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I understand your point of view. However incorrect. Based on proof of engagement by actual numbers and subs, it does work. Doesn’t mean I like it. And it also doesn’t mean I approve of it. But hey - you or I can shoot all we want, it’s not our life nor money. Best is to let it go. Once PLS is up, running smoothly, that may stop. Anyway, I’d rather have a clown speaking truth than a centralized exchange chief as a thieve.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 26, 2022 18:29:28

I understand your point of view. However incorrect. Based on proof of engagement by actual numbers and subs, it does work. Doesn’t mean I like it. And it also doesn’t mean I approve of it. But hey - you or I can shoot all we want, it’s not our life nor money. Best is to let it go. Once PLS is up, running smoothly, that may stop. Anyway, I’d rather have a clown speaking truth than a centralized exchange chief as a thieve.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 26, 2022 18:26:59

I do not. I sacrificed with full dedication. And I will wait until it’s ready. RH isn’t in it for the cash, he’s in it for the glory. I can understand the frustration and I also totally dislike the outrage marketing, but hey - it DOES work. I just don’t like it, in fact it makes me puke sometimes. But you shouldn’t fear something you simply don’t understand. It DOES work. It gets engagement and stakers are growing every day. As long as that number keeps getting up -which it will- your stakes are just fine, even in this -95% bear market. I’m totally not worried. Do I like the delays… no. But I also wouldn’t have liked to launch and start with an immediate sell off. Nobody’s benefiting from that. I am sure, definitely with current scams going on like with Celsius, FTX, hacks and the Genesis situation that we desperately need this blockchain. It could save everything. And that makes it a super product. Be glad you invested… ehh sacrificed. PLS/PLSX will come and all the haters, yet again, will be proven wrong. That’s the last time they can FUD anyway as never anything bad will have happened and you cannot keep FUDding like that. After all, RH has been right 99% - That is just fantastic and should be congratulated.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 26, 2022 17:41:28

Well… there’s no year set at the first options… But ehh.. yeah.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 5, 2022 23:19:39

Happy to see no Ruzzians around. And those stores can close down asap.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/greece on September 17, 2022 21:37:27

Play around on testnet bro. Learn. Before it’s live. When you have to learn after it’s live, you’re late to the party.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 17, 2022 18:18:18

Dude, honestly… this has been asked so many times. You get double coins. Not double value. The value depends on what people want to spend for it. EHex may be $0.18 while PHex may be worth $0,38 at the same time. No one knows the price of PHex yet as it doesn’t exist. But PHex will start at 0,00.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on May 6, 2022 18:21:47

I feel ya. But it sounds correct. Didn’t check exactly. But the bigger sacrifices got the most VM. It works per $ sacrificed. Not just by the ranking.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on May 6, 2022 18:18:27

Funny tale. Just a few days ago it was 10 cents and went up to 15. That’s 50% increase. Always DCA buddy. I’m not complaining. Also bought the (almost) top. And also the 5-month bottom. Will continue to do so. In a few years we’ll all laugh about these prices.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on April 20, 2022 12:38:42

Are you serious with these questions? I mean come on. This has been asked thousands of times. We are at TEST net. TEST. It’s for testing. Honestly….

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on April 11, 2022 16:20:22

So untrue. Besides, if they want they can also change the code and mint more btc. But btc is super slow, has no other value than storage. But hey, this is no place to discuss btc.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on April 9, 2022 04:33:32

Yes they’d start at 0. But less than a second after the chain starts, after the very first trade (any trade) on Pulsechain, they would have a value. But even if it were shut down before the start, they’d rob the people from a possible value in the future. I wouldn’t wanna be in their shoes to do a thing like that. Besides, why? Your project launches on the possibly best network. That’d be something to cherish. Not to toss.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on April 8, 2022 08:07:39

The one that owns the code can invalidate it after the fork. But if that happened, they’d rob their users’ wallets from free money. So they’d be sued. Not a smart thing to do in my opinion.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on April 8, 2022 03:35:40

Wait and see. Maybe you’d come back here after a year and comment again.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on March 24, 2022 19:47:40

That’s not so much what I mean. Other self created platforms by all means. But copycats no. By holding like 80% of the liquidity, I believe, it could continuously kill that new project from becoming a success.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on March 23, 2022 17:33:13

Copying a project cannot be done with the OA stepping in and killing it.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on March 22, 2022 14:59:18

No because it protects against copycats.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on March 22, 2022 12:48:33

Guess you’re asking whether we have a crystal ball… Especially with the current situation in the world. You do need to do some research, and decide for yourself. If you put an investment, think of the time frame you want to put it away and if you like PHex or just play the game.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on March 6, 2022 15:05:44

There’s a lot going on it the world right now. That causes some uncertainty, logically. I hope that all ends soon and we can focus on the things that matter again. Live, life, love. With new crypto ATHs. Beside that point,

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on March 6, 2022 14:08:31

You got test net, dev net and main net. Chill.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 23, 2022 20:19:45

Nice thoughts pointed out. But honestly… how’s Bitcoin doing the past few months? If you had invested in the top it’d be down now right? No interest earning there. Except when you give your keys or coins up. With a risk of losing them all. The point is… most whales dumped the price in order to secure their sacrificed value. It’s smart but terribly unfriendly. It is however how it works. I’m assuming after the sacrifice phases things to go much better. Your comment about marketing I honestly don’t support. RH has does it right. I just hate his unboxing. But if that’s what thrives him or gets him laid so be it. I wish him well in that. Also to say that most in crypto hate him is totally wrong. He tells the truth about scammy projects and exchanges. I’ve also experienced this myself. These exchanges might try to avoid his projects. It’s their right to do that. But it also shows how weak they are. Many exchanges are so big they can dump coins so hard making you sell or lose your leverage causing the price to dump even harder. Then they buy back. Making lots of €$£¥. I believe your comment is from the heart, yet way too early. You are in it 50K. Good for you. DCA your investment. Buy some more now that the price is low. The liquidity pools are low. That means that after a few big buys we’re up at new ATHs soon. No glass ball here but I believe the hex future looks pretty great. And Pulse. And PulseX. Ah, and PHex 😍

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 23, 2022 12:21:18

The basic thing is you believe in a project. If you’re just in for quick gains you’re more like gambling than into something for real. Once you do your research and you decide to go for it, you’ve decided it was worth it. Then relax. Maybe DCA over time. That way you grown your bags and enjoy it even more.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 22, 2022 21:37:29

Well, for that you have to do a bit of investigation I’d say. At first, it seems a bit odd. But once you think it through, it’s actually a good thing. This way, someone cannot just copy a creator’s idea without also copying the OA’s supply. Also, all projects with a big OA chunk or huge wallets perform well. E.g. CRO token, Bitcoin (75% is owned by some 25% of the wallets) are just two that do well this way. These wallets never sell or dump the price.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 22, 2022 09:33:04

