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Was [having a talk]( with /u/whatwouldsatoshido (apparently works for a mysterious major marketing agency) about a large scale Bitcoin Cash marketing campaign. I thought their summary was pretty good: > What crypto or BCH needs now are: > > - strategic marketing roadmap (technical already exits) > - use cases which target women and non crypto users > - campaign to take away the fear of crypto ("it's too complicated, money for drug users, money for nerds") Maybe small projects too: > If we can create a "good" case for us which we can use for marketing awards, then we can work with small projects. Overall, I agree that Bitcoin Cash could use a coordinated marketing effort regardless of Libra and other stuff going on. Bitcoin Cash has *the best* fundamentals for a global, permissionless money that works for everyone. The fundamentals are necessary but are they sufficient? You can be sure that Libra will be marketing for itself and against Bitcoin Cash. If you do not believe me, read their white paper. You *should* get chills because they have been paying attention and adopted all of our language (it is doublespeak, but still they are using it). Look at nchain as well - absolutely flooding social media and manufacturing other events in meatspace. It is easy for them since they control the whole coin. It will be harder for Bitcoin Cash to coordinate one. # Community & industry funding for protocol and node development: Good # Community & industry funding for coordinated marketing: Good?

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on June 20, 2019 05:05:57

I want to preface this by saying that I absolutely hope to see BU to continue their excellent development and research for permissionless cash. We understand deeply as a community how important diversity is to resist capture. However I fear BU is currently [headed for capture by bad actors]( -------------- Please see: [BUIP 122]( by imaginary_username, a person in excellent standing in the developer and larger Bitcoin Cash community. It basically proposes booting officer Norway from BU for doxing hodlnaut and damaging BU's reputation. [BUIP 123]( by bitsko. It can only be called retaliation for BUIP 122. Relevant claims: > A Bitcoin Unlimited member has recently participated in an online witchhunt against norway. Such an act endangers the personal safety of regular persons, and he has shown neither remorse nor ignorance about the potential consequences of his act. It is my opinion that continued membership of such a malicious individual impedes future activities of BU, and he should be removed from membership rosters. and > imuname will stop at nothing to kill the original satoshi vision. > > youve been warned Please re-read bitsko's statement in the context of recent nchain legal actions in case you didn't the first time. -------------- Now please look at the [current voting results]( - Boot Norway: `2 Accept` - Boot imaginary_username: `6 Accept` Prediction: Using other votes as a proxy for cleaning up the toxic membership rift is not going to work. BU must face it directly or eventually be taken over by nchain and BSV promoters. Somebody please give me a more hopeful interpretation. I would love to be wrong. Otherwise, I implore all BU members to face this toxic rift directly and deal with the temporary pain.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on May 7, 2019 13:48:03

This should be an interesting and permissionless tour. Thanks to /u/cipher_gnome for thinking it up and getting it started. It has been fun to see it going across the twitterverse: - /u/cipher_gnome --> /u/emergent_reasons - --> /u/zquestz ([tweet]( - --> /u/collinenstad ([tweet]( - --> /u/don-wonton ([tweet]( - --> [@rob_mose]( ([tweet]( - --> /u/imaginary_username ([tweet]( - --> [@JettScythe]( ([tweet]( - --> /u/wecx- ([tweet]( - --> [@paOolCoin]( ([tweet]( - --> [@Anthony05064687 Anthony Banks]( ([tweet]( - --> /u/soupernerd ([tweet]( If anyone with the right skills makes a tracker to show all the tweets / messages as it moves, it could be a nice mini-epic and fun piece of history.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on March 7, 2019 03:32:35

