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Recently Vin Armani suggested that u can't own bitcoins, cos it's a number. I disagree. Ownership means exclusive rights to posses and use at one's pleasure. First of all, bitcoins aren't numbers, private keys are. U can guess any private key in principle (such event would be similar to losing/finding a banknote with far slimmer chances). But bitcoins themselves are part of social contract of Bitcoin network, now with family of chains no less. When billions of bitcoins were created due to a bug on BTC in 2010, the social contract was breached and people wrote code and took measures to restore it. When Bitcoin Gold/Diamond and others were created with much higher supply, social contract evolved and now we've power law distribution of value and attention, chains with major changes are in the tail U can prove ownership of crypto in different ways: * first-grade proof is a signature of these coins that no one else can provide * second-grade proof is culture - I know that Satoshi owns up to 1mln coins from various sources of evidence, so if anyone claims its theirs, they have to provide if not first-grade proof (say, keys were lost), then big enough cultural proof, the pile of evidence - which Craig is obviously failed to do cos he's a fraud On ViaBTC's Bitcoin Cat initiative and circulating ideas about forking BSV to give Craig Satoshi's coins without Satoshi's keys: Touching someone else's (by admitting u don't have the keys in form of arbitrary protocol change) UTXOs will be theft, violation of NAP. It's a lesser violation with Bitcoin Cat cos it seems that they don't intend to takeover the main chain (Satoshi's and others' coins on BCH will be safe), it's not exactly theft in pre-2009 era, but it's still a violation - clean start with a new rule ("give this foundation X coins after Y block") would be preferable and in accordance with voluntarism. All violations of NAP should be answered with minimum necessary force (judged by the defendant), so I suggest to loudly call Haipo's actions "theft" until his protocol change will be a clear fork. If it ever actually happens at all, ofc

posted by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 7, 2020 11:35:07

CashFusion is awesome, and I want it to become the best piece of crypto development, fungibility is critical. Bitcoin was missing it for so long. This tech has potential to make more equivalent $ private and for more people than Monero ever could through higher value and network effect, and fungible bitcoins will make world economically free much faster So I've some questions for its future, please tell if I'm misinterpreting or missing anything: 1) **The interface**: are there plans in EC to replace bottom-right icon with full tab in the wallet with all the settings and, hopefully, graph of your activity with fused coins? Will EC add option to consolidate->fan-out->consolidate... in perpetuity without manual switch? What is the status of adding CashFusion to []( wallet (and making it open source again)? Does Crescent Cash plan to add CashFusion? Any other wallets? 2) **The cost**: do people in EC or anyone prominent interested in CashFusion push for 1 sat per tx or subsat fees to make fungibility as affordable as regular 1-to-2 tx? What is BCHN's position in regards to it, no mention in the roadmap [\_is\_bchns\_roadmap\_is\_it\_the\_same\_as/g0kewtg/]( Right now and with BCH appreciation in mind especially? 3) **The security**: will EC form recommendations itself or with another audit at the number of fusions to achieve some specific goal/level (maybe everyday txs, exchange-level clean, multi-year deposit etc) and add to the software to set it up? Something like "these X coins are fusing; these Y coins were fused Z times which equals this level of security, Link: EC recommendations", with manual override ofc. This could also improve the cost as for now the safest assumption is perpetual fusion. Such recommendations also should take into account liquidity needs of the whole, which makes it complicated

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> They DO NOT care about it! And they shouldn't have to. What they want is electronic cash! And what they believe Bitcoin is, based on media history and word of mouth over the years, is that it is a volatile, speculative, risky investment It's not a good reason to stop educating about Bitcoin, it's importance and it's history

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 13:21:05

> However selling Bitcoin Cash as electronic cash, rather than "the real Bitcoin" or "the Bitcoin" The point of view is important. Bitcoin Cash is the most usable branch of Bitcoin family of chains as opposed to false claims that it has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Bitcoin turned out not be a single chain, but family of chains through evolution of Nakamoto consensus. It's the current market reality Even before '17 split word "Bitcoin" had several meanings (type of consensus, a chain, verbally a coin on the chain, the network, the protocol, benefits/trade-offs/bugs of which all Bitcoin chains share, synonym for new era of money, maybe more), now it has even more meanings