That surely is a tactic. But it may never go down because of the sacrificed $$. This can be used to buy the price up. So I wouldn’t bet on a dump less than the sacrifice price.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 22, 2022 09:23:44

Bro, this is so unimportant. This is all in the open. It’s a good thing. Look at other coins, like CRO, where the owners have over 90%. This is good for price. No worries there.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 22, 2022 00:21:01

True. If ETH 2.0 is out the cost will still be high but you can always bridge over your coins on Pulsechain and unstake.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 21, 2022 05:12:48

That’s why 1 stake for 15 years. And ladder the rest. Re-stake the principal if you wish and enjoy the interest.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 21, 2022 05:08:43

Yes. The coins are copied. Not the value. That all depends on what people decide to do with it.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 20, 2022 22:15:27

That’s why I mentioned at least to do at least one big 5555 stake. It’ll be the best one that you’d keep until the end. Make it a good one, if you’re at an age you can still enjoy it. By the time the stake ends, all emergency end stakes will also be accumulated. You’re talking way more than 6 hex per t-share you get now… even halve a t-share will bring you tens of hex per day. So it’s a no-brainer to do that. Also, t-shares become so expensive, you can never re-stake that the same way as you do today. So… having said all that… besides that one big 5555 stake, you can ladder the rest. It’s your party. Recommendation: start with the longer stakes. And work your way back from there. I wish you great returns!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 20, 2022 21:52:51

There’s a site that can help with that. Check out: Also:

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 20, 2022 07:27:18

True true. But re-staking is a bad decision if you already plan on doing that anyway. Then I’d recommend just staking longer now. And keep a few coins liquid. You will NEVER EVER get the same deal again regarding the t-share price (hex per t-share will be way higher in 4 years). You can see that already the last few months… 19000 hex/t-share and now 20800/t-share. My recommendation is to do at least 1 5555 stake (and 1 10-year). With no less than 5000 coins, preferably 10.000+. Do it now so your stake gets copied over on Pulsechain. Oh man, awesome that will be! Price now is way undervalued. Great deal at a huge discount. In years from now you’ll be looking at this price and thinking only had I just bought some more…

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 20, 2022 07:22:48

Pulse to a $ would be awesome. For all.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 20, 2022 06:38:09

Yes buddy. That site is not official but it’s the best.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 19, 2022 09:44:17

It’s the system designed like that. I don’t see the issue really. Of course, I also see the possible millions per day for the next 15 years but you cannot forget that this 1 wallet could also have been a bunch of wallets doing the same thing. And the average stake length only increased by 0.1 to 6.2 years. That means there are many more (big and smaller) stakes that come out after 15 years. And that number is an important one as well. So in fact it’s not that big of a deal.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 17, 2022 17:05:05

As the liquidity is only like a 140 million hex, I’d suggest buying it now. After the fork you don’t have to do anything. And you’re holding 2 bags. Whatever ETH Hex will do, you’re enjoying that ride as well. I personally wouldn’t wanna miss out on both. After some point in time, ETH gas fees may be resolved; that could trigger a jump as well. Besides, liquidity pools may be bonding. That’s a bullish scenario for both. No expectations. Therefore no gambling. Just buying now and getting the copy later. Hex at 20 cents is a great buying opportunity.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 14, 2022 20:30:55

Gas fee is the same for the swap. But not for the END staking. As the latter needs to calculate the results day by day. So 365 days per year x gwei fee. For 3 year stake this means 3x365xgwei price plus a start. That’s why ending a multi year stake can cost a fortune and it’s only worth it if you stake >10.000 coins (all depending on price of hex and interest earned).

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 14, 2022 13:26:31

Yes. Truly smart. Better than most in crypto. And honest. Just horrendously dressed with that LV stuff. But maybe he knows better and that attracts a certain kind of people. He’s not dumb. I just don’t get that part. For everything else I like him. Wish he wouldn’t swear that much and sometimes calls people stupid -for indeed asking stupid questions. But most are not smart enough or too lazy to DYOR. It’s just not done to call someone stupid. Just refer to earlier posts but don’t be cruel. Concerning crypto… he’s a master chef, knows about it and certainly has a great heart.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 13, 2022 19:39:34

Ehh. Well… if you use Metamask as a wallet you can select the correct network after you’ve added it. How to add it? 1. Click the Networks dropdown and select "Custom Network" 2. Enter the following information: Network Name: PulseChain Testnet New RPC URL: Chain ID: 940 Currency Symbol: tPLS Block Explorer URL: You can find the details here:

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 13, 2022 14:23:54

Yes you use . It’s already working on testnet (V2). You could try it. Works flawlessly and fast!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 13, 2022 14:16:29

I don’t dislike showing off the watches. But also don’t understand why it has to be mentioned how much they’re worth all the time. Also, I completely dislike most of his outfits or totally ridiculous caps. It’s just such terrible stuff and it looks absolutely horrendous. Most. Not all. Some stuff is really cool. And the watches, ehh ok. I can’t say I dislike most of them. But pay so much for something… I’d prefer seeing him send a big fat check to a nonprofit organization. Not just the SENS organization as it was merely the sacrificers who paid that. No. Something from himself. By the money he has made, even from sacrificers. I wouldn’t mind as he’s free to do with it what he wants. But don’t just spend it on outrageous overpriced stuff. Invest it also in the people. I would say.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 13, 2022 12:30:43

Scam allegations only hold a merit when they ARE a scam. When they clearly aren’t a scam, which is apparent after all this time, it’s just shouting in the crowd. That way you can state all crypto projects are a scam. Its just not honest. And honestly… where do you see listings of Pulse sacrifices on exchanges or mailing lists? It’s never mentioned. Why do you think that is? It’s most likely influencers and big investors or exchanges keep it quiet and sacrificed themselves in order to pump the price up by mentioning it when the chain is live or after some time when the gains are up 100x. Isn’t that a dishonest and scammy way of doing business? A setup may have a bit scammy appearance but that doesn’t mean it is. And I’m not biased. I use my brains. I hold some hex myself. I’m expecting that it’ll do much better than BTC. Because it just simply is a great project. It’s clearly made with great intentions but hey… people just have to figure out for themselves whether the creator is a legit guy or not.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 13, 2022 12:25:11

You sold hex too early. Yet you say you intend to sell. Why was it too early to sell if you have made a huge profit. You don’t know the future now do you? But really…sell..? Why would you sell any of these coins if you don’t really need the cash. If you need it, you’re too deep in it. Or, you want to use it to pay things in fiat ($/€). Ok. Otherwise stay in it. With PulseX, Pulse and Hex you never have to sell anything. With hex only sell your interest. Keep your principal invested. Stake it. 5 years. And then laddering up towards 15 years. If you can. And with 10.000 coins per stake or higher. And never sell your principal! There are some other pumpamentals coming as well. With PLS there’s no need to sell as you can soon take a liquid loan against your PLS and still profit from a rise up. Isn’t that just great?!? You really never have to sell. Then there’s PLSX. Also never has to be sold. By staking PLSX you earn a token (name yet to be disclosed) and you could trade that token. So never sell your PLSX either. What a blast!!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 13, 2022 12:11:33

