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Seems like it, if it's built around Tether's $100k limit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 7, 2023 02:26:06

From the perspective of use as currency, I'd argue that transactions per second is a far more relevant metric... of course we all know that Bitcoin is not usable as a currency so I guess that's just me being pedantic.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 6, 2023 10:52:30

This did not happen lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 5, 2023 00:09:10

There were people *on this sub* taking it seriously for some reason. I guess for some reason people just wanted it to be true.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 4, 2023 18:11:46

Ah I didn't realize it was Ryne Miller who he reached out to about that. That explains why he's the one he tried to witness tamper with, lol (my impression before this was that the testimony about the message had been from Caroline Ellison). Sam is incredibly screwed; I'm positive the fact that he tried to reach out to the guy who had evidence FTX US wasn't solvent and "vet his story" will be brought up at the trial, if things get that far.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 1, 2023 23:29:18

It's much, much worse when the content is hosted directly on the blockchain.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on February 1, 2023 23:23:17

Conjuring universe has made over $2 billion worldwide and was a brand new franchise relatively recently. The Meg was technically based on a book franchise, but I don't think it was a very popular preexisting property; it grossed over $500m.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 31, 2023 19:28:41

Nope, you're not getting away with this, you were saying you only thought it would get to $610m a few weeks ago lol. [Stop making things up and disappear from this subreddit](

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 31, 2023 18:56:34

Yeah that part of the post was incredibly funny. IME it's normal for developers to say any feature they were opposed to that made it in anyway was "rushed" any time there's an issue found with it, that's probably what's going on here. In reality Bitcoin Core is an incredibly conservative project; they may be right that it's not conservative *enough*, but IMO the only reasonable thing for them to do at this point would be to invest in full formal verification which they haven't done.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 31, 2023 07:19:43

Since half of them think we're living in a simulation, maybe they think the AI will just brute force the hash in (from our perspective) an imperceptible amount of time. Sounds at least as plausible as anything else I've heard!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on January 31, 2023 07:02:05

Yeah "a programming language where a function is preceded by the hash of its body" was my go to example of a language that cannot be learned by reinforcement learning. Funny that Yudkowsky thought of the same model but instead his brilliant mind leapt to the conclusion that this means the acausal robot god could break one way hashes.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on January 31, 2023 06:57:35

I suspect people were a lot less pissed off about having all their transactions revoked when the nominal value of Bitcoin was under 1 cent and there were like 15 people using it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 31, 2023 06:51:44

> If and when that happens, all that it will do is force a fork in BTC. I think you're underestimating how disruptive this would be to do. If it's not caught by miners within the first couple of blocks, you're talking either revoking potentially thousands of transactions (which is going to be almost impossible from a hash rate perspective without massive collusion between miners, and would essentially break Bitcoin's security model), or a hard fork that explicitly excluded a few blocks (which from at least some of the developers' current perspective, would probably be just as bad). I'm not sure exactly how things would play out, but it wouldn't be simple.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 31, 2023 06:15:00

You can also just send people your pictures via email which is very scalable lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 31, 2023 06:10:59

It pretty much would be, as long as you could mine (or steal) your own Bitcoin to perform the transaction.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 31, 2023 02:44:23

They were trying to compete with the Harry Potter park across the street and Avatar was a mega high grossing movie that had just come out and was easy to get the rights for. They also thought that a new movie was going to come out in like 2016 at the latest, so they were hoping to open the park around the same time... obviously that didn't happen. There were a lot of videos ridiculing the CEOs for making such a dumb financial decision with a single-movie "franchise" nobody cared about... then after the park became successful, people stood their ground and *still* said it was a dumb decision that they were lucky had worked out due to the talents of their Imagineers. Not that they didn't do a great job, but I think there was a lot of stubborn blindness to the fact that what little Avatar stuff there was, was actually really successful (see also: it selling a huge number of Blu Rays and DVDs even though one of people's big arguments for why it was successful was that people only wanted to see it in a theater).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 30, 2023 18:33:05

What's really funny is that after the theme park was wildly successful, a lot of theme park experts also struggled to explain its success. They concluded that it must have nothing to do with the movies themselves (because Avatar had no cultural impact, duh), so it must have just been that Disney made a popular and well received park *despite* their source material being unremarkable. With the success of the second film in the franchise, I really hope a lot of those people reflect a bit on why they thought that way, because it seems pretty clear now that the chosen franchise actually had a lot to do with the success of the park!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 30, 2023 18:23:07

There's actually a recent proposal that would enable you to prove cryptographically that you did *not* interact with a specific wallet, without revealing which wallet you actually received funds from. I think something like this would go a long way towards making privacy coins like Monero compatible with existing AML laws, which (at least for me) would bring it very close to being a cryptocurrency I wouldn't actively hate... if only it weren't proof of work.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 30, 2023 17:28:00

Things will be really fucked if that happens, especially if the block *also* has some real transactions in it, because it will be effectively impossible to come up with a block that hashes to the same value but doesn't include the image. The only real hope would be that all the big pools collectively realize what happened in the 10 minutes or so between transactions and 51% attack the chain.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 30, 2023 17:23:52

"Bank of America's quarterly profits would easily cover the amount FTX is short. From a utilitarian perspective, those profits *must* go to FTX in order to make its customers whole and do the greatest possible good. As the *rightful* CEO of FTX, I must be the one to oversee this process, due to my proven track record of handling finances responsibly and risk neutrally, selfless effective altruism, and to prevent that lying scumbag John Ray III from getting his greedy hands on it." ...maybe he would lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 30, 2023 02:19:29

"Bank of America's quarterly profits would easily cover the amount FTX is short. From a utilitarian perspective, those profits *must* go to FTX in order to make its customers whole and do the greatest possible good." ...maybe he would lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 30, 2023 02:16:07

I mean, sure. It's overhyped and people are making wild and embarrassing claims about it. The fact remains that I've seen more real organic use of it by people who aren't remotely invested in the success of AI in the last *week* than I've seen for Bitcoin in the 14 *years* since it was created.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 29, 2023 02:21:58

Yeah that's the part that makes this hilarious to me. Like he might as well demand access to the assets of Bank of America while he's at it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 28, 2023 23:38:45

> In an iterated prisoner's dilemma, the first move is to always cooperate. This sentence, in context, is such pure, concentrated rationalist bullshit I don't even know where to begin.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 28, 2023 20:22:39

> The lawyers also asked to remove a bail condition preventing Bankman-Fried from accessing FTX, Alameda or cryptocurrency assets, saying there was "no evidence" he was responsible for earlier alleged unauthorized transactions. lmao. He doesn't even fucking work them anymore, even ignoring the criminal trial why should he have access to anything?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 28, 2023 20:08:17

It is true, and it will still be there even if the "exploit" is fixed because Bitcoin's creators refuse to blacklist blocks. Though maybe they'll make an exception for actual child porn, who knows.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 28, 2023 20:04:58

People forget that Endgame was already rereleased with bonus content in order to get it past Avatar in the first place.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 27, 2023 19:00:41

Unrelated but I'm pretty amazed the nuclear lobby has managed to convince people that nuclear is a renewable resource.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 26, 2023 11:54:09

Yeah, I think he just can't accept that he's definitely going to prison, probably for a very long time. If he's smart he'll take a plea deal and pretend to show contrition and he might be out after like 20 years. If he takes it all the way to trial he, might get the maximum sentence which is pretty much going to be life for him. > Do you think his father will be charged in addition? Very doubtful. He's not charged in any of these and I doubt that he did any of the illegal stuff (the mortgage was also from a long time ago, so I suspect it was already paid off anyhow). He will likely have to return all of the property from the Bahamas, of course. Oh BTW I forgot another (damning) piece of evidence, it turns out Alameda was also holding untracked positions that went negative on the US exchange (which is presumably how it became insolvent). To quote Caroline Ellison: > apparently part of what's going on is that alameda actually has a long USDT/short USD margin position on FTX US that we aren't tracking, which is why FTX US has less USD than we thought it should Again, strangely, not addressed in any of his long meandering documents! In any other case this would've been the smoking gun, but he did *so* much crazy illegal stuff this sort of slipped under the radar.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 26, 2023 11:48:21

Avatar has more than every other movie below it combined, and so does Top Gun, Elvis, EEAAO, The Fabelmans, and The Whale (Banshees is the only one that breaks the trend).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 25, 2023 22:18:22

Reports of its death in China were greatly exaggerated.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 25, 2023 22:01:11

With regards to your suggestions: > 1. Unfortunately, the evidence that he ran Alameda includes more than just testimony from those two. He circulated documents about shutting down Alameda, with his name on them, sometime in 2022 (well after he claimed to have stepped away). There is also evidence for the FTX backdoor (git commits) independent of their verbal testimony. I'm pretty confident this is just the tip of the iceberg, too. > 2. Even assuming for the moment this was a possible defense (but I doubt it--see my response to point 3), at best they could get only about half of the criminal charges removed with jurisdictional trickery, so it still wouldn't keep him out of jail. In particular the US clearly has jurisdiction for the following DOJ charges that carry jail time: defrauding and conspiring to defraud investors, campaign finance violations, and money laundering. > 3. This is clearly the line of defense he's currently attempting. He and his team think they can deal with four of the charges this way, including the ones that are going to carry a lot of jail time due to the size of the fraud (wire fraud at FTX International). Unfortunately for him, it's quite apparent that FTX US was either completely insolvent, or solvent only after careful retrospective analysis, not something that he could have known at the time. The attempts he made to "prove" its solvency in his most recent document are full of embarrassing errors and accusations of incompetence that don't survive even the most cursory inspection (they're basically predicated on S&C being actively fraudulent). There are additionally records of a transfer directed by him from Alameda to try to keep FTX US afloat from right before he declared bankruptcy, which he ignored in the document; there's also a "hack" that eliminated half of customers' crypto assets. In the document, he's also counting a bunch of money locked up by LedgerX (bought with money from Alameda, but he's counting it as part of FTX US!), as well as funds earmarked for other specific purposes by unrelated silos, as "customer funds" as well. In any case, all they need to show is that the funds from FTX International, Alameda, and FTX US were intermingled in order to have jurisdiction here; the fact that he performed that liquidity injection is already enough for that. > 4. I think he's basically fucked here. There were terms of service preventing him from loaning out a large portion of the funds, but they were intermingled and there were no safeguards against them being withdrawn by people using them for other purposes. He and his coworkers also made loans *to themselves* for hundreds of millions which they then used to buy what they're claiming as personal assets. It also sounds like the business as a whole was likely not very profitable (or maybe not profitable at all) even during the crypto boom, based on their tax returns at least, so he'll have a difficult time arguing he was just dipping into profits. > 5. Yeah the campaign finance laws are the place where he's got the least possible defense, there are no jurisdictional issues and the evidence appears to be overwhelming and documented. Overall,

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 25, 2023 20:36:36

It actually makes sense for Proof of Stake, basically in those systems it's the equivalent of mining rewards (you stake some of your Ethereum or whatever and use it to "vote" on which transaction to put in the blockchain next, and your vote counts proportional to the amount of money you stake). Unfortunately once this idea percolated through people's minds they got the idea that they could just call *any* system where you give someone else your money and they supposedly make money off it "staking" and give it an air of crypto legitimacy. However in all of the cases I'm aware of there is at least some (highly dubious, usually wrong) notion of how that money is being made while locked up, e.g. it's being loaned out at high interest. With NFTs I don't even see how there's the pretense that you could do something like that, nobody wants to fucking borrow an NFT at interest.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 25, 2023 11:59:53

Because they believe that someone else will spend even more.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 25, 2023 11:53:06

Wait... you can "stake" an NFT? How the fuck does that even work?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 25, 2023 11:37:04

I mean they literally said that before lol... of course that was when they were [just grandstanding]( about that dumb truckers rally and didn't think it was actually gonna hurt their business.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 24, 2023 01:30:55

Haven't people known Binance frontruns its customers pretty much forever?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 24, 2023 00:46:06

Hm where are the snarky comments from Kraken higher ups about how if you care about your money you shouldn't have it on an exchange?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 24, 2023 00:39:11

...You know what was going on in China when Avatar released, right?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 23, 2023 21:28:41

I mean even if you think that's going to happen you should still want him traded.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 22, 2023 22:45:42

This is considerably better criticism than other people are giving in this thread. Would love to see the authors give their thoughts.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on January 22, 2023 15:39:47

Yeah I don't actually think Rui is that good and if you agree with that the FO's moves actually make a lot of sense...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 22, 2023 15:27:13

Yes, it does factor that in, if you're talking about the effect of league expansion (the number of players and games in a league in any given year is one of the very first model parameters they discuss). They also do not estimate the baseball watching population by looking at Gallup polls, I have no idea where you got that from. You should probably read about their actual methodology! It's imperfect but it seems like a great starting point.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on January 22, 2023 04:48:24

People were making a big deal about it being a "sworn statement" when it was entirely hearsay, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 22, 2023 02:59:29

It doesn't sound implausible at all that in a statistic that values both dominance and longevity/innings played, five of the best pitchers in baseball history pitched in the 90s and early 2000s. That was the last era where pitchers routinely pitched complete games, overlapped with the steroid era, *and* it also overlapped with the modern power pitcher era and helped begin the insane levels of per inning dominance we see today. Honestly, I would find it a huge black mark if any pitchers from before the 90s showed up in this list, we can *easily* tell how much better modern power pitching is than any of the black and white guys.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on January 22, 2023 02:54:51

Even before PEDS he was on his way to top 5 at least: If anything this just reinforced my belief that Bonds is the GOAT.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on January 22, 2023 02:50:25

On the contrary, this seems to be a genuinely well considered way I can think of to try to adjust for era. When you look at the top ten list by WAR all time and 90% of it is pitchers from before 1920 it is pretty obvious that *something* needs to be done, but exactly how to do that in an unbiased way is clear. Adjusting by the population you're drawing from seems like a pretty principled way to address this; I, at least, have never heard anyone propose anything better.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on January 22, 2023 02:47:22

Except that everybody already knows about the halvings, and when they should occur. They should be (and are) completely priced in for anyone who thinks Bitcoin has a specific target value.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 21, 2023 13:51:24

Also, [the CFTC actually told us exactly why FTX was insolvent and everyone just forgot, apparently]( Strange how this part didn't make it to his substack...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 20, 2023 17:59:02

BTW, in case you're wondering why it's not solvent, [the CFTC actually told us already and everyone just forgot](

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 20, 2023 17:53:55

FTX US was, in fact, insolvent... Sam is trying to count things like LedgerX that were purchased by Alameda (which, since it stole money from FTX International, means they were really purchased by FTX International) as FTX US assets (he's also trying to count $250m they had set aside for something completely unrelated to customer funds when he declared bankruptcy). The CFTC also specifically said that he transferred money from Alameda to FTX US to try to make up the shortfall. So the question isn't "was FTX US insolvent." It's pretty clear that it was. The real question to ask is "why?" Well, surprise surprise, [Alameda *also* apparently had special privileges on FTX US]( I think people forgot about this because we were so oversaturated with FTX news at the time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 20, 2023 17:50:30

So uh, I think he's just a huge dummy because he thinks that (1) FTX US's cash on hand is the same as cash held for depositors, when in reality the company has stuff like operating expenses, loans, etc., and (2) that all the exchange had were digital asset liabilities (these are the only ones he seems to think count as liabilities), when if the company was doing things properly any cash deposits would obviously offset cash liabilities... this is not even getting into (3) it turns out that LedgerX was actually purchased using Alameda funds, lol. Seriously read this paragraph and ask yourself if a bankruptcy company would actually make this mistake: > A straightforward reading of S&C’s statements suggests they are making a large and basic mistake. They claim that “the FTX Debtors have identified approximately $181 million of digital assets associated with FTX US as of the Petition Date”. “Digital assets” isn’t defined, but one might interpret it to include tokens but not bank balances. They go on to say that “The assets identified as of the Petition Date are substantially less than the aggregate third-party customer balances suggested by the electronic ledger for FTX US.” ‘The assets’ is not defined, but it would be reasonable to suspect it’s the same asset class as referenced above—which is to say, potentially only tokens and not cash. ‘Third-party customer balances’, on the other hand, does not specify anything about non-USD balances, and so one could imagine it referring to full customer balances, including USD. If both of those guesses were true, their statement would merely be saying that full customer balances, including USD, were larger than digital wallet assets, excluding bank balances, and that the “shortfall” might simply be customer balances that are fully backed by dollars in one of FTX US’s bank accounts—not a real shortfall at all. You have to be pretty darn stupid to buy this line of reasoning.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 19:04:54

Yeah, [it's not solvent]( > Mr. Ray said that Mr. Bankman-Fried's calculations appear to include around $250 million of cash that sits at LedgerX, the regulated U.S. crypto derivatives business that FTX purchased in 2021. The problem, Mr. Ray said, was that LedgerX itself was bought with funds from Alameda Research, which improperly diverted funds from FTX's international exchange. > Effectively, Mr. Bankman-Fried's proposed balance sheet would imply covering losses at the U.S. exchange through money that belongs to other customers, Mr. Ray said. > "This is the problem," Mr. Ray said. "He thinks everything is one big honey pot."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 17:17:19

No, he's talking about John Ray, the evil temporary CEO appointed to oversee FTX's bankruptcy. As a boomer, he naturally does not understand crypto, which means he is leaping to totally unfounded conclusions because he doesn't understand the bold new world of modern finance. As a result, he and his team have been doing malicious things like: * freezing FTX's assets to help protect remaining customer funds * trying to responsibly allocate money to creditors * tracking down a bunch of missing funds and selling liquid assets (over $5 billion so far!) * correctly valuing Sam's multitude of shitcoins at zero * untangling the web of shell companies and multihop financial transactions to try to figure out where money *actually* came from to reconstruct financial records * helping acquire testimony from current and former employees to help build the case against him * creating sworn Congressional testimony that FTX US is insolvent and Sam himself is spouting nonsense * taking a fairly small salary out of FTX's remaining funds in order to pay themselves for rendering this service to customers. * trying to figure out if there's *any* hope whatsoever in salvaging the core company's business model (hint: no). You see, according to Sam, all of this is a ploy by his former legal firm to try to make money out of the bankruptcy of a perfectly healthy firm. They pressured poor Sam and his family and friends into signing the Chapter 11 documents for all of FTX, even though parts of it were totally fine. Of course Sam, son of multiple professors and with access to numerous VCs, accountants, and legal teams, had *no possible way* of knowing what this would entail! Even though he had the noblest of intentions, he was ultimately tricked into doing it, just like poor Anakin was seduced into joining the dark side. In doing so, they prevented him from saving the firm with a last minute, $8 billion deal, which was *definitely* on the table. People were forming lines down the block to give him money even after they knew the whole company was insolvent! He was *literally* five minutes away from a rich mystery investor saving everything. Moreover, they rudely continued to keep the exchange closed and refused to hand Sam over documents and access--access that Sam could have used to reopen the exchanges the next day, making back *all* the lost money and then some! So, you see, despite what they may *claim* and the existence of a tremendous amount of evidence to the contrary, John Ray and co. don't *really* want to make customers whole. They just want to devour the corpse of FTX until there's nothing left, lining their pockets with the proceeds of Sam's hard work. It's an outrage that this is allowed to go on, and he *will* be speaking with their lawyers about this! In fact, *they* should be the ones on trial, along with that bastard CZ who just wants to watch the world burn.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 16:49:53

I'm pretty sure his first two defense teams quit on him, he's on his third now. My guess is that they have pretty much given up on winning the case and are just trying to figure out how to reduce his sentence.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 15:43:35

Well, no. If the money came from Alameda then it doesn't really belong to FTX US, it will be clawed back during bankruptcy proceedings of FTX International (I think this is basically what's already happened). So he *can't* pay off FTX.US customers, which immediately raises the question of where that money went. Most likely (from what Ray has said) the answer is that FTX.US money went to the exact same "pot" as FTX International money, and was also loaned to Alameda--which means that now there's no real way to disentangle the money stolen by Alameda from the money stolen from FTX.US customers. AFAIK, this is more than enough for the US to want jurisdiction over the entire case. Besides that, only a few of his criminal charges are related to defrauding customers (wire fraud, commodities fraud, and conspiracy to commit both). He is also charged with defrauding US investors (securities fraud), wire fraud against people who lent money to FTX (some of whom are US companies), money laundering (SBF is a US citizen), and fraud against the FEC (illegal campaign finance violations). All of those carry jail time regardless of the status of FTX US. So the absolute best he could really do here would be to get his sentence reduced by getting a few of the charges dropped.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 14:45:10

I don't think they really had one, hence why they started minting their own coins, hoarding stuff, and investing in a variety of crypto scams. But of course all of those "investments" were all incredibly correlated as they were predicated on line goes up.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 14:27:27

He does have a base, but it's small and (in this situation) completely useless: annoying online rationalists who were the beneficiaries of his "charitable" contributions and don't want to have it clawed back.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 14:15:37

Didn't it come out pretty soon after the bankruptcy that the main reason people traded on FTX was that they were able to make a ton of money at FTX and Alameda's expense due to their legendary incompetence and unsustainable interest rates? If the companies were run competently all those easy arbitrage opportunities wouldn't exist and they would have had barely any trading volume, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 14:12:30

That won't save him here because the parts of the case that require intent (e.g. wire fraud, securities fraud) seem pretty airtight. The defense he's very clearly going for is that for some reason the US doesn't have jurisdiction for some of the charges that come with jail time (hey we didn't conspire to commit wire fraud to any US customers!) and they should be tried in a more favorable court (probably the Bahamas or something). I doubt such an argument would be successful even if FTX US was solvent, but if it wasn't his case *immediately* falls apart.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 13:59:44

He's counting LedgerX assets as assets for his US customers even though he bought that exchange with money he stole from FTX International customers, lol. As John Ray said he doesn't even understand the concept of segregated finances, he just thinks he can put all the cash in one big pile and apportion it however he wants to avoid jail time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 12:54:38

Does SBF even understand how bankruptcy works?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 19, 2023 12:37:17

Back when he was in academia, he made some really interesting advanced in distributed databases and peer to peer systems, and built up a great academic reputation. It's kind of sad to see what he's been reduced to, the siren call of scam artistry was too strong.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 18, 2023 18:17:16

(1) He's 105 kg, not 95. (2) People who are 7'3" burn more energy at the same weight and activity level than people who are 6'2". (3) He's 19 which means he has an incredibly fast metabolism. (4) He's a pro athlete in a sport that involves a lot of sprinting and other calorie intensive activities, not a bodybuilder. [Plug in the numbers and see for yourself]( Your 4000 estimate is way off, he'd be close to that even if he were totally sedentary. He should be burning somewhere between 4500 and 5500 calories per day. For a similar reference point that backs up this calculation, Thon Maker weighed less and was shorter entering the draft, and had to consume [6000-7000 calories a day]( to gain muscle.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 18, 2023 00:08:01

Yeah it's too bad FTX US funds were comingled with FTX International funds, and it was apparently made "solvent" using random loans SBF made from the rest of the company...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 17, 2023 21:47:54

No it is not lol, run someone with his body composition and activity level through a metabolic calculator and you get almost 5500 calories per day just to maintain weight.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 17, 2023 19:27:02

It's actually kind of impressive how flabby Chet is while being that tall and skinny and playing pro ball all day... like in his own way he's also a genetic freak.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 17, 2023 19:05:46

Victor is more hyped among scouts / people who follow the draft, I'm not sure about the general public.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 17:44:36

Not really. Stress fractures are actually more common in younger players than older ones (see

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 15:56:33

My point is that (1) there are only 11 players on that list *at all* so making definitive conclusions about this list is a pretty bad idea, and (2) if he's as good as advertised, I don't think any team would care if he only averages 60 games a season, especially in the load management era.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 15:13:54

[There have been plenty](

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 15:02:37

I think it's mostly that people don't understand how insane he is on defense. He makes Tremont Waters (5'10", 6'2" wingspan) look like a defensive god statistically solely because they play a lot of minutes together, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 14:54:31

Sure, every NBA player gets minor injuries from time to time, and prospects tend to stay out much longer than they have to as a precautionary measure. Like half the top ten prospects this year have been out for a month or more with injury, including Scoot (who basically told reporters he wasn't really injured for half of it, lol). As far as I know, none of his injuries are particularly concerning from a long term perspective. Saying he "has foot problems" and "isn't healthy now" is just making stuff up.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 12:57:37

AFAIK the only one that's even mildly concerning is the back injury.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 12:51:16

He has never suffered from any foot problems and has not been injured at all this season.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 12:46:50

No, he hasn't had any foot problems. People are just making up injuries now lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 12:43:11

The evidence that people his height actually get injured significantly more is extremely slim. Historically players his height or taller play about 75% of their available games in the league, which is easily more than enough to take him over Scoot unless you think the talent difference between them is marginal. So yeah it's a pretty dumb contrarian take, you're not the medical genius you believe yourself to be.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 12:34:18

This already happened lol, Tether offers Tether Gold and I think Circle offers something similar.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 17, 2023 10:46:37

Hard to say until it actually starts dropping lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 17, 2023 01:17:22

He has the best defensive rating by a huge margin in the LNB Pro A, which is full of seven footers and where he's played C a significant amount, and shoots 73% at the rim. He also shoots over 80% at the line so you don't have to take him out of late games, and is extremely good at not fouling or turning the ball over considering his usage rate and shotblocking. IMO, he should be a net positive starting center right away, even if his shot creation, foul baiting, and outside shooting need a few years to translate.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 17, 2023 00:17:57

It's one of the most popular takes on this sub lol, people here love being contrarian and rooting for injuries.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 16, 2023 22:00:30

Not only #2 but #2 behind fucking Zion Williamson lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 16, 2023 21:39:56

Nah Cam Boozer is getting LeBron levels of hype in some draft circles, a lot of people rate him as the #2 prospect behind Wemby right now (as in they would draft him #2 if he could declare right now).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 16, 2023 20:35:06

A lot of it may be specific to the Ignite, it sounds like a lot of teams think it's poorly coached and depresses its players' stats compared to the other G league teams since no organization is very invested in it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 16, 2023 16:03:52

There actually *is* a new family of weight loss drugs that genuinely works, I hope it puts all these shitty MLMs out of business.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/antiMLM on January 16, 2023 00:58:27

Here's a particularly juicy bit in light of the fact that SBF publicly claimed several times during his apology tour that he did not know how to code: > 8/49 I’d known Sam to be a conscientious junior trader at Jane Street who’d done well in the programming-for-traders course I taught there, in which he’d been my student. In manager meetings about Sam’s performance the senior traders on his desk indicated he had promise. It was obvious bullshit then given Jane Street's strong focus on coding, just funny to see it verified as a lie. I really hope the handful of remaining people who think he's somehow telling the truth can disabuse themselves of that illusion, he lies freely and repeatedly about things that are incredibly easy to disprove. It's almost pathological.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 14, 2023 23:56:49

