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To start, I have always been a solo player, mainly on vanilla high-pops because some sick part of me likes the challenge of it though I get skunked often. Usually I play on Monthly types so I can get to T3 maybe before the end. It is hell, grindy, and I dont know why I keep doing it. I feel like I mostly pre-farm for others because I suck and usually get domed never seeing my attacker (my CS:source days long past as a decent pvper) Ive been trying more RP/Shop/Trap base kind of stuff lately. I get it, that's the nature of it. If I want easy mode I know where the 5x servers are. Things do feel a lot less *earned* on those. That said, I learned playing solo on such servers requires a different mindset. You must be sneaky, creative, and headstrong to not ragequit while throwing up blood. I totally understand the "vanilla isn't for solo" idea. I'd argue it is for solo players, but its a vastly different, real *survival* experience to being a zergboi. Sure there is modded and that is awesome, at the same time I think FP can do the vanilla unlimited game some justice to the solo bro too if that is the developers idealized game. **Shit that makes no sense** Things that should use electricity, but don't: Garage Doors Refrigerators Vending Machines **Basic electrical components are stupid hard to find** I spent the last 2 weeks looking for a *switch*. I found 3 flame traps which is nice... It is way too random, and it seems dumb you can get solar panels from Outpost but not basic stuff to actually do anything with it all wipe. **Strange gun comps and things** Eoka: somehow has a shell in it with zero GP. Instead, should be craftable with sulfer ore, wood, and metal frag/metal ore, and can be reloaded with these materials for a crude, unreliable gun. This makes better use of early sulfur ore bits that as a solo mean dick starting out otherwise. Handmade Shells: gunpowder and *stone*? Brass is made of stone? Why is this not just metal like literally every other bullet type. Why does a Python need 3 pipes, a DB needs *one* for example? Seems like a lot of guns have odd, overly needy comps to make. Having to research T1 bullets and guns separately. If you research a T1 gun like a revie, you should just get Pistol Bullet with it. Each is instead a 75 scrap cost. Why? If you find actual specialty ammo, that can be its own BP. **Things I would love to see** Molotov cocktails, lowgrade, cloth, and used waterbottle to build with no WB. Make Primative/T1/modular the focus of the gameplay again overall. T2 and T3 should be far less ubiquitous. Id much rather have a map filled with T1 crudes shooting each other with Eoka's than AK full kit kids everywhere after the first day of wipe. There is no progression it seems like, just speed run to T2 because if not you're fucked aside a couple lucky plays. For groups this isn't a big deal, but for solo bros it sucks large. Scrap Mini-Bikes that need like 1/4 of what the cars need to upkeep. Tamed, scrapwalled horses with saddles and all the trimmings sure, Im kind of OK making these things more elite. Id like there to be "natural" horses you can "break" yourself around the map still. The BP system in this game is full on retarded and a lot of things are nonsense. For example: why is a metal shop front a standard BP, but not wooden shop fronts, shudders, etc? You can build a metal shop front with no BP and a T1 WB, but not a metal window insert that is basically just half of a metal shop front? Instead, every level of Workbench should just grant you a host of items you can craft instead of this everything individual thing. T1 gets you wood items, t2 metal, t3 armored. I am 100% sure wooden shop fronts are only recycled for wood, because they are worthless, I have *never* seen one in use on a standard server. Researching a T1 gun should give you the bullet BP with it, only t2 ammo should require further research. This needs a major overhaul again I think, clearly a lot of it wasn't very well thought out. Visible indications that a structure has been attacked recently, aka burned wood, scorched stone and doors. It would be cool to see some bases beat to shit like this. It would also prevent fools like me wasting hours of farming on something that was already clearly raided recently. Get rid of Outpost and Bandit Camp, and disperse the NPC stores around the map to specialty small outpost/shops instead, elite guns, electrical, farming, vehicles, etc near similar monuments, or just in the monuments, not dissimilar from the special boat shops and upcoming stables. This encourages PVP and dumps two large monuments that are just camped to shit by big groups anyway, and seem like way too big of a safe zone. Fuck animal hostility timers at Bandit, Outpost, and Fishing villages. Why do these NPCs attack me for shooting at food? Dumb. More T1 improvised weapons. Hopefully modular guns fill that spot more, but I digress. I want a proper one shot *musket* that costs a bit of wood, frag, and a pipe that uses sulfur ore and frag to fire, a blunderbuss which would basically be a super-sized Eoka that uses frag/stone/wood and powder/sulfur as ammo, etc. Beancans craftable from a used tuna can, BP, and cloth. Give all of these crude guns including Eoka a chance to misfire or even explode in your face. Give the small fry a better chance to make plays with less up front from a bare recycler. Make Primitive fearsome and accessible again to shorten the gap between OP horseshit like AK kids everywhere that do nothing but top-tier monuments all wipe. Just give new spawns a damn mallet and blueprint to start with the rock and torch. It is full on bullshit a mallet costs 100 valuable wood. Alternate idea: dump mallets/blueprints, use picks/axes for right-menu upgrades instead. Im not sure how exactly that could work, but simply this a bit. It makes me nuts constantly looking for a blueprint and a mallet and having to use valuable space storing the shit. After the pickup changes its kind of fucked. You now need a *blueprint* to pick up locks on large boxes, then you