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This is in fact how it works. Then they hit you with the, "oh yea, we're over capacity, so they're buy 1 get 1 free" ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿคจ and here we are, a year later.... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ™„

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Hadn't thought of that angle, considering the sh1tstorm currently at the border, but i contend this could also be true

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Really though? Or is it just the post- covid baby boom occurring? Does anyone really rhink abstinence was common practice during (and in some places, since) lockdown? In any country?

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I'm not a mechanic so may be out of my league here (come from pool service and catering background), but building on the "don't burn any bridges" point, consider going 100% mobile, so your only significant overhead is a fleet (eventually), and maybe offer services as a subcontractor to dealerships and other shops, as a selling point for them to use. It's a win-win if you can convince them of the value-add

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Bahahaha, nope. 43 and a lesbian single parent. Better luck next time

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True, but what's also true is taxes never go down, only up. Better to eat it and pay taxes now than at withdrawal age, at least imho

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The problem with this though, is the fact that schools do not issue the loans. That is the biggest part of the student loan debacle, is the fact that schools have no skin in the game. The loans are issued by authorized "servicers" via the dept of education, who in all actuality does nothing except insure the loans and hand down ridiculous and irrational rules for servicing and repayment. Juat for starters....

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They're both good, I have both. Fidelity does a lot of women- focused workshops that I love (we tend to think a bit differently than guys in terms of investing), as does TD, but I also love think or swim. TD also has a media outlet that does full blown analysis and demos of different trading strategies, both live online as well as via streaming devices

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This. You just need to get it out from your employer's administrator and make it yours. Really it's just a bunch of paperwork to sign and a tax form at the end of the year, but you qont owe as long as the money is not distributed to you (goes into another IRA account- I personally suggest a Roth IRA). Then you just have an additional place to stash aftertax retirement savings on top of your pretax account with your current employer. Then when you change jobs, simply rinsecand repeat.

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It really is ALWAYS the cutest ones that end up being the biggest terrorists. I'm convinced it's a built in survival mechanism. I have 2, a big guy that looks intimidating but is sweet as can be, the other is super tiny, seemingly growth stunted, and is a complete @$$hole and monster. But you just can't bring yourself to be mad at him

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If finance interests you (it's what i majored in before having to quit duecto life circumstances), consider blockchain/ crypto. There's a school i keep seeing ads for called (I think) Kingsland or Kinsgston, something along those lines. I've considered pursuing it myself

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I second this. I'd also add maybe doing some self reflection via a SWOT analysis. I know, sounds super boring and business school-ey, but sometimes just seeing it on paper (stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats- laid out in quadrant form) is helpful and can bring forth insights you wouldn't have by just staying inside yourchead. I'm not a super fan of journaling (I'm much too analytical), so this always worked well for me. And if you're willing to share itvwith someone who knows you well, their perspective can be enlightening also

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I highly recommend anything from Brene Brown, her work is amazing. And I'm a huge fan of Ted talks, there really is something for everyone.

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As a Gen-Xer, I have great respect for the (albeit few) Boomers qho actually recognize and own this fact. Unfortunately, there's not enough who arecwilling to help push forth the change needed

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Single mom here. I don't think it's weird at all, as a matter of fact I have a lot of respect for someone who, not having kids, isn't necessarily obligated to put up with them purely out of free will and the desire to give back. Look at it as a mentoring opportunity, and thus resume fodder if you ever did decide to re-join the working world. Also, in terms of profession and the potential boredom from not having a "job", consider consulting. There's so much power in being able to work if, when, and for whom you want. Your time, your dime.

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This 100%. Also, forgot to mention gaslighting extraordinaire. Full bingo card right there

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This. Definitely put a freeze on your credit across all 3 bureaus, equifax, transunion, and experian. Take it from someone who's been there, I didn't find out until I was 21 that I had utility bills AND credit cards in my name/ SS#, it was an absolute disaster to fix. Also, assuming your not emancipated and don't have a solo bank account, get yourself a small theft/fire/waterproof safe and stash cash (as well as ID/ important documents) in addition to stashing some in a bank account. That's the one thing I neglected doing.