Seems more curious. But clearly has no idea what his investments will bring. Hate to tell him bad news. No need also. It’ll rock.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 11, 2022 11:33:34

I see. But still… let the people do what they want to do. Don’t worry so much about it. Stay away from BS tokens (or not) and spend your money wisely. Seems your spacesuit will do you well.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 11, 2022 11:30:23

Stay away from these markets. They’re clearly not something for you. Better be safe.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 11, 2022 11:24:46

Seems that’s your fear. But that fear is totally illogical. As with a dump the liquidity is disappearing so fast there’s no value for your coins. So theoretically it could happen. But then many coins are lost at a giveaway price. Would be extremely dumb. And whales… they are all but that.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 11, 2022 10:36:51

Buddy, that’s just a $ value. I suppose that you’re keeping some Pulse… then you’ll be just fine.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 9, 2022 21:46:35

That’s super cool. Happy for him!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 9, 2022 11:20:52

If you want to wait for PHex… By all means do so. It’d be great if you’re able to purchase it at a normal ratio or price. But I doubt it. PHex you can get now for free by means of the copy. Later you have to buy it. And who knows what that price will be. I wouldn’t gamble for that cheap price.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 9, 2022 10:52:57

I see them together at that price.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 9, 2022 10:50:43

What is there to be confused about? Buy hex now and you’ll get a free copy.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 9, 2022 05:08:14

It seems to be a difficult thing to explain/do to many. I know many that are in hex but wouldn’t know how to start staking. There should be a manual. With risk scenarios explained what to do (hardware wallets included). For now mate, thanks for the chats 🥳 but this boy is off. 😴📈😴

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 20:21:35

Indeed 90% isn’t staked otherwise you can’t get x10 yield. If 20% is staked, the yield is 5x more. With 50% twice. When 100% is staked, yield is 1x. Stakers are perfect for the price to go up. We need them very much. You can’t sell what you stake. This pumpamental will make hex go to insane prices.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 20:09:50

Check HTTPS:// and play with it also. Nice job by a fellow Hexican!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 20:06:48

Not pointless. But they may be very expensive to end stake.But if hex does $10 by then that may well help you out. But imagine… one of my stakes cost me $500 after a period of about a year. I managed to reduce that by settings in Metamask to $350 but come on. That’s crazy! Maybe by that time you can use the PLS Hex to bridge over for ETH and end stake. So both stakes can help each other.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 20:05:24

Yes it will take load of ETH. But it also depends on adoption of other coins and whether they will bridge over to pls. That actually would help. And I hope it does. It’s better to have these two chains working together.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 19:59:46

Buddy, I’m trying to explain that ain’t possible. Look: 90% is owned by the OA (more or less). The rest is for us. Many are not staked. But I believe half is. Otherwise you can’t get to this kind of yield. It’s math.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 19:57:54

Ok buddy have it your way. I can’t change how it is. It is what it is. That’s why the massive yield. It’s super. But do your thing buddy! Cheers!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 19:19:06

It’s all RH projects. I’d recommend them all: Hex (on ETH) Hex copied on pls PLsX Pls A soon to be announced token

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 8, 2022 19:13:17

No man. After the copy I expect huge pumps. No finance advice but I’m seeing hex at hundreds of dollars (per hex). Huge pumpamentals. Watch some of the YouTube stuff. BallietBran, Hex Token, Crypto Coffee, Hexologist, Richard Heart (long videos though) and Hodldog.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 8, 2022 19:07:55

Go check out hex. That might actually change your life.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 8, 2022 18:58:57

90% or so doesn’t get staked. Therefore the interest is fantastic. That’s why you can earn a 10-fold. 10% stakes —> 100/10 x interest (3.69%). Shorter less and longer more. It’s awesome.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:57:51

Actually it’s more like 50%. That’s because OA ‘owns’ 90%.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:55:51

You’re still fine. What’s a 4x ‘price’ for something that might do 100x or more? You’re good man, just a bit late and should’ve done some more.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 8, 2022 18:49:53

Nopez. We don’t. That’s not what this coin is for. For that you have liquid bucks in your bank account. Don’t spend money on coins you can’t afford to lose.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:46:11

Well, I appreciate the remark. It’s a bit misplaced. I meant it in a funny way. No psych issues here. Just excitement.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:44:37

Depends on the budget. Doesn’t make sense laddering 12 months x 15 years with 1,000 coins. However on PLSchain that’s a bit different. But we ain’t there yet. Soon.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:41:56

Oh it is. Very much so. That’s what it’s meant for also.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 18:38:58

Buying at too expensive ratios. At a good rate I’ll also sell a few. Otherwise I’m just as happy with them in my wallet. No selling necessary.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 8, 2022 17:54:01

That there might be surely. As many don’t understand what they’re doing.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 8, 2022 17:53:08

Buddy. It was a metaphor. What I meant was I always want to stake. It makes the choices less hard.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 17:52:10

But for a quick update: you buy coins now, you’ll get a copy on Pulse in a few weeks. Free copy. That copy will be on PLS. Ridiculously cheap. And there you can stake and end stake for less than a penny. With the money you make with stakes, you can always bridge it to the ETH network and use it there for gas fees in order to end stake. So you’ll never have to be without gas on the ETH side. Of course… short term stakes should not be made with less than 10,000 hex. And long term stakes… they could be a bit smaller but I’d recommend not to stake less than 10,000 because of gas fees. They’re eating your gains.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 17:50:32

That you would have known if you did DYOR. Then you would’ve been able to see CryptoCoffee, BallietBran, Hexoligist, HexToken, RH himself, Hodldog. Do some research. It will do you good.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 17:47:27

Don’t be so sure there’ll be a dip. It starts at 0. Not much lower you can go. And then there’s the ‘cost price’. I mean it’d be kinda stupid to invest, wait a year and then sell at a loss. And then, there’s the OA. I’m not sure it’d let the price sink that way. Not good for the chain. So I won’t think there’ll be a possibility to purchase at the same level the initial sacrifices got it for.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 8, 2022 13:40:29

Yes. That is a generalization. But sometimes things are as they are.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 09:45:59

I’m not into FOMO. I’m passed that. I’m in for the long term. They that decide to do that will make better gains I’m sure of.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 08:06:41

My guess is that women approach these things differently than men do. Sure there’ll be exceptions. Is it that women like to spend more maybe and men try to prevent that. LOL.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 06:28:03

1 million hex brings you about 50 t-shares. That’s 300+ hex per day. About $60. That’s worth it. No need to pay too high gas fees if you set the max gas price to a lower number and wait. I’ve also seen moments of 45-50 gwei. 2 days staking should get you out of costs. With potential extra gains.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 03:56:41

Pulsechain will fix that. You can always bridge in your pls hex in order to unstake eHex. No worries there.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 8, 2022 03:52:13

