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If it does not get funded, you still have the option to build it as your own service and charge to these using the API. Maybe some would be interested to invest into some SLP tokens that would give them a revenue share via the SLP dividends tool on that project.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 13:09:06

Great insights & beautiful video.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 13:01:16

That reminds me of the time in early 2018 when I printed 1000 stickers with a green bitcoin symbol and put them all around the neighborhood in Vila de Gracia, Barcelona, Catalunya (If you are lucky you might still find some today. It was a very effective campaign, many people started talking about the stickers and many told me that they noticed the stickers. If you want to send some of these stickers to Venezuela, then I would be happy to stick them! If you have the chance to order some round outdoor stickers that last long and are hard to take off: []( That would be really helpful. It is hard to get good quality outdoor stickers here in Venezuela. Of course I would pay everything. [](

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 12:47:54

I also liked most of the content he released, but I would never attach that to an imaginary ego as that is how irrational fanboys are created which close their minds & blindly follow the leader or reject any information that would make that idol pop. It is like giving a blank cheque for any future behaviour. It would also create a much bigger understanding between you and everyone, if you would actually mention which specific content you like, so that others could relate to that.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 12:13:16

I like your comment but I can hardly see how the imaginary scenario you make up here relates to the article of MobTwo. I think it is very rare that someone who repaired your light bulb will show up with a weapon at night afterwards. If you want to deliver examples that actually make people think, they should be related to real events. I read the article of MobTwo more like: We have been engaged in pointless energy sucking opinion wars too much on Reddit, (BTC vs BCH vs BSV vs ABC), while loosing the focus on actually identifying the priorities & bottlenecks of adoption.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 12:06:13

If he actually was the best developer on this world, then he would totally deserve 8% of the projects winnings, but not the revenue!!!!

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 09:44:10

Thanks for sharing, here is some background Story about "Thomas Zander" which is also his nickname on Reddit: Interestingly he has bugging me with pointess destructive comments on Reddit as Thomas Zander recently too.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 09:35:52

I know the basics of C# but in general I can assure you that it is mostly the same thing as Java (that is the language I am specialized in and have certififed three times over), so I understand how the internal VM works and got really deep into the understanding of a platform like that (which is similar to the .NET VM). Anyway if a project is really interesting to me, which this one seems to be, I put in the additional hours to get the knowledge needed. In regards to the "big data" I can say that I studied normalizing databases and I did also study PL/SQL which is a scripting language that works directly inside of SQL databases. In practice I have not normalized databases very much in the past years, as that approach is not very common these days but in this project it seems to be an important aspect. I think the best thing would be to give it a try and see the results, usually these who hired me were happy with the results and kept on hiring me. I would even go so far to give you a 50% money-back guarantee if you are in any way unsatisfied with my work as a programmer. That means, if you hire me for one month and then say you do not want me to continue working, I would only want half of the salary.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 09:33:56

Just by reading a book you know nothing, you gotta put it into practice to evaluate the benefits/drawbacks converting the believes into wisdom. Nothing is similar to anything, everything is unique. It is just that your ego wants to fake a universal understanding by categorizing things.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 12:45:24

The trouble was caused because I was disturbed by the team of Goerge Donnelly (which behaved as aggressively as Goerge usually does) while I was peacefully silently grabbing a video (without making any sounds nor comments) for my followers on social media to promote bitcoin usage.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 12:42:24

First of all I must say that any word values itself and we should never take into account who is saying it to evaluate the worth of that information. Because if we actually do that, it is called fanboy tribalism and can lead to desaster easily as it creates blind sheeps following the leaders without thinking themselves. Second if you have any doubt about my integrity then I recommend using Google to search for "Feliz Chelou"

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Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 11:32:55

