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posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/ebikes on August 23, 2020 17:24:38

For example, I'm reading Lonesome Dove. It's clear the pigs are not just there for comic relief. In a random chapter the deputy meets a giant woman in the middle of nowhere who eats only cornbread (she doesn't keep pigs because they're too smart) and then proposes and relieves herself on him before he departs in the morning. A snake she named Ed watches. The very first sentence of the book has pigs eating a snake. An innocent Irish kid just got killed by a swarm of snakes. Maybe some representations will occur to me for these various things but if I'm wrong about it then the author's deeper message is lost, so he fails. Sure, I'd like to know the meanings of the snakes, pigs, woman, but I'd rather know if I'm the slow one or if it's just not fashionable to expect a clear message. If so, in my opinion, to refuse to shed a clear light on what you're trying to say, that's lazy to irresponsible. "Oh see whatever it means is up *you*, that's then what I meant. See, it's different for everyone. It speaks to everyone *differently*. It's very special." Please. Like a murder mystery that one can expect to eventually demystify, symbolism too should find denouement before the last page. But even that would be too late because I can more effectively squeeze more intended message from the book if the author let me in on the scheme sooner (like animal farm). Why go to the trouble to create a coherent multilevel piece if it's going to be lost on most or leave them uncertain? If you're in high school you can write a book report, take a stab at the interpretation, and then have the teacher let you know if you got it right. But how does the teacher know? Maybe the teacher needs to write a book report and appeal to the principal for the right answer. The principle to the superintendent. The super to the vice Chancellor? Is it turtles up to the author? And then we find the author balks cagily in an interview! Am I doing it wrong?

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/books on April 23, 2020 05:39:07

What in water did imp, waterlover, admire? Its universality: its democratic equality and constancy to its nature in seeking its own level: its vastness in the ocean of Mercator’s projection: its umplumbed profundity in the Sundam trench of the Pacific exceeding 8,000 fathoms: the restlessness of its waves and surface particles visiting in turn all points of its seaboard: the independence of its units: the variability of states of sea: its hydrostatic quiescence in calm: its hydrokinetic turgidity in neap and spring tides: its subsidence after devastation: its sterility in the circumpolar icecaps, arctic and antarctic: its climatic and commercial significance: its preponderance of 3 to 1 over the dry land of the globe: its indisputable hegemony extending in square leagues over all the region below the subequatorial tropic of Capricorn: the multisecular stability of its primeval basin: its luteofulvous bed: Its capacity to dissolve and hold in solution all soluble substances including billions of tons of the most precious metals: its slow erosions of peninsulas and downwardtending promontories: its alluvial deposits: its weight and volume and density: its imperturbability in lagoons and highland tarns: its gradation of colours in the torrid and temperate and frigid zones: its vehicular ramifications in continental lakecontained streams and confluent oceanflowing rivers with their tributaries and transoceanic currents: gulfstream, north and south equatorial courses: its violence in seaquakes, waterspouts, artesian wells, eruptions, torrents, eddies, freshets, spates, groundswells, watersheds, waterpartings, geysers, cataracts, whirlpools, maelstroms, inundations, deluges, cloudbursts: its vast circumterrestrial ahorizontal curve: its secrecy in springs, and latent humidity, revealed by habdomantic or hygrometric instruments and exemplified by the hole in the wall at Ashtown gate, saturation of air, distillation of dew: the simplicity of its composition, two constituent parts of hydrogen with one constituent part of oxygen: its healing virtues: its buoyancy in the waters of the Dead Sea: its persevering penetrativeness in runnels, gullies, inadequate dams, leaks on shipboard: its properties for cleansing, quenching thirst and fire, nourishing vegetation: its infallibility as paradigm and paragon: its metamorphoses as vapour, mist, cloud, rain, sleet, snow, hail: its strength in rigid hydrants: its variety of forms in loughs and bays and gulfs and bights and guts and lagoons and atolls and archipelagos and sounds and fjords and minches and tidal estuaries and arms of sea: its solidity in glaciers, icebergs, icefloes: its docility in working hydraulic millwheels, turbines, dynamos, electric power stations, bleachworks, tanneries, scutchmills: its utility in canals, rivers, if navigable, floating and graving docks: its potentiality derivable from harnessed tides or watercourses falling from level to level: its submarine fauna and flora (anacoustic, photophobe) numerically, if not literally, the inhabitants of the globe: its ubiquity as constituting 90% of the human body: the noxiousness of its effluvia in lacustrine marshes, pestilential fens, faded flowerwater, stagnant pools in the waning moon. from james joyce ulysses 1922

