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Today’s society places you in a situation of permanent competition. You must continuously strive to become the best in your field to achieve great things. All of this puts you in a frantic quest for success. In order to succeed, you will read countless books on personal development and the success of great people in this world. All of these books will explain how to become a better version of yourself to be more productive and effective. You will apply all the advice from these books to the letter. Your desire to succeed is such that you will do anything to achieve your goals. You will build a routine of good habits recommended by Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, or Bill Gates. Aware that you get nothing for nothing, you will not count your hours. If you are resilient and strong-willed, you will sooner or later achieve great things in your field. The day you reach your greatest goals, or on the road to achieving them, you may find that you are missing something essential in your life. The problem is simple: you have spent so much time trying to succeed at all costs that you have forgotten the essential things in life. You have forgotten that being truly happy is something even more important than anything you can accomplish in the professional world. Rather than wasting years before you realize this, I think you should adopt 6 principles that will make you happier: 1. Accept yourself as you are 2. Accept others as they are 3. Don’t be your harshest judge 4. Forgive yourself 5. Open up to others 6. Smile to life **Conclusion** Success in life is an important thing. Becoming the best version of yourself, while being as productive as possible, is a noble quest that will undoubtedly lead you to the great successes you aspire to. Nevertheless, being happy is an even more important thing that you need to fight for as early as possible in your life. By adopting today the 6 principles I have just detailed, you will see immediate changes in your life. If you succeed, you will be able to lead a fulfilled life. It is a beautiful challenge that I commit you to take up every day. I give you more details on these 6 principles just here: [**\_link&sk=a21ef690c0321046b3cda18e936f17de**]( What do you think of these principles? What are your principles to be happy in life?

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Thinking is a very important thing. Indeed, before acting in life, you must think a minimum of what you are going to do. So I’m not going to tell you not to think. Nevertheless, for some people, thinking goes too far. **These people fall into overthinking**. They think about all the possible outcomes of every action they might take. They play the game in their head before they have even played it. >Often this attitude of thinking too much ends up being negative. As you go through all the scenarios, you will begin to think that you are not going to be able to carry out your actions. You will doubt yourself. And then you’re going to be afraid of failure. Eventually, you won’t even take action. What’s the point of taking action, since you already feel that you will fail. By thinking too much, you will fall into inaction and a negative mental attitude. However, it is with a positive mental attitude and by taking action that you can achieve great things. >Without taking action, you will never achieve anything. There is no point in having a great strategy if you never take action and try to implement it in the best way possible. So I recommend that you stop thinking too much and start acting now. You’re bound to make mistakes. That’s a certainty, because everybody does. **The good news is that making mistakes is a great thing**. Remember what the famous Thomas Edison once said: >“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” — Thomas Edison Rather than thinking non-stop, and fearing potential failure, Thomas Edison took action many times. He failed many times. And then, his resilience allowed him to get up and carry on. Each of his failures has benefited him because it has taught him what things didn’t work. **From his failures even new opportunities have arisen**. Thomas Edison’s desire to discover a way to record sound and play it back is what finally led him to improve the telegraph machine. >Failure is therefore only a stepping stone to future success. And very often, failure represents a doorway to new opportunities that may turn out to be even more extraordinary. **Freed from your fear of failure**, you will be able to take action much more often than you have done so far. By taking action no matter what happens, you will already be one step ahead of those who are just watching others taking action. As you go along, you’ll be able to adapt and eventually achieve what you want above all else. So the first step to getting there is to take action. You know what you have to do now. *I just wanted to share with you this little story I have published here on Medium*: "[**Stop Thinking, Start Acting**](". Do you think you take enough action in your life? If not, what is holding you back from realizing your wildest dreams?

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The way you approach life will make a huge difference to the results you will be able to achieve. Positive people are much more likely to reach their full potential than people who spend their time being negative. The road to achieving great things is hard enough as it is, without you having to put yourself through the pitfalls of a bad mental attitude. So you need to have the mindset of a winner. No one is born with such a mindset. You’re going to have to build that winning mindset over time. Some people get there faster than others. Those who adopt such a mindset first will succeed before others. There is no inevitability though. You may have often doubted yourself in the past, but you can at any time make the decision to change your mindset in order to give yourself the maximum chance of reaching your full potential. If you have made the decision to adopt a positive mindset, you will have to remove 6 phrases from your vocabulary forever: 1. I’ll Do It Tomorrow 2. I Can’t Because … 3. I’m Too Tired 4. It’s Too Hard 5. I Would if I … 6. I’m Not Good Enough In the article "[**6 Phrases You Must Remove From Your Vocabulary to Reach Your Full Potential**](", I explain in detail how to replace these sentences with the mental attitude of a winner. Feel free to read it. For your part, what phrases do you think you need to take out of your vocabulary to succeed in your life?

