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Its a high school project-level attempt a hamfisting a "sad things happen" message with some crappy photoshop.

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Oh no, I've never been confronted by the fact that both salt bae memes and starving refugees exist! What a deep and painfully shocking truth! There's nothing profound or new here. And frankly some of these collages are not even well executed.

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Oh. He was advocating for the statis quo, so I interpreted "stop people from buying a new phone every 2 years" as the currently in-practice approach of trying to make people feel bad about buying a phone ever 2 years. Not some incredibly complex system to prevent anyone from buying a second phone if they've bought 1 in the last few years, haven't broken their old phone and don't need a second phone for a legitimate reason.

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To be clear I'm not saying "capitalism bad." I'm saying "capitalism is a tool to be guided and used correctly, not a modern God to be left to dictate all, at any cost." The environment is "free" because pure economics says fuck the kids and let them all die in misery for the 10% efficiency bump today. That's where the government is meant to step in with laws and regulations to prevent us from burning it all to the ground for the sake of ever-accelerating economic growth.

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Neither of those policies were referenced above, but I do agree that you've just listed 2 logically equivalent policies.

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That crowd exists, but you would need to go well out of you're way to find it. Even if you're into general RP, stumbling into ERP from there would be like stumbling into an adult store in town because you like shopping in general. It's hard to stumble into and very easy to never encounter at all. Much easier to run into that stuff on Reddit than FF14, so if your mum is happy with letting you use Reddit then ff14 should be completely fine.

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Yeah, this is a cropped pic from the meme sub, the joke being you can "il vaticanno" to avoid checkmate. OP's friend set them up I'm guessing.

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Because this is both uncreative and low effort, but people here are acting like it's deep? I remember a classmate back in high-school doing this exact same concept with about the same level of competency for a project. The photoshopper (obviously not photographer, these are memes and stock photos) is not doing something original here, and I don't know why it's getting attention on Reddit when it's not well executed either.

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And peoplease here ate it up. Wtf is even going on here lol

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I get what he was going for, but these aren't even good blends. This collage artist (these are mostly stock photos, not photos he took), seems like he's still learning the ropes. Not bad to still be learning, but it's being wildly overrated by some of the people here.

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I got to salt bae before I gave up trying to take it seriously lol

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Unchecked capitalism will never prioritize the environment, but the latest doesn't mean we should throw our hands up and assume our only option is to change humans nature in a way that'll let capitalism work for the environment completely unchecked. What we need is government policy and restrictions, so the terrible practice itself is banned.

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1. Opponent saw the video of this opening 2. They eagerly jumped in to try it out 3. In their excitement they moved the queen without first stopping to look at Black's move, and instead of their new opening, they ended up hanging the queen immediately. 4. Before I carefully dissected the entire joke, this turn of events was what many refer to as "funny."

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They hung their queen in 1 move. The knight takes it.

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A pawn trap is not involved in simply taking the queen that the opponent moved into a protected square.

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Yeah lol, people talking in here as if the crazy thing was them going for a scholar's mate, and not them autopiloting into a queen blunder.

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Damn, I stand corrected. In my defence I still think it was statistically far more likely to be in the US, but I guess I didn't account for this story being a lot more likely to be caught in Europe, since the reintroduced populations are more likely to be monitored enough to actually notice a cow chilling in the herd. I also kind of wrote the other guy off as an idiot after reading the first paragraph of their link, which mentioned they were hunted to extinction in the wild, and never scrolled down enough to see that they've since been reintroduced everywhere. Definitely my bad there lol

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Yeah, I definitely feel like it's more a matter of matoya being concerned because Yshtola probably doesn't have any chance of living close to Matoya's age, but still having decades of life ahead before the ill effects catch up with her.

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Yeah, I'm autistic and it took me until the edit and comments to even clue into 90% of what the guy did wrong. I would totally make the same mistakes, which is why I would never attempt a surprise party in the first place.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on February 4, 2023 08:11:26

Yeah, I added that last half sentence to the quote just to make it clear that this didn't end up happening, but was something the dude actively attempted to get approval for.

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Okay yeah but obviously the picture is not a zoo or park. I just think this "maybe they're not American bison" thing is a massive stretch. While not technically impossible, it's extremely unlikely, and completely reasonable for everyone to assume American bison unless specified otherwise.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on February 4, 2023 07:04:30

The intro paragraph to that wiki page explains that European bison are extinct. I think it was reasonable for people to assume that these are American bison in the OP.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on February 4, 2023 06:34:05

Yeah, I'm autistic and the whole spicy dish plan sounded completely fine to me and I saw no issue with that part until I read the update and the comments. I personally avoid this issue by never attempting to throw surprises lol, not worth the risk.

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Holy shit, I thought I had already imagined how bad it could get until: >You might have hoped at this juncture he'd admit defeat, but instead Ivanov pitched an alternative (and considerably more horrific) approach: to take sperm from chimpanzees and implant it into African women [without their knowledge]( or consent. The plan was to pretend that the insemination of a chimpanzee was merely a [medical examination](, letting them find out months afterwards when they gave birth to an exceptionally hairy and suspiciously good at climbing baby. Thankfully, the French governor said no to the idea Yeah nah, that's enough internet for me.

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Bison are from North America. Cattle were first domesticaged in the middle east or Europe (can't remember which, maybe on the border around turkey or something?) and transported to the rest of the world as livestock over the millennia. So the wild ancestors of cattle lived on the other side of the planet from bison.

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Yeah, you can generate EP over time

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Yeah I think this means 1.5ep

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This is just what <100 elo games look like. I remember making up similar strategies when I played as a kid, knowing nothing beyond the basic rules.

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Most people have separate healer and tank UIs because they need different things front and center. Healer needs the party list to be big and clear to watch for health and any debuffs on allies.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on February 3, 2023 15:42:27

Don't know about the black coffee thing, but there's a ton of confusion now because a bunch of things that used to be referred to as the "master" x are getting renamed. I don't care that much, but it is mildly annoying and comes off as extremely disingenuous to me. If anyone was out there feeling discriminated against because we pushed to a "master" branch in git, they had other, much deeper personal problems.

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You get a good laugh from it though. They other day I ran into a guy unironically claiming that buying the Harry Potter game would be worse than owning child slaves, as long as you weren't bragging about your child slaves on Twitter. This was at the end of a long argument and the dude was absolutely being genuine.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/shitposting on February 2, 2023 19:47:05

Might make sense to split the UI based on role for that kind of thing, so you could use for 4 layout slots for physical dps, caster dps, healer, and tank. I think that'll be the level of compromise you need.

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They're good in theory, but people never do them right in practice. It's meant to be a quick daily sync with absolutely no stakeholders, for the love of God. It's meant to be a chance for people to say "Yeah I got stuck on x" or "I'm blocked for now with x, because I'm waiting for this other person to do a thing. If there's any pressure to 'prove' that things are going well or that you weren't slacking off the day before, then it's a complete failure as a standup meeting. Agile was a cool idea, but big companies have taken their old, awful practices, shoved some labels on the shitty things they were already doing, and now they call it "agile".

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The vast, vast majority of users are corporate. It's been part of remote working since the 90s. You have to VPN to the company network in order access company resources in 95% of businesses.

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So in your case the owner is responsible for repairing, replacing, or reconstructing sidewalks. That's not maintenance, that's repairs, replacement, and reconstruction. Thus the confusion. Also that's crazy to me. What's the point of paying taxes if the government can't do something as basic as repairing roads and walkways? This is the kind of basic service people reference when explaining the purpose of government to young kids.

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Honestly asking for help when you need it is a huge plus on your name when performance reviews or layoffs come around. It lets people know that you're actively growing and still have more potential.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on February 2, 2023 15:07:14

Yeah, this is one I use a lot for "this is a 15 minute stand up meeting and nobody here has time for your half hour rant about x not happening the way you wanted. Make it a separate meeting that we can decline, or an email."

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In the pic they say the value G changes. That's the gravitational constant, a fixed number just like pi.

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Learning a stable opening for white and a couple of good ones for black are vital to the 600-800 stretch. It makes all the difference.

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You're really out here in the 21st century advocating for eugenics huh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/todayilearned on February 1, 2023 02:10:00

Here in NZ we cut all charter school funding a few years back, for good reason.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 31, 2023 20:17:24

With a sample size of 2, I'm gonna claim that the key is js + python experience.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 31, 2023 17:23:29

Yeah that's my bad. I meant to type "use", some wire must have crossed in my train of the Loughton because I typed "get", and never noticed. Edited now.

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You can't get tombstones of causality but there's a TON of other content you can and should be doing to break up the grind. Pick up a few crafting or gathering professions. Spend time unlocking raids/trials/dungeons. Give Bojxa and Eureka a go and check out the deep dungeons while you're at it. Try out all the different jobs, or just run around picking up random blue quests without looking them up, and see where it takes you. You could check out the entire world that is the social/FC/RP side of the game if that sounds interesting to you. Hell, sometimes it's a good idea to just unsubscribe for a month and go play something else for a while. Everyone burns out of msq if they focus on it too hard. The answer is to stop thinking as if all the content is at max level, and take some time to appreciate the mountains of other stuff you have access to at this point and have been completely ignoring.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 31, 2023 02:04:56

There's a really useful save bank available to let you grab a save at an crapload of points in the game. They measure the eternity phase in number of eternities, not EP, so poke around there and find the save closest to where you were.

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You can be addicted to a romantic partner, 100%. It normally doesn't lead to the healthiest of relationship when it happens.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gaming on January 30, 2023 22:18:40

Playing it impulsively despite not enjoying it is literally addiction. You're saying that you don't think it's an addiction, because you're addicted.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gaming on January 30, 2023 22:15:59

I feel the need to comment and say that I do really enjoy software dev for the craft of problem solving and tackling tech challenges, regardless of whether the big end product is some awe-inspiring revolutionary game changer or not. Just want to speak up in this sea of pessimism to say that devs like me exist too!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 30, 2023 22:10:23

I would recommend mak8ng it a web app personally. Look up some free tutorials on getting started in, say, React (the js framework), up until you get to a "building your first site" stage. Then you can break your incremental down to the simplest possible version (like start with just a button you can click to make a number go up), and work your way up from there.

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I'm pretty certain this is a person-to-person thing. I sweat a ton in bed, even when I'm not hot. Personally, I've taken to a quick post-workout pre-bed rinse off at night to get clean then another shower in the morning so I don't stink and feel gross all day.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on January 30, 2023 18:37:51

I mean.. 1. this totally happens lol, I feel like everyone encounters a PR like that once or twice 2. Just reject the PR. It's no big deal, this is exactly what PRs are for.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 30, 2023 17:15:21

The hyped tech stacks you'll see on Youtube and Twitter are all bleeding edge stuff that normally dies long before any sort of mainstream adoption. They won't even talk about the actual industry standard tech that's worth learning there, because it's not exciting enough anymore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 30, 2023 17:02:17

You can replay the story if you want, and the 2.0 story is the weakest msq story in the game. I think you'll be much better off going into an Inn, Reading some of the latest entries in "an unending story" (the book in the inn) to remember wtf you were in the middle of in the msq when you stopped, and then continuing from there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 30, 2023 15:48:47

It doesn't help when, desp8t all the talk of being a welcoming and noob friendly player base, even thread on this sub trend with everyone apparently agreeing that any tank not wall-to-wall pulling at all times is useless and terrible for the team. Even if you know the tank can physically handle wall to wall pulls, it takes a while for anxious tanks to work up to it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 30, 2023 04:40:51

Based on previous expansion announcements, when would we typically expect to see the title drop/first hints of 7.0?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 30, 2023 03:50:41

From what I hear if you just commision art or writing in general, and don't turn your nose up at those kinds of requests, then word can spread around and it can happen naturally. There are a lot of surprisingly rich furries out there looking for artists. Compared to the price of a fur suit, paying a few different artists and authors on patreon is chump change.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 29, 2023 23:35:55

I thought it was the intrusive thoughts of her cheating on him overwhelming him. Like he literally couldn't stand the fact that his brain was replaying the scenario of her cheating over and over again, so he prepped the divorce papers to get himself out of the loop.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 29, 2023 15:03:10

It's definitely the OCD. This sounds exactly like the kind of behaviour I've seen in people I know with a combination of OCD and bad anxiety issues, and from what I understand it's a pretty type behaviour pattern when those conditions meet.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 29, 2023 05:55:10

Thus the OCD diagnosis, yeah. This sounds completely reasonable from what I understand of OCD behaviour. Hell, as someone with ASD and some pretty rough anxiety I do pretty similar things and always have. It helps a ton to get me out of self destructive thought patterns and obsessing over worst-case scenarios that I logically know are highly unlikely. Something about feeling "prepared" for when it (in my head) inevitably happens. For someone with proper OCD, I'd imagine that effect would be magnified massively.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 29, 2023 05:52:25

Don't worry, people on the discord channel ask the same question and realize the same thing every few days

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Honestly, while the footage is shocking to see, not everyone needs to watch it. You can just move forward with the knowledge that footage has been released showing: 1. They violently pull the victim out of the car and onto the ground while he yells "I didn't do anything!" 2. They pin him down and start hitting him while ordering him to take actions that they are physically preventing him from taking. 3. When he realises they won't stop, Tyre manages to break free and make a run for him. 4. The cops catch him and proceed to brutally beat him to death, then laugh about it and brag about the hits they made as walk away, leaving him dying on the ground. The footage of this is there for anyone who wants to verify, but nobody should feel like they _need_ to watch something as fucked up as that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/news on January 28, 2023 21:54:30

If you ever do get stuck, the wiki has a really solid [guide]( to help you out. But yeah, where you are now you should be getting around 4-6 galaxies per crunch, setting auto crunch so you end up crunching abut a second after getting your last galaxy. That section slows down a bit, but not _that_ much. There's just a level of strategy needed to optimize IP/min.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 28, 2023 06:23:00

Assholes picked Auckland Anniversary weekend to swap weather out of nowhere

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on January 28, 2023 00:30:16

That upgrade really shouldn't make a massive difference. You'll randomly get a glyph that'll absolutely blow the days played upgrade out of the water.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 27, 2023 03:57:30

Fair enough, bot. Not the right place for the bot really, but looking at the comment I don't know how you would easily detect that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 26, 2023 14:24:02

Huh, I didn't know shift clicking was a thing on that page. How does it pick a branch to auto populate?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 26, 2023 02:34:20

Honestly it's changing fast enough that I haven't got a really accurate number myself. I started my 11th reality 6 hours ago and am about to unlock dilation. "Existentially Prolong" reality upgrade basically skips everything pre-eternity, so that's all in the EC phase. It's definitely the longest phase to deal with before unlocking realty again, by far.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 25, 2023 23:28:52

2 other things I forgot to mention: 1. I annoyingly don't have room in my setup for a infinity + active build. Mostly only need that for EC1, so I manually click down until 102 and hit loadout 1 to autofill the rest, then export so I can import it to rerun straight away. 2. sometimes you might wanna stop partway down the tree so you have the TT spare for the challenge. I normally just open the edit preload screen, and carefully backspace out the node after the last one I want applied. It's still a valid loadout, and will just fail to buy all the nodes further down.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 25, 2023 22:08:01

I've realitied around 10 time I think, and so far my strategy is: 1. Grind TT until progress slows 2. try all of the ECs I that I feel like I have a good shot at progressing in, repeating the challenge until I stop immediately completing it. 3. If progress feels slow, check the [pre-reality guide]( for any challenges I missed. Build-wise, I can normally stick to the 6 loadouts you can save, setting them to: 1. main EP grinding build, also works for most challenges 2. TP build for dilated time later 3. a version of the EP build which only goes up to 181, because it's still worth messing around with a few builds at different stages on that bottom section. 4. EC 7/10/11 build (normal + active paths) 5. EC 12 build (time + passive) 6. EC 4/8 build (time + idle)

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 25, 2023 21:57:01

Probably because their comment is more speculation, whereas capsules are literally just there to make the pill easier to swallow and prevent bitter tastes. The fact that they used a capsule to make it more pleasant to take the pills has nothing to do with "making it look like the brand pills"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 25, 2023 20:26:52

Even OOP suspected that she'd blocked him though, could have done it years ago after finding out who he was. In that case she'd have no clue about the messages he was sending her.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 25, 2023 20:13:12

Yeah, by that point I was speed-reading to see if someone on Reddit pointed out that she was obviously trying to shift the blame away from her husband for all of this, even if she was doing so subconsciously.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 25, 2023 20:06:33

Believe it or not, if someone adds "I reserve the right to murder you at any time for any reason," that won't get you out of a murder charge. You can't just write whatever you want in a contract and expect it to be binding in all cases. There are a ton of laws around that kind of thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 25, 2023 02:19:38

We really need an FAQ pinned on this sub to let people know how to use the analysis board. I'm happy to answer questions, but in this case you just needed to look to the right to see the engine giving you the answer. Not your fault for not knowing, but at this point the majority of questions just require the same copy/pasted explanation of how to use the analysis feature on

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 24, 2023 22:19:28

I've used the app with and without premium. The top 3 engine lines are always visible on the analysis tab.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 24, 2023 22:15:04

Millennials used to be talked about as the first generation to grow up with the internet. The oldest generation where most people have accepted the internet as a thing that was always there from the beginning. At least that was the idea. Had to find a way to market these generation labels as somehow intrinsically important, and not just a one-off thing meant to label the boomers as "remember when WW2 ended and pregnancies spiked as every couple in the allied nations banged at once?"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/antiwork on January 24, 2023 19:37:45

Yeah, because they're made up labels that mean nothing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/antiwork on January 24, 2023 19:30:47

That's a sign that you yourself really shouldn't stick around there forever either. In my experience those no-notice layoffs can breed a lot of toxicity. My last workplace would do layoffs like this and it'd breed this environment where you were constantly looking over your soldier, and a lot of people were willing to cause a lot of damage to a team overall if it meant they wouldn't take the blame for a fuck up, because you never know if that fuck up might tip the scale and lose you the job. My current workplace just had a layoff wave, but they were a lot more open about everything, happy to seriously consider any proposals for changes that'd help minimize the number of layoffs, and they told the affected people one-on-one in a private room. Plus they get 2 months notice, so nobody is being kicked out onto the street overnight. Layoffs always suck, but the attitude taken by the company during layoffs give you some excellent insight into how it views employees, and whether it's worth it to stick around.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on January 24, 2023 18:15:51

Which is exactly why I love antimatter dimensions so much. It has just enough going on to always give me interesting content, while staying in a state where I can play it at work and not worry about getting too distracted by it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 24, 2023 05:32:11

It's like that in the early game. Definitely everything pre-infinity, and arguably most content pre-eternity. Not that I personally minded at all, I absolutely loved the slow and steady build up, but I get why some people here bounced off in the first few days.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 24, 2023 05:30:06

Tbf I could buy the games thing. I know multiple couples IRL where one partner downloads games because they think the other partner will like them. The rest of it is all red flags though, this is pretty clearly someone practicing their writing skills.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 23, 2023 21:50:36

Ah, that's a big part of it then. Lots of people who started fresh are in reality now, myself included, started before Christmas when the update came out.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 23, 2023 20:21:33

If you're replaying the game, it's a lot easier to minmax in a way that gets you through the pre-reality game a hell of a lot faster

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 23, 2023 16:04:39

Yeah. Brick with slippery paint on it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on January 23, 2023 00:44:10

That actually depends pretty heavily on where you grow up. Some countries refer to "America" as USA, North America, North + South America, and I think I remember hearing that a lot of Spanish speaking countries refer to south America as "America"? Take that last one with a grain of salt because my memory might just be way off there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 22, 2023 04:19:48

Doesn't this sub block you from posting a sub that has been posted before? They check the url before the post can go up, or at least they used to. I admit I probably haven't made a post here in years.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 21, 2023 16:29:26

The dude spent like 5 minutes talking about why this forum is still indexed on Google and Google isn't legally obligated to remove it from results.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 20, 2023 18:59:20

IIRC it turned out they had government permission to cross the lockdown border, and he supposedly knew that when he was shaming them for it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on January 20, 2023 18:10:38

The Canadian healthcare system of Great Britain?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 20, 2023 17:46:34

Lol yeah maybe if we all silently ignore the guys convincing suicidal people to end their lives, the suicidal people will see us ignoring them and realize that the forum members are wrong. Use your fucking head. The site isn't a "secret". It's literally a quick google search away for anyone looking up methods of suicide. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess a whole lot of people planning suicide will look for suicide methods and see this forum already.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 20, 2023 17:44:49

4chan is bad, but not THAT bad.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 20, 2023 17:40:28

I'm guessing either a psychopath who gets off on making people kill themselves, or someone who is themselves suicidal, and views themselves as too scared to actually kill themselves. At the absolute darkest time in my life, I was suicidal but too scared of the pain and risk of botching it to actually perform the act of suicide. At the time I was in such a dark place, that I was deeply ashamed in myself for being such a "coward" that I was still alive. At that time in my life I could have totally seen myself talking like the regulars in these forums and genuinely believing every word I said. What got me out of that hole was definitely not talking to other suicidal people on a forum like this btw, it was a combination of my flatmates dragging me to counselling, and frank conversations with people who had been suicidal, got past it, and were willing to talk about it openly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 20, 2023 17:38:51

It's worse now in terms of overall numbers, because there are so many more people alive now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 20, 2023 08:01:29

Cute way of saying you have no reputable source.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 20, 2023 07:59:39

Out of curiosity, asking as someone from the other side of the planet here, what actually is their deeper justification for defending the south in the war/their go-to response to being asked "the state's rights to what?" Everything I've heard about the civil war makes it sound pretty cut and dry, but obviously I only have a superficial understanding over here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 20, 2023 07:56:48

They do for pizza sizes

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on January 20, 2023 02:48:08

That's true of every industry when you gain expertise. I always stumble when my parents ask me what I'm up to at work these days, because it's hard to even explain what I'm working in (in software dev) on a given week/month in layman's terms.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 19, 2023 20:56:37

Or one similar. I'm going purely off of what a few dyslexic people have told me though, so if you know otherwise then I could easily be wrong.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on January 19, 2023 15:31:08

Apparently this weird font is a huge help for dyslexic people. At least that's what dyslexic people have told me in the past.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on January 19, 2023 14:17:20

No, but the amount of athletes competing to take a spot representing a country is absolutely related to population. If the top N athletes from one country go against the top N athletes from another, the top N from a much larger country will be a much higher percentile, which gives an obvious advantage if you don't account for it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on January 19, 2023 02:30:15

I've had a couple of times where the driver picks up the order, I get the notification, and then 30s later am told they're unable to complete the order so my order is canceled and they still have food in their car. Don't know what the consequences for that are, but I've seen it more than once in less than a year using uber, so can't be that severe.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on January 18, 2023 03:43:56

And yet a few years back WPT was exactly what this sub is now. It's crazy how drastically subs can change without enough moderation.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on January 18, 2023 03:16:03

Hasn't spiralled into a political mess **yet.** It seems like every single humour sub eventually turns to political jokes, mocking one side of the political spectrum more and more blatantly until it turns into an echo chamber of the other extreme. Hoping the explicit words "Non Political" in the title is gonna slow things down, but I'm 100% sure it'll happen eventually, even here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on January 18, 2023 03:11:56

I don't believe tickspeed factors into cost anymore so that autobuyer could be left on. I'm not sure if that's only true on web/steam though. It changed on web with the reality changes, but almost all of the early changes with that update were ported over from mobile.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 18, 2023 00:27:44

This is the stage where you should be working through infinity challenges. How are those going? We can't tell from this screenshot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 17, 2023 22:21:27

I remember hearing televangelists in the early 00's talk about women sinning when they report their husbands for sexual assault, because "women must submit to their husbands."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on January 17, 2023 17:40:46

No. I'm not. And this is infuriating. Just because dairy industry is bad, doesn't mean every single wild claim I can imagine that makes the dairy industry look bad is also true. Regardless of what stance you're taking, "cow milk made for cows because dairy bad" or "cow milk made for humans because dairy good" are fucking idiotic logic flows.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on January 17, 2023 16:39:17

Love me a nice rook sacrifice, good find!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 17, 2023 15:21:13

This is what I'm talking about though. "Dairy industry bad, so if claim implies dairy industry bad then claim is true, and only salty farmers disagree." It's such a dumb stance, and it's the stance the Reddit hivemind seems to take every time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on January 17, 2023 01:18:08

Dairy specifically has some pretty fucking terrible misinformation out there, the comments here are just unusually nuanced for Reddit. Normally this crowd shows up on every reddit post blasting objectively false statements about how dairy farming fundamentally works, and everyone who mentions who deeply misinformed they are gets downvoted and ranted at for apparently hating animals.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on January 16, 2023 17:31:53

Eh, we bred cows to produce milk that was tastier for humans as well as producing much more, and producing it well past the time that the calf stops needing it. There's a fair argument for both sides, which is why I'm not a fan of everyone calling others idiots for taking the other side of the argument. IMO the either/or view assumed by this post is the problem. It's really not that simple, and really it sits someone between the two.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on January 16, 2023 17:29:15

You say that as if forgetting about sexual assault when a creator or celebrity makes something cool is a "zoomer" thing. We've been doing that shit for decades.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 15, 2023 23:57:01

My understanding is that this video is about the first of those 3 claims, while he's denying the other two.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 15, 2023 23:53:17

I've had a pretty decent variety of android phones and Bluetooth devices, and the only issue I've has was a really cheap pair of headphones with what I think was a faulty Bluetooth controller. I feel like a the majority of iPhone users talking about connectivity have never seen what the same kind of money can get you these days with other brands.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Funnymemes on January 15, 2023 05:20:29

It's very hard for Android phones to be hacked too, you're just also physically unable to download what would be a dodgy app as a side effect of the Apple walled garden. You have way less freedom, but in exchange what you do have is more likely to be secure on average.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Funnymemes on January 15, 2023 05:11:53

I dunno, personally I've always been a much bigger fan of reusable. Plus it's not like the disposable cups are recyclable, they're lined with plastic for waterproofing, which makes them impossible to recycle.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on January 14, 2023 20:17:32

What was the post? curiosity is killing me now

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/typemoon on January 14, 2023 17:00:27

As someone who started a fresh save and just recently reached reality, I'd say ~1 month from game start to reality is what people should be expecting, assuming they're playing daily but not scheduling their life around efficiently playing the game.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 14, 2023 06:36:57

Yeah, I replayed it when the update came out too, and replicanti and dilation were the two stages of the game where it really felt like there was no alternative besides leaving the game alone for hours, hitting a couple of buttons mindlessly, and then waiting again. At least both stages seem smoother after the tweaks that came with the update. Replicanti phase took less than a day, and while dilation still took the better part of a week, it was definitely a lot faster to get through than it used to be.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 14, 2023 06:30:08

Just zoom in on your browser. Or I believe switching to the old theme might give you a text size option.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 14, 2023 06:22:45

Progress at that point in the game comes by alternating between farming for more TT and EP (use infinity + active branches, switch to idle branch when going afk), and attempting more challenges. More farming will give more time dimensions from EP, and more TT means a stronger build when you're in the challenge. Also don't focus too much on just the 3 bottom challenges. EC4 and 5 are much more significant and iirc EC4 can be done easily after one or two completions of the bottom 3 challenges. You're not at a wall without progress, you've just reached the stage where strategy and planning is a thing. There are plenty of good guides to help if you need it, both on discord and on the wiki, but tbh the part you're at is pretty interesting to work through blindly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 14, 2023 06:15:24

It starts out extremely easy, then for a long chunk of time it's literally impossible to achieve, and then later on it becomes easy again but only if you set up for it correctly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 13, 2023 22:18:25

First idea I had was kill it. Answer I would actually give here is to set up an elephant ride service or something, because employers fucking love turning everything in life into a way to make money.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on January 13, 2023 20:02:04

I don't think it matters too much, but I tend to turn off dimboost and galaxy autobuyers when I turn off other dim autobuyers, since it lets you bulk buy more dimboosts at once or hold off on the galaxy if you're really close to completing the challenge.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 13, 2023 18:15:02

For the last little bit I found it helped to turn off the dim 5-7 autobuyers entirely

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 13, 2023 17:50:28

IIRC the late-game strategy is to remove TT upgrades, turn off autobuyers and enter challenge 8 to get it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 12, 2023 21:50:51

Asking on reddit is a way a lot of people learn this stuff. Like if people need to "do research" before asking a chess question, why aren't we blocking all posts on the sub with a pinned message telling people to go read the rules and figure it out? Asking questions that could theoretically be researched by the person on their own is literally the premise of this sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 12, 2023 16:48:09

It's a puzzle. There was no "next move" to make it apparent that it could be blocked.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 12, 2023 16:44:59

Might mean 20 inches? I know here in NZ the rule is 60cm between shower/bath and power outlets, which is a bit over 20 inches.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/CrappyDesign on January 11, 2023 19:14:30

I'm replaying from scratch so haven't seen all the new stuff yet (e3000 EP, nearly there!), but they've touched up a lot of the roughest spots and smoothed them out a ton. You can see it in the guide on the wiki, where at points it warns you to brace yourself for a long slow period of nothing happening, but not there's a note added that the section is much smoother and less painful after the update.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 11, 2023 17:50:40

The important part is to strip it down to a simple proof of concept and move in from there. Break it down to the most basic, simplified version you can, and just focus on making a site you can interact with on the most basic level. You can slowly add more from there in incremental (haha) steps. It's a really rewarding process if you break it down right at the start!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_gamedev on January 11, 2023 17:21:53

