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Yeah if I die 3 times in a row without a kill, then I'm grabbing my scoped rifle and heading to the bushes too!

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I lived in Australia during the whole period and there was lockdown for a few months total where I lived. Rest of the time there were no cases and no restrictions. One state pretty much had no lockdown the whole time. What was strict were the restrictions on travelling into, out of and within Australia. I think that made the biggest difference.

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Ayreon is my favourite for sure. I think if Beyond Twilight had released more albums though, they might have pushed Ayreon to second. But as it is, there's just so much Ayreon and it's so great.

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I agree. That said, the option is important. Personally if I was doing 10 hour days I'd be spending the last hour or two hiding in the toilets trying not to go insane. Maybe because I'm a little underemployed at the moment and doing around 4.5 days per week of about 6 hours per day. Really struggling when I need to work a full 7 hours recently...

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These guys are probably 28 years old in this photo.

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Sounds cool. For me the biggest pain of prestiging is unlocking the frag and hive bombs each time. I pretty much take one of each every time I play

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My first day of symptoms the RAT was negative. The next day it was positive. My wife had the same

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I reckon it'd be pretty cool if the pyramid of Giza was where Marvel stadium is.

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In a nutshell. Developer 1 year, Team Leader 2 years, Senior Developer 7 years, Business Analyst/Project Manager 6 years, Senior Developer 10 years. I started in the internet boom time (late 1990s) and was actually a team leader with only 1-2 years' experience, but haven't been a formal team leader (hiring/firing/performance management etc) this century. I became a BA mostly because I desperately need to leave the org I was with and the role enabled me to move to a country I was interested in. I was OK at it, but much preferred being a developer. Eventually (and very fortunately!) I was able to shift in that new organisation back to a developer role and I have been doing that since. (And will till retirement, unless I perhaps find a chill 3-year manager role somewhere cool to wind down with!) Now I am an independent contractor with 2-3 clients who pay me on an daily rate basis. Some weeks I only have 10 hours of work, some I have 50. I don't mind. The rate is good and the teams are good. I haven't had any real "progression" in the normal way. My most senior role in that sense was in the 20th century! But I have lived in 6 different cities in 4 different countries, plus visited 30+ countries for work, through being in IT. And I like coding. So for me, "navigating my career" has mostly been about using my skills as a vehicle for taking me and my family to interesting places and having a good life. And 10 years I decided I wanted to work in an area related to the environment and I was able to do that. So I am also happy with the output of what I am doing, which is important to me. (More important than earning $400K per year extracting data from people at Facebook or the like.)

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"I haven’t heard of anyone that’s had Covid since Boxing Day." Now you have... this guy tantrumizer from Reddit. And his wife. :) First time (positive on Sunday) and seems like it was from 30 minutes eating indoors which I've been avoiding completely for almost 2 years. Went inside due to the rain. Quiet place, only 2 staff and 2 other patrons, so I'm feeling a bit cursed after watching most of the city do absolutely nothing to avoid getting covid the rest of the holidays!

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I complained once to an agent by email. The thing is they don't think it's junk mail. They explained to me they saw it as a service to the community, informing them about recent sale prices. Anyway I said that's bullshit and please stop. They put me on an explicit opt-out list (they said) and I don't remember getting any more from that agent afterwards. Then again, I think I moved soon after.

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Yeah I switched to it myself at one point, but I missed coding the whole time and managed to switch back after a while. But quite a few of my developer colleagues who got tired of the coding treadmill did the switch and never looked back.

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Not if it takes me a year to do the addition and subtraction though...

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One option would be to look at something like switching to project management or business analysis. You'll still earn plenty and your programming background is useful, but you don't have the coding itself. Then look for a place where you can shift to maybe an 80% load and do your hobbies on that day. Some smaller companies and the government might work for this. I agree with you that there's really not many part-time opportunities for coding, but I've encountered a couple of employers recently with a lot of people taking a day off per week or fortnight.

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I like the taste of beer but I can't really tolerate alcohol any more. The "buzz" these days is pretty much just feeling nauseous. This year, I've been trying some of the 0.5% alcohol beers from craft brewers and they're surprisingly good. And they do tend to be a bit cheaper. So I'm happy this market exists. My favourite so far is "Tiny but Mighty" from Garage Project.

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I have two regular searches. One has two keywords and is not too bad. Another has just one and I get ads for dentists, anaesthetists, veterinarians etc. I'm a software developer.

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Thank you for bringing this up. I think the immune system damage caused by covid is not known enough in the general population. This has led to the situation where people underrate how dangerous it is. And so more people get it and on the loop goes...

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Damn I was about to request your instructional program.

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My uncle and father-in-law, both in their 70s, travelled separately this month between Perth and one of the eastern states, while covid positive. So not even the elderly are looking after themselves now. But I'd do the same as you and stay isolated if any of our household members were positive.

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Out of family, friends and colleagues I only know 4 people who haven't had it. Me, my wife, my mother and my stepmother. I've had a few close calls. One of my friends dubbed me the covid ninja. But generally I live in a fairly covid-safe way, except for having a kid at school. She got it once, but isolated at home and no one else was infected. That said, maybe I have had it but with no symptoms. It would be good to find out actually, given the long term effects on your immune system.

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Not sure I'd want to rent a place where the owner might be living out the back! Better be cheap... I'd maybe buy a place and then look at long term home exchanges.

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I ran just two hunters the whole weekend and they both happened to have fanning, so I just went with it. So yeah I probably killed 3-4 times as many enemy hunters with fanning as I normally would, at least.

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Yeah as if stamp duty, mortgage interest payments and council rates aren't dead money too, by their definition. I did the sums for my situation and I could buy a place for $800k and for the same money, including all of the costs above plus maintenance, interest I'd earn on my "deposit" if I rented etc etc, I'd be able to rent a place worth about $1.1m. The only thing that'd make buying worthwhile then would be the power to change stuff, long term stability and massive capital appreciation. Of course, we've had the last of these over the past 20 years, hence the "dead money" types. For where I want to live renting makes the most sense financially. But since I did my calculation prices have fallen a fair bit so the maths will always change.

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When I left my home country Australia, it was 7 years. So at one point I was living in Switzerland and could not vote anywhere in the world. It did feel a bit odd, but I can see the reasoning behind it.

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When the other players go "uggghhh.... ehhhhh"

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I just moved from Canberra and the weather was a lot nicer there. Very cold mornings admittedly but a lot more sunshine and less wind.

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I've been 100% working from home for 6 years now. Only in the last year have I reached the point where I wouldn't mind going into an office once or twice per week. But only if I could walk or bike there. Otherwise maybe once per month would be cool.

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I read only history, sci fi and fantasy. I haven't read a tech book in over 20 years. I guess I'm cruising!

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I was in a similar situation and left it in the original country as a currency hedge/diversification. It paid off because that currency has gone up around 35% since then against the AUD. Not sure I'd recommend this as financial advice though. I was mostly thinking "I'm not sure what to do with this money yet".

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What kind of work is that? I'd find the hours after about 9 a bit of a grind in my profession.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on December 7, 2022 03:15:29

For me that means I miss out on mentioning the domain and international experience some organisations seem to appreciate. Just the last 3 years is very focused on the tech I think. Might suit many developers, but I like to stress my X years in industry Y and having worked in Z countries too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on December 7, 2022 02:59:10

I used to have my 7 years as a Java developer from ancient times in my CV and kept getting hits from recruiters to do Java. So part of the reason I removed Java entirely was to avoid the non-discerning reader or searcher from finding this old stuff I didn't want to work with any more. Otherwise, I also removed it for the reasons you mention.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on December 7, 2022 02:55:56

Me too. I've even removed the years now. Everything before 2004 is a single sentence with no dates. And I removed the dates from my university degrees. They'll figure out how old I am when they see my face anyway.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on December 7, 2022 02:50:57

I've played about 1300 hours and I haven't had one that I've noticed. I play mostly on Oceania with 20 ping and occasionally on US West at around 170. Also used to play on Asia at 140 until recently. Never really noticed any of the trading stuff. Maybe I'm just lucky.

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I set my own rates as a self-employed worker. For my long-standing clients I just increased my rates by inflation. None of them had a problem with that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on December 3, 2022 22:38:04

With inflation, that's a clear pay cut. I'd be looking for a new employer if I were you. The accomplishment you mentioned will look nice on your CV.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on December 3, 2022 22:36:27

I often think npm will be the thing that finally drives me into retirement in a blind rage...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on December 2, 2022 02:46:34

I actually don't mind pixelfucking. What I do mind is getting stuff to work or look the same on different browsers. My main project just demands the users work with a specific browser and I'm fine with that!

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When I moved to Germany a while back, I met a couple there who were both about 40 years old. They were renting a small apartment and I asked them if they were thinking of buying a place sometime. They replied "pfffft.... no we're too young for that!" I mentioned how in Australia you're seen as a failure if you don't have a mortgage by age 25. I was only exaggerating a bit. So it's a bit of a cultural thing here. Incidentally, we lived in Europe for 10 years. None of our friends with mortgages ever visited us, but most of the others did. That said, I'm in my early 50s and have never owned property. I can't say it was the best financial decision in hindsight, but with prices are as high as they are right now, I'd doubt it's as bad an idea to just rent these days as it was for me, financially at least.

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In Canberra prices went up 40% when there was no immigration due to covid. Other cities exploded too. Now immigration has restarted and prices are falling. My feeling has always been that the banks are you blame, with the nudge and wink given to them by governments to keep the bubble expanding.

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Crouch walking on that roof usually means certain death! Were you sure no-one else was around?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 30, 2022 03:51:21

Yes it does. I've lived in 4 different Australian cities and Melbourne has a culture of cars stopping for pedestrians, even when the car has right of way. It's an ingrained part of the culture here. As a pedestrian, I act quite differently in Melbourne to other cities. Elsewhere I'd just use my body language to indicate I'm not going to cross even if invited, but in Melbourne you'd likely just end up with the driver waving at you to cross for a couple of minutes. That said, I only really see it at places where there is only one lane going each way, so I don't find it particularly dangerous.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/fuckcars on November 30, 2022 03:43:29

Is it just a personal thing though? I'd never thought of people finding the surgical masks more comfortable, because for me they're very uncomfortable. I had a one hour flight with one and found it unbearable. Then a 4 hour flight with an N95 was a breeze and I hardly noticed it. Maybe it's my beard... with the surgical masks it's like a steam room on my face.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusDownunder on November 29, 2022 16:08:16

That sounds cool in my head. Threeth.

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It is pretty bad for a profession that is technically demanding and requires 5 years of university study to become registered though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 27, 2022 20:02:38

Can I ask how much time you would spend on average per week keeping up with the latest research etc?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 27, 2022 19:59:46

Yeah, my daughter chose architecture to study at uni and I was thinking "ooh that's prestigious :), very nice". Did some research and the study programmes alone seem generally brutal and quite long (5 years). Then the salaries and working hours are low and high, respectively. I certainly did not attempt to dissuade her when she decided it wasn't for her after one year's study.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 27, 2022 19:48:55

I am also a software developer and get paid about $1000 per day as a contractor. I have worked in 4 different countries and visited 20-30 others to deliver training or attend conferences. And now that I don't want to travel so much any more, I can work from home as much as I want. I have 30 minutes of meeting and get fewer than 5 emails most weeks. (Lots of Slack messages though.) I enjoy it 80%+ of the time and that's good enough. I highly recommend it as a job \*if\* you have a good sense of logic and are at least mildly excited by the idea of programming/databases/software etc. I do see a lot of people saying "I am in XYZ profession and want to shift to coding so I can earn a lot more money". There are so many people saying this , I suspect there will eventually be an oversupply of lesser-skilled newbie developers, which will make it rough for them. (This happened with accountants when I was younger; it was the hot thing to make money, then 3-5 years later, supply exceeded demand.) Often lacking is a real interest in the field, beyond hearing about some dev at Facebook who earns USD600K per year... But if you like the idea of software development, it's great. You can work in theory in any country in the world, in almost any kind of organisation. I have moved to working only for organisations that work in the environmental field, and avoid banks/polluters/social media scumbag companies, and the range of jobs in software allow that.

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Someone died in a car accident. Get rid of seatbelts and traffic lights... they're not doing enough

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusDownunder on November 26, 2022 05:17:47

I'm really bad and lazy at knowing the weapon sounds. The only ones I really know are the Avtomat and the Berthier, so yeah I'm happy with the current sound too. Reminds me of an old man with a bad cough...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 25, 2022 04:53:35

I dunno. Just copy and paste it in and see what happens in your code. Should work fine.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 24, 2022 03:46:41

Some companies survived 2000 so I think this one is far worse.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Buttcoin on November 24, 2022 03:41:00

Now the code will run one millionth of a second faster and that will break it all, I agree. Let's put it back.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 23, 2022 19:20:11

If you mean a minister in the religious sense, then yes. He did invoke Jesus after all. I'll join the Church of Sporting Day Saints on the Fucking Tele once it is formed.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on November 23, 2022 08:14:57

With inflation if you don't get an 8% raise on what you were earning last year, it's a pay cut anyway. So get in there and force the issue I say!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 23, 2022 05:33:58

I've lived multiple years in both. I'd recommend Melbourne to almost everyone, except if you enjoy glitz, stress or beaches to an inordinate degree. You can always visit Sydney!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/melbourne on November 22, 2022 16:32:48

I'm not an expert, but my understanding from reading experts is that it might build your immunity, but only against that variant. There are lots of variants and also even just a "mild" case of covid can make you more susceptible to other viruses for around 8 months. On top of that are all the long-term effects, increasing the chances of strokes, heart disease, dementia etc etc. The rule of thumb I'm following is to get covid as rarely as possible - despite all the people I know who brushed off their infection - because of these long term effects on immunity and general health.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusDownunder on November 22, 2022 16:28:31

Or if the word "timezone" is in the search term.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 22, 2022 05:43:26

Just realising I am no more mature now than I was in 1991... that got me giggling.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AustralianNostalgia on November 22, 2022 05:40:27

Probably either is ok for jobs, depending on which industries you want to move into. But in my honest opinion, if enjoying coding is one of your criteria at all, I'd use C#. I was a Java developer for 7 years, then did other stuff for a while and now have been using .Net the last 10. I got a few weeks of work on a little Java project this year though and I found it very painful. In terms of actual coding, everything was worse. More verbose, less logical, less elegant etc, even though the basic principles are the same.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsOCE on November 22, 2022 04:44:09

I was just browsing the AustralianTeachers subreddit today and this was being discussed. Someone mentioned that private schools have equal results to public once you account for family wealth. Not sure if it's true, but could be something to research if you need data.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 20, 2022 04:46:51

I've played 1200 hours and would say that I've definitely encountered a cheater once. Plus another two times where I suspected it, but couldn't be sure. But I've played with people who think there's a cheater in almost every match they're in. So I think it's partly a mindset. I'm kind of like you... I got outplayed or made a mistake or they were lucky is what I generally think. Only when the guy headshot our whole trio in 15 seconds when we were very spread and two of us not really even visible did I conclude cheating. And his KDA was 7.6...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 20, 2022 04:40:11

Twitter lately is already 50% posts about Musk. Twitter with 80% of posts about Trump or Musk will just be incredibly tiresome, even if most of the posts will be about how much they suck.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/RealTesla on November 20, 2022 03:21:53

You could perhaps look at roles in the federal or state public service. These tend not to pay so great, so the competition will be less.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsOCE on November 17, 2022 21:26:12

I have this memory of Monkey shouting "Pigsy you wanker!!" Probably I misheard it, but it's my clearest memory of the show.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AustralianNostalgia on November 12, 2022 22:57:48

They need to be aware of the laws related to "permanent establishments". Do they already have an office in the UK? If not, your presence may in essence establish them there, which would mean they become subject to UK tax and also would need you to have the same employment conditions as a UK employee. Even being a contractor may not get you out of this situation. This is why many companies will not go along with these kinds of arrangements. I think some that will do it are just unaware of it, but they're taking a risk. If they have an office in the UK your chances are better, because they're already paying taxes etc there.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 11, 2022 07:36:40

Exactly. By my reckoning, unless you already own a house, or are getting money from someone who does, then it's way too expensive to buy a house in this country.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on November 11, 2022 06:58:38

I lived in Switzerland for around 8 years and was asked that by so many people. Funny thing is I can actually speak Swedish, so sometimes I'd just answer "yes".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Switzerland on November 9, 2022 02:06:41

You are right about that. A very high percentage of Australian software development jobs are in Sydney or Melbourne. However a lot are advertised as remote these days, so Perth would be a better bet as a base than it used to be. Just might have some early starts due to the time difference.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/fiaustralia on November 7, 2022 22:25:54

I've just started considering something similar. seems to be the biggest site.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/digitalnomad on November 6, 2022 00:01:22

How about owning one and then doing home exchange for the rest?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/digitalnomad on November 5, 2022 22:55:00

Just based on the fees alone, I wouldn't recommend coming to Australia for this. As an EU citizen you have so many options of studying for cheap over there and in sure you can find somewhere suitable for a fraction of the price. Maybe check the Nordic countries or Ireland or the Netherlands if you need somewhere less German and more "Anglo" in approach. That said, once you're working Australia starts to have its advantages over Europe, because taxes are moderate and salaries are high compared to most European countries. For studying though, I reckon you'd be burning through years of future savings for a similar education. Maybe see if you can find a place with an exchange to one of Australian unis you like. Then you can probably spend a semester in Australia and still be paying your local fees.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsOCE on November 3, 2022 17:09:53

I lived in several of these in earlier times and my main memory of them is of cold and darkness.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/melbourne on November 1, 2022 05:57:29

Hey if you need some inspiration, I'm originally from Perth too. At age 24 I had two arts degrees and was washing cars in Osborne Park. It was the only job I could get and I got it through nepotism! Now I've worked in IT in 4 different countries and earn more than enough. My first full-time coding job I got when I was 27. So times are a bit different now and I think it's harder for young people today. But don't despair about age or "wasted years" too much. If you're 30 when you reach your goals instead of 25, that's cool. I'd just take the approach that is most likely to get you there in the end, whatever that might be. Not the fastest one...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsOCE on November 1, 2022 03:39:10

I've been looking for part-time or short contracts recently and there are very few of the former. For me it was to bring my overall load to 100% as I have some small contracts already. Now I think I might just go with those I have and be part-time in that way. I earn as much as most of the permanent roles I could get doing about 66% full-time equivalent as a contractor. The next best option is to transition to part-time from full-time with an understanding employer. I think there should be more part-time roles personally. I did apply for one recently and they said they were trying to reach people specifically looking for that kind of load. I reckon it's a good idea.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsOCE on November 1, 2022 03:19:38

Yes, I cancelled my plan to move to Finland to start a business due to those changes. Flights were only a few weeks away, residence permit was sorted etc etc, so it was a bit of a shock. The changes (related to YEL payments) are probably not so bad though if you are going to run your business 100% with a fairly steady income. For my situation however, it took the idea of moving to Finland from financially "not ideal" to "totally stupid".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on October 23, 2022 23:58:59

I have enough liquidity to buy a house with no mortgage so I did the sums. I tried to include everything... Maintenance, rates, repairs, rents, interest earned, stamp duty etc etc. Basically when interest rates are about what they are now I can rent a place that's worth about 30% more than the one I could buy (inner Melbourne). Plus by renting I can move house more readily and my financial investments are far more diversified.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on October 21, 2022 22:56:27

Was about to ask my teenage daughter what a "wyb" was. Figured it was some kind of clever pun that went over my head. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/sydney on October 18, 2022 18:23:20

Good to know. I kind of forced the same on my team by being first in the codebase and sometimes wondered if that would be seen as a bit strange.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on October 17, 2022 06:19:24

I think that's great! Did you get the feeling that any or many of your colleagues were leaning in the same direction?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on October 16, 2022 21:55:58

I've had zero for the last 6 years. If it wasn't for covid I'd probably like to go in one day a week. As it is, I'm happy with continuing on zero. I did spend a few years working beforehand with my team in person 5 days a week and that helps. Not sure about working fully remote with people I've never met face to face...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on October 16, 2022 05:10:14

There's a 70% tax ruling you can use if you're moving to Italy. Search for something like "Italy impatriate tax benefits". Your net salary might end up being a lot higher, but make sure you do your research and jump through all the correct bureaucratic hoops!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/askitaly on October 14, 2022 19:15:28

My family is currently trying to convince to fly from Australia for this. I am considering it. (Haven't researched yet if I could even get a ticket though!)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on October 13, 2022 21:49:16

I'm not from the EU and my daughter was interested in studying in Sweden or Finland. Once I saw the fees... absolutely no way! Much more expensive than the other non-english speaking EU countries.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Norway on October 11, 2022 06:42:53

Apart from other Arjen projects, I recommend Flaming Row's second album. Very high quality, multiple vocalists. A bit less heavy than Ayreon, but similar.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on October 10, 2022 21:47:48

Thank you. That's useful, but I guess I'm not sure if there's any point to doing it if I haven't established residence. I guess I can just go ahead and do it anyway, just in case.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on October 10, 2022 03:48:06

Hello! I am a non-EU citizen and applied for and received a Finnish residence permit as an entrepreneur, which started last month and expires in August 2023. Due to some recent policy changes in Finland, I am probably not going to establish residence there. (No, I'm not Russian - it's mostly a financial thing.) I haven't yet entered the country with my permit, but I have a physical residence permit card with an ID number and an extract from the population register. Is it OK just to not arrive in Finland and not do anything? Or should I be taking some kind of step to decline the permit or advise the authorities in some way? (Sorry for asking here. The last time I asked an admin-type question of the authorities, it took them 2-3 months to answer. I can't find anything on the Migri website about this. I am a bit concerned about turning up as a tourist one day and they say "hey wait a moment, you never did/paid X!")