TLDR: I recommend against getting a cloud mining contract from given their current terms which will cancel your contract, no matter the remaining time on the contract, if it is unprofitable for 60 days. The terms are basically a bet on the timing of the next bull run. If they can find a softer solution to underwater contracts, I would definitely consider them again. I cannot speak for other cloud mining services. ## Good times I originally bought a cloud mining contract from to participate in and support the BCH fork last year. That worked well and was profitable while the price was high. Thanks for that, pool and thanks for giving us a way to participate in the fork. I recently bought a multi-year contract to continue doing the same, support's excellent work and of course hopefully make a profit as well. ## Bad times After 6 months of this multiyear contract, is cancelling the whole thing due to the bear market and my account maintenance fees being more than daily profit for 60 days. Converted on a daily basis, I have earned only a fraction of what I paid. I think there are other possibilities than outright cancelling a contract that would be win-win for both parties. However according to support, that’s the way it is. This is not to say they are dishonest - just that it looks like a bad investment at this time. ## Timing the next bull market If you are looking at the contracts, even with a "free fee period", please consider the possibility of a long bear market as there has historically been between bull markets. In that case, even if gives you zero fees for a limited time - when the period is up, you have 60 days before your contract is cancelled. Basically, you are betting on the timing of the next bull run. It is disappointing. I was planning to put more and more into cloud mining to have some political impact with hash rate while hopefully at least breaking even financially. However this will probably be the last cloud mining contract for me.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on October 26, 2018 11:38:18

I just read [the whitepaper]( and most of the [Medium/blog posts](, but am still unclear about some things. I (and maybe other BCH users?) am coming at smart contracts from a low knowledge level so please share additional resources if you think they would be helpful. ---- Q 1.1: It seems 100% of actions with WHT require a BCH transaction: ["Token issuance, circulation and burning within Wormhole protocol can only be completed via BCH transaction, e.g. by interpretating the metadata in OP_RETURN."](Https://Medium.Com/@Wormholecash/Public-Statement-From-Wormhole-Team-3c87160f3a0a) Is that correct? Or can some WHT actions be initiated independently of the BCH blockchain? Q 1.2: If some directives occur outside of BCH, then how is the following obvious? ["It is obvious that Wormhole protocol will not compete with BCH."](Https://Medium.Com/@Wormholecash/Public-Statement-From-Wormhole-Team-3c87160f3a0a) ---- Q 2: Of course plasma and continued development hopefully keep all WHT contracts running smoothly, but... If WHT ever reaches a point that it cannot keep up with the directives from BCH, it seems that either BCH must be throttled (disaster) or WHT will be broken as it falls farther and farther behind. Is that accurate? ---- Q 3: What does this mean? ["Secondly, the execution of a smart contract transaction can cause the breach of UTXO on the Blockchain."]( ---- Thanks for any help.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 24, 2018 12:01:32

The stress test on September 1 will be good exercise. You can participate with as little or as much Bitcoin as you want. The []( site provides a lot of context but does not have ways to participate yet. Ways to participate: ———————- BCH Method 1: []( The site is nice and self-explanatory. It runs locally in your browser but requires access to the site to get it. I think the site is using a CDN so it should be resistant to DDOS. It also requires access to and I am not sure how DDOS resistant it is. If you want to be sure to have it during the stress test, you can download a copy of the page and run it directly from your PC (use something like “save entire page”) but it still depends on access to ————————- BCH Method 2: [txBlaster2 bot on]( This bot is even easier than the page and is a great reason to make a []( account if you haven’t yet. The maker (I think) is [Esthon]( who has been active on memo and with Bitcoin Cash for a long time. I do not know if he has an active reddit account but I do not see any red flags. Still, please do not send single large transactions to the bot. It is handling simultaneous requests well so far. This method depends both on the bot staying alive and on users having a way to tip the bot. I’m not sure how the site will stand up to DDOS. —————- BCH Method 3: ? I don’t know any other methods at the moment. It would be nice to have one that is strongly resistant to DDOS. —————- BTC Method 1: Some people are interested in running some level of stress test on BTC at the same time. I like this idea - it will help to get more of an apples-to-apples comparison of performance under high load between BCH and BTC. Anybody who knows what is up knows what will happen but the stress test audience can include people who are not yet convinced. I know someone is working on this but I do not know the status.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 17, 2018 13:10:08