It might be the same people doing these kind of posts very often. This is exactly what I mean when I say that Hayden Otto has been aggressively marketing BCH since ever and that is why I was never in huge support of his efforts even as he might have spread some BCH adoption. But his followers most probably share that aggressive attitude, which in the end can lead to more conflicts, as you can see it can hit back on oneself, as it is happening right now. The same who have been cheering on Hayden Otto for smearing BTC might now be the victim of his smearing against BCHN. That is also the only issue I ever had with /u/memorydealers that I do not accept his attitude to piss on BTC on every occasion possible because that does not lead to a constructive thinking community.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 11:31:17

I appreciate your efforts to unveil censorship, but blaming all the BCHN supporters for that is a very destructive approach. **It was a personal decision by probably one single moderator/owner of that Telegram group. Who was that person?** I would even understand if you would blame Telegram, but blaming the whole BCHN supporter group is just completely irrational and shows your aggressive attitude which you have been expressing for many years.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 09:46:16

NLP must not be "science" to justify its existence because it just works sir and therefore humans appreciate it. I do not know about your experience practicing it, but for me it works very well and everyone I know who studied on it improved their lifes drastically.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 09:35:05

Well sir, I appreciate you had a good laugh but now you have to activate the brain again: Goerge Donnelly and his team are not the OWNERS they were guests themselves, so they have zero authority to impose any non recording rules on others as that event was not private but public. Still you should be aware that there are anti-discrimination laws and a restaurant owner can not kick anyone out for any reason. Please go and study the law before getting drunk next time. Laws can differ from country to country, so what you find so funny because it might be true in your area (but I guess you did never really investigate on that otherwise you might have cited a law paragraph) must not be true in the area that incident happened. In Venezuela there are strong anti-discrimination laws.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 09:24:59

I do not see anything George Donnelly has actually delivered to the BCH community that would not also promote himself. He is putting himself up as moderator which in the end gives him power and credibility. He is putting his face even on the Panmoni graphics he releases, as if his face was his brand. This is what politicians do and these politicians usually do not deliver anything but all they do is to manipulate the masses. Goerge Donnelly is basically promoting himself all the time, putting himself on camera with known faces of the community asking trivial questions. Then he hopped into the ABC team and as soon as he realized that the majority is against the IFP he was against it too. He is just a parrot who wants to promote his face and his name as his brand.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 09:14:05

Thanks for appreciating the time I put into this voluntary quality assurance investigation to create the best possible outcome for the BCH community and the future of flipstarter.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 09:04:04

1. **George promised to deliver a report at each 15th,** so I asked him why he did not deliver that report, what is wrong about that? 2. **George promised to deliver weekly videos,** I do not know where he has published there videos, so I am asking him to give me a link, what is wrong about that? You seem to be a fanboy of George Donnelly as you see him as something special, but **I am talking and concerned about the future of BCH and the success of flipstarter as a serious funding tool.** I also outlined very clearly why it is important to have investigators which really check that the campaign leaders fulfill on their promised results, as history from DASH tells us that even Dash Watch was unable to identify scams & imposters, so we have to get the whole community involved into this process to get better results. **I am doing that job voluntarily as I am working in Quality Assurance for many decades.** Why dont you want that campaign leaders actually are watched? Or is this specific to George Donnelly? Would you be ok if I would be watching somene else? **Which flipstarter has already promised results, like Goerge Donnelly did promise weekly videos and monthly reports, that I could check on, please tell me.** I can assure you that I will investigate on all the flipstarters as much as I hae time for that, but to be honest George Donnelly needs some special attention in this case as he has a track record of not delivering on his promises, that is why the DASH DAO unfunded him.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 08:57:53

He promised weekly videos, see my comment below.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 17, 2020 08:44:49

Would you consider offering a bug/improvement bounty? So that if someone reports something, that then goes into the product to raise the value of that product, they could actually be motivated to report more.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 13:04:36

I explained it to you very clearly, a business that is open for the public with an unlocked door, that is by law defined as a public space in which anyone has permission to record. You might be better off actually studying the law instead of putting up false claims that are easy to verify. That shows your attitude once again. You do not care about making false claims at all.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:54:14

