those things are so expensive. Flair is ok. I don’t like big cups so rarely pour over

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Coffee on December 13, 2022 23:10:56

I think it got way more toxic ever since they added “ranks” to it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/leagueoflegends on December 13, 2022 18:58:49

The only reason to act as a vigilante in this situation is because you’re looking for an excuse to fight and looking for an easy way to feel that rush or sense of superiority. Really though these guys are just violently simping for a multi-billion dollar company, whose losses are insured and accounted for anyways. Theft is wrong, but by no means should this vigilante bullshit be encouraged.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PublicFreakout on December 13, 2022 11:07:01

Dave Chappelle is very far from the entertainer and person he used to be.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/NoStupidQuestions on December 13, 2022 10:39:43

Sneak/melee is just stupidly powerful. Get the radiation sledge from Far Harbor and it’s GG for big stuff. That Dagger from the mines (something tooth?) for lots of targets, and a ripper just destroys ghouls. I always end up being melee in some form, either endurance or sneak/luck builds

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on December 11, 2022 18:29:33

Her targeting would need a priority fix. It would be a nightmare if it was auto focused to nearby when you’re trying to pop some seeds behind them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 11, 2022 18:27:14

I want old school Yorick back. Give him zombies! I also want Heimerdinger - turrets would be a blast in rift!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 11, 2022 18:25:29

Tons of great shows on here, but M.A.S.H. has got to be it. It really has stood the test of time.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 9, 2022 19:41:14

I mean let’s not paint that as abnormal though. Many counties, especially the U.S. pump fortunes into private contractors. Whether it’s Boeing for planes, Northrop Grumman for ballistics, or even Samsung for communications equipment.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on December 9, 2022 16:00:37

I love this movie. One of my favorites and definitely my favorite of Wes Anderson's films, maybe next to Isle of Dogs. +1 for Seu Jorge's Portuguese Bowie soundtrack. +1 for Goldblum's turtles.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on December 8, 2022 20:22:09

That is 10%, the actual 90% is people trying to hook up with NPCs in the town. Need information? Seduce the busty barmaid. Need supplies? Try seducing the blacksmith! Heaven help you if somebody is a Druid who tries to bang all the animals.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/dndmemes on December 8, 2022 16:30:33

It may be too late to hear this advice - but I took ONLY paper classes for my final 3L semester, not a single exam. I busted my ass and had everything done super early. Got an early start on BAR review and plenty of time to just dick around

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on December 8, 2022 13:21:01

I guess keep up with the Big Lie then? Seems like a Big Win for Dems if Republicans lose faith in voting and don’t show up

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PoliticalHumor on December 7, 2022 21:35:58

For all fans of the show - check out Venture Bros! 7 full seasons and a movie inbound, each season gets better and better. Adult Swim humor, but with really strong characters and some of the best world building in a show. It also takes the “what if being a henchman/hero/super scientist was just a job” elements, but mostly as a riff off of old Johnny Quest cartoons. Easily the smartest show Adult Swim has put out. The two writers/directors/producers… spent a lot of time between seasons to just stuff episodes with continuity, deep deep references, and fantastic call backs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on December 7, 2022 20:58:33

Look, I understand the ship but I’d much rather see Kite-man with Ivy because that is such a fun pair in the cartoon.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on December 7, 2022 20:53:58

Old Bay, Natty Boh, Soft Shell Blue Crabs, and Orange Crushes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 7, 2022 20:07:48

People gonna want to say Georgia since it takes claim as the "Peach State," but let's be honest - South Carolina peaches are far superior.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 7, 2022 20:07:04

I use cover letters a lot, but in my work, it makes more sense. For example, I do a lot with GDPR, but those projects make up only a few lines on my resume. So I have some canned responses ready to use in a GDPR-specific cover letter highlighting things like audits, contract reviews, working with state authorities, etc. This way, they can see that I am multi-disciplined, but then get a gist of how in-depth I am for this certain project.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/BrandNewSentence on December 7, 2022 19:18:20

Damn, guns are expensive too. Pawn that shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/oddlyterrifying on December 7, 2022 18:11:02

Pop tarts are closer to a calzone

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ramen on December 6, 2022 22:44:45

That would be a great one too! I’ve got a ziplock of about 300 caps I’ve been hanging onto so I needed to load up and hopefully get some new ones. I always wanted to make a shadow box with every cap. Baltimore was never really a place I liked being, but turns out some of my favorite things were there. Funny how that is.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tattoo on December 6, 2022 22:34:38

Picadillo preferences are what will start the south-Florida civil war.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on December 6, 2022 22:27:04

I lived in Baltimore for years and recently went back to visit and blue crabs and orange crushes were at the top of my list. Luckily Old Bay is available just about everywhere now. Picked up a few cases of Boh too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tattoo on December 6, 2022 22:24:35

Because for 800gold any champ can counter him

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 5, 2022 11:11:05

I ban Seraphine as a support main. Because I just hate playing into her.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on December 5, 2022 11:10:36

Etymotics- they make fantastic ear plugs for concerts.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/punk on December 5, 2022 08:12:17

Weed saved my life. I think a lot of people fuck about with it, but it isn’t like that hurts anyone. Make it illegal to drive high. Fire my ass if I’m at work high. But for Christ’s sake (who made weed for us if you’re Christian and believe God mad everything) let me smoke my goddamn weed on my own time. Mary’s cbd:thc patches are easily the best non-opioid pain relief I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Smoking before bed is one of the few ways, absent sleeping pills that make me walk, that let me have a solid quiet night of sleep without crazy dreams and sleep paralysis. Weed and therapy has saved me physically and mentally. Fuck D.A.R.E for trying to tell me this was an evil drug. Fuck anybody for trying to tell me this shit was immoral or unchristian or irresponsible. I’ve watched people fuck their lives up because of prescriptions. Weed has plenty of shit to educate people about, but it’s a far cry from dangerous.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on December 4, 2022 20:53:06

Strike anyways. I don’t need shit that bad I guess

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on December 4, 2022 20:46:16

If Trump throws away the constitution, can we put in Obama for a 3rd term?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on December 4, 2022 20:33:45

On another note… does it make you feel like the other person physically? As in could an older person use it to transform into younger bodies? Like somebody could be a bodybuilder and sell their hair for the potion. Need to do some yard work? Drink some buff guys potion!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on December 4, 2022 18:02:17

Quality also seems to be going down and down. I don’t want to go out to eat because I can usually just fix it myself for cheaper and have it turn out better.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on December 4, 2022 17:10:56

Wouldn't this only make sense to do if there was a microbial feature to the dish? It makes sense in something like a sourdough starter because you want to keep cultivating that same bacterial strain, but in a soup like this, the remaining stock would hit a wall where the longer-cooking and reduction wouldn't benefit it anymore.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on December 3, 2022 15:34:52

My grandparents have a huge collection of Carson and its unbelievable to me how much better Carson was than so many hosts today. The guy was just a whole different species of good.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 3, 2022 11:28:47

Dane Cook has that perfect middle schooler humor. I remember his stuff being 100% hilarious at that age. I think people just grew out of him and his style.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 3, 2022 11:27:41

Ah yes, the laptop that was seized in December 2019 by the FBI. Somehow still news.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 2, 2022 20:19:41

I always wanted to see him in a Tarantino movie ever since I heard he could’ve been the bear Jew. His earlier work where he gets all worked up and angry is played for comedic effect, but I bet he could be terrifyingly psychotic if that anger built up into a bloody mess

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on December 2, 2022 19:38:13

You gotta drizzle some pomegranate syrup on that shit and it’s so good

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on December 1, 2022 21:06:52

Mystical Ninja on the N64!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on December 1, 2022 20:43:23

Is that the one with the dinosaurs? Me and some buddies went to a midnight showing of it at a theater that serves food/beer. We got buckets of beer and smoked beforehand. I ended up nodding off for a while and I don't think I missed a single thing. For a moment I wondered why Optimus was riding a dinosaur robot, but then It didn't really matter.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on December 1, 2022 16:10:52

Zoombinis was my jam when I was a kid. LOL.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on December 1, 2022 15:16:57

Mine never seems to have its hotsign on anymore when I go by. That’s the only time I want a KK. If I’m getting a cold donut it’s Dunkin blueberry cake all the way

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on December 1, 2022 12:54:22

It’s this same exact shit that pisses me off about Disney and Marvel. They’re always talking about being inclusive and go out of their way to make woke movies that feature minorities. BUT ITS ALWAYS MINORITY *HUMANS*. Meanwhile you have humans doing blueface , green face, purple face, and pretending to be cyborgs, rather than actually casting cyborgs. Like how hard would it have been to actually cast a green woman as Gamora instead of just going with a convenient and easy A-lister and painting her green (which by the way she HAS DONE IT BEFORE!). Makes me sick! Don’t even get me started on why they won’t cast raccoons - which actually exist, instead of Bradley Pooper pretending to be one at the expense of millions. SMH.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on December 1, 2022 08:59:15

I’ve mained sup and spent the past two seasons at GM, with the exception to this season where I’m just taking a break from ranked. I absolutely will put lux as a top support when she is in the right hands. Most supports rely on skill shots for their CC. I’d maybe put like Janna, Nami, Pyke, and Karma slightly ahead, on par with thresh, lulu, and rakan. I also may lose some cred here - but last season was my best at 52 marks and I used Brand as support as often as I could. Damage & CC in bot lane is huge with the right pair to push early plates and rotate out for objectives. I duo more with strong early game ADCs, late game ones will benefit more from strong defense/tank and engagement supports IMO

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 30, 2022 12:50:41

Luv has a double cc, with 1 that can pop through another target, making it already one of the most viable roots in the game and it’s duration is only beaten by Morgana. Her shield is one of the strongest group damage mitigation moves in the game, made only stronger by the fact that it procs twice, giving the opponent the choice to wait it all out or have two successive mitigations to push through. Her e not only acts as one of the longest standing slows, but it is AoE, and GIVES VISION. Every part of her kit except for her ult provides support to a fight, all while allowing her to provide huge back-line damage. Then, on top of all of this, Lux has some of the most flexible itemization options as an enchanter support compared to other enchanter supports. So if you get counterpicked, at least you can build around that a little better. You must be absolutely high, trolling, or hard stuck plat to not recognize she has been consistently an S-tier champ.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 30, 2022 10:35:30

We take care of the ones on our property. I love watching them patrol the yard for ticks!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/aww on November 29, 2022 22:58:02

it could also just be literally any physical object, since physical objects are matter.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/shitposting on November 29, 2022 19:09:53

I suppose I just use the name incorrectly as a synonym for “beefcake”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on November 29, 2022 13:44:42

> He also fought in the war, distinguishing himself in three campaigns. Socrates had a reputation for being an absolute animal of a fighter. A truly relentless, merciless, barbaric figure on the battlefield. He is attributed to having said the quote, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." As a mason, he was quite likely at one point in his life an absolute Adonis of a man. But yes... he did also have a reputation in his old age for drinking liberally and trying to pick annoying arguments with anybody who would be dumb enough to engage with him - annoying to the point where they killed him.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on November 29, 2022 12:57:39

Halo 2 was the BEST for proximity chat. Teabagging somebody after a good kill and hearing them cursing you out was the best. Smack talk was an absolute art back then. I hope CODs is as wonderful.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 29, 2022 11:52:49

I agree that the system could be more lenient lol. Ban hate speech, slurs, curse words. But come on, this is a T+ game about killing each other, bring back all chat and sporting trash talk.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 29, 2022 11:30:07

League used to meme that Sona can’t say no (because she is mute)

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 29, 2022 06:34:14

4* missed minions

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 28, 2022 23:11:54

You shouldn’t sell your support item, save for maybe some very very rare occasion. Once fully built, the CD reduction on your boot enchant is INSANELY strong if used well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 28, 2022 23:03:29

I’ve been GM past seasons, but this season I’m taking a big step back and playing virtually no ranked and have been playing a lot less in general. The game seems to have absolutely zero clue how to place me in norms and it’s 100% as you say. 1 game I’m playing in a group of D1+ as the lone emerald and the next game I’m in a group of true gold/plat. Not to mention the abundance of irons-gold that range anywhere from a 6 year old enjoying the colorful monsters game to the chal rengar Smurf clowning on everyone. I’ve found it increasingly frustrating as a support main trying to play more ADC that bot lane in norms is just a total crapshoot when it comes to matchmaking. Very rarely is it a “good game” and more often it’s “who got the true gold lane partner that feeds.” It’s absolutely crazy how hard it seems to be to have decent balance. That said - I’m also playing a ton of Senna top and just straight goofing on all the Aatrox picks or taking Eve jungle and just picking on whom ever the low-elo lane ends up being. (Jungle disparity is the biggest match making issue IMO)

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 28, 2022 22:57:26

I remember when connecting to the internet would wake up everybody in the house.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meme on November 28, 2022 21:33:08

I disagree with all comments about the first three episodes being too slow. Were they slow - yes. Too slow? No, because you don't have powerful moments like Marva's speech in 12 with a cast of characters and a location that the audience doesn't even know. You need to spend time building the foundations before you can have that kind of payoff. Could they do it in 8? Absolutely. It may not even feel rushed - but it would feel much less satisfying. Show did such an excellent job bringing it all back together with emotional character-arcs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PrequelMemes on November 28, 2022 21:25:55

In a strange turn of events, the white male republican shooter turned their attention to a Proud Boys convention, mistaking it for a preschool they intended to target. Police were on the scene in 5 minutes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/madlads on November 28, 2022 21:14:38

Nah straight-up ghosting him is more vicious IMO and makes Elon look like he was just dumped

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on November 28, 2022 20:46:34

Why would a man whose fortune and success is built off a foundation of literal slavery understand anything about a 'free' market?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on November 28, 2022 20:45:44

Can I just hook up Truth Social to my fuel tank?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 28, 2022 20:37:39

Plenty of good tips here - but end the end I just never get big clouds with the mighty in comparison to other devices. That said - I’ve never felt less high and I love how clean of a high it is. It’s my favorite device by far. Only gripe is that it is a little small for when you want to really chief up. That said - I had a buddy with a volcano and I know I want one and I know the price tag is 100% worth it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/craftymighty on November 28, 2022 19:22:17

People been on this whole Ironman + Wakanda train but I’m still wondering about Ironman in a suit forged and co-designed by Etri, made of Uru

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 28, 2022 13:27:26

It at least solidified Mantis/ Drax as the best MCU pairing

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 27, 2022 22:46:56

I like to assume that a lot of the blend of space-age equipment and primitive tech is the result of aggressively violating Star Trek’s Prime Directive. Most ‘backwater’ planets were just basic civilizations that were pushed into the Space Age, but being unprepared and undeveloped and not rich enough to really participate - we see them with rundown, old, and beat up looking space-age tech. They stay forever behind the central systems and generationally the space and traditional techs blend. Star Wars just isn’t Star Wars without that 70s unpolished and blended retro futurism aesthetic.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 27, 2022 16:15:46

I did cross country and the soccer team would often tag along on our practices.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on November 27, 2022 12:13:14

Kenai Salmon is hands down some of the best fish I have ever had in my life. Ate some raw right out of the Kenai itself once - risk of parasites be damned. Most memorable and delicious food I've had in my life

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on November 26, 2022 22:15:40

Salmon is easily the best sushi. Hands down. Octopus and Eel are a close #2 with Tuna and Yellowfin as a hotly contested #4. But anybody who suggests anything other than Salmon for #1 needs to put up and fight.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on November 26, 2022 22:13:16

Pro tip - you can train your cat to do this too! Bring them to your bed when you wake up and brush them. Unfortunately your cat may also wake you up early for brushes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wholesomememes on November 26, 2022 19:02:16

Phones will be quantum but also blockchain.... OK

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 16:29:03

One time, I am on the Amazon… in my canoe, and I… see… swim the dolphin. Ah, The beautiful dolphin. So I slip out of my canoe and I grab her, this… fish. And then I fuck it. The fish. Hot dolphin!!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 26, 2022 13:16:03

7 seasons of nonstop improvement. Every season has episodes that could be in the top 10.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 26, 2022 13:13:25

I love KotH but my main gripe is how it sometimes is grounded in reality while other times it jumps the shark - like Peggy’s skydiving accident.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 26, 2022 13:10:25

Petition to rename the series to Star Peace

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PrequelMemes on November 26, 2022 10:48:38

For whatever reason, its only NSFW because of the choker.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tumblr on November 25, 2022 23:34:57

The relish moans “daddy”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on November 25, 2022 23:30:06

Driving home and reading the booklet was always one of the best parts of getting a new game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on November 25, 2022 23:19:47

I'll also say that 30 minutes sounds super short. I know of very few permanent non-natural hair dyes and most semi-permanents you should leave in longer. I use Artic Fox and keep it in for hours and hours. Somebody else said it too - using a curling iron on somebody else is much harder than the coloring part. Coloring is easy. Curling irons take practice not to fuck up, burn the hair, burn the scalp, burn your hand. With that other expensive-looking device, I'm surprised he didn't have a BaByliss curler. Those things are dummy-proof and a pretty safe option to use on somebody when you're afraid to burn them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MadeMeSmile on November 25, 2022 21:34:35

My wife and I do each other's hair. Its surprisingly easy with a little bit of practice. Balayage or Ombre (which is what he did) takes a little familiarity with how to do it. For me, the hardest part was just learning how to section, part, and approach hair... But a $3 metal brush, some decent clips... and I prefer something similar to the foil, but its a plastic sheet kinda like saran wrap you can get from a Sally beauty.. It really is kinda easy. What I really would say though is - to get professional consultation for bleaching. Or just have a pro do it the first time and watch what they do. THAT'S where you can absolutely ruin your hair. I bleach my hair, my wife doesn't and honestly, I just have my hairdresser touch up my roots every couple of months.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MadeMeSmile on November 25, 2022 21:29:04

Wow! That double kill is impressive! What a good little kitty!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on November 24, 2022 21:22:54

People like her help keep him and his crew safe on stage - so yeah, he probably really is thankful for her.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HumansBeingBros on November 24, 2022 21:15:15

Wasn’t that supposed to even be him at the end of GOTG2 ?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 24, 2022 17:52:42

And Americans also have certain ice that is better. For example, anybody from Atlanta knows that The Varsity has the BEST ice.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 24, 2022 15:57:32

Maybe just do a Lower Decks movie - and have it be a full blown 90 minute halodeck movie. Those two episodes have been some of my favorites so far.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on November 24, 2022 15:42:13

I've lived all around the country and Florida is still one of my favorite places to have lived, despite all of its social and political flaws. For me, personally, it was the weather. The positive impact year-round good weather had on my life was like a brick to the face. I spent more time outdoors, was at the beach regularly, had a nice tan, and all that helped me lose weight and look good. It was the most mentally healthy I've been.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on November 24, 2022 12:37:58

How difficult would this be to learn for somebody like me, who seems to have aged into being computer-stupid? I want to make an OnlyFans with this and give myself a 6-pack and be 6' 6".

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/BeAmazed on November 24, 2022 12:27:30

Academically, Georgia Tech is better.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/CFB on November 24, 2022 11:49:34

Thats a lot better than a $50 cover. I'm 100% spending $50 on booze and snacks watching a game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on November 24, 2022 11:06:48

I eat an avocado every day, if only I stopped I could afford a home. But I’m entitled millennial, so fat chance!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on November 23, 2022 17:25:10

Might be the first thing that he has said that I wholeheartedly agree with.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 23, 2022 13:03:51

Rogue One technically a prequel too!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 23, 2022 12:46:08

It’s pretty hard to have good sci-fi (but there are examples!) without warp. Whether it’s warp cores, hyper space engines, stargates, wormholes, portals, or anything similar… sci—fi relys hard on it. Often not just for transit, but to be damaged and result in a dramatic plot line.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 23, 2022 12:35:15

We’ve had the added benefit that it has trained our cats to look for their towel pads. I can put one on the couch next to me, on the table while I work, or if they’re being nosy while I cook I just put one out of the way on the counter. Helps at the vet too. Plus if they ever get too shitty we just use them as entryway boot wipe towels before tossing. Also put them in cat beds, towers, pillow, etc… just to help keep them cleaner. Takes 5 minutes to go around and swap all the towels out with fresh ones

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 23, 2022 12:31:17

No way! I sincerely hope the studio execs see how much we loved her story and give us 2 Kwan 2 Ha: A Halo Story. It was so nice to see Halo without Master Chief, I want more!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on November 23, 2022 11:35:44

The Kwan Ha only episode is probably the best piece of TV ever made. We really need to rise up and demand a spin off series that follows her

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on November 23, 2022 09:31:40

Wow no love Makee? Without her we wouldn’t have gotten to see them Master Cheeks

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on November 23, 2022 09:29:52

We just get stacks of those $2.5 towels from Walmart and fold them into little cat pads all over the house. All of our cats love that towel texture

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 23, 2022 07:50:48

Comfy things like nice socks, soft PJs, quality towels, those expensive under armour boxer-briefs, lululemon pants, FLOWERS, quality skin-care products, nice alcohol, date-night, spa treatments, pour me a nice bath with oils, candles... Surprise surprise most men would also love all the same pampering self-care kind of things that make it on women's lists.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on November 22, 2022 21:40:54

I'm an attorney and I try to tell folks that it is a bit of a misleading stat. Yes, you absolutely can make around 200k/yr if you are top 10% in a t-14 school going into big law. However, what does that life look like? You are committed to an 80+ hour work-week. Many firms also are in the practice of cutting associates who do not deliver enough hours, or who deliver the *least* hours regardless if you already are delivering big hours. I've seen numerous former-classmates fall out of big law because the pay wasn't worth losing their social life, their relationships, their hobbies, and literally everything else in their life only to replace the entirety of their life, identity, and function as a person as being the non-stop worker in a cut-throat environment. It is perfect for single, young grads who do not have friends, family, hobbies, etc... There is probably no better way to make it big in the legal world than to take the plunge and commit. I also tell people to consider that its more likely they'll make $160-180k/yr for 80 hours and that's really just working two 80k/year jobs. So they'd make more hourly taking a $120/k job at a small to mid-sized firm that is only expecting 40-50 hours per week from them. I also tell a lot of new attorneys that they can go corporate and work regulatory compliance-type jobs for ~100k entry in a corporate environment that is typically a lot closer to a 40-hour work week. My point here is that this manager is being expected 35-50 hours per week. They are absolutely commanding a better work/life balance. Less pay... but a lot of people will start demanding better balance once they hit those types of salary targets.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/mildlyinteresting on November 22, 2022 12:51:50

If you try to be subtle… he won’t understand. Rip off the band-aid so to speak and be direct about it. Ask him out

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on November 22, 2022 09:05:34

Agree - it’s the best show Disney has right now. I know the slow start turned some folks off but damn did the show runners make it pay off. You can’t have big moments without that slow burn. One thing I LOVE is how we see important side characters, get attached to them, and then don’t see them for 8 episodes - but when we do, the show doesn’t need to slow down and remind us why we know these characters or why they matter. It’s made the show really successful in carrying the weight of multiple story lines. The ISB scenes are tip top and I’m impatiently waiting for more and more Sybil every episode. You know we have to be getting more Bix, I love Mon Mothas story more and more. Luthen last two episodes has risen to top 10 favorites in the SW universe. There isn’t a plot like that I dread, I’m eagerly waiting for more from each character which is just so rare. Andor is the Star Wars fans deserve and is the caliber that should set the bar for future installments. It’s that good IMO

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on November 21, 2022 15:03:17

Same - only bet on the “certain” ones and go all in. Need a shitton of trophies for the good rewards.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Survivorio on November 21, 2022 14:11:08

I'm very capable of just enjoying a fun pulpy show without letting nitpicky details ruin it. But ROP was SO bad. This is one of the most beloved, studied, read, and followed works of English literature and THIS is the best they could do? It felt like a fan-fiction based entirely off of reading Wikipedia entries for the characters. Gandalf was obvious and stretched far too long and still didn't get a reveal; Sauron just fucking turns belly up at the weakest bit of challenge; The Balrog is just sleeping and hates leaves??? Oh, or the ancient evil blood-activated sword is just a key... to release the water from a dam... but that won't actually do anything until you first build a HUGE tunnel system from there, across the region to a volcano. Dumbest MacGuffin ever. Almost everything with the Hobbits was just BAD. They stick together, but if your wagon loses a wheel then you can just fucking die. If you're injured? Believe it or not also left behind to just fucking die. Oh, and the brand new apprentice is now promoted to personally meet with the king, TOTALLY in private? The King who was very secretly sick until like that episode. Just a dumpster fire in every department except for cast and visuals.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 20, 2022 18:08:38

The series sends on Season 6 and Seasons 1-3 and 4-6 are each a trilogy with a satisfying conclusion to the main plots, but also a big cliffhanger. If they did more of the Expanse, they really would need to pick it up for the next set of books which would probably be another 3 seasons of the show. Shame though, books 7-9 are the best and its been some of the best sci-fi on TV