Hell yeah comedy godl is back baby it's good again

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 14, 2023 13:06:23

95% upvoted lol, get your bots off this sub please

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 13, 2023 19:28:15

Oh wow, I used to think Bitcoin had no intrinsic value and was the worst payment system known to man using the energy of a small country to process 7 transactions per second with exorbitant fees. But then I saw your post about it no longer down 75% from its ATH and I saw the light! Thank you kind Redditor, you've saved me from generational wealth.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 13, 2023 18:35:38

> The court heard how the 53-year-old, whose family owned Blarney Castle in Cork and are descended from Irish nobility, had lost “lots of money” after investing into Mr Farrington’s cryptocurrency enterprise. Somehow I'm not too wound up about this.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 13, 2023 18:27:14

Yeah um, so it's true that white people in Europe view it as less of a big deal, but it is not seen as less of a big deal by Black people in Europe.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on January 12, 2023 23:09:14

I think I'm more reading that as "OP thinks any AI who says the kinds of things people who write about AGI would say is sentient."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on January 12, 2023 23:05:54

As a longtime Nats fan, I hate everything about where the team is now :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 22:44:36

> I am the only crazy person who reads this and is like what if SBF is telling the truth. Well he's contradicted other testimony *at least* three times in this document alone so I'm not really wondering lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 22:39:53

I think his bail conditions include serious limits on his allowed financial transactions at the moment, for obvious reasons. And he's probably delusional enough to think that if he charged money he would actually hit those limits lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 16:08:19

His head is definitely that far up his ass, if you want to learn more about the culture that produces people like SBF I recommend /r/SneerClub.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 16:04:56

Not gonna happen in this case, SBF is very much a (((target))) of those people. He basically managed to piss off in various ways almost every demographic group in the world. The only people still defending him are a subset of rationalists and this is mostly because (1) they were paid off and (2) they are in the same cult.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 15:56:19

Sure, Bill Clinton being easy to buy off isn't news, but the main thing is that Clinton was receiving those donations from his wife *after* he went to prison, i.e. he could still call in favors at that point. SBF really can't. Additionally, the amounts she was donating at the time might appear small today, but keep in mind that in 1998 way less money was being thrown into these races. For example, her donation to the Clinton foundation *alone* of around $500k was almost 10% of the total at the time her husband was pardoned. By contrast, SBF's contributions to Biden's campaign amount to less than 0.5% of his total. As for your helicopter analogy: sure, but if you promise 5 people 5 helicopters, three of them could have taken the bus instead but instead they make plans around the helicopters, then you only show up with 3 working ones, two of the three who could have taken the bus end up not being able to make it on time, and the fourth and fifth are trying to crash their helicopters into the other two, you've actively left them in a worse state then if you just didn't donate any helicopters. That is basically what SBF and Trabucco did to the Democratic and Republican parties.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 15:08:36

Most of the money was given to failed primary candidates lol. He gave $27 million to the Protect Our Future PAC which got almost entirely wasted on failed primaries, with a tiny handful of successes who were already multiple term Congresspeople who he just wanted to buy off. If you think Biden is gonna pardon him over a measly $5 million that's probably going to get clawed back you're dumb as hell.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 14:52:26

I like that he's just blatantly lying about FTX US and FTX International being segregated when multiple people have now testified on the record that there was no meaningful separation between them (like there was for FTX Japan). I hear the courts love it when you double down on an obvious and easily disprovable lie to try to place a thin veneer of legality on top of a fraudulen toperation, it really makes the judges and juries warm up to you.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 14:47:31

That might be true if he donated a ton to *winning* politicians. What he actually did for the most part, outside his lobbying efforts on behalf of crypto regulation (which are still being advanced exactly as scheduled by the bought off politicians), was waste a huge amount of money in primaries on loser candidates *against* the Democratic and Republican parties' preferred nominees, then vanish in the general. I think in some of those races he weakened the preferred candidate enough that they actually lost a winnable race. And since a lot of the contributions turned out to be illegal, they mostly are obligated to return them anyway, even though they already spent a lot of the money. So they are not really happy with him right now, he both made them look really bad (which they are) *and* fucked them over financially and politically.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 14:39:37

He claims the evil law firm pushed him into signing it without understanding what he was doing. Poor Sam, all alone in the world, with nothing but an army of lawyers, wealthy backers, dozens of bought government officials, billions in stock, and an entire shadow empire of hundreds of shell companies, to aid him in his time of need.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 14:03:11

What's extra funny is that he later tries to use the fact that these supposedly greedy and incompetent people managed to, after months of work, scrounge up $5 billion of liquid tokens despite FTX's total lack of corporate controls, inability to track money, and reckless disregard for any sort of meaningful accounting... as evidence that he was telling the truth about how amazingly solvent they were! When the fact that the fact that it took such heroic efforts to scrounge up prove that (1) the people in charge of FTX are amazing and more than deserve the salaries they're being paid, and (2) he had no idea how much money the company had and in fact a lot of it was held in deliberately obfuscated ways to make it harder to link to the company, meaning he was completely full of shit any time he said anything about its solvency.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 13:57:57

I've just seen a huge uptick recently in obviously fake / satirical posts being submitted here and being taken seriously. Like come on people, use some critical thinking skills. All this comedy pyrite is diluting the comedy godl market :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 13:39:14

> I am dedicating nearly all my personal assets to customers. They got *seized* lmao who the fuck does he think is going to buy this nonsense?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 10:51:14

/r/Buttcoin users trying to recognize obvious satire challenge (impossible)

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 12, 2023 10:46:56

If there are, they are not near us lol. You're probably thinking of Psyche 16 which most definitely is not made of gold, and for which the cost of actually attempting to mine it or bring materials back would *vastly* outweigh the supposed value of the metal.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 23:17:39

Honestly just the first reply was necessary, I don't think we needed 14 pages of people heavily coping.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 19:49:10

> Why does L2 not count in this scenario? L2 solutions require you to lock up money in advance on a link between accounts, so it needs to be settled if money doesn't get roughly evenly transferred in both directions of a link. This is literally never the case for people buying stuff from merchants or for payroll transactions. So one of the two can't consistently go through L2. Since regular merchant transactions are way more common than payroll transactions and L2 scales way better than L1, you want them on L2, so you want to do payroll on L1.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 03:37:38

> I see you're dodging the question about why you think Eth needs 1m tps on layer 1 though. Fucking hell dude I just didn't want to waste time calculating this again, but here you go. Assuming a *very* conservative 10x peak requirement (Visa's is much higher) and keeping in mind that payroll happens during a single weekend, 10 days * 2 settlement txns / person (1 payroll, 1 settlement from past two weeks) * 7e9 people / 2 days / 24 hours/day / 3600 seconds/hr = 810,185 transactions per second. You can do the math yourself. > How on earth does that mean it's like an L2 network? It's paying merchants using (essentially) its own stash of existing money, it doesn't have to make transfers in arbitrary directions, and it relies on a preexisting network of merchants. > I mean..... I didn't want to state it quite so bluntly because, unlike you, I tend not to give to much credence to arguments from authority and the like. You've made numerous claims that are obviously false. I'd put much more credence in that. I have not, but I'm pretty much fed up with you at this point so please understand that I'm probably not going to respond to any more of your posts.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 03:30:25

I don't think they really get a lot of new customers, but if you're already using them it would probably be more expensive to switch.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 02:58:53

My job is to understand this stuff... well, the regular database stuff, not the blockchain stuff. The blockchain stuff is mostly a result of me wasting way too much of my time looking up details people posted here about whatever the latest magic blockchain scaling solution was.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 02:54:35

> Where on earth did you get that idea? Visa only does a couple of tens of thousands. Visa doesn't handle even close to the world's currency transactions (it would fall over extremely hard if it did). It also doesn't settle transactions instantaneously (or even within a few days); it has the large advantage of being able to extend you a big line of credit and reverse transactions later if it makes a mistake (flagging the large ones), and doesn't handle stuff like payroll or intrabank transactions, which means it's a lot more like an L2 network than an L1. Stuff like payments from banks are settled using the same techniques I mentioned earlier, where it's transferred in a lump sum and Visa never verifies that the money actually come from the correct accounts. The reason why Visa, and other systems, need a much higher max tps than it needs on average (which also applies to such a settlement layer) is that transactions are not random; there are spikes and correlations. In particular, most people get paid about twice a month, meaning you need to be able to handle payroll transactions for a very large number of people over the course of a weekend as well as handle large simultaneous spikes. I did the math in another post and it worked out to about 1m at peak, even though much of the time the network needs to do much less. If you don't, the network can get congested at very critical times (like needing to get paid before rent comes due) which would not be acceptable for a world currency. > Your post is quite interesting. I would rate it at about the same level as the blog posts you insist are meaningless. Unless there's some compelling reason that it's more credible..... In which case..... what is that reason? The reason is that (1) I am not personally financially invested in the success or failure of cryptocurrency, and the writers of such articles are, (2) I have worked in professional capacity as a DBA and collaborated with database researchers in academia, meaning this is an area of expertise for me. By contrast, the writers of such articles are (1) both personally invested in cryptocurrency, and employed by people whose fortunes are tied to cryptocurrency, and (2) generally technical writers with little experience with distributed database implementation. On the other hand, I am an anonymous poster on a subreddit with butt in the name and could be pretending to be anything I want, while they are generally putting their real names out there, so you are fully entitled to disregard my posts if you like.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 02:37:32

The annoying thing is that zero knowledge proofs are actually useful but have been forever tainted by their association with this dumb shit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 02:04:34

> So tell me. Are functioning L2s a "sign" of it? No, because 1m tps needs to be hit *on the L1 part.* Please actually read the technical details in my responses, I've said this two or three times. All the rest of this post is kind of boring but I'm glad you are at least acknowledging that this is where we are right now. Now, could we get beyond 5k? Probably, with optimizations and some smart use of existing approaches. I said "beyond 5-10k will be difficult" because I believe it will require fundamentally new approaches and those approaches have to work for the most difficult kind of transaction (linearizable transactions) and can't rely on features like custom network fabric, RDMA, special hardware like precise atomic clocks etc. (since it needs to be able to be run on commodity machines to maintain decentralization). Since such a solution also helps pretty much *every* kind of distributed database, not just blockchains, improving these is a problem that has an enormous amount of money and research poured into it every year, meaning there is not a huge amount of low-hanging fruit and there have been a lot of people working to eke out small improvements for many years now. It would be great if a breakthrough came along that improved performance for these transactions by even 10x (still 20x short of what's needed, but it would at least put it in the right ballpark), but it seems unlikely to me. This is especially true as Moore's Law has entered a steep decline; in the past, we could simply wait around for commodity hardware and network fabric to get to that point, but it's not improving that fast anymore. In some cases, like memory access latency, speed hasn't even really improved at all or has even declined on average as we prioritize different stuff. This means that we really do need to find new algorithmic approaches to scale significantly better, not just make clever use of new hardware. So, I say it will be hard because I believe *fundamentally new approaches* would be needed. The stuff in the article you pasted is not that and is not going to get us there, they are pure hopium. Of course Ethereum itself will be able to do much better than 30 tps, but only because they have handicapped themselves significantly with their current design; "scaling" Ethereum is the equivalent of writing a program with sleep statements, taking out the sleeps, and then boasting about how much you optimized your program. > I would have thought it's quite obvious by now that I personally have bet on a different horse. And if I've bet on the right horse I certainly will be rewarded. This is a somehow dumber version of Pascal's Wager lol. But like I said, not really worth poking holes in because crypto cannot scale to that point. I'll say what I said in the beginning: wake me up when we have an implemented, decentralized cryptocurrency that can do 100k tps on real transactions. *Implemented,* not a blog post from someone multiplying numbers together. If that ever happens, we can start talking about these other details. Until then, it is a waste of time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 01:56:58

> And indeed you did. Perhaps it slipped your mind. My point was that "just double it lol" is not going to get you there, not that there were no other approaches. I said in my very first post that many other cryptocurrencies had attempted to tackle it far more effectively than Bitcoin; did you miss *that?* At the end of the day, they have not gotten better than 5k. Avalanche was released many years ago now by a guy who was actually a very good distributed database researcher who understood the tradeoffs that you're not willing to read about in my response. Other approaches have either gone much more poorly, or completely dumped the "distributed" aspect. > Literally said one straight after the other. Most amusing. The difference is that Avalanche is actually implemented and articles like that are just multiplying numbers together. *Anyone* can write an article saying they can get to 1m tps using techniques that clearly will not get them to 1m tps, but that doesn't mean I have to take them at face value. > And here's the thing. Many people do actually believe that it can scale. In fact there's quite a large.... I think you would have to say industry of people working on it. Correct. And the best they've been able to come up with is 5k. They have 200x to go and they have made no progress for many years now. They are not stupid (and neither am I, incidentally), but it's safe to say that if there a 200x improvement to be had we would be seeing some signs of it by now. In particular, it would be a technique that could also be applied to good old-fashioned *non* cryptocurrencies, but new techniques there that would actually work for currency transactions have not been forthcoming. I'm probably wasting this on you because you clearly aren't reading my posts, but the issue is that currency transactions are linearizable. Most exciting scaling advances in databases in recent years have come from special casing transactions that *don't* require linearizability, but none of these can help blockchains. > I mean... let's face it... not long ago you didn't think bitcoin could scale at all despite the fact that it is a pretty trivial thing to do. Then you thought Eth could not scale beyond 30 tps. Now you're at about 5-10,000. You clearly didn't read my response, lol. Let me help you out: I didn't need to look up any of the information for that post. It was all from memory, including the details about Avalanche. The reason I didn't need to look it up is because I've been reading claims of blockchain scaling for years now, and am also quite familiar with the state of the art in distributed databases. You have made up in your head that I am somehow *just now* learning about stuff that scales better than Bitcoin and Ethereum. > You've performed incredible feats of (admitting to) scaling in the course of this short conversation. If you would like to point to the place where I said crypto couldn't scale past 7 or 30 tps, please do so! I'd love to hear about it. I even asked you to show me something I hadn't seen before (which you haven't). In the meantime, I'd appreciate it if you stopped making things up in your head to make yourself feel better and actually addressed what I'm writing (you didn't even mention a single technical point). > And that's essentially the bet. Large upside if it does work. This is the most delusional part of all, because if any of this *did* get to the point where it could scale this way (which it won't), the currency that implemented it would not be Bitcoin and would work nothing like Bitcoin. Governments are not going to jointly agree to give up all of their own currency based on who accumulated some unrelated token a hundred years ago, they would switch to using a single payments network that was pre-minted with tokens matching the values of their existing currency. How does accumulating Bitcoin somehow "reward" you for your bet in the hypothetical situation that a totally different coin running a wholly different algorithm turns out to be able to scale? It doesn't.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 01:17:10

> That's funny. A minute ago you though it was impossible because Eth had 30 tps. What on earth are you talking about? You are literally just making up stuff to make yourself feel better lol. It's you who only knows about Bitcoin and Ethereum. > Now you concede that a vast amount of scaling is possible from here. Where is the upper limit? Avalanche claims to do about 5k and that's the highest I've seen from an actually decentralized protocol. This is also similar to what you can get out of most distributed databases that don't have special partitioning tricks (that don't really work all that well for arbitrary currency transactions). I believe that getting higher than 5-10k will be quite difficult. > Yeah I've read many articles like that. They are nonsensical and basically just make random assumptions to get to the number they want. For example, they claim rollups will improve throughput by 100x and bandwidth by 10x. However, rollups have to (1) be entirely on chain, using up far more bandwidth and (2) have to be processed and verified serially (*not* in parallel) with subsequent transactions, which means they are not independent of each other and consume significant CPU resources. As for sharding (i.e. partitioning), the white whale of crypto, nobody has ever been able to present a compelling case for how it will actually function considering the number of users and the variety of transactions. In most databases, cross partition transactions are so expensive that even a rate of 1% cross partition transactions will bring the database's throughput down to the point that it's only a few times greater than what you can get on a single shard. This is especially true when running arbitrary stored procedures like Ethereum does; it has never been able to find a workable model that will actually increase throughput, and I doubt that it ever will. I can be pretty confident in this because these are not a blockchain-specific problem; they exist in virtually *all* databases. They get around these by (1) being super limited in terms of which kinds of transactions can be run, (2) not being distributed in the same sense, e.g. having single machines process transactions as fast as possible in deterministic order, (3) not needing to run expensive cryptography on every transaction, (4) allowing balances to temporarily go negative so they don't need to serialize everything, (5) most importantly, rolling up transactions between banks based entirely on trust (rather than verification) greatly minimizing the work that needs to be performed. Blockchains fundamentally cannot take advantage of these solutions because of their trustless, distributed and decentralized requirements.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 00:47:11

I'm very familiar with all the layer 2 solutions. All of them require *vastly* higher scale on the L1 chain than they pretend in order to function as the world's currency network. My 1 million number is *assuming* the existence of L2 scaling.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 00:31:23

> It quite fundamentally can scale. To take the simplest example you could double the block size. > Easy. Okay, you've doubled its transactions per second from 7 to 14 at the cost of twice the bandwidth. You can do this a few more times before it stops actually being faster and you start to hit other scaling limits. You're still nowhere close to what's needed (about 1 million tps from my prior calculations). You are not going to get there by doublings. > I don't really see any fundamental reason why bitcoin couldn't do what Ethereum does. I see pretty basic reasons why it won't and why I'd consider Eth to be the market leader and the most likely to achieve the goal from the OP but the claim that it cannot scale is obviously false. Ethereum can process like 30 tps lol. Got any other bright ideas genius?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 00:25:28

It both fundamentally *cannot* scale (and trust me, many people are trying with other crypto!), *and* its core development team have repeatedly fought back any attempts to make it scale even slightly better than it currently does.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 00:16:52

> Yes. But you'd have done extremely well if you invested now and Bitcoin would have changed the world. Okay, but you know perfectly well that this cannot happen. It can handle 7 transactions per second, it can never be the world's currency. On top of that the economics stop making sense for miners once enough halvings occur, meaning the security of the network will be pretty easy to undermine. So this isn't a realistic thing and it's clearly not what's giving Bitcoin value. Also, in your Bezos example, the stock itself also *has real value* due to dividends, corporate buybacks, liquidation on company acquisition, etc. (not to mention often giving you partial ownership of a productive company). You make money holding onto the stock and you only let it go if you value money now over money for the duration of the stock's lifetime. There's no such calculus with Bitcoin, it's a completely unproductive asset and will never become productive. You cannot value it at its estimated "future" value when it takes over as the world's currency, because that won't happen and everyone (including you, if you were willing to look at the situation objectively) knows it. The *only* thing giving it any intrinsic value at all would be its utility as a medium of exchange *today*, primarily for criminal enterprise, and its value for that purpose is not super high since you generally have to pay a much of middleman fees and go through KYC for the privilege of doing so.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 11, 2023 00:09:38

I believe they have cracked the number 15 using an algorithm that's asymptotically* faster than that of a classical computer! So, they have cracked the code on any documents encrypted with the public key "15", but in a very cool quantum way! *but the asymptotics kick in for numbers way way way way way higher than 15

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 23:45:49

*If* that were ever to happen, which is impossible for a large number of reasons, it would stop being a speculative asset, because its value would be fully realized. Until this happens (i.e. forever), its main for people who believes it has value is purely speculative, since if you think Bitcoin's value is going to go up in the future in real terms (i.e. it will be deflationary), it would be dumb use it to buy things that don't appreciate.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 23:43:34

As someone who absolutely never says this stuff, in the case of this particular article it sounds like there might be some corruption involved, lol. Sounds like they were being actively misleading and have pissed off a bunch of other researchers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 20:56:09

In the US, sure, but Gone With The Wind was released in a theater environment that was completely alien to what we see today. Star Wars and, to an even greater extent, Titanic were released into a world where theaters more or less functioned as they do today, and the difficulty in reaching those heights is more about the external media environment than anything theater specific.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 10, 2023 19:52:51

Very obvious satire. Besides the comedy flair, there are a bunch of obvious tells, e.g. > I know what you’re thinking- “5% in a few days isn’t that big of a change.” And yes, I agree with you, but and > You see, I started my trend line 2 days ago and saw the overall change. I extended that out for a year, and arrived at my conclusion. Don't trust, verify. And since crypto is backed by math, this makes perfect sense! and > Do not do any research. This is financial advice. I could go on but basically,.this is post that could have appeared without alteration on Buttcoin.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 13:03:59

Yeah and that also turned out to be a big nothing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 12:59:59

lmao I'm just now coming to terms with how completely absurd this was. Has he ever looked at a textbook before?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 12:58:53

Nah, it was never getting to a billion (not without a rerelease anyway). The only reason it got as far as it did was a a combination of Oscars and possibly the most nonsensical China release of all time (the only countries where it *didn't* have insane legs were ones that tend to track with China, like Taiwan and Thailand, *and* the entire story was centered around Freddie coming to terms with being gay, to this day I have no idea how or why it was approved or what the people involved were thinking).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 10, 2023 12:42:20

TBH it was more like "inflation happened," there's a good chance nothing ever comes close touching Titanic for total admissions again.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 10, 2023 12:08:49

That's not "big reveal coming soon" it's just reading the news.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 10, 2023 12:03:29

Bohemian Rhapsody making over $900 million lol. That was an insane run.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 19:52:13

Unless it's literal hate speech, why would you want a film to bomb?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 17:52:54

IIRC the main thing it affects is opening weekends. For a given number of screens, longer movies can have fewer showings in the same amount of time. If a movie doesn't have amazing WOM or there's competition coming relatively soon, not being able to fit people in during opening weekend can be pretty deleterious to the film's box office chances. Outside of those circumstances though, I don't think it really matters, since almost no films are still sold out after opening weekend. Yeah it takes more time out of your day but if you want to see the movie you're still gonna go see it. Most people no longer go to the movies "just to go to the movies" anyway, it's too expensive.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 17:48:56

European games have 10 minute quarters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 9, 2023 17:24:22

Looks like your streak remains unbroken :P

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 16:40:59

I find it interesting that people don't really think about Paolo as a big man even though he's basically the same height as Dwight (minus the freakish wingspan). Which is probably evidence for your point, actually.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 9, 2023 12:29:53

I feel like that kind of already happened except for the Euro part, I don't think Cade would have been nearly as highly ranked as a prospect if it weren't for Luka.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 9, 2023 12:12:54

At a macro level sure, but once you propose the (unworkable) solution, lots of interesting solvable micro problems present themselves. You get to come up with Rube Goldberg solutions (since you're not allowed to have any centralized components) to protect against all kinds of practically irrelevant attack models!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 10:43:47

This movie is so insane lol, it's almost demoralizing to have tracked something like Bohemian Rhapsody that painfully hit crazy milestones over months and then see Avatar up there twice as high in less than a month and still have plenty left in the tank.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 05:15:51

What happened to this sub, it used to be entertaining :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxofficecirclejerk on January 9, 2023 02:02:39

A lot of old school free software people are weirdo libertarians and the technical problems are interesting. The former is something I think the community at large has tried to ignore because of a culture of "well anyone who can code well needs to be kept happy."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 9, 2023 01:44:34

Avatar opened relatively low in Germany IIRC, so even with great holds I think it didn't have much of a chance to be on that list for a few weeks. I'd have to go back and look at the numbers though, I'm saying this from memory and 2009 was a really long time ago.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 01:00:38

Honestly at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if it surpassed Avatar... we'll see after the holidays, but movies with holds like this usually have special runs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:50:49

It's all over the list of fifth, sixth, seventh, etc. weekend admissions records. See

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:42:58

Ohhhh okay. Thought that was about projected international gross lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:41:14

It does seem like a potential underestimate, but I think the assumption is that there will be big drops once holidays end in some overseas markets and the film leaves theaters in China. I can tell you from past experience though that this assumption does not always hold, it really depends on the movie. Avatar is having insane runs in some markets which sometimes translates to great holds lasting much longer than you'd expect.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:28:49

Breaking admissions records is a huge deal, it's much rarer than a movie having great WOM or breaking records in local currency.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:25:02

Do you have any insights into why it's doing so well there? My partner and I lived in Germany for a while and she speculated that maybe it is because of the way the parents in the movie match the German ideal...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:02:24

Okay thanks for actually providing a prediction. It will blow past $610 million, as anyone who is actually interested in creating *predictive* models will tell you. Please don't change it and write a post admitting you were wrong when it happens.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 9, 2023 00:00:33

This is absolutely nuts, what's going on in Germany?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 23:29:15

Your second paragraph does not follow from your first paragraph. I assure you that if studios actually knew how much their movies would drop in the first few weekends (beyond very general stuff related to genre and test screenings) they would not be so frequently off on their own internal projections, marketing spend, etc.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 23:27:12

You added $5m to your "model" for no reason even though you said you were just using unaltered inflation adjusted numbers for this weekend. That's twisting the numbers. You lied about your model and were *still* way off.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 23:23:02

If you look at the actual gross from Rogue One inflation adjusted this weekend, it also should've been a $27m prediction. They added a $5m fudge factor because (obviously) they'd already seen the predictions for the next weekend, then tried to pass it off as "just using the same model as always!" The model is actually off by over 40%.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 23:21:44

Yeah, you won't do projected numbers for each day because you don't have a real model (and your estimate was way more embarrassingly off than I thought). I thought you were at least operating in good faith before but you're clearly not since you insulted me for trying to explain to you how box office modeling actually works. Please stop posting your "models" here, you're wasting everyone's time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 23:15:05

It wasn't even based on Rogue One, he admitted downthread that he added a $5m fudge factor. And was still off by a ton lol. This post isn't really worth discussing any further.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 21:45:42

Are you seriously boasting about a weekend prediction that was 25% off that you chose to make *after you already knew the predicted weekend numbers* and even added a fudge factor of $5 million to, which means you're not even following your own model? So not only is this a terrible prediction, you were just straight up lying about using Rogue One drops? I'm sorry, but this isn't how good statistical modeling works. I think you are genuinely trying to learn on this sub, but it's very important to (1) make predictions *before* they happen, often multiple weeks ahead, (2) show that your model works historically, (3) have a clear explanation for *why* your model should work, ideally one that can explain past divergence, and (4) most importantly of all, *not* add any fudge factors when the model doesn't look quite right.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 21:42:11

I mean, we'll see, I guess. So far it hasn't been that much of a problem for him, because guys *are* respecting his jumper, and I don't think they're doing that because they're stupid and haven't scouted him properly (opposing coaches have actually brought up having specific anti Wembanyama defensive strategies and most of them involve covering him very aggressively on the perimeter and denying him the ball). Personally, I'm pretty comfortable with projecting him to be like a 35-36% 3P% shooter once he gets a few seasons under his belt based on his other metrics. I can see where you would be skeptical of a good 3P% translating to shot creation if he can't shoot consistently off the dribble, but I honestly don't think he really needs to be able to do that at a high clip for his offensive game to work. He just needs to force people to respect him on the perimeter when he has the ball so his driving lanes stay open and he can finish at the rim (which he's very good at, as the article demonstrates).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 21:37:18

They're *not* close. They went from significantly over for Rogue One to significantly over for Avatar 2. You can also *tell* that that's the case without even looking at the total inflation adjusted numbers, because Avatar's drops have been consistently better, and we've all done enough box office analysis to know that better drops with a similar calendar configuration mean better drops in the future as well (especially in the absence of major competition).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 20:59:14

