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Regarding Co-Chains: How does consensus work in comparison to the public chain, and is their application in Banking realistic in the foreseeable future? thx

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on January 18, 2023 12:26:10

They got co-chains for that. Jave is totally spot on. Algorand is the adult in the room in the blockchain space - and I like that. I like to have an adult team that is proven and reliable with ties to key industries/entities. Putting aside that pure proof of stake is just a grandiose concept. Let's be clear here, the world is not an island and compliance will be of importance, especially considering current market conditions and sentiment. The Blockchain might replace the old decentralized ledger of the inter-banking system - aka the Eurodollar system, and Algorand got the best spot when shit hits the fan in my book. Sure, its speculative, but we are talking about the most liquid market by far in the world right now, and if it pays of, it will do so big time.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/solana on December 22, 2022 19:19:12

This made me cringe :P

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Let's be clear here, we have a long way to go. The Blockchain has to be developed and maintained as a globally shared common good. All elements of it must be open and transparent. Only then may it be classified and accepted as the commodity it truly is. A lot of chains are far from this standard. And you are not wrong to view most of them with scepticism. A certain human element will always be present, except you assume some fiction where we will outsource this element to AI Systems to babysit our infantil desires. At least, the tech will push for improved democratic participation inside to-date closed economic and financial entities. But what will happen in the end depends on the will and endurance of public-opinion, pushing against the well funded think-tanks of the current elite. The possible benefits of the tech may very well end up in the hands of those we wish to be eliminated, and you will "own nothing and be happy".

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Its the age old question about the dualism of altruism and corruption - a benevolent king is great, but how to ensure he doesn't become corrupted by power, how to ensure he doesn't fall into the pits of human nature? The blockchain eliminates the human element, making it incorruptible (ideally) by way of its characteristics. The currency is just the incentive to secure the network - quite genius if you ask me. Leveraging capitalist ideas into a transparent, decentralised framework should bring a cure to the illnesses of centralized capitalism (of which there way to many).

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In that order: 1. Never go against the Main Trend 2. Never try to time the market 3. Never act on a whim - sleep a night over it, or two, or three, or ... 4. Always ensure you have enough liquidity and don't get squeezed 5. Do not get tempted by high APR/APY ratios 6. Bitcoin is your foundation - do not ignore BTCs importance 1. It's never to late to buy BTC - no, you didn't miss the train 2. BTC should always be a part of your portfolio, just like bonds in traditional diversification 7. Be careful with leverage (see point 4) 8. Do not put to much weight on social media in helping you to come a to a decision - act on hard data and learn how to work with data 9. Technical Analysis is got to find an entry or exit point, but don't get one of those crazy backtesters - it's likely bullish\*t - learn your fundamentals and use technicals for assistance Cheers 🍻

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Shorting Algo by borrowing Algo and swapping to USDc is a fine move. You could do the same with goBTC and goETH but the downward pressure will be harder for alt coins with low market cap. I personally short ETH to avoid liquidation. Good Luck

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on November 24, 2022 05:11:25

No it's not about timing the market. It's about not to go against the main trend. Macroeconomic conditions haven't improved and worsen quite considerably. Just take a look at bonds. The 1month just inverted with the 30year. If this is a buy signal to you, I surrender. Cheers

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I wouldn't be surprised if BTC end up under 10k and ETH under 700

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Would wait for ETH to bottom. This is not the end of things.

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I would wait till the streets get really bloody - AKA 2023. BTC.

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This is a broad liquidity crisis. Big money left crypto around march because it is the most volatile and speculative asset, gravitating towards treasuries because of safety and liquidity(requirements). Global GDP is falling flat fast. The broader economy is on the verge of possibly the worst liquidity crisis ever. Just take a look at the yield curve. The 1-month treasury rate (3.97%) and 30-year(3.83) is inverting. We historically enter recession when the 2s and 10s invert... what about this monster lurking in the shadows? tldr: If you think the bottom is near... just wait some more months and buckle up.

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Although I agree that FIFA is a corrupt pile of shit on a personal level, they bring a ton of value when this test phase with Algorand develops into a long-term partnership. As an investor I have no objections for FIFA to run their games/ultimate-team packs on Algorand. (Of course as a Gamer EA is cancer obv)

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This. I was surprised too that the rewards are not dynamically calculated but statically assigned. Brings about confusion. I like the functional interface of Algofi, but a future update in usability would be great.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on November 22, 2022 09:53:42

Taking a look at Coinbase´s financials doesn't instill confidence

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on November 22, 2022 09:11:46

A simple solution if you don't like LPs is to swap some to USDc and stake it in the lend&earn contract on Algofi. You would earn a potentially great ASA with marginal risk and would be able to leverage your buyback position.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on November 22, 2022 09:09:38

Also, we have noticed your personal methane emissions exceed the public safety limits. Please provide additional carbon credits to compensate for your personal impact on your fellow comrades. Sincerely, Ministry of Love

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on November 22, 2022 09:01:38

I guess your best bet, beside of governance for which you can't register now for this ongoing period, is to be defensive and think about holding buying power, not accumulating. Depending on when you entered the market I would swap at least some of it to USDc to buy back later. In the current market Liquidity Pools are not worth it if assets not heavily correlated - although you might take a look at the Algo-USDc pool to hedge at least a bit if you are not willing to swap. You should take not of the ratio when applying liquidity and take your position out when, someday, in the bull run the ratio is reached again. My 2c

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on November 22, 2022 01:44:36

Great Roadmap. Much respect for your engagement for this difficult endeavour in this hard times. Do you have any news regarding the axion project? Are you working on it in parallel? Thx

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on November 21, 2022 12:19:04

Hi! TY for your response. I rekeyed to increase security for my to-date hot-wallet like advertised. I couldn't move my funds to a new address because I am leveraged. But, the rekeyed address is still the one making the requests, so I wondered... I know the ledger is the authoritative device, but the request is still generated from the rekeyed address, isn't it? How would the attacker know what address the ledger is authoritative to? As far as I can tell from Algoexplorer, the new authoritative device signing the transaction is not listed. How would a malicious actor be able to instantiate or know the rekeyed address belonging to the authoritative ledger device? That was my question. TY

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Haven't seen a lot of statements from Yieldly regarding most questions on reddit in quite some time. Seb sometimes gives insight on the telegram channel, but I feel this subreddit is kind of left in the dust.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on September 28, 2022 07:28:30

Best bet is Telegram. But you won't find details.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on September 26, 2022 07:04:18

* Did Yieldly participate to qualify for the Algorand Governance Program? * How is development coming along? Any news to share about the technical side of coming products?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on September 26, 2022 04:29:39

To be fair though, I guess those NFTs you are mentioning are a side-effect of having such open standards in blockchain-tech and the current immaturity of the ASA-ecosystem. It will depend on Partnerships and more mature ASAs in the future.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on September 5, 2022 05:55:19

Well, I prefer to edit the html to even out the price changes and set them as my screensaver ones a week. That way, I get the same level of returns without ever touching my bank account, therefore increasing my Copium ROI on a daily basis.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on August 26, 2022 18:04:51

Just don't fall for this FED nonsense. It has never been about the FED. The FED has has as much power about the liquidity in the interbank market as Krillin in DragonballZ. This is a liquidity crisis, and good collateral in the repo market is highly sought after. People need to learn to understand that Bank-Reserves are NOT the same as money. This crisis won't be over next week, next month, or even next year. It will stay for us for quite some time, and you should make not of it right now.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on August 20, 2022 19:29:53