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 20, 2022 18:01:00

And none of it went to the writers apparently 

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 20, 2022 17:57:32

He was right to be upset. It’s just the only time we see him face any trouble for his anger issues. Dude went off.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 20, 2022 15:41:37

But they could’ve jumped forward and had it not work because of how Ross was too selfish to just follow Rachael to Paris and instead guilted her into staying in NYC

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 20, 2022 15:28:49

At least Ross faced repercussions, kinda, for his anger issues when he went off on that dude at work for eating his sandwich.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 20, 2022 15:14:22

I really liked the training montage from the new Star Wars shorts series. I know most folks think the Ahsoka episodes were the weakest but that one was solid how it ended with those doors opening up. It gave an already epic moment a little more depth.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 20, 2022 15:07:38

Just find a good sports betting site and follow along. For those who don’t know, a team predicted to win will be -X And a team predicted to lose will be +X. So England is -304 and Iran is +1800 on one site. This means pick England

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Survivorio on November 19, 2022 12:23:11

gently crinkle a grocery bag

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/dankmemes on November 18, 2022 10:48:56

I was surprised that you didn’t have a poorly managed OF linked in your profile

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/RoastMe on November 18, 2022 08:55:40

Nothing beat the sound of angry screams as you teabagged somebody in Halo 2

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on November 17, 2022 23:08:29

He’d be a new Jedi at least. I dont mind that the center of the Star Wars universe revolves around the Force and it’s users. I’m ok with him being either. Poe after all was another amazing pilot we’ve seen who isn’t a force user. Plus Jedi fucked up so bad the Republic fell under their watch, so there is something nice about regular folk now rising up against a Sith ruled empire… even if it Is a Jedi who eventually destroys both Death Stars and empire

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 21:58:29

I’m not playing ranked this season and it’s HILARIOUS how bad normal queue is at the support role. It’s easily my favorite role and I just can’t imagine liking it the way I see others play. It must seems like such a coin toss.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 16, 2022 16:46:27

Those are some pretty solid predictions.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 12:40:51

What is this, some kinda Star Wars?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 12:38:59

I also want the Force and Lightsabers and more aliens. But this show is fucking GOLD, its top Star Wars content even despite not having some of the 'Star Wars Stuff' I also want. That said - I really do think that item Luthen showed at Saw's camp was a lightsaber. Sure its huge, and kinda weird looking. Maybe its a two-sider. Or maybe its just very unique, made since O55, or whatever. I'd be happy either way though.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 12:34:34

Pause at 25:10. While not a traditional look, I think they just showed us his lightsaber. Sure its a bit big, but maybe he has a two-sider?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 12:20:17

Pause at 25:10. While not a traditional look, I think they just showed us his lightsaber. Sure its a bit big, but maybe he has a two-sider?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 16, 2022 12:19:22

Also the best console controller ever.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on November 15, 2022 23:11:31

good point, thats a full combo at lvl 1. scary

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 15, 2022 15:45:35

As a brewer, yup been there before. Had some raspberry mead I never could quite scrub out of the ceiling.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/instant_regret on November 15, 2022 15:44:17

1 ap sup, 1 ap mid, 1 bruiser bot, 1 standard jungle, and 1 full tank top. would be silllllly

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 15, 2022 14:44:54

Except there is still a CD to stack more after the first pop. Still would be insane against any melee team

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 15, 2022 14:43:55

Teemo. If he isn’t banned like I think he is in PC. X5 the shrooms on the map

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 15, 2022 14:42:22

I'm an attorney and one of the biggest perks of me fighting to get into a work-from-home part of the industry is no more suits. It really fucking sucks to wear a suit every day. Its expensive to buy, expensive to maintain, its uncomfortable in almost every season. You can say, "buy a nice tailored suit" but it'll never be as comfortable as pajama pants and a hoodie in the winter. Buy a seersucker suit for the summer! Not as comfortable as sitting there in just your boxers on a hot summer day. I've done some of my best work near-naked at home.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on November 15, 2022 13:58:33

After middle school, my friends and I would ride our bikes, alone, to town to get soda and food at the drug store. If there was a phone, the rule was we had to call at least one parent to let them know what we were doing, otherwise, we were more or less unmonitored and unreachable roaming town on bikes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on November 14, 2022 21:04:29

Maybe they have a lot of money but still have to budget because 12 kids must cost a fucking fortune.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 13, 2022 21:00:36

I think the only really OP is teemo, but iirc he is disabled in this game mode

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 11, 2022 15:22:29

Sometimes a dude just wants vodka + really any kind of juice. Juice is good and juice with vodka is also good.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MurderedByWords on November 10, 2022 20:46:58

This also includes jizz

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MurderedByWords on November 10, 2022 20:45:36

Except an Old Fashioned is apparently masculine despite some places adding orange, vanilla, syrup, and then spend 5 minutes smoking a tiny little nugget of cherrywood before giving it to you in a glass with 1 big ice cube. That just a different glass and an umbrella away from being a total chick drink.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MurderedByWords on November 10, 2022 20:44:39

I think she is upset that he is speaking past her on multiple instances now, upstaging her.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 10, 2022 19:52:03

He is being asked to front an apparent fortune, discreetly, from somebody who is not known to do such things, and without being told why. His speech was not pro-rebellion, but it certainly did not give the vibe that he thought highly of the Empire. In a culture of arranged marriages, his proposal works on the layers of putting his family in close ties to the Senate while Mon gets closer access to his funds with fewer suspicions. I think he came across as rather positive, just smug in attitude and suspicious of Mon.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 10, 2022 19:36:02

This show reallllly raises the bar for what we know we can have in the SW universe. For a show I had marginal interest going into, its become one of my favorite SW properties. This episode and The Eye were phenomenal TV.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on November 10, 2022 19:28:32

Halo was so bad I literally skipped the episode that was entirely that girl. Once I realized it was an episode just about her I hit next. That show was rough.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 8, 2022 23:45:24

Right?! Ms. Marvel had a strong start and a weak finish

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 7, 2022 23:22:28

Just bring back T9 and physical buttons again

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/me_irl on November 7, 2022 22:56:12

I mean, most people can identify the first couple notes of the Super Mario Bros. menu screen song.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/memes on November 7, 2022 21:19:25

If Democrats decide to also nominate a celebrity candidate - John Stewart.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 7, 2022 21:12:42

Thank God, that would be the 1 loss of course

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/CFB on November 6, 2022 00:23:14

Eh, the TVA could show up if picking my nose is out of line. I think Time Stone is just as much of a risk as deciding to make a grilled cheese with butter instead of mayo.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on November 5, 2022 22:45:45

Just remember that the primary objective is to make money through micro transactions at every turn, not to actually make a game. So if you have an idea like this be sure to add “and players earn special once per day tokens to use to summon an extra hard boss, and can use one extra gems revive, or can buy a temporary power up, etc…”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Survivorio on November 5, 2022 15:43:58

I could use T9 in my pocket fluently.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on November 4, 2022 22:31:17

Listening to Linkin Park, downloaded from Kazaa, and playing from your custom-skin winamp

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on November 4, 2022 09:57:57

I’ve got all the Absolute editions. Was a great first season, can’t wait for more.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on November 3, 2022 21:20:24

Also 11 generations is way to fucking many.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on November 3, 2022 21:19:17

Heart attack sounds about right for an old landwhale

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on November 3, 2022 19:35:31

It does, but later in the game and if the other team is mostly AD by all means go armor. But if the goal is to smack down that vayne in the early game - AP malph can outburst earlier and if you can shut down an AD top early, they’re pretty worthless split farming for most of mid game to catch up.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on November 3, 2022 17:24:57

I ended up doing a lot of insurance work and to date one of the most involved issues I’ve had to work on was about boats… it’s all boats

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on November 3, 2022 16:05:45

Also the 3D was the first time it was actually good and not just a bullshit gimmick. I’ve still seen very very few, I’d any 3D movies that even come close. I Remember UP having great 3D but even still it doesn’t hold a candle to Avatar. And once you got settled in and used to it, the movie took you on that 3D ride to the floating islands. What a fun movie it was to just experience. Saw it at IMAX a whole bunch of times. Every time somebody new went to see it others would tag along just to see it again. I don’t think I ever saw a movie in the theaters so repeatedly.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on November 2, 2022 09:49:03

When I was in college I figured it would be cheaper for me to pay the occasional $20 parking ticket than to buy the nearly $1k parking pass. I’d get about 6-8 tickets only each semester, only through campus parking - which Didn’t have any insurance impact or put any marks on my license.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on November 1, 2022 22:28:04

I started 4-9 with 5 of those games having somebody just twirling in the fountain. Decided not to touch ranked for another week or two.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 20, 2022 16:03:05

Scratch my head while we watch Netflix.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on October 20, 2022 01:27:54

I'd unironically love for Elite/Spartan to be two classes with distinct pros/cons. It isn't hard to balance two classes - and the distinction doesn't need to be crazy either, but just enough for people to lean into a beefier or quicker play style (as examples). It is multiplayer, so IDGAF about the story or anything. Or for team games do Spartans v. Elites like Terrorists v. Counter-terrorists.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on October 18, 2022 20:35:00

I remember a similar fake-protest, but on a bigger scale in DC years and years ago that we went to. It was Colbert & Stewart who put it on and it was something about restoring truthiness and fear. It was a lot of fun and had the whole 'protest' atmosphere but with the vibe of a concert. I think Ozzy played.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on October 18, 2022 20:29:07

Because it still is the GOAT

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wholesomememes on October 18, 2022 19:49:50

Swimming takes the cake for me. Riding a bike is a close 2nd. Something about being stoned and in a big proper pool or the ocean is just the best

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on October 16, 2022 20:01:34

This is the worst I've ever seen it so far.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 16, 2022 19:50:45

Crisis Point 4* because Tendi made Crisis Point 3 and it was WAY too violent for the others to handle.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on October 15, 2022 21:53:28

Adult swim does nudity. It may be censored on air, but they’ve had plenty of it before. The Venture Bros episode The Unicorn in Captivity comes to mind as an episode with a lot of shown nudity in its orgy scenes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on October 15, 2022 16:21:19

I hope season 2 is a step up. I like everything about this show except for the writing. I like the cast, characters, general plot ideas, sfx, etc… but the whole thing feels like a first draft - as if nobody did a decent edit of the script. It’s like everything is in place for excellence, but the writing. Which is crazy since this isn’t obscure source material - it’s one of the most popular pieces of English literature ever with fans who ooze knowledge and love for it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/lordoftherings on October 15, 2022 10:42:54

Might be a good time to just take a season break from the game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 13, 2022 21:24:36

It’s funny, I did Coast Guard Academy and boot camp food was the BEST I’ve ever eaten. It was always so fucking good. I gained so much muscle and good weight that summer. I already could square a meal, so right off the bat it was always a part of the day to enjoy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on October 13, 2022 17:54:00

Bethesda took such big steps back in terms of dialogue as they evolved Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Hope this game looks this way *regularly* and this isn't just an occasional amount of choice.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on October 12, 2022 21:50:04

It must feel as good as watching the Citadel of Ricks episode does for me - the one with lawyer Morty. Because I'm a lawyer and all the lawyers I know are just Morty dressed up as a lawyer trying to show you their pogs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on October 11, 2022 21:40:37

Well, he knows a lot of people, good people, who know these kinds of things and he has it on good authority, the best authority, that this occurred. So we should all just trust him. /s

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on October 10, 2022 15:22:59

If there is evidence that any politician, of any party, has been involved in illicit activity than that politician should be investigated.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on October 10, 2022 15:08:52

The best episodes so far have been the silly courtroom antics. I want She-Hulk to do more of that and be our silly live-action Birdman show. The magician lawyer felt right out of Birdman.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 10, 2022 11:44:21

Bruce looked good because they already have been doing Bruce for the movies. Jen is created for the show. It looks better than most TV CGI characters would because they’re experienced, but it doesn’t look nearly as good as Bruce because they haven’t had years working on it with big movie budgets

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 10, 2022 11:42:55

One of the first college games I ever went to was Tennessee at UGA. UGA won and stormed the field and tore the posts down. Because it was that big of a deal for them to beat Tennessee when it happened decades ago.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/CFB on October 10, 2022 10:33:44

He doesn’t ever plan on getting married so it’s ok then

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 9, 2022 15:03:09

Not to mention that weed is both very cheap and very easy to grow at home making it an incredible cost saver to a lot of folks as well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on October 7, 2022 17:36:27

Give me repulser and bring back jet packs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on October 7, 2022 16:55:42

This could honestly just rip off Mortal Kombat + Some MCU and make it PG and it would do well. Imagine the hype to see these three coming together to fight King DedeDe, and of course Kirby and Meta Knight show up.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on October 7, 2022 11:27:37

Well based on what I see - no, people do not get it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 6, 2022 16:41:27

So most people don’t realize it, but there is actually an insanely broken feature in the game where you can see all these little dots that represent where your teammates are as well as the enemy! It’s so simple - if you look at this “little map” you can know so much about the game and where you should go next! There are even objective timers!! Crazy

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 6, 2022 14:33:23

This is a world where adults gave a small child an insanely powerful (like nuclear-level powerful) device to travel through time. I think a bit of hand waving the details comes with the territory

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on October 6, 2022 14:15:20

I'm glad this was marked NSFW so I could escort my small children out of the room first.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ArcherFX on October 5, 2022 21:48:34

Which is why citizens need to make there be some.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PublicFreakout on October 5, 2022 19:08:50

Hershel was a household name in Georgia. That’s probably about as the GOP cared - a black man that poles exceptionally well among white GOP voters due to his legacy as one of the best college football players ever. Even after all of this he will command a sizable bite just on the fact that his name has been so positively associated for decades. Those who pay attention will change, but most don’t pay attention.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PoliticalHumor on October 5, 2022 00:18:34

The Good, the Bad, and the Weird is hands down one of the best Westerns ever made. The massive on-site set pieces, the insanely fun gunplay and shootouts, the multiple involved factions… it’s a treasure hunt through the desert with train heists, full/town shootouts, Mexican standoffs, and EASILY the best goddamn chase sequence (with all the horses and explosions!). The humor lands, the serious moments land. The main characters are all well done characterizations. It’s like they took every fun part of a western and crammed it into one movie and it really works.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on October 4, 2022 11:25:55

The Samsung Smart Fridge port

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on October 3, 2022 22:12:09

They need somebody *really* strong to fill the gap in their pseudo-Avengers team of *checks notes* super soldiers.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 3, 2022 22:07:34

I still think most of his suspicion is related to Wong. I don't think it was a one-off fight that Wong took him to and I think the malfunction was something related to Wong as well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 3, 2022 22:05:41

Meanwhile the expanse is a bunch of radar screens in a windowless box and after they fire the ships entire payload they sit back and wait for forever to see if it worked or not. Yet the Expanse fucking slaps for that reason. The space battles were fun af

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PrequelMemes on October 3, 2022 18:54:22

As I sit here with blue dye in my hair waiting to go rinse this out…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/therewasanattempt on October 3, 2022 18:33:37

Hugs = boobs in your face

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Tinder on October 3, 2022 18:32:33

Especially since the first thing even a bad lawyer will do is instruct their client to stop fucking talking to the other side.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on October 3, 2022 18:30:27

I love the show too, but I also sat there laughing at how bad the whole sword thing in ep 6 was. Show is eye candy and I’m loving almost all of the actors and acting. Just goddamn how did they not have somebody treat this script and see all the holes and jumbled messes

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on October 3, 2022 18:10:53

It’s been years since I played it - but I still remember how awesome the first pistol is that you get. Switching from horizontal to vertical to help slice off limbs was super satisfying. There was an accomplishment for ONLY using that pistol and I just remember how enjoyable it was to do so. The other guns are great, but the first pistol is *chefs kiss*

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on October 3, 2022 17:55:30

I think it’s because Dean is raped and the episode plays it off as comical, and also because it’s a pretty sexual scene involving children. That all said, I also love this episode. Highlights for me include the tribesman detailing the guys head popping off like a can of shaken up soda, the female bodyguard taking off her bra which she only put on for Brock, the “Ew”, “team b-b-boobies”, and fuck if Dean freaking the fuck out as the paper falls out of her bra and hits his chest because he is so dense he thinks it’s some transformation and SHE is the wereodile. The post credits where he is angry that he got beat up by a fucking orangutang is also up there. Episode is just tops IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on October 3, 2022 17:35:54

I’ve been playing Janna a lot recently and I love how protect enchant gets her shields to nearly the same the life of my ADC. It looks absurd when they go from near death to a full HP bar of shield again.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on October 3, 2022 17:29:07

I mean, the US also has states setting bounties on women who get abortions and have party leaders openly attempting to make abortions an offense punishable by death. So let’s not get too hasty by saying the US is influencing women’s rights in this regard while the US is also a step away from being Yall’Queda in other regards.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on October 3, 2022 15:50:43

For those who don't know - Countdown is a very popular long-running quiz show and 8 Out of 10 Cats is a long-running comedy panel show. About 10 years ago, 8 Out of 10 Cats started doing Countdown episodes - where the general game is the same, but with a very casual, silly, and comedic atmosphere. They still have Countdown co-hosts Rachel Rily and Susie Dent (They're also kind of judges in that they are masters at the lexicography/math) but Jimmy Carr hosts this version. There are 144 current episodes in this comedy format and each is about 45+ minutes. The main focus of the show is the banter between the comedian guests (many of them are recurring, similar to how Whose Line had the same 'main-crew') and the show itself is rather low-key. It is the perfect thing to have when studying or working. I also never fucking get the comedic anagrams. Something about the humor makes it harder. Like "SENDBUMS", 'I like them thick', is "dumbness".

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HolUp on October 3, 2022 09:01:15

That scene with the flying islands was absolutely gorgeous 3D in IMAX. Avatar set a bar so high that nobody has really come close or even tried since. I’m glad I saw it a bunch in the theaters because it was absolutely one of the best theater-experience movies I’ve seen.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on October 3, 2022 07:50:32

It’s more that I have to pass a dozen of these things in my apartment building…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on October 3, 2022 07:21:34

I like how it isn’t a show for the sake of advancing the MCU. It’s doing a lot of world building, but still being pretty self contained. I could use more law-show though! The court focused episodes have been the best. The magician lawyer felt like a Birdman gag it was great

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on October 1, 2022 17:41:48

In the extended directors cut of this episode, the orc will entirely bleed out onto Arondir's face for a full 5 minutes

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/lotr on October 1, 2022 10:31:42

This comes to one of my bigger frustrations in climbing, but luckily I do not see it much anymore. The pointless fighting. You need to fight over SOMETHING - an objective, punishing an out of position champ. But brawling In the jungle over nothing is just silly. Also - you don’t always have to fight to completion. Forcing an opponent to B gives you time to push an objective, sweep a lane, or otherwise set up the map for the next objective

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 29, 2022 14:53:07

Champ ranks are really just an indication of how MUCH you play. When I first started playing I got T50 Sona just OTP and couldn’t get past D3. I think it’s really only noteworthy if they’re T10 and GM+ .

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 29, 2022 14:49:34

I’d also like “From the Studio that brought you Little Mermaid, Cinderella, and Bambi…”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on September 29, 2022 13:53:39

It would also work on a full-sized tub, any ice cream. But I like B&J and they just have that one-pint-sized tub. It didn't matter if it was chocolate, half-baked, americone dream... the microwave always made it perfect.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DidntKnowIWantedThat on September 28, 2022 19:02:21

This one wouldn't make it hot. "heat" was the wrong word. It just made it go from frozen-solid from the freezer to 'that perfect ice-cream parlor softness'

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DidntKnowIWantedThat on September 28, 2022 17:55:19

It smells like *fresh* Punta Gorda in here.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on September 28, 2022 17:18:57

I had one of similar quality and cost - came in the home - and my favorite feature was how it could heat up a tub of Ben & Jerry’s to the exact right softness, also butter without making even a little puddle of butter, Soup never had crusty rings, bread would come out soft and fresh with a gentle warmness. I think I absolutely would get another

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DidntKnowIWantedThat on September 28, 2022 16:59:13

I loved Dunkeys take on this and agree that I really just want to play the game how it was intended. Easy modes feel too babyish and hard modes tend to just dial up enemy hp/damage and make items rare without really making the gameplay itself harder - it’s just a more punishing experience for the player. Which often isn’t obvious - especially with unclear joke names for difficulty settings.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 27, 2022 23:13:22

I’m a sup main and I put Olaf on my most hated ban list. His ult just clowns supports.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 27, 2022 23:04:32

I disagree - I think the reason I’ve finally hit GM and keep pushing my marks higher is because I’ve spent each season focusing on new roles and champs. I can play the majority of supports at GM level now, am comfortable with their micro mechanics, and can place a greater emphasis on picking a champ that compliments my team and counters the other. Having a much bigger pool is absolutely what has been the key to my climb.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 27, 2022 16:02:04

Is that the same guy who is also near the government center stop in Downtown?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on September 27, 2022 15:51:28

The dude who rides his scooter around Brickell and downtown with a wooden white box on the back with poorly hand painted pro Trump and other political messages like “if you defund the police who will watch us, Batman?” Guy just kinda cruises around trying to start up corner talk

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on September 27, 2022 15:51:02

I’d love to see Sabines armor live!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on September 27, 2022 07:27:57

I think solo queue should queue by timer. Not by ranked choice. Other games do this - say you want to be ADC / 3 minute average wait, but players will also see jungle at 10 seconds and many will change. It’s why I’ve always liked being healers or supports - queue times and the feeling of being in demand. For duo/trio - I think ranked choice is fine since there is more of an advantage to playing with a familiar partner, especially since trios are often using discord.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 26, 2022 14:17:57

As a sup - my friends list is filled with jungle mains. I could give a fuck about my Duo. At GM either they carry the lane or I do. But having somebody who loves jungle like I love support is what pushes the wins.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 26, 2022 14:15:16

I disagree. I’m GM and I have about 3-4 jungles now that I’ve practiced and I’m OK at. The problem is - this isn’t my MAIN role. I can play Diamond level. Maybe Master with Rammus. But I also play duo with a top Rammus and KNOW what a real GM/Chal level jungler looks like. I’m not that. I can keep up with a GM team, but I know that my contribution to the win isn’t as significant as it could’ve been if I got my main role - Sup. I can play Sup/Mid at GM, Top/Adc at M+, but jungle is just a beast for me and I fucking hate getting it because I know I’ll be the weakest link. Not always - I’ve had some great scores - but it’s less me leading and more just following a team that is doing well and playing support from the jungle. Just because I know the role, and probably rank better than a lot of jungle mains, doesn’t mean It doesn’t feel shitty to feel kneecapped right off the bat by not getting your *best* role. Plus it always seems to be my 1st or 5th pick, I almost never get 2-4. Which also sucks because I’ve put a lot of effort into the other roles. I’ll keep practicing jungle / but fuck getting it ranked.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 26, 2022 14:12:30

They should’ve just done Halo 1 with Reach flashbacks for season 1. It was already a good story.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on September 24, 2022 20:46:05

I think I even went ipod to cassette for a while

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on September 24, 2022 15:35:01

I just always assumed it was the gentle humming of the Beam.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on September 23, 2022 13:00:03

Ha! I moved out of my parent's house right away! But then moved back at 32...

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on September 22, 2022 11:52:14

I've been working contract for a little over a year now, so I interview a lot as I try to earn more and more placement networks. Almost everybody asks about my rate expectations and my answer is always, "I would be happy to tell you after I hear what the budget is for this position." I'd bet about 80% of the time they give me a range, real or not. I always land at about 75% of their max, unless that is less than my actual average. The other 20% mostly fall into the recruiter now debating me about whether or not I should go show my cards first, a few simply end the call, and others agree to just brush past the money talk (to which I reign them back and say "Actually, I'd prefer to know what the budget is before we continue.")