You're not making any sense. Please post a version of the spreadsheet that shows (1) the projected gross using your method for each day of Avatar 2's run, not just a single cherrypicked date, and (2) the actual equation you're using. Without that this is a meaningless boast since *any* pessimistic predictive method would intersect with the real value at some point, and your explanation is way too garbled to figure out what you're actually doing or replicate it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 20:56:47

The spreadsheet does not speak for itself because you don't have a model or show how it did at any point except Jan 8. We also know how accurate movie comparisons work (hint: they use drop percentages, not totals after some random point in their run), and we know that by that methodology you would not have gotten accurate data, so I would not put a lot of stock in your methodology.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 20:53:04

You realize that inflation adjustment doesn't change the percentage drops or rises, right? Using "inflation adjusted" numbers should be completely meaningless. So what do you really mean? Where is your prediction column?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 20:50:28

Actually I found my source here: Link to shot chart: Overall midrange is around 41%, which isn't amazing but isn't bad either (especially when you consider that many of the short midrange shots are postups); I think it's actually close to the NBA league average right now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 19:19:01

I think I got them from a recent NBA podcast (maybe Sam Vecenie?). I think it was like 50% on long twos, mid 30s on short midrange shots, and 83% at the rim.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 18:45:01

He's shooting like 50% on long twos, his midrange numbers are hurt by the fact that he has trouble posting up bigs ATM due to his weak lower body.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 18:35:14

If he's actually an 80+% FT shooter (which I think he is), you can count the number of guys like that who can't ever get consistent from three on one hand. AD is very very much the exception here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 18:33:52

That would be a pretty low multiplier considering how much run it has left in theaters. We will see though I guess.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 17:17:01

I do think he'll struggle with post offense if he doesn't put on weight like I clarified in the post above. I don't think he'll have that much of an issue on defense though, like I said people try to post him up all the time... I mean with Giannis he will lol but pretty much nobody can defend Giannis 1 on 1.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 14:10:21

Sure, I just think he has pretty comparable skinniness for his height, he's not Chet who is around KD"s height and weighs 20 pounds less than KD at the combine.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 14:07:23

KD weighed 15 pounds less than Wemby does right now when he entered the league.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 8, 2023 14:04:16

Haha I agree with every part of this post except you calling yourself "not an expert in box office." My friend you know more about the box office than 99% of people on this sub.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 8, 2023 11:46:39

A computer scientist getting asked what they think of crypto by friends and family and then being ignored to buy it anyway is not exactly a rare event, I've had it happen to me on at least three occasions. It's part of what caused me to join this sub in the first place.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 8, 2023 11:38:40

This is the shallowest possible analysis lol. You didn't check his offensive rating or defensive rating (or those of his teammates), just made a bunch of incorrect assumptions about his impact. You didn't adjust for pace or even minutes played, you didn't look at free throw rate (which is very high for his usage--he'll be at the line a *ton* in the league), you didn't look at block percentage or compare him to historical prospects (he has a higher rate than Gobert did in this league), you don't seem to realize that he literally holds the scoring record for anyone under 18 in his league... I could go on but basically I find your analysis completely shallow and find it pointless to discuss any of this with you. The KAT-Gobert thing is even dumber. The cost of taking up an extra spot on the court is incredibly high in the NBA, the whole appeal of Wemby is that he does both in one package. If you don't understand how insane that is you don't really understand basketball, and I know you *do* understand basketball, which is why I'm convinced you're just trolling. Besides that, he's neither Duncan nor KAT on offense, he is much closer to a high usage shooting guard. He won't be less open in the NBA. He will be much more open. European courts are smaller and the three point line is farther away, there's simply more room there. He will also have a better point guard (Tremont Waters is *trash*). Concerns about his shooting are legitimate but I believe he is a significantly better shooter than his numbers indicate, partly due to his FT%, partly due to his shot DD, and partly due to his form and confidence (most guys will not take that many threes unless they think they will go in). As for "guys in the league will challenge him" or thinking people will dunk over him... like I said, just admit you don't watch the games lol. Or look for some defensive highlights since you seem to think he's chasing blocks all the time, the majority of his defensive impact comes from other stuff. The "doesn't take up a lot of space" thing is, nonetheless, the most insane thing you posted. Between his super long legs, decent speed, and ridiculous wingspan, his defensive coverage is possibly the best of anyone who's *ever* played basketball. The amount of space he covers is like his number one outlier attribute! It's the thing that got him anointed likely #1 over a year ago! The fact that you think it's a *weakness* is why I'm probably just not going to respond to your posts anymore, you are speaking incredibly confidently about things you know so little about that the opposite is actually true. It honestly makes me not even want to go on this sub at all because I have to read one of your shitty takes. I'm begging you to *watch some games*, not just highlights and box scores that cause you to compose your own little story about what's happening.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 02:36:31

TBH it is actually pretty drained of bigs, most guys who are even halfway decent there get called up due to how hard it is to find good center backups. It's been something people have talked about as making it weird to evaluate certain prospects there because there's very little rim protection compared to the overall level of offensive talent.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 01:57:16

True, but counterpoint: check the recent thread on how he did against pretty good (college level and higher) European competition this summer. I think he's shown enough that he can afford to essentially take the year off (which is what I'm viewing this as) and still go top 5, most likely #3.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 01:47:22

Yeah you've sold me lol, clear #3 this year (I still don't think you can take him over the top two based on these performances, but he's at least a good way ahead of any of the college guys or Ausar).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 00:58:45

RealGM actually has way better and more up to date international stats than a lot of other sites for some reason.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 00:43:45

Not *amazing* competition (Basquet Girona is the only team in Liga ACB of these and it is near the bottom of their standings this season, the others are in second/third tier leagues), but still good enough that this makes me feel a lot better about Amen, for sure.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 8, 2023 00:42:24

Downvoting on principle, do not announce an announcement please. Also for the record if the SEC reads this, this is definitely financial advice.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 7, 2023 23:56:09

Which players won the last four MVPs again? This sort of claim is meaningless drivel, it's a "talented players" league as it always has been. Your wonky analyses are fun when you compare players to obscure guys from the '80s that played nothing like them, not when you give Skip Bayless-esque hot takes purely to be contrarian.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 23:46:20

I am begging you to please watch the actual games from some of these guys lol. Particularly Wemby, since it would address a lot of your weird claims about his offense, but also Scoot and Amen if you seriously think any teams would not take Scoot #2.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 23:35:11

Yup. FUD was a term originally invented to describe Microsoft's attitude towards open source products like Linux. In the end it failed because, well, Linux was actually useful to people.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 7, 2023 22:42:38

Have you seen their net rating in the first and fourth quarters compared to second and third? It's why I laugh when people claim that none of the teams this year are really tanking.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 7, 2023 21:00:36

He's older, NBA teams play with higher pace, he's higher usage, he has way more spacing due to the much better players around him and the larger courts (helpful for a lot of guys offensively), there's no defensive three seconds (meaning way defensive specialist centers that limit paint scoring have a much harder time staying on court)... plus whatever it is that has made pretty much *every* NBA guy's scoring go way up in the last five years (as discussed to death on the main sub).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 19:30:09

19 and 10? I have absolutely no clue which player you're looking at but it's not Wembanyama. In any case, individual scoring is considerably lower in the LNB than in the G league since games are only 40 minutes... > seems like the Parisian Barista League is lacking in length, speed AND athleticism (which helps Victor). Only compared to (some) teams in the G league, which tend to lack size which also helps Victor. Compared to the average college team this is not the case at all.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:50:19

19 and 10? I have absolutely no clue which player you're looking at but it's not Wembanyama.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:43:55

Dude Shaedon Sharpe went #7 on literally nothing but high school stats and raw athleticism (and it hasn't looked like a bad choice at all). Taking Amen outside the top ten is way overthinking things.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:10:52

I think you are really underestimating how much better the top pro leagues are than college, lol. Even something like the French league Wembanyama plays in is full of former NBA guys and college stars and have legit Euroleague teams in them. And the G League is (IMO) on par with Euroleague, at least at the beginning of the season before all the best players get called up.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:06:33

It apparently isn't since people still have them going third.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:02:37

Yeah I'm not sure if anyone but me actually watched Scoot's game last night but these teams are *rough.* Any good and not injured players get magically teleported to the NBA side.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 7, 2023 18:01:18

Yeah they're limited due to the skills of the guards, not the bigs lol. Bigs benefit a ton from the absence of those kinds of guys in the paint.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 7, 2023 13:36:57

Right, I guess I meant, I think many people are that uncoordinated with much more normal arms, but they wouldn't get a shot at the NBA in the first place.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 7, 2023 02:19:11

Apparently people on this sub have memory holed the existence of defensive specialists lol, they'll get angry at you for even pointing out that that used to be a thing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 7, 2023 02:16:42

I don't think that's it, I think it's just that if you're 7'1" with insanely long arms you're gonna play basketball even if you're uncoordinated, which is not the case for the majority of us.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 7, 2023 02:11:43

I already said I'd take Scoot over Jalen, I don't think great point guards *have* to be elite or even positive defensively, and most rookies suck at defense anyway. And I agree that he could easily make big strides like Ja. At the same time, *if* (and I stress that it is an if!) he's still one of the statistically worst defensive players in the entire G league at the end of the season, it's something to at least keep an eye on IMO...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 6, 2023 21:38:53

Yeah I'm not gonna prod it too much because obviously you still take him #2 but there are a few early warning signs that Scoot might be an absolute sieve on defense, and if that turns out to be the case it's clearly not due to lack of effort...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 6, 2023 16:33:47

Tankathon (1) believes that he's an 80 FT% shooter and (2) uses a pretty simplistic model that has a very wide margin of error (like +/- 5 points of 3P% for 80% of prospects). It will rarely project anyone who takes a decent volume of threes below 30%. From my own perspective... based on some analysis I just did, 81% and up FT% shooters at the NBA level who actually take threes are basically always good (or at least decent) three point shooters. So if he's really an 80% three point shooter then yeah you should bet on his shot being fixable. Problem is, he's only taken 33 free throws across 11 games, so there hasn't really been any time for it to stabilize. And based on how broken his jumpshot is and his meh at the rim numbers, there's not a lot of other supporting evidence that his touch is that good. He also sucked at free throws last year and hasn't had a commensurate jump in any of his other shooting metrics like you'd expect if there were a real improvement here. So my current prediction is that his FT% in the NBA is not going to be 80%, maybe mid 70's if he's lucky, and in that range you get a much much wider range of three point shooting outcomes (hence the huge margin of error).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 6, 2023 14:20:46

Variant covers aren't exactly scammy in themselves IMO (though they're definitely exploitive, but no moreso than like Red/Blue having some exclusive Pokémon). IMO, they only become scammy when they're deliberately made rare to get comic shops / collectors to buy a bunch of comics they have no intention of reading...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 6, 2023 05:24:38

Yup. It is true that a *long* time ago (in like the '50s through '70s) people genuinely collected them, because baseball was a huge sport and it was a way for people to track and remember their favorite players. But we live in the era of baseball-reference now and baseball's audience is getting older and older. The pretense that there is a genuine, large collectors market out there that isn't interested in the cards as a speculative investment vehicle is bullshit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 6, 2023 02:51:28

FT% doesn't stabilize that quickly and he only takes a few a game (which is not a great sign in itself). I'm not sold.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 6, 2023 01:11:22

I don't really think the stats say yes TBQH. He scares me a lot for that reason.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 6, 2023 01:10:37

The original Black Panther did really well internationally, TBH. It just outperformed domestically.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 22:58:12

It's still useful. They've been quite accurate on weekdays thus far during its run, which is a bit too long for it to be a coincidence. It's less that I don't trust the numbers and more that it's impossible to properly account for walkups with such early numbers, but they still give a reasonable ballpark.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 20:08:19

A good estimate should not be consistently under or over the actual value. It should be trying to minimize average error.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 19:51:14

There has been plenty of analysis in the past that consists of linking to people on other forums who have valuable insights on particular markets. This isn't new and it's useful.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 19:48:36

I think Sam Vecenie pointed this out on his most recent podcasts but we honestly just need to stop comparing prospects to KD lol, he is a freak.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 5, 2023 18:30:22

It was measured at 6'10" but yeah still pretty crazy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 5, 2023 18:15:59

Holiday weekdays and weekends to non-holiday ones virtually always have steep drops, for obvious reasons. This was true even for the original Avatar.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 17:49:47

I feel like a lot of prospects get a reputation for good or bad defense mostly based on their physical profile and then turn out to be nothing like their profile when they actually get to the league. However, I'm not sure whether the teams themselves are falling for that or it's just predraft hype.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 5, 2023 16:38:17

I like Paolo but outside of playmaking there is literally not a single basketball related thing he is better at than Wemby.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 5, 2023 16:14:55

"Probably"? This sub is so full of shit lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 5, 2023 16:06:12

Do you think the gross those two movies lost from HBO Max would make up the missing $800m (which will probably end up being more like $1.6b)?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 13:51:22

My point is that you're not contributing anything useful to box office analysis here, you're the one that introduced these dumb comparisons in the first place.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 13:48:23

I would guess that the point is that launching a franchise with many interconnected films in established franchises isn't automatically a better move than putting out big budget "traditional" blockbusters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 5, 2023 13:20:01

The handle seems like the biggest issue. I'm not worried about him creating separation because he's shown he can finish through contact near the rim and has great touch, but if he's gonna lose the basketball any time he gets pressured defensively none of it matters much.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 16:56:10

That's what they did last SL so it checks out...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 16:46:55

Ticket prices have increased faster than inflation, so boxofficemojo is attempting to estimate admissions and then multiply by current average ticket prices. However, this is a very inexact method since (1) we don't know the actual number of admissions for almost any American film and (2) average ticket prices are highly variable, not only between different movies, but in some cases for the *same* movie and year.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 15:04:21

Considering its reception among its fanbase I think it's fair to call A- a bad Cinemascore for Dune.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 15:02:01

It wasn't a foul lol, he blocks dunks like that pretty consistently. Fast break "posters" where the guy is trailing behind (like the Bol Bol one) aren't real posters, but maybe there will be one like that if you count those. I honestly don't see anyone Scoot's height dunking on him, at least not this year. Guys in the French league have been trying all year and none of them have really come close. His arms are just too long, he can basically just short hop and block a dunk like this where Scoot's head is at the rim. Guys like Giannis or Bol are way better bets IMO.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 14:35:11

We've already seen what happens when Scoot tries to posterize Wemby lol. He's a smart player, he'll stick to trying to do crafty layups around him.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 14:18:58

Scoot just came back from a monthlong injury and also got injured trying (and failing) to run through Wembanyama.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 14:13:30

This is not to mention the oft-cited fact (in 2009 anyway) that Avatar's estimated admissions are probably off because 3D prices were so high at the time... many of these movies had all sorts of special circumstances, such as forgotten rereleases or promotions, that nobody remembers anymore. Treating inflation adjusted grosses as gospel is probably not a great idea in general.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 14:00:06

Uh, it's going to very easily pass Rogue One in adjusted gross when it's all said and done.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 13:55:35

Stuff usually isn't that reductive. One could argue that both Avatar films are directly calling out the US military and its treatment of indigenous people, but that hasn't stopped them from making bank in the US.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 13:44:54

I don't really know, there's another forum where someone can often give great insights around the Japanese market but these are normally related to stuff like giveaways, holidays, advertising, theater closings and screen counts, etc. It's very hard to tell why something did or didn't take off in a particular country. One thing worth knowing that might help here is that while "Twitter is not real life" is true for most countries, it's not true of Japan: almost 50% of Japanese people are on Twitter. So "no cultural impact on Twitter" might actually reflect genuine tendencies in the Japanese theatergoing population.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 13:17:52

I'm not "escaping" anything, there just isn't any trend. You are seeing what you want to see in the scatterplot, which is a very common phenomenon. That's why we have statistical analysis in the first place.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:55:05

Sorry, it was released there. I meant that Japan unexpectedly seems to have no interest in this movie. This is unfortunate because it's usually one of the most leggy markets in the world, as well as being one of the biggest, and they loved past Cameron movies.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:53:41

There is absolutely no trend. The average of the estimates was always right around $10.5m which is what you'd expect from accurate estimates.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:51:07

Estimates stayed in the middle once, went up twice, and went down twice. There's literally no pattern.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:49:24

The German market loves basically any fantasy franchise, no matter how garbage. I say this with love.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:42:22

Bohemian Rhapsody taught me not to give ranges for movies... I'll just enjoy the ride.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:32:54

$9.3-$11.3m -> $10m -> $11m -> $10m -> $10.4m Not sure what pattern you're seeing?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 12:31:33

lol I was deep in the box office around that time and that was by far the most disrespected movie of the year. People just didn't like it here for whatever reason.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 03:06:00

Very efficient night as well, 9-12 on 2s, 1-1 on 3s, and 3-4 from the free throw line, with an 8:4 AST:TO ratio. IMO his best performance to date, even counting the exhibition against the Mets 92. Definitely showing why he deserves that #2 spot over the other pretenders.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 4, 2023 02:11:39

I saw it with someone who never saw the first one and just got like a 5 minute summary beforehand. Based on that, you don't really need to see the first one to understand this one.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 00:56:55

That post literally says 11M, which would be at the upper range of the prior estimates. Nobody's suggesting 12M.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 4, 2023 00:55:31

Trying, maybe, but I don't think the rolling average is actually what's being displayed here. Rolling average would require a window smaller than "every Marvel movie ever released."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 3, 2023 23:48:35

Third victory in four games since he got back as well... I don't think his team even won a game in the month or so he spent injured.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on January 3, 2023 23:21:11

People here are fans of movies that (1) do extremely well at the box office, (2) are really profitable, or (3) have surprising runs, especially leggy runs. James Cameron is known for consistently making movies that satisfy all three criteria, and this movie is providing all three, so people here are rooting for it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 3, 2023 16:25:37

I don't really understand the reasoning in that thread, Frozen 2 was released during Thanksgiving and that was the only actual concrete comparison...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 3, 2023 16:22:27

Were they just predicting that the post-pandemic environment is so bad that no movie can *ever* leg it out? Because < 3.5x legs during Christmas would be absolutely dire historically lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 3, 2023 16:12:16

You're aware that this sub is /r/boxoffice, right?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on January 3, 2023 15:26:30

Tanking starts before the season begins. A lot of the teams people are saying are "just bad, not tanking" were made deliberately bad or are sitting players out for more time than they otherwise would. Some teams (like the Jazz) were also designed to tank this year but ended up being unexpectedly good. It will get more blatant after the All Star Break.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on January 3, 2023 15:10:22

LessWrong, a "rationalist" website responsible for many of the dumbest tendencies in Silicon Valley today.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 3, 2023 14:31:23

They don't know anything, Abigail Johnson is just a Butter.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 2, 2023 13:24:39

Like most theories about how AI would actually enact its master plan, such details are glossed over as though they don't matter. Obviously the AI will just figure it out because it's *so* advanced.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 22:24:35

Assuming this is actually true, yeah, this really demonstrates how completely impossible it is to be your own bank. You gotta trust other people to exist in modern society.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on January 1, 2023 14:52:54

Honestly Leonsis's strategy makes more sense for baseball, there's no reason you can't compete and build your farm at the same time there. In basketball it's crazy though.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 31, 2022 09:56:00

No you don't understand his intangibles are totally responsible for the whole rest of the team shooting out of their minds during the win streak.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 29, 2022 09:29:29

No you don't understand his intangibles are totally responsible for the whole rest of the team shooting out of their minds on contested shots during the win streak.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 29, 2022 09:26:12

That's his actual height. The problem is that a bunch of NBA players exaggerate their heights (even legit 7 footers, e.g. Porzingis pretending to be 7'3" or Edey 7'4") so people don't believe him since he's clearly taller than they are.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 29, 2022 03:41:08

We really falling for stuff like this now

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 29, 2022 03:00:28

You can plug Wembanyama's current LNB stats into a linear regression model for NCAA data (without knowing anything else about him as a prospect) and it thinks he'll be around a 35% shooter in the NBA (within about 2% accuracy for the middle 50% of players). Considering the NCAA three point line was shorter than the FIBA one for the sample used to construct the regression, if anything this may be underestimating his expected NBA 3P%.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 29, 2022 02:41:04

I agree with your premise, we expanded too fast and have begun our inevitable fall. People are way too eager for their next immediate hit after the insanity of FTX and that's just not how things work...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 18:46:16

Like people would notice lol. How many people here know Porzingis is 7'1"?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 28, 2022 18:20:15

Yes, I'm sure it was all segregated into isolated, neat little piles. Just like FTX US, FTX International, and Alameda!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 16:17:35

I know he gave $15 million to the effective altruism foundation (which coincidentally bought a castle for around $15 million). If that counts, then maybe?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 16:12:24

Yes, the random crypto news site is making that up. They cite Reuters which explicitly says he is entering a plea, not a plea deal.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 16:10:58

No he's not, he's entering a *plea*. Almost certainly not guilty.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 15:43:25

The Spurs were reportedly offered Michael Jordan for their #1 pick in the Tim Duncan draft and turned it down. This is that kind of draft.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 28, 2022 14:14:37

You missed "1 BTC = 1 BTC", "the fundamentals are strong", and "we're still early," but good job otherwise!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 12:00:42

It is most certainly not the answer, lol. It's not like Cameron's movies are the only ones released on Christmas or he's the only one who noticed that movies tend to have better legs and softer releases then.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on December 28, 2022 09:42:56

Isn't it just that exchanges are actually regulated in Japan? FTX Japan didn't go insolvent for example. Probably not a good sign for Kraken's other entities...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 28, 2022 00:38:59

Most of the other exchanges that went bankrupt had a bunch of money tied up in FTX.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 27, 2022 09:25:42

They're not. He just doesn't want to admit he had no idea what he was actually doing in that league so he's doubling down on his initial awful take. Many such cases!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 26, 2022 01:51:50

Wait collateralized with *TRX*? TRX is literally worthless, it's his version of FTT. lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 25, 2022 23:47:12

You really, *really* need to learn how to evaluate prospects, lol. It's one thing to personally think he's going to be bad for some reason, but it's another thing to act like his efficiency is objectively bad for a prospect when it is actually very good. Nobody is ignoring any warning signs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 25, 2022 21:22:45

All right man. If you want to ignore the stats that say he's objectively an efficient high usage scorer because you think he should have the stats of a guy that scores almost all of his points off dunks, that's your prerogative. Similarly if you want to ignore the fact that 3PA and FT% are more predictive of NBA 3P% than prospect 3P%. But you should recognize that the reason it is a scorching hot take because it's literally not what the stats say.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 25, 2022 13:50:43

He's shooting over 30% from 3 and his 2P% is very good for his usage rate, he's not just standing in the dunker's spot lol. Good thing you're not a GM.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 25, 2022 13:12:42

He has a 60 TS% on over 30% usage...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 25, 2022 12:44:16

Analytics basically agree with you lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 24, 2022 15:25:22

According to his and Caroline's writing, the amount of good you can do with money is effectively unlimited, so I think they talked about bringing it into like... the trillions or something inane like that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 23, 2022 23:22:18

> There’s a ton of reason to believe he won’t be a league average 3 point shooter in the nba. Namely his bad 3 point shooting. 3P% for prospects isn't that predictive because it takes a long time to stabilize. People have told this to you before but you ignored it. > And if you’re gonna argue he shoots a terrible % because he’s guarded closely then you’re saying he has terrible shot selection. Not exactly what you want to see out of a prospect. He does have terrible shot selection lol. Absolutely no one who watches his games will dispute that. It's not something people care about from 18 year old prospects having a breakout season with around a 60 TS% on mega high usage. If he wants to fuck around and take guarded stepback threes and his team's still winning games, no GM in the league is going to hold that against him.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 21:36:56

You're severely overestimating the severity of his injury history if you think that would stop him from going #1.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 21:28:16

He sucked at shooting in general last season. Pretty much everyone who has watched him agrees his shooting is much improved this season. Look at his free throw rate, 2P% from pretty much everywhere, etc. You can also incorporate his G league and preseason stats for a larger sample size. I already linked in another response that he was in the 84th percentile for his league for catch and shoot threes, I got it from an account that follows international prospects and cannot tell you where they got it from. You could also try actually watching the games but I realize that is difficult for you.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 19:03:12

It's preseason griping that doesn't actually make any sense because he's been completely destroying the "village league" and putting up huge numbers even against the Euroleague teams that also play in that league.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 18:31:12

He dropped 27 points against Monaco a couple of games ago and took them to overtime, lol. His team is tied for first in the LNB and he's the obvious choice for MVP there. You deserve to be clowned on for thinking he won't be a good NBA player based on his correct choice to get out of the terrible situation in ASVEL.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 18:27:25

He's shooting above 30% from three after tonight's game (you might want to learn a bit about sample size), but more importantly he's virtually always tightly covered because his team sucks at getting him open shots. When he is open from three he makes them at a good clip which is one of the reasons he's tightly covered.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 18:22:15

He's shooting above 30% after today's game, and that's not including his preseason games or the G league games. His percentage on unguarded threes is very high, as well. People who think he's the kind of bad shooter who you can leave unguarded should watch how he's defended in game.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 17:57:51

The multiyear sample isn't worth much because Wembanyama absolutely sucked at shooting last year.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 17:48:38

He can if he's ungaurded lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 17:45:40

Dude nobody has an "injury free career" in the NBA.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 17:36:20

People who don't follow the draft have absolutely no idea how good he is lol, they think he's like around the same level as Scoot when it's not really close.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 23, 2022 11:52:05

One thing to keep in mind with this thread is that the person making it runs a rival crypto fintech company that is probably equally dysfunctional.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 22, 2022 10:41:26

No you're right, it is completely insane. Manfred is by far the worst commissioner of the four major American sports.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 21, 2022 22:42:12

I've actually worked at a company that used them. They're a standard BI project, they make it relatively easy to roll up large amounts of data into reports etc., and are database agnostic. A lot of their business model made more sense in an earlier era when most DBAs would generally run the BI databases themselves, so most of their clients are big companies that have proper IT departments and datacenters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 21:43:10

This sub is for real going to be horribly disappointed when he comes in and is perfectly healthy, lol. But sure a 230 pound 7'3" guy who regularly plays against large 7 footers is gonna be totally destroyed when he faces Giannis once.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 21, 2022 15:20:42

If treating proof of stake coins as securities but not proof of work coins makes people stick with proof of work coins, I'd rather not list them as securities. Proof of work is an ecological disaster.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 12:41:53

FedRAMP compliance is actually not super easy to get, it's unlikely they did so if they don't have a government contract somewhere.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 11:00:18

To be clear, if these guys start an exchange I will assume it is fraudulent like all the other exchanges. I don't think Alameda could have been nearly as big of a scam as it was without FTX; at worst, it was just a regular Ponzi paying investors with the investments of prior investors (except it didn't actually pay investors anything, right? It didn't have dividends, just that "15% APR risk free" bullshit).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 10:45:43