I live in a small space with kids and would like to buy my first 3d printer. Overall I'd like a fully enclosed, preferably filtered / filterable printer that can deal with a range of materials. I have concerns about every option I've found and I'm sure there are things I am unaware of about each as well. Any feedback you have will be appreciated. Basic FAQ questions: * Price range? Under $2,000 is best but if there is a clear winner under $2,500 I can consider that. * What do you intend to do with the printer? Provide a learning opportunity for kids (both 3d design and printing). Trinkets, toys, decorations, electronics enclosures, sculpture-type models. Hopefully sell some of my own designs but I have no illusions it will cover the costs. * Are you interested in assembling a kit or would you prefer to purchase an assembled printer? Either way is fine. * Did you read this FAQ? Yes! Further details: - Small living space: keeping constant outdoor ventilation is not realistic unless I place the printer outside in the winter/summer - I'd like to be able to print most materials including ABS but can drop ABS if the need for a filtered printer is too limiting - I have what I guess is enough technical ability to deal with most issues but prefer plug and play to tinkering. - I live in Japan and will probably be importing most items. The printers (both made in Japan and imported) and printing supplies that I have found are crazy expensive. Dealing with returns and that kind of thing will be an expensive challenge. -- **Fully enclosed and filtered**: - [Up! Box]( - My current top choice although the running cost seems high. Newness and lack of reviews worries me but they have a pretty good history with other printers. - [ZYYX]( - Meets all my criteria but has few reviews combined with a short history. - [Zortrax Inventure]( - Out of my price range, but looks like it might be an amazing printer. I heard that they are releasing a whole range based on this style eventually. -- **Fully enclosed** without filtering. Maybe I can add filtering if any of these are worth it? - [Witbox]( Seems great but limited materials and noisy. - [Robox]( ([Incomplete discussion about adding a filter]( Seems to have a lot of quality issues which I want to avoid. Sounds like it or its successor may be great in the future. - [Lepton]( Made in Japan. Seems high quality. Maybe I could add a filter. Really hard to find reviews. - [Trino]( Same as the Lepton. - [Ultimaker 2]( That price. Also seems to require more tinkering than the fully enclosed ones like the Up Box. -- **Mostly enclosed or wide open**: These are popular and I really like some of them but I don't want a big and/or custom enclosure that will take even more space while still needing to add filtering. [Zortrax m200](, [Flashforge Creator Pro](, [CraftBot Plus](, etc. Maybe I have missed some easy enclosure/filtering mods? -- Have I missed a good one? Have I missed an important feature or problem with any of these?

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/3Dprinting on January 1, 2016 11:06:52

I'm hoping to make a keepsake / useful object for a friend of mine. It's going to be a [container]( for a special type of incense used in green tea ceremony. Could anyone give me advice (including better subs for this request) for how to get/make a relatively low-detail (for ceramic) model of [this]( [particular]( [temple's]( [zen garden]( Or any major building of the temple either would be nice actually. I have not been able to find a good overhead image from google maps or anywhere else of the garden although google maps does seem to have very detailed building shape models of the temple itself. The main idea is to get something with an obvious representation of that temple. I'm just going to fake it with my rudimentary FreeCAD skills if nobody can tell me a more effective way.

posted by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/3Dprinting on April 21, 2015 04:18:09

FWIW, it's not Hayden.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 17:36:16

This is wonderful and must have been a ton of work. Thank you. Pledged.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 01:40:32

So many good details. And I found more great visual story telling in your post history! Highly recommended.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/SympatheticMonsters on September 17, 2020 00:21:25

And so it goes. Looking forward to when you are in a position to make it happen. Eventually we will get to a place that opportunities get scooped up before you can blink but not there yet.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 01:35:15

\#6 (simple with the white border for contrast) Optional #16. Same thing as 6. but 8-bit version, for merchants that want something more fun.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 21:58:12

I was getting the same error. He restarted the server and I was able to pledge after that. Should work now.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 18:55:13

Finding ways to capitalize on the engagement that we do have (BCH-oriented businesses, infrastructure projects, OGs, users, engaged miners, insiders with unique insight, ...) to convert it into increased certainty and reduced conflict. That will also increase the chances of pools and miners engaging. I will publish something on this soon. But anything requires real work as Javier has appropriately done and deserves props for.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 18:13:46

There are piles and piles of good ideas. I don't think you can measure traction from the good idea stage. You will have to actually work on the first steps of making it happen before you measure traction. For this one you would need good technicals, good marketing and a decent budget. A team that can do this is well positioned to do other things also.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 16:07:44

Thanks for explaining. Better and earlier communication all around would be good. I am not convinced BMP is a great place to invest effort now, but if it increases pool engagement in a constructive way, I will gladly admit error.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 16:00:45

If pools are not interested in engaging, which is the current reality, then that will not be the result.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 15:51:51

Sorry about that. Totally marked out the original statement.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 15:48:52

Are you saying that ABC coin will have majority hashpower in November? I mean, some people say the world is flat also, but when there is no evidence to support it and overwhelming evidence on the other side, it's pretty safe to just drop one of the ideas.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 02:27:46