Yup. There's a learning curve involved in learning any framework, but using a framework makes it vastly easier to mange your code and maintain all the code for a website without it turning into a confusing mess of tangled spaghetti-code. Well, it at least makes it a lot easier to avoid the spaghetti code. No promises on your personal result haha

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_gamedev on January 11, 2023 17:17:01

This quote has been reposted way too many times in the last week.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on January 11, 2023 14:51:55

There's a pretty significant crossover between neurodivergent behavior and the kind of social issues that emotionally stunted people can show. I don't even feel comfortable guessing one way or the other with a case like here. She could be autistic or it could all be the abuse. It'd be a serious task for a trained professional to unravel it enough to know for sure.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 17:31:19

For someone in her state, it's gonna take a lot of therapy for her to really understand that it was abuse in the first place, let alone healing from it all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 16:57:11

A big part of those initial talks in therapy sessions happen because people Bury the cause so deep like that all the time. She's clearly got some deep mental issues due to an abusive childhood, but doesn't seem to comprehend how that could be abuse in the first place, so didn't even think to bring it up at first. Same thing happens for tons and tons of people dealing with these kinds of issues. Once abuse is normalized, the victim can't easily recognize it even when they're actively looking for it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 16:55:25

Yeah, sounds like he was aware they'd eaten a ton which should help, and spend the rest of the movie watching for things like vomiting or any other sign you would see in an adult of dangerous levels of drunk. Obviously he should have taken them to a doctor straight away, but I totally get why he didn't think of it in the heat of the moment.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:41:34

Every New Zealand cinema I've been to has served alcohol. It's pricey as fuck though, single bottle beers for more than a 6 pack of that exact bottle at the supermarket.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:37:30

I took it as him stirring shit for a laugh. He seemed way more amused than annoyed to me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:35:30

Depends massively on the kid in my experience. When she was a toddler, my little sister used to steal hot sauce bottles when nobody was looking and chug that stiff like it was apple juice.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:31:40

I'd be doing the same lol. If people are gonna get so riled up because your TIFU story was a fuck up, might as well grab some popcorn, stir shit some more, and enjoy.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:29:34

I can understand why the brother did what he did. It sounds like he has some deep trauma that'll take a very long time to recover from, and in that moment he forgot about everything besides needing to get the hell away from the mum. Understanding and sympathising doesn't negate what he did though. This is exactly why so many people talk about sorting yourself out _before_ you get in the dating scene. Otherwise your new partner can be caught in the crossfire or hurt as a result of your actions.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 10, 2023 01:13:25

Creationists absolutely believe it's pseudoscience. Going to a Christion school, I had multiple science classes focused around how "mainstream" science was ignoring the "fact" that carbon dating was wildly inaccurate and basically meaningless.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on January 9, 2023 15:28:39

The holiday period has an insanely high road toll every year. All that extra traffic means a lot of extra deaths as well. Where I live at least, they talk about Christmas/new year road deaths as an overall number, not giving an in-depth report on every single one.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 9, 2023 14:02:12

Imo, unless there's more to the story, I would've still offered to finance the funeral even if I had no intention of attending or planned to go spit on their grave afterwards. A funeral is not about the person who died, it's about giving a chance for other people to mourn. People who had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the wife was a cheater and trying to tear OOP's life apart.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 9, 2023 13:59:18

If it makes you feel better, my conservative parents ranted on and on over Christmas about how the far left was censoring all the people they follow on YouTube for "real news" and forcing them to use censors and substitute words. I don't think it's a political agenda. I'm pretty sure they just blanket demonetize anything that get flagged as remotely controversial. Remember in 2020 when YouTube was blanket restricting every video that mentioned covid? That same automated system is in place, scanning to learn about controversial topics and automatically demonetizing them, they just manually disabled it for covid specifically.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 9, 2023 04:35:12

Or at least learn how the hell to Google things.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 8, 2023 16:46:32

Plenty of people don't watch those shows because they find them too gory to the point of being off-putting. Hyper violence does get thise type of criticism as well.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 8, 2023 05:24:04

Tfw lesbians are gatekeeped out of being called gay

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/197 on January 8, 2023 03:20:59

Someone with a throwaway account here was claiming to work at YouTube, and saying that bad actors will blindly demonetize videos based on an auto-caption flag, and not bother to actually listen to the audio and verify. You know, the entire point of their job. Based on the fact that multiple appeals he sent in were denied a few seconds after submission, this might be the real problem at play here. Leeches getting paid at YouTube to blindly go with whatever the automated system thinks instead of doing their job, and the company not bothering to deal with the systemic issue.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 7, 2023 20:04:15

Yeah, at the end of the day it'd take someone on the scale of Amazon or Microsoft - super rich companies with massive server infrastructure in place - just to have a chance at building a viable competitor.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on January 7, 2023 19:56:39

It's a new feature coming next week.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 7, 2023 06:58:27

It's just a knee-jerk reaction to people joking about blindly giving comms to the most overly sexual portrait, which to be fair is worse than picking blindly imo.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on January 7, 2023 06:57:22

Good to know, I was just working on a "more time without food == more hungry" assumption

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on January 7, 2023 04:41:10

Yeah, I feel like whether this is doable just depends on whether you ate in the last day or 2. Couple days fasting, followed by a mean feed and 500 bucks? Sounds like a fun time tbh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on January 7, 2023 03:47:11

I get the appeal in this kind of context. Tossing weird puzzles back and forward with a mate, and throwing this one in to troll them for a laugh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 7, 2023 01:10:20

I asked someone why they were subbed here if they were so offended by beginners asking questions and felt the need to mock beginners for it. My comment was reported for toxicity and removed lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 6, 2023 17:47:22

Damn people are actually proud of Auckland? I live in Hamilton but try to avoid trips up to Auckland as much as possible. We have plenty to be proud of here, but Auckland ain't it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on January 5, 2023 23:15:19

Poor guy had good intentions and didn't understand what he did wrong

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on January 5, 2023 23:12:28

I'm 26, and coming to terms with the fact that at some point it became a hell of a lot easier to gain weight, and started taking a lot more work to lose it again. Of course I noticed this _after_ gaining 20kg in a year. FML.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 5, 2023 18:38:54

It's so weird thinking back to my teens and remembering all the changes I assumed would happen one day. I was so sure I would suddenly lose interest in X one day and gain interest in Y, because adults all like Y and don't get X.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 5, 2023 18:36:56

Kids and Teens have always viewed anyone over 25 as old. It's all relative.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 5, 2023 18:35:11

It's a pretty huge cultural divide between western culture and East Asian cultures. They're all way more into conformity and shaming people who don't conform enough to social norms, even when it comes to things like marriage which can really be out of your hands.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 5, 2023 18:33:52

Even in modern day Japan though, being a single woman by ~25 is considered very weird. In a country which values conformity as much as Japan, being the "weird" single woman in her late 20s is seen as shameful. Japan has some really backwards and fucked up values at times.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on January 5, 2023 18:31:41

Why are people being so toxic to the beginner asking beginner-level questions? And they seriously complain that we don't get enough real beginners here. The commenter are harassing the beginners so much that they never ask a question again.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 5, 2023 17:25:29

Damn, wtf are people downvoting genuine beginner questions for? Way too many people are here ironically, just looking for inspiration for the meme sub, and it's kind of ruining the entire point of this sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on January 5, 2023 17:21:35

Older reposts are better IMO. 10-year-old reposts are a lot less likely to have been seen by people today than blindly reposting the top post this week.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ImTheMainCharacter on January 5, 2023 16:10:55

Out of curiosity, which part is the giveaway that it's obviously photoshopped? I feel like people are constantly saying that about photos that look real to me, so I'm generally asking here about what visual clues I'm missing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/imaginarygatekeeping on January 5, 2023 16:06:48

Uhh, age of consent is not about stopping teens from having sex. In most countries an early teen can fuck as many early teens as they like and it's legal. Age of consent is about groomers and pedos manipulating minors for sex.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/technicallythetruth on January 5, 2023 05:53:43

Age of consent is 16 here, but that just means dating a 16/17 yr old will sit in a grey area where it's bad enough for most people to think you're a fucking creep, but not quiet bad enough to warrant jail.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/technicallythetruth on January 5, 2023 05:33:40

I think you severely misunderstood that comment.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/rareinsults on January 5, 2023 04:56:07

You want an AI to be magically capable of perfect fact checking so it can fact check the first AI? That's not how any of this works.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on January 4, 2023 18:03:20

I've asked it basic math problems before, seen it describe the process of solving it in like 5 steps, and them confidently give the wrong answer at the end. Take any information coming from chatgpt with a massive grain of salt.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on January 4, 2023 16:44:01

How could it ever be obvious with ChatGPT if there's no distinct source to reference? It's not a big deal with Google now because you can click one clear button to expand the context and see where the info came from. That's not just one little afterthought of a difference, it fundamentally changes how the info works.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on January 4, 2023 16:39:34

Damn really? Maybe I'm taking my flagship phone for granted these days, performance never even occurred to me because I'm so used to phones with laptop levels of compute power. Well I still recommend going to the web version until the update drops on the app, for what it's worth.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 4, 2023 05:17:29

I would say try dropping 31 and 41 to pick up 162, beside that I would expect it to be enough. Last time I did it with your tree plus 162 on top, but I also beat it in 1 minute flat so it was probably overkill.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 4, 2023 05:00:52

I would just export. You can always export back to mobile later. It's a little awkward, but you can even play the web version on a mobile browser if you don't have another option.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 3, 2023 22:53:32

I'm working through ECs at this point on my fresh AD run. At this point I kind of wish I just continued one of my old e4000+ EP runs, but I'm too deep to switch now lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 3, 2023 22:43:24

Yeah, you can do this achievement very early or later on but there's an awkward middle section where the achievement is impossible, right around the point people notice it as the only incomplete achievement for them that high up.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 3, 2023 17:57:36

You'll have to grind the achievement from scratch but it will be easier later. Since you've already eternitied, I'd recommend waiting now until you want to unlock EC4.1. That requires 100 hours anyway, and as someone who literally just unlocked it on my latest run an hour ago, it's pretty quick. Tune your crunch time from better infinities/min in the stat page (1 crunch per second was 25x the speed of spamming crunches for me, because time TS32), and you'll get the achievement in ~30 mins. Then switch to 5+ second runs to use the achievement and unlock the eternity challenge in another half hour.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 3, 2023 17:53:49

You want to do EC1x2 after you've done EC2x1. You should have enough TT to buy almost all of the tree while in the challenge. Pick infinity path on the first branch, active branch on the second and it should only take a few minutes to complete. If you're still stuck you can share a link to your save in pastebin or a google doc or whatever, and I can tell you exactly what you're missing. I'm betting you just need to either complete EC2 the first time or do a deep run for more TT though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on January 3, 2023 17:46:58

I think the decision at the end was a tough spot, and honestly in that situation I would probably let the workmate go for the same reason that OOP gave. That's not the real problem though. The problem is that he didn't already leave when his wife went into labour. The lose-lose decision should never have happened in the first place. Sure work was busy, but they said work was always busy and at some point you have to put your foot down to be there for family.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 3, 2023 16:44:07

Yeah, honestly the final part was fine as just a shitty situation where there is no winning, but that fact that he was still at work by that point was a massive asshole move.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 3, 2023 16:40:14

Same, anything smaller than 3x2 makes me feel really guilty lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on January 3, 2023 15:20:21

It's actually currently in the process of being updated, and I think c9 was already updated in the guide before Christmas.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 3, 2023 05:55:26

The bar will reach 100% when you unlock the button on the top left to unlock a new kind of dimension. I think the threshold was 1e8IP + 1e1100 antimatter. You should be grinding upgrades with short crunches and doing things to make those upgrades better (eg one of the upgrades give a bonus based on the speed of your slowest challenge run, so it's worth rerunning challenges at points), until you have enough IP put aside and feel like you could reach 1e1100 antimatter in a long run.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on January 3, 2023 00:21:14

This was only true in very early days. They changed that after word got out convicted sex offenders signing up as Uber drivers. Now you go through proper background checks for all of those jobs. At least besides Amazon. I have no idea what their policy is.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on January 2, 2023 16:08:54

Grab a copy of your contract and consult a lawyer. This doesn't sound legal, but if it is then you can probably flip it on them and get paid without showing up.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/antiwork on January 2, 2023 06:14:14

I think it changes massively person-to-person. I know a lot of people in the ASD community talk about how getting diagnosed was a huge relief and gave them the validation that they desperately needed. Meanwhile when I was diagnosed I just thought: "Oh cool, so not only do I qualify for a laptop in class to help with my painfully slow writing, but apparently all of these weird quirks of mine are symptoms of my autism. What a neat little fun fact!" I wonder if it's a difference in external factors like how people have treated you in the past, internal factors, or a combination of the two.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on January 1, 2023 15:21:30

They didn't say 2023 was gonna be bad, they're saying it won't _be_ anything. You can group together Jan-Dec each year and assign an over all "good" or "bad" value if you want, but that's completely arbitrary. There was good shit and bad shit before, there'll be good shit and bad shit in the future, and none of that will be related to the fact that the year ticked forward on our calendars.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 17:23:09

He literally said he saw it over here and couldn't tell if it was real or not. Tbh there's way too much crossover between the two subs. Beginners over here like OOP, who find out en passant is real and suddenly have to second guess every other meme move on the sub, and shitposters on the beginner sub confusing the fuck out of people trying to ask genuine, beginner-level questions.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 31, 2022 15:27:23

That really depends on who you are and where you live. I'm guessing NYE is extremely over the top big in the US? Here in NZ I feel like a lot more happens around Christmas than New Years. I'm completely socially drained after all that every year, and there's no way you could drag me out again for yet another big get-together a few days later haha

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 15:02:32

As opposed to expecting everything to suddenly change at once because a number ticked up on a calendar? Different people can think of time differently, and neither is "bad". It's the 1st here, and believe it or now, early 2023 is looking an awful lot like late 2022.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 14:59:33

Depends on the person really. For a hell of a lot of people, New Years parties are both not appealing to them, and also not a thing that they or anyone they know have ever done. By the reaction of some of these comments, apparently almost everyone I know is a degenerate monster because the extent of the holiday is staying up till midnight, sending a few Happy New Year texts, and maybe going to see fireworks if they have kids. New Years is not a big deal.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 14:55:47

Talking to all my older workmates in IT, they all talk about the months of work they put in and constant overtime to make sure nothing broke, only to be hit with jokes from people about how nothing broke so it must have all been a myth. Glad I wasn't there at the time lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 14:45:01

I hit pause on RDR2, walked out on the deck and watched the neighbours' fireworks for a minute, walked back inside and unpaused. 10/10, great New Year's.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pcmasterrace on December 31, 2022 14:40:58

No, China and Japan fucking remembers this. People are still alive who lived through it. Multiple Nazis tried to distance themselves from Japan because even by Nazi standards, the war crimes of Japan were inhuman. Denying this would be like denying the holocaust in Germany.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 19:15:25

It's nuanced, but the internet doesn't like dealing with nuance. The bombs and their aftermath were absolutely devastating tragedies, but a proper understanding of WW2 Japan makes it at least understandable that someone would view the bombs as the least bloody solution overall.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 19:12:49

I legitimately had to stop reading a lot of the more fucked up hentai out there after reading up on WW2 Japan. I always had a "who cares as long as it's fiction" mindset, but knowing that the grandparents of a lot of these authors went one country over and then actually did this shit to was off-putting, to say the least.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 19:07:10

My understanding is that every projection for a standard ground invasion of Japan projected far more civilian casualties than the bombs. Japan was ultra nationalist at the time, to the point where every resource I've found seems to agree that every civilian would take up arms in a long and bloody conflict.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 19:02:57

That was the plan, but was completely botched. The leaflets didn't end up dropping until several hours _after_ the bombs dropped.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 18:58:57

It really does in my eyes. The actions absolutely should never be condoned, but blocking you ears to pretend you don't see any resulting scientific breakthrough sounds pointless to me. Don't get me wrong, the US did plenty of bad shit post WW2, including the pardons mentioned above. I just don't thing using the results of the experiments was part of that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 30, 2022 18:54:25

In the sidebar, click the edit flair button. It's one of the standard one's for the sub, you just have to pick one.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 30, 2022 18:38:32

It's generally chromium browsers that things are optimized for, not Google Chrome. Pretty much every browser except Firefox and Safari is chromium based these days. One of the big reasons Firefox has been slipping is that devs struggle to justify lots of performance optimization for just Firefox when focusing on chromium instead covers 90% of users much more easily.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 30, 2022 18:13:07

Aside from the reality update, mobile and web/steam are a lot more in line now. A ton of the earlier QOL changes with the new update were actually ported over from mobile.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 30, 2022 18:08:14

@Qazpaz_G case in point ^

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 30, 2022 05:54:50

He said the right stuff to become an inspiration for a ton of teen boys around the world, filling in a missing fatherly figure role and giving life advice. Which would be good, except he's openly sexist and heavily encourages his fans to treat women as objects because that is the "natural" state or some shit. He is also now under arrest for sex trafficking and facing rape allegations. But still has this generation of teen boys ranting online about how "cancel culture is attacking Tate because he spits straight facts." It's kind of tragic honestly. People clearly needed a void filled, but he was the worst possible person to fill it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 30, 2022 02:39:56

NGL I watch him probably once or twice a week, and was pretty firmly under the impression that he was communist. And yes, I say this with full understanding of the difference between communism and socialism. He pushes strongly for socialism, but always gave the impression to me that he thought communism was 100% worth giving another shot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 29, 2022 23:34:13

I'm autistic and have these moments all the time. It's really easy to start getting better at reading social cues, only to think that you're way better at reading them than you really are. It's also really common for people with ASD to confuse banter and bullying (in both directions) for the same reason.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 29, 2022 21:12:51

I'm replaying from the start so haven't reached reality yet, but from what the dev said before the update, I know that the layer unlocks at e4000 EP but you will get a better reward from more EP if you keep grinding past that. It's a very slow grind, for relatively small reward, but you will get something out of it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 29, 2022 19:40:44

You're far earlier in the game than the person asking then, so your comment isn't really relevant at all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 29, 2022 19:29:54

Getting more active then that with this genre is gonna be a huge struggle, if not impossible. Maybe branch out into the roguelite genre? A lot of great games straddle on a grey border between incremental and roguelite, might be the kind of mix you're looking for.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 29, 2022 19:28:17

Imo that's because the genre itself is pretty tiny. Plus it's a "what are you playing this week" thread. If a lot of people are playing a game that takes a few months to get through, it's gonna be repeated every week in these threads for months. The genre is so niche anyway that it can't and shouldn't hold your attention at all times. If nothing interesting is popping up for you, go play something else for a few months and come back again when the mood strikes. Otherwise you'll just get steadily more salty over time because niche genre is niche.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 29, 2022 19:18:37

For the first run I just turned of all except the first and 8th dim autobuyers and bought manually for other dimensions. For the fast runs later I set all autobuyers except 1st and 8th to buy singles, and hit M a few times. Also note that there's a bug right now when buying max on tickspeed autobuyer in the challenge will raise the dim prices even though it shouldn't. The bug won't occur if buying singles, so set the tickspeed autobuyer to buy singles, click the tickspeed upgrade button once, and then hold enter to spam buying tickspeed as fast as possible.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on December 29, 2022 18:40:44

I have family members with the same "evolution is a religion" bs worldview. The core idea stems from the fact that scientists openly admit that you don't _prove_ anything with science per say, you can only disprove and build evidence to support a theory. You could theoretically be a sentient cloud hallucinating the entire world. We know for a fact that there are flaws in general relativity and quantum physics because the two theories should be incompatible but they each seem to describe the universe on different scales. The argument by these people are that you don't ever _know_ something scientifically with 100% unquestioning certainty, whereas they "know" how everything works because their specific version of the man in the clouds is the real one, and he told them how it works.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 29, 2022 16:39:03

I feel like if you forget the arm motion at the end then those are pretty similar. I could see a complete SL newbie screwing that up when nerves are getting to them.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 29, 2022 05:25:12

The engine always assumes that your opponent will find the best move, which is obviously not to move their king and allow mate. It's basically saying that you shouldn't have counted on your opponent making a mistake like that. Objectively, the engine is correct, but.... Your move is both a tricky tactic and a very "human" move. One thing that engines are bad at is understanding the appeal of "human" moves. Sometimes this results in the engine flagging a move as a blunder even though it looks very good to a human, especially in a case like this where the human move is very likely to work at the beginner level.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 29, 2022 05:07:59

But if you _don't_ teach the history, and put all of your focus into trying to get everyone to forget about it instead of worrying about preventing a repeat?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:54:23

A huge portion of the tension between Japan and China/Korea is Japan still trying to avoid ever talking about any of the war crimes they committed over there as well.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:52:43

Enough stuff came out afterwards that I'd give the jokes a pass. I would never condone assassination, but in this specific case the guy had a pretty understandable motive and it did bring some pretty bad corruption to light.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:50:41

In my mind the cannibal soldiers sit above the civilian murder but below the widespread child rape. I feel like they did every vile and unspeakable act anyone can think of, and then invented a few more. The account that stuck with me the most as legitimately worse than I could imagine was the forced incest. They would take a father and daughter at gunpoint and tell the father that either they gang rape and kill the daughter, or he rape her in front of them and then they can go free. After the father was done they would kill them anyway.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:45:26

That's the whole problem though, and what makes people a little worried. They still won't actually admit their wrongs. A lot of their government members openly claim that the war crimes never happened.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:35:11

It's a complicated and awkward position. On the one hand, they're an ally these days and not an enemy. On the other hand, they STILL keep trying to hush everyone about their WW2 crimes against humanity in the hope that we'll all forget and pretend it never happened. If I was Japanese, I would probably be worried enough about China right now to be pressuring my leaders to buff up the military. But I would also statistically be relatively xenophobic and not too concerned about rumours of us being pretty bad the last time that happened. Hell, maybe I'd just be brushing it off as Chinese propaganda.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:32:22

Rereading my comment, my phrasing was a little off. To be clear, they were aware of Japan in WW2 as "Japan attacked the US because growing tension had made war inevitable and now was a good time. Many soldiers fought and died, and then Japan was defeated when the nukes were used." They knew nothing of the countless civilians murdered by Japanese soldiers, nor the countless rape victims or the "comfort women" some of whom didn't escape brothels to return home until the 90s. When I asked what they knew about what the Japanese armies actually did, it was a vague "I think we were fighting in China and the Pacific?" I guess they were able to focus enough on the nukes and their consequences and students didn't notice them kind of skimming quickly past the grizzly details of the years past. I also imagine that it was a pretty politically charged issue over there. Shinzo Abe would have been pm over there at the time, and thanks to his assassination this year, I'm now aware that he openly denied that these war crimes happened. The longest serving PM in Japanese history, and he openly denied that Japan committed any war crimes or kept any sex slaves.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 04:10:45

They do. The rest of them had just never thought to Google it past what was taught in schools. it had never really come up in any of their lives, so it never occurred to them that their education was oddly light on the topic of "where was Japan during WW2." With social media picking up a lot more in the 8 years since I spoke to those guys, maybe that kind of thing has started to change. At least, I hope it has.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 29, 2022 01:35:15

It's an apt comparison. Even Hitler himself was trying to distance himself from the vile shit Japan was doing in China and Korea, and according to every Chinese or Korean person I've asked, the official Japanese apology to those nations is basically "we're sorry you feel that way about these things that may potentially have occurred." I've asked a dozen or so Japanese guys in the past - all born around 96 or so for reference, I asked this in 2014 - and none of them had been taught any details of Japan's involvement in ww2. Only one of them had heard of the rape of Nanking, and that because he took the initiative to seek out information on his own.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 28, 2022 23:49:10

The guard comes in seeing the robbers with a gun, shoots one of them before they yell "it's fake, it's fake!" Then he says "oh well mine's real." The comment is just clarifying that the robbers' gun really was fake. Not that the guard had any way of knowing that at the time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/therewasanattempt on December 28, 2022 23:32:06

Tldr you said it's not a very human move, which would mean you shouldn't bother learning it for real games against humans. Everyone is in agreement that there's nothing wrong with missing it, especially for a beginner. But that's not what it means when you say it's not a "human" move.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 28, 2022 22:25:01

Imo asking on Reddit literally is a way to research it, and redditors just like to be pretentious pricks. That's not to say that the correct response isn't to explain the analysis board for future reference, but getting mad at beginners for asking beginner level questions on the beginner sub is pretty freaking stupid.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 28, 2022 22:19:52

Eh, at some point the dude's gotta grow up. If you're over 18 and still breaking laws because "dad says it's okay," then the justice system has to kick in to force you to snap out of it. Regardless of how your parents raised you, and some point you gotta start being held accountable for your own actions.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/therewasanattempt on December 28, 2022 22:08:36

They genuinely believed, through their idiotically misinformed understanding of the law, that the basic inspection was a violation of their rights. The intention was to get arrested, post this online, sue all the cops involved, and have the judge go "oh shit good point!" Thus dropping all charges and arresting the officers for good measure, as they walk out to the cheers of a crowd inspired by their brave and eye-opening video. Absolute morons, too stupid to recognize their stupidity.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 28, 2022 18:16:49

You can reach a draw via insufficient material if it's impossible to checkmate with the remaining material. This happens if only the two kings remain, and some rulesets will draw if it's king & knight vs king or king & knight vs king & knight. The latter is a little mixed because it's technically possible to mate with just a knight, but it's impossible to _force_ a checkmate. If you play with time, then one player running out of time while the other plyer has insufficient material to mate is also considered a draw.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 27, 2022 21:41:35

oof, at least you figured it out lol. C9 does do something similar to that, but I'd recommend at least peaking a guide/tips page for the basic steps when you get to that one or it can be very easy to mess up. Not that it's obtuse to learn, but that you really need to know how much each dim will cost after each upgrade in order to avoid collisions. And there's a tickspeed autobuyer bug to be aware of in C9. Besides that they're really all just different ways to make the game slower for a challenge, with no big strategy things to worry about until later on.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 27, 2022 20:55:29

It was spammed over the the sub a lot when it was new, and probably the most controversial topic of the year. So controversial that there was talk about whether to ban any Roblox games from the sub in the future, which was a pretty extreme reaction given that this was probably the first Roblox game to get any attention on this sub at all. I kind of get it in that if this sub ever actually turned into a bunch of Roblox links, I and many others would probably be sad that their community was gone forever and unsub. I highly doubt that was ever actually gonna happen though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 27, 2022 20:34:41

Damn, dunno how I found a NSFW anime waifu with 200 upvotes on r/all, but I'm lowkey glad I did.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/KanojoOkarishimasu on December 27, 2022 05:41:33

The button in game really should work. Otherwise you have 2 options. You can go to the [save bank] and import the first save there, only skipping one dimboost. Doesn't sound like you'd be into that though. Otherwise, you can just manually delete the save from your browser, which is guaranteed to work: 1. press F12 to open the developer console while on the game site * click the "Application" tab * expand the "local storage" section on the sidebar * there should only be one submenu item. If there's more than one, it'll be the option that matches the URL. Right click that item, and hit the "clear" button. That'll manually wipe all local memory from the game and let you start over.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on December 27, 2022 00:20:01

Yeah, part of the update included them taking all the QOL changes from the mobile port and adding them to web. I think there have been a few other tweaks on top to smooth out the progression curve and prevent some of the long slow periods.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 26, 2022 22:14:40

This is the first time I've felt bad for falling behind in AD because of Christmas travel. Before leaving I was on track, but had a hectic week and only just did IC1 a few minutes ago.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 26, 2022 15:28:19

While travelling for Christmas, I was getting by using the web version on mobile, but it had some issues with a few things cutting off the edge of the screen. They were only issues occasionally though, and you can cloud save on the web version with a Google account. So if you can occasionally get access to a tablet or computer for a minute to get past those issues, then it's totally viable.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on December 26, 2022 06:31:42

Imo it gets really good from around season 4/5 onwards.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 26, 2022 04:32:41

The writers openly admitted that the 3rd shot to disintegrate was a lazy writing move that should never have gone through in the first place, but since the weapons were so iconic, they "retconned" it by never referencing it again and just pretending it didn't exist from season 2 onwards.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 26, 2022 04:30:41

Tbh I'd rather amazon at least try rather than leaving the franchise to gather dust. MGM had one flop series and decided to shut down the whole franchise permanently. Even if we get a few shit shows/movies out of it, Amazon blindly throwing their money at Stargate will at least bring back the possibility of a new good Stargate show one day.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 26, 2022 04:27:00

Honestly yeah. There are some people who think Starfate was turning into it's own Star Trek so they needed to roll back, and then others thought they were becoming a sort of Star Trek type show and should own that evolution. I was firmly in the latter camp.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 26, 2022 04:18:59

Tbf she basically did solve fossil fuels with naquada generators. They just needed to stop putting of revealing the Stargate program to the public, so they could openly replace every coal plant with a naquada generator.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 26, 2022 04:16:30

God. Catching up with family this Christmas, the number of people believing a crazy conspiracy because "I saw a really compelling Netflix documentary!" was insane. At least my brother conceded the "humanity was a highly advanced sci-fi utopia 20k years ago" as nonsense when I walked him through the holes in the "theory." My sister still reckons apes evolved into humans by eating shrooms and opening their third eye because a Netfix doc said so, and my mum was rambling about a documentary there "proving" that God existed and that "they" were trying to silence the documentary creators from spreading the truth.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 25, 2022 19:47:56