have to use the *mallet* to actually pick it up. Wtf? I know the recent change affected picking up bags similarly, and FP may well change that again soon. The end of random loot where it makes zero logical sense. Why am I getting Kayak's and paddles *in the middle of snowy, landlocked mountains/deserts? This is pretty bad. Monuments should dictate the loot table drops as prior suggestions have said. Electrical at Power Plant, farming shit at water plant, more scrap at Junkyard, guns in Mil tunnel, chance for Kayak/scuba drops at Lighthouse, etc. Gas Station monuments should feature Low grade fuel and related items (fire arrows, flamethrower mil crates?). Markets should feature food drops (add a produce section with some corn/pumpkin/berries whatever to pick up, or add it to the normal food crates). Mil crates should just be removed as elite as that can be for a solo, it just makes no sense for them to be at "get a green card" monuments, only when you actually do a green card puzzle. Why are mixing tables random box drops? They should only be buyable at the Outpost, and/or crafted at least. This is the only thing like it that just randomly drops. Why not T1 workbenches, research tables, and repair tables too? Lowgrade fueled heaters for snow bois. Massive structures like compound walls, windmills, etc should not be a standard one slot item. They should take time to construct on site with the materials for them in inventory so it exposes the builder to death. How is it realistic at all that a player under fire can just instantly construct a giant, impenetrable wall? Pretty OP if you have one on you. Ability to melt snow for water with the water tank thing...When you are literally surrounded by water the dumbest shit ever is to be thirsty if you have a camp fire at least. **Vanilla solo advice** Keep your bases small and dispersed in your chosen area. I make small 2x1 stability bunkers usually, if I have too much at my "main" Ill run the goods to my secondaries. Fuck honeycomb, if you can upgrade to metal do it to deter all but the most determined zergs. If they really want you base to be toast, it will be. Solos live in the shadows. The bigger your base, you will spend your time mostly farming to feed it, instead of using it to make more guns and ammo. Build out of sight of bigger bases and monuments. Make your real main in the boonies in a wasteland, and have a *forward operating base* basic 1x2 or something near a few easier to run monuments that only need a basic gearset to run (Trainyard, Airfield, Junkyard, Satellite, etc). Have research tables handy so you dont have to run it all the way home to research or bank. Don't horde guns and mats, assume next time you log out you're getting raided. You earned those weapons, go use them. None of it matters next wipe anyway. "saving your best kit" might end up being you not using it ever. Don't farm what you don't really need, or you are just farm for someone else. Go after zerg compounds. Run toward big fights. Grab a crossbow or whatever and go lose it. Some of the best moments come from being an underhanded little shit with a DB and a dream. Don't leave scrap when you log off. Research everything you can with it. Raiders can't take researched BPs from you. Actually *dont* build a main in the mountains, because 9 times out of 10 some bullshit zerg fortress or its feeder farming bases are nearby and you will get stuffed by LR/AK kids repeatedly. Cold is also a bitch if you don't have much to combat the constant damage you take, taking more food and resources you don't have to waste keeping warm. Put bags all around the area where you're hunting. Start a shop to barter for things you need, which goes with the "make farming easier" tip. If you got a rarer BP, build and sell it for wood, stone, HQM, whatever. When you build, try to do it near somewhere that solves at least *one* of your farming needs easily, be it nodes, food, or scrap/comps. Nothing is worse than feeling like *everything* is against you. At least be able to easily top up your HP or make your node farm easier. Living near Outpost is an easy way to get out of wood farming. It really is you vs the world. You're not a one man zerg. Be a sneaky camping piece of shit, whatever gets you ahead. There is no honor in Rust (you can be a cool dude as seen fit, but if people are toxic then fuck them you owe them nothing, if they call you "bad" after smoking their dome, take their shit with pride and run). **Most of all**: hobbies are fine, but addiction isn't, and in gaming its very real. Take breaks, go outside, don't obsess, don't do awful shit like sleeping with your headphones on in case you get dunked offline, because that shit is *deeply unhealthy* for your mind and body. Ive found if I play too much, I start having weird dreams about it. Rust is a stressful game if you let it be. Its taken some time to mostly let losses roll off my back. I only talk about this because Ive more than once gone into the vortex and avoided life otherwise. Exercise, eat right, learn real skills. If Rust is your passion, consider game development then. **Overall, Facepunch please spend like 6 months on fixing the dumb, instead of constant new things like the lame tea crafting.** So many games fall into this hole and never recover. You could easily spend *a whole year* fine tuning what you already have. I get for a game studio you have a need to put out constant hooks for new players and keeping old ones engaged. But: your biggest poison is not taking the time to fix prior releases. The bullshit eventually compounds into truly broken nonsense that never corrects itself. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, that's it, just thoughts/opinions/whatevers for discussion from my perspective. As said Im mostly a vanilla solo because I hate myself, thats not to say I don't totally support other playstyles if that's what you like, this is also why Rust is great because it can be customized infinitely too. I said all of the above for the *vanilla* experience, and it can always be improved for groups and for solo bros. GG

