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Whether or not there is a kernel of truth to these conspiracies, laughing and stacking are the only sane responses.

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In related news, the price of roasted chicken has dropped precipitously.

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Threes Make a Nine

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He yelled "THE EAGLE HAS LANDED!" the first time they made love

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I didn't literally mean a thumb drive you moron

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Uncle Festerman?

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Please clarify something here. Per anonymous sniffling accuser Andrew Tate slept with multiple women in his bed. One of said women had a 'partner' and so was no longer ' interested' in him, and yet continued to sleep in his bed? Not saying he's not a d-bag, but c'mon.

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Is this about Tate or the Prince? Can't keep track anymore

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You think that's funny? Wait until you see the gaydar system in that thing

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He should have told the Feds that he's a Precious Metals Analist

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Unlike silver and platinum, both of those ladies are apt to destroy your wealth ๐Ÿคฃ

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Keep eating and keep stacking my weight. Morbid obesity, here I come!

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It's practically indisputible that Elon is an ape just now coming out of the closet. His interest in WSS can no longer be argued to be a one-off event. He is now clearly promoting the account to his 122m followers, pointing them towards sound money solutions. Mark my words, these are the stirrings of an incoming tidal wave.

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No, but I believe the rules are different in prison. For example, outside of jail SBF probably wouldn't qualify as girlfriend material.

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Looks like gamblers and alcoholics should be our target demographic

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That's why he didn't pull his pants down. Just uses the john for support.

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I think just the act of using Facebook should disqualify you from withdrawing cash

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![gif](giphy|e6bq6Xih5SzZK|downsized) Mr. T must be pissed

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Best solution is a hybrid. Blockchain ledger for verification and transfer, and full physical gold/silver backing. You could pull metal from an exchange for large amounts or ATM type vending machines for smaller quantities. Paper currencies with sufficient security features could also coexist with readily accessible exchange to verified metals. You want to send money to a friend or purchase a house? Use the Blockchain to enact transfer. Want to safely store value in an anonymized way, pull metal from a Blockchain based exchange and move it out of the system. We shouldn't be wasting energy with crypto mining. Let the store of honest, fungible energy value be the metals and let Blockchain do what it does best, namely immutable verification and transfer protocols.

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I miss the days when getting attacked by crabs just meant a trip to the pharmacy

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Haha... I see what you did there

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This proves that even God doesn't have perfect aim

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Don't forget Anthony *Wiener"

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Nice piece of bull lion ๐Ÿ˜… In seriousness, that is an incredible buy. Congrats!

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All else equal, they move in direct opposition

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![gif](giphy|MT8T0gqLd0JcpgMZub|downsized) Vampires approve

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![gif](giphy|PacixgYY1yddC) My thought exactly. That oz looks massive.

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Predictive programming. They built a giant syringe.

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Fantastic lads! You're winning the internet. Love the content.

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John Podesta, we see you ๐Ÿ•

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The Lord hath spoken... And he is Ape

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Too bad asses didn't get smaller over the same timeframe

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![gif](giphy|65pM9un5dmK08) When Fetterman gets a sunburn

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![gif](giphy|AyHyH5RHZtkt4jO82U|downsized) Where's the Easter Bunny when u need him?

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Heads or tails? Nevermind, I think I already know the answer.

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WallStreetBets: DeepFuckingValue WallStreetSilver: DeepaFuckingVali

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I think you're pretty spot-on OP. Would add that regarding #1 it wasn't just productivity problems. Remember that just a couple months before the first whiffs of the Wuhan virus there were some major liquidity lockups in the overnight repo lending markets. Banks were demanding something like 10% rates on ultra short term loans The Fed had to step in with an emergency repo facility to keep the entire banking system from freezing. There was dire need of a massive liquidity injection, but was without the requisite crisis to provide cover. Not to mention all of those nasty protests flaring up from Hong Kong to France and in-between. Hmmm... What to do? Now the monetary system is truly on its last legs and there's a global battle to control the next iteration.