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Especially with games going completely digital

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 13:03:17

> Sowing discord Providing spotlight

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 12:53:26

Certainly more beneficial for society than water-bucket challenge was if it will now or in the future get to same level

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Some trolls compare Flipstarters with begging, but it should be look upon as reversed shopping (as all crowd-funding/angel investment is): product/service providers can shop for customers (with flat and/or curved pricing) this way more efficiently when the price of their product/service hadn't been discovered yet and/or when product/service is an one-time deal

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>You can't pay people to produce zero But we don't know yet how value creation will look like in post-automated world. It's possible that the most valuable service majority of people will be providing will turn out to be spending time on social media, being a part of public spotlight excruciating all remaining inefficiencies and corruption and ranking all media produced by people and machines It's not a coincedence that data which ultimately is brain-generated became so valuable

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 12:36:59

I get your point. That's why I said "kinda UBI" - voluntaristic means to achieve the same goal of income redistribution "global trustless and "state" don't combine, obviously

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 20, 2020 12:34:01

On moral weights spreading p2p cash is worth it. State and money should be disconnected and a lot of activity to achieve it is morally justified. A lot of people are under extreme debt and/or live in poverty due to system of exclusionary legacy finance

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 19:05:53

Hopefully rollups/snarks will arrive faster than in 18 months and will be easier to use than LN on BTC, but while we're waiting for trustless $5 tips u'd choose BCH

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 19:02:20

With BTC it's not very feasible and periodically not possible (when fees raise up to $5). Some BTC supportes may argue u can do that with LN. I'd love to see it, but it doesn't happened for now

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 19:00:55

> U can as well

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 18:58:18

Thank u. I srongly believe that either of two long-term futures awaits us: neofeudalism of Citadels or decentralized global trustless kinda UBI if we figure out how to spread value in a way which leaves no one behind Open pyramids in '18 and now DeFi games on Ethereum are very interesting in this regard in terms of discovery of what's possible, it's a shame that ETH itself is a bad p2p cash

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 19, 2020 18:24:30

Cheap to transact Bitcoin it is

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 18:00:48

Animated logo of BCH is hands down the best

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 17, 2020 18:00:21

>telling people not to run nodes if they don't mine It has no adverse conseqence as it has no consequence in general

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 18:24:00

>Quality is always better than quantity, in regards to software code Why was Grasberg quickly introduced and just as quickly dropped?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 18:22:46

Cheap to transact, divide, combine, send data. Feasibility of smaller mining operations. Cheap fungiblity with CashFusion The biggest problem with Coinjoin and in general on BTC is higher fees

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 17:11:24

BTC is 1st - congested, ETH is 2nd now also congested, BCH is the 3rd crypto by size and first by portability

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 17:09:46

Are u sockpuppeting, [alexiglesias007](,[1MightBeAPenguin](

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 08:01:52

Blockchains likely aren't ready for videostreaming, and it'd be expensive even on SV if u mean posting the data itself. Video even just for throusands of people requires GBs per second. If u're talking about posting hashes for some centralized CDN there will be no meaningful difference between BCH and BSV

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 07:18:12

> how is there any hope for BCH to survive, please tell me Recently it could be argued (still with good counter-arguments) that ETH is a better p2p cash than BCH cos it had both portability, more features and bigger potential reach (if someone would launched analog of BitPay with ETH), but since DeFI boom BCH is the most portable crypto Almost no potential outcome of Nov 15th changes that

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 07:01:51

ETH is even more congested than BTC. It's not an answer to p2p cash

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 06:58:31

5 + no Italic + green small banknote logo instead or pure circle. The main benefit is with growing popularity it can be easier collapsed just to banknote logo to save space/for clean designs if needed Banknote logo makes Bitcoin Cash stand out ([]( and philosophically it's a perfect fit. I also like rare version where coin is slightly bigger than banknote sides

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 05:24:06

They are not open blockchains - I can't just join the network and earn coins, and they are not immutable. If u manage to get enough stake u can write 2nd version of history and I've nothing solid like PoW stamp on it to compare it to the 1st