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lol take your 2 comment sock account and shove it up your ass

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Also I think most find Hillary Clinton to be just unlikable, stuffy, and insincere. Younger people like myself are done with crusty hags like her and were disgusted by the DNC shoving Bernie Sanders 6 feet under because it was "her turn". More than a few voted for Trump because "fuck the system" faced with two favors of shit sandwich. She ran a half baked campaign and got smoked.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 10:28:11

The big takeaway I think is that the United States is far from #1 at basically anything anymore, and the whole world, including Americans, are realizing it. European countries have a lot of problems too including seeing fascist dumbshits get in power for a while, the US is no different as it turns out.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 10:19:09

Its high time to dump this shitty system and the rest of the antiquated nonsense we still operate on. Though it keeps GOP shitheels in power, so it won't go away without a fight.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 10:17:49

If I went anywhere overseas I would definitely tell them I was from Canada. We crossed *embarrassing* a couple years ago. This is a whole new level of shame.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 10:15:58

Ultimately I think the short answer is: the Civil War never really ended, it just went cold. Over the past 140 years that deep hate have worked on this coup, indoctrinating religious zealots and the disenfranchised, working against blacks and hispanics with Jim Crow and similar, building media empires to sway opinion and targeted psychological warfare. The most modern incarnation of the Republican's all out trolling and disinformation came with Newt Gingrich in the 1990s where the nuts took over the nuthouse, whos only mission was to be extreme partisans. Instead of governance, it was only "win at all cost" and "fuck liberals" which just means anyone thats not part of their cult now. 1/3rd of this country literally exist in an alternate reality of god-fearing American Exceptionalism, racism, worship of ignorance, and a never ending war on "they". They're *facists* that feed on the reality TV propaganda slipstream tailor made to keep the base afraid, outraged, and in the dark. Donald Trump was lightning in a bottle for the United Morons of America to follow, finally "taking back their country" to install a good ol' fashioned corporate theocracy and be unburdened of any shame in being racist idiots, because their President is one too. Yeah theres going to be an avalanche of books and documentaries about this for like 20 years.