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The only thing green about this chick are her intertriginous areas

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Word is they keep bleeding ounces ๐Ÿ˜‚

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Oh yes, it's not forced child labor, just 'experiential geology'.

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No, those are silverback laser eyes

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As COMEX registered stock accelerates towards the event horizon and a desperate LBMA declares illegal African mines 'artisinal', the Apes hold strong. Proud of you all!

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You sure that wasn't a Grub Hub delivery ๐Ÿ˜…?

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This Guy Fawkes ![gif](giphy|18XossGW8Wbkc)

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Maybe change Joe Biden to 'IMFERGEDDIN'

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Great article. Props to Keith Dowling and the Warwick Dispatch for having the balls to print a fair story.

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When the 'L' changes to an 'R', you know it's past dates

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To his credit he did say "May Dinermericuh"

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Looks like we finally solved the Nordstream mystery

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Dunno, but he was head of the Lancet commission so I'm sure he knows a lot more about it than you or I. Certainly entitled to his opinion.

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Big ball Sachs, dropping bombs on MSM. Did the same with the lab leak theory. Guess he's testing the limits of tenure at Columbia.

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[Credit Suisse is in Deep Trouble](

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I don't know, but you may want to skip your next prostate exam...

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Yes, but you can also collect gold dust from leprechaun farts. Doesn't mean it's a good business plan.

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According to Ronan 'The Man' Manly, roughly 20k tons of silver at LBMA (~640 m toz) is held for ETFs. Add in allocated silver held for private individuals, family offices and the like, and LBMA available stockpiles may be less than 200 m toz (my guesstimate). See Manly's [July writeup on Bullionstar.](

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At least she sedates you before the castration

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If he's just pretending then according to Virginia Giuffre he must be one hell of a method actor.

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๐Ÿ˜… Was gonna say, bet that carousel operator was *pissed*

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That's one way to give 'riding lessons' I suppose

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Try [this](

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Goddamn it! I'm trying to give 300 Joules but Gov. Newsome says we're limited to 100.

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You see Shirley, I *told* you not to take the express elevator!

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Biden: We can't be pro insurrectionist and pro American. George: ![gif](giphy|3oFzm10eM9MbffB8Kk)

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And that, mom and dad, is how the ceiling fan killed Fluffy.

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The journey of 1000 miles begins with just one step -*Chinese proverb*

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An appropriate place for a bunch of boobs to get together

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Time to party like it's $19.99 ![gif](giphy|iG4sEG9pGHdBmOWyrx)

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I was really hoping for a stack of a thousand ouncers at the end

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'REVLIS'... as it's the inverse of real money... or maybe just 'kleptocurrency'.

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Ahaha yes! Forgot about her daughter Iona. Apparently the other daughter, Carrie, is pretty distraught by the whole thing.

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This is incredible, thank you!

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Prompt: Man in elevator with small planets orbiting around him, award winning HD photograph Don't ask, personal joke with a friend... Would be amazing if you could help.

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![gif](giphy|gIDPhLsi1f50k) Holy Moses, those are nice. Where can I get them?

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That explains his facial expression

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![gif](giphy|b85mPT4Usz7fq) Standby for boom in 3....2....

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Gender transition is expensive

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Don't be silly, this is clearly due to COVIDโ€  โ€ **Case Of Vaccine Induced Death

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Yeah, but could Monet play Eye of the Tiger with his ass? Don't think so.

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Nothing, just the President's son naked after screwing a hooker, video recording his farts for posterity.

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From the look on his face, I do believe that rot from within is an apt descriptor.

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Plot twist: They're all the same woman

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Bingo. This is a good example of 'nominal confusion', where numeric information is used to jam the population's logic circuits. Sure, $500 sounds like a lot more than $35, but if the purchasing power of $35 is 4x the purchasing power of $500 (approximately accurate if one references the gold standard of $35/oz), the you are actually precisely 4x poorer. This is perhaps the central conspiracy of the last 100 years, one so obvious that it has been in our faces the entire time. Societal machinery is rigged to obfuscate this reality and to denigrate and discredit those who point it out. It is the central conspiracy because the secrecy, lies, warfare and state control we have witnessed since the 1930's have all depended on leveraging the fiat system to suck global wealth info the maws of a tiny self selected elite. Many don't realize that personal ownership of gold was made illegal under FDR and only allowed once again after all monetary ties between gold and the dollar were completely severed in the 1970's. Today a highly manipulated futures market scheme is used to keep gold and silver in check in order to reinforce the nominal confusion to which we are all subjected. Add to this now the menagerie of invisible cryptocurrencies which act as a sink for excess dollar liquidity.

