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Never really found Byron all that interesting to be honest. I'm sure I missed what it's all about but I found it pretentious and filled with tourists paying the premium just to say they've been. It's not like we have a shortage of great coastal towns.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on February 3, 2023 22:54:05

My parents just flew in from northern Europe and they're complaining about how cold it is more than I am...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on February 3, 2023 21:16:34

Nice to see everyone working together so well to help someone. Actually makes me a little emotional.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on February 3, 2023 21:15:43

Probably to prevent people from complaining about it even if they're legally doing those speeds. Blurring them just avoids the conversation.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on February 3, 2023 21:15:13

Seeing people stop in the 1st lane of a freeway to parallel park in the emergency lane definitely was a first yeah haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on February 2, 2023 17:47:00

This explains where his hair went.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on February 1, 2023 22:25:52

"We follow stand-your-ground laws here #nra #trump #maga #pewpew"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on February 1, 2023 22:22:01

Doesn't really feel like justification for some random cops to put a bunch of holes in someone.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on February 1, 2023 20:24:07

Tesla's stock price is up almost 70% on the month. I have no idea what the thinking there is.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on February 1, 2023 16:09:47

Finally some background on what happened with the infamous build (and how much Chris did to save the project)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on February 1, 2023 08:00:42

I'm curious to understand what happened in Texas during that police incident that caused him to lose his legs. Regardless though, I don't understand why the first response by US cops always seems to be to draw a gun. Is deescalation just not taught at all? Is the level of competence so low that most cops simply are unable to? Speaking of competence, or lack thereof. If they were so afraid he would throw the knife, how about you stand a little further back? Also, 10 fucking shots. That's not neutralising a threat. That's wanting to kill someone. They drew their guns wanting to end someone's life. America is a scary fucking country. To the point that a black person should be able to get asylum in another country out of fear for persecution and human rights violations.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on February 1, 2023 07:29:47

I don't make a lot of money, but I have the luxury of having complete control over my time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 31, 2023 16:37:53

True, but those are not as enjoyable to have sex with.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 31, 2023 09:20:15

Propped up in the passenger seat so I can take the transit lane.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 30, 2023 19:33:32

Oh yeah nah, truck and driver were fine I assume. This was a through road in a really small town and it was right by our school. They would've had no trouble at all finding us if something actually bad had happened. As a 10 year old or so seeing and hearing a truck slide however tends to make an impact haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 30, 2023 19:30:09

For what it's worth, I don't think this is a bad idea for the reasons given. Lower circulation supply doesn't have any real value, it's just propping up the price short term. Similarly the argument that it would take away staking rewards from others is only relevant to those that are staked themselves. It's a selfish argument and not in the best interest of LUNC. So as long as what's in the staked burn wallet can never make it back into circulation, this idea makes sense for LUNC. The actual problem however is the role of staking. You stake with a validator, but a validator is not a passive role. A validator validates transactions and is also required to vote on community proposals. The more is staked with a certain validator, the more transactions they validate and the more power their vote has. So as the staked amount from the burns increases, it decentralises the network. 0.2% of every transaction would go towards decentralising the network. It would put more and more power in the hands of that single validator and additionally it creates a single point of failure (making it a tempting target for an attack). ​ So yeah, bit silly people are burning you down like they are, they clearly also don't really understand how it all works.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on January 30, 2023 18:06:50

Your comment is a beautiful example of how little some people know about running a business.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 30, 2023 16:27:24

I think the person you're responding to probably has never done anything remotely close to what Doug does. It's like people watching F1 drivers thinking "I could do that". Really skilled people just make things seem easy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 30, 2023 16:21:39

He doesn't make this much money and he does quite a bit more than reviewing cars in double tshirts.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 30, 2023 16:17:01

We threw snowballs on passing cars as kids. One day we all threw snowballs at a truck who slammed on the brakes and jacknifed. Started running before the truck had even fully come to a stop and didn't stop running until I was home. Didn't dare to go outside for days and I was absolutely certain SWAT teams were coming to knock down my door. I've never been so scared in my life. I wouldn't have liked myself as a kid either.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 30, 2023 03:00:45

It's a photography technique called [lens compression]( OP says they shot the photo using a 500mm focal length which is much longer even than the examples used in that article.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on January 30, 2023 00:30:58

OP appears to be in Russia

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on January 30, 2023 00:22:03

That's probably what people think yeah. Lots of content gets reposted here. Based on the other photos on your Instagram I'm going to say you're legit though (and I'll add that they're some great photos, makes me want to visit Russia).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on January 30, 2023 00:21:19

They have gangs out in the sticks too... [](

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 29, 2023 23:25:43

How can this be interpreted as anything but friendly? I would hope someone notifies me if this ever happened to me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 29, 2023 21:10:36

Still, they had them move at least a little bit. I'm willing to forgive them some creative liberties to tell a story. Tokyo Drift actually is my favourite of the FF movies because it is a lot about driving and car culture. Also a lot of scenes I feel show a true love for driving, even that scene you posted with them sliding in the mountains. If you take away the drifting, that serenity is what I love about driving at night myself. Also that scene when they slide across Shibuya crossing is one of my favourite scenes in any movie.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 29, 2023 18:33:59

During the Christmas carnival last month

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on January 29, 2023 03:05:06

Doesn't matter what you put on the box. If you're paying for normal shipping, normal shipping is what you get. This is a courier job.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/NotMyJob on January 29, 2023 02:58:05

You're making that E61 M5 seem even less appealing now...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 28, 2023 22:42:13

I wonder how much this comes from lobbying by the private health insurance industry. It's in their best interest to make Medicare as useless as possible. I hate how we're slowly becoming like the US in the worst areas.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 28, 2023 19:18:29

I enjoy seeing things like this. It shows that talent is one thing, but practice and hard work is a big part of it too. It takes away a little of the magic, but it increases the respect for me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gifs on January 28, 2023 04:18:00

Maybe I'm weird but these services get paid through ads. I'm plenty capable to set up even something like Pihole, but if I block all ads I'd feel like I'm just freeloading.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 27, 2023 22:29:20

It's probably not great for beverages, but as a place for fishing rods for example it seems nice.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on January 27, 2023 18:20:58

The cage comes from choice. Jay still enjoys riding and as far as I know he's a pretty responsible and safe rider. This was just out of his control.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 27, 2023 18:07:18

This accident was very much out of his control though. Bit of a freak accident. From what I've seen and heard he's a really responsible and safe rider. He has the rule to never ride a motorcycle when in a hurry, which is a rule I've adopted myself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 27, 2023 17:55:23

That and the no manual

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 27, 2023 06:47:14

The current M3 and M4's problem is its looks, few would say it's a worse driving/handling car than the old model.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 27, 2023 03:11:44

I feel the E9x was an outlier M3. Way more motorsport focussed than the E46 was. For better or worse the F series brought it back to what I feel an M3 is.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 27, 2023 03:10:01

They won't have to. By the time this thing actually comes out, most will have already bought one of the many competitor offerings.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 26, 2023 23:23:11

Good point, I hadn't really thought about that. I guess solutions like split sensors could be designed, but yeah I see your point.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 26, 2023 22:30:58

That's influencer marketing. Affiliate means you get a commission for every sale made that's directly attributable to your, often through a referral link.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 26, 2023 20:28:09

I tell my friend that they should buy your product and when my friend buys something from you, you give me back some money. It's confusing because it's so closely related to other forms of marketing and sales. ​ **Reselling** I buy your product and sell it myself at a profit. In this model I'm required to provide after sales service, handle warranty and I need to make an investment upfront in purchasing products. ​ **Dropshipping** I sell your product in my own store. I do my own marketing and set my own pricing and basically pretend to be the person that makes the product, but when someone buys from me, I pay you to actually make and deliver the product. In this model I'm required to provide after sales service, handle warranty but I don't need to make an investment upfront in purchasing products. ​ **Affiliate marketing (referral marketing)** I simply refer customers to you and get paid by you when you make a sale In this model the customer knows they are buying from you and that you will be the one doing the after sales service, handle warranty etc. **Pay-per-click marketing** You pay me a little bit of money for every person I send to you website, regardless of what that person does on your website.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 26, 2023 20:26:53

I'll add an angle for someone that uses paid plugins and how we justify the cost. Wordpress has a built in form maker, but it's quite limited in functionality. Fairly common functionality for a form is to have conditional logic for example. It doesn't matter really what that is, just know it's a feature many people want. To get that functionality I have the following options: 1. I could try and modify the built-in Wordpress form maker myself to add it. I'm not a web developer, but given enough time I'm sure I could make it. Say it would take me a month to build the required functionality (extremely optimistic). I cost about $50 per hour, there's 40 hours in the week and 4ish weeks in a month. The cost to the business would be about $8,000 and a lot of time. 2. I could hire a web developer to build it for me who will be much faster and will be a much more reliable option. They would probably charge a couple thousand dollars, but I would get what I need without having to do anything myself. Let's say they charge about $4,000, meaning the cost to the business is $4,000 and a little bit of time. ​ Or I could just pay the $100 per year or so for a plugin and get what I need within minutes and I know that the plugin will do exactly what I need right out of the box, will be easy to use and reliable, and will receive regular updates. Makes the plugin a pretty good deal for us!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 26, 2023 19:56:14

Same, I use my 5x optical zoom all the time (Oppo Reno 10x). My only complaint is that they put a shitty sensor behind it because periscope zoom was still a fairly new thing at the time. These new camera developments with the 200mp Samsung sensor and Sony's true variable optical zoom periscope optics seem amazing though and make me very excited for the next couple of years of camera upgrades.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 26, 2023 19:20:46

I'm not even a delivery driver and that's how I felt watching this video. Why is the fucking lid only opening halfway?!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 26, 2023 18:24:13

Oh I don't have the money for it either which is why I said "a bit more expensive". Not "nice laptop" money like is currently the case. More like your $600 fridge becomes an $800 fridge when there's a Google Home Hub functionality added. I would pay the $200 premium. Not the $1000 or more that's being charged now. Better yet, they should make it modular. Being able to buy the screen as an option instead of it being an integral part of the fridge.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on January 26, 2023 17:05:19

I actually think there's value in those. My SO likes watching Youtube for example while cooking and if we're out of something you can add it directly to your shopping list. We now have a Google Home Hub for that which is plenty capable and does exactly what we need, but having it built into the fridge would save us having the Google Home take up space on the kitchen counter. Similarly, if I pick up groceries after work, I might not always remember if we still had x. Being able to check a photo of the inside of the fridge in such a case is a nice convenience. Is any of this nescessary? Absolutely not, but in a world where we have wifi connected hair brushes and water cookers with apps, a fridge with a screen seems on the more tamer side. All else being equal I'd be willing to pay a bit extra for that functionality, not with a "smart" toaster, water cooker and any sort of brush though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on January 25, 2023 22:34:49

There isn't that much snow and what snow there is might just have frozen to the ice.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 25, 2023 16:59:05

What for? Old mate's drifting his car on a frozen bay.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 25, 2023 16:57:13

Show on the doll where the skimboarder touched you

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 25, 2023 03:22:57

Blair is there so much that I'm guessing it's not a coincidence he dropped in on someone who was doing nothing with the wave, plus this is such a popular skim spot that I'm pretty sure this is accepted.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 25, 2023 03:21:38

I picked up a skimboard in VIC, but pretty much never use it. I've not found any good places to use it whereas we have heaps of good places for surfing. Just in general it also doesn't look like the community is that big. I used to do heaps of flatland skimboarding as a kid though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 25, 2023 03:15:36

This was across multiple contracts. The silly thing is that in plenty of cases it wasn't deliberate or malicious. The person I would be talking to simply álso didn't read the contract. HR so often just gives interviewers a list of bullet points and they then relay those bullet points to the interviewee. In those cases people would be very apologetic and they would go out of their way to make it right and have the contract updated. I've also had people reluctantly update contracts and I've had one company say they would update it, but would ask me not to mention anything to others in the company. In the end though it simply becomes a new round of contract negotiations. What you're offering me is not what I want. Sometimes you walk away, sometimes you compromise and sometimes you get your way. I'm mindful that this is all easy for me to say though. I happen to have had options and that late in the process people really are reluctant to have to start over, so you have a bit of leverage. Not everyone has that luxury, which is why I feel some employee protections should be put in place. Like a requirement to have contracts be sent beforehand. I also wouldn't mind some sort of law that says contracts should be more easily readable for the average person. Pennsylvania for example already had the Plain Language Law which requires certain contracts to be easily understandable. In certain industries it's also common to send a letter of intent to new employees which contains a summary of the key terms and conditions of a job position. That is sent to the employee before any contracts are sent. There could be a law that says the document which is most beneficial for the employee is the leading document for example. That way there's less of an incentive to hide things inside a big contract. Anyways, tl;dr, please read your contracts. Plenty of people will appreciate your thoroughness and those that don't often don't have your best interest at heart.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 25, 2023 00:14:41

Well some of the things off the top of my head that I found are: * I was told the non-compete was just for direct competitors only. In the contract it said that working for any company in the same industry including overseas, regardless of the position I'd take, was not allowed. * I would be given a laptop by the company. Turned out that they would take a fee out of my before-tax salary to pay for it. * "We pay for all your travel expenses", but in the contract it actually said "we pay travel expenses up to" * "This is a fulltime contract", however it turned out they wanted you to come in on weekends and evenings as well. For example you'd have a 40 hour contract, but they would only count 36 during the week and would want you to come in every other weekend. * I was told beforehand how many days of leave I would have, but upon reading the contract it turned out they were counting sick days as part of that number (depending on where you live, you can't take sick days just as days off) * Days off in general is a common one. Like not being allowed to take certain days off (usually around holidays). Not being allowed to take more than x amount of days off in one go. Not being allowed to carry over days. Days expiring under certain conditions etc. * Similarly overtime is also one that they get you with a lot. Paid overtime doesn't start counting after a certain time, if at all etc. ​ Some of these things aren't even legal... On the flipside of it though, they once gave me a contract with a typo in the amount of days off I would get. 200 instead of 20.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 24, 2023 20:01:17

I do also feel there's a culture of not reading contracts and in some cases I feel people are actively discouraged from doing so. I've had employers, HR and others give me a contract and a pen with the expectation I was going to sign right there on the spot and saying you're going to take it home to review before signing is responded to with surprise. There have also been situations where I was expected to sign on the spot and so I would sit awkwardly across from someone for 45 minutes while reading through a contract. I've definitely found things that were wrong (often just mistakes because the other party did a sloppy job, some would've been beneficial for me, like 200 holidays instead of 20 etc), but there have also been situations where what was on paper was different from what I had been told. Like non-compete clauses being a lot more strict than what I was led to believe. I've definitely also seen contracts get more and more difficult to read, to the point that when I come across a section that feels weirdly complicated compared to the rest of the contract, I will pay extra attention because that's where I've found they try to hide things that are not in your favour. ​ The worst part about it is that I feel it's all deliberate. Like the things I catch them on are all relatively minor, but they all add up, slowly giving away more and more to those in power. And it's rigged against the most vulnerable. I happen to be able to read contracts only just well enough to pick up on at least some things and happen to have the personality that doesn't care to sit awkwardly across from someone for 45 minutes reading a contract and looking things up on my phone, but most people don't. Yet these people are up against professionals that put together these contracts. People that have not only gone to school for this stuff, but have the benefit of time and complete access to resources. We are due for a hard reset in terms of power balance I think.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 24, 2023 17:10:49

Proofreading shouldn't even be necessary anymore with all the spell checking software that is on by default anymore. It's just laziness ignoring the red or blue underline in your work.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 24, 2023 16:37:54

I literally just saw that video for the first time!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 23, 2023 19:44:19

Yeah very common, BMW did this too. All mechanics I've spoken to refer to "lifetime" as the 1st owner's warranty period. It's just marketing to sell new cars. "Look at how little maintenance you'll have to do!"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 23, 2023 17:07:48

It doesn't mean that people can't speak English, or speak English most of the times, including at home. It's based on data that asks if any other languages besides English are spoken at home. As an example: say you're a 2nd generation immigrant, you were born here, always speak in English, but your Italian dad might refer back to Italian every now and again when he's angry with you. In the case of this map you would show up as not speaking English at home.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 23, 2023 16:54:34

NZ does this right? I had classes where we were taught a local language when I grew up (overseas). It wasn't a requirement to become fluent at it, but it was considered part of keeping the culture alive. I wouldn't mind that model here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 23, 2023 16:45:32

The Levorg being CVT only has always made me so sad. As a gen4 Legacy owner I considered that my next car when it was announced. It rubbed me even more the wrong way that they said they gave it a CVT only because the car was targeted at women.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 23, 2023 08:10:49

Similarly I don't drive up at a light without checking both ways first. Even more so when on my bike. Too many fucking idiots on the road.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 23, 2023 08:01:16

I meant if OP was letting the girl(s) know they were one of many (potentially making them feel cheap or something). That isn't the case here. The survey might just as well have been that his roommate and guest were loud and kept OP up.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 23, 2023 07:45:26

>**HelloFresh customer makes gruesome discovery** > >A HelloFresh customer has made a disturbing discovery inside a vacuum sealed package of chicken. The customer, who wishes to remain anonymous, reported finding a dead fly inside the package while preparing dinner for their family. Despite the customer's complaints and valid concerns, HelloFresh has refused to respond or offer any explanation for the incident. This lack of response and accountability has left the customer feeling disrespected and disregarded. The customer who made the discovery is understandably shaken up by the incident. They reported feeling sick to their stomach upon finding the fly and have since thrown away the package of chicken. They are now questioning the safety and hygiene standards of HelloFresh and are calling on others to be vigilant about checking their food before consuming it. The lack of response from HelloFresh has raised serious doubts about their commitment to food safety and customer satisfaction. It is deeply concerning that HelloFresh is not taking responsibility for their actions and is not taking steps to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. > >The incident has sparked outrage online, with many calling for a boycott of the service. Social media users have expressed their disgust and disappointment at the HelloFresh's lack of response and accountability, and have called for stricter food safety regulations to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Many have shared their own experiences of finding foreign objects in their food and have urged others to be vigilant about checking their food before consuming it. The incident has also led to a larger conversation about food safety, sanitation and the responsibility of food retailers to ensure the safety of their products. The hashtag #BoycottHelloFresh has been trending on Twitter and various other platforms, as people express their disappointment and anger towards the company. The customer's story has been shared widely, and has been covered by many local and national news outlets. > >[]( urges other customers to be cautious and double check their food before consuming, and to speak up if they find anything unusual or unsatisfying. ChatGPT is pretty scary stuff....

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 23, 2023 03:03:24

Yeah, I saw this as like a high five to your roommate and my SO at least would find this funny too. Didn't even think about being jealous until I read the comments. It would be different if you added something talking to the volume of people passing through, as in I feel that would be disrespectful towards the visitor, but this is all in good fun. If nothing else, it makes an otherwise average lay memorable.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 23, 2023 01:17:21

The comments here are more funny than your survey. Lots of insecure dudes here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 22, 2023 23:34:54

I get how the first wave can catch you off guard, but the fact that they were all just hanging around for the 2nd wave was definitely something.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 22, 2023 23:19:48

I kept my birthday hidden from my coworkers. Eventually they got the date from HR, so I took that day off. Seriously, not everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday. It's not some weird modesty or whatever. Just leave us be.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 22, 2023 17:50:59

Someone's definitely measuring from behind the balls.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 21, 2023 23:14:16

Yeah to me this doesn't really look like that much. This is two meals worth of onions I'd say.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 19, 2023 16:45:11

This is kind of funny

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/NotMyJob on January 17, 2023 07:30:12

Lamborghini got started because Ferruccio told Enzo that his car kept breaking and he suggested a fix. Enzo said Ferruccio should just stick to building farm equipment. Ferruccio responded by saying "hold my beer"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 17, 2023 05:57:16

I have so many questions...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 17, 2023 00:05:54

I wouldn't discount accidental dials either. Like I don't want to shit on the fact that the number has changed, it's great that they've made it more accessible, but there are millions of accidental or misdialed 911 calls every year.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/UpliftingNews on January 17, 2023 00:01:05

The bottom one looks like a yellow Miata. The top one looks like a rotting banana.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on January 16, 2023 23:52:42

They added a comment from Fair Work. I'm all for hating on images ripped from Reddit and just getting reposted, but I consider this an actual article which is adding relevant new information. ​ >According to Fair Work Australia there are “limited situations when an employer can make a deduction from an employee’s pay or require an employee to pay money”. An employer can only deduct a worker’s pay if the employee agrees in writing and it is allowed under their award. They cannot deduct if it “is unreasonable in the circumstances” or if the worker is aged under 18 and the parent or guardian has not agreed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 16, 2023 23:44:57

They might've declined out of pride, which I would completely get. *This place that originally thought we weren't good enough for them now is "allowing" us in, 50 years after the fact? - Fuck off.* ​ It's like Ferrari laughing you out of their showroom because you are not good enough to be their customer (which happens). If they called you back a couple months later to offer the car, would you still take it? I wouldn't.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 16, 2023 22:24:00

I like how it said "better with sound" and all we get is some random music

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 16, 2023 22:06:06

This photo always comes up and it makes the car look amazing, but in videos I always find it weirdly stubby looking.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on January 16, 2023 16:48:05

You're not wrong. I think it's cool that this vehicle exists, but in terms of cargo space it's pretty lacking. Doug Demuro did a video on one and shows the cargo space. []( (5:35) It's basically a hatchback with a low roof and the seats folded down.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on January 16, 2023 16:45:50

This is pretty much what scuba diving around a pier is like.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 16, 2023 16:38:47

I don't think Antartica can afford the going rate for bribing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on January 16, 2023 16:33:03

It's also not really that much of an insult

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/trashyboners on January 13, 2023 16:57:35

It's a shame the Volvo's performance doesn't match its looks. I'd love a modern Volvo, but they're just not at all aimed at sporty driving.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on January 13, 2023 16:52:57

We'll their wrong. I smile many and me mum said Im real smart.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on January 13, 2023 16:48:13

I'm often a bit shocked about how casual people are around them. I think helicopters are insanely cool, but also scary as hell. It takes such a small error in judgement or not paying attention and the consequences are so big. Call me a pussy, but I don't trust myself enough and just refuse to be anywhere near one that has its rotors spinning.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 13, 2023 05:31:05

I'm unsure if I'm missing the /s but like if someone is oblivious to the instant-death-blender-blades rotating around head height, I doubt a bit of light makes much of a difference. I also can't imagine how loud the alarm has to be to be heard over the sound of a turbine. Those things are insanely loud.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 13, 2023 05:19:35

Shit, I get that this stuff requires being detailed, but that was more detail than I was expecting. Somehow also a lot more damage than I was expecting.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 13, 2023 05:13:48

Are you basing that based on something or is it your gut feeling? 30 years of routine maintenance isn't cheap either and there will still be the need for a replacement at some point. The Harbour Bridge for example has a $20m annual maintenance budget and it [supposedly cost $1.5b]( to build in today's money. $20m \* 90 years is $1.8b. The Westgate cost $202m to build in the 1970s but since then at least $340m has been put into strengthening it and another $70m to repaint it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 13, 2023 02:43:41

The amount of sensitive personal documentation you're required to hand over for the most basic of things and the lack of regulation on companies to keep that stuff safe. I used to consider a passport for example something you would only share for really critical things like you would show it at a bank to get a loan or for immigration to register you. But now we're required to email it, it gets copied everywhere and for stuff like rental applications, getting a prepaid sim card etc. And then when there is the inevitable breach, these companies throw their hands up and say "welp, too bad, sorry people" and that's about it. The fine that Optus faces is $2.2 million over their breach. That's 0.1% of their profit in 2022. Hell, with fines that laughable I wouldn't invest nor care about cyber security either.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 13, 2023 00:52:19

I've heard that road maintenance is as expensive, if not more so than building a road new. It was most recently mentioned in a video by Not Just Bikes: [\_yE4IeU?t=1061]( (17m41s) I don't know his sources, but the channel is generally well regarded and I've heard similar things on other engineering channels.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 13, 2023 00:13:54

Well I like it and I find it now even more disappointing then ever before that it doesn't have a manual.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 12, 2023 22:11:50

Camaro comes with a manual, so pretty easy choice.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 12, 2023 22:06:34

Will the other 10% will go to self righteous drivers hogging the middle lane?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 12, 2023 16:45:08

Same as traffic cameras I imagine. Owner gets the ticket and they can sort it out amongst themselves who's paying it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 12, 2023 16:40:05

Never been to 60 Degrees, just remember seeing their ads and hearing good things about them.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on January 12, 2023 06:44:42

They took photos when I did the RWC for two of my bikes (same shop though). I asked about it because I had to hide my aftermarket shock adjuster thingy. They said it was fine to leave the thing on, but that I had to hide it for the photos. They also said it wasn't that Vicroads was actively looking at every photo to find problems, but that they did sometimes do random checks and that they or police could ask for it if I got stopped and claimed that it was approved with the thing on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on January 12, 2023 03:36:03

It's easier to just assume you won't tbh.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/IAmA on January 11, 2023 16:51:29

A long time ago 60 Degrees Motorcycles used to advertise that they could help out with aftermarket exhausts, but there's nothing on their website about it anymore. A big problem is that they're required to take photos nowadays, so you might get away with something like a speedo or a lightbulb not working, but as everything is photographed an exhaust that clearly doesn't look like it complies with regulations, is never going to fly unfortunately. Sometimes you can borrow a stock exhaust from someone in a Facebook group. Otherwise Gumtree/Ebay/wreckers are your best options. I believe you can bring your bike to a mechanic, have them perform the RWC and they can give you an additional 7 days to fix the bike so you have 21 days in that case instead of 14.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on January 11, 2023 01:11:29

* If you get tailgated once, the problem is probably the other driver. If you get tailgated regularly, the problem is probably you * Not all property managers and/or landlords are shit people * Australia Post does a pretty good job * Crown is not the problem and we focus on it way too much, distracting us from where the real gambling problems come from * Nimbyism is real and a big reason why we can't get more affordable housing

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 11, 2023 01:03:53

In fairness, Paul Rudd doesn't age, so it can be a bit confusing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 10, 2023 16:47:06

That sounds very annoying. Good you persisted though. For reference, I simply sent my property manager a Google Drive folder and she got it all sorted even thanking me for being thorough. I don't subscribe to the "all property managers are shit" thing, but there's definitely varying levels of quality.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 10, 2023 08:19:04

I think there's probably just not enough houses being sold to go around

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 10, 2023 04:44:24

My property manager provided us with an inspection report with over 300 photos. I added another 260 just to be thorough. And that's for a property that I consider to be in "decent" condition. It's a pain to go through it all, but you do it exactly for this reason.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 10, 2023 04:39:55

>Honda Australia is yet to confirm publicly how many Civic Type R hot hatchbacks are in the first year's allocation, but dealer estimates suggest it is in the region of 600 cars. ​ So it's not like we're talking massive numbers here. For reference, just over a million new cars were delivered last year. Honda sold 14,215 new car

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 9, 2023 00:53:32

The stickers are very on brand. That said, if they weren't so dangerous (roll-overs and imagine getting rear ended by something like this) I think they're pretty fun. Like how you wear a silly hat to a party fun. Not taking yourself too serious etc. Those axles that far underneath the body always give me "skipped legday" vibes though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/ATBGE on January 8, 2023 17:54:28

I think it's fun. Wonder if there's a theme going on on the rest of the car

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on January 8, 2023 02:46:55

It's like the modern day Power Rangers

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 8, 2023 02:40:26

I'm pretty impressed by how strong the roof of the car is. Car safety has come a long way.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 7, 2023 04:32:21

Well, on the plus side there’s been growing evidence of a link between ejaculation and lower chances of prostate cancer. So I might make jesus cry a bit, but my futa foot fetish will continue to be fed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 7, 2023 01:52:23

Us Australians just woke up

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 6, 2023 17:44:40

I'm jealous of the ride, but if he did just a slight turn back he wouldn't have had to pump half the wave... Riding a wave for over a minute though, I can only dream of what that's like.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on January 6, 2023 01:04:17

I've seen a grand total of one which was one of those display cars parked in a high traffic area in a ski resort so I'm pretty sure they just haven't built that many yet vs the outgoing model which they probably sold at a discount towards the end. I personally quite like the new generation. Its styling might be a bit more polarising than the previous model, but I like it. In fairness, I like unpainted bodywork on cars in general, especially if they're made to be used and made to get and be dirty, which is what the WRX feels like to me. It never was a traditionally pretty car. It's a tool. Something to have fun in. The CVT stuff is all quite silly though and I don't understand what the reasoning is for all of that. I really wanted a Levorg to replace my Spec B Legacy, but they never even offered any sort of manual for that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 6, 2023 00:46:39

I think that through TV etc we have unreasonable expectations on response times. I've been guilty of that myself. On tv shows, but even on shows like Highway Patrol it looks as if they instantly respond when a call comes in. When I looked into it though, there's just not that many police officers. VicPol has something like 22,000 employees on 6.7 million people. One VicPol employee for every 300 or so people. And that's employees, not all of those are police officers and not all of those are working at 2 in the morning. ​ I completely understand that it was super scary, I would probably be freaking out too, but I think that dispatchers probably are instructed to ignore emotions as being scared is not the same as being in immediate danger. From your description it could've very well been someone under the influence or with mental health issues that thought they were at their own house or that of a mate's. It's apparently quite common.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 6, 2023 00:31:02

It's more that tax rates in the Netherlands are much higher and as a result your disposable income is much lower. The Netherlands is designed to keep everyone happy and healthy, but also fairly equal. Tall poppy syndrome is very big as well. That results in things like taxes being much higher. For example in the US the highest income tax bracket is 37%. In the Netherlands it starts at 37.7% and goes up to 49.5%. Similarly sales tax in the US is on average 6.5% but in the Netherlands it's 21%. In the US fuel tax on petrol is $0.184 per gallon. In the Netherlands it's $5.25 per gallon (that's excluding the 21% sales tax which would add another dollar to that amount). Buying a house? That's 10.4% in transfer tax. In the US many states don't have any transfer tax at all and for those that do have it, it's between 0.01% and 4%. And these are just a few examples. You get a lot in return for your taxes and other financial obligations. There's lots of social benefits, good healthcare, infrastructure is in much, much better condition than in the US, etc. The flip side of it is that for example a heart surgeon takes home around €6,000 compared to a bus driver that takes home around €2,200, but also gets additional breaks on things like health insurance costs and school costs for kids. So you'll often find that people work fewer days, because why work fulltime and/or pursue a big career if you're not all that much better off financially anyways.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/dataisbeautiful on January 4, 2023 17:14:37

Hello fellow permanently temporary Australian.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 4, 2023 16:14:33

This is the answer. Can you find someone go do it for cheaper or are you willing to do it yourself? You're allowed to get it repaired yourself if you don't agree with the price you're given and your land lord/property manager prefers that because it's easier for them. It's not difficult to fix yourself, but it will take you a couple of hours and a bit of money for supplies.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 4, 2023 06:22:33

I doubt your caulking gun is up for the task

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 4, 2023 06:13:33

I'm glad it didn't go unnoticed haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 3, 2023 21:38:57

He did:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 3, 2023 20:12:44

I got a lot of shit on Reddit once for saying I like to hide my security cameras. Everybody said the primary function of a camera is to deter people. In my experience people don't get deterred by cameras, they simply cover themselves up and disable the cameras. Better still, if they don't know there are cameras and you can view those cameras remotely, you can call the police yourself. ​ The thing with interior cameras is that you have to set them up well. Mine don't have access to the internet, they are on their own network and can only be viewed through the NVR which itself is only accessible through a VPN. Plopping down a couple of Eufy cameras and calling it good I wouldn't trust.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 3, 2023 20:09:43

Exactly! That's also why colours tend to appear duller when printed compared to seeing them on a screen and printing colours like purple is a bit of a headache.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 3, 2023 19:22:55

Pantone colours are not unique colours. They don't sell paint or ink. For their regular colours that most people use, what they have done is standardise combinations of cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Pantone 7424 is 0.0000 cyan, 0.7956 magenta, 0.5304 yellow and 0.2902 black for example. Then after the value comes C for coated, U for uncoated and M for matte. You can take that value and have someone make you an ink or paint with those requirements. You can make sure that your designer or print house uses those values in their work for example so that it doesn't matter how their screen is calibrated, as long as the printer that is used is calibrated correctly you'll get the right colour. Similarly a HEX colour is like Pantone, but for RGB values because it's used for web (so for use on displays) #87421F for example is 53% red, 26% green and 12% blue. The problem Pantone solves is that it's difficult to make sure everyone and everything involved in the production of something is using calibrated equipment. But if you ask a printhouse with well calibrated equipment to print a certain value, that's what you're going to get. It's just that that might look different from how that value looked on your poorly calibrated equipment. HEX/RGB to print is always a bad idea btw because those colours don't overlap. An approximation is made and colours can look way off.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 3, 2023 17:02:28

Why did they push the car down when they saw Mr. Peanut was down?!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 3, 2023 06:17:46