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/words on November 3, 2019 20:07:28

remember the money tree web "game?" In the early web there was a very simple one page game called moneytree. There was a big illustration of a tree, leaved with maybe 1000s of tiny green bills. All you did was choose a leaf and click it. It was like a needle in a haystack but when you click the right one you got some sort of prize. It was like a lottery but you could play it over and over by reloading. Sounds boring right? But from what I heard it had an insane amount of traffic. People would sit there and do it all day. I tried to find a picture because it was almost as iconic as the big red button and the coffee cam. I couldn't find it because today it looks like there's a dozen money tree phone apps! That same boring idea is still insanely popular! Well I think people would click it all day long if they thought they could get some bitcoin out of it. its like a proactive faucet- If you won you would take the extra steps to learn how to receive your bch prize. Currently you have to learn first about BCH before you bother going to the faucet and then you only got a nickel. The money tree will result in more adoption than a traditional faucet. The money tree's prize can be large since it is awarded less frequently. Also (and this part is from a dream I just woke from) The prize jackpot can be displayed on the screen as it varies. For example it can vary with the prize proportional to the number of players currently playing it. "There are now 961 players clicking the money tree! try your luck to win 961 mbch. No one has won for 7 hours 32 minutes and 8 seconds..." Obviously You can create a better optimal prize formula based on proper statistics that results in restocking the silo affordably.

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on October 15, 2019 20:40:42

I think 3D headphones with head tracking are the future. Today I know of only two other 3D headphones- Dolby Dimension $600, and Audeze Mobius $400. Both have head tracking (Creative does not). I will receive the Mobius today and will report back. As for the Dolby Dimensions, I returned them. I liked everything about them except the sound quality. I get better clarity from Air. Also Dolbys 3D mode is *not even close* to sxfi. Dolby uses just a single generalized HRTF for everyone. Beautiful cans, unimpressive sound. I have Air, dongle, and outliers gold (can I turn the stupid lights off?). I have better headphones than the Air but they are not bad! I find that I definitely prefer 3D and don't want to go back to 2D headphones. I like detail and sxfi 3D gives me an additional aspect of detail that is not provided from better cans in 2D mode. Love the battery life too. If I like the Mobius sound, something I will miss about the Air is the battery life and the built-in mp3 decoder. I put ALL my music on a 256gb miniSD and since April I love heading out the door (or walking around the house) and grabbing the Airs set on shuffle. Most of my old favorite music sounds freshly interesting coming out 3D. I LOVE the 3D phone voice!! when I'm on my walk I call my friend and pan her to the side for company. I told her to get them too so we can walk beside each other. I hope the Mobius has 3D phone voice. What's the name of the Singaporean lady who recorded the prompts/voice notifications?

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/CreativeSuperXfi on August 17, 2019 12:25:57