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on September 21, 2022 19:18:46

He must be gearing up for a National Election over another gubernatorial run. This has to be a suicide move for anybody seeking a Florida office given the large republican central and south American population.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on September 21, 2022 18:58:32

There used to be a fan fic (maybe still is) by Luna lovewell. I could see this being in her style too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on September 21, 2022 00:35:40

Good point. I think Season 7 Brock would control himself and recognize that Murderface is not a threat. Season 1 Brock would go for the throat and then it’s just plot armor vs plot armor

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on September 21, 2022 00:33:13

Brock is written to be virtually unkillable in his universe. If it’s a fight, he wins. But Murderface isn’t a fighter and Brock would probably end up super annoyed and frustrated by his taunts and insults (since we see Brock is NOT good at coping with that). He won’t fight, but Murderface will definitely get under his skin.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on September 20, 2022 23:16:01

Winning > KDA. The only people complaining about a Pyke getting kills are noobs who don't understand how building a gold advantage leads to wins. Some people just get main character syndrome and QQ when 'their' support isn't their personal bitch.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 20, 2022 19:06:07

As somebody with a vasectomy - game on!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ChoosingBeggars on September 20, 2022 10:02:07

We have 1 cat who hunts. She has no teeth, so most things she brings back are intact. She typically beats them up and then drowns them in her water bowl. This morning though she brought *half* a shrew because she tore it in half. Head, front legs, then a spine hanging out of the remaining “cape” of flesh hanging off it. She is 6.5lbs and sleeps on my chest at night. Smartest, most cuddly, and most vicious little killer of any cat we’ve ever had. I don’t feed her the kills, but I do give her some brand-raw food right after she brings something back as a reward. Cats gonna cat, just glad she’s trying to feed us

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on September 19, 2022 21:59:41

A company I worked with straight up said they could never test for it anyways if they expected to have employees. It was a pretty big white collar sales company too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/UpliftingNews on September 19, 2022 18:56:36

Many real estate agents we find and speak to - tons - do not take direct wires. I see post after post on social media platforms of cash transfers. It’s no issue if we can open a local bank account and wire the funds to ourselves, but this seems difficult to do without residency. I agree - there SHOULD be businesses helping - but we just can’t seem to find the right answer…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Turkey on September 19, 2022 16:58:16

I have all the books and even I forgot about the show. Yikes what a mess

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on September 19, 2022 15:48:35

I'm GM sup main and if you aren't taking the new sup items, you're doing it wrong. Period. There is no more gold gain for the lowest gold on the team, and the items give much more gold than not having them. It is a 500g item with a 1000k earnout, netting you an extra 500g, in less time - helping you push a better early build. The ONLY time I'm not taking the sup item at the start is when I think we can push for FB. But then I'm always taking it on a b after the first seige wave, or on a back after successful FB. They upgrade fast and the penalty for farming gets removed early - allowing roaming supports to do just that. PLUS - lets not forget the 40% CD TOTAL reduction on boot enchants!!! If you're not building that then you're just playing the role wrong. PERIOD. It makes all the enchants feel so OP - especially with TP when a decent team fight virtually negates the 3-minute CD.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 19, 2022 15:30:16

Relic + Imperial Mandate MF lets go!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 19, 2022 15:24:19

its not muffled if you turn the volume up!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on September 19, 2022 11:19:59

Make people grow hair on their palms for jacking it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on September 18, 2022 19:36:26

Sir, I'm sorry to say that this is now a ranch melt. You've been banned forever.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on September 18, 2022 19:12:51

Agree! I remember going to see it at our local IMAX a bunch of times because new people kept wanting to see it, so I kept going again. I remember it being pure eye candy - definitely is a movie that isn’t done justice at home!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on September 18, 2022 12:07:26

and also because Ben Stiller is really really ridiculously good looking

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unitedkingdom on September 18, 2022 08:14:32

I remember back when TBC came out, one of my friends brothers bought up tons of retired lvl 60 accounts. We leveled them to 70 - mostly because it was just fun getting to play a bunch of different well gears classes. Kept the gold, resold the accounts after a couple entry raids for like 10x. Pay per hour was probably shit, but we were mostly just having fun. A lot of those gold sellers hack accounts and clean out peoples gold. Bad shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on September 17, 2022 18:18:46

I’ve been pub stomping as Brand. ADCs so squishy it’s great. I thought I’d hate this mode since I main support and mostly play squishy enchanters. Turns out I was dumb and just playing my champs normal works great since there are 3 viable win conditions. Heck - I won two in a row with Janna, just playing to survive - farm - build up big HP and ult them out of the circle at the end. Which is hella funny to get tossed by a Janna

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 16, 2022 18:00:48

Old internet felt like it was much more of a playground and it was exciting to find a new cool thing. Now the internet all feels kinda the same. Also Flash was the shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on September 16, 2022 15:39:20

It’s only one word but I just instinctively hear that voice. Betch

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on September 16, 2022 15:37:29

I like common core, but I also appreciate how when I was a kid we just memorized all of these smaller problems.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Funnymemes on September 16, 2022 12:12:12

I’m loving it since episode 3. I don’t need every MCU show to drive forward some big story that spans across all of this new saga. I want a show that feels like a show and so far it’s been 3 episodes in a row of silly courtroom drama a la birdman

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on September 15, 2022 16:54:05

So I’ve been playing Brand sup most of this morning and it absolutely slaps. Sickle is great on him, although I was disappointed to see that indirect hits don’t proc it (eg using e on a minion and the fire spreading to a champ). I’m averaging more gold per game, and much earlier too. This has been letting me go sickle > tear > riftmaker for what is feeling to be a much stronger early game. I think there are a few item paths but I’m loving rift + liandry + cosmic drive on him, then come back and finish tear, and then I’d swap the finished sickle for rabadons if the game goes that long. I don’t think all damage supports will keep working in the new remake (I’ve seen x2 lux now NOT take items and get absolutely punked because they fall behind in gold fast and early). But Brand is SHARP right now. Mid and sup. Been playing yuumi too and went mvp 2 of 2 games this morning with her. Her new kit is strong, but in different ways. The heal repeat works on your attached champs auto attacks and casts. So it’s a total of 4 small heals, which feels really nice when it’s an auto attacker - as if they’re getting a big vamp boost for 3 AAs. Q is much more fun to use and way easier to land. Her passive though I just don’t get the nerf from 35 to 25. It’s weak enough that it doesn’t seem as worth it to attempt to break off mid fight. I was able to plenty, but I’m not sure if it’s because I was sustaining better with heal, or it was just two good games. Protector enchant doesn’t work well with her - I just boosts the first proc. Sona though is a gawddamned beast with protector enchant. She’s putting up 600+ shields on the whole team. Also since she builds all CDR anyways - cosmic drive is an absolute blast right now on her.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 15, 2022 13:27:15

It is based on who you are attached to. So I just played with Trist and you Heal (1) and she does auto attacks, each of the next three AA or spells repeats that heal. It is a smaller heal, but overall bigger with all 4 heals together. Plus you can itemize tear which lets you heal a lot more without that 15% max mana cost. Her Q is really fun now without limits, you can poke from much further out. IMO this was a great change. I've only played 2 games with her so far but both were MVP. I DO NOT like protect enchant as it only boots that first heal, not the x3 repeats so far as I can tell.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 15, 2022 12:00:00

Thanks for the idea that I'm 100% going to say I'll steal and then get lazy and never get around to it!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on September 15, 2022 11:15:26

MAGA - Make Akali Great Again

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:57:11

Kayle probably needs more nerfs - watch how insane riftmaker will be on her!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:50:07

I was salivating over it for Brand!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:49:23

It means the world to me as a support main! If your adc fucks up the last hit, you aren't penalized as harsly for it. As long as I stay the fuck off the minions, I get gold.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:48:47

I actually her passive changes will be a good thing. Yuumi can struggle late since her heal is 15% of her max mana. Now she can build tear and provide better sustain. Sure the heals are less, but she will be able to heal a lot more before going oom. But the shield from the passive should've stayed the same. Q damage nerfs will probably be warranted with it becoming easier to hit with. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm certainly interested to see the changes play out.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:44:48

I absolutely agree with all of this. Except I don't think it will eliminate the more popular damage supports such as Brand. If anything, I think it gives Brand, in particular, a major boost as he already benefits from some of the best gold/damage ratios in the game. His E is an effective and easy trigger that doesn't run much risk of killing minions when used alone and his AoE helps him achieve a high rate of fight participation in assists - so I think he would benefit from boot the boot enchant buff. Maybe teleport becomes more viable in the role? I wouldn't be surprised to see an uptick in him in the role. It absolutely punishes the troll shit like teemo support though. Very very VERY excited to get my old main Sona back out. I've found her so weak recently, but the upcoming changes will absolutely smash. Yuumi also seems like she is getting MASSIVE itemization buffs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:28:39

I'd love to see 10 Meteors crashing into a 5v5 brawl at Baron just to see the chaos.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 14, 2022 21:17:21

Hi Biologist here!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on September 14, 2022 17:21:10

Same! Like why are people caught up with race when a 50+ year old woman is playing a 16 year old? I know she fine AF but damn. But now that we’ve thought it - can we get Halle Berry as another mermaid in the movie? Ya know…. For science

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AdviceAnimals on September 14, 2022 09:14:59

As a support main 95% of the ADC I play with think “wave management” is push push push with zero thought behind it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 13, 2022 08:32:36

Obvioulsy he is wrong - you should've been a horse jockey

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/NoStupidQuestions on September 12, 2022 09:41:15

Did you have trouble sleeping? My wife and I both struggled because you can't "turn your eyes off" by taking your glasses off. Like, when it was time for bed - I'd take my glasses off and I couldn't see, so the only thing left to do was sleep. It was a pavlovian effect neither of us realized was going on.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 12, 2022 09:37:37

After I got Lasik I had this phantom glasses feeling for a couple of weeks. I'd just randomly touch my nose like I needed to push my glasses up.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 12, 2022 09:36:35

No love for the Jug Palace?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on September 12, 2022 07:30:33

FYI they read ur mail in boot camp.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on September 12, 2022 07:21:21

How risky it is - yeah there is your skill gap right there. Lol you’re very wrong btw. It’s a huge fucking shield and a lot more sustain with your mana hungry heal.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 11, 2022 21:14:51

The grappling hook was streets ahead.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 11, 2022 18:12:16

Yuumi has a pretty decent skill-cap IMO because a good Yuumi is much more of a front-line enchanter than just sticking on somebody - like you HAVE to hop around and be aware of your passive and proc it as often as you can... That said, I think playing as, with her and against her is pretty stale.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 11, 2022 18:07:36

How much would it cost to buy enough lines from them to do an old radio-type venture bros show

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on September 11, 2022 17:59:15

I’m in M and this morning I had a 3L streak with the first two being the SAME GM who went 2/10/4 and then 1/8/10. It was like they passed their phone to a toddler and didn’t realize it was on ranked. If anything, games get faster the higher I’ve gone.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/summonerschool on September 10, 2022 19:07:26

Some never had to boot up Doom

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 10, 2022 18:53:33

Either don't do drive-throughs or get out of your car and go stand at the window and cut-in. Some will tell you off for doing it. Others I knew though would just have a crowd of dashers standing near the pick-up window and they'd shout out numbers as they got ready. It would piss off the normal customers. Oh well. I ended up blacklisting the majority of McDonalds anyways since fast food in general has been terrible at the delivery game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on September 10, 2022 10:21:03

People talk like they think the comedy is overdone. I disagree. I liked it being a funny movie - but it was clearly missing an easy 30-40 minutes of something else. Like it just felt oddly chopped up, rushed, and missing things. I remember thinking it felt like I didn't see the whole movie as I left the theater.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on September 9, 2022 21:21:04

One time, hm, I am on the Amazon... in my canoe and I see, swim with the dolphin. Ah, uh, the beautiful dolphin. So I slip out of my canoe and I grab her... this... *fish*... and then I fuck it... the fish! Hot Dolphin!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on September 9, 2022 21:18:07

That’s America’s axe

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on September 9, 2022 10:12:09

I said last week I’d be happy if it was just episodic court room stuff like the B-plot. This episode was just that - flavor of the week, silly little court stuff. This week was just that - seriously the Sorcerer supreme is filing suit against some failing Magician in New York rather than portal over, easily overpower him, and take his sling ring back. It’s just so unnecessarily petty. Plus #wongers better stick - Wong and Madilynn is best coupling the MCU has done

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on September 8, 2022 17:49:55

Don't tell them?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on September 7, 2022 09:30:03

Peel before cooking

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ramen on September 6, 2022 18:52:03

We had a pregnant opossum come by our porch a few weeks back so we started leaving her bananas and other leftovers. No longer pregnant - keep hoping to see her with all those babies on her back. Anyways - love having these guys around, they're a big benefit to have.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on September 6, 2022 10:31:25

I really truly would be happy if the rest of the show had a lot more of Ep 3 b-plot type stuff going on. Ya know, actually a lawyer show for superheroes - but silly like Harvey Birdman. Everything we've had so far is plot-driven for the multiverse saga. This format could easily fill in story gaps (and already has!) while not really doing much more than just being Jen's crazy slice-of-life court drama.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on September 6, 2022 09:18:49

True if it is a brag. False if you're just talking about tolerances and dosing. Edibles especially it can be good to talk about tolerance ranges.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on September 5, 2022 22:55:15

Except for when comparing Gretzky. Because I don't think anybody has ever dominated their sport the way he dominated Hockey.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tennis on September 5, 2022 18:44:03

And also a dance feature so we can dance with the spider

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 5, 2022 16:54:27

As a support main 1v1 sounds awful lol. I’m sure I’ll still play it a few times to see though. I don’t know how champs are supposed to be balanced for that at all

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 5, 2022 16:54:08

Brand is one of my mains in both Mid and Sup. I'm ~56% WR over ~600 games and M this season. Brand has a bunch of "combos", but no matter the combo - his positioning is the most important thing to worry about. * Fastest Burst: W + E + Q. Brand W has a delay, you can get an E off before the W sets in. This lets you push the combo more quickly. Downsides - if they move out of E range it gets messed up. Bad against dashers. * Quick Stun: W + Q + E. At Low ELO E + Q works as a good fast stun, but because of the delay on W, W + Q is a harder stun combo to react to. Note, with practice, you can do W + Flash + Q + E to really go all-in on a super fast stun. But be careful - brand has zero escape and you need to confidently get this kill. * The Patient Combos: You'll see that Brand's combos have a beefy CD and may not always demolish your opponent. Therefore, its sometimes best to slowly use your moves, and focus on building 3 stacks. * Patient Combo - Stun Lock : E + AA + Q (to stun) + AA + W + AA. At this point, you need to worry about your stack reset. HOWEVER - even if you cant build more stacks, you CAN STUN AGAIN. Now your spells should be in a slower rotation that lets you either do a quick Q + AA + W + E. * Emergency Slow: R slows if they have at least 1 stack on them. If you get engaged on you can do E + R + F + Q + W to quickly slow, flash, stun, then burst. * Ult Combos = This REALLY depends on the team fight going on. At the start of everything, if you can catch them bunched my favorite is: W + Q + R + AA + AA + E + AA. Then you should have W back up and Q also. In big bunched-up group fights - remember it will do WAY more damage if you patiently make sure you can put full stacks on as many people as you can - and then keep doing it. If you burst too quickly - they'll shed that 1 stack after exploding before you can start a new combo. * Ult Combo - Lead with W + Q when you see all-in champs like tanks or a rakan/tresh especially. If you stun them on their all-in, oftentimes they back out or the team doesn't follow because they think you'll ult. Be patient & don't waste that ult! If you can - get your R off so it follows the tank back. Then E to spread to team. At this point - you should have 1 full stack on the tank, 1 on a few others - if lucky they clump and you now have 2 on most. SO NOW R! (W + Q + Patience + E + R + Q +W - AA when possible). * Things to remember about ULT. It bounces onto you (which is why people like Stasis boots). It bounces on MINIONS! I've secured so many kills because I ulted a minion near a fleeing low champ to get that one last hit in. The ULT will bounce back to you if you're in range - which is less possible damage - but also a great way to avoid a mitigating move like Yasuo, Braum, Fiora. (It is hard but you can purposfully pick up your R, then Flash as it comes to you to delay the next bounce. If you manage it - you can kinda make sure it bounces to somebody else). * When NOT to use moves. Honestly, I think using your ult last in a combo is the least effective way to use it. By the end of the combo - the other team is spreading out. A quick E + Q + R right off the bat can really punish a sloppy engagement by the other team, or really bolster an engage by your tank. * The goal for longer fights is stacked and stun timing. You can always time your combo to use Q for a stun after they explode. * Favorite Summoner Spell: High-skill play - Ghost or stasis if you have peel around you. Low skill play - Barrier. Ghost is my favorite in both Mid/Sup for roaming and out positioning/kiting during fights. * Itemization: Brand has a decent amount of itemization potential. Right now I've got a real hard-on for Flash/Ghost; and Seraphs as a first item. That's because I am comfortable lasting through a team fight and want to be able to spam my spells for more damage and more importantly - farming domination. Otherwise I still like ROA first in Sup. Ludens is a good 2nd item in both positions. Morello's 800 is a key early item for brand if the team needs anti-heal. Not many champs can spread anti-heal around an enemy team as well as Brand does - so there is real importance to being the healer-shut down. I used to build Liandry and Rylai, and those may still be solid in lower elo. However, I've been finding a lot more success going something like Seraph/ROA -> Luden -> Oblivion -> Rabadon -> Infinity -> Morello. Finish Morello 3rd though if they have sona, raka, yuumi, nasus, darius, trynd, etc...

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 5, 2022 10:04:58

Except in your game the 4-year old has a mic and is talking about how he just banged your mom.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/apexlegends on September 4, 2022 22:14:36

MW2 was out in college and we spent so many nights crammed into dorm rooms drunk, high, screaming like idiots at each other over MW2, Reach, and Melee.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on September 4, 2022 22:11:34

I feel like I have much more control with chopsticks - like it’s just an extension of my fingers and what I’d pick up. Basically any bite sized finger food, also rice is easier, I like eating noodles better with chopsticks too since it’s easier to just pinch and twist. Also very easy to use as a cooking tool.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on September 4, 2022 11:35:07

Rachel Riley. Can’t complain there

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on September 4, 2022 07:10:34

GP is batshit, but yeah her Pepper was spot on. I also did not like her in the suit though for Endgame, it kinda felt forced to put her in the final fight.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on September 3, 2022 18:58:01

I thought the episode was the weakest of the 3 so far. But I also liked how it had much more of a lawyer focus than Hulk focus. The B plot felt a lot like a Harvey Birdman skit, which is something I hope for more of in the show. Some hero, but more silly zany courtroom shit. It’s too short though which makes the pacing feel off. I think it’s one of their better shows so far and is a good example of the MCU doing different stuff.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on September 3, 2022 09:53:25

I'm 32M and I'm loving She-Hulk so far. People just need to smoke a bowl first and remember this is just comic books.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on September 2, 2022 21:01:41

I think it’ll be good. The show has improved every season and they’ve done the long format before, ish, with a lot of success. There is just so much I love about the Venture Bros that it’ll never be enough because I’m sure they won’t have a 30 minute side adventure with the Triad, and I’m still holding out for just an alchemy cooking show with Al + Triana. Really wanted the whole seasons worth of time to resolve Dean and Hank. I think Monarch tied off kinda nice actually, Doc is in a good spot…ish. If the movie does anything I hope it’s put the family back together.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adultswim on September 2, 2022 20:58:01

Never understood the rivalry. Besides - Image puts out the best quality stuff anyway IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on September 2, 2022 18:26:30

Venture Bros is the best show they’ve ever had.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adultswim on September 2, 2022 18:22:21

I work from home and recently I’ve been forcing myself to listen to whole albums across different genres. Recently I’ve been on a whole punk kick with a rule that it has to be from last 10 years, but 5 preferably.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on September 2, 2022 17:46:30

It’s the perfect example of what you described. I have a few - just walk out with one like a souvenir

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Coffee on September 2, 2022 17:18:34

The best way to get one is to just take the Waffle House mug with you.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Coffee on September 2, 2022 11:33:07

I could eat raw oysters by the dozen. One of my absolute favorite foods. Apalachicola oysters are the *best*

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/instant_regret on September 1, 2022 22:48:25

I could eat raw oysters by the dozen. One of my absolute favorite foods. Apalachicola oysters are the *best*

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/instant_regret on September 1, 2022 22:46:26

I've got some nice chopsticks - they really are perfect for dusty snacks. You just wipe them clean, easy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on September 1, 2022 19:40:55

I'll tell you why I like this - because it looks like you can put the stairs away. So if you have guests, you can just close off your bedroom. I've lived in a loft and *everybody* always wants to take a few steps up to take a look up top. No Biggie, but this would add a bit of privacy. It def needs a partition between the usable counter space and the counter-step.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/CrappyDesign on September 1, 2022 18:22:02

Sim Settlement and green commonwealth mods.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on September 1, 2022 18:18:31

My only exception to the teammate ban is day 1 or two of a new champ in ranked. Like fuck off with that.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on September 1, 2022 17:29:54

Like a baby’s arm holding an apple

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on September 1, 2022 16:43:20

Do we not count Loki as incest?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on August 31, 2022 22:45:40

Huge tracts of land

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on August 31, 2022 16:53:25

If you like this show - go watch Venture Bros! HQ takes a ton of influence from it. It’s a great show too!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on August 31, 2022 14:05:42

FUCK the Venture Bros from having season 8 cancelled well after it was Green Lit. I really wanted to see a season every 3-5 years for the rest of my life. It’s easily the smartest show from Adult Swim with one of the best crafted universes, amazing continuity, and just absolutely insane deep-dive culture references that make the show a joy to rewatch. Season 1 starts off a bit old school AS quality, but every single season grows and improves. S7 was magnificent. But that’s not to say the quality was never there - the S2 opener is still one of the best in the series. I’m not even sure I could pick a favorite episode - but there is a candidate from every season for sure.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 31, 2022 11:32:03

I worked as a server for a dine-in Pizza Hut. I was 16 and still have vivid memories of the Absolute insane rampages people would go on when I said we couldn’t make them a custom pizza for the lunch buffet.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/oddlyspecific on August 31, 2022 11:26:06

TFW a smoke grenade also has tons of very loud battleground sound effects and you and your mates just set one off in an abandoned construction site not nearly far enough way for it to go unnoticed by the nearby neighborhood.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on August 31, 2022 11:14:49

Which brings up the point that makeup would be a GREAT way to see their reflection. A very soft foundation would be easy to apply without the mirror. Then your reflection would show your face - but really it’s the foundation.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on August 31, 2022 11:12:11

I just started watching this show and I fucking love David

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on August 31, 2022 09:52:18

I start with the best, so I can experience it nice and hot. Then I leave a couple of bites of it for the end.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on August 30, 2022 20:50:42

I only ever really liked to smurf in vanilla wow before pvp gave exp. Any pvp before 60 was pretty pointless and each 19, 29, 39 tier had different classes that would just stomp due to gearing. Collecting all the right things for a smurf could take time, but it was fun putting it together from dungeons you wouldn't otherwise run so much. Only to realize that all the other 29s were smurfs too. Also reminded how much I loved early AV when you'd just fucking turtle at the bridge and a game could last literal hours or even days.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/apexlegends on August 30, 2022 20:46:56

ACAB. Don't know why people are still so surpised.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PublicFreakout on August 30, 2022 16:49:01

I think it's interesting how some people complain about the weather here like it is the worst. It's probably one of the only things I like about Miami.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on August 30, 2022 16:45:17

The picture looks like trump is jacking off two dicks into his face

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on August 30, 2022 16:25:22

She also thinks he has a wet pussy

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/shitposting on August 30, 2022 15:57:10

That was such a dumpster fire of an interview to watch. Really hurt the sub in major ways.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on August 30, 2022 14:53:22

It’s awesome. Used to be a year round swimmer. Especially if you’re pushing off from a strong turn and just kicking out underwater

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 29, 2022 23:38:07

$50k is about all that is left for us to save to afford to leave the United States. It feels like we are super close, but also still super far.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 29, 2022 21:11:36

Insurers keep exiting the space (at least in the Surplus Lines HO market - which is tons of FL) because it is absolutely unprofitable based on most modeling systems. It seems like every year there is greater anticipation for claims. FL infrastructure is trash. FL allows for private adjustors to come in - which seems great because they often get more money by hitting the insurer with a "pay now or pay in court + fees situation." Problem? Insurers are just hiking prices and refusing to write with anybody who has ever gone this route. Its been a 1-time-use kind of card. Fraud is absolutely rampant. Like everywhere. Homes are in god awful shape in FL. I love FL - its my favorite place I've ever lived just of climate and being close to a beach *alone*. But it's honestly the worst fucking place I've ever lived in terms of society. Its like a revolving door of insurers in the state who think they can play ball, only to pack up after 2-5 years worth of unprofitable writing. The fraud though... I seriously cannot understate how much of my time as counsel was spent managing and investigating fraudulent claims.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on August 29, 2022 08:30:44

I do both. Luck builds are super fun IMO and really rely on VATS mechanics. But I love doing full in melee without VATS

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on August 28, 2022 12:52:02

Holy shit I didn’t know. View From Halfway down is one of the best episodes of TV, period. That’s crazy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on August 28, 2022 12:28:00

Agree. Love both shows but Free Churro was incredible. I love how the show took chances with riskier episodes like it and then the totally dialogue free one. Bojack is just a different level IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on August 28, 2022 12:15:33

Weed makes me hate most alcohol, which I think is pretty lucky since weed then virtually eliminates my desire to drink.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on August 28, 2022 11:01:12

A plate of Nachos is a pretty good one too, plus it's shareable.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on August 27, 2022 22:15:45

Wow the NQ buff will be nice

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 27, 2022 21:52:55

What they need to do is have each role guaranteed - and show you queue estimates per role, like others have done to help push people to less played slots by giving less wait times. If the have to keep fill flex though just keep it to 3 roles. Earlier I got queued into my 5th pick after 5 seconds of queue. That kind of stuff is just dumb.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 27, 2022 21:50:07

I'm glad they said T6. Personally, it helped me just skip the comment for not being T5.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on August 27, 2022 21:23:39

I feel like I’ve been hearing a recent (couple years??) Song with some club mix sounding tiny dancer in it as well. What am I thinking of? Like oh another mixed version of this song….