I respond like this if it's a V10. I'll even roll down the window a little if there's time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on January 3, 2023 05:38:25

It's apparently somewhat common for stuff like this to happen during long periods of peace as those involved believe it's unlikely a war will actually happen and so they feel they're committing a victimless crime. It caused heaps of issues for Russia during their initial attack on Ukraine. Suppliers has been providing low quality products for years, those inside the military itself had been stealing and selling things and higher ups were given false information. Wendover Productions did a video on it:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on January 3, 2023 05:21:43

The Netherlands has a similar length coastline to Oregon (although that partially depends on how you measure)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/oddlysatisfying on January 3, 2023 00:55:14

Right and it's common knowledge that the safest place to stop your vehicle if visibility is poor is in the fast lane.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on January 3, 2023 00:32:20

It's much more egotistical than that. It's not that they think it has to go to the tip otherwise, they know it probably has to go to the tip, but it's easier to have someone else deal with all of that hassle.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 2, 2023 18:21:21

The people dumping that stuff don't care. They went for the lowest effort way to get it out of their lives. If they cared they wouldn't dump it outside a closed OP shop, ignoring the very clear signs at those shops saying that they don't want people to dump.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 2, 2023 18:18:25

It's often people just trying to save themselves a tip run and offloading their shit at the stores. That's why they do it when the stores are closed, because they know those places wouldn't take it otherwise.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 2, 2023 18:13:06

It kind of is though. Why would they want to take something that can't be sold? Doing so only creates more work for them. It's not like there's such a shortage of people who want to get rid of things that they can't afford to be selective. These stores also get so much junk "donated" all the time. Things like "yeah, the TV works, just the top corner of the screen doesn't work anymore." That's not donating, that's trying to offload your junk.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 2, 2023 18:10:27

It's worth keeping in mind that in the Netherland most people have never seen a gun irl, let alone heard one. There's also lots of rules on everything including things like noise pollution which have to exist because everyone lives very close to each other. The Netherlands is a little bigger than Maryland but also has 3x the people for example. There is very little no-mans land where you aren't bothering anyone, so you are constantly required to be considerate. But once a year, during, when the weather's cold, everybody is off work and all stores, restaurants and cafes are all closed, those rules are relaxed a little and it's accepted to be a little silly. What else are you going to do.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 2, 2023 17:34:42

It was an ad for an electronics store that sells things like decibel meters (like the one in the video).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 2, 2023 17:19:07

Pfewh, I thought that video was real, but it turns out it was a viral ad by electronics store Conrad.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on January 2, 2023 17:18:43

Well, yeah I did dismissed your argument because you seem convinced that you your choice isn't influenced by marketing. I already told you marketing is way more than just an ad on a radio, but you keep determining that that is what marketing is. You specifically said "I rely on worth of mouth". Could it be possible that those people are not as strong willed as you claim to be, and that maybe they were influenced by marketing? If you then decide "all on your own" to buy something on their recommendation, was that then not steered through marketing? ​ You also claim to do your own research claiming again that because of that marketing has no effect on you. How do you do that research? Say you want shoes. Let's go with something as simple as shortlisting? Are you familiar with all the brands and all the shoe models in the world? Do you travel the world to see what they have in store in Mongolia for example? Or to keep it more realistic, do you know every independent shoe maker in your country? Or do you rely on what you see in stores, what you see the people around you wear, what the internet recommends? And how much of that do you think is influenced by marketing? ​ You also say that plenty of people just buy what's on the sale rack and thus aren't influenced by marketing. When those people go out to buy clothes, do you think those people are more likely to walk into an outlet store or into the Louis Vuitton store? I might say something radical here, but I'm going to say they're probably not going into the Louis Vuitton store. Why do you think that is? ​ In marketing and in business as a whole they make profiles of customers that go down to details like the type of cars that profile drives, how they speak, what types of jobs they work etc. The 2016 Trump campaign is a good example of how it's done: [](

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 17:08:44

Thanks, that's a great compliment! I ran into a similar problem I think you might be experiencing in that especially on agency/supplier side, you tend to get pidgeonholed. You are assigned a specific role at some point and that's the role you tend to get stuck in. You become an art director, a media buyer, a social media manager. You become a tool in someone else's toolkit really. Over time you become an absolute legend in that one little specialist job, but you are always downstream from where the bigger decisions are made. If you're lucky you are informed of the strategy, what other channels are being used and how, etc, so you can provide advice on how your channel could fit in best. But it's just as common to just be pressing the buttons following someone else's direction without ever being given the full picture. My recommendation would be to try and find opportunties to work with the CMO or the head of marketing of a company, or at least be close enough that you get access to their work. For example by reading their strategies etc. and then try to understand why certain choices are made and how they ensure their strategies are implemented/executed on. Not as someone that feeds into the strategy yet, but to learn how those people think and make decisions. I suggest a medium to large business. With small businesses you run the risk that the person in that head of marketing role isn't very good but is saved by a strong product or sales team and with a very large company there's often so many layers and moving parts that it's difficult to find out the thinking behind certain decisions. What I found is that it's all much more technical, analytical and business-minded is than I thought. Which coincidentally fit my personality much better than being a "creative". Good luck!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 07:44:27

Most of what you've written tells me that I probably haven't been able to explain this industry well enough. Which is fine. It's its own entire thing for which people go to school for years etc. Similarly I don't understand what many other people do and/or how their industries work.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 07:09:54

With most digital ad formats you can see exactly how many people see your ad, how many of those people engage with your ad and how many of those buy something. So you might not like the ad, but we can see exactly if you represent the majority or not.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 06:59:40

Even if Mercedes claimed this was the W14 I still wouldn't believe them. Teams have been hiding their actual designs since forever and I feel it's been especially egregious the last couple of years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/F1Technical on January 2, 2023 05:41:22

Advertising does work on you. It works on everyone. Everyone in marketing knows the exact tricks used and it still also works on us. Take your fashion sense for example. You might be convinced that you are absolutely unique. Your own person. Fully in control of every decision you make, but the truth is that you are constantly influenced by what you see around you. By what you see on tv, what you see your friends wear, what you see in stores. You might respond to that saying you don't care about fashion or that you deliberately go against what is fashionable and that you seek out non-trendy clothing. But I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you're probably not naked right now, so somehow there was a company out there that just happened to be making something that you considered worthy enough of your hard earned money. Do you think it's possible that that company was specifically targeting people that think like you? That they positioned themselves in a way that would make them seem appealing to people like you through their product designs, price points and type of advertising? Marketing is way more than on-the-nose banners of a product with a big red "discount" sticker on it. Those ads might indeed not work on you, but I would argue that they're probably not made to work on you. They will work on the people they're designed for in the same way "good" ads that were designed for people like you will work on you.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 05:25:25

Willingness to learn and an interest in how people think and behave will get you very far. You can also work more and more remotely in these types of jobs and get paid well if you're decent at it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 04:03:29

People claim they hate advertising, but on our side we see the very real data every day that shows the opposite. It's also mostly in places like Reddit where people say they hate ads. IRL few actually say that, most people find it an interesting and respected industry.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on January 2, 2023 03:59:47

There's so many variables here. Let's take the claim that middle aged drivers have an equal amount of accidents per kilometer driven. Manuals are more often enthusiast drivers. Do those drivers pay more attention because the manual forces them to be involved with driving more or is it simply because they are generally more involved with driving? If it's the latter, would the average manual driver be safer than the average automatic driver when both are given an auto? Or you could go the other way. Enthusiast drivers tend to drive more "enthusiastically", potentially causing more accidents as a result of that, not because of the difference in transmission. There's also the types of vehicles that have manuals. They are often enthusiast vehicles. Higher performance, rear wheel drive, etc. Probably more likely to get into accidents. Is the conclusion taking that into account or are they comparing 1,000 km in a Viper ACR to 1,000 km in a Prius? (I can't tell from the article). My completely unqualified gut says a better way to compare would be to look at enthusiast vehicles that come with both a manual and an automatic option only and compare the differences in accident rates between those. Probably excluding any accidents that where the driver was not at fault. It becomes a small sample size that way though and it's still super flawed, for example an automatic 911 Carrera S will probably be driven much more in stop and go traffic vs a manual 911 Carrera S that might be more of a weekend toy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on January 1, 2023 20:27:12

The real grim reality is that the propaganda pushed by these companies is getting traction, which is proven by your post. Paying people below living wage because you found a loophole allowing you not to do so is not some sort of good thing. You aren't helping anyone. It's exploiting desperaration and abusing the fact that some people aren't able to fully do the maths. Worse still, it's eroding opportunties for this group to get ahead. The hospitality sector as a whole is becoming a slave to these companies. It's allowing other companies to pay less as well, because well it's more than your other options etc. Also the whole thing about these companies not making a profit is a lie. Sure, on paper they make no money but Uber's CEO is able to make a living wage to the tune of $20 million USD last year. Their CFO had to make do with $2.5 million USD. And that's their reported salaries. There will be plenty of side deals, stock options and other ways that those in power use to gain wealth. And if these poor companies and their poor C suite and investors really weren't able to make money, ánd their employees can't be paid a decent wage, you know what? We call that a shitty business. If a normal business was in that situation we would say they probably don't deserve to be in business anymore. But when some overseas tech company does it, we should applaud them for their charity work? Give me a break. We are being sold out and you're cheering them on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 1, 2023 06:42:37

Nah, I'm fine with it. Because I don't use it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on January 1, 2023 05:57:30

1. Minimum property standards. The fact that single pane glass, black roofs and next to no insulation in the walls is still legal is not only irresponsible with climate change being a real issue, but it's also actively widening the gap between those that have an those that haven't. Those that have are able to improve their properties so their energy costs are reduced and increase the value of their assets. Those that have not are stuck with ever increasing costs and no way to do anything about them. 2. Public EV infrastructure and support (this one partially ties into the 1st point with requiring EV chargers in rental properties). The cost of driving disproportionally affects people with lower incomes. Those people generally live further away from their jobs and other services, often don't own their homes, drive less fuel efficient cars and the cost for fuel and maintenance take up a larger percentage of their incomes. EVs generally are lot cheaper per km than petrol and diesel cars, but if you are unable to charge at home (because you're not allowed to install a charger in your rental property) and you're not able to charge anywhere else, they become a non-option. Something higher incomes, those who generally own their homes, are far less affected by. Additionally due to their price and the government not providing any incentives (by not charging LCT for example) they are completely out of reach for the class that would get the most benefit from them. The class that can afford them however also generally has more options available to reduce the financial impact of a high cost purchase, like better financing rates, company leases and tax benefits. Because of all of this manufacturers also don't bring their more affordable models over to our country because they know it's primarily the higher incomes that are buying their cars. So while having the ability to narrow the wealth gap, it's again further increasing the divide (and there's again an environmental impact as well). I'm aware of all the arguments that we should encourage less driving with better public transport. We should, but that again primarily benefits those with higher incomes that are able to live closer to public transport infrastructure and that are able to walk/cycle to their supermarket. It also pushes up property values in specific areas, again benefiting those that already have while doing little for those that don't.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on January 1, 2023 03:30:56

Pretty easily solved with a light behind the movable panel though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on January 1, 2023 02:24:19

As a fellow Australian with Australian internet the first 9 minutes of my 9min36sec session is waiting for the video to load.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/dataisbeautiful on January 1, 2023 02:18:52

I thought their Surface and human interface devices also did pretty well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on January 1, 2023 00:59:37

Didn't that number come from Tesla themselves and was proven to be highly misleading?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on January 1, 2023 00:56:42

I used to drive heaps for work and often drove at night. I was young and with that mindset that you always had to work your ass off no matter what. I would go for 10 hour drives after having been awake for 20 hours already, dumb shit like that. My employer never cared. Fell asleep behind the wheel once in the middle of the night and woke up 4 lanes over on the emergency lane from gravel hitting the underside of the car, maybe a meter away from the barrier. Instead of interpreting that as a sign that maybe I had to slow down a little I started driving around with a fork I would push into my thigh when I would start feeling drowsy. The only thing that prevented me from getting into an accident is me getting another job I think.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on January 1, 2023 00:41:30

There's quite a few systems out there now, but most, like GM's Super Cruise, Ford's BlueCruise, Mercedes' Drive Pilot and the MobilEye system used in cars like BMW, Nissan, VAG and others all use the much safer camera monitoring system to make sure the driver is paying attention to the road. Tesla insists on using less safe, but cheaper solutions like relying fully on cameras to know what's going on outside and a simple sensor in the steering wheel to determine a driver is paying attention.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on January 1, 2023 00:23:48

Same, that's why I have them. The Sony Linkbuds also seem very interesting.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 31, 2022 19:15:02

I was dead set on getting them. Then they were delayed for a long time to get to my country in which time the Galaxy Beans came out which were cheaper, smaller and according to reviews were better. I often like Microsoft for doing something different and new, especially design wise. I still think these earbuds look cool. The Zune looked amazing. The Lumia phones were cool. I've always loved the Microsoft Duo. But then when they finally release the final product they often do something simple that makes them objectively worse than the products they're competing with, like specs that are significantly behind the competition or with half baked software. Or they simply don't market it at all. They do that so often it makes you wonder if it's a strategic choice. Like if the product does decently while sandbagged this heavily, then it's worth investing in further. If not, kill it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 31, 2022 18:05:40

Google seems to abandon software primarily. Microsoft feels to abandon hardware more easily.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 31, 2022 17:48:46

Failure is a big word. F1 is extremely competitive. The differences between teams is often measured in hundreds of a second. The worst team on the grid is maybe just a couple of seconds slower than the best team on the grid. That may sound like a lot, and in F1 it is, but in normal world it isn't. It's the difference between having regular tyres and sport tyres on your car. Additionally regulations are radically changed every so often. What works this season might not be allowed next season. You can have the best car on the grid, but the year after all of that could be nullified with new regulations. Mercedes is a great example. They were the dominant force for years, but started being a mid field team at best this past year. There's also cost. Building a competitive car is very expensive and you generally see that the best funded teams are at the front. And that can become a vicious cycle. Not having enough money to build a competitive car means you might not win as many points, which means you get less prize money and sponsors might not want to pay as much. That means you don't have money for the best engineers, strategists, drivers. So the year after you fall behind even more, resulting in less money again. etc.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/F1Technical on December 31, 2022 07:35:00

There's also the Smit Oletha to spice things up a bit

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on December 31, 2022 06:49:29

How...? Did the police officers not realise the car was on train tracks? Who would you ever park your car on train tracks. Is the bar to become a cop in the US that low?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on December 31, 2022 05:11:56

I posted something like this previously and got downvoted into oblivion. I'm not suggesting OP is someone sitting way under the limit, but heaps of people seem convinced that it's always only other people being inconsiderate and never look inward. If you find yourself often getting tailgated, it might be worth asking yourself if there might be something you could change about your driving.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 31, 2022 05:04:54

It's not just the US or the UK. I grew up in a western European country and moved to Australia since. I used to vote very right when I was young. I was fresh out of school and optimistic about the future. I thought working hard, trying to make smart decisions etc would all lead to a future where I could at least have what my parents have. Along the way I smartened up. I tried outworking my peers to get ahead. Got promotions. Saved money, did the whole delayed gratification thing. I saw my salary double, then double again, then I met my SO and our household income doubled again. And along that journey realisation after realisation hit. Kids became a $20,000 per year, per kid "hobby". Just having health insurance is no longer sufficient. The promise of retirement at 65 went to "there may or may not be a bit of money for you when you're mid 70s". Saving up to buy ever more expensive property is made impossible for many as rental prices go up and renter protection laws are reduced, not to mention the fact that renters on average are hardest hit by increasing energy prices because they are stuck with poorly insulated homes while home owners get things like subsidised solar and other benefits. I also realised that many of my peers who I looked at as being more succesful were all up to their eyeballs in debt, financing everything from their toasters to their homes. So as much as I'd like to believe that our generation is voting more "social", I think our voting behaviour hasn't actually changed. The idea of voting right as you get wealthier is based on the idea that people vote for their own best interests. People still vote for their own best interests, it's just that fewer and fewer of us are able to, or believe we are able to join the group for whom the right wing parties are acually making decisions that are in their best interest. The gap is incredibly wide and getting wider every day, and everyone on the left side of the gap is increasingly realising that they're funding the other side with next to no chance of ever crossing over themselves. And why continue to vote for someone that isn't benefitting you.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on December 31, 2022 02:36:01

And the younger generations will get the shit end of the stick again. At best they get nothing, but most likely they will end up paying for the relief given to those with assets.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on December 31, 2022 01:15:26

What kind of roads are you looking for? It's all straight and flat roads that way. This is a good website to find nice riding roads.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 31, 2022 00:26:42

They called it Geelong because that's what people said about the way there. There is no "best", there's only "least shit". I'd put on a podcast or some music and zone out for an hour while you take the freeway. The only good thing about the back roads like the one you have market to Lara is that it's all mostly flat with excellent visibility and the roads are very quiet. Very few cars, people, police, etc. Just saying.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 30, 2022 23:14:22

I was going to make the white joke myself, but you beat me to it. I have just never been pulled over is my only excuse.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 30, 2022 00:12:28

When was the last time a cop asked for your license? I can't remember ever having my license checked.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 29, 2022 21:29:39

Because even a whiff of FUD in this subreddit is not tolerated. You were right though, it's pretty much back down to where it was.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 29, 2022 16:43:28

That's it. I have it make first drafts for things etc. Really solid tool.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 29, 2022 06:00:12

I'm using it for work. It takes a bit of trying to get the right responses, but when you do, it's scary effective.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 28, 2022 23:35:03

Marine salvage laws are a bit different.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 28, 2022 16:35:39

I don't care about much else bút cameras anymore. Screens are solid, speed is solid, batteries are getting pretty good if you choose a device with a solid battery, but cameras are still behind dedicated cameras by quite some margin and that's mostly due to the lenses.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 28, 2022 04:48:15

I've had one of those optical periscope zoom lenses in my phone for 3 years (Oppo Reno 10x Zoom) which have a moving parts as well and it's been 100% reliable.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 28, 2022 04:44:48

Nah the video is a repost. It was originally posted in 2016, but was recorded in 2013, a couple of months after the crew evacuated. u/arctander put together a little timeline further down. [](

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 27, 2022 23:04:04

Sure, but you would also be the first murder suspect. Probably easier to just become a pirate. Kill some kids on their parent's boat off the coast of Florida or something and sail south. Toss the bodies overboard along the way and land somewhere in a South American country where you can casually sort out the identifying marks (like the HIN) and paperwork. Or simply never go into a big port and they'll never even ask for paperwork on the boat.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 27, 2022 20:20:30

It's a serious industry. I grew up in a touristy coastal town with lots of sand bars and every year several people would run aground and would need help. Most would be on rented boats and wouldn't know how the system worked, so when someone offered to help them, they would often just say yes thinking it was someone being friendly or they would say yes out of pure desperation, not knowing it was a salvage company that was going to charge them a percentage of the value of the boat (often thousands of Euros). As you can imagine with those types of payouts those salvage companies would get very scummy. It would be a full-on race who would get there first and plenty of companies would just hang out in the area during the summer months, waiting for someone to get into trouble. Obviously not warning them, just waiting until someone got stuck. Also, you're allowed to reject help, but in many cases they would just put on lines without asking, or even flat out ignoring you when you declined help. This was decades ago, before things like smartphone cameras recording everything, so it would mostly end up being your word against their one, and obviously they had experience on their side. ​ Locals and people more familiar with the area knew that our town had a really good volunteer service that would always come out, that not only would do a much cleaner job (you can do a fair bit of damage pulling a boat that's stuck), but they also wouldn't charge the standard percentage. Technically it was free, but it was an unwritten rule that you would donate a certain amount which would be a fraction of what you would pay to a salvage company.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 27, 2022 19:16:27

Interesting. I'm still relatively new to surfing and never would've thought speed was a consideration. I would've happily paddled out thinking I hit the jackpot haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 27, 2022 17:03:13

Here's an article specifically talking about this boat I believe: []( The TL;DR is that no, you can't claim it as your own. If you salvage a vessel successfully you're required to contact the owner/insurance company and claim compensation. That compensation can be up to, but not more than 100% of the value of the vessel + cargo. The compensation depends on a bunch of things, like how difficult/risky the salvage was and several other things. In some cases owners/insurance companies just tell the salvaging party to keep the vessel as it's easier for everyone in involved. The writer believes that probably would've happened in this case as well (he believes the boat was originally worth around $600k and would've been worth about $200k when found).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 27, 2022 16:56:51

That's a positive in my book. No snow where I am, but I wanted an RWD biased wagon with a manual and the 159 in TI trim is one of the best looking wagons ever made in my opinion. Ended up going with a Subaru because according to Alfa Romeo only 6 Q4 manual wagons were ever sold here and in 6 years time I've only ever seen one come up for sale and they wanted a silly amount for it. Could've bought about 3 Legacy Spec. Bs for the price that person wanted for the Alfa so I bought one of those. But yeah, if you want one specifically for the snow I can see how that is an issue.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 27, 2022 16:11:49

Went out surfing yesterday as well. Have the same lines on my arm. Feel like an idiot.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 27, 2022 00:02:43

According to Wikipedia MCM started in 2008 and Blair Jocelyne was born in 1978. Are those numbers wrong?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 26, 2022 23:48:22

Right. So Mighty Car Mods did not start in January 2008? You should maybe update their Wikipedia page in that case. While you're at it, maybe update Blair Jocelyne's (MOOG's) page too: because it says he was born in 1978. Now I should say I'm not a maths genius, so please correct me if I'm making a mistake here, but I believe 2023 - 2018 is 15 years. Do I have that right? Now if MOOG is 44 today and you subtract 15 from that number. That made him ... 29 when they started MCM. So please, tell me again what part is way off?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 26, 2022 23:46:46

I love how to the point that channel is. It's literally called "4x4 tests on rollers channel" haha. Amazing. It's such an amazing time to be alive and we're so lucky with people making content like this for free.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 26, 2022 19:51:53

I think we have different opinions on what *a lot* of money means. In Sydney's western suburbs you can get a house + land big enough to put a shed like that on for around $1.4m. Not cheap at all, but not that much above the median house price in Australia.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 25, 2022 21:49:24

Ah, that's a shame. I had planned to visit it, but didn't get around to it yet.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 25, 2022 21:34:25

Hey now, don't make me put down my iced latte...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 25, 2022 17:33:23

I had noticed too that Marty and Moog had started to feel a little colder towards each other. There could be heaps of reasons. I've often suspected that Moog was better able to monetise their success for example. I'm basing that purely on the types of cars they build and how they approach those builds. There's also age. They started MCM when they were 30 and 33. They're 44 and 47 now. They have families, I believe at least Moog has kids. They have day jobs. I'm sure priorities have shifted a lot since they started. I feel they've tried a lot over the years to make the business that is MCM, rely on them less. Something I think almost every Youtuber at some point tries. They have the restaurant, the merch, the events, the magazine. 'Chopped!' is trademarked. They clearly stopped filming and editing themselves a long time ago. They brought in more and more experts on cars. Improved the shop to be more and more comfortable to work in. I can't blame them in the slighest. They've been doing this thing for 15 years. I've lost plenty of friends, moved house/city several times and changed jobs a number of times within those 15 years. I have no doubt they have too and their relationship become a pretty professional one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 25, 2022 17:13:57

Nice, next time I'm back I might try and catch some waves!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 24, 2022 19:26:11

Did you watch the video?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 24, 2022 16:28:18

Awesome. 1m actually sounds pretty decent, I had no idea NL got wave like that. I used to skimboard and (try) kitesurfing around Wijk aan Zee.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 24, 2022 16:27:59

Downvoted this post. Thanks for calling out OP's bullshit

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on December 24, 2022 06:18:11

So don't deposit your money immediately. If ever. There is no law that says you can't just keep your money in a safe at home and the receipts from the casino don't have an expiration date. Those recordings do though. Casinos also aren't just giving out footage without a court order and for a court order to be given, law enforcement would first have to show at least some sort of evidence of wrongdoing. And finally, as is mentioned in the video, this is making casinos money and they lobby incredibly hard and put in lots of effort to ensure this all can keep going on smoothly. Casually providing video evidence that shows they were looking the other way while illegal activity was going on right under their noses is not exactly something casinos in Australia have a habit of doing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 24, 2022 05:54:29

It seems you're the one that doesn't understand how money laundering works. How was the $5k they put in and then took out not made legit in your opinion?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 24, 2022 05:37:05

You get bills back with a receipt saying where you got the money from. That is money laundering. When you bring $10k into the casino, feed it into a machine and then cash out, your receipt doesn't say how much money you came into the casino with. It looks the same as the receipt of someone that 100% legally won $10k. So police, tax agencies, banks, nobody would be able to prove that you didn't actually win that $10k legally, meaning they can't touch it or you. The people in the video assumed people knew what money laundering is.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 24, 2022 05:32:40

By having it go through the casino, it no longer came from an unknown source. It came from the casino. You get a receipt at the casino that shows you took out $10k but there's nothing that says what amount you started with, meaning it would be very difficult for a tax agency for example to prove you didn't earn the $10k legally. So the money is now "clean". You can deposit it in your bank account, pay for your car financing, pay off your mortage, etc. That's what money laundering is. The problem here however is that you can't really do this all that often. If you did it would start to look suspicious which would bring heaps of complications. Add to that that $10k isn't all that much money in Australia and yeah this is definitely a loophole that can be exploited, but not one used by the big fish. But if I find a brick of coke on the beach, yeah this will probably be a good option.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 24, 2022 05:26:04

I only learned to surf when I emigrated from the Netherlands. Mad respect having fun on these waves and in this weather. I'm spoiled now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 24, 2022 04:30:34

I'm referring to the actual cost of streaming. Of getting the content on your screen, regardless of what that content is. They pay an additional $10b+ per year to have content created.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/television on December 24, 2022 04:14:42

I feel they're doing it as a joke now. I mean they must be right... Right?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 23, 2022 20:27:30

Off topic but congrats in the car. It looks amazing. If you got a manual I'd say that's an instant classic.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 23, 2022 07:31:04

Same. I fell in love when they were just out of reach for someone at the start of their career. "But if I work hard, maybe one day..." But their values went up faster than my income. And now it's priced like a manual V10 R8, 997.2 Carrera S, Evora 410, and you're within spitting distance of cars like the 360 Modena. If I ever do make enough money I'm not sure I'd spend it on a 30 year old car anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 22, 2022 16:27:14

Imagine if you had lived in Shelbyville.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on December 22, 2022 15:53:49

Because we've designed society as a pyramid scheme. We need new people to be born so they can pay for those that were born before them. The way to prepare for it personally is to structure your life with the assumption there will not be something like a retirement age and a pension anymore. Your retirement is when you determine you can afford not to work anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on December 22, 2022 15:52:13

Blows my mind this is considered average... And it's actually kind of surprising to me in a way, OP clearly has the time and dedication to create something cool and he clearly enjoys having his cosplay look accurate. Why not put a little bit of that time and dedication towards getting a bit more in shape. I'm not saying to get ripped, just a bit slimmer. It would make his cosplay look a lot more accurate, all the negativity around his posts would disappear and that's ignoring all the other benefits of being in better shape.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on December 22, 2022 15:45:48

This is impressively bad design...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 22, 2022 15:26:20

As a non-American I was today years old to realise the 'mac' in Mac and Cheese stands for macaroni. Thank you for showing me the way wise redditor.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on December 21, 2022 19:28:37

I'd say half the people in this subreddit weren't even born yet when she died, yet it's still too soon?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on December 20, 2022 18:32:29

Really? What do we get outside of utes that were killed off years ago?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 20, 2022 16:41:04

It's been bad for a long time. Not just on public transport, but also look at the green strips along the freeways for example or along certain rivers. Out of sight out of mind I guess, or people consider it someone else's problem to solve. I feel it's gotten worse in recent years, right alongside people no longer cleaning up their trays at Maccas or foodcourts. Maybe people have just become worse or maybe I've just have gotten more sensitive to it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 20, 2022 16:14:59

I think it's worth more clearly defining what interstellar travel is. I don't think we'll hop on a rocket and travel like we do to the moon today. For anything to move at the required speeds for that, plus what happens during impacts with literally anything at those speeds, I think it's highly improbably that that will happen. But there are so many advances that can still be made in robots, computers, medicine, that are almost trivial compared to solving the problems associated with traveling at even just a fraction of the speed of light. I consider it endlessly more likely that we'll establish a robot colony. Robots that are purpose built for the environment we send them too and capable to operate completely autonously. Maybe we'll send over human starter kits at some point when we know the destination is ready for it, but it feels equally likely we'll send or build robot surrogates on-site and transmit our minds/consciousness over which will be possible at speeds much closer to the speed of light. Robot surrogates also have many more advantages over the fleshy originals. I do find it unlikely the other planet will have much to do with Earth. It will most likely develop and evolve on it's own, with our influence not going much beyond having kickstarted it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on December 20, 2022 08:49:56

I always feel bad, but I just can't stay awake with his videos. That's a compliment, but I do feel bad for the insane level of effort he puts in.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on December 20, 2022 08:11:58

Because your position is negatively impacting others. Your position is actively creating a problem for someone else, but you pretty much say that that is a problem for someone else to solve even though you are responsible for creating the problem. Say my position is that people should not be allowed to have cars anymore. I don't have a car, so it's easy for me to have that opinion, it doesn't affect me. You might need your car, but that is not my problem to solve. The homeless example doesn't apply. It's more like you evict the guy knowing full well he will most likely become homeless, not really caring about his homelessness, but yeah it would be nice if he doesn't get murdered.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on December 17, 2022 23:55:03

> the homeless guy is there because of his own bad decisions and drugs and such. Do you really believe this?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on December 17, 2022 23:38:47

It was a joke, I thought I was being over the top enough but I guess not. A small number of modules for a console is very different than building a PC where you have to match power supplies, types of RAM etc. And a PC doesn't come with the Playstation ecosystem which we know from Apple and others is a very valuable asset to have.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 17, 2022 21:13:41

The barebones version without any modules will cost the same as a disc version of the PS5 today does. The modules, that need to be registered to your PS5 after installation so they can't be resold later, will be: • A "performance" networking module - this module adds an ethernet port + 5GHz wifi support • A "performance" storage module - this isn't actually a physical module, it just allows you to use more of the built in drive • A disc module - Sony will however make sure that the disc module uses the same connector as another module that people really want and provide only one connection on the PS5 so that people will have to choose. During holiday seasons Sony will make the other module free for everyone that buys a PS5 and eventually you always get it for free with every PS5. Eventually Sony will stop offering it entirely saying nobody was using it anyways. • It won't support VR and 4K as standard, you'll have to get an upgraded fan module and pay a monthly subscription to the Playstation Performance tier. The fan module isn't actually an upgraded fan, it's just a panel with some extra holes in it, so people will try to make their own, but those won't work because, as mentioned before, you need to register all the modules. They'll sell bundle packs where you get a certain game with a module at reduced cost and they'll sell "Gamer packs" which bundle certain modules. Electronics stores will get training to really convince parents that a barebones PS5 is pretty much unplayable and giving your children only that is bordering on child abuse. To encourage the sale of modules, Sony will make sure there is very little margin on the PS5 itself, but lots on the modules.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 17, 2022 18:18:29

I've never seen the internet this excited for a Prius. I've always liked them (my mum used to have one), but man does it feel like the entire car community did a 180 on this one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 16, 2022 04:08:31

Or buy something super cheap every day and keep the receipt, and you wouldn't even be lying.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 15, 2022 17:22:31

It's a specific not-for-profit organisation that provides affordable housing for specific incomes. That said, I do find just rental applications nowadays way overreaching. They might not ask all of this before the inspection, but they definitely do ask for all of this (and more) to apply.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 15, 2022 16:21:30

Unison Housing []( >Unison is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a range of services to foster strong communities. We develop, own and manage social, transitional and affordable housing; and we provide owners corporate management and cleaning and ground services. ​ So yeah I definitely find this overreach, but these are affordable properties for specific incomes. I imagine there will be quite a few people that don't actually qualify that will still try.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 15, 2022 16:16:49

But why would he do that?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on December 15, 2022 06:07:29

My local shop didn't have tyres. They said it would be cheaper for everyone if I just ordered them myself and they could then fit them for what I believe was something like $80 if the wheels were still on the bike, but I paid $50 because I took the wheels out myself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 13, 2022 19:27:59

Can't really blame the driver for being annoyed with someone hitting your car while you're parked though. With the speed the cyclist had and it hitting the car with the pedal I imagine there's a pretty decent scratch on the car and it didn't really look like the cyclist was in the mood to pay for it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on December 12, 2022 18:51:41

Maybe if you have the app installed, but Tile at least is only able to communicate with your device if you have the Tile app.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 12, 2022 05:02:34

Oh I don't know about that. I think it's just a numbers game probably. There's far fewer Tile and similar devices around than there are Airtags + none of those other devices let people know they're being tracked. With those things combined you're just far more likely to hear about Airtags than any of the others. And people enjoy hating on Apple as well, so there's that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 12, 2022 04:24:08