Why do you go personal if all we are talking about is veryfieng your achievements? Why dont you want others to verify your promised objectives? "Thanks for keeping me on my toes, Feliz! But my personal advice to you is to build your thing. That will align your energy more closely with your actions as I know you still have much value to offer the ecosystem." The beginning of your comment expresses some fake gratitude as with the second sentence you are stating that you do not want me or anyone to reflect on your promises.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:49:23

"24 Weekly Livestreams: To tie it all together and to connect the new builders with the current BCH ecosystem, we will hold weekly livestreams where we discuss current events and take questions." Where are these live streams? "72 Video Tutorials: 3 per week x 24 weeks = 72. Video tutorials will be published to YouTube and shared across social media." Where are these tutorials?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:45:22

**Your team told me that grabbing with a camera on any of your events was prohibited by George Donnelly.** If grabbing with a camera would have been allowed, then why should there have been any conflict at all? **The only reason that I got kicked out of the second event,** that I attended with several potential DASH users that I brought with me, was **because I grabbed the event for a short time** and even stopped grabbing it when I was told to do that. **A restaurant which receives public customers is not a private area.** If you book the whole restaurant, close the door, then put a sign at the door that this event is private, then it is a private event.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:41:41

**I was correct on my assumptions** that you would not deliver to DASH, that is why they unfunded you. **That is why you switched from loving DASH to hating DASH instantly.** **I personally investigated on all the locations that your team submitted to discoverdash,** I personally reviewed ALL the food & drink locations on discoverdash and I was unable to verify most of these in Colombia, which were acquired by your team.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:36:58

As mentioned in your flipstarter, you would make a report every 15th of each month. That was yesterday. Still you reject to offer insights. What are you trying to hide?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:30:55

Look how you again go against me personally instead of sticking to the topic at hand. You did this tweet blaming Amaury & ABC, lets talk about that tweet, nothing else. The reason that I have to expose your lies is because you put up so many of them without actually delivering anything constructive. The reason I have to defend is because you go personal first by blaming Amaury & ABC. You force me to defend and then play the victim. Please what did you actually deliver of the promises you made on flipstarter? Lets talk about results.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:17:00

W00t? I come to your city? Boy you are mixing things up. I told you that Bitcoin is a free movement and that your attitude of forbidding others to grab with the camera on events in public spaces is even against the law and that this intransparent behaviour is destructive. It was your team mate who published a video smear campaign on YouTube doxxing me with my real name, why are they doing that? Why did your team hinder a passionate bitcoin promoter with a record of successfully pulling off a service like to support bitcoin adoption growth? That is the real question to me.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:12:32

It is not an attack at all, but it might help you to know, that from my perspective you seem to be depressed without realizing it. Nothing bad about being depressed, it is only bad if you actually are depressed but do not realize it, therefore that information might help you. Many humans in our modern society are depressed (probably the great majority) because culture raises us like that. Censorship and hierarchical treatment leads to depression, I was depressed by this system since I entered school, that is why I am working for a free world. Actually your reaction shows that you negatively interpretate the free information that I was offering to you, that is what depressed people do, they feel like the victim very often, because they actually are a victim of the system but often humans blame the messenger instead of the cause.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:08:05

NLP affects everyone, if you do not study it, it affects you unconsciously. Thats why it is important to study it, to protect oneself from manipulation. You are a natural unconscious manipulator if you never studied NLP, doesnt make it better, you keep dragging issues from their technical aspects into the personal space, why otherwise did you mention Amaury & ABC in your tweet.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 12:01:10

If something is being programmed, how is that not technical? Of course many technical inventions have an effect on economics. It is definitely not a personal issue, that is why name calling makes no sense here, except that if you want to manipulate humans emotionally.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 11:57:52