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Not sure, but have a feeling you will Bang Yeung Ho

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Fun fact: If the average salary today ($44,600) were paid in 1971 Eisenhower 40% silver dollars it would be worth about $350,000 in melt value... ![gif](giphy|eGxkm7b2hzDfkNvjo7)

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Here's one take: The West has been pillaging the East for commodities like oil, metals and lumber (Russia & Middle East) as well as cheap labor and know how (China & Taiwan). The old order, set in the wake of WWII, left the US and allies at the top of the global heap. Bretton Woods gave the dollar international reserve status, which at first was built upon a sound money standard as dictated by the constitution (gold and silver). However, unsatisfied with the limits imposed by such an honest monetary metric, not long after Bretton Woods the West set about deconstructing said standard and eventually moving to a fiat system with a pseudo oil backing, the so called petrodollar. By exporting our inflation to developing economies (ie, sending dollars overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and commodities) and using the pointy side of our military apparatus to enforce the dollar standard, the West has been quite successful in soaking up Earth's resources at the expense of the other 7 billion or so people on the planet. It's clear however that our glory days are now behind us. Our government and corporate leadership is ruled by corruption and greed and in the process of self immolation. The dollar is in its waning stages and it is only a matter of time before it is subsumed by some other, perhaps international, currency system. Before the West gets crushed by a flood of international dollars coming back home, they want to move us to an enclosed and Orwellian currency system under the heading of CBDC. Under this system the individual or nation holding 'dollars' is forced to comply with the whims of the state or face complete economic annihilation. The freezing of Russian reserves and trucker protest funds is but a mild taste of what such a system would more easily enable. Under such a system anyone not part of the inner circle of elite would not only have all transactions surveilled by AI but also tied in with a social credit system that would create an effective caste system. It is a dystopian future. No wonder Russia and China would want nothing to do with such a system. Their dollars too would become mere extensions of the West, frozen at will and surveilled. So Putin is taking preemptive action. Yes, it will cause much harm to the Russian economy in the near term, but without such action the Russian state would be toast anyhow. They have been working with China to form an Eastern economic and monetary block and to put their plans in action before the current dollar becomes completely worthless and is replaced with the digital token known as the CBDC. So, it's do or die for Putin and the East. Soon we may hear more about them transacting in a gold/commodity backed currency equivalent which is essentially a declaration of financial war on the West. This will be the real start of WWII with the West vying for the last vestiges of its international hegemonic power and the East pulling away, flooding the US with dollars and causing an uncontrolled collapse of the bond and stock markets.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on March 20, 2022 17:12:29

SS: the proportions are nearly seamless. Could it really be true?