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on October 10, 2022 01:53:13

I've had 4 shots and am not dead yet. Still half of 10 October to go though. But I think the 4th shot deactivated all the poison of the first three, because the vaccine makers thought it'd be too obvious everyone dying on the 10th. Plus all the timezone issues... Really complicated. Edit: actually I am dead. Edit: false alarm. Not dead.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HermanCainAward on October 9, 2022 22:15:54

I'm a white collar professional looking for jobs in Australia for the first time in a long time and Seek is actually a LOT better than LinkedIn for this. I was actually a bit surprised to discover this.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on October 9, 2022 22:06:51

I'm looking for IT contracting roles on Seek at the moment and am pleasantly surprised by how many list a range for the daily rate. It's a time saver. One job looked great and I would definitely have applied normally but the top of their range was about half what some others were offering.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on October 9, 2022 22:04:53

Also been a full stack developer for 20 years and I understood almost all of the words... but none of the sentences! Not feeling dumb though... just glad this wasn't there hiring practices when I got started.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on October 9, 2022 00:22:09

It's zorry zed. Zorry zed that one too much. I'm Australian.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/confidentlyincorrect on October 5, 2022 07:10:37

If I don't have a loadout for pushing I'll wait 5 minutes maximum, then just go extract.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 23, 2022 19:10:56

I found to be a lot better than LinkedIn for jobs in Finland.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on September 17, 2022 01:35:41

I've been watching this market for a few months. There are a lot of IT consulting-type firms and companies looking for .Net developers. But there is very little action for freelance/contract roles compared to other countries I've been looking at. So little that I've pretty much abandoned my plan to move to Finland even though I've been granted a residence permit. If you're looking for permanent roles though, I'd say it's decent though. Definitely more Java roles however.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on September 16, 2022 19:32:25

Too many solos lately. Last game I played there was one duo and eight solos. I'm taking a break now!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 16, 2022 03:00:28

I once worked with a guy in Germany whose name in Swedish translated to "His Porn". I think he should change his name if he moved to Sweden, but otherwise I don't think people should.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/TillSverige on September 15, 2022 18:06:57

When I lived in Europe, over time the Aussie care package became as many packs of barbecue shapes that the visitor could fit in their luggage...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AussieCasual on September 15, 2022 03:27:29

North should switch from kangaroos to emus it seems.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AFL on September 12, 2022 07:48:32

Reminds me of the guy who had a stroke after a BJJ class. It was posted in this subreddit maybe a year ago. He had been the demo guy for a chokes class and I noted to myself not to do what you're saying, because it is otherwise amusing I'll admit.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on September 12, 2022 07:39:33

I think it's more that English has changed so that it used to be "I" in sentences where we now say "me". For example... The answer to "who's there?" was "it is I" but now it's "it is me". Swedish hasn't changed in this way.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Svenska on September 11, 2022 19:17:59

Haha yes. All my cauliflower ear is from my first few months of BJJ just trying to rip my head out of triangles.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on September 10, 2022 00:03:31

Yeah I'm pretty sure they're wrong. They might be just pulling excuses out of thin air or more likely there's a lack of knowledge there. I'd be asking for the exact legal basis for what they're saying. If you push it enough internally, with the right people and in the right way, you should be able to swing it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/germany on September 9, 2022 04:15:47

I shook my fist at the screen and muttered "Crassus!".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on September 3, 2022 02:41:55

Interesting companies 980. Boring companies 1100. Banks or fossil fuel extractors 1000000 per day.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AusFinance on August 31, 2022 23:02:49

Wait till December...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on August 30, 2022 23:22:05

I am a night owl. I set the alarm for a morning class once, took me 5 seconds to say "nup" and went back to sleep. My favourites are lunchtime classes. It's a pity they seem even rarer than morning classes in most places.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 28, 2022 21:05:55

In Canberra, I'd choose Elements. Very central, lots of classes, no idiots and friendly to visitors.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 26, 2022 03:38:44

From what I've read from air-quality/ventilation types, the air is by far the worst when the plane is still on the ground. I think I would always wear one while boarding and disembarking. It protects when you are most vulnerable and the air quality is the worst.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusDownunder on August 25, 2022 22:58:13

Cool, what did they say? I can be reached by fax, thanks.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on August 24, 2022 22:01:29

My elbow is OK, but I still tap to armbars when my elbow is at not even at 90 degrees. What's the point of fighting it from there? I got got. :) Escapes from there are pretty low percentage of success (for me anyway), moderate percentage of injury.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 24, 2022 21:55:58

Less chat, more splat.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 23, 2022 07:01:21

What are the covid-related reasons, if you don't mind me asking? Wanting to avoid it or suffering from long-term effects? I'm in the "wanting to avoid it" basket, but constantly contemplating coming back. Don't want to end up in the other category though...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 17, 2022 03:38:35

Yeah Finland could be worth a try. They processed my residence permit very quickly. It was not as an employee though - those are even quicker if you get an offer. Salaries aren't amazing, but likely better than Estonia. And outside Helsinki and central Tampere I think the housing costs are very reasonable.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on August 16, 2022 04:36:01

Your employer can also get in trouble. They may be considered to have a "permanent establishment" in the destination country, which means they should be covering your benefits like a destination country employee, but also the company should be submitting tax returns there. That'd be a huge deal Permanent establishment rules are complex and open to interpretation. That means risky.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on August 14, 2022 23:38:24

If you're before 0.1 it will display as ten times your actual value. When I started I was around 3 kills and 35 deaths and I noticed it. It said my kda was 0.9.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 12, 2022 04:12:22

I'm moving to Finland soon and haven't definitively chosen where to live yet, and I love pedestrian areas. Got any cities or towns to recommend?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on July 21, 2022 02:41:36

I've stopped BJJ due to covid, specifically the risk of long covid plus how it increases your chances of stroke, heart attack etc after getting it. Nothing quite scratches the itch for me though. So far I've been doing mountain biking and a little jogging. I hate jogging though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 20, 2022 00:46:48

Possibly, I'm not sure. But I was applying for a "light entrepreneur" permit so no income limits apply exactly. I had to make a case that my business activities would succeed though and I guess they agreed. They said it would take 4-6 months and it basically took 1 so I was pleasantly surprised. And of course all the other countries I contacted could have given me the "preferential" treatment but didn't. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on July 13, 2022 18:11:10

I have contacted 4 European countries regarding a residence permit recently (I am a non-EU, experienced software developer, and have previously lived many years in Europe). Italy: gave up after running up against evasive bureaucrats, who kept asking for information to be in a specific format that conformed to no written guidelines or even logic. And this was after first applying and being told "oh you can't apply now, wait for the annual quota window to be open", also something not written anywhere. Ireland: asked a simple question that is on most countries' immigration websites (can I run a business on the side of an employment permit). Took them 4 months to answer and the answer was "I have forwarded this question on to another department". Luxembourg: I had to apply by post - no online option. After 4 months I got a refusal stating reasons that are not described anywhere when applying. Finland: I applied online using an easy-to-follow process. It took 2 months, 1 month of which was down to me, as I needed to provide some follow-up info. I asked for an extension at one point and they replied the next day. I now have a physical residence card and an ID number and I haven't even arrived in the country yet. On the Finland forum, there are lots of people waiting 9+ months for citizenship applications and complaining about it. Meanwhile I read on other forums about people in Sweden, Switzerland and Italy routinely waiting 2-4 years. So yeah only an anecdote, but I don't find Migri that bad so far. Migrating is not usually easy, but if you compare it to other countries, it could be quite good. (At least Italy and Luxembourg were free though. Finland was almost 500 EUR.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on July 13, 2022 02:54:09

I have a residence permit starting in September. I will be coming over, registering, finding a place (to rent initially), opening a bank account etc. Not sure where I will be based - Vaasa and Tampere are the leading candidates so far - but it will likely be in an apartment initially. Anyway, I had a question that I can't find the answer to. My family and I lived for many years in Germany and Switzerland, mostly in the "old town" areas. We found it to be a BIG advantage to be on the top floor in shared housing, after a couple of years of hearing the neighbours stomping around upstairs. Is this a big factor in Finnish apartments? (I ask because when inspecting a place, if no-one is home at the time upstairs, you wouldn't necessarily know.) Is it more or less of a factor in newer vs older places? Thanks for any tips!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on July 11, 2022 22:48:21

Can you get the account then do the strong authentication step later?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on July 4, 2022 05:01:16

All going to zero unfortunately, so don't wait too long.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Switzerland on June 26, 2022 08:06:43

Last two places I trained do stripes for white belts only. I think that's perfect.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 24, 2022 21:55:45

I'd rather learn some of the fun stuff beforehand! If I'd encountered environment variables and batch files before I started coding, I'd be in a different career now. Maybe a shoe salesman.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/learnprogramming on June 24, 2022 21:51:38

Yeah not sure actually. I just remember being discharged and asking for the bill and they just said there wasn't one. Perhaps because I was admitted via emergency?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 23, 2022 18:22:08

What's the deal with BJJ in Collingwood? I've just moved to Melbourne and I like lunchtime classes. There are 4 places with lunchtime classes in Collingwood or Abbotsford alone. Crazy. I live in a somewhat nearby suburb with a similar population density and it has one place with only 3 evening classes per week. A bit jealous of Collingwood now...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 23, 2022 07:37:44

I was in hospital for 5 days with staph, plus 9 days "hospital at home" with nurse visits and various treatments. No surgery though. Total cost: zero. This was in Australia. (I actually contracted the staph overseas though.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 23, 2022 07:32:40

I live in the southern hemisphere and I speak Swedish, so I feel like I was made for this upside-down tweet. (Not often I feel like that.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 21, 2022 01:07:29

Maybe it wouldn't be too hard to change the price to $80,000 temporarily? Still, it would likely require a release/downtime/testing etc etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 21, 2022 01:03:36

Facebook, Oracle, Amazon, any company working in oil and gas, anything crypto or blockchain. I wouldn't work with any of them for $1 million per year. $10 million per year perhaps, but I would not actually do any work.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestions on June 21, 2022 01:02:15

Yeah me too. I reckon I'd have more success in third person, but it just feels wrong to me. First person is more fun... even when taking yet another axe to the back of my head.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 16, 2022 07:20:04

To be honest I felt fitter and stronger at age 50 than I did at age 30. Just due to lifestyle... But yeah if you are already fit at 33, then that probably won't happen for you. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 15, 2022 21:59:37

I either push anyway, or I wait max 5 minutes for them to come out. If they don't, I just extract. Have had some luck being noisy on the way to extracting and then doubling back on the lair campers. I used to wait for ages, but it's too boring. That said, I usually like to have at least something for a push - dual pistols or a little shotgun or fanning...r

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 15, 2022 21:55:08

Maybe it was their very first job I wouldn't. Everyone else I would either assume they are two or three of the following: foolish, greedy or devious. Any of those is an immediate "no thanks" for me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Buttcoin on June 14, 2022 18:15:41

Just three years experience and it's not something you're particularly interested in. I wouldn't do it... They should be hiring someone you could learn from in my opinion.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on June 12, 2022 05:28:41

Have a look at climatebase. Lots of green jobs, quite a few in Europe. also has jobs in some interesting organisations as well as the UN.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on June 10, 2022 07:52:55

There are too many tech stacks. If this sub was just covering technical issues, 95% of it would be irrelevant to me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on June 9, 2022 04:13:44

I am a native English speaker who learned Swedish years ago, for no logical reason. I can speak another European language fluently and another reasonably. I have dabbled in several other languages for fun and my bookcases are littered with various grammars of foreign languages. Now planning to move to Finland and got my "learn Finnish" and Finnish grammar books delivered last week. OH MY GOD. I am not sure I am going to make it...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on June 6, 2022 21:09:08

I would find it stressful to work for a crypto company, because scamming and destroying people is not something I enjoy.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 30, 2022 21:23:12

I meant the guys who process the visa applications.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 30, 2022 08:24:59

There are various routes. If you're just applying for recognition based on an unbroken chain from ancestors, then yeah it's not 3 years. You just have to wait the 2 or so years for them to process your application, once you have jumped through all the hoops to apply. But I think to do this, you still need a valid way to enter the country to have residence to be able to apply within Italy. Otherwise, you need to apply in your current country of residence and then wait for it to be processed (i.e. many years). For me, I was looking at the Italia Startup Visa, but I think that is only opened up at the start of each year and then closed when they hit a quota. Otherwise, you need to find a job (or some other kind of residence permit/visa), which would be low paid, as discussed. I am not sure if you could get in via your girlfriend. (My wife has a Sicilian father, but the chain was broken, so she cannot do what I think you are doing. For her, she would need to live in Italy for 3 years, then apply for naturalisation. I have researched Italian citizenship quite a lot, trying to find loopholes haha! There are a lot of stumbling blocks that can be hit on this path... feel free to DM me if you like, although like I said, I gave up on Italy due to the bureaucratic hurdles.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 29, 2022 20:35:40

I don't think it makes any difference. The only thing is you cannot have been living in Italy in the previous few years. (Better read the fine print though! I am just speaking from memory of 6-7 months ago...) Are you going the "live in Italy for 3 years" route with having an Italian-born ancestor? Or something else?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 29, 2022 20:11:06

If you move to Italy from overseas, you can get a huge tax advantage at the moment. You don't pay tax on the first 70% of your income, or 90% if you live in the south (which includes Sicily of course). Basically, that would mean tax-free living. Then combine that with working remotely... (I see others have mentioned this option in this thread. It's a huge plus - I wonder how long it will last though...) I was looking at this option for myself, but was defeated by the moronic bureaucracy and gave up.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 29, 2022 19:18:50

I've been looking for similar info and probably the best source I've found is There you'll get a range and you can work from that in your negotiations or when assessing if your offer is fair. Those ranges seem large but it's natural because they cover different skillsets, language skills, industries etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 29, 2022 08:50:19

No it's for any, as long as you are moving there from another country.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 28, 2022 18:47:06

Lawn? Edit: ah ok I think I figured it out. Probably law. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 27, 2022 18:54:40

I think about the many people I've seen write something like "I really want to be an architect/doctor/mechanical engineer/social worker/urban planner (etc select one!), but I think I should be a software developer instead because that's where the money is". They end up training in a field they're less interested in and probably less suitable for, but who knows the state of the industry once they're ready to work. When I finished high school, accounting was the hot thing. Everybody who wanted to earn a lot of money then studied it at uni. My mother was strongly advising I do it too. 3 years later... massive oversupply of accountants. I think software development is a great career for many reasons, but not for everybody. I never recommend it to anyone who has a passion or aptitude for something else, because you never know for sure what's coming. For the majority of developers though... we'll be ok. Except for the crypto types and I'm fine with that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 27, 2022 18:53:13

You're right. I just got it approved today! They just took the date I said I wanted the permit from... I didn't realise the date would be significant so I hadn't actually put much thought into it. Luckily it's not too bad, considering they processed my application 2-4 months faster than they said they would.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on May 27, 2022 07:09:48

Ha I just saw this on the Switzerland subreddit too. I wonder where it's really from!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on May 26, 2022 22:02:54

Yeah if I see crypto, NFT, web3 or maybe even blockchain on someone's CV I would immediately exclude them from consideration, as I would assume they either have no ethics or no judgement. Already declined a job offer because the CTO is a crypto bro.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 26, 2022 17:55:45

When I'm 100% retired I will probably code for fun for a few hours each week. Until then, not at all.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 26, 2022 04:45:11

I have applied from my non-EU home country for a residence permit that requires a partial decision from the Centre for Economic Development. That partial decision has been made and I contacted the Centre and they told me it was positive. So, I know it's no guarantee the Immigration department will also now approve the permit, but I imagine it's most likely. But I can't find information on how quickly I need to enter the country after being granted the permit (knowing this will help me prepare). I researched similar permits for a couple of other EU countries and they both indicated that you had X months to activate the permit by entering the country, at which point the permit's period commenced. (I think it was 3 months in each case, not sure.) But I can't find anything similar for Finland, no matter where I search. I did see a scan of someone's permit on Reddit though, and it gave a fixed start date for the permit, regardless of when the person first entered Finland, as far as I can tell. The permit would be for work as an entrepreneur. Can anyone tell me what I am likely to be told if/when I am granted the permit? Will it say "permit starts on date X", or will it say "permits starts when you arrive in Finland, but you must do that by date Y"? (As I am coming from the other side of the world, I would really like to have as long as possible to get things in order and start the permit off by entering Finland.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Finland on May 24, 2022 08:22:48

"Privilege" to work from home! There's a warning sign for sure. Even if it's just cutting pay or conditions for remote workers.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 23, 2022 08:53:41

I've been fully remote since 2017. I would actually really like to go into an office once per week. But only if I could walk or bike or take a quick tram there. Or maybe a calm train trip to a cool city. And only to work with colleagues... I have no interest in co-working spaces or anything like that. So... I'm pretty fussy! When I started remote I met a guy who had just done 5 years fully remote and he said he couldn't hack it any more and was switching back to an office job. So I wouldn't go that far myself (full-time in the office I will never do again), but I do have the five-year itch to change things a bit. Hybrid freedom sounds good to me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on May 23, 2022 08:46:37