SBF failed many of the bullet points above, even without the benefit of hindsight. He also claimed about 30x more profits.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 09:17:00

I think he basically hinted at that at the beginning. However, Coffeezilla is rarely willing to do more than comment in passing on the nature of the pyramid scheme inherent to a lot of these projects lest that same logic be turned on the cryptocurrency he actually likes.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 02:28:47

These actually seem like some of the least scammy people i've seen written about in crypto, lol. * Actually made money using normal market maker tactics. * Were the only people who actually made money out of the Luna shit, which was *designed* around arbitrage profits. * Are responsible for a lot of the MEV stuff that has plagued Ethereum for years now. * Publicly admit that this year has been disastrous for them and that this year is a loss for them. * Admitted to holding funds on FTX instead of doing the usual song and dance about how they were "not affected in any way." * Actually paid out dividends to their shareholders last year (this is literally the first crypto adjacent business I have ever heard of doing anything to provide value for their shareholders). If anything, what this story does is explain where some of the money everyone else was losing (that wasn't stolen / embezzled / tied up in bankruptcy proceedings / fake) went. I guess you can call that a scam, but IMO it's more like the evil (or neutral) version of what we do on this sub--identifying the various scams in crypto, but going the extra step to figure out how to profit off them.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 02:10:25

Because while those subs (and this sub) were originally designed to talk about (mock) Bitcoin the protocol, that is now so far removed from why anyone still around is interested in it that stories about the actual miners are unimportant.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 21, 2022 02:01:22

He's definitely not perfect on that front (and also finds himself out of position a lot), but his insane wingspan covers a lot of mistakes on that end and he's gotten a lot better at being patient on D. He has like half the foul rate he did last year, when I think this was a pretty legitimate concern. Admittedly some of that is the difference in competition, but the teams he faces now are also game planning specifically for him in a way that almost no major prospect is going to have to deal with pre-draft. I don't think it's a huge concern going forward.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 20, 2022 15:03:29

Most of the top guys on "ISOs" are actually getting most of those points off putbacks (which are considered ISOs for some reason). I suspect he'd rank much higher on a list without putbacks (not saying the year to year decrease isn't real though, just that 36th in the league is misleading).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 20, 2022 12:44:24

Yup. Like I said elsewhere this thread is full of absolute dogshit takes that are worth recording and throwing in people's faces in a year.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 20, 2022 11:33:04

Jordan, the guard who famously had terrible touch around the rim and an atrocious jump shot. Amen's vertical at the combine is also like a full foot lower lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 20, 2022 11:00:24

Hakeem had basically the same true shooting as Wembanyama as a 19 year old year in college.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 20, 2022 10:50:47

Nah. Ben Simmons went #1 with similar combine numbers and stats, I don't think Amen drops out of the top 10 just because of the competition. There are too many people willing to gamble on guys like that. A lot of scouts seem really *really* high on his passing also, and basically blame the rest of his team being bad for him not having more assists. Also everyone seems to think he doesn't have the attitude issues of Simmons so maybe that would translate to actually working on his game? But IMO most people just know how to interview well so I don't really trust that. For me the most worrying thing about him is honestly not even his shooting... it's that he doesn't seem that great of a finisher despite being a 19 year old NBA level athlete with an elite first and second step playing against high schoolers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 20, 2022 10:44:27

Where is Justin Sun...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 20, 2022 10:16:15

Yeah honestly this sub is way too desperate for Binance to fail, we need to learn to live in the moment and make fun of stuff when it is actually happening.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 20, 2022 10:13:47

Nah not talking about you, talking about the people in this thread who are either *certain* he's going to get injured or think he just won't be good because "skinny big men are never good in the league" and clearly haven't been following what he's doing this year.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 23:02:51

10/70 is about 14%, which doesn't seem very far off.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 22:58:02

This thread is going to be *incredibly* embarrassing to most of you in like a year and I'm collecting receipts.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 18:31:41

He plays nothing like Sam Bowie lol, I don't even think Far Yak has actually watched Wembanyama past like a couple of highlight videos a few months ago. He just changes his mind on him based on whatever stat line he happens to have read most recently.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 19, 2022 18:17:49

People are chomping at the bit for it, it's kind of gross.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 13:22:38

Chet's injury had literally nothing to do with his frame.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 13:19:17

He's not currently injured lol. But it's pretty clear that a lot of people in this sub are kinda rooting for him to be.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 13:14:25

Yup. This is why it really annoys me when people bring up that statistic about bigs over 7'2" not lasting in the NBA, it creates the extremely misleading impression that they all didn't last due to injury as opposed to most of them sucking at basketball.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 13:10:47

I mean everyone knows that but there's a lot of stuff this sub "knows" that doesn't have concrete evidence (e.g. Tether is more than likely insolvent). This is in the same category, obviously a lot of the volume is wash trading but it's nice to have proof.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 19, 2022 06:29:49

Not gonna happen. FTX is way more interesting and lurid than most of the other fraud in crypto. CZ doesn't really interact with people or politicians outside the crypto sphere, doesn't pretend to want to give all his money away, and isn't part of an acausal robot god drug & sex cult on a private island (that we know of).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 19, 2022 02:56:45

FTX had three audits, actually!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 19, 2022 02:45:45

I wonder if that's related to the fact that none of the private crypto companies are willing to actually pay for a proper audit, only for much weaker attestations and the like, while refusing to provide proper documentation for anything? And that every private crypto company, for example Binance, immediately trumpets those weak reports as though they were audits in embarrassing public marketing, thus making it obvious that they are happy to discredit any organization that makes the mistake of doing business with them?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 19, 2022 02:23:06

Fortunately this year we're gonna pick so high we can't possibly screw it up... I hope.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 01:55:25

Yes, Beal is way better than Westbrook. Christ.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 19, 2022 01:28:57

I think he only played 23 minutes today, he was in a bunch of foul trouble but his team was up a ton. Which is kind of what I'm saying, his defensive upside is so high that even when he's bad on offense (which is rare these days) he's a net positive on the court.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 18, 2022 02:35:09

"All the existing research undermines my point. Here's why that's a good thing."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 17, 2022 11:20:07

[This blog post]( written by what I believe is a fellow EA goes into a lot of detail about why this is dumb.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 17, 2022 10:56:37

Jesse what the fuck are you talking about

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 17, 2022 10:37:53

I really hope that lawsuit against all those stock / crypto tip influencers will make people realize that you can't just "not financial advice" your way out of providing financial advice.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 17, 2022 10:36:19

Is that... 4 and a half cents? Some gift...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 17, 2022 10:19:30

While I'm not following the box office closely enough anymore to say whether this applies here, it's worth noting that opening weekends don't mean nearly as much in Japan as they do elsewhere.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on December 16, 2022 13:11:32

The claim here explicitly says otherwise: > If performing an attestation, the accountant merely compares management’s claim to documentation provided by management, then says “yep, these numbers match!” Which is like... a huge difference. It goes from "for the attestation to be *completely* made up the bank has to be putting itself as risk as well as the auditor" to "yolo".

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 11:11:56

It is not discrediting Jokic to point out that scoring environments are a factor of more than just your personal playing style. And it is certainly not the case that there were "no true dominant centers besides Shaq" from 2000-2015 when it comes to what we're actually talking about here (defense); there were tons and tons of great defensive specialists at center during that time period. It is very hard to believe that you watched basketball during the early 2000s and came away with the impression that the game wasn't heavily big-dominated at the time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 07:10:36

Is it accurate that attestations don't even contact the bank to make sure the funds are there? I was under the impression (from reading the Tether attestation) that they at least did that... if they don't it's functionally useless.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 06:45:25

Most of them get deleted by the mods for various reasons.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 06:21:18

*Because* people were "jacking up contested midrange shots" (which is a severe mischaracterization of what was actually going on but whatever), the paint was way more packed, big post-defense-only centers were valuable and playable, and there was much less room to drive to the rim or take uncontested short hooks and the like. Teams also mostly played at a slower pace partly due to this kind of roster construction, which meant you were attacking a set defense much more often (a huge amount of modern offensive efficiency gains are found in transition). You can't just completely ignore the context of how teams were constructed or what every other player on the court was doing because Shaq always drove to the rim. Even today in Europe, due to the lack of defensive three seconds and the smaller court, you'll hear lots of players talk about how much more difficult it is to score there and see notably lower FG%--I assure you that this is not just because they haven't yet learned that midrange shots are suboptimal and/or completely suck as shooters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 06:01:41

You understand that there were reasons why the league average 2FG% was lower that go beyond "people were worse shooters," right? Reasons that also applied to Shaq at the time?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 05:42:51

This looks like a regular outage TBH.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 05:34:18

Not really, they're all (AFAIK) citing someone who claims to have a Bloomberg terminal where this has been reported. However I think it's probably true since it coincides with the site going down for like a day (according to the other thread) and another crypto auditing firm halting all crypto projects.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 05:26:16

Defensive stats based on on/off can take years to stabilize since they're so lineup and scheme dependent, and players may be improving or regressing faster than the stabilization rate. Which leads to a pretty substantial grey area where different defensive estimates can disagree with each other and they can both disagree with the eye test, and it's hard to say which one (if any) is actually correct. The "best" estimators basically heavily regress based on stuff like aging curves, past performance, and player role, which makes them better on average but makes it even harder to detect whether a genuine improvement is happening.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 03:05:39

Someone needs to do the midwit meme about NFTs, but all three of them are just "fuck NFTs"

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 02:32:24

lol I love the idea that it is somehow impossible to start a new Bitcoin-like blockchain when one is started like every day.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 16, 2022 02:28:49

I remember when people were using his stats in Europe to "prove" that good block numbers there wouldn't translate to good defense in the NBA, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 16, 2022 01:44:22

I mean they can be a little better than they used to be and still have trash defense lol. I think most often it's both with the kind of guys you're talking about.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:42:51

In many ways it's the ultimate stat TBH (well various forms of adjusted on/off are), but it takes years and years for it to become significant and by the time it does it's usually pretty obvious who's good and who's not, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:37:59

+/- is a really noisy statistic at a single game level, there are a ton of things that can affect it that aren't really in your control. For example players on the opposing team hitting free throws when you sub in, or guys getting super hot from 3 on open shots you were nowhere close to.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:33:31

He wasn't having a good game and there's no point in playing him in a blowout.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:24:21

As far as I can tell these notes are all about how to defend the players, not score on them, so even if that was what he thought it wouldn't be here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:15:03

It's pretty clear from the way he wrote the report that not looking to pass is a negative, lol. It makes the defense's job much easier.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:10:45

"More of an offensive force" you can totally make the case for, but I think people are justified in complaining about this specific FG% comparison.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 23:02:01

Shorter and more confident Ben Simmons is the prospect comparison. As for what he can become, that depends on how much of Ben Simmons never really getting better at basketball was a one-off fluke...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 15, 2022 18:44:18

The problem with his current style of play isn't that it's not flashy, it's that he's taking really bad shots for a primary ball handler. When your shots at the rim *and* three point attempts are both going down rapidly *and* you barely draw any fouls *and* your 3P% isn't that great, there's no real reason for the defense to respect you anywhere on the court--they'll happily sag off you and let you chuck up deep midrange shots all day unless you're like CP3 or KD level at them (and while Cade's a good shooter, he's not *that* good of a shooter). There are other inefficient scorers who are still elite offensive players because they attract so much defensive attention with their shot creation, like Ja for example, but Cade's not doing that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 18:22:00

TBH while I'm not gonna overreact here since players have different aging curves, most rookies suck regardless of how good they're going to be, and Cade was injured when he played this year... I don't think Cade has had a single 24 game stretch as good as what Paolo's put up so far.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 18:08:17

No, because while almost everyone improves, not everyone improves at the same rate... Unfortunately rate of improvement doesn't seem to be that well correlated with how bad you were to start with. Like Jokic has had one of the biggest improvements in the league this year and Cade has not really improved that much. So in this specific case I'd be inclined to say something's up with Cade, but since we know he was injured I'll give him a pass...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 17:58:45

No, the majority of players' efficiency improves over time. Check out DPM career progression charts, guys usually make insane improvements in their first couple of years, even bad players.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 17:54:11

Justin Sun (the guy who "started" both) is an extremely notorious scammer, FYI. Still way more legit than what's in this post though.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/PersonalFinanceCanada on December 15, 2022 13:57:53

It still hurts pretty bad not gonna lie :( Still can't believe we lost Soto.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 15, 2022 13:25:57

This was completely unnecessary :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 15, 2022 13:23:02

It's just a form of generic toxic positivity, don't read too much into it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 15, 2022 11:29:31

People weren't kidding when they called early Family Guy a cheap Simpsons knockoff.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 15, 2022 02:22:12

Obviously, you would draft someone *guaranteed* to be a better 3 point shooter than Curry over basically anyone... I would expect someone like that to have like a 95% FT% though lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 15, 2022 02:07:53

If Victor is the 215th best player in the league by RAPTOR with a negative defensive EPM in his rookie season it's safe to say he was a huge bust lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 15, 2022 01:40:17

There's an evidence list a mile long against him, they don't need his testimony. Plus, have you seen his interviews? He doesn't answer anything.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/StockMarket on December 14, 2022 23:34:33

I have yet to hear literally any evidence for this. Any time I ask for it people respond with stuff that, essentially, would be true of anyone who ever lived in China.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 23:25:38

Probably not unless he becomes a really good passer. Which is definitely possible but I'd say it's the only skill he's not really exceptional at (though he's good for a big).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 23:02:07

We just call them Butters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 22:51:11

He shoots like 75% at the rim, for 3 > 2 there he'd have to shoot 50% from 3.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 22:42:08

He had 2 blocks in his last game IIRC, I don't think they were recorded in the box score.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 22:27:43

He had 2 blocks in his last game.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 22:23:03

He had one bad game and then lost in overtime to the second best team in Euroleague lol. It's very clear that you are not watching his games if you think he can't defend the P&R for some physical reason.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 21:45:09

Okay I know your opinion on Scoot (which I think is dumb but I understand your reasoning) but what's with the Baba Miller hype

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 20:51:40

So which is it, is he in a tier by himself, or is he an overhyped Shawn Bradley who can't defend at the NBA level and is hiding his weaknesses by playing in Europe, with a decent chance to be worse than Blake Lively when healthy? You've somehow had both these opinions in the span of an hour.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 20:49:48

He had a 60 TS% on insane usage in college lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 20:36:17

Here's a good argument for Scoot: with him his G-league team was actually winning a lot, including beating Wembanyama's team which is doing extremely well in a professional league. They have not won a game since he went out with injury. He is clearly affecting winning in a big way.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 20:32:58

Is it safe to disregard this post as a troll since you are now saying you think a guy who may not even be drafted this year could be more valuable than a healthy Victor, or does someone actually have to provide a serious response to this insane post?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 20:29:42

I used to have some friends that worked for BitMEX. When the money laundering charges hit their employees got *extremely* fucked over. Anyone working for Binance reading this sub, trust me, you want to get out now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 19:31:53

Prince Fielder is my go to answer for this...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:40:30

Apparently "the company" had not one, not two, but *three* separate audits! Unfortunately it was a separate audit for each silo and didn't include customer funds, but I really hope the auditors get a lot of scrutiny over this.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:38:35

It would be pretty easy to demonstrate you're Satoshi. Just move some of the "primordial Bitcoins" in the Satoshi wallet.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:34:29

It's definitely not 99% sure, there are a fair number of guys who fit the description and have various reasons why they wouldn't have been able to touch the crypto.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:33:46

lol anyone who thinks converting Monero directly for cash on a regulated exchange will still be possible in ten years is insane to begin with.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:21:51

Thanks for demonstrating my point for me lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 16:16:22

That platform that makes deep assumptions about decentralization and trust, caps the supply of currency due to libertarian goldbug fears, has a tightly controlled central repository run by people with extreme fear of change, refuses to ever censor a transaction even when it was the result of a hack or fraud, gets sold primarily to people who are afraid of banks and centralized government, and dreams of completely taking over as the world's currency supply? That has no politics, no sir!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 13:25:15

> These exchanges falling down one after another reminds me so much of the Dot Com Bubble at the turn of the millennium, if this is not a clear sign that we're still early, I don't know what is. Crypto is still growing and maturing, just like the internet 20 years ago The whole system is collapsing, we are *so* early guys

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 12:48:24

Yup nothing political about Bitcoin...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 12:24:49

Okay so this was a direct lie by Sam in his interviews (I think anyway). Doesn't really matter at this point though, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 03:19:48

Yup. Git is basically a criminal's worst nightmare, not only does it track every historical change with great precision but there's an independent record of that history on every single person who's ever interacted with the code's computer. Even if you try to delete the changes, later it may still be there in the reflog.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 03:15:58

I mean, with a setup like that you are effectively just auto selling your XMR for BTC, where you make a profit the usual way miners do (exploiting differences in electricity costs / reduced outcome variance and other benefits due to economies of scale) and the person on the other end isn't expecting to directly profit from the transaction (though they might value XMR more than you do, e.g. if they're a criminal). I don't think that's really equivalent to cloud mining, that's the "just mine it directly" business model that cloud mining is competing with!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 02:57:16

Victor just played Monaco the other day and his numbers were around his usual ones in the LNB, and the game went to overtime... I get what you're saying that Luka should have been recognized for the insane prospect he was, but I don't think it's fair to say Victor's numbers are just inflated by the low level of competition.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 02:30:11

I would say yeah, if you weren't considered far and away the best prospect the year you were drafted it's hard to say you were a generational prospect. I think it's important to talk about it in terms of what people thought *at the time* rather than what we know now because we're going to be very affected by hindsight bias. This is especially true of Oden among the people under discussion, because there's no way to know how good he would have been if not injured. He played too early for available stats to attempt to capture stuff like defense that he was highly valued on, but he had a higher college win shares/48 than Anthony Davis...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 02:25:14

I would say yeah, if you weren't considered far and away the best prospect the year you were drafted it's hard to say you were a generational prospect. I think it's important to talk about it in terms of what people thought *at the time* rather than what we know now because we're going to be very affected by hindsight bias.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 14, 2022 02:21:28

Think about it this way. If Binance could actually make more money mining Bitcoin than you have to pay for the "cloud mining" slots, wouldn't they just mine it directly?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 14, 2022 00:42:40

> Most NBA teams are very close to Euro level of play. A few euro teams I think could make it into the playoffs. The NBA has better highlights than euro but the play level is similar. Nah this is definitely not true, Wembanyama's French league team just took second place in the Euroleague to overtime and all his teammates were either undrafted or garbage bench players in the NBA. I buy that the best teams in the Euroleague could play in the NBA, but they are definitely not making the playoffs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 13, 2022 22:06:12

Ah okay, that's presenting evidence for Paxos itself being fraudulent which is definitely possible.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 18:06:01

I've seen that thread before and the evidence is really really speculative. Like yes it's good to keep in mind, and it's not like I'd be shocked if BUSD is a fraud, but if your main cause for concern is that the audits aren't taking place on the same day they were before, you're in a much better place than something like USDT.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 18:01:41

Theoretically, it could have gone directly to cash. You are allowed to withdraw BUSD 1:1 to USD and retail people have successfully done so. The fact that they allow this is one of the reasons I think there's actually a decent chance BUSD is not fraudulent (surprisingly).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 17:44:11

In a bank, generally... If you're asking about how to store crypto safely, basically, here's what I'd recommend. Don't do what these idiots do and try to store it in "cold wallets" that are incredibly easy to lose and/or break with no backups. Instead, find a group of people you actually trust enough not to collude to withdraw your money, and use multisig capabilities to make it that a large majority (maybe 2/3 or 4/6) of them are needed in order to cash out. That way if one person steals your key or whatever it's no big deal, and if you die or are incapacitated (for example) your money isn't lost forever. Additionally, to guard against unknown thefts, every few months have you and your friends move the money to a new wallet. Does this sound difficult, annoying, and tedious? Yes. Do you have that mnay people you trust enough to not collude to withdraw your money? Probably not. This is why the "trustlessness" of cyrpto is ultimately a sham, there's really no good way to store it both securely and conveniently. Ultimately though trust and regulations are the only way to actually get stuff done in the real world, so as long as regulations on crypto are toothless you've got to rely on trust. And relying on people you actually know (using multisig wallets) is a way better way to do that than relying on any bullshit hardware or software solution people in the crypto space are going to try to sell you.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:57:21

Because you can't trust exchanges to hold your money long-term, is I think the rationale. Which... is empirically pretty solid advice TBH. The part where they go wrong is that they think *they* are going to be any better at holding it securely than the exchange would.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:50:28

I mean yeah, he is obviously that petty, that's not a question. The fun question is how much more he's gonna spill now that he's looking at life without parole.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:30:58

CZ is literally part of it lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:30:25

I don't *necessarily* think it's insolvent TBH (I think the preponderance of evidence suggests that Binance is less of a Ponzi scheme and more of a regular criminal scheme), I just found it hilarious that their justification for why withdrawals were paused was exactly the same as Ver's.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:22:18

Don't listen to the FUD or people who say Buttcoin's growth is unsustainable. Our fundamentals are as strong as ever!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 16:10:03

For some strange reason, people don't seem to want BUSD right now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 15:57:12

They literally admitted to having Bitcoin backed loans lol, why is he lying now about the secured loan collateral being backed by "extremely liquid assets."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 15:44:40

There is speculation that to the extent that it's backed, Tether is used by crime syndicates on the two chains. Tron is for people in the Chinese sphere (and was backed by FTX/Alameda, which were legally based in the Western sphere), Ethereum is for people in the Western sphere and Latin America (and was backed by Binance/Cumberland, which are legally based in the Chinese sphere). Chain swaps are then a way for a syndicate to safely transfer money to the other sphere without directly interacting with any legal organization in that sphere.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 15:36:13

I think if you're solely talking about athleticism he probably qualifies as generational, the Thompson twins have similar combine numbers but are three inches shorter / lower wingspan and people talk about *them* as 99%tile NBA athletes for their height. The thing is he wasn't actually that amazing in college which tempered some of the hype he had coming in (the Thompson twins have kinda similar numbers so far too against worse competition, which worries me, but they've got 3/4 of a season to turn it around).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 13, 2022 14:26:11

Crypto companies (and the individuals who got rich of them) have been lobbying *heavily.* And buying a member of Congress turns out to be pretty cheap.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 13:36:46

It's been clear for a while now that Sam's only real legal "strategy" was to try to leverage his numerous hooks into the Bahamas financial and legal systems to avoid extradition to the U.S. Hence all the dubiously legal things like allowing Bahamian customers to withdraw, trying to mint additional tokens to sell to the Bahamian government (which he denied in his testimony lol), trying to gain access to his accounts again "for the Bahamian courts" and cooperating only with Bahamian authorities. In every interview he also kept trying to paint it as the US unfairly trying to litigate a situation that they had no standing in and not respecting the legitimacy of the Bahamas in all this. The fact that he was arrested tells me that they got tired of him yanking them around, weighed how much protecting them would hurt them vs. just letting the inevitable happen and dealing with the fallout, and decided to hang him out to dry. I very much doubt he'll have a leg to stand on when he tries to fight extradition.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 13:16:24

Stuff like this is why I can't 100% doubt that Tether is "mostly" (like 70-80%) backed. Tether is hugely attractive for money laundering and tax evasion purposes; there's a lot of organized crime out there, and we all know many of the exchanges have (likely deliberately) poor KYC/AML enforcement. A recent article I read (I'll see if I can find it) basically suggested that the way this works is that there are two blockchains, two exchanges, and two hedge funds, operating in two distinct spheres of influence while serving customers in the opposite sphere. The FTX exchange/Alameda hedge funds, which are based in the Western "sphere of influence," primarily put Tether onto TRON, a chain almost exclusively used in the Chinese sphere of influence. The idea here is that people in the West may not care that much about people in the Chinese sphere avoiding, e.g., local tax laws, so this makes it the ideal place for them to do money laundering and other forms of financial crime. OTOH, the Binance exchange / Cumberland hedge funds are based in the Chinese sphere of influence (no official location for Binance but historically it was based in Hong Kong), and primarily puts all its Tether onto Ethereum, a chain almost exclusively used in the West (including, particularly, Latin America). Again, the idea is similar: since the exchange is legally supposed to be based in countries that aren't friendly with the West, they might not care as much about money laundering / tax evasion that violate Western laws. The whole system is set up so that there's not much apparent connection between the two chains or exchanges, and not much competition either. I found this theory very interesting, even though I doubt it fully explains where Tether's money is supposed to be coming from. Interestingly, the article where I read this presented this as a positive development--namely, that digital USD had real use demand in "countries without access to US dollars" and therefore wasn't just a solution looking for a problem (the fact that this demand is almost certainly from crime syndicates doesn't seem to have mattered to the writers of the article).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 12:22:10

Apparently the bank is still not open. I guess it's on West Coast time... or maybe Hawaiian... I mean, it's 5:00 *somewhere* right? Right?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 11:58:22

I have really loved how Congress is not just seeing this as an isolated incident with the exchange but instead pushing it as a broader problem with all of crypto. This is theoretically exactly what Congress *should* be doing with this sort of testimony but it's still nice to see.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 11:56:06

I like that John Ray makes a clear distinction between *actually* regulated silos (like the Japan exchange) and what he was doing with FTX US/International and Alameda. Makes it very clear that this was deliberate fraud, not an accident, because he was perfectly capable of separating things properly when he wanted to work in a market where regulators were actually doing their jobs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 11:54:32

That one Breaking Bad scene everyone keeps bringing up was way closer to reality than I imagined.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 11:46:35

$14m for a castle is not a "charitable donation" you buffoon

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 10:54:36

I liked the part where he claimed that John Ray seizing the assets of FTX International was him doing a racism and a colonialism against the Bahamas.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 10:35:31

In the same way that wasting a bunch of energy stores energy on the blockchain, burning down your house stores the house in an NFT... although wait don't NFTs not even work on Bitcoin? Ah well.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 09:18:37

Elon claimed he "got rid of all the bots" but it looks like all he did was get rid of bot detection, they were pretty reliably getting filtered out of the main replies before.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 09:07:04

He donated a lot of money to losing candidates, especially in primaries. IIRC he also left some races on the hook for funding after they won the primary. So Democrats were already kind of pissed at him I think.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 13, 2022 01:08:09

RAPTOR is popular because it makes certain players who are inefficient by every other overall impact metric look really good.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 12, 2022 22:59:47

They're desperate for Wembanyama content, apparently he pulls more views per game than any NBA player lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 12, 2022 22:35:48

Cool, I never said he wasn't, just that there were respected mocks that didn't have him first. Not sure why you are so angry at me.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:58:38

That's very nitpicky but I guess that's fair. I don't know if any mock drafts had him not going #1, but those are just based on who you expect the teams to take, not who you think is better, which is a very different question.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:54:04

The "consensus #1" is mostly driven by a handful of big boards, which people tend to not deviate a ton from (especially at the very top). Obviously, that doesn't mean you can't find fairly well respected people who don't agree with that consensus, and that was the only point I was making since you seemed to think basically *everyone* thought Cade should go #1 which is definitely not true.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:50:32