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 16, 2020 05:21:26

>In the financial crisis of 2008, even insurances had to be bailed out by the government '08 was caused by unsound money (and the bigger one is coming). Debt money. Some of DeFi projects are no different, but at the core of it is (currently) sound ETH

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A lot friction, especially when multiple regularos are involved. Which already makes DEXes more competitive and Uniswap is doing more trade than Coinbase

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/CryptoCurrency on September 15, 2020 15:15:50

Market didn't care, like it doesn't care about growth of US debt and deficits. Music is still playing, people are running around Both Steem and Hive are still not crypto, but distibuted databases with extra steps. Usable for some purposes, but certainly not sound money. Neither is EOS And I wish EOS all the luck - it can be a good onboarding bridge to scaled Bitcoin among multiple other. More choices - everyone is better off for it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 14:57:37

Doesn't matter. Apparently even 1 miner having 51% doesn't matter - ETC is still around after multiple 51% attacks. My money on BTC and BCH are backed by continiously burned energy ruled by solid time-proven game theory of mining and to erase them u'll have to burn a lot more meanwhile taking measures keeping others from burning it for competing honest chains For EOS u just to have find and DDoS/malware/blackmail/buy/legally threaten operators and my money are gone: either I would be targeted personally (freezing) or all of EOS holders would be (KYC/AML/protocol-level theft/inflation) Like it happened with Steem takeover and Steem was lucky to have a Hive spin-off community (which is just as vulnarable for the remaining above), I predict that some of these PoS/DPoS tokens will be taken over for good over time

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 14:48:14

Projection couldn't be stronger with this one. In some cases it works, psychology is interesting, but it doesn't look like it will work this time

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 10:06:07

Your mistake is at the word "coins". Don't be fooled by unfiltered CMC listing. Even more txs are happening in USD and even more in some specialized SQL databases. So? I don't trust FED to keep up USD purchasing power long-term, I don't trust \~20 EOS masternodes to keep up EOS purchasing power long-term I don't have to trust anyone in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash cos violating supply cap will cost anyone who attempts it a lot of real world resources, the safest way for them is to fork with bigger/removed cap, but Bitcoin Gold/Diamond ended up as not interesting

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 09:59:29

EOS, cro etc are not crypto. Distibuted databases with little to no incentives of growing their userbase. BCH is 3rd after BTC and ETH, both of which now are crippled. So it's the biggest portable crypto for now

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 08:27:31

Having vision helps overcome any and all annoyances of day-to-day people's actions

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 08:14:16

My point is: private keys and bitcoins are not the same, though, they connected. Private keys - are numbers, security tech. Bitcoins - are property existing purely in a social contract Why protest raising 21mln supply cap? In my mind it only makes sense, cos it affects the social contract - wealth of some (or all) people who own bitcoins will be diluted through actions of other people. It does nothing to inner-workings of key pairs Banknote is a piece of paper, but dollars u own by holding it is wealth secured by social contract and will be breached in USD's hyperinflation. Do u see my point?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 15, 2020 08:06:13

>for infringing on someone else's copyright Statism is so sad to watch, especially in Bitcoin

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 13, 2020 00:13:45

Short-term market is operating in the dark. Imaging a huge crowd of people where the majority can't see anything above heads of others and can't hear anything except loudest nearest screams. Then there are some guys running drones/sitting on the rooftops. And there always something that's happening that only they can spot Market believed in the Papiermark, market believes in USD, market believes in Tether. Who cares?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 13, 2020 00:10:16

Though, dominance should be calculated against PoW chains. If this is a CMC's chart it includes tokens which aren't crypto, but either digital fiat or new type of stocks. They should be combined with all the rest of fiat/stocks. And then crypto as a whole can only be compared to fiat as a whole: decentralized vs centralized currency Comparing crypto to old stocks and comparing it to new stocks doesn't make much sense