The religious criticism wasn't about a specifically catholic element though. When it was first suggested, people thought it was so suspiciously similar to God creating the universe by saying "let there be light" that it must be a Christian beast coming through. That's why a lot of Christians go forward with the belief that the 7 days of creation were not literal days, and instead incredibly long timespans. It let's them still more or less mesh their religion with actual scientific consensus. Hell, if I was Christian I would be pointing to the big bang theory as a sign of God creating the universe, not shouting "fake news." Seems like Christians could really easily spin it as a win for their beliefs instead of making fools of themselves by denying it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 25, 2022 19:39:25

Where do you live out of curiosity? I've never seen samsung phone with bloatware in my life, besides the Samsung suite of apps (notes, gallery, etc). I figure that means they must be treating different regions/countries very differently in terms of bloatware.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/assholedesign on December 25, 2022 16:25:35

Dev and master branches are both standard practice and not the same thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 24, 2022 23:15:08

Wtf is a slave branch? Master branch was never that kind of "master"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 24, 2022 23:13:44

Well you gotta share it!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 24, 2022 21:32:34

Every male Tinder user I've met has agreed that it's "obviously" only for one night stands, and that you'd use something like Hinge for serious relationships. The large majority of female Tinder users I've met have said it's "obviously" the app to use to find a long term partner, while on a totally unrelated note they've had lots of issues with guys on there ghosting them after one or two dates.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Tinder on December 24, 2022 16:32:38

Imo it should still be downvoted and commented on appropriately, though. Otherwise, the dev might never notice the false positives in the first place. Detection is tricky, but a phrase like "doing x would kill me" really shouldn't trigger it and needs to be tracked as a bug. They can't track it if everyone mindlessly says "good bot" and upvotes even when it bugs out.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on December 24, 2022 06:03:54

Sure, but it still was not, in this instance, a good bot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on December 24, 2022 04:00:38

Because the trigger fucked up on it. It's a bad bot because if it was a good bot it wouldn't be triggering on someone mentioning death to emphasise danger, rather than people referencing suicide.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on December 24, 2022 03:36:24

They're one of the priciest of the cheap supermarket options. Not cheap at all but not crazy expensive.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on December 24, 2022 02:11:43

Bad bot. Dev, you really need a better detection system than looking for the phrase "end my life."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on December 24, 2022 02:09:12

God fucking dammit, I thought this was the beginner sub and was genuinely trying to work out what I was missing

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 24, 2022 02:04:38

I feel like I can't really upvote it here because I haven't played enough of the update yet, and won't before the voting closes. I expect it to be absolutely amazing, but if it turns out to be a huge disappointment, I wouldn't know yet.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 22, 2022 20:46:40

The entire point of NSFW tags is not about being a prude, it's about workplaces being prudish and people getting into shit with their workplaces because shit like this appears on their office screen. I love the art, but I could never look at it safely at work.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 22, 2022 14:28:09

This joke wasn't written in terms of thanking the pedo either, though? I'm really not following the logic here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/videos on December 22, 2022 07:49:46

The game would be so much easier if the other player wouldn't go to all that trouble to stop me from taking the king, smh

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 22, 2022 01:34:38

Previous longest save was 120 days. Now I'm at 2 days, using a fresh save for the reality update.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on December 21, 2022 00:25:51

I looked it up to scan for any additional risks that I was unaware of, and there was nothing. Unless you're cracking open lights to drink the mercury, I'm pretty certain you're just crazy.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 20, 2022 13:03:11

Yeah, tbh when there's this much obviously missing and vital context, it's a pretty solid red flag that OOP is the one in the wrong. Omitting half the story because otherwise they'd look too bad.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 20, 2022 03:35:36

This is the only way. Even if you're sure, the select give you one last review to make sure you're updating the right data and absolutely nothing else.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 20, 2022 00:54:25

There might be a mate coming up, but it'll be a good away while yet and it shouldn't be forced.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 19, 2022 20:33:44

NGL I was thinking it was a racist joke going over my head before it suddenly clicked like 30 seconds later.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 19, 2022 20:31:42

Fiance said OOP was nocked up by and forced to marry her youth leader. It's probably what got her mind and reasoning so fucked to begin with.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 19, 2022 19:18:34

It makes it somehow even worse. It implies that she had her brother babysit her 10 year old with the assumption that he would rape her, because on her mind that was normal. Thank fucking God her poor daughter was out there to keep an eye on the neices and nephews.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 19, 2022 19:16:41

Not just equating it. She's treating child rape as "inappropriate games that [the child] agreed to!" Meanwhile homosexuality is some kind of vile, unforgivable horror.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 19, 2022 19:14:09

Fluorescent lighting can cause headaches and dizziness in some people, and they contain dangerous chemicals which can be an issue if they shatter. That's it. The idea that they voodoo magic their way into making girls hit puberty earlier is beyond stupid.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 19, 2022 17:20:04

Documentaries are not solid sources. Everyone overestimates the validity of documentary claims because they don't get that there isn't any sort of vetting required. All you need to make a documentary about your favourite conspiracy is a little effort and like 10 grand.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 19, 2022 13:51:25

I have half a dozen different saves spread across Drive and Github, and after all that I decided to start a fresh save. After 5 whole hours waiting, it just feels right.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 19, 2022 03:01:14

It took me 4 re-read to realize you're saying there's a game called "5 Hours Until Update." I was really sitting there like "this dude thinks the game of Antimatter Dimensions was based on the Antimatter Dimensions update meme"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 19, 2022 02:59:53

Was playing [idlemancery]( Really solid incremental, I think I still have a long way to go, but I've seen enough to know I was sleeping on it and highly recommend it. Putting it on hold for the next few months though, I decided to go with a fresh save for the reality update in antimatter dimensions. AD was the first really good incremental to sell me on the genre, so I gotta pick it up straight away. Longest 5 hours of my life

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 19, 2022 02:54:52

Is this guide still correct on the new version, or did the reality update include tweaks to the earlier game? Just wanna know if I should be taking the finer details with a grain of salt or not

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AntimatterDimensions on December 18, 2022 19:22:24

It didn't stop git from changing the default branch to "main" and confusing the hell out of devs all around the world for no reason.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 18, 2022 05:32:03

Oh God. I may know almost nothing about the German language, but I know enough to understand that ripping out gendered language from it would be a complete shitshow.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 18, 2022 05:30:38

The people who make these bots are convinced that the evil patriarchy is enslaving and oppressing all women whenever a word that could be read as gendered is used in a gender neutral way.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 18, 2022 05:26:49

Because then it might not be in-your-face enough that they're totally being amazing and super inclusive by inventing trendy new terms on behalf of a community that they don't belong to.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on December 18, 2022 05:23:06

Lmao have fun explaining to black people that you're saying the n word to take its power away. I'm sure they'll all love you for it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LivestreamFail on December 17, 2022 23:20:19

Always have been

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LivestreamFail on December 17, 2022 19:16:55

They're dealing with it as a company, and frankly I don't think Soda cared at all about Rich on a personal level. Talking about it for an hour would just be milking serious criminal allegations for drama.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LivestreamFail on December 17, 2022 19:14:05

There was a time when I was 10 years old in like 06 or something, where kids in my class would shout the n word and laugh their asses off. Kids are too dumb to get why racism is bad, so to them it's just the spicier and extra forbidden version of swearing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LivestreamFail on December 17, 2022 19:11:42

Just to check, it's the update isn't on mobile yet right? Still 5 more hours? I'm happily playing on steam now, but wanted to check because Christmas travel is coming up.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 17, 2022 17:29:43

YO LET'S GO!!! That was one hell of a 5 hour wait, but totally worth it! Best Christmas present.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 17, 2022 15:03:55

I'm creating my first non-tutorial fort, and during set up I clicked the "prepare for the journey carefully" button out of curiosity. I absolutely am not ready to customize to this degree, but really like the spot that I just spent ages picking out. Is there a go back or cancel button here that I'm not seeing? I literally can't find a way off the screen without embarking.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 17, 2022 04:52:34

He's lying /r/ElonJetTracker/ is still happily reporting it via public info. He did send a blocking request to every service out there taking the public data and making it easily accessible, but that was all just Elon personally pressuring people to do what he wants, nothing to do with actual laws.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 17, 2022 03:43:39

I think I messed up by assigning him to it, which was apparently blocking anyone else from using it, at least as far as I can tell. unassigned him and everything suddenly worked.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 23:36:02

I think what was happening was I had assigned him to the fishery, so other people weren't touching it, but he was prioritizing fishing above everything else so was never getting around to prepping the fish. Don't know why he wasn't putting fish in the stockpile, but he's starting putting them there again now that they're actually being processed.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 23:34:42

The assignment actually turned out to be the problem. Still not sure why he's so into fishing and was just leaving them lying around before, but once I unassigned him from the fishery, other people started rocking up on their own to prepare fish immediately, and as fish were prepared the fisherdwarf started delivering fish to the stockpile again. Still don't follow what exactly was going on here yet, but at least it was an easy solve and I now know I probably shouldn't have been assigning specific dwarfs to every workshop.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 23:31:56

That's what they mean, though. Why do you need to open a command palette when the standard everywhere else is a simple click and drag? Imagine if you had to use the command palette to pin or reorder a tab every time. I may think they're overexagerating the gravity of the issue, but it does stick out as a weirdly clunky interaction.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on December 16, 2022 22:32:23

I've used pycharm and vscode. In my opinion, vscode beats pycharm if you just spend 10 minutes researching the appropriate extensions for python development and how best to configure them.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on December 16, 2022 22:17:52

You're talking in pretty subjective terms here as if they're objective. I look at those intellij merge views and see absolutely massive vertical transitions between screen, wasting what I would consider and unacceptably large amount of horizontal space. That said, I know how to step back and accept that some people find those weird middle sections useful to visualize the changes, even if they do nothing for me personally. You can not like an IDE for it's choice of merge editor layout, but that's not a reason to call one option "bad." It's purely subjective opinion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on December 16, 2022 22:10:56

You can pull a tab between windows, but simply dragging the tab into a separate area of screen won't create a new window like it would in everything from Chrome to Visual Studio. I'd call it an annoyance rather than a serious issue, but it is a thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/programming on December 16, 2022 22:02:39

I just started playing yesterday, so this is a fresh newbie question. Yesterday I thought I'd sorted food needs for now by assigning my fisherdwarf to a fishery, and queueing up a rotation of "catch live fish" -> "prepare a raw fish". I just checked up on him, and the area near the river is littered with fish remains, he's still fishing, and it doesn't look like he's gone through a single item in the fishery queue. What dumb mistake did I make here, and how do I really get a flow of edible fish coming in so I can continue learning all the other systems?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 20:32:52

Here in NZ we are a much younger immigrant nation, and yet we don't have nearly so many people walking around calling themselves anything other than kiwi. I'm mostly Scottish (more so than most Americans claiming so because I'm only 3rd generation NZ), but the idea that I would ever walk around calling myself Scottish is absurd to me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 16, 2022 15:32:10

That's a really good idea! Honestly monsters sound like a bit much when I'm still busy making sure my dwarves don't starve themselves or go crazy. At least for now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 15:14:06

I've tried it now and oh boy is it easier to get started now! To clarify, I have no doubt that you're right that a few 5 minute tutorials would give you everything to get started. The problem before was I had no idea _which_ 5 minute tutorials were the important ones. Everyone starts at a "don't know know what you don't know" stage, and I personally had no idea in my past attempts which info was vital to even get started, and which info was only relevant once you dug deeper into it. I had no idea what questions to be asking, which made it incredibly hard to get relevant answers. This in-game tutorial so far is doing a far better job though! walked me through the basic controls and what most of the menus do, gave me full control and pointed me to the other tutorials, and then the first of those other tutorials was trusting me to understand the basics from the last tutorial, so was giving just enough guidance to show me what I needed to be doing to survive. I did hit farms just before ending my session and have no idea if they're actually working right now, but that's a specific question and not just a broad "how do I play game?" Should be easy as to google.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 04:38:55

Thanks, the basics are the main thing I was looking for. Just enough to get started so I don't need to memorize pages of info without any context of what the game is like, which is what I tried and failed to do several times in the past. Thanks, sound like it might be worth trying again! This game seems like it would be right up my alley if I could just climb over that beginning learning curve haha

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 02:24:55

No because you're not under attack. Rereading my comment I can see I phrasing it poorly, but what I meant was that the king is under attack and cannot escape. To approach it from a different direction, let's say checkmate is checkmate because the king can be captured in that move. In other words it's a capture in one so the game ends because capture is implied. By that logic a mate in 1 state should be an end state because the checkmate on the next move is every bit as guaranteed as the hypothetical capture a move later. By that same logic a mate in 2 should be end state because m2 implied m1 with just as much strength. If capturing the king is the win state, then either checkmate cannot be the final move because we're not machines and people could occasionally not notice that a piece can take the enemy king, or the game should immediately end the moment you it a guaranteed mate line, even if it's m18 or m22 or something. Checkmating and capturing the enemy king are not the same thing unless you're a bot incapable of missing the winning move.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 16, 2022 02:17:08

Does DF have enough of a tutorial to get you started without going to external sources for beginner's guides? I've always been fascinated with the idea of Dwarf Fortress but was overwhelms with information whenever I tried to watch an hour long YouTube video on how to get started. I just heard about the steam release though, and thought that might mean the initial "baby's first fortress" experience might be smoother. Happy to look externally for all the more advanced stuff, I just can't absorb it without playing the game first to give a frame of reference. I remember launching the non-steam version once and literally not knowing how to interact with the game on the most basic level without finding a YouTube guide. Thanks in advance!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dwarffortress on December 16, 2022 02:06:35

I mean dudes can fuck and marry rocks if that's their thing, it sure as hell isn't any of my business.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 16, 2022 00:56:51

The primary win state is not to capture the king, it's to reach a state where the enemy king could not possible escape an attack, AKA checkmate. The game ends one move before the capture, and you can blunder into checkmate but you can't legally blunder into a king capture by, say, ignoring a check. There are several variants of chess where the win state is actually capturing the opponent's king, and those variants all allow you to move into or ignore a check.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 15, 2022 23:49:53

There was a court case recently in NZ because a 6 month old was in urgent need of heart surgery or he would die, and the parents were refusing to allow it because it would mean the baby would receive "tainted" blood from vaccinated people during the operation. Because apparently literally letting the baby die was a better alternative. In the end they lost custody of the baby and he got the surgery he needed to survive, but there were a couple dozen protesters outside the hospital during the operation because apparently it was a terrible breach of the parents' rights when the government didn't let them kill their own child.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on December 14, 2022 19:06:11

They weren't really meant to be death baits, and I don't think anybody expected all the scions to stay dead. Yshtola even explicitly told us how they could be brought back. It was impactful because they were sacrificing their bodies and going into a state where their souls would wear away into nothing if the others didn't succeed in time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 14, 2022 14:07:35

He backed his loan with his Tesla stock though. If he drives it into bankruptcy, he's at risk of losing majority ownership of Tesla.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 14, 2022 13:26:46

It's kind of flooded right now with people coming to watch the dumpster fire and Musk fanboys. Traffic is actually up, but all the major advertisers have dropped out and profitability is looking pretty dire.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 13, 2022 16:31:31

That's fair. I think most people here are really just meaning they'll be making enough to live a lifestyle that qualifies as middle class. Sure they might feel a pinch from time to time but they should be making enough to stay out of poverty. Which is more than a lot of teen parents can say.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 13, 2022 13:22:40

Yes, but I meant average in the broader term. I wasn't talking about a specific average so I didn't use a specific average in my phrasing. And have no idea why you're making a big deal out of me literally using a term correctly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 13, 2022 13:14:26

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 13, 2022 13:07:51

A median is a type of average, just like a mean. I just used the broader term.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 13, 2022 13:02:25

I'm a pretty experienced analyst dev, and from when I was just learning to this day, I've got no idea how anybody could write anything meaningful in vanilla js and not get overwhelmed with the complexity of all the stuff they'll have to manually wire up all over the place. I do acknowledge that plenty of people, especially in this community, disagree though, and it's totally fair that some people find it cleaner. I just personally shudder at the thought of trying to do something like that, so can't bring myself to recommend it to anyone.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 13, 2022 06:12:46

I'm pretty sure the 58k average includes things like low paid trainees. Someone else [linked a comment from OOP]( a while after this where he mentioned making really good money after his qualification. "Really good" can be relative, but imo one parent taking up a trade while the other goes to uni is ideal. The mum should be qualified and high enough up the career path to make good money before OOP's trade income starts feeling too tight, even if he isn't a 6-figure earner. Honestly this whole setup looks like it worked out more stable than a whole lot of planned pregnancies. I'm sure they'll be fine.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 13, 2022 06:02:34

Almost all websites use a combination of html, css and javascript. Go look up some tutorials on making basic websites using something like React (A framework that'll help tie it all together), and work from there. It's obviously a deep rabbit hole given that an entire industry is built around it, but you really just need the basics for an incremental game. An incremental game is actually great as a first ever website to learn how to code!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 13, 2022 03:10:13

It'd make sense. My first concern, before the whole whiplash thing, was that the baby was being submerged while crying, which is what the article said happened to the victim. Also people are talking about it as normal, but even in the gif you can see the kids in the back freeze and back away a bit in shock. By the end of the gif everyone but the priest looked concerned at a minimum.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dankmemes on December 12, 2022 20:41:26

People are saying it's sped up because this would be horrible and potentially fatal for the passenger. The arm is not affected at all by as little as 80kg. That's why they're so dangerous to be around. They could crush you or tear you apart without even slowing down.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 12, 2022 19:01:46

I'm pretty confident that subheading is meant to be sarcastic.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/antiwork on December 12, 2022 18:53:28

Honestly yeah, it's becoming harder and harder for actual beginners to get answers to actual questions over there, because the comments are full of memes they won't get and weirdly condensending insults thrown at them for asking the question.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 12, 2022 18:32:33

tbh I personally feel like these kinds of posts are the entire point of a beginner sub. I feel like a lot of people are here just hunting down inspiration for their next shitpost, and it's really bringing the practical usefulness of the sub down.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 12, 2022 17:16:47

White king can't move to the e file because of the queen on e7. D6 is also protected by that queen. c6 is protected by the d7 bishop and c5 is protected by the d6 pawn. d4 is protected by both the c5 pawn and g7 bishop, and the king can't take it's own pawn to move to c4. That leaves no legal moves for the king, and both white pawns are blocked, but the king itself is not under attack. Stalemate.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 12, 2022 17:14:54

This is just someone still learning to visualize protected squares. ie a genuine beginner and not some anarchy chess user shitposting on the beginner sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 12, 2022 17:08:40

That law varies drastically depending on where you live, because western society as a whole is a long way away from coming to a consensus. Maybe it's just a harmless fantasy, maybe it's like a gateway drug for pedos, or maybe it helps pedos control any...urges, thus protecting kids on the whole. I have no idea and doubt anyone here is qualified enough to have an informed opinion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 11, 2022 22:31:44

That's the part that really gets to me. Like a legitimate beginner who actually doesn't know about en passant - something that is a meme exactly because so many beginners are confused by it, and they're met with walls of memes, people adamant that they must be a troll, and nobody answering the damn question.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 11, 2022 20:11:33

Meh. It had a clear left bias, but I don't think there's much evidence that it was due to some 5head super intelligent plot by the dems to keep people voting for them. I think it really comes down to: * When a website tries to stay unbiased, ultimately humans have to make the calls to try to keep it unbiased * People in cities tend to be more left leaning than the average person in a given country over all * Humans are really bad at identifying their own biases, which is why you get a lot of people who clearly lean well into the left or right, but genuinely view themselves as keeping neutral. Now Musk is in charge, it's just turning from a left leaning platform to a right leaning one, not the coveted sweet spot in the middle. And because musk is one of those "obviously biased but thinks he's neutral" kind of guys, he won't even believe anyone who tells him what's happening. That said, the world keeps spinning, and this isn't the society-destroying event that some people seem to think it is. Twitter is really good at trying to convince people that it's important, but it has fewer active monthly users that Reddit (which, let's be honest, is not that important as a platform), and only 13% the userbase of Facebook. Hell, Telegram has nearly twice the active users of Twitter, and it's famous for all the extreme far-right propaganda it circulates. Twitter is gonna make some really stupid changes and become a more toxic website than ever as 2 demographics which demonize and despise each other are fighting over who gets the loudest voice on the platform. And it will change nothing. The platform which is barely larger than linked will continue to be filled with users who think the platform is actually important somehow, and that'll be that. Stop worrying about which group is secretly manipulating a minor social media platform from the shadows, grab some popcorn and enjoy the dumpster fire like the rest of us.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 11, 2022 05:28:35

You know that's actually good to hear. It's hard to tell from the internet, where Dunning–Kruger reigns supreme and the stupidest people are always the loudest.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on December 11, 2022 04:58:36

Ah yes they should just inform the bears that since they are currently hunting deer, the bear can just move along without ripping them to shreds. US gun laws are insane, but that doesn't mean we need to pretend protection from wild animal in some places isn't a legitimate reason to need a relatively beefy gun.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on December 11, 2022 04:55:20

Not gonna lie, I saw this post and thought the point was "cool so you're less likely to spill it while you stumble arounds drunk!" Roofie protection didn't even occur to me until I read the comments.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on December 11, 2022 04:39:51

Hell yeah, this crosspost was my top post of the year. Thanks, Reddit!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/youdontmattergiveup on December 11, 2022 04:16:22

I feel like it's getting covered in the news pretty often, at least from the news outlets I follow. Do you primarily use social media to keep up with news? I know a ton of people do these days, and you're not gonna hear much from everyday Chinese people what with the constant government monitoring and laws against criticizing their government.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on December 11, 2022 02:46:05

If there's one thing we've learned, it's that the bot will never take a hanging piece unless forced. Hanging more pieces won't actually help against this 5d bot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 10, 2022 23:51:53

I would argue that one final move was the best move of his life. Not everyone can say they personally took down a mass murdering racist psycho.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 10, 2022 23:46:03

Hey, you don't know what he's into. If he's down bad enough to dm random strangers demanding nudes, he might be down bad enough to look at a dirty asshole and say "even better 💩😫😭"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 10, 2022 22:19:53

I get the appeal of wanting to send nudes to some random stranger who seems keen for them, but the moment you include your face, there's a chance of it being tied to you irl. Absolutely not worth the risk for 99% of people.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 10, 2022 22:16:49

Nothing breaks the brain of the average social media user more than someone _not_ wanting to be sexually harassed in dms. Truly mind blowing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 10, 2022 22:14:30

It sounds like Kate's life continually went south, and she and her friends fixated on this narrative that OOP was personally to blame for all of it. Then the big moment of confrontation arrived, and the truth was that everyone else had accepted the shitty things they had done or dealt with, and then grown as people and moved past it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 10, 2022 21:53:01

Sounds like you need to be contacting SE support about this, not steam support. Sounds like a painfully tangled ball of accounts. Am I right in understanding both are on steam? How can you actually tell the other account is there? If you see it as bought in the mogstation then you might have just bought the general pc version in the past, in which case it'll just be a matter of ignoring that, because you want to look the game up on steam and buy it there instead. Then you can right click the game to get the activation code, and you just go to the mogstation, use the activation code and you're good to go.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:21:35

Allgood, you're a long way from the first person not to notice.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:13:21

Unfortunately their support can take anywhere from an hour to week to respond, depending on how many tickets are coming through. Shouldn't be too long now because I can't imagine they have a ton of ticket traffic, but be prepared for a wait. And once you have this resolved, use a password manager to keep it safe, and avoid this whole headache.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:12:32

FYI posts like this really belong in the pinned daily questions thread.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:08:54

It should be the same as the skip cutscene option: "allow for all duties after the first run."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:04:12

In in elemental at least though, it was always the norm to use auto translate phrases for greetings and goodbyes. I used to keep them on my emote hotbar so they were just one click each. o/ was still the thing but definitely not the norm, and I don't think I even once saw a Japanese player use it for greetings.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 21:02:32

Is E+JP the norm in OCE? since moving over here I've always had it set to english because I thought that JP queue would surely be dead. I mean if anyone in Oceania speaks Japanese, there are 4 whole data centers one region over for them.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 20:58:59

Oh yeah honestly I'm not talking that much about you specifically. More the arguments that ballooned out of it of "we shouldn't let those filthy trans people exist let alone compete in sports!" vs "all trans athletes are queens, and only a vile transphobe would suggest questioning the fairness of them competing in a given gender class!" It's more just the internet being terrible at debate more than anything. Last week I saw a YouTube thread where an openly racist dude was trying to explain his belief that _actually_ racist care more about other races than "fake, virtue signalling" non-racists. The way the argument evolved, I am 100% certain he walled away more certain than ever that everyone else was too much of a brainless sheep to accept that racism is an ideology about love and family.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/PublicFreakout on December 10, 2022 20:50:58

Not if everyone in the discussion is convinced they've solved it by giving the topic 5 minutes of though, which is what everyone in threads like this are doing. Everyone is talking out their ass and throwing insults at everyone who disagrees. There's nothing productive about that, and everyone walks away feeling like they've "owned" the strawman on the other side thus prove that they've totally solved it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/PublicFreakout on December 10, 2022 20:09:30

Honestly it's one of those areas where both sides should be shutting the fuck up and letting experts discuss this themselves. The effects of gender reassignment drugs of physiology for sports is complicated and differs on a variety of factors between individuals. Nobody without a relevant degree is even qualified enough to have an opinion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/PublicFreakout on December 10, 2022 19:42:11

One day maybe we'll have a glamour system as nice as WoW's. We can always dream.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 18:56:15

If you're leveling a dps class with queue times then it'll be better xp/min than dungeons. If you're playing a class with a really short duty finder queue time then dungeons are probably faster. What you wanna do for PoTd is do one run up to level 50 to unlock 51-60, then people make party finder groups to spam floors 51-60 over and over until they reach level 60. At level 60 you unlock the next deep dungeon, and groups spam level 21-30 there until level 70.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 17:26:08

Everyone who rolls gets a number between 1 and 100. Whoever rolls the highest number gets the item.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 16:45:23

Tesla_dyne is right, but if you do get bored you can mix in things like Palace Of The Dead to level as well

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 16:43:50

Imo the whole thing is meaningless and blown out of proportion. Gender as a concept doesn't exist for their kind. Which pronoun you use to handle that case is really not that important.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitpostXIV on December 10, 2022 02:23:32

No wonder she gained an inferiority complex

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 10, 2022 02:03:41

Her inferiority complex just happened to kick up a gear right after I picked up RDM. I still feel guilty, but I like to think it adds an extra reason behind it.

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I like it as an extra headcanon reason behind Alisae always comparing herself to WOL with a bit of an inferiority complex. Poor Alisae. She was happy with her own thing, then one day she left my WOL to meet up one zone over, and when I got there I'd gone on a quick detour to Ul'dah, ran into her master, and had already become a better RDM than her.

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I dash a bit of bleach over it and rinse it off in flushing water before I put it back.

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Back in my uni days I got blackout drunk or passed out a few times, but I've never puked while drunk in my life. Everyone reacts a little differently to alcohol.

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Is there a way to see the range area for instant AOEs? I'm trying archer/bard for the first time, and I'm having a lot of trouble telling exactly what is in range for my Quick Nock aoe attack. Keep missing one or two mobs in the pack who are just outside the area of effect.

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These types of bags are typically priced per kg, not per bag.

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Thank God the baby got the surgery in the end. For the most part these days I ignore antivaxxers as just a bunch of loons, but preventing vital surgery from going forward on a fucking baby is where I draw the line. I don't understand how those protesters could be out there and never see how disgustingly fucked up the were for essentially advocating for parents murdering their kid through neglect, just so the kid isn't "tainted" with the blood of vaccinated donors.

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The locks are at the same point for every job (need to start heavensward for lvl 50+, stormblood for level 60+) for every really doesn't matter though, because msq progress is a far more significant blocker of what you can do than level. If you really don't like being over levelled though, try using 2 classes at once. You get about enough xp from msq to keep 2 jobs levelled at a time, as long as you're okay with the occasional levelling roulette from time to time to boost one of the jobs. You're also getting close to the end of 2.0 at level 50, at which put you play through 50+ quests of 2.0-2.55 with basically no xp, because the level cap was 50 until the start of the next expansion. Job level really just isn't a huge deal.

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You don't need to be a moderator to read the post and immediately follow the logic behind this. Until I read the no IAP I was going to make a comment bringing up how pointlessly broad the category is. It just wouldn't make sense to include IAPs when that means including 95% of games in the genre.

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It definitely wasn't remotely my thing, but I can respect that it was the thing for a lot of other people here. NGL I do hope it wasn't quite popular enough to spawn a wave of DodecaDragons clones though, because that'll mean no cool new games that I'd be interested in for a while.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 9, 2022 05:55:51

When was the last update? I could've sworn it had a big update this year, but I'm not 100% sure.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on December 9, 2022 05:52:20

Read the post > We set aside a new category for those incremental games that don't have any IAP or up-front costs IAPs disqualify it from this category, otherwise it would be to broad. This is a genre of mostly hobby games, which means there's enough completely free, IAP free games to warrant their own category.

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I've not heard of a method within TOS, but it sounds like it'd be fairly simple to set a bot up to check PF and relay the info to discord

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While I think FF14 deserved the win, NMS is a close second.

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It's just a joke man. Is it homophobic to suggest that the mother who wanted OOP to be less masculine to ensure her sone was the 'man' would also probably associate top/bottom in bed with masculinity? Just because it's a joke _about_ a homophobe getting pissed about homophobic things, doesn't mean the person cracking the joke is homophobic.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on December 8, 2022 21:10:24

I'm assuming this is the same as the number of continents people are taught exist, which varies massively based on where you grew up.