You just asked for mock drafts that didn't have him first, I never said he wasn't the "consensus #1." Most drafts end up with one guy as the consensus #1 even if there's a fair amount of disagreement about the order of the top stars. Last year was an exception.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:39:45
/r/NBA_Draft/comments/zkf441/do_fans_overuse_the_generational_label_for/j002opb/ is the first one that came to my mind, he was quite vocal about it. I'm fairly confident he was not the only one (though he was probably alone in putting Cade at 4).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:34:17

A fair number of analytics people wanted Mobley.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 21:07:45

Well it's not yet January and we've already had highly upvoted posts saying that people shouldn't even scout Victor anymore because it's a waste of time. I feel like that should be the minimal threshold for "generational," right? Pretty sure neither Zion nor Cade were like that, nor were most of the other examples people talk about (e.g. Simmons, Wiggins). Obviously LeBron was. Any other examples since LeBron? Was AD or Oden considered that much of a lock?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 12, 2022 19:56:20

At the very same time? A little hard to believe that's a complete coincidence. Anyway yeah "to the extent that it's backed it's because Tether is being used for money laundering for organized crime" has been my personal pet theory for a while now, good to see at least partial confirmation.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 12, 2022 19:42:05

It was really funny when people were convinced it was 4D chess.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 12, 2022 18:52:00

I love Porzingis but this is stupid lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 12, 2022 16:19:30

Because FTX didn't catch on for over a year, when they did they made a change that was still trivially easy to extract money from, and their KYC process was so minimal that you could easily create as many fake accounts as you wanted.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 11, 2022 15:14:32

Not talking about the person being linked here, but some of the people who quoted this tweet.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 11, 2022 15:12:44

lol the quote tweets are great, it was so obvious that it seems like there were literal high schoolers doing this and they only stopped because when the strategy changed like he mentioned it got too hard for them to keep up with their schoolwork.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 11, 2022 07:22:55

I mean what were you expecting them to do... code up an actual solution to the problem? Don't have time to that, gotta *build things* (i.e. create another shell organization and use it to buy real estate in your dog's name).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 11, 2022 07:17:46

I'm not sure, you can ask them where it came from. You can also add in his World Cup, preseason and G League games to increase the sample size, I'm pretty sure he's above 33% when you add those in and a lot more of those were off catch and shoots. > I’m not comparing him to KP the prospect, I’m comparing him to what we’ve seen from KP in the NBA who has shown to space the floor at a pretty high level. This doesn't make a lot of sense to me since prospects usually improve their 3P% when they get to the league. I think most projections of his 3P% at the NBA level have it at around KP's (36%) which would be more than adequate to force people to guard him on the perimeter. > I’m pretty skeptical the interior game will translate at a high level if the jumper doesn’t fall consistently. He’s too long and not physical enough to be able to play in tight spaces IMO. I mean, okay, it's fine to believe that, but it's not really a statistical argument at that point but more of a gut reaction. Star players in college who made the league with his offensive statistical profile [(](generally translated to the league just fine).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 11, 2022 01:12:19

[Source here]( This passes the eye test as well so I don't think it's a statistical artifact, he shoots very well when he's not being guarded. KP shoots almost all of his threes off catch and shoots on significantly lower volume.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 11, 2022 00:38:32

Yeah I feel like his offensive best case is like TMac (unless he massively improves). But TMac with Gobert's defense is an insane player lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 11, 2022 00:10:05

His percentages on open catch and shoots is like 85th percentile for his league. He's not a bad shooter, he just takes a bunch of difficult contested shots.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 23:41:25

Multiyear (not single year) RAPM is a decent impact metric. It's not my fault nobody makes multiyear LEBRON and stuff readily available but they would show the same thing, Lowry for example was ahead of him in multiyear RPM back in 2017 when according to you he was "top 5 in every impact stat." What you actually mean is that you checked single year RAPTOR and called it a day, lol. If you really think peak is that important I'm guessing you think Curry > LeBron? Longevity matters, it matters that a guy you're talking about as a top 5 point guard of the 2000s is currently a net negative riding the bench on a below 500 team and hasn't been good for many years. Nobody talks about Dwight as an all timer anymore and he had a ridiculous peak.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 19:05:52

We're not talking about "3 year peak Russ" we're talking about his whole career. You can't ignore the fact that he's been overwhelmingly mediocre or even downright bad for most of his time in the league despite never suffering from a serious injury and playing on quite a few stacked teams. Multiyear RAPM for example thinks he's been like Ben Simmons tier overall.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 18:25:57

All three of them are better than Russ and it's not even close with Manu, haha.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 18:10:29

> the son of a legendary coach This is a huge red flag lol. He would never have become an assistant coach anywhere if his dad hadn't hired him.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 10, 2022 17:08:36

Not to mention a guy who only even got into coaching because he was hired by his dad lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 10, 2022 17:06:45

Wemby statistically has played like prospect Ja on offense (but Ja was a year older in a worse league) and prospect Gobert on defense (but better). Not sure how you get Sam Bowie out of that lol, let alone Chuck Nevitt.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 04:33:23

Cam seems really good so far (only two games obviously but I love what I'm seeing), I think it's pretty early to write off the NCAA class. And maybe Amen and Ausar will improve as the season goes on. I'm not that concerned yet. It also seems like there are a lot of people who think Simmons only failed because of one off attitude issues and they think Amen/Ausar have great attitudes so I guess for those people they're great prospects.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 10, 2022 04:10:27

Mike Trout endorses his favorite local pretzel brand and by all accounts it's quite good. He basically doesn't do any other endorsements.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 10, 2022 03:49:57

I guess. I mean personally I don't think what he did to UST could possibly be a crime since it was a scam to begin with lol, I would feel similarly about Tether if it turns out to not be backed.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 10, 2022 03:48:08

Yes okay but the only reason this ultimately *mattered* is because UST isn't backed by anything so there was no exit liquidity once it started to depeg. If it were backed 1:1 it would have just been arbitraged by people laughing all the way to the bank, then restabilized.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 10, 2022 03:12:41

Gobert will definitely make the HOF unless he pulls a Kanye. He is one of the most dominant defensive players in NBA history and, like I said, you can get in for a lot less than that. Ewing made the HOF even though as you said his career disappointed a lot of people. Personally, I think Wembanyama has a very good shot at being better than Ewing, but he doesn't need to be to be a star. It's not like Ewing wasn't a star.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 19:13:15

Gobert is going to make the HOF. I believe that *if* Wembanyama remains healthy, he will be at least as impactful of a player as Gobert with like 75% probability (the rate of #1 picks who didn't get injured who make the HoF is actually really high, the NBA hall of fame isn't that hard to get into). However I don't believe you need to make the HOF to be considered a star.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 18:50:55

Wall was a five time All Star and made the All-NBA third team. Yeah he wasn't a superstar but that's not what the #1 category here is. Curry and Dame were both much better offensively than Wall was in college as well, BTW. Wembanyama is offensively similar to Dame as a prospect. Westbrook was a "star" but he was not the level of player Dame or especially Curry reached even in his prime, and also never had to deal with injuries like Wall did. My larger point to you is that Wemby's statistically comparable to some of the best offensive players in the league as a prospect, *and he's not even primarily an offensive prospect.* It's extremely rare for defense, especially rim protection, not to translate to the NBA.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 18:19:22

Wemby is statistically a better offensive prospect than Wall was in college and plays in a significantly tougher league. And his offense is not even the main reason he's going #1.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 17:42:21

Okay, but he's a lock when healthy. Obviously any player can get injured, that seems like an uninteresting observation to me.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 17:25:42

Hm interesting, maybe players *are* getting a little better. Still, considering it's a middle middle fastball (basically the worst pitch + location in the league), it's pretty bad, but at least at 100 location still matters I guess.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 16:53:45

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to make a rules adjustment, but if the improvement doesn't get considerably better from here the run environment might be bad enough that you have to do something.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 13:27:16

As a fellow Wizards fan, it's time for us to admit that John Wall was also one of the worst #1 picks since 2000. It's been enough time since the draft, we don't need to keep defending him. Even when healthy he never contributed to winning the way we hoped he would, and he was almost never healthy. The only reason we don't look worse for choosing him there is because that draft was absolutely loaded with busts and nobody thought Paul George was going to be that guy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 13:16:41

I mean okay, I guess there's *some* improvement, but that slashline is absolutely atrocious.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 12:56:00

Again, you are conflating "not good enough to start or have a long career" with "injury prone." The average NBA player is not in the league for more than about 5 years, so that sounds pretty normal. A huge percentage of seven footers have no discernible talent for basketball (17% of all seven footers in the US end up in the NBA, so that's not exactly surprising); this gets even more true when you get to 7'2". Them not being able to stick in the league is expected.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 12:48:06

TBH I think it was somewhat reasonable to think he'd be really injury prone considering he weighs the same as a center but jumps around like an elite slasher... but that was also what made it so slam dunk obvious he'd be a superstar in the NBA so yeah it wasn't a good reason to pass on him.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 12:32:20

That graph does not adjust for weight and it also does not show what it claims (a steady increase in injuries as height increases).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 12:18:45

I don't think batters have meaningfully adjusted to 100.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 12:16:19

I think if players were going to adjust, we'd be seeing better performance against 100 mph over time as it became more common, but it's not clear to me that that's the case. I think it also doesn't help that players are seeing fewer and fewer fastballs so it's increasingly hard to find success at the MLB level by sitting on them, which is the standard way to try to deal with velocity too high for your vision / swing speed / reaction time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 12:15:31

In a random sample of 22 pitches, probably not. In a random sample of 22 middle middle pitches? I think it would be pretty unlikely, but I"d have to think about it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 12:03:49

He's done it with all 100+ middle middle before too, the wOBA on them is abysmal. He obviously used 102 as the cutoff to make it zero balls in play but hitters seriously suck at doing anything with high heat in general.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 9, 2022 12:02:50

Yeah if Amen were putting up Zion stats, even in a league with a lower level of competition, maybe that'd be a reasonable expectation. But he's not even remotely close to doing that, there's like a 20% difference in TS% on worse scoring. Anyone who drafts Amen expecting him to be able to play like Zion is not being realistic.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 11:45:32

There's a lot of questionable stuff in here but I want to focus on the "every super tall dude is injury prone" thing because I keep seeing people repeat it and I'm not convinced it's true. People say stuff like "guys over 7'2" are always super injury prone" but: (1) that's a pretty arbitrary cutoff that quite conveniently excludes Kareem; (2) there have barely *been* any guys that tall in the NBA to start with, making your sample size uber tiny; (3) yes, even fewer than you think, because a lot of player heights from before the last decade or so are extremely unreliable (for example Ralph Sampson was most likely 7'1" without shoes, KD was closer to 7 feet than 6'10"); (4) it makes no sense that the kinds of leg injuries people are worried about (which Victor hasn't really had) would correlate strongly with height rather than high weight and bouncy playstyle; (5) *every* guy is injury prone in the modern NBA! Scoot, who is supposed to be the "safe" prospect, has been out with a concussion for almost a month! Every single team this season has had impact players lose significant time due to injury! MJ missed basically his entire sophomore year with a foot injury! Cade is out for a year (most likely) with shin issues! To conclude: not taking a prospect because "tall guys are injury prone" just screams confirmation bias to me. Especially when it's based on stuff that doesn't make sense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 11:40:07

Seriously. Need to see how this stuff translates statistically a few games in but I already like his footage waaaaay better than the other contenders for #3. Looks like he has absolutely insane touch which is like the hardest thing to teach, likes to shoot threes (and doesn't have a totally broken shot), likes hard contact, draws triple teams in the paint... is Scoot an absolute lock at #2?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 03:06:28

Eh. The comments are very significantly more charitable to crypto than they should be, but I guess that's forgivable since a lot of people don't follow the space very closely. "The majority of large crypto projects are not scams" is honestly a pretty suspect proposition in itself unless you are extremely rigid with your definition of scam.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 9, 2022 02:19:01

Yeah but at least when you lost to them 60% of their roster (literally!) wasn't out injured.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 9, 2022 01:44:52

OP I think after review I kinda agree with you, he's top ten but I would be scared to draft him in the lottery, and not just because of their level of competition. I have the feeling this opinion becomes less controversial as the season goes on, if they're still in the top three by draft day it's either been an incredibly disappointing NCAA season or they need to show a *lot* more than they have so far IMO. Would be especially sad considering how hyped everyone was for the supposed depth of this draft.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 00:57:12

Amen has shot 1/3 on three pointers in 15 games. Simmons shot 1/3 on three pointers in 33 games. So yeah I guess it's technically better but considering how much more everyone shoots 3s now and the lower level of competition I think it's basically the same thing, they are both incredibly scared to shoot.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 00:32:47

Looking back at his college stats, combine measurements, and comparing their levels of competition, I think it is fair to say that Ben Simmons is *extremely* comparable to Ausar and Amen. At the combine he basically tied Ausar on vertical / agility / speed stuff at roughly the same age, while being three inches taller and 5 inches longer, and is only a little behind Amen. IMO given how close it is you could argue Simmons is a better athlete than either of them. Statically, Simmons was worse at passing, but playing against much better competition so that might be a wash. All of them are pretty scared to shoot threes (Ausar the least scared by far) but Simmons was statistically a better shooter than either Thompson (he also drew *way* more fouls, but considering it seems like nobody ever gets fouled in OTE it's a little hard to compare that aspect of their game). So yeah basically... if you draft Amen or Ausar, you should not expect more than Ben Simmons. If you're high on them, a Ben Simmons who can pass; if you're low on them, a Ben Simmons with even fewer ways to score. And while Ben Simmons wasn't a bust, I think it's hard to argue he would go better than third in a 2016 redraft, and I think you could even argue he would go like sixth or something. Given that the #3 pick this year would be the #1 pick in an average year like 2016, if Amen or Ausar end up drafted higher than like #5 I think it would be a sign that either this NCAA class is *very* weak, or NBA executives think Simmons was a one off due to attitude issues. Not that I think this would actually happen but I wouldn't necessarily hate it if they were drafted at like the back end of the lottery (#9 or #10). I *definitely* do not think I would be happy with getting either of them as a consolation prize for losing out on Wemby or Scoot or Amen as a guy who should be an untouchable consensus #3, and I think that narrative needs to die. Someone explain what I'm not seeing. Is this a "you just need to watch them play" thing?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 9, 2022 00:30:05

Not sure if you heard, but they may have been a bit *too* successful. Their circulation of FTX's balance sheet triggered the current run which let to the Digital Currency Group (CoinDesk's parent company) suffering major losses, so it's now looking to sell them off...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 22:38:39

The cost of the stamps would ruin the simplicity of the approach. Also, I'm having a bit of trouble gaining access to the "traditional" banking system right now due to being so extremely early (ugh such a drag, right?). I'm sure we can resolve this little hurdle with the power of Blockchain though! I'm just gonna need a little personal information from you so we can set up an account together and automate the transfers (yeah I know I know, it's a pain, but they're *such* sticklers for this stuff when you try to withdraw). Nothing too crazy, you can DM me for details... let's change the world!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 22:32:40

FTX is actually worse than Theranos inasmuch as if Theranos had not been fraudulent it would have been addressing something useful. A non-fraudulent version of FTX would essentially just have been a casino. Unless you're well and truly dyed in the rationalist wool and believe that redistributing wealth upwards towards yourself is the most noble cause on Earth, I think it's very hard to justify why a company like FTX needs to exist or what value it provides to humanity. Doubly so when you consider the negative externalities of even a (hypothetical, obviously) non-fraudulent cryptocurrency market. I don't think Sam or other EA leaders even ever tried to deny that really, did they?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 22:05:11

He can't get past basically anyone to score, even non top college guys. It's one of the reasons he's so divisive.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 8, 2022 20:35:46

You can't trust government ops like the postal service, stay woke 👀 I did get my gofundme up and running though! [You can make your deposit here!](

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 20:24:04

Dude Russ might not even be a top 5 point guard who played in the 2000s, not even counting guys who are near the beginning of their careers like Ja... * Steph Curry * Chris Paul * John Stockton * Steve Nash * Damian Lillard I think I counted like 25 other point guards in the 2000s+ who one could build the argument have been better than Russ, but a lot of them would be controversial. Either way top ten all time is crazy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 8, 2022 20:03:17

Only somewhat related to this, but is anyone a little concerned about Scoot Henderson still not playing? He got injured on Nov 18th and entered concussion protocols on the 29th... is he just being super cautious coming back since there's no reason for him to play, or is there something more serious going on?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 8, 2022 19:18:06

The only thing this caste does is make them look deeply unserious about their cause which is going to drive away way more donations than it could possibly attract.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 18:52:12

Hey man I followed the link you DMed me to kick things off but for some reason it keeps redirecting to my Metamask wallet? Also I can't find my apes for some reason? Anyway WAGMI!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 17:12:00

Well yeah but I meant, how do they even think the race => IQ thing even works since they think IQ measures "real intelligence" and is mostly heritable... like do they think there's some high IQ gene that only white people have (something that is incredibly easy to disprove) or that melanin makes you stupid? Do they think all Black people have the same genetic profiles? Like what's their cover story?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 15:14:18

Yeah these are less like Donald Trump actually talks and more like how unfunny people imagine him to talk.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 15:04:20

Imagine if just one person gave me just $1 every day, by the end of the year I would have $2.92 trillion! No wait that's too ambitious... let's say each person gives me *50 cents*, I'd still have $1.46 trillion! Holy shit this is mindblowing!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 14:29:55

Here's a (very long-winded, as usual for rationalist screed) post about his views on probability: tl;dr he thinks the Kelly criterion is some sort of empirical observation even though it's mathematically optimal lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 12:30:11

I still don't quite understand how people can claim to be rationalists, have some rudimentary understanding of biology and genetics, etc., and still believe racism is true. Like what is their proposed mechanism of action even?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 05:48:20

A lot of people aren't buying it, which is nice to see.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 05:44:22

Don't worry, if you put all your money on FTX Sam will pay Aubrey de Grey to find the key to immortality!* *this is what rationalists actually believe

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 05:41:08

Geeze, the comments are... something else.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 8, 2022 05:40:07

Sam can say whatever he wants about the value of the remaining assets, the point is that stuff that was deposited 1:1 could not legally be redeemed by something of "equivalent value." It has to be the same stuff. So even if on Sam's spreadsheet he decided that a bunch of FTT were worth X, that is irrelevant to the question of returning funds to these affected customers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/videos on December 8, 2022 05:12:48

It is not legal because he absolutely did not have enough to return to all the remaining secured customers. He pretty much admitted that in this interview, and whether he admits it or not doesn't really matter because that information is already available to the bankruptcy court and its current CEO.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/videos on December 8, 2022 04:59:16

It is not legal because he absolutely did not have enough to return to all the remaining customers (or else the exchange wouldn't have had to stop processing withdrawals). He all but admitted that in this interview, and whether he admits it or not doesn't really matter because that information is already available to the bankruptcy court and its current CEO.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/videos on December 8, 2022 04:55:48

Okay but you understand that you have not stored energy, right? The energy was burned, and you paid for it using fiat (there are zero energy companies accepting crypto as collateral). You then gained a virtual "reward" that you have to sell for fiat (i.e. unload on some sucker). What you choose to do with your ill-gotten gains is immaterial, all you're doing is spending someone else's money on it in a way that's strictly less efficient than that person just doing the thing you want to do. For example, if Alice wants to build out infrastructure to generate green energy, which uses less energy and money overall? * Alice pays Carol for power which she uses to mine Bitcoin. Alice then sells the Bitcoin it to Bob, and then Alice pays Danny to build the new infrastructure. * Bob just pays Danny the same amount to build the new infrastructure directly. The only "innovations" Bitcoin introduces here are: * a continuous negative drain of our planet's actual, limited resources to mine the Bitcoin (no, most Bitcoin mining is certainly not renewable, please don't even try that line) * Carol gets paid for power that would otherwise be employed doing something more useful (pretty much by definition, any use of power is more useful than spending it on Bitcoin). She is not useless per se, but in the context of trying to build new infrastructure she serves no purpose and is basically a middleman. * Finally, we have an extra middleman (Alice) who is *completely* useless and serves no purpose whatsoever to anyone. Alice is the crypto miner, and the only "innovation" of crypto here is that Alice figured out a way to transfer wealth from Bob to herself for providing negative value, so now she can set the agenda of how the money is spent. From a broader, societal perspective, there has been negative value creation (due to the consumption of resources).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 04:45:32

And nothing says "I'm running a trusted financial institution" than running it out of the Bahamas and paying off all the relevant regulators and bank CEOs!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/videos on December 8, 2022 04:32:12

He's in the Bahamas and yes they do but only if he is convicted of a crime in both countries. The thing is that is pretty much completely interwoven with the political and economic infrastructure of the Bahamas (to a *way* greater extent than with the US) and has given Bahamian citizens special treatment (probably illegally) so he's set things up so that it might be quite hard to get him that way.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/videos on December 8, 2022 03:18:40

Can confirm, Corbin contract was worth it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on December 8, 2022 01:45:30

A number of people are now saying that the arbitrage he claims to have pulled off was basically impossible to do legally (which is why the apparent arbitrage opportunity existed in the first place). It seems very possible that the source of his initial capital was a lot shadier than that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 00:30:15

It's interesting / funny to see how his mind was working and why he thought this was a reasonable defense (which is why he slipped up). From Sam's perspective his mission with these talks is to present himself as a well-meaning but bumbling individual who is trying to make his customers whole. I think these interviews are actually to try to reassure his high profile customers, not for us. From Sam's perspective: * The customers would have been better served if the exchange didn't go bust. * Sam has repeatedly said in the past (due to his misunderstanding of probability) that being "risk neutral" means always taking a 50-50 double or nothing bet. In this case, his bet was that the run on his exchange would stop or he could raise more capital, or recover via more risky trades, before he went insolvent. He to this day insists that he was on the verge of getting new funding so he probably thought this was at least 50-50. * Sam knew that if he stopped allowing withdrawals from customers with margin accounts, the exchange would *definitely* have to declare bankruptcy, so he didn't want to do that until the last possible moment. * Therefore, his actions made perfect sense and nobody could blame him for doing his best for the customers! Sure he was lying, but it was a white lie because customers were more likely to get their funds back if he lied than if he told the truth. The fact that lying in this way is blatantly illegal doesn't seem to have crossed his mind, which I find extremely funny. He genuinely thinks if what he says is consistent with him trying to be helpful and get customer funds back (i.e. "his heart was in the right place!") that that's a solid legal defense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 00:25:28

I think the TRX token (which is also confusingly called TRON? I think?) can be converted to USDD based on its spot price, which Justin Sun claims makes it an "algorithmic stablecoin"... but there's no mechanism for converting from USDD to TRX (even though supposedly there was going to be?) so there isn't even the minimal arbitrage mechanism provided by Luna. Not that it really matters, because algorithmic stablecoins don't work.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 00:17:16

Their latest attestation has almost no "commercial paper" FWIW. It has been replaced with explicit loans against "highly liquid collateral" aka shitcoins and shitty crypto stocks whose value is going to be highly correlated with bank runs on Tether.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 8, 2022 00:03:18

I'm not an expert, but if my understanding of Prof Michael Saylor's theory that Bitcoin is a store of energy is correct, I believe if the hash rate gets high enough there will be so many zeroes that the blockchain will collapse into a black hole.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 21:44:45

This one will definitely be bipartisan.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 21:41:25

You are correct, the whole thing doesn't make sense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 21:40:05

Yup. It's quite clear that all the layers of indirection was purely to shield *Sam* from liability, not his customers. Moreover the fact that he lied about commingling funds at FTX international makes any claims he makes about FTX US even more wildly suspect than they already were.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 21:29:48

Is taking down UST even fraud lol

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 21:26:07

I think the figure I heard was 95%, but yeah, this is very very close to the practical minimum in any opinion poll.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 18:07:38

Supposedly, but they are not audited despite promising to do so over five years ago, do not allow redemptions under $100k (and even over $100k, only to "verified" customers, and some people have tried for over six months and not been able to get verified--it's suspected they only hand it out to "friends"), exchanges will not buy them from you directly and do not treat it the same as other stablecoins, they were caught lying about their reserves a few years back by the NYAG, and have had attestations reporting very shady asset mixes that are probably fake. Also until recently the attestations were provided by a tiny firm in the Bahamas that nobody ever heard of, and just before they switched to a more reputable firm about $20 billion came off their books. Also, they have publicly admitted to printing Tethers in exchange for non-liquid / worthless / correlated collateral like crypto and crypto stocks, which make up at least 20% of their assets.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 18:00:23

I doubt the teams you've listed would trade SGA, Fox, or KAT (unless they really think the fit with Gobert can't work). Too young and too good / on too good of a trajectory. Ja as I mentioned above I think is probably the "best" (from a rebuilding team's perspective) you could get for him, but it's close. Rest I agree with (though I'm not completely sure how you decided which player to list on each team?).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 7, 2022 14:38:11

That's an interesting one. I could see why someone could consider that fair value but I kind of doubt either team would actually make that trade.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 7, 2022 12:27:50

Come on dude, nobody was seriously talking about *any* of the guys you mentioned being a better prospect than LeBron by the time they actually hit draft eligibility (people saying dumb stuff about high schoolers doesn't count, people say all sorts of shit about high schoolers, you can find people saying Cameron Boozer is the next LeBron right now).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 7, 2022 12:09:59

Hilariously in SBF's most recent interview he tried to cast things like John Ray didn't know what he was talking about and the company actually had tons of financial safeguards and accounting. I think most people missed it because it's 2 hours long and people are sick of his non-answers but it's probably the "best" of the bunch in terms of getting him to semi-admit to some stuff that will get him trouble in court.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 11:41:15

That has always been the issue with L2 proposals, they don't really work in a sane way without an already scalable L1 solution.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 11:07:52

It's also like... not true? Besides the fact that for this to work people would have to stagger opening and closing channels evenly throughout every second of every day of the year, which is *definitely* not the case (when do you get your paycheck? also, do you only get paid once a year?), opening / closing a Lightning channel takes 2 transactions each. This means a minimum of 2 billion transactions/year for what they're describing, which works out to about 60 transactions per second. Bitcoin can handle... 14, with an average of 7. So they are off by almost an entire order of magnitude (closer to 1/80 of the world's population than 1/8).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 11:05:37

What is even Blockstream's business model lol. I assumed that the only reason VCs gave it money was because they need Bitcoin to have maintainers to make all the other Bitcoin-dependent Ponzis work, if those aren't profitable there's no reason for them to fund Blockstream.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 11:00:57

FTX allowed normal retail investors to withdraw, Tether doesn't (the $100k thing is not even the primary barrier, they have some sort of "approval" process that no person I'm aware of who isn't friends with the Tether guys has ever admitted to being able to get past). So any liquidity issues they have would look somewhat different from FTX.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 10:13:26

Yeah it's like a greatest hits mix of Luna, FTX, and Wonderland.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 10:10:14

I was considering adding a fourth category for those since they're not quite the same as the usual transparent scams, but in light of the recent DAI thing I decided (2) fits just fine :P