Good points. I certainly haven't given a lot of thought about the structure of Tokenomiks like you have, so on the top of my head: I agree about the *prerequisite of transparency,* naturally. Regarding r*estrictions in staking tokens*, I am *not* a fan. Also, I remember you proposed that your AMM will limit buying options based on a fixed percentage of total liquidity - here, I am not enthusiastic either. Naturally, Single Sided Staking would somewhat mitigate this issue, but that is not an option right now as I imagine. So incentives to hold have to be managed through other measures. So, *tampering with market mechanisms adds accidental complexity*, which can be avoided by other measures stated below. On the same note, I don't agree that NFT based ownership would add complexity to the same degree the first option would - on first thought, it seems to me that there is no choice but to decide where to allow accidental complexity, but given the choice, I would prefer **separation of concerns**. Therefore, I would err to guarantee a free market and not interfere with restrictions directly, avoiding multiple kinds of problems in the first place. I have no concrete idea about your business ideas, so I'll progress on what I know based on my limited insight: First, big-capital does not have to be restricted directly. They should be able to buy, hold and sell as they please, after all, *we are betting on the truly decentralized, autonomous business model to outperform the centralized counterpart*, if true, big-capital will gladly take part in it, for as long as it can go and leave when it pleases, it won't interfere with the governance structure. Key is not to incentivize such actions. Lets assume we put out three tiers of ownership rights per NFTs, those NFTs are mandatory for everyone participating, and bought with the native token at a price corrected for inflation, progressing per tier. Every Owner has equal voting rights, but different incentives based on their tier, this guarantees *fair representation of the community as a whole*. Periodically, the DEX will issue a *buyback and distribute* the dividend among the owners in relation to their tier. It can be argued that putting dividends on the farm provokes capital flight when interest runs low, typically in the short term after a burnout from APY hunters. We may assume big percentages *on pool directly* are not a sustainable model for participation, maybe the gap can be closed with *interest based on choice*. Let's therefore assume *Ownership as a Staking Model,* and let staking options be based on Pools by *utility of ownership* directly betting on the strength of direct participation. This avoids instability in the pool, while people still get their dividend, and are free to chose based on other fancies. Meanwhile, distribution pools rely on incentives from projects themselves and won't be much affected. Partnerships with said projects may very well also include ownership, giving them an incentive to take part in the venture. Their incentives may be chosen to be different in nature, but the nature of voting rights stays immutable. To further stabilize liquidity, NFTs representing Ownership may have further properties based on utilization of the tokens in possession of the owner. Such options may be gamified. Certain pools or staking options, based on *utilization per time,* as well as taking part in governance, may grant the owner additional dividend, increasing participation, buyback, dividend, etc. The owner might acquire further perks, based on a limited time, with achievements or options to be unlocked, possibly capped or with other limits to not be abused. This may pan out as a meta-verse feature and further allow gamification and a sense of accomplishment/membership/achievement. The beauty of bringing variety per NFT properties is its flexibility in allowing individuality and at the same time flexibility. Instead of baking things right into the pools, adding accidental complexity, it allows for experimentation and quick responses in case of emergency, while further strengthening the community. Further, owners should be incentivized to take part in every part of the operation, this may also include bug counties and certain tasks in development, spearheaded by the community, as well as productive suggestions on the *forum*, ideally communications taking place in the venture itself and integral part of the dAPP, maybe even an dAPP itself, upvoted by the owners to be implemented under your guardianship. While at first a stretch, it can not be understand how important effective communications are as an integral part of the venture. Of course, I haven't run any math on it. I am just a pesky philosopher, after all.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on August 17, 2022 15:00:06

Thank you for your comprehensive feedback. I agree completely, especially: ***"If a fair launch and super majority community ownership will eventually be the norm, and really in my view, this real direct community ownership is more important than any other factor for long term sustainability and success - then we should try for it."*** Godspeed. *"After reviewing how Algorand governance has gone as well as other DAOs, I think the main provisions we've put forward are solid in that, our 22.5%-25% block will not vote, every vote is 1 to 1 governance token and we can add our own voting option on each community vote in lieu of not voting."* This is a nice provision indeed. I would like to point out that fairness in the traditional shareholder rights, depending on the political view and your model right now, could be improved by leveling the playing field with strategies that negate advantages in governance by big-capital. One option could be the use of NFTs, describing ownership properties and possibly in different tiers, to grant more equal rights and guarantees for diverse participation. I think we can further improve above the traditional shareholder narrative. Further, off topic but I am very interested in your opinion, what is your thesis of why GameFi will find a good home on Algorand? It itsn´t obvious to me and you surely are able to provide a good short commentary, if you so desire. Again, thank you for your words and your effort is very much appreciated.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on August 17, 2022 10:48:12

Hi Sinjin, I applaud your commitment to crystal clear transparency and your willingness to have faith in the importance of community and its contributions. The DAO philosophy is a tough one to pull of, and I feel a lot projects happening in the space do not quality for its meaning - at best, the power of the community is a fraction of the traditional share holder - without the power to exercise elementary rights because of its unregulated nature, ironically. As I see it, there is no differentiation between the share-holder and the customer - the actual share and the product, and therefore communication in the top-down format is predestined to be unsatisfactory. With your proposal you are one of the few drawing a line, offering a clear distinction. Regarding the goals of your endeavor, GameFi and the like, I am a little set back about the acquisition, although it is likely the right move. The reason is that I see in your and Yieldlys team a lot of shared ambition and shared interest in what it is that you want to archive. Therefore, I would Have liked to see tight cooperation between both entities, building upon each other, and especially, helping to solve each others problems. Regarding Yieldly, a lot of what you proposed is also what Yieldly, in my view, is in dire need of, to establish transparency and regain relevancy. To be frank, I don´t see much value in yet another lending platform, no matter the early state of DeFi. Pulling resources with Yieldly together to build out GameFi and community engagement on Algorand, appears to me to be the best setup for success and overall a great symbiosis - as outlandish as it may be. ​ Wish you well and best luck in this endeavor

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on August 17, 2022 02:04:03

True. Development needs to kick in asap and we haven't seen much if anything of it on the backend. It's an uncomfortable position for all of us.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 15, 2022 18:36:00

I am glad you took that route. This should somewhat fix the outflows of ASAs we saw in earlier DEXs. While Yieldly is still in a transition phase and technical prospects are unclear, I am eager to experience innovation from the Team on the Algorand Blockchain. It also shows you keep your eyes open and proceed on planning to implement products that are not stuck in the past, especially in the fast moving Blockchain space. I would also would welcome yNFT and yArena dApps to be integrated in the Yieldly dApp directly, but I assume you have your reasons to split it up, if you do after all. Please also consider working on documentation for your future dApps to make your goals and technicals as transparent as possible. Best of Luck

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 15, 2022 11:17:52

True. The side uses modern tech - it is the design that went overboard this time. A little less would have gone a long way.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 12, 2022 19:18:32

Let´s get real here. Yieldlys design has always been bold some way or the other, but what is of concern to me is the technical proficiency behind Yieldly. As far as Yieldly is able to produce quality code ... regarding smart-contracts ... and is able to innovate to whatever degree I am somewhat satisfied. Sadly, I can´t pretend to be confident atm.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 12, 2022 18:57:28

The argument is not absolute ... its relative to the historical performance of projects in the same class as Yieldly - not about all "farm tokens" to ever exist in the future... it is about the historical performance of projects that play in the same ball park. Those numbers are not my \*feelings\* but just a fact to consider.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 11, 2022 06:35:45