My bad. I did not pay attention to the virtual aspect of just reproducing tx. I suspect it will lead to lots of confusion but yeah if it could be marketed well, it would be a neat PR stunt. ~~This doesn't work on two very important levels and the idea can safely be retired.~~ 1. ~~You are talking about literally moving people's money that never asked and in a way that will terminate at some unknown point (see the next point).~~ 2. ~~It only works as long as the same original coin hasn't been spent in a different way on BCH yet and as long as the BTC coin hasn't done somethign incompatible.~~ 3. ~~See #1. Even if you could do it, it's a really bad idea.~~

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 02:23:17

George can you help me understand why you have picked up on BMP specifically? For me, it is a narrow solution for polling pools and doesn't solve any of the hard decision making problems we have right now. With BMP we get a polling system that has two main properties: 1. Provability / weighting of opinions by POW. Currently we do not have a problem with pools struggling to make their voice heard among noise of other pools / fake pools. For better or worse, the opposite is true - they demonstrably do not like to get involved. 2. Nuance of opinions from pools. Similarly, we do not actually face this problem. When pools complain about the coinbase being too constraining, then it will be trivial to work with them to develop a polling system. Until then BMP is making the famous mistake of over-engineering a solution before there is any traction. As I have told Javier, I think it would be more effective to work on getting pools engaged in the first place than selling tools to them that they are not asking for. But am I missing something? Your focus on BMP is a mystery to me.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 02:04:34

Arthur Dent! And also please read Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency if you haven't before :D

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 13, 2020 13:12:53

Thank you very much for explaining. > if your a light to urself ur a light to the world because you are the world and the world is you I agree.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 14:33:40

That's why it's hard! If you can convince people you can do it, that will earn you more support. You might talk with Satoshi's Angels about it.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 12:25:56

Cool. Can you summarize the main point of this video? From the first part, it sounds like the idea to be aware of *why* you do everything and not to simply go with the flow of society.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 08:48:02

No guarantee of knowing but there is always a chance of slipping up and people discovering it eventually. Sword of damocles hanging over you after you do it. It may also look very suspicious depending on the circumstances.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 08:46:06

I would say something that takes a lot of work and that is hard for individuals to do is coordinating many people around particular businesses. Like meetup organizers do, except online. If a business sees it can get a bunch of new customers by working with BCH, then it will be more attractive than one person. But that takes significant time, skill and effort to organize.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 08:40:20

I tried to listen. He is incredibly repetitive and pedantic about a simple point. Not going to finish it. Can you TLDR?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 06:16:26

This is true. Probably cause a large loss of trust, but very true.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 04:25:59

I always relabel by flipstarter pledges with a specific campaign name so I can find them later.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 04:24:54

No worries!

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 12:37:02

It's quite rough around the edges still. I think /u/ErdoganTalk already answered things quite well but please contact me or post questions and I will try to help.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 06:25:12

On this point, that tiny amount you see in the history is just the miner fee because the wallet interprets the transaction as "All inputs came from me, and all outputs go to me. The only thing lost was the miner fee." What is actually happening is it takes your input coins and creates two output coins: 1. For the pledge. This coin can be spent by you (cancel the pledge) OR it can be spent by the campaign after it finds enough pledge coins to create one big transaction. 2. For the change. This is just the leftover amount (if any) that is sent back to your wallet like in a normal transaction. Unfortunately labels in electron come from the Tx, and can't be separated by coin so both 1. and 2. have the same "flipstarter pledge" label. As /u/ErdoganTalk explained elsewhere, the frozen one of those two coins is the pledge coin. The one that is unfrozen is the change coin. If you want to cancel *all* your pledges, there is a cancellation tool in the little toolbox icon at the top-right of the plugin. You can't cancel just one yet though. When a flipstarter that you pledged to completes, the frozen coin 1. will disappear and you will get an unlabeled transaction in your history.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 06:23:42

> When a flipstarter successfully completes, you see an outgoing transaction from your wallet with no comment, which you did not initiate yourself, and that is a bit confusing. Terrifying in fact, every time it happens :D

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 06:17:40

Not really. The coins never leave your wallet. The only time something happens is: 1. The campaign finishes and the campaign is able to collect all the pledged coins into a single transaction. 2. Or before the campaign collects all the pledges, you spend your pledged coin. I'll make a more complete separate answer.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 06:16:44