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 10:06:04

I think it briefly depegged then and they got out of it by adding a bunch more USDT.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 05:06:12

As far as I can tell there are basically three varieties of stablecoins: 1. Stablecoins backed by cash and cash equivalents that everyone seems to treat as equivalent to each other and to $1. USDC, Paxos USD, BUSD, etc. In the case of BUSD I think retail can even redeem them directly for USD 1:1 for no fee. 2. "Algorithmic stablecoins" i.e. obvious scams. 3. Tether. Since there's no actual reason for anyone legitimate to use anything not in category (1), category (1) is slowly starting to dominate the more "legitimate" parts of the crypto ecosystem (stuff like Coinbase and Kraken). One can conclude that the remaining parts that are still heavily involved with USDT or algorithmic stablecoins are... less legitimate.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 04:40:52

I did a little more digging since it seemed strange that all the billions of Tethers that went to Alameda just vanished and almost none of the exchanges want to touch USDT with a ten foot pole (all of them basically treat it as not actually being interchangeable with stablecoins like BUSD, Paxos USD, etc.). It appears the vast majority of USDT issued by Alameda "actually" went to the TRON network, run by Justin Sun. I think it might be worth paying a bit more attention to TRON, I have the feeling it might be the next big scam to blow up and I don't really know anything about it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 04:11:42

Yeah but it's also gone (at least IMO) from "there's a high chance it is backed by literally nothing" to "there's a legitimate chance they've got tens of billions in treasuries." I think this may be a case of anchoring working against Tether alarmists, where the expectations were set *so* low that finding out they might be like 80% backed is a huge relief to people.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 04:01:43

Tether's price has depegged multiple times now and then regained parity. Clearly *someone* is willing to buy large quantities of Tether at let's say $0.95. It doesn't really matter whether it's an exchange or not, the point is someone is buying them up whenever there's a run. If that entity can't redeem them, eventually they are going to stop doing that and the price will crash. I find it a bit hard to believe that a complete Tether liquidity crunch would go unnoticed considering we usually hear right away whenever people can't get money for much less prominent shitcoins. Like I said, it is of course possible that retail holds very little and retail USDT are easy for the big players to aborb--but again, in that case, I don't think Tether proving fraudulent would be all that catastrophic. Like from my perspective *either* retail holds a bunch of Tether and nobody being able to redeem Tether matters quite a bit, or retail doesn't hold much Tether and it's not really the systematic risk people claim it is.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 00:59:54

If you're not willing to list your positions then you're making shit up lol, I don't make the rules. Anyone can pretend they make profits if they get to backdate when and how much they bought.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 00:31:52

Look at my other comment on this post dude, I have "done my reading" and am well aware that there is no good evidence for redemptions. However, the eventual outcome of this in the long term is one of three things: 1. Exchanges get tired of buying USDT from customers. Retail customers cannot sell their USDT to anyone for $1, USDT price crashes. 2. Exchanges continue to buy the USDT from customers "for the ecosystem" even though they can't get rid of it because it's unbacked. They go bankrupt, bankruptcy attorneys take over, they try to redeem and can't. USDT price crashes. 3. Exchanges go bankrupt before they can reach this point. Bankruptcy attorneys try to redeem the tethers, can't. USDT price crashes. My point being, all of these are things that *cannot be dealt with by just burning USDT when exchanges go bankrupt.* A bunch of people's theories here revolve around Tether printing money that never makes it into consumers' hands, and then burning it when the exchanges go bankrupt, and I'm saying that this pretty obviously doesn't solve anything for money that actually made it into consumers' (or bankruptcy attorneys') hands. And I'm further stating that money in the ecosystem that *didn't* make it into consumers' hands poses the same amount of systematic risk to the ecosystem as something like UST did, i.e. it can cause a price crash but not really lose people real USD (I don't count "losses" due to Bitcoin's price going down because that's just gambling).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 7, 2022 00:28:37

Haha I saw people saying in comments under a *Molly White* interview by a crypto outlet that she was not a credible critic and was uninformed / lazy. Like dude...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 23:51:08

> Make sure you have no crypto left Done! > Mostly BTC. Some XMR. But i can buy some other alts too, a bit later maybe, so we can sort deals out. Come on, you know how this works. Positions or gtfo, wsb rules.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 23:45:29

> It absolutely would matter, because the only reason the price stays at $17k or whatever is because wash trading bots are continuing to pump the price. Turn them off and the price of Bitcoin would likely collapse. I feel like at this point, wash trading bots pumping the price significantly would be quite risky, since a lot of people are in the mood to sell as soon as the price pumps up even a little bit and that would risk getting Tether into actual people's hands... at which point you have to actually redeem it. Though I guess the exchanges could just be faking the trades and not ever selling to real customers, but if that's the case, do they even need that many Tethers in the first place? Can't they just fake numbers on the exchanges? I guess they help make it appear there's legitimate liquidity to trade with? > People do buy tethers with real USD, sure, but that money doesn't go to tether, it goes to the exchange, and who knows what they do with it. Look at FTX, they were tethers largest customer. 32 billion tethers were sent to FTX. Strangely though there's no record of FTX sending 32 billion USD back to tether. There are lots of records of them dumping billions into shit coins, buying real estate, etc. Also, because some tethers are bought with USD doesn't mean they all are. Some are traded for crypto, so you could trade Bitcoin for tether for example. Some aren't sold at all and are held by the exchanges to manipulate markets. Yeah the whole "FTX had 32 billion USDT except somehow they only have a few hundred million and also the USDT they had were never burned" thing is a huge red flag lol. But it still needs to be squared up with the (possible?) existence of actual T-bills matching those tokens (admittedly we don't have an attestation from after the FTX crash, so maybe they'll suddenly burn all their tokens right before the next one). > Tether has already acknowledged lending crypto to exchanges with crypto as collateral: Yeah I know and since they admitted it they were forced to include it in the attestation. But "only" about 20% of their assets I think were in stuff that's obviously going to prove worthless if you tried to cash it out, which would make them about 80% backed. For Tether to be the kind of fraud that a lot of people here suspect it is it has to be way more of a fraud than "1 USDT = $0.80" IMO.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 23:44:23

lmao DAI sounds like it was actually somewhat carefully thought out to not be a rugpull and then got rugpulled themselves. What a fine lesson in how completely impossible it is to find an honest crypto casino to gamble in.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 23:33:39

> Possible, would be criminal. Deltec has definitely done some criminal stuff so that wouldn't really shock me, I'm just curious whether they are also the source of the treasury figures? The attestation doesn't actually state where the treasuries are supposed to be stored or which institutions they asked to verify their existence or anything like that and I have no idea what the usual practices would be, or who even holds treasuries typically. > This says nothing about leverage, pledging of assets, effective control of assets, etc. Well sure, this is not an audit. I just feel like with the amounts we're talking about here it would be very hard to get them in the first place without having *something* to use as collateral, even if they were all owed to someone else. Or I guess you could just point to some treasury you didn't own and claim to own it, but like... whose? The treasuries supposedly mature in under 90 days so it's not like you could just keep reusing the same ones over and over...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 22:52:30

I guess my question would be, is there *any* legitimate market where you can get a $40 billion loan (be it in cash or short term treasuries, which the attestation swears is what they are) for one day (even at 9% APR) without being able to put up a *lot* of collateral? Because if not, either they have a lot of real collateral somehow (maybe you're right that all the exchanges could scrounge up $40 billion in treasuries for a day but I actually kind of doubt it), the attestation is fraudulent and/or Deltec is lying to the auditors (quite possible TBH, after reviewing it a bit more, but I still need to understand how an attestation confirms the existence of treasuries), or they're dealing with disreputable / possibly criminal markets anyway in which case this is probably far from the worst crime they're committing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 22:37:07

Okay so I just looked through one of their attestations and there's a point I'm confused about... it seems like the extent of their work to figure out whether their assets were real is determined by this line: * obtain confirmation letters directly from banks and depositaries and verify the reconciliations performed by management between the amounts in the accounting ledger/system and the bank statement to confirm the existence of the assets disclosed in the CRR So for cash they are obviously just asking Deltec which could be making that up. But what about treasuries? Do they also just ask Deltec? Because if so, that isn't really all that reassuring, but I have no idea what usual auditing practice are like there.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 21:48:01

> It's not just held by exchanges. They use it for wash trading, liquidating users and otherwise manipulating crypto markets. Some of the profits are likely sent back to tether. I guess it could be used purely for wash trading, yeah. But in that case Tether collapsing isn't really going to have a dramatic effect on crypto market, because it would mean almost none of it ever made its hands to users in the first place. However, I am somewhat skeptical of this explanation because several exchanges (including Bitfinex) offer tons of incentives for users to actually *hold* Tether, including stuff like yield on Tether which makes no sense. > An attestation just means BDO Italia looked at an account and confirmed the balance Yeah, and my point is that it takes a lot of assets to get someone to loan you $40 billion in treasuries even temporarily. The sheer amount of money we're talking about here narrows their potential trading partners, they couldn't get this from small-time crooks who would be willing to do it for $10 million (I don't think anyway). Like I said, Deltec almost certainly doesn't have close to the assets to cover it, and they're the only ones who would be willing to do the transfer for nothing. So if Tether doesn't own the treasuries outright, they've gotta have *something* that makes someone with real money think it's worth the risk of loaning them for a day or two. That or they just paid the $10 million to BDO Italia instead and we're looking at another dead auditor. (Ultimately I think there's still a very good chance it turns out that Tether's "secret sauce" is money laundering, not pure printing... but we'll see).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 20:55:18

Abigail Johnson is a menace... nepotism is honestly the cause of many of the very worst aspects of modern life (and also historically I guess).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 20:32:03

At this rate they're going to have to start adjusting for owning a crypto exchange the same way they account for smoking in life expectancy studies...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 20:28:41

The thing that makes me doubt the "completely made up" explanation is: 1. If the Tether never purchased anything and was only held by the exchanges there would be no point to pumping it. 2. Unless BDO Italia is committing outright fraud (possible) they did actually have to have treasuries in their account at some point, and you generally can't get $40 billion in treasuries without having *something* of nominal value. It's easier when you're in cahoots with a bank, but at least last time I checked Deltect didn't even manage $5 billion in assets, let alone $40 billion, so I doubt they could be the source of it. Something involving short-term repos would make a lot of sense to me, but the details are murky.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 20:22:20

Definitely sounds plausible (though it would mean that they are a lot more collateralized than many people on here think). Would that mean the exchanges (including possibly FTX) could have been effectively propping up Tether during bank runs by burning USD?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 20:14:28

In a recent interview he somehow was able to remember the distinct relationships and loans conducted between 150 different shell companies designed to shield him from liability, but apparently had no recollection of anything that happened at the company he was supposedly CEO of. I guess his memory is just selective like that!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 19:32:05

Oh geeze yeah repos would make perfect sense here. I wonder what crap thing they'd be pledging as collateral, maybe that's where all the crypto went. In that case, there's only one big bank I'm aware of that issues crypto-collateralized loans... Silvergate.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 19:21:31

Given their unwillingness to do anything beyond really crappy attestations by no name companies and the fact that their reported asset mix looked entirely made up a year or so ago, it wouldn't shock me if the treasuries are just loaned to them temporarily for attestation purposes. That's what they did before that got them in trouble with New York regulators.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 18:55:34

The article says that you could do it a year ago, but nobody is willing to take the other side of a short bet now. We're no longer early :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 18:15:25

I would still love to hear from someone who isn't either directly affiliated with Tether, or so deeply intertwined that they would be ruined if it were insolvent (i.e. guys like SBF), who actually managed to redeem a substantial portion of it. Since it sounds like quite a few hedge funds are shorting it at this point there should be *some* stories out there, right?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 17:07:02

Blockstream is basically the (unofficial) corporation responsible for maintaining Bitcoin, right? I guess VCs truly think the money fountain is powering down...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 16:29:13

I've never entertained ideas like that seriously because a max of 14 txn/sec is not remotely suited to being the basis for a substantial fraction of the world's transactions. No, not even as a "settlement layer." Not that any other cryptocurrency is going to become the world's settlement layer either, but christ at least they're *trying* to get throughput up in the thousands per second (still nowhere close to what's needed). How the hell could Bitcoin get there? It can't, end of story.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 16:22:52

Why don't you list your positions now and then we can check back up on them in a year? Everyone we talk to in this sub is always up, so I'm sure you'll do fine.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 16:18:57

Yes, which is why they're currently telling anyone who will listen to get the money off the exchanges and onto the blockchain and repeating "not your keys, not your coins!" The only slight issue with this is that without exchanges there's no way to trade your bitstrings for actual money...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 15:47:59

They inherently dislike the idea of banks not having 1:1 dollars:number in your account.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 14:35:55

Yeah people's issue with Terra/Luna was two things: 1. An algorithmic stablecoin backed by literally nothing cannot possibly work and it would cause a massive hyperinflation spiral in Luna like every other algorithmic stablecoin. 2. Unsustainable returns from the Anchor protocol driving Luna investment in a Ponzi-ish way was the only reason it hadn't happened yet, and when the new users and reserves dried up it was going to crash super hard. Both of which *actually happened.* Any other random details or predictions by people are kind of irrelevant... like who really cares if Do Kwon made out like a bandit from all this by trading UST for actual USD if he played by the rules of his own game. The problem is the game itself was fucked.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 13:43:35

They hate fractional reserve banking.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 13:37:22

That's because Paul George *is* a top tier superstar lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 6, 2022 13:04:27

All of crypto for years now has been people who think they're grifters but are actually marks, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 6, 2022 04:21:32

Maybe a better way of explaining what I mean is, why do you think Bol Bol (who weighs less, has a shorter wingspan, is less agile, and basically didn't play for years due to injury) can lead the league in points per isolation attempt and be near the top in points per drive, but Victor won't ever be able to do the same? It feels to me like this would require a quite catastrophic failure to develop as both a scorer and an athlete, so if you're not projecting that I'm not really sure how you get here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 5, 2022 19:18:41

I feel like to reach this take, you have to project a bunch of improvement from Scoot, zero improvement from Wemby, and not really care about defense. I also think that the G league, while relatively similar in overall player quality to LNB, is way easier to score in, particularly in the paint, due to lack of defensive 3 seconds and mostly drained of bigs, which makes me pretty suspicious of Scoot's offensive stats (which are also super SSS--he hasn't played for multiple weeks now).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 5, 2022 19:00:04

Yeah and this applies to him as well, but since Leonsis seems to be happy with mediocrity it doesn't really matter who our head coach is :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 5, 2022 18:38:36

Silas is quite literally a nepotism guy and I have no idea why he's coaching at the NBA level.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 5, 2022 14:45:05

Silas has been a bad coach at the NBA level for... basically ever. Organizations keep bringing him in thinking he's a great coach for teaching young guys the ropes and he just isn't.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 5, 2022 14:42:22

Because he worships Kobe just like they do lol. Trust me players are going to love him when he takes 5 unnecessarily tough spinning stepback fadeaways over a double team per game while ignoring his open teammates.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 5, 2022 14:23:25

"Dishonest" is a term of art and it is relatively easy to see after the fact that someone is being dishonest (even if you don't know who it is). You should probably read this article to get acquainted with the terminology here: Note the precise mathematical definition for honesty. You are conflating a different meaning of the word "honest" with this one.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 13:17:45

Uh, this all seems like philosophical jargon to me. The threat model of Bitcoin (and other systems that try to solve Byzantine consensus) is that nodes create diverging chains, all the "code is law" stuff is meaningless drivel that people added afterwards. Decentralization is only supposed to be there to prevent censorship of transactions, emphatically *not* to allow alternative histories to be rewritten.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 08:13:28

No, there are some objective definitions of honesty that apply here. For example, an honest node will not create multiple conflicting chains (which is how double spending works).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 03:18:46

You provably can't solve Byzantine consensus with more than 33% dishonest nodes (which is more or less equivalent to hashpower with the way Bitcoin defines it) so they didn't really have a choice. But indeed if you can only solve a problem with assumptions that are clearly false maybe you should stop saying you solved the problem.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 03:04:56

This meme is stupid for more reasons than the Bitcoin panel...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 02:47:42

TBH the Bitcoin security assumptions do actually say that you're doing something wrong if you have 88% of the hashpower lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 5, 2022 00:20:53

Even in that interview when he was point blank asked a question he couldn't answer he'd just say things like "I don't know what to tell you" or "I don't recall things that way." The only information I gained from Coffeezilla's interview was stuff that he himself already knew and hadn't put out there yet, I learned nothing from SBF (except that he's weirdly afraid to throw Dan Friedberg under the bus, wonder what's going on there).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 4, 2022 20:03:06

He's dumb as hell for conducting the interviews but he's being very careful about what he does and does not admit to, who he throws under the bus, etc. All of his statements are full of equivocation, including stuff that he should be able to clearly answer "yes" or "no" to. He's definitely familiar with the kinds of charges that are going to be brought against him and avoiding saying anything that definitively paints him as guilty for wire fraud. His biggest issue is going to be that (obviously) some of the stuff he did that other people will testify about clearly paints him as guilty regardless of how much he equivocates, but that would be the case even if he didn't say a word.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 4, 2022 19:52:09

Not really. Whichever team gets the #1 pick this year isn't listening to trade offers that don't include an all time great player.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 4, 2022 15:49:34

They have zero rim protection and guys like Bol Bol who cannot move laterally make for insanely easy targets for drives. They're incredibly fun offensively though which is why they get tons of highlights / hype. They'll be a ton better when WCJ returns.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 4, 2022 04:51:04

No disrespect to Filipowski who by all accounts is one of the few freshmen who actually came into this season ready to play basketball, but if he goes before any other college player this NCAA class will have to have been absolute garbage lol. At least wait for all the injured guys to play themselves into shape...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 4, 2022 00:06:27

So if someone offered you the first pick for Bol Bol you wouldn't take that deal? Never change /r/nba...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 3, 2022 22:21:51

+7 this game, I believe. He usually leads his team in +/-, IIRC, not sure about this game. If you are interested in impact on winning, his team is first in his league, which includes two Euroleague teams, despite currently missing one of its best players (its center went down with an ACL injury a couple of games ago). They have won nine straight and have the best defense in the league by a huge margin. He also leads his league in points, rebounds, blocks, efficiency rating, and win shares.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on December 3, 2022 21:35:39

~ 70 TS% tonight too. I still don't know why people are acting like he's going to be offensively inefficient, it kinda feels like people are overthinking it or are getting Wembanyama fatigue.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 2, 2022 17:39:03

I think that's just because the Ethereum chain is really large, not because proof of stake is inherently bad for SSDs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 2, 2022 03:42:05

They gave him money *because* he didn't look anything like the Wall Street liars and cheats. They thought he was cutting through the bullshit and telling it like it is. He fit their genius Silicon Valley stereotype.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 2, 2022 00:34:26

Let me guess, he wasn't familiar with his own company's terms of service?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 23:37:00

If you point this out they go all "real prediction markets have never been tried!" on you

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/SneerClub on December 1, 2022 19:13:37

You're thinking of proof of storage / space, I think. Proof of stake is definitely much easier on hardware.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 18:58:33

Is this a reaction to the recent extremely long article where someone was basically like "oh SBF just didn't understand probability well enough, and if he did he would have been a truly effective altruist"?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 18:54:02

Nah the ancestors of this chain says he thinks he'll be the second or third pick. Like I said people are just overthinking it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 1, 2022 16:55:04

Because contrary to popular belief, Go and Rust aren't really competitors. They already have not one, but two, fast, tracing GC, AOT-compiled (on Android) languages, Java and Kotlin. Plus the entire user facing ecosystem is JVM compatible. There's really no advantage to using Go there.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/programming on December 1, 2022 16:28:17

They'd just say "oh that was then, this is now." Kinda like SBF apparently thought FTX was solvent on Nov 6 but not by Nov 7.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 16:26:48

They are comparing to modern idiomatic C++. They are comparing to brand new C++ code under both Google style guidelines and tooling.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/programming on December 1, 2022 15:18:29

They explicitly said in the article that these improvements in tooling didn't come close to explaining the change in vulnerabilities.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/programming on December 1, 2022 15:17:45

lol people here are going to galaxy brain themselves into thinking he should be taken fourth or something. Dude is dominating his league on 60+ TS%, he's not offensively inefficient.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 1, 2022 14:08:32

> Celsius used bitcoin as collateral for its loan from Tether, according to Tether’s statement at the time. Wait didn't Tether *explicitly* say they weren't doing this at one point? lmao.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 13:01:04

Wait did he just go for the "I'm really smart but really lazy and unmotivated" thing Truly the millennial Madoff we deserve.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 12:34:51

I think it's useful to know league averages there. Like his shots at the rim are apparently in almost the 90th percentile for that league. And apparently he's shooting similarly well on uncontested shots. So really his big issue ATM is shot selection on jumpers (which you could also probably tell by just watching him) and needing a bit more strength in the post.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on December 1, 2022 11:17:28

The thing about them flashing their crypto wallets at everyone is definitely the most Butter thing I've heard in awhile.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on December 1, 2022 03:17:19

It's real fiat in this case, hence why it's a much bigger deal than the "$45 billion" lost with Luna.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 19:25:16

lol I'm seeing a bunch of people I know in software development say things like this. Like... wake up idiots. It's because he reminds them of their own friends / themselves, him acting nervous etc. makes them think he's telling the truth. Classic affinity scam.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 18:55:03

Yeah I know lol. I wonder what fantasy world he's living in where he thinks one of the following things: * A bankrupt company would turn down $5 billion. * People would *believe* a bankrupt company would turn down $5 billion.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 17:37:53

I know Bitcoin liquidity is low but I doubt it's so low that you couldn't cash out $8m worth.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 16:52:07

Interesting. So this video actually gives a clue to why SBF has been pretending to have been a fool in over his head--apparently to prove a fraud charge you have to show the person *intended* to commit fraud. He is hoping to muddy the waters by portraying everything as accidental because that would make it much harder to prosecute for fraud. I think this strategy will ultimately fail, and he should still obviously not be conducting interviews, but it at least makes sense to me now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 16:17:43

Yeah it's their CEO lol. Completely serious.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 12:34:57

Does this subreddit even serve a purpose anymore?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 12:31:13

All right look CZ is an obvious scumbag and probable criminal but is there any evidence whatsoever he's associated with the CCP (which AFAIK wants nothing to do with crypto at this point)? Because I'm pretty sure the answer is no but I keep seeing this meme.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 09:59:59

This is so shameless lmao Mark did nothing wrong

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 03:22:40

So does it even actually use hypergraphs because those actually have some really interesting complexity properties for queries against traditional relational databases, but I somehow have the feeling this is gonna be a scam like any other.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 02:08:16

I can't help but feel bad for him watching him break down like that even if he's propping up some incredibly dumb shit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 01:49:47

lol, at this point it's not worth correcting people. Due to the hype Wembanyama's going to have a bunch of haters before he even steps into the league, just like LeBron did. That's just how it's gonna be for him. Expect the Bol Bol comparisons to continue until at least three months into his rookie season.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 30, 2022 01:14:33

It's sad that our usual stable of villains is so depleted... who else is even left of the 2021 hype guys? End of an era :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 30, 2022 01:07:12

What? But Sam said in this same interview that he doesn't know how to code, how would he fix anything?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 20:15:24

Apparently poor widdle innocent Sammy was bamboozled into signing the bankruptcy forms against his will. He didn't know better! It's like when you click accept not having fully understood the iTunes terms of service! Please believe me!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 19:30:06

I legitimately don't understand what he's trying to accomplish or why he thinks saying shit like this makes him look better. The audience isn't your parents' friends anymore dude, people are not going to believe a word you're saying for obvious reasons.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 18:50:09

lol this is literally the same as Dream's defense where he claimed he couldn't have cheated at Minecraft because he didn't know how to code.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 18:12:18

The funny thing about Ripple is that even if their solution somehow did something useful for businesses that would have zero to do with the consumer XRP token. Like they're basically completely unrelated.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 13:45:29

Aside from the fact that it would be super easy to trace when they tried to cash out and also company employees would all be primary suspects, why is that a reason for *the company* to keep it as crypto?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 13:21:05

Imagine trying to hire someone for a real job, like a plumber or electrician or something, and when they arrive their parents are with them and spend 15 minutes explaining to you that their daughter is a nice girl with really good grades while she's in the back room emptying your wallet That's pretty much what happened here

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 13:05:03

If it were true, it would make sense, yes. But everyone knows that nobody is borrowing at those rates. The only time I've ever seen borrowing at insane rates was with stuff like the Anchor protocol where the interest was *even higher than the lending rate* so people would take loans from Anchor to reinvest in Anchor... yeah. Then people were somehow shocked when Luna crashed!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 12:35:07

They're miners... they indisputably own the money, they don't have to fake a hack. They just lost money.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 12:25:18

I did a quick skim and can't see any retweets of the KuCoinUpdates account from the official account, meaning there's nothing really tying them together.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 12:13:38

XRP lmao, people are going to be so mad.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 11:48:41

Oh wait I think someone pointed out that the "KuCoin Updates" account isn't actually the same as their official account. lol, Elon Musk's Twitter strikes again.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 11:38:04

Wait is that them admitting that the software "upgrades" are not actually upgrades? Am I reading that right?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 11:23:42

Coinbase, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to run out of capital.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 10:05:45

Yeah that's pretty obvious cope. No way anyone was going to pay $8 billion for this dumpster fire, "rounding error" or no.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 01:38:37

> They have now mined ~8000 Bitcoin and sold none. Jesus Christ. I remember when we used to think the miners were dangerous savvy operations, but it's now clear the inmates have been running the asylum for a very long time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 29, 2022 01:27:41

Bol Bol is a big part of the reason the Magic have trash defense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 28, 2022 23:55:31

AFAIK just about the only bank that would accept crypto as collateral was Silvergate... you'd think they'd be clamoring for their money as one of Alameda's largest creditors, then? I haven't heard much about that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 28, 2022 13:24:22

Yeah you kind of have to assume a lot of worst case scenarios for his development to imagine him not ending up as a superstar. At the same time, you can't realistically project a guy to have a median outcome of like, Kevin Garnett or Tim Duncan when healthy, that's just absurd and you're probably gonna be wrong and people prefer to underhype than overhype a prospect because they don't want to look dumb. So I think people tend to just be pessimistic about his game without actually having a great explanation for how he could fail (like what exactly about his game isn't going to translate to the NBA?), hence so many people basically assuming he's going to have a career ending injury.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 27, 2022 21:10:13

Realistically, I don't think it's possible for him to "bust" unless he gets injured. I don't think any prospect with pre-NBA statistical production like his has against good competition (by prospect standards) ever busted in the NBA for any non health related reason, even totally ignoring the eye test or potential improvements to his game. Usually prospects that bust are guys that look flashy but have mediocre or even downright bad efficiency / plus minus metrics, or guys that are feasting on poor competition due to size / athletic advantages that won't exist in the NBA, or just flat out don't fit with the way the modern game is played. But obviously none of those is the case here so I don't really know how people expect him to bust.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 27, 2022 20:11:57