Italy you don't pay tax on 70% of your income or 90% if you live in the south. Only for people who relocate there. Basically means tax free if you go south. At least this was the case 6 months ago when I was researching this option.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 23, 2022 08:30:16

I had an 11 year break. All I remembered was scissor sweep and a paper cutter choke from north-south. Funnily enough the latter is still my go-to when I feel the strong need to tap someone I'm evenly matched with. For me it was mostly like starting again otherwise. But I was only a 2 stripe before my break.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 12, 2022 11:11:36

I think it was maybe my second achievement. I only noticed way later that I'd got it... Don't remember how but it must have been highly skilled.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 12, 2022 05:41:39

Two people can do the exact same job, but one person might have some extra skills or experience that enables them to do it better.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on May 10, 2022 23:56:35

I went there over 12 years ago for an amazing Friday lunch that lasted about 4 or 5 hours, with fantastic food and a very nice atmosphere. Unfortunately the food poisoning was so bad and long-lasting I even had to take the following Monday off work. But the food was so good I'd probably say it was worth it! I'd roll the dice again for sure...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Switzerland on May 3, 2022 05:49:10

I assume whoever made this meme doesn't know the difference between C# and C++.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on May 1, 2022 00:44:05

Try playing in Oceania where there are only two brackets. So you end up playing 6 stars when all of your team are 4 stars!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 28, 2022 03:54:10

Funny, when I saw it, I assumed they would do code reviews, but that they would be brutal and nit-picky. Either scenario would be bad though!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/recruitinghell on April 24, 2022 21:35:07

Lately I am 4 star 90% of the time. 5-star 5% and 3-star 5%. My approach is that when I am 5-star, I am proud. (My KDA was 0.3 after 200 deaths, so I had a rough start, with no natural talent for this game.) When I am 3-star I am happy, because it's more fun. So, win-win!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 24, 2022 21:32:21

My old Swedish professor used to tell us that Swedish is very easy... Even little kids can speak it. I dunno. I think they had the advantage of being born very young, whereas us non-Swedes are often born quite old. I myself was born 5 years from now and will be the same age I would have been half my age in 2012. I think. Also I got cognitive decline quite early. Yesterday I think.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/TillSverige on April 21, 2022 04:09:21

I have one hour per week. Plus irregular half-hour meetings once or twice a month perhaps. I also get around 2-3 emails per week. Working full-time as a senior remote contractor for two clients. (A lot of Slack messages though.) Doing some light job-hunting at the moment and honestly a little apprehensive about joining a place with 10+ hours of meetings a week. I mean that'd be OK if a project is being kicked off or starting to ramp up, but every week regardless? Ugh, not for me...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on April 21, 2022 00:20:06

I have Sandstorm and Hunt. Both are good. But I've played 40 hours of Sandstorm and over 1000 of Hunt. It's just that much better. Hunt is better solo and also better not solo. Admittedly Hunt is best with two or three players, in my opinion. Still solid solo.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 17, 2022 09:10:22

People who have had covid are more likely to have a stroke in the year afterwards than people who have not. Same for heart attacks and a range of other nasty things. If there's a similar large and reputable study related to athletes in particular, it'd be good to get a source on it. So far a few people in this thread have made insinuations regarding this, but no sources were provided.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 13, 2022 09:15:08

Some chokes come on very quickly though. If I was in this position but addicted to BJJ I'd probably just do privates and roll with zero chokes. Not sure I could trust white or even blue belts to remember that otherwise. Of course that'd be expensive though!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 13, 2022 02:17:54

Don't like to be a total downer but having had covid in the past increases the likelihood of strokes too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 13, 2022 02:14:30

I've lived 2 years or more in 4 cities in Australia and 3 overseas. Perth is the only place where people have yelled at me from passing cars. And it happened a lot.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/perth on April 13, 2022 01:46:38

I once killed a guy 3 times in a row because he'd died outside on the landing at Sweetbell and I had a Mosin sniper. Eventually I did feel a little dirty so I just left my sweet spot and we tried to push them. They eventually ran off and extracted with the bounty. After the game I saw the guy was a prestige 100 5-star. My kda at the time was around 0.7... have to admit when I saw that I wished I had got him another once or twice!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 31, 2022 06:54:48

Not by me. I haven't noticed any differences myself.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 26, 2022 23:30:14

I've never been above 12K. And that was during prestige zero. I'm an average player but I like expensive loadouts.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 23, 2022 06:08:34

I've never been above 12K. And that was during prestige zero. I'm an average player but I like expensive loadouts.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 23, 2022 06:08:29

0 kills, 3 stars. Yes that is very strange. Must be a flaw in the game's logic when dealing with very low numbers. Or, more likely, you start at 3 when you reach level 11, because you are "protected" till then. Maybe you'll drop soon. That'd be my guess.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 23, 2022 06:03:18

You can mute all voice chat. I do that just because trolls annoy me a lot. I just chat to my teammates in discord or Steam. Hope your country can be free of invaders as soon as possible...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 21, 2022 05:58:37

I would change it so that you can't get infectious diseases from the people you're training with.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 18, 2022 03:24:27

I wonder if they are aiming for North Korean levels of customer service...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on March 14, 2022 08:04:46

I've played almost 1000 hours. Probably 45% on Asia, 50% on Oceania and 5% on US West. Haven't noticed much difference in play, except on Asia they're perhaps a little more likely to run for extraction rather than fight. Only definite hacker I encountered was on Oceania.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 11, 2022 06:20:32

I am in Oceania and often play with a friend in NYC. Playing with the higher ping is a lot less fun and less successful than at low ping, so I wouldn't choose it normally. If they really do this (depending how they do it), it would leave a sour taste in the mouth for sure, basically banning us from playing our favourite game together. Hopefully pre-made groups of Steam friends could still be allowed to team up beyond the limits.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 11, 2022 06:14:46

I get around 180 to US West. I play there so I can play with my friend who lives in New York. The high ping is playable, but personally I find it a big disadvantage compared to the ping on the local server. Hit markers come so late that they don't work well for decision-making. I also feel like I miss more shots when playing at high ping It'd be a pity if I couldn't play with my friends overseas...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 11, 2022 05:45:38

I voted no, but I've definitely played against several people who would have voted yes. Annoying!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 4, 2022 02:12:27

I have had two, but both were "normal" positions I had and then had to move for family reasons to another location. My employers wanted to keep me on, so let me work fully remotely. I think this is a more likely setup than going fully remote from day one. In my current role, I was less than 3 years local and now I am up to 5 years remote.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/recruitinghell on March 3, 2022 17:30:01

Good post. A follow-up question if you don't mind. :) I am waiting to hear about an application for a residence permit in Luxembourg, so I am curious about how it might go. My mother tongue is English and I have B2/C1 German and A2/B1 French. I struggle a bit with understanding spoken French for some reason (even though I lived in a French-speaking country for a few years). If I started off a random conversation speaking German, would this seem weird? Would it likely progress to someone wanting to switch to French or English? And would it make a difference what part of the country I am in?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on February 24, 2022 17:01:49

"hospital nuggets are dropping" - funny how autocorrect so often changes a common and likely word into a more unusual and kinda funny word.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/QAnonCasualties on February 17, 2022 23:56:54

I was totally bald 8 years before I started BJJ, so I think baldness causes BJJ. Disclaimer: not a scientist and not called Mike.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on February 16, 2022 20:00:04

I moved from full-time staff to a contracting role with the same organisation a few years ago. I could not remain full-time due to needing to move overseas and they could not support a staff member remaining in "normal" employment in a foreign country. So I added up \*all\* the benefits from my job, including factoring in holiday pay, pension payments, perks, insurance etc. Then I added 10% for the fact I would no longer get paid when sick. Then I added another 10% for the fact I was now on an insecure contract they could cancel at any time (previously on a renewable 3-year contract). So it was total package + 20% for moving to contracting. I didn't push this further because I like the organisation and it works for developing countries and the environment, but I also didn't want to be taken advantage of when moving away from a staff position. I also gained a lot of flexibility, because in essence I now get paid by the hour. So if I work 10 hours in a week, or 60, no problem. That flexibility is definitely of value too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on February 15, 2022 19:23:33

They all seem to say the same thing. "hurrdurr, they would have made a killing from all these thousands of freedom-lovers just raring to buy all the produce". Are these even real people, a brigade, or just bots? (Hard for me to tell without a Facebook account...)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on February 11, 2022 00:17:41

No, because usually they were trying something out and got caught, or I'm much bigger than them.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on February 8, 2022 22:00:58

Not sure, but I believe you. Biggest guy I have ever rolled with was about 130kg, so I am a little shocked. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on February 8, 2022 17:22:53

200kg?! Is that a typo? That is two large people merged into one. How would such a person reach blue belt without losing some of that weight, no offence?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on February 8, 2022 17:14:12

Please read some of the cases being made that cryptocurrency is a Ponzi scheme and a scam. Look for Stephan Diehl, web3isgoinggreat and Dan Olson for a start. Unless you are fine with losing all your "investment" if you don't time it right or are rug pulled or scammed. Be careful!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/askswitzerland on February 8, 2022 02:03:39

OK I don't often laugh out loud, but that is hilarious. How did you manage to keep working after that?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/confidentlyincorrect on February 7, 2022 19:02:38

But also we need to combat anti-vax mentality in some countries too. My wife has an epidemiologist colleague who worked on the covid response in a less-developed country. Their vaccination rate was something like 4%. I was worried about how many vaccines they had, but she said they had plenty of vaccines, just the people did not want to take them. This country would not have the same factors driving anti-vaxxers as in rich countries. The vaccination drive will need to be locally adapted, which takes time, money and effort. Unfortunately the solution goes well beyond just sending vaccines worldwide. Although that is also necessary too of course.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on February 7, 2022 04:23:04

Wow, I would not have lasted that long.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on February 3, 2022 22:15:28

About 4-5 hours of feeling about 80-90% healthy, that's all. Was a good excuse to finish off some Netflix seasons. :) About the same as my first shot. Second shot I felt no symptoms, other than the usual sore arm.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on February 1, 2022 19:41:23

Yes this is what I use too. Avoids the frequent problems when a g hub update fails.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LogitechG on January 31, 2022 00:04:47

"sticky or chaos" - I really hope my friends never hear about this game!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 28, 2022 17:46:39

Almost all of Malone's peers contradict him. So I'd say yes he most likely spreads lies.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/spotify on January 27, 2022 22:32:01

I have also had to reinstall G Hub multiple times, as well as reinstall Windows twice because of its broken updates. Having better luck just using the Logitech Onboard Memory Manager (OMM) to set my profiles in the mouse. I just run this directly from the downloads folder (no installation in Windows), so I am hoping it will prove to be a good solution. It's a bit of a pain to manage the profiles, but as you know, it cannot be as much pain as using G Hub. My next mouse will not be a Logitech because of this software, but the hardware is good, so I am surviving with the OMM for now.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LogitechG on January 27, 2022 00:45:24

I earned more than that as a self trained software developer with less experience than you in Australia in the twentieth century. Not sure of the current market in Luxembourg but it smells bad to me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 24, 2022 19:45:19

Yeah I have this with a 2060 super too. The only time it's not pumping hard is when it's showing the hints in between the queue and the waiting for players part.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 24, 2022 07:11:39

I've had to reinstall Windows twice, the second time just this week, because of ghub. So it hasn't gotten better, you've just been lucky!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LogitechG on January 22, 2022 20:43:54

Victoria and the ACT were pretty much screwed when Berejiklian decided not to do a strict lockdown in mid 2021.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on January 22, 2022 03:59:16

My wife is an epidemiologist who worked last year with a couple of different government departments on tracking covid statistics. She has studied software development in the past too and so noticed the massive gap where they could have been using IT more effectively in general. There were lots of manual processes, introducing errors and reducing speed. So you could look at government departments. There would be the usual downsides of working with the government, but in the right environment you'd have a good chance of making a real difference to the people who are working on this stuff.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on January 22, 2022 03:50:21

I can relate to this. I work on software that helps developing countries and is related to sustainability. It's gotten pretty stable now so I'm looking for other opportunities and everyone just seems obsessed with working for scumbag companies for the extra bucks. I posted on another subreddit how surprised I was to see so many young people wanting to work for places like Facebook and Amazon. The responses were a little aggressive. I guess for a lot of people only the money or the technical challenge matters. For me, number one is the point of what I'm doing... the target audience and the problem to be solved.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ExperiencedDevs on January 22, 2022 03:36:51

I moved from one gym to another and decided to remove my two stripes and just start fresh. I didn't hide that I wasn't a beginner though... Just thought they could give me as many stripes as suited when they felt like it. One of the instructors said "yeah good idea" and the other one said "nah shouldn't have taken them off". But I don't think it was a big deal either way and I've never heard of it being an issue to rock up with stripes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 21, 2022 00:36:29

Here's another link from the same guy. Not sure if it addresses your point.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 16, 2022 05:22:25

I thought this was a pretty good summary of it. Supporters will quibble, but they're usually invested in it, financially and emotionally. It was enough to convince me to steer clear, but then again I'm not a high-risk kind of dude.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 16, 2022 05:11:25

Probably because it's a Ponzi scheme.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 16, 2022 04:52:49

My wife is working on her brother on this. They are even thinking of giving up IVF treatment because you'd need to be vaccinated to get it. Makes me think we have no chance to convince them if even a physician with personal experience of this can't convince their brother...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/DeathsofDisinfo on January 16, 2022 00:11:42

Ok I've seen everything now. Cancelling my internet access.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 15, 2022 23:47:56

You could propose at Scupper Lake. You can't go on one knee in Hunt, but you could at least press to crouch.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 15, 2022 23:44:44

I live in Australia and am looking to move overseas again to one of several countries. ALL of them have this problem. My personal opinion is it's due to the banks and poor regulation thereof. They perpetuate an ever spiralling bubble because they profit from it and they fear the bust. Central banks fear busts too, but that just makes the bubbles worse. Then the governments fear busts and the loss of property owners' votes. So the banks remain free to continue the spiral. Bank lending for property internationally should have been fixed in 2008.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Netherlands on January 15, 2022 19:52:13

When I visited gyms even as a white belt it felt like much higher intensity than I was used to.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 14, 2022 19:17:52

That's what we did here in Australia. Hospitals are crushed.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Netherlands on January 14, 2022 19:16:00

7 years (of training) at white, with an 11 year gap of no training in the middle of it. So either 7 or 18 years, depending how you look at it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 13, 2022 21:33:09

I had to uninstall and reinstall after this update (and not for the first time after an update!). Then I got persistent blue screens of death (after a minute or two) the next day. Uninstalling it entirely made them stop. Seriously the worst piece of software on my PC ever. I am looking for alternatives.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LogitechG on January 13, 2022 17:41:28

I am looking for alternatives now. I love the hardware, but I have had to reinstall GHub 5 times now, each time losing all my profiles. Yesterday's update caused blue screens of death and I had to uninstall and reinstall, and eventually got it working. Now this morning, I was getting blue screens of death every 1-2 minutes, even just doing normal Windows stuff, not even using the Logitech mouse. I uninstall GHub again and the BSODs have disappeared. Does anyone either a) have an idea of how to use the mouse without GHub (I just need mapping per game of keystrokes to button clicks, including mouse wheel right/left), b) have a suggestion for a product with decent software and similarly good hardware? I have a G520 Hero.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LogitechG on January 13, 2022 17:37:15

Right! It's annoying and needs fixing, because stuff like this makes Quickplay a bit of a farce.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 13, 2022 17:03:05

Next time you kill a 5 or 6 star in a suspiciously easy way you'll see it in a new light!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 12, 2022 23:52:21

Straight from Herman Cain award winner memes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on January 11, 2022 03:46:13

Just takes him 5 minutes to stand back up afterwards...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 10, 2022 23:41:15

Crixus has to be top-tier. :D

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on January 10, 2022 19:54:37

My feeling is the unvaxxed need to either remove themselves from community activities or from hospitals. They can choose. So of course it needs to be from the community, because in the end you can't remove them from hospitals. This is why I support restrictions on social activities for the willingly unvaccinated... No restaurants. No gyms. No cinemas etc. I mean, it's for their own protection too. I'd support an immediate 30% pay increase for all health care workers too. The whole situation is an insult to them, driven by anti-scientific excessive optimism.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on January 10, 2022 15:37:33

Ping is about the same on both so no. It's about the brackets.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 10, 2022 08:00:11

We usually change region when this happens. Often the brackets are a bit different. We were being brutalized on the Asia servers then switched to Oceania and suddenly went from the worst in every game to the best. Once we start seeing 5 stars there, we'll switch back.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 10, 2022 03:02:47

I think it's ok. Where I am in Oz I've paid 50 and 55 per week. The club fee you mention is adding about $2 per week so the total is fine. They're maybe just extracting a bit more from people who quit after 3 months and reducing the costs for the longer term players, which I think is a fair model. Whether it's worth it overall would depend on how many classes they have that you can actually spend.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 10, 2022 01:14:21

We just say Blanchett, Pitching and Lockbay. And instead of Cyprus we call it Noise Trap Huts.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 10, 2022 00:54:21

God no. This joke doesn't work at all.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on January 9, 2022 23:19:22

600 students x 250 a month is 150,000 per MONTH not year.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 9, 2022 23:12:35

I've never had it. I've played around 100 hours since people started reporting it. I've been in 5 or 6 games where teammates have had it though. Not sure if it's luck or something to do with hardware.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 9, 2022 15:36:45

In some countries they're congregating in the hospitals unfortunately.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/perth on January 7, 2022 22:42:45

I played 250+ hours of Hell Let Loose on Oceania servers and never experienced any kind of abuse, racism or trolling. In the first 10 seconds of my first game on a US server a teammate calls out to me "get out of the fkn way asshole!". That said, with Hunt I always play with voice chat muted on all servers.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 7, 2022 22:24:22

Mine usually lies with her full weight on my left arm when playing. So I think you have an advantage over that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on January 7, 2022 19:18:36

Probably something equally bullshit.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/sydney on January 7, 2022 18:51:42

Am Australian, I have never heard this phrase before. Maybe because I am old dunno...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 3, 2022 17:41:43

Thanks for the reply. Home ownership rates are 71% in Luxembourg and 65% where I live, so I'm still a little confused where to find more rental listings. I guess you mean they're off market so you have to know someone or go via individual agencies perhaps?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 2, 2022 07:06:37

I'm considering moving to Luxembourg this year and so will jump in here on something I've been wondering. Those sites listed don't actually have a lot of rentals compared to places for sale. Compared to where I live now and other countries I've looked at, I just can't seem to find a lot of places to rent. (I'm looking at minimum 3 bedrooms and primarily not in Lux City.) Any ideas on what's going on here? E.g. immotop. Region Nord. 3+ chambres. 428 for sale. 19 for rent. Where I live currently... 627 for sale. 388 for rent. Where are the rentals in Luxembourg?!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on January 1, 2022 23:37:53

Last time I was in the UAE it was 48 celsius and very high humidity. I'd prefer Swedish weather myself!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on December 31, 2021 07:44:11

Because we are not exposed to the daily US media drumbeat, the whole Trump thing was totally bizarre for most of us Aussies around then. Like how could he could get voted in when he is a fraudster, a fool, a liar, frequently-bankrupted, corrupt, dishonest, likely a rapist and pedophile? And for "christians" to support him when he personally acts so vilely and also doesn't seem to know the first thing about their holy book? So back then I would have been like them. I would not have thought you would beat me up, but I would have worried that you are off on this totally other (Trump) planet. And this planet does seem to produce very aggressively intolerant people that are scarcely worth interacting with, because they just seem to revel in "triggering" others. Of course now this aggression and reality-resistance is spreading worldwide, so it seems less bizarre and more local.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HermanCainAward on December 30, 2021 21:20:29

Try the "True Blue Definitely Aussie FEMA blueberry milkshake with extra dingo". It even contains 3 different vaccines and they will photocopy your passport, so you don't have to bring it in each time.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HermanCainAward on December 30, 2021 21:10:04

One of my kids went down to the skate park yesterday. Other than covid safety the main point stressed was "DON'T FALL OFF!"