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Impeachment only matters of the Senate holds the accused accountable for their crimes. Unfortunately that doesn't really work when multiple branches of our government has been taken over and stonewalled by Trump's asslicking administration and the GOP.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 09:55:41

Trump may well be one of the stupidest people ever born, period. Sadly incredibly stupid, cruel people can get inheritances from their tax dodging, cruel scumlord of a father that can be used to manipulate people and con banks out of massive loans he'll never pay back, ever.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 09:51:35

The dipshit and his brigade of ass licking cronies only managed a self-beneficial tax bill in their 4 years. Their dumb followers are still waiting on all those "promises made, promises kept". Like...where?

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/facepalm on October 19, 2020 09:42:22

Then you are either blind or willfully ignorant. Im guessing both since you are clearly another new buttcoiner troll account, this being literally the first post lol, try harder

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The manufacturers have been aching for any gimmick they can. 100% we're going portless across the board next.

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I spent some time at a computer repair place that was Apple certified. It was a ritual watching our Apple tech lose his mind dealing with their repair backend and their bullshit like proprietary hard drives that if done wrong will brick your box. They are deliberately hard to fix. I happily worked on the PC side where I could actually fix them with standard parts, without just sending it back to the mothership for a gut & replace.

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I agree with others here that the iPhone hasn't done it because Apple is going 100% portless with them. I'd guess this will be among the first ARM based gear, all of which will be portless.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/apple on October 18, 2020 15:14:49

We've had Bluetooth and newer things liken NFC for some time, wireless earbuds have risen to replace the headphone jack (bleh), Less and less we've needed to physically interface our phones with other gadgets, and now wireless charging is becoming more common so someday you can just throw your phone and buds on the pad. I can totally see Apple's new portless iPhone in my head.

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I can absolutely see Apple going full wireless with zero ports at all (requiring proprietary charger pads), then watch Samsung and everyone else pile into the latest trend with it like they did with the war on headphone jacks.

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Apple could just make their own new shitty standard and people would still buy it. You needing $100 in adapters just to use your Macbook or iPhone in the real world is why Apple is sitting on a huge pile of money. But you may be right still that finally they might join the rest of the world to stop the charger wars and standardize finally after like 20 years of this nonsense.

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USB-C really is what the mini and micro were trying to be the whole time to me, which finally compliments its big brother properly.

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Someday my collection of antiquated USB cables will be worth something lol

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Yeah, Id expect that from some value brand guitar that got a deal on old stock or something, but a $2k setup from a respected player in the industry? Thats just lazy shit.

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I mean shit, we still havn't even mapped most of our own oceans yet and constantly find new species, let alone trying to do that on a far, far away ice ball like Europa

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A literal alien invasion is on my 2020 bingo card

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Half of our stupid asses would probably dismiss First Contact as fake news. If I was a warp capable species I'd look at this primitive dump and say "nah"

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These signals are still weak and nothing compared to stellar phenomena that pump out infinitely more light radiation. By the time those rays leave the solar system its just background noise at best.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:30:20

Plus radio signals are just a specific spectrum of light, which we detect all over the place from natural phenomena like pulsars and black holes. Seems like our pissant power output wouldn't be detectable with all that noise by anyone else trying to listen for Cheers re-runs from a neighboring species. As others have also said, that phase of our transmissions was extremely short as well.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:26:37

It is totally possible we've already seen other intelligent life and just didn't know what we were looking at.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:19:37