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Hereโ€™s one take on our current predicament, FWIW. When one grows a bacterial colony in a petri dish there are four phase of growth: a lag phase where there is little observed activity, a logarithmic phase in which there is rapid growth, a stationary phase with little net population change, and finally a die-off with rapid resource depletion and decimation of the colony. The global population growth rate peaked in the 1970โ€™s and has been swiftly falling ever since, moving humanity from the logarithmic phase into the stationary phase. Despite decreasing birth rates, we are now consuming approximately twice the natural resources per year as was the case 40 years ago. Barring earth shattering energy technologies, asteroid mining and the like, humanity is rushing headlong into a crisis of resource utilization. Economically recoverable oil, for example, has already peaked and we are looking at further net decreases in energy return on investment (eROI) going forward. Other critical natural resources are looking down the barrel of critical shortages in the next decades. For example, the USGS suggests that major silver supplies will be depleted in the next five years. Virtually all of our modern accouterments, including solar panels and digital technologies require silver as a critical ingredient. Rather than face these problems head-on, humanityโ€™s net response has been to move blithely towards our mutual destruction, ie from the stationary phase into the die-off. Not content to simply consume the Earthโ€™s resources at normal pace, the developed world has accelerated this process by leveraging the future. The massive amount of global debt (somewhere around $300 trillion) represents movement of future consumption into the present, allowing the resource-grab to accelerate unnaturally and thereby shortening the time horizon of resource depletion. This hasnโ€™t been an accident - rather, in a debt-based fiat system such as the one we currently inhabit, ever-increasing amounts of currency units must be issued or the system loses complete structural integrity and will come tumbling down in a massive depression and social melee. And so, by eliminating the natural equilibrium around economic activity, the ruling authorities have created great wealth in the present tense, while sacrificing the future for most humans.ย  This is understood by those at the top, and given their sociopathic nature, I believe that an imposed and controlled descent into a new dark ages (for the masses at least) was always part of the plan. In other words, once the pillaging of Earth had reached a critical juncture vis-a-vis the population, a controlled demolition of the economy and human lives was to ensue. In this way, the elite could produce a new society to lord over, maintaining a coterie of educated serfs to produce and maintain technology as well as a group of manual slaves to fill in the gaps left by AI and robotics. As for those who donโ€™t make the cut - well, they are likely to be cast aside economically and otherwise, crushed under an inflationary tsunami and barraged with repeated biologic catastrophe. I believe that we are in the first phases of this transition. The current bulk of humanity is no longer sustainable in a Western lifestyle, and so the screws are being put to the economy and the selection process is underway. The freedoms once enjoyed by the masses will be usurped, at first by edict and then by force. The die-off will shortly be underway in earnest, and may take years or even decades to become fully realized. Do not expect that the easing of Covid mandates represents a true retreat. Once this charade is exhausted, it will be a short time until the next, and the one after - to continue until the controlled demolition is complete.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on February 10, 2022 11:26:55

Ape walks up to the teller and says "I'd like to get a fucking safe deposit box." The teller is aghast. "Excuse me, what did you just say?" The ape repeats: "I just want to get a fucking safe deposit box." "We don't tolerate customers speaking like that to us," she says. "I'm calling the manager." Manager comes over and says: "What seems to be the problem here?" Ape replies, "I just want to get a fucking safe deposit box for my 10000 oz of silver." "Oh," says the manager. "And this fucking bitch refused to help you?"

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on February 7, 2022 10:43:17

Good point. Also props to them on their subliminal marketing. Calling the vax "come here, naughty" is pure diabolic genius.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 9, 2022 03:06:38

Brilliantly stated. There is nothing I could possibly add. Thank you for that.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 12:01:58

Makes sense. Sort of falls under the heading of 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'. Assuming that this was engineered it would have to be resource intensive with numerous specialists, advanced laboratories, animal testing, etc. If it wasn't a rival faction vying for dominance than it would have to be a secretive collective of top researchers with ample funding.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 10:53:01

Yes, notice the rhetoric coming out of muppets like Macron and Trudeau recently? The vile and divisive narrative, casting millions of their supposed countrymen as subhuman non-citizens? They're really going all in here. The clock is ticking and they know it, control is seeping away. Give your friends and family time. They are disoriented by design and grabbing on to the mainstream narrative in a search for psychological stability. Turning away now would mean destruction of their entire world-view. But that will happen eventually and unavoidably.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 09:58:53

Never thought about it that way, but you may well be right. If you're re-engineering a virus you have a lot of potential lattitude in determining its effects. Omicron really threads the needle perfectly, almost makes a mockery of all of the mandates and restrictions.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 09:27:00

For sure. Assuming this was developed in a lab (and I believe circumstantial evidence favors this view) those scientists deserve the grattitude and support of all humanity. Sadly, given the state of our world, I would not be surprised to soon hear reports of certain virologists suicided or disappeared. It does seem more like a different strain than a variant. If Delta was a Doberman, this is a Chihuahua. Can still nip at you and bark, but that's about it.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 01:37:32