There's 3 cans on the market I know of and I've tried them. 1. Creative super xfi air 2. Dolby dimension 3. Audeze Mobius When I got into good headphones in about 2014 what I enjoyed first and most was the detail. Songs I'd heard a thousand times offered up additional lyrics and layers of instrumentation. As if my favorite mp3s just emerged st(r)eaming and spotless from the dishwasher. I got similar enjoyment from 1 and 3, where I heard the left and right CD channels at ±30°. I heard detail, a different type of detail, that unaided Fostex, Denon, BD hadn't directly given. I was prepared to realize eventually that the spatiality was a gimmick I'd tire of. It's 6 months on and I'm not tired of it. I love it. I appreciate hearing what the engineers intended to provide. None of these headphones has drivers that measure up my favorite headphones, but that clarity has taken a back seat to realism. When I tap the button to go from 3d back to regular... It's a let down. Probably my favorite is the creative sxfi dongle with dt990s. (990s are on the sxfi app headphone list. A known HPTF.) What do you think? (The least convincing, least wow factor of the sound itself, *with respect to music* is 2. this is probably because Dolby offers only a single generic shelf HRTF. still, they sound much more satisfying in "virtualization" mode than regular. Also in my opinion the detail and definition suffer because of so much processing going on. Now, *considering* all the processing, they sound quite handsome, but I wish there was a raw mode to turn off all the DSP. When I head out the door I don't grab the $599 cans, I grab the creatives with amazing battery and better clarity. Ive tried the Mobius but don't own them. However I've decided Id rather buy them than any next level openbacks. This realization made me post this.) 3D headphones are more than a gimmick for gamers. They add enjoyment for music lovers. Head tracking: only 2 and 3 have head tracking. However, 2 has less satisfying "virtualization" (for music). I think Dolby tries to deliver 5.1 from normal 2 channel CDs. Pretty neat, but sound quality suffers. If out-of-headedness of 3 measures up to 1, then those will be my go-to cans until the next gen spatial cans come out. ... And they will!

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/headphones on August 10, 2019 19:57:39

# My wife suddenly suggested we divorce, and a week later whipped out the (simple 1-page) form, completed and already witnessed. she thrust a pen toward me. this was shocking, and i disagree. i would fight for us, asking her to change her mind, therapy, at least talk, but then i discovered that she has a japanese boyfriend! she feels super happy. i suppose she's in love. so i dont really have a chance with talking it out. she can barely hear me. a million miles away. she'd "moved on" long ago, without me noticing. i'm sad but i wont stand between her and happiness. (i know i can sue the guy, but it's not going to help anything.) so, i'm going to sign it. we have no kids, seem to agree on splitting assets, and no concern re visa since i would leave the country eventually. i have two questions. 1. why does she ask me almost daily, if i have signed the paper yet? why the rush? it cant be that she is dying to marry the bf asap. what other things are married women prohibited from doing? i feel like im missing something important... 2. i want to document our agreement to split everything and detail it, and sign it together, so that it's final and she cant revisit to claim more later. is it a thing to include an attachment to the simple divorce form when filing it? should i visit a lawyer re these things? any references in kansai?

posted by /u/knowbodynows in /r/japanlife on August 8, 2019 19:25:13

Ok thanks. I won't place an order until I fine someone experienced to install it and approve my selection at Sylvan. I appreciate it.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/HVAC on September 22, 2020 18:08:21

Ok that's what I need to hear. I appreciate it. 👍

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/HVAC on September 22, 2020 18:05:52

You have typed "ten micrograms," a typical LSD "microdose." People often use, "ug", "micg", "mics", and sometimes *incorrectly and dangerously* "mg." You got it. Spread the μ!

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/microdosing on September 22, 2020 13:51:09

Thanks. That's good info. I didn't know you could import content into tv+.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/SpatialAudio on September 21, 2020 07:29:27

Really, you think PayPal would put themselves in the position of providing technical support to consumers trying to lightning to work?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 21, 2020 07:26:38

Or maybe the normal looking accounts are leased by the month. Then control is passed back to the lessor who carries on with normal activities keeping up the organic face of the account in the eyes of both humans and algorithms.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 21, 2020 07:19:20

Also a contrast mode. The white buttons and *extreme* light gray (why bother‽) background just look like mush together.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 19:47:41

I also have a 4-figure cash domain that is free for use.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 19:44:27

Don't drink any addictive poisons such as alcohol.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/intj on September 19, 2020 17:28:54

Exactly. Op did not think it thru as far as you have.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/litecoin on September 19, 2020 17:18:19

Few words do.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/intj on September 19, 2020 17:12:23

Absolutely expecting him to drink the alcohol beaker and worm.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/Unexpected on September 19, 2020 17:08:08