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on August 27, 2022 17:43:05

I think that line blurs somewhere between AO3 and having major network TV. Though to be fair There is plenty if AO3 material in the show - like when Claire is sexually engulfed in Norm’s green blob character.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on August 27, 2022 15:08:23

SNW is fantastic! I especially love how they’ve kept up with Spock’s endless secret family members everywhere - even in the fantasy episode he had a sibling!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on August 27, 2022 08:42:09

The Orville is 100% a love letter to Star Trek. It is such a nice show. It’s especially grown into itself and has real heart to it. MF probably could do a very good ST movie.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on August 27, 2022 08:41:03

I used to be more diligent with a cash budget and every paycheck I’d ask for ~40 in $2s for tips and fun. Most banks will have a few - but even 20 was too much sometimes. Just need to ask your local branch.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on August 26, 2022 19:14:26

Sitting stoned in the woods alone right now!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on August 26, 2022 17:52:33

Agree! Plus they’ve always been real weak on draft pours.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rva on August 26, 2022 16:29:11

Jack Browns is good shit. Love that place

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rva on August 26, 2022 16:26:35

No way - Cranston is Jedi. Bring back his Malcom goofiness

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on August 26, 2022 14:42:01

Yes! The episodes have felt so short! I liked both of them so far though.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on August 26, 2022 11:56:37

I 100% agree. That show never really landed with me growing up. Now I'm 32 and it feels like a timeless classic. I also have a huge amount of family in the TX/OK panhandle area, and know pretty much all of the characters IRL.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on August 26, 2022 11:43:46

I think they talked about Houdini swallowing keys. I’d guess Pam tried to do the Houdini trick and failed and just had a key in her stomach.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ArcherFX on August 26, 2022 06:36:25

Really? All I heard was try the inting Sion strat first game ranked. Is that not correct?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 25, 2022 23:10:30

Tobacco & Coffee helps a lot too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/yesyesyesno on August 25, 2022 12:33:28

I liked a lot of Ms. Marvel, the Clandestine really sucked though.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on August 25, 2022 08:54:27

I think I saw it on data is beautiful … a chart showing ‘market share’ of browsers over the years and it was interesting how the dominate player changed over time. If this is true than no doubt Chrome is going down the toilet. I also predict helping my parents with their internet because it has so many ads now and having to set up something new for them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AdviceAnimals on August 24, 2022 18:30:57

Plus he has class, is cultured, and plays as more of a true “anti-hero”. Our Avengers have killed plenty of people - Zeemo’s whole deal is seeking revenge for the destruction of his country, home, family - his life. Some foreign billionaire created a robot that blew up his home with a super material mined from a secrete city of technological marvel. I blame Wakanda in the way that we’d blame the US or Russia for a lost nuke being used by a private entity of that country. Is assassinating the king the right move? Probably not - but what really is the right move for a man out to Avenge his now non-existent home? We flip the script on the movie to any Avenger and it’s an anti-hero story - after all we rooted for Frank Castle in DD and his show. He does it and is called anti-hero. Zeemo does it and gets called villain, that doesn’t seem fair. I hope we get a lot more of him with Thunderbolts or other projects. He just oozes charisma in FatWS and is a wonderful foil to Sam/Bucky

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on August 23, 2022 10:38:06

I also put Sahara on that list.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on August 23, 2022 08:52:13

Pineapple, some proper American bacon, jalapenos, *and sharp cheddar* in that cheese blend. *chefs kiss*

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 22, 2022 19:29:42

Wusthof are nice - but not to somebody who is very rich.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on August 22, 2022 17:55:21

That’s how my first cat was. 10 years later I’m always tripping over him all day every day. Give it time. Sit on the other side of the room near him, be quiet - don’t engage him. Don’t be loud or anything. Put food near him then meal by meal move it closer. He needs to get used to you is all. Baby steps

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on August 20, 2022 20:25:56

It is very important to the ideas of being able to carry freely. It the right to own is restricted only to militia service - it is then arguable that a gun could really only be used for a militia related event. Not for defense, hunting, etc… basically you’d keep it locked up for range training and war only. It’s also a much more modern concept in 2008 that people were already widely carrying and use of firearms is super common and even cultural really. So interpreting that disconnect is crucial for tons of current-days rights associated with gun ownership and use. I think even enough to lean on Dobbs due to how steeped it is in American History/tradition Nonetheless Dobbs also gives room for retribution by letting Dems play the Originalist card in an overturn of Heller. Obviously not with current SCOTUS - but it’s not like the GOP just accidentally ended up here.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on August 20, 2022 20:22:27

It’s literally not grammatically clear the. The differences in drafts was a focus of Heller due to the punctuation and capitalization differences. 2008 is literally when the distinction was made by the SC that the 2nd amendment applies unconnected to military service. The dissent is entirely that the grammar of the text suggests the opposite - that the right is solely to the means for a militia. Originalists can also cite Adams as believing that there was a need for people to be able to arm themselves against their government. It’s not literally Troll - it’s a landmark case from only 14 years ago. If the GOP can fuck precedence as old as Roe Dems sure as fuck need to map their way to ending this bull shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on August 20, 2022 19:58:29

Until I stop loving my I PWN NOOBS stuff. I just recently put to rest an OG hoodie I got during the shows peak. Keep meaning to buy a new one.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PurePwnage on August 20, 2022 19:30:18

I go Socratic on my family with politics and they all turn sour pretty fast when they back themselves into a corner that is more or less “it’s impossible to be Christian and GOP.” Really infuriates them and also leads to zero change in their convictions. The easiest is to simply have a pro gun rights person read out loud the 2nd amendment and then describe their involvement with a local militia and discuss how well regulated it is. Hardly anybody can talk about the string of case law that lead us to having the right to pack enough heat to kill a whole school every time we go shopping for groceries. Law school was more or less a waste of time relative to the profession. But I do appreciate the skill of the Socratic method.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on August 20, 2022 18:23:40

I just want heimerdinger :( he would fit so well right now

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 20, 2022 11:02:19

I started eating way less McDonalds when they took the all-day sausage egg burritos off the menu. Those little bitches with some salsa or siracha were the best.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/GreenAndPleasant on August 19, 2022 21:22:24

DC should’ve just taken the framework of Justice League Unlimited. They wanted to catch up with the level of integration MCU has, but repeating the solo film introductions was a mistake. Since they know big ensemble superhero films are a hit right now - just start full blown Justice League. Any and all films and shows can simply tie back to the Watchtower and let that drive the big bad of that saga - or just start pushing out treat up movies to be different from MCU which has team ups, but in a solo film.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on August 19, 2022 18:59:42

Turks also have their flag all over

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 18, 2022 08:27:56

5 cans of axe, game cube, some natty, jack johnson, big bag of dildos.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on August 16, 2022 17:32:21

holy shit i want to play again! I used to play waaay back in the early seasons and always got frustrated with how big the skill gaps in building were. The combat was always the fun part.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on August 16, 2022 09:53:36

I mean I just straight up skipped the Kwan episode when I realized what was happening.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on August 15, 2022 20:28:13

I have all the hardcover prints of the series and I was very pleased with how they did season 1. Not perfect, but it really did a good job.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on August 15, 2022 11:49:11

I’m just happy at I’m getting laid so much

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on August 14, 2022 22:36:58

I adored them as a couple - but there needed to be commitment to the ship. Either make them a couple or don’t. The pussyfooting around it irked me. But I think there was plenty of room for it to be done well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on August 14, 2022 12:38:45

"But why male models?" may be one of the best-delivered lines in a comedy movie ever.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/therewasanattempt on August 14, 2022 11:52:43

Uncle Fucker slaps. South Park has had some wonderful music. Also loved Blame Canada! With their beady little eyes and flapping heads so full of lies!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/southpark on August 14, 2022 10:55:15

Reddit has tons of hate at the forefront. Just try to be fat on Reddit. Fatpeoplehate may be gone as a sub - but it’s not like the attitude left.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on August 14, 2022 10:30:05

I main sup and just learned to ignore people. A lot of people expect you to be their baby sitter. Or they have main character syndrome and spam you to be a tank, despite tanks being available for their role too. People also just don’t understand how to counter build. Like IDGAF if you’re guide says to build AG 4th or not at all - if you see a yuumi and a Darius you better build your 800 item before the first time they hook up for a team fight.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 14, 2022 10:13:46

I wish it was just a 6-episode “beast of the week” show where Newt has to hunt/rescue/capture a beast. They could’ve made him more Van Helsing, going from early 1900s town to town taking on bounties from muggles. Episodes could’ve tied together with a background plot for a big creature like a dragon, or just though good character call backs and relationships. Definitely should’ve been an episodic story IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/harrypotter on August 14, 2022 09:50:11

Lower Decks slaps IMO. I know it isn’t for everybody - but I’m so happy to have what feels like an Adult Swim Star Trek show. I think one of my favorites was Shax coming back and the whole joke about how they should never ever bring up or talk about a bridge crew’s death.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on August 14, 2022 09:33:07

Yes, my cat loves to go in dirt instead of litter. Not only that but a fresh spot to use without the scent of other cats would probably have him shitting in this immediately.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/microgrowery on August 13, 2022 18:24:57

Probably one of my favorite episodes. I totally get why this scene divides people - both a rape scene and an underaged scene. But the bra stuffing falling down and Dean freaking out that she’s a wereodile is so fucking Dean.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on August 13, 2022 18:12:10

Sometimes I look outside and see my little 6-pound toothless cat throwing little shrews or mice up into the air just like she does with her little toys.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/memes on August 13, 2022 09:28:04

I often wish my cats were about the size of a lynx. It sucks that such a cute cuddly animal is so dangerous. Also applies to bears.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/FunnyAnimals on August 13, 2022 09:11:05

With any luck, we can add Trump to this list when he is behind bars for treason.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on August 13, 2022 09:01:58

Whatever happened to u/fuckswithducks? It used to be that any post with a rubber duck was Beatlejuiceing them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on August 12, 2022 22:04:13

Since when was shoplifting an offense punishable by death?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/facepalm on August 12, 2022 18:50:02

Wouldn’t sugarless cake basically just be bread?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on August 12, 2022 17:50:19

Use some MSG instead - hint it’s the flavor Jesus

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on August 12, 2022 17:49:03

Same! But I like how my taste in coffee got expensive. Now it feels like something a bit more special. Plus Moka + French press frothed milk makes a much cheaper and better late than you’ll get at Starbucks for $6.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on August 12, 2022 17:44:50

It gets better! I’ve cut out most sugars and a ripe peach is plenty sweet for me. Those cotton candy grapes are like candy level sweet. Anyways - it helps to replace sugar with spice. Lots of other flavors than sweet

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on August 12, 2022 17:41:42

If Archer were gay he would just brag about banging Dukes and Barons instead of a princess or countess. Same exact personality otherwise - total asshole.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ArcherFX on August 12, 2022 16:21:47

Yessss, weed is how I don't dream and actually sleep.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on August 12, 2022 10:05:19

I’ve been saying Toasted recently.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on August 12, 2022 00:07:27

Do you mean Ashli Babbitt the American traitor?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on August 11, 2022 23:00:39

Inverted makes sense though. It's like you have the joystick out the back of the character's head. Move the stick up and the face goes down. People who use inverted scroll for touchpads are the real psychos.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pcmasterrace on August 11, 2022 20:51:52

To everybody who likes Harley Quinn, go watch Venture Brothers! An adult swim classic whose blood runs through this show. 7 seasons of nonstop improvement and a movie coming.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Unexpected on August 11, 2022 20:42:06

Volcano is still very much so worth it. All their products are top.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on August 9, 2022 21:47:04

Why was it cancelled? Doesn’t Montreal have a reputation for being friendly to the LGBT community?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/worldnews on August 9, 2022 08:07:13

I bet that whatever was on Jones’ phone was just what they needed to green light such a big move.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on August 8, 2022 22:08:09

I guess I thought it WAS tied to the Arrowverse somehow

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on August 8, 2022 12:22:23

Having the interns follow Hooch around as a hazing gag is one of my absolute favorites from the show.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wholesomememes on August 5, 2022 15:52:52

this could also be a reddotcomic

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on August 4, 2022 23:46:25

Some of the dialogue in I2 or I3 shows that Pepper is pushing the energy tech forward. I think it was I2 that started with her and Tony putting Stark Tower entirely on Arc power.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on August 4, 2022 14:12:20

Even if it isn't great for smoking, it would be perfect for baking with

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on August 4, 2022 10:00:55

I think a great way to help skill gaps would be to limit your picks to 3 roles and you cannot get out as 4th or 5th pick. Then do like WoW or other MMOs where queues are times by role - pushing players to roles with low queue times because a lot of players would rather jump on a 20 sec Sup queue than a 4 minute mid queue. Better ranked priority would also help. The other day I got into a game in 5 seconds - right into my 5th role. Why? Nobody gets a role they can’t play. Wait times by role promote a fair idea of what to expect. No more games decided by whichever team got a 5th pick jungl who thinks Nautilus is a good choice.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 3, 2022 18:28:47

Yuumi is a fantastically boring champ to play and play against. I main sup and when I play her - even if I win it just isn’t a fun game. And losing is extra frustrating since she feels extra worthless when your team is down and getting stomped

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on August 2, 2022 10:42:21

I feel attacked

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/me_irl on August 1, 2022 23:05:01

I’m 32 and saw Hootie while they were around and have seen Darius a couple times now. The man has been a household name for me for what feels like my whole life.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on August 1, 2022 12:12:19

My wife LOVES this person's Instagram account! She is a vet in Russia and always does an amazing job with how much she shows. (Vet Mariver)

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/shitposting on July 31, 2022 21:37:13

I’ve got a little brown girl that looks just like this and is always bringing back little moles and shrews. This is a keeper cat for sure

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on July 31, 2022 14:11:48

That shit really whipped the Lammas ass

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cringe on July 31, 2022 12:20:26

Make some good habits! Do some chores, exercise, or do something otherwise productive. It’s really easy to be stoned and lazy, which is fine sometimes - just not all the time. Deliberately building good habits has helped weed be something that has improved my day to day.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 31, 2022 12:11:26

They need to do 90s show where everybody is doing well then a that 10s show where everybody is living in their hatchback

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on July 31, 2022 11:34:16

The weed-smoking patio is pretty on-point though.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/terriblefacebookmemes on July 29, 2022 22:15:08

But what if she is better than me

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 29, 2022 20:22:00

Not to mention you miss out on that daily T-break!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 29, 2022 14:58:54

It’s because it’s not just the player whose skill I’m worried about - it’s does everybody else know how to play against the new champ yet. I ban new champs because it just makes the game even more of a coin flip

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 29, 2022 14:52:48

Yeah I don’t need some jackass playing him for the first time in ranked. It always happens - ban new champs by default for the first week or two even

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 29, 2022 14:50:47

Shoot up schools from your lifted pickup while yelling freedom

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on July 29, 2022 14:41:09

I’ve always gotten a syringe of RSO and it’s been pretty easy to manage. Great way to spike up a morning coffee

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/treedibles on July 29, 2022 09:08:13

I want him to do his bathtub skit from All That

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on July 29, 2022 08:33:40

Disagree - cc still rules supreme against Kass, but you just need to be patient and get him right after he uses his ult. That said I think he demands at least one MR item

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 28, 2022 19:32:29

Goddamn do I love some pickled okra that has been canned with some hot as fuck peppers. Also I eat the stems and this seems to be 50/50 among people I've eaten pickled okra with...

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 28, 2022 19:00:38

Can I put gamer tags in it though?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 28, 2022 16:02:39

Everybody on Reddit is Iman Vellani except you…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 27, 2022 13:39:09

I’m your age and our generation had some weird shit going on with 1337 5p34k. Also early text slang when you had limited messages. Plus “rape” was a super common gamer term for own… also pwn

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on July 26, 2022 19:04:17

Trash talk absolutely deserves its place in competitive play. But there is a difference between teabagging/donkey-punching after a solid kill and telling your teammate to commit suicide for losing lane - especially when it's your jungle who probably got filled into their 3-5th role.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 26, 2022 12:02:25

I just don’t get why people do this to their own mental health. Like it’s a game designed around a 50% win rate. If you can’t handle losing half of your games then seriously consider a new game. These people get so worked up, anxious, stressed out and angry it’s crazy. I play pickup ball at the gym and I cannot fathom somebody flipping their shit on some random dude in a pickup game. Games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable - even when competitive. If you’re not having fun and enjoying yourself then all you’re doing is just shitting your own mental health for literally no reason. If you’re addicted to that sensation of victory and want to chase the high of hyper-carry then for real go try out some MMOs. Most of them are tuned to work that response effect and still provide a challenging team experience. Take care of your mental health everybody.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 26, 2022 11:14:01

Bruh I’ve never understood complaining about taking the trash orders. Just don’t take them. Like it’s as simple as that.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on July 26, 2022 11:07:30

The answer to this is so obvious. He says "sissies" go to hell. To prove you aren't a sissy you must do something manly, such as beating the piss out of a false profit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/facepalm on July 26, 2022 08:35:47

I'm a sup main peak M and I'm doing OK. I started off a ridiculous 1-8; but then leveled out and I'm up to 54% now straddling the D3/4 line. But I've noticed games feel like more of a coin toss, usually since players still don't seem to understand how to play the new season. I think I'm doing OK because support has a lot of opportunity now to help push that early control.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 25, 2022 22:04:13

Live Laugh Love Punk, but in some hardcore font

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/punk on July 25, 2022 16:37:12

I support main mostly because I get it 90% of the time. If I don’t get it I almost always get role guarantee the next game and I’m still usually in my 2nd choice. Rarely I get jng and I can almost always trade it. Else I do ok just picking a tank jungle and still basically just playing a roaming assist role.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 24, 2022 12:13:31

Playing a niche role without understanding the niche it can be good in is where I think most people end up trolling. I love Nasus and Sometimes I get to play him AP. I love AP nasus but dear god people think they can do it into the dumbest comps

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 24, 2022 12:02:08

Very jealous of the garden! I dream of having even a small yard to cram in as many espaliered fruit trees as I can.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on July 23, 2022 23:27:46

Thanks! I'm pretty happy with it. The past few weeks I ended up stocking up mostly on big sale items. This week ended up being fairly balanced. Agree on the rice - I keep a big sack of basmati in the pantry! Also, I've got a bunch of bread in the fridge still from last week, and pasta too. So no need to buy a lot of grains this trip.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on July 23, 2022 23:21:09

This is from Publix. I've gotten decent at focusing on their BOGO deals and discounted items. This is probably my most "balanced" looking trip in a couple of weeks. and I probably don't have much left over except for the oil, cereal, and popcorn. In past weeks I've spent closer to $40 to stock up on a BOGO item - so I have a bunch of frozen meat in the freezer, plenty of bread from last week still, lots of pasta sauce, ramen, etc... After a few weeks of this I'm really feeling the benefits as I feel like I've got tons of stocked up food right now. Enough that today I was splurging on expensive beer and the goat yogurt - neither were on sale or anything. I've tested this for a few weeks now against shopping straight-up at Walmart. Most sales end up being about Walmart price or slightly better, but the BOGO deals are where it's at. Undiscounted, Publix called this ~$62 savings between BOGO/discounts/coupons.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on July 23, 2022 23:15:45

What a shame to hear, for a while now they've been a go to brand of mine. Easily available, somewhat affordable, quality vegan/vegetarian products

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WorkersStrikeBack on July 23, 2022 22:48:18

Odessy, Galaxy 1 & 2, and Sunshine are all right up there with Super Mario and 64. Odessy is #1 for me, its such a fantastic game.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 23, 2022 21:31:03

If you like something more on the end of Punk/hardcore I'd recommend Clowns Bad Blood. I've been on a real Punk Kick for a bit and that album fucking slaps. Play Dead into Human Terror is good shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Music on July 21, 2022 16:05:49

A couple of people always seem to pass out at the start of any basic training or boot camp.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HumansBeingBros on July 21, 2022 15:04:58

For what it's worth, I backpacked through basically all of those grey countries in the Balkans about a decade ago and I only speak English and had zero issues the whole time between English and my little picture charts. I don't recall a single place where I wasn't able to meet, hang out with, and talk about all sorts of stuff with locals I'd meet. Maybe as a tourist, it's easier to find. Croatia though is HIGH, I felt like I could talk to just about anybody there.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MapPorn on July 21, 2022 11:09:47

I’m 32 and still occasionally turn down an interview when the follow up requests a transcript. IMO it’s a huge red flag that the environment is going to be overly controlling.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on July 21, 2022 08:11:19

They are apparently a venomous mammal! Perhaps that is why

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on July 20, 2022 15:32:19

Our little 7 pound toothless girl is currently demolishing the local shrew population. It’s uncanny watching her suddenly haul ass and then come back with a squirming shrew. She brings a lot to the patio but I’ve also noticed she just kinda tosses some down the mountainside and others she tries to give to her brother who tries to take credit for it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on July 20, 2022 12:12:44

That’s a cool take - I just kinda thought “what law to break” ha. Unlike them though I’d take that bank robbery and go chill out somewhere tropical

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/niceguys on July 20, 2022 12:05:42

Except for the whole bombing incident

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fuckcars on July 20, 2022 00:31:23

Just because I think this is better than the crazy Trump Trucks doesn't mean I still won't judge somebody as crazy for doing this kind of shit to their car. People with this many bumper stickers are crazy as Hooch

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on July 20, 2022 00:14:38

I remember drilling the memorization of all the small number relationships like this so it's just 7. Not for any logical reason, just because that's the answer to that. As if I'm telling you "dog" when I see a picture of a dog. I don't really think that was a great way to teach math.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/shitposting on July 19, 2022 20:12:39

Yeah, but he has also had a LOT more creative control over his other projects. His other projects have been *his.* Thor is his only real project that isn't 'his.' So that statement makes sense to me because I watch Boy, Wilderpeople, WWDITS, OFMD, JoJo... and they are all wonderful and I don't feel like there even would be a decent director's cut that told a better story.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 19, 2022 18:47:15

I know very little about movie making and even I came out of the movie thinking the same. I loved the aesthetic and feel and Gorr and the overall arc of the movie is satisfying... But it felt like we were missing a lot around Jane, Valkyrie, Gorr, generally the gods, details about the necrosword and why it is what it is... You can see the distinct similarities between Thor/Gorr and Jane/Gorr. I think the one bit of writing/plot that I really really did not enjoy at all was Zeus being alive. The fact that Thor did *the very same thing* Gorr did was such a wonderful parallel that just kinda wasn't lingered on much and ended up having the weight entirely removed by him living. I walked out of the movie thinking it *should've* been the best in P4 but it was just kinda short at least 30 minutes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 19, 2022 18:42:22

For real? I remember we had the 600-hour club and you got a pass to 6-flags for reading. Me and all my friends always got to go and it was probably one of the better things I remember about school growing up.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Wellthatsucks on July 19, 2022 10:26:29

It sounds like satire... but at the same time the US and Russia have both been doing weird shit like this since the Cold War

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/worldnews on July 19, 2022 09:54:25

Nah I’m still intrigued by his desire to do Star Trek. Tarantino has always excelled with tension in cramped spaces. I bet he would make a ship feel extremely claustrophobic and tense.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on July 19, 2022 00:00:44

I thought reindeer were fake until I was in college and saw one. Like obviously the flying deer were fake too once the whole Santa thing was revealed

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on July 18, 2022 10:38:28

Batman makes a faraday cage suit and an electromagnet to repel Mjolnir. The fight never concludes because they'll bond over their mothers both being dead.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rareinsults on July 18, 2022 09:03:01

It could be the difference between value and sale value. A diamond may actually only be worth $1000 and listed as such to the jeweler. But once they set it in a ring they can sell it for $10,000. So brinks wants to report the inventory value and the owners would want to report the sale value.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on July 18, 2022 08:44:32

Just for when you play that champ!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 17, 2022 22:53:10

Best body high I've ever gotten wasn't from edibles - it was from one of those Mary's patches. Those things are golden. No edible has ever done the trick as isolated of a body high.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/abv on July 17, 2022 20:02:33

My in-house work was mostly insurance and healthcare. In the first contract, I took I actually started part-time until I gained enough confidence to quit my main job and do it full time. I still am mostly doing Insurance related work - but I've had a few small projects branch me out. My LinkedIn is 'tuned' enough that "contract attorney" tends to filter the right stuff to the top for me. It's hard to find just a random one-off gig directly with the company (I think). They exist, but there you are much more 1099. There are a lot of placement firms though - basically, they're headhunters for legal support in certain fields. So I have a couple of relationships that way and right now I've been nearly 100% with one firm for a while and nearly 80% of that has been with one of their clients (which is actually a T50 global firm - and their name is currently headlining my resume!). I think though your old mistakes can bite you in the ass even more here. Because each gig is hired for - so you need to have people who feel you are reliable. A big fuck-up could still tarnish that reputation. Especially if you have a headhunter placing you - they'll go to bat for you if you're good, but will drop you if you are arent. They have a whole list of attorneys and always want to assign ones that will make them look good. The cons that you may not hear so much about are - no PTO, most placement firms have a 1-year bar on any participation with a 401k or another group plan, and hours may not always be what you want. That said I've been swinging for 60-80 hours/week since the start of this year and have hit it every week except for one. It also really sucks when a project just fucking stops. Sometimes a client just stops the project and now you're out those hours. I still don't feel like I'm a "lawyer" or really in a career... but I'm in a good-paying job, work from home and I set my own hours. I'll travel and work from different spots. Currently about 4-months into our 1-year plan to leave America and just work abroad (and my main placement contact knows and is way on board).