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Don't feel bad, just turned 43 and super late to the party, hardest part is not having a 6 figure income to leverage in order to get there

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Same issue here. Seems difficult to find a CPA who acts as a fiduciary instead of a sales pimp for brokerage houses

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I've heard horror stories too, but then I've heard there's legit ones out there as well, which is why I'm taking my time with research. Wish they would've taught us how to decipher all of this in school...

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Struggling with this right now. Just sold my house and went back to renting until the market cools, so trying to find a place to invest lump sum proceeds after maxing out retirement accounts. Any recommendations in terms of annuities? Thanks

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It's midboggling to me how these $multimillion companies are so shameless. There's got to be some way to pursue them legally, if nothingvelsecwith a ceaae and desist order. Not to mention that it's blatant plagiarism and potentially copyright infringement . I would at least consult an attorney to see if you can sue for damages

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Also, in every surgical suite break room. It's sad, really.

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As someone with 25+ years combined between foodservice/ hospitality and healthcare, this SO MUCH needed to be said (they are in fact the same crowd!)

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Welp, cross that brokerage off my list. What's the best one people have found, especially for a late starter to FIRE? Currently have a stash acct and a vanguard, looking into TDAmeritrade as a second option, to get away from Robinhood

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I'm thoroughly convinced everyone in this life needs a dog. Although many don't deserve them.

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True, especially after what some consider "wasn't" a terrorist attack. Funny how we all get along during tragedy and wartime bruhahah, butvwhen it's over we can't agree on how to recover and live like peaceful civilians should.

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Come on, how hard can it be to put a mask on patients, flip your finger on an IV and read Go the F*ck To Sleep to patients several times per day? JKJK, I'm a scrub tech, we love you guys. Who else would we blame for delayed cases, things that go wrong, and all of the cold breakroom pizza being gone before we get a pee break? ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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It checks out. I just plugged the comment into duckduckgo. Crazy shit. How's this even allowed, it's so goddam blatant?

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I came here to say this, but an upvote and comment holds more power in my mind

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Probably the last time we had TRUE bipartisan cooperation, sadly enough

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I acknowledge your logic, but it's an extreme. Some criminals just can't be rehabbed (Charles Manson comes to mjnd, and althoughan extreme case, you see where I'm going), but I will say that the vast majority of NON-violent offenders don't need to be behind bars, and as a matter of fact it does more harm than good. Think petty theft, marijuana charges, etc. Decriminalization of drug use would go a long way towards shrinking prison populations to a "reasonable", more manageable number, and free up resources to actually help those who need (and want) help, not a criminal record to follow them for life. It worked in Portugal, and several other countries

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Welp, this is what you get when you privatize and contract out public services, such as criminal justice, healthcare, and education. Privatize french fries, not basic human services. The Humane Society does more for animals than we as a country have ever done to ACTUALLY help the citizenry.

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Just trying to get a read and feel you out to decide what time dinner will be. Much like a snake coiling around you to "hug" you. Hard nope for me, I'll stick to cuddly dobermans and vicious kittens

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Possibly Texas. Definitely Arizona. The stats correlate well with any states who do not have an income tax.