I tend to agree with the scientists that say maybe its best not to advertise lol

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:16:05

I feel it is statistically *impossible* that sentient life hasn't sprung up elsewhere. We know other Earthish planets exist that may well have lifeforms on it, right in that habitable zone. But the vastness of space and time could mean we're the only ones *right now*. The rest already blew themselves up and wrecked their planets perhaps before they became spacefaring as the Great Filter every species like ours has to hurdle. Even if we're not alone, we might be anyway because the universe as we know is unfathomably massive. We're isolated to our little pen. Its like looking for a needle in a stack of needles, in the Marianas Trench.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:13:22

People thought powered flight was impossible in the late 1800s. Its actually incredible when one considers we basically left the dark ages and became what we are today in such a short time. From a wood and canvas plane to moon landing took a mere 60ish years.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:07:59

Its extremely difficult to do in our own solar system, let alone outside of it. Europa might have space whales swimming around under that ice for all we know, but getting to it is a massive engineering challenge. We haven't even put Humans on Mars yet.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 14:04:15

It is just baffling to know that we've found other stars that are 1000s of times larger than our Sun. And those are still tiny and nothing compared to the vastness of space or the unfathomable scale and power of black holes. Even what we see in our observable universe may just be a sliver of it, it may well go on *infinitely*. And its all drifting away from us faster than the speed of light to where we won't see anything at all in a few billion years.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 13:58:59

Yup. Even if we're not first, a million other civilizations like ours could have come and gone by the time we discovered fire. Modern Humans have only existed for a very short time, nothing says an asteroid doesn't end our shit tomorrow in an instant. We're not even sure we were even first on our own planet, for all we know we're pumping the remains of them into our gas tank.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 13:55:41

I always keep in mind that at *light speed*, it takes light 8 or so minutes for it to get to Earth. To the nearest star to ours is *over 4 years* away. For conventional methods of propulsion it would take 1000s of years to get there. To say space is incomprehensibly huge is an understatement.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 13:44:47

10,000 sentient species could have risen nearby and nuked themselves into oblivion before Humanity even discovered fire. The time scales and distance here are *massive* and our modern society has existed for like .0001% of the Earth's total history. It would be by pure luck we'd find another civilization like ours. We can't even be totally sure Humans were the *first* sentient species on our own planet. So much is lost to us forever aside a few fossilize remnants, even those can be recycled and destroyed by geological activity over millions of years, which is nothing compared to the age of the known universe.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Futurology on October 18, 2020 13:38:39

Same as that "THIS WILL BE BIDEN'S AMERICA" bullshit, meanwhile its happening *today* under Trumps slothly gaze. The hypocrisy and reality twisting of these fucking clowns is so ghastly and disgusting. Seems like much of the GOP is preparing for landslide losses, so they're as typical smashing up the system and running up the debt to flip back to blaming Democrats and "libruls" for their hangover puke on the carpet after getting blackout drunk on money and power.

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>People who own treasury bills and bonds Which are in fact mostly owned by commercial and international central banks. Theyll buy Treasuries when the Dollar is weak, and sell them when it is strong and acts as a moderator and hedge for international trade. "regular joes" can own them as well of course, but this is a tiny fraction of the take.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/dataisbeautiful on October 18, 2020 13:17:45

> oh and safari. You mean the Firefox pre-installer that comes with OSX?

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/dataisbeautiful on October 18, 2020 13:04:28

To begin doing anything we need to start with a restoration of key positions which I do think Biden's administration will fix. I digress, it may not be enough in the end. The US is a broken nation with a long, long road to any recovery or justice. GOP must never return to power again or we are truly lost.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/politics on October 18, 2020 12:55:50

The repair cost on vehicles is definitely totally jacked between types. I don't think even big clans use cars since the only time Ive ever seen any driving around were like 2+ weeks in when everyone is bored. Making the motor system universal for powered scrap vehicles would make sense.