Making an argument towards certain tendencies that are not in favor of certain product doesn't turn that argument pointless... critical thinking anyone? I am truly shocked how anti-critical reddit and especially telegram channels tend to be. Perfect example of echo chambers. I am all for Yieldly and hope for it to succeed, yet the argument against farm coins are not easily dismissed.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 11, 2022 01:26:18

Calculating the APY for pools running for a fraction of the year is just asking for touble. Instead of annual percentages, a calculation based on the pools timeframe would have been more clear. Using the APY gives the impression that large numbers are preferred for marketing reasons. Nevertheless, yAMM will replace those legacy pools and I hope for the team to avoid such things in the future.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 8, 2022 00:54:46

When we take a look around crypto forums, expectations are mostly for the trash can. Half a year ago some people thought Yieldly is on its way up to one buck - complete madness. Or take a look at the history of guessing BTC prices. We all took significant risk in betting on Algo and not on BTC in the first place, how much more with Yieldly. It has the same properties of risk as an penny stock, and most FOMOd in blinded by yields when Algorand had no alternative. I assume most didn't adjust for risk at all. The market-cap of an average small cap venture is around 100mil. This doesn't make sense at the moment for sure, but be are talking long game, eg 2030. Algorand itself just barely hovers over small cap territory atm, compared to traditional companies. I don't advice anyone to buy Yieldly, just sharing my opinion that if you lost 90% and got a reasonable stack, making that loss right now materialize might proof a bad idea.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 3, 2022 04:54:20

You paint a to bleak picture on the math. Yes, Yieldlys valuation at ATH was greatly inflated. Nevertheless, it is not impossible for Yieldly to reach a market cap of around 100 million, putting Yieldly at a price around 0.01$ - that is, if all stars align. Not likely, but far from impossible.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 2, 2022 21:01:31

It depends on your outlook. Swapping your yield to Algo is reasonable at the current Algo price - I personally anticipate a low below 0.3 till in the near future, but 0.2 is a hard resistance to break, so one could also argue to put the yield into USDc. Like always, all we have is an educated guess what will happen on the markets. To me, it seems reasonable to conclude that Yieldly is reaching absolute bottom. Sentiment towards Yieldly in the wider community is probably at an all time low, and many couldn't stomach the losses that occurred since the beginning of the year - no surprise, as I would assume most are down over 80% to date. Yieldly has yet to prove their new ambitions fruitful - as does Algorand in the fight for further adoption. This is probably the best time to buy Yieldly, just before the new roadmap takes shape, probably slowly, until the end of the year. The team behind Yieldly has proven endurance in the face of wide backlash and secured a second shot at success with continued support of their backing venture capital. Their realignment on GameFi, in combination with Yesports on Polygon and growing partnerships have potential. Their finances seem to be alright considering their quite expensive consultants. So, I assume Yieldly will either gain ground on delivering on their promises step by step this year or face an unrecoverable position. If they recover, their potential future market cap coming out of recession can be expected to be quite reasonable, especially when we consider Algorand to be one of the superior chains in the future - that's why we are here isn't it. Therefore, if your stack has a reasonable size, it may be worthwhile to continue stacking Yieldly - although tedious with the double dip atm. We are in for the long game now. Full short-term recovery is not on the table. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 2, 2022 20:45:07

Still benefit of the doubt.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on August 2, 2022 01:08:44

As I could gather they contracted AlgoBitz and Cloud Native somewhere around Q2 to work on Yieldly/yNFT/yArena, as well as a third one consulting/advising on the integration of yAMM. It seems they concluded it to be the best way to progress on their aggressive roadmap. These stand to be long-term contributors to their assigned projects to further the development of said dApps - "core contributors". So a lot of development is outsourced to experts working on those dApps. I stand to be corrected.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 31, 2022 18:08:03

Thanks for addressing a lot of my questions. Looking forward to an interview on *#CooperDaniels* (eventually). Keep It Up! ​ **EDIT:** *Some more Q&A I find noteworthy from the day before*: **Q:** Why is Yieldly not listed anymore as a featured partner of Algorand on their new website? **A:** No reason we are aware of. It was a bit disappointing to see, but we assume it's just an oversight. ​ **Q:** I would like some information where Yieldly stands today in its capacities? We had such a long halt it was painful for everyone I am sure, but development feels sluggish and I hope to see the dev-train going full steam soon again. **A:** YNFT is in its feedback and iteration stage on testnet and we are proactively taking feedback. yAMM is in a diligence and technical review process to work through, among other things, to find the best way to integrate all the features into the current Yieldly dApp. yArena beta is out and is going through product and user review, our ambassador team is managing community feedback. ​ **Q:** Does the team have plans regarding mitigating impermanent loss in LPs? (yAMM) **A:** Not feasible with the build and tech as it stands unfortunately. Differentiation will be across inbound (non-algo) projects we bring over. Eg, similar to what we are expanding with Gitter. ​ **Q:** What chains do you target for inbound projects? **A:** ETH, where the volumes are as high as the TX fees. ​ **Q:** Since yAMM will support bridged assets, what about the staking platform? Will we be able to stake YLDY to be rewarded in foreign assets? **A:** That's the plan! First example should be YESP. ​ **Q:** What bridging-technology will you use? **A:** Looking at Glitter, Messina and Wormhole. ​ **Q:** Will Yieldly take part in Decipher on 28th November 2022? **A:** We don't have plans as we are devoting all time and resources to building and growing the partnerships that matter for the roadmap we have outlined.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 31, 2022 16:48:25

It's not an easy market right now. We are down to a market cap of just over 2 billion. A hell of a lot of liquidity left the market, or switched over to stable coins, since the start of the year, and sentiment took a deep dive. Although it is true that there are a lot of "shitcoins," it's mostly a side effect of how easy it is to create an ASA an Algorand. I agree the Algorand Network naturally is on the top of the food chain, but ASAs as such fulfill another role and can't be compared to Algo. It's like comparing the S&P index to its stocks. I still think Yieldly has a decent chance to get something done - but it needs to happen this year and their product line needs to be on point. If they succeed in pulling off their roadmap they might be able to secure a prime spot in a maturing ASA space - probably even going chross-chain. Their partnerships in the esports niche are impressive and their plans in making yAMM an inter-chain marketplace geared towards their niche might help in bringing more quality assets over to Algorand. Polygon itself also isn't a bad place to be at. A "marriage" between Yieldly and Yesports could become a novelty on Algorand. Their market cap at the start of the year naturally was ridiculously high for what they got. It can be argued that they suffered for their prime position on Algorand. Their current market cap of just two million reflects that they lost the beauty contest brutally - but given their niche, partnerships and roadmap, it's a cheap bet, albeit a risky one.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 30, 2022 16:27:11

Good Point. I guess that play wasn't possible because of shortage of resources. But it would be a great addition to their product for sure.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 27, 2022 16:46:44

This. I don't see value in staking NFTs just for the sake of it and inflating YLDY. The YLDY Token is the better alternative for NFT Lotteries and the like. Alternatively, the utility with NFTs with certain perks like you envision with Yesports is a great use case. NFTs should be bought with YLDY and staking should focus on Yieldlys niche, in this case GameFi, to access perks/tokens from the Game the NFT was released from, like for example COSG in the case of Cosmic Champs. Obviously that would require a tight partnership with those projects.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 26, 2022 09:59:39

For NFT staking yNFT makes the most sense. I prefer the design philosophy of "doing one thing and do it well".