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusDownunder on December 29, 2021 17:39:17

It's the same for almost all games. I only look at Steam discussions now for specific things like controller vs keyboard opinions or graphics settings, that kind of thing.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on December 23, 2021 18:44:06

I'd stay shut if I were you. Covid zero is a treasure. It was thrown away for the rest of Australia and New Zealand by Berejiklian and Morrison.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/sydney on December 21, 2021 19:10:00

Sorry to hear that. That would suck. They are scared of a little needle perhaps? To tell the truth I'd be scared of them.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2021 18:56:19

It's probably a lot of them given the distinctive features of omicron.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2021 18:54:25

A whole week?! I just had to avoid the first Saturday of the month.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2021 18:53:31

He has a PhD in virology from the University of Facebook.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2021 18:48:37

I'm in a similar situation and am now thinking I might try to find someone like-minded and train with just them at home. I just don't trust certain guys where I train... plus there can be people who are asymptomatic. Omicron has kind of stuffed things up, because being vaccinated yourself is not as protective as before. Plus it's so infectious that a single training session can go through so many people.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2021 18:46:32

I don't think there was ever a plan where people infected with covid, no matter how fit they are, were just allowed to continue on with their normal activities while infected. So more people are going to get infected with the latest variant, which is going to impact Australian sports.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AFL on December 21, 2021 18:07:05

Classic. Sounds like you're having a lot of fun.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on December 16, 2021 06:47:39

Any non-scumbag companies paying well for IT roles in Luxembourg?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Luxembourg on December 16, 2021 06:36:48

I used them recently at short notice just as lockdown started and they were actually fine for me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on December 9, 2021 05:29:01

I like all the maps but I'd rate the old ones 9.5 and the new one 10. Maybe the next one will go to 11...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on December 2, 2021 01:57:12

I play 90% of the time on Asia servers, approaching almost 800 hours. The only time I'm absolutely sure I encountered a cheater was on the Oceania server. Not to say there aren't any, because a couple of my friends got shot just after spawn from several hundred metres with a pistol! But I think it's really exaggerated what players from this region are accused of within Hunt.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 29, 2021 06:25:36

They maybe have slightly fewer beers than Plonk, but I think they overall have better and more interesting ones. And they always seem to have my favourites in stock.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on November 28, 2021 23:15:38

I don't quite get the FAANG obsession. OK I am old and comfortable, but I thought at least most young people "these days" (coughs in old person) wanted to work with ethical companies that respect people, society, the environment etc. The "F" is probably the worst company on the planet for its constant willingness (over 15+ years) to subvert laws and honest practices, plus its recent negligence in causing a wave of anti-science and anti-reality disinformation. The two "A"s are also mostly titans of control-freak scumbaggery, against either their staff or customers. Even the "G" is these days a malicious presence, pushing its control over search engines into needless and excessive exploitation. I think I would almost rather work for a bank or an insurance company than these big tech guys. At least they a) are mostly properly regulated and b) don't pretend they are trying to do anything much beyond screw their customers down to the bone. Still, I would rather earn X in an organisation with a positive effect on society than X \* 2 with FAA(N)G. But not many people on this subreddit seem to think this way. For the OP, these positive organisations are likely to be better places to work for you (and me). :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/cscareerquestionsEU on November 28, 2021 22:50:39

The people most vehemently opposed to lockdowns are usually the most vehement against vaccines and masks etc. But high vaccination rates and wearing of masks mean you don't need lockdowns or restrictions to be as strict.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on November 27, 2021 19:04:39

I had all the achievements until they added the speedrun ones. I won't get any of them, because that is not my scene, but well done to get all the current ones!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on November 23, 2021 18:29:10

I trained away from home for a week at a place where most of the white belts just went for leg attacks 90% of the time and it was very boring. And a bit scary, given I had to repeat to them each time afterwards "hey, don't forget I told you my left knee is injured!". But they were so excited about leg locks, the memory of me saying it lasted about 5 seconds.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on November 23, 2021 18:27:28

And a bunch of other scumbag media entities. All awful.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/recruitinghell on November 23, 2021 18:14:03

Probably more accurate to say the person who has the wellspring \*last\* wins? Or have I been doing it wrong?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 15, 2021 23:47:19

Ok so dumb question perhaps but is this the hide stats option? I thought that was only hiding it from other players, but it's also from yourself? Or is there some other option that you're referring to?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on November 3, 2021 22:28:02

\+1. I don't train there any more due to moving house, but they have the most classes, the highest-level instructors and students, and at a good price. If the location suits you, that'd be my top recommendation. If you live near Dark Carnival, I can also recommend them. All of the BJJ places will have been shaken up by the latest lockdown, so see how you go! Some are holding off on new members for a while once the lockdown finishes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on October 28, 2021 02:24:13

Interesting. I've dealt with 4 real estate agencies in Canberra and 2 are on my "boycott forever" list... InStyle and Blackshaw. LJ Hooker is one that was ok... they even defended us well against our delusional landlords. But I think it's a big agency and obviously different individual property managers can be better or worse than the others.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on October 24, 2021 22:30:26

I'm Australian and much older and me too, nor even had to think about it. My father owned a firearms store for many years and was president of the local pistol club. Also was a leftie, greenie and union representative.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/confidentlyincorrect on October 24, 2021 03:02:10

It's Australia, so I think it'd be more like "moy freedums (mate)".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on October 20, 2021 03:58:08

Old thread I know but this is not restricted to EU citizens.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/digitalnomad on October 19, 2021 22:43:00

Probably $80 for fanning or quartermaster. But I do tend to find enough of these coming up in the random spins to not stress too much about it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on October 10, 2021 23:57:59

For me it's the dialogue. So I voted story...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on October 3, 2021 00:43:16

I totally understand why a 5 or 6 star player would want to deliberately "derank", but it is painful when these guys appear in my 3-4 star games. Killed by 3 stars with 1.7 KDA and 150+ duos wiped... Makes me sad! And usually makes me dead too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 23, 2021 05:43:25

Yeah we play on the Asia server even though we live in Australia, because the MMR brackets are so wide we get crushed every time we dare to try Oceania.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 20, 2021 05:36:47

Earlier this week I encountered a bunch of 3 stars with a lot of kills with KDAs 1.3 and above.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 15, 2021 17:36:42

Yeah I used to do that, but then my playing partners started bouncing around between 4 and 5 stars, now I hate this game so much (slight exaggeration). Now we never seem to get any teams ranked lower than us and often they are a full star above us (5-star trios with thousands of kills). Last night's games were either being slaughtered like a lamb or the other team running across the map to avoid a fight they don't want. Maybe it was like war - long periods of boredom interspersed with moments of horror and destruction. Personally, 5-star Hunt is not a game I enjoy. I guess the SBMM brackets are too chunky (Asia and especially Oceania) - our group makes a small improvement and it goes from fun to urrggghhh. 3/4-star Hunt is the best game ever.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 15, 2021 17:35:18

They don't all have a Nicole!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HermanCainAward on September 14, 2021 05:42:38

Because there is a time lag between getting the shots and full effectiveness, it's best to plan ahead. Where I live we had no cases for a year, but then suddenly were in lockdown and people were getting the virus. I was very glad that I'd already had my first shot and was booked in for my second. First I beat the rush and second I spent less time in the vulnerable position of being un- or partially-vaccinated when the virus is spreading in the community.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on September 13, 2021 04:11:03

That's a good point. But even the consumables have unlock issues. I take a frag bomb every time I go out, if I have it unlocked, but until then it's something else on that path. Maybe drag-and-drop of items would be a good start though, as that would always be useful.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 12, 2021 18:38:27

I've been renting for over 30 years but my last forced move due to the house being sold has cracked me. Absolutely patronising property manager speaking to me like I'm a 10 year old schoolkid about trivial specks. Previous property managers trying to defraud me with fake documents etc. So next house I'll buy. However I also refuse to buy a house in Australia due to the banks, primarily, being allowed to drive the prices to such massive heights. I lived in Europe for 10 years. Renting there was a pleasure compared to this. And in most countries prices to buy are a lot more reasonable. So in Australia renting totally sucks. And buying totally sucks, unless you did it years ago.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on September 8, 2021 06:38:34

If I was considering two schools to join, scoring them out of 100, one of them doing gauntlet promotions would be an instant -30 and likely a dealbreaker unless there was something seriously wrong with the other one. I hate it. The second of my four BJJ gyms had it - first time I saw it was when I was there watching someone get a blue belt. I was surprised by it but it was only after witnessing it 3 times that I decided it wasn't for me and I would refuse to be on either side of it in the future. Both schools I've trained at since then use a variation on a shark tank format, which I think is OK, but I preferred the one that made it more constrained and not some kind of marathon. 5x1 minute rounds with high belts for a new blue belt, 9x1 for purple, 13x1 for brown. The other school does 1 minute with everyone present, but I personally see mostly downsides to unleashing rested white belts on tired new upper belts in front of an audience.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on September 5, 2021 04:11:08

That kind of thing is why I have VoIP totally muted. I don't need to hear idiots saying idiot stuff when I'm playing games. I often see that someone spoke in my vicinity in the team details summary at the end of the game. I just assume it was idiot stuff or maybe in a language I don't understand.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on September 4, 2021 21:37:32

Pretty sure the lease agreement conditions still apply.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on September 4, 2021 07:54:11


Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 31, 2021 05:30:28

And the Steam forums. And quite a lot of the official Discord!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 30, 2021 18:14:16

I've owned 4 Subarus, 3 of them bought new, and my current one will be my last ever ICE car. Unfortunately they are not even on the radar for my first EV.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/electricvehicles on August 30, 2021 01:07:23

Yeah 72 was mine too for a while, now it's 52. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 29, 2021 18:53:24

I moved today. Gave notice of leaving the rental just before the lockdown started and the notice period ends before the lockdown finishes. In this case the use of removalists is considered essential. The removalists contacted me yesterday though to get proof of the move being essential. Not sure but perhaps they were contacted by the health department. So I sent the confirmation of my notice to vacate from the rental property manager and this was accepted. They would not have done the move without that proof, but if you have it, then you should be fine to go. That said it wasn't a lot of fun doing the whole thing masked and trying to keep distance and ventilation in the houses when it's 8 degrees! Then again our previous move was also masked but 40 degrees during the bushfires... Sounds like you might have to wait until the lockdown is officially extended to a day after your last day in the rental though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on August 24, 2021 08:56:14

I've had this before too. I was in a building playing as a solo and the guy I killed actually slid from view around a corner so I could no longer see him. My perfect body camping position was lost boohoo.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 19, 2021 06:08:31

When the new matchmaking started, I saw several posts along the lines of "hey, I always used to get 3-4 kills per game, now I don't any more. This SBMM is ToTallY bOrKEn!"

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 18, 2021 17:56:04

Hmmm... You just made me think what wall running would be like in Hunt.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 18, 2021 00:47:50

Pretty sure he's only on Facebook.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/atheism on August 18, 2021 00:38:40

Ok so 50 minutes is a bit much, but probably about 5% of my Hunt time I'll play like that. Most of the time I'd find it boring, but sometimes I'm just in the mood to find a spot, usually in a big compound like Port Reeker, and just see who wanders by. From reading this thread seems like not so many people adjust their play to their mood!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 17, 2021 06:46:33

He was probably tanking his MMR. I've killed a couple of 5 stars lately in quickplay doing stuff like this.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 17, 2021 06:37:48

Another user mentioned it but from Woden you should be in 5km range of Isaacs Ridge where there are a few legit albeit short MTB trails. Should be able to get there, ride a couple of tracks and back in an hour.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on August 17, 2021 04:41:33

Thanks for the tip on Isaacs Ridge magpies. I've MTBed there in the past and it's better than nothing for sure, once you find the little trails. But I had skipped the magpie season last year there in favour of Stromlo. Isaacs Ridge was my 2020 lockdown destination though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on August 17, 2021 04:37:02

I'm better at no gi and I don't roll much differently in gi due to dodgy hands, but I still prefer gi because I feel there are more things to do there. No gi techniques are kind of a subset of the gi's, at least at my modest level.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on August 15, 2021 05:31:53

2 stars... You haven't peaked but I bet you've peeked.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 15, 2021 01:27:13

The problem is it makes quickplay less fun for everyone else. I'm on the border of 3 and 4 stars and have killed two 5 stars recently who were playing like absolute dorks. So my bounty Hunt MMR goes up artificially, but more importantly it makes quickplay feel like a joke. One of the 5 stars ran out of a perfectly secure compound then crouched stationary in the open. The other knew I had a shotgun and I was the wellspring so knew my location too, made a whole bunch of shots, opened a door near me and immediately strolled through it without throwing anything or taking a shot. These felt like "suicide by 3 star".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 15, 2021 01:24:58

I agree that in a one-off situation, immolators can be the worst. But I voted for hellhounds, because they are usually a problem multiple times per game. Whereas immolators tend to present a problem once every few games at best.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 15, 2021 01:15:52

Feel happy that you probably made their day!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 13, 2021 20:48:11

Yes. I have family members who witnessed a "completed" suicide. One is a child and has diagnosed PTSD from the incident, which has caused many issues for the family over the years since. It happened at a shopping centre and was the third suicide there in the previous few years. It's hard not to feel mad at this person who inflicted suffering on others while ending their own.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/nextfuckinglevel on August 12, 2021 23:01:53

Maybe, but that probably happened in every state, but only in NSW did it get out of hand (in 2021 at least).

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on August 11, 2021 21:56:07

I've read quite a few people in the Philippines saying the same thing too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/QAnonCasualties on August 10, 2021 05:14:00

Yes true, but I think the OP's point is that it could be changed to be better. I think that's valid... It would likely be more fun and varied if the wellspring had to move.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 7, 2021 02:57:10

I think he means vaccines in general, not the covid vaccine.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/QAnonCasualties on August 7, 2021 02:47:45

They thought you were suffering too. Very thoughtful of them really.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on August 5, 2021 06:48:24

If you actually like coding, then you won't get to do it as much. And it'll likely be replaced by meetings, personnel management, task allocation etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on August 5, 2021 02:26:14

I am in my early 50s and have been doing BJJ for about 6 years. I have a sore knee and shoulder but it really only affects me when I'm doing BJJ itself. I had 4 months off with the shoulder then 3 months of lockdown and the stiffness I felt from not training was much worse than my BJJ niggles. I roll in a very relaxed way and avoid boisterous or very young white belts. I wouldn't say that necessarily helps you avoid chronic problems, but it does tend to help avoid time not training due to more severe injuries. So I would definitely say it's worth it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 30, 2021 03:11:15

The haggling is done in Australia too. I hate it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/electricvehicles on July 29, 2021 10:07:48

Standing ready at the top of a ladder with someone coming up unaware I'm there. And I end up dead. Has happened to me twice.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on July 28, 2021 06:22:03

Well it's capitalism USA-style. I've lived in several capitalist countries, none of which would have this problem beyond investment banks.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/PublicFreakout on July 27, 2021 07:02:06

My theory is this is because there is no Steam forum for this game. Usually that's where the abusive, trollish and excessively negative comments are made for other games, where the subreddits are mostly memes and the odd general discussion. But for Chivalry 2 it's all here, so it's a lot more negative than you'd expect. Usually I avoid Steam forums entirely, because they are so whiny and troll-ridden.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on July 24, 2021 20:13:32

Managing multiple groups of 30+ kids plus their parents and the various interactions the kids have... I'd say they likely are underpaid in most countries nevertheless.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/antiwork on July 23, 2021 19:29:44

There's a solo-only mode called quickplay that is fun and also a good way to start learning the main bounty Hunt mode. It's an awesome game. If you have no friends to play it, find people on the official discord. That's what I did. Since then I convinced 7 of my friends to buy it and most of them are hooked too. And they've convinced others to buy it so we have a big group now playing Hunt most days.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 23, 2021 01:30:07

I propose BluB, BroB and BlaB.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 21, 2021 19:02:04

Give it another try I reckon. Opinions vary, but for me the recent matchmaking changes, as they stand now, have been great.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:37:07

Yeah usually the armpits of my tshirt are still damp the next day after a Hunt session. Let's call it "exciting".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:35:41

I reckon the new matchmaking (ticked by default no less) will keep them safe. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:34:23

I started via the Discord and was upfront about my experience level and had no problems finding people to play with and to teach me how to play, even on a small server (Oceania). I recommend doing some Quickplays before jumping in to Bounty Hunt mode this way though. Since then I convinced a bunch of my online and IRL game friends to buy the game, so I mostly just play with them. The game is seriously addictive if you like the general idea of it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:33:41

A lot of people complain about the matchmaking, but then it's online gaming and a lot people complain about everything! My personal experience is for my level (a bit below average these days, after starting way below!) the matchmaking is great and the fights feel really fair.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:30:26

I played for 5 hours, then left it for 6 months, came back to it, now play 15+ hours per week and am totally hooked. Via my feedback, at least 9 people have bought the game, and of them 7 are equally hooked. Only problem now is I pretty much only want to play Hunt and other games all seem a bit boring. Definitely not for everyone though, but the player-vs-player combat is the best and isn't so reliant on reaction speed or mouse accuracy - positioning, tactics and game knowledge are more important.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 20, 2021 20:28:30

It's the banks being fed by irresponsible governments and regulators.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on July 20, 2021 03:16:42

I was wondering that myself and based on discussion on the official Discord, it looks like this includes the new map.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on July 19, 2021 18:49:57

I have one cauliflower ear and one not. I walk with an obvious tilt and I can't stop rolling... down hills, small embankments etc, due to the weight of the afflicted ear. My tip... get it in both.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 9, 2021 05:08:28

Must be a pretty basic job and you also don't really care who does it...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/newzealand on July 9, 2021 02:48:44

More like "the whole of the world, except USA" format. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on July 8, 2021 19:01:18

Well yes and no. I dropped in for a week at a school in Italy once and all the white belts did almost nothing from inside the guard except try to stand then fall back to ankle lock. It was pretty easy to deal with once I figured out what was going on. And kind of boring... I train at a place that says no leg locks by white belts during rolling. I was neutral on this rule before my visit, but afterwards I could see the point for sure.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 8, 2021 08:29:19

Rent by far.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on July 8, 2021 08:17:08

Yeah much better in Chivalry! I do hate it when they have crossbows though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on July 8, 2021 08:13:54