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Once I finally had enough on a monthy this last wipe I went to Outpost and filled up every available space I could with loot, and tossed the rest out randomly. Figured what the hell, Id blow someones mind with a rocket launcher in the BBQ.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/playrust on October 18, 2020 07:35:56

Anyone with a brain sees you that way. I'd almost bet your account will mysteriously vanish after November

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 07:31:21

I have to believe whatever feeble attempts I make to recycle and do the right thing matters in the grand scheme of things as far as being as least wasteful as possible. But I can also understand a contrarian view of *why*, because it is what seems like a few of us vs billions that wont give a shit until its too late.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/worldnews on October 18, 2020 07:30:02

This is also true, but we didn't move the energy *source* to more sustainable methods with that growth, nor manufacturing or recycling to keep up with it. We've just kept feeding coal plants and gas powered cars for 100+ years to the point of unsustainability, and now total destruction of our planet within the next 100 years. Also worth nothing that even while "first world" nations move on, there is a whole lot of the world that is still 50 years behind like most African nations just beginning their journey to polluted hellscapes catching up.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/worldnews on October 18, 2020 07:28:45

We must shift into carbon neutral, on-demand manufacturing world order *not* based in infinite growth and profit as it is today. We dig up oil and immediately make dumb plastic garbage out of it that ends up in a landfill hours later.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/worldnews on October 18, 2020 07:23:37

Correct. Sorry to say it but every EV made is the product of: oil and exploitative mineral mining where they are basically slaves. I mean, I would love to recycle glass in my city but they literally just don't. No one does. Not because its technically impossible, but because the cost to recycle it just doesn't square with our retarded capitalist society.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/worldnews on October 18, 2020 07:20:32

I remember many years ago I saw one of the first documentaries in IMAX about whales. Basically all of the shorts ended with "and thanks to Human assholery, this species is being harmed and is near extinction" Well, I hope whatever comes after us does a better job than we did...

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/r/playrust/comments/jdebk6/dumb_shit_things_id_like_to_see_and_advice_from/g97hgw0/ started as a couple things, but between sort of drunk and coming up with more and more that bugs me about this game...

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You literally are the anti-BCH army you dumb twat.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 07:12:09

Yeah bullshit dude, ABC has the support of about 10 idiots and a couple nobody miners as far as I can tell. Everyone of note on this sub has clearly displayed they will not support ABC, so they will fork off with no apps, no exchanges, no support no nothing. Have fun being an ABC bitch while it sinks into obscurity.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 07:11:24

The true disease destroying our country full of absolute idiots. I do actually feel some sympathy for them, a small group of rich sociopaths have brainwashed half of the US into a totally different reality.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Coronavirus on October 18, 2020 04:16:19

GOP goons are suspended by a bunch of gas filled bladders Im pretty sure

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Coronavirus on October 18, 2020 04:14:37

Too bad their loyal buyers are a bunch of stupid assholes

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Coronavirus on October 18, 2020 04:13:13

This is why the US is a total shitshow now. At least 1/3rd of us feast on ignorance and some self-image of being "badass" as good as prevention and medicine. No doubt some of these biker fuckwits spread their bullshit around my state nearby.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/Coronavirus on October 18, 2020 04:11:19

Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/politics on October 18, 2020 02:15:41

I still can't believe why *any* minority would support the GOP. I am just as baffled any woman would, considering the leadership are rapists and pedophiles, the head of which literally said "grab them by the pussy" like they are a piece of meat.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/politics on October 18, 2020 02:14:42

I wonder if they even know what "liberal" even means anymore. It seems to just be their excuse to be racist toward other whites that are not part of their asshole cult.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/politics on October 18, 2020 02:12:27

Complacency = 4+ more years of Trump and their criminal evangelical cult running this country into the ground. VOTE

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/politics on October 18, 2020 02:04:23

He was an administrator for a side of the fork he clearly does not support and rallies against with the rest of the ABC dumbshits, like you.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 02:01:10

Every fork shows true colors. Hayden Otto clearly is on the short list of cheese takers when ABC forks off into the altcoin abyss with the rest of the me-too garbage.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/btc on October 18, 2020 01:59:28

You are why ABC is a clown car, please go along with them shill

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BCH has no official website you dink. is controlled by ABC point of fact, why are you so butthurt people point out publicly available information?