This is true, but viral evolution is somewhat sequential. You might have multiple mutually competing strains, but how does one strain 'disappear' for two years only to give rise to a highly mutated variant with an almost perfect profile to transition to an endemic form. Anything can happen I suppose but it's very strange.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 8, 2022 00:09:15

You were on it. I've seen a few ppl now independently posting about it. Really curious if it means anything at all.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 13:12:17

If that's true her surgeon deserves a Nobel Prize

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 08:46:53

But Pi sounds too delicious to be scary

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 03:46:47

Nailed it! And if you invert 113 you get 3/11, the first official day of the pandemic. And if you count the number of days between 3/11/20 and 1/6/22 when the theaters go offline, you get 666. Tricky bastards.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 02:54:38

Pls see my comment above. Strange issue with movie theaters not listing movies (except 'The 355') from 1/7 to 1/13 in North America and Europe. Maybe there's a central database that most of the major chains use for scheduling that's glitched? Maybe something more significant. I sure as hell don't know. Just fishing for thoughts.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 02:49:22

Weird, right? Will check again tomorrow and see if anything updates.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 02:09:04

Interesting, thanks for checking. I'm going to look again later in the week and see if there's anything actually to this or not.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 01:45:11

This isn't conspiracy, it's a verifiable anomaly. I stake no claim as to its cause and am genuinely curious as to what it means, if anything.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 01:11:30

For sure, I'm in FL. Though if something of scale does go down feel like we'll all figure it out around the same time.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 00:37:41

This shit smells fishier than Ellen Degeneris' breath

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 00:27:43

![gif](giphy|uVOTxMagGsgXS) Probably kicking off the Clockwork Orange Ludivico therapy. In all seriousness, I must admit this has me a bit freaked out. Too anomalous to ignore.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 4, 2022 00:12:20

If there were some sort of concerted effort to shut down or perhaps repurpose movie theaters for an international broadcast, how could there not be major leaks right now? Some pimply faced kid getting paid minimum wage is really gonna keep his mouth shut?

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 3, 2022 23:58:36

That's the name of the movie ya wiseguy

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 3, 2022 23:44:03

I checked Regal, AMC and Landmark in 3 major US cities and found the same. If it's a computer glitch it would be difficult to imagine how it might affect different companies. Thanks for checking.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 3, 2022 23:15:39

Perhaps I should elaborate. A Redditor in the UK noticed earlier today that local theater listings were blank after January 6th in the majority of cinemas. The only listing thereafter is 'The 355' to open Jan 7th. A movie apparently about a group of female CIA agents working covertly to stop WWIII. Some listings begin showing again on Jan 13th. Oddly, I've checked numerous theaters and locations here in the States and found the same anomaly. I wonder how many of you are discovering something similar. This might be completely unrelated to Silver, but who knows, it might not. Jan 6th is a rather significant date and Trump is due to give a press conference that day. Could this be part of an operation of sorts? Something long awaited? Something ominous? Might just be a wacky computer glitch, but does seem strange to this ape.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on January 3, 2022 22:23:11

Others have said it, but I will reiterate: Purchase real stuff, especially silver and gold. Currency is a useful shared delusion - it works wonderfully when there is a critical mass of belief in the currency unit. But like all illusions, such systems are eventually shattered and can impoverish a nation, or even the globe, in one fell swoop. These devaluations generally don't announce themselves, as the powers-that-be who control the narrative wouldn't want to light the match that sets the economy on fire. Instead, we must use our own powers of observation and critical thought to deduce when such an event becomes likely. Newsflash: we are in the early acceleration phase of dollar devaluation. The dollar has been devaluing since 1913 and faster simce severing precious metals backing in the late 60's/early 70's. Volker at the Fed was able to reign in the dollar crash in the late 70's by increasing interest rates to astronomic levels and bleeding liquidity out of the system. That was then, this is now. Our debt levels relative to GDP have skyrocketed. Even modest interest rate hikes from here would crash the economy. Instead, we will continue to see accelerating currency debasement which either end in hyperinflationary catastrophe, war or quite possibly both. Time indeed running out and buying useful assets is the best way to survive this and quite possibly prosper. Why gold and silver? They are the most time tested, durable, verifiable, decentralized and anonymous form of wealth preservation. Cryptos are interesting tech but have never been tested and have quite a few vulnerabilities compared to precious metals. An ounce of silver, quietly passed to a merchant, will likely get you quite a lot of goods and services during this economic transition.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on January 1, 2022 15:30:19