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:59:54

If so it'd be an interesting precedent in crypto. Especially if the following happens, by ABC: * ticker retained on centralized ex-s under a legal threat * ticker retained/lost on DEXes * ticker still instantly loses 90% of value when the new ticker for the no-IFP side won't Crypto is anti-fragile, so I personally welcome all the attacks from all possible angles as soon as possible

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:55:30

He's demonstated none of the qualities of a proper Internet janitor recently and on the other hand there's secondary signs that he could have abused his status. So it's a fine move

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:51:38

nChain's public cry about CTOR is the same bait-and-switch avenue ABC's Grasberg was. Can't wait for ossification of scaled Bitcoin

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:41:02

>BTW the SV side never wanted to steal anything I'm not so sure, there's a talk about stealing Satoshi's UTXOs and there's also that: [](

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:40:05

Abstract Business Corporation, really? It was Adjustable Block Size. Oh, well, a gold-and-black sweater doesn't mean that the person who's wearing it is really an ancap/voluntaryist

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:38:12

Uncensorable video hosting can't come soon enough. But it's inevitable just like Memo was since 2009

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 23:35:12

Yes. So let me advertise here - best gate into BCH Also: cash is green

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 21:04:47

No one owns Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash names. It's still not clear if Bitcoin IFP will be next member of growing Bitcoin family of chains, but Bitcoin Cash is here to stay

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 21:02:32

Andreas'es book is still good 2nd read after Bitcoin's whitepaper, and it's open: Yes, Bitcoin is difficult. It's really non-intuitive and really new tech. Losing your money by acting kinda dumb was never so easy

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 20:59:13

>One side led by Roger Ver who wants left over block rewards to flow in to the project (in other words to himself to decide how best to spend the coins) Not at all. BCHN side, Roger included, is for only the fixing DAA in Novermeber. No changes for supply curve or its distribution mechanics >BCH has been a scam since day 1 Bullshit. It's the only Bitcoin chain with both low fees and fungibility thanks to CashFusion. BTC still leads with bigger immutability and bigger network effect, but long-term it doesn't look good. Even ETH now is facing the same problem which lead to BTC losing dominance Also, BCH-native []( is among the best non-KYC entry points in crypto right now

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/CryptoCurrency on September 12, 2020 20:41:08

Depends on how much other 50% are for u personally in terms of finsec

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 12:11:49

>What do you recommend? We ban this? No. I'd recommend we review work on LN and sum it up is a waste of capitalists' money. Ofc if the true goal was development of Bitcoin and not crippling of Bitcoin

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:41:48

> None of you idiots have the slightest clue as to what size blocks you'll need No hard limit. New use cases always appear. Just like with Internet traffic in general. Even web pages in 2020 are extremely hard to download on dial-up if anyone would try it, cos they weight multiple MBs cos pipes allow it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:40:14

Certainly not tomorrow. BCH is not the only PoW chain with excessive capacity. Total demand for crypto txs is lower than even 5MB/10 minutes now

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:36:15

It's not possible to stop anyone from using L2 either on BTC or on BCH. If the use cases are there, someone is using it right now

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:33:54

It's not feasible in part cos there's no demand for it. It's thousands times smaller now. When there'll be demand up to 8GB of crypto txs per minute, there also will be demand for TBs of video per minute. And a lot of capital investments will be made to provide needed hardware Andreas himself used to make a point about growth of the Internet: pipes are always full, u expand, u wait when they are full (shortly), u expand again. Look at all 5G investments around

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:27:41

I suggest using []( in similar situations. Incentives are important and best way to teach majority of people about Bitcoin is to give them a bit

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 10:22:49

Cos miners' goal is to maximize havoc and endanger their own profits?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 09:08:44

Please, describe how it makes any sense

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 12, 2020 09:06:58

>Part of the value of reddit or similar platforms is that it isn't just us here I'm all for using r/btc as long as we are able to

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 19:18:28

If anyone sees Hayden's video, copies it/modifies it/publishes it anywhere else, no contract was infringed upon. If Hayden wants for it not to happen, he shouldn't use public publishers like YouTube and put his videos behind paywalls/invites then ask viewers nicely to keep the information they recieved to themselves If I'm understanding correctly what u meant