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Jesus those paws, gonna be a gorgeous BEAST!! Those perfect ears are the real winner though! ๐Ÿคฉ

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Frankie "blue eyes"

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Don't forget the massive influx of transplants from high tax states like CA, NY, NJ, & PA. It has gotten so bad down here that cities and counties have instituted construction moratoriums because, sure, we do need more AFFORDABLE housing (don't get me started on that), but our current infrastructure is so outdated that it can't handle the sudden increase in traffic. South Tampa's roads during a light sprinkling that cause cars to float can be considered exhibit A.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on September 24, 2021 09:35:55

Yes, you are correct in some aspects. I rolled all my 401k's into a single Roth, and while on the surface it seems like withdrawals in retirement wouldn't necessarily be at one's current salary, (in my mind at least) but factoring for inflation and inevitable future healthcare costs, it may be equal to or more than. Because lets face it, medicare doesn't exactly cover every expense (just ask any current retiree what a nightmare medicare part B is), and social security? Please! ๐Ÿ˜‚

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To sum it up in a single sentence, taxes deferred later will always be more than taxes paid now. The one thing as consistent as the sunrise (besides death, and even then you owe taxes just for that!) is the fact that taxes NEVER go down, only up. By the time you get to withdrawing from your 401k, whatever limp d1ck match your employer contributed gets eaten up by taxes (which by the way, they totally got a tax writeoff for contributing to, unlike you as an employee- you just get the "advantage" of having pretax $$ held back to lower your current payroll taxes). It ALWAYS costs more later on down the toad.

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I think jello is part if the Kraft or heinz family of products, either way, they're consumables, and thus likely a solid bet.

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I think to some degree it's healthy. Speaking as a Gen-Xer, I wish I'd discovered FIRE waaaay earlier, even though starting my family young was a conscious decision (as opposed to accidental). This current and upcoming generation is all too aware of the fact that Social Security, Medicare/-caid, and traditional IRS-blessed retirement accounts will NOT lead to financial security in their golden/ twilight years, and I absolutely applaud them for seeking out and executing on the education to get ahead of that. That being said, balance comes into play too. No sense driving yourself into an early grave working, this having no time/ energy/ ability to enjoy the fruits of your labor. That's a hard learned lesson for us as Americans, collectively speaking.

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Fellow healthcare professional here. I think if you go with job 1 since it's the more enjoyable, you'll be far better off in the short term. Longer term, if it doesn't work out logistically or you come to hate it for whatever reason, the market will be prined for you to sell and then but in a place that better fits, as well as a job that better fits. Plus taking that teaching fscility experience with you, and that works in your favor either way. Job 1 seems to be a clear choice, especially based on above comments as well.

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That's 27 if you've had your wisdom teeth yanked already.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/financialindependence on September 12, 2021 16:12:51

It certainly isn't boding well in the healthcare sector (My bread and butter is made in the operating room sphere as a tech). These hospitals are throwing $$ at nurses like they're grade A strippers. Funny part is, it's ONLY the nurses, not the rest of us so- called "essential front line team members" {{gag}}

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/financialindependence on September 12, 2021 15:46:49

Beat me to it. Came here to say this very same thing. (Admitted bias- I LOVE Frankie as a girl's name!)

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Open jars? No, thems is boxing gloves!!

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Yes and yes. I "pay for" the executive membership, and in gas alone it's worth it because I get a rebate check every year. Everything else is gravy. But as stated above, it does take discipline to not spend on dumb stuff

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Perfect. Even if he loses, he's a {{cough cough}} winner. I'll take it.

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Me too, Pu$$yMacGee, me too. Now can you wake up and help me write this cover letter?? ๐Ÿคฉ

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Pooh dog has a way better ring to it

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/aww on September 7, 2021 13:26:05

Not to mention the holiday weekend we just came out of

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I came here to point this out. NONE, no not one, of any covid19 vaccine has gotten full FDA approval, and thus cannot be forced upon individuals to receive. Emergency use authorization is just that.... emergency use. Forcing people to get the vaccine against their wishes/ beliefs is the very definition of battery, coerced or otherwise.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/news on August 2, 2021 14:18:45

This. OMG so much this! We are NOT production and manufacturing!!

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/news on August 2, 2021 14:05:31

I second this confirmation. Operating room/ sterile processing tech here, and we also quite literally get paid significantly less than food sercice or housekeeping!