You’re welcome. Don’t forget: first years. Then quarters. 15-14-13-etc. Leave the first 2 years maybe. And then quarters… start with the furthest. And no less than 10.000 coins for shorter stakes (because of gas fees). For longer stakes, 6.000+ can do. The higher the better of course. Make the fattest 5555 and enjoy your daily hex! Pulsechain will solve gas fees. So your stakes are save as you’ll get copies.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 7, 2022 22:10:51

I’d advise you to start with a fat 5555 stake. You will NEVER get that deal again. Now 1 t-share costs about 20,750 hex. In a year that may be 30,000. Therefore you will never be able to put your principal+interest to work the way you can do now. Therefore, start with a 5555 stake (if that works for you) and work your way back from there. Start with years. Then quarters. Awesome.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 7, 2022 21:55:43

Always accumulating.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 6, 2022 19:04:29

Now I could be explaining this. But honestly I should not. You can do some research yourself. Go browse and

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 5, 2022 08:34:17

Many projects that do well have some kind of single point of failure.’s CRO token is one of these. Seems to be fine. Strange but fine. Don’t see why it’s bad to believe in people, especially ones that have a proven track record.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 5, 2022 08:26:10

Doesn’t sound that bad. This could happen everywhere. But especially on a cheap chain. Would be interesting.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on February 3, 2022 08:37:36

Yeah but with that amount you’d get fewer PLSX now though. Might be worth $40 compared to the early phase. So better do it quick. But any amount is fine, really. You’d just have to wait longer for bigger gains. Just watch out for the freaky ETH fees.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 3, 2022 04:09:12

IT has to be done so because of SEC. Otherwise it’s a security. There simply can’t be any expectations from the work of others. Period. That’s why there’ll never be an answer to your question. If you are worried about filling up someone’s pockets or that it may be used as liquidity or anything else you just gotta choose whether that’s something for you to sacrifice for. You’re clearly interested in making possible huge personal gains but don’t want anybody else to profit from that, let alone the creator of this all. That sounds pretty Marxist. I personally believe in this project, Richard Heart as a person and spend $$ I can afford to lose. That allows you to be a part of something at the start. No expectations. We will see from the moment it launches how smart the investment exactly turns out to be. When you sacrifice you do so because you believe. If you don’t, you better stay away. Sounds logical right?

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 2, 2022 04:35:54

What do you care? You sacrifice. Money gone. Or you don’t. You keep your money. When you sacrifice, you lose your coins. No expectations. You clearly don’t like the system or you don’t understand why this has to be like this. DYOR. Might be better for you to go elsewhere with your investments.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 2, 2022 04:17:03

Sounds like it’s better for you to do that, indeed. You should invest only where you feel good to invest in. That is clearly not here though there’s no community explaining things better and more transparent then here. Enjoy your other investment!

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/pulseX on February 2, 2022 03:43:09

You got diluted 3.5x now but still… it’s better than nothing. I’d do 50% and keep 50% for launch or a dip. 6K means about 1.8k worth of value now. That’s still nice amount to sacrifice. It’s a pity since you could’ve gotten a better rate but hey ‘buying a Bitcoin for $3 instead of $1’ ain’t so bad now is it.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on February 2, 2022 03:39:19

Poorer in coins. Richer in dreams.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 21, 2022 21:19:21

No OG here. Well staked though. But I’m not in for a short gamble. I believe fully in this project and I’m in for the real thing. That means 10-15 years. It’s a no-brainer for me. That also means no need for an unrealistic approach. Would you prefer a hectic start with issues? If so there are plenty of other projects you can invest or gamble in. I’d prefer a well setup & thought through project that shows results continuously and for the long run, not a quick 10x and get out.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 21, 2022 20:25:10

I foresee 0.40 as realistic in the coming years.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 21, 2022 18:26:50

If you stake well it could do much much more.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 21, 2022 16:44:35

I’m also tempted. Every time I look at the growing stack. A huge chunk of the day’s profit goes to RH projects.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 21, 2022 16:35:23

Well, with the current drops in prices we’re well on our way to a -more- sustainable price for the ETH fees. Software is very hard to put an estimate on. The last 5% usually takes the most time. How much time did it take for ETH 2.0 again… oh wait… it’s -still- not finished. And gets delayed time after time. I’m not in a hurry. I’d prefer to see it start in or just before the -likely to approach- bear market than at the top of a bull market. I’d expect it March though. But if it is April or May that’d be just fine with me.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 21, 2022 16:32:17

You buy ETH on Ethereum You may use that to lock wrapped ETH. That wrapped ETH on the Pulsechain blockchain (pETH or something) can then be used for any coin transaction that is available on that network. When you sell pRC coins, you can change this to wrapped ETH on PLS. This can be bridged over to the ETH network. It all has to be backed by stablecoins in order to function.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 17, 2022 03:41:28

Delicious food served by the greatest hospitality.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/AskReddit on January 16, 2022 19:04:56

The bridges will work 2 days after main net launch. Before that time you can swap tokens based on ratio. Bridged ETH is worth the exact same $ value on Ethereum. You can use that value on Pulsechain. It’s backed 1:1.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 16, 2022 18:40:20

That’s advice no one can give you without being somehow wrong. You should do your own research and decide accordingly. Invest in what you feel is most beneficial to you or that you want to support.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 16, 2022 18:32:48

ETH is for Ethereum network. PLS is for Pulsechain network. You need PLS coins in order to pay for gas fees. You’ll get a copy of your ETH wallet 1:1 so you’ll have some PLS anyway. Should be ok. Since you sacrificed for PulseX you will get some PLSX tokens. This can be swapped also for PLS during the first two days (and after) when Pulsechain goes life

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 16, 2022 08:11:15

Google it. First item.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 15, 2022 10:00:40

Deflationary awesome blockchain buy-back DEX

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 12, 2022 23:26:52

Yes. Your old portfolio will show your eHex (Hex on ETH). And a copy will be on PHex —> Hex on Pulse. The prices will be different. EHex Will be like before and Hex (PHex) will be starting from 0. Different chain, different setting in your Metamask or wallet.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 12, 2022 20:30:34

It’s a different chain. You need to change a few settings in your Metamask and then you’ll see your coins. As it is a complete copy (from a certain moment) of the ETH blockchain. So you won’t find the coins in your ETH wallet. They’ll be in your Pulse PLS wallet and free. Price starts at 0, though will not stay there obviously.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 12, 2022 20:26:27

No. That’s not possible. PLS first, then the rest. Like PLSX.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 12, 2022 20:19:01

Absolutely. Hopefully end of February/mid March. When the fork happens, the copies are made.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 12, 2022 20:15:20

Do a bit of research I’d suggest. That’s better because that’ll allow you to learn more than just this. Find BallietBran, K4KCrypto, RH (however long videos) and CryptoCoffee. This is all nice stuff.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 12, 2022 20:14:12

A $50 end stake is not the issue. The issue is the time the stake ran. If you have a 2-year stake, the cost must be calculated for 730 separate days, so 2x365 days x gwei fee. That’s how the cost is constructed. However, there’s a small trick you can try: You can put the gwei fee to a lower number, say 100 (the last option in the edit section - do NOT change the first and second option). If there’s a point in the near time the gwei reaches that or goes below it, the transaction will be executed. When you find this taking too long, you can always alter the fee by using the speed up function. This then replaces the old setting.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 12, 2022 19:49:46

Clearly you have no idea what you’re talking about. For the $1, the bonus is near 0. So it’ll remain 10.000 points per $1. For the $49M however, this adds a bonus of about 2.4x . Therefore the market cap for one can be profiting while it is not for the other.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 10, 2022 02:49:16

Buddy, explain that to me for someone that sacced $1 and another that saved 49 million. Are these going to be equal??