I can underline these arguments 100%, I have been desperately working on brick & mortar adoption with []( I travelled seven countries in five years to spread merchant adoption. I onboarded 100+ merchants personally in Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal & now I am living in Venezuela for 1.5 years. I realized that same thing, first there must happen the apps which provide more use cases and spreads the BCH to as many people as possible, then the brick & mortar will follow as they would want to get these BCH which the population then would have. In times of quarantine we have even seen that governments can destroy our brick & mortar adoption efforts in an instant.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:40:54

There is also a twitter handle "[@membercash](" which anyone can use to promote member on Twitter. If you mention that handle in your post it will be retweetet by that account to reach the member Twitter community. "A different kind of platform. A platform with no owner and no censors - a truly public platform" [](

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:34:37

OK, then if that movement of the funds is immediately reflected in the campaign page the risk of someone making fake pledges is actually very low.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:26:21

Thanks for sharing and there is another layer two solution to ETH already working very well, it is called BCH with sideshift :) I personally used the Maker and minted some DAI with ETH and BAT collateral, I was turned off by the fees.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:11:02

Thanks bro, keep doing that!

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:06:02

Someone could pledge for a flipstarter to make it seem that it would pass, then move the funds, to cause confusion & disappointment. The question to me is, at what point would they realize that the pledge was fake with the current approach? If I pledge to a campaign, then I move the funds, is that reflected in the campaign right away?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 09:05:32

But now there is evidence that George Donnelly likes to cause trouble inside the BCH community in a similar way as he caused trouble inside the DASH community which led to his kick out of their community and his ultimate shitstorm against them.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:53:00

Absolutely, we all receive them, sometimes more subtile, every day, by teachers, by parents, by the tax office, by police. Threats are invented to make others obey by fear, the only way to tackle them is to ignore them.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:51:55

Absolutely possible and it makes a lot of sense, why otherwise would he publish that on Twitter. **George Donnelly should be smart enough that the last thing the BCH community needs right now is to split us into two groups fighting against each other** just because of a small difference in funding believe. **We can easily go with the split now and unite later on again**, but by making this technical affair a personal affair that is totally destructive. From my interpretation George Donnelly manifests his own attitude here, he often plays the nice guy, the shy guy, the polite guy, but then he takes out the hammer. Goerge Donnelly talked trash about DASH when they kicked him, now he is going for BitcoinABC, then will BCH be next when Ethereum gives him an opportunity to join?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:49:03

So actually Goerge Donnelly is the one cause the trouble here by pointing at an imaginary group led inspired by Amaury Sechet? He could even have sent that email to himself. Just a big PR campaign for him.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:42:55

Actually publishing the threat on Twitter makes it more effective. The only thing to do in such a case is to ignore it. There are hundreds of drunk idiots sending emails on this planet every second.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:40:47

Thanks for the input, sounds like an interesting project that would not only make it easier to pledge but also hinder others to disrupt the funding process by making fake bids.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:35:21

I think you are depressed

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:32:32

You won the Reddit ignore award, you can now post whatever you want without me ever noticing it!

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:18:50

I was thinking about tx cost, they seem to have hit the economically attractive tx limit a few times. I heard that a few apps on ETH had to move.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:17:05

If that person does not perceive the same thing as a problem as you do, then find a different thing that helps them improve their life facilitating BCH. That is what apps are about, they find a way to get BCH into the pockets of the user.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:13:34

I personally am dreaming of an app that makes it easier to pledge, then I would pledge. Now we have a hen & chicken problem :D, contact me and I can build that CashSQL probably much cheaper (with the funds currently pledged) than the developers in Australia and then I can also build apps on top of that right away. What do you think about the Mainnet Flipstarter? That looks also very promising and they are working on that already:

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:12:14

Then I guess you are building an app to facilitate that process? If not how would that app look like? Convincing humans to do anything without providing them a tool for that does not make a lot of sense in todays world, as we can provide tools for most processes which are these apps I am talking about.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:06:10

Equally important is not a valid evaluation when making priorities.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 16, 2020 08:03:40