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 25, 2022 17:59:53

Any updates on governance?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 25, 2022 06:13:21

Algorand is a late bloomer and has a lot to do to catch up - but if it stays solid and accomplishes its goals just somewhat, for what it wants to be, a market capitalization of 15$ to 30$ Billion looks conservative and reasonable to me. So depending on macroeconomic factors 2$-5$. Current capitalization puts Algo in small-cap territory - I don't believe so.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 25, 2022 04:54:04

It probably depends on regulation. If BTC gets adopted by traditional financial entities and finds its way on more and more balance sheets the potential is enormous. From this point of view BTC has just started to get taken seriously and the most important transformations are just ahead of us. I assume this decade will bring a lot to the table and maybe pave the way to a world in which BTC is accepted as a part of it and used as collateral inside the financial system.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 24, 2022 17:46:23

Disgusting oversimplification and distortion of both Marxism and Chomskys ideals.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/UkrainianConflict on July 24, 2022 11:23:25

Every value is relative to the context in which it exists. Law and regulation are major for trust in fiat, as well as trust is major for the acceptance of law and regulation. The value of my house is dependent on laws and regulation to secure my right to exercise power over it, as well as on the existence of the housing market. Those things are products of thought and were not found under a rock. I am not a fan of the modern monetary system for sure, that is the banking-system, but fiat has useful properties nonetheless. My main concern is decentralization and transparency. I want our monetary system to be a tool of and for the people and hope for trustless blockchain technology to obsolete those centralized systems of trust exploiting their power and our resources.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 24, 2022 09:29:45

To understand the motivation of Crypto you should study the ideals of BTCs founder, its history as well as the history of the modern monetary/banking system, how it works and its implications. If you want to really grasp something at some point you need to stop browsing reddit or YouTube but grab a book and work with it. There is no shortcut to understanding.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 23, 2022 14:08:07

The \*strong labor market\* is a myth getting busted. My guess is the FED won't be able to hike much higher without causing a major liquidity crisis and collateral shortage - we pretty much already have it. I am by no means an authority on macroeconomics, to say the least, but if you ask me for my strategy, I would argue not to get in on FOMO and to secure your wealth outside of stocks and crypto - especially tech stocks. Treasuries come to mind, or Stable LPs to some extend, but pick your poison. It is an unpopular opinion, but it is my conviction that the FED won't be able to sustain these rates, and the bond market agrees without question. I brace myself for disaster coming end of this year to next year. Best of Luck.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 23, 2022 00:28:48

Could be. Looking at bonds and Eurodollar tells another picture though. I expect Recession to hit fully at the end of the year and this to be typical bear rally. Covid in winter could \*delay\* It to next year.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 22, 2022 23:06:58

I think the market already priced in a 75 basis point hike, and a 100 bp raise is unlikely. Therefore 0.3 resistance will hold short-term. Next GDP data will probably have more of an impact. 0.25 is possible mid-term and 0.2 when recession is in full swing. I don't expect Algorand going below 0.2 for a longer sustained time based on its fundamentals/market-cap - but am ready to buy like a madman at anything around 0.2.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 22, 2022 14:45:48

I guess that is a byproduct of still being in the wild-west phase of crypto. I would assume blockchain technology in the future to be tightly integrated in certain products to such an extend that the average Joe and Jane won't even recognize they are using it. Enthusiasts will of course continue to use and be interested in the lower abstraction layers. Maybe we can compare it to the progress in usability in personal computing, where complexity was moved down the layer over the years with the end product of today as SaaS. Therefore I share your doubt about the current tech going mainstream in its current form, but at the same time see it as proof that we are *still early in the game.* Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 21, 2022 04:18:48

You should not put aside BTC. BTC has unique properties and is possibly the safest bet still. You could do worse than buying BTC in this looming recession. I think there a quite a few lost souls who chased big gains in altcoins because they considered themselves to be *to late to the game,* which isn't true at all. BTC is something you hold forever, and you use it as collateral. You could go the goBTC route, borrow Stable, get a good APY and buy Algo from interest, for example. BTC is still unique in its properties and should be, in my opinion, the center of your portfolio.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 20, 2022 05:47:21

Its funny isn't it. The game is to successfully ride the delusion to get rid of it in the end just to ensure ... nourishment, companionship and shelter. No one likes to be invited to the party with a gun ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 18, 2022 19:38:44

True insight. Doesn't make you rich though ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|shrug)

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 18, 2022 19:16:13

Hi Bo, while you are at it, I would like to ask if it might be possible for the Yieldly community, that took a deep dive in sentiment since the start of the year and stayed true to the project all the time, to get some kind of advantage from the launch of the Yesports platform to lift sentiment a bit. No blaming, just pointing out that heavy losses occurred for most holders. Maybe we can get in early on Yesp or similar goodies to level the playing field a bit. Do you think this is far fetched or a possibility? Thx

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 17, 2022 14:20:24

"The realms of existence, from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective as I was taught, are both understandable as real experiences/realms and real psychological analogues." Yes, they exist as "real" realms in the way that thought manifests in action on the basis of dependent origination. It should be understood that buddhist cosmology describes a phenomenology and not the external world as such, or the mind as such for that matter. They are neither a separate existence nor a non-separate existence. I feel it is important to point this out, otherwise it creates just further desire to fuel samsaric existence. As Hui-neng said when asked to explain how to get to the "pure land of the west": "The physical body of a human being is a city. The eyes, ears, nose, and tongue are gates. There are five outer gates and one inner gate, the gate of the consciousness. Mind is the ground, nature is the ruler. The ruler lives on the ground of the mind. As long as essential nature is there, the ruler is there; when nature is gone, the ruler is not there. When essential nature is there, body and mind exist; when essential nature is gone, the body decomposes.Buddhahood is actualized within essential nature; do not seek it outside the body. If your own nature is confused, you are an ordinary person; if your own nature is awakened, you are a buddha.“ Buddhism if full of analogies and uses different teachings because human beings differ in their capacities and understanding. At the end buddhist teachings are expedients to see "essential nature" and nothing more or less. On the highest stage, buddhism does neither exist, nor not exist - "there is nothing to attain". „Master Zhi said, ‘If you have not yet met a supra-mundane bright teacher, you are ingesting in vain the dharma medicine of the Great Vehicle.’ If you will now just practice no-mind at all times, whether walking, standing, sitting, or reclining, there will then be nothing to discriminate, nothing to rely on, and nothing to abide in. You will cavort playfully all day long, like a simpleton.“

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/HighStrangeness on July 17, 2022 02:34:38

I am sorry to say you are misguided. The realms of Samsara do not exist outside the mind. If you do make those distinctions between external and internal, you are per definition an "ordinary human being". Buddhism as a believe-system is "*the finger* pointing at the moon" (a representation of a "thing" but not the same as) and is only the start of a conversation to help people in committing to faith that needs to be aroused to start practice, that later on needs to be dropped (like a "raft" you cross a river with but let it at the shore once you pass over) to overcome certain notions and conceptions - this includes the teachings themselves. I would kindly point you to Bodhidharma to get rid of those notions.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/HighStrangeness on July 17, 2022 02:06:55

Serious and mature human capital with a science/technical background building on partnerships with top-notch universities and industrial/political partners to create a L1 that tries to solve the fundamental problems of blockchain without hype but pragmatism. PPoS is a unique and simple solution. Strong contender for partnerships concerning CBDCs (the coming recession may very well turn out to be THE catalyst for CBDCs when the traditional inter-banking system goes belly up). I am not a fan of CBDCs but they are unavoidable. Also, Algorand is very well positioned regarding regulation - Silvio is friends with Gary Gensler![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|trollface) I regard BTC as the top commodity and Algo as the top security long-term. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 17, 2022 01:00:06