Thinking quickly, Klaus covered his exposed gill-slit. *"What an embarrassing time to start shedding,"* he thought.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 25, 2021 08:39:53

Is this kind of like how they say dogs look like their owners?๐Ÿคฃ

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 23, 2021 10:05:37

Good points all. The idea that these 'vaccines' could end the pandemic is, and always has been, a bunch of baloney. The only way this ends is with a highly transmissable variant, preferably of the low-virulence sort that omicron appears to be. The govt has to hurry up with whatever nefarious plan they've had in store as we're less than a month from ending this shit parade. Funny thing is it will be the recently boosted population that will prolong the pandemic. In their eagerness to avoid even a mild case, they will be the final human fodder for the virus.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 19, 2021 22:54:07


Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 19, 2021 00:05:00

I'm having trouble resolving the nipple piercings and the crucifix, but somehow I like it.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 18, 2021 19:53:23

Yes, here in the US too and I understand the Euro zone. Very few I speak to seem to be aware. Kudos for knowing about that.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 13, 2021 20:31:55

Consider it like a long term savings account which operates outside of the banks and the surveillance state. You can still buy gold and silver with cash and as long as the amounts are not gigantic per purchase, there is no reporting requirement. You can also purchase online, though of course there is less anonymity. Just basic bullion (.999 fine in metals lingo) is what you want. Cool designs and unusual coins will cost you extra but won't necessarily provide more value. Doesn't mean to go all in or anything. 5-10% of what you have left over is a very good goal. It is a long term (read: years) way to hedge political risk and currency devaluation, both of which have already begun and are accelerating at the moment. Nomatter what the day to day dollar price (*spot price*, set on an exchange and probably 10-15% less than what you will pay) you have to consider that this will retain purchasing power over years, no matter the monetary shenanigans. In fact, it's quite likely that this purchasing power will go up by multiples in the next several years.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 13, 2021 20:27:00

Look up bank "bail in" laws if you're not already familiar. Some good discussions of this on YouTube, Lynette Zhang comes to mind. Basically after the last banking crisis laws were changed across the OECD countries to make bank depositors unsecured creditors of the banks. What this means is that if a bank can't meet its financial obligations they can legally confiscate your deposits. This isn't widely advertised for obvious reasons, but it is real. As to whether real estate would be confiscated, well if inflation continues on a sustained path taxes will catch up to rise in tandem. Many people could have real estate confiscated simply by being unable to afford higher taxes on top of higher cost of living. That's precisely why it's important to have at least **some** assets that do not have counterparty risk. This is a small list and mostly consists of durable goods and precious metals.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 13, 2021 20:16:17

Take some of your fiat out of the banking system and start making regular purchases of gold and silver bullion. To those who deride these as shiny boomer rocks, I implore you to investigate the history of money and the inevitabilty of precious metals regaining an amount of monetary credibility when the system reset occurs. These are anathema to the financial elite. They serve as incorruptible stores of human energy. Silver especially has hundreds of tech applications that cannot be recapitulated by copper or other base metals. At first, TPTB will try to move us to a digital fiat system when the current paradigm fails (as it is currently in the process of). This synthetic reset will not succeed, however it is the last chance for the existing financial regime to retain their powers. This will be a dark transition, foisted by force if necessary to gain compliance. However, this too will fail unless sufficiently backed by gold and silver. There are too many awake to their games, too many among us who see that this is merely tightening the yoke to our collective necks, furthering the enslavement of man. You will need something to see you through this transition, something that has intrinsic value, that can be stored discretely and transacted with in complete anonymity. There is a reason the world's central banks horde gold and not bitcoin or other digital ledger entries. We have only 3 to 18 mos left in the current system. I was sure that Covid would be deployed as cover for this transition. So far it has held true, however Omicron threatens to end the pandemic, so they may have to act quickly to see it through.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 13, 2021 19:46:34


Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 12, 2021 22:25:37

[here's why](

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 12, 2021 19:34:13

You seem to have intimate knowledge of her kinks

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 12, 2021 13:08:01

Ah yes, are there any institutions more synonymous with fairness and inclusivity than the Catholic Church and Rothschild banking system? This is downright scary. Now I understand why Biden crapped his pants at the Vatican....

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 6, 2021 14:17:51

Good thought but you can check Way back Machine and it shows the same. Changed Dec 1st.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 12:25:43

[here's one](

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 09:15:21

[Palisades Radio - Fed Ponzi Scheme podcast](

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 06:49:38

[County by county comparison - Vaccine effectiveness]( I stated nothing in regards to vaccine effectiveness for case outcomes. The best that I can discern is that recent (within 4-6 mos) dual dose of mRNA vax is moderately protective for hospitalization and death in those at risk compared to unvaxxed and not previously infected population. However, I am agnostic as to the eventual outcome as there is an excellent chance that the relatively narrow band of epitopes available to the immune system using said vaxxes will fail if substantially mutated and virulent variants take hold. As cited above, these vaxxes (if it's even appropriate to use such a term) do not appear to reduce population **spread** to the extent that the major media conglomerates and their corporate sponsors might prefer you to believe. This becomes clear even to the most informationally challenged when a state by state map of vax status is presented next to a map of case rates. The NYT and other outlets seemed almost gleeful in their reporting of the southern spike this summer, but are pretty mum on the large northern swaths now experiencing early phases of a new wave. If you can't see the massive narrative manipulation going on around us then I sincerely feel terrible for you.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 05:20:45

Yeah, exactly. Or like how the WHO reduced the PCR cycle count on 1/20/21, the day of Biden's inauguration, to reduce false positive tests and thereby quash the Covid numbers. Their efforts are so transparent as to be comical.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 03:37:49

SS: For many months the NY Times ran a state map of Covid cases side-by-side with a map of vaccination status. During the summer months, when the less vaccinated southern states were seeing an uptick in cases, the narrative of vaccine protection was served. However, more recent data show that many of the most vaccinated states are also the most affected by the latest uptick in cases. It seems that the false narrative peddled by the NYT (ie more vax, fewer cases) was not supported upon quick visual comparison between the two. So now the vax map is hidden a couple clicks removed from the homepage.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on December 6, 2021 03:03:22

Polly Silicone Sounds like a good stripper stage name

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on December 2, 2021 21:40:36

Hows about you try curbing your own emissions first, eh Joey?

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on November 9, 2021 22:28:44

In his defense, he thought they said it was a meeting with the Poop.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/conspiracy on October 30, 2021 14:14:58

Plata pus... Yes, nice combo

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 12, 2021 18:58:20

I like what you've done with your hair Janet

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 10:52:58

My theory is that if you look like a goblin and have an asshole personality to boot, well hey, may as well be rich.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 03:03:04

Good to know so I won't ask stupid questions when I arrive

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 03:01:30

Ummm, I thought hell was already on fire?

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 02:27:43

Not sure about a horse, but we do appear to have at least one turtle

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![gif](giphy|MWAJkQR2MJEEo) Insert space car brrrrrrrrrrr sound here... On second thought, that sound reminds me of something....

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 01:32:08

I know exactly what you mean. Between her and Lagarde I feel like I'm watching a 'Golden Girls' rerun.

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 01:28:17

She wants to do to the country what nobody ever cared to do to her in highschool

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 00:14:24

There's definitely a bridge somewhere in need of a new troll

Commented by /u/Spurious_Hemorrhoid in /r/Wallstreetsilver on October 11, 2021 00:13:10

Funny, I thought those were infinity signs for how much money they were planning to print ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|joy)

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