I'll propose an answer to the question soon. The trick is you have to end at 1. Not start at 1.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 05:38:54

It's hard to do this and remain permissionless. Who defines the roadmap? It is not a rhetorical or academic question.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 03:56:19

I'm working on a concrete proposal for this. If you can catch me on a more high bandwidth platform (I'm easy to find), I'd be happy to talk about it and find collaborators.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 03:55:04

I just read this and came to share an inspiring quote from it. > it is there where BitcoinCash is precisely a solution and not an option, the division of Bitcoin Cash is more of a triumph for antagonism to the freedom and economic prosperity of humanity, those who want its failure are the same who want to keep us kidnapped and immersed old economic doctrines that only make the majority poorer and a few richer.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 03:52:49

I think it's hard for anyone who has never modded a very large sub to have a useful opinion here. Having said that, is it possible for you to query a list of posts and comments that would have been rejected? That would give a pretty clear idea of the potential impact.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 16:15:50

Nice work. That pyramid in the back tho.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/ImaginaryLandscapes on September 8, 2020 16:07:43

Not only super creative but really effective results. Just... how did this come up in your mind? Hope you are making a living with this talent and thank you for sharing it. /u/chaintip $10

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/ImaginaryLandscapes on September 8, 2020 02:43:57

I know you said "it's not up to me" (below), but have you had any change of thought with a majority of BCH pool hashrate signaling and unambiguously staying on BCH without IFP?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 7, 2020 02:00:55

You can donate to whomever you want. I don't think many are donating to BU these days, at least not compared to everything else. You are stuck in the past.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 05:52:24

Molecular's uncle completed the Flipstarter. Legend.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 5, 2020 16:24:34

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 5, 2020 16:19:57

Somebody get molecular's uncle some alcohol.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 5, 2020 11:01:09

survey requires a google login ----- By what name do you go online? (Optional) Which statements do you agree with? Everyone should have an equal voice in deciding laws which everyone must follow Everyone should be free to do whatever they want as long as they do not harm others People should treat others how they want to be treated How often do you make a on-chain transaction? Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly Why are you involved in crypto? Become wealthy End the state End debt-based money, and implement hard money End war Other: Do you support the coinbase infrastructure funding rule (8% to Global Network Council)? Yes No What will you do if the 8% rule is implemented? Sell my Bitcoin Cash Buy more Bitcoin Cash

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 5, 2020 00:23:28

Yes. It's living in the future. Unfortunately today they probably literally hold the majority of coins in circulation.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 5, 2020 00:20:39

I never said what you are saying. > I guess many think seriously funding development is horrible GTFO with putting words in peoples' mouths.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 4, 2020 22:54:50

And everybody who thinks some other form of IFP will be better - get your head on straight. This is exactly where they all lead. Downhill. Fast.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 4, 2020 20:44:59

Just to make sure this isn't a 4d chess sentence, I think you meant a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 4, 2020 20:43:37

💯 And I really hope everyone will see that ***any*** version of IFP ends up at pretty much exactly the same point. It's only a matter of time. [On the risk of coupling between a coin and de facto reference points.](

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 4, 2020 20:40:59

This is missing all the people and organizations who totally opposed it from step 1. It also paints green parties that you do not know supported it. With "?" on them. What does "decentralized" mean? While some of the details are accurate, I think overall this is a misleading representation that paints alternate versions of IFP in a positive light when they actually had practically no support. Let this dead thing lie. [Risk of de facto reference points]( like IFP.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 4, 2020 01:28:19

Best I can do is [entire population of Earth in Rhode Island](

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/TrueReddit on September 2, 2020 17:25:22

Hey I think you also have a specialty of staying positive even when people are not positive with you. That's quite rare.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 17:20:45

I'm going to do a training montage and come back at you /u/merc1er !

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 16:37:57

Ok. I'm telling you that it is how people see you. "Have a problem? BMP solves it." Maybe I am wrong. I like a lot of your ideas and I like your positivity. Please consider that you might be *reducing* viability of BMP by overselling it (my perception).