Realistically, I don't think it's possible for him to "bust" unless he gets injured. I don't think any prospect with pre-NBA statistical production like his (which is already very rarified territory) has ever busted in the NBA for any non health related reason, even totally ignoring the eye test or potential improvements to his game. Like, I keep trying to think through "what if he doesn't improve as a shooter, never really becomes a great passer, and ends up being significantly more valuable on the defensive end" and I feel like you still end up with a guy like Tim Duncan who won 4 rings, was a 2x MVP, and is widely considered one of the top few players of his era. Hard to imagine anyone being disappointed with that kind of career.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 27, 2022 19:57:54

Did Alameda even have $30 billion legitimately at any point, though?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 27, 2022 12:50:20

This is a super basic attack targeting a *single* Bitcoin node. They are definitely full of shit, this is not fundamental and does not threaten the underlying system. I've said this elsewhere but DDOS resistance is one of the few genuinely good technical properties of blockchains.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 27, 2022 12:46:46

Don't worry, the usual suspects will still be happy to tell them that they are just prejudiced against the future and don't understand the importance of decentralization.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 27, 2022 07:51:30

I still have yet to hear a compelling explanation by Doncic fans why of all the guys people typically throw around as MVP candidates these days (Jokic, Giannis, Curry, Embiid, Tatum, and him), he's the only one who always scores badly in stuff like multiyear RAPM, LEBRON, etc. And by a lot, too, he's nowhere close to them. Like yes some of it is defense, but even the offense isn't where you'd expect it to be...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 27, 2022 02:32:40

Wins the MVP the last two years in a row and gets zero respect lmao, how is he not top 3

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 27, 2022 02:14:40

A lot of players can be efficient on open looks, what makes KD special is his ability to be efficient on tough looks. If he stops being able to be efficient on those kinds of shots (e.g. because he can't create as much separation anymore), he'll probably stop taking them, so his efficiency might stay around the same while his ppg declines.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 27, 2022 02:09:55

This reads exactly like a conversation in someone's DMs where someone tries to hit on them and then gets annoyed that they're not responding and calls them ugly.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 27, 2022 00:56:24

Well this is why they love the idea of Bitcoin and "code is law" because it's the dream where the free market somehow also does the job of contract and ownership enforcement. Only slight flaw here is that goods, services, and real estate are not in fact on the blockchain and cannot be forced to synchronize with it... keep thinking along those lines and you start to almost understand why they desperately want to believe in "the Metaverse" as the future of humanity.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 23:36:05

Seems like you're starting to get a little more sold on him... hard to argue with results, I guess. Pretty sure you have been by far his biggest skeptic here lol. Anyway I unironically think the biggest red flag with Scoot is his injury history. Dude has been out for over a week with a concussion and also got injured in the second game against Wemby. And all the comparisons to Derrick Rose and John Wall don't help either...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 26, 2022 22:49:51

I think libertarians (well, ancaps specifically) argue that the only thing a government should do is enforce contracts. Exactly how "enforcement" is supposed to work without stuff like a legal system, politicians, a standing army, taxation, etc., seems to be something they'd prefer to readily gloss over so they can dream on their glorious Randian future.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 22:43:23

Yeah I was going to say lol Probably partly the result of those groups converging somewhat since Gamestop started pushing blockchain bullshit, I think even the diehard Butters were never *that* delusional before.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 22:40:34

He draws so many fouls though... he better spend all his free time working on his free throws because people can't help but hack him and that pretty much always translates to the NBA. Already seeing people complain about him getting a star whistle lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 26, 2022 17:09:15

For people disappointed in him not playing in Euroleague this season, it's worth noting the Mets have both more wins and a higher point differential than either Monaco or ASVEL do in Pro A games this season. Although ASVEL (his former team) sucks this year lol, but the game against Monaco should be interesting.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 26, 2022 17:05:28

This is the misconception they were hoping to create by pretending "proof of reserves" is some fancy blockchain thing. The way it works is, they give you an id, then you use that id to look up some entry on the auditor's website. If the entry on the website matches what you held at the time on Kraken, this is decent evidence that they actually had the reserves at the time (not foolproof since they could double count wallets), with a *very* important caveat. That caveat? You have to trust the auditor! In other words their proof of reserves is *entirely* dependent on the audit being legitimate, Merkle tree magic doesn't do anything at all.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 13:50:11

Wrapped BUSD is not redeemed by Paxos, and that is apparently what they are distributing. The conversion from wrapped BUSD to Paxos BUSD obviously has to be mediated by the person holding the Paxos BUSD.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 11:47:24

Okay, but it is useful to find out how these particular bullshit mechanisms work if you want to accurately predict the kind of fraud they can engender. Wrapping is bullshit because there's no guarantee the underlying funds are "locked" to anything, and they're basically controlled by a centralized entity. However, they are *not* a useful tool for fraudulently printing currency, because you can see how much of the underlying asset actually exists and how much of the wrapped token has been printed. This caps the maximum amount you can "print" to 2x your actual holdings, and that's assuming every single underlying coin is double counted.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 10:40:21

> but I think for any substantial "totally unbacked" type fraud to happen it would have to include Paxos itself. That's what the link seems to be proposing. On (IMO) incredibly flimsy and borderline conspirational evidence, but yeah. If people think that's what's happening they should focus on Paxos making stuff up, not the BUSD vs Binance-pegged USD thing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 03:55:19

Eh. I don't really think that's the smoking gun you all do. As long as the total amount of wrapped BUSD on other exchanges is <= the total amount of BUSD, there's a limited amount of fraud they can conduct that way. They could obviously choose to stop allowing conversions, which is a big reason not to hold a shitcoin owned by them in the first place, but I think for any substantial real fraud to happen it would have to include Paxos.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 02:40:41

Oh, okay, so they *didn't* in fact get a $1 billion investment? They just generously decided to hand out $1 billion of cold, hard cash to companies in an industry rife with scammers and fraudsters? Well, I guess it's not money though, it's BUSD... which you can only exchange for dollars on their own exchange, presumably...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 26, 2022 02:24:06

Scoot has been out injured for like two weeks and I have quite literally not heard a single person bring it up. He was also taken out with an injury in the second match against Wemby. Are people going to be knocking him for his injury history on draft night?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 26, 2022 02:11:51

Yeah this guy is an opportunistic scumbag, which was already apparent from his fake story about how he knew SBF was a fraud because the man wouldn't give him $10 billion or whatever.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 25, 2022 21:40:11

Didn't Binance explicitly call out Genesis as an example of a company they won't bail out? Lol. Still waiting to see what that $1b "relief fund" is going to actually be used for.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 25, 2022 11:18:43

I think you are probably right, OP, but I have a followup question. Can you explain to me why Binance is bailing out companies with their own tokens rather than USD? I find it rather unlikely that that's the companies' preferred form of liquidity. Is the intent to force them to cash out on Binance or something?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 25, 2022 01:04:59

It would be kind of funny if PhDs in other fields got major headlines like this for no reason, so I'm kind of on board with it lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 25, 2022 00:29:45

I actually looked into it closer and I know one of the guys doing the presentation, lol. Yeah this is about stuff like homomorphic encryption which is as you said academically interesting. It's just a very strange way of describing it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 25, 2022 00:10:04

Thing they should actually do: find a few people they trust and do m:n signatures. If one of them forgets it, gets their password stolen, dies, etc. the others can still bail them out without risking their funds. This is the obvious solution and it's supported today with Bitcoin, but since they all hate the idea of trusting anyone I basically never see it used this way and instead they propose this ridiculous horcrux style stuff.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 24, 2022 22:50:09

"Private execution with public shared state" So... running stuff locally and periodically issuing updates to a database? Kinda like I'm doing right now, typing into this textbox before I press save? What exactly is this event supposed to be teaching people?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 24, 2022 13:50:26

Yeah if it ends up portraying things the way I fear it will, it's going to be a huge missed opportunity. Hopefully we're wrong.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 24, 2022 11:43:15

Finally a realistic yield for a 1:1 backed stablecoin! Now let's see how much demand there is for them without ridiculous, unsustainable yields that prevent the underlying company from making any profit...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 23, 2022 00:44:40

I'm asking the question seriously. People do post dumb stuff here from time to time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 17:52:41

Okay, so why don't you explain it to us? What is "excess debt"?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 17:49:51

Kind of beating a dead horse at this point but man was that some highly targeted effective altruism.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 15:57:27

The goldbugs always hated crypto. Peter Schiff has been one of crypto's most vocal critics.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 15:54:31

Not *that* much of a conspiracy. Abigail Johnson has been pretty vocal about being a crypto bro and pushing Bitcoin by force onto the rest of the company that really wants nothing to do with it. There have been a few articles to that effect posted to this sub.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 13:57:03

He contradicts himself constantly lol, why are people still looking for consistency here You all are falling into the same trap that people (even here) fell into with FTX, where SBF acting confident made people think he was actually some sort of evil mastermind, not just another incompetent grifter who can't keep his story straight. The competent grifters, like Vitalik Buterin and the QuadrigaCX guy, cashed out a long time ago and made sure they wouldn't experience any legal consequences.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 13:49:14

If you're an investor with a lick of sense, the last thing you want to do is exchange real money for fake money, no matter how "cheap" the fake money becomes. That's why all these companies make their own coins and pump their prices, the whole point is to minimize outlays. If you actually start paying retail prices for Bitcoin expecting it to go up (i.e. go full Microstrategy) you're gonna get screwed.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 13:44:51

I thought it was dumb since I heard about how it could only handle 7 transactions per second back in like... 2012 or 2013. Nothing has really changed my mind since then!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 13:36:56

No it totally is once you factor in the expansion of the universe over time... few understand.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 13:36:11

A lot of r/CC dislikes Tether and thinks it's fraudulent, and thinks the crypto ecosystem needs to move on from it to become truly legit (whatever that means). It's not as controversial as all that. As for Safemoon, it's not really a risky or unsafe target, people in /r/CC were calling it out as a scam for a while before he made a video about them. Just because it involves a lot of money doesn't mean it's not an easy target.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 04:03:28

I mean, a lot of them are really pretty dumb and irrelevant, IMO. Like, *I* clowned on him for putting his face on those billboards, but I don't think being really bad at marketing makes you a scammer. Similarly I know a bunch of rationalists in that community and all of them sound like him when they talk about altruism. A lot of them are also super paranoid about their online footprint and hide it pretty carefully (they're not always good at it, see for example Scott Alexander, but it's definitely something many of them are concerned about). Basically, a lot of the stuff he picked up on was just him not knowing about the rationalist community and assuming it was a sign of malfeasance. While I, personally, would not want to get involved in anything spearheaded by members of that community, it's not because I think they are actually going to be fraudulent, but more because they are creepy cult weirdos with extremely harmful ideas about how the world should be going. They are also unfortunately very good at convincing VCs of their point of view (it's a very Silicon Valley ethos since it basically says programmers and tech guys are going to save the world), so it's not that surprising to me he was able to raise a lot of money from them, but none of it specifically points to fraud.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 02:22:34

For starters he has a *way* bigger wingspan, which improves just about every aspect of his game. I think Porzingis's is 7'5" and Wemby's is 8". That leads to huge improvements in defensive ability (even his haters think he'll be an all-time great there, while Porzingis was never really that much more than a good shot blocker), ability to complete lobs, ability to perform low dribbles (improving his handle, which is *much* better than Porzingis's ever was), ability to shoot over people (leading to a far better post game and ability to exploit mismatches with small guards, something Porzingis notoriously struggled with for a man of his size), etc. He also moves much more smoothly and is able to shoot at a good clip off the dribble, something Porzingis was never really good at (he was more of a catch and shoot kind of guy). This means he's a much stronger threat to create his own shots which means defenses have to play him much tighter with the ball, leading to more space for himself and other players. Assuming his passing gets better at the same rate the rest of his game has, this should lead to a bunch of shot creation opportunities with an offense with him as the focus, something that was never a realistic possibility with Porzingis. He also has significantly better lateral quickness, which helps him do a much better job of staying in front of smaller guards. This is all compared to prime Porzingis BTW.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 22, 2022 01:54:38

I've said this before but he's kind of a crypto enthusiast's ideal critic--someone who is happy to call out explicit scams with a human face behind them, but very unwilling to analyze the "fundamentals" of crypto as an industry. Hence why he's quite popular with /r/CC.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 01:45:18

Yeah okay I can definitely see that viewpoint, and from that perspective this was indeed an insightful short. I guess my perspective is more that the "do we vibe with this founder" way of doing business is fundamentally flawed and easy for not-so-genius guys like SBF to exploit, and the fact that he did this should cast suspicion not just on FTX but on any other company the investors and journalists fell in love with without a coherent business model.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 01:38:23

Ehhh. They're all still basically character arguments. I'm not so much saying they're wrong, more that variants of these arguments apply to pretty much *every* crypto exchange. If you wanna short FTX based on this kind of stuff, you should just short the whole industry.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 01:25:40

If people actually thought he was likely to turn out "average", he would not be drafted number one in a draft with Scoot Henderson. People here just love to be contrarian sometimes.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/NBA_Draft on November 22, 2022 01:20:26

Also the story Cohodes was coming in with was incredibly dumb and not worth publishing, lol. He didn't have any smoking gun, just bad vibes based on who they employed which would also apply to literally every other crypto exchange.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 01:06:26

I'll just copypaste my summary of why he did it from another comment to save you all time, because he takes forever to get to the point. This guy had really dumb reasoning for why he was shorting them (well, a mix of good and bad). Good ones: * His accountant was "in the Metaverse." This one shouldn't have slipped by people, but probably did because every single crypto exchange besides Coinbase has zero auditing lol. * Their compliance officer was part of an online gambling site scandal where they would basically place bets on games where they could see the players' cards. The dumb reasons: * The cofounder had his back turned in a picture on Alameda's website. * SBF looked and sounded dumb and not like a typical trader. * SBF didn't brag about how he made his money or have a "real" mentor like other traders did. In other words, he paid zero attention to anything about the "fundamentals" of crypto or anything about the underlying market and was basically just operating on vibes and character stuff. Which I mean, is better than the literally zero critical analysis anyone else is doing, but pretending that Bloomberg and other sites should have listened to these guys is so dumb. Who they SHOULD have listened to is us, Buttcoin. Besides us accurately calling that the whole market was a sham and that algorithmic stablecoins were garbage (which does not exactly take a high degree of insight), there's [a post of ours]( floating around Crypto Twitter where someone completely accurately called that traders on FTX didn't get properly liquidated about a year ago and that they were now in deep shit. Unfortunately nobody took us seriously because we had a butt logo :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 00:41:58

The guy who's going around who shorted FTX similarly had really dumb reasoning for why he was shorting them (well, a mix of good and bad). Good ones: * His accountant was "in the Metaverse." This one shouldn't have slipped by people, but probably did because every single crypto exchange besides Coinbase has zero auditing lol. * Their compliance officer was part of an online gambling site scandal where they would basically place bets on games where they could see the players' cards. The dumb reasons: * The cofounder had his back turned in a picture on Alameda's website. * SBF looked and sounded dumb. * SBF didn't brag about how he made his money or have a "real" mentor like other traders did. In other words, he paid zero attention to anything about the "fundamentals" of crypto or anything about the underlying market and was basically just operating on vibes and character stuff. Which I mean, is better than the literally zero critical analysis anyone else is doing, but pretending that Bloomberg and other sites should have listened to these guys is so dumb. Who they SHOULD have listened to is us, Buttcoin. There's a post of ours floating around Crypto Twitter where someone completely accurately called that traders didn't get properly liquidated about a year ago and that they were now in deep shit. Unfortunately nobody took us seriously because we had a butt logo :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 22, 2022 00:02:43

Honestly when crypto comes up, the *average* subreddit sounds a lot like Buttcoin, lol. It's probably why we haven't really ruffled many feathers compared to gme_meltdown etc., everyone is just sick of their shit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 23:22:27

Sounds like you have it all figured out! What do you need us for?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 23:18:59

Not necessarily. For example, some people have suggested Tether is used for money laundering by crime syndicates. In that case, they might be fully backed (or at least "good for" the money), but not want people to know where the money came from.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 21:59:11

Yeah. At the time someone pointed out that they had probably just copy pasted the assets mix from a much smaller fund run by Deltec bank and probably just didn't realize that that mix made no sense at the amounts of money they were claiming to have. I believe that since they pasted that pie chart, the share of commercial paper they're claiming has since declined every single quarter as they quickly realized it made them look totally fraudulent, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:53:37

I assume terribly but it would be kind of funny if it was doing better than all the other crypto stuff right now by virtue of having an actual product associated with it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:51:06

I do actually believe this, mostly because I believe the initial declaration with all the commercial paper was made up to begin with.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:49:37

Someone who thought bringing them down would have a cascading effect due to loss in public trust, bringing the whole space down with it? I guess? Thing is, all trust has already been lost at this point anyway, it's kind of an empty threat. Ever since the Axie Infinity hack didn't get a bailout by VCs, investors' "faith" that they would be made whole has been cratering.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:44:52

They won't go bankrupt, only their shitty company will, so definitely us.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:35:34

Strangely, they couldn't find any companies who are "otherwise strong but in a liquidity crisis." I mean I'm personally pretty shocked because the cryptocurrency space is known for having a lot of highly reliable companies with sound business models, and also because Binance itself is so trustworthy and flush with cash that it should easily be able to bail out any such companies.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:33:18

Turns out the downside to going to the moon is that you run out of oxygen :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:29:17

It's great for modeling all those very real doubly exponential processes that really exist in reality

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 18:27:52

This is a log chart lol Perhaps you'd like a log log chart?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 17:42:57

What's really funny to me is that shortly before this latest crash, people were trying to do the opposite--convince everyone that "crypto" had moved on from Bitcoin. Concerns about the environmental impact of proof of work, the low tps, the easy traceability of every transaction, etc., were all dismissed as "critics looking at 10 year old technology and ignoring recent advancements." But now, suddenly, it's only Bitcoin that matters.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 16:40:06

It is definitely a parody yes, please let's not do the "but it says something that I *could* have believed it!" nonsense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 16:34:42

See? The gains weren't unrealistic at all, this is *very* good for Bitcoin.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 09:45:50

I'm watching... for pigs on the wing...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:43:20

Some of them are, some of them aren't. All of them are in too deep to really think critically about it though, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:38:19

Oh, I see. No it's definitely *possible* to replicate, and people have absolutely done it. And like I said, with proof of stake (which most of the newer coins are) it doesn't actually become more resource draining and there's really no way you can differentiate between two coins that use the same protocol. There are even companies out there that offer to build you a blockchain to spec, and a lot of pretty famous blockchains (like the TerraLuna one that crashed) were actually built out of these very standard parts.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:21:25

Yeah, it is, but like I said, the increased mining actually (theoretically anyway) increases the security of the protocol, so it's not just a prestige thing (in practice I would argue it really doesn't, but that's neither here nor there). People using your chain with low mining requirements would be at risk for certain kinds of attacks (notably "double spend" attacks) by bored miners looking to make a profit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:13:54

Well, ask yourself--how are you going to be able to pay all the miners more than they get for Bitcoin, for long enough to establish your new coin as the real deal? Keep in mind that the miners are *somewhat* ideological and probably aren't going to go along with it if they know it's being done by a single wealthy guy or anything like that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:08:16

Kind of. It's how many hashes per second are being computed across the whole network. Thanks to Bitcoin's price going up so much, it became profitable for companies to create specialized circuits that do nothing but compute Bitcoin hashes all day looking to win a mining reward (the chips can't do *anything* else), and the big mining pools have insane numbers of these running 24-7 (consuming countries' worth of electricity in the process). You're not going to be able to replicate that without a very high price that miners can actually *liquidate* (since they need to pay for electricity and the miners), it can't just be a fake price like it is in most of the crypto space.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 03:04:04

It's been done. Many, many, many times.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 21, 2022 02:54:56

Well sure, I buy all that to some extent, but are people outside of Cumberland, Bitfinex, and Alameda really sitting on 10 billion dollars (at least) in Alameda's old Tether? Like... I guess it's *possible*, but it's a bit hard to believe. We know a lot of these exchanges get financially ruined by like a $1 billion outlay, do they / did they ever really have that much cash on hand? And who exactly (outside the exchanges themselves) is demanding USDT right now? Volume at Coinbase (i.e. a legitimate exchange) is down a ton so we can probably assume that real volume is also down at all the "less legitimate" ones... feels like you would not need a large pool of USDT at this point to satisfy customer demands on other exchanges. I dunno. I'm not saying I have any answers here. The whole thing just feels really fishy to me, in a way that I don't think can be easily explained by just "Tether's processing redemptions as usual" like most of the past Tether theories. Alameda was one of the very few companies who publicly acknowledged doing a ton of business in Tether and vouched for them, and Alameda turned out to be a giant scam, and the Tether is nowhere to be found... I just feel like some company should be out there saying "yeah don't worry, we're the ones with the Tether!" but nobody is doing that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 22:30:52

Well sure, but if FTX got such a loan and they couldn't pay up, there are basically two scenarios, right? * It never actually got spent on anything anyone thought had value, and had no real impact on the broader crypto economy. * It DID get spent for something that was considered to have actual value (e.g. Bitcoin), and whoever's holding the Tether now is expecting to be compensated somehow. Either by Tether or (if they were in on the fraud, in your scenario) by Alameda itself. It would be very strange for them to be quiet at this point if they got scammed for a bunch of money, especially since creditors are going to be uncovered during the bankruptcy process whether they want it or not.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 21:31:59

It seems like FTX genuinely did have billions of dollars coming in. However, it seems like a lot of that was because a lot of exchanges were putting *all* their customers' money there (probably to take advantage of their absurd interest rates; unlike most companies that offered the interest rates in moon units, they actually offered like 8% on *USD*). I would bet that the amount invested in FTX represented a very significant percentage of all the fiat in the whole crypto economy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 21:16:31

Vitalik probably shouldn't be biting the hand that feeds him, but then again, he already cashed out a long time ago and isn't doing anything directly fraudulent, so he probably feels pretty safe lol. He was always the smartest of these guys even though we like to clown on him.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:54:48

If they're buying too much for $1 without redeeming anything, won't they run out of actual cash, though? At some point they need to actually be redeeming it yet Tether's market cap has not gone down significantly.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:47:14

AFAIK it's hard to actually find anyone who isn't in bed with Tether who will actually acknowledge having redeemed a significant amount. Which is part of what's strange to me--if I were running the scam and I didn't have *any* liabilities I feel like I would just destroy the excess Tether when someone like Alameda went bankrupt to evade suspicion. Since that's not happening, it seems likely that we'll find that someone is actually *holding* all that Tether without redeeming it. But why? I know there's some fee to redeeming it but it's pretty small IIRC, not nearly large enough to be worth holding onto something that risky. Especially when exchanges are going bankrupt left and right...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:44:10

Well the problem here is, what happens when an actual auditor who isn't a scammer comes in and takes over your bankrupt company (like FTX)? They aren't going to know about the deal (or if they do Tether's in deep shit) so they'll demand full reimbursement for the Tethers. Which leads to the question, why isn't it happening right now? Where did all FTX's Tether actually go? They only have a few hundred million on their books...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:38:08

Who knows or cares? There are so few exchanges at this point that they can probably list it at just about any price they want, it's not like they have to do real price discovery if they don't feel like it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:33:06

Right, but in that case, they should still *have* it, right? But they don't. They only have just over a hundred million according to the auditors. If they *did* have billions in Tether at some point, they sure don't have it now... so where did it go?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 20:28:49

Technically, 240 months is still months!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 17:50:38

Yeah I think this is actually Grayscale lol. In case you are serious, OP, do not buy it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 17:49:10

Right. It basically only "works" without speculation if the world actually transacts primarily in cryptocurrency. This will never happen for a whole host of reasons, but the simplest one is that no cryptocurrency comes remotely close to being able to handle the load required. This makes it a complete nonstarter regardless of regulatory, political, etc. isuses.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 17:39:08

This man has some legendary haters already and he's not even in the league lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 20, 2022 15:14:17

Nah there are a bunch of Satoshi quotes where he's speculating about it replacing the financial system, convincing everyone they're going to get massively rich off it, etc. The narrative that he wasn't a scammer / didn't know what he was doing falls apart when you actually read is forum posts, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 12:39:51

Well, the funny thing is that FTX / Alameda were known to be some of the biggest "consumers" of Tether outside of Binance (I forget who the other one was). FTX went bust but somehow nobody seems to be asking anything about their supposedly huge Tether reserves? Let's say they got rid of them all before declaring bankruptcy, then why didn't the Tether "market cap" go down by a ton? None of it makes a lot of sense to me. This is what Tether claims on their site: > What does it mean that Alameda issued USD₮? It means they sent Tether USD, and Tether issues USD₮. Those reserves are still in Tether's possession; they are not on Alameda's balance sheet. The collateral backing Alameda's USD₮ is not on Alameda's balance sheet. > What can Alameda do with their USD₮? Their only option is to redeem any USD₮ they have for USD via Tether's redemption facility. This is the same as any other USD₮ holder around the world. So supposedly they have *billions* in customer USDT that nobody (including the *actual* auditing firm that's currently in charge of FTX's bankruptcy) has noticed or talked about at all? That they could redeem just like that and create billions of real dollars for customers? Does this sound kind of stupid to anyone else?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 12:24:43

I have about as much urge to own one "just to say I do" as I do those old timey stretched out pennies and would pay a similar amount for one.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 12:18:37

lol isn't Chainalysis one of the only companies in this entire space that supposedly has a legit business model? It would be hilarious if that turns out to be a scam too, there would be literally nothing left.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 01:55:18

If the WeWork guy can do it, why not them?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 00:46:28

Emin Gun Sirer was a respected and quite influential person in the database community before he abandoned academia to pedal Avalanche, and at this point he's basically no better than any other shitcoin influencer when it comes to database stuff. Crypto seems to have a way of completely scrambling academics' brains even in their fields of expertise.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 20, 2022 00:06:36

What the fuck is "inverse game theory"

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 19, 2022 21:27:17

It's an especially great argument because of the existence of stuff like Amway Arena and (formerly) Power Balance Pavilion, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 19, 2022 21:21:33

I do think a bunch of people working for those companies are probably getting kickbacks etc. (well, we actually *know* that's the case for Sequoia), but a lot of the companies you listed are also notoriously stupid and lose a bunch of investor money. Not sure you can necessarily say it's all fraud.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 18, 2022 23:54:31

*panicked voice* Zoom out!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 16, 2022 12:20:29

Because I'm a dummy! Also I finally figured out how to type that character and thought it looked cool.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 16, 2022 09:43:06

Yudkowsky is the Ür-rationalist who kicked a lot of this off, the EA movement is in many ways an offshoot of that stuff.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 16, 2022 01:54:42

The explanation was always something dumb like "banks are actually making these high APRs but jealously holding them back from you, the bank's customers."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 13, 2022 23:44:31

Give me one use case where (1) blockchains have genuine advantages over other solutions (in a way that inherently depends on the one unique feature of the chains, specifically their anti-censorship properties), and (2) those advantages are not primarily due to people circumventing the law. (I'm including (2) because even if you think breaking laws is good in some cases [not the cases I have in mind though], I'm not sure building a *company* around illegal usecases is a great idea).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 11, 2022 12:25:45