OCE is a deathpit. Every time we dare to go on there we are slaughtered. Last time we had two trios, all players less than 0.9 KDA, in the same game. (Our group tries to get in the same games, but do not cooperate - quite the opposite). Not sure if it was a duo or trio, but a team with one guy KDA 4.6 and another 3.2 (both with high duos wiped/total kills tallies, so not smurfs) wiped out both of our trios. We went back to our usual Asia server. I guess OCE only has two ELO brackets???? And somehow we get into the top one even though half our group (at the time) had KDA below 0.5! On Asia matchups are even and it's a lot of fun. If Hunt had region lock I would have stopped playing a few months ago.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on July 5, 2021 19:19:03

The classic thumbs down review of the 1000+ hour player in a nutshell there. I always rate these reviews "funny" and ignore them entirely.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Steam on July 5, 2021 06:48:49

Well if it resulted in more ELO brackets in Oceania (which I assume is the reason we always get hammered there), it might be OK, but as it is we avoid Oceania like the plague. So it's a bit of a chicken and egg situation there. When users propose region locks in the Discord, they are always voted down, so it will likely never happen. Also one of our group lives in the US so it'd be a shame not to be able to play with him.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 29, 2021 18:32:33

My group of about 8, all but one living in Australia, usually plays on Asia, because the ping is ok and we always get slaughtered on Oceania. Matchups are good on Asia generally. We do play US West occasionally but for me anyway that seems to cross the line between noticing and not noticing the ping effects.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 28, 2021 03:48:25

That was a big problem I had with Mordhau, but I haven't noticed it in Chiv2 actually.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 23, 2021 21:04:35

Wow I feel like I have been magically transported to the Steam forums.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 23, 2021 04:32:14

Me too. Also when they're on fire it's difficult. It's a bit easier to distinguish compared to Mordhau, but I still wish it was blue versus yellow or white or something like that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 20, 2021 07:18:35

I've trained in an adapted way successfully with injured knees, shoulders and elbows, but never ribs. I think it's too easy to overextend yourself with that kind of injury. Best to wait.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 17, 2021 03:47:33

I played the alpha and beta a fair bit, but only around 5 hours since release and it's happened to me twice.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 16, 2021 08:00:13

Not sure. I mostly play on the Asia server and I've only once encountered a likely cheater. Although a friend of mine got killed at 350m with a pistol on the Asia server, so our group has seen it. Only definite cheater I've encountered was on the Oceania server, where I spend about 10% of my time. All anecdotes of course but I don't find the Asia server too bad. Maybe it's ok at my low ELO level though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 16, 2021 07:37:06

It is kind of odd though, because now I am a bit more experienced, but low skill (and so not flush with Hunt dollars), I have zero interest in buying more DLCs because I never use the legendary hunters I have bought so far. It would be in Crytek's financial interest I think to make the legendary hunters more accessible.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 14, 2021 20:54:14

For me it was the use of the term "piss up", but maybe other countries use it too?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AskReddit on June 14, 2021 07:50:49

I felt the same as you and still do most games. They are much more annoying in Mordhau. Then I played a game a couple of days ago where 80% of my deaths were to high-damage crossbow hits from distance. Very annoying. Anyway, I switched servers to somewhere where the crossbowmen were not so out of control and it was OK. If every or even a majority of games were like that though, I would not be playing this game much.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on June 13, 2021 20:26:39

Hmmm since I posted my answer, I cannot get it to work at all. I will try the BH fix...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 12, 2021 23:57:17

For me it's always "ok that job looks interesting, but I'd have to wear shoes, so naaaah." Had a job for 3 years where I wore flip flops to the office then 4 years working from home since then.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on June 12, 2021 23:50:38

Free Hunter... Obrez, dual pax with dumdum ammo. Heavy knife, choke bombs, med kit, dusters. Vitality shot, antidote shot, frag bomb, fire bomb.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 12, 2021 06:07:27

I'm getting it maybe 10% of the time at the moment, but usually just immediately try again and it works.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 12, 2021 05:56:43

Usually French, German and Italian, often English too. But yes the documents are entirely separated by language generally.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/newzealand on June 10, 2021 06:37:33

Someone in their first year or two of having a driver's licence.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 10, 2021 06:27:06

Then and now it's actually been the banks. With the government and RBA encouraging them.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on June 6, 2021 04:57:17

I've had some luck with switching regions after this error, but I don't know if that's a workaround or just coincidental. Either way it's a pain!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on June 2, 2021 05:00:54

I think it's more about how rude the sentence is. In that case the first person to use it is in the wrong.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/antiwork on June 2, 2021 03:27:49

You should not be able to understand Melbourne or Sydney either. It's the same mania, driven by banks and governments.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/newzealand on June 1, 2021 20:51:18

Maybe try Asia. It's the second fastest for players in Australia and might be ok for EU.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 23, 2021 07:58:31

Took me 5.5 years to get to blue. That was 9 months ago and I'm still going. Only tapped once to a white belt since I got to blue, so perhaps I was a little late being graded. And I'm not being overly defensive with them. I reckon I might make it to purple, but no further. I don't mind. It's been fun.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 22, 2021 01:30:55

It's not really 2 maps... It's 32. And they're all very detailed and mesh seamlessly together in two sets of 16. That's the way I think about it...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 21, 2021 18:52:01

It's still better than it was before the event. And on the server I usually play on, players in Quickplay are probably double what they were before too... which actually makes QP much more interesting and fun.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 16, 2021 22:55:54

I like the friends-only leaderboards. I would be 100% fine with the public leaderboard disappearing though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 16, 2021 19:02:54

Interesting question, although the first account says the "corpse" was awarded the victory, so it would require two translation issues for this guy to have survived.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 10, 2021 23:12:47

No offence, but I think it's guys like you the rest of us want to avoid! And so we turn the option on. 3 duos all very high level like you should be a decent match though?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 7, 2021 05:22:46

I received an email linking to the survey a day after the beta finished.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on May 4, 2021 21:06:13

First game I've ever pre-ordered but I'm happy with the purchase. I did base it on the chat about the alpha though... It seemed very positive.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on May 1, 2021 19:11:26

Pre-purchasers and alpha testers recently had access to a 4 or 5-day beta test. Very fun.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 1, 2021 18:55:46

I think with an ELO system, constantly being battered by much higher ranks doesn't move you down much. So on it goes... Could be a flaw for those that are either repeatedly getting smashed or doing the smashing.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 1, 2021 07:32:10

I've only played 30 hours of Mordhau and 10 hours of Chivalry 2, but your comment made me realise I tend to do accels when killing grunts and hives with the heavy knife. Probably not entirely necessary...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on May 1, 2021 05:01:55

I had an eleven year break. I could only really remember two techniques... Scissor sweep and paper cutter choke. Funnily enough that choke is my most reliable submission now. I've now been back for 6 years.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 30, 2021 19:34:07

That would be an instant "mute all" from me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on April 28, 2021 21:15:04

Yes Hunt Showdown for me too! Very different to Chivalry 2 though, but so addictive.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on April 28, 2021 07:12:23

I definitely find the ranged weapons of the enemy a lot more bearable in Chivalry 2 than Mordhau.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on April 26, 2021 21:20:01

Muscle guy comes in for his first class. Early 20s, covered in tattoos and his t-shirt had a picture of a handgun on it. Glock I think. This is highly unusual around here. Rolls with the instructor at the end and basically gets wholly suppressed due to being a likely muscle spaz. I hear him afterwards say to his girlfriend "if I knew what I was doing, I'd definitely have beaten him." I got the strong impression he felt he was only a few weeks off knowing what he was doing, not many years. Never saw him again. Not quite saying something dumb to the coach but along those lines...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 25, 2021 03:29:30

I've played about 5 hours and had no crashes. Given it's a beta the devs might be interested in any log files that were produced by the crashes. I think there's info on that on the discord.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on April 24, 2021 22:06:47

Pretty sure it's 12:30am Saturday.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Chivalry2 on April 23, 2021 05:35:50

You might not be on the Asia server. I have many times seen a bug where if you switch from one region to another, it puts you in your previous region's server for one more game. So it may be you have switched from US to Asia in your settings, but in fact you are still on US. This usually resolves itself after the first game, or if you restart Hunt. Personally I always get pretty much the same ping every time I play Asia.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 21, 2021 18:40:39

Yeah unfortunately most people using the in-game VOIP are not as fun or funny as your group! So I've totally muted it. I guess I'm missing out on some interesting banter or boxing challenges, but it's worth it for avoiding the low-effort taunts and swearing.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 20, 2021 03:53:13

I've been lucky that all of my friend group and I play enough that we could all play pretty much normally and still get the 2000. I think only one of us specifically went out with the poison crossbow or whatever it was. I was totally fine with missing out on the plague doctor skin though, if it came to it. I don't like my games to feel like work! Now if the skin was the redneck's mother or carcass gunrunner's sister or something like that... That's another story.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 20, 2021 03:44:35

The first couple of episodes I thought he was a bit lacking, but after that he was fine. Still the feeling while watching those first episodes might well have been nostalgia/the shock of the new. Both were great I reckon.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on April 19, 2021 19:30:47

Also going to be awesome when my current 10 death streak is over. Can't wait.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 17, 2021 03:34:50

It's got a similar vibe and general playstyle, but it's a lot more limited then GR so far, although they are much earlier in the development process. Still the quality is good and it's fun. But the progression and boss play is really inferior. If this amount of money is of little concern for you, then I'd say it's worth a purchase. But I've played 160 hours of GR and about 7 of Roboquest and GR is cheaper.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on April 17, 2021 03:28:39

I'm in my 50s and been training for about 6 years. My hands and fingers got quite sore, partly because of my other sporting and work activities perhaps. Now I do the following... If someone really wants to break my grips, I let go. I do max one collar or similar choke per session. I don't do spider guard. And I use pistol grips most of the time. Like this it's been pretty manageable.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 15, 2021 03:26:45

Always run female hunters to avoid this attack.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 11, 2021 20:27:59

I've had something similar in other games and needed to verify the integrity of the game files via Steam properties. That could possibly sort it out for you.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 9, 2021 19:12:44

Yay someone lower than me! But I was lower than you 3 weeks ago.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 7, 2021 06:03:13

Yeah I've had great experiences in general in this game, but have never heard anything beyond juvenile taunts over proximity voice. Now I have it totally muted.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on April 2, 2021 20:58:10

Yeah I've met a couple of people who told me they planned to get fit then try BJJ. I replied just get fit by doing BJJ.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 1, 2021 04:18:38

I play with high quality settings and get around 72 FPS usually if that helps.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 27, 2021 19:13:29

I have the same amount of RAM and the same graphics card as you. Possibly the same CPU I can't recall right now, but I've only one time had significant stuttering in the game in 160 hours. And I can't say I've ever had anything like slow motion in Hunt although I have seen that in a couple of other games. So unfortunately I can't say everyone gets it. I'm not sure where to look for further improvements though.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 27, 2021 19:10:32

It's only going to last 6 months? Yay! Only 4 months to go for me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 25, 2021 22:36:18

The 4 was probably for the whole team. You can check your personal tally in Progress : Last Match at the end.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 25, 2021 22:33:25

Yeah I'm so bad at this game I really don't think I have the brainpower to assess if someone is engaging in truce-like activities as well as all the rest of the usual stuff. If I see a hunter it's normal panic mode for me thanks.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 25, 2021 22:29:33

Looking forward to the sequel... Flat Stanley and the Meathead.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 25, 2021 22:23:26

I think they mean the final "waiting for players" message when you're actually on the map and can see the first compound etc. Not the whole queuing process.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 20, 2021 19:51:12

I really wasn't sure what to expect there, but the ending made me exhale forcefully through my nose. (That's how I laugh.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 18, 2021 18:26:29

I've always had this on but recently muted all VoIP. Am I missing anything? I use external voice apps like most people on our server, but have never heard any enemy team voice other than juvenile taunts, so I switched it off. It kind of amuses to think the taunters are talking to no-one, but am I missing actual teammates communicating with each other?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 16, 2021 05:43:17

Try reading the Steam forums for Hunt and you'll see the developer abuse! Maybe it's because I'm a developer too (not of games) and didn't really play games for decades until the lockdown, but I'm always amazed and impressed by games like Hunt. Lots of attention to detail and incredible handling of sound and interactions between objects. And I can play live with a friend on the other side of the world and it really feels like we're immersed in a hectic battle with two other people. This is cool.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 14, 2021 18:24:29

You are totally right about average users though. Of course every now and then you see a thoughtful or at least polite post on the Steam forum...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 13, 2021 22:46:03

If every game of Quickplay had 10-12 players, it'd be awesome for this (and in general). Most often when/where I play, it's 1-2 others max and sometimes just me. I did have one game of QP where there were 5 hunters fighting around the first rift I encountered. That was pretty cool, but very rare.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 12, 2021 19:31:27

I think the point is more how "speaking their mind" is expressed. Instead of "I think X could be improved because of Y and Z. Some ideas I have are A, B and C." it's more often "X is complete trash, Y totally sucks and when are those crunts at Crytek going to fix it, because on my PC Z always happens and the game is dead and hear me, witness me, aarerrghhh, I am so anggggry right now!" Personally I find being yelled at counterproductive for the yeller. I wouldn't want censorship, but am hoping more that people would try to be more persuasive and less whiny.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 12, 2021 19:27:56

I agree with you. I wonder if people would like to be abused in their own jobs with what they dish out online at the people that make the products they use. Or maybe they are, hence the aggression. Try reading the Steam forums. For almost any game. There is somehow a spiral of disrespect and self-entitlement going on over there. I tend to avoid them as much as possible now and find Reddit and discord discussions a fair bit better.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 11, 2021 20:56:42

Hey you killed me this afternoon. Cool... I'm in your position but 4 months later. Not much fps experience and struggling. I really enjoy the game but feel bad for my teammates and some do get frustrated with my slow learning. For the OP... I have a newbie friend in New York and we played on US West once. Had the usual encounter with another group and I said "let's flank them" and was then flabbergasted to find we'd actually killed them already. Then I killed one other player before falling to the boss. I was shocked because on the Oceania server I would have been long dead. This is what happens on other servers... You can be matched more reliably to players your level. So I think it's not only matchmaking it's mostly just population size here. I tend to encounter players my level playing quickplay on the Asia server too. Could be worth a shot.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 11, 2021 02:33:21

At one point, my KDA was 0.09 but in Hunt it showed as 0.9.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 10, 2021 23:34:40

Did you know there is a UI bug in Hunt if your KDA is below 0.1? I know.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 10, 2021 19:43:45

There are two games I am spectacularly bad at... Mordhau and Hunt. I lasted 25 hours with the former before my ego was crushed. Now at 100+ hours with Hunt and still coming back for more. Mostly I just feel sorry for my partners...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 7, 2021 21:37:14

In a completed armbar, your arm is almost entirely straight, let's say 180 degrees. If I am being armbarred I tap when my arm is around 90-100 degrees, so there is no need to worry about injury. I don't see any point in fighting it any further, especially against senior belts. I do not compete and do not intend to. The battle for me is not let my arm be in that position in the first place. Not everyone does this, but it could be one approach if you're worried.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 5, 2021 23:03:22

Just comfortable with financial corruption and environmental negligence.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/australia on March 1, 2021 03:12:03

Does it take a lot longer for everyone to finish their loadouts?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on March 1, 2021 02:39:56

Yeah thanks from me too. I am new to the game and have spent way too much time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on February 2, 2021 17:40:21

Yes. I won't subscribe to Kayo because Murdoch might get a single cent of my money. He's a destroyer of reasonable societies and must be resisted.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/AFL on February 2, 2021 05:00:31

Now all I can think of is "mmhm mmhm mmhm mmmm (soup)... mmhm mmhm mmhm mmmm (soup)...".

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HuntShowdown on February 1, 2021 16:51:58

My forehead and spaz knees seem to have some kind of magnetic attraction.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 31, 2021 17:21:48

Are you focused on neck attacks at the moment by any chance?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 29, 2021 19:20:42

Great news... looking forward to trying it. I had all of the 70 Steam achievements prior to this update, now they have added 13 more. That's cool, but I can already see a few I am never going to (be able to) get. Oh well, goodbye my only perfect Steam game. :) Not complaining though... it all looks cool.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on January 28, 2021 22:55:30

And how many people could those others pass it on to? And then on it goes...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 27, 2021 18:49:40

Yeah, I got this impression from the documentary. If I recall correctly, he kind of hinted at this with his own words on camera.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/facepalm on January 20, 2021 19:48:44

To be honest, if I was a white belt \*half the weight\* of someone who was still feeling the need to "strength" techniques on me, then I would also avoid them until they have more control and judgement, and can adapt their rolls to their partners a bit better. Even as a blue belt I would do that. Probably around 2-3 stripes in, you would hope this big guy would start to mellow out and you could consider rolling with them again. Until then, I would personally steer clear too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on January 17, 2021 17:51:51

You're already anticipating the sequel I think.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on January 16, 2021 01:25:04

I hated the pilot too. I didn't watch the second episode until months later... not even sure why I did. The second episode I found pretty average, but something compelled me to watch the third and then I was hooked. I'd say watch four episodes and then it should be clear if this show is for you.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on December 30, 2020 04:00:22

Not get injured. Much lower priority... get better at a couple of my few strengths.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on December 21, 2020 03:36:26

Yes, this is my favourite part of the show as well. Deadwood is the only other show I've watched with a similar combination of such lofty language in a base setting, but I think Spartacus does it better. I always liked Crixus speaking this way in particular - the character is such an obstinate bonehead at times, so it really appeals when he speaks as if addressing the Roman Senate, while advocating to chop a bunch of people's heads off.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on December 10, 2020 18:26:27

I am always happy to see tips like this. After listening to the first few songs of their latest album, they remind me more of Therion, but that is also good. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on December 10, 2020 01:58:30

Yeah someone posted a bit later that they were in the top 0.005%.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on December 2, 2020 08:16:49

About 11500 for the band in total. I spent a lot of time listening to Ayreon on CD too, but I don't have TTOE on CD yet. Plus it's my favourite album.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on December 2, 2020 06:29:22

Yeah I got exactly the same. And all 5 of my top songs were from The Theory of Everything.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on December 2, 2020 05:38:03

I got to about 110 plus about 30 hours of multiplayer before then. This game is a bargain! And now I'm back into the daily challenges and the new routes and room.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on November 30, 2020 02:28:10

18 years ago I was doing Hapkido, which is kind of like the Korean version of Japanese Jiu jitsu. It was ok but I am very inflexible and couldn't do the high kicks and didn't really like punching much either. I only really liked the joint locks. I read about BJJ in a martial arts magazine and thought it looked interesting, because there was no kicking or punching! I tried it out and what made it stick for me was that you could really spar without much chance of injury. The striking martial arts you tend to spar at a low level of intensity, as a hobbyist, but I liked that in BJJ you can go at 90% and if neither you or your opponent are dickheads, it's usually all good. How did it go? I had to take 11-12 years off for various reasons and only just got my blue belt. My first instructor went from blue belt when I started to 3 stripe black belt now. No regrets though. I have no interest in MMA and in fact find it unpleasant to watch. As a pacifist claustrophobe who watches no combat sports, I still find it very strange I like BJJ.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on November 29, 2020 01:56:40

I signed up around 10 days ago and haven't received a code yet.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/gog on November 28, 2020 00:49:08

I picked it for game of the year.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on November 26, 2020 03:36:35

Yes, it is definitely not better, but I do think it's the most similar I have come across. For comparison, I played 150 hours of GR before getting a little bored and for RQ it was 4. And RoboQuest is a lot more expensive.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on November 24, 2020 00:30:47