If there is no BCH adoption bottleneck, then why is Ethereum growing faster than any other network as they provided an easy mechanism to build apps/use cases on top of Ethereum since the beginning? Do you think that the approach of Bitcoin Man is sustainable? Are you actually following that same approach?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:51:04

I wish you would actually try to understand the arguments of the other instead of neglecting them as "wrong"

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:47:56

I totally agree that the product should market itself by providing more beneficial use cases. That is exatly what the intention of my post is about. Therefore, at this moment in time, the funds should be directed to app developers and not to infrastructure developers. Then when the infrastructure hits a bottleneck, the priorities change and the project needs to adapt with the most flexibility possible. The IFP does not provide the necessary flexibility, while flipstarter does. Therefore I strongly believe in the flipstarter approach.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:42:45

**They know that the USD is worthless that is why they are flooding the market now, giving free cash to themselves, their friends and relatives, to buy Bitcoin before the general population does.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:27:00

**Is that tool in production like flipstarter that has already proven itself successfully?** I would like to give it a try. **The IFP money/energy comes from the whole community, it is not just the miners paying it,** as the funding mechanism creates more selling pressure on the BCH market, which lowers the price for BCH and makes it even less attractive for investors. **We can see with DASH what happens if there is a constant bleeding of funds to a small group that sells these coins on the market**. DASH keeps declining and loosing investors.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:22:24

**Flipstarter is a great solution to the funding issue,** I am very impressed by the BCH community to actually support that voluntary funding mechanism by donating their own money, putting money where their mouth is.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:14:01

**Communities split and then they find a way to collaborate later on.** We can see an example of that with the recent BCH integration to the Maker project which is running on Ethereum. I strongly believe that the splits dont matter much in terms of the general objective of bitcoin and I believe splits are necessary so that each team can follow their own philosophy. If someone is going for a split and neglects any future collaboration by making bad propaganda about the other party, then that party who pushed for the split without having future collaboration in mind was not capable of leading the project to success anyway. **We must respect all the community members equally and give them a chance to make their own experiences. If some want to go the IFP way then they shall do it to experiment with that and observe the results by themselves.** Trying to avoid splits at any cost leads to unhappy communities and sucks energy long term, imagine you are living with a partner that you are unhappy with but you stick together for whatever reason, that causes depression.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 12:09:46

The question of funding is a question of priorities. So we must find out which has the highest priority and then spend the funds on that. Then over time priorities change and each review cycle priorities could change drastically and that needs flexibility. **An IFP that is only controlled by a small group of people does not provide the flexibility it needs. Flipstarter is the most flexible approach to funding possible, that is why it is such a great invention and works well.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 11:59:11

The big issue is, that apps must be invented by a creative process that allows anyone to participate. Often app developers do not know what the users want until they give it a try with a MVP. **A small group of selected individuals controlling these funds is counter productive as they will only fund what fits into their imagination.** If there was anything like a community funding mechanism, then it must allow all community members to apply for these funds and it must allow all community members to vote on these proposals.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 11:51:00

I am trying to get USD for BCH right now so that I can start a BCH educational center with these funds, if anyone could help me to trade BCH for USD I would appreciate that very much and it would benefit the whole BCH community long term: [](

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 11:47:58

I would like to add that I also sponsored the operation of someone in Venezuela, it did cost me $100 and there was no need for the referral. They had other offers in $300 and $200 but they kept searching. The hospital is in Maracay. Maybe the high cost and the treatment mostly depends on the state where you are living (and on the amount of money the doctors perceive you to be able to pay), as the states in Venezuela act very independently.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 11:46:14

At this moment in time, the infrastructure works well, compared to the lack of apps that actually work on top of that. **The bottleneck of BCH is the lack of use cases for the end users.** **Pushing more money into infrastructure at this moment in time would totally decelerrate the adoption speed**, as BCH price would suffer, so basically it is the whole community paying the IFP and not just the miners and they would send that energy to something that does not have the highest priority right now. **Ethereum has a weaker infrastructure than BCH, still it is more successful, because there have been built apps on top of that already.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 09:49:27