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on July 17, 2022 19:03:22

I ll do doc work here and there for one of the companies I do a lot with. Mostly just to help. But a lot of firms still just treat their doc reviewers like garbage. One firm recently reached out asking if I had time, said sure, and then when the laptop got there they expected the camera/mic to always be on. Like nah dog. I’m just sitting in my living room you ain’t getting that kind of access into my home. It also still pays too trash. Like for $35/hr sure I’ll take an extra 20 hours that week and cash up a bit. But contract gigs should be landing you $55+ with a couple years under your belt. I’ve definitely put in the kinda work load where I sat back and went “well shit this is big law money so why don’t I feel rich yet?” Most of what I do is compliance review, process development, build internal risk management programs for small companies to grow into. Lots and lots and lots of 50 state research projects - that’s my main income really. If you have 10 years firm experience - I bet you’d be a catch for a lot of placement firms. That’s how I mostly operate anyways - relationships with placement firms. Linked in is ripe with them right now too. I think a lot of our industry is learning that we can still make 6+ working from home with our cats and weed.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on July 17, 2022 18:23:01

I like to think he just unwittingly force brain washed her or something.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on July 17, 2022 18:02:55

I got into in-house work thinking it would be better. Not great. I do contract work now and make more over all. Obviously there are big cons to contract work but the pros make up for it I think. I built a decent expertise so I’ve been able to find work ok enough so far.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on July 17, 2022 18:01:39

It turns out that Vecna can be saved through his love of Pizza Hut - so now the gang has to deliver a hot large special to the upside down

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StrangerThings on July 16, 2022 21:49:22

Yes - so I just play stardew valley some more.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on July 16, 2022 20:31:08

Wow YTMND. Now that was a time when the internet seemed like it was just for fun

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on July 16, 2022 20:01:00

Cost to YOU. That’s a lot of profit to be made and an extra laborer for the capitalists!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PoliticalHumor on July 16, 2022 10:24:03

If you can stupid your way into this I can lawyer my way out

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on July 16, 2022 08:16:56

For the average person just stick even A5 wagyu into a sous vide and you're good to go. It is really hard to fuck up steak in a sous vide. Like, sure its cool to cook that shit over a charcoal or something, but just throw that shit in the SV @ 130F for 2ish hours then give it a sear in hot pan with fat.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/mildlyinfuriating on July 15, 2022 23:01:31

Am I supposed to rub a lamp or something?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 15, 2022 17:39:15

I’m just not going to buy anything and enjoy anything I get for free for just playing the game same as I would’ve anyways

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 14, 2022 23:45:46

Really shitty copaganda. Like we are all supposed to feel better that they allowed 21 people to be shot to death by a line gunman while a team of armed and trained cops stood by for nearly an hour doing nothing? No. If this is true it just continues to paint them as spineless cowards. Dude could’ve saved his wife but just stood there.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on July 14, 2022 17:34:03

His wife is dying down the hall, he knows this, but they’re all still just sitting there. What a spineless fucking pussy. This only makes him and the PD worse. He had the opportunity to save his shot and dying wife, plus all those children, yet continued to do jack shit. Yeah buddy you’re the fucking punisher alright. /s

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on July 14, 2022 17:31:41

YES! I saw that right away and everybody went "whats different" goes to show who watches the map lol

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 14, 2022 09:46:17

I ended up watching it all. Really clever

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on July 13, 2022 22:34:47

There is just such a pussyfooted attitude in online games that baffles me. Early days of Halo even there was an expectation of shit talk. But it was the same kind of shit talk as when you were playing a sport - kind of knowing the line between bringing out a wheel chair after breaking somebody’s ankles on the court or just slapping them and calling their mom a bitch. Remember how you could hear enemy chatter in Halo 2 if you were by their corpse? What beat tea bagging somebody as they hurled insults at you? Now though shits personal. Jungle goes 0-3, mid says “jng dif” and then the jungle is literally telling the kid to go commit suicide. Like “go commit suicide.” That shits just too personal. Smack talk definitely has a solid place in competition, but online it seems like it can only go 0-60 in a second. Like this is a game about killing each other. We should at least have a teabag emote.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 13, 2022 18:26:12

With college it’s also important to remember a lot of privileged kids go for free based in state poor taxes. For example when I went to school in GA the Hope scholarship was funded by the lottery system. The system is paid into disproportionately by lower-income groups and collected on much more disproportionately by privileged students. It’s merit based - but you still have to compete with the kids in the private schools. Kids who typically get to entirely focus on school and extra curricular, get tutors for the SAT….

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on July 13, 2022 18:12:49

Yeah my high ass was very amused by the goats.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on July 12, 2022 19:52:03

I’m sorry but I need to see his master cheeks to know if it’s a TV accurate model

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on July 12, 2022 16:43:03

Royal Canin is OK, but nowadays you can find a lot more quality brands and cats are starting to have more frozen/refrigerated fresh meat options that are priced around the same as RC or other quality cans/pouches but with a lot less additives. So its OK, but many many stores just have better options now as people focus more on their pet health. Banfield I will say is DOGSHIT. They are SO FUCKING BAD. I have had AWFUL experiences at MULTIPLE locations. Their preventative care subscription plan is NOT more cost effective than any other local vet I've found and Banfield's actual care is just SHIT. FUCK BANFIELD they are goddamn IDIOTS. I don't even think they're "as good as the staff" because the company's policies are such shit. We have a cat who cracked her canine and incisor teeth a while back. The Banfield we took her to was equipped for dental and extractions. After 6 hours I get a call saying they have done *nothing* because her potassium levels are low. I asked - why not give her an IV? Wouldn't her potassium be low due to fasting since midnight and then you ignoring her for 6 more hours past her appointment window? They said they couldn't give her an injection of a sedative, but I should have given her gabapentin *THE NIGHT BEFORE* which is just WRONG! Also, note the MULTIPLE conversations I've had leading up to this appointment about the need to sedate this cat because she is panicked with a cracked tooth. Yes, Yes Yes, every time... So instead of calling me after 2 hours to just have me come in and give her the oral gab they let her sit there alllll day without food or water after having already fasted. Then told me the surgery is off because her potassium was low. NO SHIT. I called another animal hospital who did it all very shortly after this, like less than a week later they squeezed her in for a 1st-in-the-morning surgery and I had a call about an hour after dropping her off that everything was done and she was OK. I asked them about the potassium and the vet said, yeah its a tad low - but she is fasted and scared it happens... What else to do... let her live with cracked teeth like this forever now because of that? Later I discover that Banfield went ahead and charged me an additional $400ish for that visit. This was the last and final straw for me, but Three different Banfield in different states all ended up striking out with similar stories. They hire from the bottom of the barrel, they overbook their facilities, they cut corners, over-promise, and under-deliver. I kept thinking - its preventative, the subscription is fine... I wanted it to be fine because it seemed like a good deal. It fucking isn't. I value my pets way too much to ever take them to a Banfiled again in my life. Absolute garbage dump of a fucking place.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on July 12, 2022 15:50:23

Herschel is a household name in Georgia. It's almost as if he already has the incumbent advantage of voters just knowing who he is and having positive associations with his name. I think people outside of Georgia may not realize the reverence people talk about him with. Every single football season it's "will X break Herschel's old record? Every good RB is *always* put side by side with Herschel. It sounds crazy, but with UGA's recent natty (go Dawgs!), I swear he has even MORE of a chance because the Glory days are back! Herschel is OG UGA dominance, the state is still in its post-victory bliss. I bet most voters wont know or care so much about his politics. They'll see (R) Walker and tick that box so fucking fast.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 12, 2022 10:08:16

Look, I'm a big Dawg fan. I've got an old picture and artwork of Herschel on the wall running down Bill Bates from when my dad was in school. I still think the man is the GOAT for college ball and his records are all set in 3-years. His dominance was just *insane*. Unfortunately, he is also fucking insane. Like, I absolutely do not like him as a person any and every time I see him. In Georgia though? The man's name is still a *heroic* name associated with being one of the best of the best. His campaign trail doesn't even need to be politics, it could just be his old highlight reels before he gets on the stage and flexes and talks about how he went 2-0-0 as a mid-40s MMA fighter because he is still such a stud. Don't underestimate how much of a household name he still is in Georgia. Man is still awfully beloved on his football history alone.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 12, 2022 10:03:45

I’ve been picking up a lot of Teemo and what makes him so nice is how many build options he has available right now. There is decent opportunity to play into an item set specifically towards your lane or a certain enemy champ. His ability to go invisible and deep ward the jungle with wards/shrooms can help give a huge vision advantage by either vision or requiring the enemy team to grab reds and have less yellows available for a fight. Being a cheeky little bastard and using your teammates as bait while you pop into the fight and mow somebody down before rolling away. I sup main but have about a hundred or so ranked games with him now at 57% and I’ve played more rune/item combos on him than just about any other Champ.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 11, 2022 18:05:29

Rules like this make me want to punch whatever Karen is behind it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HumansBeingBros on July 11, 2022 09:33:06

Probably my most listened to station ever. EASILY the BEST station for work/study/just to have on.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/memes on July 11, 2022 09:28:02

Except phase 4 is very focused. Every single show and movie has introduced new characters. Phase 1 was held together basically by just nick fury end credit scenes. Thanos was just an end credit scene to Avengers 1 then doesn’t come back into play for a while. Phase 4 is just doing what Phase 1 did - introduce everybody. Except this time there are A LOT more people to introduce.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 10, 2022 23:25:31

But on the flip side, don't be a stingy stoner. Life sucks, share weed. I totally get you though on the moocher friend....

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 10, 2022 21:46:50

It costs $18 to pull owner data off a plate in Ontario. Get his name, post to his linked in. Easy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PublicFreakout on July 10, 2022 19:23:37

T9 with physical buttons was the *best.* you could type quickly and without looking. I still feel so clumsy on a touchscreen keyboard because there are zero physical references for your fingers.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/terriblefacebookmemes on July 10, 2022 14:05:24

As a guy, I would also like to park in an area of the garage designed to deter muggings and crime.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/mildlyinteresting on July 10, 2022 14:01:00

The white care shouldn't have retaliated. I know it was wrong, but goddamn it was a little satisfying to watch a successful revenge move after the black car nearly did the same to it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/IdiotsInCars on July 10, 2022 12:40:35

Look how how to make a swamp cooler. It helps more than you’d think.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/worldnews on July 10, 2022 11:23:44

It’s not an amendment, it’s a long standing American tradition deeply rooted in our culture to privately eat steak at a national chain-restaurant

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 10, 2022 11:21:53

The phase 4 goal is to introduce the next generation of avengers. EVERY phase 4 project has done it. Black Widow introduces Yelena as the new Widow. Shang-Chi was an introduction film to Shang-Chi. Also bright back Abomination! Eternals - new cast. Spiderman NWH brings in Matt Murdock from the TV series and the prior SM properties. Dr. Strange 2 introduces X-Men, F4, Inhumans, Rambeau, and America Chavez most importantly. Thor 4 gives us Love. Wakanda 4evr is likely teeing up the new BP, and maybe Riri in addition to Ironheart. WandaVision was more of a change of character - but it did introduce some new government pieces and Agatha - who is getting a show. TF&tWS introduced JLD's character as potentially the lead into Thunderbolts, U.S. Agent was the big intro too. Loki gave us Kang and Sylvie. Hawkeye gave us Kate Bishop. Ms. Marvel is new. She-Hulk is new. Everything in Phase 4 right now is setting up new characters. That is the theme. The main baddie we know is Kang, the main event we know is the multiverse stuff. But it was the same in Phase 1 - mostly introductions, much less overlap and not much were pointing towards the Avengers other than Fury's end-credit scenes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on July 10, 2022 10:13:34

Littering and.... uh.... Littering and.... uh

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 10, 2022 09:54:50

Plot twist - the rumors of all the massive cut scenes are to start a new #ReleasetheTWcut and double dip on that directors cut money with basically a whole 2nd film.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 10, 2022 09:41:04

I think the afterlife is confusing because the context of Moon Knight helps SO MUCH. When we learn that basically EVERY afterlife is real and our Hippo Goddess name drops a few other realms that she enjoys (I think one was Black Panthers - which is another we’ve seen!) . Gorr’s god was just a mega dick.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 10, 2022 09:37:48

Pacing issues - the movie was at least 30 minutes too short. I don’t say that because I want the LOTR mega long cut… but it really did feel like it jumped around a lot, not enough Gorr by a mile.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 10, 2022 09:34:51

I’ve used my Moka so long that I sometimes forget what a pain it was to figure out. Now I just kinda scoop coffee in and it seems to work. I think the best tricks we’re getting the grind right and using already hot water before going over heat.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Coffee on July 10, 2022 08:56:03

Don't forget you can cut a hole in that bitch and fry an egg in that hole.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on July 9, 2022 22:03:01

Just do it how they’re doing their shows now. Chunk it up into episodes - however long in length make sense for that part of the story.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/netflix on July 9, 2022 21:57:18

Nah, you already found the secret - using a crafty/mighty with water. I had a sneaky pete globe and that was nice. Just something easy to clean is key. Also - room temp or warmish water works best I find. With fire, no - go ice. With a vape - go warm to help the dryness.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/craftymighty on July 9, 2022 19:52:39

Neither. If you're going to stick a whip to your mighty, I think a beaker bong is just fine. Much easier to clean and sturdier.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/craftymighty on July 9, 2022 18:55:52

I’m 32 and want that fucking fold out and pull out veggie shelf

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on July 9, 2022 01:20:16

Being a lawyer is like 99% bitch work and sometimes you get to sound smart

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 8, 2022 23:35:30

Yeah! I’ve had dispensaries in both states do deals for first time customers. I forget the one in Coral Gables, they did 60% off up to like $500. Then reduced 2nd time. If you plan ahead and save up you can do well. Plus a lot of places will oddly let you double down a vet discount even if they say they won’t. I’ve always been fine just buying whatever is on sale - but some strains ARE better. In MD Dosido 22 by Culta is legit AF good. But affording the expensive stuff as a regular user is tough. It’s why we need homegrow laws or more licensed growers - $65/eight is madness. HOC In Towson always seemed to have good deals, but sometimes not advertised and random. It used to be you could sometimes get an oz of seeded or smalls for $99. Not sure if they still do that, a lot of places just started selling smalls normally anyways.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 8, 2022 10:24:04

I mean, I first smoked pot in college and now I’ve used it medicinally for years. It ain’t no gateway drug. I’m still pussy footing around whether my grown ass should grow shrooms so I can do that while I’m living in the middle of the woods on a mountain. I know dare is bullshit but like there are still old mental blocks there where I’m afraid of idk what.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on July 8, 2022 00:02:51

Unlike Wikipedia, I’d lie about paying for it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/meirl on July 8, 2022 00:00:34

I’m a white dude, but I just also want to say I hate home too. I hope he hates white male liberals too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on July 8, 2022 00:00:00

That sounds like a fun mod. No opportunity to grind and a set amount of exp available on the map. I guess exp could be done by settlements, but that gets old past lvl 10.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on July 7, 2022 23:55:36

Yes! And if you’re around noise a lot I cannot recommend enough ACS Customs. Yeah it’s expensive but goddamn are they worth it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on July 7, 2022 23:52:28

Damn man. I used to be a real concern junkie and I always try to tell people about wearing some solid earplugs. But people always think of the shirt foam ones that muffle everything. No. Get yourself some Etymotics earplugs at minimum. they’re awesome reduction without distortion. But if music and concerts are your jam than definitely get some ACS Customs. For real, don’t discount the damage you can do to your ears. Imagine losing your favorite hobby, passion, or career due to hearing loss or to suffer through tinnitus. Proper earplugs will still let you enjoy the music to its fullest. Your body will still feel the tremors of the music and your bones will still shake with the base. I promise. But the next day you’ll be able to hear.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on July 7, 2022 23:48:16

Hell yeah! A ghoul build, disciple of Atom would be bitching. You could run endurance and strength and use the radiation sledge from Far Harbor

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on July 7, 2022 22:57:26

Nah, got to kill them too. Kill everything and everyone. The commonwealth thought the Nukes were bad? No. I'm the SOLE survivor mother fuckers. SOLE as in nothing else will survive my wrath. My only ally would be Cabot for the strength serum, he gets a pass for being an ancient murderous diety.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on July 7, 2022 20:48:09

Lol, Red Dawn is the first thing I thought of. Americans will defend America. We don't agree on shit right now and our country feels like it is at the cusp of a civil war, but I bet we would rally around making sure any invader got properly fucked. If America is still the best at anything, it's hands down carrying the biggest stick.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/UkrainianConflict on July 7, 2022 20:45:48

This has now inspired me to kill everything in every settlement and turn them all into cemeteries. Take over and destroy everything and leave only emptiness and death. Obv. though I'll still build 1000000 water purifiers at the Castle.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on July 7, 2022 20:37:03

Not to mention Socrates is told to have been an absolutely vicious warrior.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/GetMotivated on July 7, 2022 20:05:41

I use mine all day every day for years now. The thing is an absolute workhorse. Except now my screen doesn't show up so well outside since I normally smoke outside and I guess it took some sun damage. Keep it clean - build yourself good habits around using it and it will last for a long time.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/craftymighty on July 7, 2022 19:52:41

I’d want to go to a beer festival like that for sure.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/science on July 7, 2022 19:19:15

What about video games? Nothing quite beats a good teabag/melee while getting called a slew of vulgarities

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Futurology on July 7, 2022 19:12:54

I always laugh about the deals! Imagine getting your 10th script free at Walgreens. Also, Most of my meds aren’t celebrity owned. Berner’s cookies are food shit, but I liked Biebers, Bella Thorne, fucking Santana has good shit too. Plus the dozens of other names and obvious ones like Seth Green and Snoop, willie, Chong. Still waiting on the Michael Phelps Gold Special.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 7, 2022 16:51:14

The doctor portion is bullshit too. I got my card in MD and then in FL. Both times were an absolute joke and waste of money. I’m MD I could to it by video call and the doctor asks me why I want to use cannabis and I said to help with sleep, anxiety, and chronic aches in my back and knee. She said, “Ok, well it sounds like you could benefit from the use of cannabis.” It was about 5 minutes in total. In FL I had to do it live in some strip mall office consisting of 4 rooms, all only furnished with folding lawn chairs and a white folding table. The doctors main room was maybe 15 feed wide and he sat on the far end of it from me. His nurse handed him all my paperwork, including my MD license. He wrote some stuff down, asked if I had any questions, I said no so he hands me his notes and I go back to the nurse who finishes checking me out. Doctor didn’t even ask a question or anything. Figured my MD license was probably good enough for him not to care. Edit: don’t get me wrong though, the medical part is legit. Huge game changer for my QoL. But like, the process is hilariously just a pay wall, nothing more.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 7, 2022 12:16:23

As a support main I get them often actually. The vision alone comes in handy a lot. Then yeah, every game seems to have an invisible champ now.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 6, 2022 22:20:33

It is a lot about money, but also a lot about power dynamics and playing chicken with the requesting party. How badly do they want it? I've worked in-house for large companies that got subpoenaed all the time as a 3rd party to the underlying matter and my routine response was basically, "I got your subpoena, I'm not going to waste my time on this shit." I'd say 75% of the time we never got a follow-up. Then if somebody did follow up, you'd just throw a dump truck of data at them. If the other attorney asks for help you just say, "do your job? Its not my job to sift through the shit you just asked for... or explain to you how any of this works... be a better lawyer." I honestly loved it... but it was always corporate to corporate stuff. The same tactics are used in Corporation v. individual and it's very immoral I think. I never gave two shits about being difficult and playing hardball with another massive company though. Also, there are typically grounds to stall and basically make them prove how much they want it. ... For example, South Carolina says "(e) Contempt. Failure by any person without adequate excuse to obey a subpoena served upon that person may be deemed a contempt of the court from which the subpoena issued. An adequate cause for failure to obey exists when a subpoena purports to require a non-party to attend a deposition, permit an inspection, or produce at a place not within the limits provided by clause (ii) of subparagraph (c)(3)(A); or if served without an adequate time to respond; or if service is made upon an individual under Rule 4(d)(1) and the individual did not receive or acknowledge the subpoena." People also want to get up in arms about it; but Fulton prosecutors have even already said, "Graham is "neither a subject nor a target of the investigation, simply a witness."" [Source]( If I look at SC Rule 45 (3)(A) > "On timely motion, the court by which a subpoena was issued, or regarding a subpoena commanding appearance at a deposition, or production or inspection directed to a non-party, the court in the county where the non-party resides, is employed or regularly transacts business in person, shall quash or modify the subpoena if it: (i) fails to allow reasonable time for compliance; or (ii) requires a person who is not a party nor an officer, director or managing agent of a party, nor a general partner of a partnership that is a party, to travel more than 50 miles from the county where that person resides, is employed or regularly transacts business in person, except that, subject to the provisions of clause (c)(3)(B)(iii) of this rule, such a person may in order to attend trial be commanded to travel from any such place within the state in which the trial is held; or (iii) requires disclosure of privileged or otherwise protected matter and no exception or waiver applies; or (iv) subjects a person to undue burden." He is obviously 50+ miles; there is a likely risk of a violation of the privilege (being a witness would not compel disclosure of privileged information); "undue burdon" is an easy one to stack by suggesting how immensely busy Graham is and that the cost and effort of attendance outweighs simply being a witness. **, In other words,** I wouldn't blame Graham for not responding. I'd blame the serving attorneys for being pussy footed about it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 6, 2022 15:16:14

And Tony is a notorious womanizer and playboy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 6, 2022 13:00:39

I'm a millennial and I'd happily vote for a Gen Z-er if they line up with my politics. America needs younger representation.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 6, 2022 11:22:10

Is there anything you actually can't have with weed? I assume maybe some prescription meds?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 6, 2022 01:33:28

Is not needing to remember stuff like that something normal for people without ADHD? Because I absolutely have to incorporate that shit into a reminder. But I found having it in the shower works well for me since I shower morning/night anyways. It's the routine that works... Is that ADHD?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adhdmeme on July 6, 2022 01:19:29

The stimulus money that we got that wasn't even enough for rent?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 6, 2022 01:12:15

I liked episodes 1-3. Solid start to the show. Episode 4 took a major dive in terms of quality. I like how colorful the show is and the energy of the characters. I dislike how flat, boring, and frankly poorly written the clandestine are. I dislike the C-plot romance triangle like it’s straight from a CW show in its 4th season. The show is fun but lacks a lot of polish and could’ve probably used some work keeping things a little more consistent. I’ve really enjoyed seeing such a difference set of characters and issues. MCU really benefits I think from having diversity in its story telling. The show is certainly no 5. And giving it a 1 just ignores some of the amazing touches such as how texts and imagination float around the background like Spiderverse but live. So far the show seems very skippable in terms of MCU wide story. But then again so did Moon Knight. Not everything needs a dramatic tie-in like Wandavision or Loki. So far I’m still WV > Loki > Hawkeye/MK > Falcon/Marvel and very hopeful for some quality Shulk

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on July 5, 2022 19:10:36

Honestly if they would go for some more R-rated content, an Aliens type of movie would fit well in the MCU with regular military trying to fend off some monsterous force like Thanos' army.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 5, 2022 17:04:56

One of the things that drives me insane in IW is 1) how underpowered the Wakandan army is; and, 2) why the fuck are no other armies involved? The Avengers had time to get there... but there was zero time for a carrier to mobilize? War Machine does a pass over the minions and wipes a whole bunch of them out by carpet bombing them. No African armies? Sure in Avengers 1 +2 you can argue that there wasn't enough time. But in IW there was absolutely time to scramble whatever was nearby. Even if we assume our Avengers are traveling in a super-sonic jet like Zephyr One, it would still allow a lead of a few hours for other armies. It just felt like a "real" army could've wiped the fucking floor with Thanos' invasion army. Thanos is a different question... his Hubris is basially what almost cost him the battle by not just using the stones to instantly kill everybody and allowing an opportunity for Thor to attack.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 5, 2022 17:01:40

> Ron is ardently pro-women Ron Swanson is so pro-women that he even won Woman of the Year!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 5, 2022 16:12:42

Ya'll taking about some quality places, but IMO some of the top comfort food in the city comes from Joes. Also love me some Kuba Kuba.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rva on July 5, 2022 11:56:08

People like to sugarcoat a lot about animals, especially dogs and cats. My wife and I have cared for many ferals and the harsh reality is that most of them die/will die from exposure, preditors, a territorial fight... Kittens especially will die. We always find it best to be straight about it because when people think that caring for a sick cat is all fun and cute tik tok videos, they end up walking away when that sick little kitten dies from one of the tons of things that kills kittens.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HolUp on July 5, 2022 10:39:13

I assumed thats what it was talking about...