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 16:32:00

BCH has some nice real DeFi. As MobTwo linked, there is General Protocols and AnyHedge. [Flipstarter]( ([recent article]( is DeFi in the purest meaning. []( is probably the largest scale DeFi on BCH. The nature of ETH and BCH are very different. It's hard to compare 1:1. Getting on the hype train would be nice but it also has a price and draws a lot of people who wouldn't care at all about BCH fundamentals. We build with the strengths we have.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 10:45:10

I'm trying to help you man. I wish you would listen. When you talk about miners as the ultimate power and BMP as the solution to everything, it comes across 100% as a cult / religion. If you can drop the rhetoric about 100 degrees, people will listen more and you will get more traction.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 10:39:24

That sounds great. The risk I'm referring to is future risk of mis-applying BMP to enforce decisions, especially directly on network rules. As a side note, I recommend you call it polling and responding. "Vote" has an ambiguous meaning that leans toward enforcement of the result.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 10:38:20

What I mean is that when you build a system like BMP, it is very tempting to start using it as an enforcement mechanism rather than an information mechanism. That should never happen.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 07:53:32

You started off pretty well. And then you ended it with exactly the thing I am saying makes everyone ignore you. Overselling. Please don't build a religion around miners. They are a very important player, but just one.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 07:52:06

Can't say I'm not interested in the result.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 2, 2020 02:20:38

This poll probably violates every principle of scientific polling :D Take with giant heaps of salt for that in addition to the heaps due to anybody being able to vote on this regardless of stake in BCH.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 1, 2020 20:49:13

Shapeshift is your counterparty not another client. Not sure that's a great example. I think a better example of what you are saying here is /r/chaintip which is ephemerally custodial in a transparent and obviously bound way.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 1, 2020 20:34:36

I totally agree with you about the need to bootstrap solutions. I just wish BMP proponents would promote it as a solution to giving miners a more nuanced and consistent voice rather than claiming it directly solves all kinds of problems. It can also be used to influence miners - hey look, your colleagues are responding to polls and you are not. Your voice is not being heard. That kind of thing. That could have a great impact. But that impact gets ignored or even downplayed as you said - I'm telling you the reason is that people are turned off by overselling. It's really tiring to be able to predict that almost any problem that comes up has a significant chance of getting this reply: "this is solved by BMP". No it isn't! These problems we face are complex and involve so many more stakeholders than just miners and pools. A more useful sell would be "BMP would let us know more easily what miners and/or pools think about this issue." That's enough. And it is very valuable. Regarding your question about other stakeholder engagement, that is part of the motivation for flipstarter - show that supporting the commons is an investment with benefits rather than just throwing money into holes that never get you any recognition (if you want it), struggle to achieve large amounts, and lack almost any accountability. BCHN is also an effort to re-engage miners and the rest of the ecosystem on new terms oriented around information and persuasion rather than de facto authority. One thing that really bothers me about BMP is the idea that it needs to be built into anything. I would be more supportive if the social contract is built that BMP ***shall always*** remain a communication tool and ***shall never*** be used to enforce votes. I'm not sure how you and Javier think about this point.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 1, 2020 20:18:48

I assume it was from Luke who has... interesting positions on a lot of issues surrounding privacy and usage of Bitcoin. That's just an assumption though. Unrelated to the reasons for that statement on the BIP, more recently, a number of people inside and outside of BCH have worked on an alternative that addresses actual issues with BIP47. You can search for bip47 in the [BCH Reusable Address Proposal]( This is the thing that Electron Cash is going to include and referenced as "Reusable Private Addresses (RPAs)" in the recent flipstarter. > "REUSABLE PRIVATE ADDRESSES" (RPA’S) > > As easy as email, trustless, non-custodial, and private. > > Providing a new address for every transaction is a bare minimum for privacy, but that’s not something we can expect from the average person in a mass adoption scenario. > > RPA’s are a big step toward providing privacy-by-default for all users with no extra effort. You can treat an RPA just like a regular address but, with an RPA, you and another person can send a practically unlimited number of private transactions between yourselves, each one on a new address, without ever sharing more information, and with no detectable link to the RPA. > > The wallet handles all the details - all you have to do is share your address once, just like email. You can even register human-readable "Cash Accounts" for RPAs, making them easy to share and remember.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 1, 2020 03:50:17

> Be excellent to each other. > > \- Wise people throughout history. This is excellent 👍

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on September 1, 2020 02:35:11