Two hits of acid per day **

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 14:44:57

Tick tock maybe clock related or it may be purely onomatopoeic. It doesn't really matter since it's very flexible and doesn't rely on the context of a competitor named Tooktack. "Our fans" though relies on one's understanding of "only fans." The latter makes a little bit of sense assuming that it's supposed to draw cam girls by allowing them to feel some security in the knowledge that they will know and control who's tuning in: not family, not friends, only unrelated strangers (fans)... only fans. What then does "our fans" mean in this context that Ourfans is obviously relying on? Who is we? Are all the cam girls of Ourfans a sorority or team that share a common fanbase? That would be a little weird. And it would also be kind of opposite to the feeling of security of having a hand-picked fanbase. For this reason the name doesn't make any sense to me. all this is to say that it's not a very well thought out name, and that adds a little bit of weight to the suspicion that this is just a cash grab. Having said that I hope someone actually does clone Onlyfans to accept BCH . And frankly I'm shocked that it didn't happen back when BTC worked. I'd love to know if I'm wrong about the meaning of onlyfans or if there's more to "ourfans" than I have seen.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 14:39:35

Or this winter bundled in muffles and scarves.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/AdviceAnimals on September 19, 2020 12:18:05

And mangosteen (it stains)

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/interestingasfuck on September 19, 2020 12:10:09

Which is necessary since you're going to be sleeping on the street, barred from entering hotels.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/interestingasfuck on September 19, 2020 10:56:01

Lonely troll crying in the wilderness.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 10:47:26

Yesterday someone said that with a fast computer you can mine monero for 2 to 3 bucks a week.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 10:22:12

"Ourfans" doesn't make sense. What's the thinking there?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 10:18:50

Thanks for the update! Do you know what's up with those Bitcoin cash jeepneys? Are they on the road? Do you know any sari2 store, or phone repair shop, taking bch?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/BitcoinCashPH on September 19, 2020 01:58:15

Right! I forgot that one. Added.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 00:05:41

Just want to say I understood your original post right away and I agree. We have a network. We know the goal. Roll it out. We are in the position to *tell* them, "*This* is electronic cash."

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 00:04:47

Most frequently submitted nipples award.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/CelebrityNipples on September 18, 2020 20:19:17

> Now whether X-Coin exists or not, would you have known the difference? A madeup coin and a coin with 0 usage have the same effect on society it seems. Excellent illustration.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 18, 2020 17:38:06

> earning pokemon represented as slp tokens is what I am thinking I like it. I have seen libraries that allow you to check gps coords against local phone towers to reduce gps spoofing.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 18, 2020 16:32:48

Make an app that the user sees as a wallet, but is a geographically constrained faucet. So when he pushes the faucet button, nothing happens unless (1) here is standing at a correct latitude longitude, and (2) he has not collected from that point before.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 18, 2020 11:57:21

In the early stages of an inflation only a few people discern what is going on, manage their business affairs in accordance with this insight, and deliberately aim at reaping inflation gains. The overwhelming majority are too dull to grasp a correct interpretation of the situation. They go on in the routine they acquired in noninflationary periods. **Filled with indignation, they attack those who are quicker to apprehend the real causes of the agitation of the market as "profiteers" and lay the blame for their own plight on them.** This ignorance of the public is the indispensable basis of the inflationary policy. Written a century ago by Ludwig von Mises, *The Theory of Money and Credit*, § IV Ch. 21 ¶ 19,Ch.21

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 18, 2020 11:39:00

1. Buy it -from wallet -from an exchange (I noticed etoro is giving $50 to open an account if you get the promotion from Delta app) -swap your gift cards or baseball cards or anything -go to a Meetup and someone will sell you some -there's are a few telegram groups that accommodate meeting in person to buy 2. Buy some from a friend 3. Earn it (the best way!) Sell a product or service and get paid in BCH. - there are a few different fivr type of websites to offer services - there are many WordPress plugins and other shopping cart apps to accept BCH - tell your boss you want to get paid in Bitcoin Cash.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 18, 2020 11:34:10

Can this newfound crowdsourced liquidity be considered competition to tether? Would this be threatening to tether in the medium term? Does this solve the other problem?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 23:25:30

Most of what "defi" is, at this time, is just locking up various coins in smart contracts that pay interest at the term. Is that right? Who is borrowing this value that gets locked up?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 22:58:47

It is certainly worth a $1000 commute in exchange for a primetime spot on the local evening news of a large city. $1000 is cheap as hell.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 21:52:29

Thanks for finding that. I hope they don't limit the rendering to five channels and up. We can render to any number of virtual speakers, even two, or one.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/SpatialAudio on September 17, 2020 20:06:30