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/news on August 2, 2021 14:04:45

Kudos for climbing back from bankruptcy up to a 620 score, the hardest part is getting back over 600. Just know that the further you get away from the discharge date, the faster your score will go up provided you stay on top of it. In terms of the medical debt, you can dispute it in your credit report stating that its a privacy violation and demand that it be removed. I would also contact the creditor directly (NOT the collection agency) and negotiate with them on the debt, even if it's only $5/month, you'll be paying something (assuming you don't have the leverage to stroke a single check for a discounted cash negotiated dollar amount). I lost my job & thus insurance after complications with the birth of my second child while on maternity since i didn't come back at the 6 week mark, and paid of $50k in medical that (conveniently) wasn't covered by insurance

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Fire on June 27, 2021 13:38:06

Devil's advocate here: define "lots of people your age", because unless you pin down an actual number or percentage of population, that's a VERY subjective statement, considering there's "lots more" baby boomers in comparison to later generations

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on June 27, 2021 13:26:24

Pro tip: load up on v8tamin D3 several days to weeks prior to your shot. Covid mimixs many symptoms of vitamin D deficiency, formerly known as rickets back in the day

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on May 9, 2021 15:57:49

I can't say I disagree, although it sucks that it's the reality. I lost my full time job in January 2017, and thanks to ACA every job since then has been either part time or PRN/ "casual", even if I worked 40+ hours, no thanks to the healthcare mandate. All it did is make it ridiculously expensive and further limit coverage for the F/T employees I work with, nearly doubling their premiums and limiting what's authorized and where

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 20, 2021 23:57:37

And also doesn't offer viable healtjcare benefits (or any benefits, for that matter, since they'll lilely hire you only part time for that very reason), whilst paying you well beneath any semblance of a living wage

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 20, 2021 18:34:48

Clearly I need to start taking the trash out more. I don't know why I resent it so.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/aww on April 20, 2021 12:26:49

Apparently our military PFT standards have been lacking for longer than I thought. And here I thought only officers were allowed waivers for the PFT when they got old and fat. Hmmhh....

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 17, 2021 12:56:40

No, we just have to work kore hours for less $$ than other states' averages because everyone seems to think "it's cheaper to live in FL" when it's truly not. Can't particularly pay your electric bill and mortgage with sunshine shoved up your @$$

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/florida on April 12, 2021 12:34:19

Maybe if both parents (same household or not) didn't have to work multiple jobs to support kids & households this wouldn't be an issue. Blame the peoper source

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/florida on April 12, 2021 12:32:53

Common core was a program that was if not designed by, definitely supported by Bill Gates and Microsoft. They threw gaxillions of $$ at school ststems to implement it, and it turned out to be disastrous. Gates finally admitted it was a failure (that's a fun little research topic, but full disclosure: I'm that activist parent that raged against it from day one).

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/florida on April 12, 2021 12:31:41

I see a lot of people recommending schwab, can someone fill me in on the fees and commissions? Are they steep?

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Fire on April 12, 2021 10:58:14

I realize opinions are like @$$holes and everyone's got one, but if it's me, I'm doing it in this priority: 1. Emergency fund 2. Start an account with fundrise (I'm a client, no incentive for promotion here, I just really have been impressed thus far) 3. Shovel some into long term stuff like ETFs 4. Some into short term bonds. Personally, my emergency fund IS my short term bonds, and I try to keep minimally 3-6 months of living expenses

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Fire on April 12, 2021 08:52:10

I now officially identify as a raccoon

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/aww on April 12, 2021 08:46:03

Possibly. I just know that any of the questions of that nature to which I replied "no", it would not allow me to proceed through/ submit it. And in terms of the glitch, I'm referring not only to the suspicion of it being for certtain applications, but also the collective $#!tstorm that thecwhole software system is, in that it was intentionally and explicitly designed to only allow for a certain # of claimants at a time, well before the pandemic. It really is a Rick Scott era f@#$up of monumental proportions, and as much of a jack@$$ as I think our current governor is, he teulyvdid inherit this particular mess. Never mind the weekly maxout for benefits of a paltry $255, or whatever it is. So much regarding labor law and employment/ unemployment in this stste, it's hard yo know where to start, short of scrapping all the powers that be and putting fresh blood in office