Let me turn that around. If 100% of miners cared enough to vote and 100% of coin holders cared enough to vote, then BTC-BCH would *never* have happened. This is why I repeatedly tell Javier - when miners are highly engaged, then BMP will have tons of meaning. It will also be somewhat redundant but I wouldn't complain. I like the idea of miner polling to give nuance to the voices. Just... I get tired of the reversal of causality.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 31, 2020 22:29:12

It allows us to hear what *some* miners think about issues in a verifiable way that is more flexible than raw coinbase signaling. I think that is what BMP does. I think this is the value that should be promoted for BMP. Does it reduce dependence on positions of trust and power? Does it drastically increase certainty? Those are bold claims that are not convincing for me so at least personally I wish you BMP proponents would start closer to earth.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 30, 2020 19:54:59

How does BMP solve 3 guys in positions of trust going and making BCH look bad by making up things and attacking other people on social media?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 30, 2020 04:53:55

Always appreciate your positive and principled attitude. Forwarded my pledge already.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 30, 2020 00:05:53

We have to see the future that we want and make it happen. Pools are not an unapproachable force of nature - just businesses with needs like everyone else. It may take time for BCH ecosystem and pools to come to an understanding but that's ok. It takes time and effort to make history.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 14:31:20

IFP is one among many silly additional rules that someone might choose to soft-fork enforce on top of the linked delta specification. But the delta specification does not make a point to specifically mention IFP. So just as with the soft fork in mining, the linked spec does not exclude IFP blocks. ABC adheres to that spec (they basically copied it from BCHN) but has the additional IFP restriction and will exclude non-IFP blocks.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 14:15:55

Humans are always the weak link, aren't they. Nice. Well I'm sure lots of projects would love to have your help if you aren't already involved.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 14:04:40

I actually can't imagine what you mean by this.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 12:56:19

What can I do but laugh at silly comments like this? Sometimes I wish I had put points into memery.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 12:55:11

Polls enforced by hashrate + a voting window are a useful tool but not a silver bullet. You guys do BMP a disservice by overselling it.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 12:25:35

Not sure why downvoted. Looking forward to November. As a writer, are you thinking about writing some history of all these events?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 12:22:42

Amaury, Shammah and previously George spend/spent an inordinate amount of time on WeChat BCH group spreading half-truths at best to the Chinese community. Pissed off quite a few people but the overall effect seemed to be that people got the idea that BCH is a mess rather than getting the more correct idea that ABC is a mess. People in a position of power can do great damage on the way out if they want.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 12:19:19

More correctly, the BCH spec, which BCHN also follows among other nodes 🚀

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 11:23:29

Figured I would record that as [a short article](

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 03:55:58

Short answer: yes. But it is too blunt. I would reframe this question. ### 1) What are the necessary properties for a coin to achieve large scale adoption AND increase freedom, quality of life, or whatever it is that you think is important. I think the permissionless nature of the network is the diamond on which all the other properties depend (censorship resistance, etc.). If that is lost, "decentralization" and other things are just a show. The network will be captured and typical financial regime rules will be imposed over time, neutering the coin of its unique value proposition and ultimately of its ability to deliver real change. "Fast", "low cost" and a number of other properties are necessary to have at some level, but they will ***never*** be enough to achieve global adoption. Digital fiat will decisively wipe the floor with any coin that goes head to head on these features. In this context: ### 2) Regarding nodes, what needs to be done to ensure they do not become a weak link in the maintenance of "permissionless"? The industry standard is that a coin has a reference implementation. Pools and exchanges use that implementation. There is generally no doubt about it. Even though BCH actually has multiple node implementations, it didn't matter because there was a de facto coupling between the coin and the reference implementation. This is what must be broken to ensure that the properties of 1) are preserved. In the specific scenario we are in today, it means that BCH needs to work with industry to show that we have a viable way for multiple nodes to represent a coin through very high interoperability confidence. When this reality is established, it will be a meaningful flavor of decentralization - avoiding the entrenchment of a weak link. Is that going to be easy? No of course not. We should expect the creation of a global money network to be hard. We may even have to pull off some heroic feats and outside-the-box solutions on the way there. Are there other potential ways to solves this coin + reference node coupling problem? Probably! I would love to heave an easier way forward if someone can come up with it. I hope stakeholders will take this issue to heart. Allowing a similar coupling between the coin and a foundation.... I hope you can see how that will work out. It won't.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 29, 2020 02:17:49