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on July 5, 2022 10:13:08

Because whenever somebody tries to learn how to play the game they just get dunked on by smurfs and disparaged by people flaming them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on July 4, 2022 22:58:14

Beer slushies are the best fucking thing.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/beerporn on July 4, 2022 22:38:08

+1 to that! I delivered with a Ruckus (much smaller) and drink I did OK with taping lids shut. Towels to help cushion and balance (and soak spills) and a cookie cooling rack on the bottom - just again in case there is a spill it doesn’t soak through and ruin the WHOLE order. Only ever had the one spill though

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on July 4, 2022 20:45:15

Zap’s delivery of the word “Booty” would for sure drive it home

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on July 4, 2022 19:35:14

To everybody complaining "wHaT aBoUt ThE kIds?" ... if only there was some sort of system in place that let audiences know the maturity level and recommended viewing age for the audience. If you think your 8-year-old is mature enough for PG13 then by all means you do you, just don't complain when 13+ material plays.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 4, 2022 17:10:31

For the record, a small plane isn't exactly hard to steal. I grew up flying 172s and most airports I went to, I could drive my car basically up to where the Cessna was, walk over and start it up if I had the key. Maybe I'd talk to somebody, but typically after I'd rent a plane a few times the owner or school would leave the key with the one person watching the place or even in the plane itself. Also, most airports are class E anyways, so you could take off and fly VFR without ever interacting with any type of control. No flight planning, control tower, nothing... You really could walk up, crank a plane and go if it was a sleepy little airport (most are!) The thing that makes a small plane hard to steal is - you need to know how to actually fly the thing.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/BeAmazed on July 4, 2022 11:45:41

I type all day and a 50/50 or 1o0 are real back savers by helping to encourage good posture

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pcmasterrace on July 3, 2022 22:19:32

Plot twist, this guy goes to sporting events to steal balls/pucks from kids so that the stadium then gives the kid cool swag.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/MadeMeSmile on July 3, 2022 20:59:06

Why do people think Japan is how Japan is in anime?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on July 3, 2022 20:32:26

I had a vasectomy and it was not a great experience, the numbing agent for the left snip wasn't quite powerful enough for me to not feel the cut. Very loud painful "NOOO" followed by pain meds and nothing. Anyways, I think I'd do it though. It was probably Howard Stern, but I recall a radio show where a guy was talking about his ED and had basically a balloon-type implant put in, with a pump located in his scrotum like a third testicle. He could basically just pump up his penis like a shoe from the 90s and was ready for action when needed, as long as needed. Pills do fine for me; but, I've definitely thought how nice it must be to be **that** on demand

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/sexover30 on July 3, 2022 16:54:43

or even to buy. Good luck trying to offer only 20% down right now

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ABoringDystopia on July 3, 2022 11:16:18

I’d just get that surgery that puts a little air pump in your balls before I had to inject myself for every boner.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/sexover30 on July 2, 2022 23:55:01

Also you’d think not being American born would matter more to Texans. Like how do dems not run “A vote for Ted is a vote for Trudeau!” And just spend a cycle smearing Cruz as un-American and a shill for Canada. None of it has to be right past him being born there.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on July 2, 2022 22:51:49

Yeah, but I'm just waiting for it to be ok to advertise weed as a prescription drug. I'd rather it be Snoop skipping through a field of Tulips because he had a good night's rest after eating a full lasagna thanks to Catatonic Kush. Consult your doctor to see if cannabis is right for you!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 2, 2022 22:33:49

Split in half because it helps my back and posture! Otherwise 75%

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pcmasterrace on July 2, 2022 21:33:05

I hope Sony execs see that we all actually enjoy the movie and release it again for those few who didn't get a chance to see it the 1st or 2nd time. If they did it 3rd time, who knows - it could be the next Rocky Horror!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/shittymoviedetails on July 2, 2022 17:10:37

Halo never needed to be balanced by its weapons - just its map layout and weapon placement. Players competing for the OP weapons as an objective was the balance.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on July 2, 2022 10:49:47

I would have swim practice at 4:30 and class started at 7:15. On Wednesday though we started at 9ish. Which normally meant a lot of kids just sitting around waiting for school because of morning practices, or because their parents couldn't randomly shift their work schedule for Wednesdays so late.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/NoStupidQuestions on July 2, 2022 09:39:54

America's issues of minority rule lay within a combination of first-past-the-post elections (leading to America's two-party system and subsequently minority opinion within a party becoming the party's base), a history of gerrymandering districts (splitting up minority votes into different districts, diluting representation to minority levels across multiple electoral districts rather than having a minority-dominated district), and horribly abused campaign financing laws leading to decades-long initiatives in recent history such as Project Redmap ("astroturfing" local elections with national-level money and influence. making it near impossible for the local and now severely underfunded candidate). I encourage anybody to look into Project Redmap - I think it is one of the most heinous undertakings in politics in our lifetime, it has been going on (in the open) with even Democrats praising its efficacy after its INSANELY HISTORICAL impact on the 2010 flip. There are TONs of issues - but the GOP has spent literal decades chipping away at obtaining a sustainable minority rule by leveraging policy over these three specific areas of American politics. America needs a New Deal on how it is *represented*. 1. Senate, being two seats per state, should maintain its first-past-the-post voting system and maintain power in a diluted party system. 2. Congress, being representative of smaller districts, should abolish such a system and follow a model closer to UK's parliamentary system. 3. The Executive Branch should exist by Popular vote - abolish the electoral college. 4. The Supreme Court should not have life-long appointments, but they should be significant in length (e.g. 20 years). Right now the issues are not with the SC, they're with how people got to the SC - which root back to the representation issues. SCOTUS has a long history of political fuckery, but it just hasn't been too fucky in modern politics and now that it got dialed to 11 people are noticing more. We can talk about education, health, Wallstreet, transparency in government, etc.... Good things, but if we want lasting and generational change, if we want to actually Make America Great Again - it ALL starts by prioritizing how representation works in our country.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on July 2, 2022 09:22:05

This happened in Sumgayit, Azerbaijan. The woman wanted off the bus and the driver wouldn't stop. They traded insults and it escalated to this. At least thats some of the color around this I saw on insta. Buses there are often just kinda stop when somebody says stop, and often drivers do - but sometimes they dont want to stop unless its an actual stop. The driver ended up fired.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AbruptChaos on July 1, 2022 16:57:34

I'm 99% percent positive that I never learned of the Partition until college. I think the most high-school history covered of India was that the UK took it over and then East India Tea company as a big company.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on July 1, 2022 11:02:23

"Brew Czar" has a better ring to it IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TheBrewery on June 30, 2022 22:40:25

My cats sleep on me regardless of whether I let them or not

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on June 30, 2022 22:26:05

I love it just on its own! 1 cup is 20g! I haven't seen it in the store for a while though, it always seems instantly sold out or unavailable.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Tinder on June 30, 2022 14:39:13

IMO its easier to just use the side of the knife. I don't want to clean a food processor or have a 1-use kitchen gadget like the garlic press,

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Tinder on June 30, 2022 14:37:55

For an award winning beer too!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/beerporn on June 30, 2022 13:54:40

Where is the shortage? I just picked up a bottle from Walmart. Had no clue

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/hotsauce on June 30, 2022 11:29:45

I put this on so much shit! I love it on eggs, especially an omelet with a real tangy cheese and veggies. French fries (also good as a mayo/sriracha mix!), most fried meats/veggies, chicken wings (mix with a little butter and white wine vinegar, possibly also add chili flakes if you want more heat!); I’ll hard boil eggs as my lazy ramen egg - goes great on the egg. Pizza - especially cold pizza, there is basically no bad topping combo for cold pizza + Sriracha. No shit put a little in tzatziki sauce to make it have a little flair (not much!), fast food almost always benefits - like Taco Bell, Cookout, in/out fries. Mix it with a vinaigrette for salads or summer fruit like watermelon. Hummus! I roast chickpeas toss them in it. Same with brusslesprouts (add honey, feta and cranberrry too for 👌) . I donno man, it goes it so much stuff so well. For so long it was basically the only reliable and affordable “good shit” stuff I could regularly get so it just kinda went on everything.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/hotsauce on June 30, 2022 11:28:57

Some of those products are awesome too! I love Oatley and Mylk in particular. The Chobani creamer is good too and most basic almond milks I think work better in cereal anyways. I’m not vegan or vegetarian but my fridge has 3 kinds of milk substitutes and no milk right now (Mylk, Oat, Soy)

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Showerthoughts on June 30, 2022 11:14:05

I’ve toured processing farms before and I didn’t go anywhere near chicken for a while after. The pink goo and death are bad, but it’s the smell that you can’t seem to get off you. I’ve heard industrial beef factories are worse. I wonder how people work there. It’s really awful.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Showerthoughts on June 30, 2022 11:11:12

Just remember that KDA doesn’t win the game. It’s a team game and Pykes mechanics blow at being a carry. But the gold share from his ult is far more valuable than letting a non-support take it. As a team, don’t let your ego get in the way and become frustrated at a hyper fed Pyke - you WANT that. Build that gold lead and shake down the objectives with item advantage

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on June 30, 2022 10:43:35

People talking about careers as if a job is a bad thing. I appreciate the take from 5 DX - that you instead have shooting stars and rock stars, both are critical and necessary and you need to identify your rock stars and make sure they’re happy in that job. These people can be with the company for years and years and will play a key part in its operations. Forcing them outside of their bubble towards a career can shake things up too much. Meanwhile the shooting star needs that shake up and needs to be pointed towards a “career.” If you find your company without any rock stars, you’re just as fucked.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on June 30, 2022 10:37:23

Yeah I cant tell why either... a google of "Rachael Madow Project Redmap" brings it right up. It is a good watch and very informative about the base behind the past decade + of astroturfing

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on June 30, 2022 09:34:55

But the real problem here is the discordance between precedent and the conservative SCOTUS. Dems add for 13 justices and the Reps will respond with some sort of fuckery to undo it or pack it further. What we've seen repeatedly though is how reliant the Republican party is on the electoral college and unfair districting through a myriad of artificial grass-roots campaigns [](Rachael Madow) ran a good segment on it back when they took things into high-gear with "Project Redmap" leading up to the 2010 census. This is the shit that needs to be quashed. Christofachism is simply not the popular majority in our country and if we push for more representative democracy through fairer representation, we can make sure that not only do these ideas not end up in national catastrophe (1/6), but also that leaders such as Sanders aren't considered "far" left.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on June 29, 2022 21:54:15

Sounds like Enchanted, but Barbi. Enchanted is def a guilty pleasure movie.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/unpopularopinion on June 29, 2022 19:31:18

Yes, but mine is an orchard full of fruiting trees to ferment into alcohol.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ProgrammerHumor on June 29, 2022 19:12:44

Does Vader know about the 3-minute time limit? The dude is always taking his sweet ass time.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/starwarsmemes on June 29, 2022 17:31:46

Yes, you should. Here is another important one for the exercise. A *lot* of people will immediately take offense to use of the bible against their so-called biblical ethics 2 Timothy 3:16-17 16 All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. Take note how it doesn't say "All Scripture is God-breathed, except for those passages in the Old Testament, those which would be inconvenient to the believer, or those which you do not wish to follow...."

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on June 29, 2022 16:34:18

Kids with unbroken chipmunk-like voices shouting the n word on repeat will be 80% of what it collects

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/technology on June 27, 2022 07:49:48

Carnation instant breakfast is the only one for me as a shake is pretty much all I ever do in the mornings and those are one of the better/affordable ones

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/videos on June 26, 2022 11:13:31

The adult swim line up has been straight comfort food for a while now. It’s even their current tag line for it - stuff do have on in the background while you do chores. It is a pretty solid line up though.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 26, 2022 07:42:39

We get to go around again!! More futurama is coming!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 26, 2022 07:39:15

My wife and I do ok and we are about 1/3 into a 1-year plan to get out of the country. It’s way harder to leave when you start considering immigration rules, language, work potential, and most places just do NOT have the same “easy” mortgages that the US does, so the cash down to move is higher if you’re buying. Also consider buying is more secure for many places residency rules compared to rentals; so for a permanent move rental is less ideal.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on June 25, 2022 15:55:01

If you're really concerned, you could do a partial cook of the food. Bake it just enough to see that the outsides of the product are cooked. This can help eliminate surface bacteria where the meat has been exposed/handled. Per your other link - I absolutely would not, under any circumstance feed my pets meet that had been soaked in a bleach solution, no matter how diluted. The "completely remove all traces of bleach" is going to be very hard. To note, freezing does not sanitize. Bacteria will go dormant in frozen meets but can reactivate upon thawing. It's why with people we still cook meat, despite freezing it. There are freezing methods much more effective for parasite elimination (like flash-freezing methods used for sushi fish).

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 25, 2022 09:10:16

Just imagine Herogasm at the Jedi temple. I bet the force makes for an impactful... device.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PrequelMemes on June 24, 2022 20:54:30

Thanos on his own doesn't stand much of a chance against many characters in our MCU universe. Thanos had the power of knowledge and foresight when it came to collecting the stones. He knew that the move for them all needed to happen *immediately* and was able to grab them all up in about 2 days, starting with the hard one - a full-on planetary invasion of Xandar for the power stone. He still was about to lose the fight on Titan with possession of 3 stones, and at that point, SW and CM still hadn't fought him.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on June 24, 2022 14:24:08

Winter Soldier is an excellent parallel. Most of the characters riff off an existing comic book character already. It very well could be that the music is a deliberate attempt at a mind control program.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TheBoys on June 24, 2022 14:14:50

In this episode, we saw a woman get an ice dildo shoved put in her with the context that this was probably a non-supe sex worker getting raped. I saw a dude's dick on fire, termite covered in pussy juice, MM getting buckets of cum shot at him, a 8 foot long snaking penis, the collection of tits, ass, dick, pussy, sex going on in the house. Also saw BH get turned into a human crayon, incinerated and charred bodies all over the house. Scene 1 of this season is probably the most shocking and made me think "wow, how the fuck did they get this on TV??" but the orgy is certainly up there with the volume of

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TheBoys on June 24, 2022 11:58:02

Is this the subtext to Soldier Boy? Both of his destructive events were triggered by that music, a la Zoolander. I don't think he is a *good* guy... but I feel like the show is setting up that he isn't a *villain* either. Probably a shitty guy from the 50s complete with misogyny and racism... but not a rampaging villain.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TheBoys on June 24, 2022 11:41:40

I agree! Plus, I've always found the prep and lead-up more fun anyways. An easier fight is a satisfying payoff to good planning. Not a fan of long drawn-out fights where we are half just hoping for good rolls.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/dndmemes on June 23, 2022 11:26:41

I've always wanted to keep bees. I dream of making meed with honey from my bees, pollinated from flowers and fruit trees in my garden.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tumblr on June 23, 2022 11:20:16

My wife helps me with my make-up. She did this when I told a story about how jealous I was in high school that I couldn't use makeup to cover my horrible acne marks and was always super conscious that I looked terrible. Normalize makeup for men!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Tinder on June 23, 2022 10:59:05

Oprah could tell me that it gets her off to zap my taint with a car battery and I'd be onboard that life-long gravy train of decadent wealth

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Weird on June 22, 2022 23:26:44

Best time I've ever had in my life was an extended solo trip hostel hopping through Europe. Being solo is one of the things I 100% attribute to it. There is such a freedom to being alone.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskMen on June 22, 2022 22:32:57

We need the Psych treatment! Make a 90 minute VB special every couple years as a movie release

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on June 22, 2022 09:02:14

Yes! That one is great. As others said the sodium though… so I just get them sometimes

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ramen on June 21, 2022 16:54:01

I would bet Nancy. I think she’ll get closure with Jonathan and then get offed

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StrangerThings on June 21, 2022 16:50:43

Unpopular opinion: Star Wars is good

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 20, 2022 23:23:01

American dad is SO much better than Family Guy IMO

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/southpark on June 20, 2022 21:36:08

Thank you for answering! Exactly was I was concerned about!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 20, 2022 19:03:11

I’m a 32 yo dude and I find the show pretty funny. It’s 100% the right time slot for late night silly cartoon

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adultswim on June 20, 2022 18:37:06

It’s always worth it! They do an amazing job, it’s beautiful grounds. On a nice day bring a picnic!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rva on June 20, 2022 18:30:16

How do the bags come? I'd rather get a 5lb bag since its cheaper, but I have cats and don't need to thaw 5lbs at once....

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 20, 2022 16:47:27

It’s why my wife and I are on a quest to leave this country! Next spring I hope to be GONE!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WorkReform on June 20, 2022 15:55:37

I’m 32 and I’ve always had halo. Halo CE was probably my first step into online gaming. For most of growing up Halo and Smash Bros were the bonding with friends activity. Melee is still muscle memory. Edit: I take it back - Brood War I’m 98 was my first. But it was never the social item that Halo was. And I was a little young to be anything but a noob For SC. CE I know I was actually good at.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on June 20, 2022 15:53:50

I think it helps that LoL has a barely functional backdrop of a story behind it, and character bios change and update and it’s not the best. So for a show, it means waaaaay more creative control. Plus tons of established characters helps

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 20, 2022 15:48:32

If this is your first pet, be sure to set a budget and try your best to set aside a rainy day fund for her. I've never had a pet that didn't cost me thousands to save their life at some point. If you cant save for it, insurance can help and is more affordable when you're only using it for one young cat. On money... I strongly discourage Banfield's care programs. Not only does it end up being more expensive than any other local vet (just in my experience); but they all tend to be dogshit. I've wasted some real coin dicking around with Banfield's because I wanted it to work since it seemed more affordable upfront. High-end cat food really isn't terribly expensive. Especially if you just have one. Many stores even sell quality raw/cooked-refrigerated foods. Again, for one cat - splurge as much as you can on their food, they eat so little. Cats are prone to all sorts of diet issues and SO MUCH cat food in the stores is junk food. (Primal is a top brand for quality raw foods; I bought their bag of Tuna/Chicken this week for $23 (actually on sale for $18) and it has 48 frozen "nuggets." She looks little, and would probably just need 6 per day, so 8 days. Call it a flat $23/week, vs x3 $0.70 cans per day is $14.7/week. So the difference between cheap shitty Friskies and a top-tier brand is $8.3/week. The savings difference really isn't significant. Then consider that you'd probably spend even more trying to feed them fancier branded cans like Origen, Weurvia, Stella, Earthborn, and Fromm (All are *good* brands though) Especially when you consider better food = better health long term).

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on June 19, 2022 23:01:21

I didn’t have issues with comcast when I had them. I know, odd to say. In my experience it was Comcast > Fios > Cox as far as having issues went

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 19, 2022 18:44:49

I watch them both. I do watch Obi-Wan first though. It’s further alone and it’s Star Wars. I was surprised they decided to release both on Wednesday

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comicbooks on June 19, 2022 17:38:48

Thanks! Right now I’d like to start them with three single-protein source recipes: rabbit, chicken, and quail. I’d also be able to source locally duck and probably other game bird. I’m also still trying to research if there is value in adding mice as well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 19, 2022 15:56:28

Member when South Park hosted every episode on their website for free? I member

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/southpark on June 19, 2022 10:12:08

Cox is hands down the worst internet provider I’ve ever had the displeasure of having to use.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 19, 2022 09:04:26

Right now I’m exploring base diets like this to supplement with my vet. We’ve done pretty well with getting them all in twice per year and we always get blood work since most of them have different needs. So that will continue for us - especially due to what you say. Plus so much info out there is basically just somebody’s blog. We used to be wild animals too but I’m on a modern ‘diet’ too lol I hate that argument so much. One of the other reasons is we are moving abroad. I know I’ll be able to get fresh whole butchered animals much more reliably than their foods. Cooked or raw doesn’t matter to me, it’s about getting them where they need to be. Done right , I think this ends up with them all better off. Just working on the “done right” part.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on June 19, 2022 00:17:03

I don't even think Vegas would put up odds on Thomas stepping down voluntarily. Its 0%.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on June 18, 2022 23:40:57

Maybe just learn how to use your mod tools

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 18, 2022 23:15:04

How did you grow this sub past 100 if you're a dick right out of the gate to anybody on this sub. Seriously. You need to make sure your community info is on new and old. You have none of your rules showing on old-reddit format.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 18, 2022 23:11:59

Can you show me where I can read the sub-rules? Right now all I see is not to advocate kibble. Nothing further. Might help. Otherwise, you're just coming across as a bit of a dick when I was asking for help.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 18, 2022 23:07:11

I'd prefer to be able to ask directly about that particular item... I've seen TONS of posts on here to Hare-Today and other spots. Care to clarify where the line in the sand is for you? Thanks for the help though! Always good to visit a niche sub and instead of getting help just get mod trips instead.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rawpetfood on June 18, 2022 23:01:46

People shit on filler simply because it is filler. I think this was exceptional filler though with great set pieces, humor, and character work.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 18, 2022 13:27:34

I relate a lot to these IT threads as a lawyer. It’s so much research. “I’ll get back to you on that.” Is a cornerstone phrase. For interviews, I always can also say HOW I’ll go about it - consult legal databases like Lexis/Westlaw, call the department of X to ask, peer and professional groups, etc…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ProgrammerHumor on June 18, 2022 11:35:08

Tom and Zendaya have pretty good chemistry, their relationship is actually real. Kind of hard to fuck that up on screen and I love her character in the new movies, so I'd like more of her. Also though, I'd prefer NO love interest. Peter at the end of NWH is primed to do a little bit of self-discovery and growing up. Focus on his other relationships like getting JJJ screaming in his face for pictures of Spider-man!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on June 18, 2022 09:21:32

What what in the butt in my ass

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/KarmaRoulette on June 18, 2022 09:02:51

$6? We doing eBay rules here?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/adultswim on June 17, 2022 23:02:16

But lightsabers. I want lightsabers. I love mando but goddamn does it need more light sabers. Obi-wan is really fueling my need for more lightsaber though

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 17, 2022 22:50:47

I thought that as well and assumed it was why he didn't go out hunting him - as if he is afraid. Later though he seemed honest about not knowing who it was.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TheBoys on June 17, 2022 10:18:51

Futurama doesn’t even have continuity between scenes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on June 16, 2022 19:15:36

I’ve definitely been near my fair share of after midnight Waffle House fights.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 16, 2022 16:50:45

I bet you could infuse peanut oil and then rehydrate PB fit with it. Then add your own nuts if you want it chunky. 2:1 pb to oil should be close, but you’ll need to play with it. u/trippyklym I think nailed it though - if you have a good blender just make your own peanut butter with already infused oil or rso. It’s literally just peanuts + oil + salt in the blender and go until smooth. Very easy

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/SousWeed on June 16, 2022 15:49:26

I bet you could infuse peanut oil and then rehydrate PB fit with it. Then add your own nuts if you want it chunky. 2:1 pb to oil should be close, but you’ll need to play with it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/SousWeed on June 16, 2022 15:49:21

He also won a lightsaber duel without ever using his own light saber and somehow managed to convey that he was bored and just fucking around with her. Vader is a beast

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 16, 2022 10:54:14

I just get really high first and enjoy getting to have live action light sabers again. Star Wars has rarely been great cinema and at this point has had nearly as many misses, but fans always seem to want something Oscar worthy. This last episode literally has Ani and Obi-Wan sparing on Croissant in flash backs as he out maneuvers Vader. And also Vader totally demolishing Reva without even getting his own light saber out… who dual wields light sabers, but is so bored he gives one back. Like…. It isn’t going to win an Emmy for best writing, and plot holes galore, but this is some good fucking Star Wars. I love Mando, but I prefer more lightsabers and Force.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 16, 2022 10:51:20

American here, my wife needed full dental work so it was cheaper to go to another country for a few months to get it done. Better too. Medical in the US is hurting.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on June 15, 2022 16:58:09

Go coast guard! It’s a lot less about killing people which is also a big plus

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TrueOffMyChest on June 15, 2022 15:24:01

Look, healthy cooking isn’t more expensive. That’s just doing it wrong. Cooking healthy takes a lot of fucking effort though and not everyone can spare the time or energy to make their waffles from scratch. You’re talking about spending an extra 15-20 minutes on breakfast versus 1 minute in a toaster, plus now you get to clean your mixing bowl, mixing tool and waffle iron vs tossing that eggo in a paper towel and taking it in the car. If you’re working on your feet all day you don’t really want to send so much time at home also working on your feet just to save the cost difference between a box of Eggos and homemade waffles. I love to cook and I’m damn good at it. But I’m also working 60-80 hours per week and I don’t always have time to do it right. I’m so time broke that I end up meal prepping and supplementing with shakes.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on June 15, 2022 13:17:00

Look, this is his chance to make himself a Jedi. It’s his movie. Doesn’t have to be a main character even, but I know I’d totally make sure to drop myself in the universe as a Jedi.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on June 14, 2022 20:37:39

Agree. It’s not about not getting scared… I just want to see the damn game and not feel like I’m straining to see the whole time

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on June 14, 2022 16:33:06

If you have any Eastern European grocery or deli in the area, they probably sell their own store made ones. Those and pirozhki are my go to snacks when we go to the store.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 13:29:25

Most of my favorite foods are “Eastern”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:56:21

Yeah but I can always just get Indian when I’m In London. Nobody is shitting on Indian food in this sub for a reason. Brits took over the whole world and chose Indian food because it’s the best.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:55:06

My Russian is awful, but once you learn Cyrillic it’s cake. The alphabet is phonetic. So you can literally just slowly sound it out like a small kid. But it works a lot better than English.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:53:48

I sometimes like to top them with fresh fruit, a fruit jam, or honeycomb. They’re pretty sweet already though. Best to just fry them up in sunflower oil and enjoy toasted and warm. “Syrniki” is what you should Google.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:50:46

Don’t shit on grechka If you’re fiancé is Russian. Those are fighting words

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:47:56

I married into that cuisine and I agree - but they know dairy better than just about anybody else. But do they realize that mayo doesn’t have to go on everything?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2022 09:44:44

I’m seriously pumped that some top tier talent is going to so something zany and original sounding with an old character. Plus the Joker singing is absolute his character. JP and LGG together doing some sick Sweeney Todd shit sounds great imo

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on June 14, 2022 09:39:30

It had the right amount of rom com and Ted Lasso vibes mixed in with being force fed your own toe.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on June 13, 2022 23:04:29

Getting harassed and told to kill myself by 13 year olds.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 13, 2022 21:08:17

One of them involving him clearly assuming a more comfortable position to get sucked off by what he thought to be an under aged girl.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on June 13, 2022 19:45:24

I did ok with it. No exams last semester, got an early start and made sure to have a burger and 2 beers for lunch every day after the class. Could normally finish up for baseball in the evenings if there was a game. Not much else in life, but it wasn’t a miserable routine

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on June 13, 2022 19:28:17

I hope the next Fallout really leans into settlements and takes a lot of lessons from some of the settlement mods that have come out. Basically, just take Sim Settlements 2 (a game-changer on its own) and let us have QoL life place anywhere, scrap everything, etc...