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 12, 2021 08:39:03

Right? Now in some sick way I want to see one of these beasts take down my spirit animal

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Awwducational on April 11, 2021 22:41:34

Gen-Xer parent here, I have a 15 and 20yo, the younger of which is in a magnet program that offers a path towards an associates degree upon graduation from high school. Is this an option for you, via AP or dual enrollment? Another option would be to consider schools that offer flat rate tuition instead of charging per credit hour (like Western Governors University, where I went), or (I could be a bit off on the name here, it was a recent find) Kingsland university, which has a blockchain degree program, doesn't charge a dime of tuition until you secure a job earning above a certain amount, I want to say it was $40k or $60k. And don't take out loans if at all possible, federal or otherwise. Especially for ancillary stuff like overpriced textbooks oh so conveniently written by your professor, or to pay for on campus housing and meal plans. Dumbest use of student loans ever.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/povertyfinance on April 11, 2021 22:21:37

Really? Do any of them pay a reasonable living wage, so as to support an average rent/ mortgage payment of $1500-1800/month? Because you do understand thst to qualify for such, you must earn 3x the rental rate, right? Because if you can provide that, I'm happy to come work for you. I shouldn't have to work 2 full time jobs to live in an average (much less so called "luxury") community. And I dare say I speak for many job seekers, here in FL and elsewhere

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 11, 2021 21:57:04

Exactly what I said. The application for benefits never changed with the advent of Covid-19 and federal bwnefots being addrd/ supplemented. There is a place in the application (and in every week that you claim benefits) where you have to submit 3 sources which you contacted and in what form (phone, email, etc) in order to proceed through and submit the claim. That was supposed to have been lifted/ waived, and never was. And I can't speak for everyone who filed for unemployment on this, but I received a generic form letter (ironically, weeks after beginning a new ji ob in a new industry at a vastly lesser pay rate) stating that it would be necessary to "resubmit" my previous weeks' claims. It sounded as though they were in some sort of CYA mode because they got caught/ called out on something. But in either case, I still have weeks I was unable to even submit claims for due to the server debacle that made national news, so there's that

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 11, 2021 21:41:15

Fourth'd. Both those guys are amazing resources for both analysis and advice. I can't wait to see if MeetKevin takes the spot CNBC offered him to potentially replace Jim Cramer

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Fire on April 11, 2021 14:05:14

I second this. I love all of Ramit Sethi's stuff, he's so down to earth and grounded in reality. The world we livecin isn't the one our Boomer parents lived (I'm 42, and struggling to gsin traction towards FIRE). He confronts the reality that the old way of pensions, 401k's and saving don't work anymore, and shows the way towards honest but logical paths towards a secure future, even if it doesn't amount to FIRE. First step is always the hardest.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/Fire on April 11, 2021 14:03:11

Too bad they left out the part where some jobs just simply won't be coming back due to permanent closures. Or the part where FL never changed their application to reflect the waived requirement for work searches, this forcing people to lie on the application to bypass it. Or the letters sent out by FL "reemployment assistance" (don't even get me started on that point) that stated filers would have to go back into their application to "prove" they conducted work searches throughout the pandemic. Or the fact that true gainful employment (by the fed's own textbook definition) doesn't actually exist here, duecto the fact that average wages don't even cover basic living expenses. And the contracted private organization CareerSource has been actively denying entry (or making is difficult/ burdensome at best) for filers to makecuse of facilities,,all while taking billions from the state to remain open. They exist solely to assist filers with the process (and allegedly to look for work/ retraining), but when you seek help they reply with, "we're not the unemployment office, you'll have to call the 800 number". So yea, this state is full of $#!t. Just wait until all the NYers and Californians moving here in droves seek employment when this is over, they have a real surprise coming.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 11, 2021 13:09:41