This is how I understood it as well. For Tile to work, you need Tile users around. For Airtags to work you need Apple users around. Lots more Apple around.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on December 12, 2022 00:42:10

I got nothing... But then again, neither do you.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on December 11, 2022 16:56:06

Looking at some photos of the real thing, remarkably little appears to have been done to it. The wheels, the rear fender flares and the tinted rear lights seems to be about it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on December 11, 2022 16:26:44

Citilink. Centrelink provides social security services.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 11, 2022 03:56:06

Obviously, but they run the risk that Citylink would just remove the wall entirely if they lost which would technically follow a ruling that only says the land has to be given back.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 11, 2022 03:55:00

Yeah was about to say this. Everyone seems to go on the story that is being spun about the market changing etc, but Carvana never made money. The whole thing is littered with issues. They ran out of money Q3 last year and came up with a whole bunch of creative contructions to extract as much money as possible before it all collapsed. Several months ago already a class action lawsuit against the company was filed for defrauding investors and it was one of the most shorted stocks for the last year. This whole thing seems like yet another example of a company seemingly designed to extract money from investors.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 11, 2022 02:34:12

As someone from Europe that now lives overseas: They're usually more fun design wise, but that's about it. They're not bad cars per se, but they're generally all FWD or FWD biased cars with small engines. Not something I'm particularly interested in myself. That said, Europe does have way more manuals and manual versions of cars available and it's a shame those don't really make it over to where I live.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on December 11, 2022 01:47:20

Yup this for me too. I knew people that enjoyed putting shit in them. Like pouring drinks in them, pissing in them, or just using them as rubbish bins. Like I genuinely prefer to find my bike tipped over than some someone having emptied a coke into my helmet. There's storage lockers at places throughout the city if you really don't want to carry your stuff around which are pretty affordable.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 11, 2022 01:30:12

Finally! My ex had disgusting smelling ears, to the point it would actively turn me off when we were being intimate. And they looked disgusting too, so yeah don't do it kids. You're not doing anyone anyone any favours with it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on December 11, 2022 01:23:21

I feel it's constant now. On the way into the supermarket there's first the homeless person, then there's the table with some sort of charity, the on the products there's some message about how they donate part of the price to some charity. Then during check-out you're asked if you want to round up to some number for yet again a charity. And on your way out you walk past one of those dogs, one of those coin rolling bucket things and an empty shopping trolley for donations to the food bank. Fuck. Off. And that's just in the supermarket. There's the door knockers and those ambushing cunts at the shopping centres (many of which work on commission fyi, and a significant commission at that) that nowadays are peddling not one-off donations, but subscriptions. "Just $5 per month" as if it's some sort of value deal. Maccas got in on the action too not too long ago. There must be some sort of financial benefit for these companies like Coles, Woolies and Maccas. They don't actuallg care. They care about money. If it looks good in terms of PR that's just a nice to have. I think it's that they're able to claim certain expenses on tax, but I'm sure there's additional benefits somewhere. It's not that I don't care about helping eachother out, I volunteer several hours per week and will give to things I care about and have researched. What I don't need is getting ambushed all the time with things someone else has decided I should care about. So many of these charities are borderline scams with high management and marketing fees etc. But even the fact that I happen to volunteer or donate shouldn't even matter. It is your choice what you do with your time and money. Homelessness, people not having enough money to survive or being able to get proper medical attention, etc. Those issues shouldn't need to be solved by you and me. They are signs of an inadequate government that's apparently unable to provide in the most basic of needs for people. Bleg. The whole system is so corrupt.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 11, 2022 01:19:58

Don't feel bad. Those people aren't there out of the kindness of their hearts. They're there for a salary/commission. That's why they're like that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 11, 2022 00:43:34

Ah right. I would've called that pinhead-banging, but that might just be me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on December 9, 2022 21:01:41

So reverse and pull up a little closer?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 9, 2022 20:58:59

One might argue that if you're so sleep deprived that you can't drive a car without hitting things, maybe you shouldn't be driving at all...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 9, 2022 20:58:12

Being a Redditor it should be clear that my actual experience with sex is limited at best, but from what I understand you're not supposed to be poking anyone with your head... I'm not saying you can't, like I've seen the videos, but just saying that when I told a girl on Tinder that I want to wear her like a hat, I didn't get a reply.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on December 9, 2022 20:21:50

It's more that both sort of grew rapidly at the same time, which happened to be a time where car centric design was seen as the future and at that time it made a lot more sense. It's just that over time we started to expand further and further out to the point where living in the suburbs now means being 50 minutes away from the city.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on December 7, 2022 22:03:27

I actively hate all this shit filming people in secret for your own benefit. Fuck off and leave people alone.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on December 7, 2022 21:51:14

TL;DR: It all gets sold and if you owned anything on FTX, you will most likely get nothing. ​ If you had LUNC at FTX, you didn't own any actual LUNC. What you had was a line in the FTX books saying they owed you a certain amount of LUNC with a certain value. Similarly, FTX also had a line in their books showing that they owed salary worth x amount of dollars to their employees and loans worth x amount of dollars to banks. But FTX doesn't have enough money to pay everybody what they are owed and don't know how to fix it anymore. That is called being insolvent. If you declare insolvency there are a couple paths forward. Usually either someone else comes in and they try to restructure the company in a way that would allow it to pay off debts and move forward, often by selling of parts of the company or finding new investment etc. And another path is liquidation, in which case a list is made of everything the company owns and that is then sold off with the aim to cover as much of the debt as possible, but seizes to exist. That includes the debt FTX owes to you as a LUNC holder. ​ So most likely all the LUNC FTX owns will be sold off and the money from that will be used to pay off creditors. Of which you are one if you had LUNC in FTX. You will most likely however need to register as a creditor and most of the time things like salaries, tax and large creditors like banks, investment firms and others get paid first. And what's left, if any, goes to individuals like yourself. But most likely you will get nothing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 7, 2022 00:48:07

I don't know. My postie and DHL guy are legends. Super nice guys, treat my shit properly. I feel with literally billions of parcels being delivered every year and relatively few videos like this, my experience is probably the norm and people like those in the video the outlier.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 6, 2022 05:59:54

Ah don't stress it in that case, you'll figure it out. Inside the car park you also won't get a fine if you just don't take up a car spot. Similarly I'll park in parking garages and they're always ok with it as long as you don't take up a car spot (I've asked several times).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 6, 2022 05:43:45

Yeah, you'll have to get a ticket. Generally people put the ticket in front of their speedo. In 15 or so years of riding I've never not been able to park in a free spot though. Where are you trying to park that you can't find a free spot?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 6, 2022 04:27:16

It's more that labour is significantly more expensive in the UK. Latvian minimum wage is 500 euros per month according to the internet and in the UK it's just under 2000 euros. But even if it's a bit cheaper to fix the car than to buy a replacement, people will often still prefer to just get rid of the car because it's far less hassle.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/interestingasfuck on December 6, 2022 01:52:03

All I see is how happy I should be to have Urbnsurf just 20 minutes away.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on December 5, 2022 17:53:51

It would have to be absolutely unheard of amounts. He's already the highest paid team principle on the grid making 3 to 4 times what Ferrari was paying Binotto, plus he already has a good amount of money. He's the 2nd wealthiest team principle having a net worth roughly 10x that of the 3rd person on the list. Like he's currently making by far the most, it's reliable and he has nothing to prove. It would have to be silly amounts to get him to give that up.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 5, 2022 16:54:10

Horner = RB. The idea of him ever going to Ferrari is so silly it hadn't even crossed my mind. There's also nothing they can offer him. He already has all the money, he already has been the underdog and he's already been the dominant force, he already assembled his dream team and pretty sure that after 15+ years in F1 there is no prestige in the Ferrari name like many drivers at least used to think there was. The man is living the dream I'm pretty sure. Works hard, but pretty sure he's mostly doing it for the love of it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 5, 2022 16:36:28

Horner = RB. The idea of him ever going to Ferrari is so silly it hadn't even crossed my mind. There's also nothing they can offer him. He already has all the money, he already has been the underdog and he's already been the dominant force, he already assembled his dream team and pretty sure that after 15+ years in F1 there is no prestige in the Ferrari name like many drivers at least used to think there was. The man is living the dream I'm pretty sure. Works hard, but pretty sure he's mostly doing it for the love of it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 5, 2022 16:36:23

I'd do the same as if my car were to break down and that is to call a towie or a mobile mechanic depending on the issue. There's plenty around. They're not particularly cheap, but if you need them, you need them. My car has too many kilometers on it for me to get RACV and my vehicles aren't worth enough to justify comprehensive insurance cover which you often need to add on roadside assistance.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on December 5, 2022 05:25:35

I've helped people out with a call, but I'll hold the phone myself and put it on loud speaker. If you're just calling to let someone know where you are or something like that there's no need for a private conversation and the people I've helped that way also had no expectation otherwise.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 4, 2022 16:31:05

Yeah, I don't know how you do it. That sounds a little too much like a job to me haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 16:25:49

That also doesn't make a lot of sense. Your buying power is really small if you keep only your staking rewards liquid, and you're still really exposed as the bulk of your assets are still locked up. The only way that would make sense is if you're long term optimistic on LUNC ánd believe you can make more trading your staking rewards than you would in compound interest.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 4, 2022 09:16:43

Yeah that definitely makes it a different experience. I do regular volunteering once a week and deliberately am staying far away from doing any organising. I don't mind spending a couple of hours doing physical labour, but I prefer not to have any real responibility haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 06:48:25

Underwater rugby

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 06:45:07

I don't really understand the strategy. You're considering diversifying your portfolio. The reason why you would do that is to spread your risk. That idea is solid. Where it falls over is how you're spreading what you have. You're keeping most of your assets in the riskiest currencies. To put that into numbers: a 20% drop in price of LUNC, which is very common, means you wipe close to $500 of your current net worth (at today's prices). Bitcoin on the other hand is far less likely to lose 20% all of a sudden, but you plan on only putting your staking rewards into that, which you say is about 10,000 per day. That's $1.80 per day or $650 per year. An unlikely 20% drop in that case would cost you only about $130. Basically, by diversifying you normally trade safety for upside, but with your planned strategy you're still very exposed. You're doing the opposite. You're betting big that LUNC is going to take off, because you've put a lot of your money in it, but you're limiting your potential upside by taking your staking rewards out. Again, in numbers: You're taking 10,000 LUNC per day out. That's $1.80 today, but if some people are to be believed, it could be $1,000+ one day. BTC however, even with the most generous of price predictions, that $1.80 could turn into maybe $10 some day? So not financial advice, but something to consider. The normal approach would be to buy heaps of LUNC, keep it until it pumps and then put it into less volatile currencies to ensure you don't lose it all. Like converting it to dollars or BTC.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 4, 2022 06:27:32

That's fair. We are indeed in a more populous area. Did the typical "Victoria = Melbourne" thing. I do get that it's a lot of work for not all that much return, It just feels a little like looking a gift horse in the mouth. You might not have meant it that way, but that's what it came across as.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 04:16:31

Bunnings provides the stand, gas and grill and they determine the prices you can charge. You're required to provide the food etc yourself. You sign up with your local Bunnings and they give you a slot. You don't have a choice on the when. It's very popular. We only get like two slots per year and for a small club like ours, the money we make on the sizzles make a pretty big difference. It's also always a nice opportunity to tell some people about our sport.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 04:10:01

With things like this I'm always curious how much money is used for "management" or "awareness".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 4, 2022 03:59:45

I don't believe for a second that it was a joke. They just bet on the idea that nobody would actually try to become a lord, or at the very least that they would've made enough money before they got called out.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 4, 2022 03:56:56

Yeah I'm also questioning these numbers. We've made between $1000 and $1500 after costs on our last three sizzles. But at the same time, it's free money. If $500 of free money is not worth it, why do it? There's plenty of clubs for which that would make quite the difference.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 03:44:20

Take photos of everything. Detailed photos. For reference, I have a good landlord and a good rental agent. Our property is in good shape, and they provided a little over 200 photos on the inspection report. I still provided another 80 or so additional photos of everything that I felt was not properly documented. Photos are super cheap to make with your phone. Just make as many as you like. And make them quickly. If you don't provide them to the landlord or rental agent within a certain period of time after moving in, you are considered as having accepted the property as is. You don't have to be a dick about it. I provided the 80+ additional photos simply saying I want it documented so I'm not on the hook for certain things at the end of my lease. That said, did you not see several of these things during your inspection? That's what those are for.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 4, 2022 03:39:59

You can replace it yourself, but no airline would replace it for you.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 03:33:23

These are just flimsy plastic cases. Easy to bend like this and will just as easily plop back.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on December 4, 2022 03:32:19

It's kind of fashionable over here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 4, 2022 03:28:02

That's why it's awesome he's fully embraced it!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on December 4, 2022 03:26:18

I always combine QV parking with doing groceries for a couple of days so it's free. That's how we adults do date night haha. Dinner and groceries.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 3, 2022 22:23:17

I was thinking of that one too, but I don't believe that one and the one OP posted are the same.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on December 3, 2022 17:49:01

A percentage of the burn tax is allocated to the community pool. Nothing is being minted, there's just less being burned.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 3, 2022 17:43:06

The Taxi movies have probably contributed a fair bit to my car obsession. They definitly are why I want air jacks on my car, for which I have no use.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on December 3, 2022 04:55:55

Sigh... *unzips*

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on December 3, 2022 04:50:49

The propaganda machine hard at work.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on December 3, 2022 04:42:19

Poseidon's all like "bite the roll..."

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on December 3, 2022 04:37:22

We all appreciate a good reacharound.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cableporn on December 3, 2022 03:30:28

LUNC is built on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. In proof of stake, so called validators validate transactions (hence the name). The transaction fee you pay when making a transaction goes towards the validator for doing the work. To be a validator you have to put up tokens as collateral which you will lose if you approve a fraudulent transaction. This is called 'slashing' Your tokens are at stake (hence then name). The more tokens a validator has, the more transactions they will be asked to validate, so when you give your tokens to a validator, they will get more transactions to validate and they share their rewards from that work with you. Often taking a small commission. It's a fairly straightforward system, but you do need to be aware that technically, when you give your tokens to a validator, you trust that they will not try to do anything malicious, because if they do, you will lose your tokens. Hopefully this also explains the importance of commissions and uptime. Commissions are important because they are what a validator gets paid. If they take zero commission, that means they pass on 100% of their rewards to you. They get paid nothing for their work. Why would they do that? Do you trust a certain validator enough to not do something that might risk you losing your tokens? This risk is small, but not zero. Similarly, uptime is important, because if your validator is down a lot they can also be penalised.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 3, 2022 02:44:51

During the crash heaps of Luna got minted. It's the same blockchain, just renamed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 3, 2022 02:40:07

Nothing is being minted. That whole mechanism was turned of months ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 3, 2022 02:32:17

My airdrop is going to Sam Bankman-Fried...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on December 3, 2022 02:18:11

Lock your whole network behind a VPN. My cameras don't have access to the internet, the only way I can view them is by logging into my home network first.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on December 3, 2022 02:11:54

Definitely worth it at $40! The Sony LinkBuds also seem very interesting.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/samsung on December 3, 2022 01:56:16

Let me sort this debate: everything else < Bounty

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/ATBGE on December 2, 2022 04:34:25

Many are talking about the price of components and manufacturing, but I get the feeling OP is more asking why manufacturers believe they can now charge as much as a laptop for a phone. The really short answer is "because they can". The longer ELI5 version is this: Say I am selling marbles at $1 each. At $1 for each marble, when I sell 100 of them, I will have made $100, right? Now say I double my prices. Say to $2. How many potential customers would I lose? Let's say I lose 30 customers of the 100. I hope that all makes sense. The higher the price, generally the fewer people that are willing to pay that price. &#x200B; Now those marbles aren't free to me. I have to make them. Say every marble costs me $0.50 to make. If I sell 100 marbles at $1 each and they cost me $0.50 each to make, my profit would be $50. But if I sell 70 marbles at $2.00 each and they still only cost me $0.50 each to make, my profit would be $105. Meaning I will have actually made $5 more while doing less work. &#x200B; This is important for big companies to figure out. Especially in markets like mobile phones as almost everybody already has a phone (it's what they call a "saturated market". So selling high volumes is difficult. Ideally you sell as few units as possible, but you do need to charge a lot to hit your profit number. And to get people to replace their old device and to feel like you can justify the price, you need to have a compelling offer, which likely means adding the latest and greatest (and most expensive) tech to your devices. And with all of those things combined you can see how prices start to creep up. Much of it driven by the need to hit ever higher profit numbers. With private companies you often see this price creep a lot less.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on December 1, 2022 20:23:16

My postie is a fit Italian guy in his early 30s. And my SO orders a lot online...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on December 1, 2022 19:32:36

My postie is a fit Italian guy in his early 30s. And my SO orders a lot online...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on December 1, 2022 18:46:19

It's a shame how expensive the Clio V6s have gotten. They're amazing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 1, 2022 18:26:23

It's probably more that the job doesn't attract that type of person rather than those people not being hired.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on December 1, 2022 17:32:25

Yeah, so I too cringe watching this commercial, but it's pretty clear it's not aimed at us. Not because we're poor (although that probably plays a role too), but Reddit is primarily used in Western countries. This is aimed at the Middle East. Places like Dubai where I'm pretty sure they don't feel that voice is over the top or the copy lame. I suspect it's the same target audience that enjoys all the Fast and Furious movies. []( &#x200B; Like if English isn't your first language and you don't interact with English speaking countries that much, you would have a pretty hard time to distinguish between something like this and your average action movie I think. Add to that the one-upping culture some of the countries in that region have and this commercial makes plenty of sense to me. And as someone not from that region, well I still wouldn't mind a Sterrato. So at least the commercial didn't deter me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 1, 2022 17:27:40

Good thing there's 7 year finance terms!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 1, 2022 07:22:27

I didn't know they stopped selling wagons in the US entirely. Aren't they releasing the M3 Touring soon? I'm not in the US though. None of them are manuals though. There would be more options if I was okay with an auto, but I'm one of those stubborn people that refuses to give up on the manual.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 1, 2022 07:14:45

For me it's pretty easy. I want a manual wagon that isn't FWD or FWD biased. 0 cars that have been made in recent history that fit that very short list of requirements.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on December 1, 2022 01:16:28

Yeah I'm normally very pro-popup, but on the Diablo these are the way to go.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on November 30, 2022 02:07:40

>As Linda drove home, she thought to herself, "How did that lady know I was a lesbian?" Willow saw Linda drive up in a Subaru.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on November 30, 2022 02:05:49

Fellow Australian! I have a black Spec B wagon with a stick as well. Stock exhaust though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on November 29, 2022 06:20:38

Fellow Australian! I have a black Spec B wagon with a stick as well. Stock exhaust though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on November 29, 2022 06:19:37

This is def my favourite photo OP has made though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/bikesgonewild on November 29, 2022 05:48:05

And yet my dash cam and the dash cam OP uses, both only have one black and one red wire. Should I be worried that my battery is about to go flat? I mean, it's been wired up like this for the last 12 years, so my battery must be close to being drained now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/DIY on November 28, 2022 22:08:58

You don't need a 3rd wire for switching. There's circuits in the car that simply no longer receive power when the car is turned off.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/DIY on November 28, 2022 21:32:20

Things like this really leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on November 28, 2022 21:21:33

Yeah, I like that I can literally get on a tram about 10 minutes walking distance from my house and 30 minutes later get off at the track, but I find the track itself quite possibly the most boring on the calendar.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 28, 2022 06:12:29

This. I'm Dutch and emigrated years ago. Dutch people come across as incredibly blunt people and I do a lot of defending Max nowadays saying things get lost in translation. Not saying I wasn't extremely disappointed about Interlagos though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 28, 2022 05:51:23

Hmm that's interesting. I find the length of my wagon far more useful than having space vertically, but I guess it depends on the person.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 27, 2022 04:29:20

I think we have a pretty good idea of what the consequences would've been if we hadn't done lockdowns. "Protecting the most vulnerable" basically means separating them entirely from society. Like prisoners. And we also know that it's not just the most vulnerable that were at risk. Plenty of otherwise fairly healthy people have died from COVID. So most here feel that lockdowns were the right, or at the very least an acceptable response. We didn't enjoy them, but we understand why they were imposed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on November 27, 2022 01:19:41

And you consider that to be worse than thousands of people dying?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on November 27, 2022 00:52:57

And maybe it's my limited experience, but SUVs seem weirdly small inside compared to a proper wagon.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 27, 2022 00:48:05

Didn't you guys have a fair amount of lockdowns yourself?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on November 27, 2022 00:37:20

Sure, that's fair. But that creates an interesting topic for discussion, which is, does it have to be a government backed currency? What added value does government backing provide? A dollar is only worth say 1 bread and roughly 1 Euro is because we're made to believe so thanks to careful manipulation of the market by the government and the banking system. It works to a degree, but things like hyper inflation aren't uncommon. I'm not saying Bitcoin is the solution, all I'm trying to say is that there's something in the concept of it. Especially with international trade becoming more and more common.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 18:01:01

Yup, so you're putting all your faith in the US government and its banking system. That's ok, I understand why that gives you a high level of confidence. Although, Russians who had their bank accounts seized might feel differently. Sure, you might feel the US government was justified in taking their money, but it does show that your money is only yours because the government allows you to have it. What if they change their mind in the future? All that is needed to take everything you have is to convince a judge that your assets should be seized or frozen. Far fetched? Maybe, but there's been plenty of people that have been in prison for decades, even people that have been executed, where it turned out later that they were actually innocent. You might also enjoy reading about civil forfeiture. Are you still that confident that your money is completely safe in the bank? Maybe you are, but there's lots more countries and currencies in the world than the US and the US dollar. Do you think people in Afghanistan felt that confident that their money was safe in the bank when the Taliban took over? Bitcoin doesn't have insurance because it doesn't need it. There is no government and no banks. As long as people use Bitcoin, the Bitcoin blockchain exists, and Bitcoins can be traded. Nobody can come in and say "well, this is mine now".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 17:38:18

I am. Bitcoin can't go banktrupt because it's not a company. As long as there's support for the network, it exists. Whereas banks go banktrupt all the time. The fraud and scams aren't because of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is just a currency, just like how the dollar isn't the cause of a scam or fraud. If a bank commits fraud the problem isn't with the dollar, it's with the bank.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 17:09:03

You are literally proving my point. The FDIC is insurance. It exists because banktruptcies and fraud happen all the time and if there was no insurance nobody would use banks. Bitcoin solves having to rely on banks, governments, and when shit hits the fan, on an insurance policy (that is managed by government and companies ánd apparently capped at only $250k). You're saying a fireproof bunker has no value because there's a fire brigade and fire insurance.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 08:13:14

Bitcoin itself hasn't changed. The landscape has. These exchanges are acting like banks and lots of people fall for it. The actual idea of a decentralised ledger that doesn't rely on companies (banks) and governments, is still valid.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 07:59:12

I agree that crypto in general has become a breeding ground for scammer, but the basic idea of at least some crypto currencies like Bitcoin does make sense. A $100 dollar bill is only worth $100 dollars because we all agreed it would, not because it's $100 dollars worth of cloth and ink. If we give that $100 to a company (a bank) to hold it for us, we are left with a promise that if we ask for it back, or if we ask it to give that $100 on our behalf, they will. Basically you have exchanged your $100 for 1 promise. An IOU. But what if that company goes banktrupt? What if the company is dodgy? What if they lose their records on you? What if the government forces the company to give it your $100? In all those cases your IOU is worth $0. That is what Bitcoin solves. Instead of having to rely on a bank or a government, there is a decentralised, but fully transparent network that keeps track of what you and everybody else owns. The additional benefit is that to ensure banks generally are good for their IOUs is heaps of regulation and expensive systems. Something you pay for as a customer. You also pay for CEO bonusses and fancy office buildings. With Bitcoin much of that doesn't and doesn't have to exist. Now all these shit shows you're hearing about, like this FTX debacle is because FTC, Binance, and many others are pretending to be banks. They are the exact thing Bitcoin tried to solve for and in effect serve kind of as the perfect example for why crypto has a reason for being. I don't own Bitcoin, but there's no denying there is something in it. Banks weren't all as reliable as they are now. They were once not too dissimilar to where crypto is now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 07:48:50

I'm not here to sell you on crypto, bu the problem you describe has largely been solved for. You're describing a proof-of-work system, proof-of-stake is 99.95% more energy efficient and way, way faster. Bitcoin isn't proof-of-work, but many of the other blockchains are.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 26, 2022 06:23:24

The saddest thing about this whole post is that the comment section is full of people thinking this is an outlier situation, but if you're a millenial, this is probably your own future.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/UpliftingNews on November 26, 2022 04:46:00

In certain areas in the UK police decided a few years ago to change their policy on that:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 24, 2022 20:15:09

And every now and again this happens: []( Oh no...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 24, 2022 20:11:25

Surely that price is for all three of them right? ^(right?)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on November 24, 2022 19:56:43

I'm guessing it was commissioned work.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on November 23, 2022 05:15:38

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on November 18, 2022 23:37:49

I'm not at all saying it's a legitimate reason. I'm just saying it could've been his reason.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 18, 2022 18:44:36

How come? I'm afraid I'd get bored, but other than that it seems like a nice place.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on November 18, 2022 16:21:06

Not happy, but it would incentivise me more to try and get a PS5.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on November 18, 2022 16:19:20

He has a record number of points in a season. With how things have been going it's unlikely he'll break his own record anytime soon, so he might be wanting to extend the lead.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 17, 2022 22:51:09

I've feel we've been conditioned to be disappointed at worst and indifferent at best. Maybe it's because I'm not a massive gamer, but what normally triggers me for a new console is the news of some cool new game that's about to come out. You get excited by the news about a game like that and you'd get the console to maximise the experience. The PS5 the games that came out at launch we got didn't feel radically different and besides, if we liked the game we were most likely going to be playing it on PS4 anyways as you couldn't get a PS5. Then for the next several years straight, all the content we saw about the PS5 was about scalpers, shortages, inventories being sold out, delays and if there was ever a mention of a cool new game coming out, it was always closely followed by something like "but you can't play it because you can't get a PS5". I understand this thing has been a bit of an echo chamber. I understand that if I really wanted a PS5 I could get on a waitlist somewhere and wait a few weeks and get one. But I just don't care that much anymore. I would probably pick up a PS5 if there was an exciting game coming out and if I could get one without much friction, but if I'm forced to take time and think about the purchase, I'll come to the conclusion that I have work, friends, an SO and several other hobbies and that $700 or whatever it costs is a lot of money for a device I won't use all that much. Basically if the new GTA dropped tomorrow and I could get a PS5 at the same time, sure I'd get one. If GTA dropped and I'd have to be on a waitlist for a month to get one, nah I'll wait and pick something up second hand in a year or so.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on November 17, 2022 20:39:14

Tasmania is pretty great. I sometimes dream of living there.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on November 17, 2022 19:01:35

I prefer a Twizy but it's a fun little car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on November 17, 2022 18:56:28

Do we need to know the reason? He screwed Perez and he screwed the team. What in your opinion would justify that after both have helped him become WDC twice?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 17, 2022 15:37:14

Max still would not have given it back. He would've said something along the lines of being faster than Perez. Which is fair enough. Max is fair in that he would've been okay with Perez defending the postion. I don't think we'll ever hear a radio call where Max will ask a driver to just give up a position which I can respect. My problem with the whole situation is that Max is smart enough to know that Perez and Red Bull are trying to get a Red Bull 1-2 this year and that Perez need all the points he can get. Yet Max still decided that for some reason, him getting the extra points was more important, despite already being WDC, despite already having a record number of points this season and despite not fighting for a podium. And by doing so he basically gave the finger to the rest of the team including his team mate who has sacrificed way more more to help Max secure WDC last year and this. You shouldn't have to be told to be a decent person, but even when he was told, he still deliberately chose not to be one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 17, 2022 15:34:33

They took a page from the DTS book and figured they could just rewrite what happened. I'm Dutch and I know some of the nuances of Verstappen's personality get lost in translation at times and I'm sure he's a decent person outside of racing, but my eyes rolled when I read "open and fair team player". At this point just stop pretending and embrace that ruthless "take no prisoners" personality

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 17, 2022 15:17:07

It's called non-custodial staking and I believe there's other validators. I believe Smart Stake is also non-custodial.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 17, 2022 00:10:25

I'm always impressed by how many people just say "yeah stake it and you get magic money". LUNC is built on a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. In proof of stake, so called validators validate transactions (hence the name). The transaction fee you pay when making a transaction goes towards the validator for doing the work. To be a validator you have to put up tokens as collateral which you will lose if you approve a fraudulent transaction. Your tokens are at stake (hence then name). The more tokens a validator has, the more transactions they will be asked to validate, so when you give your tokens to a validator, they will get more transactions to validate and they share their rewards from that work with you. Often taking a small commission. It's a fairly straightforward system, but you do need to be aware that technically, when you give your tokens to a validator, you trust that they will not try to do anything malicious, because if they do, you will lose your tokens. &#x200B; Hopefully this also explains the importance of commissions and uptime. Commissions are important because they are what a validator gets paid. If they take zero commission, that means they pass on 100% of their rewards to you. They get paid nothing for their work. Why would they do that? Do you trust a certain validator enough to not do something that might risk you losing your tokens? This risk is small, but not zero. Similarly, uptime is important, because if your validator is down a lot, they will have fewer opportunities to validate transactions, meaning they'll get fewer rewards, meaning you'll get fewer rewards as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 17, 2022 00:05:51

My dream is that some "journo" picks it up so we can all have a laugh.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 16, 2022 02:43:19

I was just responding to the "gave" bit. Perez "gave" the position.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 20:05:18

Let me just add to the fuel with a little Photoshop magic:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 15, 2022 20:04:36

This post was deleted: [\_actually\_happened\_with\_red\_bulls\_team\_orders/]( But it gave all the team radio. Perez was asked to let Verstappen through so he could go after Alonso. If he couldn't pass him, Perez would get the place back.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 18:14:24

Yeah I see the nuance there. Interesting how there's such small difference in language use.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 18:03:01

It's well into the Wednesday in a large part of the world.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 18:01:46

Is that not the same in other languages? In English it means that too. Last Tuesday is yesterday. Not Tuesday 8 days ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 16:34:07

Perez gave the place to Verstappen being promised it would be given back to him later on if Max couldn't pass Alonso. So it had nothing to do with gifting a win. VER swapped places with PER with the promise he would get it back and then didn't keep the promise.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 16:31:25

For sure, but at the same time there's next to no chance he'll get a better seat at another team, so if he likes getting at least a few podiums every now and again, his best bet is still to follow orders I think.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 15:58:59

In my experience it depends on how you present yourself. If you present yourself as being an immigrant, referencing to your original country as "home", making it clear you aren't here to stay etc, you will be seen as someone that's passing through. It puts an expiration date on your relationship and people don't want to invest in a temporary relationship. Other immigrants that are like that don't realise that or don't care because they're the same. They are also more likely to be friendly because they are similarly new and in search of friends. But locals will already have a network and friends. They don't need you. This is my experience as an immigrant that found making good friends here heaps easier than where I'm from originally.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 15, 2022 05:31:05

My SO has piercings, tattoos and often coloured hair. I'm Mr vanilla. We've been together for over a decade and in that time I've not been searched even once but she has had more "random" searches than I can remember. We travel together, it's clear we are together, but nope, the random search is always her. We see them walk up to us and we will already joke about it. Even to the person doing the search. We've also flat out asked them about it, but they will always deny it's not actually random. And this is just the experience of a random white girl with some piercings and tattoos. I can only imagine how absolutely shit it must be for others.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 05:03:09

Mercedes and Ferrari could and would throw big money at him.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 15, 2022 04:45:30

I'd argue the technical side of crypto is the least relevant side of it. I understand the technical side of it, but for many cryptos I don't understand their business case and in my experience very few "investors" actually have even given that any thought. They are all just pouring in money because line goes up. I believe in the promise of crypto and I think things like the FTX crash are actually good. They expose massive flaws in the current system and are learning opportunities for the industry as a whole.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on November 15, 2022 00:15:01

Is Schumacher significantly more popular than Hulkenberg? All else being equal, Hulkenberg's experience would likely mean fewer crashes which is something Haas has already indicated they care about.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 14, 2022 19:12:25

Even if that was true, it's still extremely petty to react in this way.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 14, 2022 16:40:45

Such a dumb comment. Obviously Max realises he's part of a team. It's just that he believes that entire team is there to serve him.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 14, 2022 16:25:36

They wouldn't ever do that unfortunately. There would be too much risk to damage cars which is a big consideration with the budget caps and team orders also help with winning WDC and WCC championships. Max has them over a barrel and unfortunately I think he knows it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 14, 2022 16:24:27

If real this is the best thing all season!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 14, 2022 05:10:10

Yeah, it's just on the books as wallets owned by FTX and will be sold off. It's not gone at all.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 13, 2022 20:14:55

A hardware wallet wouldn't have done anything in this situation though. What happened over the last week or so is basically a bank run. It wasn't that people forgot their pin.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 13, 2022 19:56:48