The closest thing I've found is RoboQuest. Although that game is very early in its development and doesn't have many levels or bosses yet. But the gameplay and overall quality are comparable.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on November 23, 2020 21:43:36

No multithreading.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 20, 2020 03:04:24

Spartacus... Best TV ever. Must be time soon for my annual watching of the 4 seasons. First few episodes are rubbish. Sex scenes are like they are written by a horny 14 year old boy. Fight scenes by an immature psychopath with a fetish for spurting blood. Dialogue by a 21st century Shakespeare with a foul mouth. End result... Amazing. I'm quite excited to see it's turning up in memes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/ProgrammerHumor on November 16, 2020 03:43:04

I've been back for a few months now, because there had been no community transmission where I live for that long. I decided to stop before the gym shut down due to the numbers of cases. And I decided to restart based on them too. But there's no way I'd be training if I lived in Europe or the Americas.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on November 14, 2020 19:43:29

I've played the first two scenarios on normal difficulty and they were good and well made. Big difference I noticed was how little distance the German HQ can move. Made it impossible to keep up most of my units. Might need to move every turn in future scenarios.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/computerwargames on November 6, 2020 23:44:13

Hooray! I've been missing my at least weekly spin of this album. I tried to buy a physical copy in the meantime and couldn't find one without outlandish postal costs.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on November 6, 2020 18:50:33

It's fine. I've never played multiplayer actually and managed 15 hours. I will say it's very limited and repetitive, but there is some prospect of them fixing that. The game's inclusion in this bundle is a definite plus though. It's worth a try. I'm playing Hades at the moment though and to be honest it's 20+ times better than Darksburg.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on November 6, 2020 18:46:54

I switched from keyboard to controller after about 5 hours of play and wouldn't go back. And I usually prefer keyboard for most games. For me it was most helpful with the combination attacks like dash-strike etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on November 2, 2020 19:47:34

I didn't like it either, although I did wonder if it was just because it was new. It does feel out of place though. It did make them seem much more dangerous! I'm not sure if their behaviour changed or whether I just noticed them more because of the sound effect.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 30, 2020 18:59:04

Good summary. As a non-American it boggles my mind how this all happened. And how it's not a foregone conclusion that it couldn't happen again. Then I realise you have Rupert Murdoch media too.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/politics on October 26, 2020 03:48:22

I like talisman in general as a weapon but you can switch the fire mode between all three elements. This is often pretty handy, especially against elites.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 25, 2020 21:02:02

I have it and it's pretty good solo if you like the look of it otherwise.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on October 23, 2020 23:37:27

GR is a bit slower but a LOT better. And if you play one of the characters (the bird) it can also be played very fast if you want to.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on October 23, 2020 23:28:03

Me too. And it's a bargain at full price.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 22, 2020 00:00:08

Something strange happened to me with Dragon Qian. It was added and it appeared as a defeated enemy in my logbook after I killed it. Then yesterday I beat Dragon Qian 3 times and when I looked at the monsters, it appeared as undefeated. Not sure what's happened there - a bug I guess. Anyway, it doesn't matter for me now (I had defeated all monsters before DQ was added), but I hope DQ will get added to your list when you beat it. It appears in third stage vaults.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 21, 2020 17:45:38

I was exactly where you were. Even had the boss with 1600 HP left one time before my first victory over it. So I was pretty excited when I first beat him, as you will be. :) One other tip I did not realise at first... you can pretty much spend your whole time jumping. Makes it harder to aim, but much harder to hit. And try to keep moving.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 21, 2020 09:45:33

Right! I hadn't played much dog till recently, but decided to get my 20 remaining lobsters with the dog and it was just chucking Justice bombs left, right and centre. Dual wield Justice + Justice was just a cacophony of explosions. I could hardly see the enemies at all. Fun. Anyway, the lobster runs are done now, but I have a new appreciation for the dog. And now I get why I had a run with a high-level dog player and he had 4 times as much damage as me, and if I was late to enter the area or vault, often all the enemies were dead by the time I arrived. Although I had to revive him 4 or 5 times before the first boss - the dog can be fragile early.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 21, 2020 09:40:44

That's true. I used to get so excited by those little glowing circles, now I just run past them.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 21, 2020 09:32:44

I am older than you - and was new to this kind of game - and also found a sticking point early on. Once I beat the first boss and got the "100 soul essence" talent, I was off and racing. But I will admit only my strong appreciation for the gameplay got me past that point. Anyway, tonight I got the final Steam achievement and unlocked the last weapon (damn lobsters, so arrogant). But I think my early struggles made the subsequent successes much more rewarding. All these dudes who breeze through the bosses in their first few hours can't understand. :) I didn't play multi-player until I was about level 70 or 80, but I don't see the harm in doing it earlier if you get stuck and are going to quit otherwise. The game is very good and there is a lot you haven't seen yet. Tips and tricks: lots out there for the first boss, but for the 2nd boss I like to charge towards it and then move to the side. For the 3rd boss, I absolutely had to watch a video of how it works before beating it... I think it'd be difficult to figure it out otherwise. Beating the bosses is probably the key to progression, apart from the other tips here. I guess if you're level 15 and not getting enough soul essence then you are not beating the first boss. It took me a while too - go in with a lightning and fire weapon. Hit with lightning until he jumps down the second time, then switch to fire. Throws orbs and grenades whenever you can. Dash \*late\* and use the pillars as cover.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 21, 2020 09:29:25

I have had 3 in 140 hours. Two of them were in consecutive runs though. Good luck OP! :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 15, 2020 20:31:41

I am on a 2-month break after 280 hours played due to a) feeling the need to step up to play SL or commander all the time, and the increasing impression of those roles being "work", and b) having to deal with enemy artillery.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on October 12, 2020 16:10:32

Verdun and Tannenberg offer this.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on October 8, 2020 18:25:56

I like the idea in general but I worry it might slow things down too much. I will currently leave the odd scroll or weapon for a player better suited to it, but I just base that on their character mostly. Not saying it's a bad idea... Just curious how many people want to get into that level of detail. Already most people play faster than me, jumping into vaults or the next areas before I'm ready... and I'm not really ever even looking at their weapons and scrolls. Maybe just before the bosses only??

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 7, 2020 20:29:31

Funny because last time I saw a thread on this, I encountered one on each of my next two runs. Because I knew they were so rare I went all out to win on the first encounter. But so far in 110 hours I've encountered it 3 times.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 7, 2020 20:24:57

Oh yeah, I remembering dual wielding Thunderclap and Laser Gloves and running out of ammo in the middle of battling some Elite monster. It's fun (?) running around blasting boxes to scrounge some more ammo with your foundry, while the monster breathes down your neck. Since then I do try to get some ammo help (ammo recovery or ammo belt) when playing the Dog, or make sure the ammo types are different.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 5, 2020 20:12:55

I bought Risk of Rain 2 and Gunfire Reborn at about the same time. Current hours played... GR: 107. RoR2: 2.5.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on October 3, 2020 04:38:28

I have a feeling it was just now. I looked a couple of months ago and didn't find it. Also the only reviews there currently are both very recent.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on October 2, 2020 21:17:54

This is dumb. I've actually tried to buy the CD several times, even on Arjen's website, and it's never been available. Now I can't listen to it at all. Wow.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on September 30, 2020 05:01:17

I think a lot of experienced players think this, but I worry most about newbies. I am not naturally gifted at games like this, so I struggled a lot at first with Lu Wu and even the elite beetle. I might have given up with the elite spearman, unless there is something stopping him from appearing for lower level players. As it is, I'm figuring out I need to keep as much distance as possible from him when playing as dog or cat. Not easy in that tiny room and I've still been defeated by the spearman more often than not and I usually breeze through the first stage otherwise now.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on September 29, 2020 02:12:18

I'm not very good at this game in general, but I struggle most with the bird. Mostly because I can't handle the elites and bosses. All the other enemies get smashed ok, but do you have a tip for them?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on September 13, 2020 04:38:21

I'm on mission 9 now and am starting to agree a bit. But I still think it's a great game and worth the price. I might just need a month or two off before coming back to it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on September 9, 2020 04:51:14

If you don't mind me asking here, what does "projectiles +1" mean?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GunfireReborn on September 7, 2020 05:46:00

I am a newbie, but when I want to practise some swings etc I set up a Local Match and choose Deathmatch with 1 bot. Then I can swing around to my heart's content and occasionally Mr Bot will come around and one of us will die. Then until the next encounter I can do some more swings etc etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Mordhau on September 5, 2020 23:40:54

I am new and haven't played Skirmish. Can you elaborate on why it is good and also why sticking to the other modes would make you uninstall? Genuinely curious.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Mordhau on September 5, 2020 23:28:31

I just started playing the game "seriously" a week ago after buying it a while back. Last night at one point I think I had 40 deaths in a row in Frontline/Invasion and was contemplating chucking it all in. Then I splatted a few guys in a row and the morale went up for the next multi-dozen dying streak. I am the worst player in around 80-90% of the games I play and among the worst in every game. This is a test of ego. Still, I think it is very well done and very funny. I enjoy sucking at it (mostly), although some other games I find unpleasant when I suck at them (e.g. Insurgency: Sandstorm).

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Mordhau on September 5, 2020 23:25:40

You got downvoted but I agree. This would be over the top and I wouldn't like to play in a game with someone micromanaging like this to be honest.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 31, 2020 05:17:12

Yeah me too. I think it's my lowest class although I have spent a lot more time in it than some of my other low classes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 30, 2020 05:02:17

Yeah but then their next redeploy is 20 seconds, just to note.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 29, 2020 01:21:03

Spotter X. Enjoy dozens of hours with a silent level 11 sniper.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 29, 2020 01:15:38

I'm surprised they're doing engineer before support. I find engineer already pretty interesting, but support is very dull. Anyway... Looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 29, 2020 01:13:41

For me, this is the big one. Then again I think I overdosed on HLL and I'm on a hiatus now. But that one is exciting.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 29, 2020 01:11:36

If that includes the Encounters DLC then yes.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on August 27, 2020 20:39:23

No campaign as such, but the bots are decent and you can enjoy yourself with low player counts too. Worth it for sure at the sale price in my opinion.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on August 21, 2020 23:59:15

I've had games like that. 1600 support score. And 40 deaths were while looking at the map. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 19, 2020 06:07:02

I've only played about 5 hours of Besiege but I recommend it anyway. No game has made me laugh out loud as much, as my thoughtfully designed contraption immediately falls over backwards after touching a sheep or sets itself on fire because my understanding of mechanics or gravity is lacking.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on August 19, 2020 05:45:08

Just a question on this. If I drop 100 and 50 get used, what happens to the 50 when I drop the next 100? Also deleted?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 17, 2020 01:08:01

On your way to Machine Gunner VII - just maybe another 200 games like that and it'll be done.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 17, 2020 01:05:40

Spotter is the role you have if you create the recon squad yourself generally. I guess you mean sniping.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 16, 2020 06:22:11

Exactly! A team can get the nodes done in 5 minutes if there is a concerted effort. Garrison building goes the whole game. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 13, 2020 03:05:24

Airhead spawn to the gaming room. Works every time.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 13, 2020 03:04:36

You are not accounting for the distance between the OP and your current location, nor the dead and spawn time. So please consider holding on if you are in a good position and not exposed to the enemy. It can often be worth it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 13, 2020 03:04:00

How about scrambling the players by squad then? All players from highest ranked squad (however you define that) to the losing faction, then next highest squad to the other faction etc etc. Friends stay together and the teams are more balanced.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 6, 2020 07:39:33

It would just lead to creepy abuse if my experience in other games is a guide. I really hope they never add it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 6, 2020 07:31:43

Offensive mode as the defender is somewhat like that, but you also have to consider when to set up on the next point back.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 6, 2020 07:26:38

I have had 2 incidents like this in the last week, but have to admit I have never had it before. (c. 250 hours played) It is kind of funny, but very unfortunate for the victim.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 4, 2020 20:44:47

Pretty sure the guy is still waiting for me now. I cried out "hold on!" just before I crashed.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 4, 2020 20:41:43

I don't have my FPS showing but for me it was fine both before and after the last patch. But I did have an Unreal engine crash last night... My first in about a week and I play every day. It was while I was about to revive a player as Medic.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 4, 2020 20:25:36

Enemy garrisons I reckon. Even those currently indestructible.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on August 2, 2020 19:29:35

I didn't really play driving games at all and use a controller. I got this in a bundle and was surprised how good it is. Really well done.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on August 1, 2020 20:33:20

If it was "boom" it was probably artillery. If it was a quick "boom, boom, boom" then probably a bombing run. :) Welcome!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 30, 2020 22:28:27

I don't think it is the SLs' responsibility alone to build garrisons. In fact as commander I usually take the prime responsibility to build defensive garrisons around the point just taken. This makes it more fun for the SLs and means I have to bark fewer orders. I will usually end up building 1 or 2 attacking garrisons on supplies I dropped during the game, too. No problem. Just get me the nodes up the map early on in the game and I will drop supplies all over the place, for SLs and myself. :) It is nice to have a squad with a Support dropping supplies around, but it is not vital any more I reckon, since update 7. Main thing is to drop them and get a garrison up ASAP after capturing a point. That is about the only thing I will press people on as commander.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 30, 2020 22:25:09

I haven't really paid a lot of attention to it, but on the Australian servers I would say maybe 55-60% of wins are to the Allies. But it definitely doesn't feel totally skewed to me, although I could be wrong.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 30, 2020 22:20:45

No and I hope they keep it that way. There is not a lot, but more than enough, abuse going on between teammates and I really don't want to hear such crap from opponents. It would be cool to overhear enemy talk and act upon it, but I suspect it would primarily be used to be creepy, weird or abusive to opponents. I played Holdfast a bit and enemies can talk to you there and it was one of a few reasons I dislike that game a lot.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 30, 2020 22:17:23

Could you throw an extra 8 GB of RAM in? It does seem pretty low compared to your other specs. I have similar specs, except with 2060 Super and 32 GB of RAM (it's a developer machine as well) and it runs great. It was even pretty OK when I had an old 1050 Ti, but that was pre-update 7. There are lots of other tweaks with the audio settings, ini files, in-game options etc to make, described elsewhere. I reckon you would be OK with 16 GB, but I don't know for sure.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 27, 2020 18:37:57

Give it a go for sure. Don't worry about all the people saying you need charisma. I have the charisma of a potato and still do OK as squad leader and even commander I think. And I have found potato-charisma people to be good SLs too. Personally, I just try to give people space to play and have fun. I think my job is to look at the map far more often than my squadmates will and let them know if/when we need to move. Also to drop the OP in places I want them to go, without cluttering the audio up with too much noise. Then teaching any relative newbies while also making it fun for them - e.g. if I "make" them go Support, then ASAP I will suggest they move to Assault or Automatic Rifleman once enough supplies are dropped, or if I teach them how to drop nodes as Engineer, then I will then tell them about how to kill tanks with AT mines.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 27, 2020 18:26:22

Yes, it's really good and a steal at that price. Highly recommended even if you don't usually play that kind of game. I mostly play high strategy games, digital boardgames and first-player shooters and it doesn't really fit into any of those categories, but it is very well done.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on July 26, 2020 20:49:19

Someone elsewhere suggested giving them a bit of extra zoom when holding their breath. I like this idea, as it gives a (small) bit of a "sniper" feel, which is obviously very popular. Maybe 10-20% more zoom? Maybe a realistic explanation for this could make it OK for the people who lean towards realism over balance? e.g. the rifle requires a different kind of training, therefore the player/soldier is more skilled in this kind of shooting.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 26, 2020 20:43:19

It's a good point and so then you want the maps/scenarios to be generally balanced. I find them pretty OK in this regard. The problem is in individual player choices. The German MG or whatever may be stronger, but I really have to think twice before playing medic, engineer or support for Axis, because of the problems mentioned in the original post. So if enough people are like me, then there is a swing away from these roles on the Axis side and/or a swing to playing Allies. So that will skew things beyond the balance between factions.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 26, 2020 20:39:09

I can't believe now I played rifleman exclusively until I reached level III for the class. I think I have played max 2 minutes of rifleman since then (to drop an ammo box then die), but now I will even get guys in their first game to switch to support or assault if I need supplies or smoke.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 26, 2020 20:33:22

I did a bombing run last night on the same mark as the previous run. I was suppressed and under time pressure and for some reason clicking where I wanted to bomb was not working. There was still a marker where I wanted to bomb, so I figured somehow it was OK and pressed confirm. Turns out that was my previous recon plane marker and the bombing was in the previous point, which was by now entirely deserted on the other side of the map. Not sure what happened there exactly, but no forward squads said "good job". :| Maybe the game suppresses commanders too, by not showing the mouse clicks properly, but I suspect I just botched it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 26, 2020 20:26:10

I play a lot of engineer but I think having a separate unit would make people in general even less likely to take it or the support role on. At least though it'd be clearer who is building the nodes or whatever replaces them.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 25, 2020 21:55:25

Right. As commander, I just consider going back and manually dismantling them part of my job. There never seems to be enough manpower resources left to do anything, let alone do the remote dismantling.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 25, 2020 21:48:44

They take longer as you go up. I'm a level 66 player but only above level 4 in one role and that's a level 5.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 18:10:07

I could definitely imagine this game being pretty unpleasant with people playing like that. I hope things improve. Maybe you could play on a high ping server sometimes? Maybe a role like medic or engineer would work ok.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:47:49

I've had 4 crashes in about 30 hours of play since update 7 and there was no pattern to them. One while deploying so just looking at the map. One running on an empty street. One when overtime started in an offensive mode game. None during explosions or smoke or anything like that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:39:03

I think people would just make up a reason if they're being malicious. I vote yes when I see more than one person in chat complaining about the person. Oh and also if they have a handle like SickKillaBoy69 or something similar.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:26:35

Great idea but noting though that arty, commander and sometimes tankers can make honest mistakes that result in high TKs. Or the victims themselves may have ignored warnings. So maybe show TKs and the role.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:23:43

I've only ever been voted on twice, both times when commander. Once when they were presumably killed in a bombing run I ordered... Squads were warned but these things happen and I was ok with it. The other time in my first full game as commander when no-one else would take the role and I was doing my best. Oooh then I got really angry! Both times I didn't get kicked though. Definitely needs fixing and I can't see it being too difficult, compared to a lot of the other stuff the Devs are doing. Update 8 I reckon.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:21:35

I just think experience. I think anyone who has played more than 10 hours has noticed the games with good communication are 10 times better than the ones without. So I just try not to scare anyone on the way to the 10 hours by asking them to talk before they're ready. So long as they listen. I had a squad of totally silent newbies recently, but I just kept rambling on. I wasn't sure what was going on really, but was pleasantly surprised to see 4 of them back on our OP on a defensive point after suddenly being called in. And one had changed roles on my suggestion.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:16:05

Me and the Bois hoping no-one is camping the OP we all just spawned in on.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:10:49

This is very cool. And you're right about the nodes...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 22, 2020 06:09:30

Yeah, I think it should be more like 5 support rather than 10 combat. But as far as I can tell (not 100% sure), you get nothing for destroying an OP, repairing tanks or dismantling enemy supplies. These should get you lots, especially repairing the tanks.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 18:20:57

Just go to the HLL Steam discussions forum if you need a taste of bitterness, negativity and massive overuse of the terms "absolute trash" and "absolute garbage". Personally I have decided to not visit Steam discussions any more (it's the same for most games there), as of yesterday. It's just tiresome and over the top for a fairly inexpensive game.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 18:04:54