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 20:00:53

Not sure what the big deal is. Namecheap has accepted BCH via Bitpay since the beginning and still does today.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 15:48:03

Well done!. Better to show off this clean work in the flipstarter than the bakery bit. (Was it actually *dates* in those cookies? God what a twist! I couldn't decide whether to bail immediately or if the mystery went *even deeper!* 🧐)

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 13:12:31

Really? The script quality is way way different than the sample mentioned in the current flipstarter.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 12:40:36

Right. And before using the wallet again you often need to [scan for missing transactions] (inside [wallet information]) prior to panicking about the balance displayed. As long as your remember that they are fine to use simultaneously. I open up in electron to fuse from time to time and the fused coins are ready to spend from the phone wallet. At the moment I'm having to wait a long time for fusion to select the dust coins to fuse.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 12:33:18

Ah ok. Love it. Not just raffle & lottery, but also treasure hunt! Your paragraph should be pasted at the top of the GitHub.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 00:37:48

I feel like this is cool but it doesn't really say what it is except recursively. > Golden Ticket is's event paper wallet generator. Use it to create amazing golden tickets for your next event. What is it? What's the difference between a paper wallet and an "event paper wallet?"

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 18:19:07

That's the best advertisement!

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 15:45:32

- Yes they have tons of white sand. - Also the [sand dollar]( is a species of sea urchin easy to run across on beaches there. - Also the sand dollar is already featured in the middle of their [$1 fiat notes](

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 15:39:49

Love it. Imagine an app front end that makes most users believe that their wallet can spin any coin from BCH gold thread. Seems to me this will eventually happen.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 15:34:18

Just change it to report every thousand heartbeats and Mike can afford it himself at 0.069 BCH/yr ($16).

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 15:29:35

Great job! Just add one more. After a week, decide if you should add another. No rush because you can add 3 when those first 3 are done in 3 weeks. Don't push it.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/theXeffect on September 15, 2020 22:17:12

He tried to make it obvious by pulling unnecessary unrequested harmful "historical drift fix" out of his ass. That was sending up a flare. When you love your gf so much that in order to keep her in the clear and away from harm, you break up. But in order to spare her the feeling of rejection you intentionally do something outlandish to allow *her* to be the one to initiate the break up. You start talking crazy, pick your nose, natter on about "drift." The IFP allows him to safely clinch the repulsion of everyone, but still stay in the space, hopefully for the good ;), with some security, building a blatantly obvious frankenkoin whose job it is to be ripe for takeover by tptb whenever they want. A job he didn't sign up for but is attempting, sensibly, to make the best of.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 15:29:16

> In the event that that's the case you can store your crypto as collateral, and **get against it.** The Compound platform automatically interfaces the moneylenders with borrowers, authorizes the provisions of the loans, and **disperses the intrigue.** The way toward **earning enthusiasm** on cryptographic forms of money has become incredibly popular lately, offering ascend to "yield farming" - A term given to the exertion of giving crypto assets something to do while trying to generate **the most brings conceivable back.** I shouldn't, but I understand... 1. Can I stake 1 BTC, use the DAI to buy BCH, wait for bull market wherein BCH/BTC increases, and then cash in only part of the BCH to DAI to get my BTC out of hock? 2. Is defi at the point where anyone technical would be a fool to forgo appreciable passive income by storing crypto savings in cold wallets? 3. What kind of yield are we talking about for say, 3 ETH for 6 months? 4. I want to try it out to get familiar. Where are some battle tested dapps that I can try?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 15:07:04

Two separate points. 1. Can the deliverer take a photo if requested? It's nice to actually see the recipient. 2. Does $21 seem kinda high for those groceries?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 14:35:57

I think I saw Tony hawk built a brachistoramp on YouTube

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/educationalgifs on September 15, 2020 00:12:17

In other words (if above is correct) you can bring your BSV into a bsv wallet today without disturbing your BCH.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 00:01:35

Love this idea. Apples to Apples'.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 14:57:30