The late 90s flagship Mercedes S Class models. They all had the Mercedes M120 V12 engine, a variation of which is also in the Pagani Zonda.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 12, 2022 22:31:06

I better start making screenshots haha. Sorry to hear you got screwed on Doge.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 12, 2022 21:56:21

So there's no reason. You just want someone else to make you rich because you're just a poor small bag holder, is what you're saying? Fair would be if everyone was required to burn a percentage of what they hold, but that's not what you're suggesting. You want other people to give up their money to make you rich.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 12, 2022 21:55:26

Well at least you're being upfront about being a lazy prick...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/terraluna on November 12, 2022 18:38:52

Why should CZ and developers make sacrifices but you shouldn't have to?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 12, 2022 18:36:15

FTX stopped withdrawal and deposits of LUNC back in September already, so nothing has really changed. The actual LUNC isn't gone. All of it is in the FTX wallet and will make it back into circulation when it's used to pay off debts.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 12, 2022 18:32:43

That's why it's called negotiation? They may have someone else and use that as leverage to offer less. Similarly, you might have another job offer and use that as leverage to negotiate more.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/UpliftingNews on November 12, 2022 18:07:25

I just know it's Australia because I recognised where it was filmed (St Kilda in Melbourne)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on November 12, 2022 02:53:56

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on November 11, 2022 21:00:17

Everybody was kung fu fighting

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/PublicFreakout on November 11, 2022 16:06:29

I thought for a second you posted my photo, haha. I rented one in Rome (1CityTour) and had so much fun. They make so much sense there. Wish they were legal where I live, they'd be perfect for little city runs.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on November 11, 2022 05:46:16

You get them in an envelope?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on November 11, 2022 05:41:57

We liked Albert & Co for lunch, but drove up to Metung for dinner.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on November 11, 2022 02:38:28

Ulysse Nardin has a weird attraction on me. I genuinely don't know why. Between watches like this and their Freaks, I'd love to be in a position one day where I can have some fun. I'd love a Freak X Razzle Dazzle, it'll be the antithesis of all my other watches.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/ATBGE on November 11, 2022 01:38:46

I was lucky enough to be invited by Saab to come with them to the Ice Hotel in Sweden where we went ice racing with professional rally drivers as instructors. This was right around the launch of the last generation 9-5. I will forever have amazing memories about this car. It might have been based on the Insignia, but it really felt like its own thing and the wagon of which a handful exist, looks amazing. Amazing car. Enjoy!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on November 11, 2022 01:22:32

1. Typo - will not be accepted by the chain. The chain is record of which wallet contains what. The chain wouldn't have any data on a non-existent wallet, so it would not allow you to send anything to it. 2. If you send it to the wrong wallet, you have no options. Except for a few exceptions, all wallets are anonymous. If you were to send something to my wallet address, you wouldn't know it's mine, but similarly, as a recipient I also wouldn't have no way to know who sent something to me. There also is no "undo" function. &#x200B; It's often recommended that when transferring large amounts to first send a very small amount to verify the address. As mentioned, accounts are anonymous by nature. There's not a phone book with names and addresses. You can however check all wallet addresses using []( Simply type in the address you're considering sending something to and you'll at least be able to verify it's real. You can also check funds and transactions to verify it's the account you're expecting to send funds to. Finally and depending on what you're doing, you can do what traditional financial institutions do. They will send you a small amount between $0.01 and $0.99 for example and will ask you to confirm to them the amount they sent you as a way to verify your account.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 10, 2022 19:53:32

Just 640 more weeks like this! ^(I'm being a little sarcastic here)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 10, 2022 19:32:35

When they did the airdrop part of it was vested, meaning part of it you would only get after a certain period of time. It was about 60% of your total airdrop. Because of how exchanges like FTX and Binance work, the airdrop went to them and they distribute the coins among their members. Only FTX knows which of its members get what and is able to distribute the Luna V2 when it becomes available, so if FTX ceases to exist before the Luna V2 vesting period is over, there won't be a ledger showing who should get what and there's nobody to distribute the funds. Alternatively, if FTX goes bankrupt and there are debts to be paid, the funds might go to other claimants.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 10, 2022 07:12:40

I was going to ask about this. If it is indeed gone, that should also mean a whole bunch of circulating supply is lost now right?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 10, 2022 00:05:50

Pretty elaborate joke if you actually look at what he did in order to acquire Twitter. These people have so many advisors and other smart people around them, he didn't "accidentally" press the buy-now button. I wouldn't call the richest person in the world an idiot just because I don't understand his reasoning for things.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 9, 2022 07:37:50

He needed money and probably believes the ROI on his Twitter investment will be bigger than the hit he's taking on Tesla by selling now. I'm not here to say if he's a genius or not, nor can I say if his investment in Twitter will pay off, but saying he's an idiot because he used some of his shares to make a big investment is just silly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 9, 2022 01:54:17

For what it's worth, you would've gotten 43 \* 1.034735071 = 44.4936 LUNA, which if we ignore the dip today, would've been worth about $105. So yeah as it stands currently, it probably wasn't worth the effort with how much you lost. Hope the loss didn't hurt too much.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 8, 2022 21:28:40

Line goes up, line goes down. I could not care less. Unless you're swing trading nothing worth reacting to is going to happen in the next couple of years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 8, 2022 19:31:34

I've done motorcycle reviews and it can be challenging to find something unique to say sometimes. Sometimes the product is just average on all fronts. Not bad, not good, just average, but you still have to write something. So I can forgive some cliches and repeditiveness, especially with the volume of content journalists are expected to put out nowadays. What I have more of an issue with is how pricing is handled. With sentences like "the interior could be x" or "feature x really is missing", we are continuously pushing manufacturers to make cars bigger and more expensive, but more importantly consumers are pushed into bigger and more expensive vehicles they really don't need. Say a Golf is small often enough and people will genuinely believe they need a Suburban to drive their single child to school.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 8, 2022 06:36:43

Never heard that. Also, for sporty cars I think it's a valid thing to mention.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 8, 2022 06:08:46

€40k in Belgium right? Similar to the German price. €50k in the Netherlands, roughly twice the average annual income after tax. Yeah I don't know who buys this stuff either. I can't justify it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 8, 2022 05:57:00

Eat shit. Just kidding. I would've eaten shit way before this.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on November 8, 2022 05:51:26

You know it's fake because you can't make (as much) money from a corpse

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on November 8, 2022 05:30:11

He said further down he has 43 LUNC, so he owns a little over 1 cent at the moment. Most people that bought post crash will be holding something that yields that in staking rewards.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 7, 2022 00:18:18

Did you get the Luna V2 airdrop? It's not worth much, but might be worth something over time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 7, 2022 00:16:03

Maybe give here a try:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on November 6, 2022 23:24:54

There's some people for whom the $1m or $2m that an F40 costs is nothing and they might like to have a bit of fun with their cars. I personally prefer the original look or something that enhances the performance of a car, but I can't really blame anyone for trying to spice things up a little. There's enough "purists" out there already.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on November 6, 2022 23:23:57

And opened the car door trying to deescalate. Feel bad for the kid though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 6, 2022 17:45:58

I was told that when going on a hike where I might expect to come across some danger noodles, to stomp my feet and not walk too fast as to not startle them and give them an opportunity to get away. Is there any truth to this or were my mates just having a laugh? I've been doing it for years and have never seen a snake.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 6, 2022 08:17:32

I'm not saying he invented anything or denying he bought into an already existing company, but the idea of making money and doing good for the environment are not mutually exclusive and I also think his leadership deserves credit. He did and does heaps of things I really don't agree with, but there's no denying that under his leadership the brand changed the automotive industry entirely.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 08:04:46

He didn't buy Zip2, Paypal ( or Space X and as much as disagree with him on lots of things, I highly doubt Tesla and the entire car industry would be where it is today without him.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 07:59:36

I wouldn't say Twitter is dead. His idea to try and replicate Weibo for the western world doesn't seen horrible. It's a little bit what Meta is trying to do as well if you look past all the VR/AR stuff. I can't say if he'll be the one that'll be able to deliver it and at the moment he seems to be doing a lot of damage, but I think it's far too early to say Twitter is dead.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 07:54:56

I don't know, I like to believe his original intentions were good. His motivation for Tesla, Space X, maybe even Paypal. It feels something changed though. Last couple of years it feels like he's gone off the deep end.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 07:47:45

As someone that uses the term ROAS "professionally", this made my day. I'm going to try and use it irl.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 07:41:08

Back at peak Jersey Shore Abercrombie & Fitch tried to pay The Situation money so he would NOT wear their brand on the show. Similarly the rumour is that a competitor of Gucci sent Snookie a Gucci handbag hoping it would negatively affect the Gucci brand. She infamously got arrested for being drunk while carrying the bag.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on November 6, 2022 07:38:53

Sounds a lot like you just work at a shit place. This wouldn't have been accepted in any cafe in my area and most place in Melbourne I think.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on November 6, 2022 05:04:35

That's not the only reason. When they first came out Tesla's were very quiet and smooth. An experience you would mostly only get in luxury ICE cars. And on top of that they had a lot of tech features like the big centre display at a time that BMW's flagship infotainment system looked like this:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on November 6, 2022 01:31:41

Climate change is a slow burn, we have a lot of time to prepare us for it and I don't think it'll wipe us out. It'll reduce our numbers and slow down our progress, but we'll have time to react and plenty of habitable areas still (Canada, Alaska, Scandinavia and Russia)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on November 4, 2022 19:23:16

Compared to something like Amsterdam this really is not that many bikes. Still shit, but it really could be a whole lot worse.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 4, 2022 06:45:27

I actually find this worse than no bike lane at all. With this you're forced to merge all of a sudden.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on November 4, 2022 06:43:20

I think it's the same fabricator he had back then, Oscar. He obviously has 4 years of additional experience building cars now and I believe they've more or less assigned the role to do any serious fab work to him completely, so quality will be better. But a traditional BIFB thing is to not do anything about interiors, sound deadening or even things like proper rain protection. I'm not knocking it, but they build cars for Youtube and that's it pretty much.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on November 4, 2022 02:17:49

I had to scroll up to see if I was actually on r/space because of all the negativity and naysayers. Everyone saying "welp, Earth is easier so let's just stay here". If you always stick with the easy stuff, you never grow. Nobody is saying it'll be easier to colonise another planet. It'll take money, energy and most likely people will lose their lives, but one day we might not have to rely on our pale blue dot for literally everything and anything anymore. What do we do if shit hits the fan in say 100 years and we haven't done anything to prepare us because "it was so difficult"? I'm glad people are thinking about this stuff and are working on it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on November 4, 2022 02:12:50

The quote doesn't say anything about difficulty. So what if many colonists died? Did we or did we not end up colonising the US successfully in the end? Mars will be really difficult to colonise, many might die, but in the end we might "figure it out and make enough infrastructure to make it survivable for future waves". But we have to start somewhere.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on November 4, 2022 02:02:29

That's besides the point of the quote. The goal isn't to move to another planet because we've exhausted our own planet, it's to double our chances when something catastrophic were to happen to either planet. Currently all our eggs are in the Earth basket. A meteoroid strike, a super eruption, a nuclear war. There are lots of things that have the potential to wipe out, or significantly set back humanity here on Earth. Like a really basic thing could be that we keep a library on another planet so that when disaster strikes here, that knowledge isn't lost. Similarly a seed bank like the one in Norway. It's an insurance policy, not a replacement for.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on November 4, 2022 01:58:59

Pretty sure that's not what he meant.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on November 4, 2022 01:47:39

Minting mechanism was disabled a long time ago. No new coins are being added. The rewards come from the proof of stake mechanism.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on November 3, 2022 22:57:05

He didn't rev it that high did he? Or is it a homologation diesel rally car haha

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on November 3, 2022 22:36:52

That investor mom bit was perfect.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on November 3, 2022 22:34:02

Structurally I'd say yes. They have a fabricator on the team now who has also built some race certified rollcages and fuel cells for previous cars. However in terms of making a car actually nice instead of nice-on-camera I'd say no. I don't think it's improved over the RX7 which I think you're referring to.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/AwesomeCarMods on November 3, 2022 07:50:51

Yeah, not much Mustang in it anymore. It's something, but a Mustang it is not.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on November 3, 2022 07:40:18

The fountain makes them no money, but a grand stand with tickets that cost thousands of dollars each will. That said, there's tall trees there, there will be fences up. I'm not sure they can make a stand that will allow you to really see the track.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 2, 2022 23:58:10

Go overseas. I went to the Melbourne GP which was $99 for general admission on the Sunday. You could also get a 4 day pass for $185. I believe grand stands went for around $250 or something for the Sunday. It's a bit more now, but not heaps more.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on November 2, 2022 23:51:47

Thanks for posting! Car looks cool.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on November 2, 2022 18:46:26

For sure, he might just have someone looking at the emails. In this case you're wanting to buy something, so he might respond.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on October 31, 2022 23:49:56

Hey mate, I'm not Chris. Just another fan like yourself. You can email Chris on []( though. I'm not sure if you'll get a response, but you might.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on October 31, 2022 18:25:11

They have access to different things. Most people in Amsterdam don't have a garden for example. Also, the Netherlands are tiny. I've lived both in the country, in the city and now live abroad. You can be in Friesland and be in Amsterdam or Utrecht in under an hour. I now live in Australia and depending on where I'm going it can take me that long just to get out of the city. In the Netherlands you can easily live in the country and still work in the city.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on October 31, 2022 17:18:42

Agreed. There's heaps of space. I grew up here. My mate's house is visible in this. Tell me again how there's no more space: Spannenburgerbrug,5.7000151,0a,75y,240h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sAF1QipPCtdQ3Kp0r-4fWkU1kKNbf4pxvTnmI9VwBmbZd!2e10

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on October 31, 2022 04:29:59

Oh no, not judging mums! They are sacred. They can do no wrong.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 30, 2022 22:39:09

There's not a lack of footpaths in either of these two areas. This is just some weak excuse.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 30, 2022 22:33:45

Heaps of footpaths in both the areas mentioned in the article (Cloverton and Kalkolla). Still sounds like an excuse to me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 30, 2022 22:33:20

>Edited to add- 3km is probably not easily cycleable twice a day in melb weather with young children (including baby) and doing the grocery shopping - the mum interviewed was doing both in the same trip. As a Dutch person I strongly disagree with this. 3 km on a bicycle is less than 10 minutes and weather in Melbourne is great, fuck off with these excuses to be lazy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 30, 2022 22:27:22

The badge is a sticker.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 30, 2022 05:57:30

I share that thought, but for a different reason. A wave pool makes the sport accessible to way more people and allows for way more practice to be crammed into a way smaller timeframe. Almost everyone that is at the top of their game started very young, but you have to find time between school and other things kids do. You have to be able to get to a beach and you have to be lucky enough that you get some decent waves. A wave pool is much more like bringing your kids to swim class. The pools are often closer to urban areas. Someone could easily drop their kids off and know they'll be looked after for a couple of hours + there's often coaching available. Basically way more people will be able to get the practice and coaching to unlock their talents and learning all of that at a young age, you have a massive advantage in the ocean later on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on October 29, 2022 20:42:55

I play a silly sport called underwater rugby in which I learned it's all about relaxing and staying calm. Don't try to fight the water, try not to panic. Just wait it out. It's not actually the lack of air that makes you feel that urge to breathe, it's the CO2 build up in your lungs. By practicing breath holding you can practice getting used to that feeling, but better to not create extra CO2 to begin with by putting energy into fighting the water or stressing out. Once you're in the thick of it there's nothing you can do anyways, so it's literally wasted energy. Sometimes when I come off I'll just literally cover my head, close my eyes and just enjoy the tumble for a bit until I surface.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on October 29, 2022 07:56:31

The Z has a manual. I love the GTR but it's a shame it never came as a manual.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 28, 2022 18:30:12

Will they though? Not trying to be shitty, but will you never have to park in one of their garages again? Do you have a lot of other options that are priced equally well? I've made big statements in the past just like this and ended up coming to the conclusion later that as much as I hated it, they pretty much had me by the balls. That's why they can do things like this, because they know you don't have that many options.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 28, 2022 07:43:31

I believe it's more like $7k

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on October 28, 2022 06:01:57

You realise Meta is a lot more than just Facebook right?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on October 27, 2022 17:54:02

I think the email itself is very poorly written. It feels very much like they're talking down to you and as if they don't actually care about you at all, it's just that their legal team is making them do this. The email itself is also is very different in tone than the subject line. That said, I don't think it's a bad thing if you received an email that said something about maybe drinking a bit much. Like it or not, Australia has a bit of a problem with alcohol. Almost 1400 people per year die directly from alcohol use and another 3000 or so deaths are alcohol related and that's just deaths alone. There's a pretty big social impact too. I'm not saying you can't have a drink, but I feel the idea of informing someone that they might be drinking a bit more than is healthy isn't the worst thing. Had this been written in a more constructive way, it might've actually made a difference. Now I feel this just triggers a "I'll show you alcohol abuse" response.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 27, 2022 17:44:05

My mate keeps giving me shit over wanting cloth seats. I love cloth. Literally the only downside I can think of is that they aren't as easy to keep clean.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 26, 2022 19:47:47

I'll miss what Lotus stood for, but I don't think it's really within their control. The market and regulators require certain things that simply make what Lotus stood for impossible to make and/or sell in any meaningful numbers. It's adapt or die.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/lotus on October 26, 2022 18:42:29

It's apparently a thing: []( I've not had any real issues with kids on planes myself though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 18:27:20

I was raised as being allowed to play and have fun, but to be mindful of others which meant no screaming, no running around where people walked and if we played on our Gameboy to have headphones in or the volume off. I'm not expecting kids to not exist and I think/hope most of the people here don't expect that, but like you said, there appears to be a pretty big group of parents that don't even try to teach their kids to be mindful of others. Maybe it's that those kids are more visible now or maybe I've just gotten more sensitive about it. I definitely see heaps of respectful kids which is why I'm not trying to paint every parent with the same brush, but there are some unadjusted kids out there being raised by parents who really couldn't care less.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 05:17:13

Isn't there something wrong if a hospitality worker has to inform a parent about something so blatantly obvious? Should I inform a parent that if they let their kids play on the road they might get hit by a car too?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 02:08:00

Parents like this deliberately take their kids out for dinner to have it be someone else's problem instead of their own for a bit. It's not as if they don't know what will happen.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 02:03:33

Having Spongebob on full blast on your iPhone because you can't be arsed to engage with your children is not "part of the atmosphere".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 01:59:32

The thing was, your parents would tell you to behave. That's the bit that I feel I'm seeing less and less. I feel heaps of parents just let their kids treat the restaurant or cafe as a playground where they don't have to watch them anymore. I've also been to normal restaurants where people give their kids their phone to watch Youtube on full blast. Like what the actual fuck? The concept of kid-unfriendly places is pretty appealing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 26, 2022 01:56:02

Controversial opinion maybe, but I'm a filthy casual and for most games I don't care at all that they're 30fps. The only exception is fast paced shooters for me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on October 24, 2022 23:29:27

Nobody expects a contractor to do more work, but the contractor also doesn't expect a raise. So as long as you don't expect a raise as an employee then sure, there's no problem.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on October 23, 2022 22:22:05

Your reply is kind of the perfect example of my point. Because you're right, if I give you a job to do, we agree on a deadline and you then don't make that deadline, that is indeed my problem. And my solution to that problem is to replace you by someone that does make sure deadlines get met. Because I consider making deadlines to be part of your job and coming up with solutions to problems part of mine. Also the idea that there are zero benefits for you to doing anything more than what you're being paid for is shortsighted. You get paid for the value you generate. If that value stays exactly the same throughout your employment, why would I ever consider giving you a raise or any form of promotion? To use your own words I don't get *any* benefits from that If however you show that you are able and willing to step up and do more than your job description and thus generate more value than I expected, than it's only fair that you get paid accordingly. &#x200B; Your idea of what someone overseas is like is also just wrong. Maybe that's your own experience with overseas people, but there is a very big world with a lot of very talented people out there that are understand that concept of generating value and treat their job accordingly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on October 23, 2022 21:32:27

There's a guy on a Fireblade driving into the city over Sydney Road and he has no exhaust on his bike. Same thing. Dick.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on October 23, 2022 04:15:46

I don't like looking at myself in the mirror at the best of times, having my penis out also doesn't make it better.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on October 23, 2022 03:47:21

That's a fair question and I should've worded my reply differently. I don't expect more than 40 hours. What I meant was that some people don't take ownership of the work that they're given. Some people come in, sit at a desk for 40 hours, get up and go home. Regardless of if the deadline is met or not, if the work they deliver is any good and with no desire to skill up at all. That's fine, but if I can choose between two people with identical skillsets for identical salaries, but one of the two does care about the work and about doing well, I would choose the latter. And it just happens to be that that person is often not based locally. To be clear, it works both ways. If you show you take ownership of your work and you want to do well, I'm not going to micromanage you or give you shit about time. If you're not a morning person, feel free to start late. If you prefer working evenings because you want to spend afternoons with your kids, do your thing. If you can get a job that we allocated 20 hours for done in 18, I believe you earned those 2 hours to fill in how you like.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on October 23, 2022 02:03:34

I wonder if we secretly work together. It's like you said, I can pay someone here a normal salary and you get someone that will code for 40 hours a week and that's about it. Or I can pay the exact same amount to someone overseas who will be way more motivated and will care way more about the work. I don't mean that as a way to take advantage of anyone, but especially now that WFH is becoming more and more the standard, there aren't really that many benefits anymore to hiring someone local.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on October 22, 2022 22:39:32

Is this "forgotten"? Don't Spike Feresten and Paul Zuckerman of the 2nd most listened to car podcast Spike's Car Radio own one? They talk about it all the time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 22, 2022 05:13:01

That's big talk for a man without splitter guards.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on October 22, 2022 04:55:58

I can't find the answer, but for many low volume cars it's because the cost of getting a car certified for use in the US is simply not worth it. It might very well pass all requirements, but there's still a significant cost involved with getting all the actual required tests done. And they're only building 130 which were sold out quickly, so why bother.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/lotus on October 21, 2022 23:11:59

Hello! Nice to meet you. I've never not paid pcm. I thought that was the norm.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 21, 2022 18:54:59

A 2018 Kia Soul with that many kilometers goes for about $14,000 in Canada. There's few people that will spend about half the value of their car to get an engine replaced in an economy car. The whole second hand engine thing is irrelevant. We're comparing it to a new battery in an EV.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 21, 2022 18:43:56

Yeah, A Touch Of Dutch in Berwick used to have a really good cafe we would occassionally go to. They had everything and it was really good, but they had to close it due to COVID. The Lekker Lekker food truck is alright, the main benefit of it is that it is in different places around the city every weekend. You can find them on We go sometimes for fun. I'd probably just buy a little fryer and order some online. I'm nor sure if they ship them or if you have to pick them up though. A Touch Of Dutch might also have them, but they don't list them online.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 21, 2022 18:33:33

That doesn't include the cost to install it. But the point is that having to replacing the engine in a 4 year old economy car with 163,000 miles on the clock means it's pretty much totaled.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 21, 2022 18:24:40

I once wanted to do a J turn in a big empty parking lot impress my mate. I went backwards and at speed hit the only fucking tree in a 50 meter radius. I still don't know how I missed. My mate could not stop laughing. So yeah, I'm not going to be judging you for having hit a tree.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 21, 2022 09:19:05

I like QV. Central location, well maintained and well lit. I believe they have security on site as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 21, 2022 09:11:19

It heavily depends on where you live. St. Kilda? Hell no, I feel unsafe there driving around with my car windows open sometimes. But there are plenty of suburbs where it's really not a problem. That said, my SO always says "fresh air is for dead people" when I suggest keeping our 1st floor bedroom window slightly open which is in reference to the many murderers that considered an open window "an invitation". Personally I think you'll be alright and the risk of something happening is small. It's more that it'll probably be an impactful experience if something does happen and I'm not sure if that's worth it to you. A small fan might do 90% of what you're looking for at 0 zero risk.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 21, 2022 09:09:57

Dutch person here. There's a couple of Dutch stores where you can get frozen ones. A Touch Of Dutch in Berwick and It's All Dutch To Me in Moorabbin. There's also Lekker Lekker which is a food truck that sells kroketten which are basically bitterballen but a different shape. They're not that good from them, but if you need your fix they're alright.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 21, 2022 09:00:52

I think this is some elaborate scheme to have the deal bounce. I don't know how much stock employees hold, but I imagine they could have quite some influence when they group together.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on October 21, 2022 06:11:50

Yeah, about the cost of a new engine. That's how I treat EV batteries. It totals the car pretty much.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 21, 2022 04:41:39

Does anyone know what it's supposed to resemble or why they did this? It reminds me of used gum stuck on the underside of a table.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on October 19, 2022 22:36:33

What the actual fuck...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on October 19, 2022 22:35:01

Looking where you're going instead of down, I'd say you're already a better surfer than me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on October 19, 2022 22:28:58

BTC is a very different story. BTC is the posterchild of crypto, it's the name everyone and their mum knows, so it has way more people interested in it. There's lots of rags to riches stories about it, etc. Mindshare is an incredibly valuable attribute for something like crypto for which the price is heavily influenced by hype. BTC is also properly trusted. There's no massive crash and drama in its history. Or if you simply want to look at numbers, BTC has a max supply that is 1/328,500th of LUNC. What that means is that when BTC was at its peak, 1 BTC was worth $63,558. With the total supply of 21m that gives a market cap of $137.7b. If LUNC goes to $1, it'll have a market cap of $6.9 trillion. 50 times more than BTC has ever been worth. It would make LUNC about 2.5x as valuable as the most valuable company in the world (Apple). It's about as much as the GDP of Japan and France combined. Or half the GDP of China. It is a big fucking number. I'm in for the long haul, but hitting $1 really is an against all odds kind of thing and you should plan accordingly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 19, 2022 07:29:13

Should completely depend on the rewards. Fees might negate the benefits you would get from compound staking if you do withdraw and delegate too often.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 19, 2022 06:48:20

Spoofing is not only done by scammers. Most big companies with service departments use it as well, especially with working from home being more and more common.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on October 19, 2022 05:46:10

It's the same thing though. The median house price for a Truganina is $651,000. That gets you something like a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom detached house with a garage and a garden. It might not be a big garden and it might not be big rooms, but it's a garden and it's 4 rooms. Spending the same amount in one of the inner city suburbs and you're looking at maybe a 2 bedroom townhouse or apartment.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 19, 2022 02:42:53

My girlfriend and I always sing Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds when we drive past or through suburbs like that. And seeing all those large cars in the driveways that need to be used to do literally anything, I always hope EVs take off soon.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 18, 2022 23:49:56

Developers are 100% a big part of it, but I also think there's an actual demand for these types of homes. I personally like walkable neighbourhoods, full of trees and older homes that are busy with people. I like being able to have cafes, restaurants and small local shops nearby and being a small bicycle ride away from the CBD etc. And Melbourne is a great city in that you can have all of that, but unless you're willing/able to spend a lot of money, you generally will have to sacrifice on some things. I could have a much larger, more quiet and more private house with a big garden if I were willing to sacrifice proximity to the CBD for example. But I'm not. But if you have three kids who you all want to have their own bedroom and you want a quiet neighbourhood with a garden, where I live that gets expensive really quick, but in one of these estates you're able to get all of that for relatively little money. I have a mate that lives in Sunbury in one of those new developments. What I consider a 5 bedroom, three bathroom mansion on a hill with a beautiful view and yard so big his 12 by 5 meter pool looks small in it. All for about the average price of an old 2 bedroom home in my neighbourhood.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 18, 2022 23:48:40

I feel there's no punch line. The guy went through incredibly tough training according to the joke. In the military you're trained to follow instructions without question, which is pretty what the last guy did. If anything he's the best of the three, because he actually did what was asked, despite it being a tough ask.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on October 18, 2022 16:38:09

The worst part is that it happened an hour and a half away from me. If I was hooked earlier I would've gone!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/motogp on October 17, 2022 05:37:36

It's right on a freeway offramp. My guess is they came in way too hot, oversteered and hit the light on the A pillar [,6.5822587,3a,75y,40.25h,69.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sC7mXo5pGBKd31CcxR2kDmg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192](,6.5822587,3a,75y,40.25h,69.14t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sC7mXo5pGBKd31CcxR2kDmg!2e0!7i16384!8i8192) &#x200B; Here's a video: []( There doesn't appear to be any clear signs of impact anywhere else on the car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/lotus on October 17, 2022 02:27:22

Yeah I've been following MotoGP sort of from the sidelines for years now. I just can't fully get into it. I read about it a little, I see what happens in the subreddit here, but outside of some clips here and there I don't actually watch any racing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/motogp on October 17, 2022 02:08:28

I laughed out loud. I can just imagine some annoyed farmer taking the piss out of some interviewer asking dumb questions.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on October 17, 2022 00:23:09

I'm from the Netherlands, a wealthy western European country. Lived inner city Amsterdam for 12 years where my SO and I had excellent careers. Gave it all up to move to Melbourne and we consider it amongst our best ever decisions. That's not to say things are perfect here. Our healthcare system is getting pretty bad, there's lots of racism, our property market is broken, but overall work-life balance here is way better, people are much more open and inviting, there's great cafes and restaurants everywhere. What you're describing feels like coming in and identifying as an expat and choosing the wrong place(s) to live. There's lots of suburbia and there's expensive CBDs, but between those extremes there are great suburbs that feel like small towns within the city, with their own culture, where people know each other, where there's fun local cafes, restaurants, shops and parks everywhere, good public transport etc. You can find the exact place that suits you. And in terms of relationships, the cold hard truth is that if we find out that you don't intend on staying here, we kind of write you off. It's a waste of time investing in a friendship with someone that's just passing through. I saw it happen when we first moved here and we do it ourselves now. If you don't intend on staying, you will always be treated as an outsider and your only real friendships will be with other people that are passing through. I love it here, making friends is easy, life is much more outdoors, there's amazing nature on your doorstep, work-life balance is much better, etc. I feel more at home here than I ever have in the Netherlands and dare I say I identify as an Australian, not as a Dutch person.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 16, 2022 05:47:27

I like Airbnb for finding weird places to stay. Like a Glamper out in the sticks or something like that or for a house to stay with family. For just a place to sleep I much prefer hotels, not even because of price, but much more so the convenience and reliability of it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 15, 2022 18:15:43

It's not a thing with strangers and luckily it doesn't really have to be. The government and SES generally do a pretty good job providing emergency accomodation. Especially as the current situation was not exactly unexpected a fair bit of preparation was already done. That said, if you know someone that could use some help, it is a thing to offer them some help. Could be anything though, offer to help them move things for example or cleaning up later. Nobody will expect you to offer them to stay at your house unless you're fairly close. But just because something isn't the norm doesn't mean there's a reason why you can't be the exception, there's no way to guarantee safety unfortunately.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 13, 2022 08:04:52

I would just go all the way through the process and play dumb at the end when they offer the job. "Oh, I'm sorry, there must be a mistake in the contract as it says $31 here, but the job ad said $38." Employers are desperate for people, if they've gotten all the way through the process to get to the point that they're officially offering the job, having you walk is a pain. You have more leverage then than you do now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 13, 2022 07:50:04

Our new place doesn't have a TV antenna connection where we want the TV. We wondered for a second if that would be a problem and then realised we haven't watched free-to-air TV in years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 12, 2022 16:35:39

People are conditioned to not see homeless people as actual people. There's always some reason how they justify not having to treat a homeless person with even basic respect. You see it in the comments here "they're all meth addicts and sex criminals", but even the sort of socially accepted "they have mental health issues" you hear everywhere. It's easier to believe someone is homeless because they somehow kind of deserve it than to acknowledge some people just got dealt a bad hand. Makes it okay to ignore "them". I'm not trying to be holier than thou here. I used to think it was all mentally unstable drug addicts too. I'm just saying we as a society could probably be a bit more open to the idea that others might not have had as much luck as we have.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on October 12, 2022 02:07:22

I'm not saying you're doing anything wrong parking it outside haha. Just saying it will make a difference. Whether or not that difference is worth the cost/effort of parking in a garage is not for me to say. My SO thinks often finds my need to park inside annoying. I have friends that think I'm wasting space using my garage for my car. Neither of them are wrong and neither are you for parking outside. All I'm saying is that the exact same car, with the exact some usage, one parked inside overnight and one that is not, there will be a noticeable difference like 5 years down the line. I'd say, because you have such a new and enthusiast vehicle, you could probably get a premium having a "garage parked" vehicle, but at the same time the difference might very well be negligible.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 12, 2022 01:26:41

Yeah I'm European but live overseas now. Here there's no manual Saabs at all. Sucks, because they're beautiful. There's some Sportcombis floating around of the last generation 9-5 and those are amazing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on October 12, 2022 01:13:36