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 10, 2022 02:22:07

See my comment above

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 22:34:20

May I suggest to end stake it whilst setting a lower gas price (use edit). Only change the lower option (gas fee) and set this to a useful number (between 70-110) and your stake may process longer but will be cheaper! Of course this will be executed once the gas price has met this value. You can follow the gas price on etherscan:

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 22:33:45

No. It’s not the stake amount, it’s the time (days). Each day adds gwei.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 22:30:29

Yes it most likely will count. However this was not listed and you’re left to the grace of King Richard.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 22:27:53

That’s quite a stake. Over a year. So you’ve benefited greatly. Still, quite a cost. You can however change gas fee settings for ending stakes. It’s not an urgent action requiring quick results. Therefore putting gas fees at 84 or 100 can take a bit longer to process but that’s fine as there’s no hurry.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:26:26

Well, it all depends. If you stake for quite some time it makes perfect sense to do that rather sooner than later. Also on the ETH network this may play out fine over time. But what’s more important: what you pay in fees now, you can earn back with interest during the time you could’ve staked but didn’t. And that interest may turn out to become much, much more valuable over time. T-share prices go up each day. It’s actually a no-brainer if you think it over. But you need to stake at least $500 (or a bit less with a longer time horizon). Or 10.000 coins for shorter stakes since you also have to consider the end stake costs.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:23:39

The time frame in my opinion only exists because 1. people wanted to sac before the new year (taxes), 2. there were wages being paid out before Jan. 10 and 3. PLS isn’t ready yet and can take 6-8 more weeks. This buys time.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:16:24

They understand perfectly how it works. T-shares become more and more scarce. So doing 5555 is super smart. But you have to understand it and not be of age, you also need to enjoy some of it.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:13:01

Just watch your comment again in a few years.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:09:00

The funny thing is… with Pulsechain you’ll see how irrelevant market cap really is when 100-1000x are being established. Market cap might explode. Only then it’ll be obvious that is doesn’t matter. It only shows how successful it is.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:05:51

Good luck. Maybe you would be better of doing DCA. Sacrifice a bit and wait for after launch. Not to miss out. The deal is pretty good already.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 22:01:56

That’s not a fact but a guess. The ratios are what people decide on during the first two days. After that it’s the market with the bridges.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 21:59:19

I have to come across the crypto that sells for less than 0. As that is where it starts at. But it’ll reach bigger numbers in no time so good luck with trying to find a better price. I don’t see that coming any time soon. Too many pumpamentals.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 9, 2022 21:57:00

Listen to what you’re saying: ‘what it has to be’ for some that have sacrificed. That’s not entirely true as the multipliers are different. But nonetheless, this statement has no merit. It’s not relevant anyway because it’s a number that doesn’t help you in any way. It won’t tell you how much money you can make on it nor can you make profit on market cap itself. It’s mostly a number that shows which project is doing better than the other.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 21:46:53

Market cap is total of supply x price. What’s the price? There is no price. Don’t listen to people that BS you otherwise. Once price is established, so will market cap. The market cap can start way lower than the sacrificed amounts. It may also be higher. What we want market cap to be is a totally different thing. But in NO WAY will it be the sacrificed amount. Let this be absolutely clear.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 9, 2022 21:40:07

Depends on sacrifice phase status, total of coins and people willing to sell their bags I’d say.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 8, 2022 21:30:39

There’s no market cap right now. What is sacrificed is not the market cap. And with the best performing crypto with the entire system state copied over, there’s plenty of space for gains.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 8, 2022 21:28:56

At the moment for hex. From ATH. It’s still a bargain. And a free copy later. Sounds like you pay now something for 25% after the copy happened. 50% discount and doubled over. 25% of cost. A no-brainer. We believe there’ll be parity after a few months in time due to the liquidity provided.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 8, 2022 21:24:56

Yes, that’s indeed a noob question. How would you expect ETH to be different when it’s in a different wallet? Doesn’t the ETH have the same value in whatever wallet it resides? ETH is ETH. Going down lately.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 8, 2022 20:56:23

Better buy Hex now. Discount of >50% at the moment. And a free copy of your hex to the Pulsechain network. Then you know what you have. Only do this with $500+. That’d be my suggestion. DYOR.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 8, 2022 20:48:32

Surely it will as that will be the time the fork happens. Surely this will be announced.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 7, 2022 21:10:20

If you kiss your spouse, just know that it’s 1,000x more dirty than a dogs tongue. Just so you know. Not that you need to kiss a dog surely. But you get the point. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Amsterdam on January 5, 2022 18:49:25

Come on buddy, read the text before you sac anything. BNB is not ETH chain. So it’ll be listed later. You may not see it on though. Only ETH network coins are shown there.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 5, 2022 18:46:56

2 days on PLSX. Then the markets start.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 5, 2022 18:38:26

Very much so. Sacrifice double. So one part you’d have wanted to put in PLS and one part what you wanted to do now. Then when you get your tokens, change them on PLSX Dex afterwards. You’ll be in a better position as for others because you can exchange your (50%) part for PLS. Exchange rate unknown of course. And probably will cost you a little bit. But always better than the PLS sacrifice you get now. That’d be what I’d do. Otherwise you need to wait and see what you can get when the PLS chain starts and then use wrapped coins to use on the Dex. My guess is you’re better of doing a bit bigger sac now. AND… you have 6-8 weeks left to earn some bucks and use these when the party starts a bit later, in March we hope.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 5, 2022 18:36:30

Restake principal till beginning of March. Then restake principal for 15 years (5555) and keep interest liquid for trading on PLSX dex.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 5, 2022 12:21:49

You did great. I’d hold on hex if I could sac something else though. But e.g. if you stake hex and use the gained interest that’d be super. Or exchange for hex and use that for sacrifice. It’s good for the value of your own hex as well. That’s what I did. It costs some fees but if many do it, it’s better.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 4, 2022 09:09:07

So reply to how you feel it will be for you

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 2, 2022 23:18:30

I’d be looking out for projects to make an interest on and use that interest for projects that would help out others in need. Best is to keep what you have and use that for creating something more.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on January 2, 2022 23:02:37

