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The former largest holder of the American bank Wells Fargo & Co, Berkshire Hathaway Inc of mega-investor Warren Buffett, continues to withdraw money from bank shares. Berkshire Hathaway has sold more than 100 million shares, the equivalent of $ 2.5 billion or more than $ 10 billion since June, according to a report published on Friday. As a result, Warren Buffett's company now owns only 3.3% of Wells Fargo's shares. The North American bank reported a big loss in the second quarter of this year, with a negative US $ 2.4 billion. Credit losses and provisions were the causes, but the bank is also involved in scandals. From 2002 to 2016, employees used fraud to meet impossible sales targets. They opened millions of accounts in customer names without their knowledge, hired involuntary account holders for credit cards and bill payment programs, created fake personal identification numbers, forged signatures and even secretly transferred customers' money. ## [Short the banks?]( But it seems that it’s not just financial problems or customer treatment that Warren is withdrawing from his favorite bank. The investor reduced its stake in Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, PNC, M&T Bank, Mastercard and Visa. While he bought a slice of Canadian mining company Barrick Gold, despite historic criticism of the precious metal. However, Warren has increased his positions in Apple, Coca-Cola and Bank of America. It is speculated that Warren is predicting that the effects of Covid19 will last longer than Wall Street imagined. >“Accumulating money and finding gold mining attractive – suggests that he sees the crisis last longer and perhaps worsen before it gets better. No one knows whether this will be the case, but Buffett has his finger on the pulse of the economy through all the various sectors in which Berkshire operates: from freight railways to aircraft parts, insurance policies to car dealerships, building bricks from households and Fruit of the Loom underwear, Dairy Queen industrial chemicals for fast food, jewelery for private jets and more. ” says Tara Lachapelle, Bloomberg columnist Buying more gold-related assets makes a lot of sense in times of crisis, but what is the reason for increasing participation in Coca-Cola? ​ [](

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US stocks fell to their lowest level in two weeks, with the shares of major technology companies under pressure for the second day, due to concerns that valuations were too high for this year's performance. The declines of Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook pushed the Nasdaq 100, the index of the 100 largest non-financial companies, down more than 5%, although it reduced those losses by more than half as the day progressed and investors found bargains. The broader market fared better, with the S&P 500 index dropping just over 1% in the afternoon. US Treasury yields increased while the dollar remained stable. Oil dropped to less than $ 40 a barrel for the first time in a month. According to Bloomberg, Friday's biggest sales appeared to stem from concerns that the recent surge in technology stocks was not linked to broad investor sentiment, but instead would have been driven by overseas options trading. a company. The Financial Times reported that SoftBank bought billions of dollars in technology derivatives before the crash that started Thursday. One-month chart for the Nasdaq 100 index. Source: Traders are looking to find an appropriate valuation for technology stocks and assess the health of the US economy as the coronavirus pandemic progresses after killing more than 180,000 Americans. While the tech industry is generating huge profits during lockdowns, there is also evidence that high-profile companies are overbought. Elsewhere, emerging market stocks fell for the third day. European stocks plunged. Asian stocks fell, with the Australian index registering the biggest drop since May. Meanwhile, the Ibovespa faced declines of more than 3%, and risks losing 100,000 points again. ​ [](

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even my cryptocurrencies are down like -10%

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my entry [\_meme\_terminator\_want\_bitcoin\_cash/](

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Morpheus was right. He Is the Chosen ONE.

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I can’t wait to rewatch! I haven’t went back and watched the whole series since 2013

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/television on June 8, 2019 16:29:49

The Vampire Diaries i am a huge fan of the show

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can i make adjustment to parts of my body when i press the button ?

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when i was at high school, the principal slapped a friend of mine in his face, while we were protesting about the food they were giving us, my friend fainted because of that, when we saw that we all lost control and attacked the principale but he run to his house who was near the school, we followed him to his house, the police got called but they coldn't do anything, so they called a special team to help in making us leave. in the next day, the principal was fired from his job and since that day we never saw him because he moved to another city

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a bath in the blood of 7 virgins

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i guess @here is better since @everyone will tag the dead too

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i'll get the whole store ( literally the whole store ) i mean the whole F**ing building

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/AskReddit on April 26, 2019 12:25:46

why do i have to do this by myself, i'll just call the police and let them do their F***ing job, while i go watch game of thrones

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/AskReddit on April 26, 2019 12:18:12

Thank you :) I'll watch it tonight

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what's the name of the movie?

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Hi ​ I know content is the most important thing and I am committed to this advice ​ But I do not see any progress !!! ​ my domain will expire in 2020 I plan to extend it make it expire in 2025 , would you recommend this plan? and would this help me rank higher?

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added to the list, thank you :)

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i just looked it up on imdb it's a really old movie, i will add it to my list.

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/AskReddit on April 20, 2019 16:11:36

>4400 i totally forgot about 4400, i think i'm gonna watch it again

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**the one i watched are arrow and The Family even if the character on the second tv show doesn't have any superpower.**

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everyone downloading the first episode because they are so excited and they can't wait no more me im gonna wait until the show end and watch it all, i can't watch an episode and wait a whole week to see the second one

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Hell yeah! we did it guys

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it's looks like a chocolate bar i used to buy when i was a kid

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/mildlyinteresting on April 17, 2019 15:25:32

that dragon wanna smash

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/JonWinsTheThrone on April 16, 2019 07:12:27

i am reading Flaming Heaven:Valkyrie i just finished Chapter 5

Commented by /u/SamHamou in /r/manga on April 11, 2019 15:47:59

i've been looking for this for like 3 hours and now after i know what will happen i kinda hate my self

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holy fuck why you didn't throw a Pokemon ball on it

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Thanks for the post. Found it very easy to understand!

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