I live in Australia where it's very popular to knock down a detached single family home and put like 6 townhouses on the same lot. Having seen heaps of these while looking for a place, you very quickly become able to spot the houses that were built purely to look good on paper. Like you said, ensuites that are glorified broom closets where you can't open the shower door all the way without hitting the toilet. Or claiming a 3rd bedroom which in reality is more like some awkward leftover space they didn't know what to do with. Claiming a garage which couldn't any modern car etc. None existent insulation etc. As a society we are building so much junk at the moment, but I guess it works. Our place now is a bit older, but really nice and liveable. On paper it's only average though so there wasn't that much interest, whereas those newer nice-on-paper homes had lines out the door.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 12, 2022 01:09:33

I wouldn't say a garage is absolutely necessary, but keeping it outside absolutely does a number on your car. Things like rubbers, leather seats, dashboards etc that dry out, paint that fades, crap in your vents, batteries that die much sooner due to temperature fluctuations. And that's just if you live in a nice climate. Snow, rain, road salt etc is even worse. It's all slow deterioration though, so you don't really notice it but there was a time I was anal about this kind of stuff and when I got my first garage I was blown away by how much nicer your car stays when kept inside. Even if you only park it outside during a workday, that's only maybe 10 hours out of a 24 hour day. It makes a noticeable difference. I don't judge you at all for street parking, but having experienced a garage I just can't do without one anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 12, 2022 01:00:18

Nice! Maybe it's because I'm in Australia. I couldn't find anything with a manual here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on October 11, 2022 19:23:21

I considered these or the 159, I believe they share a fair bit. Unfortunately the Saab doesn't come as a manual I believe. It is a beautiful car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on October 11, 2022 08:27:18

I feel Rockstar made an incredibly immersive world with RDR2. The graphics are at the right level to support that. That said, I felt the game was too slow and especially the time wasted sitting on that fucking horse just riding places was incredibly frustrated. I would often just put it on that autopilot thing and go do something else for a bit. I still hope to try it again one day when I have more time to really get into it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on October 11, 2022 08:25:14

I was going to guess inner north. Heaps of Outbacks here too. I drive a gen4 Liberty wagon myself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 11, 2022 08:12:49

I regularly surf Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on October 10, 2022 22:47:20

Normal? Yeah I'm afraid so. Reasonable? I'm not sure. &#x200B; I've noticed that post-COVID prices have gone up a lot. I like to go out with my SO for brunch on the weekend and I feel that a couple of years ago you'd pay maybe $40ish to have a niche brunch with two people, but you're well in the $50 range now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 10, 2022 20:44:11

I see a lot of responses about being understaffed etc. While that may be true as well, I worked at McDonalds when they went through the big "I'm loving it rebrand". As part of that announcement all McDonalds employees were invited to some big event where we got some shows from artists I can't remember, but also some corporate talks. During one of those talked about how they want to provide customers with better quality products and create less food waste. To do that we would start offering more variations and we would start making food as it was ordered. Not food that had been lying in that heater behind the counter for 20 minutes, making your food all soggy. The exception was high volume items during peak periods. Nowadays there's hardly anything in there, but when I started working there, we would make 10 hamburgers for example and just let them sit there in the heater. If they weren't sold after like 20 minutes we would throw them all out and make new ones. There was a whole system with clocks and tags to keep track of it. That doesn't exist anymore. So yeah, that's my experience.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 9, 2022 06:29:43

It equally pisses me off that a 1m board is exactly 100 cm from the absolute tip of longest pin on the plug to the absolute possible other end. Like it's actually just 70/80 cm of cord.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 9, 2022 04:09:57

I've been filing and breaking off those "ears" for ages. It's extremely frustrating design.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 9, 2022 04:06:58

Very few fall in. Parallel parking in European cities is very normal and people know to take if slow in these spots of which there are relatively few anyways. There's also lots of parking garages around for those that don't feel comfortable parking in spots like these.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on October 8, 2022 18:09:41

That's not what they said. They called it global warming, but because the general public thought that only meant things were going to get a little warmer (you're proving the point here) they started calling it climate change.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 7, 2022 19:56:13

I'm literally moving Tuesday and booked removalists earlier today, so funny reading this now. I specifically hired removalists only to move some larger items I just can't move on my own or with my SO. Everything else I'll just put in my car and drive over in bunch of trips over several days. Feels lazy to have them carry things I can easily do myself. Unwieldy things like refrigerators the pros can do. I will gladly pay them for that cunt of a job.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 7, 2022 09:10:12

More extremes. Extremer droughts, extremer rainfall events. Desalination plants are a way to ensure some stability. Same as reservoirs.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 7, 2022 08:59:44

For me it's really a time thing. If I finish work around 8/9pm and bedtime is around 10/11pm, it's difficult to find motivation to spend like 25% of your time in the kitchen.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 7, 2022 02:38:05

I don't really know how to put a number on it. It's 100% manual for anything that has some sort of sporty intentions, but as someone that loves wagons it's made incredibly difficult. Where I live modern manual wagons pretty much don't exist. I know you think I'm exaggeraring, but really, your only option from the laat 5 years is a Mini Clubman. Go back up to 10 years and your only non-FWD manual wagon option is a Holden. Objectively a pretty amazing car, but you'd have to be Australian to understand why it might not be that appealing. So if I want a manual I have to import something or I have to attempt a manual swap. I consider my loyalty being tested, especially with hybrids and EVs which I find silly to want a manual in. So I am questioning my faith sometimes. Maybe I should stop going for a wagon and get something that isn't that fun to drive and doesn't have a manual, and get a manual MX5 or something on the side. For now I'll keep my 18 year old Subaru alive, while I mull over my options.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 6, 2022 16:47:46

Android NFC is instant. I rarely use PT so I always carry a debt and basically only pay when I'm on at the station.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 6, 2022 09:17:56

I've found that if you just always stand at the door as if it's your stop while keeping a sharp eye at who's at the stop or station, you can get away not paying for quite some time. I just got very tired of the stress of it at some point and started cycling instead.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on October 6, 2022 09:15:36

Yup, exactly this. We used it as a bargaining chip to get our new place, saying we would move in immediately. I guess the good thing is I now have two months to move and clean. &#x200B; I'd argue it's worse for properties for sale. In certain areas people are effectively forced to waive building and pest inspections because another bidder can just say they'll take it as is. With a rental at least you can move again fairly cheaply.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 5, 2022 03:14:23

Same here. Paying two rents for two months because while the property manager was really friendly about it, it was made clear to us that if we didn't want to move in at a certain time, the landlord would choose someone else that would. And I can't blame them to be really honest. If you have a list of applicants that all seem nice enough, why would you not. It's a waste of money for sure, I think we're out something like $4,500 as a result. That's a lot of money, but we really liked the place.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 5, 2022 03:09:20

I don't really want to own a home, but I would like to take away the stress of being asked to move out or have your rent outrageously increased, so I definitely get why you bought.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 5, 2022 03:04:08

I work with [The Big Umbrella]( which is a charity that gives out food and clothes. I've learnt that for a good number of people all it takes is a couple of setbacks and they find themselves out of a place and unlike what many believe, it's not always a financial thing. There's plenty of reasons why someone can end up being homeless and the "just work harder" mentality many have is doing nobody any favours. I'm not saying you have to start volunteering and donating etc, but just being respectful and treating everyone with a bit of dignity goes a long fucking way. Anyways, u/kvltc0re \- we're on Russell Street behind Federation Square in Melbourne every Wednesday and Thursday from 6:30pm until 8pm. If you want, just rock up and grab some food. Nobody asks any questions, you don't have to stick around if you don't want to. We normally also have heaps of produce, but we're not doing that for a couple of weeks. &#x200B; Good luck with your situation.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 5, 2022 02:54:11

After having severely overestimated numbers last time, while already being pessimistic, I'm going to say 4b.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 4, 2022 06:29:27

I can come up with a lot of original ideas. For example we could pool some money together and put a price on his head and once captured we could all take turns to bitch and moan to him how he was supposed to make us rich because we gave him $100 and we're still living in our mum's basement until he breaks down and gives up the code. &#x200B; Sometimes certain ideas are simply not said out loud because they are bad ideas.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 4, 2022 00:25:21

The burn address has been floating around for months. Heaps of people were encouraging others to burn voluntarily. It did fuck all because everybody wants others to burn their bags so their own become worth more.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 4, 2022 00:13:33

I think a problem comes from the assumption that people will want LUNC in the future. The word scarcity implies demand, there is no guarantee that will exist after the current hype dies off. We could all be sitting on multi million dollar bags in a few years that nobody will want.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 4, 2022 00:11:23

Feeding people's hopes and dreams. I constantly feel like I'm the dick in this subreddit, but I'm just calling it as it is. Currently there's no utility and there's no reason for existing. There's definitely future potential, but today there is just hopes and dreams.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 3, 2022 08:43:41

So many idiots writing things. It's indeed 0.1%, but that's actually at most. There's several discounts for people trading larger volumes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 3, 2022 08:38:44

Burning will drop the supply. That's what burning is. If the price stays the same, the MC will go down. Say you have 100 pieces of paper. Each with a price of $1 dollar. The "market cap" of that stack of papers is 100 x $1 = $100. If you burn 1 piece of paper but the price stays the same, you now have 99 x $1 and a market cap of $99. Or the market cap might stay at $100 which would mean each individual piece of paper has gone up in value by 1%. (100 / 99 = $1.01). So yeah, market cap and price are variables, but supply is the only thing that's guaranteed to go down.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 3, 2022 08:36:54

You bought at $0.00044? It's now below that. Are you hoping numbers are going to jump up to that tomorrow?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 3, 2022 08:24:10

Binance holds a large amount of LUNC and they let people trade with that on their platform. That's why those are called off-chain transactions. Binance will send a certain number from their wallet to the burn address to burn.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 3, 2022 08:17:37

There's still lots to be excited about, but it's unfortunately not as straightforward as burning for a couple years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 20:04:37

And seeing as I'm getting it free and running it is free, I'd have it manual swapped somehow.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 2, 2022 19:51:40

I don't know what you're smoking, but I want some.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:44:11

Where does your market cap number come from or is it just an arbitrary number you chose? Pre-crash supply was capped at 1b. The burn mechanism has the cap set at 10b (the tax will disappear when 10b is reached). Most simply use the 10b number so we're calculating with the target supply, but you're not wrong that prices could very well go up well before that number is reached. The important thing to remember though is that even 1.5t still requires 5.4t needs to be burned. At the current rate of 300m per day that would still take 49 years. Even if Binance is able to bring up the number to say 2b per day it would take well over 7 years. And that's assuming burn rates stay equally high throughout that entire time, which is pretty impossible for various reasons.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:40:55

I have yet to see a fundamental change that actually gives LUNC value, but it has several positives going for it: * Proven infrastructure. We had the crash which caused the hyperinflation but the coin itself and the tech behind it has been proven reliable. * User friendliness. Things work well, there's lots of good documentation, things like Station look polished, it's not that intimidating to use which would help with adoption by newcomers. * Mind-share. Lots of people have heard of LUNC, there's a large community etc. * Support. Not just from the community, but there's also developers that seem to be working on creating actual value. &#x200B; So long term things could definitely go up, but at the same time there's too many people thinking very short term because of the burning and Binance. That is currently simply going too slow to have the impact many think it will. It's a good first step, but so much more has to happen before things actually will improve. But with all the volatility, it's a good time to have some fun. For example, with Binance announcing numbers tomorrow you can see people are all excited. I think realistically however that after the announcement the prices are going to dip. All the movement does create opportunity to make some money.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:26:40

11 days. That would be 0.6363b per day. The target is to burn down to 10b (which is pretty much impossible imo). Currently we're at 6,900b, so we'd have to burn 6,890b. 6890/0.6363 = 10,828 days or just under 30 years if we purely rely on Binance and they can keep the average burn rate the same (which again is pretty much impossible imo)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:12:37

Binanace takes a fee on both the buy and the sell, so my estimates are a little higher. I'm thinking around 20b.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:05:22

It'll be numbers for 12 days. They said they would start counting from the 21st.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 19:03:10

I think we're currently seeing a beautiful example of buy the rumour, sell the news at the moment. Price is going up in anticipation, might even spike a little as numbers come out, then will fall way down when people come to the realisation that 20b or so in 12 days is pretty much a drop in the ocean. If I were a betting man (and not staked) I'd sell just after the announcement and buy back in when it's all down.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 17:46:32

Absolutely impossible to say. Market cap today is $2.1b. Divided by 10b if that's all that left would say $0.21, but interested would have to be sky high by that time to maintain a sustained 1.5b burn per day. If Binance keeps this system of 0.1% burn on all trades, assuming they take that fee on both sides of the trade (0.1% from the buy, 0.1% from the sell), you're looking at 750 billion LUNC in trading volume per day to maintain that burn rate. That's just not very likely. It is now because 1 LUNC isn't worth much, so volumes are high. When prices go up significantly, even if a lot of money is changing hands, the LUNC volumes being traded will go down heaps. I wrote a post about all of this before.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 17:28:49

Haha you and me both. I think it'll be around 20b assuming Binance does indeed take a fee on both sides of a trade.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 17:12:56

Yup, although the only counter argument I'd make is that Binance charges both the seller and the buyer the fee.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:24:58

We're talking 12 years of sustained burning to get to the target 10b...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:22:11

Well that's probably because at a sustained 1.5b per day, we're looking at 12 years of burning to get the the target 10b.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:20:53

What a dumb ass article. I feel bad for everyone that believes it and buys as a result. If we can drop a zero and actually hold at that for some time by the end of 2022, I'd consider that a win.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:18:39

What are people expecting Binance will actually burn? It'll be in the tens of billions.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:15:02

I have to imagine it'll be a reasonable dump although we might see a spike for a small moment as numbers are released. Everybody is talking about how this is going to be big, but I just fail to see how that can be the case. Like the numbers are right there. Trading volumes have been something like $1.2b per day on average? About 4 trillion LUNC. Binance accounts for only a portion of that, but let's say every single transaction went through Binance anyways. Binance charges a 0.1% fee which is all they said they would burn, which would be charged to both the seller and the buyer so 0.2% per transaction. 1/1000th of 4 trillion is 4 billion per day, so assuming every trade is made on Binance and all buyers and sellers pay the full 0.1%, that's 8 billion per day. I would personally be pleasantly surprised if on Tuesday, after 12 days, Binance burns more than 40b. But there's just no telling what people will do. It seems many don't realise how little 40b or 2.3b per day actually is.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on October 2, 2022 08:10:47

So what if the model is offered as FWD and AWD? Like most of the VAG Group SUVs like the Tiguan or many of the Mazda models?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 1, 2022 19:18:07

Knowing how exhausting cancer treatments can be I think that might have a bigger impact on things than he wants to let on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on October 1, 2022 19:03:28

The definition of SUV is not perfectly defined so open for interpretation. A Grand Cherokee I consider an SUV, a Wrangler I consider a 4x4.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 1, 2022 18:40:55

I consider the Wrangler a 4x4. An SUV in my opinion has a lot more focus on comfort and looks than outright capability. I don't consider a Wrangler to be in the same class of vehicles that contains fwd mini vans with some plastic cladding that couldn't clear a curb.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 1, 2022 18:39:37

Your boyfriend is lucky to have you. And your experience with the Gladiator is pretty much what Jeeps are like. People love the way they look and they are really capable offroad, but they are not SUVs and are not comfortable at all. The same is true for old Land Rover Defenders, Mercedes G-Class, Ford Broncos and many other older 4x4s. Jeep owners even have a joke about it. "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on October 1, 2022 08:07:26

Nice, yeah I have a Subi right now, but keen to get back into a BMW. Looking at an F11 myself, but I do think I'll miss having the versatility of AWD but the xDrive models don't come as manuals. Enjoy the car!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on October 1, 2022 06:16:53

Shit I hope the guy realises how lucky he is not having hit the semi head on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on October 1, 2022 05:11:42

Please stop with the "Ain't much" stuff. Lots of people can't afford anything close to a fairly modern BMW and you're kind of bagging on them by saying things like that. That said, loving the car. You don't have to stress about your cats getting stolen haha. Did you specifically choose an xDrive model?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on October 1, 2022 05:09:03

"That sounds awesome! I have a call with my dad and his accountant next week, so I'll bring it up with him then. I think an accountant can set up an ABN for you right? Will I get a new contract? If so, can you please share?" Play dumb and scare them into not fucking you over at the same time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on October 1, 2022 04:09:23

For me the reason is no manual. Otherwise they're pretty perfect.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on September 29, 2022 03:45:23

I'm going to make my overseas friends believe that this is normal here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 29, 2022 03:38:12

Not much within an hour of the CBD unfortunately. Trust me, I've searched far and wide. It basically takes an hour and you're just about to get to some good roads. Mt. Macedon, Kinglake, Dandenongs. The only two roads that are actually properly within an hour of the CBD are Yarra Boulevard and Annandale Road in Keilor. That last one is very short, but going up and down it a couple times usually helps me get my fix if I don't have much time.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 28, 2022 06:19:24

Went to a mate and he came out laughing asking why I had parked in such a weird way with half the car on the road and half the car on his driveway (this was in a cul-de-sac, not a busy busy through road). "Just pull all the way in". My response was "dude, you have a double wide pram, you should know exactly why I'm parked like I am". Took him a couple seconds.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on September 28, 2022 06:12:18

In fairness, they're pretty much selling old stock from last year. But yeah, I'm on Android and similarly don't see much reason to upgrade. I'm on a three year old phone and I never feel it's lacking in any way. Even the battery is still solid as it's a phone that came with a large battery. I might upgrade to a foldable, but if I had to upgrade to another regular Android device I honestly wouldn't know why.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on September 28, 2022 04:18:16

For me it's fairly easy. I live in a country where the manual has been all but declared dead. Excluding vans and trucks, there are all up 2 cars for sale in my country that are still sold new with a manual, that aren't either front wheel drive or two-door. * BMW M3 * Subaru WRX Not bad cars but a new WRX starts at $60k here and an M3 at $170k. &#x200B; Will those be better cars to drive than my 2004 Subaru Liberty Spec. B wagon? I have absolutely no doubt they will be, but will they be that much better that they're worth taking on the depreciation and whatever else that comes with a new car? - Nah, I don't think so. My car now costs me next to nothing. It might not be perfect, but it's fun enough.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 28, 2022 03:59:56

It's not really that black and white I think. Putting your money into a house now gives you the ability to spend your money more freely when you're retired and the house is mostly paid off. As a renter you might have a bit more money to spend now, but you'll have to budget for having to still spend money on rent by the time the home owner doesn't anymore. That's definitely something that's keeping me from throwing away heaps of money on cars despite renting.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 28, 2022 03:40:37

Well, Denmark is a country of only 5.8 million people and they're quite energy efficient. They produced 28.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2021. I'm unsure where you're from, from your profile I'd say Germany. Germany has a population of 80.2 million people and produced produced 674.8 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2021. So yeah, it's not great, but it's about the same amount of CO2 Germany produces in about 2 weeks.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 28, 2022 00:29:27

Don't forget IMS bearings

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 28, 2022 00:17:44

You're right. I'm really interested in a Husqvarna 701 SM but a GS1200 looks mighty appealing as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 27, 2022 07:48:26

I'm looking at this on a large monitor and the post is 14 hours old now. To me the page looks solid. Very functional and I was expecting there to be hardly any cars in the database, but nah, both wagons I wanted to look at are there. Quality images and everything. I'm impressed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/InternetIsBeautiful on September 26, 2022 03:42:51

Well shit, going through these comments I'd say your user name is pretty on point.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on September 26, 2022 03:38:21

Because I like to be a decent human. Society is becoming more and more self-centred and you're not making it any better with this "fuck it got mine" mindset when it comes to keeping things that aren't yours. No matter how you justify it and just because you don't see it, someone is paying for that stuff you're keeping. It's also that whole mindset that allows Amazon to keep treating people the way they are, because they know people like you will still buy from them as long as their prices are lower than the competitors.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 25, 2022 20:11:29

It's Amazon, they probably hired someone with a disability so they can get a subsidy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on September 25, 2022 19:51:26

I didn't see any cumming, but there's several things that make it look better than it is: * He cuts out delays in responses * He obviously picked the most fun interactions. We don't know how many calls have been had to get these ones that are fun to watch * The AI doesn't do the voice, they are pre-recorded samples that the AI picks from * Scammers tend to use very strict scripts. He can simply pick a scam, get the script for that scam and get roughly the right responses for every step of the script * Easy scam victims are elderly people that aren't tech savvy and ideally aren't fully there anymore. So where you might question delays and weird responses in a normal conversation, scammers might be more likely to see it as a good potential victim * You can tell it doesn't understand or properly reply to almost everything that's being asked, there's just a whole bunch of random lines to default to. Like the question could be "What's your credit card number, sir?" and the reply is "Eh, eh, I'm not that good with computers." Or it says "Excuse me for 1 minute, I'm getting another call."

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 25, 2022 19:47:10

Serious answer: Sometimes I listen to radio in the car and I tend to change channels regularly in those cases to find some fun music. I don't know what frequency they are on, nor which times they are on but sometimes the music stops and I find myself listening to them for a little bit. Last time I listened to them was when they had Scomo and that kid he pushed over on. Felt highly uncomfortable listening to the entire thing. All the brown-nosing and clear political agenda being pushed. Like watching a train wreck, it was bad but I couldn't look away.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on September 25, 2022 09:46:30

I'm more bothered that they don't sell it as a manual in RHD markets.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on September 25, 2022 05:58:05

I should sell my motorcycle. No friends that ride anymore. No fun roads nearby. My SO really doesn't like when I ride. It's just sitting in the garage.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 25, 2022 00:22:18

A couple mil at best and they'll simply increase their prices a little next year to cover it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:20:58

Yeah imo what this Optus thing has shown is how massively fucked our system is. Sure I'm angry at Optus, but I'm infinitely more angry with a government that has done absolutely nothing to limit/regulate the excessive data hoarding by basically everyone. I can only hope some high ranking politicians received the same email we all did saying all their data is now out there and take action.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:20:12

And when you express concern it's "well then don't use their services". Okay, so by that logic you can't get a bank account, buy or rent a house, get a job, get a phone number and whatever else, because they literally ALL require you to hand over everything.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:13:03

They can still rack up debt in your name.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:10:29

As I understood it they didn't store the actual documents, just every bit of information on them like document numbers, full legal name, date of birth, expiry dates etc.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:08:44

It's shown there's some massive flaw in the system. In today's society you need to be okay with sharing the most sensitive of data just to get access to the most basic things. Renting? Be prepared for the date version of a cavity search. Europe's GDPR is not perfect but it's a massive improvement over the shit show we have here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 24, 2022 07:06:53

Thank you for sharing this

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/privacy on September 24, 2022 03:51:02

Thanks, that's actually a good one. I might get some new documents.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/privacy on September 23, 2022 22:58:26

I'm fucking pissed. There is nothing you can do to protect yourself against this kind of stuff. You are constantly asked to provide all your highly sensitive personal data for the most mundane of things nowadays and if it all blows up, like it has now, the burden is 100% placed on us. I now need to monitor my accounts. I now need to change my passwords. I will be the one dealing with whatever damage gets caused by this. At best wasting heaps of time, at worst losing money or worse. And this is effectively for the rest of my life. Is the expectation that I'm going to change my legal name? Somehow get a different date of birth? Move house? Get another phone number and email address? No. This information is out there now, just waiting for someone to come up with a creative way to abuse it. Could be tomorrow, could be 10 years from now, could be when I'm old enough to easily be taken advantage of (most scam victims are elderly). &#x200B; And the company that caused all of this? Maybe Optus will get some meaningless fine, money of which I will never see as a victim, that will not change a single thing about the above, and money Optus will simply recover by raising their prices the following year. And that's a maybe, because there's every chance Optus will say it was out of their control and that they're not to blame. But they are. If you choose to capture personal details, you shouldn't be able to throw your hands up and say "whoopsie". The deal should be that if you choose to capture personal details, you are now liable for anything that happens with those details. If I lease a phone from Optus and I drop it, I'm supposed to pay for those damages, no matter what my excuse is. Why should it be any different for personal data. Applying that same level of responsibility on people's personal data should make companies think twice about how much personal details they want from people. &#x200B; The system is properly fucked, but don't mind me. I'm just here monitoring all my accounts FOR THE REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on September 23, 2022 22:55:58

In a lot of countries exteriors don't matter that much. Why waste money on something you never see all that much anyways. Especially the parts facing the river will never be seen by it's occupants. On street level it looks pretty decent to me.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 23, 2022 19:44:17

Lol, you're from Austria I believe. Literally one of the richest, most stable and smallest countries in the world, surrounded by similarly wealthy countries that have all grouped together to work together and support each other and you've all had centuries to build yourselves up. And from that extremely privileged position you're talking shit about a city in a country that has had pretty much none of those advantages. Well done.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 23, 2022 19:42:16

I moved from an LHD to an RHD country and it's easier than you would think haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Bisforbuild on September 23, 2022 19:07:02

You're kind of emphasising the point of my post which is that a lot of people do indeed either ignore reality or have simply not thought about it in much detail. I chose the absolute best case scenario in my post, which is having high volumes of off-chain trading be included in the burn (which is not the case today), and yet the numbers still don't work out. That said, I don't believe it has failed because I believe that those that implemented it didn't think it would be the be-all and end-all solution either. Plus there are no negatives to it as far as I'm able to judge. At worst an underwhelming amount gets burned putting us in pretty much the same situation as before the tax was implemented.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 10:58:18

The general idea is that as fewer tokens exist, those that remain will increase in value. Those that buy are betting that increase will be enough to offset the tax, just like how everyone bets increases will be enough to offset the fees exchanges charge. Minting was turned off first. Was disabled months ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 10:46:48

I wouldn't go so far as to say it has failed. The whole point is that if strong interest can be generated in other ways, the burn will compliment it. The burn on it's own can't and won't fix the problems that exist however.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 10:28:12

I'm not 100% sure what your question is, sorry. The point is that regardless of how much we burn, the number that gets burned will almost inevitably stagnate if that's the entire plan. It'll become more and more difficult for buyers to get LUNC basically and unless interest to buy scales at the same rate as the difficulty to buy does, the number of transactions will taper off. That difficulty to buy itself might generate enough interest for a bit, but eventually the lack of utility of LUNC will cause that interest to stagnate or even become negative when people try to liquidate their LUNC because it's no longer making them money or because they fear a crash.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 10:18:28

Yes. And then again 1.2% if you decide to stake those rewards again. So ignoring fees, say you withdraw 100 LUNC. From that 1.2% is taken meaning 98.8 LUNC makes it into your wallet. Then when you delegate that 98.8 LUNC again, another 1.2% is taken again meaning 97.6144 LUNC actually gets delegated. Something to keep in mind when you plan your staking strategy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 09:23:19

I have my own thoughts on the $1 bit, but outside of that I just wanted to point out exactly that, to not have your entire decision to put money into LUNC hinge on this 1.2% burn tax. Like you said, it's going to have to be one of the many steps out of the hole.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 09:18:57

Nah I know, I've built computers when I was younger, but convenience has a lot of value too. I'll see by the time GTA comes out. There's every chance the PC version comes way later than the console version anyways. By the way, in my original message I said I don't care about graphics. It looks fine to me in this leaked footage already.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 23, 2022 09:14:32

Rewards don't come from minting, but from the proof of stake system. No new LUNC is minted and I believe the mechanism to do so was disabled entirely several months ago, meaning that unless it's reinstated through a proposal that passes voting, the supply can't go up.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 09:08:56

Burn tax applies on the staking rewards too, so I guess we should encourage lots of people to do compound staking and to withdraw and delegate frequently.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 06:06:28

Haha, I'm not fully ready to accept that either yet, even despite writing all of this. I will take my Huracan in RWD and yellow.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 23, 2022 06:04:21

I don't really play games often so I like the comfort of just walking into a store, pick up a game and knowing it'll work and look like I see in reviews. I am considering a PC for MS Flight Sim with VR though, so maybe!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 23, 2022 06:02:34

Even what's shown looks amazing already imo. Those graphics combined with the rich and detailed worlds Rockstar is known for and I'm beyond excited for the new GTA. Like I'll be buying a PS5 for this, even if it looks like what we've seen so far.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 23, 2022 00:34:55

Gunther gets it. I want the Hulk back on the grid. If you aren't competing for podiums, give us some fun personalities to cheer for. F1 is entertainment after all. Like my SO isn't watching Thor because she greatly enjoy the story if you know what I mean.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 23, 2022 00:12:49

I live close by to where she was taken and my SO and I have the deal that I always pick her up when she takes PT home after dark or at the very least are on the phone together. After midnight just take an Uber or a taxi, I don't care what it costs.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 22, 2022 19:23:25

Was based on this: But they have the disclaimer at the top saying the site is experimental and that the information might be inaccurate.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 22, 2022 18:32:26

I don't believe any single wallet has that much in it. The largest wallet is Terra Form Labs with 432 billion. Binance is 3rd on the list with just 29 billion. Even on 2 trillion the burn is only 30 billion though. Sounds like a lot, but is still only 0.4% of that 6.9 trillion.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 22, 2022 10:10:39

I'm sure they want that, but that doesn't mean it's realistic. The total supply is around 6,900,000,000,000 LUNC. So what would be a good burn rate? How about we just take literally ALL the LUNC burnt so far. Hell, let's even round up and assume we burn that EVERY day. 5 billion per day. More than we've burnt so far in total but it magically happens today and doesn't stop until we've hit 10b. At that rate it would still take 3.6 years to get to 10b. And just as a reminder: at 1.2% burn tax to hit that 5b per day, a grand total of 416.6 billion taxable transactions have to be made. That's basically 1/16th of the total supply of LUNC being being transacted on-chain every single day for the next 3.6 years. As you might've guessed alreasy, it at some point becomes near impossible to maintain a burn that high. At 1 trillion with 500 billion staked (as is the case now), 100% LUNC in circulation would have to be traded. These are already highly unlikely numbers, but what about wallets being lost? Especially after the crash plenty of people just said "fuck it". What would be a realistic number of wallets lost? For Bitcoin it's estimated 20% is in lost wallets. But Luna is newer, people are smarter now. So maybe 1%? How about 0.001%? I mean, 3+ years to keep track of your wallet is a long time. People switch computers, phones, move house, pass away. With that number it would mean 6.9 billion is lost. And there's hundreds of thousands of people that are sitting on millions with zero intention to sell anytime soon. Especially when prices go up. I could go on. I don't mean to be a pessimist, but let's keep our expectations realistic. Hundreds of millions this, a billion that. Those numbers sound exciting, but the truth is they get absolutely dwarfed by a number like 6.9 trillion. It's like those visualisations of Jeff Bezos his wealth. 1 million is 1 cube. 1 billion is 1 000 cubes. 1 trillion is 1,000,000 cubes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 22, 2022 09:56:42

Exchanges don't have a choice. Any transaction that happens on-chain is taxed. So when LUNC is deposited into the exchange or withdrawn from it, that's an on-chain transaction. The thing that is still up in the air, and something the exchanges do have a choice in, is applying the tax to transactions that happen on their platform, because those transactions are off-chain. They are basically the exchanges moving around the LUNC amongst their members and those transactions don't interact with the chain that has the burn mechanism.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 22, 2022 08:53:08

Definitely alien. It might've been pretending to look like a helicopter but I ain't fooled that easily.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on September 21, 2022 08:23:00

I have no illusion that any exchange is in this out if the kindness of their hearts. They are all in it for the money.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 21, 2022 07:54:44

I'm not sure if the fees are fixed or not. They seem to scale a little bit if you try to withdraw a smaller amount, but it's always around 5 LUNC for me. Same for when you delegate again. So if you're with a single validator you'd probably be looking at around 10 LUNC in fees to withdraw and delegate. Keep in mind there's now also the 1.2% burn tax on both of those transactions. With 1m staked I'd say you can expect about 1,000 LUNC per day and you'd lose about 10 LUNC in fees and 24 LUNC or so in tax.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 21, 2022 07:53:28

I don't but curious to hear the story here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 21, 2022 07:00:54

In other news: Water is wet. Of course it's biased. It's how he experienced the cars. Based on his experience he felt the Supra was worth replacing with the MX5. I do value his opinion much more than that of the average Redditor as the guy spent his own money to buy and own all three cars.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on September 21, 2022 06:45:00

Shit, this should be the default reviewing format. Well done!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on September 21, 2022 06:41:12

Also on staking. But yeah, agreed that it's still not significant.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 21, 2022 03:23:29

You've understood correctly. Exchanges do not have a choice, but they look good pretending as do and announcing they made the popular choice.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 21, 2022 03:22:24

I tell myself that if I have a seed ratio of 1:5 I am doing my part.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 21, 2022 01:06:29

I'm sorry for replying to everything. I know how "fun" market research can be so figured I'd help out a bit. When I was younger I would ride more in general, partially because I had more time and was less bothered by weather and wearing gear. So I would have riding on my mind a lot more, ride the bike into the city and would go by shops after work and then go for longer rides on the weekends. I feel you also see that with motorcycle meets. It's usually people in their 20s. As I'm a little older now I ride far less. For one because I now value gearing up properly way more, but also going into the city dressed for the office on a bike is more of a hassle. With work and personal things also taking up way more time I prioritise something like getting home at a decent hour over running to the shops to look at helmets. That's now part of the hobby I do on the weekends. N=1 here obviously, but it's been a similar pattern for most of my mates. Less time, more money means priorities shift towards containing the hobbies to a couple of hours on the weekend.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 21, 2022 01:04:20