Yes, this was the node software preferred by miners since 2017. But this summer ABC unilaterally included code that in November will start sending 8% of miner coinbase rewards to a single address controlled by ABC. (This tax-like feature is known as the "IFP." Its stated intention is to fund ABC and BCH development according to how ABC chooses.) This hardnosed hardcoded update set off all kinds of red flags. Still, ABC said they are not going to discuss it. So the ABC software was forked, the IFP code removed, and named BCHN. So far it appears that most miners are signaling that they will not use ABC. ABC is projecting that they won't back down. So as of today we're expecting two Bitcoin Cash forks as of Nov 15.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 14:44:30

Our mission is p2p cash for the world, not freedom of speech for all entities. This leaves absolutely plenty of space and opportunity for dissenters to express themselves responsibly. Very sensible. Thank you!

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 14:33:59

Typically you pasted your own wallet address and clicked submit.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 14:26:05

If you show me a live demonstration of nano it won't change my opinion of nano.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 12:10:22

> I just don’t understand why people think he’s the face of BSV. Let me help. He's the fraud that *caused* the BSV split. *CRAIG* did that. Huge damage to BCH. He is hated for his action. For *stealing* material wealth from BCH.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 09:22:22

Why do I want moon token? I thought sushi was exit scammed. What good does this do for someone else? How long do you leave it there? What's the big picture? What's happening?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 14, 2020 09:10:07

Looks like it was cut together from two separate videos. Oozing that scam vibe.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 13, 2020 18:06:13


Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/todayilearned on September 10, 2020 12:23:05

Such as annihilistic behavior. Perhaps he had a chonson collection in the garage.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/todayilearned on September 10, 2020 12:15:25

It seems you correctly attribute to him an incorrect instance of attributing incorrectly attributed misattribution.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 12:00:02

Is that something that you have to do at the end of each week like when bars rebalance their tabs?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 00:14:28

The closest he gets to mentioning BCH is at 19:00, shying away from mentioning "altcoins", though he does mention litecoin, doge, libra earlier on. Others are not afraid of the maxi Twitter army.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 20:13:36

You need to collect your BSV.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 15:16:07

> When someone asks me how long I count HODL Bitcoin, I always answer the same thing now: Bitcoin HODLer one day, Bitcoin HODLer forever. That’s how long I plan to HODL Bitcoin. I am so convinced of the success of the Bitcoin revolution that I don’t intend to sell or spend my Bitcoins. 🦜🍼🍾🛢️🕋🎠💾🧱🧸📣🔁🆙🛐🍬🐑

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 15:14:08

Obviously the one that becomes most popular because it works the best. We don't know yet but it's not too hard to narrow it down. For example, BTC is out of the running.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 14:34:06

Me too! This makes me want to create a game for a half dozen people that go out into the neighborhood and do each other to do frightening things such as go say hello to that person, dance on that corner, shout I love you from the intersection, Walk over and invite that guy to join us in this game, etc. An hour later everyone's got adrenaline and feeling good.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/awakened on September 9, 2020 14:24:15

I don't know the details. It just seems that if eth is locked up in a smart contract then it's not in my wallet, so what keys could be used to access the eth2.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 13:57:38

"movie quality" There are orders of magnitude more creative *memes* that are viral than movies of any quality. If you're trying to advertise it should speak quickly in one view and be light weight to pass on.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 10:25:25

What's a low risk smart contact? I'm game. Although I would miss the eth2.0 drop?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 08:27:40

Why are you calling him "champ?"

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 08:24:42

While you were away, People talking like that ("direct attack on bitcoin!") are becoming a minority.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 08:21:52

> Crypto YouTuber Sunny Decree recently saw his livestream cut shobrt by YouTube

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 08:16:57

> get an annual yield of more than 100% interest Maybe I haven't been paying attention. If I hodl 100 idle eth today, I can do something that gives me 100 additional eth by next year without significant additional risk?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 07:20:04

Please sketch out there briefest of plan so we have something to understand and riff off.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 00:42:11

Can we they them or get a 60sec demo of each?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 16:31:15