I like it though you’d expect a green in the top and red in the bottom. Up and down colors. Rest: beautiful.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on January 2, 2022 23:00:27

It’s worth nothing. It may increase value. You sacrifice because you believe. You’ll get PLSX coins. Starting at 0.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on December 31, 2021 15:13:00

Almost all staked. In it for the long term! Just a few hex for sacrifice. Always use hex when sacrificing as this is good for hex.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on December 21, 2021 20:03:36

Buy some more that is not staked. Staked hex is staked and not liquid. You may end stake it early, with penalties, and use that or simply buy some new hex. Still, be careful with your hex as well. It’ll go viral.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on December 21, 2021 19:52:52

No. Your coins double. X on Ethereum network and same number on Pulsechain network. Value depends on what it’ll be traded for. Probably higher value on Pulsechain as this network might be superior in all aspects. But that’s all speculation. We will see.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on December 21, 2021 03:48:24

Your ETH address is copied over. So all your tokens are copied over. With or without ledger your wallet will be copied. You’d need to see how ledger works on different blockchains but I’m sure it’ll work just fine. You just need to alter a setting. Since Pulse ecosystem is an exact copy, it doesn’t require spectacular work from any hard wallet company.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on December 17, 2021 12:53:30

It’s not Metamask. Metamask is just an app that connects to your wallet on the ETH network so you can transact with decentralized tokens, like Hex. The entire ETH system will be forked. But all coins on exchanges will be wiped. Just private holders will get copies. So for ETH itself, it’s a worthless ratio (diluted 10,000x) but for all other tokens, especially Hex, it’s gonna be an amazing beginning of the year. When you have Metamask e.g., you hold your own keys. That’s an absolute necessity. If you don’t hold your keys or you’re trading your coins on an an exchange, you will not get any copy since you are not a true owner of the wallet. Not your keys, not your coins.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on December 15, 2021 18:07:11

What a whining. Come on dude. You’ll get a free copy. But also see it as a learning process. Imagine you’ll end stake a 5555. That may cost you a 100 grand by that time. I didn’t realize that at that time. I would’ve staked higher amounts with fewer stakes in my staking ladder. Let’s just hope ETH 2.0 will be up and running by then. But, the copy at Pulsechain (the PHex) will be just fine. And you will most definitely enjoy that.. very soon. However, prices won’t stay this low. You’ll just have sit sit through December.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on November 29, 2021 12:44:50

Indeed. Good post. Buy some more. Average your cost. Don’t see it as a loss. It’s not. It’s just a bit of a pity you could’ve gotten a bit better deal - that’s all. But when you keep your hex… man you’ll be smiling once you see the price in the coming years. It’ll pump! And it’ll duplicate over to the Pulsechsin network for free - including your stakes! AND the interest you get, all extra. You’re rewarding yourself big time by delaying gratification. So I would not worry at all. But I would accumulate a bit more hex now if I could though… Stake it or don’t stake it, you’ll have it anyway. Longer stakes are now a bit better as the fees are high but will eventually also become a lot less (with ETH2.0 whenever that launches).

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on November 10, 2021 20:21:11

Some scared shrimps may sell. Who knows. You always have people selling with the slightest amount of FUD. So why not there. The coin starts at $ 0.00. BUT… After a few test purchases by the development team the price is set. We will then go from there. And yes, price may be $ 0.00000001 e.g. on purpose. But that also makes the game theory interesting. The coin could then go up thousands of %. Which it will anyway. At $0.40 is will have reached the magical number of 10,000x (considering sacrifice and bonus up to 2.5x). All have to understand that this coin is magic. You NEVER have to sell it. You can. But you don’t have to. You can stake or provide liquidity or use it for a liquid loan against 0% interest. With that in mind who on earth wants to sell? This is magical. The coin is meant to pump and it will. Very exciting.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 10, 2021 20:08:28

I honestly hardly doubt that you will. The demand is just too high for it. Instead of down, it will be up 10x. But, that does depend on the existence of a bridge. If there’s no bridge, not much may happen at first.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 10, 2021 19:56:04

You’re omitting the multiplier. With $560 that’s about #26000 in the ranking (just counting Ethereum addresses for piece of mind). There are 41600+ sacrifices. That makes the multiplier about (2.5 -/- 1) *(26,000/41,600) + 1 = 1.9375 Therefore 560x10,000x1.9375 = 10.850.000 points

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 10, 2021 17:44:35

1 ETH will become 1 PLS on Pulsechain. But the value of the 1 ETH on Ether chain is still worth $$. That value can be used with Uniswap. No need for own tokens.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 8, 2021 04:29:30

Yeah. You’re taking it a bit too much to the letter. I meant that with a very low supply, it’s the end of the chain. Very high prices. But the end. So I wonder how that’d be fixed.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 7, 2021 11:21:27

I highly doubt that. The fork is the snapshot. So they happen at the same time. I’m sure RH will mention something but I don’t expect an exact block will be set publicly. That would encourage pumps and dumps.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on November 7, 2021 11:19:24

What, you mean the post on the ‘trick or treat’ day? 🤥

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on November 7, 2021 11:16:13

It’s already too late for that. However, it may not happen in 2022.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 7, 2021 11:14:18

True. Taking a very long time though, but I wonder until when this deflationary system keeps going as at some point the coins dry out.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 7, 2021 11:11:15

ETH has been promising things since 2017. It’s so slow in development. But that’s logical with only 5 devs. Pulsechain has a faster development team. It’s the future.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 6, 2021 11:05:29

I get your point but that’s not entirely true. The hex starts at $0.00 therefore there’s no comparison. But the hex has likely a higher appreciation at the start or after a few days.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on November 6, 2021 11:04:06

Why worry? You’re a day trader? Stake it for 5555 (at least partially) and let it grow. Best returns. Besides, duplicating your bag isn’t that bad, is it?