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on June 13, 2022 14:58:30

“I don’t like a character because it’s boring to play” and you’ve suggested “just delete support!” Lol I love support role, but Yuumi is a boring champ to play.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/summonerschool on June 13, 2022 12:23:08

Even then it’s hard. A lot of places have different entrances and rules for deliveries. Many higher end places don’t let deliveries go up unescorted, and a few places don’t let you in at all - the valets take it from the curb. I think it was Apogee in South Beach I went in once and I liked. Some of the towers north of the Venetian, on the bay off of Biscayne are nice. Not Aria/Opera - nice area though with the park. I personally like One Paraiso and the Paraiso buildings. I don’t think any of the towers along Brickell, south of Brickel (towards the Rickenbacker) are worth the cost. All very standard feeling with high costs. Eventually I just avoided trying to deliver in Brickel since condos take longer anyways and all the buildings have frustrating check in or security procedures. Also nobody tips - I’d get better tips from a night in Hialeah than Brickell. I’d also say my “criteria” is - does this place feel luxury or does it feel normal, but is being charged like crazy for location and basic shared amenities. I’d say most of the resort condos in Sunny Isles fit that “actually luxurious” box. But they’re all crazy expensive anyways and I have no real idea if it’s “worth it” to live in a place like Jade or Acquilina . I got to go I’m Regalia once and goddamn. I always wanted to see Turnberry. Sunny Isles area was hands down my favorite delivery area.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on June 13, 2022 12:16:41

I'm married and have been out of the game a while, but I used to have decent success with online dating and Tinder/OKC/PoF were some of the bigger platforms then. As a guy, things that I saw a lot of and were instant turn-offs were: (1) people clearly looking for a free meal or are otherwise put off by a cheaper first date; (2) too-much partner preference in their profile bio. I don't mind if you want a tall man but when it becomes "I want a tall man, no kids, no baggage, not afraid to show emotions, loyal, work out every day, has a good job...." It just feels like somebody looking for a daddy and not a partner; (3) can't keep a conversation, or - only ever wants to chat on the platform... My goal was always to shift off the platform to an actual date ASAP; if all you want to do is text back and forth - that's not dating; (4) profiles where they make themselves look/sound too good or have something entitled going on like "if you cant handle me at my worse; and on the flip of that (5) profiles that put down online dating as if they cant believe they're even on the platform and just trying it out. Then there are the obvious things like overt bigoty, racism, etc... (amazing how many profiles you see that straight up say they don't want to date x-race)

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 13, 2022 11:57:21

Not only are these buildings vacant - but most of the deliveries I’d take to Brickell buildings were to virtually empty apartments. I got the impression that people spend EVERYTHING to live there and then afford very little else. Very few buildings impressed me and made me think “yeah ok worth it” and none of them were in Brickell.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on June 13, 2022 11:33:57

Wars don’t need to be popular by the people. This is a war with *two* modern armies fighting a shared border and it is as much of an opportunity to fight a proxy war against Russia as it is an excuse to live test and observe a modern theater of war. American people could forget about it next month - but the military industrial complex is celebrating daily, and that’s all that matters.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/worldnews on June 12, 2022 20:35:50

I sup main and never touch yuumi because she is so goddamn boring to play. I don’t care if she is good or not - she is boring to play and boring to play against.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/summonerschool on June 12, 2022 14:18:36

Easy - just ban one of them.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/summonerschool on June 12, 2022 14:17:09

Homemade topicals sounds awesome. I love Mary’s products - especially their patches. Expensive though

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/treedibles on June 11, 2022 22:01:35

I eat the outside of a kiwi! Not the knots at the top/bottom though. Otherwise, just give it a wash like an apple and bite right in. I absolutely prefer it vs. spooning out the insides.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 11, 2022 18:21:22

The only stuff better than Dukes is the stuff you get at an Eastern European/Russian market. *That* stuff is where it's at. Never date somebody who has anything else in their fridge. Especially not that Miracle Whip shit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ArcherFX on June 11, 2022 16:50:15

The previews make this one look like the dinosaurs have take over and nearly killed all of humanity. I haven’t seen the Chris Pratt ones, but it feels like the series went off the rails

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 11, 2022 15:29:45

Definitely pushed the limits of what they could get away with.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on June 10, 2022 22:14:23

It’s a GREATLY made episode in every other way than story. I think it did suffer from the trope of the misfit loser stumbling upon an item that makes them special. Going to guess that her aunt or grandma whose bracelet that was also had powers and her mom somehow knows or something. I’d love to see some subversion of tropes, but this was quintessentially basic origin story. Plus it feels like another bracelet weapon next to the 10 rings. Maybe I’m just a little worn out on origin stories is all.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on June 8, 2022 14:50:50

Faery is solid, but grasp will still be good. Start with Liandry/Morello first, then do Lich 2nd, and Spirit 3rd. Great items are Ryleighs, Liandry, Morello, Rab. Level your E first to absolutely dominate lane. However, you must remember to focus on your Q farming and you still have to play melee. It doesn't work if you only hang back and throw out your E. Nasus Ult is ap based, so you'll get nuts regen with AP + Spirit and ult up. Its a cheese build that really only works because of URF.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on June 8, 2022 09:20:27

He is crazy in URF if you go full AP with lich & spirit visage.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on June 8, 2022 07:03:53

I watch everything with subtitles anyways, so I’d be just fine with it entirely In Comanche as long as the subtitles were done well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 7, 2022 15:41:06

Bro Moon Knight IS that black label. When it came out D+ had people confirm content settings for it. Blade is what worries me the most. Deadpool could at least be funny and toe the line with action violence. Blade I only want because of shit like the Blood Rave. Which honestly after just watching the new The Boys, the Blood Rave seems like the teletubies

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 6, 2022 20:55:25

Matrix was my movie like that. Was only 9, traveling that weekend with my mom and sister and we wanted to see a movie. The theater mislabeled it at pg13, wasn’t a hyped movie at all, so that’s what we saw. Easily my favorite movie and I still remember how sick it was that I got to see not just any R movie, but The Matrix. Maybe one day they’ll make a 4th even.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on June 6, 2022 20:43:48

Got the whole Omnibus series on my shelf. Need to start my reread before the show!! I hope they do it justice by my expectations are pretty low

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/DC_Cinematic on June 6, 2022 20:32:49

I’ve never seen this. But now I’d like a nature documentary narrated by JB

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on June 6, 2022 20:29:54

People acted this way when I was a kid in the 90s and I’m going to guess people acted this way when my parents were kids. People are psychopaths, we just all have video cameras in our pockets now to help expose them

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/iamatotalpieceofshit on June 6, 2022 09:34:45

It’s weird how America hasn’t just started to burn down police stations and treat cops the way they treat people. With extreme prejudice and violence

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ThatsInsane on June 5, 2022 23:42:43

Salvia seems more of a miss than a hit. In college we got some and very few of us enjoyed it. I liked it, but haven’t had much of a desire to do it again.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tooktoomuch on June 5, 2022 23:19:07

Sounds like some good guys with guns would make it safe then

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on June 5, 2022 20:43:37

Were there any good guys with guns? I'd be surprised if there weren't people with guns in Chattanooga. How could this happen?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on June 5, 2022 13:12:58

They can't even figure out match-making in ranked. So I doubt they'll fix matchmaking in norms. Like, it's so predictable that if I have a good day the next day will be shit, then the next day will be fantastic. It always overcompensates and you have huge W streaks followed by a day of trolls, followed by feeling like you're literally Jesus playing the game. And the loss mitigation only slows the fall but doesn't stop it from being unfun. Today I'm 2/7 with 4 loss migrations. Yesterday I was 8/2. The day before 4/6. The day before 11/3. Tomorrow I'll be on a big w streak again though since today sucks. I just wish it was balanced throughout the day and not calculated every evening.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on June 5, 2022 13:09:20

Yes! I've been to a few places like this! My favorite was a sushi spot that charged $1 or $2 per piece of sushi left on the plate, otherwise, it was like $20 for all-you-can-eat quality sushi.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on June 5, 2022 11:23:31

Kraken rum, good for not remembering where you puked.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/funny on June 3, 2022 19:02:33

I’m a straight man with long hair and pierced ears. A lot of guys seem to be a haircut away from sucking dicked based on the comments I get equating long hair to homosexuality. Oddly enough it’s in the South where they all worship a longhaired fella and talk about how much they love him and drink his blood.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on June 2, 2022 21:41:40

Cbd + thc mix is the way

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on June 2, 2022 19:06:38

Thats fair! I hope we start seeing him soon, I really did think he'd pop up in more things.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on June 2, 2022 11:02:38

Will he be Kang for all iterations or will we get different versions of Kang? I know little about him in the comic, but thought he was alien looking

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on June 2, 2022 09:48:56

Lol what is wrong with you. It’s a who-hit-first debate and the video shows that the tripper hit first. Case closed. Stop trying to make this about race. This clearly isn’t a race issue going on here. Making it about race not only makes you sound like a fool, but it diminishes actual race issues. Also I am a lawyer. Lol But enjoy Legal Eagle. Edit: lol, do you also think people don’t know you edited the above comment.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on June 2, 2022 09:25:02

It depends, in this instance it is highly unlikely. Most states allow some degree of defense and “retaliation”against assault and battery. Typically parameters are commiserate with timing and the level of defense used (for example the dasher couldn’t go to her car, grab a bat and come back). But getting up and striking back is a very close nexus of events. Some states get crazy with how much you can defend yourself - remember George Zimmerman shot an unarmed black kid and still got away with it based. It can get very wishy washy. That said, it would be shocking if the dasher here was found to be outside of any viable defense argument. If she had this footage she would most likely prevail in any proceeding.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on June 2, 2022 09:15:04

You’re really wrong on this. You don’t have to be mauled* for it to be battery. The black woman knowingly and intentionally tried to cause harm to the dasher through physical contact. It ain’t race - she straight up committed battery.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on June 2, 2022 09:02:05

Why I used to keep a pipe in my bag. Also it’s pretty common for DD and delivery to go right up - I ain’t ordering and the shits ready to be picked up. I ain’t standing around waiting for 20 minutes when it’s ready now. We ain’t hourly.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/doordash_drivers on June 2, 2022 09:00:09

We had to get pepper sprayed for training and I always thought the worst part was the shower after.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ThatsInsane on June 2, 2022 08:32:26

I’ve always learned to put your arms up and very loudly say hey bear, not talk to it like a pet in the same room.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ThatsInsane on June 2, 2022 08:28:58

I do portrait and landscape, but I want a 2nd portrait. Extremely nice to have a long screen for work

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pcmasterrace on June 2, 2022 08:24:53

Every time, not just the first. IMO it isn’t “real” halo unless 117 hangs some master dong. Hopefully writers do better in the next two seasons

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 1, 2022 23:56:23

Watch Fox News label this as treasonous and un-American, use it as a way to stir up their base that Democrats are trying to actively overthrow the government. They know everybody watching their channel has forgotten 1/6 because they stopped talking about it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on June 1, 2022 19:33:12

I liked his brief role in BR2049. I think he is a good actor, would be interested to see him lean into more dramatic roles and not try to be an action star. He is still a big man and could very easily play an intimidating older figure without being ripped to shreds

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 1, 2022 19:30:24

I’ll hold my breath on Bloomkamp though. He is a bit of a one shot wonder. Love his aesthetic and style though. And no way his Halo would’ve been near the shit show that was the Jimmy Rings special

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on June 1, 2022 19:27:27

Just don’t confuse the genre and use a romance card quote for grandmas 90th

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pics on June 1, 2022 19:23:02

That’s it! I was thinking “sole survivor”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on June 1, 2022 16:08:31

Big +1 on the mines/traps! If somebody has never done it before, sneak+melee is my recommendation for the easiest survival. To help with the first 10 levels - focus on sanctuary! I know its boring, but if you scrap everything and then build wood floors, then scrap those until you're out of everything... it gets you a lot of those early levels. Also, a lot of people don't know that the Sole Wanderer (name?) perk doesn't impact dogmeat. Charisma also is way more OP in survival IMO.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on June 1, 2022 12:39:47

Team gets an ace at 15+ minutes. Inhib turret left mid, minion wave is almost there. Everybody starts pinging between baron/drag or going B. Death timers all at 40 seconds… can just end but everybody wants to go buy with all that gold from the last fight

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on June 1, 2022 10:17:50

Watch Fog of War, it goes into how meticulously mathematical McNamara was in implementing changes to bombing raids to inflict critical mass damage. Most americas are fairly unaware of the absolute carnage and destruction we laid out in the Pacific Campaign. Entire towns just fucking gone. Everybody in them. One of the most heinous campaigns.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on June 1, 2022 10:03:42

Agree - hard to play survival without a supply chain IMO. Plus I love having my provisioners tour the commonwealth in power armor and mini guns. Quite a few times I’ve been near death and too far from my last sleep only to be saved by my beefcake traders.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on June 1, 2022 09:53:58

I’d love settlement pvp to be a landmark feature in a later game. Kind of like halo Forge. Let us navigate through insane deathclaw filled mazes and have fat man only pvp wars on tiny little islands. Settlement building could be the best part of the series if they’d put some more effort into it. Some of the settlement mods for FO4 are great

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on June 1, 2022 09:51:26

I bet a lot of them would be pretty good on chicken wings.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/BrandNewSentence on May 31, 2022 21:58:42

Did this person not read that ask Reddit about how literally every person notices nipples? It’s all I see

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Marvel on May 31, 2022 19:44:42

Except SW has to make some dumb relative connection now, so you’re now the son of Kenobi and Satine. The rest of this, secretly following Kenobi to help him is on point.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on May 31, 2022 19:21:51

According to the Bible Jesus invented weed.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/skoolies on May 31, 2022 18:39:48

Yeah. Wanda was irredeemable to me by the end of WV. It was shown that she knew full-stop that the people were in hellish misery, many of them nearly starved to death forced to repeat the same 5 seconds of attention she was giving to that part of the town. This includes everybody - children, infants…. We as an audience are confused - but if you watch again she knowingly is changing the show from episode 1. Agatha is a total misdirect because she isn’t a good guy - but her being the antagonist to Wanda doesn’t make her the villain of the show. Wanda was the villain and it took the collective and conflicting efforts of sheild, Agatha, the visions, and our side-cast sheild agents not with the sheild antagonist…. To free the town from Wanda. I’m really surprised how many people can watch that show and just kinda gloss over how it hits you over the head with “Wanda knows what she is doing.”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 31, 2022 15:29:36

She did spend the whole series though intentionally and knowingly enslaving an entire town, small children included, in a way that was confirmed to her to be nightmarishly hellish. She was the villain of the show, but a lot of people kinda gloss past it since Agatha was the antagonist along with SHEILD and we see Wanda as the protagonist.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 31, 2022 15:22:53

At my current confidence level with SCOTUS? Probably sufferage

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 31, 2022 14:28:30

I think WV is 100% because the character development in that show was critical to MoM. Otherwise if you only saw movies Wanda jumps from universe-saving heroine to rampaging villain with some of the most brutal kills in the MCU. The movie gives is really good hints - but I think they is too much of bridge to gap. Also, the Darkhold maybe means more to people who watched SHEILD or read the comics because then it’s “well yeah she used that book and it makes people evil.” … but even that handwaves her enslaving a whole town of people into puppets. Nobody else really came out of their show drastically different. Which, personally I’d like more tie in importance… but at the same time I don’t…. It’s what makes comic books so tough to get into. You see 1000+ issues of Batman over decades and ask “where to start” only to get 40 different fan lists and reading orders of stories. At some point it’s like “eh fuck it. I’ll read something else” which is basically why most of my collection is Image or finished series/standalone hardcovers

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 31, 2022 14:04:38

WandaVision was 100% necessary for MoM though. The rest I agree have fleshed out a lot, but can otherwise be a reference in a later movie. Like we never saw Tony discover Peter in IW, so we don’t really NEED the Hawkeye show to explain why he has an apprentice now. FatWS could be skipped, but it may be confusing who Agent is…. But the audience knows Captain America changed because of End Game. Loki is a maybe right now…. It seems to have set up the big phase 4 villain and the multiverse stuff, but we haven’t direct ties back to it. Moon Knight could be skipped if he shows up later… again we’ve had new characters show up in movies , don’t need their life history to go “oh cool, this guy looks like a mummy and has some sort of Egypt thing going on and she has wings”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 31, 2022 13:44:50

Yeah, WV is 100% necessary for MoM and I don’t like that so much… if they’re connected fine, that’s perfect. But how confusing it must be for Wanda to suddenly be such a vicious villain if you don’t watch the show and the last time you saw her was End Game, as the Thanos stopping hero of the universe.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 31, 2022 13:40:45

Just needs a j painted in. He already looks like he is smoking

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/skoolies on May 30, 2022 23:07:20

Imagine if she was black, didn't make these errors, and was a top-class orator, but wore a brown suit.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/BlackPeopleTwitter on May 30, 2022 11:30:44

Probably short hair and a sassy attitude too

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comics on May 30, 2022 11:06:21

Happy Meal & McDouble is a solid order. Especially the equivalents at Burger King because you can get onion rings and put them in the burger.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on May 29, 2022 20:25:50

Why would you go to a nude beach and not expect to see naked people or be seen naked? Because you thought it was only old people and you’d look like a stud next to jerry whose balls are down to his knees? The point isn’t to go gawk and be gawked at or size up next to other people…

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tifu on May 28, 2022 16:00:55

They tone it down and it finds it’s groove a lot better

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on May 27, 2022 14:54:59

I bet there are people in here who never clean their piece commenting about that ink

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on May 27, 2022 11:55:36

My wife and I are on a one-year plan to leave, a few months in. It isn’t just finances - immigration policies post a massive uncertainty with one’s future. It’s one thing to hop over to a nation with a digital nomad visa for one year, it’s another to attempt to map out years of immigration with a heavy reliance on work-from-home through the US still.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on May 26, 2022 18:06:40

I am glued to the bed if I have 1tbps of abv before bed. 11g would cause me to just skip a day. Probably also feel really amazing though on the other end of that rest

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/abv on May 26, 2022 14:37:56

Try to shift the focus so that romance and sex isn’t the end game. Instead focus on trying to find a new best friend - not to evolve as a romance, but just to have a buddy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/niceguys on May 26, 2022 14:35:38

I’ve got insane vision and I don’t notice this stuff. You just have to be looking for it. I’m more of a “trying to take in the whole screen” viewer rather than a “stare at Shulks nostrils to see if they flair correctly.”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 26, 2022 14:12:16

Mike Myers, but he plays all the parts.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on May 25, 2022 18:48:11

Good! Goddamn kids need to stay off our internet!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/memes on May 24, 2022 10:00:51

So this is full of shit because Lloyds underwrites his stunts

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on May 23, 2022 21:58:18

About 10 minutes into the Kwan episode I realized it was going to be focused on her. Skipped it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on May 23, 2022 21:35:34

Pam would tell AJ that the secret to any good relationship is teaching them how to work the clit. Also probably with puppets

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ArcherFX on May 23, 2022 21:30:46

I hated their first time through as well. Now I look forward to them. WITH A KNIFE, FUCKING KNIFE is one of my favorite lines to bust out, basically anytime I'm in the kitchen.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on May 23, 2022 20:47:35

I used to take the Acela DC/NYC and I’d often see some pretty decent tv/game rigs. Always compact though - nothing this insane. Lots of switches.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fuckcars on May 23, 2022 13:30:56

Lol it’s not all fun and games. I have a larger than average penis and impotence 🤷🏻‍♂️ thank God for viagra but it still sucks to start ED meds in your 20s and no amount of penis hubris prevents the anxiety of not being able to perform.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 23, 2022 11:55:11

Check OPs history, they’re in-house counsel for Hustler. I think they’ll be fine

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on May 22, 2022 20:43:32

I love the Matrix. If they ever make a 4th movie I hope it’s good and doesn’t ruin the franchise

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on May 22, 2022 13:36:55

I wanted to be an aircraft mechanic, but was in an environment where no adult pushed or encouraged anything other than white collar college pursuits. I got my JD and ended up making about the same as I would’ve if I just went to trade school and got a job during that 7-year span. I think I’d be happier too…. Although I do love my work from home life and you can’t do that as a mechanic unless your home is the shop

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AdviceAnimals on May 22, 2022 11:46:17

So a lot of comments about the wage. I always feel conflicted about tipping because I've made some really good money bartending, waiting tables, and doing catering gigs. I just don't think the offered wages will ever come anywhere close to potential tipped earnings. People seem to believe it will even out and places will offer equitable salaries, but I think it will end up a race to the bottom with most places offering minimum wage and only higher-end establishments retaining talent through compensation. It's not that places cant do it, I just think most owners don't value their staff.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ChoosingBeggars on May 21, 2022 20:34:41

You could even do this - Tax churches, but give deductions for certain actions such as charity. Like how it works with people. If Churches want to argue that they shouldn't be taxed because it would impact their charity - great, show me the receipts and codify reasonable deductions.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on May 21, 2022 20:16:38

Or just give up the notion of a unified humanity in space and seed distant systems with enough of a head start such that the local cluster of human systems begin at space-levels.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 21, 2022 19:42:51

I’ve been watching him do skit comedy my entire life, for his entire life.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on May 21, 2022 18:08:38

IRL it’s because China has rules about shit like skeletons in video games. In lore I think they made the change associated with his “breakout” or something of the Shadow Isles during the Ruination event.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 21, 2022 12:47:49

I still think WV is the best marvel show

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/comicbooks on May 20, 2022 22:36:44

the only time you should ever say "EZ" is at this precise moment.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gaming on May 20, 2022 19:13:58

Rule of thumb is to keep collectibles as original as possible to how they were produced & packaged. Even an old booster back can accrue value.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pokemon on May 20, 2022 10:28:49