Cryptocurrencies are/were a great tool to incentivize/promote the blockchain - that's what it's all about in my view. The blockchain will stay with us in many different manifestations, just as the internet did. And just like it was with all the hype and crash of the dotcom bubble in the early days of the net, when commerce, excitement and greed took over, so it is now with all things crypto. In my opinion, if you want to reduce your gambling - just buy BTC, because unlike other coins it can be argued to be truly a commodity. I think a lot of "crypto" are exciting because of their wild west unregulated nature, easy access, and big chunks of FOMO based on greed. I would argue that a boring stock is more reasonable as a security than this casino that is most of crypto as of now, simply because a lot of altcoins don't share the inherent quality of what blockchain is all about - they are more like high-risk stocks with no safety guarantees whatsoever. It is not that I don't have my hopes up for a future where blockchain is used for the betterment of how things are done today, but buying and praying blinded by FOMO is not the way. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 15, 2022 19:02:24

Best place ATM is Tinyman because it offers the highest liquidity and therefore the lowest fees when swapping a larger amount. For smaller amounts it doesn't matter much.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 15, 2022 15:21:49

It is a tough call. Roadmap looks fine at this point. Development still picks up slowly. Although I still regard YLDY as one of the top ASAs, their game is a long one. Algorand is not (yet) a blockchain with a lot of gaming projects (sol has a head start here) and ASA quality improves slowly. Let's pretend blockchain interoperability based on state-proofs is here today (one of Yieldlys main promises), then YLDY will have to further step up its game to compete with same-minded projects on other chains for market share. I feel Algorand would need to distinguish itself quite clearly for Yieldly to compete (and I hope so). Also, the metaverse is still very speculative. While I like the growth in E-Sports and YLDYs advance in asian markets, gaming on blockchain still has a long way to go. So there need to be at least three things to happen in my book: Algorand rising to the top of the crowed over the years, widespread adoption of blockchain support in gaming AND Yieldly being consistent in achieving their goals to compete. I think it can be argued for. The question is, why get YLDY over Algo? The chance of Algo succeeding AND making a good ROI seems quite a lot more likely in comparison to the added risks of going long on YLDY in favor of Yieldlys promises. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 15, 2022 11:32:11

Die Begierde richtet sich ein in dem Wunsch nach Beständigkeit. Je mehr du hast, desto mehr Angst hast du es zu verlieren, desto mehr Arbeit setzt du ein um deinen Wohlstand zu schützen, desto mehr wirst du zum Sklaven deines Kapitals. Selbst wenn Kapital in Form von Besitzrechten keine Rolle mehr spielt, dann macht sich die Angst Platz in einer neuen Kategorie. Zum Beispiel, deiner Gesundheit. Denn, was nützt es alles zu haben, wenn man doch jederzeit vergehen könnte, an Krankheit, Gebrechen oder sonstigem Unglück. Oder was nützt es Wohlstand und Sicherheit nur mit sich selbst teilen zu können? Wenn es niemanden gibt außer dich selbst, kein Bezugspunkt zu einem Anderen, wann ist dann arm und wann ist reich? Der Wunsch nach Wohlstand ist also ein Wunsch nach Sicherheit, und der Wunsch nach Sicherheit ist der Wunsch nach Permanenz, eines Selbst, einer Persona, die ihren Wert aus der Ideologie bezieht, die Sie selbst erschaffen hat um sich in ihr zu flüchten. Glück ist weit abseits jeglicher Ideologie. Aber wie jeder weiss, Gewohnheiten sterben langsam. Es ist eine ewige Schleife der Begierde. Der einzige Umgang kann sein, jegliche Besorgnis aufzugeben, indem man sie gleichzeitig aufgibt und nicht aufgibt, denn jeder vehemente Versuch einer Aufgabe, ist genau jene Begierde die begehrt nicht zu Begehren. cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/Finanzen on July 14, 2022 10:02:42

As a German it is your duty to do your best to act like other people don't exist. cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/germany on July 14, 2022 09:48:51

Join a Sportsclub. Chess, Karate whatever floats your boat. Sharing your interests may be your best bet. Also, don't be afraid of people. I find it helpful to just act as if you are already friends with people (of course no pressuring). The enemy is the tendency to be overly conscious about yourself. Just play and roam like a simpleton. Set aside old concepts and ideas. It will take a little time to melt the ice, but if you keep at it and have the ability to laugh, to not take yourself or other people to seriously, doors will open. Just know that when you wake up to a new day: This is it! Everything in the Now is what you keep manifesting. If you don't know "IT", you depend on the world. If you do know "IT", the world depends on you. Just be a person without concerns, without separating the world in good or bad, and everything will fall in place. I wish you the best of luck.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/germany on July 14, 2022 06:29:01

1. Borrow USDC 2. Nanoswap 50% STBL / supply to Stability Pool 3. Restake rewards to Stability Pool 4. Decide on your entry-point for Algo (e.g 0.20 - 0.25) 5. If entry point is hit (recession in full steam): 1. Pay back loan 2. Swap Stablecoins to Algo / supply Algo or Vault 3. You think 0.25 is the bottom? 1. Leverage Algo/Vault by borrowing USDc (decide on risk tolerance for Util%) 2. Swap to Algo 3. Supply Algo / Vault 4. Let it rest 5. Algo Moons 6. Payback loan + sack profit 6. Get your Gov rewards each quarter 7. 2030: Buy a Lambo Why not to keep the stability-pool running? 1. You believe in Algo 2. You know this recession will be mad 3. Therefore you accumulate when there is blood on the street

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on July 14, 2022 06:07:21

Same boat. BTC/ALGO/USDc mix. See you 2030 in your Lambo

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 11, 2022 13:52:09

Yieldly is not dead but most def scarred. It turns out to be a very risky long-term hold

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 11, 2022 13:49:23

Housing market to risky for my taste at this time. (Lofty platform does a good job though)

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 11, 2022 13:46:03

Yes I think so too. I wouldn't be surprised if BTC dropped under 15k later this year, but Algo seems quite resistant to a drop below the 0.2 mark. If you plan to hold Algo for 2030, you can profit from a further low by leveraging your vault.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 11, 2022 13:44:15

I still think Yieldly has a chance to reestablish itself. The token is very cheap and on the way to a ratio of over 700. But honestly, the ASA space is risky enough as is, especially in this bear market/coming recession. The Stability LP on Algofi looks mighty fine to combat that downward pressure. The ROI is absolutely insane - especially if you consider the dollar further growing in strength with every rate hike. It´s not the time for risk-on. Also, purchasing Algo for a price of under 0.30c is in my view a no-brainer. I cannot see how an ASA could serve you better over the mid to long-term. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 11, 2022 13:32:12

It is a tragedy for things like this to happen, and of course no one wants people to commit such acts. But I can not agree on calling on the government to manage the life of the people so that they won't encounter the possibility to get hurt, to try to make it impossible to decide for themselves their responsibilities. South Korea is a prime example of predatory capitalism. People experience such enormous pressure to "make it", "to get somewhere", that they may be willing to accept such high-risk investments in the first place. Such actions don't exist in a vacuum. And to put it bluntly, such things happen all the time exactly because of the way how success is set up in our society. This does not mean that I support an extreme form of "liberalism". Of course there are good reasons to impose certain safety measures for the good of all, but Luna is not special. And I would be very cautious to think that our current monetary systems are in any way less a "scam" or less dangerous than luna ever was.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/CryptoCurrency on July 11, 2022 08:12:59