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This is why I'm holding off. I don't think there's been a WoW expansion since MoP that wasn't immediately met with overwhelming praise for the first month at least. That, and I'm having a lot of fun in FF14 right now WoW would have to improve a hell of a lot to convince me to pull away from ff14 right now, and 2 MMO subs at once is a bit much for me.

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Throughout all of HW they reference your class as dragoon a lot, because DRG arr quests are kind of a big deal in the context of the azure dragoon.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 6, 2022 01:37:24

As you go on there are more and more cases where interactions change based on side content you've done, jobs you've levelled, or even your current job, and if you don't trigger the unique interaction you wouldn't even know it was there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 18:07:33

Don't worry, for pre-15 leveling you just need to do your job quests, cross targets off of your hunting log, and do fates as you wander into them. You'll be back to msq level in no time

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 18:02:44

Honestly I encourage you to try every class you think looks remotely interesting whenever you feel like it. Save a gearset for each class and you can switch between them with the click of a button! You get enough XP from just MSQ for like 1.5 jobs worth of levelling anyway.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 17:53:28

Reading his comments and looking at his history, I've actually started to think the guy is legit. Like he literally doesn't know the most basic of basics and his mate told him to play, but incorrectly assumed he was aware enough of chess to know the win and lose conditions.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 5, 2022 17:02:03

Don't worry haha, you've attracted all of the chess community memes is all

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 5, 2022 16:47:55

You're probably trolling, but I do feel bad if you're genuine. On the off chance you are: go look up some basic beginner guides to chess. Learning by experience is all well and good, but at the very least you really need to understand the basic goal of the game before you can meaningfully play. Otherwise you're just moving pieces randomly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on December 5, 2022 16:37:17

A quick tip to make learning them easier: you'll notice that there are multiple copies listed for the same ninjitsu. That's because the specific order doesn't actually matter, just the number of mudra and final mudra in the combo. Eg if it's 2 mudra ending with Ten then it casts Katon. 2 ending with Chi is Raiton. 3 ending with Jin is always Suiton. For me at least, realizing I didn't need to actually memorize the whole combo was the key I needed to learning them all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 05:05:27

I hit a wall at one point in post-arr which is how I found out about poetics in the first place, but I never actually tried in post-anything-else. So maybe?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 01:45:04

I'd also recommend monk if you enjoy ninja, to add in a caster class for variety. Also don't tie yourself permanently to dps. It'll take a good while yet, but eventually the game gives you motivation to level at least one class for every role to see all sides of a questline.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 5, 2022 01:10:28

In case you're wondering, this is a think because you're playing through patch content, and during the patches they steadily increase the item level for a gear treadmill. The poetics let you buy the best gear from the end of each post expansion section, so you shortcut straight from x.0 gear to x.5 gear without needing to worry. This is why you wanna be doing msq and level 50/60/70/80 roulettes btw, so you can keep a healthy supply of poetics for buying gear every time you reach post-expansion.

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I've finished 6.0 and am still unclear about bit of the world. It's nagging at me so I thought I'd just ask here and see if there's a known answer or not: >!So how exactly do the reflections work in relation to the rest of the universe? During ShB I had assumed the entire universe had been sundered into alternate realities, but it seems pretty clear at this point that beings from other stars like Meteion and the dragons were not sundered.!< >!Was I wrong, and they're actually in different parts of the universe? If yes then why didn't anyone consider flying the moon to the reflections to save people if we failed?!< >!Or if they're in some kind of smaller pocket dimension, then how do they have stars? Did the entire universe get copied? That doesn't seem to follow in terms of power scaling for hydaelyn. Are they seeing our stars? If so, then does that mean anyone with a telescope could see our ship pop into existence as it flew away, then approach and vanish as it got close? What would happen if an allagen-level civ in a reflection trying to go to space? Would they hit an invisible wall and then fall into chaos believing they must be in a simulation or something?!< Phew, sorry for the wall of questions haha. I've been thinking about this a lot, and I'm getting more confused the more I think, so I just threw out all the issues I ran into thinking through each scenario I've considered.

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Yup that's nappy in NZ. I spent a while trying to figure out how hair could look like a diaper lol

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Some sprouts who can't click the spoiler yet are going to be _very_ confused by that title. 10/10

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 4, 2022 19:43:30

I agree, but that's what I meant by the last sentence. Every one of thoses risks are just as present when you go to a random website and click a link or click a link in someone's comment. If anything it's worse on websites, because anyone can make a link like [](, and only a few browsers will even show you more than a little link int the bottom left to indicate that the link doesn't actually lead to Google. At least with QR codes people seem more aware of the risks, but they're literally just the standard risks associated with clicking random links.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/assholedesign on December 4, 2022 19:21:07

But every QR reader I've ever used will give a pop-up to say "this is a link to Do you wish to visit the website?" It has dangers, but all the same dangers of clicking a hyperlink on pretty much any website.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/assholedesign on December 4, 2022 18:47:07

It's crazy to me that smokers can adjust to the terrible smell to the point where they don't notice it seeping into everything they own.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on December 4, 2022 17:30:41

Rin is above letting petty details like gender dictate who she can fuck.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/okbuddyrintard on December 4, 2022 04:30:55

Tbf we're talking like 10 minutes of porn scenes in a hundred hour VN

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suddenlysexoffender on December 4, 2022 04:24:10

You can't just become Kanye that easily.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/197 on December 4, 2022 04:15:41

If you don't want to pay you can always just world visit your friends, but that does have some restrictions (not being able to join their FC for one). Or if you're still very early, which I guess you might be if you're just trying to link up with mates now, then you can always make a new character on the other server. You can use the save/load appearance data feature to copy/paste the look of your current character and go way faster by story skipping until you get back to the same point in the story.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 4, 2022 03:15:00

Dude what? She thought "new sidewalk" meant new dry sidewalk and didn't realize it was wet, and the guy is like a meter way on camera smoothing it out. Redoing that section will take all of 2 minutes max.

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There's a chapter of Leviticus outlining what to do if a groom suspects his bride is not a virgin. The apparently God-given instruction is to have all the village elders inspect her to see if she has a hymen, because those never break outside of sex, and if they find no hymen then she is to be stone to death while standing at the front door to her father's house. Yeah na, Leviticus laws can get fucked.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on December 3, 2022 20:37:54

So far that seems to be the only way to make the bot capture. We have to throw all of our pieces at protected pawns until the bot gives up and mercy-kills us.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on December 3, 2022 19:49:49

??? Are you up to date with the story? They made this compulsory because it is VERY relevant to a later expansion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 16:07:21

For most of it's titles, yes. But for none of it's modern titles. If the FF game is 20 years old or less then it's not gonna be that type of game. It's like saying the latest Mario game isn't a _real_ Mario game because it's not 2d. Like obviously it's not. It's not decades old. That much should go without saying.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 3, 2022 16:05:33

I highly disagree with that ratio, and if someone is asking if it's a real FF game or just an mmo, that means the WANT the story. It's the mmo fans coming in that struggle with compulsory story, not the FF fans.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 3, 2022 15:52:56

Because the FF franchise clearly left turn based combat behind a fairly long time ago now, and FF14 came out well after they'd stopped making that combat system.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 3, 2022 15:48:07

Yeah, unfortunately the whole reason for 2fa systems is too block anyone without the 2fa device from ever accessing it. Looks like you're in for a wait with support :/ Could always make a new account and skip story you've done while you wait. Not that it'll be the same but at least that'd let you play the game.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 14:50:44

If you do come away feeling like casters are too tedious, give red mage a go after you eventually buy the game. They have a really cool mechanic where every time they use a spell with a cast time, the next spell will be instant. It makes them feel way more mobile because for every couple of seconds casting you get 2.5 seconds of completely free movement.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 14:43:47

Are you play8ng in a different region? It could be lag if your ping is really high.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 06:32:20

We were there to help though. Walking up and giving speeches about the idiocy of their worldview would completely undermine everything the Ilsabard contingent was there for. And for what? To smugly say "you know I'm right though" as the our entire plan crumbles around us? The WOL isn't that petty and stupid.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 06:30:15

As per your edit: I agree that it would be absurd if it was a mandatory wait for that long. The reason everyone in these comments are throwing so many troubleshoot-y questions and seeming confused though is that it normally isn't that at all. So many people get are running CT every day for roulettes that despite being a 24 man instance, the queue times don't normally even stick out as especially long. Hopefully this turns around for you now, but man that queue time is bizarre.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 06:07:02

Assuming you are based in EU, queuing in the late afternoon or evening should get you in withing 5-10 minutes. If not, maybe double check your language filters. Something is off, because these are not dead queues. You shouldn't be getting those kind of queue times outside of early morning when everyone is asleep or during standard business hours when everyone is at work or school. If you still can't get through, try a party finder queue. It really shouldn't be necessary for CT raids though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 05:41:49

Yup, they never go anywhere, and you can always do them on another job if you really want. Not that they give much xp. You're absolutely free to do what you want, people just give warnings because many a sprout has burned out in an attempt to do every yellow quest as they encounter them. Plus the ARR side quests tend to be especially pointless. In later expansion more and more yellow quests have stories that make them worth doing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 05:17:31

Is Coils soloable at lvl 90, or will I still need to PF up for it?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 01:52:35

You know, the further into this game I go the more they reference how much WOL liked Haurchefant, and the more guilty I feel for literally not knowing the guys name, and not noticing that the random extra dude in Ishgard was the same dude from camp dragonhead. Hoary Boulder was a significantly more important character than nameless-Ishgard-pal in my head at the time, and at this point I feel guilty because of it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 3, 2022 01:42:20

Well they have a 10 year plan which means at least 5 more expansion, and I'd probably expect a level squish by lvl 140, but I highly doubt it'll be this expansion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 19:16:46

Damn, after trying mining and botany I was hoping fishing would have the same sort of system with just the right amount of info. Thanks though, looks like fishing is just gonna be the gathering job I play with a wiki page open.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 17:11:18

For fishing levequests, what's the intended method to find a type of fish you've never seen? I could google it or check their price on the marketboard, but I'd really like the experience of chilling back and fishing them properly. If only I knew where to start.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 16:34:38

It's a hell of a lot more harmless than telling his (sometimes young and impressionable) fans that nazis are cool now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 14:11:35

I could see him assaulting someone first, but the last one is a close second.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 14:09:36

Pro-pedo statements is probably the only way to go even worse while still sticking to only words.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 14:07:22

While I strongly disagree with the "all conservatives are racist" argument, everyone I know with extreme views believe that they've found a nuanced middle ground. Like my parents are antivax now and fans of both Trump and Putin, but they tell me stories of people they've met who pray to Trump because they believe he is the literal second coming of Christ, or who are claiming all Ukrainians are Nazis and Ukrainian refugees should be treated accordingly. My parents think they've come to a balanced middle ground with "Trump is the best leader of a generation, but he's not the messaih," or "Putin is driving out the Nazis from Ukraine, but the refugees are all innocent victims of false flag attacks by their government." The key to extremism is not noticing that you're shifting to an extreme.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on December 2, 2022 14:00:31

Yup higher levels give more xp. You do get a daily xp bonus in leveling roulette though so your first leveling roulette each day gives better xp than any other dungeon. Also be aware that lvl 50 dungeons give basically no xp, because 50 was already max level when they came out.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 07:32:22

Do DoL/DoH jobs need the job quests done as you level like other jobs? I'm past the lvl35 miner job quest and I don't think I got anything besides gear. Wondering if I can just grind levequests/Ishgard with a show running on my other screen and come back to the job quests later.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 03:19:47

Weird, the soul crystal normally auto-removes when you equip a weapon for a different class

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 2, 2022 00:27:40

The "and even so" was her trying to change approach because she realized how stupid that argument was

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on December 1, 2022 21:44:48

You were getting downvotes but tbh I do thing unisex bathrooms are the solution to deal with all the transphobic bathroom drama. Plus unisex bathrooms are just so much better. I don't give a shit what you gender is, I do not need to hear you shitting, and I don't want you to hear me shitting.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on December 1, 2022 21:41:53

Honestly it's not that hard. I came out of a year long gap a few months ago when I was midway through Stormblood. There are still a couple of classes I haven't picked back up yet, but getting back up to speed with one class and back into the story only took one session. Pick a class to start off with. Reread your abilities, both to refresh you memory on what buttons do and to look out for any new skill added in 6.0 that you don't have on a hotbar. Then go to a [training dummy]( and mess around until you get the hang of your single target and AOE rotations again. After that you wanna do a couple of roulettes for some easy group content to make sure you have it down. Check out the MSQ roulette, it's been reworks into 2 4-man dungeons and a 4-man trial, with a few of the longer cutscene chunks moved to between duties so the roulette is faster. Sounds like you were lucky with MSQ in that you stopped in between expansions, so I'd recommend Either reading through some of your recent msq quests in the unending journey in an inn, or watch someone's youtube highlights of someone doing the last part you did. You probably forgot a few details, and a quick refresher will make it a lot easier to follow. All up, that really won't take long at all and should be plenty enough to get into. You'll have a flower icon for a week or so, so people know you've been away for long enough to be a but rusty. Welcome back, and have fun!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 1, 2022 19:19:18

Are there any good "what to know at max level" type guides out there? I hit lvl 90 and finished 6.0 last night, and have a few miscellaneous questions. Things like what are the non-poetic tombstones for? are the any systems that I should really at least be aware of and could have missed while levelling? How important is gear for me as a semi-casual player, and where should I be looking for the next tier of gear past my job gear? etc etc. All a bunch of pretty general questions that I feel like surely there are guides for if I could be pointed to them. Thanks in advance!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on December 1, 2022 18:01:47

Could have just been a good reaction from the driver, but emergency brakes in Volvo trucks are absolutely a thing. It's not a type of brake like a parking brake, it's an automated system kicking in to stop the truck as quickly as possible.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on December 1, 2022 16:21:36

Back in the day there were people like her whose entire job was about taking documents from other people and writing them up to look professional. That industry was almost entirely killed off by Microsoft Word, when suddenly anyone could format their own documents with minimal effort. I feel like anyone who worked as a word processor in the 80s had to be massively underestimating the effect computers were about to have. Everyone else in the industry would have been jumping ship to a new career path surely.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gaming on December 1, 2022 16:07:47

It's not though. It's democracy people here are pushing for. As if we're abusing 16 year old by not letting them vote for the meme, but still holding fast that everyone 15 and under can go fuck themselves. It's a change for the worse, for no reason other than an oversimplified view of democracy by some of the people on this sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on December 1, 2022 01:21:55

This was the ultimate goal of the wet bandits.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/dataisbeautiful on December 1, 2022 00:50:55

It's almost like generational divides are arbitrary and meaningless.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suspiciouslyspecific on December 1, 2022 00:31:31

Remember not to laser focus on sticking to your starting class if you don't want to! A lot of people start out with BLM then start burning out, so don't hesitate to try a different class if it feels like it's not your thing. There's plenty enough XP from the main story quests to level a couple of jobs without even trying, so don't hesitate to try other classes just for the change of pace!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 30, 2022 22:18:04

I was never more strongly opposed to letting 16 year olds vote than when I was 18-20. I think a lot of people 30+ have forgotten just how self destructive 16 year olds can be if they think it'd be funny.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 22:01:52

I know enough 16 year olds to know they won't not know why they voted for someone. The vast majority will intentionally vote for the worst possible candidate because they think that shit is fucking hilarious.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 21:55:10

Hell fucking yes. The difference between a yr11 and yr13 teen is massive.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 21:50:29

When I turned 18 it was an election year and a ton of 16 year olds at my school were endlessly nagging me and all the other yr13's to vote for Kim Dotcom because it'd be hilarious if he got in. 16 year olds will put in the effort if they think the resulting dumpster fire will be a good laugh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 21:49:53

The largest camp against it isn't saying "I had to deal with it so you have to deal with it too." They're saying "I was an idiot with politics at 16 and so were all my friends. I'm glad I couldn't vote back then and don't want other people voting at 16 either." When I was 18, Kim Dotcom was running with his internet party. There was a massive push from almost all 16 year olds and a decent chunk of 17 year olds at my school to try to convince all the 18 year olds to vote for him. Their argument was that it'd be a crack up meme if he got into parliament. The idea that 16 year old would not be any more idiotic as a voter than the average <insert opposing political voter> is absurd to me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 21:43:26

It was clearly just an emotional reaction in the heat of the moment. She was probably overwhelmed with embarrassment, and so scared that that OOP was gonna be upset/grossed out that she reacted as if he had already done so. I'm imagining it like if my ex had googled my alt username and found my nhentai profile or something, and I can see where the reaction was coming from. Once the shock wore off she seemed fine, so I don't think anyone did anything wrong here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 30, 2022 17:13:01

I think the secret here is to lose through trades. I'm convinced the bot has been set up specifically to both ignore easy mate and ignore hanging pieces. We need to feed it out pieces by taking protected pawns.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on November 30, 2022 16:13:05

Last month during post shb I think(?) I talked to her when one of the brothers was away on a mission. She looked all sad and talked about how only having one brother to warm her bed just wasn't the same.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 30, 2022 05:10:51

THAT'S MY POINT Nobody is getting nightmares. Kids get scared of this for like a second, then they realize it's not real, then they love it and wanna do it again for hours. Occasionally some kids might get actually scared, but that's really uncommon and you just gotta not repeat it if they react like that. Not ever playing a trick that most kids love because they could theoretically be in the 1% that doesn't is not good parenting. And yes, everything I just said applies to the "got your nose" trick because ITS THE SAME THING.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on November 30, 2022 02:10:06

Did you pick a region that was near you? I've never had anything that bad, but it sounds like a worse version of what I used to experience when playing the JP region from NZ on a bad day.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 30, 2022 00:30:08

Sure, but this is the exact same argument used to say the the jobseekers benefit should be cut because some people cheat the system and collect it without ever looking for work. I don't care which benefit it is, I will never stand with an argument of "let's gut the system and royally fuck over thousands, because a small percentage of them don't need the money." It's a terrible argument, and I don't know how so many people are disgusted by the argument in one context, then go and use it themselves in another.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 00:08:23

I struggle to believe maybe shop owners would pick the 80 year old applicant of the 18 year old. My own parents are looking at retirement because they're paid hourly at their jobs, and their bosses aren't giving them enough hours because they've had health issues and the bosses feel too guilty about asking a lot out of them now. Job market is tough for everyone, but once you reach a certain age the market all but dissappears entirely. Calls to improve welfare should not be paired with calls to kill superannuation just because the unemployable people _that_ benefit supports are old.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 30, 2022 00:01:52

Have you ever done the "got your nose" trick to really little kids before? They fall for it, freak out, realize their nose is still there, laugh and get you to do it again. That's literally the whole point of the game.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on November 29, 2022 22:05:54

How about not generalizing "your generation" (millennials, I'm guessing?) based entirely off of one cringe take on the internet from someone of an unknown age. There are people with these braindead takes in every generation, and they always come out of the woodwork on social media whenever a kid is on camera.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on November 29, 2022 22:00:29

This is literally just a camera filter version of "got your nose!" Part of growing up for kids is getting scared at times and realizing it's okay. The kid is fine. You can only shelter them so much before your overprotection causes harm.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on November 29, 2022 21:56:28

It makes sense if you think about it. Pretty much everyone modding things like hairstyles will be doing it for cool screenshots they can share, so they end up making up a huge portion of the cute character selfies online

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 20:16:20

That's what I meant when I said they already have a ton of inner symbols. If they added more for every possible type of unlock, you'd need to open a wiki page every time to work out what it was unlocking. You're alternative solution might work, but it'd need to be vague enough not to be a spoiler.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 19:15:41

or too make in more clear, if it was something crazy like 1 2 3 4 50 the median would be 3, because 3 is the number in the middle of the list. The mean however (what most people mean when they say average) would be 12, because (1+2+3+4+50)/5 = 12

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 18:50:46

They'd have to keep the simple "blue = unlock" rules for people who didn't want to learn 20 different map markers though, and they already use a ton of different inner symbols for repeating quests and job quests. They'd be running out of ways to change the symbol without revamping the basic quest symbol design.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 18:30:44

Those quests are blue because they're related to unlocking a beast tribe. While that questline ends without seeming to give you anything, later on another blue questline will tie back into what you did there, and will lead to a beast tribe unlocking.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 17:12:53

I'm not going to continue this argument because while I think you have some good points, you really need to stop acting like this shit is set in stone and your interpretation is the One True Reading which we must all follow. Learn to debate ideas, and try to understand that not everything is defined by rock solid rules with no room for varied opinions.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 15:59:00

I agree with the facts you're stating about the plot, but I feel like the "therefore you're not the same person even if you have the same soul" conclusion isn't as cut and dry as you believe. You're not the same people exactly, but the part of "you" that is your soul persists. We are the product of our experiences combined with innate truths about who we are as people. When a soul goes to the lifestream all of those experiences are erased, but that innate core of the person persists. At least that's what I believe. I'm open to being wrong abut it, but I'm not going around claiming that people "didn't pay attention to the story" if they disagree with me on a more implied philosophical point of the lore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 15:25:56

Reading around a bit, I think they did catch on at some point to the fact that ssl certs are important for legit emails. Meaning that the " did not encrypt this message" warning is a red flag that it's almost certainly fake.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 02:18:01

Well that looks _mostly_ legit. The mixture of .net and .com and the unsecured email warning are all flags, but would be more slam dunks if SE wasn't so janky to begin with. It's enough to make me seriously doubt it though. I did some Googling and found a lot of threads of things like "this all looks legit, but the email says you're suspended until you contact them and you can still log in, so clearly it's not real. I would assume it's fake because it most likely is for everything from those red flags I mentioned to this not being how player normally even get warnings. Don't click any links in the email - they look legit on the surface but could be faked hyper links (eg []( - and contact support to ask them about it if you want the peace of mind.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 02:07:27

You wanna click the little v symbol next to the "to me" part. That'll show you the actual email address it came from, and not just a "name" that the sender was free to pick for themselves.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 29, 2022 01:21:03

One tip nobody seemed to mention is that you might want to go into character config and set battle effects for other players to "limited". with 24 people in the duty, everyone's abilities can be really overwhelming limited mode hides everything that isn't important to you (eg you still see the heal circles but won't see a flashy animation that just does damage to the enemy).

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 28, 2022 21:34:17

> and he seemed to be ok with her taking money out for a non-emergency for some reason The entire point of the post was how very __not__ okay he was with her dipping into the emergency fund for photos.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 28, 2022 20:33:30

I feel like people are slowly losing their ability to think in anything other than extremes. Like either the CCP is literally worse than Hitler, or we're a-okay with what atrocities they are committing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on November 28, 2022 17:22:10

I just realized I have all of the packaging for every phone I've ever owned, and not once have I needed any of it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on November 28, 2022 15:39:18

It's rude, but that doesn't mean it isn't funny

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on November 28, 2022 04:14:46

It feels like the Chinese government always does everything in extremes, and never learns that maybe approaching problems with nuance would help.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 28, 2022 03:58:18

Willing to bet it's an unexpected side effect of the wave of microservice shutdown without proper review. Sure they fixed the obvious shit like accidentally breaking 2FA, but for every one immediately obvious mistake there's bound to be a dozen with less immediate or obvious consequences. Slowly bleeding the infrastructure over time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 28, 2022 03:53:23

There's nothing like that in this game to worry about. You'll get enough xp to level up a job or 2 through msq quests alone.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 28, 2022 03:28:09

Maybe if everyone didn't do that, half the world wouldn't have completely forgotten that it was an important cultural symbol **before** Hitler came in and reappropriated it for his regime.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on November 28, 2022 01:40:16

spouts scrolling through here: Don't read the question below this. Unmarked spoilers :/

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 27, 2022 20:15:53

Can you please edit in spoiler tags? There are a LOT of sprouts browsing this thread and those are some pretty damn massive spoilers you casually threw into your comment.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 27, 2022 20:13:42

No, don't worry, this post is a meme and the comments are all /r/AnarchyChess jokes

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 27, 2022 18:55:43

A test that measures IQ will test you to measure your IQ. An IQ test tests your IQ.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on November 27, 2022 15:11:13

[Does this help]( Check the rest of the comment there if it doesn't.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 26, 2022 21:37:13

I don't remember where exactly you first travel there, but it you retrace you steps from the start of the quest to go there, there's always a door/portal to interact with or a person to speak to who'll let you through.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 26, 2022 21:18:11

You don't even need the app. It's just a standard 2fa system that was named a "one time password" before the term "2fa" was normalized. Any normal authenticator app will work.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 26, 2022 20:14:40

I recommend taking the time to do all the blue quests in HW. Not necessarily for their sake themselves, but because it'll give you time to really let all of HW story settle in. SB is quite different in feel from HW, so a bit of a spacer helps you appreciate each expansion on it's own merits.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 26, 2022 19:45:17

Enjoy the ride! This game keeps getting better the further in you go.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 26, 2022 19:33:03

Startup bosses on a Sunday messaging you like ^

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 16:14:13

Quantum computing is a lot like blockchain tech in that it can be very useful in some very boring and niche way, but somehow got the layperson's impression as some new revolutionary thing that was going to drastically and rapidly improve all tech in ways we couldn't even imagine. The difference is that nobody can speculatively trade units related to quantum computing which vary drastically based on how useful a layperson thinks it will be.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 26, 2022 16:10:29

As far as I remember it applies to both. Pretty much everyone uses entry level because standard only makes any sense to a small niche of players with a ton of alts.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 25, 2022 23:26:08

Can confirm you were right. The big twist in the zone happened and everything makes sense again. I'm mindblown right now by all of the implications, a bunch of random little mysteries that have all just clicked into place and a new personal theory that I'm gonna be holding onto until the end of 6.0. And I think I finally get why I've seen people talk about >!fandaniel!< being an interesting character lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 25, 2022 23:20:32

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Fine haha, you're probably right. I'm just getting a little turned around in the details and scared I might miss something important due to a misunderstanding. Allgood if I'm meant to be a little confused now though, I just thought my half asleep brain was failing to process important stuff.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 25, 2022 03:57:32

So I'm doing the lvl 87 EW msq, and am confused about a plot point (major spoilers btw, don't curiosity click this one if you're not past this point): >!So I just met Hydaelyn in the past, or Venat I guess, and told her what Elidibus told me about affecting time. But then Venat reacted as if it meant we were now on a new alternate timeline. Did I misunderstand what one of them said, or miss a line that made it make sense? Kinda sleep deprived so maybe I just spaced out on a line so badly that I missed it on reread.!< TLDR >!can we or can we not safely alter the timeline and still return home?!<

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 25, 2022 03:46:46

I know right, apparently I'm a sociopath according to reddit lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/funny on November 25, 2022 00:59:34

That's what I mean though. The fact that the operator returns a value is a random trivia fact. The only people actually using it outside of very niche edge cases are beginners who are trying to minimize their lines of code at the cost of readability, because they think less lines = better code. That still doesn't justify hating the operator as a whole. If we pulled out everything that could be misused to make shitty code, we'd have nothing left. Side note: I feel like in my attempt to make an offhand comment, I have now become a passionate and vocal proponent of people not being so passionate and vocal about this topic.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 24, 2022 21:06:28

Okay but `a + ++b` is just bad coding. You're just doing a bad job if you legitimately code like that, but getting mad at the operator for making it technically possible is equally silly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 24, 2022 20:51:28

It's such a minor thing for people to feel so passionate about, regardless of whether they like it or not. If you don't like it, don't use it. If you like it but it's unsupported, suck it up and use `+=1`. Why is this even an issue for people?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 24, 2022 20:02:21

I had an American workmate once who started casually asking people what they were doing for the 4th of July. Seemed shocked and confused when nobody was doing anything to celebrate it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on November 24, 2022 19:23:57

That we know of. If this was anything more than a quick 1 week task I'd be asking questions about the testing at this point.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 24, 2022 15:33:43

Based on past expansions roughly when would we expect to see things like 7.0 expansion name and themes? I'm finally catching up - at lvl 86 quests right now - and starting to wonder about what's coming next.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 23, 2022 18:51:04

I'd take a reverse pilgrimage through every zone and significant location, working backward chronologically Until I arrived back at the gates of Ul'dah. then I'd log off.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 23, 2022 14:47:35

Why wouldn't people upvote a funny story we can all personallyrelate to?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/oddlyspecific on November 23, 2022 14:00:09

[Nilered made the stuff once in a YouTube video]( IIRC it's completely safe to have in the house and use from time to time, but it'd be a bad idea to regularly carry the stuff with you everywhere or sleep with uranium glass touching you or something. Seconds or minutes of contact is find, hours start to get a little dodgy.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on November 23, 2022 07:38:33

They spent way more on infrastructure for this than they could ever come close to making back in profits. Dunno why they did this, but it sure as hell wasn't for profit.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BikiniBottomTwitter on November 23, 2022 05:28:19

It cuts faster and thinner slices with a lot less care/focus needed than a knife.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on November 22, 2022 22:34:54

I don't know what exactly you mean by "kiddy", but the game does get a lot of dark themes later on. It's rated T for teen, and multiple times they've had to redo cutscenes because they were too dark and graphic for that rating. So I guess it's as non-kiddy as a game with that rating can be. The story gets far more interesting and the combat get a lot more involved and complex as you go, but it is a very slow start. My advice is not to worry too much about looking at your phone or anything. Just enjoy the early game for what it is, know that freaking everything you see will become relevant later when the story actually gets good, and take your time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 22, 2022 18:30:42