Yup, I'll always go to MCAS first and AMX second. My SO also prefers MCAS even though she doesn't ride. It's more inviting to just look around a bit even if you're not that into riding. Especially during summer when they have the roller doors open it's a bright and comfortable place to be. MCAS also seems to have their shop laid out to support that with the clothing and things like that up front with the parts and things like oil further back. I think it's a similar problem that car dealerships have been trying to solve. Trying to create an atmosphere where it's less of a hurdle to just walk in and have a look around. &#x200B; I would also argue that the reason people drive is because they might bring someone. Could be a mate or a significant other, but I don't know if that's actually true. &#x200B; Also, talking to the community bit, back when I started riding there was a shop that pretty much said "if you guys need a place to meet up before a group ride, use our parking lot and if you give us a heads up we'll have coffee for everyone". I don't know if it actually generated a positive ROI for them, but in terms of getting traffic to their shop it seemed quite successful.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 21, 2022 00:54:39

Ah it was a little further down about the demographic bit. >Given the demographic I think you'd be catering to in the CBD I would also like to call out that when you first start out, motorcycle stores can be fairly intimidating sometimes. Dark places, filled with all these things you might not know anything about yet. I think MCAS in Keilor has done a pretty good job at making the place feel inviting and enjoyable to walk around in whereas AMX is more that traditional motorcycle place. &#x200B; Reason I say that is when I started out, I found it very difficult to ask even basic things like how a helmet was supposed to fit. Felt like I was just supposed to know those sorts of things. And you still feel the "pff, it's only a 250" vibe people sometimes give off. Not necessarily the staff, but other riders that happen to be at the store. I know now it's just part of the hobby and can laugh about those people feeling all cool because they ride a bike. It's also definitely gotten better over the years, but when my mate who is also mid 30s and who is the big "walk in and get it done" type of personality became visibly uncomfortable when we went to get him his first gear, I realised it's still very much a thing with new riders. That's why I thought to mention it. I might not have done the best way to explain it and the beard thing was a bit of a joke.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 21, 2022 00:40:25

Hey and great to hear. Definitely also post this in the Melbourne motorcycle groups on Facebook as this group is fairly small and I don't think you'll get heaps of replies here. I believe we're also a slightly older demographic here vs Facebook. So you can place me: mid 30s male, ride an older Fireblade and have been riding for about 15 years. &#x200B; 1. I live inner north and I generally go to Keilor as you have AMX and MCAS right next to each other that basically have everything I need. I prefer MCAS of the two. They are about a 20 minute drive/ride from my house I'd say. 2. I've been riding long enough that I generally have most things I need already, so I don't have to go that often. When I do need something I usually simply stop by a place when I happen to be in the area, so having what I need in stock is the most important thing to me. If something has to be ordered in, I'm afraid you can consider me a lost sale. I get that it's really difficult to balance what you have in stock and what not so I really appreciate it if stores show stock levels and/or offer the option to click and collect. 3. With Peter Stevens gone I think there's definitely a market in the CBD (there's several other places just outside of the CBD already), but it'll be an expensive location and I think you'll be catering to a different type of audience than something an AMX or MCAS that are a bit further out. I would expect more the audience that has just started riding, smaller capacity bikes, (electric) scooters. Not a bad audience per se in that they will be more likely to be buying new gear compared to the older people like myself that have been riding for some time and have most of the things they need already. It'll probably also be an audience that will have to street park their bikes or in a shared garage vs in a private garage/shed if you go further out, so things like locks and security systems might seem like a good potential product category. On the other side of that you could make an argument that the younger generation might be more price sensitive and more okay with buying something online because it's a little cheaper (after they've test fitted it in store). 4. Being in a convenient location and having the things I need. Bonus points if it's a place where I don't feel out of place not having a beard (more on that below). &#x200B; Parts I've always found a difficult thing. I prefer to support local businesses over ordering something online even if it costs a bit more, but outside of more universal things like brake rotors and pads or chain and sprockets, the store almost always has to order in the parts you need. At that point the wait is often the same, the price is usually a little worse and it means I have to go to the store again later. With that in mind (and knowing nothing about running a store), I would probably stay away from any parts. Especially as it takes up expensive inner city floor space and people living inner city are less likely to have a place to really work on their own bikes anyways. &#x200B; Given the demographic I think you'd be catering to in the CBD I would also like to call out that when you first start out, motorcycle stores can be fairly intimidating sometimes. Dark places, filled with all these things you might not know anything about yet. I think MCAS in Keilor has done a pretty good job at making the place feel inviting and enjoyable to walk around in whereas AMX is more that traditional motorcycle place. &#x200B; As you mention community being a pillar. Are you familiar with Kustom Kommune? I've never been, but they seem pretty good. &#x200B; Good luck with your business!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 20, 2022 21:38:28

With so many horror stories around, I understand the worry, but sometimes you just want a vehicle and you can't be bothered picking it up. Especially if the price is good enough where there's a bit of margin for any potential fixes in it still, why not. But for dealers especially there's also a volume/time element. For example, they might have a dealership with several fulltime employees. The mortgage/rent for the dealership and the salaries for those employees needs to be paid regardless of how many vehicles come through the door. They might as well just risk getting a dud every now and again if the flip side of that is a steady stream of vehicles coming in. Especially because if a car does need a bit of work done on it, that's relatively cheap as labour is a fixed cost.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 20, 2022 20:29:06

I was about to say, you sound like you're also from Melbourne. And for anyone thinking that it might be unclear that the bridge is low:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on September 20, 2022 01:53:35

I'm fairly certain your calculation on the burn tax on the staking rewards is wrong. It's 1.2% on the amount being transferred. Not on the total value of your delegations. So assuming no other fees, if you have 100 LUNC, you pay 1.2 LUNC in burn tax to withdraw. So of your 100 LUNC staking rewards 98.8 LUNC makes it into your wallet and 1.2 LUNC gets burned. Then when you stake that 98.8 LUNC again, another 1.2% burn tax applies, so of the 98.8 LUNC you delegate, 97.6144 LUNC actually gets delegated and 1.1856 LUNC gets burned.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/LunaClassic on September 19, 2022 20:55:59

I get that it sucks massively for almost everyone working on the game and I find the source code leak and blackmail despicable. That said, I don't know the last time I was this excited for a game. Everything looks amazing. After GTA Online I had lost some of my love for the GTA series, but it's back in full swing now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 19, 2022 08:44:15

In the video it's mentioned multiple times she's had this light out for 6 months and when he provides some solutions she just says she isn't going to get it fixed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/JusticeBoner on September 19, 2022 04:06:57

I can't tell you if the price is good, but it'll be fine as a first time bike. It's light, not too complicated or powerful, parts are generally pretty affordable and they're easy to work on. Important to keep in mind that rental vehicles will generally have had a harder life than non-rental vehicles. Why would you warm up a bike that you're going to give back in a couple of days right? And if the rental company knows they're going to be selling the bike soon, would you still bother with maintenance? Doesn't mean it's in bad shape or in worse shape than a bike that isn't an ex-rental, but because of the potentially rougher use ex-rentals tend to go for less than vehicles that don't have a rental history. The same goes for ex-track bikes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 18, 2022 21:28:11

My first reaction was "The Netherlands" but upon closer inspection I can see some poorly maintained infrastructure, so I'm going to say Belgium.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 18, 2022 18:41:18

I saw there's a video coming which is good, because what I would do is take 2 photos on a tripod. One with the cars parked but no car jumping and one with the car jumping and no parked cars. Bit of Photoshop magic and tadaa, thousands of likes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on September 18, 2022 18:27:06

Where are you from originally? Know exactly what you mean though. Was visiting and on my second day I told my SO we should move here. Don't see myself leaving again.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 17, 2022 09:09:25

They didn't really give that Cat Strap a fair chance. It's just hanging on and for the 2nd cut he just skips it entirely. Had it been melted to the exhaust he would've had to have cut it twice to be able to take the cat off for example.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 17, 2022 08:11:31

Yup, lots of people somehow mistake the accelerator pedal for the brake pedal. I can only imagine what happens when you add the power and mass of an EV.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 17, 2022 06:51:16

Rolling start and then you climb on.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 17, 2022 06:20:19

Did an /s fall off? If not, Elon Musk has a robot to sell you.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 16, 2022 22:40:30

Yeah Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel and several others left Engadget I believe after a disagreement with the direction Engadget was taking at the time. They started a website that was at first called This Is My Next which later was renamed to The Verge. Joshua Topolsky was editor in chief at Engadget, then editor in chief at The Verge and Nilay Patel took over from him a couple of years ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/technology on September 16, 2022 07:31:46

It's really disappointing reading these comments, because it shows it's not just me. I always enjoyed the old Verge layout. It was clean and clear, and a good way to catch up on tech. I find the white on black with these bright blobs everywhere incredible difficult to read. To the point where I find myself actively squinting. It's also totally not clear what the order of the page is. There's articles with bigger headlines, articles with smaller headlines, these big blocks on the right that are formatted as if they relate what's on the left, but that's not the case. It's actually an uncomfortable design and as I understand from the comments they're wanting to be like Twitter or an RSS feed? I guess if that's the case the website might just not be for me anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/technology on September 16, 2022 04:12:49

I always use Engadget (where The Verge started).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/technology on September 16, 2022 04:05:44

With mission critical stuff you just can't rely on a single line of defence. So I just use anonymous library computers.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on September 16, 2022 03:31:07

Gay porn huh. Here I was thinking some of that popularity chart topping incest stuff would've been a lot more awkward.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on September 16, 2022 03:27:14

Thanks for that. I expected something like that to be mentioned when he went into the giving examples of Disney Land, but as he didn't I figured I must've remembered wrong about a product like that exisiting. The fact that he didn't mention that after his "research" kind of tells you all you need to know. There is no way to know from some low quality photos or videos if what they're spraying is paint or this type of product

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 15, 2022 23:13:58

At the risk of coming across as pro-China, here goes: There's a lot of weird things being said in this video. * It's suggested that grass and trees are being painted with oil based paints based on a single photo from 2007 in which not grass or trees were painted, but a quarry face. Oil based paints could've been chosen for that application for many reasons, but it's implied that it's because of cost savings. Is oil based paint actually even cheaper and is the cost difference big enough to completely ignore the fact that oil based paints would likely kill the grass and plants it is being sprayed on? * I feel the title implies that China - as in Xi Jinping and co is paying for mountains and grass to be painted green, but from the video itself it sounds as if the government is actually trying to incentivise the planting of trees and plants. It's just that this system is being gamed. * This video doesn't address at all how widespread this issue is. There's only a handful of generally fairly small sites being shown. Like someone painting a lawn and a couple of rocks in a quarry, yet China is a country the size of the US with 1.4 billion people. We don't say all Americans are fat because we see some fat people in the news. We don't say all Americans shoot up schools because we hear about some school shootings in the news. Yet we paint (pun intended) all Chinese people with the same brush on some footage that's apparently collected over a period of almost 15 years. * Is China not allowed to make certain touristy places look a little nicer? Is it outrageous deception when they do it, but when Californians, golf courses and Disney Land does it, it's all acceptable? &#x200B; Look, I'm not pretending China doesn't have problems, but this feels like a silly anti-China video in which a point is trying to be made with some very weak arguments.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 15, 2022 22:24:57

Hey, but at least your great, great, great grand daughter is pretty fine.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 15, 2022 21:48:32

That doesn't really answer my question. Mould is considered an urgent repair. So we're on the same page on what is considered an urgent repair as well: * Gas leak * Flooding * Serious fire damage Mould is in that same list. Meaning it's in the fix NOW list. Not in the "fix it when you get to it". Not in the "fix after several months or fix after a VCAT judgement". It's in the fix NOW list. So I repeat the question. What would've been the better route now knowing that the landlord had no interest in doing the bare minimum that is required of them to rent out a property - which is making sure that the property is safe to live in? &#x200B; Is what you're suggesting is that the tenant should spend at least more than a few months on building mutual respect and a good relationship with the landlord? All while forced to live in an unsafe property that is actively impacting their health? A privilege for which they get to pay the landlord money? And all of that so that you are more likely, although still not guaranteed, that the landlord might actually perform their bare minimum duty as a landlord by providing a safe property?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 15, 2022 21:41:55

I'm unclear what you're suggesting would've been the better route? Should OP have been understanding that the landlord didn't want to fix a legitimate issue with the property and just get sick from living in the mould? Or should OP have moved out of a property they liked and let the mould be the next tenant's problem?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 15, 2022 20:01:50

I'm mid 30s and started surfing about a year and a half ago and surf about once every other week. In a wave pool, which I would say is basically cheating as you get lots of predictable waves every time. I'll be honest, it's blown me away a little how long it takes to progress. I ride skateboards and longboards a lot, I can snowboard pretty well, I can wakeboard and windsurf a little so I figured it would be a lot easier than it is. I can catch waves and ride them to the end but I've not been able to do anything more than just basic turns beyond that. I'm trying to learn cutbacks only now really and there's still plenty of times I can't even get the take-off right. That said, I've never been bothered by it. I'm having heaps of fun, even on mid-winter days where I'm in 8°c/46°f water, can't feel my hands and feet anymore and keep wiping out wave after wave. As long as I'm not in anyone's way I consider it a good day. And most of the people I'm in the line-up with are not too different. Plenty of people on longboards and even soft tops just chilling, happy catching a couple of waves and just riding them. No turns, no tricks, just a nice little ride. It might look boring, but I get it. If I had been early 20s and in better shape I'm sure I would be progressing way faster, but as it is, I'm enjoying it plenty. Don't let the idea of not being good enough keep you from having fun.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 15, 2022 19:56:04

I can't speak to the price itself. Compare it with some similar bikes on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Bikesales if you're unsure. Make sure km and condition are similar to keep it fair. Also, keep in mind bikes that are further out generally are a little cheaper than those closer to the city. In regards to the RWC question, the fee to have a shop do an RWC is like $150. So at most you would be saving $150 by organising it yourself. Is that worth the hassle and risk of additional costs to you? And that's assuming they sell it with the plate, if they don't you're looking at another $20 at Vicroads, plus the cost for a trailer and/or a temp rego to get it there for the check. &#x200B; Personally, I've bought bikes without an RWC (and rego) but in those cases the discount was much bigger than $300.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 14, 2022 02:00:59

Bumps don't work on Reddit. It's not a forum

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 14, 2022 01:46:40

I obviously don't know if it makes an impact at the level of an F1 driver, but you get used to shifting with either hand really quickly. The shift pattern stays the same as does the pedal layout. You just make the motions with the other hand. I would personally be surprised if it made a difference. In the grand scheme of things, moving the gear lever is a pretty simple motion.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/F1Technical on September 13, 2022 10:16:13

Haha, it does take the joy out of some things

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 13, 2022 09:09:17

Yup, this is Marken:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 13, 2022 06:21:07

Thanks, that's a good point :)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 13, 2022 05:41:01

There's a lot of charities doing really great work on this front and as far as I'm aware Woolies does a pretty good job working with them. OzHarvest for example is one that we work with that I know works a lot with Woolworths. []( Outside of that our local Woolies (and Coles as well for that matter) also donates to our charity and I have no doubt they donate to others as well. Sure, some food gets dumped, we sometimes literally can't give it away for free, but pretending Woolies just throws shit out for no reason is pretty disingenuous.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on September 13, 2022 04:47:46

That's actually more affordable than I thought. Large three storey classic detached home with a garage with a great view, close to the city in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Maybe my idea of what things cost just got massively warped by what's going on with property prices the last couple of years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 13, 2022 04:29:15

This is why I don't bring my camera on holidays anymore. I used to enjoy taking photos of places, but nowadays I've just accepted there's not a photo I can take that hasn't already been taken at least a dozen times that day. Might as well not bother carrying the camera around.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 13, 2022 03:10:14

That's fair. The ocean is an hour and a half away from me with amazing waves and plenty of space, I just don't have that much time to go often. In the pool I can at least catch some waves.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 13, 2022 02:51:52

Haha, yeah way better, but still not exactly great.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 13, 2022 02:47:11

I just checked the numbers for tax deductible donations in another reply. You might actually be better off yourself depending on which tax bracket you're in:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 13, 2022 02:40:15

I just checked the numbers and the funny/shocking thing is that depending on the tax bracket you're in, you "win" more on average by doing a tax deductible donation than buying by buying tickets for this lottery For every $3.07 you spend on this lottery, you get on average $1 back. But if you were to donate that same $3.07 and deduct it from your taxable income you would be looking at these numbers: * If you're in the 19% tax bracket: you get $0.58 back * If you’re in the 32% tax bracket: you get $0.98 back * If you’re in the 37% tax bracket: you get $1.14 back * If you’re in the 45% tax bracket: you get $1.38 back If you fall in the 37% and 45% tax brackets you are literally making more by donating your money than to play the lottery. &#x200B; Even if you fall in the 32% bracket you are just a tiny amount below the average return from the lottery ticket! If you were to buy a $100 lottery ticket your average return would be $32.57. If you were to donate that $100 and deduct it from your taxable income in the 32% bracket, you're getting $32. That's a $0.57 difference for a 100% guaranteed, zero luck involved $32 return on every $100 you donate. &#x200B; I'm actually a little blown away by these numbers...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 13, 2022 02:37:30

Very welcome

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 13, 2022 02:02:39

I go to a wave pool and get guaranteed waves all to myself. I understand the hate against pools, but man is it nice to just sit there and have a chat with others while you wait your turn for the perfect wave.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 13, 2022 00:38:13

Why would it be tax deductible? It's gambling. Going to Crown isn't tax deductible, nor is betting on the footy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 12, 2022 23:38:15

You're right. Thanks for the correction. I'll update my post.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 12, 2022 23:34:06

It is a lottery so this is what the real data looks like: * According to their website they have 227,000 tickets. * According to the same website they have 15,680 prizes * 227,000 tickets / 15,680 prizes = on average 1 prize for every 14.48 tickets sold. * A ticket is $100, so on average you need to spend $1,448 to win 1 time. * They have $7,400,000 in prizes, divided by 15,680 prizes = on average $471.94 per prize. &#x200B; So you need to spend on average $1,448 to win $471.94. The key bit here is "on average" meaning that long term, no matter if you buy one ticket per year or a thousand, no matter if you buy for one year or the next thirty, you will on average lose $1,030 for every dollar you win. &#x200B; And keep in mind that there are way more lower value prizes than high value prizes. * There's a single house worth $4.7. You have a 0.00044% chance that you win that. * There are 10 cars from what I can find. You have a 0.0044% to win that. * But there are also around 11,500 gift cards of $100. You have a 5% chance to win that. That means that for every prize you win (for which you have to spend on average $1,448) you are around 1,150x more likely to win a $100 gift card than you are to win a car and you are 11,500x more likely to win a gift card than you are to win the house. &#x200B; Outside of my opinions on how gambling is normalised and promoted. There is nothing wrong with any of this. You're supporting The Royal Melbourne Hospital and having a bit of fun doing it. It's definitely more fun than simply clicking the donate button on []( but please be aware that you are effectively giving money away. If you're really only doing it to support the RMH you might want to donate normally instead as a lot of your money for the lottery goes into marketing and management fees, instead of to the hospital.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 12, 2022 22:10:53

It reminds me of the Mitsuoka Orochi I know Pagani styling always takes a bit of time, but we're not off to a good start with this one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on September 12, 2022 19:09:09

That assumes people living close to the ocean want surfing to be inclusive. In reality I think many people that live close to the ocean want the waves all to themselves.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 12, 2022 18:58:10

[]( Yeah I felt it was a bit over the top, but I hate to say that it did work for me at least. I wear my motorcycle shoes way more often now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 11, 2022 22:09:28

Yup and they had this one last summer about riding without gear: [](

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nextfuckinglevel on September 11, 2022 22:04:08

If you're asking as a business idea, I would be the worst to ask. I just like something that goes against the grain a little. Especially for things that don't matter that much to me like a wetsuit. More than once I've said in a store to just give me the colour they can't sell for example. Not for a discount or anything, but if everybody has the same thing, it's fun to have something a bit different.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 11, 2022 20:48:12

I personally don't put too much value on what people say. Zak Brown said they were committed to Ricciardo and that's just one of many examples of where someone said one thing and then did another. Plus they wouldn't have to look for a new title sponsor if the Sofina deal continues right? That deal currently brings in around $30m per year and the only downside is that they get a driver that isn't great, but could be a whole lot worse (Mazepin). On the other side of that, De Vries might bring in other sponsors. Sofina might not bail on Williams if they replace Latifi. It might be that with the new owners and the budget caps, the pressure for funding is low enough where they would take a better driver regardless of the Sofina deal. I obviously don't really know, but I've just often found that when money is involved, it doesn't really matter what people say. I do hope that De Vries gets a seat though.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 11, 2022 20:30:32

I feel very spoiled with Melbourne. I walk 10 min to the tram and 40 min later I'm at the track where they have plenty if gates so there are pretty much no lines. I can grab some food from a supermarket nearby, sit at a nice cafe before or after, but I can also just pay with regular money inside. The views from GA aren't amazing, but you can clearly see several of the turns. In some places you can even sit down while seeing the track. Sorry to hear your experience was so bad.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 11, 2022 19:21:17

His performance would have to bring in the same amount of money Latifi brings in currently. It's not that Williams doesn't have better drivers available, it's that they need money more.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 11, 2022 19:13:12

Do they get hate? I kind of like them. People tend to have a lot more fun with them than with paint. Paint is always so serious. There's shitty wraps out there and they can be done poorly, but that's applicable to paint too. You just see it more with wraps I guess because it's easier to diy?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 11, 2022 06:15:09

Doesn't really have anything to do with what others think, it's fun for myself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 11, 2022 00:27:09

In my experience learning to surf sort of goes like this: watch others, maybe a few Youtube videos, try to do what they do and from there eat shit for a while until it clicks. I haven't seen heaps of value from getting advice other than "start turning as soon as you feel you're on the wave".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 10, 2022 20:14:50

All that work and they couldn't properly centre the moon...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 10, 2022 19:53:09

It's important to realise how small and well suited the Netherlands is for cycling and public transport. For one it's very small. I believe you're from Lithuania based on your profile. The Netherlands is a third smaller than Lithuania, but has like 7.5x the number of people. All of that means distances between things are very short. For example the top 4 largest cities are all within an hour of each other. Even with traffic. Add half an hour and you can reach 9 of the top 10 largest cities. Add to that that the country is flat and has a moderate climate and you end up with a place that's ideal for public transport and cycling. Almost everybody grew up cycling to school. Many cycle to work. So infrastructure was built around that which in turn makes cycling even more comfortable. That said, almost everyone still has a car. Especially outside of the cities public transport isn't as good and a car is just handy in a lot of situations. Except for a small group of people that live in the middle of the large cities, few people have a problem with motorists.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 9, 2022 08:32:46

Amsterdam is a small city, around a million people if you include surrounding suburbs.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on September 9, 2022 08:13:40

I suggest reading Adrian Newey's book called "How to build a car". It's a really good book, but also sheds bit of light on what happens behind the scenes, although it's obviously written by someone in a high level position. My take away was that if you value things like a healthy work-life balance, it's probably not the job to take. It's constantly crunch time, working outside of business hours and you're constantly competing against the very best and most motivated people in your field. There's a pretty amazing experience in reward if you love everything to do with racing, but if that isn't the case it might be a tough job. It's like engineers wanting to work for Space X for example. It's not the best paying job. It doesn't have a great work life balance, but it is the place where you get to work on something very special.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/F1Technical on September 9, 2022 05:53:32

This exists already. Have a look at the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold or Asus Zenbook Fold.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on September 9, 2022 01:41:24

This exists. Asus has the Zenbook Fold which has the footprint of a 12 inch laptop and can be used as such, but also opens up to a 17 inch OLED screen. There's also the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold which is a little bit smaller, but better designed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on September 9, 2022 01:40:54

These are such negative articles. I don't care much for bendable TVs either, but this is a step to things like rollable TVs becoming more mainstream, which I can't wait for. LG has shown it's possible with their LG Signature rollable TV and I for one would gladly pay a premium for a TV that is a lot less obtrusive when not in use.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on September 9, 2022 01:38:37

I used to say that too, but I don't really feel they're comparable anymore. Sure, the sensation of speed and experience while riding is unmatched, especially for the money, but bikes come with so many downsides. Maybe it's an age thing or lack of time, but with a car I can just get in and go, rain or shine. With a bike I have to put on gear, get the locks off it, can't comfortably bring anyone or anything, have to wear earplugs, bring other clothes if I'm going somewhere, etc. They have a role, but if I had a more experience focussed sports car, I don't know how much I'd still take out the bike.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 9, 2022 01:27:38

It has ruined enthusiast vehicles for me, but not in the way you describe. I still would love something like an Ultima GTR. I don't care at all that there's some EV that goes faster. It's all about the experience. (Can you tell I owned an MX5 at one point?) It's the same auto vs manual conversation. Yeah an auto is objectively better. It's faster, more fuel efficient etc. But in terms of experience, I would still take the manual. What EVs have ruined is that enthusiast cars now are trying to, or feel the need to compete with EVs. Journalists I think play a role in this. A 3 Series gets compared with a Model 3 and then a Model 3 comes out being better because it is quieter, smoother, etc. Sure, I get that it might be those things, but that's not what I buy a 3 Series for. It's a different experience. It's like saying that watching a movie at home is better than going to the cinema, because it's cheaper and you can make your own popcorn. Sure, those things are true, but it's completely ignoring lots of other aspects of why people go to the cinema. So EVs are ruining what enthusiast cars used to mean. It used to be about feeling connected with the car, enjoying the drive. More and more it's about feeling isolated from everything around you and giving you gimmicks to distract you from driving. And I consider all this 0-60 in 2 second stuff a gimmick too.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 9, 2022 01:17:15

Thanks for the update! I stand corrected in that case.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on September 8, 2022 17:55:57

Hulkenberg is checking clearing his calendar as we speak.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 8, 2022 08:10:30

I've been riding for about 15 years now I think. When I started out I was quite literally fearless. Young and dumb as they say, but you grow out of that luckily. Now my fear is simply not making it back home to the people (and cats) that rely on me, so I ride accordingly. Not just doing dumb stuff yourself, but there's a lot of people out there that seem fairly unaware that they're sharing the road with others. Good thing is you already say you ride defensively. In my experience female riders also have a lot less need to do the "look at me" thing. I refer back to my young and dumb comment. &#x200B; The bike flipping or falling down in a turn really doesn't happen that much anymore. Tires and bikes have become so good now and you generally have to do something silly or just be unlucky for it to happen. That said, it's also not the end of the world. Most of us have been on the ground, it happens. It does sound very scary as we always tend to hear the horror stories, but falling happens all the time. As long as you're wearing decent gear you should be alright in most cases, even if the crash is at higher speeds. In most cases you end up with a bruised ego, a few real bruises and an expensive repair bill. Again, most of us have been there. It is scary, you try to avoid it, but don't let it stop you from trying riding entirely. Maybe do an introduction lesson somewhere to see how riding feels. &#x200B; Lane splitting is fully optional, but you'll automatically start doing it once you start to feel more comfortable on your bike. You'll feel how wide the bike is, when and when not to do it (be super careful around trucks) and you'll instinctively will just slip in between the cars. But again, it's optional so if you don't want to do it, don't. &#x200B; Lifting up a bike is a trick and nothing to do with strength. It's just that if you're strong enough you don't need the tricks. Plus if you drop the bike, people come running from every direction to help you. It genuinely is nothing to worry about. You can find videos on Youtube on how to pick up a bike if you're curious. &#x200B; I can't talk to the cat calling bit for obvious reasons. I have some female friends that I've never heard about it, but that obviously doesn't mean it doesn't happen. There's a female rider group in Melbourne that you can contact. I will say that with some gear on and a full face helmet on, you're pretty unidentifiable. &#x200B; Hope that answers some of your questions!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on September 8, 2022 03:57:41

I don't know man, you've sold me on getting it now. They should pay you for this promotion.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on September 8, 2022 00:49:48

There's some busses going up to all the ski resorts that might work. []( You can also rent cars if you have a driver license.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on September 7, 2022 17:04:35

I prefer the Alfaholics GTA-R with this being an EV. Nothing wrong with EVs, but this is a car that used be known for being small, nimble and lively. Not generally the words used to describe the EV experience.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on September 6, 2022 19:55:45

At many larger beaches you can rent beach wheelchairs. Might be worth calling a couple places near you to see if they have them.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/specializedtools on September 6, 2022 07:49:52

Alright, but the point still stands. Australia takes in mostly young, healthy, educated primarily white immigrants that have a very good grasp of the English language, deliberately choose to move to Australia and can afford to pay thousands of dollars for a visa. Sweden takes in refugees from completely different cultures, that didn't really choose to move there, that don't speak the language at all, etc. It's comparing apples to oranges.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 6, 2022 04:15:51

They just mean Australian Dollar

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/terraluna on September 5, 2022 20:43:06

Amsterdam: "Those are rookie numbers".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 5, 2022 19:21:21

Your information is wrong. Australia doesn't do refugees in any big numbers. We're a country of 25m people and grant less than 20k refugee visas per year and he government has been accused of cherry picking the "best" refugees they accept. We do have more immigration, but there's very strict rules on who is and who isn't allowed in. Basically if you aren't young and aren't bringing money or desirable skills, you can forget getting a visa here. Australia is also very urbanised. We're a big country but half of our population lives in just two cities, so it's easier for immigrants to blend in. Compare that to Sweden which has a population of just 10 million people which takes in the same numbers as Australia. And Sweden isn't as urbanised so blending in isn't as easy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 5, 2022 19:10:02

For this I can actually swallow the full price, it seems like a very substantial upgrade over the previous versions and feels like it adds to the experience. Something like GTA V though, yeah nah.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 5, 2022 10:29:49

Anyone with half a brain knew that was never going to be true

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gaming on September 5, 2022 10:21:00

Way to make crypto not seem like a pyramid scheme...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/terraluna on September 5, 2022 07:52:06

I found this, it's called Median Stack. You upload multiple photos and it automatically cuts out what's different between photos. From what I can see a tripod isn't required.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 5, 2022 07:32:39

I enjoy taking photos at meets at times, but I'm always super mindful that it's my "job" to work around people, not them around me. If I don't want someone in my shot, it's on me to wait. Not on someone else to wait for me. If I notice people holding back because I'm taking a photo I always encourage people to just ignore me. Over the years that kind of developed into a style. Close-ups so people can't even walk into a shot if they wanted to, long lenses so I can stand far away and people just do their thing while I wait or deliberately having people in the shot to capture the atmosphere of an event. And I actually think my photos have become better for it. Not that I'm a great photographer or anything, it's just that lots of people tend to take somewhat straightforward photos which I feel are a bit boring sometimes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on September 5, 2022 07:27:48

These are 300k homes in 2022. Less than the average house price in the Netherlands. We must have different opinions on what rich is. In my opinion rich doesn't start at a little above average.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 5, 2022 05:47:54

Outside of the obvious, I also couldn't be an F1 driver because I'd answer questions like this in very sarcastic ways.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 5, 2022 05:41:40

For the baby boomer generation having/being able to afford a holiday home is fairly normal, especially as these homes were built decades ago, before property prices skyrocketed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 18:42:42

I get that a lot of people have trouble with the scale of what they're looking at. Especially if you're used to places like the US, but to put things into perspective: cycling from the bottom left to the top right in this photo is not even 5 minutes. This is not some large city block or a complete town. Lemmer itself has a population of just 10,000 and this is a little part of it somewhere on the outskirts. If you're not from the area, you would be hard pressed to find it if you visited Lemmer. Most of the homes you're looking at are holiday homes occupied by people that like boating. So very little use of cars and pretty quiet in general.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:36:32

It's a very small part of Lemmer that primarily consists out of holiday homes. Lots of German tourists that like boating. The rest of Lemmer is nothing like this.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:25:42

Not that rich. Lots of German tourists with holiday homes. Not cheap compared to other places in Lemmer, but pretty affordable compared to lots of other places in the Netherlands.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:23:52

Just a regular McDonalds about a 15 minute bike ride away. Right next to the freeway onramp (Lemmer is actually a normal town, the photo shows a very, very small part of it).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:22:14

I grew up in Lemmer and most of us didn't care for it much, but it's popular with people that like boats as it's close to all the big lakes. Space wise however, this is pretty decent, good even by Dutch standards. It is one of the most densily populated countries in the world after all.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:20:37

It's mostly holiday homes and Lemmer is tiny. You can cycle everywhere in maybe 15 minutes. That might put things into some perspective.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:17:37

If this floods, it means pretty much the rest of the country is underwater too. This is not more at risk than Amsterdam.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:15:15

It's a tiny little area of Lemmer. There's places similar to this all over Friesland.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:13:39