You describe yAMM on your website with the goal to "... unlocking access to billions of dollars of TVL *currently residing on more expensive and less scalable blockchains*. yAMM will provide ... the ability to interact with **external tokens** ...". So, it reads like you plan to expand your DeFi offering beyond just ASAs. First thought on my mind of course Polygon. Is this correct? Will the YLDY platform embrace for example GameFi tokens on other chains directly on Algorand? And how do you plan to do it? Is this referring to NFTs/Yesp from Yesports? Or are bridges or similar tech planned for yAMM? Thanks

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on July 11, 2022 07:24:45

Certainly not. Recession is not done but just starting - uncertainty all around, and bonds are pointing to even tougher times ahead. Expect a drop to 0,20-0,25 and if you believe in the tech, buy at these prices for the long run.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on July 7, 2022 09:43:07

I just found the results from the former NLL system heavily favored the whales. Ofc it is what it is. Nevertheless, I would assume most people would favor a more consistent/even payout.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 27, 2022 15:34:36

I made the same suggestion some time ago. Regarding the success of the NL last year it might be a great idea. There was no definitive answer - only regarding NFT lotteries, NFTs seem to be the point of focus right now. But, I don't think the lottery format itself is a requirement and likely not fair toward small holders, and if it isn't a lottery but a pool that pays out YLDY rewards based on government rewards (+X%incentive) for the quarter, it would further inflate the value of YLDY. I am fine when there is work done on utility beyond new novel staking options.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 27, 2022 06:04:33

I would immensely appreciate an upgrade to TEAL 5 ASAP

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 21, 2022 16:04:15

You probably are way to much concerned with those low margins. If I read you correctly you borrowed STBL to supply to the Stability LP. If so, you should keep in mind that if you borrow STBL you are effectively betting on a price increase in Algo (or at least on a time-frame with little volatility). You might have better chances swing-trading the price difference in Algo - USDC/STBL short to mid-term.Especially if you account automated software it might be quite a challenge to constantly arbitrage those pools for profit. If you still intend to, you should have a look at the SDK and write some test scripts on Testnet.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on June 15, 2022 20:01:06

"but personally I think they will be back to QE 2024." Possibly even earlier. Nonetheless, Japan may be the role model for the future.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 9, 2022 07:31:43

I think the coming bear market is heavily underestimated. It will be a rough ride and may last quite some time. I am prepared to HODL till 2030.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 9, 2022 05:51:20

This is my sentiment as well. Proof of their capability shines a bit through in their YEsports platform. Since I am a firm believer in Algorand and it's future growth prospects, I naturally also believe in the ASA space where Yieldly still has quite a lot of room to distinguish itself positively. That said, the Metaverse and web3 is still quite a gamble. Nevertheless, I am ready to hodl with the speculation that they successfully bridge their E-Sports oriented products on Polygon (and e-sports surely is poised with great growth rates into future) with Algorand. My expectations have become quite humble. What does trigger me a bit I confess is Yieldlys communications. It feels completely detached from the actual sentiment of the community and gives an impression of talking past things. I am still eager to see something tangible manifest and surely am disappointed about what feels like a standstill for all of 2022.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 9, 2022 05:10:47

C'mon... it sure feels like you don't get the sentiment. It's all nice and games until it isn't.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on June 8, 2022 03:23:07

I like to keep myself informed and ideally partake in the community/projects I put my money in, so I certainly prefer to keep a few to not stress myself with a shitload of tech I have no business to stay in. I used to only hold Algo but I feel better with a reasonable amount of diversification. BTC will likely be of primary interest to the market for a long time to come. It is hard to ignore its market cap compared to altcoins. It would probably be best not to ignore its influence/importance. Nevertheless, Algorand is my second largest holding, followed by Arweave and Monero. Simply said I regard BTC as THE store of value, Monero as a better currency, Algorand for robust/usable DeFi and Arweave for permaweb/storage solutions. Personally feel more confident that way. Also, I think people tend to overvalue staking returns and neglect fundamentals.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on June 2, 2022 12:30:28

How do you handle authentication with your script?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on May 24, 2022 07:39:51

It depends on what the ecosystem offers. At this point, sure, it would be nice to borrow USDC against your supply and allocate it to the Stability LP with automated recalibration. Especially in a bear like now (expect Algo to hit 0,25 in the future, for your own safety), you can convert your interest on USD to Algo quite comfortably over the long haul. Interest differences on borrowing USDC and Stability LP might continue to be attractive. The strong Dollar is further incentive to do so. Your Idea makes most sense to me as a feature for products like the Stability LP. So, if Algo crashes further and your utilization rushes toward liquidation, the contract would pay back a x% from your Stability Pair, while if Algo goes up, it would allocate x% on Stability LP. Fair enough. Why Stability LP? I think it is important to remember what it effectively means to swap borrowed ALGO (or Stablecoins for that matter). You effectively place a bet on Algo losing value, since you borrowed against it, you are short Algo and long Swapped-Asset. If you borrow USDC and swap to Algo, you are effectively long Algo. Swap fees are further concern on high volatility. Therefore I find your idea only reasonable when no swap (to non-stablecoins) takes place and fees remain low while interest remains high, e.g the Stability Pool. Lastly, I think in terms of ROI an automated allocation between for example the Lending Protocol and the Stability Protocol makes most sense in non-trending markets. Since Crypto swings quite a bit, I would favor to protect my supply value in case of rapid value loss by swapping borrowed Algo to USDC to buyback Algo on falling prices since borrowed Algo in this scenario would be at risk by either mooning interest on Algo or Algo mooning, both unlikely. Vice Versa for the other scenario. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on May 24, 2022 07:18:05

While this is true, you are not just trading your risk for interest repayments, but also shorting your Algo position if you swap those Algo to another coin. If Algo swings up in price, you better have a good ROI on your alternative allocation. For example, while it may seem a nice idea to borrow some Stables to allocate to the Stability Pool on Algofi, your accrued interest won't matter much when Algo jumps are negatively correlated.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on May 14, 2022 11:22:36

"Find good collateral. (1) Real estate (and vet the hell out of any protocol that you collaborate with to do so). (2) Gold." or better yet: **Lofty, Meld (tokenized Gold), goBTC** with the bonus of interest on collateral. *Silvio, the Hero we need, not the one we deserve.*

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on May 11, 2022 12:22:42

Agree completely. Especially regarding the outlook on the general market. This bear market started back in December and will last for quite a while, it just got rolling. End of this year or next year shit will probably hit the fan in the Repo Market and offer us a good chance to fill our bags. The minimum HODL for YLDY to see some action is at least 2 years IF lucky.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on May 9, 2022 17:07:13

My post is not about YLDY Governance. It is about staking ALGO for ALGO Governance through YLDY, locked up for the usual 3 months with the payout from the Algorand Foundation in YLDY plus an additional incentive supplied by YLDY on top. So, an alternative for the AlgoFi Vault for example.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on May 9, 2022 11:14:40

Yes. Updated Roadmap pls.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on May 4, 2022 05:14:24

I See what you mean. I would prefer a tighter selection of ASAs though because of inflation.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 26, 2022 13:28:08

