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Fantastic interview. Omar spared no question, asking probing, thoughtful queries. Notice there aren't talking points. It's a conversation. Omar isn't looking to dunk on his guest, to play gotcha, nor is he willing to make an infomercial. He asks what most enthusiasts would want to know, allowing the guest to state their position, while not hesitating to follow-up, to dig deeper. It's a clinic in how to present ideas soberly though they're obviously controversial. Amaury Séchet comes across as I have always found him: reasonable, resolute, understanding of the grave position Bitcoin Cash is in. If you're looking to get away from clear shills and mobs, this interview is a great start.

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I defer to your knowledge in these matters. But overnight, things just got real.

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on August 6, 2020 11:42:11

No site, not a single one, covered the Bitcoin Cash community better than CoinSpice. Lifestyle, development, controversies, personalities, adoption, meetings, influencers, etc. CoinSpice was the ONLY site, the only one in three years, to give the entire Bitcoin Cash picture, warts and all.

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Best project in all of Bitcoin Cash.

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Driving away Toomim is a horrible idea. Censorship in a working group is worse. I hope one day Bitcoin Cash can stop stepping on its own dick.

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It's the best project in all of Bitcoin Cash.

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Cannot imagine the pressures of running such a platform, trying to call balls and strikes (as we say in the US -- deciding what is good and bad). From afar, I think it's better to take a light touch, to contact micropresident personally first, tell him your concerns and then come to a better understanding. Libertarian types in the US especially tend to be free speech zealots while people in other parts of the world tend to be okay with bans and blacklisting and censorship of one kind or another (a stereotype, for sure). []( is a stellar project, one I personally root for and believe it does great things. But it's new and its founder is a passionate fellow, so there are bound to be over and under reactions. Social media and blogging platform climates are riddled with censorship-like practices, anything associated with Bitcoin Cash should not be ... and not at all.

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on July 29, 2020 20:57:16

If it's not the best project within the BCH community, it's close. Rooting for [](

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It's the best project in all of Bitcoin Cash-dom. It deserves massive financial support.

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CoinSpice is split just like the community on the IFP. We've had on and covered every aspect of the IFP, critics, proponents, developments comprehensively. Eat time we feature one side, the other cries foul. Zooming out might give readers/viewers/listeners a better perspective on CoinSpice coverage.

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The article never uses the phrase "the same team."

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It's something I try to tamper, honestly, and I think yours is a fair point. For some of us, LN is actually really net tech, a novel idea, but the way it was sold, its excuse and subsequent capture leaves much to be desired as it relates to the scaling debate. It's a frustrating mess for those who sought adoption, worrisome. But point taken.

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on May 1, 2020 13:51:58

Hahahaha. I totally see the issue. Hopefully clicking the link brought context.

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Questions for CoinSpice readers: 1. Is this the group that opposed the first IFP? 2. What are your group's thoughts on the updated IFP? 3. You're miners, not mining pools, right? 4. How much hash power do you represent? 5. What impact, if any, will BCH's Halving make on your group's decision to support or reject an IFP? 6. Of the IFP alternative proposals out there, do any meet your approval? 7. Some say protocol development doesn't need dedicated funding. Do you share this view? 8. Any thoughts on a Bitcoin Mining Parliament? 9. Does BCH DAA gaming impact your group's views on an IFP at all? 10. Does your group have a node implementation preference among Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, BCHD, etc.? Please try and respond to the number. Thanks for doing this!

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 21:08:48

CoinSpice #7: How will the BCH Halving in roughly two months impact your business? Does that imminent event factor-in to your groups' thoughts on something like the BTC.TOP founder's IFP?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:46:47

CoinSpice #6: Are there any alternative infrastructure funding proposals floating around out there your group supports?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:45:23

CoinSpice #5: What is an altruistic miner?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:44:40

CoinSpice #4: How much hash power and rigs do you represent?

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CoinSpice #3: The BTC.TOP released an updated, new IFP. Are those terms more agreeable to your group?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:43:17

CoinSpice #2: You're miners right, not mining pools?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:42:29

CoinSpice #1: Are you the same group that issued the previous ultimatum to the first IFP?

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 6, 2020 20:42:08

Silly goose. That is the entire point. It is called the CoinSpice Vault. No one was killed. is a great way to place content not "new" as a kind of dessert reading, a fun retread of stuff we've already covered.

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on February 5, 2020 15:51:30

My call, completely. No one else to blame. Is it misleading with regard to: the months? Contentious? Back-and-forth? Or the entire fragment? I for sure want clicks, but not at the expense of credibility. From my monitoring of Telegram channels and other assorted social media, it has been back-and-forth and contentious, and for months. Whatever the case, the post's import is congratulatory, hopeful, and something of an original step for Bitcoin projects: two influential leaders working their differences out in public without resort to censorship or split. That seems to me groundbreaking. Perhaps I misread the situation.

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Several stories here. Governance. Power distribution. Response to criticism. Dealing with potential catastrophic potentials. And their remedy still leaves a few days to accomplish the exploit -- and they reluctantly moved it to 24 hours. Super interesting.

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Literally, literally, the title of the research study is linked within the first sentence. Reading comprehension. It's a thing.

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The moderator was awful. Really distracting, pointless really. And the fact no podiums were ready is just ... strange. That, and the conference lost a ton of money by not live streaming -- could you imagine the sponsors who would've paid! But Ver kicked much ass just the same.

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Paul was for sure interesting, but Yang is full-throated and hanging in there, evening outlining a crypto policy. Will be fun to see how far he goes of if this is his last debate. I could not care less about any of his other positions.

Commented by /u/afriendofsatoshi in /r/btc on October 15, 2019 20:04:46

I get his point, but Ver has been beat up by that incessantly. It's almost too easy. He never gets props for publicly admitting he was fooled. In my experience, Ver never acts nefariously and puts himself out there. That means every call he makes, and he makes a ton, is scrutinized -- and the misses are amplified. But be honest. In public, not many people were talking smack about CSW until it was too too late. Lots of blame to go around, but at least Ver owned it. Respect.

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It is EXACTLY, word for word, what Mow tweeted.

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Blame WP or Reddit, 'tis the format.

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closed. They were eventually closed. Apologies.

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Your cryptocurrency news daily. Get caught up in minutes. Carefully curated to keep you informed.

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TL;DR: The coming Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork, a network software upgrade scheduled for 15 May 2019, brings with it beginnings of an innovation Bitcoin Core (BTC) developers have considered for more than a decade, Schnorr Signatures. The idea applied to cryptocurrency has been an off-and-on discussion since at least 2009 for BTC, and the concept itself is thirty years old. Under the guidance of independent developer Mark B. Lundeberg, BCH begins its Schnorr Signatures journey in a matter of days.

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Enjoyed it. Vin is such a pro.

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