You're exactly the type of people that live there. You're right at the entrance off all the big lakes and I believe just two locks removed from the North Sea. It's a lot of holiday homes you see in the photo.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:10:54

I grew up in Lemmer (my parents still live there) and going through all these comments I wonder if I know some of you, haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:08:16

That's right and this also is totally not representative of Lemmer. It's a very small part of it all the way on the edge and it's primarily holiday homes. This is at least the third repost as far as I'm aware and while it's fun to see where I grew up, everyone pretending it's something mindblowing is a little tiresome.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/europe on September 4, 2022 10:05:36

I bought an Oppo Reno 10x Zoom a little over three years ago. A bit of an experiment because in my part of the world they weren't that common, but had a good experience with OnePlus before and the Oppo seemed compelling. I don't use cases on my phones nor am I overly protective of my phones. And I'm currently typing this on the same device. I know 3 years isn't that long, but it's the longest I've ever used the same device. I like switching every other year or so, a new experience and things like that. But I just have very little reason to do so with this phone. Everything is holding up great. Battery still lasts a good day. I had a software update to Android 12 a couple weeks back. Still get regular security updates etc. Truth is that I'm actually impressed by how well it has held up and I would buy another Oppo in a heartbeat based on my experience with this one. I will be switching to a foldable this year, intended on before, but that's genuinely just because I want something different, not because I have any complaints with this one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Oppo on September 4, 2022 05:53:12

QLD and NSW would like a word

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 4, 2022 02:48:52

Don't think the floodings contribute directly to our water supply, but I think that the weather events that caused the flooding there have also caused us to have had more rain.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 4, 2022 02:46:25

I know we're roasting here, but irl I'd take the Giulia over the Ghibli every day of the week.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on September 4, 2022 01:58:10

One even managed to get a ride along in an F2 car!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 3, 2022 19:45:36

You might be right. He was a reserve driver, I figured that meant had had some seat time as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 3, 2022 03:45:22

Ah that makes it all okay then, because mentally ill people that have run-ins with police are known for their ability to make well thought out decisions and are fully capable of understanding the long term impact of things. You know, the exact type of people that knows how to read and interpret deliberately vague and complicated contracts and the type of people that knows when a pushy producer is selling them bullshit. And this not being an exploitative show at all, I also have no doubt producers wait until the people they film are sober and have had a good night of sleep. Good thing the show is being run by such nice and considerate people, because I could totally see how a less ehtical producer would format the waiver to look exactly like the other paperwork someone has to sign after having been arrested and stuff it in with the rest so it can be conveniently signed at the same time. Thanks for clearing this up. As someone that lives in one of those "leftist" countries our idea of who are weaker members of society that might need some protecting often gets skewed a bit.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 2, 2022 20:30:49

I feel pretty uncomfortable with all these clips being posted as being funny. These are all clearly people with issues and it's all being dealt with by cops that are horribly inequipped to do so. And then all of that is recorded with close-ups of these people to be shown to millions of people to laugh at.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/videos on September 2, 2022 20:08:05

Maybe it's made of shrink wrap. Apply heat and let us know!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on September 2, 2022 19:56:35

They offered Piastri the contract after testing for McL didn't they? So they probably have a decent idea of his performance in the current car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 2, 2022 19:54:18

Nah it's like planes. Qantas vs Jetstar. Same track, different train companies.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 2, 2022 19:47:54

Yeah I'd be fucking pissed. Especially as they do it during the start of the race. Plus I can't imagine it's very comfortable stuff to breath.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 2, 2022 08:58:57

I fail to see how that matters. The person you responded to said the official Formula 1 channels hype it up. You said you didn't see any flares on the F1 Insta channel. What I don't see on the F1 channel is any mention at all about how flares are not allowed or in any way discouraged.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 2, 2022 08:50:47
/r/formula1/comments/x3w5jb/flares_are_not_allowed_at_zandvoort/ims9gv7/ And last year they posted a fair bit from Zandvoort as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on September 2, 2022 07:47:57

For sure and the problem with healthcare is that it isn't optional. If PT becomes too expensive you can take the car, cycle, etc. If your cancer treatment gets too expensive your options are a lot more depressing. But yeah we need to find a balance and lately it feels a lot like the scales have tipped towards a more "American" system, which I don't think we should want for Australia.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 2, 2022 01:40:16

I think we're saying the same thing, but apologies if that's not the case. The deal with construction is often that the private party taking on the costs to build something is allowed to operate it. That's why our toll roads are operated by Transurban. Transurban I believe is paying something like $4 billion of the Westgate Tunnel for example and in return they're allowed to operate it, which means they are allowed to collect tolls, but they're also responsible for maintenance etc. Now I'm not saying it's a good deal or anything, but I understand why it works this way.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 23:59:34

I definitely think we've gone too far with privatisation the last several years. Our healthcare and education system absolutely need changing, but for public transport I think there's an argument to be made to have part of it be managed by the private sector. In Europe they're trialing allowing multiple private companies to operate lines and compete against each other instead of having this sort of monopoly that we have here for example although that might not work as well with busy inner city lines.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 23:42:36

There's a lot of significant and useful benefits to plastic over glass for bottles, so I wouldn't really say that's a great example.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on September 1, 2022 21:14:23

I'm not sure if you're after a real answer, but one of the bigger reasons is that large projects cost a lot of money and take a long time to complete. Because of that, those projects are difficult to get through government. Take the Melbourne Airport Rail project for example. $15 billion dollar project. Will take almost a decade to complete. Let's look at some voters: **The camp that is probably in favour of the line** * Someone living in or closely around the CBD - Love it. They can go on holiday much easier, don't have to pay for expensive taxis anymore. * Someone living in the city but a bit further out - They're ok with it. It might not benefit them directly, but they can see the benefit to the city. &#x200B; **The camp that is against:** * Rural Victoria - They will never use the line or see any benefit from it and the primary thing they see is that once again all investment goes into the city and nothing is done for them * Anyone living in the path of the line or close to it - they will now have a train running through their backyard impacting their property values or worse, they will be forced to sell their house and relocate. &#x200B; That's already a nice little split and there will be plenty of nuance and people in between, but it gives you an idea. But then there's things like politicians that are committing to an expensive 9 year long project. Generally nobody is positive about construction. For 9 years there will be news articles about delays, cost overruns etc. It's a big risk for a career politician. And there's industries with influence, like taxi companies and hotel chains. &#x200B; A government can go through all of that, or they outsource large part of the hassle to a private party that makes a profit. In some (definitely not all) big projects it becomes a choice between having something be run by a private company vs not having something at all. That's also the case for some of our toll roads for example.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 21:02:17

>That's for other people to figure out. OP, probably

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 20:33:30

Why not? Everyone in the state pays for it, including those that don't have access to it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 20:32:29

That's why the existing system in my opinion is already pretty fair compared to many other places around the world where price is based completely based on distance traveled.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on September 1, 2022 20:31:06

This page tells you what to do:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/vic on September 1, 2022 19:21:12

Everybody is also always replying so dead serious that I actually get confused a little sometimes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on September 1, 2022 19:13:11

Those ram air inlets sticking out before the fairings were so cool.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/motogp on August 31, 2022 03:39:14

When I first started going out on the beach I told everyone around me that I didn't know what I was doing and to please yell at me if I did something wrong and to let me know if I was in the way or if someone else had right of way etc. I don't know if I just got lucky having some nice people around or because it wasn't super crowded, but people were all quite friendly about it all and helped me point out which waves to go for, which to let go and when it was my turn. Things like that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 31, 2022 03:25:06

I won't go so far as to say NK is fine and has no problems, but these two Australians went to NK to show we are definitely being fed an idea of NK that isn't completely in line with reality:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on August 30, 2022 21:56:56

These two Australians went to North Korea to show how much propaganda we're being fed about NK:

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on August 30, 2022 21:53:23

They're early Haldex AWD so very front wheel biased unfortunately.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on August 30, 2022 18:23:01

According to the sticker on my local fuel pump, using my phone while filling up is very dangerous. Just thought to let you know so you don't blow up a plane. You're welcome.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/mildlyinteresting on August 30, 2022 01:48:57

Ah right, thanks.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 30, 2022 01:42:03

I'm no expert, but it seems you can get a lot more waves for yourself if you learn to surf left.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 30, 2022 00:45:35

Was that really put out by the Casino Association of Las Vegas?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 30, 2022 00:40:46

As someone that isn't from the US, this is such a strange thing to read. I see far more Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotus' and McLarens than I see Corvettes.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 29, 2022 20:25:17

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 29, 2022 02:41:22

I don't know about this case, but it also doesn't matter. Think of cease and desist orders like this: Say you get charged with a crime you didn't commit. You know you didn't commit the crime, police knows you didn't commit the crime, you have evidence to say you didn't commit the crime, but you are still prosecuted. Now, you'll most likely be found to be not guilty right? But think of what it took you to get to that outcome. You'll most likely have wasted a lot of time, money and energy you're not getting back going to court, hiring lawyers, compiling evidence, etc. It's the same here. Ferrari doesn't care. They have a small army of lawyers that get paid regardless of if they sue you or not. There is next to no cost for them to make your life a whole lot more complicated. However, you as an individual most likely have to spend a whole lot of time money and energy for what? The best outcome is that you get to keep doing what you were already doing. At worst you lose out on even more money. &#x200B; So it's not always about if they can actually enforce the order, it's about how much appetite someone has to go through all the hassle involved with Ferrari trying to enforce it. This is also why plenty of people and companies settle over things they might have a very decent chance of winning. In plenty of cases it's cheaper/easier to just pay a few bucks and be done with it. A lot of patent trolling works on this principle as well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 29, 2022 02:37:28

I know I'm a little weird, but the F11 is a dream car for me and yours looks awesome.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on August 28, 2022 22:01:06

I didn't mind it when it came out and I don't mind it now. Still wish they made a manual Levorg.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 28, 2022 18:53:05

Same, I'm like a Ken doll on a good day, sprinkle some cold water on me and I shrivel into a full innie.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 27, 2022 22:59:33

Import an HSV LSD

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 27, 2022 08:50:25

I'm sorry to be that guy, but an automatic. I'm fine with automatics being offered and people buying and driving them, but for me normal modern, somewhat sporty cars at this point just are not relevant anymore due to the lack of a manual. Where I live there are no new rwd or awd manual sedans, hatchbacks or wagons for sale except for the M3, WRX and GR Yaris. Hell, even adding SUVs to the list gives you one whole single model to choose from (a Land Cruiser).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 27, 2022 05:01:18

I don't know where you live but €27 to €34 doesn't get you a lot of high quality sweaters. H&M or Zara is fine, but absolutely not "good".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 27, 2022 04:07:28

Same for me, but also I know I'll still take most of my photos with my phone if I has a dedicated camera anyways. I have an older DSLR now that hardly gets any use anymore because I don't want to drag a big camera around all the time and my SO always gets annoyed if I take "forever" to take a photo of something. So the times I'd actually get good use out of a new and expensive camera are few and far between. Might as well get a good phone camera and just work around its limitations.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/dataisbeautiful on August 24, 2022 18:49:16

He has a special VIP card that allows him to eat for free at McD in Omaha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/todayilearned on August 24, 2022 08:45:26

Don't forget safety and emissions requirements are also different for three wheelers.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 24, 2022 03:28:42

My favourite moment is still when Nightmare straight up shot a minibot into the wall []( But this is a very close second now!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gifs on August 24, 2022 02:32:12

At least he got a wave! I've definitely paddled for what felt like eternity a few times only to give up and take the white water back to the beach.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 24, 2022 00:50:56

So this is an interesting one after this post from yesterday: [\_and\_i\_were\_filmed\_in\_a\_tik\_tok\_in\_the\_cbd/]( Did you ask this person if they were okay with this photo? Not trying to give you shit, but it's an interesting one as I personally don't like taking photos of people because I don't like having photos taken of myself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/MelbournePhotography on August 24, 2022 00:42:10

Man made lake. The bay is a bit to the left of this photo.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on August 23, 2022 18:36:40

Nah, not at all. $44 per player. Picture is pretty, but it's just another golf course. There's heaps here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on August 23, 2022 18:35:45

If you live in a city you'll hardly ever see them. Especially in a city like Melbourne.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on August 23, 2022 18:33:06

As shitty as it is, you can say whatever you like, but recording on the street without permission is allowed. In addition to that, even if for some reason you would legally be in the right to not give permission, if someone records you anyways you would still be the person that would have to go through the hassle of getting the law enforced.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 23, 2022 01:10:12

I genuinely think breaking their device and walking off is more effective. Good luck finding you in a city of 5m+ people.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 23, 2022 00:26:10

Many reviewers also say that the lack of engine sound make it more difficult to estimate your speed.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 22, 2022 02:21:37

You should ask if you could join them for a day. I think you'd be surprised how "lazy" they are.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 22, 2022 02:14:13

I had two video recordings of my postie not knocking or ringing the bell, just dropping the parcel, taking a photo and taking off immediately. Sent that to AusPost and it never happened again.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 22, 2022 02:12:43

Maybe he knocked/rang the doorbell and you didn't hear?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 22, 2022 02:09:31

Didn't RIC drive into the back of VER?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 21, 2022 09:07:58

One. But I mostly surf in a pool so I always get the same wave.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 21, 2022 05:53:53

I always do bank transfers, even for bikes far cheaper than this. I'll do a deposit through the bank on the spot so the owner has my details and can verify things if they so choose, then transfer the remaining when I'm picking the bike up. I almost always get something in writing. I usually do a receipt of vehicle sale which you can download from the Vicroads website or something with the same info. Have it say the full sale price + the deposit paid and any conditions (like pending rwc or ppi). Make a copy, both the seller and I sign both copies and I I take a bunch of photos of the vehicle (make sure you take a photo of the VIN). I also take a photo of the owner's drivers license with the signed receipt. They usually do the same with my license. I then don't get the vehicle until the owner has the money on their account. It might be useful to bring two copies of an empty receipt of vehicle sale to fill in on the day + a pen as not everyone can print or has pen and paper available on the day. Also make sure you agree on a price before your test ride and what happens when you wreck during. I always say I'll buy the vehicle for the agreed price when I wreck which so far has not been an issue, but you might get insurance for the test ride and the owner might want you to cover the difference between insurance payout and agreed price etc. This doesn't cover every situation, but it at least gives you and the other party something.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on August 21, 2022 04:51:08

"She'll be right"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/NotMyJob on August 21, 2022 03:03:15

Do you mean the actual colours of the moon aren't as visible to us because they are filtered out by our atmosphere, as in these are the colours you would see if you were actually on the moon?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on August 21, 2022 02:59:27

You think your noodly appendage can change OP's mind?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/space on August 21, 2022 02:55:43

The F1 was insanely expensive at the time. $815,000. In fact, they had trouble selling all of them originally because it was so much more than anything else. The XJ220 was $580k, the F40 was $400k, the EB110 was $500k etc. Onky 107 were made and only 64 of those were road legal versions. They could've made more. Now compare that to all the $4m+ cars that sell out before they are even announced to the public.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on August 21, 2022 02:36:13

Nothing is pushed to the absolute limit in this car. It's the same engine as in the Chiron Super Sport 300+ which came out 3 years ago and which itself is not all that different from the engine that was in the Veyron that came out 17 years ago. Similarly the chassis is based on the Chiron's which has been around for years. There's nothing wrong with that strategy. McLaren does it. So does Lamborghini. But nothing is trickling down into "normal" cars from this.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on August 21, 2022 02:06:21

The CC850 is the more interesting announcement of the last couple of days to me, but neither really interest me all that much. We'll never see them irl and few will actually really be driven.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on August 21, 2022 01:38:15

It's a win all around though. Get people drunk so they procreate and spend more while at the same time doing enough damage to their bodies so they don't make it to an age where they cost the country more than they bring in. Even better when they reduce alcohol prices now, just long enough to get people addicted, then increase prices over time to extract more money from those that can't stop anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on August 21, 2022 00:47:02

"Ah, just like your father"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on August 21, 2022 00:28:47

Bro, trust me. 50 drinks in a week sounds insane to me. I'm not even completely sure if I drink that much WATER in a week.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on August 21, 2022 00:26:46

This profile is amazing

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on August 20, 2022 08:54:41

If your vacuum sounds like this, you might want to have it looked at.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 18, 2022 21:54:00

Because I can't afford a supercharged V10

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 18, 2022 21:51:47

That doesn't sound like a combustion engine to you?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 18, 2022 21:48:56

Thanks for giving a bit more insight. Is there any real change on the horizon for all of this? &#x200B; PS. Your password is not 'MyCat'.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 21:08:30

Sure, there's several articles if you look up "Robert Mericle" and "settlement". I don't know how reliable any of these sources are though. [\_\_Kids\_for\_cash\_\_figure\_Mericle\_agrees\_to\_pay\_\_17\_75\_million.html]( []( []( &#x200B; Let's also not forget Robert J. Powell who I believe worked with Robert Mericle on doing all this shit. He also has paid several million in settlements (but again, not enough).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 20:01:43

She will never even know this happened, which is the worst part about it. No lesson learned.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Roadcam on August 17, 2022 18:44:18

I got a strong sense of feeling powerless. All she had was her voice, but she would've wanted to do so much more. I honestly don't get it sometimes. People get killed over what seems like nothing all the time, but someone like this who deserves to be hated by man can just stand there.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 18:33:11

It's also an excellent "investment" as people that go to prison at a young age often become repeat offenders which is why many other countries do their best to keep kids OUT of prison.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 18:28:02

I agree that $250k is nothing and it should've been more, but I also read elsewhere that he settled for $17.75 million with victims in another case.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 18:23:39

For-profit prisons are insane to me. There was no way this wouldn't backfire which is exactly why a prison should be run by the government. There are certain industries you just shouldn't privatise.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 17, 2022 18:19:22

I sometimes think it might be fun to do a POV video and then I realise like 30% of what I record would be me eating shit. The other 70% would be paddling.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 17, 2022 18:06:09

What happens with that red block is the same thing that would happen if you get your hand caught in it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/specializedtools on August 17, 2022 03:40:53

The oil filter of my bike is behind my headers. It literally should be a one or two minute job to replace. In the shop manual they even say to just reach in between the pipes to unscrew the filter, but I have a hard time believing anyone but a very young child could get anywhere near it. I always end up having to take half the fairings off, only to make the tiniest or turns with an oil wrench coming in from the side.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 14, 2022 22:15:41

This all comes down to being young and overconfident. Bought an NA MX5 that a guy had tried to slide in the snow. He had hit a tree towards the front of the driver side door. There was definitely damage but the window was still rolling up and down and the door opened and closed, so I figured it would just be a matter of replacing the door and the rocker panel I would just leave dented. There was also a broken windshield, but I figured that was a separate issue. Well, let me tell you, I misjudged the whole thing. The A pillar was pushed in slightly. Not enough to really see something was off without really measuring everything really closely, but enough to make fitting the door pretty much impossible. Basically it looked like that door opening was 1 cm shorter than the door. With a lot of love from a hammer and a welder we eventually got the replacement door in, but I never dared replacing the windscreen. The place that did the glass measured it up and said it should fit, but I just didn't dare to take the risk so I drove it with a broken windshield for 3 years.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 14, 2022 22:11:15

When I was in the US years ago I believe the 335i was the base model 3 Series there.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 14, 2022 18:29:36

Yup, same. I currently already feel our winter is just a bit too long.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 13, 2022 21:00:05

I was going to shit on it a bit for feeling like a cash grab but I saw it's a one-off that's going to auctioned off for charity. Guess this is a nice little way to get the auction some attention in that case. The charities are Girls Inc and US for UNHCR.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on August 13, 2022 20:43:57

Ah I didn't know that. We really have to go out of our way for a manual nowadays. We get almost nothing with a manual where I live unfortunately which is a big reason I drive an 18 year old car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on August 13, 2022 20:25:46

Wouldn't I be cheering on Max in that case?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 13, 2022 20:23:06

I rentes a Twizy a couple weeks back on a holiday and it was awesome. I want one, but it's useless where I live.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on August 13, 2022 10:39:53

That's a nice Passat... Just kidding, great car!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on August 13, 2022 06:14:01

Must've been something he said much, much earlier in the season.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 13, 2022 06:09:12

Me too, someone's face can really do a number on your fins

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 13, 2022 04:49:26

That driving from the roof must be such a special experience. Driving through the desert when the sun has just set. The true definition of a land yacht.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on August 13, 2022 04:32:06

I live close enough to New Zealand to know what's going to happen next.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 13, 2022 04:17:04

I live close enough to New Zealand to know what's going to happen next.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 13, 2022 04:16:43

Never cared about Ferrari or Leclerc, but I now am cheering on Leclerc and actively upset with Ferrari as a team.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 13, 2022 03:32:41

It requires energy, but it also produces energy. Currently it requires more energy than it produces, but the cool thing is that this could at some point produce more energy than it requires.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on August 13, 2022 03:25:44

It's not like he'd miss one or two of his kids. I bet he has at least some replacements on the way already.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/nottheonion on August 12, 2022 19:25:26

This is an incredibly dumb article and I just have to assume the writer has never used a folding phone like any of the Z Fold devices. Yes a folding phone is a compromise. A dedicated phone is a better phone. A dedicated tablet is a better tablet. You know what doesn't fit in my pocket? A phone and a tablet. A foldable phone is not useless because it's not the best tablet. It's useful because it is a better tablet than your average phone is. The world is full of "compromises" like this. Tablets themselves are not as useful as laptops. Laptops are not as useful as dedicated desktop computers. Yet people have laptops, desktops, consoles, ereaders, phones etc in their homes. All with lots of overlapping functionality.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on August 12, 2022 07:22:16

Nah it's actually pretty decent for a 2009 budget tv show.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on August 11, 2022 22:29:59

I'd love to see these places. Like $660 per week is a pretty good amount of rent. I sometimes look at places with prices like that thinking "that would be a nice place to live". But in this case you're coming from like $500. Not that that's bad or anything, but that's something like a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom kind of place. At least in the area I'm in. Whereas $660 gets you into the 3 bedroom, 1.5 bathroom and a garage range. Like surely they just want you out but they're like "well if they accept this, we'd be idiots not to take their money".

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 11, 2022 02:44:22

Absolutely, this would normally absolutely be the way to go. In this case unfortunately there is/was time pressure. Thanks for your reply :)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Emailmarketing on August 11, 2022 02:01:07

That I absolutely should

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 08:30:11

Thanks. We've used Lemlist in combination with I should've explained my situation a little better. The problem is that we're starting from zero and the client has requested we email the full list in a couple of days. So with an account that is hardly warmed up, we are required to send about 10k emails per day. Longer term this would be fine, they just want it all and they want it now.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Emailmarketing on August 10, 2022 06:00:47

Thanks, really appreciate your reply. Yeah the response in this case was a bit unexpected and quick, and as such we hadn't gone through the normal warm-up activity and ramp up. Thanks again, I'll have a bit of a look at the other things you recommended as well!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Emailmarketing on August 10, 2022 05:56:37

I will most likely have made a mistake with my numbers, I'm unsure where I got them from. But the point remains that he is still an extremely wealthy man if Tesla as a whole literally disappeared overnight.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 03:52:32

He doesn't need an excuse. He can do whatever he wants, but the market will still react to it. As if he doesn't have faith in his company anymore. Like if I buy my wife flowers and tell her she looks stunning for no reason, she will think I did something wrong.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 03:50:21

My money is on him trying to cash out of Tesla at the peak of the market without crashing the stock. This is the perfect excuse.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 01:16:34

He could spend a million dollars PER DAY and still be alright for the next 16 years. And that's assuming he has nothing else. Only a small portion of his net worth comes from Tesla. Only something like $30B of his total $260B net worth is Tesla. Space X is something like $100B of that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 01:13:13

I wonder if this was all just a big ploy to be able to cash out of Tesla shares without tanking the price. He's now sold a little over 31 million shares in the last 12 months. About 17% of the total shares he had this time last year. When he sold 5 million shares it earlier this year, the price of Tesla fell by 12% which will have had a much bigger impact on his bottom line than the $1B he might lose to Twitter.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on August 10, 2022 01:08:53

I hadn't actually read the article. I read in the comments that it was a hose, but it's actually just a brake reservoir cap haha. Wow.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 9, 2022 07:30:34

Fyi, you can temporarily block a number if you like. That way you don't get all these notifications stressing you out. Plus the people contacting you will pretty quickly realise there's no use contacting you anymore.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 9, 2022 06:56:34

I was ready to give you shit about your average car not being like a Ferrari, but then I saw your flair haha.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 9, 2022 05:28:51

Red light cameras take two photos in quick succession.,the%20light%20turned%20red%2C%20and

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on August 7, 2022 03:43:57

Little disappointed that literally not a single person had a real answer...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 6, 2022 09:46:46

VER and RIC at RB in a Newey car with the 2015 Camobull livery.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 5, 2022 20:51:58

For me it's also to a fairly large degree that yeah there's fewer parts in an EV, but those parts are a lot more expensive. Like total-the-car expensive. For example, degraded battery packs have to be replaced as a whole unit at like $20k+. Even if just a module fails within them and you can get someone to replace that module for you, you're looking at several thousands of dollars. Likewise, a drive unit of which something like a Model 3 has two, is something like $10k+ to replace. That's the same concept as buying a second hand car where the engine can just grenade at any moment. I realise that ICE cars require heaps of maintenance too, but it's not usually such catastrophic single points of failure. This is like Porsche's IMS bearings or BMW's rod bearings, but without the ability to take preventative measures.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 5, 2022 20:13:40

It's more that car centric countries like the US, Canada and Australia are the exception I've found. I'm originally from Europe where I thought my first gen Toyota Aygo that did 0-60 in 13.7 seconds was nice and peppy and where people were impressed by my E46 325i (which still only did 0-60 in 7 seconds or so) and thought it was a pretty large car. Now I live in Australia where I have a Subaru Liberty with a 3L H6 engine, which was the biggest engine Subaru offered at the time (also does 0-60 in 7 seconds btw), and my car is considered middle of the road at best in terms of speed and averave in terms of size despite being 5 Series sized.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 5, 2022 19:39:37

I was like, ok well let OP do his thing if it's just a styling thing, but when I saw that... yeah nah. That's lame as fuck.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/bikesgonewild on August 4, 2022 19:43:58

Could you blame him? It's not like he didn't get a decent chance to show he was good enough.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 4, 2022 01:04:00

Despite how we might all feel like this stuff as fans, Formula 1, Indy, McLaren etc are businesses and in business contracts exist for a reason. All these drivers and their managers have been in this business long enough to know that if a signed contract is not in place, nothing is final. So when I saw the Piastri thing, I figured he must have had a contract in place to make such an strong statement. If that's not the case and he loses out on a seat in F1 as a result, that is 100% on him in my opinion. Similarly regarding DR, as much as I like the guy, he is just not providing results. As far as we know he is given the exact same equipment and support as Lando is, yet he is consistently nowhere near Lando's performance. Again, this is a business. Zak might love DR on a personal level, but on a business level he is acquiring a service from DR and DR is underdelivering. If it helps (or at least not harms) the business that is McLaren to refusing to elaborate on DR's position or performance, or using the position to bait junior drivers, why wouldn't Zak do it? It's not like drivers don't do the same thing. DR left RB very abruptly despite seeming committed to the team pretty much up to the last moment. It was equally a surprise for the RB team according to news at the time. DR chose his own business over that of RBs, and he should.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 3, 2022 21:57:14

It definitely is a fashion thing. Like sure you can put stuff in them, but if you go to your local Cars and Ccoffee or you're driving into the city for work, you don't need a ski box.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on August 3, 2022 18:43:36

There is just something about the E39... I don't like mindless drives without a goal, but I do really enjoy taking the long way to what are fairly silly goals. Like driving an hour of nice roads just to get coffee. Try to so so every weekend or so.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on August 3, 2022 08:05:29

If he doesn't have a signed contract guaranteeing him a seat with another team, this is the dumbest move I've ever seen. So dumb that I just have to assume he has said contract.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 3, 2022 00:34:50

It's actually pretty simple. You speak English and you would like to give someone from Japan instructions on how to do a certain job. You could learn Japanese and write the instructions in Japanese, or you could employ an interpreter. In coding, you would use one language (C++ for example) to write the instructions. You then give your instructions to the interpreter (called a compiler) that translates your instructions into a language a computer can understand (machine code/machine language).