The head specifically can be hidden at any time. There's a "show/hide headgear" button on the character screen, bottom left of the portrait.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 22, 2022 17:03:09

Same thing could be said for apple. It sucks, but there's no way to instant message people without picking a billionaire's app to use. At least WhatsApp is theoretically secure. iMessage doesn't even have that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 16:11:28

iPhones didn't invent SMS dude.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 16:09:45

I mean I hear the iPhone34 comes in 2 new shades of white! S42 really can't compete with that level of pure innovation.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 04:19:51

It is an optical zoom up to like 10x zoom I think, or something like that. The 100x is a gimmick but it is genuinely great at high quality zoomed it pics. You can go up to 30x before it starts looking noticeably zoomed in. Great for things like concerts and sports games.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 04:17:21

Ngl I have the phone, and the big camera array is just a flex for me. There are a lot of features I love, but imo the primary reason for a bunch of crazy good cameras on one phone is to make it stick out to people and look impressive.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 04:13:37

100x is garbage, but imo it looks pretty good up to 30x zoom. "Our 30x zoom looks good" just doesn't market as well as "you can technically go up to 100x zoom if you want."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 22, 2022 04:10:58

Because no stable and healthy person is going to ask reddit for relationship advice

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suspiciouslyspecific on November 21, 2022 18:48:28

Download from the SE store if you want to buy the expansion on the SE store. Steam player are locked into buying buying the game from steam due to some dumb licensing agreement between SE and Valve.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 21, 2022 17:21:54

Ah. Yeah that'll do it. Thanks for the update

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 21, 2022 12:47:04

Damn, I was sure OOP was still her in teens by the she was talking. This is the kind of drama bs that most people grow out of right after high school.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 21, 2022 04:07:08

Goddammit I missed the sub name. Took me until they starting backslapping away at the very end to notice. Oh was just like "oh damn, I guess this is how they discipline birds as part of taming them!"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/reverseanimalrescue on November 21, 2022 00:39:18

First priority is to scan for any pieces the queen could take. Second priority is to develop in a slow, stable way that makes it harder for the queen to move. Early queens can do serious damage if you miss a hanging piece, but they're also really easy to bully. They have no other defenders out yet and the queen can never take a defended piece. As long as you don't hang anything, early queen is very bad for them in the long term.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 20, 2022 21:32:09

Duty support can be really good at giving you some practice before playing with real players, but personally I didn't get over it until I made myself play with other people. I made a macro to throw a quick "new to tanking, sorry if I screw up" message, and that helped a lot. Once you give a message like that, a lot of people will give genuinely helpful advice and pointer to help you improve. Don't feel forced to always play the highest dungeon, feel free to repeat the same lower level dungeon a few times to practice. And don't worry if you wipe horribly in the level 45-50 dungeons, the difficulty spikes there for a bit and you suddenly have to go a lot slower. It smooths out again after level 50 and you can go back to larger pulls.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 20, 2022 18:36:05

We're talking here because someone declared the poll fake and everyone is just...agreeing, with no evidence.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 20, 2022 12:38:15

But this time with slavery

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on November 20, 2022 07:41:34

So because it was a believable split, that makes it obvious botting to you? I didn't want the guy back, but I'm not stupid enough to unironically believe that every poll that doesn't go my way is botted. Realistically there were probably bots on both sides, because twitter. I'm not gonna randomly jump on this idiotic "pill was rigged" bandwagon on literally no evidence besides "it'd fit my worldview better if it was rigged." This is literally the kind of biased bs take that we give trump supporters shit for believing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 20, 2022 07:32:11

It was biased because of course Musk has a large conservative following, but I don't see how anyone could argue it's a fake poll, purely because it came out like 2% in favour of bringing him back.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 20, 2022 04:17:59

I'll never fucking wrap my head around how so many religious fanatics, even from different religions, end up doing these insane mental gymnastics do decide rapists are victims of other people "tempting" them into forcing themselves on someone.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 20, 2022 00:41:28

You're welcome, glad this thread was able to answer your question with such incredible efficiency

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 19, 2022 23:07:45

Starting as a healer should be fine in this game, and white mage is the most beginner friendly of the healer classes. If you're nervous you can just look up a beginners guide to healing on YouTube and that should give you everything you need to get started. Summoner is probably the most beginner friendly job in the whole game though, so works great as a fallback. A major appeal of this game is that you can play every class with the same character, switching class based on your main hand. Once you reach the lvl 10 (I think) job quest for your first class, you'll unlock a bunch of "so you want to be an X" quests that'll let you pick up and level as many classes as you want, so there's no pressure. you can even save each class to a gear set, and then switch instantly between jobs out of combat with a single click! It should also be noted that both summoner (caster dps) and Scholar (healer) jobs branch off from the arcanist class, meaning they share the same level. So levelling summoner to 50 means you automatically have scholar at level 50, and vice versa. White mage is definitely the easier healer though, so might still be a better choice if you wanna heal but are nervous.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 19, 2022 23:05:01

So I just unlocked the EW role quests, and want to clarify a couple of things: 1. Since they just now unlocked at lvl 85, does that mean I can do the whole questline at lvl 85, or will I need to be level 90 to finish them? 2. Will there be a natural point in EW where the story nudges you to wrap up role quests like there was in ShB? 3. Will role quest completion be required to continue MSQ at any point like it was in ShB?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 19, 2022 22:33:33

As I WHM I didn't have enough to do that though. Afflatus solace doesn't even come until sometime in the 50s. Pop a regen on them as they run of course, but that does sweet FA as their health drops to 0 in 2 seconds flat. Wall to walls pull a LOT in those dungeons, and lvl 45-50 trash hits hard.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 19, 2022 20:01:48

I mean I don't think they're plants or fungi so...

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/reverseanimalrescue on November 19, 2022 18:45:49

As a someone who recently learnt healing, arr wall to wall pulls taught me nothing. I was just a game of "do I notice the tank sprinting in time to be there when the pull ends?" Because they pull so damn much that you NEED to be casting a heal before they stop moving or they'll just die on the spot. A level 45-50 wall to wall pull is far harder than anything I've encountered so far healing through to the start of EW. The only places I've seen wipes so far as healer are those dungeons and a couple of Eden fights. I absolutely do not blame spout healers for being completely overwhelmed by it, and imo tanks really need to be more considerate of new healers in those specific dungeons.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 19, 2022 13:38:02

Sounds like it could be some kind of region locking thing based on that last sentence. I would do some digging into issues and workarounds people specifically have when getting the game from your country.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 21:43:10

Under the duty menu, there's a New Game + button. That'll open a big screen to lets you pick a "chapter" of the MSQ or pretty much any significant side questline to replay. IIRC each expansion MSQ is split into 4 chapters. You pick the chapter to replay, it gives you the first quest in that chapter, and then you play through until the end of the chapter just like you would've the first time. Just without any xp rewards.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 21:23:46

Yes, through the newgame+ system. You won't get any XP for it though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 20:29:33

Welcome to the part where "it gets good." Everyone saying to push through ARR even if it seemed boring was waiting for you to get to this point and everything that comes after. Enjoy the ride :D

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 19:42:05

I'm on Sophia too, and I definitely feel ya. Weekend mornings are especially quiet, almost as if kiwis and Aussies have...ugh..._lives_ or something. It's pretty standard with any new DC though, and it just takes time to grow. I'm expecting us to reach a healthy DC population with the 7.0 launch. Personally I'm just planning to make a long term NA or EU alt instead of a temp alt to check the place out. It'll let you still enjoy the good ping and (imo) way more chill vibes that you get with OCE, while still having something to do if the DC is sleeping and queue is too long.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 16:51:03

Don't make the mistake I made: take the time to scan through your full abilities list, because if any new abilities were added to your job they won't be on your hotbars. I'd also recommend skimming through the unending journey in the inn for a bit to refresh yourself on exactly where the plot left off before diving back into msq. Otherwise it can be kind of jarring for a bit as you try to remember wtf people are talking about. Do your dailies to refresh yourself on jobs. I recommend checking out MSQ roulette, they've been revamped into 2 4-man dungeons and a 4-man trial, with more interesting mechanics and with a good chunk of dialogue moved to in-between duties so the roulette isn't a drag.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 18, 2022 14:45:04

I still feel like we peaked at "what if feelings had feelings?"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/memes on November 18, 2022 13:07:05

It's still rumors at this point. Like I said, Elon Musk made an ultimatum where every employee had to either hit a button to agree to "work long hours, at high intensity" from now on to work towards "twitter 2.0". They had until ~8 hours ago to hit the button and agree, or they would receive 3 months severance and be out the door. Less than an hour after the deadline passed, Twitter locked it's doors and all office security badge access has been disabled until Monday. FIFA world cup on Sunday btw, when the site normally hits record breaking traffic peaks, and nobody will be there to put out fires. That's all we actually know for sure. The 10% figure is from every reporter tried to get info from Twitter employees in the aftermath. Every single report I see cites the employee they contacted as saying only 20-25% of their workmates hit the button. And the people who didn't hit it are fully intending to take the severance and go. I mean who wouldn't pick 3 months severance over the holiday period? Especially when the alternative is "long hours, at high intensity" at a sinking ship of a company. if 75-80% of the remaining 3,700 employees quit, then that 740-925 employees left. 3 weeks ago Twitter had 7,600 employees.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 18, 2022 03:42:28

Giving it an eyeball as a web dev, I'm guessing that either it'll crash during the world cup in a few days, or it'll last a few weeks. Months sound like a pretty huge stretch. Maybe some small niche site would be fine for months, but no way in hell a ship the size of Twitter would last that long on autopilot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WhitePeopleTwitter on November 18, 2022 03:21:39

It's not happening in real life. That was a parody account making a joke tweet.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/news on November 18, 2022 03:09:02

Well we'll probably find out soon enough, word is they're almost down to 10% of the pre-musk workforce still employed after his latest "agree to work overtime 7 days a week from now on or take a 3 month severance package and leave" ultimatum.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 18, 2022 02:40:04

My parents recently took the next step down the rabbit hole that they started with covid conspiracies, and they now unironically believe in chemtrails. Not flat Earthers yet, but I feel like it's only a matter of time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on November 17, 2022 18:19:57

Yeah, I'm a cis straight man but definitely when through a whole period in my teens of doubting my gender and sexuality purely because I was looking for a reason for why I didn't feel like I belonged with everyone else. For me it was just a thing that I grew out of, and I still think it was quite healthy to genuinely evaluate whether I was suppressing part of myself. Obviously plenty of LGBTQ+ people exist and have every right to live as freely as the rest of us, but teen years are hormonal and confusing event without autism in the mix. A professional diagnosis and/or a waiting period to make sure it's really gender dysphoria seems reasonable to me. Plenty of teens experiment with their sexuality to figure that side out and it's fine, but gender reassignment is a one-way street, so you need to be sure before you take the step.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on November 17, 2022 17:22:11

Ah, fair enough. I last played WoW in Legion and that was only casually, so I'm not up to date on current mechanics over there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 17, 2022 15:00:10

The only thing that I've heard is different tanking in ff14 vs wow is that you normally pull multiple packs of trash at once, at which point the trash is a bigger threat than the boss. So use your cooldowns on trash pulls to make life easier for the healer, and don't worry too much about saving any for the boss. Oh and also try not to turn the bosses around too much, because melee dps player all have attacks that deal bonus damage if attacking from the rear.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 17, 2022 14:05:18

It's crazy to me that they didn't make crystal tower compulsory until _after_ 5.0. Surely by 4.55 the crystal tower as a factor would've been clear enough that it wouldn't be too much of a meta-spoiker to have made it compulsory then.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 17, 2022 04:16:25

They're too glib for that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 17, 2022 04:08:25

If you account for any of the thinly veiled sugar coating in this story, OOP is almost as bad as the ex and mum. This sounds a hell of a lot like how a toxic asshole describes a fight they started so they sound like the hero. I wouldn't want any of these people in my life, personally.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 16, 2022 22:46:14

If you're in a shouting match with someone and then throw them down the stairs, that's not self defense no matter whose property it is.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 16, 2022 22:41:04

I totally get where she was coming from in the first post, but that second post sounded crazy. She was describing it as 'standing up for herself' but it sounds like she was the only person escalating argument to breakup, breakup to fucking death threats out of nowhere, and then physical violence.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 16, 2022 22:37:49

Nothing like seeing both healers and half the party wipe, and casually dualcasting verraise to victory.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 16, 2022 21:26:12

I switched to vscode as soon as I started working in a wider variety of languages. Every specific language has a better ide, but vscode knocks it out of the parse as an all-purpose general ide.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 16, 2022 21:20:35

Most of the people here are technically right, but I feel the need to balance it out and clarify that you _can_ play like 95% of the game solo, it's just that you need to be okay with grouping up for the occasional 8 man boss fight and the stormblood dungeons which don't have duty support. The compulsory group content is all intentionally easy though, and I really don't think you'll hate it and much as you're implying, even if you might not love multi-player content. Plus, this game is a FF game first and an mmo second. If you take the time to enjoy the (almost entirely soloable) story and you work your wake to the FF6 stuff, you might end up loving this game in it's own right for the story. Even if the mmo aspect is a negative.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 16, 2022 15:35:19

Oh hey! That's an actual trouble-shootable error code and not just a "you need to subscribe error like the last screenshot. [Have you tried this fix]( Googling around for those specific codes and I found 2 separate threads which ended when this fix was linked and it seemed to fix it for everyone. At the very least I can assure you that this one isn't a screwed up subscription state message. Whatever the root cause is, this one is 100% saying that your current approach is the right one, but you have some kind of local machine issue which will make it impossible for the game to launch, no matter where you're downloading it from. If the fix I linked doesn't work, you might need to email support and just keep googling those error codes. "ffxiv unable to complete version check" is not the important part btw. Those codes below are what you need to google and share with support to figure out what exactly is going wrong. Describe errors with technical codes instead of the generic "code did an oopsie" message and it's way easier to understand the actual problem.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 06:07:52

THEY BETTER NOT BE ABOUT TO KILL SOMEONE OFF I SWEAR! This is already all I was thinking about lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 02:23:20

Another option from what I gave before: since you haven't played at all you could go full scorched earth to get a free trial back. This would mean uninstalling from steam, creating a new SE account with a different email, downloading the non-steam pc version with THAT account, and going from there. If I was in your position I'd be pretty tilted and over handing them more money, so this way you can still play for free, and the game will give you hundreds of hours to decide if it's worth the effort to attempt to buy it again.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 02:21:25

Ngl I kinda hope it is. I liked the idea of that duty before the cutscene, but I'd be pretty happy never having to do it again aye.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 02:13:13

Last time I encountered someone with this issue, it turned out that they'd bought ARR previously, thinking you needed to by ARR to get the free trial. Buying ARR gives you 30 free days which would have seemed like a free trial back when you played it, but would mean you have to pay for a monthly sub now. The mogatation is a confusing mess to deal with, so I don't fault you at all for getting turned around there. What the devs intended was for steam users to click the link to the mogstation, ignore the option to buy the game and find the steam game link there instead, click it and go BACK to steam again to buy the game there. Because your account is in a weird state, you get to see firsthand why so many people say the mogstation is the worst problem with the game by far. So yeah, you probably need to buy a 1 month sub and then try again. I'm convinced you actually own at least the base game. Good news is there's no where 2-version system with the sub, the bad news is that you need to use the mogstation again to get a sub. Log in to the mogstation with the same account you'll use on steam, and then go to the "subscription renewal" tab to buy a sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 02:11:14

Code shouldn't be a problem. When the get the complete edition they can right click the game in steam to view the redemption codes, and then go over to the mogstation to redeem the codes on their account. Just be aware that you'll end their trial in the process, so don't buy it for them if they're not ready to upgrade to the sub model.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 01:25:53

I was leaning into my screen man, shouting at characters, fully freaking gripped by what was about to happen. Then out of nowhere the game said "lmao no." I am shattered lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 01:19:10

11pm my time, but it might be worth a late work night to avoid that massive cliffhanger of a cutoff point. Thanks!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 01:12:44

How long is maintenance? I should have noticed that it was coming, so my bad, but it happened right as (EW spoiler) >!Alaise and G'raha were blissfully running up to Zenos is my body!<. I NEED to know how that cutscene ended. I can't believe I've done this to myself.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 15, 2022 01:06:09

Or the dad found out somehow about how the relationship OOP is in was becoming more serious, and wanted to reconnect so he could stop his son from doing something as "terrible" as marrying someone who isn't 100% white. This is the thought that stuck out to me, but it is all just pure speculation.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 14, 2022 21:02:28

I dunno man, all of the specifically teen alcoholics I knew had _really_ shitty families.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 14, 2022 20:59:11

Imagine harassing someone who went no contact with you, something that'd require you to jump them uninvited at their house or harass them from new social media accounts, all to "apologize". Going against a completely justified no contact demand because you want to say you're sorry is a terrible idea. The best you can do is exactly what OP did: take the time to deal with the personal issues that led to the no-contact, work on improving yourself and only contact the person to apologize after they break the no-contact themselves.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 14, 2022 20:56:30

FF16 was also in the most anticipated category if anyone's interested in voting for that

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 14, 2022 17:12:44

I was a big fan of her ShB set. Except the headpiece. What the hell was up with the weird mask headpiece?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 13, 2022 18:39:28

You'd need a pretty big dishwasher to achieve once per meal even.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on November 13, 2022 18:05:07

You're going to be leveling fast. It would be completely inefficient to try to get BiS as you level. You're going to be leveling up with almost every dungeon run, so BiS is constantly changing. Every 10 levels, buy the highest level poetic gear you can access. Whenever you encounter dungeon gear which has a higher ilvl than your current gear, switch to it. I normally also stop and buy vendor gear for any slots that still have poetics by around level x7 or x8, since by that point the poetics are starting to be a drag.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 13, 2022 17:39:56

Yeah, FCs feel kind of weirdly..forced, I guess? Proper friends I've made in the game have been people I've met through party finder groups. Plenty of time for chatting while you wait for more people to join, and their's a natural opportunity to send a friend request if you want to join back up for a follow up duty in the future

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 13, 2022 16:50:43

Has this been shifted at some point? I've always heard 20-28 referenced as "prime years."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 13, 2022 15:36:11

Physical prime, definitely not mental prime.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 13, 2022 15:35:13

Have you tried PF instead of DF? If you're queue is over half an hour, a PF queue is normally the way to go.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 12, 2022 18:55:30

You still take a fair bit of damage with mitigation, but you take it more slowly. The point being that it gives the healer more time to manage the rest of the party and get some dps in. The healer notices the difference more than you, because it's them who has to heal you 1.5x faster when you don't pop your 30% mitigation, for example.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 12, 2022 15:40:52

The 44b deal is because he wanted the price per share to be 54.20 for the meme, and by the time he really how royally fucked he would be if he went through with the deal, he was already legally bound to go through with it and had no way out. There was no big plan here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/RealTwitterAccounts on November 12, 2022 04:51:58

Probably yes, but not as a "fuck it" thing. If you seriously wound an animal like that then the decent thing to do is at least end its suffering. Like putting down an animal if you hit it while driving.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/HumansBeingBros on November 12, 2022 03:55:14

The queues you see every day are just because they log people in in small batches. Basically the act of logging in uses several times more resources for a few seconds than just being in-game would use, so the limit the number of people who can log in per second. This leads to a login queue on most days which lasts a few seconds. We have had the crazy hours long queues you're talking about, but that generally only happens right after an expansion launch and on the more heavily populated worlds.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 12, 2022 00:36:13

That's what make this the greatest dough! We have kilos of cheese and toppings already baked into the dough

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 11, 2022 18:06:13

Not anymore. That system was announced, deployed, and rollback without the span of a few hours a couple of days ago. Last time I went on yesterday the system was see a verification checkmark -> got to the profile -> click the checkmark on their name. It'd pop up either say "this person is verified because they are confirmed as a public figure or celebrity" or It'd say "this person is verified because they subscribed to twitter blue." These two different types of "verified" were completely identical in location and appearance. I use past tense because the site has been changing back and forth so fast that they've probably tried and rolled back another couple of versions since then.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nottheonion on November 11, 2022 15:04:15

The Musk impersonations to prove a point was done by actual verified accounts, and the system wasn't changed at the time. I went on There yesterday to enjoy the fire, and it was walls and walls of "verified" twitter accounts impersonating everything from BP to Nintendo to major pharmaceutical companies. I bet Musk had a LOT of angry emails yesterday from very powerful people.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nottheonion on November 11, 2022 14:54:16

I don't think anyone is actually that serious about it (aside from some people who despise Lalafels for some reason). I'm poking fun by calling miquote the normie race, but also they technically are, and that's a good example of why it's incredibly shallow and dumb to actually care if the thing that you like is "normie."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 11, 2022 14:47:27

You need to remind your friend that Hyurs aren't the super common mainstream race in this game. Some people just can't accept that catgirls are the normie race.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 11, 2022 06:00:32

It's always the weirdest things. For me I don't think I could ever change my character's hairstyle or the won't be "them" anymore. I'm really tempted to fantasia them to make them a little shorter, but I'm scared that I'll immediately regret it after the fact.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 11, 2022 05:57:58

Because races look different. That's like asking why some races have tails.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 11, 2022 05:52:16

Black mage because I thought big explosion magic would be awesome. I made it to level 38 before trying another job out. Never touched BLM again.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 11, 2022 05:49:00

Who actually thinks this though? I've never met anyone who couldn't understand that compression is a thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 10, 2022 22:16:38

Minor EW spoiler: >!So last night I did the first intro part into sharlayan, up until the part where you choose where to go first. I only have time to do one tonight, I've been thinking all day about whether to look into the weird behaviour of the Sharlayans or head over to Thavnair instead.!< >!Without any spoilers, which one would you guys recommend as the better first pick to set up the expansion nicely?!<

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 21:52:13

If you're ever in a duty queue that seems to be taking way to long, it's worth trying to recruit on party finder instead. I normally think about switching to PF if the queue is over 20 minutes.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 18:59:18

Look up a free tutorial series on making a website with react. Everyone on here talks about using raw javascript but it gets a lot more complicated than it needs to be really fast. React is the most popular javascript framework, meaning you're using javascript but in a nice environment with all the tools you need to easily make a website. It'll be more practical, useful and easier than just trying to learn javascript on its own.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_gamedev on November 10, 2022 17:27:11

"What's unsynced? Let's do it!" Clearly the point is that the sprout didn't understand what the mentor was talking about. Unsyncing because you want to unsync is not the same as unsyncing because someone told you to hit this button you had never looked at before.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 06:26:09

They're not saying it's bad to do it unsynced. The point of the comic was that the sprout wanted to try an ARR extreme for the challenge and the mentor came in and made it a 5 second steamroll by getting the poor sprout to blindy unsync without knowing what that meant. You can unsync and that's fine, just don't join synced parties and try to make them unsync is all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 06:20:29

Nobody here is complaining about unsyced runs existing. The issue is people joining PF groups who don't read descriptions and stick their nose up at other people for "wasting time" by wanting to run synced.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 06:09:40

Ngl I see the sentiment, but as a melee main player I've been getting scared lately that the devs might remove positional altogether because of all the negative talk about them. I love positionals. I can't get into casters and ranged dps because they just feel like something is missing without them.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 05:58:55

Tbh any actual social stuff is handled for me by discord and WhatsApp these days. Then reddit for interaction with bigger community and twitter when I feel like warming my hands over a dumpster fire. Facebook hasn't even been in the equation for 8 or 9 years for me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 05:42:55

"Straight" is not a second option introducing ambiguity, it's just flat out wrong. BEDMAS/PEDMAS is just an acronym to help you remember how order of operations intrinsically work.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on November 10, 2022 05:26:54

I'm not ready! That sprout icon was the only thing giving me the confidence to attempt tanking and healing for the first time. Gave me an excuse for being bad lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 03:47:25

In case anyone else wonders, the trigger is actually exiting the instance after handing in the final quest. So if any other sprouts want to say goodbye in the Novice Network, the best time is right after handing in the final post-shb quest.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 03:46:10

Completing as in finishing the credits (which I'm still on btw, enjoying some final NN chat), handing in the final quest, or accepting the first EW quest?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 03:24:48

I'm watching the post-shb credits right now, and have more than 500 hours played. What is the exact trigger point I'm going to hit to lose sprout status? I need to brace myself mentally.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 10, 2022 03:13:51

How has nobody pointed out that this is obviously a joke?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on November 10, 2022 00:14:27

I mean clearly the manager hadn't checked this with any higher ups or the company policy, so I don't see why she would've checked if it was legal either.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 9, 2022 21:32:03

Worth noting if you have these issues in the future that there are lots of online guides for specific dungeons if you search for them. I'm near the end of post-shadowbringers and still hit a dungeon recently where I just couldn't follow the attack. If you wipe a couple of times and don't know why, a quick "ff14 [dungeon name] guide" search will probably give you the answer right away.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 9, 2022 18:51:08

To be clear that's not a law, it's just a company policy thing that's been standardized. A response to brands getting bad PR from energy drink ad campaigns targeting young kids. Here in NZ there's one supermarket chain with the policy, and it's pretty superficial. Any young teen could just go to the self checkout and hit "yes I am 16 or over" when prompted.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on November 9, 2022 18:29:13

The article said that everyone getting laid off is receiving 4 months salary as severance. Meta is famous in the tech world as the shit workplace that makes up for it with crazy high salaries. Anyone getting laid off from this is cruising.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/technology on November 9, 2022 04:43:27

I think the fact that the page also links to things like 'IIIIth' for 'fourth' is a good indication of just how weirdly niche this usage is. But, weirdly niche archaic words are kind of this game's bread and butter, so fair enough! Thanks for the link, I did try to google it for a bit, but couldn't find it anywhere myself.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 9, 2022 02:48:13

Thanks for the crosspost, that's a good sub right there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Illyasviel on November 9, 2022 00:57:03

I thought it was I II III, not the Ist the IInd the IIIrd. Like we write Queen Elizabeth II, not Queen Elizabeth the IInd.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 9, 2022 00:07:15

Oh my god it means the third doesn't it. That makes complete sense in context. Would've been a lot easier if I and l didn't look exactly the same with the in-game font. Did I sleep through an English class back in the day, or is "IIIrd" just bad grammar? As far as I know you can write "the third" or "III", but "the IIIrd" just looks like a horrifying mashing together of the two formats.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 9, 2022 00:00:57

So I'm starting 5.5, and since 5.4 there've been a couple of references to a place called the Illrd (I think that's how you spell it at least, hard to tell with in game font). …how the hell do you pronounce Illrd? I'm getting distracted from the plot because I can't freaking work it out. do you slot in an e like "Illerd"? do you treat the r as silent like "Ild"? do you treat it like some cthonic name beyond the realm of mortal comprehension? I have no idea.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 23:51:04

I've noticed a lot more LGBT people in this community than most games, so if the "drama and overreaction" is from you making jokes at that crowds expense then it might be why. Honestly though none of us can say exactly what's going on without more context around your behaviour. Maybe you're just toxic in groups, people don't tend to tolerate toxicity here either.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 21:05:43

This is the underlying issue of the whole pro-life vs pro-choice debate. When I was a teenager and a lot less educated than I though on the subject of pregnancy and the devilment of a fetus, I Thought it was obvious that a fetus must be a living person. Working from that pretense, the concept of allowing abortions seems crazy unless the mother's life is at risk. Obviously now I understand the topic a lot more and don't hold that worldview, but I can understand where these people are coming from. If you believe that a fetus is a living person, than the pro choice movement looks both insane and terrifying, and there are far too few people debating the root of the issue.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 8, 2022 20:16:28

Duty finder is faster and more efficient, while duty support is good if you're anxious about playing with other people. It can also be nice if you're into the rpg immersion, since a lot of the time you'll get to take character in who are with you in the story. It also means you don't have to wait for a queue to pop, but support will always be a lot slower in the actual dungeon. TLDR it comes down entirely to personal preference.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 15:55:48

You could, but I can't see a strat like that ever working in a random group. Surely you'd need to be going in with a team that was already on the same page as you, otherwise it'll be less efficient overall due to the time spent convincing every random group that it's a good idea.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 13:40:09

Always has been for anyone not in your timezone. It always converts the time so that when someone says they're available at 12pm, nobody in a TZ 2 hours ahead is gonna be looking for you at 2pm. Super important for the intended function, completely breaks ascii art.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 04:22:23

I feel like catgirls only anatomically make sense if they have a dip below the tail where it can comfortably fold in. Like their asscheeks start right below the tail or something.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 00:23:09

See at least my lala looks comfy collapsing on the bed. Even if they are in full plate and not using blankets.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 8, 2022 00:20:47

Oh nice, I'm between 5.3 and 5.4 right now, so might actually catch up in time to play 6.3 on release!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 7, 2022 18:14:00

Thanks for the good take. I nearly didn't click this post because I was so sure comments would be a wall of "obviously only idiots and evil monsters vote for National, because NATIONAL BAD!!!" Thanks for proving me wrong, maybe this sub can still have some level of nuance.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on November 7, 2022 15:25:42

They are giving the blue checkmark to liberally everyone who pays for it. How could there be any verification included? It use to be carefully handed out in an inconsistent manor, but that was because it was being manually added by human beings who were doing the verification. That system is literally impossible when the checkmark is being automatically handed to everyone with a spare 10 bucks.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 7, 2022 05:12:25

A ton of people assumed he was smart, just because he runs companies with smart employees.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on November 7, 2022 05:00:45