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ABC isn't BCH after November, so this is accurate. Whats up with ABC shills posting this blatant bullshit? Desperation is a stinky cologne

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lol says one of the most hypocritical, bitchy idiots on this sub

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Your truth is you are another ABC asslicking bum around here

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Indeed, now it means "the next Apple" or whatever BS tech hype company from the Valley. I guess we need a different term when you start something like...a carpet store.

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I used to run warehouse for keto/vegan food stuff, we'd sample what was getting tossed sometimes and man, its seriously gross. You'd be better off eating the package it came in most of the time.

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I mean I agree that if you think there is a wrong in the world you can fix, by all means within reason. Im not a vegan though this issue is in the back of my mind when I get some meat from the grocer as to what manor of cruelty produced it. The newest alternatives and startups in that area are very intriguing and I hope they succeed with viable meat replacements. But some of these people go about it in the most boneheaded of ways. Harassing a trucker just trying to make his time table isn't going to stop the practice of killing animals for food worldwide in one afternoon. Stopping traffic and pissing people off only makes them hate you and your cause that is now making them late for work. Protesting one of America's 4000 processing plants with 3 other idiots won't make them care, ever, because they exist to make money. Go protest the local government, enter politics to champion new legislation, start a meat-alternative company and win people over, launch a media campaign, almost any thing else would be more effective than what they're doing here then act surprised when others tell them to fuck off.

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*one* actually successful startup is quite a feat on its own. Most of them fail inside a year. Having two sounds like he's probably just some rich kid that has a couple shitty Shopify brands or something.

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100% she will get bored or find someone "better" later and leave that other guy twisting in the wind too.

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Nothing was better for my sanity a few years ago when I finally dumped Zuckerberg's trash fire for good. "Comparison is the thief of joy"

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Any dickhead with about $100 can register a "startup" in the US.

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The truth is often unpleasant.

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When the bar is this low, anything higher is better. A nice, sleepy Biden administration for 4 years sounds like a god damned vacation at this point. At least I can know my "president" didn't do something disgusting or embarrassing every day without checking.

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Trump is a cornered dumb animal. I expect an escalating outlash of his brand of ignorant, hateful cruelty until the very end. VOTE

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Hayden was admin of a BCH group, while he undermines BCH pushing for Amaury's shitcoin coup and banning people from his own media that disagrees with him... hard to wonder why me might be removed from a control role there. Now that shitheel is again complaining and acting like BCHN supporters are the "new small blockers" give me a break. Hayden is a hypocrite and a jackass and is getting what he deserves after months of this kind of disingenuous bullshit. You can both piss off next month to ABCville, how about that

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You have proven yourself a toxic ass for the past 6 months by openly supporting Amaury's shitcoin coup (or being a flip flopper when you realize you screwed yourself and are trying to save face like you do constantly) Let me say it for the Bitcoin Cash community: don't let the door hit your ass on the way out with ABC next month, dickhead, no one here needs ABC cancer like you undermining BCH a moment longer. Find your balls and quit complaining, you did this to yourself.

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Thanks for totally confirming you're a fucking bozo Hayden, go with ABC please

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Its almost like no one here gives a shit, because you are a constant nuisance and an ABC shill suckup or something

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There is of course a possibility that it isn't strictly a Federation ship

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I'm still hoping they have some of that "monster/anomaly" of the week stuff, but I'm also more than ok with a Star Trek show that is more like GoT with something bigger going on. I feel Enterprise started to go that approach starting in S3 before it was cut short early.

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I never got why the NX got such a bad rap, most ships have a design lineage. NX is indeed a predecessor to the Akira the same way the Constitution is a predecessor of the Sovereign class.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/startrek on July 23, 2016 23:07:13

I want to believe this thing is supposed to be in fact an ugly hybrid Klingon/Federation stealth battlecruiser on a secret mission.

Commented by /u/spaced_drakarde in /r/startrek on July 23, 2016 23:01:43

This is in fact an early design for the refit Enterprise from the cancelled Star Trek Series II/The Motion Picture. Very interesting to see it in this new show

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