1. Incentives for ALGO/YLDY LP providers: Do you still plan to launch a staking pool for LP Providers? Any Date? 2. YLDY runaway inflation: What is your plan to stop the sell pressure? The burn is a nice test run for the choice voting system, and NFT fees in YLDY are welcome, but are there any other plans to incentivize holding YLDY? 3. Dev-Team: How is the onboarding of the new Team going along? Everybody would like to know details about the staff and the development behind the scenes. I don't see why such information isn't shared easily. It would certainly avoid unfavorable speculation and help gaining trust. 4. EDIT: Governance: Are there plans to implement an ALGO=>YLDY "governance pool" to replace the old NLL pool? Thanks

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 26, 2022 12:57:15

I See. The old roadmap from nov 21 mentioned an upgrade to the actual YLDY Pool - that is long overdue anyway. I think it would be wise for Yieldly to offer an ALGO/YLDY => YLDY Pool to compensate all those supporting YLDY liquidity and to dampen the Impermanent Loss, to say the least. It would certainly be a punch to the face to everyone providing liquidity for many months if Yieldly ignores them ad infinitum. Edit: Telegram Mod said "we are still planning on it" (for what it's worth)

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 25, 2022 16:10:24

I agree with your sentiment that short term actions are needed for price stability. Especially regarding certain incentives to hold. As soon as the ALGO/YLDY Pool drops I will slip into hibernation for some while 💤 Edit: Regarding that I did not account tokenomics issues, It is my belief that my post addressed that issue partialy.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 24, 2022 19:32:36

At around 0.014 and 0.01.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 24, 2022 18:59:26

It's a matter of expectations. One day you like it, the other day it shits your bed. Ask Johnny Depp. \\\_(ツ)\_/

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 24, 2022 18:46:12

Bridging Gamers from YE over to Yieldly is pretty much their main driver mid to long term. It is fundamentally important for YLDYs success.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 19, 2022 15:54:33

I would like to know what the teams plan is in bridging the Yesports and YLDY ecosystem. Do you wait for state-proofs to mature? Also, I would like to know how deeply interconnected YLDY and YESP will end up, if at all. I hope for more incentives than just YESP Pools on Yieldly. I would like to see Yieldly to be promoted on and integrated with the Yesports Ecosystem.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 19, 2022 14:43:08

Don’t you collect a fee for YLDY Listings?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on April 9, 2022 11:25:19

True. But mostly because I am not in favor of operating systems as „systems as a service“. I would be happy with a „modern XP“ believe it or not. Wasting hours Tinkering is the lesser evil and is hopefully a good long-term investment for a STABLE computing environment down the road that does not get in my way all the time. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/linuxmasterrace on April 8, 2022 08:17:51

Algofi and YLDY can cooperate confidently. Given YLDY continues to successfully promote LP‘s with strong APY rewards, YLDY will position itself as a dominant ASA trading ‚currency‘ and fight token inflation with a burn from their marketplace. The quality of current ASAs are a symptom of a young and very liberal market. It is save to assume that things will improve over time. I think it is save to state that AlgoChamps or Alchemon are a step up and fit nicely into the new GameFi strategy with YLDYs upcoming launchpad and marketplace. I share Sebs sentiment that the gaming and crypto crowd are a good match. Algorand fits well with GameFi and I hope to see ‚numerous‘ GameFi partners as stated in their blog. Their launchpad will likely come along with further „higher quality“ projects and hopefully fix the current shitcoin narrative. Also, their Yesport brand looks well built and positioned - I believe with the upcoming state proofs on Algorand the YLDY Team will forge a strategy to bring liquidity from polygon back to Algorand. A promotion of YLDY on their Polygon Platform fits well with their GameFi on Algorand and it‘s easy to see the intention. That said, I don‘t like that I bought in at the end of the last bullrun, and there is as a whole a very bearish market we need to wade through, but I am positive that YLDY will likely not fade out in the near term, but will yield in the mid to long run. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on March 17, 2022 21:20:44

It will take time for the transitional phase of yieldly to become tangible. Move along and take a look again in May regarding this matter.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on March 16, 2022 11:53:13

Where did you find that statement? Thx

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on March 13, 2022 14:34:08

Unlikely. Good sentiment depends on the success of the launchpad/marketplace release in april and if they can implement an attractive alternative to the NLL in time. The HDL exploit will probably further delay the release while other projects get more attention. I expect the price to drop further until YLDYs Roadmap becomes tangible. If those releases disappoint YLDY could miss the boat completely - If not and their GameFi strategy plays out we might see a healthy recovery - analysis excluding further possible downturns in a current bearish market. I expect the spread of Algo/YLDY to widen further in the comming weeks. It is a risky bet for sure.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on March 11, 2022 19:01:37

I have to agree on both sentiments. Algorand needs to attract a lot of new money for YLDY to bump up. The Roadmap is uncertain and additional value for YLDY has to be created. The YLDY Launchpad with their focus on partners in GameFi is promising but highly speculative. But in combination with their NFT Marketplace that may present the option of burning YLDY they may somehow stop the inflation caused by their LP Pool rewards. But I tend to be positive toward the new roadmap and the teams capability and agree that their willingness to move fast and readiness to change their goals when necessary is positive to mid to long term investors, while obviously spooking paper-hands.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on March 11, 2022 06:32:16

I think it has become clear that Algofi and Tinyman are Interested to complement rather than to compete. TVL or which AMM is not the important question to me. It is all about aeneas incentives and how to make those in a most beneficial way useful to the Algorand Ecosystem.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on March 9, 2022 18:58:07

I don‘t argue that algofi TVL is not „real“ money like in „doesn‘t exist“, but that the incentive of all this lend and borrowed credit is mostly allocated to chase aeneas returns (with initial 10k leverage to max usdc you get 25-30% APY in Algo with minimal risk, easily the most lucrative Product atm on algofi). I call those allocations artificial because they do not chase tangible projects and there are not many reasons to borrow outside of this program. I would like to see more demand on borrowing Assets driven by the creation of tangible products instead of simply grapping stimuli. This is not to say I don‘t like algofi. I just find it questionable to allocate 300M, if I remember correctly, to such a use case. In fact I find it wasteful. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on March 9, 2022 17:58:29

Soon enough. I wouldn‘t choose a staking strategy based on these only. The incentive to lend and borrow based on how aeneas works is somewhat questionable. You can easily leverage 10k usdc to 35k+ usdc lend / 25k+ usdc borrowed with minimal risk. So the rise in TVL on algofi is largely artificial and likely doesn‘t provide much to the ecosystem. I expect a lot of liquidity to move on to tinyman once they roll out their program and algofi rewards run dry. Cheers

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on March 9, 2022 15:36:05

Yes you can. Free Market Dynamics don‘t care about your feelings or how you name them. ASA‘s are highly speculative and transitory. That is just the way it is.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on March 6, 2022 18:07:32

It is not the job of the Algorand Foundation to control and curate the market. You participate with your money (or do Not). The market was greedy/highly speculative and now sheds bitter tears pointing fingers. Pointless FUD all day.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on March 6, 2022 17:31:59

Better Slow and Steady than rushing stuff, especially when it comes to compensation and rewards structure. I am looking forward to the rewards program and hope to see those algo-rewards paid out concurrently based on certain participation metrics. I am pleased with how tinyman handled the exploit as well as their communication with the tinyman community. They earned my Trust and that to me is more valuable than rushed products based on community sentiment. Yieldly‘s LP Pool Rush is on the other side of the spectrum.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on February 22, 2022 10:13:00

Your account is your Seed-Phrase. All you need to do is type in your seed. MyAlgo is just a frontend, as is every wallet. As long as you have your phrase, you can instantiate your account on every wallet app that supports Algorand. Just make sure you Never Store your seed in digital format.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on February 21, 2022 11:29:34

I experienced this problem a few times too. It‘s annoying for sure. I would suggest to export your wallet to Pera and get a new ledger later on If you can‘t find a fix timely. I would still expect a Problem with permissions if the ledger is not damaged in any way.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on February 21, 2022 11:09:27

Are you sure your browser doesn‘t Block the request? Checked permissions?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on February 21, 2022 11:00:39

Have you upgraded to the latest Firmware?