The first one wasn't a joke. The origin of that last name is exactly what it sounds like.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suspiciouslyspecific on November 7, 2022 04:17:30

Thanks! Follow up question that I feel like I need to ask: what's the difference between an FC and a linkshell? Which one should I be leaning towards for a place to have chill bants and maybe chuck a PF link down on the really slow PF days?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 7, 2022 02:56:49

How does one go about finding an FC? I'm on Sophia, about to start 5.4 and I just realized I'll be losing sprout status and the novice network soon. Looking to find a replacement for the pretty chill group chat in there, but I've literally never interfaced with any of the social features of the game, and don't know how the systems work or where to start.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 7, 2022 02:48:14

We could make it out of clear glass so you can watch the waste fly by as some dude opens the toilet door!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/funny on November 6, 2022 23:03:38

The sidequests are easily the most missable content in the game, but every now and then there's a really good sidequest plotline. They improve a lot later on, and by stormblood there was a couple of places where I was like "I like this little place, and want to know more about life here." By that stage in the game the sidequests were great at scratching that itch. Even the MSQ in ARR is choc fill of random busywork because the devs were kind of busy rewriting the whole game at the time, and random sidequests would've been a really hard place to justify pouring any effort. I do recommend trying a few sidequests with each expansion. If nothing else it'll give you a feel for how they're improving.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 22:26:05

0.9% of people had internet access in 1996, compared to 69% (nice) of all humans in July this year. I'd say it's fair to call 1996 pre-internet.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 6, 2022 20:13:41

"Talk to X" is the ongoing theme of the quest design for the whole game, although the quality of what "X" says gets significantly better the further you go. You say you beat ARR, did you hit credits once or twice? I'd say give the game until you've played a little into Heavensward, and if you still have 0 interest in the plot and can't get past the quest layout, then that's a fair enough reason to call it quits imo. This game is definitely a story based rpg first, and an mmo second.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 20:08:48

You still get the million when you buy the game. Trial account have a 300k Gil limit, so they just hold onto it until you're actually capable of holding it all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 18:41:08

The game takes a big jump in quality near the end of post-arr and into HW, and there's another big jump around the end of post-stormblood

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 18:15:17

Damn, well that still means I can watch it a half-patch earlier. Thanks!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 16:33:03

After which patch did the EW trailer come out? Normally I just watch the trailer right before starting the expansion, but I really wanna see this trailer, so want to know if it came out any earlier or really only after 5.55.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 16:21:20

Rojas the absolute Chad. Only a 2200 player is capable of such a high level maneuver.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 6, 2022 15:43:45

Oh good I fuckint forget how young she is. I'm 26. It's weird for me to admit that she's best girl at this point.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/goodanimemes on November 6, 2022 06:02:17

Right?? I'm so confused

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 6, 2022 03:08:20

All job quest actually wrap up at lvl 70 with SB, and there's a single optional level 80 quest for each job to put a bow on the questlines. They switched away from job quests in ShB to a new system which you'll run into when you get there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 02:36:41

Like every other job, DRK gets an arc for each expansion before shadowbringers. There's a lvl 30-50 story you're playing through now, which leads into a lvl 50-60 chapter, and then a lvl 60-70 story that nicely brings the previous two stories together.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 02:25:16

So I'm literally in the middle of the 5.3 dungeon with npcs, stopping to ask a quick story question: >!in the lakeland part, all of the role quest guys come in to help you out. Is that always all 4 role quest guys for everyone? I've done all the role quests, and it'd seem confusing for these random strangers to come in for the lakeland bit if you'd only done 1, but there was a whole scripted bit where Giott used a special attack and everything.!< Just curius really, but npc party so I thought I might as well stop and ask.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 6, 2022 01:09:18

It's a lot nicer now because you also gain such OP self healing after in pops. Instead of letting you die to pop in and then rushing to heal you before invuln ends, the healer and just sit back and let you heal your self again. As long as you don't stop attacking during the invuln, you're good to go with no healer involvement.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 5, 2022 23:27:14

If you want to do it faster than every day you can export the settings to a files from the launcher settings, then import from the same place. I used to do that and I would just manually save it as a Google drive or github (it made sense for my use case) file. I believe the server upload system is once per day for the character, not each device, but I could be wrong.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 5, 2022 20:55:32

Well fuck me lol, I don't know why I clicked that spoiler but I definitely did not expect it to be quote the big of a spoiler.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 5, 2022 20:48:50

Well I didn't mean it _right now_, obviously you gotta line it up so the queen is protected and it has to be the rook that takes. I was just mentioning the cool part of the mate.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 5, 2022 19:31:25

That queen sac into a smothered mate, 10/10

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 5, 2022 19:18:28

I don't think teenagers quite have a grip on just how insanely fast teen slang and norms change. A couple years out of school is enough to lose track, let alone a decade or 2.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 23:57:24

Queue for specific dungeons instead of roulette. You're a healer so the queue will still take no time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 22:51:29

Huh. Maybe a missed detail in the translation process? That seems like a pretty big oversight.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 22:07:14

Unfortunately its a pretty tough coding problem to solve. really hard to allow obvious real names Hana-Lea through, while successfully blocking all the people trying to name their characters the n-word with a couple of simple steps to confuse the filters.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:41:37

You're right, and I tried it myself to test, /u/bjjgrrl is right. I checked "anal" "ana'l" "mana'lly", all blocked with the same filter. It's blocking you because the game thinks you're using special characters to try get a banned word through undetected. try Hanah-Leah or Hanah-Lea or something like that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:25:22

ah yeah, I'm pretty sure '-' is an invalid character. you're allowed apostrophes because Miqo'te, but that's the one.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:15:35

My best guess is invalid characters maybe? Do you mind sharing the name you're trying to use?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:06:09

Is this a question, or?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:02:34

When I was learning WHM in early levels I would regen the tank, take a second to gauge how fast their health was depleting while throw up a dot on a mob, and then if everything was good I would start holy spamming. I'd do this for the first pull to get a feel for this tank, and then I'd have a good feel for it for the rest of the dungeon. I also remember a weird early learning curve where I was instinctually waiting for the holy animation to end before healing as if the animation was part of the cast. So, uh, make sure you're not doing that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 20:01:40

Well that'd explain why I couldn't find it haha, was scouring through 2.3-2.5 content. Thanks for the help.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 10:18:06

I'm pretty sure they're trying to ask specifically how people find statics, without knowing that "static" is the word they're looking for. I would answer but tbh I'm a solo player too, don't know the answer myself.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 09:58:08

They're saying to wait a few seconds after the MT pulls to let them get enough damage in to firmly establish aggro before you turn stance on.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 09:11:41

I'm skimming a streamers VODs for a few highlight moments from before I ran into their FF14 playthrough. Which post-ARR patch was it where >!elidibus appear in front of minfilia in the waking stones!<? In between which major events? It's been a year since I played ARR and randomly clicking around for this scene isn't working out.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 09:09:05

From what I understand it still as a decent enough community running too. It's on my list of games to get to when I need a break from XIV.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 07:14:15

This is why I still haven't touched pvp lol, seems like a lot of extra fuss for what I view as a pretty minor side thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 4, 2022 04:17:43

Same happens in NZ, but they pay triple iirc. It was a big issue when the lockdown happened, because the unis are used to hefty boosts from rich Asian kids.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/worldnews on November 4, 2022 04:13:08

In NZ we have a system where the government provides interest free loans with minimum payments which come out of your paycheck with taxes and scale based on income like normal taxes. The catch is that you have to be living in NZ until the loan is paid, or else interest statts applying again. The incentive for the government to provide this system is pretty straight forward. We invest in students to become professionals, we incentivise those student to the next 5-10 years in the country, and by working here they help grow the economy overall. It's a national economic investment which also helps everyone gain more personal career opportunities.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/worldnews on November 4, 2022 03:12:59

It's always made sense to me and I was surprised growing up to realize everyone else in the world doesn't do something like that. Students are a future investment for the economy. The government invests in training up the next generation of experts, then incentivises them to stay in the country with no interest. The now qualified professionals contribute to the economy, the people are happier, and the government sees a net gain on their investment through economic growth. It seems like a win-win to me from both sides of the political spectrum.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/worldnews on November 4, 2022 03:00:27

If you did, there'll be a quest there called "my little chocobo." That'll unlock your mount.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 3, 2022 22:42:10

I want my pawn to reach the end of it's journey, find itself, turn around and head back home. Forcing it to transition to a different peice is oppression against pawns.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on November 3, 2022 20:54:15

I always suspected fae weren't intelligent

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 3, 2022 03:51:04

I'm learning DRK as my first tank and just unlocked TBN. Found a lot online talking about how important it is to spam this skill whenever you know the full shield will be spent, but never use it if it won't be spend because the 3k mana means too much dps loss. I'm just a beginner though, and really don't have confidence yet to a fine enough detail to always know whether the pull will burn through a 25% shield in 7s or less. While I learn this, should I be erroring on the side of more or less uses when I'm unsure whether the shield will be spent? Is the dps loss really big enough to care a ton about, or can I disregard it as more hardcore tips sprinkled into the beginner guides I'm following?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 3, 2022 02:34:02

I know he's the director of the whole game, but somehow I was still shocked that he's powerful enough to globally reserve his name on every world

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 3, 2022 01:24:04

No way. Text macros can be crazy useful for all sorts of things, and it'd be a massive overreaction to disable them everywhere just because a lot of people are annoyed by healer macros.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 21:30:59

If nobody else is experiencing it, it does sound like it could be a local network issue, It's the kind of behavious I'd expect to see playing on a weak wifi signal or something.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 20:31:33

In case it makes a difference to you: they don't actually talk about you killing Bahamut if you didn't do the raid before stormblood. The game has alternate dialogue all over the place depending on your personal journey in the game. If you're DRG in HW people reference the events of the DRG job quest. If you're a healer in a scene where someone gets hurt, a lot of the time you help heal them or other characters ask you to help with healing. These you don't need to hit all these flags to maintain immersion, the dialogue just changes to makes sense for your character and the things they have personally done.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 20:14:57

A lot of people dislike them when you're in random groups, because when things are going south it can feel like rubbing salt in the wound. Especially if one new player is dying multiple times and embarrassed about it already, a long message announcing to the chat that they needed yet another raise can be...awkward. Also the phrasing a lot of the time can be really nice for fitting the vibe with your static, but outside of that context in a random group it can be pretty cringe at times, yeah. Personally I would keep the macro around, but switch out to the normal action or a simple "raising [target]" macro for random groups.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 19:12:30

Yup. Msq content from patches doesn't give xp because you're intended to be at max level for that expansion when you do them, so it doesn't matter what you play for those chunks.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 18:40:48

While it is worth leveling up one job of each role for story reasons starting in ShB and going from there, you're still so early that it doesn't matter much either way. Personally I'm in 5.x content at this point, and I've found it most comfortabole to just go out and try a new job whenever I get the impulse, and pick 2 jobs to use during the x.0 parts of msq which dish out a ton of xp.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 2, 2022 18:02:00

My elderly parents are insistent that public US promary schools are showing gay porn to 6 year olds as sex ed. We're not even in America. We live in NZ on the other side of the damn world, and these groups of people have formed obseesed with wild conspiracies about the gay agenda in America.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on November 1, 2022 23:18:26

If a puzzle is "white to x" then that means both that white is the next side to move, and that the board is oriented from white's perspective. Meaning white pawns are going up.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/chessbeginners on November 1, 2022 18:36:09

I don't use controller, but if you can just get to the message mox you can start with /r to make it a reply to the last tell you received

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 18:09:33

I got the idea from someone who was tired of running savage over and over, so mixed it up by playing raid with the UI off in a team of newbies. So I assume that means it is possible for high level content, you just need to be a hell of a lot better than me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 17:21:53

Yeah, I went in as ninja which is why it worked well enough, would definetely not work for every class.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 17:18:47

You just gotta go by feel, which is why I went with my main dps class in a normal arr dungeon haha. It's a massive self-nerf but it was a cool experience.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 16:55:28

This is why I'm not sure. I don't _remember_ a mentor inviting me when I got to OCE, and I just moved a month or two ago so I should remmeber, but it's not impossible that I just clicked it away and accepted the invite without thinking about it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 16:30:13

I've read online that you need to be invited by a mentor to join the novice network, but I recently moved to OCE DC, am sprout, and was automatically added to the novice network there. Maybe it varies between worlds?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 16:25:09

I tried a normal dungeon the other day with my whole UI turned off, just to see what it was like. Was like a completely new game and I've never felt so immersed in a dungeon before. Highly recommend.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 16:21:37

Depending on your world, the novice network can be great for random banter when you wanna chill and just chat with people. It varies massively depending on the server though. I've never seen it myself, but I've heard of servers where people get really controlling and bad mentors try to police what they think is allowed in NN chat. Every NN chat I encountered personally was great though, and I have a few friends now because of it. Definitely recommend giving it a look.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on November 1, 2022 01:02:49

We all post pictures of bears on the company general channel here. When anyone sees bears posted on general, they always know what it means.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on October 31, 2022 23:19:08

That is fair, it's hard to objectively measure your own bias, and it's definetely just my subjective opinion that dd/mm/yy flow nicer. I think it's more natural in the same way as "half-past 6" is more natural than "6:30" but even things like that example seem to be changing for younger people who are growing up around purely digital clocks and never thinking about time in the way you would think with an analogue clock.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on October 31, 2022 22:45:02

YYYY/MM/DD Is a godsent whenever you're sorting anything by date, which is why it's the layour of the standardised ISO datetime format in programming, DD/MM/YYYY is more intuitive to humans imo because the day is the part you're most likely glancing at. People might say it's the 1st or the 1st of november, and assume you know that means 1/11/2022. I hear MM/DD/YYYY makes sense to people who grew up with it, because it's familiar to them. Don't know of any other pros for that format though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on October 31, 2022 20:44:23

Pretty ironic that the game feels emptier because it's so incredibly full. Honestly the best solution for you it to just play on Omega or another world like that for a while, so you can get the active experience. World transfers are quick enough that there's really not much reason not to. Maybe SE will update the max render limit as part of the big multi-phase graphics overhaul in the works, but stage one of that overhaul is just lighting, models, and memory limits, and that part isn't due until 7.0.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 31, 2022 20:30:38

I definitely get how it would be like that in places - and even some corners of nz - where it grew naturally. The problem in some other countries is that it wasn't a thing at all, and then shops starting selling Halloween stuff and advertising it everywhere unprompted, and the actual people celebrating Halloween came after a few years of these unsolicited ads. The fact that Halloween in NZ was entirely instigated by companies wanting money is an important bit of context for why a lot of people see it negatively.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/funny on October 31, 2022 18:56:49

Unlike WoW, the community here treats statics and FCs as two separate things. Sounds like you were looking for a static and didn't realize that joining an FC was not the way to do it here.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 31, 2022 18:50:29

Dunno about Australia, but here in NZ the negativity is more about the corporate thing. It's the same as black Friday sales happening here. The events are only being pushed here because retailers see how much money American stores make from them, so they spend a ton on marketing every year to try get people on board.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/funny on October 31, 2022 18:40:52

I had an extremely similar "this is pointless bs I don't care about, take me back to the other place that I actually have remotely any investment in" reaction to stormblood. Decided to take a break and ended up leaving for like 9 months to reset. When I came back I couldn't believe I had treated it all as pointless bs when the truth is it totally did make sense and was some great storytelling. You're 100% just burned out on story which is making you hyper fixate on perceived plot holes and not notice how it's all connected. I know because that's exactly what happened to me. Just stop playing until the plot is kind of foggy, and then watch the highlights of someone else's ShB playthrough on YouTube to remember what you were up to in the story before you resub again.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 31, 2022 14:56:33

fyi this is yesterday's thread, and no longer pinned as of 15 minutes ago. You wanna ask on the new thread:

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 31, 2022 05:16:21

They only actually hold it back at all because free accounts aren't capable of holding more than 300k, so the delay the reward to avoid screwing you put of at least 700k.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 31, 2022 03:30:17

most languages which don't make up the bulk up a region's playerbase end up forming an "unofficial" server or 2, where word goes around that everone should join that world to run into other players speaking their language. The same thing happens with unofficial English servers in the JP region.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 22:02:00

Oh my god thank you. I don't know how it has never occured to me to try right clicking the armoury chest.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 21:35:00

Casual healer is a lot easier than you'd expect for something like WHM. I spent months hyping myself up to try healing, finally tried it a few weeks ago, and it didn't take long at all to get good enough to keep up pretty easily. Once I got the hang of the basics, I didn't really struggle again healing groups until I went into the shadowbringers raid series blind yesterday. Even then it was mostly just the embarrassment of the other healer and even a caster needing to rez me a few times hahaha, no big deal for the group overall. Just start playing healer in group content from low level and work your way up, you can learn pretty quickly how to tell what's gonna happen in a fight most of the time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 08:16:51

Don't worry, everyone tends to way overthink the expectations of other players when they first start out. There's more than enough leeway for you to learn the fight as you go. Trying desperately to get out of the AOEs and still hit the boss is all part of the fun, and frankly the msq fights are boring when there aren't any newbies. As long as it's not more hard-core content, people like the extra dynamic element of players running around and trying to follow everything for the first time. If you really come out of it feeling like you were carried, just queue again until you feel like you earned the win. You can keep playing the MSQ while in queue, and if it pops while you're in a cutscene, the game is smart enough to let you replay the cutscene from the start, so there's no danger or anything. It's a more efficient and more fun way to learn than spoiling yourself on content just to read up on all the mechanics before you see them. It helps you learn the language of mechanics in this game so you can start to see new mechanics and intuitively have a good idea of how to respond. Practice > guides.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 07:49:58

My understanding is that it's for creating a new character on a new world, not transferring there. Creating a new character in the new world and transferring to the new world are treated as two separate things with separate sets of incentives.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 07:36:35

As a blanket rule you won't be seeing any duty support for trials anytime soon. The devs confirmed in a live letter that while single player trials would be nice and are something they'd like to add eventually, they won't be looking into that until at least after 7.0.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 07:19:08

When daylight savings hits, the timezone doesn't actually shift. You go from XST to XDT. So times expressed in ST don't move. In other words, yes. If you just turned your clocks an hour forward then you need to be an hour earlier for things now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 03:21:51

I'm working on the assumption that they're in the former group, because they are already well out leveled. They're level 59 in lvl 50 msq.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 30, 2022 00:06:46

hmmm. Thanks, you've answered my question, but now I'm more confused than when I asked first lol. All the raid fight I was doing were 10-20 poetics, and I couldn't have done more than 10 altogether, so that can't have been where all the poetics came from. Somehow I went from <100 poetics to cap in a few hours with no roulettes, I just have no idea how...

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 18:21:05

Thanks for teh answer, is it a flat 100 per group instance clear, or does it vary between content?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 17:49:07

Is there a place where I can see all teh thiungs that reward poetics? I drained all of mypoetics yesterday on gear for my level 70 and 80 jobs, then did a bunch of raids which - I assume - were actually handing out poetics without me noticing. This morning I thought I'd grind more poetics to keep gearing those jobs, so I ran through all my roulettes without checking poetics because I was so sure I was near 0. ...I just checked my poetics now expecting to be around 600, and I was capped for who knows how long lol. Wanting to wrap my head around what currency comes from where so this doesn't repeat for me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 17:39:05

Honestly I'm still not at endgame (I'm between 5.0 and 5.1) so I'm just doing what feels right for me. I tend to switch around between grinding fates, doing beast tribe quests, unlocking content with shorter blue quests, daily hunts and grinding DOL/DOH jobs. That's been plenty enough for me so far.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 16:43:55

When things quiet down on OCE I switch from DF to PF and then work on overworld content while I wait.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 16:00:44

A lot of people recommend running 2 jobs to avoid that awkwardness. So instead of being synced down all the time and only having half your level 60 kit, you can spread the xp between 2 jobs and they can both sit around level 50.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 15:53:58

It's okay, they're gonna get married while glossing over it, and then they'll have a whole lifetime to work out the details! Nothing could go wrong. Fool-proof plan. 10/10, marriage fixes all relationship issues.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 29, 2022 07:16:47

play as healer or tank, always greet people at the start and try to be friendly/nice in chat whenever something goes wrong. You want people noticing you in chat as the friendly teammate, without overdoing it and annoying people.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 29, 2022 02:54:14

And no wireless either. Had to use the one PC that was sat in the living room, facing the center of the room. That shit was nerve wracking.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WatchPeopleDieInside on October 28, 2022 20:57:44

I'm thinking of trying out the deep dungeons for the first time because long dps queues, but I've been really hesistant because of a couple of uncertainties that I thought I'd ask about here: 1. Does your current level outside of deep dungeons affect anything inside? Is there an optimal level to go in for the best first time experience or does leveling make no difference? 2. My understanding is that you level scale up in the dungeon. Does that mean I get a giant wall of abilities that normally unlock later? Do I need to sit down and research how my class plays at max level or spend 15 minutes reading every future trait and power for my class, and remapping my hotbar to fit a lvl 90 rotation? This is the part I'm really scared about btw. I kinda feel like if this is how it works then it's the worst part about a paid lvl boost without any of the good parts. I could be completely wrong though, which is why I'm asking.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 17:14:23

To add to this, it's recommended to make a PF group for progression rather than DF. DF only ever really gets traffic on the efficient levelling floors.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 15:01:58

Are you thinking of later zones maybe? As well as each expansions zones looking better than the last, there was a big upgrade when they reached stormblood specifically because they finally dropped ps3 support. So HW and ARR zones are gonna looking very noticeably worse. They definitely didn't actively downgrade any zones though, so if you're talking about the same location looking worse now then it's in your head. There's also a big multi-stage graphical overhaul in the works right now which you can google more info on, so there's a light at the end of the tunnel if graphics are really bothering you.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 14:59:06

It definitely does work. What browser are you using? It's worked for me on Firefox and chrome with no issues at all.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 28, 2022 06:49:39

Very subjective question. Personally I'm a big rogue/ninja fan. Maybe look up a few of the 5 minute class guides you find on YouTube to get a feel for different jobs.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 05:24:22

Damn. I want that now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 02:39:33

Oof, you said you bought the game? So the way this model works is that there's a free trial that you can play without buying anything, up to a max level of 60 but with some minor restrictions. When you buy the game, you end the free trial and remove the restrictions, but you've now switched to the subscription model. Meaning you now have to follow that mogstation link and buy a monthly subscription to go with it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 02:06:29

I picked a well above average size for my Lalafel without realizing pretty much everyone in the race is a good chunk below average height on the character slider. I am a giant among smol.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 28, 2022 00:29:58

Just hide it away for one day in the distant future when the urge suddenly overtakes you.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 23:06:16

I'm desperately resisting the urge right now to use a fantasia to make my character an inch shorter. It's the tiniest thing, but it eats at me slowly over time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 23:05:23

On the OCE data center, is the best queue time really daily reset time like on other servers, or is it some other time? If I'm following google correctly, then daily reset is at 3am NZ time. Surely the whole server isn't getting up to queue their dailies in the middle of the night, right?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 17:24:30

IFT, we have Identified it as a flying tent.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on October 27, 2022 16:31:31

For xp reasons, people like you who are soaking up xp with non-msq content would benefit a lot from running 2 classes. Save your gear to a gear set list for each class, and you can switch jobs by clicking once to swapping between gear load outs. Then you can really naturally jump between 2 classes without any thought, and MSQ plus random side content will keep you happily leveled with both.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 16:13:44

You need to use PF for progression. People only queue DF to spam the most efficient levelling floors.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 16:03:35

What does it do? I can't see any difference at all on my screen, and have no idea what the feature even is.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/youtube on October 27, 2022 05:29:33

As a still-barely-sprout, I've always appreciated it the most when mentors don't reveal mechanics the first run, but then dump a good explanation into chat if we wipe.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 04:53:00

Honestly I'd love an EX trial roulette, just as something different to try every now and then.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 04:50:20

This is probably the type of thing that'd go better in a discord channel than a subreddit.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 27, 2022 00:06:15

Press h to open hunting log, and kill targets on there, joining fates as you see them. That should be plenty to get you up to level 15.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 20:42:04

Following you around like that should really be in the initial comment and the main focus of any report you make. That is the vital difference that actually makes this a reportable problem.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 19:13:06

The point is that it's not a problem unless they cross the line into stalking, at which point it is very clearly bannable and the report won't be a waste of time anymore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 19:11:45

You can change job as soon as you get to gridania. Just pick up the "so you want to be a conjurer" quest there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 18:55:05

You're past pretty much all the really bad filler. 4.0 was the last expansion where a lot of people were bothered by the pacing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 06:40:28

Definitely get where you're coming from, but I know enough of those games to know he's talking about still pretty early, incomplete movesets. In most of those games you're talking just enough that you're rotation just a couple of buttons.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 26, 2022 01:15:23

Wow. I really like the WHM quests, they were probably my second favourite behind DRK. Guess I'm in the minority huh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 23:45:26

Pretty much every Q&A megathread I've seen on Reddit has people randomly downvoted for no reason. It's nothing to do with your comment specifically.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 22:06:49

So I would say it varies between jobs, but around lvl 50-60 you'd have enough rotation to feel good. That said, I would absolutely not say WoW is feeling good at all by level 20-30, so things may feel good to you much sooner, maybe level 30 or so? People might say this story isn't for you, but tbh the game has a ton to offer from a gameplay perspective. It'll be tough to get into if you really can't stand reading, but you can get away with skipping most text and just paying attention to cutscenes for most of ARR.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 17:53:03

There's a rogue class in FF which turns into the ninja job. That's unsurprisingly the closest to WoW rogue IIRC, unless the class fundamentally changed in the 5 years since I last played it. You don't make a new character for melee btw. You can just pick up every job on the one character and switch between then with a single button click. You can't even pick up RDM before level 50, for that matter. It starts at level 50 so you need a level 50 job to unlock it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 14:57:33

FYI you asked this like a minute before the megathread was unpinned and the next daily megathread was pinned. Might wanna repost the question in the new megathread.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 05:38:20

huh, TIL. I played ARR around a year ago, guess my momory is a little foggy.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 03:01:26

Tip for next time: there's a "clear selection" button on the bottom left of duty finder. Get into the habit of clicking that before you pick a queue and you won't have to think about it anymore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 01:52:37

This used to be the standard model in every mmo. A lot of them have gone free to play now, but in exchange for becoming a LOT more cash grabby, constantly trying to milk more money out of you while drip feeding content because they're running on a shoestring budget. At the end of the day MMO's have to get a decent amount of money out of players, because they're freaking expensive to run. IMO a monthly sub fee in exchange for no toxic cash grabbing is a good deal.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 01:05:16

They did do that for stormblood before they went all in for role quests - you get all your skills as you level except for a single skill locked behind the lvl 70 job quest. Hard to say if they'll ever change the lvl 1-60 experience though. It'd improve some questlines but kind of muck up the pacing in others if it was condensed.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 25, 2022 01:00:25

Yeah, what kind of idiot loser asks a question on a Q&A forum without first having intimate knowledge of every detail of the game? \s Seriously dude, with your attitude I'm surprised your not under every question here ranting at people for asking questions. Getting this kind of info is literally the point of this megathread.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 23:37:52

This is probably a big part of why they switched to role quests in ShB. Let's them pour more resources into each of the 4 questlines, and it means you don't have to go through more questlines for alt jobs in the same role.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 23:30:33

The level 20 MSQ, not a reward for reaching level 20, both unlocks the ability to ride mounts and also gives you your chocobo at the same time. You can't ride any mounts until you do the "my little chocobo" quest at level 20.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 22:29:50

I've done 2 of the role quests, it's just a drag to grind jobs for the caster and tank roles when I get anxious as tank and keep messing up my rotation as caster.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 16:46:38

Hmm, it does kind of feel like my civic lalafel duty to help the dwarf tribe. Thanks for the suggestions!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 16:30:52

What 5.0 side content would you recommend for story? I just finished 5.0MSQ yesterday, and I want to do some good side content for a bit while I let everything sink in that I've just played through.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 16:15:50

It does changes bits and pieces of dialogue starting in post-HW, but the more important point is that the raid story itself is a pretty important piece of the overall story of the game.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 05:54:36

I good idea for someone with your goals is to seriously attempt the optional side content for expansions as you go. Even at level 50, the Coils of Bahamut raid series has some really fun and challenging content as long as you're synced. Just make a Party Finder group for it and see who's keen. And you can set it to min ilevel and no echo for a *real* challenge.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 04:27:06

Yeah, I started the game as an Elezen before realizing that their animation felt janky and most clothes looked weird on them. Lalafel was a hell of a lot nicer to play, but I didn't get a chance to go back in and tweak smaller details like the height being too high. Maybe one day I'll make a list of little tweaks I need and make give in for a fantasia.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 03:51:18

Damn, thanks for the confirmation

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 02:24:05

Can you adjust character height in game, or does it require a fantasia. My lalafell feel just a little too tall when surrounded by other lalas, but I can't really justify paying just to turn the height dial down a little.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 24, 2022 01:29:58

Meta was already well known in the tech industry as the place nobody wanted to work, with inflated salaries as a means to convince talented people to keep working for the worst of the tech giants. And this was BEFORE the metaverse shift, which insider info all seems to say is hated by most of the actual workforce. The Meta VR world is the result of an entire mega company being ordered to make something, when absolutely everyone involved in delivery hates the idea, knows it will be a disaster, and is only working on the project for the crazy high paycheck.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/oddlysatisfying on October 23, 2022 23:41:20