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on November 5, 2021 03:50:19

Hex could easily do another 10.000x but it will take longer than 2 years. You’d need to stake some of your bag for longer periods, like 5-7-10-15 years. You’d be ok there… since also you get a free copy on Pulsechain you’d duplicate your bags -and your stakes.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 26, 2021 20:22:11

I get you completely. But that was not the intention of the post. It was just a measurement of thoughts. 😊

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 26, 2021 10:29:50

The man deserves some credit. That’s also what drives him. And I get it. It’s ok. Besides, don’t tell anyone what to do with his/her money. If you feel like donating, please do so. You have my respect. Be well. Don’t hate. Peace.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 25, 2021 23:04:02

Don’t judge a man on how he looks or dresses but on his character. I’m also feeling awkward with some outfits but hey - let him dress in whatever he wants. Must say a few jackets were pretty cool. However I’d rather spend that on people in need than on LV or YSL products. Even with a hundred million bucks I’d never buy that overpriced stuff. Totally ridiculous.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 25, 2021 22:28:40

I’d prefer a stable network above a rush job. If that were to mean an extra bit of waiting… so be it. But if it’s ready, I’d love to work with it, preferably yesterday. I sincerely believe it’ll be the best performing blockchain that will exist. Someone like RH that dedicates his life to these two projects is just wonderful to see and be a part of. So happy to be part of that hex and pulse family.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 25, 2021 22:02:19

Enter the vote for today… and put your estimate.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 25, 2021 21:52:42

My fellow Pulsican… One has nothing to do with the other. Hex has a different supply than Pulsechain. Therefore, comparing these two is not the way to go. Meaning… $0.0001 for one could mean the same as $2 for the other.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on October 25, 2021 21:45:55

These stakes are fine, if you wish. But not on ETH network. Wait for PLS network. Your coins will be copied over (that is, if you’re holding your own wallet). But what’s the point really. Better do a few longer stakes. 3-5-7-10-15 years. You’ll be a happy person! And it’ll give you some peace of mind.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on October 25, 2021 21:16:13

That’s why we’re waiting for PLS

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on October 25, 2021 21:12:52

How funny. I sac’d days 1-10. Now day 99 (after first 5 days without 5% penalties): 125x. In 29 days from now, being day 133 since sacrifice start -in case the sacrifice is still working- we’re at about 500x the initial price. Two weeks after (being day 147) we’re at 1.000x. And, hypothetically, 47 days after (day 194) we’re at 10.000, meaning $1 for 1PLS. Woof. That hurts. People still keep sacrificing I’m sure., not understanding what they’re doing. They’re surely missing out; it’s just not the smartest move: You pay way too much for your coins. I’m sure that one day you’ll break even but I recommend you to have patience and wait for main net launch so that you’ll get a way better deal. Main net should launch within 3-9 weeks from now is my estimate. Then you’ll get your coins somewhere in the range of -50% to 10x higher but at least not 100 to 1000x higher. Main net launches with the first automated transaction at $0.00, making the coin a worthless coin. This is also to make sure that what you got after sacrifice phase really wasn’t worth anything, which is better for reasons of taxation in some countries. Only after that first trade, other trades can start and people can start selling for different prices. I expect high volatility on day 1. So move your coins wisely.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on October 25, 2021 20:45:32

You’re missing the point. You mention you have a Metamask wallet. That means you can access this on any Metamask extension in a browser as well. As long as you have the seed phrase. So you could’ve installed extension on your preferred browser and see if that worked.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 31, 2021 10:06:21

As long as you have you seed phrases you’re ok. You could however have installed Metamask on a different browser (Brave, Firefox, Chrome) and check it out. Sometimes you could actually try something first.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 31, 2021 09:50:14

It’s always worth to buy hex and stake it. Especially longer than shorter. Or using a ladder. But start buying your hex at time prices are ok (a small dip) and with times there are lower gas fees. You’ll be able to check this out, e.g. on And then you’ll be on the way up. Many more great days ahead. Besides, your coins will get duplicated over. So that’s a bonus for free. And the earlier you stake the more you’ll have once the Pulse network is up. Otherwise you’re already missing out now. And therefore, it may be more expensive to buy right now on the ERC network, but you will make those costs back when you stake and your stake is creating new PHex coins that will reach a great value as well.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 31, 2021 09:18:36

It doesn’t take 24 hours. At GMT time it starts. So if you’re staking at GMT-1 it just takes an hour to go live.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 24, 2021 09:12:38

Honestly, do some research. The latest video explains it. But please people… do some research in stead of just asking questions you can also find out for yourself.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 22, 2021 18:10:03

You use your Metamask wallet but with 1inch as the exchange with connection to your MM wallet. You don’t wanna buy directly from MM as it’s way more expensive. Use one of the two: or (or another that you like).

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 12, 2021 15:41:28

No coalition please. We want competition.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 12, 2021 15:38:48

Correct. Though with 1inch it will look for the most optimal exchange. Check that also.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 10, 2021 09:08:44

Don’t use Metamask itself to purchase Hex. Use or

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 10, 2021 09:02:06

I didn’t know Pulse was already popular - at all. Since it doesn’t yet exist. The software is a finished product and the same on both networks therefore Pulse will likely become more and more popular over time once people get to pay the cheaper fees. Both eHex and pHex will coexist. One might win.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 10, 2021 06:14:47

True by the letter but in real life utter bull. Of course you expect things coins and a decentralized system. It confuses me. All it comes down to is trust. But is that necessary? Might be doing well for the price but it remains awkward. Unless the coins get burned at some -early- point in time.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 10, 2021 04:42:51

No one can tell as the blockchain didn’t launch yet and we cannot buy PLS nor phex. We have to wait and see. We only know the price for stuff that exists.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 9, 2021 13:14:31

The coins on Ethereum network will remain. They will be copied (forked) to the other chain. So no doubles on the same network but a copy on the new network. See it like Ethereum (ETH) and ETC. A different chain but copied from the original. A better, faster, cheaper network. Therefore Pulsechain is likely to skyrocket.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 9, 2021 13:05:51

It’s not exactly the same as the price for each sacrifice address is different because of the multiplier applied. But it is actually the dipped price it finds at first. Then we will go up from there and start counting x’es.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 9, 2021 13:02:18

This sounds very solid. It depends on the number of hex coins that you have. Personally I would not advise to stake short term (<2 years) with less than 10.000 coins. This is because of coin price fluctuation and gas fees. You don’t want the gas fee to be higher than profits you take out. If you have more than 100.000 coins I’d surely suggest to do a 5555 stake with part of those coins. Even with just 10.000 coins this will bring you a descent profit you’ll appreciate after 15 years! Imagine hex at $25 after 15 years, you’ll be a happy man. Staking right now 10.000 coins and for 5555 days -with the current interest- would bring you 1,6 T-shares * 5.8 payout * 5555 days —> an end stake of a combined 62.485 coins. At $25 that would be $1.3 million. Surely interesting I suppose. Know that in case you really really really must take profits out before, you could do so halfway the stake period. You’d lose interest and pay a penalty but that is about equal at that time (~7,5 years). You’ll then have no benefit from the interest but still enjoy the coin price benefit. The thing with stakes is that you don’t have to worry about it at all. Just let it be and you’ll be fine. And, what you stake now will also get duplicated over on the Pulsechain network so 2 stakes for the price of one.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 9, 2021 09:35:13

Peace and chill. Love and be loved. And don’t spread bull. Your arguments hold no merit. That’s all. Change your attitude towards the positive and your life will become easier.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 23:16:38

Seems you’re posting more of these kinds of comments. No wonder you got kicked off the groups though mentioning you made legit comments - you think we Hexicans are fools? You’re such a negativity. I prefer positive people. Start loving yourself. Then the rest will follow and your life will change for the better.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 20:29:50

Happened to me too. But that doesn’t make me wanna change it. It was meant to be. We’ll cheer one day on our mutual mistake that turned out to be a great investment.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 19:02:18