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 17:52:25

> I have decades of experience acquiring new customers and maintaining relationships with existing customers How can we verify that?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 17:35:31

I recommend starting from building the reputation, only then - asking for funding. Prove that u've skin in the game

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 17:34:13

More bitcoiners - less power this sheriff chair or any other one will have. So u won't have to care who is there and who is running, especially on national level. Crippling of BTC pushed us back a lot

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 17:29:22

> These individuals should either be banned immedialy OR given 1 warning only, and if they repeat these derogatary terms, be banned immediately Current rules are good enough. If they will be breaking them and especially if they will be breaking Reddit ToS, they should be banned. Otherwsie propose new rules and let's discuss them > They contribute nothing and ALSO harm the reputation of Bitcoin Cash and the wider community that supports it It's not ban-worthy. r/btc shouldn't be aimed at being corporate family-friendly Bitcoin Cash main marketing platform even if it currently can look that way from time to time

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 17:26:25

And Craig is writing about freezing stuff: []( However, while BSV is still de facto open blockchain there's a chance something will happen on it that we could adopt for everyone to be better off

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 15:55:21

> what steps would you take to promote bitcoin, aligning to its fundamentals and goals for which it was built for and simultaneously cutting down on money laundering, terrorism, etc in a way that would promote and foster the country's economy? Educate yourself, then educate everyone around u who may need it and who is willing to listen. All other net-positive actions in the space follow from it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 15:52:22

It may work for a bit, but the goal of the opposing side composed of various interests is not for u to be polite, it's about u for u **to stop talking**

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 15:48:40

I share this concern. Back up plan is Memo protocol - better sooner than later, but having as many as manageable even centralized information channels during the transition are fine: mailing list, .win, Discord. Open registration/public visibility are important

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 15:47:36

Retaining power through control over people's money and how they spend it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:39:53

Great news! Crypto is anti-fragile. Do BCH CashFusion next. Please!

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:38:39

>You would be arguing against intellectual property rights Indeed, I would. U can't own information. It's unenforceable (including posting "copyrighted" stuff on Memo btw, which is enabled by Bitcoin) cos it's impossible in principle. All your information processing, all thoughts u had today are result of information intake from the world around u. It's easy to construct an example where information intake is such that a person will own all the thoughts of another person and by proxy will own him Concept of IP violates NAP and brings us right back to the rule of the strongest

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:34:15

Nice to hear. Now I need a comparison between actions on BCH's Memo and BSV's protocol over time. And slopes of it Is there a way to view the activity publically apart from manual filtering from []( []( provides stats: []( []( \- doesn't look active at all. Twetch is another protocol I guess?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:27:25

His position seems to be ideological, not pragmatical. Even when gold and metal coins in general were circulating, mutiple mints were minting them. Some were better, some were worse, some coins were more liquid and trusted than others which for sure affected exchange rates on top of amount of metal in each The same applies to crypto: many currencies do exist and will exist, they already formed a Power law distirbution, there already happened and may be new big shifts between major "mints" (like appearence of ETH and BCH fork). Andreas gets it, Jack doesn't

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:22:48

Are u talking about []( Is it evolution of []( or is it just another iteration of centralized Twitter? If it's not uncensorable, it's not interesting, polished UI is not the issue here, it's ability to shutdown speech and inability for anyone to do it on Memo protocol - []( is just an interface to it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:18:10

Even if u're happy with r/btc, one day u will see "this subreddit was banned for (insert bullshit reason)" after a refresh

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:15:20

> We will do it even better and the videos from that event will be released into the public domain for all to use Thank u

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:12:17

I applaud Roger's desire to redefine the word as something positive, but copyright is explicitly tied to state enforcement of arbitrary judgements. It's existance is clear violation of NAP cos no one can own information in principle No one owns "0", no one owns "1", no one can own any combination of them u/MemoryDealers, can u expand on your thoughts here? Do u still hold the same position? What did u meant and do u see any point at which state should intervene in, say, copyright disagreements between parties which were interacting voluntarily earlier?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:09:38