The only people who cared about Meta had never heard of VRChat and had no idea that VR worlds already exist, they're just not as revolutionary and Zuck tried to make them sound.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/oddlysatisfying on October 23, 2022 23:36:14

MB, I forgot that I as a single man have a civic duty to despise anyone with kids.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/me_irl on October 23, 2022 22:02:17

Damn, people in these comments really hate parents for having kids, huh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/me_irl on October 23, 2022 21:18:38

How to set yourself up for overwhelming disappointment: Step 1: assume that longer development = amazing game Step 2: play the game on release, discovering that it is not the transcendent masterpiece you had set yourself up to expect.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/HollowKnightMemes on October 23, 2022 19:12:15

I'm thinking the names were written on and not etched on, and someone scrubbed the writing off.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/CrappyDesign on October 23, 2022 07:23:21

It's honestly the biggest threat to the LGBT community. When you're dealing with conservative nutters claiming that LGBT rights will lead to forcing homosexuality and trans identities onto cis straight people, the worst possible thing is for them to have an actual real portion of the community they can point to, who genuinely are (albeit not intentionally) implying that a bunch of cis straight people are totally gay or trans, based solely on shitty stereotypes.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 23, 2022 07:13:15

Blue = a deleted comment Red comment = deleted but couldn't be recovered to show there Red portion of a comment = a section which was removed in an edit Green portion of comment = a section which was added in an edit.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 23, 2022 06:54:31

I think adventurer in need takes a minute to update. Everyone sees advenuturer in need for dps, rushes to grab the short queue all at once, and suddenly the queue isn't short anymore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 22, 2022 22:15:05

Lmao this sure was a comment I made once, huh

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ClickerHeroes on October 22, 2022 19:19:46

I have no issue with AI art, but it really pisses me off that people are labelling themselves "artists" for typing a prompt into DALL-E or whatever. It undermines all the skill and effort that real artists put in. You can post a cool AI art piece you found, just don't say that you "made" it because you described it in a text box.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on October 21, 2022 17:58:31

Christians really do be saying some wild shit. I was raised Christian, and can remember when I first started realizing how absurd the underlying logic was. A major earthquake hit a city in my country (Christchurch, NZ) and killed nearly 200 people. Can you guess the big discussion in the immediate aftermath within the church? "The country is about to legalize gay marriage. Is this divine retribution for insulting God by allowing such a terrible thing to happen?" This was debated. Seriously. Christians were unironically divided on the answer.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on October 21, 2022 04:28:02

Occam's razor worked in the past but it'll stop working here because God is bigger than Occam, or some bs like that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on October 21, 2022 04:18:39

The ARR quests are all a slow burn, so settle in for a while. ARR definetely has good points, but it's a slow burn. Once you reach level 50 it'll be the big finale of the base ARR (2.0) story. Then you have the post ARR story (2.1-2.55 patch story content). It has higher highs than base ARR, but also has some really slow sections. It is really good as long as you go into it expecting a slow burn though. Post-ARR MSQ is about half the size of the 2.0 MSQ. After that you're in Heavensward, which is when the story really "gets good" and kicks up a few gears. The story is all uphill from there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 21, 2022 03:44:41

Like I said before, this game literally lest you switch classes with a single button press so there's no pressure to hold off on trying other classes whenever you feel like it. I wouldn't pick up reaper though. You probably have it unlocked because of your boosted job, but it starts at level 70, so isn't really intended for where you are right now in the game. If you just want my opinion, imo rouge/ninja is a really fun melee dps class that you could pick up right now. They start in Limsa Lominsa with the "so you want to be a rogue" quest. Reallu the only major tip I can give is that overall MSQ progress is way more important than job level. It's you you unlock pretty much everything in the game. So long as you're not sitting there trying to power level and hoping that'll unlock more content (it won't), then you're fine. I am obviously assuming here that you just bought the leveling boost and didn't also skip the story that everyone comes to this game for lol

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 21, 2022 02:47:30

Uh, might want to add punctuation to your comments, it makes it a lot easier to parse your question. If you're asking whether you can level other classes right no, then yes. Just grab the quest in one of the starting cities for the class you want to try out. On the character menu you can save your curre to gear to a set, and then click single buttons in order to instantly swap between any of the classes you have unlocked. Assuming you're leveling through MSQ like you should be, you'll need to grind other classes up to the level of you current msq, but that should be crazy easy for you. You get an xp boost on classes based on the difference between their level and your highest class level. Meaning your level boost is giving you a big xp boost for other classes. Work through your hunting journal for the class (H key to open that journal) until you unlock dungeons, and you'll level up in no time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 21, 2022 02:09:14

Exactly! Forget my parents, ***I*** ate baby food as an infant, and was later diagnosed with autism! I am entitled to my $20!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on October 21, 2022 01:30:20

TFW your A+ in high school english isn't useful in your life, so you speak in poetry on Reddit.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 20, 2022 23:47:36

I think 14 year old boys are just a hell of a lot more likely to comment everywhere and act like experts in everything.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 20, 2022 01:05:46

It has just recently popped. If you want an answer to that question, just keep tabs on China's economic news.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/interestingasfuck on October 18, 2022 23:08:19

That's not what I'm saying at all! I'm saying people are dumb for thinking this is real, and in no way implying that it's not hilarious to watch. I would 100% joiin in on the protest if I ran into it

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 18, 2022 22:34:11

I mean all videos aside, surely you can agree that the insanely low training requirements for US cops isn't great. Places like the US military have excellent training in how to properly de-escelate a situation, while police get a quick course on how to spot if someone probably has a gun and should therefore be treated with immediate escalation, just to be safe. People like to share oversimplified narratives online all the time, but the US police force absolutely has institutional issues.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on October 18, 2022 20:45:27

When I grew up in NZ it was "clap. clap. clap clap clap", and kids responded with "clap clap clap clap. clap clap"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on October 18, 2022 20:17:52

Strongest evidence I've seen anyone give is "have you seen flat earthers?" There are crazies everywhere, and I'm sure a couple of nutters in there were genuine, but the crowd is obviously being ironic. You can here people laughing in the video ffs

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 18, 2022 20:06:38

It's the weirdest thing about all of this imo. Constant arguing about which one extremely specific Maori dialects are "correct", with this implication that you're somehow racist if you ever use the pronunciation from any other dialect.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on October 18, 2022 19:48:30

Oh absolutely, experts can and have made massive mistakes before, they're just statistically a lot more likely to be right than someone on social media thinking about it for 5 seconds before smugly announcing their magic solutions. I was really only talking there about specifically trickle-down economics. I could absolutely be wrong, but I always understood it as hogwash pseudo-economics pushed by the ultra rich and politicians to make them look less corrupt. Not a viable economics theory debated by experts.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on October 17, 2022 20:46:32

Didn't the term come from some US president originally? I've never heard anyone genuinely sell the idea who wasn't either a politician or being very well paid by politicians.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on October 17, 2022 19:52:52

Economics is one of those things that we really need to just leave to people with PHDs. That shit is way too complicated for most people, to the people where people don't know what they don't know, and come right back around to believing they've solved it all by thinking on it over a beer.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on October 17, 2022 16:50:46

The way job switching works means that you're not really locking yourself into tanking or healing, so don't worry too much about this choice when you can easily just do both. I'd personally recommend grabbing either tank or healer, playing MSQ until you've at least unlocked the 3 starting cities (to get access to the starting quests for all jobs) and then pick up a job in the other of the two roles. That way you can easily get firsthand experience to decide which role you prefer in this game. It's also really nice to be able to switch between tank and healer for duties to see queue times, then queue as whichever role gets you in quicker at the time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 16, 2022 19:49:29

Just because you now have an option to solo it, doesn't mean it's not group content. It's the first point when you can enter the duty finder and run content with a group of other players. That hasn't changed just because the group part is optional.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 16, 2022 01:59:57

It's something to get used to about FF14 compared to other mmos. Doing the msq content and never touching anything else at all will give you plenty enough for leveling one job. You gotta choose to accept the fact that you'll be perpetually overlevelled, avoid all side content like the plague just to keep your level even, or what most recommend: picking up a second job at some point so that you can split xp between them a bit more. You're don't need to scramble out and commit forever to one of these approaches, but I thought you might like to know how most people approach the whole msq level thing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 16, 2022 01:55:52

First dungeon is when you MSQ quests say lvl 15. Gotta focus more on msq if you wanna unlock more dungeons.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 16, 2022 01:08:09

There's no quick chat shorthand for "hey healer, I'm hitting my ult skill so don't panic" that I don't know is there? Because there really should be. Admittedly I mostly play dps, but when I heal it's not uncommon for me to see the DK health plummet, spam an "oh shit" button to heal them back up, and THEN realize that they had hit living dead. It'd be so much easier if I had a "don't press your oh shit button, I'm gonna hit my oh shit button" message in advance.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 22:55:15

Just to be crystal clear, the person you're replying to here is incorrect. Base game only includes ARR + HW. Basically only makes senes to by it alone on the weird niche case where you don't want to start Stormblood but are willing to sub just to remove the free trial restrictions. You wanna grab either the complete edition, or grab BOTH starter edition and endwalker at once. Those 2 options are functionally identical, so doi whichever works out cheaper. I personally wouldn't try waiting for a sale, unless your the completionist type who can happily keep themselves busy with side content for a couple of months.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 19:43:30

Oh! Okay yeah that's definitely the shocking revelation that flew over my head. Thanks for clearing that up, something tells me that detail might be a tad important for the story going forward huh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 19:15:49

I'm playing Shadowbringers and have a story/lore question: >!I just met up with Urianger, and he gave what was treating as a shocking revelation that astral=light and umbral=darkness. Did I miss a deeper implication, or did the game not expect me to have assumed that from the start like I did? If the former, what went over my head? If the latter, how did the character percieve the relationship between astral/umbral and light/darkness before this scene? I'm confused by that scene but googling it myself seems like a fast way to spoil myself.!<

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 18:52:30

Go until you unlock "things", whatever "things" means specifically in your case.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 04:38:19

I think a lot of factors all came together in a perfect storm. Personally FF14 got on my radar because I saw people losing their minds over the endwalker trailer, and the free trial convinced me to see what all the fuss was about. Started like a week or two before I started hearing about the WoW exodus.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 15, 2022 04:13:17

Thanks. Turning that setting off actually does sound like it can help me a lot, because I can pretty easily adjust to turning to face my target, and it makes a lot more sense to me than preparing to be veered off in a new direction suddenly. Either scheme requires you to be positionally aware of your target's location to avoid screwing up anyway. Sounds like trying legacy controls is really the play here anyway though, thanks for the tip!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 14, 2022 18:19:20

That's how that works! Most of the time I am holding right click while running anywhere, but I hadn't made the connection. It was just making me more disoriented when sometimes I would snap back and other times I would autorun out to the side. Thanks!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 14, 2022 17:54:28

Ah, guess I just hadn't noticed before. It only really became an issue for me because I decided to learn healer which means keeping up with the tank is suddenly a lot more important. I'm on standard controls, maybe I should give legacy a go. Thanks for the tip.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 14, 2022 17:43:28

I have an issue with my control scheme where I'll be following a tank in a dungeon as he pulls mobs, try to DoT mobs with Ctrl-1 as I follow, but when I press Ctrl my guy turns toward my target. It's caused my to fumble around and make some dumb mistakes, but I can't find anything in keybinds that could be making this happen. Could anyone point me to what's going on here/any way to fix it without rebinding keys and being scared of Ctrl-[x] keybinds?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 14, 2022 17:31:49

This one has unironically been saved in the "vanilla" subfolder of my bookmarks for years. This is absolutely nothing as far as weird tags go.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/goodanimemes on October 14, 2022 06:10:45

It also has a great NG+ mode IIRC, a ton of different challenge combinations to try out and make replaying the game interesting.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 13, 2022 19:46:25

The face of a Lalafel finding a race of giants to enslave and trap in a dungeon

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 13, 2022 15:28:23

I'm saying it's only apple art if yu're on an apple device lol. Either they don't need to ask the question because they see the exact version you see, or you're objectively wrong right now. What you're doing is like hearing someone ask who invented the fridge, looking over at you LG fridge in the kitchen, and saying "LG, obviously."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 13, 2022 04:43:45

[looks like microsoft hasn't bothered adding them to Windows 10 yet.](

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 13, 2022 02:13:57

Emojis are part of unicode. Apple can make their own art for a given emoji, but they can't make new ones. If someone can't see an emoji, that just means they haven't updated their OS to a version implementing the latest unicode updates.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 13, 2022 02:12:35

Ob9 It's over once obi-pawn has the high ground.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AnarchyChess on October 12, 2022 20:29:42

The Silk and The Songious. Not to be confused with the earlier entry: Silk and Songious

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/HollowKnightMemes on October 12, 2022 20:17:00

You seem to care way too much about the fact that I took all of 5 seconds yesterday to leave a comment about how you were ruining the story for yourself. I guess if 30 pages of comic is such a huge effort to you that you need a TLDR, then maybe typing one sentence does seem like a ton of effort.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 12, 2022 14:30:34

In case you didn't realize, that second case is 100% reportable. They should get a temp ban for that kind of needless toxicity, especially against sprouts.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 11, 2022 23:27:09

"Stupid, sexy lalafell..."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 11, 2022 23:19:56

Honestly I've never encountered anyone outside of this subreddit with this attitude of "Learning a role? fuck you. Ignore your comfort and pull as fast as possible or gtfo pleb." Tankxiety is a big problem for a ton of people as it stands. Posts like this aren't helping.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 11, 2022 23:17:37

Seriously. "Can anyone TLDR this short horror story" basically means "can anyone spoil this for me so I can go 'wow that sounds spooky' and ruin my chance of ever actually experiencing it."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 11, 2022 18:57:58

Wait until you hear about the built in crossposting feature!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/youdontmattergiveup on October 10, 2022 20:34:57

That oe's always annoyed the hell out of me, because I know exactly where that conspiricy came from, and it's one big issue with speech comprehension. It all comes from a TED talk Bill Gates made years back when overpopulation was a big talking point. His argument was that we've seen plenty of countries already start at a place of low population growth because infant mortality was so high, suddenly explode in growth as the population got access to good healthcare and things like that, and then level out again as people gained faith in the new normal where 4 out of 5 babies didn't die, and had far fewer kids as a result. His entire talk was about how we could solve overpopulation by just bringing good healthcare to underdeveloped countries as fast as possible. Conspiricy theorists couldn't follow the logic though, so assumed that he was _really_ sterilizing everyone in the world with the help of big pharma.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on October 10, 2022 17:35:19

I don't think she ignored it, so much as assumed it was the boyfriend who she was sure was stright just drunkenly stumbling into a weird position. I'm been really drunk and grabbed someone in the wrong place because I was too out of it to realize what I ws even touching. Awkward shit can happen when you're all wasted. Obviously she was wrong and it sounds like she's 100% on the brother's side now, but I don't blame her if she thought it was some awkward drunk stumble or something.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 9, 2022 17:20:30

I guess they're all close enough to the end anyway that there's not really much reason to care

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 8, 2022 20:51:47

You went to a very different high school from me then lol. It probably varies a ton between schools, let alone countries.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 8, 2022 20:50:49

Apparently old folks homes have more sleeping around than high schools. A lot of people had their partner and lived the long happy life before they passed, so it turns into a second chance to experiment again with no strings attached. Not like they gotta worry about pregnancy or anything.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 8, 2022 20:03:51

Yeah. You can either buy the starter edition and endwalker separately, or buy the complete edition which gives you both. Do whichever of those two options is cheaper.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 8, 2022 07:12:40

Is there any way to get them to grab more packs? That was my really big problem with them. I tried running ahead for more packs myself, but the AIs wouldn't follow and just stayed there slowly attacking 2-3 mobs at a time. Mad the trash take a painfully long time compared to normal player runs.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 8, 2022 01:47:03

You do still have to be on the same data center to world visit, so for tonberry you can make a character on any elemental world. No weird quests or anything to unlock, just go to the aetherite you have set as your "home" point, right click it and you'll see an option to visit another world. Takes a few seconds to do and has no restrictions. Duty find is actually already DC-wide, so partying up won't be a problem, and you can freely add friends from other worlds too. Biggist restrictions I can think of are that you can't join a free company in the world you're visiting, you have to travel back to your home world to access retainers, and I beleive you can only buy a house on your home world as well. Besides that, world visit persists between logins so you can just pretend you're a tonberry player 95% of the time. It's what I did for months before the OCE servers came up and I moved over there, and the Free Company restriction was the only real catch for me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 8, 2022 00:58:14

I just did the first shb dungeon with npc supports to see the dialogue moments, would you say later dungeon npc dialogue would be more or less interesting than the first one? The dialogue made it interesting, but mechanics-wise I knew immediately that I wouldn't like the npc supports unless maybe I was the tank. The dialogue of that first dungeon was interesting and I'm glad I saw it, but it was right on the border of "worth dealing with the npc mechanic" for me. If the majority of dungeons don't reach at least the Holmister Switch level of interesting dialogue I'd rather just form a normal DF party, but I'd rather deal with the npc mechanic if moments get bigger than what the first dungeon had.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 8, 2022 00:36:59

I just finished it today too. I think you definetely won't stumble into the most efficient strategy on your own, but aside from the one time I forgot to apply upgrade in one spot, it never felt neccessary at all to me. Later on it _would_ be a task to figure out builds, but right around that point they give you the oracle feature which lets you throw whatever you want into a build and then immediately see what that build would get you in an hour.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 8, 2022 00:30:12

Not tipping would have literally no impact to the employers underpaying staff. It's the BUSINESS who you need to not give money too. Instead of not tipping at the place, you'd have to not go there in the first place. THAT is a cultural shift Americans could make which would actually change the system.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on October 7, 2022 07:32:24

She's blind. She was during all that she could when she literally couldn't see him.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 6, 2022 22:40:46

That wasn't hyperbole. She is blind.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 6, 2022 22:39:10

Diesel is fairpy safe to use for lighting fires, petrol is absolutely not. Treating them equally is really dangerous because people can get the misconception that they're equally flammable, see diesel used and notice that it's fine, then try lighting a fire with the same amount of petrol. Not pleasant went all the fuel vapor in the air around your face catches on fire.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 6, 2022 09:13:55

I literally just played that quest an hour ago. I have no words.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on October 6, 2022 08:15:53

But in that example it would be theatre. You never needed to wear a mask around someone in your bubble just because your were doing something like giving a tattoo at the time. The general mob of people online treat it like it's important because they can't comprehend nuance and detail, so people and companies would often use masks in places that made no sense because it made people feel safer. It was security theatre.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 6, 2022 08:11:15

Yeah, in theory I'd agree that the sudden switch was an obvious red flag, but we're not talking about 2 random countries here. It's specifically NK that censors the ever loving shit out of anything and kills anyone who speaks about it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on October 4, 2022 03:04:20

If the step dad really was a huge part of her life growing up, which he probably was, then she probably could have gone for one of those joint walks where two men walk the bride down the aisle. Dad wouldn't have liked it, but with the way the relationship was described I feel like he would have accepted it if she she talked about it tactfully and a hell of a lot earlier.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 4, 2022 02:48:25

That's true, but having your step-dad walk you down the Isle isn't a "my step-dad did more for me growing up" thing, it's a very loud statement of "my birth father isn't even a dad to me anymore and my step-dad filled the gap." Imo disowning the daughter was the natural response, because an act like that is basically disowning your father. If she really felt that the step-dad was that important to her, well that's when you get weddings with both dads walking the bride down the isle. A tad unconventional but it's generally a sweet gesture that everyone can walk away from happily, assuming the dads can stand each other on the day for the sake of the daughter. She could have gone with that and talked to the dad about it a hell of a lot earlier, and all of this could have been avoided.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 4, 2022 02:42:41

I'm not them, but I tend to have a virtual desktop per project I'm working on, so context switching is helped by my entire desktop layout changing too. A lot of people I know also split it with an ide desktop, a chrome desktop, and a comms desktop for emails/teams/slack/etc.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on October 3, 2022 15:48:44

I would argue that the entire rouglite genre fits that description. "Real" games with fun gameplay loop, and you progress by using different run strategies to unlock new features and permanent upgrade to help you get significantly farther with future runs. There's a ton of crossover in the core design philosophy when you think about it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 3, 2022 07:13:16

Imagine being the cameraman. You film a giant lizard swallow a goat whole, pause for a second, and then start walking in your direction. I would stop filming there too.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on October 3, 2022 06:11:58

Been playing [FE000000]( for the past couple of weeks. It's way more interesting than I was expecting, and a lot of the later layers are interesting/fairly unique systems. It has a built-in guide linked in the options page which automatically hides all later stages, but the guide is absolutely not needed. I used it one time to find the feature I had forgotten to use to keep progression going, and a couple of times I used it when I unlocked a new layer but was way too busy with something else to experiment with the new features. Nice to have and definitely not needed, which is exactly how I like my guides.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 3, 2022 05:18:03

Vocoder is the perfect tool if you're switching between a lot of different programming languages. It's the Swiss army knife of devepment environments, and does everything plenty good enough. Fuck installing a dozen different IDEs for everything. I use Visual Studio for most C#, and might install Intellij if I ever had to deep dive into a java project for more than a few days. Other than that, not using vscode because X does Y better is just dumb.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on October 2, 2022 09:29:59

I don't think he was actually enabling based on the way he wrote his post. Enabling requires you to at some level be aware of the truth. If he had encountered the exact same situation and sided against everyone else in order to side with the daughter instead, then from his perspective the wife + son could have been telling the truth and he would have been, by your definition, enabling the daughter's behavior. You're not an enabler just because you don't always spot a liar, or don't randomly side with the innocent party using nothing but a psychic-level gut instinct. We're human. We make mistakes sometimes, and narcissists can do a damn good job of manipulating the people around them into taking their side. We can raise awareness of the dangers of enabling abuse without casually throwing the label at anyone incapable of reading both parties' minds to determine who is the real victim every time.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 2, 2022 06:43:52

Spend some time on r/raisedbynarcissists sometime and you'll see that this kind of behaviour is more common than anyone likes to believe.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 2, 2022 04:45:42

At the same time, I get why he believed his wife when the son was consistently standing with the wife as witness. When you truly believe all 3 are good people, it's easier to believe one person is lying instead of one person being abusive and another one lying to help the abuser. Of course the consistency was a red flag, but that shitty therapist told him she was probably lying about any abuse allegations, so I get why he took a so-called-expert opinion over his own doubts. The poor daughter must have felt so isolated in all of this and it's horrible what she went through, but I sympathise with OOP too. His only sin in all of this was his naivety.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on October 2, 2022 04:40:59

idle research is on both mobile and steam, with saves synced between platforms. There's a type of ad boost on the mobile version, but it can be completely ignore and you'll have the same experience as everyone playing on steam

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on October 2, 2022 00:29:41

How is this ironic?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Feic on October 1, 2022 21:24:01

Personally, I think they mean you should do something different and uncomfortable at times, without realising that you're ALREADY uncomfortable with the amount of change, and the "boring and repetitive" habits they're trying to make you break are the few points of stability keeping you from being overwhelmed.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on October 1, 2022 16:31:41

Don't click it, unless you want even more reason to come back to this sub

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Eyebleach on October 1, 2022 05:24:50

Wow, for once the info was near the top and not buried under an ocean of bad puns in poor taste. Absolutely amazing that nobody died after some shit like that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on October 1, 2022 00:15:12

And my workplace people get actively excited when we get a new female dev for a change, because even the guys are uncomfortable with the massive gender gap. It's hard to not notice when the workplace is more than 90% male.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on September 29, 2022 17:54:13

The Q&A section is hilarious, but the review section is just depressing. People really spent a hundred bucks on a dum metal box, and rated 5 stars because they couldn't "feel" the wifi damaging their bodies anymore.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/iiiiiiitttttttttttt on September 29, 2022 06:33:52

She said the kid had meltdowns about specifically people saying their going to work, that the kid is getting therapy for "other things" and that the dad is on a ventilator. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say those details are probably related to each other.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 29, 2022 06:06:58

People are so focused on not "eating vegan" that they forget it's not healthy to eat meat with literally every meal. Meat is a big part of the average diet, but not THAT big.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suspiciouslyspecific on September 29, 2022 02:08:06

Python can be fast, but you have to learn specifically how to code efficiently in python, and write your code with that in mind. In can be very fast, or very slow, depending on your implementation.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on September 28, 2022 20:28:13

Even though I'd put almost all the blame on the parents for basically training him to be horrible to his sister. The kid's got a ton of shit to process and work through before they can live together again, sadly.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 28, 2022 01:32:19

Yeah, there was a reason she had Lou examined for SA evidence in the first place. Talk like that is a pretty fucking big red flag.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 28, 2022 01:28:29

They said that they suspected OOP was from SEA, until OOP said in the original post that they were from Saouth Asia.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 27, 2022 23:46:43

Abuse is often generational. I wouldn't be surprised if the father learnt the abusive behaviour from the grandparents.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 27, 2022 21:50:35

These are all temporary measures. It lines up with the experiences I've had brushing up against NZ social services. Permanent rulings will take ages, but all of these temporary measures, figuring out who is the abuser and getting the kids away from them are all the first thing you do.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 27, 2022 21:42:35

Thanks, sounds like Ravana might be the best bet

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 27, 2022 20:47:54

What are OCE DC queue times like, and which server is most active? Just resubbed recently and I live in NZ so the ping would be nice, but I obviously don't want to end up on a dead server with hour long queues.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 27, 2022 20:09:16

They have, during their last gang rape. This is not a safe place, those perverts are not fucking safe to be around and she's insane for not getting the fuck out of there.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ThatsInsane on September 27, 2022 19:35:00

Sure, but that would be a discussion so far in the future that I wouldn't call it relevent to anything happening in the post. It also doesn't require a paternity test at all, just an eventual sit down with their teenage son to let him know that the dad may or may not be biologically related, but they love him the same either way.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 27, 2022 16:51:54

Microsoft Word is the One True Way.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on September 27, 2022 02:53:44

Yeah. "She got pregnant right after you started dating so you should get a paternity test" is reasonable to me. What I did have a problem with was "her family died years ago and she had a drug problem years ago, and is _only_ a waitress, so she's probably using you for money." OOP sounded like one of those snobby rich people who are completely out of touch with the struggles of everyone else.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 26, 2022 17:59:23

People I know who've tried to play blind as a sprout tank really struggled with large parties with multiple tanks. When I talked to them it seemed like they weren't really sure how to coordinate at all with more than one tank, and never even considered not taunting. I don't blame people for struggling with a learning curve trying to work out what to do with themselves as a newbie tank in an alliance party when there's only one boss mob.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 26, 2022 17:40:01

I don't think anyone is saying he stopped being homophobic, but it sound like he had a lot of the crazy conservative stereotypes broken for the first time and might be a lot more open to the idea that gay people are still people. Huge step in the right direction. Tbh I think religious have every right to think that homosexuality is a sin. The problem is when they treat gay people like they are intrinsically evil or disgusting, and not just ordinary "sinners" like everyone else who doesn't share their faith.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 26, 2022 05:05:15

Tbh I have more doubt that any of these characters really exist, but maybe that's just me being too optimistic. A lot of people like to post fictional "Someone did the most evil thing imaginable and I responded in the nicest possible way, AITA?" posts. This feels like one of those to me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 26, 2022 00:25:09

[is where this literally came from, yes.]( At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if half the sarcastic jokes in this comments section gets reposted to the sub.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 25, 2022 19:18:18

It's such blatantly obvious sarcasm. They even added the sarcasm emoji at the end just in case you couldn't catch on. I can't believe so many people here couldn't follow that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 25, 2022 19:16:37

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 25, 2022 19:13:32

Sedriously, I know we're all required to hate emojis here but how do so many people not know that the upside down face is the emoji equivalent to /s

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 25, 2022 19:13:00

That part was just sas from them thinking they'd caught someone out on a "your vs you're" level of mistake.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 25, 2022 10:09:49

He said he's walked 3 miles since the attack, surely the adrenaline has worn out by that point.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on September 25, 2022 00:52:34

To give them the benefit of the doubt, OOP said they were very open about their sexualising and had lots of flirty talk all the time. I wouldn't be surprised if the couple was reading the room and seeing that she was super into it. I mean they were reading signals well enough to be so sure that she was keen for a threesome that the theme of the confrontation was "sorry, we talked about it and decided not to have a threesome after all." Maybe the couple just knows OOP well enough to read the signals.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 24, 2022 21:44:45

Are there any later dungeons like Coils that I should be wary of doing as a newish player? Just resubbed after a year, finished the base stormblood msq, and now I kind of want to do the extra raids and dungoens, as well as all the optional heavensward raids and dungeons which I'm pretty sure I skipped entirely. I am a hell of a long way from a mytrhic-tier player though, and mainly here for story. Don't want to accidentally queue up for something where I'll be weighing my team down a ton.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 24, 2022 19:57:41

I rhino it's what made the biggest difference with the public's response to Ukraine's invasion. The internet had mixed together people from different nations enough that westerners were seeing videos of the initial attacks as they happened. Videos from people dressed just like them, in cities that looked like places they might have lived, reacting just like they would react if bombs starting falling one day without warning. It's hard to make the subconscious "us and them" divide when you learn about an invasion by seeing it from the perspective of countless people you can relate to. Iranians didn't get the chance to make such a strong impression in the minds of people around the world. When everything went to shit it was all seen by the west as a different world that didn't warrant a lot of thought.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 24, 2022 16:42:00

Imo taking a picture and posting about it on Reddit is just as much initiative as scanning the QR code on a random bad ad. Which is to say, not a lot.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 24, 2022 16:28:18