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on February 21, 2022 10:51:48

It‘s the wild west because it succeeds in accessibility. Every network that has a low barrier of entry and is not curated has to wrestle with these problems. ASA creation is just that simple. It is not surprising that a bear market puts additional psychological stress on such a marketplace considering the moonshot-retail-crowd. It’s like amplified pennystocks. That said, the crypto universe will face a lot of turnover over the next years. The most important thing to me is the algorand blockchain and it‘s solid traits. The reason for me to take part in this wild west is because I believe the ground on what it stands on to survive the coming cataclysm.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on February 20, 2022 11:33:39

YLDY is the only reasonable bet to me. It‘s success will depend on how the team will be able to position themselves in the upcomming crosschain world and drive Home liquidity. With a Ratio of over 1/120 undervalued in my Book.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on February 20, 2022 09:02:34

Was in long for defly. New Pera Wallet is a tough competitor. Since it‘s the official wallet defly possibly won‘t have an easy time standing out. I sold my position.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on February 20, 2022 08:56:38

Financial advice always backfires. Better save than sorry

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/Bitcoin on January 22, 2022 01:27:36

It was my Impression that STBL-USDC-LP-V2 IS the reward

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algofi on January 21, 2022 20:10:24

I am sorry to say but I find your website to be lacking in every way possible and I have a hard time trusting your product. I would at least like to have a poper introduction to the team, tech and vision on your page. I can't see you competing with YLDY anytime soon.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on January 21, 2022 16:42:21

I second the bug bounty

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/Tinyman on January 2, 2022 13:26:12

Yieldly may be best for someone who neither, wants to hold and / or speculate like a madman - a cosy middle positon. For riskaverse perple gov is best. Algofi and leveraged trading for the madman. Tinymans LP Pools, given a pair that moves relatively in tandem and won‘t inverse as well as staking a sizeable equity of the Pool, are nice if you expect long-term price stability with medium-high short-midterm volatility. A bear market e.g could be a good hold for LP, possibly increasing your Equity when others fold theirs.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on December 28, 2021 21:12:46

No. The Prize is a function of trading activity of the Pool itself. The price is nothing other than the momentary Relation between the token pairs. Imp. Loss is a thing because as a LP Provider you implicitly give up trading on the margins that arbitrage traders profit from, who in turn rebalance the Pool to reflect acurate prices (if enough liquidity/volume). Since trading fees are part of Pool Equity, you will over time increase your pool equity and therefore get more tokens over time out than you put in - Never less. But that doesn‘t mean that a profit is guaranteed, obviously. Tokens are nothing other than chips on the Poker table - it ceases to be money and should be regarded by its own nature. Yieldly may be best for someone who neither, wants to hold and forget or speculate like a madman - a cosy middle positon. For riskaverse perple gov is best. Algofi and leveraged trading for the madman. Arbitrage Trading on the AMM for the Day-Trader. Tinymans LP Pools (given a pair that moves relatively in tandem and won‘t inverse as well as staking a sizeable equity of the Pool) are nice if you expect long-term price stability with medium-high short-midterm volatility. A bear market e.g could be a good hold for LP, possibly increasing your Equity when others fold theirs. In Short: If you expect a run for yieldly or algo specifically, it would be wise to choose your mothership.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on December 28, 2021 20:57:16

You are not quite correct. The LP tokens will generate YLDY. The official Medium article states: 1) The first pool is a general staking pool where users can stake $YLDY and are rewarded with the token of the project (which the project will provide). 2) The second pool is a liquidity mining pool where users stake the project’s liquidity token and are rewarded in $YLDY (which we will provide). APY would have to be quite high for LP tokens to justify buying.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on December 24, 2021 15:10:32

It depends on many Things. Without high equity in the Pool and high volume u are better of farming yieldly.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/Tinyman on December 11, 2021 06:40:03

You can consult the myalgowallet Tutorial. It is no rocket science needed to set it up.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on December 1, 2021 22:22:29

For Peace of mind I suggest using a multsig address that can easily be created with MyAlgoWallet and multiple ledgers, especially when staking over long periods like in governance. For ASA opt-ins it may be useful to use a dedicated ledger. If holding any significant amount, better to be safe than sorry.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/algorand on December 1, 2021 21:31:43

Also worth to mention is that the founder team seems to be a very intelligent and hard-working duo with a great vision. The ability to win a MIT hackathon is not a small feat and their price-volatility algorithm is said to achieve an 93% accuracy. It is surely not a moon coin like maybe Akita. But if offers a long-term vision that matches soundly with what blockchain can truly contribute to the political spectrum, and I don´ t find it unlikely that they will take the top spot in this niche. Also the decision to use Algorand for the coin is in my opinion a match in heaven. It is a clear long-term hold in my opinion and I am looking forward to contribute liquidity for the project on Tinyman. I wish the project best of luck in its endeavor.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/yieldly on December 1, 2021 19:55:15

Yes it is recognized as enp3s0 on my system and I have no problems connecting to the network over ifconfig. :-/

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/openSUSE on October 30, 2021 05:28:25

Yes it is.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/openSUSE on October 29, 2021 11:55:04

You can get cheap tools for engraving from amazon. You can stamp it or use a pen, both work fine. I would suggest a pen - maybe 20 bucks. The pen won´ t enable masterful craftsmanship but gets the thing done ;)

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 15:27:55

Ty for your suggestions. I see where you are coming at. Accidental Complextiy is sure something to avoid. Thing is, being your own personal bank is stressful (at least to me). I know that a 24 word seed is as safe as it gets, but when a pot of gold like in modern blockchains is right over the rainbow people surely get inventive. I mostly fear malicious software to creep in with hardware wallets in the future or some sophisticated remote attacks, therefore I sleep better at night when I am assured that there is some room for error regarding that scenario. For a working class man like me (and most online here I guess) costly mistakes hurt more than for prince William staking some from his bathtub =) For things like yieldly I use a separate wallet.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 15:26:05

I really wanted to but missed the time frame by about 18 minutes - sad me :( I am really looking forward to future governance periods. I really believe in the technology and people behind Algorand and truly believe it to be the future.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 09:26:23

I am not sure if your suggestion is about pin security

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 08:56:34

Yes I do understand that the wallets only hold the Private Key. In what way is exposure increased exactly? In my understanding, If somehow the seeds for one wallet are compromised, the attacker would have access to some measly funds and would be not necessarily aware a passphrase is attached. Even if he would cover such possibilities, he would have to brute force the passphrase and gain access to 3 private keys somehow, isn´t that right? Thanks for your suggestion

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 08:55:25

Thanks for your suggestion. Btw, the xkcd comic got me loling xD

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 08:20:17

Yes they are of course not in the same place and I am the lone holder. My naive thought process about the passphrase was that since the seeds+passphrase create distinct entities and the passphrase itself is quite secure it would be a better trade off to hold a big one in my head instead of having the headache of storing the phrases separately too.

Commented by /u/imod87 in /r/AlgorandOfficial on October 19, 2021 08:19:34