/u/memorydealer I think we must learn from that and stop promoting libertarian/anarchist principles as that political stuff scared many off to join the BSV tribe and is now still scaring many off to invest into BCH. You recently mentioned in a video that you would like to see an IPO by a dark net market, I think that was a fatal mistake, nobody needs you to tell them that this is possible, so just keep quiet and let these guys work where nobody who is not related to them sees it.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 09:41:58

I would say in software development it is that 20% do 80% of the work while 80% only get 20% done (the l\*\*\*\* b\*\*\*\*\*\*).

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 09:39:10

You lost me before :D

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 09:34:03

There is a service which provides one click email encryption for free and you can even use your own domain as a premium customer. It is called []( and it exists since 2013, still most people do not care and keep using Gmail, I am especially surprised by how many of the crypto community are still using Gmail.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:44:36

**Sounds great, but is there a market for that product?** Do people really want a service like that? Is that potential market big enough to justify development cost? I mean booking a phone consultation with BCH would be interesting to many, but that encrypted part, very few actually care about encryption. **We had Snowden in 2013, the biggest media promotion campaign for encryption, still in 2020 most are using Gmail instead of an encrypted email provider.** Even companies like []( which should know better and should have an interested to promote encryption and are actually being observed by governments, are still sending unencrypted emails...

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:31:08

The issue is not technical, people simply do no care about their privacy and/or they still do not see that spying on them, they just ignore it and/or pretend it wouldnt affect their life.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:20:58

It is absolutely true that there is a huge risk if there is a one team leads it all approach. Dash Core Group even as they claim not to be DASH are actually spending 10% of all their expenses on lawyers and legal costs EVERY MONTH. Dash Core Group also met with the SEC to talk about DASH playing the representative. That same thing would most probably happen to Bitcoin ABC!!! **I do not want Bitcoin Cash to have any official representative.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:10:59

Why did you not support memo in providing valueable feedback to get these bugs fixed ASAP? I see an obvious lack of BCH support right there...

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:04:44

If it is true for me, then how can it be false?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:02:08

Thank you very much for the input So then the service would persist both transactions and decide later on which of these it would execute? What if the donor moves funds from that wallet and when the service wants to execute the transaction? To asure that pledged funds are guaranteed the service would have to be custodial or a smart contract?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 08:01:26

OK, i thought you were a software developer.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 15, 2020 07:50:27

What kind of wallet are you talking about when you say that they would have to add that feature. Which specific characteristics must that wallet provide? Please elaborate, I would like to understand.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 17:47:18

Thanks for the feedback! So yes, if that service website would integrate a wallet? Is there a web wallet library that has these capabilities?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 17:23:51

I have time to offer and if that would be achievable with current libraries, then I could build that service for web, android & iphone.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 16:23:05

What did you expect?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 15:44:59


Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 15:42:26

/u/nullc It is memo-rized forever: [](

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 15:08:38

haha, you can not take Reddit seriously, actually you should take any attention as positive attention here :) downvotes means that you are doing the right thing and upvotes too! :D

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 10:39:51

there is not enough liquidity in Venezuela for that, the conversion rate is too high as the competition is too low

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 10:38:50

So you joined memo in January 2019, does not look like you actually believe and support BCH strongly, as most of these who do that created their accounts in April, May, June of 2018

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 10:29:40

It depends on how much you actually believe into the bitcoin philosophy

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 10:28:06

*without having a bank account*

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 14, 2020 10:27:20

I do not care about the identity, I care about the integrity. The integrity can only be researched on an uncensorable platform which does not allow manipulation of the posts afterwards.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 13, 2020 15:30:38