Shhhh... We don't want people to know that. But seriously I don't think it'll be like that after the free weekend.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 06:12:50

Well I think it's excessive but you get a lot for putting AP mines down. Engineers can put two down each life and can also get more from ammo crates. Only a certain number stay on the map but I think you get the points no matter how many you put out. That said I think they should change that! As engineer I almost always place both mines if I'm near the action. My combat scores have been unreasonably high since they boosted points for the mines. Spotters also have mines. Maybe another role too? Can't remember.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 02:35:20

I like a garrison in the currently defended point plus two others in different directions max 150m away. If a squad leader would do these it'd be awesome. In offensive mode as defender I go for 4 garrisons plus my OP. Depends a bit though on the terrain and map location. One squad can set these up before it gets hot.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 02:29:18

Nice of him to give you the vehicle kill! Personally I just shoot the mine myself while standing next to it... OK, so I die but so does the tank. Admittedly the first time I ATed a tank I fired my rifle from far away at the mine and it was cool to see the tank blow up, but I hate the idea of missing the kill because someone shoots me as I retreat.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 01:21:06

Aha! Thanks, that makes sense. Yeah, none of my real-life friends play this game (yet), so I hadn't come across this case.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 21, 2020 01:16:28

Caesar definitely yes. Crassus more as an opponent.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Spartacus_TV on July 20, 2020 21:55:57

Yeah Roger that... where do you want them?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 21:28:03

Zero deaths? Well I never...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 21:26:55

Allies medic's gun is ok.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 21:14:55

It's ok... They all know how to play now haha.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 21:14:09

Great tips!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 21:13:10

Why do you use Discord? I was in a squad recently where at least one squad member was in some kind of external chat. It was pretty annoying, because I could only hear his side of the conversation, so it was pretty random.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 20:00:18

Lock it in the first 10 minutes of the game only I reckon. Just to stop newbies stumbling into it accidentally.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:56:02

I agree on the metagame. On the engineer role, it is currently pretty good. They can build nodes, lay AP and AT mines, construct defences like barbed wire, sandbags etc. There is quite a lot to do and the nodes are VITAL. And the coolest thing is an engineer can creep up to the side of a tank, place their AT mine right next to it and shoot the mine. Instant tank kill. OK, it is often very hard to get next to a tank, as you can imagine, but it's spectacular and fun. And when you fail, just blowing yourself up, it is amusing for teammates I have been told.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:54:12

I had never thought of deaf players in the game (sorry). What would help you play the game? I wonder if you should indicate this in your game tag, so that people can take account of it e.g. MyNickname \[deaf\]? Not sure what you or others think of that. I would happily type out key commands into the text chat if I knew a deaf player was in my squad. Thinking of roles that might particularly suit a deaf player, because there is an in-game driver to what they do beyond voice prompts - Medic, Sniper, Tank Spotter come to mind.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:46:23

Check the text chat before kicking. Some people don't have mics (yet) but are listening actively.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:39:13

It is cool to scream "I can't feel my legs" but just do it once or twice OK? :) When you are SL and you have command voice, squad voice, text chat plus a guy nearby screaming repeatedly about his legs and/or testicles, it can be a bit much.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:37:41

I was like that 3 months ago. I would often fire the game up, enter the server and leave without playing, because I was not up for the stress of talking to people when I did not know what I was doing. I was desperately looking for a solo HLL-type game instead. Then jump to last night where I played two consecutive 60+-minute games as commander, directing and helping squad leaders and tank commanders around the map to victory. Not that you have to make that progression, but just to say your nervousness is not new and you will probably feel proud to get past it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:35:28

Good point. The number of times I think "that must have been a sniper" has fallen a lot since I started. You can kind of tell after a while. That said, two snipers per team is more than enough.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:27:34

Right! Now what about artillery? :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:26:28

Yes, I did notice over the free weekend, you can lead the horses to water with OP placement. Same as commander with garrisons and (to a lesser extent) supply drops. Even if people are new, these mechanisms are handy to get them going in a good direction.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:25:41

Wow, steady on. I am level 64 and have had ONE game as sniper. My spotter was level 80 or something and had to leave or crashed or something. If you came in and kicked me out, I would be pretty mad! I also abandoned my sniper one time to take commander. He did not deserve to get kicked either. I know you're saying this in jest, but honestly, please don't do this, unless you \*know\* they did the old switcheroo. Anyway, I am level II in sniper now, so at least I have ticked that box.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:23:13

They would be nice in the eventual tutorial/training ground.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:14:03

Did you look at your squad leader's numbers and think "wow, this guy's bad!"? I wonder about that, because as SL with a lot of newbies and a lot of other SLs being newbies (and sometimes even the commander), I was making garrisons and checking the maps like a maniac. I had a 60-minute game with 1 kill and I think 1100 points of support and was wondering what the newbies would think of that. Spent all my time putting up garrisons, redropping the OP etc, marking the map, running around, telling people to go forward, fall back, this garrison is hot, they are capping this point. :) Mostly died while looking at the map or looking through the binoculars. All fun!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:10:11

Yeah I went from Commander zero to IV, Spotter II to IV and SL II to IV over the weekend (plus some ineffective tank commanding). A lot of teaching, but it was also good to nail down update 7 mechanics. Last game for the free weekend, I just wanted to play Medic. I ended up taking Commander again and we got the 5-0 win. I was exhorting the team to glory so I could go to bed! Maybe tomorrow I can play Medic and Engineer again. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 20, 2020 19:06:49

Support is boring right now, but Engineer is already very interesting in my opinion. Lots to do!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:59:46

That is good. Also look for a squad with an officer level 30+ - they will almost certainly be willing to talk, even if the others don't. Even having 2-3 active talkers can be enough.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:58:01

Yeah, when I play Spotter I am very often nowhere near the sniper, because I am off setting up a garrison or finding a new OP spot or whatever. Personally, I think this "shared point" mechanic would be the most cool for tank crew.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:55:45

I have bought a bunch of these kinds of games the last few months, and HLL, Verdun and Insurgency: Sandstorm are my favourites. But I like HLL far more than even those.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:45:32

Yeah, it is a bit funny sometimes with the names in a kind-of serious wargame. "Buttmonkey, can you follow Anus to D7 and drop supplies and then head up to where MyCheeksAreFlabby and GoatGronker6000 are. WeirdSmell, you're with me..."

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:43:26

I always appreciate the medics and think they make more difference than you realise, especially in offensive mode when pushing or defending hard. Update 7 increased spawn times and reduced the number of nearby spawn points when attacking, so I actually think it doubled the usefulness of medics. I do not hold on for medics though if they are likely to die reviving me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 19:40:40

I don't have a problem with the running. It's almost always only once at the start of the game or the odd occasion when you've been outplayed or your team is very disorganised. I usually use the run to teach and/or chat with my squad mates.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 01:28:40

My rule would be... Level 3+ in either spotter, tank commander or officer, unless the game had been going more than 10 minutes and the server population is less than 50.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 19, 2020 01:20:59

How do you guys see the FPS? I disabled the Steam overlay for HLL so I don't see it. I get a big slowdown maybe once every half an hour for about 30 seconds and otherwise it's all good. So maybe I'm not getting obsessed with FPS because I can't see the numbers or my PC is set up well for the game or my eyes are old or the Steam overlay is a problem? I think I disabled it months ago after reading it could cause problems. I don't know if it helps or not really.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 18, 2020 23:06:58

I have a 2060 super and get good results on Ultra. I think you can find other settings to play with, as mentioned elsewhere on this thread. Dead body settings, sound etc.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 18, 2020 22:57:17

The defaults should definitely change but I'd go for 250m as it is less overwhelming.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 17, 2020 21:44:13

Cool. If you don't understand outposts or garrisons yet, just take a minute beforehand to read about them. Then you're ready!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 17, 2020 20:55:45

I am level 3 SL and I don't know the maps so well anyway - just go with the flow. Being a SL the first time helps you learn to be SL anyway, as you get to hear the command chat. They help guide you, but you also learn from what the other SLs are saying. Better to be a level 10 player in SL the first time than have a squad with no SL.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 16, 2020 21:26:05

I usually just switch squads until I find one that's talking.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 16, 2020 21:18:05

Same for engineers with their wrenches too, if I remember correctly.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 15, 2020 21:09:01

I had the same FPS as before. Two crashes, which I don't normally get, but I trust they will be weeded out.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 14, 2020 19:19:31

As long as you express this as useful feedback and constructive criticism, then I think is totally valid. I am guessing the OP is commenting more on the outright rudeness and disrespect of many users.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 14, 2020 19:18:34

I don't think the score is lost, just the bonuses.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 14, 2020 19:15:57

I am a non-game dev too and have recently come back to video games after many years "away". I was kind of shocked to see the common Steam-user ethos of "I paid $20 for this and I demand instant satisfaction, because the devs totally suck and all the other users are cheaters and \*\*\*\*ing devs should be fired and they had one job and couldn't even \*\*\*\*ing make the red icons a different red, which is the biggest \*\*\*\*up I have ever seen, and fix the bug I get with my specific PC and you suck devs." Well I did that with too few spelling errors, but you get the point. I guess it is the kind of people who go to sports matches and spend their whole time abusing the officials and players, especially from their own team, and now I have to encounter them online.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 14, 2020 19:15:18

It's much better with a mic and your teammates will enjoy playing with you more if you have one. And many will expect it. I'd suggest Verdun or Insurgency Sandstorm for a more casual blast.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 9, 2020 01:16:47

I'm back after about 4 months off in Australia. Until one week before the lockdown I was off for 3 months with an injury so that was about 7-8 months in total. I'm very low level and not fancy but I don't really feel like I've forgotten much despite all this. Fitness and recovery are what I've noticed most, even though I'm trying to take it very easy. I'm expecting another period of lockdown even here soon though. The region I'm in had zero cases for a month, which is why I went back. In most other countries, I would not have considered it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on July 8, 2020 07:06:54

You can't always tell. I do use this often to confirm if the enemy is really down or if I need to keep behind cover or firing, when it's a one on one encounter. It's often a time saver to be able to run off knowing you're safe. I'm not one to care too much about stats and ratios in general, but I do care if I killed that one dude behind the wall or if he's just lying prone waiting for me to pop up. That said I like the idea of removing this option as it does seem a little cheesy.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 8, 2020 05:43:21

Not trying to be overly critical but I'd suggest new players not focus on these ratios. I had a support guy in my squad once who announced "wow I've got 55 kills!". I just wanted to say "well no wonder it took so bloody long to get supplies every time I asked" but everyone just reacted with silence, which is possibly the best response anyway. Maybe I'm just jealous because I rarely look at my death total... But I'm sure it's always very high.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 2, 2020 04:53:46

I hope it improves for you. More female players would be great. There was one in my first ever game but I have not encountered any since unfortunately. Sexist and/or dumb remarks and bullying would be very discouraging. Maybe try the community servers with admins if you haven't already.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 2, 2020 04:47:19

I will usually play Medic just in the Offensive mode games, where people are more packed in and holding/taking the point is often more critical in terms of timing and positioning. Then when the heat is off, I switch to something else.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 1, 2020 22:13:16

I am playing every night at the moment in AU and it is definitely looking good here so far.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on July 1, 2020 22:10:53

I had my first time driving a tank last night. I enjoyed it, with two helpful crewmates. I got stuck on nothing. Stats at the end of the game - 0 kills, 1 friendly run over. Top tip: don't run in front of learner-driver-tanks, especially when you are in a gully. Just saw the guy's head before the crunch.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 30, 2020 01:14:56

If you buy through Steam you get 2 hours to try it out. One thing you can do in general is play in roles where ping time is not such an issue. I'm thinking medic, engineer, maybe even the tank crew.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 29, 2020 06:37:16

Agree. Having a group of 40 infantrymen having to deal with bombing runs, strafing, anti-personnel mines, artillery, snipers and tanks is more than enough. Adding mortars too would probably see me playing this game much less, unless it replaced artillery entirely. For me the strength of the game is close-in infantry fighting and the interplay with armour. The more remote bombing etc involved the less fun it'll be.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 28, 2020 03:42:42

I like this game a lot. Are there any others like it on sale that you'd recommend?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/computerwargames on June 27, 2020 22:16:39

You could take a look at Hell Let Loose and Project Winter.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on June 27, 2020 20:59:20

Just divorce is on the cards for me.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 24, 2020 02:14:46

All these guys sound like they have too much ego!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on June 18, 2020 03:43:00

It's on Netflix where I live for example.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on June 16, 2020 22:52:50

Elements is very good. Lots of classes and especially the lunchtime ones are quite chilled. No egos or brutes. Other than the cost it fits what you're asking for. I hope and expect them to reopen in the next few weeks.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on June 16, 2020 06:43:15

Yes, I had this last night on the official Australian servers. I tried 2 or 3 of them and they all just had a pleasant depiction of part of the map, with the wind whistling through the trees, but nothing else. It was very relaxing and pleasing to the eye, but lacking in mayhem and war.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 10, 2020 01:18:04

I agree. I find RTS games a little stressful, but especially when they have unusual concepts to deal with (e.g. Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation), or are fiddly with micromanagement elements (e.g. Steel Division: Normandy). Northgard's concepts are all simple and easy to understand (stone, wood, brewery, villager etc) and the tech trees and upgrade paths are not too simple and not too hard. I feel like I can pick this game up after a few weeks' not playing and have no problems. The game is well-made and there are lots of single- and multi-player options. I have only played multi-player once though, and got slammed. :) I would recommend it at the advertised price for sure, if you like the idea of a balanced and accessible RTS game.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on June 8, 2020 19:26:24

I officially became fed up with playing Support last night. I will now actively seek to avoid it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 5, 2020 21:50:32

Thanks so much for this. I tried it too to get higher quality rather than FPS and it seems to have made a difference. I hadn't thought to look in the control panel.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 2, 2020 03:29:13

I think I saw this too, but only when I was a tank crewman. In any other role, it did not happen. Anyway, good that it seems like a fix is on its way.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 2, 2020 03:20:11

The more I play, the more I suspect this is perhaps not always due to the shot coming from where I think it has. Someone might have flanked me, or a sniper is behind me etc. I am very bad at this game, but even so I have surprised the odd dude lying or crouching behind a bush, looking in the other direction. Most often when I get blasted behind a bush or in grass though, it's from machine gun fire, and was probably just an (un)lucky hit.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 2, 2020 03:11:40

Allies Engineer and Medic both get a pretty nice weapon to use and I do find it a plus.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on June 1, 2020 22:37:48

Maybe a few weeks away for me elsewhere in Australia but it's so great to have the option. If I were in the USA or even Europe I reckon I'd stay off the mats for many more months, maybe permanently. Australia and NZ are the only places I'd consider returning to training, so we're very fortunate. Also expecting a little gi shrinkage...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 31, 2020 22:57:22

Agree. And without dogma or histrionics, unlike some other explanations on this thread.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/GameDeals on May 28, 2020 01:37:44

Not offended at all! Just thought you might be curious why someone would not continue watching it. Not sure why my opinion on a show is being downvoted. I wasn't trying to criticise you.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/netflix on May 21, 2020 02:31:19

I sampled it and haven't made it to the end of the first episode (started about a week ago). It seems really boring so far, with the drama between the GM and some players and the coach the main focus. Personally I find this uninteresting. And I was obsessed with the NBA around the time of Jordan, Pippen et al playing, so I have a natural interest in the sport, the team and the league around then. (But not the business. Maybe I will come back to it, but there are other things to watch!) Just thought I'd give you the point of view of someone who did just "sample" and most likely won't do any more than that.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/netflix on May 21, 2020 02:15:35

A 500% increase in deaths is not much of a statistic but courts being backed up is?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 15, 2020 11:44:59

Total deaths in Bergamo Italy were 6 times higher in March 2020 than in March 2019. This thing is incredibly deadly if it gets out of control, which is what you are advocating. Not every death due to the virus is being recorded as such.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on May 15, 2020 06:11:08

Thanks! Did this a couple of times last night in between being blown up by tanks and artillery.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on May 13, 2020 21:26:38

Nice to see this video. Question on the ammo box: In the video it notes that "all you do... is get your wrench out". How do I do this in the game? And where would you do this? I am a newbie, but have never been asked to do it, but I am not sure of the context when and where you would do it.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on May 11, 2020 20:10:12

I am pretty new to the game (and incompetent at it), but so far my rule of thumb is if I am in the open, then I just immediately let go. If I am near a wall or some other cover, then I will wait 20-30 seconds to see if a medic is getting closer. If they are, then I wait. It worked well for me last night in a game. Took almost a minute to be revived, but then I popped up in the middle of the battle and even got one of my very rare kills. I am thinking of trying out medic as my first non-rifleman role, but need to improve my general game awareness first I think.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on May 11, 2020 19:49:54

I usually only have 3 or 4 outside my country under 200.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on May 3, 2020 22:24:28

Good to know. What would be the max number you'd join at?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on May 3, 2020 22:04:16

I had my first "real" game last night, found a squad and it was communicative. All squad members responded (I was the last to). I even followed in clearing out a little set of houses. Died 8 times and did not even once see an actual enemy. But strangely keen for the next round!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/HellLetLoose on April 27, 2020 00:42:24

I found the narration fun the first 1-2 times, but now I just wish I could skip them all automatically. Especially on the new live CDs.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Ayreon on April 6, 2020 22:05:54

I hate running AND lifting. Only got my mountain bike now.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on April 5, 2020 21:38:16

Yeah we had about 7 weeks staying indoors, including many days with businesses shut etc, because of smoke, then a couple of months normal, then staying home for the virus. And now winter is coming. This year sucks indeed.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on April 5, 2020 05:08:30

Where I live many of them were killed by fires a few months ago. Hopefully the cleaner air has a positive effect on their recovery.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on April 5, 2020 05:04:18

They upgraded the forum recently to make it much easier to read on phones, which was nice.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/boardgames on March 28, 2020 04:49:03

The ad on at the bottom of the story for me was a link to "16 dying professions you should avoid". Ugh... I hate ad tech. Sad story.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 25, 2020 22:06:04

I checked his last tweet and at least three people had. I clicked "like" on them all.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/LeopardsAteMyFace on March 25, 2020 19:09:40

That is total negligence on the part of your employer in my opinion.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on March 25, 2020 00:45:16

Telstra moved 20000 people to work from home a week or two ago. I don't know how it went overall but it was impressive to hear and I've been kind of surprised to hear my APS friends say they're still in the offices.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/canberra on March 25, 2020 00:44:44

Unlikely. Mortgage holders, property owners and the banks are all sacred objects in the Australian economy. The mortgage holders keep the bubble going - essential!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on March 24, 2020 17:29:27

We're trying to buy enough now that we don't have to go again for 2 weeks. I very much hope the hoarding will stop or be prevented so that this kind of approach will work for everybody.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on March 23, 2020 21:11:38

That one was good... Although maybe I've missed any other than the first one. Pretty tired of pet grappling if I had to be honest.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 22, 2020 04:43:59

I just had 3 months off with an injury. 3 classes back then this. I was definitely more depressed in terms of training when the injury happened... although now maybe it's just concern for this global disaster that's distracting me from worrying too much about BJJ.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 22, 2020 04:42:08