$1 during bull run, yes. And then up to the right.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 18:45:49

2023 sounds rather quick. That would be a 75x change minimal. Pretty bullish. But yes, I also foresee this once more people become familiar with the coin. Maybe 2024 or 2025. Anyway, better buy more now than later.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 18:43:38

You don’t lose all interest but if you’re ending a stake before 50% of the time your penalty is higher than the interest. At 50% you’re back at your principal and if you’re further than 50% you’ll win. However it’s always better to leave the stake. Longer pays better. However, the value of the coin may have gone up so much you might want to end the stake anyway.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 18:37:22

You should read more my friend. Your comments are answered several times. But I’ll get you this one: The inflation is 3,69%. And this is given to those who stake. 90% don’t stake so the inflation is distributed to the 10% that do. So yeah. That’s a great % for this that stake. It also shows you should stake. If you don’t but just hold on to your Hex, you’re ok but you’re also missing out on the interest.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on August 8, 2021 18:26:29

I’d suggest to read a bit and listen to some videos from RH or others around Pulsechain or visit the Pulsechain website and go from there. It’s easy not to wander around and inform yourself but just ask questions and let others explain you. Do a bit of investigation. Show some effort.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on August 8, 2021 09:19:18

Not 100% accurate but accurate enough to say ‘correct bro’ It’s not 5% on day 6 and 10% day 7, etc. It’s multiplied by 1.05 every day. So 1.05x1.05x1.05 etc. for 14 days. Ending up with 1.98x at day 19 of the sacrifice period. And the total pulse coins total is not yet known. This is known after the sacrifice. Also, it’s not 1 sacrifice point for 1 PLS. Because it’ll be slightly different as the air dropped tokens that are not used by ETH wallets will be distributed over the people that sacrificed and actually will do something with it — instead of just giving free stuff for those that don’t seem interested.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on July 20, 2021 16:22:51

One never knows for sure, but since there's quite a large group that needs this, and many other tokens are duplicated over to the new blockchain that can then run on a smoother network with fewer fees and near-zero energy consumption, I suppose this blockchain has great expectations. But... have no expectation of profit from the work of others.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 14, 2021 18:36:59

No. Sacrificed coins are sacrificed. Gone. Your remaining hex will however become more valuable during sacrifice phase and will get duplicated. As well as stakes that are in for over say 45 days

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 13, 2021 04:19:13

Sure, just like ETH does. It’s kinda the same coin just another name on a new network that is PoS in stead PoW. And with all the other benefits listed on its website.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 13, 2021 04:09:26

If that’s all you got and you wouldn’t want to invest more $$, then it’s an option to do that yes. But 30-50% I’d sacrifice. Your hex coins and also your stakes get duplicated anyway. It’s just to buy Pulse - which may be a good deal. Nobody knows for sure. Time will tell. If possible, leave your stakes and buy some more. As you can see, since my comment the price has increased with 10% already. This is likely to continue on…

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 13, 2021 04:06:41

no. what's the point in that? You sacrifice before, not after.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 12, 2021 21:04:06

No... it starts in a few days. You sacrifice your coins. Don't worry about them anymore, they're gone when you sacrifice. The $ value of your sacrificed coins is what gets you Pulse before anybody else. You will get that once the sacrifice phase is over. And... you don't know how many Pulse you'll get. But since you're the first with your fellow 'Pulsicans' to get these coins, you get them at or near bottom price. The earlier you sacrifice, the better the deal. But the results of the deal are not known. This will be clear after the sacrifice ends and Pulsechain goes live.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 12, 2021 21:03:22

It depends... if your Hex stakes are staked for a very long time, then you'd be better off leaving them. But, if they're short term stakes, you could end them and use that for the sacrifice if you're desperate to get into Pulse before everyone else. Long stakes tend to get you a better deal now since the T-share price is getting higher every day. So I'd leave these in peace. They'll get duplicated anyway so you got them on 2 sides. I'd leave your Hex where it is right now and invest some more $ into new Hex NOW -not tomorrow. You'll never throw that money away, you've invested in the right coin! By sacrificing your new $ that you invested in Hex (eHex), your other coins become more valuable and it's estimated that the total sacrifice will be higher in $ value than it is now. So make your deal and be happy. It's exciting.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/Pulsechain on July 12, 2021 20:42:08

As it should be. If you had joined earlier, you’d have had your chance. This is the way it always works. The ones in the beginning believed in the project and made their way up. The ones that came later and join the ride up also deserve a bit less.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on June 18, 2021 08:46:26

XRP… ok. But Doge should’ve been flipped some time ago. 🥇

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on June 11, 2021 10:43:51

Indeed, the price in hex only goes up. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s becoming more expensive immediately to stake and purchase the t-shares (burning your hex), as the hex price itself fluctuates a bit. But it’s generally ‘better to stake today than tomorrow’ as prices for hex can and will quickly increase to a higher $ value. So, don’t feel bad when you stake and the price in $ decreases 10%. It will recover and your interest is high anyway. Over the last weeks, the price has gone up 500% and this will continue as we are heading to the pulse fork. Short term predictions are $ .15 - .30 (I read other crazy amounts of over $1 but find them rather unrealistic at this point in time). This also means the price to purchase t-shares becomes much more expensive. The time is now, not later.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on June 6, 2021 04:21:05

No waste at all. 3000 hex is about $165 at this point. 10 years will make you about 20-30% per year plus price increase. In 10 years who knows where we’ll be…. $1-3. People should hold their bags so that this will be reached rather sooner than later. In 10 years you’d have about 28.000 coins at that price point. But, I hope we’ll be able to sell t-shares at some point. This doesn’t liquidate hex, meaning price decrease. And the t-shares right now are 3x the price of the initial investment. Getting better and better.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on June 6, 2021 03:43:34

Staking for longer guarantees you a higher interest % for a longer period. It is known that the further we are in the future, the less interest % it will be. Staking after staking just brings a smaller amount of interest than a long stake. It also shows the belief in the project and it will make the value of the coin to become higher. This is solidarity amongst all that own hex and want to benefit from a price increase.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on May 31, 2021 09:31:34

That would be an option, though for tax reasons it may be better to create a wallet for each one and one for yourself you can distribute coins from in a later date if you wish. There’s no cost to owning several wallets and this will actually also increase security. When you have just one wallet you could choose the good accounting method or stake your investment so that you’d avoid paying taxes. Since you no longer own the coins during that time. But once you’re distributing coins to different wallets (your grand kids) you’d likely have to pay taxes over that generous gift. Therefore I’d already put it on their name and stake it, specifically during tax periods.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on May 30, 2021 11:06:17

The price would be whatever one person wants to sell 1 hex for after unstaking his/her stake, therefore making it liquid again. But since 80% is owned by RH, this would never happen anyway.

Commented by /u/WallyTheHexStaker in /r/HEXcrypto on May 25, 2021 09:07:23