Yes! All in favor paste an emoji. Here's mine: 🎪

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 16:09:36

> Mostly again, the arrogance **fueled by cheap money** led the American leaders to imagine that they could ... - *start* wars, - *invade countries*, - *assassinate* politicians abroad, - force people to *go die* in foreign wars, - *lie to the entire world* about nonexistent WMDs, - *imprison* people who don't donate enough to the state, - abolish *drinking*, etc. This really explained well how important for humanity Bitcoin as cash is. These whims are extremely expensive. Without printing cheap money whenever they want the government would be forced to collect taxes in order to raise the money for these expensive desires. Imagine the government saying "let's all pitch in 50 bucks in order to make drinking illegal." That would not happen. "We noticed this guy in this foreign country is really bad. Everyone send 200 bucks so we can kill him." That's an extremely tough sell. "Starting next month all 18-year-olds have to join the army or go to prison. It might be expensive to force them, so everyone send $177." The US has a deficit. We have no savings account for a rainy day to spend on interesting projects such as these. So to get the money the government would have to ask people to shell out more taxes. Guys like Rumsfeld with no skin in the game would not be able to pull off shit like this using ordinary taxation. **So they take the money by printing more.** They take it out of our bank accounts by watering down the drinks of every citizen. Bitcoin cannot be watered down.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 11:48:52

Maybe fun to mod with better drivers. Check the diameter. Maybe your can get cheap beat up m50s and rip them out. They might fit... You can always find new drivers but you can't always find that authentic retro look!

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/headphones on September 8, 2020 01:49:20

I don't know why people think marketing = videos. There are so many other tools, both conventional and newer things that can only be done with crypto.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 7, 2020 21:05:17

That is good to know. I'll start with 100 then, especially since I just read a thread by several people agreeing that actually they prefer 75 for a nice pleasant day at home.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/1P_LSD on September 7, 2020 20:28:18

From what Ive read anything you take a day after 3g would be waste of medicine. But I don't know. I enjoyed the effects of ½ the day after 1.2... Were you alone yesterday? Take it with others? I'm trying to decide on a first macro dose between 2-3g.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/microdosing on September 7, 2020 14:10:45

Sounds good to me 🤞

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 7, 2020 14:05:31

Fantastic setting! 100μ is just barely trippy right? I have 200 so I'm trying to decide how much between 100-200 (I've only tried microdosing so far).

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/1P_LSD on September 7, 2020 13:35:18

It's probably the same thing, just not confirmed. The central banks openly state that they are printing money. Tether states that it is not merely printed because they have 14B behind it. However they won't show where the $14B is, and therefore one *has no reason to believe that it does exist* and should not assume that it does. In other words they're probably just printing it with no dollar backing just as central banks are printing with no gold backing. Same thing (probably). Yes cryptos retain their utility and scarcity (*utility* umm, ...not so much with respect to BTC). However, because the market doesn't know what percent of the 14B is backed by dollars in a bank account somewhere, the apparent "market price" of cryptos is not actually known. If Tether has $14B in the bank and the world believes them, then 1BTC is worth today's price. If they only hold 7B and this is discovered, then BTC is worth only half as much as you see. No one knows the true price right now. The powers that be can "pull" crypto (to use a building demolition term) at any time by going ahead and exposing the actual holdings of the Tether company. Crash! During and following the crash the utility and scarcity will still be mostly unarmed, great. But the market will have to start over finding a new market price. And it will be skittish , lengthy and conservative. BTC could be beaten down below 3000. Im no expert . Please correct me.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 16:40:01

> I am trying to save people here from loaing their investment What a sweetheart. An investment is providing capital That can be used by the receiving company or person for growth. That is not what's happening when one exchanges some fiat for cryptocurrency, one currency for another. One continues use the new currency to continue to buy products and services. If one does *not* use it because they hope that its value will increase, that is speculation, not investment. So what you actually claim is that you are saving people from being the losing party in a speculative transaction. You feel it is your moral duty to protect the buyers of lottery tickets?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 16:10:54

What is "Leviathan" in his usage of the word?

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 15:30:23

Meaningless. Define evil.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 13:20:19

No information. No opinion. There "question" is rhetorical. Reporting spam.

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 10:38:33

I changed it to a table. Quite interesting to look at the issue dates. Over 80% of BTC forks launched in Dec & Jan, with some on the same day!

Commented by /u/knowbodynows in /r/btc on September 6, 2020 05:26:18