> Cops don't typically give a shit unless they're dickheads. So always

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/trees on May 19, 2022 23:42:29

MCU hasn’t had it’s “Somehow…” yet

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelmemes on May 19, 2022 23:37:30

Yeah, because then they'd have to go peel off all those stickers at the pumps

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on May 19, 2022 22:27:50

Not to mention the raw materials themselves have to show up somehow.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/tech on May 19, 2022 08:26:09

I think there are a couple great ways to limit the danger here. First is to incorporate one of those Motorcyle racing suits that have the built in airbags and safety features designed. Second, full face helmet and neck/back support system (maybe the race suits have thos). Third, I’d govern the hight from ground parameters to avoid going too high. Fourth - if they have arm braces built into the suit to both keep arms rested and limit arm movement to only fly-friendly positions. It looks like this dude is holding a 3-minute dip. Lot less danger here once it gets worked a bit. But for a few iterations into this model, it’s doing really well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gadgets on May 19, 2022 08:21:57

Live in the penthouse of the tallest building in the city and just Base jump down everyday

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/gadgets on May 19, 2022 08:17:11

Or, “exactly - and it will happen just the same, but to us! History repeats itself!”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/PoliticalHumor on May 18, 2022 14:13:59

Getting older and losing the will to spend an evening getting fucked by kids who can play all day. I used to be fucking great, but the falloff is real.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on May 15, 2022 09:56:39

I think you mean that same morning

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/punk on May 14, 2022 23:18:24

I think they’ll change it so the flood were just imprisoned and misunderstood aliens and chief will build a relationship with one, fuck it good, then foster in an era of peace with the flood

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on May 14, 2022 23:12:47

I'm sorry, is this a cranberry mustard-melt sub or a grilled cheese sub? /s Cranberry mustard sounds dope AF, never heard of it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on May 14, 2022 21:39:00

Only Farmers may as well have been No Blacks. So yeah, that's sort of what happens.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Showerthoughts on May 14, 2022 21:31:28

I mean, I'd personally like to replace the supremacists

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on May 14, 2022 21:27:58

You aren't a weirdo. You are unhealthy. What you are describing is something that a therapist can help you with. There is not wanting to work too much, and then there is being exhausted after 16 hours in one week.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on May 14, 2022 21:21:38

Its like playing tennis duos - but with ping pong paddles and a ball that's kind of like a wiffle ball. Its either mini-tennis or jumbo ping-pong ball. Its pretty fun and you can get pretty active with it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on May 14, 2022 21:17:46

Ok, let me be more aggressive then. It is clear you are pretty unwell just reading through your comments. You are hostile, defensive, and trying to pick a fight with anybody here giving you a real answer - some people here are giving you good answers and you're being a right prick about it. If you have cancer, you'll go see a doctor and get treatment. Right now you've got a slew of mental and emotional disorders that need to be treated. Or else, you're going to continue to hate work, life, and yourself. I don't know you and I don't really care what happens to you. I don't want you to be friendly to me because I don't want to be your friend. You asked strangers on the internet for help - well guess what, go get some fucking mental health help and stop being a combative twat about it. Or don't and just keep doing what you're doing since you're doing so well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on May 14, 2022 21:14:49

The fact that you’re push to the limit so easily is suggestive of a need for help. You asked for advice, but want to fight everyone here saying to get help. Fine, don’t get help and continue to be the way you are now. Or, do something about it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on May 14, 2022 20:55:02

So OP claims to be an electrical engineer who can’t work 16 hours per week and nobody is questioning how they ever became an electrical engineer in the first place? Not really a field you get into without some effort. The real answer though, if it ain’t fake - OP, for whatever reason you’re in denial of a very real truth. You have a problem and therapy could provide substantial benefits for your mental and emotional well-being with this work issue.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Advice on May 14, 2022 20:28:44

I also appreciate how LD officially canonized how the halodecks are used mostly for sex and that blasting cum out of the fuck filters is a bottom-rung chore.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on May 14, 2022 16:44:21

We know Trek can be funny, Lower Decks is killing it

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/startrek on May 14, 2022 16:41:06

Yeah - I didn’t know anything about the Mandarin going into the movie and I thought Trevor was hilarious. Extremis wasn’t my favorite villain, very generic feeling. But I liked Adrian and despite how batshit GP is she plays Potts well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 14, 2022 14:09:48

Bebop was *almost* good. It got a lot of the feel right, the cheesiness and campiness. But it also felt very disjointed.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on May 14, 2022 11:28:18

Contracts was one of my worst classes. Turns out I ended up working with corporate contracts as a primary job function for years. Also turns out contract work and Contracts class are pretty unrelated. Also turns out legal practice is pretty unrelated from law school in general anyways. Kind of like what’s on the Bar exam.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/LawSchool on May 14, 2022 08:53:45

Compared to Halo, Bebop is an Emmy winning show.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/halo on May 14, 2022 08:27:37

First objective is normally my queue as well. I try to time first back right before it for item advantage and to top off.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 13, 2022 18:47:53

A good rule of thumb for roaming is to just kinda get a feel for jungle positioning, objective timers, and lane push, with enemy HP. Like, you have an advantage in not farming to eagle eye as much info as you can about the game. Generally you should roam when you think an objective, save, or takedown is imminent. I don’t like to roam on seige waves because I don’t want to miss the exp. But some faster sups like Sona/Janna can double dip siege waves if you find an excuse to go mid > top/bot. Helps if one lane is being frozen. Support should support where the advantage is. Not necessarily the ADC. Frustrating for me is when late-game ADCs QQ at roaming. Like, sit your weak ass by the turret and practice lane freezing and earn an exp advantage for the next objective fight.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 13, 2022 18:45:21

This reeks of an angry Gold. Don’t get me wrong I see plenty D/M who flub up, but I don’t think they’d say something is off base as this. There are so many times a support should be touching the wave. Also, it’s not PC. Gold share is 50%, chill.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 13, 2022 18:39:01

As a support main - I repeat this message to every auto afk adc farmer out there.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 13, 2022 18:35:46

Dr. Space man was the best side characters. I always loved him and Dennis Duffy.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on May 13, 2022 11:40:30

Y’all downvoting, but it’s right. Cartman overheard earlier in the episode the Farmers intention to shoot trespassers. This is why he leads the parents to that specific spot - he was planning on the Farmer shooting them. He didn’t pull the trigger, but he intended for them to die as a result of his trickery.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/southpark on May 12, 2022 16:32:32

As a sup main I’m pretty into this patch. Yet another lucky wild pass for a champion I play a lot of too!!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 11, 2022 21:53:18

I wonder if Jonas knew it was busted.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on May 11, 2022 15:40:26

Technically the constitution only allows citizens to bear and keep arms is for the purpose of a state militia. The 2nd amendment has been propped up by courts; but with the federal army and state national guards - there isn’t such a modern necessity to have a citizens militia and therefor such a right is widely outdated. It isn’t to protect you. It isn’t to protect you from your government or anything like that. It’s for a “well regulated Militia.”

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on May 11, 2022 08:30:27

Just let them make a 90-120 minute movie every 3-4 years and I'll be OK also. Do the Psych treatment and become a movie series. I still have high hopes for the S8 movie. If a movie makes money, I think it is a better shot to get a 2nd movie than a 9th season, but then Futurama did it, so its possible.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on May 10, 2022 13:16:16

Agree - Gary set out on his own and underwent some serious character growth as a result. His coming back to be Malcolm's #2 isn’t a step back for his character. Rather, it is him assuming his rightful place. From s1 we see Gary as an expendable dumb henchman. At the end of s7 Gary is a battle-hardened leader, cunning and fearsome - taking down some of the most notorious guild villains). Even more, though, Gary’s solo journey ended up letting him grow out of his dependence on Malcolm, and Malcolm also was forced to change how he viewed Gary. They became actual partners and friends, tried through the most difficult battles we’ve seen in the Venture Bros. If Gary never came back, that relationship can never resolve. If that relationship never resolves, I don’t think Malcolm becomes level 10 - he needs a partner.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on May 10, 2022 10:39:51

One thing that definitely surprised me about Miami was how openly Republican Cubans are. I learned that there is a generational tie to the Republican party due to its aggressive stance against Castro/Communism in addition to the remembered perception that it was Republicans that helped them once in the states. It does confuse me though because the modern Republican platform simply does not give a shit about minority groups.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/FloridaMan on May 10, 2022 10:23:24

Agree - the horror moments of the movie were the best parts. It made me wish the whole movie was that level.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 7, 2022 21:45:33

Seems easier to just mix all the eggs up front and serve equal portions into the bread. Maybe would've had better green onion ratio

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/oddlysatisfying on May 7, 2022 18:33:33

Then they ping Mia on you and it’s time to just go support somebody else for a bit and let them tower farm

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 7, 2022 18:15:17

Then they ping Mia on you and it’s time to just go support somebody else for a bit and let them tower farm

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 7, 2022 18:14:45

I’m sorry but this is not a grilled cheese. I clearly observe bead on bread contact between the outter layers of bread. This is not a grilled cheese, it is a bread-melt. Does this subreddit have no honor anymore?!?!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on May 7, 2022 01:19:33

Yes! I love the Walmart full aisle self checkout lanes because I normally make big shopping trips. I’ve divided my trip into different budgets (self/pets/home) and also keep my things organized in a way that makes sense for unpacking. I bag my shit better, not because staff are bad, but because If I’m about to spend most of my paycheck, I just kinda want all my shit the way I want it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 7, 2022 01:14:20

If you’re stingy with your weed, fuck you.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 7, 2022 01:09:34

Man fuck anybody responsible for the bait and switch on S8 into a movie. Every season has gotten better, s7 is easily the best show AS has ever aired. Yes the off seasons are too long and unusually random. But goddamn if I wouldn’t take 5 more seasons spaced over 20 years than any forced wrap up

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/venturebros on May 7, 2022 01:07:54

yes! for sure, but I'm just speculating that he has a 'director's cut' of footage, it's R.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 7, 2022 00:30:47

I actually bet Raimi went ahead and filmed a full-R version of this movie and studio interference brought it down to this, which still has us all going "Hell yeah Rami!!!"

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 6, 2022 23:19:27

I got really stoned and enjoyed the shit out of this show.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/television on May 5, 2022 21:58:06

Public defenders are one of the few jobs established by the constitution.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 5, 2022 18:06:15

It’s actually better that Pyke lands the kills with his ult because the overall gold reward is increased.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on May 5, 2022 12:13:44

Wakefield is bomb

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on May 4, 2022 19:17:51

I thought I was younger when this came out… damn

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on May 4, 2022 13:43:09

I mean, I agree - but the explanation is already there. *A presence I haven’t felt since…” can be any reference to their past. We’ve just attached the moment to Mustafar since that is the obvious epicenter of their relationship and a moment Vader wouldn’t say out loud. If they do meet in this show, we already know that Obi-wan comes out either alive for victorious, maybe both. It could be yet another example of Vaders inadequacy to defeat his old master.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on May 4, 2022 12:46:41

Look, I’m just so happy at this point to have some live action lightsaber fights again. Everything else is icing on that cake. The fact that it’s Obi-Wan and we get that bit of Vader at the end is good enough for that cake to nail my wife and us still be friends.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on May 4, 2022 12:37:42

I donno, if it was for like a few pounds of the shit I’d consider it. Weed ain’t cheap

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TrueOffMyChest on May 4, 2022 12:33:39

We already know he has the potential and capability to become a multiversal-being strong enough to partner with a Watcher to defeat infinity ultron. If able to continue to sate his hunger for more power, he would still grow and become one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse. It looks like we may see a darker dr strange, maybe the what-if one? If so, I’d love for Strange to get a peak into the potential of his capabilities. Wanda seems to be going dark side, strange May get the benefit of seeing his dark side and keeping onto his heroic side. So yeah, now looking back to see him hold some water is pretty weak.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 4, 2022 12:29:22

It's a montage of him eviscerating crowds of people at various locations and times. A 'life' of nothing but gory brutality and violence.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 4, 2022 09:33:09

It isn't bullshit. Non-Euclidean geometry has application in three-dimensional curved planes and has helped establish ways to model outside of Euclidean-geometry's flat-planed model. Really though, we were taught that the *real* importance of non-Euclidean studies was the influence for Riemannian geometry, and from there *tons*.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on May 4, 2022 09:25:21

Agree - Layla wants to be her temporary Avatar because her only frame of reference so far is Konshu and Ammit. But it would be cool if she got onboard with the whole protecting women and children thing and Tawaret's fun energy could be bubbly and excited to be a superhero!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 4, 2022 09:00:33

Was the giant monster battle a physical fight or a spiritual-realm type of battle? It looked like they were destroying things, but just trying to figure out where in the MCU a city seeing a giant monster battle and soul-sucking going on fits.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/marvelstudios on May 4, 2022 08:55:43

You are an idiot. I'd suggest you do some reading on the matter because you are totally off base and simping for those keeping our country on its knees.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on May 4, 2022 08:28:08

Housing costs are inflated *because* of shit like this - people who buy the property and do not need it. Do you think they're charging less rent than the expense of the property? Landlords aren't lowering rents the more the mortgage/loan gets paid off, they just make better margins. Housing prices are being kept high precisely because of landlording.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on May 4, 2022 08:24:58

No we don’t. We do not need more people keeping ownership away from tenants l. Even if they’re nice the point of being a landlord I’m guessing wasn’t to be nice. It’s to make another persons living situation your product to profit off of.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on May 3, 2022 22:22:26

Venture Brothers had its 8th season cut from under it after it was green lit and replaced with a series finale movie to come out. It’s a shame. Every season of Venture Bros has gotten better. Watch an episode from S1 and then from S7 and it’s crazy to think it’s even the same show. Don’t get me wrong, Hammer and Urbaniak run a tight show and their 1-hour “All This and Gargantua 2” is just damn good TV. I’m confident that this movie will do the show justice. It’s knowing that they were green lit for a whole season and probably had plans for more.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on May 3, 2022 22:15:11

One of them has the Osborns pause the movie and complain that it’s same recycled jokes. Fun little snap back to when the Osborns had their show that was basically them cursing nonstop.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on May 3, 2022 11:57:52

Be careful though, therein lies the path to calling tortillas bread and turning this into r/quesadilla.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on April 30, 2022 18:54:01

It’s that bad. I’m a lawyer. I make decent money, but my current company is still cheap on health so it costs my wife and I about $680/month premium to have the privilege of a $4,500 deductible each and a maximum out of pocket if $7,100. What this means is that in January my wife had surgery. All in it was about $20,000. Our deductible was met and then we had a 10% copay it some shit that made it about 6800 in the end - nearly using up her max out of pocket. If I want healthcare for myself - I have my own 4500 deductible and out of pocket. So if we both have major health needs it’ll be about $14,200 + the $680/month premium ($~8k) for a total of ) $15,000-$22,000. Costs here are absurd too - it can cost a couple hundred to do any basic little thing outside of general preventative care (which insurance DOES cover a some of that - but it’s not unlimited). We have annual needs so I just assume to annualized out and save at least one person’s max out of pocket costs each yeah - but affording us both is very difficult. Rent isn’t something we are dumping money at - but $1450 isn’t crazy. If i add rent, premium, annualized out of pocket, those three alone end up at ~$2700/month I need to manage just to have a roof and one of us healthy. Then start adding your other bills in life, then other life expenses to keep chipping away any savings. We have money enough to keep up, but not enough to get a head or feel like we could start a family and not struggle with our children’s comforts. One of the biggest reasons my wife and I are leaving the country.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/WorkReform on April 30, 2022 08:53:06

and Dental insurance is SHIT. Dental health is nearly bankrupting my family right now. Good luck being an adult in America with major dental needs.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on April 29, 2022 15:43:12

but I cant pirate my rent and healthcare.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskReddit on April 29, 2022 15:42:39

Herald offers a greater early gold lead if you are able to quickly turn a Harold-win into first turret. Plus the better early map positioning with a tower down while a lot of people still want to babysit lane. Drakes stack over the game and having a drake advantage can turn rally a losing team. However the accumulation of their buffs doesn’t impact the team until the 2nd drake. Early-game champs may prefer Harold first because the objective is to force an early win. The extra gold lead helps push the early item advantage and stretch their ability to punish the early game. At 6-min even a half-full item advantage can prove the difference. Late game champs may prefer drake because their goal is to hold out and unleash hell. A farm-diligent Nasus at 3 drakes is going to remind folks why those early two tower loses to lost Harold’s isn’t that big of a deal.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on April 28, 2022 12:36:29

Get another one and fry it up. It’s one of my favorite foods. When I lived in Miami you could hardly go anywhere without it being offered. A lot of places really caramelize them up and it can be like a dessert.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AbsoluteUnits on April 28, 2022 12:24:01

Fried plantains are a reminder that there may in fact be a higher being who loves us.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AbsoluteUnits on April 28, 2022 12:22:28

Matrix 4 made the rest feel worse. It cheapened the ride

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/movies on April 28, 2022 05:55:25

As a WFH employee - I guess I’ll never get paid

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on April 27, 2022 21:44:22

I also married a non-American and my southern-ass **loves** wafflehouse-like parent and she cannot understand why. Like, I showed you - drag your apple butter cinnamon toast through your over-easy eggs, take a heap of your everything hashbrowns, and top it with some country ham. Wash it all down with some pecan waffles and be sure to take your coffee mug as a souvenier.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/FoodPorn on April 27, 2022 21:08:58

This should be a full-time item.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/FoodPorn on April 27, 2022 21:06:48

I'm sorry who can hate ditto when it is so fuckable?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/pokemon on April 27, 2022 19:46:06

Never date anybody who has Miracle Whip in their fridge.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on April 27, 2022 19:17:42

It’s time to fight, put up your dukes

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on April 27, 2022 18:15:02

> there is not some… political debate. Best hope OP is only using Dukes. I’ll fight anybody who uses Helmans!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/grilledcheese on April 27, 2022 17:18:22

I don’t know - I think driving is the most confusing issue for a Miami driver.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on April 26, 2022 12:33:07

Disney should just move to Colorado and implement a 420 park where parents can get fucking blitzed out of their mind and go through some trippy 60s-style amusement show ride, but with modern disney holograms.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/politics on April 24, 2022 22:45:55

I definitely agree and I loved Outback growing up! I’d probably still enjoy going for those onions, but nowadays I won’t spend money at a streak house. I’m confident enough with my sous vide that the only real expense I want to consider in the steak is the quality. A $35 cut from a premium butcher prepped right will taste like a $100+ streak house steak. I’ve seen plenty of butchers with long-term dry-aged cuts as well. Although, I do also recommend the sous vide for cheap cuts - it’ll do wonders to a flank steak too.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on April 24, 2022 15:58:52

Outback also offers a similar quality to a Roadhouse or Longhorn, but without the peanut shells everywhere

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on April 24, 2022 15:55:23

Yeah but have you factored the three little dishes of that orange sauce I’m going to slather it in?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/todayilearned on April 24, 2022 15:53:54

People watch lawyer shows that always make lawyers out to be these silver-tongued super sleuths. Just go sit in court for a day and see that the 'lawyer-world' is far closer to Scrubs than Suits. I laugh with my colleagues that we should keep a collection of all our stories and try to build a lawyer sitcom out of it - the material is all there. You bring great points about Milani milking this. I went and rewatched around this clip and you're right, Milani isn't even brought up. So I'd stop even calling this a lawyer fuck up at all now.... Looks like it was a prop for demonstration. Pretty common.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on April 24, 2022 10:29:51

Ok - but what if the Rick that sparked our Rick wasn’t from within the central finite curve. There must be Ricks beyond the curve - wasn’t the point of the curve to block out universes where Rick wasn’t the dominant life form? That doesn’t mean a Rick beyond the curve couldn’t still be God-like and try to poke holes at the curve. If might be a stretch for this theory…. But the curve has got to be central to what’s coming up - the potential of adversaries more advanced than Rick? I think the curve is also a source of ricks depression and lack of care in life - evil Morty was right, he isn’t a God he is just playing in a crib.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/rickandmorty on April 22, 2022 21:15:01

I swear every time I get chicken tender sub the Publix by me puts a whole damn chicken in there. Give me that or whatever daily special any day over just about any other sub place except for Fire House

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Miami on April 22, 2022 21:04:52

Or just let the kid die and take the vaccine for yourself

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/fo4 on April 22, 2022 08:51:36

I used to live by Tysons Manager and his bodyguards were around a lot. There were 4 times (over our years next to them) that I can recall a noisy incident that amounted to a crazed fan/challenger/rookie or something outside their home shouting. Otherwise probably the best neighbors I can remember. I hear so much about how those people robbed Tyson, and it’s crazy because everybody around him seemed so kind.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/entertainment on April 21, 2022 19:08:02

You don't cook off the alcohol when making canna sugar. You can just let it sit for a couple of days covered in a dish covered with a cheesecloth. It all evaporates away and then you can move it to a mason jar or process it further into a simple syrup. Its a little bloggy, but [this is a decent link]( I just found to help show... It is one of my favorites since tinctures tend to make everything taste like ass and sugar doesn't. To avoid some settling issues - I guess that is just me not understanding if the THC is now suspended in the drink attached to the alcohol, or if it is trapped in the trub with the yeast that ate the infused sugar. If the yeast eat it - I don't see sugar being a solution. If it remains suspended, a conical would help a lot, or starving in the primary and racking onto some infused sugar in the secondary.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Homebrewing on April 21, 2022 13:24:37

If you can, 1099 yourself and just let a CPA do it. There are plenty of them who can navigate that easily. Ours is wonderful - we are planning to move next year.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/ProgrammerHumor on April 21, 2022 10:32:50

Yes - in my experience revolution is the best. We have tons of animals and I’ll still pay extra for it.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/cats on April 21, 2022 09:09:38

The next shot is where the twist comes - full penetration, and we show it all.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Bossfight on April 20, 2022 21:49:10

SCD was amazing. Such a hard cliffhanger to be left on

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AdviceAnimals on April 20, 2022 19:11:00

Does brewing with infused sugar work? What about adding a thc syrup right before pitching the yeast?

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/Homebrewing on April 20, 2022 19:08:01

back to the high seas we go!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/news on April 20, 2022 00:25:18

bored and didn't want to work! Once I got going though, it was nice to try to write it out, helped me as well.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on April 19, 2022 20:07:09

My wife and I are planning a similar exodus. A lot cheaper though and not Italy. But buying and moving overseas where the dollar is stronger and healthcare is better in order to escape those as costs of life. American dream is to leave America and we're on track to live that dream!

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/AskMen on April 19, 2022 20:06:11

I make close to that and it’s still very pay to pay. But rent and healthcare costs have been keeping us from being able to get enough savings together for a home. We are working on leaving the country. It’s just unsustainable and having reached what was supposed to be a “successful” point only to realize how it actually isn’t has been extremely disheartening. I think 150k is the new 100k if you’re view of 100k as a lot of money is from the 90s still.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/antiwork on April 19, 2022 16:06:44

It’s still a kids show… I mean, yes…. But it definitely crosses to pg-13 at some point in the shows run. By these last 4 episodes we see Ashoka decapitate a bunch of Mandalorians surrounding her without blinking. It may not be bloody - but the show reallllly ramped up is violence in the later seasons

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on April 19, 2022 15:26:48

Pretty sure I see those episodes getting sucked off daily on Reddit. It’s a very very popular opinion that those episodes are too-tier content.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/StarWars on April 19, 2022 15:23:07

I’m from the east coast - so I probably just call it that from the gps/map. Also I think a mistake on my part because this was in Utah what I’m thinking off - super remote. But I also do remember driving from Chicago to Champaign Urbana and it’s just nothing but corn and isolation.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/interestingasfuck on April 19, 2022 15:14:25

I dated a girl with a mentally challenged brother and little chance of being able to live solo. I could tell how much it impacted her family and she had to wrestle with the awful feeling of hoping that her brother dies before her parents so she doesn’t default to being the care taker of an adult with the self-care capabilities of a child. It’s tough because she both really loved her brother but also really did feel like it ruined her family’s life. Her parents were successful but still perpetually broke with his medical bills and as a result she got very little growing up.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/TrueOffMyChest on April 19, 2022 14:09:42

True - but icewater blasting your bunghole first thing in the morning is better than coffee.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HolUp on April 19, 2022 14:03:46

Americans - go buy a bidet! They're dirt cheap on amazon and you're butthole will thank you.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/HolUp on April 19, 2022 13:56:37

every so often I play with people who are garbage, but they type - and they type so fucking fast that I assume they must be a bot or using m/k somehow.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on April 19, 2022 13:40:09

Just keep showing the other team the dog-butt emote after FB teemo and watch how fast you get a full team level 5 gank up top out of spite.

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on April 19, 2022 13:39:19

I save EZ for when I play like shit but still get carried to a win. EZ

Commented by /u/RogerDeanVenture in /r/wildrift on April 19, 2022 13:37:46