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I don’t know why, but the world is divided into two categories. On the one hand, some people keep seeing all the obstacles that present themselves as problems. On the other hand, some people see every obstacle they encounter as a new opportunity. This divergence in reaction to an obstacle can be observed very simply if you show someone a glass of water half-filled. Some will spontaneously tell you that it is half empty, while others will say that it is half full. The difference in reaction between optimistic and pessimistic people seems anecdotal, but it is something fundamental that separates people who will succeed from people who will fail. # An Obstacle Should Not Be Seen As A Problem When an obstacle is going to present itself to you, you can consider it a problem. This is because an obstacle often represents a new or unexpected situation that you cannot overcome. >For many people, novelty or the unexpected is a problem. By adopting this mindset, you will never be able to accomplish great things, because it is in the unexpected and the new that you will be able to build great things. If you are constantly in situations that you have mastered, you will fall asleep in your comfort zone. This comfort zone is reassuring, but no one has ever had great success staying in their comfort zone. # An Obstacle Is An Opportunity The comfort zone pushes you to fall asleep on what you already have. Nothing in life is eternal, and if you fall asleep on your laurels, you may not last long in whatever area you are involved. >In order to get out of your comfort zone, you need to see an obstacle as an opportunity. Let’s imagine for a moment that you want to create your blog. You have a lot of things to write and share with the world but you have no technical knowledge. What are you going to do about this technical obstacle? Will this obstacle put an end to your ambitions? Or you might consider this obstacle as an opportunity to train yourself technically in order to master WordPress, which is the reference solution for creating blogs. >By seeing the initial obstacle as an opportunity, you will then be able to offer your skills to help others who are in the same situation as you. # Seeing Opportunities Where Others See Problems Is Essential By adopting the opportunity and solution-oriented mindset, you will open up a whole host of new possibilities. Going back to the example of creating your blog, if you’ve made the effort to learn WordPress, you can create an online course to help non-technical people solve the problem you had before. >You see that by choosing to view an obstacle as an opportunity, you will be able to capitalize on your efforts to overcome the obstacle. Little by little, all your obstacles will be transformed into opportunities to be seized. All the great entrepreneurs you admire have created their businesses that have become very successful in this way. Jeff Bezos came up with the idea of founding Amazon, the world’s largest bookstore, when he wanted to order books online in the early days of the Internet and realized that it wasn’t possible. >Jeff Bezos’ initial obstacle to ordering books online turned into a phenomenal opportunity that he was able to capitalize on. Of course, to create Amazon from this initial hurdle, Jeff Bezos had to make a perfect execution of his idea. However, the most important thing to remember is that he turned an obstacle into an opportunity. What’s most interesting is that he fully committed himself to this path and seized the opportunity brilliantly. # Failure Is An Opportunity You have to ask yourself what would have happened if Jeff Bezos had failed to create Amazon as a result of this opportunity that he seized. Well, it doesn’t really matter to me. >Success or not, Jeff Bezos would have continued as he does with his failed projects at Amazon year after year. Jeff Bezos once said in an interview: >“I’ve made billions of dollars of failures at Literally billions of dollars of failures.” — Jeff Bezos In 2014, Jeff Bezos launched the Amazon Fire Phone. He was determined to make his mark in the smartphone market and take a big piece of the pie in the booming mobile industry. Despite all of Amazon’s efforts and investments, the Fire Phone was one of Jeff Bezos’ biggest failures with Amazon. >How did Jeff Bezos react to the failure of the Fire Phone? Instead of complaining, Jeff Bezos chose to see this failure as an opportunity. He has learned a lot from the mistakes made by Amazon in the Fire Phone project. In the end, he and his teams decided to use much of the work done on the Fire Phone to launch a brand new project called Alexa. >Today, Alexa is the leading voice assistant in the market and can be considered a huge success for Jeff Bezos and Amazon. You must therefore understand that by choosing to seize an opportunity born out of an obstacle you have encountered, you are not taking any risks. The worst thing that could happen to you would be failure, and I have just shown you that it is in failure that most great successes are born. So you have everything to gain from seizing opportunities by taking action. # Successful People See Only Opportunities To Be Seized Successful people ultimately see only opportunities in life. No matter what obstacle or failure they face, they will see an opportunity. >An opportunity to learn or an opportunity to create a product to help people who might be in the same situation as they are. To be successful in your life, you need to change your mindset and see opportunities in all the obstacles that will present themselves to you. Then, you must take action without hesitation to make the most of these opportunities. If you do this sustainably and show resilience failure after failure, I have no doubt that you will be very successful in the future. *This is an article I recently wrote here: "*[**If You Choose To See Opportunities Rather Than Problems, Then You Can Achieve Great Success**](*".* *I wanted to share it with the sub to get your opinions and exchange with you.* *Good day :).*

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