I just heard this comment as a villainous cackle in my head! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 10, 2021 09:09:40

I'll start by saying even one is too many, much less 47.5k. Secondly, even as a healthcare worker, I don't trust the CDC as far as I could spit with my mouth sewn shut, thirdly, willing to bet those 2020 #s are higher than years previous

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 8, 2021 18:06:41

Obviously the #s wouldn't change, but if we're going to analyze leading causes of death, it should be up there as well. Nurse/ healthcare worker suicides skyrocketed in the greater NYC area during the peak of covid19, it deserves some light ahed upon it. And that is merely a single demographic

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 8, 2021 17:58:26

How dare you make my eyes leak incessantly!!

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/aww on April 8, 2021 11:41:12

Restoring my faith in humanity, even if ever so slightly

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/aww on April 8, 2021 11:38:38

So heart disease and cancer deaths still beat out Covid19 stats. I'd like to see the stats for suicide included as well, but I'm willing to bet no one wants to talk about that, since it wiuld likely push the covid stats further down the list.

Commented by /u/suckerforthevillains in /r/FloridaCoronavirus on April 8, 2021 11:08:43

You're absolutely right. Just look at what we did to the Japanese after WWII. I'm GenX, and I can attest to never learning about Manzanar and the other camps we interred them in. We have so many dark spots on out history, its hard to differentiate truth from fiction anymore. Either way, history books will not be kind to us....

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You're already on your device all the time anyways, get something constructive out of it!

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Me either. Thiscis usually my hunker down in hermit mode month. But having just landed a new job after a year of use-and-abuse-me-then-fire-me courtesy of our fine, money hungry healthcare system down here, venturing out into society must prevail...

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Yea for sure. Butiving in Tampa Bay I'm in the thick of snow bird and spring break ground zero, so between the colleges and the local school systems, it's all month long here.

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Not yet. That'll come around another week or 3, figure the beginning of April since spring break week varies from school to school.

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I truly, from the bottom of my heart, feel for you and all teachers. You already voluntarily sign on for the crappiest pay, hours, and treatment, while juggling pre- and mid-pubescent minions, homework for the rest of your life/ carerr, and now Covid19 BS with virtually zero support. And before everyone comes for my head on a platter, I'm both a healthcare worker and parent of said minions. Hats off to you andcall teachers, administrators be damned

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Oh this was a local guy. And it was during business hours. He also happened to be the cheapest. I definitely don't slack on my due diligence

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I have one. It didn't touch it, and the guage was too narrow. It was apparently cumulative from the previous owner

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I feel your pain. I'm actually worse off, having teied to obtain a BS inFinance, but a divorce amid attending school didn't particularly help matters, especially when the courts down here decide that $209/mo in child support from my ex waa "sufficient" to raise 2 kids. Ended up taking out loans to keep a roof over their heads, and $100k later, here I am with no degree and grateful to grovel for a $15/hr government contractor job. A hand up form family would've been great, had they not been so abusive

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Great. 3 owl videos later, and now I want one.

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Same here. The plumber charged me $380 to unclog a drain. Ridiculous

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I suspect you're right. Not sure where you're located, but additionally here in FL, rents and the real estate market in general are going through the roof, with all these WFH northerners moving down to cut their costs. Easy to do when you know you're income remains the same. Not so much when minimum wage is still stuck under $9/hr, and you have to prove 3x the rent as income to apply.

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I haven't opened it yet, but it's probably a google doc, and not excel. I don't use Microsoft crap either, except for work because they pay for the software

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I'd be interested in a copy of this when it's releasable. I'm a huge advocate for financial education, military and otherwise. I'd love to glean some nuggets to apply to high school and college students to set them on the right path in their financial life, so we as a society can break the cycle of living off consumer debt and such. Never mind the student loan aspect as well.

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