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/askscience on August 2, 2022 23:53:30

I'm just envisioning soggy acoustic foam panels on the walls... Realistically though it's no different from soundproofing any other room, so any tradie that can soundproof a home theatre could soundproof a bathroom. I'd say it's worth identifying where you need to sound proofing though. It's unlikely you need a 6 sided silent box. Maybe it can be as simple as getting a new door or putting foam in a single wall to make sure sound doesn't transmit into the bedroom for example. Maybe you just want to reduce the flushing noise or reduce the sound of the tank filling up. Both of those could be fixed by replacing the actual toilet for example.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on August 2, 2022 23:43:00

When I was looking for a rental, I refused to apply for certain places for this exact reason. I don't understand why I need to hand over my entire life not to RENT but just to APPLY to be able to rent.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/auslaw on August 2, 2022 23:30:56

I agree, but just saying DR could potentially still make everything difficult as he contractually has a seat at McK still, although I obviously don't know about any performance clauses.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 2, 2022 22:52:46

It's an electric surfboard. I believe the one they're on is a Lampuga due to the controls, but there's lots of brands selling these types of boards. They're indeed not cheap, but they are quite common on yachts and with how far they're off shore I'm pretty sure they're on one at the moment.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 2, 2022 20:21:12

Same, but he'll still make bank.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 2, 2022 19:56:51

DR has a contract until the end of 2023 with McL though, so it's not as straightforward as him just being out of a seat.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 2, 2022 19:48:39

This sounds like an interesting book. Is this it? "The Mechanic: The Secret World of the F1 Pitlane"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on August 2, 2022 19:32:42

I was like, that can't be right. Yet... >From start to finish the engine will turn 240 revolutions. Including start up, burnout, staging and the race, the engine must survive just 500 revolutions before being rebuilt. &#x200B; Which makes sense I guess as: >Top Fuel engine cannot be run at its maximum power output for more than 10 seconds without overheating or possibly destroying itself explosively. &#x200B;\_Fuel

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 2, 2022 19:19:47

Where I live there would be much more value having it work in traffic.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 2, 2022 05:40:41

My dad uses Eufy and is very happy with that.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on August 1, 2022 20:04:51

Unfortunately adaptive cruise control with a manual doesn't work well.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 1, 2022 18:02:31

Nah he did remove the wrap, but he didn't do it at the threat of not being able to buy future Ferrari's but because he received a cease and desist and was at risk of being sued for trade infringement. You can't really blame him imo. Whether or not he was in the right or would've won that lawsuit, most people wouldn't want the hassle of a lawsuit over a car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on August 1, 2022 00:46:35

This also affects dealers. They had already made steps to stop markups and some dealers tried circumventing that by buying the car themselves. Now a dealer that does that and sells it within the year will not be able to sell it with a factory warranty nor will they be able to buy cars for themselves again in the future.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 31, 2022 22:19:10

It'll be in your sales contract, just like how Ford sued John Cena over him selling his Ford GT and won.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 31, 2022 22:14:56

Pretty sure Deadmau5 hasn't bought a Ferrari since then and has completely moved over to other brands, primarily McLaren.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 31, 2022 22:10:36

Australia has big spiders, sharks, snakes, crocodiles, etc. But it's also about the same size as the US or the whole of Europe and only has about 25 million people, most of which live in just a handful of cities. How often does your average New Yorker come across a snake or big spider?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on July 30, 2022 22:45:38

You hardly see those if you live in the cities.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/CityPorn on July 30, 2022 21:38:36

I just like that the owner gave them these vehicles to do a video with. He/she knew that they would shit all over them, yet still did it. To me that shows that the owner probably also knows these things are pretty silly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 30, 2022 16:05:47

Android has been going pretty well and so have many of their business services.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on July 30, 2022 09:03:43

I forgot it still existed tbh...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gadgets on July 30, 2022 08:57:36

Just back from a week on the Amalfi coast and was very impressed seeing so many of the original Panda still on the road but after about 5 minutes of driving there I thought "these people get it". I was in a regular Panda myself, but even that felt big sometimes. The 4x4 bit also makes so much sense now. I used to think why you would want that in such a small car, but again, it just makes sense. Lots of newfound appreciation for Italian cars.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Autos on July 29, 2022 06:01:26

>Being a car buyer in a small niche can be a real headache. Cries in manual wagon (that isn't fwd)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 29, 2022 05:17:01

Tell that to Australian developers. They fight hard to keep any sort of regulation around this from ever making it through. Double glazing is considered a luxury and many have never even heard of it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on July 29, 2022 04:00:18

That's often the case with these religious people. They bend the rules exactly so it's convenient for them. There is no shortage of exceptions and loopholes they've invented. I'm not even singling out a single religion, they all do it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/UpliftingNews on July 27, 2022 17:40:11

Please tell me what type of green it is. It reminded me of the Emerald Green with a matte coating.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on July 27, 2022 17:27:05

If this was not your finest moment, I would love to know what is. Curing cancer? Solving world hunger?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on July 27, 2022 04:21:20

I'm not defending anything. You claim that Nestle at present day is still knowingly continuing this baby formula controversy. And I'm questioning that. Your text does nothing to help your case. It says > In 1981 at the peak of the infant formula controversy. That is 41 years ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 18:38:25

In fairness, Lando is also wearing his own swag (Quadrant)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on July 24, 2022 16:56:02

Ignoring everything that's wrong with the country, the idea of building cities from the ground up to be highly liveable and efficient is not something I have an issue with. It's pretty common knowledge just how flawed many modern (car centric) cities are. I just don't understand why they have to be these silly themed things. Like The Line, that floating hexagon city, this. Why not develop the perfect city using simulations. Bring in the smartest people on this front, play Sim City/Cities XL on steroids and develop the perfect city. Share that research and be a genuine example for the rest of the world. Make a city so liveable that people actually want to live there. Now all these projects just feel so incredibly hollow and vain, and it's a shame really. I'd like to believe we can start from scratch and use everything we've learned as a species to build a great city. It's kind of like how all this crypto bullshit is having a negative impact on the concept of having a decentralised banking system.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 16:47:13

What makes you think they won't? They're already investing heavily in solar. They held the title for largest solar power plant for several years (Sweihan Power Project). They have the National Renewable Energy Programme to promote solar power projects in the country. They have partnered with Softbank to install an additional 200 GW of solar over the next 8 years. They manufacture solar panels locally. Just last month they announced the largest solar power thermal plant in the world and in their Vision 2030 are several large renewable projects. &#x200B; Like there's a lot wrong with the country, but they are doing a lot more than many other countries when it comes to renewable energy.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 16:29:07

This is quite the rant. I'm pretty sure this Nestle thing, while horrible, happened decades ago. Like 1970/1980s. Presenting it as if they are still doing this today is a little disingenuous.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 16:15:04

Holy shit. It's scary that someone in power can be that disconnected.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 15:53:57

Most of them were from Saudi Arabia, but that doesn't mean everyone in Saudi Arabia supported their attack. Just like how the Klu Klux Klan is from the US but not everyone in the US supports their actions.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on July 24, 2022 15:47:52

The author most likely understands perfectly well what's going on, they were just instructed to spin it this way. Like we get all upset about how Russian and Chinese news outlets spin things on behalf of the government, but it's not all that much better here.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 24, 2022 12:36:10

Sheesh, could you not have stolen something nicer from western Europe?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on July 19, 2022 16:41:49

It's slightly off-topic, but I've now called the non-emergency number three times and all three times the wait times were between 30 and 40 minutes. Look, if two cars wreck hard enough for the cars not to be able to move anymore without a towie, but everyone is physically alright, that's not exactly a 000 call in my opinion, but you're kind of forcing me to call it anyways. Similarly a distressed person with clear mental health issues trying to go to sleep on a tiny green strip in the middle of winter is not a life or death situation, but still 40 minutes to even get to inform police about it is a long fucking time. There is definitely room for improvement across the board is all I'm saying I guess.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 19, 2022 01:07:13

Both are set to private. Not something I had expected on Reddit tbh

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on July 18, 2022 03:48:38

The Tata Nano is just over 70 cm wider than the C1. The C1 however is only about 10 cm wider than a sport tour motorcycle like a BMW K1200S without panniers (those luggage boxes you often see on sport tour motorcycles). Regardless, the Nano also was never officially offered for sale outside of India anyways as far as I'm aware. There are vehicles like the Renault Twizy which are even narrower than the Nano, but I literally drove one of those today and I can promise you that you still won't be lane splitting in those either, nor will it be considered acceptable to park those on sidewalks. And that's ignoring things like not being allowed on freeways etc. Whatever way you spin it, the C1 was a solid solution. It's just that between people like yourself that prefer the additional comfort of a car at the expense of manouverability, and motorcyclists that don't see enough value over a regular motorcycle and a rain cover, there weren't enough buyers. As someone that knows how convenient commuting on a motorcycle is, if I ever had to do a daily commute in traffic in a place with shitty weather again, I would absolutely take this over any car. Keep your massaging seats and good stereo, I prefer getting home twice as quickly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on July 17, 2022 17:50:43

It's besides the point how much they cost, because they don't solve the same problem. If you want running shoes because you have a marathon coming up, you don't compare their price to dress shoes because they don't do the same thing. You buy a C1 because you want the convenience of riding a motorcycle like being able to lane split, being able to park everywhere for free, the low fuel and service costs, but without the main downsides of a motorcycle in that you have to wear a helmet and get soaked when it rains. You don't buy a C1 because you want a car without doors.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on July 17, 2022 15:57:42

I used to commute in a motorcycle for years and based on that I'd say these would be really solid in rain. Obviously nothing like a car but way better than a normal motorcycle or even a scooter. You could get a special rain cover for your legs and you'd be pretty protected that way. Definitely enough for a commute. They might not have been cheap, but they were definitely cheaper than a car, but with this you don't have to deal with traffic. They recently showed an electric concept of the C1, hope that makes it into production.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/WeirdWheels on July 17, 2022 11:48:26

Laughs in wave pool.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on July 16, 2022 17:21:00

I think the person you replied to more meant that in business class you specifically pay more for a certain level of comfort. Economy is effectively just a seat and any comfort is a bonus, but not expected. In an ideal world we just put crying kids in the same space we keep the dogs and cats, whether their parents are in economy or business class.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on July 15, 2022 18:35:44

Fuck... what is our country coming to. My SO are thinking about moving sometimes, but it's genuinely a risk. Better the devil you know and all.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on July 15, 2022 13:01:23

I was waiting outside in school's parking lot, sitting in the passenger seat of my mate's very normal car, on my phone minding my own business while waiting for him to pick up his kid. The amount of people that looked at me with a face I would have MAYBE expected if I was actively jerking off right then and there made me never want to go anywhere near a school again. You and your kids can all fuck off. I won't come to your school and in return I will aggressively judge you if your kids cry on a plane or are running around a restaurant.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on July 15, 2022 12:47:27

I love my state, but this EV tax is one of the most backward things we've done in recent years. We are an embarrasement the way we've been handling the uptake of EVs. We're one of the most urbanised countries in the world, heaps of commuting, lots of stop and go traffic with our grid layouts. We're perfect for EVs, yet you hardly see them. I understand there's eventually going to be problem with not enough tax coming in if EVs take off, but in my opinion the benefits of EVs to our cities far outweigh the downsides of not enough tax coming at the moment. There was also a great opportunity to get a battery factory built here, but that's another thing altogether I guess.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on July 15, 2022 10:54:06

I love cars and love driving, but there's nothing to love about driving through a city and a city designed where driving is effectively a non-negotiable is just bad.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on July 15, 2022 10:26:32

Some people don't let facts get in the way of a good story

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/F1Technical on July 14, 2022 14:34:27

The new Toyota leadership has said they want to stop making boring cars. The GR Yaris was their real car under that new direction.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on July 14, 2022 10:58:53

Sure, but to make the whole system work, a requirement is that what someone wants to do provides enough value to society to cover the cost to society for them staying alive. And I imagine that starts to look an awful lot like actual work pretty quickly.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on July 13, 2022 14:13:57

It isn't that they can't work. It's that mist don't want to. Retirement age is already going up and you should see how excited the currently working generation is about that. And caring for those before us has nothing to do with not being willing to. It's not being able to financially. Japan, who is sort of ahead of the rest of the world is predicted to tax future working generation at 70% to be able to support their aging generation. So if you are okay with never being able to afford to buy a home while working a normal job, having to work until you're 80+ then sure. In that case we can "just" care for those before us.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on July 12, 2022 13:02:13

I see a lot of comments about how this only benefits rich people, but assuming we're only talking about illness prevention, there is a pretty significant benefit to society too. Especially if you're in a country that has universal healthcare. There's plenty of genetic disorders that mean you'll develop cancer relatively early on in life for example. Once you know that gene is in your family, every member in that family has to go through yearly cancer screenings and they will most likely require one or more cancer treatments throughout their life. Outside of the direct healthcare costs of that, there will also be significant periods of being unable to work which has a direct cost in terms of benefits having to be paid, but also indirect in terms of that person not contributing tax for example. And I'm not even touching the fact that there might be relatives working fewer hours to care for that person, the employer not being able to be as productive etc. &#x200B; So I'd say it benefits wealthier countries more so than wealthy individuals. It widens the gap between richer and poorer countries in the same way COVID vaccines do.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Futurology on July 11, 2022 09:02:23

It is "good" from the perspective of survival. We currently have all our eggs in one relatively fragile basket. By colonising other planets it's less likely that a single event wipes out our species or even all life as we know it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on July 9, 2022 13:18:22

I know you're alluding to the idea of some evil rich people bleeding us dry. There's that, but our standard of living has also hanged dramatically in recent history. The idea of a large detached single family home in the suburbs with 2 cars in the driveway along with things like smartphones, large TVs etc while being up to our eyeballs in debt is not how people were living not all that long ago.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on July 9, 2022 13:07:33

There's no fun in it if you're making it this easy for us.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/RoastMyCar on July 9, 2022 03:13:40

Yeah, she rented an Airbnb for the first month or so as she was sorting out finding a house. Longer term Airbnb rentals are often cheaper than hotels and it's a little easier to use as a postal address than a hotel for example. Good luck on your move.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 9, 2022 00:02:25

In my experience you'll be treated pretty much exactly the same as an Australian that moved interstate. Obviously language is the same, but most of our culture is as well. I recommend getting a local bank account and phone number as soon as you land. You can get into a bit of a catch 22 with that as you need an address to open certain accounts, but getting an address can be little bit of a challenge if you don't have a bank account and a local phone number. My SO used an Airbnb address for the first couple of weeks while she was getting set up. Source. Partner is a Kiwi.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 8, 2022 23:16:21

It's great they're doing this, but man is it depressing that it's necessary.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 8, 2022 06:10:20

It's great they're doing this, but man is it depressing that it's necessary.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 8, 2022 06:10:10

Went a couple weeks ago (posted a video of it here). Next time I'll go and see it from the side of the track because it looks amazing.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 8, 2022 06:07:50

I moved from Amsterdam to Melbourne... so I'm going to say I'm at least partially responsible for this reshuffle.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 7, 2022 06:45:21

[]( Happened yesterday. I'm assuming it's in reference to that, but there's no shortage of news articles about people being given excessive amounts of holes for doing seemingly fairly innocent things.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gifs on July 6, 2022 20:36:14

US soldiers: "get in bro, we're here to evacuate you!" Ukrainians: "yeah nah we good"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/news on July 6, 2022 05:20:47

I'm surprised there's no subreddit for ass smoothies...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on July 5, 2022 23:10:58

Check your average bag of chips. 15 individual chips is apparently one serving according to the bag and they claim there's something like 6 servings in a bag.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on July 5, 2022 23:07:51

I don't take PT often, so I don't keep it topped up. Imagine my surprise when it expired despite being a couple bucks in the red. Not once, but twice that has now happened. Sure, it's annoying to have to add a new card to your app when you want to quickly catch a train, but free money so yay I guess.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on July 5, 2022 00:22:17

The one video of fireworks you do actually watch back every now and again.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/funny on July 4, 2022 20:58:28

"Show me a beautiful woman and I'll show you a man who's tired of sleeping with her"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on July 2, 2022 02:08:41

The glow on the board is pretty cool.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on July 2, 2022 02:06:56

For sure. Heaps of people were doing that all along the track.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 30, 2022 07:47:08

Putting lights on steam trains is hardly a new idea. They've been doing it in the UK for years. You could also say Vivid is a "knock-off" of the many (European) light festivals that have been around for much longer. Doesn't make it less enjoyable.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 30, 2022 00:04:29

I did a bit of a search and the model was Alexandria Everett and the shoot was part of America's Next Top Model. This page contains a high resolution version of the image: []( Resolution of the photo is 2650 x 4080 pixels. Too small to get a photo quality print made at full poster size, but you might be ok with it at a slightly smaller size.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on June 29, 2022 19:55:15

Heaps of people were standing along the tracks taking photos and videos. All free and plenty of cool places to set up.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 29, 2022 02:33:08

They call it the Train of Lights: []( All weekends were already sold out weeks ago and the times do make the weekdays a little awkward, but hope you can find something!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 29, 2022 00:16:17

Very welcome! That's exactly the reason I posted this. There's so much cool stuff going on that we just don't hear about + giving a bit of attention to the things that are happening might encourage more of them.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 28, 2022 23:39:55

Yeah I think they don't allow it at night because it would be difficult to spot if someone falls out. I didn't ask why it wasn't allowed, but they did specifically call it out beforehand.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 28, 2022 23:35:12

My mate has his house listed and I was pretty shocked by how much Photoshopping was going on in the garden, but I wasn't able to spot any trickery in the actual house itself.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 28, 2022 23:31:33

Haha, they still allow that during the day, but they didn't allow it during this one.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 28, 2022 21:31:59

Had never done the Puffing Billy before, but when I saw some photos of this Train of Lights event it seemed like a perfect opportunity to change that. I believe it was the first time this year they're doing this and I'm happy to report the official photos don't make false promises. With the smoke and the lights it really does create a very special atmosphere. The ride is about 45 minutes to Gembrook. At the station there, there was some live music, you can see the locomotive get refilled with water, go to the bathroom and most importantly, you can get some hot chocolate. After that it's another 45 minutes back. I recommend looking out of both sides of the car on the first trip as it looked like far fewer lights and projectors were on, on the return trip. Expect a fair amount of parents with kids and dress up well, but I can definitely recommend it!

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 28, 2022 21:30:32

I sometimes think New Zealand simply looks at what the US does, and then does the opposite.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/worldnews on June 28, 2022 00:14:30

I'm not sure if I agree with your last point. The first under display cameras and fingerprint scanners were Chinese phones. The Mi Mix kicked off the no-bezel phone thing. Pop-up and periscope cameras were also a Chinese phone first thing, as was reverse wireless charging. Plus all the fast charging development seems to be driven by Chinese manufacturers.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Android on June 26, 2022 06:50:50

Agreed. How else will I find my way back to my car.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on June 26, 2022 02:47:01

Say you make plastic cups. The plastic for one cup costs $1. The machine to make the plastic cups costs $50 and the mould for the cups is another $50. If you were to make 1 cup, that cup would've cost you $101 to make, because your total cost is $101 and it got you 1 cup. Now say you make 100 cups. You would pay $100 in plastic, but the $100 for the mould and machine stays the same regardless of how many cups you make. Now your cost per cup made is $2, because while you still pay $1 per cup, you are able to spread the $100 cost of the machine across the 100 cups. This is economies of scale at a basic level. Now say that you can buy another mould for your plastic cup maker so that you can also make plastic trays and this add-on is also $50. You have now spent $150 to be able to make plastic cups and plastic trays. If you now were to make 1 cup and 1 tray, you will have spent $2 in plastic and $150 for the machine. Your cost per unit is $76. One of your competitors however only makes cups and another only makes trays. Because they both need to have their own $50 machines and $50, making the same number of cups and trays would be more expensive for them. It would cost them $202 to make the same number of cups and trays. The cost per unit in that case is $101. This is economies of scope at a basic level. This can get a lot more complicated. For example you might be able to negotiate a better plastic price as you are buying twice as much as your competitors. Your machine will also be used twice as much, so it will have to be serviced twice as often which might impact your ability to keep up production. Similarly the downtime from swapping out moulds might impact your production rate. The cool thing is that you can exactly calculate if having two machines for example would be more cost effective than having a single machine with two moulds, etc.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/explainlikeimfive on June 26, 2022 02:44:40

I don't know how far you want to go, but the marks are caused by the minerals that are in the water. You can use distilled water to rinse off the car afterwards. My local car wash offers that as an option. However, a cheap trick to soften hard water is to boil it. When I did window film installs for a living that's how we softened our water. You don't have to wash your entire car with it, just rinse off the car with it afterwards.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 26, 2022 02:02:31

I used to have this, especially because my cars usually have too many kilometers on them/are too old to get road side assistance, but I've since accepted that I just need to pay a towie every now and again and I've found a mechanic I trust that I have check my car over every year, and I budget accordingly. If I break down at a critical time, I'll just leave the keys in the car and let the towie pick it up while I take a taxi or something. It's not perfect, but the way I see it, it's cheaper than buying a significantly newer car. I should add that much of my anxiety disappeared when I learnt way more about working on cars. I now know that a check engine light doesn't mean I should stop driving immediately etc.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 26, 2022 01:36:06

The wall of my wave pool looks pretty uncomfortable.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/surfing on June 26, 2022 00:34:55

I'm a little weird, but I think minivans are cool regardless. I don't have kids or shit to haul, so I have zero use for one, but I do still think they are cool. Especially when I realised how small most SUV are on the inside.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 25, 2022 20:34:43

Well, it's just as fast as my 3.0 Legacy Spec. B... I wouldn't call it "fast", but I don't think I really need more from a minivan.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 25, 2022 20:30:29

For what it's worth, I bought a bike like this. Bike was in QLD and I'm in Melbourne. Transferred $500 to show I was for real and the towie had a bank cheque for the remaining $8,000 which we had agreed the towie would give the owner after having checked the VIN on the bike and having exchanged papers and keys. I had spoken to the seller once over the phone and we had sent a couple text messages and that was about it. So you could absolutely get scammed. It sounds very scammy, but sometimes it is real.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 24, 2022 07:00:05

Plenty M3 Tourings have been built over the years of every generation. If you had $80k to spend I'm sure finding someone to build you an E46 M3 Touring wouldn't be too hard.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/SportWagon on June 22, 2022 23:39:57

The whole thing is over the top. It's full of holes and aero bits everywhere. I'm sure it's all functional, but pretty it is not and I'm surprised how many here seem to love it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 21, 2022 18:25:42

The whole thing is over the top. It's full of holes and aero bits everywhere. I'm sure it's all functional, but pretty it is not and I'm surprised how many here are seemingly in love with it.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 21, 2022 18:25:10

They don't make Tourings of the RS models I think. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 21, 2022 18:21:05

Max couldn't look more Dutch if he tried. He could be on the cover of a Kameleon book.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on June 20, 2022 04:55:40

I agree, but I do love the ND's design. I think it has held up amazingly well. It's 8 years old and still looks as good as the day it came out. My NA was great fun and always brought a smile to my face, but it did look dated. The Elise S1 I still prefer over the later ones though. Including the Exige.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 18, 2022 00:04:58

Your average consumer 3D printer wouldn't be able to print anywhere near the tolerances of actual Lego parts. Lego is known for having tight tolerances. From what I can find in the 0.005mm range. For regular 3D printer 0.1mm is considered very good I believe. 20x less precise. 3D printing also isn't user friendly. Being able to get high quality prints out of even fairly high quality printers requires a lot of calibrating to get good results before every print. The idea is cool, but I don't think we're close to this becoming a reality.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/UpliftingNews on June 17, 2022 08:43:53

Wealthy people don't have money. They have assets they borrow against. If they were to buy something, they would have to pay income or capital gains tax on the money they cash out from their assets which is more expensive than paying interest.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 16, 2022 18:19:16

You could report it for the statistics and if you want to claim it with insurance it'll be helpful to have a report, but unless you have the name and/or details of the person don't expect police to do much, if anything. They probably won't find the person who did this. I don't mean that in a "cops are bad" kind of way at all, but for reference: my $8,500 motorcycle was stolen from my garage. There was a camera there too, they touched my other motorcycle and car, but police didn't even come out and no camera footage was ever requested. They just aren't going to spend the resources on a relatively minor crime like this. I get it, it fucking sucks that the guy will most likely get away with it, but if the desired outcome is that the guy gets found and prosecuted, I would say it's not worth the hassle. You have a better chance trying to get the camera footage yourself and asking around to find out who he is. &#x200B; (Police ended up finding my bike during a search years later. Or well, what was left of it. Detective was a nice guy.)

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on June 16, 2022 01:48:55

I could helicopter in between those two things and still come nowhere near touching them...

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/specializedtools on June 16, 2022 01:34:44

They spoke to Daniel's old engineer\_ricciardo\_before\_hitting\_the\_track/

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/formula1 on June 13, 2022 20:14:02

it reminds me of a Corvette and a GTR here. Not saying it's unattractive, but just surprising.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/carporn on June 13, 2022 20:09:05

Same but northern Europe. I was in shock that double glazing wasn't normal here. Still hurts me to see these unisolated sheds go up everywhere and people finding it perfectly acceptable to crank the heat in winter and AC in summer.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 13, 2022 09:01:07

We have a new cinema near us in Melbourne in the old Pentridge prison. All new. Smaller, cozier rooms. $20 on the weekend. $12 during the week. Large reclining seats. Drinks come in a glass, ordered at a bar. Parking is free and right under the cinema. It's definitely not all bad everywhere. My SO and I enjoy going go the movies again.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 13, 2022 08:16:15

Where in Australia have you been that you feel there's fuck all to do?

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 13, 2022 06:47:25

Dark Mofo. Annual festival.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 13, 2022 06:46:21

Next weekend I'll be there! Can't wait.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/australia on June 13, 2022 06:43:03

Lets def also verify it though. Would hate for someone desperate to be take advantage of.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 12, 2022 20:26:03

I bet that got a raise out of your boss

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/Jokes on June 12, 2022 20:21:07

"Stop resisting!"

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gifs on June 12, 2022 19:19:55

With US cops running seems like a very valid strategy if you care about your own safety.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/gifs on June 12, 2022 19:19:30

People buy things they don't actually need all the time. People want AWD because they saw snow on TV once and thought "AWD sure would be convenient". People want 600 km of range on their EV because they might go on a road trip one day. They have never in their lives driven more than 500 km in a day, but they just want to know it's possible. People buy F150s because they once saw someone at the local hardware store with one load a bag of cement into one and it looked handy. The list goes on. And I'm hardly one to speak. I drive a station wagon which realistically I could easily do without. I need the boot maybe once per year and I could probably make a hatchback work as well in that case. That said I like knowing I have the option. With a dedicated sports however car you give up a lot of that functionality in return for something many don't actually care about: performance. That's the compromise with my wagon for example. It's not as fun, not as fast and doesn't handle as well as your Supra, but it's fun enough on public roads and it offers a lot more functionality than your Supra. And if I can only have one car, I rather compromise on performance than on functionality.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/cars on June 12, 2022 09:46:39

The Big Umbrella hands out food and clothes on Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 6:30pm and 8pm behind Federation Square. No questions asked, just come by and grab a meal and a sweater.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourne on June 12, 2022 07:57:30

Two piece suits that zip together all the way around are sometimes OK, but not on all tracks. The info is all on the booking websites. Rain, well it's on you and how brave you are really. You don't have to hold back, but if you wreck, you wreck. Insurance doesn't cover you on track. Unless it's heavy rain the track day usually isn't cancelled.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on June 11, 2022 06:55:21

I found track days are around $250-ish. You ride in groups based on skill level and you usually do around 7/8 sessions that last about 20 minutes each. In my experience there's always a lead rider that sets the pace, which is actually a really nice thing because they show you lines and braking points. They are busy days and you'll be pretty tired by the end of it. Something to keep in mind if you plan on riding back afterwards. You have to pass tech before you're allowed on the track. During that they'll check your bike is safe. The organiser of the track day will give you full instructions on what they expect you to do but generally you're required to remove your mirrors and tape off your lights. Regarding your exhaust, many tracks have noise limits. For Broadford and Philip Island that's 95 decibels. They have microphones around the track to monitor for it, usually on the straights. If you are too loud, you get black flagged which means you have to leave the track immediately for that session. Generally they will give you another chance, but if you get black flagged again you are usually done for the day. For most tracks other riders on the day will be able to tell you where they check for noise levels and you could hold back on those spots. This might not be an issue depending on your specific exhaust, but bringing a baffle if your exhaust has that option is probably not a bad idea. Other than that, keep in mind that if you start pushing, you will go through tyres and brake pads pretty quickly. You will also be up there in revs and going at serious speeds, so having fresh fluids and a thorough check that everything is working well and in good order is not a bad idea. And you need a helmet with a double D ring fasteners plus usually a one-piece leather suit + quality gloves and boots.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/melbourneriders on June 11, 2022 04:47:19

And oil in the swingarm! The are very special bikes and I'd love to own one, but realistically I would never ride it I think.

Commented by /u/time_to_reset in /r/bikesgonewild on June 10, 2022 04:35:33

I had a 2004 325i M-Sport Touring with a manual. []( Great car!

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I don't think she was his wife. Based on her body language and the way she talks I think she is the one that got the cops involved or is a witness. There's quite an age difference and I think at 4:08 you can hear one of the cops say "your wife is still in the car". Edit. You guys clearly all have better hearing than I do and feel the need to make your superiority known. I am sorry for not being perfect. Fucking Reddit.

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I 100% agree with you. In the US with its culture of privatising a lot of things, that model wouldn't work. China with its communist/dictator culture is pretty much the exact opposite. The middle ground probably is Europe where the infrastructure is often partially or fully owned and maintained by the government and the trains/trams/busses are operated by private or partially private companies that pay for use of the infrastructure. That allows government to subsidise connections that aren't profitable to the business, but do bring value to parts of a country. The UK and no doubt some other countries even do this with planes, where they subsidise a plane service that visits certain islands regularly. If I'm not mistaken, the US does that for an island in the Bass Strait as well.

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Also, that's because public transport where you live is probably not great. Where I live public transport is about as fast, or faster than a car if you live in the right area. Combine that with not having to pay for fuel, maintenance and parking and it usually comes out cheaper as well. It's a matter of who starts though. Most governments won't start building something better until they see a demand, but there will never be any demand if the only options offered are shit.

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You're using fringe cases as an argument for why we shouldn't encourage less use of cars for the rest of the population. It's like saying we shouldn't encourage COVID vaccinations, because every one in a million gets an allergic reaction.

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The thing itself might not be economically viable, as in it doesn't directly pay for itself, but it has done a lot for China's economy. The building of them created a lot of work and it has connected rural China to the cities in the east. Not saying it was the perfect economical decision (because I just don't know), but just looking at train tickets sold doesn't tell the full story.

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I see some comments about how it's better for drivers having less traffic etc. but for me it's the impact cars have on liveability. I live right on a fairly busy road. I've always lived near busy roads so I'm used to the noise, smell and having to wait to be able to cross the road, but I often feel it shouldn't be as normal as we all think it is and do feel some shame when standing in traffic with my own car. Generally I walk, cycle, ride my electric skateboard or take public transport but plenty of times I still have to take my car unfortunately. &#x200B; I think part of the issue comes from the fact that everyone always talks about encouraging more people to cycle and walk, but very little action is taken to encourage that. What I mean by that is that if I cycle, I often have to cycle on a 4 lane road with cars passing at 60/70kph. There's no cycle paths and only fairly narrow footpaths. Similarly, there's narrow streets that are 50kph with cars parked on either side and also no cycling lane. I'm talking inner city streets here. I cycle, but my SO isn't and I kind of don't want her to either. It's just not save and it's definitely not an enjoyable ride. If they were to make that 4 lane street in to a 2 or 3 lane street with separated cycle paths and comfortable footpaths, as a driver, standing in traffic, I would see that and feel discouraged from taking the car, but encouraged to take advantage of these nice cycle paths. The same, if they removed parking from one side of the narrow 50 kph street. It's slowly happening where I live, people still love their cars and their free street parking, but there's definitely progress. They're also investing heavily in public transport, so I'm hopeful this trend continues.

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That's the thing. I rent inner north, right on a fairly busy through road in a 2bdr, two storey, 80 sqm townhouse with neighbours on three sides. It's absolutely not a bad place, but this isn't a place where you realistically expect a young family to raise two kids for the next decade, yet they recently put the unit of one of my neighbours up for sale asking $790k - $850k. With those types of prices, who are they targeting as buyers? Not me, that's for sure.

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Google doesn't sell your data either. Some people, you included, keep bringing up this idea that I, as an advertiser (which I am) can pay Google to see your photos and read your text messages or something. []( >When you use our products, you trust us with your data, and it’s our responsibility to protect and respect it. That’s why we never sell your personal information and we protect your privacy at every step. &#x200B; What Apple does is exactly the same as Google, Apple is just much better at marketing than Google is. Note how nice and vague Apple is on their page. >We may use information such as... That's the same as contracts that say things like "These include, but are not limited to...". Apple might not say they use data from photos, but they also don't explicitly say they don't use data from photos.

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I suspect there's quite a few levels below this still.

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I charge my phone daily through USB-C and used a headphone adaptor for a long time. So that's plugging in and out maybe 5 times per day or so and my port stopped working properly after a year and a half or so. Headphones aren't identified anymore and charging craps out constantly if you move the phone while it's charging. I've not abused the port in my opinion and I've cleaned the port properly plenty of times, including wiping the contacts with isopropyl alcohol etc, but I've accepted that these ports just aren't designed for that much use. It's not a massive deal, I've accepted that the convenience of wireless headphones is pretty significant and I can buy a replacement port for $20 which isn't all that much maintenance for an $800 phone over 2 years, but as these phones last longer and longer I don't consider USB-C strong enough anymore to last the life of a phone if you don't do anything wirelessly.

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Apple also does advertising: []( >If Personalised Ads is turned on, Apple’s advertising platform may use your information to serve ads that are more relevant to you. Turning off Personalised Ads will prevent Apple from using this information for ad targeting. It may not decrease the number of ads you receive, but the ads may be less relevant to you.

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>Luckily iCloud is cheap So they got exactly the outcome they wanted, you paid for another service. That's what rubs me the wrong way. They bleed you for more money at every turn and because it's all a locked ecosystem you have no other option than to pay up. It's not even about the actual amount that things cost, it's the fact that they hold all that power over you. You have no other choice. I'm not saying they don't do several things well, I'm not saying it's not convenient at times, but I'm more saying that you could argue the same thing is true about living in prison...

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Not just Lotus, look at the 5.2 V10 in the Huracan and R8, the V8 in the McLarens or the S68 and S58 in many of the M cars for example. Often the special editions of those cars have exactly the same engines, yet somehow are always just a little bit more powerful, and quite quickly after release every tuner offers a software upgrade package for the older cars.

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Really scary crash. Glad to see he's okay-ish.

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Love Tassie. Coming over in a couple weeks, other side of the island though.

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Basically a digital replica of an object that can be used for simulation and testing. I only know it for things like infrastructure and construction projects. No doubt they use them in F1, but I wouldn't be able to say anything useful beyond that.

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Agreed, although Do Kwon's Twitter account does seem restricted atm:

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What's your source for this, because you're linking to an unrelated website.

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/r/AwesomeCarMods/comments/v4vb9o/what_do_you_think_bout_this_previa/ib88egg/ Shows an image of the drivetrain. They are mid-engined but don't expect something crazy. It was purely for packaging, not handling. Many vans do this. The older Toyota Delica did the same thing. The previous generation Toyota Hiace too and the Volkswagen Transporter T1, T2 and T3 for example were rear-engined vans.

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Fellow Australian! You don't have to race your car man, don't let other people get in your head. I have a Spec. B Liberty and a supersport motorcycle. Friends give me shit all the time for being a slow driver. I used to care, but not anymore. I have nothing to prove to anyone. I get my enjoyment out of cornering, every idiot can go fast in a straight line. And with a ute with zero weight over the rear wheels you will want to be careful anyways (not to mention our speeding fines).

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I buy ex-track motorcycles and high mileage cars for this exact reason. I did not enjoy the stress and financial pressure of owning and maintaining perfect examples of vehicles. Plus there's also benefits in the purchase price. For motorcycles I've found you can get all the goodies like upgraded suspension, tuning, etc at no extra cost. Sure, there's some additional cost to keep in mind for maintanance, but I find there's a benefit to knowing exactly what has been done over trusting someone else for having done the right thing.

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They're all modern, car-centric cities. Sydney only looks different because you always see the bay. The CBDs and suburbs are all pretty similar, especially from the sky, but they're very different in terms of culture and people.

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I have tears in my eyes. This is excellent.

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This is what half the Alibaba, Wish and Amazon product titles look like. Nothing weird here, just helps surface your content on a wide variety of search terms.

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Good thing is that they will become cheaper to buy every month!

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Right. So no plan then. Just a lot of fluffy and wishful talk.

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What makes you believe it hasn't? The official Luna Twitter account is full of messages from developers committing to developing for V2 and not a single message of someone saying they are sticking with V1. So I'll repeat my question: what is your plan? Posting all over the internet about a "community" hoping someone else makes you rich?

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The "community" is currently full of people that are making a lot of noise but doing very little to address the fundamental problem in that V1 has no reason to exist. It's not accepted as payment anywhere, there's no stable coin mechanism in place anymore, there's no projects being developed around it. Burning and getting other people to buy in doesn't do anything to address that. It only ensures that those that bought in earlier make some money. The literal definition of a pyramid scheme. &#x200B; So I expect the community to find a reason for LUNC to exist. Currently there isn't one. Say what you will about Do Kwon, but at least he understands that part.

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