The IFP is the absolute desaster economically thinking, as the minted BCH will be converted to FIAT to then pay the developers expenses. If the IFP reward would atleast be locked as BCH for several years until it is released, then it would make at least a little bit sense. But the way the IFP is planned it will be the ABC doomsday.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 20:15:43

Apparently you do not value a BCH censorship resistant platform, over a Fakebook that is permanently manipulated. How can you call yourself a community member if you do not manifest your existence on the BCH chain?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 20:13:45

Nice to meet you Big\_Bubbler, now I will take you at least a little bit seriously! But facebook is not a credible source to me. Dont you have a memo or member account?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 19:25:33

What are you dreaming about? Send me a PM

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 18:56:36

The big difference between your post and mine is that I do actually stand for what I believe with my real identity. Sorry I can not take anyone on Reddit serious that has never published a foto of himself nor is using the real name.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 16:01:11

[]( also promotes BCH places all around the world, it is focused especially on services for tourists like Restaurants, Bars, Supermarkets, Shops, Hotels & Wellness It comes with three mobile apps of which the latest is called "Coinector" which aims to coinnect the coimmunity of BCH users and BCH merchants: Android: []( IPhone: [](

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 14:47:31

As anyone can see, your sole intention is to discredit me, you are not argueing about the proposal at all, you are just looking for any way to cause destruction in this subreddit.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 13:50:15

That makes sense! The guy (me) who has tattoed himself "USE BCH" on the eyelids is hating on BCH!!! You are a genius troll bro :D

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 12:31:24

Lmao, why dont you let others just read the article and watch the videos, actually looking at some facts, to make up their own opinion? **Who are you at all? Have you ever published a video with your face like I did? Have you ever published your real name?** You are coming up with massive lies here to manipulate the others, probably being motivate to destroy BCH and you even insult me here, so guess who is the d***, anyone can see it. **If you had actually read the proposal you would have noticed that the property will belong to the token holders, which will be manifested in the contract, notarized by the service and then uploaded to the BCH chain via memo.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 12:25:56

Why dont you try DASH? They have been working in the direction the IFP wants to take for many years and they have refined the process already. Why do you come here to make wild assumptions about the future? Why not stick to the facts of what has already happened? The majority of the community has expressed their support for BCHN so your prediction is extremely unrealistic. Hayden Otto you have been aggressively hating on BTC and now you want to aggressively hate on BCHN, that is why I never was in big support of your work even as you might have delivered some good results, but who knows at which price that has happened, maybe you are pissed as you spent lots of BCH to promote it and expected something in return which you now see fading away. I am actually happy if you go and stick to some other coin as that might attract less aggressive promoters to work for BCH. In the end all coins are interchangeable and we will expand the general bitcoin adoption, so why are you crying here? If you like the IFP then go with ABC, there is no need to hate on BCHN or any other of the many node implementations available or upcoming which will not implement the IFP. Anyway I can only recommend you to have a look at DASH if you are a fan of taxing the community to fund development. How successful has DASH been during the past years?

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 12:21:22

I can confirm that too, at one time in the beginning it drove me completely crazy but nowadays I know what to expect when using Reddit. Therefore i switched to []( & []( & []( mostly Reddit actually allows users to sign up without providing any email address. **I could create 1000 Reddit accunts in one day if I wanted. This service is especially designed to manipulate the Reddit generation!!!**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 09:06:23

Amaury Sechet wants to change the protocol with the IFP and you call these who do not want to participate in that "the attackers"? The community has already decided that the vast majority is against the IFP, anyway Amaury Sechet wants to stick to his plan, so he is the one splitting the community. **Anyway the split is good and necessary, I am happy to split because I am sure that after the split the coin without any IFP will be promoted much more heavily as many voluntarysts will actually buy into BCH again.**

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 12, 2020 09:03:19

Yes I would say that the source was Bitcoin and that you opted to sell your Bitcoins now because you trust much more in the banks after they started with Infinite Easing to keep us save from going broke.

Commented by /u/feliz_chelou in /r/btc on October 11, 2020 14:00:57