I think everyone should have gone wherever their "home" is weeks ago. Far easier to navigate society and get support there. You may have left it too late. Anyway if you can get the flights I'd return to Germany. What if you got sick here from covid-19 or anything else? What if you have to spatially isolate for months? Where would you prefer to be? But definitely a personal decision and there is no wrong decision. Wherever you stay though you probably need to bunker down and forget travelling around. Good luck! Viel Glück.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on March 21, 2020 18:25:41

We need courageous people to stand up and force this issue. Your boss works in software right? Would you release a new product with no testing? Would you plan a project with no risks in mind? The point is we plan for the future and take steps. Working from home if you can reduces risk for you, your boss, your colleagues and the community. Software people also learn from other projects. What has happened in other countries is there to be seen and learnt from. In Australia anyone who can must be working from home now. I think Telstra did the right thing. Fight for this and good luck! It's a good cause.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/CoronavirusAustralia on March 21, 2020 18:17:56

A special family mode sounds cool; I like this idea. And thanks! Very generous to do this.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/boardgames on March 18, 2020 22:28:21

Could the owner hurl the belts from a balcony as the students file past at a suitable distance from each other? I think this would be OK.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 18, 2020 18:27:31

Er, so at what price should I start to fear for my safety when I return? :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 18, 2020 18:25:37

People have tested positive after lab-confirmed negatives. I don't think it's known yet if that is re-infection or just the virus was temporarily suppressed below measurable levels, but was still there. The guess is the latter. Anyway, that is just based on reading from a days ago. Still, many may decide to allow a little risk into their lives at some point, but in many countries at the moment risk-taking should be set to zero.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 18, 2020 18:24:35

I had this too when calling them in Australia, but in my case it wasn't just silent - the call was ended and no more connection. Maybe I will try again and risk that accursed music.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/singapore on March 17, 2020 19:03:59

Where I am in the southern hemisphere they have tested well over 1000 and they have 2 cases. So Virginia looks pretty bad to me even on these figures.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 17, 2020 16:56:41

One of the few seasons of any show I've watched twice. Now part-way through season 2.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/netflix on March 17, 2020 02:50:18

Cool. Let the universe know when you're all better thanks. :)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 18:08:38

Ah sorry. Yeah the one on Facebook linked in another reply to this thread. Don't know if it was your coach. By Cam Rowe.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 03:04:45

Pause it. You will kick yourself if you go one training session too many...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 02:31:28

I stopped training this weekend and I am in city with only 2 (known) cases. I will keep paying for 1-2 months, then I will either shift to some kind of replacement plan (e.g. 2 privates per 1 month of payments, which is a broadly equivalent financial value) or I will cancel. If I had to bet, I would estimate I will be off the mats for six months, based on the progression in China and Italy and estimates from epidemiologists and virologists.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 02:28:15

They suck and you did the right thing.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 02:21:36

Wow, I would be out the door even if I was planning to continue paying if I saw a post like that from my coach.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 16, 2020 02:19:24

I think you should definitely stay home. And quite likely you'll be forced to.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 15, 2020 08:01:41

Yes but so could any 16 year old. It's still useful to know and significant I think.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 14, 2020 18:44:50

Yeah, I agree about BJJ. I am going to continue with my backup sport though - mountain biking. If I go at lunchtimes, I never see a single person in the hills.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 13, 2020 17:48:57

Great! My mother said she would too. So far that is two people - no-one else has seemed interested.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 13, 2020 17:42:37

Yes, well it seems like he has. It is a whirlwind and heart-lifting romance and she is definitely still keen on wristlocks, even though she has a vast arsenal of other techniques. And amazing hair. Then it turns out that she is the one that instituted the "white gi only at seminars" policy and our hero enters a spiral of dismay and confusion. He has to choose between his blue gi and a life of freedom, or donning the white gi of conformity and keeping the woman of his dreams. It is in resolving this dilemma that the world is saved. But then there is a large brown belt glowering at him from the other side of the mats...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 13, 2020 17:42:08

I am finally going to complete my epic novel about a jiu jitsu white belt that saves the world by wearing a blue gi to a seminar that explicitly required white gis only. I won't spoil the plot by telling you how this occurs, but you can be assured that there is a lot of tension, anguish, redemption and wristlocks. If the shutdown goes more than one month I will commence work on volume 2, where the hero starts his own school as a 4 stripe white belt on Mars and is then unable to be certified as blue belt due to an explosion at the main landing pad, which prevents his professor, who is a purple belt based on the moon, from visiting for the scheduled seminar.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 13, 2020 05:11:17

Proactive and clear communication. I hope it will be enough, but it might not be.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 13, 2020 01:43:01

My mother is aware and is doing the right things. But I shudder when she tells me what her friends are saying. These are boomers - one had family back from Singapore with "terrible coughs" and she is just hanging around with them all day. Another is undergoing chemo and in her 70s and is planning to attend a school assembly and just live her life normally. I've told my mother not to let these people anywhere near her.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 12, 2020 19:21:40

I've suggested elsewhere to offer your members the option to convert 2 weeks of normal class payments to a 1-hour private lesson when things are back to normal. A win-win? (Of course, if you are in any danger of going bankrupt in an extended closure, then best to do that without making such an offer!)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 19:17:21

I can't see how the economists would be right. In 2008-9 the central banks flooded the economy with stimulus and assistance, but they have not really gotten back to normal since then and probably don't have the capacity this time. And personal debt is till very high. But I am speaking purely as an interested observer of bubbles and social effects on the economy and vice versa. All depends whether Europe and north America go more like South Korea or Italy I think. (Going like Taiwan out of the question now - they have done the best.)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 19:07:16

Yes I agree. But it doesn't really change what we should be doing now. It does reduce my personal fear a lot though - but I still have the responsibility to others.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 19:03:45

Read some of the threads about this from a month ago! I wonder how many of them have changed their tune now? Most if not all of them I hope.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 19:01:51

Read some accounts from the hospitals in northern Italy. We should be working to avoid this.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:40:29

It's probably going to be months unfortunately. I just got back from 3-4 months off with an injury too. :(

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:36:36

Yeah, I suggested that on another thread. My proposal was 2 weeks of fees paid = a 1-hour private lesson when things are back to normal.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:34:52

What country, if you don't mind me asking?

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:33:03

Note that they when they describe most non-elderly as having "mild" symptoms, they mean anything short of "difficulty breathing", which is when you go to hospital. This could mean weeks in bed feeling crap... quite apart from the possible spreading of the virus in the community. I hadn't realised this until yesterday about the "mild" symptoms and it changed my "when to finish training" considerations somewhat. (I was already concerned about community transmission and protecting the elderly and the hospital workers by not spreading the virus.) Personally I would not still be training in London.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:26:53

Thanks for the info. (DK is Denmark for those who don't immediately recognise it.) I would agree with you. I am currently thinking of when to stop training. If I lived in Europe (or the USA, Iran or east Asia) I would have already stopped.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:18:16

Sorry to hear this. What country are you in? (Or which continent if you'd rather keep that private?)

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 12, 2020 17:15:50

They need to keep the kids away from their grandparents...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 12, 2020 08:29:56

Yeah, I just got back from several months with an injury, so the timing sucks. But we must protect the elderly and the vulnerable from this. Good luck!

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 22:21:40

Nicely done. :) But still too close... :(

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 21:27:30

I have emailed the following to the owner of my gym, given the positive feedback I received from my post above. ​ > As you would know, the novel coronavirus is going to hit BJJ gyms hard in the coming months. I think some in China have been closed for months and all gyms are (meant to be) closed in Italy for example. Lots of BJJ events are being cancelled etc (e.g. Pan Ams). > >There are no known cases in \[our city\] yet (which is why I am still on the mats), but there is certainly a high probability of an outbreak in \[our region\] in the coming months. It is possible \[our gym\] will be required to close, or you may feel you should close to help protect the elderly and the community. Also many members may be needing to self-isolate either due to illness or preventatively due to exposure to an infected individual. Of course, all of this could have a big effect on the gym. > >My proposal is: allow members to convert 2 weeks of normal paid membership to a 1-hour private lesson. The normal monthly payments continue to occur, but the member does not (or cannot) turn up for classes. In the event of closure, the private lesson could take place some time after re-opening. In the event of self-isolation or illness, this can take place after the member is fully cleared of the virus. > >Benefits I see from this > >1) We members have an option to support the gym in the event of a shutdown, instead of suspending/freezing membership payments... and we get something of similar value afterwards, but which is likely a "sale" (the private lesson) you would not have otherwise made > >2) Members who should be self-isolating and not spreading the virus around will be less tempted to sneak in a quick class if they can benefit from the private lesson later  > >3) The gym can stay financially alive in the event of a long shutdown, during a period in which I presume costs would not be reduced by much > >4) Community transmission is reduced by a) members being less likely to be on the mats when they should not be, and b) classes will be more likely cancelled when they should be, due to the financial lifeline > >This could even be introduced as a general option instead of membership suspensions \[freezes\], so as not to tie it to this pandemic, if you preferred.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 21:22:39

Yeah it's hard to know the cutoff point. There are zero confirmed cases in the area I live in so I'm still training, but I need to plan.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 18:49:36

I've had chicken pox twice for a start. It's rare for this to happen but it can. Because you can spread the novel coronavirus before you show symptoms, your plan is not great. Protect the elderly and your community by trying to avoid getting it. I don't think it's yet known whether you can be re-infected.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 18:46:48

And the numbers of the rest of us unfortunately, due to their actions.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/Coronavirus on March 11, 2020 18:30:50

Thanks for leaving some posts up. I remember looking for the topic here a month ago and was really surprised there were none. I almost thought about posting something because it seemed like people were in total denial! But then I found some via search... Anyway it's good for some to be visible when just browsing.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 18:09:30

I'm not an owner but have been thinking about this. If everyone freezes their membership or perhaps the gym has to shut for several weeks or even months it's like the owners have no sick pay. Income will fall to zero but costs will be scarcely reduced. I thought about offering my gym to continue my monthly payments and then converting those payments into private lessons when they re-open. Say one hour of private training per 2 weeks of normal fees. I support them during the downtime but I get something they can relatively quickly clear off later. If they're not usually full of people taking privates it could be a happy compromise. I don't ever take privates myself, so for me it is like I'm supporting them while also getting a little something for it. I'm wondering what people think about that. This could also apply if the gym is open but the member needs to lay low... Keep paying and get a private instead...

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 18:06:38

You made it to blue belt and that is a cool achievement.

Commented by /u/tantrumizer in /r/bjj on March 11, 2020 08:14:54

Empty of people or empty of products?

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I've been sharing the second link to selected people to wake them up. Scary.

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Get them all to read this account from an intensive care worker in northern Italy. Really scary. Whole hospital turned into intensive care units and still 200% full. Triage occurring so that patients over 65, or younger with other conditions, are "not even assessed" and no-one attends when they "arrest". Pathologists and others roped in to help in areas of medicine they would not be familiar with. This must mean a lot of non-elderly are becoming seriously ill. []( I'm OK with tanking the economy and annoying people to avoid this. Countries can learn the lessons and compare what has happened in Italy versus places like Singapore and South Korea. Maybe the current "wait and see" approach will work, but I feel the potential impact dictates a more aggressive approach, as discussed in the OP's linked article. Australia is a rich country - surely we can afford to support someone who needs to work and cannot; it's cheaper than running an intensive care bed.

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Yes I think you're right, but gradual exposure not all at once as is happening in some places. I think that is the purpose of all the lockdowns.

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I believe it is just to reduce the overall amount of contact. Lots of other things are totally shut. Restaurants (at least in the northern Italy lockdown earlier in the week) had to enforce 1 metre separation between patrons too. So I guess it is part of the balancing act to allow them to open part of the day.

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This could be a big problem with closing schools. One of the leading experts on the virus has suggested that grandchildren be kept away from grandparents until around October, in Europe at least. (He discovered SARS and developed the test for the novel coronavirus.) See [\_german\_virologist\_summer\_will\_decrease\_r0/fk0vvgm?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x]( ) Putting society's grottiest beings (kids - and yes, I have more than one of them) with the most vulnerable is not ideal.

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Not my advice, but check this... [\_german\_virologist\_summer\_will\_decrease\_r0/fk0vvgm/?utm\_source=share&utm\_medium=web2x]( Leading German virologist (involved in discovery of SARS and developing the tests for the current virus) recommends keeping grandchildren away from grandparents until September or October (in Europe at any rate). It is about protecting the elderly and vulnerable. He is based in Germany, but things are moving fast in Europe. It's a hard decision, but there is some relevant input for you. Good luck!

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Micronesia is a region that consists of the nations of Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). This thread is really about the actions of the last-named of these, which is a group of four main island groups (or states). Unlike Marshall Islands and Kiribati, most of the population of FSM do not live on small atoll islands. The main islands of FSM have hills, soil, trees etc. There is a lot of processed food from other countries being consumed in all of the Pacific islands, but I suspect the main islands of FSM at least would have a fair amount of local agricultural capacity (vegetables, fruit, chickens) - more than the atolls would at least. But they will definitely be seeking to continue receiving cargo ships, I would imagine... it'd be hard to go to full subsistence in a week...

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They are planning for no human-human contact during the cargo offloading process.

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A friend of mine (Italian, but lives in Switzerland) was in Rome this week. Her teenage son was showing symptoms (sick for weeks) and was being tested for the virus. She described it as resembling a "warzone" and sounded extremely stressed. And note she is Italian, navigating the health system in her own language, and lives in a nearby country. I can't imagine you would have a good experience with so many things shut and people under so much pressure, plus you risk both getting locked down and bringing the virus back home. I wouldn't go personally, but good luck either way! Edit: just saw the full-Italy lockdown news elsewhere. Now you'd be crazy to go I reckon!

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If it's like the Marshall Islands lockdown then they will still accept cargo ships. They also have a lot of fish nearby.

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If you were a 6 hour train ride from home and heard that news, what would you do? I can certainly understand the impulse to get out.

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Interesting situation. I'd probably go for the city in case I or someone I live with actually got very sick and needed medical attention. In the village you might have difficulties reaching the medics... Or there would be a greater chance they are sick or have been called away. Also I'd prefer the city due to the supply chain issues you mentioned. If it were only to wait out the lockdown though, with supplies and in reasonable health, probably the village. Good luck!

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I don't see how you would know for sure someone had been in northern Italy for example, if they didn't want to divulge that information.

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Fair enough, but don't forget the risk of getting locked down somewhere far from home, likely due to someone else's health. Also if you have any kind of health issue while travelling, not just a virus, you may be using a foreign health system that is under extreme pressure. We have postponed our European trip from Australia for those reasons, above the concern of getting the virus ourselves.

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I've been listening to metal for well over 30 years and somehow only came across Ayreon 3 months ago. Now they are/he is my favourite artist and I listen to their stuff probably 60% of my listening time. So cool to find a new (to me) band with a massive discography. Amazing and unique.

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I immediately thought of this song when I saw this thread. So many great parts.

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I like War Chest, Twilight Struggle and Seven Wonders: Duel the most of the two player games I've tried recently. Hive is also fun and you can play it almost anywhere.

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Correction. You are haven't money.

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That's the case where I train now. But other places I've trained have had stripes at all levels.

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So much bleating on that site. Very tiresome.

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Wouldn't the equivalent here though be a guy who is 7 foot tall thinking he could beat the short guy who trains basketball? Probably still cannot but there would be some justification in wondering.

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Trained for 18 months then moved somewhere with no BJJ. Then moved somewhere with 1 bjj school, but I disliked it a lot. Then moved somewhere with 1 BJJ school which I did like so I started up again. There was an 11 year break all up. Been back at it for 4 years now but at two different schools and I am somewhat of a slow learner at BJJ. I just like it though. 😀 On 4 stripes now so maybe one day...

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Mine was in 2003. The instructor was a blue belt and is now a 3 stripe back belt. I'm still white belt.

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Cool. Do you still only train in the gi?

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Using cigarette smoking as a shorthand for a character's complexity, rebelliousness or feelings of stress.

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Amazing stuff. Lots of spirit. Thanks for the information.

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I had a knee pop that both of us heard clearly when he was clearing my DLR. I took 2 weeks off but came back after that. It never seemed severe enough to need medical attention, but I still have a small amount of pain in certain positions from it now, 6 months later. Not too bad though. One thing it did do though was change my game. I was always bad at DLR, but I could no longer do this and switched to other positions especially reverse DLR to reduce the stress on my knee that certain positions caused. These actually work a lot better for me and I've been getting my first ever hints of what my eventual "game" might be. So it was a blessing in disguise. I hope your knee pop ends up ok, but don't come back too early!

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I felt the same. Most BJJ schools will be better than this. The OP's concerns seem legitimate to me.

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Not get injured or sick due to my own decisions. Everything else stems from that.

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I roll with anyone blue belt and above. With big white belts I am starting to do the avoidance eye thing. The more experienced you are, the more I can trust you not to bust my back or knees. This works where I train at least...

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Sounds like you haven't been injured by a large white belt... yet.

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I had the ribs problem 3 times my first year, all from over-exertion in hopeless situations. Once I mellowed out, it stopped happening.

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That's cool. I did my first BJJ class in 2002. Still a white belt and have gone up just 1 stripe in the last 2 years of pretty solid training. I am just very slow and have no physical or mental attributes that are advantageous for BJJ. Had 10 years off too, due to moving somewhere with no BJJ then injuring my back. Still doing it.

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I'm approaching 50 and my wife works on issues related to ageing, so I think about this a bit. I'd like it if places started having special classes, say once or twice a week, that were especially light... Like flow rolling plus 20% for example. Something like that would work for older people. I'd even open it up to every age... you'd just have to be willing to go light the whole time and not just the first 30 seconds, as most nominally light rolls end up being. To be honest though, I would consider making it purely groundwork, with no takedowns at all. I'm not convinced grappling is the ideal activity for older people, but I'd like to be able to do it at 60+ for sure. Removing throws and lowering intensity would help I think. No gi would probably work better too. Less stress on the hands and a bit more movement encouraged.

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I restarted BJJ, after a long break, in French. My French was not great but I guess I could handle the basics. BJJ is actually a pretty cool thing to learn without knowing a language, as you can follow a lot by observing only. That said I think that so long as you are positive about improving your Spanish and your BJJ, you will generally be fine. I found 90% of the guys were fine with my inferior language and rolling skills, but the other 10% can make you feel a little bad. BJJ is a lot about ego management, so try to consider those guys as another hurdle to clear in that regard. If you're trying to learn, then there's no reason to feel bad. If you're not exuding an attitude of Spanish is too hard or dumb, you should be accepted in general, unless it's not a good club. The other tip I would give is to learn all the main BJJ body parts in Spanish ASAP. Neck,leg,arm, shoulder etc. It could be annoying to say "move right leg" 10 times and draw a blank from your partner! Good luck.

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Stress relief and ego management.

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I think you are my twin, except I haven't argued with or hurt anyone yet.

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Really good article. I enjoyed the first class and black belt parts equally. Nice line on the taps... Astaire and NSA. I can't agree with you on the gauntlet, having moved from one gym that does it to one that doesn't, but it was interesting to read your thoughts on that too.

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I had that this evening for the first time too. I am not sure if it was just a coincidence but I moved the cursor from its last position right at the edge of the screen to somewhere in the middle and then the problem went away. I'd need to reproduce this to know for sure if that's the solution but it could be worth a try.

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I held my wedding 2 weeks after the GF several years ago, just in case there was a replay.

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