It could potentially make BCH the enemy of sha256d as well. Not practically smart in addition to being a dick move.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 28, 2020 10:38:32

Jihan doesn't like to be publicly involved in anything these days. Has enough very public issues to handle with Bitmain. Plenty of talk has happened with all pools etc over the last months. Would be better if it were public but some people prefer private 🤷‍♂️

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 27, 2020 23:52:48

Totally agree. Foot dragging reduces certainty unnecessarily and is frustrating. This specific case is complicated but it will work out sooner or later. It may be worth noting that the first coinbase signal you see from any pool was preceded by evaluation, testing and integration of the alternate node.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 27, 2020 23:17:27

Remember that as long as ABC-coin value is very low, it will be a permanent battle for ABC to "take over". All the other nodes will follow the chain just fine. As soon as the attack is over, ABC will get continuously forked off. It is probably more effective to increase the signal in every way possible that ABC coin will be worthless.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 27, 2020 09:58:12

It will happen. Agree it is frustrating to see feet dragging.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 27, 2020 09:53:19

💚 If you don't already get to any meatspace or virtual meetups, I highly recommend it. It's very motivating for me and easier to see that even people I disagree with greatly are just regular people. Same for heroes - they are just humans.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 26, 2020 11:01:06

Maybe you should just stop attacking people in general?

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 26, 2020 10:42:27

> However, I’m not holding my breath, as the conspiracy theorist in me fears TPTB are already planning the next shenanigans. Everyone might as well go ahead and assume that BCH will be attacked, disrupted, etc. from now until it doesn't matter because it's dead or because it has achieved a critical mass of global adoption. Once you get that out of the way, it's easier to just focus on doing what needs to be done to get to that critical mass.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 26, 2020 02:45:22

Attaching a hose to the coinbase and spewing money out the other end is not going to turn out well no matter how much red tape you use to build an administration. Stakeholders need to wrap their heads around "permissionless" and understand that without it, BCH has no ability to survive in an ocean of extremely efficient digital fiat sharks. Governance is a great topic. However coupling it to any of these money hose schemes is a fatal mistake for BCH.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 26, 2020 02:41:24

Definitely agree. For anyone [who wants to make it happen]( Anyone is welcome to attempt an update to make this possible. There are plenty of techniques available in that issue. Also anyone is welcome to submit a proposal with a price tag and flipstarter team will consider it.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 26, 2020 02:36:49

> It is still not clear how miners would handle it if their block is rejected by the service. The miner would need to have setup a fall back node. Precisely. A technical redundancy is a good idea in any case.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 08:03:41

The projects that Marc funded provided clear plans and commitments to what they will work on ahead of time. The only question would be future stakeholder funding. Additionally, at least one of the plans (BCHN) included analysis of preconsensus solutions including Avalanche.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 07:58:16

Yes. The world you describe is the shitty world that crypto knows today. BCH aims higher. We have a long way to go and a lot of ground to break to get where we are going.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 06:26:49

> Coins NEVER leave the users wallet. What I mean is that the coin cannot still be in the original wallet, e.g. bitcoincom or electron or whatever. I think it is important for people to know exactly what is controlling their coins. Glad you explained more here!

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 05:05:37

I have asked the author. In the meantime, please see the sibling comment I made.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 00:31:03

Assuming good design, it must be sending to a private key created either temporarily by the client or created by the users' wallet. From there, the custom client could create the required transaction in place of the plugin. Flipstarter plugin: - coins in electron cash - --> plugin magic - creates special pledge coin (all wallets are unable to do this, except maybe this new one). - also creates change coin for any leftover amount - --> spend - flipstarter campaign executes transaction that pulls all the special pledge coins together - OR user spends the special pledge coin to cancel the pledge The wallet *must* be injecting an additional step because other wallets are not able to create the special pledge coin. The site also must be handling cancellation since the coin has necessarily left the original wallet's control.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 25, 2020 00:26:12

To make sure it is not accidentally implied, neither is BCHN trying to "lead the coin". BCHN has explicitly stated the opposite that the point is to reach a place where there are multiple viable mining choices that are in active use.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 24, 2020 23:37:59

[Bitcoin Cash (BCH) November 2020 Upgrade statement]( is a pretty damn good proxy for that.

Commented by /u/emergent_reasons in /r/btc on August 24, 2020 23:35:28