> If you ripped one of the videos I spent $10k making, uploaded it to your own channel without my permission and started promoting it as your own work, then I would do the same thing No one owns information, Hayden. Bitcoin will help shred the hurtful illusion of copyright legitimacy

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 13:05:10

>truth is defined by the longest chain Progress doesn't stop and a consequence of invention of Nakamoto consensus several years later is multiple consesnsuses co-existing. Some in tension like BTC/BCH (mining incentives long-term), some occupying different niches like BTC/ETH/XMR Still not sure if PoS chains among such consensuses or are they just a better way to do databases/stocks, so I recommend watching and comparing top positions of the following list: []( >truth is subjective not objective That's false. Laws of physics don't care if u discovered them, if u understand them or if u're pissed at them. They apply to u >and if a vast amount of people disagree with your truth, theirs is probably more valid It's the other way around. Majority is most often wrong, especially in regards to important stuff. An example of it is popularity of USD. It may be the case with BTC as well the more people use it without understanding anything about how it works and will work

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 12:53:35

>He breaks Reddit TOS That's enough of a reason

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 12:49:56

Thx again for your initiative on decentralized moderation. It's becoming increasingly important day by day as uncensorable platforms will really be the last resort of interesting speech

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 12:48:32

r/btc has several more years if we're lucky. Be ready to jump on Memo/Member u/MemoryDealers, u/freetrade, guys be prepared. Take a look at .win, mailing lists, Discord to be able to inform as many people as possible when the sub will be inevitably banned for a bullshit reason. Telegram is comparatively worse option cos it requires a number and harder to manage as a hierarchical forum. Selected information venue(s) should be always visible on the sub u/freetrade, congrats on being funded, u've a bigger responsibility now. Good luck! Information channels are critical both in crypto and in general, especially in information age. Memo/Member is the most easily accessible uncensorable platform, native to BCH, the most useful branch of Bitcoin, so it's only logical to promote and prepare it for day X

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 12:42:59

Succinct I propose adding the pinned comment with the fact that IFPv2 was rejected in May, with BCHN signaling chart and with list of pools currently signaling BCNH: []( which proposed IFP in the first place is signaling, Huobi is signaling again, []( started to

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 06:50:56

"we have pre consensus" Who are we?

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 11, 2020 06:39:13

BTC is more immutable and has bigger network effect still, though rapidly shifting from average people towards financial institutions. Market currently values these advantages very high. All that being said it has big problems of scalability and fungibility which Bitcoin Cash solves, it's all about long-term Hedge your bets

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 20:19:44

\#Consistency (not)

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 18:36:55

>We can also inform miners that they can save vast electrical bills by unplugging now and sell their asics to Calvin Miners will mine whatever is profitable. On top of that mining industry is currently expanding. Hashrates will adjust

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 17:15:03

Before IFP is was the absolute worst of Amaury's ideas: even considering PoS. Start your onw chain, Bitcoin works at all as immutable money thanks to PoW incentives

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 17:04:00

>But signaling something is worth almost nothing Not at all. It'll give more confidence to exchanges come ticker announcements. Unfortunately, a lot in crypto is currently hinges on it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 17:01:00

If ABC's chain happen and won't have wallets supporting CashFusion, it'd be pretty interesting turn of events in regards of true long-term motives for the fork by involved parties

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 02:34:18

So? The point is unfeasibility of sorting the weeds of it, even if the stack is right in your face

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 02:32:35

Not a lot of things in crypto get proper public audit. CF had got it

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 10, 2020 02:31:39

That's possible. But it forces community weighted moderation like RES comments and downvotes which are good training wheels for inevitable switch to Memo. Seeing the pace of bans across the Internet I don't think r/btc has a great chance of staying up for even several years

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 9, 2020 15:34:23

Reddit is a wrong place to be for freedom of speech, China is tightening the grip. Only a couple of good subs left outside of normie talk. r/btc is among them, so it's nice to have u here. Check out Memo protocol on BCH

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 18:45:34

Show us why u was banned, then. Modlogs are public

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 18:43:07

If almost no one will be affected, change is more likely to be unnecessary

Commented by /u/spe59436-bcaoo in /r/btc on September 8, 2020 18:41:24