Anyone whoi saw this and thought "Oh shit I like anime! Better scan the QR code and sign up" is a moron who shouldn't be trusted with a weapon. What if the enemy shouts "Cucumbers!" and immediately convinces them to switch sides?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 24, 2022 07:05:10

Join the navy because anime, I guess?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 24, 2022 07:01:50

Which surely can't pan out for them. "The victim wanted to keep her messages private so we harrassed and threatened everyone she ever spoke to until we got her private messages anyway." In what world could they possibly think that even succeeding with this strategy would do anything other than make them look worse?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 23, 2022 21:44:35

Greenhouse gasses vs specifically CO2 and CO2 equivalents.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 23, 2022 08:19:01

That's what they mean. People spam the same overused jokes because they're young enough/new enough to the internet the the joke don't feel incredibly overused, and by the time that group gets sick of spamming them there's an entire new crowd of newer people spamming. So every individual person gets sick of them but the site overall is perpetually filled with the same generic jokes.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on September 23, 2022 07:29:16

Yeah, some of my siblings are apparently in pretty serious relationships with people I haven't met, and I only know that much because my mum talks about it when I call her every few months.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on September 22, 2022 18:03:27

That's actually really low for someone at that level. I would expect it to be an order of magnitude higher on any other platform.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/Damnthatsinteresting on September 21, 2022 20:11:30

Flip the approach. Job hunt now, because the market is pretty great for devs. Chances are you'll find yourself a new job with a higher pay by the time layoffs come around.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/UnethicalLifeProTips on September 19, 2022 21:26:55

I mean if you're a prepper than partner #1's logic seems solid to me. They're not assuming the partner is going to violently force their way in, just like they're not assuming the world will end in the next 3 years. The entire philosophy is about being prepared for the worst case scenario, just in case. It's not about assuming the worst case is going to or even all that likely to happen. There's a big difference between "there's never a truly 0% chance of my partner become an ex on bad terms." and "My partner can't be trusted because they'd totally beat me up and steal my shit in an apocalypse. I just don't see how someone preparing for an apocalypse just in case wouldn't also be prapared for an apocalypse following a messy breakup.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 18, 2022 20:08:05

Something like that happened in east Asia after SARS. I doubt it'll stick nearly as well in the west where people had to haver serious debates over whether saving lives was enough reason to wear a face mask, but I reckon it'll still be a thing to some degree.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 17, 2022 22:17:40

I could never get into any other Mass Effect game, but absolutely loved Andromeda - including the story - and was hyped at the time for this new and awesome trilogy. Given how I responded to this when I really couldn't make myself enjoy the old trilogy, I get how the inverse happened for a lot of people. I was so disappointing when they cancelled the sequel though. Even if it never won over all the old fans, the Andromeda series would've built up it's own fanbase if they just stuck with it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gaming on September 17, 2022 17:43:43

Wtf? Where do you live where it's legal to make people work with the flu?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 17, 2022 03:27:29

Forgorb to make Silksong. Too busy ascending.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/HollowKnightMemes on September 16, 2022 23:09:23

It was probably a 100 week per year mistake, combined with also shifting the decimal one too many places without noticing.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 16, 2022 17:25:52

The worst part about seeing dumb celebrity gossip like this posted as "haha meme", is all the people in the comments who think this is everywhere and don't realize they're just living in the celebrity gossip part of the internet.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/NonPoliticalTwitter on September 16, 2022 15:55:57

I'm pretty sure these are basic standard everywhere in the developed world. With one notable exception of course.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 16, 2022 06:50:25

Is there an easy way to see a quick summary of your recent msq? I've just resubbed after nearly a year, and need some kind of refresher. I took the break originally because I was so into post-heavenward that I was getting annoyed at the entire stormblood expansion as a pre-shadowlands detour out of nowhere. Now I'm finally ready to give stormblood a proper shot, but I took the next MSQ quest and now I'm going to some place called the Azim Steppe with no memory of why.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 16, 2022 06:35:23

I'm just trying to imagine these monster going to normal jobs talking to normal coworkers about hating their rebellious daughter, while politely skirting around the fact that they wanted to rape her and are offended that she got away. These disgusting monsters look at a glance like anyone else, and that's kind of terrifying to think about.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 14, 2022 18:15:22

Description of the [original video]( has a link to an [explanation video](, but that video is just text explanations with more links in the description for techy people to dig.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/nextfuckinglevel on September 14, 2022 05:58:29

It's not so much that they're trying to boost these type of articles, but rather there's an entire industry of people making a lot of money in order to game the fuck out of Google's search engine algorithms.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ProgrammerHumor on September 14, 2022 05:28:27

That was a typo which I've since edited. I have a mad habit of making a lot of typos, which is a bit of an issue when I'm trying to explain grammar apparently. I meant "neighbor" not "neighbors"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 14, 2022 05:04:07

Hmm, maybe you is right. Imagine using "are" in a singular context. You is so smart for noticing this ultimate checkmate!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 14, 2022 04:49:40

If that was the case then we couldn't consider "you" as singular because "you is" doesn't work. We say "you are" even in the singeral context, and the same holds true for "they are." These aren't new updated rules. As far as I understand this has been the case for centuries, and it's crazy to me that it's being treated like some weird new way to talk by some people. "I met the new neighbors and they seem nice. They are a gardener, and have big plans for the front yard." Easy, natural, literally the way "they" has been used for longer than any of us have lived.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 14, 2022 04:47:48

I think it's the combination of social awkwardness and hyper-fixation. The incel hole sucks in people who are struggling in the dating scene and don't understand why, so it really targets the socially awkward more than anything. It's made a little worse for autistic people specifically because we're more likely to hyperfocus on "solving" dating issues, which only serves to accelerate the descent.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on September 13, 2022 19:10:14

You can. "incel" is short for "involuntary celibate" and technically applies to any gender or sexuality, aside from asexual people. There's actually a pretty interesting, although sad, background to the community. It was started as a support group for the socially awkward who trying to help each other on their journey to find a partner. The core problem, imo, was that anyone who succeeded in finding a partner would leave the community, and not be around to help other incels with advice. It ended up spiralling out of control, as the people who stuck around were the really awful people who had grown to virally despise an entire gender for not dating them. Lots of rhetoric from mostly men calling all women whores and advocating to legalize sex slaves because they didn't percieve women as human anymore. It evolved from a support group into a center for radicalizing people in their weakest state. They ended up splitting into "incels" and "femcels" after this, basically grouping themselves based on gender/sexuality. Straight men seem to make up the vast majority, but other types do exist.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/autism on September 13, 2022 18:59:08

That is true. The basis for the crackpot conspiricy theories were some genuine misleading errors at the start of the pandemic.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 13, 2022 18:44:25

Only in very hot, humid weather, where you'd end the day completely soaked in sweat. In anything more mild than that, the extra showering starts to do more harm than good.your skin and hair are meant to have some oils on them to stay healthy, just not a greasy amount.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on September 13, 2022 06:09:16

Don't worry, the constant horniness will chill out when the hormones stop. You'll never "feel" any more adult than you do right now though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on September 13, 2022 05:44:14

The time period from "finally graduated" to "all those 11 year old year 7 kids from when I was a senior will have just graduated" is terrifyingly short.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/AskReddit on September 13, 2022 05:41:45

They reckon _they_ were counting every single death as dying of covid if they had the slightest sniffle of a common cold. Believe me, I've tried to tell them otherwise, but they genuinely think I'm some poor fool who can't see this obvious conspiracy involving almost every medical expert and every single government in the world. Apparently it's linked to the Devil's influence, and I'm told I "believe in" covid because I forsake God when I became agnostic.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 13, 2022 05:28:38

y anti-vax relatives won't shut up about how their super secret sources on Facebook say that nobody died of covid without the vaccine, and all the vaccinated people must have been getting crazy sick because they all had to stay home while they had covid. They and their unvaxxed friends on the other hand, when they got covid it was so mild that they could continue to walk around town while they had it! Unmasked of course, they weren't gonna let the government restrict their breathing like that. Fucking infuriating, but you're never going to convince them that many people even died of covid in the first place.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 12, 2022 23:26:17

It's the original post from the healer. The post is deleted, but that site let's you still view the post.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 12, 2022 06:01:58

That's not even a reddit thing lol. The number of times people have looked at me like the devil for saying both major political parties have their own flaws is insane. Everyone wants you to pick a team for every opinion, or all of the teams will gang up on you for daring to view things with nuance.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 12, 2022 06:00:38

I've taken screenshots of crazy encounters like this plenty before, to post into a group chat for a laugh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ffxiv on September 12, 2022 05:54:39

Once upon a time I thought it was cool that Netflix had educational documentaries. Then I saw a "documentary" on Netflix claiming that humans evolved intelligence buy getting high as fuck on shrooms and communing with the universe.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/meirl on September 11, 2022 09:02:31

I think most people are so apathetic to the whole debate that the biggest factor by far will be whether we lose or have to shift a public holiday. The whole thing is all so symbolic that it'll be arguments about whether it's worth or the trouble to be able to say we're not part of the commonwealth while not actually changing anything meaningful. Unless the new king announces that he's gonna start actually denying law changes instead of blindly nodding along to all "advise" from the government, I don't think most people will want to bother.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 11, 2022 04:24:14

Honestly it's been hard for me to get a good feel for that myself here, mostly because the majority of people seem to be sharing my sentiment of neutrality about the royal family. They do some good stuff, do some other really bad stuff, but it's not like _our_ taxes are funding them anyway. There is absolutely a loud and proud group of royalists in the country, and we get a free holiday out of Queen's (King's now?) Birthday. I think there are some people who vocally loved the Queen, some people vocally despise all the royals, but most people just shrug and aren't bothered much either way.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 11, 2022 04:16:32

Date will stay the same. The only difference now is the name change from Queen's birthday to King's birthday.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 11, 2022 04:04:47

I feel like this whole war has been Putin underestimating Ukraine/the west, doubling down an an attempt not to embarrass himself, and repeating.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 10, 2022 21:09:39

Technically we're not overriding any process, it's just that our intelligence has evolved to a point we're it lowers the evolutionary value of that sort of thing. It's not like we got so smart that we paused evolution, our very high intelligence is just a unique new factor in the equation.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 10, 2022 20:00:09

Back when I was Christian growing up, this is exactly how we used to talk when trying to debate evolution to non-creationist people. A huger part of the whole creationism argument is a fundamental misunderstanding of how evolution as a sort of "things willed themselves to change into different species" kind of thing. Took me until I studied machine learning in uni to go "oh shit wait, evolution is just math!" and feel like a moron for thinking it was some kind of flawed theory.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 10, 2022 19:55:55

I would keep the option for Balance, but make it an active popup when they try to queue.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 10, 2022 17:42:23

On the one hand I agree with the sentiment. On the otherhand, all of these bots are annoying and condesending as fuck imo.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 10, 2022 17:40:23

It really makes no sense not to auto assign match roles for everyone except balance.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 10, 2022 17:38:49

I just looked up this guide because I thought I'd hit a wall, I was nearly at the end of the guide and the guide only boosted eternity gain by about 50%, by telling me to keep my build, tweak the ininity autobuyer and wait for longer runs. I didn't do anything more than some very basic experimenting with different study builds and autobuyer settings. Guide definetely is not a requiredment for the game.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on September 9, 2022 17:29:59

Haven't checked the update, but assuming no crazy changes: game is pretty passive, intended for you to upen up for a minute every few hours on your phone instead of babysitting it. IIRC the game before this update was around 2-3 weeks to finish like that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on September 9, 2022 06:19:11

I mean sure, but I really think everything wrong with the pedastol people propped Jacinda onto since day 1 was people acting like charisma == good leader. It really fucking doesn't, and I hate it being treated as the number 1 factor for 90% of voters.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 8, 2022 05:47:27

This sub just loves their "NATIONAL REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!@!!!!!" moments. I have some issues with him, and some things he did I outright hated, but on balance he was a pretty decent PM above average at least. I also think his administration was significantly more competent than the joke labour has become, even if they were competently implementing policies that I strongly disagreed with at times.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/newzealand on September 8, 2022 05:42:44

Yeah, tbh they're responding pretty quickly to hacking issues as they apear. The problem is the terrible foundations of the game. I have no idea how you would fundamentally shift all the neccessary logic to the server side without pausing all feature development for a few months. That's what they really need to do, but I don't realistically think it'll ever happen.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gachagaming on September 7, 2022 17:54:50

Anime skewed towards forny teen boys, Reddit skews towards horny teen boys. Put them together and this is what you get.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 7, 2022 17:22:58

At the start of this I was really hoping that the whole world would come out of it with the same mindset that East Asia has: if you have any sort of cough or are feeling a little under the weather, wear a mask when you're out as a matter of course, to drastically lower the odds of you spreading it everywhere. Yeah, I don't think that caught on as well as I was hoping.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 23:37:16

Are you fucking serious right now?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 05:15:48

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 05:06:18

Yes. I know. I've followed a lot of those studies in the past. A huge portion of the things we miss in the delivery of sarcasm are not present in text only form. Or maybe I was diagnosed with anti-autism and I was reading the anti-asd studies by mistake. Who knows.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 04:57:46

Fair enough, I know basically nothing about what having ADHD is like tbh.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 04:02:14

I'm literally on the spectrum lol. Text sarcasm is way easier to follow than verbal imo. It's the fucking massive library of subconscious body language cues that throws of people like me. If anything, text evens the playing field a lot. Picking up sarcasm online is nothing compared to trying to work out why everyone laughs at a serious statement I make, or when the room freezes because I made a joke and every single person thought I was being gravely serious.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 03:50:53

They didn't end the tweet with /s, so clearly nobody could ever know if it was sarcasm. Interpretting without that tag requires an ancient skill of which redditors have only heard faint whispers. I believe the old term for it was "reading between the lines."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/confidentlyincorrect on September 6, 2022 03:02:46

They said their gmail account was comprimised, and the hacker changed their ToF password before OP realized what was happening.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 22:02:37

Oh wow wtf? I knew they had issues but how little forsight does it take for them to shoot themselves in the foot like that.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 21:59:11

I mean if your a tank then it's a bad idea to be the one rezzing 90% of the time, but that's completely unrelated to refusing to rez out of spite.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 20:56:16

And I'm sure the other two teammates love you for it and totally don't think you're being the most toxic and sabotaging the whole team.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 20:01:50

You can just animation cancel by jumping, dodging or aiming a relic. That'll cancel the discharge and prevent the taunt.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 19:56:30

I don't think the event race is that serious man.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 5, 2022 16:39:59

Welcome packs for refugees and immigrants arriving somewhere with nothing. Things like toiletries, first aid kits, maybe a change of clothes.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/suspiciouslyspecific on September 4, 2022 23:47:27

That does sound a lot better, and is a healthier mindset, but it's just not the implications I get when I read the route finale. I always had the impression that he was still going to continue to do short sighted, reckless shit in an attempt to save everyone, even though he admitted that doing so was a terrible idea that actually makes things worse in the long term. I really hope that what you're describing was the intended change, but I just couldn't see it when I read the route.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/fatestaynight on September 4, 2022 22:44:13

But if he's doing it anyway, then nothing has changed. He's probably still going to become Archer, he's still going to make terrible sacrifices for almost no gain and my (imo rightfully) hated for it, but now he does so while smugly smile about how he knowingly signed up for this so that makes it not a terrible path. The worst possible takeaway from his confrontation with Archer.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/fatestaynight on September 4, 2022 22:00:31

[Between 4 and 16 injuries](, 4 confirmed injured but eyewitnesses said as many as 16.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on September 4, 2022 21:44:04

The last sentence of that article implies that the entire carnival may not have had consent from the authorities, and the people running it fled the scene instead of helping the injured. Maybe its just easier to slip through the cracks with shady shit in a country that big.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/WTF on September 4, 2022 21:40:51

But that's what get's me so much. Archer "realizes he was wrong" because young him beleived so hard that letting everyone die while trying in vain to save them all was somehow better than actually saving some of them. I thought it was just bad writing that he was convinced at all by shirou, Shirou gave no counter other than "I believe it's right."

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/fatestaynight on September 4, 2022 20:27:01

At what point do you cross the line from unwavering commitment to willful ignorance though? Archer came in with undeniable proof that pushing his ideals like this was going to have the exact opposite of the desired effect. Sticking to them anyway is an act of pure and egregious selfishness.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/fatestaynight on September 4, 2022 19:58:53

I've always hated the ending of UBW with a passion. I think it's because everyone talks about him doing the best he can, but to me it looks a hell of a lot more like he's ignoring the flows. He was confronted directly with the flaws in his ideals and the fact that it's frankly the worst possible choice you can make, but he does it anyway. That's not maturity, that's sticking your head in the sand and fucking ruining shit wherever you go but giving yourself the good tingly feels because "They all died because I refused to just save some, but I stuck to my ideals. Fucking infuriatingly bad. The only part of the original VN that I completely despise.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/fatestaynight on September 4, 2022 19:01:14

You need to use the match button to automatically join a team, don't use the "find team" menu.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 4, 2022 17:22:37

It's more like we're pushing to remain capable of fighting our own overworld mobs. I couldn't care less where I sit on the ayer bell curve lol.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 4, 2022 16:10:25

Most, not all, but the way people are talking you'd think the transfer rate was abysmal. It's high enough that unless you're a minmaxer who wouldn't be behind the server average in the first place, not levelling purples is just shooting yourself in the foot. It's just bad advice parroted from CN.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 4, 2022 08:17:29

You lose 20% to raise CS, thus raising suppresser levels and significantly upping your ability to clear content which could drop better gear. I was stuck in CS hell for a while, and literally all I had to do to stop spinning in place was to ignore the "don't waste xp" advice and upgrade my freaking gear. Not leveling purple was a horrible mistake, and terrible advice for anyone leveling up right now.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 4, 2022 08:14:50

I tend to binge by downloading shows onto my phone so I can still do things with the day. I walk through supermarkets doing my shopping while my face is glued to some intense drama on screen. 10/10.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/television on September 4, 2022 06:49:29

GOT burned me too hard, so now I feel the need to wait until the season of HOTD ends to find out if they stick the landing before I binge it.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/television on September 4, 2022 06:47:33

There's a reverse bell curve. A lot of teen weeblets seem to forget for a while that Japan is not like anime. Almost everyone snaps out of it though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/anime_irl on September 4, 2022 04:36:19

I was raised on dairy farms, this is a healthy calf which is eating well, 100%. They fatten up between their first and second year.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 4, 2022 03:52:07

There's like one bit of shit on the ground. Calves shit every few minutes, you're not gonna clean it all. The walls just look to me like they used to store some kind of dirt or fertiliser in there and didn't bother scrubbing the walls. The floor looks like a soft dirt and straw mixture to me.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 4, 2022 03:49:19

The walls look like the barn was used recently to store dirt or fertiliser or something.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 4, 2022 03:46:36

That's dirt. Calf stalls are cleaned at regular intervals, but the shed that are used as pens during calving season are often repurposed for thing like fertiliser storage at other times in the year. That's the dark colour you're seeing, not crap.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 4, 2022 03:42:07

That's one of the many things I was grouping into "a bunch of different tricks to store the information that you can interpret as the very large number." You can also store multiple numbers with, say a list of values [base, exponent1, exponent2, ...]. There's no point in hassling with it though, just import a library and move on to problems that aren't solved already.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on September 3, 2022 21:36:53

Void buffs need a tutorial man. I tried it one time and had no clue wtf I was even meant to be doing. Helplessly followed a random other player while contributing nothing because I couldn't figure out what the goal even was. Now people complaining on Reddit has given me enough context to actually understand the game mode a little, but I'm scared of all the random players in exactly the same position I used to be in. It also doesn't help that my server is like 40% english 40% Japanese and 20% other languages lol.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 21:01:02

Fucking toxic healers wanting the heal buffs SMH, how am I supposed to dps without them?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 20:55:10

Just go to to maind "find a crew" page filtered by crews with available slots. Most of the crews there are all silent groups that are happily doing the crew missions and claiming rewards without social pressure.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 20:52:49

It probably got caught by an automated system trying to filter out all the "gacha sucks so give me 6 star" support tickets that every gacha game is bound to receive.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 20:28:50

I fully expect that there's like 1 or 2 support guys for the whole game, working overtime while forever behind on tickets, and getting blamed by the management who aren't hiring more people. Pretty much every rough point of this game is screaming "too few people given the task on a tight deadline." It's all the kinds of cut corners that I would take as a dev if I was given an impossibly large task and management wasn't listening to my warnings.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 20:27:11

Yeah, this is 100% a basic "user complaining about bad gacha luck" template.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 20:21:57

TBH this just looks like the loop a lot of people took. Thought the game was gonna be shit but tried it anyway, had a ton of fun for a week or so, then everything started getting really repetitive fast.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gachagaming on September 3, 2022 18:24:36

That caps out at ~e28. Hardly enough for an incremental games. At least double caps out at the famous 8 byte max of 1.8e308, but that's still too small for most incrementals. Sure you can use a bunch of different tricks to store the information that you can interpret as the very large number, but that's what 3rd party libraries are for. Top comment here is right, breakinfinity is the most popular library I know for this, and the c# port looks solid.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/incremental_games on September 3, 2022 17:26:35

I have 18k CS and nobody I know is going near this game. I have absolutely no intention of trying hard mode at any point. I'm not gonna force myself to play in a way that I find miserable.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 15:29:39

They just need to stop the damn XP boost. It was poorly thought out and is clearly have the opposite of the desired effect.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 06:52:49

Ngl it's kind of depressing when I go in for my 3 runs and it's immediately obvious that I'm the only one in the team actually at the keyboard playing the game. I'm basically playing a multi-player game with only bots at that point.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 06:41:04

This is just annoying because it's a completely mundane picture without the exposed boobs. One of the top comment theread is everyone repeating the word "books" over and over. It's so blatantly obvious that this was posted as softcover porn and people are upvoting it as softcover porn, but for some reason we all have to act like this is identical to an artistic photography piece which contains nudity? At this point I'm wouldn't be surprised to see direct crossposts from r/gonewild hit the top of this sub because "it's totally art I swear!"

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pics on September 3, 2022 06:18:36

It's the fact that there's literally no other noteworthy aspect of the pic. The fact that it has breasts is the only logical reason to upvote it or to expect upvotes when posting.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/pics on September 3, 2022 06:04:20

I switch from dps to tanking today, because I'm sicking of joint op teams with 4 dps players, to of which queued for different roles to skip the line. At least now I only have to rely on one of the 3 randos to actually queue in the right role.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 3, 2022 02:21:23

depends on the specific matrix, but generally you wanna use a set bonus that works for the weapon.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 23:31:33

That talk should probably come a little later though. Given how massively overscheduled they were, I would give the kids a week off, then when they're rested up I'd ask them which 2 activities they want to keep.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/BestofRedditorUpdates on September 2, 2022 22:13:55

I remapped it on the first couple of days, and it never changed back. Last person reporting this problem was playing in window mode and force quitting by closing the window, but I assume you're exiting from the settings menu like normal?

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 21:17:20

You can't resurrect at camp if the team leader is in combat. It is incredibly annoying how many people refuse to rescue downed teammates and then insta-quit when they die though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 20:37:42

I have a 1* huma but no Meryl, is it viable for me to use Ene to get tank resonance and queue up tank? I'm an okay tank, and I've just had the third joint op in a row where the "tank" had attack resonance and not a single tank weapon. If the bar is this low, I can do better. Assuming Huma + Ene is viable, any tips one best third slot? I don't have Meryl, Tsubasa or Coco, I have Samir and Shiro at 1\*, and I have every other character at 0*, including both limited ones.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 19:45:49

Honestly I still just haven't had the time to push bygone. There are SO MANY FLOORS, and as far as I know you can't just skip floors even if the next 20+ floors are obviously gonna be a cakewalk. I have a life man, can't be spending all day in the most boring game mode of ToF.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 17:27:18

Super important note for everyone feeling underleveled: your shatter doesn't scale with attack. A level 1 huma shatters just as well as a level 100, even if she'll hit like a wet noodle. If you focus on shattering shields you can still contribute!

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 17:24:03

You get currency for using your vitality which can be used to buy purple gear. Check out the commissary.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 17:22:03

I wouldn't call that power creep, she was out on release. It's pretty P2W, sure, but that's kind of to be expected with a gacha system. The company doesn't make money if all of the premium banner characters are objectively worse than the standard banner. When people talk about power creep in cn, its the fact that every month over there a new character comes out that makes everyone else irrelevant, and there are very specific limited characters that are seen as compulsory for team comps. The important thing is that if you're f2p and you save up all month for a limited characters, the character needs to stay relevant for more than a couple of weeks. Whether that'll happen on global remains to be seen. They screwed it up on CN, but the global rebalances are a good sign.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 2, 2022 16:48:47

I have no idea How you're managing to hit both the second and third one. I gotta try this man.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on September 1, 2022 07:20:23

Here in New Zealand, and Australia too, Starbucks failed miserably with the locals. A few Starbucks stores are still around though, in places with high tourist traffic. The one near me is always packed with Asians and Americans looking for a break with a familiar experience. Doesn't matter if you're in America, Asia, or Oceania. The overall coffee quality might change, but Starbucks has the same burnt and oversweetened dirt water. Apparently a lot of people crave that piece of home when the culture shock of a new place is getting to be too much.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/ShitAmericansSay on September 1, 2022 07:11:52

I googled it for 5 minutes. In that time I found conflicting sources stating that she was Odin's daughter, concubine, wife, that freyja was married to Óðr and Odin was married to Frigg, and that Óðr may just be another name for Odin. I am not an expert in norse mythology, so I'm putting this in the "scholars disagree" basket and moving on.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on August 31, 2022 19:38:26

I normally run huma/nem/samir, and when facing volt resistance it's nem that I swap out for king. My logic is that volt resonance is a big part of what makes nemesis so good, and huma's takyness and somewhat make up for no nemesis healing. This is just based on what feels more effective to me though.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on August 31, 2022 19:10:57

My understanding is that frigg and freyja are believed to be disfferent aspects of the same goddess. It's one of those blurry lines in mythology where you could argue that they are or are not the same person, and both sides have good points, so it just comes down to personal opinion.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on August 31, 2022 19:04:45

This means that she's slightly less likely to be on the theoreticlly best team for super whales, but she's more likely to be really strong for the 90% of players who don't get multiple copies of every limited character. It's only a nerf for the leviathans and lucky whales.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/TowerofFantasy on August 31, 2022 18:25:19

I swear this has been the shortest couple of years of my life. My personal life was basically frozen for a solid 18 months because covid, and it still feels like 2019 was a year ago.

Commented by /u/normalmighty in /r/gachagaming on August 31, 2022 05:50:59

The people you're addressing here are absolutely not on active on any of the ToF social media communities.

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Buffs change every day, my guess is you didn't read them and the boss now has a huge damage reduction against your favourite damage type.

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you also get 1 black or flame gold, depending on the banner, for every roll, plus one bonus for any SR dupe that you've maxed and 10 bonus for any maxed out SSR dupes. Flame gold on the limited banners and black gold on the standard banner. 120 flame gold lets you outright buy the limited character on the banner, and 120 black gold lets you buy dupes of your standard characters to upgrade them.

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IIRC 1.0 will max out at lvl 70, and at 2.0 has a max level of 80.

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Just answer honestly. Trying to do a bunch of things to make it clear you're autistic will appear as though you're faking it. A lot of the signs they look for are subconscious, or things you percieve as normal.

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Yes, or wait until she gets added to the standard banner. Your call, but be aware that aiming for dupes of every limited characters will get you spending thousands really fast.

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Worth advancing at least a star or two, it'll make the grind till SSR gear a lot nicer.

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It's the smaller button to the left of your weapons, in the same general group.

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In case you haven't noticed, localization is rushed as it is. Even fast forwarding like this messes with the gacha part of the game because we get fewer/shorter banners, and a corner of the community is flipping out over that right now. They are fast forwarding us though, so we will catch up to CN eventually.

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The trailers you've seen are for CN, not global. Most people think 2-3 months, but that's really just educated guessing.

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It would be a weird ass change, and it wouldn't be the first translation error in a weapon description. I'm only saying to wait because you'd gain nothing by rushing it, and waiting will give 100% confirmation.

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Not that I know of. I'd say play it safe, resist the urge to roll the literal second that the banner goes up, and wait a day instead. If it's not a translation error, you can be pretty damn sure you'll here about it soon enough.

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Yeah, unfortunately a some of the hairstyles are only compatible with certain outfits.

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The counter to 80 for soft pity is carried between banners. The flame gold for hard pity is converted into black gold when the banner ends.

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Changing back to the previous hairstyle will cost 100 dc

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King is better for your overall dps, and keeps the attack resonance for you. Huma 3* huma melts shields and has more utility, but it'll switch you fron attack to balanced. I'm in about the same position as you, and lately I've been trying to maintain king for when I want to go full dps for coop, but using huma for all solo content because she rounds the team out a lot better.

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Honestly those are both viable options, just go with whichever one you prefer the playstyle of.

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Don't try to kill every mob. Just hold mouse one and aim straight ahead, trying to get everyone down far enough for the auto turrets to finish them off. Every now and then glance back to double check the ones you let past are getting killed, and if you're getting overwhelmed them shoot the mines in the corners when mobs are around them.

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well they don't ALL have a /)

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Worth the double check, did you reboot after installing the dll? I would expect you to need it in the syswow64 folder, but adding a copy to the game bin folder won't hurt.

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