Well of course he isn't, he's apparently trying to conduct meetings with advisors at the same time. It's the Bart playing three games of chess at once meme in real life:

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 11, 2022 12:21:13

That video cuts so much I have no idea how you all can have any real idea what she's saying. Kinda hard to see this as anything but misogynistic TBH, like if what she's saying is so dumb you shouldn't need to cut every 2 seconds.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 11, 2022 11:06:12

Technically, it's more like saying shared references aren't allowed to be mutated (similar to safe Rust, if you're familiar with that). Mutable global variables are a special case of that since every function in the program has access to them.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 12:35:17

The mathematical definition is a bit subtle, but basically it's something people use in "pure" functional programming (where there's no such thing as side effects like mutation) to represent it anyway. The trick is to put all the stuff you're not allowed to do into a box, which is called a monad. You can open up the monad and do things inside the box, like read values from the state or write to them, but whatever you do, you have to put it back in a box--you can never actually "return" the values to the rest of your program. The reason is basically the same reason Grayscale owners aren't allowed to open the box and extract their BTC--just like functional programming doesn't want state to infect its nice mathematical semantics, regulators don't want that dirty "contagion" Bitcoin to be able to affect their financial markets in any way. Few understand!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 12:23:19

lol they just taught the world what a monad is in functional programming, I'll use this as an example in the future

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 12:04:02

Nah TBH entertainment had been crashing for a while too, I was checking out... this is the dead cat bounce.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 11:56:19

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm trying to remove it* *this is not financial advice

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 10, 2022 11:51:02

I mean the first part is true, it doesn't affect the value of the underlying tech (~ 0 now that KYC/AML is being enforced on exchanges) in any meaningful way.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 9, 2022 13:13:11

lol so who is the theoretical person who's even buying tether now FTX (with Alameda) was one of like two big companies that was supposedly buying all the Tether, and obviously they're not doing it. Basically every other non-Binance exchange swears up and down they won't touch it. So who? Who's the guy who's supposedly eager for Tethers right now?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 9, 2022 13:09:58

Yeah every single one of these exchanges has sworn up and down they're not affected / exposed to whatever just happened. Then like three months later it inevitably turns out that they were exposed.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 9, 2022 02:12:28

Yeah I think he was explicitly talking about asking for a new funding round a week or two ago. You're dead on.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 18:08:54

Yeah... there *were* actual bailouts for a brief time, but they were all from VCs with lots of actual money (at the time anyway, lol). I think Axie Infinity failing and promising a bailout without consulting the VCs first was probably the last straw. I remember that afterwards, people (in retrospect, probably SBF trying to guilt trip his friends from a past job) leaked all sorts of stuff about how hedge funds like Jane Street and Jump Capital were going to keep bailing them out, but none of it ever materialized. This is indeed their last gasp.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 18:06:26

Okay now you nerd sniped me into coming up with a way to *properly* close this loophole in a way that's convenient for the users. I basically realized you don't even need public / private key stuff. All they have to do is let the sufficiently paranoid *choose* the record id for themselves, instead of having it chosen for you by Kraken. Auditors can verify that all record ids are unique, and then it immediately follows that whichever one you look up is actually yours. Then the only question is how to conveniently let the user choose an identity for themselves in a way that is (1) effectively *guaranteed* to be unique among users [so Kraken doesn't have to trust you not to share yours and screw over their audit], and (2) doesn't leak information about who you are to the auditor, including element-wise attacks where they already start with some public information about you and are then able to use that to find your record id. Fortunately, some variant of hashed, salted username + password, which is unique per user and shouldn't be able to be generated by someone just from knowing your username but should also be able to be stored with Kraken, should solve both (1) and (2) (the technical details of exactly how you'd go about doing this to maintain nice security properties are complicated but I'm pretty sure they're resolvable). You could then generate that record id with a client program (not even accessing Kraken at all) and use that with the auditor's site, without having to specifically remember anything new besides your username+password.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 17:47:31

Oh my god it's so crowded now lmao

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 13:57:25

I already know how it works and it has exactly the problems I outlined. Your argument that "but the balance has to be exactly the same!" isn't that great, with enough users it should be easy for the most part to find someone with a *similar* balance to yours if they really cared to. You simply cannot use "amount in account" as a unique identifier, at best it's strong evidence they aren't completely fudging things. This is doubly true because they're just reporting a snapshot in time, they aren't actually tracking internal transaction history in the audit or anything (so the auditor can't help verify that that stuff all adds up). It would be relatively easy for them to introduce "interest" or "fees" to true up the account balance to the same thing for multiple users, especially on staked accounts which is the most likely way for them to be insolvent since the staking reward is so variable.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 13:42:25

Do Kwon and Dan Olson have jointly done more to kill the crypto space than all the rest of us combined lol. Honestly he should be a Buttcoin hero.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 13:24:03

The reason why that "proof of reserve" works has nothing to do with merkle trees really, it's because they're actually allowing someone to audit them. Something that works perfectly fine for any financial institution, regardless of how decentralized they are. The only "innovation" here is that they're not providing the auditors with your name and instead with an anonymized identifier, which Kraken is doing more because of their dumb politics than anything else. Unfortunately, since the auditor has no insight into whether that anonymous identifier actually belongs to *you* or not, and Binance is the one providing the record id (and they explicitly state that it will not be a stable identifier, i.e. it will change on each audit attempt, so they aren't constrained to maintaining continuity of whatever wallet they outlined here), all this does is tell you that *some* account on the exchange has your money, not that it's yours or even (in theory) that they aren't reusing the same record id for multiple people. For this to actually verify anything, you already to already trust Binance *and* the auditor, whereas with a normal audit you only have to trust the auditor. Now, just to be clear--I'm not actually accusing Kraken of fraud, I actually think they are probably one of the few relatively honest actors in this space (because they are insane libertarians lol). But I *am* saying that if you don't already trust them this "proof of reserves" doesn't do anything. Now, if *you* were the one generating the private key and signing each transaction in and out of your wallet, it actually could work, because they wouldn't be able to fake your wallet. But that would require active effort on your part to sign what you thought your account balance was before each transfer and probably running a local client application with your own key, eliminating one of the major reasons people use exchanges in the first place and reintroducing the usual "hacked / lost my key" issues (albeit less severe if they were only used for auditing rather than both auditing AND authorization of transfers).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 13:18:19

No it's real! He even defends what he said in the description of the video which makes it extra funny.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:58:23

TBH all he did was *say* he wanted to buy it. Anyone can *say* anything they want. I am looking at acquiring Microsoft!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:53:48

The CCP wants nothing to do with Binance lol (or crypto in general for that matter). Crypto exchanges can't even operate in China anymore, and Binance was forced to stop offering yuan denominated trading pairs.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:40:48

Honestly, I think it really shows how much of hedge fund and fintech bros' reputations for actually knowing what they're doing is completely undeserved. Maybe some of the quants are at least good at building models to predict price movements and stuff, but if they can't identify a simple ponzi scheme how good are the really? Like thinking "oh *I'm* different, I'm gonna get out before it collapses" is what absolutely everyone who invests in a Ponzi thinks, they're not special.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:34:22

Well yeah of course they all have the same pattern, they all invested all their money in Luna lol. Because the "smartest guys in the room" running these companies, guys who supposedly made killings as Wall Street sharks and were just playing customers for fools? Turns out they're basically the same as the drooling idiots in /r/cc who saw the 20% interest rates on Anchor "savings accounts" and were like "oh wow I need to get in on that!" Deeply unserious industry.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:32:31

Considering how dumb everything in this space is CZ probably got the idea from Succession and is going to fuck it up somehow.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:17:27

It would have been infinitely easier to do that if he didn't plaster his stupid face everywhere, do a bunch of obnoxiously ingratiating media interviews, make a bunch of very public political donations and other grandstanding stunt purchases, and just generally make himself known to a wider public that would otherwise have absolutely no interest in the palace intrigues of the crypto cognoscenti.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:12:41

I remember when Terra's Anchor protocol and the Luna/UST pairing first came up in here and my brain basically short circuited because I could not comprehend that (1) that was how it worked, (2) they were *proud* of that fact and openly boasting about it, and (3) people were putting their money in anyway. In fact the only thing I learned with hindsight is that (4) all of the actual-money in the entire crypto ecosystem *also* went into it for some unfathomable reason, which I would not have predicted because that seemed too stupid even for crytpo.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:06:23

Where are all the guys coming to tell us to have fun staying poor, I miss them :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 12:01:57

lmao the funniest part about all of this remains that all this was triggered by a bunch of the supposed "adults in the room" in the crypto space investing what little actual money they had into perhaps the most obvious big Ponzi in the history of crypto (the Anchor protocol from Terra). Not just "obvious" in hindsight, either. Obvious after literally half an hour of research from any disinterested observer and called by numerous people months ahead of time because it was so fucking obvious. What was even the grand plan of all these guys? Were they *all* planning to die under mysterious circumstances right before the whole thing imploded? If so why would SBF plaster his face everywhere and try to make himself into a public figure? Shit makes no sense.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 11:56:00

Oh damn we both thought of this at the same time :(

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 8, 2022 11:42:08

For the first time ever, I can say "just like the early internet!" and mean it sincerely!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 7, 2022 23:38:56

Honestly, it's kind of nice that they're finally trying to figure out a version of rewards that doesn't involve directly giving the stakers money? I mean I guess it doesn't really matter because the network is useless anyway and they're not actually removing the financial incentives, but if we ignore those two things it feels like your reward for helping validate the networking being more processing time / transaction priority is a more sustainable alternative than just giving people with a lot of money already, more money. (Yes this is an unironic "this is good actually" I don't care, every once in a while someone makes a good technical decision).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 7, 2022 12:11:45

Yeah he can already bully people physically on defense, he's a lot stronger than he looks.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 7, 2022 09:16:28

You're memeing right because it definitely is not.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/nba on November 7, 2022 09:11:23

Dijkstra's algorithm is not NP-hard (or NP-complete, for that matter).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 7, 2022 04:22:27

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Basically, FTX's balance sheet may be largely imaginary, but so are its liabilities. Good to see this confirmed.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 6, 2022 04:52:47

I don't think a fully meshed network can possibly work with Lightning's model. Most people can't afford to keep a lot of Bitcoin locked up so most people can't have more than 1-2 channels open. To absorb the risk and still maintain connectivity, you need big centralized actors with lots of floating cash.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 5, 2022 15:09:53

It was always incredibly funny to me that Lightning (to a much greater extend than, say, Bitcoin) requires on basically the whole network (or at least the big centralized parts) acting out of "enlightened self interest" to keep working. In their desired world with tons of people communicating via Lightning, which would inevitably follow a hub-spoke model, a single bad actor can screw over the whole system and clog up the actual blockchain for (potentially) days. In fact, it occurs to me that just executing the punishment transactions in a bad enough scenario might take so long that they actually time out, making it a more attractive attack to execute for a big centralized actor...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 5, 2022 14:28:35

Wait, so if I harassed him on Twitter I could have gotten a free trip to, uh, wherever he is? Actually wait wouldn't he have to tell people where he was first for that?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 5, 2022 00:56:07

I guess the big question here is the nature of the outstanding loans. It seems entirely possible that those are also loans of impossible to liquidate crypto, not actual USD. Otherwise, though, this seems really damning, assuming the information is actually true (it seems very plausible, but the internet is full of pathological liars so I'll reserve judgment).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 5, 2022 00:40:38

Eyes slowly glazing over as I read down the list while remembering the Bitcoin apologist who said the world could sustain "about 7 blockchains" or something like that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 5, 2022 00:18:03

Having read the manga very recently (like a week ago)... yes it definitely gets more interesting. With some caveats around substance, though. I think you need to be in a really specific mood to enjoy the manga (not sure how this will translate to the anime). It might help to think of it as a very high budget B movie--one with very competent direction, but still a B movie. That means there's going to be a *lot* of intentional shlock. That's not to say there aren't strong characters, amazing set pieces, or genuinely thought provoking moments in here! Just be prepared for the fact that there's also a lot of tropey, by the books stuff that feels pretty aimless. Honestly, at times it feels like stuff was just thrown in there because the author thought it was cool, and they made it up as they went along. My experience (which may NOT translate to the anime) was that the manga didn't exactly reward close reading, because it was very hard to tell which things were going to be important later and which were completely nonessential to the plot. Fortunately, like the best B movies, the blistering pace of the story means you're not going to linger on any one thing for very long, so if you don't care for a particular part it won't affect your enjoyment of the story that much. And it does tend to slow down for the "substantial" parts; I found the pacing to be extremely good overall (though see below for where I felt the story stumbled a little). The author has a very good sense of how to pace things, and tends to rush through the "boring" setup stuff, e.g. the introductory episodes you've seen so far. This was my relatively spoiler-free experience with it (note that the sections aren't exactly evenly spaced, the manga is a really fast read so it's hard for me to figure out how much time the various scenes will take in the manga): * Beginning pretty standard setup stuff. I didn't find the characters THAT unlikeable, but I think you have to really lean into the ridiculousness of the characters' situations to really enjoy this part, and I'm not sure the current adaptation is presenting these parts in their best light. Fortunately this part is almost over (from what I remember) anyway. I'd add that it seemed to me (when reading the manga) that the author was also rushing to get this part out of the way to get to the good part; I'm not sure this fully translated to the anime. * The "middle" is (IMO) the best part if you're looking purely for "substance." Without giving anything away, it gets really engaging with some great character work and a lot of intriguing worldbuilding. I'm guessing a fair amount of this will actually happen this season, though I haven't thought about it too carefully. You may still find characters fairly unlikeable, but you will see a lot of character development here and there are some very poignant scenes. * "Early end", unfortunately, gets way too complicated and grandiose as the plot swings into full gear, and (IMO) gets kind of bogged down in its own complexity. The nonstop action and reveals are pretty "hype" in the abstract, but I honestly had a lot of trouble following what was going on and found it hard to care about things as a result. However, the campy action also starts to ramp up at this point, so I think a lot of this could be a lot more fun animated than it was to read. * Fortunately, the author seems to be self-aware enough to realize what's going on and decides to end things early. The manga goes FULL CAMP for the "late end" which makes it incredibly fun, and knows exactly when to call things off before your senses become dulled to the constant, overwhelming action. I suspect the way it sticks the landing is why people are so enthusiastic about the manga and I think this part would be super hard for any adaptation to screw up, but we do have to get there first. So overall, the story is rather uneven. *Remarkably* so for how well regarded the story is. But it's definitely interesting. It should ramp up from here, and I would encourage you to stick with it. If you're having trouble staying interested from week to week, it might be worth waiting until the end of the season and then binging it, as I found the manga a very quick read and probably would've been more frustrated if I had to wait for each chapter to come out; that might translate to the anime as well.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/anime on November 3, 2022 01:33:48

Yeah presumably they are doing this to curry favor with someone. I could buy Boris Johnson still having some pull, at least. Not so sure about Cheney but whatever, it wouldn't be the first time crypto "elites" did something dumb.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 22:36:40

This dynamic also explains why there are relatively few self made crypto millionaires... the only people who could afford to blow that much on Bitcoin early and didn't sell as soon as they could make a comfortable profit already had a bunch of money burning a hole in their pocket. Between that and the exorbitant capital requirements for mining, it makes it really funny that anyone involved in Bitcoin thinks it's somehow good for the little guy. In practice it has exactly the same rich get richer dynamics as proof of stake.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 19:09:40

They were charged by the SEC for lying about how many dollars they had (they moved a loan into their account for just long enough for an attestation). It was a pretty straight up lie, there's not much ambiguity there. It's why Tether transactions are banned in New York.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 15:35:49

Well I think what they're actually saying, to be more charitable, is that you would have to be quite wealthy to be able to blow $60k on Bitcoin "responsibly." Keep in mind that these subs always pretend they're super fiscally responsible, not asking people to do stuff like take out a second mortgage to buy Bitcoin, aware of the risk, etc..

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 14:51:06

We have been pretty sure about which arc is getting the 20k frame treatment from the moment the first trailer dropped, and it's not this one.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/anime on November 2, 2022 12:48:54

I like that even in this hypothetical future where Bitcoin went to $1m they're still hodling.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 08:52:37

Ah, so now that the market is plummeting, we're suddenly hearing specific people's names, not "Andreessen Horowitz." Can't wait to hear that everyone else on the board totally thought it was a bad idea which is why they gave the crypto fund billions of dollars.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on November 2, 2022 07:50:18

I love the comments there that are like "hey don't say that, people are going to think Uniswap is somehow bad because of this when it's just decentralized and can't do any quality control!" Like hey maybe it's bad *because* it's decentralized? Ever think of that?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 31, 2022 12:46:04

I actually worked somewhere that used them. Their main business problem is (or was) not so much that the product was bad (I have no real opinion on that), more that fundamentally it's hard to be a database-agnosticl, on-premise BI company. They couldn't tightly control what you used it for or what technology it was used with (they had to support every database under the sun, forever). As a result, it was very expensive and hard to set up, it basically required several full time teams to maintain the analytic pipeline. So normal companies would never consider it, only B2B tech companies with a lot of DBAs on hand. These tech companies would purchase it "for themselves" and then basically package it up and resell it to their own customers, which further increased the complexity but was justified by their huge license costs. Microstrategy was basically missing out on most of the potential profits because they couldn't hit most of their customers directly. Nowadays, BI products are generally much better at capturing profits from their approach. That being said, I have no idea of modern BI companies are actually profitable either, and moving data around in the cloud is WAY more expensive than on prem. A lot of them are startups that are still living in fantasy VC money land, it might turn out that when the dust settles they're in just as bad of a financial state as Microstrategy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 26, 2022 14:19:14

There was a multiyear hiatus before. It's a hobby for him, he'll update it whenever he feels like it. Might be never, but it doesn't cost me that much to keep Discord notifications on in the OPM server.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/OPMFolk on October 24, 2022 20:35:00

It's not "everyone" lol. Most of us who hated where the manga was going didn't move to this subreddit to hate on it (I didn't even know it existed until a couple of days ago), we just completely stopped reading the manga. There used to be a lot more dissent on the main sub, but it's gone away over time as people like me just lost interest. The odds are good at this point that I will never pick it up again, and this is what I suspect has happened to a lot of regular readers. The only reason I'm still paying attention to anything OPM is in case a new webcomic chapter drops.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/OPMFolk on October 24, 2022 13:23:32

If there is one thing game theory is definitely not, it is communist. If anything the common criticism is that it is abused to create scenarios with unrealistically large rewards for acting like an asshole, i.e. it suggests that selfish and destructive self-interested behavior is rational.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 24, 2022 03:42:50

Microservices have a lot in common with Bitcoin actually in that they have a tendency to take perfectly good centralized systems and make them into complex distributed nightmares for questionable reasons. That said, at least they don't waste orders of magnitude more energy and people don't think they'll get rich off them (I don't think).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 23, 2022 16:28:19

No clue, but he seems to have pretty thoughtfully outlined all of Mob Psycho before he wrote a single chapter (or else he's the luckiest writer of all time) so I'm betting he's been working on it for a while now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/OPMFolk on October 22, 2022 21:46:45

I mean, okay, but there's not much evidence that most major league pitchers have significant control over their own BABIP beyond FB% and GB% (with a very small handful of exceptions, Mariano Rivera being probably the most famous example). The vast majority of elite pitchers give up the same quality of contact on balls in play as not elite ones. Gwynn was also a very unique player in that he had a consistently very high BABIP despite not striking out much (it wasn't just that he put the ball in play a ton), so he may not have relied to the same extent on getting good quality of contact anyway. I *have* heard the argument used (on the pitching side) that when BABIP is unexpectedly low it's because a pitch is predictable but nasty, so pitches that "should" have been strikeouts become poorly hit regular outs, and if Gwynn was able to predict elite pitchers really well then maybe he was able to achieve this same effect on the hitting side; but I don't think I've seen any evidence for either effect.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 21, 2022 17:20:18

I actually thought the same as you and tried to look for all the really great pitchers he was up against to see how he did. Answer was, he pretty much didn't strike out against them either.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 21, 2022 15:36:58

Again, he had almost 70 oWAR. You've been dancing around this issue but you explicitly said it now--you think he was not good at manufacturing runs, not just "not as good as he could have been." But he was. He was good enough at it to get into the Hall of Fame completely on the merits of his offensive talent, without looking at how he did it. Many players who followed what you say are more optimal strategies are significantly behind him in oWAR, including many contemporaries. So why are you so convinced that he would have been better if he sold out for power instead? He *might* have become Ted Williams, sure--or he might have traded a majority of those singles for deep flyouts and been out of the league by age 30. You really have no idea.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 21, 2022 15:20:26

Okay so your argument is that ISO is "directly related to winning", but pitcher K% isn't? That seems pretty arbitrary--Ks contribute virtually guaranteed outs, which prevent runs just as much as an extra base increases the odds of one. I don't see the difference here, in both cases it's people complaining because they believe a unique player would have been more successful if they used a different strategy, despite both players having been tremendously successful and there being no real evidence the player actually would have been better with that different strategy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 21, 2022 03:58:26

You realize Gwynn has close to 70 oWAR right? Nobody is saying he was Barry Bonds, but you're going to the other extreme and acting like he was completely ineffective offensively rather than one of the best run producers in history. Every single player ahead of him in oWAR (besides Lou Whitaker for some reason) is either in the HoF already, is not yet eligible for the HoF, or was on steroids. If Matt Olson still has a career 131 OPS+ when he's 40, he will probably be a Hall of Famer.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 20, 2022 16:33:05

Most of this is just normal open source burnout stuff but this line... > Van der Laan has not named any direct successors, instead hoping that his departure will help Bitcoin become more decentralized. lol yeah good luck with that.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 20, 2022 01:46:36

You are aware that between the launch angle revolution and juiced balls that homers in the last few years are insanely up and compensating for a huge decrease in OBP, right? Do you expect Gwynn, a guy who was elite at not striking out, to have been trying to sell out for power and not care about strikeouts in the '90s, when basically no one was doing that and modern analytics functionally did not exist? It's more than reasonable to compare him to his contemporaries, I'm just pointing out that a large percentage of his contemporaries were on steroids at the time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 20, 2022 01:35:11

He was extremely elite at not striking out, even against pitchers who were quite similar to modern pitchers in terms of their arsenal, velocity, and movement. You're also comparing his ISO to league average when his career infamously overlapped a period where a huge percentage of the league was using steroids, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 20, 2022 01:05:57

It was half a season's worth of ABs, the stats are in this thread. He had a 169 wRC+ lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 20, 2022 01:01:31

Yeah when people started bringing up Tony Gwynn stats at one point I was like "oh yeah? I bet when we look at how he did against the REAL modern pitchers like what people see now he struck out a lot more"... nope.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 20, 2022 00:58:49

I love that they just went with "Joe." Either couldn't even get the guy to put his last name on the record, or they just made him (or at least his role) up.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 18, 2022 04:03:11

I don't need to show anything, because I'm not the one making claims about the Braves over or underperforming on WS wins based on expected value. All I am asking is that people try to actually look up some stats rather than just saying "it was probably .50-.50" (while getting increasingly angry about that request) and therefore they didn't really underperform. Even at 50-50 odds, the chances of them losing at least 4/5 World Series is under 20%; at 60-40, it would have been under 10% (and remember, 60-40 is much more likely in a best of 7 than a best of 5, since true talent differences have more time to manifest). Considering this sub makes fun of teams all the times for losing with over 90% win probability, I'm not sure why the Braves should be exempt from that based on literally the most surface statistical analysis possible and zero attempt to figure out the actual relative strengths of the teams they faced.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 16, 2022 21:12:47

So far you have done nothing to demonstrate that the series were relatively even, just assert it. Obviously, it's not easy to do these kinds of simulations for '90s teams, but if you're not willing to put in that work I don't see why I should just accept the assumption that the series were "probably about 50-50." For example, maybe league talent was extremely lopsided in favor of the AL at the time (we've seen this phenomenon in the NBA, so it's not exactly unheard of).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 16, 2022 20:15:01

There were multiple series this go around that had over 60% win probabilities for one of the two teams, and this was only a best-of-five. If you're going to use expected value to claim a slight underperformance you should be pretty sure the weights you're using are accurate.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 16, 2022 19:32:28

Why would you assume 50/50 series performance

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 16, 2022 03:58:19

Wow! And nothing happened in any of the intervening years either!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 15, 2022 19:18:25

It's because if they didn't overpay people nobody would work at Facebook. Toxic company even by tech standards.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 15, 2022 19:03:10

Haha yeah it's been amazing to watch every lethal pitch that used to be considered a gift of birth be captured, analyzed, and distributed to every random player in the Dodgers farm system.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 13, 2022 03:27:23

Historically mostly on tumblr but a lot of people migrated to Twitter which is why Mob is constantly trending there.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/anime on October 12, 2022 23:34:02

It's actually because Mob's fanbase is majority women lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/anime on October 12, 2022 22:52:06

What does "the Metaverse" have to do with cryptocurrency?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 12, 2022 12:38:17

Almost every smart contract of significant size has exploitable bugs (this is also true of most programs) but the incentive usually isn't there for serious programmers to devote a lot of time to them. Bridges are an exception where (to some people) it's worth basically any amount of time to hack them as long.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 12, 2022 03:07:59

I feel like by now people should realize that Google's product decisions outside of ads are pretty haphazard and aimless. They make so much money with ads that they have nothing better to do with it than throw shit against the wall and see what sticks. If anything, between that and the fact that they have a bunch of rationalists and other techno utopian dipshits working for them, it's surprising they didn't try anything with crypto before this.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 12, 2022 03:00:45

Bitcoin has basically never moved on real world "adoption as a currency" related news, negatively or positively. It only reacts to macro market movements, price manipulation, and outright bans (or being made legal in markets where it was previously illegal, theoretically, if that were ever to happen).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 12, 2022 02:53:24

lol I love how tow of them were lying about their holdings.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 11, 2022 11:14:37

When I was like... 11, I made a website protected by a password enforced on the client side. My friend (also 11) kindly explained to me that you could just disable JavaScript and also that he had my password now. Learned my lesson and have never trusted client side validation again! So yes, from experience, this is literally a child's level of understanding of security.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/gme_meltdown on October 9, 2022 23:41:07

Feels good to know the free hobby game I work on has a way more active and dedicated fanbase than something people pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 8, 2022 09:25:10

IIRC, canonically the short kid singlehandedly raises their average enough to allow the club to remain in place (due to their failing grades, it was on the chopping block).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/anime on October 5, 2022 17:09:12

I follow Brewers games a lot and it was funny how many games they lost in the eighth (where Williams used to pitch).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on October 5, 2022 12:45:42

Yeah the numbers are most likely just lies, they usually are when it comes to Bitcoiners "estimating" BTC's energy consumption.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 3, 2022 04:52:09

The numbers are almost certainly also wrong lol which makes the whole comparison pointless.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on October 3, 2022 04:51:20

Most of the < 2 fWAR difference is the DH adjustment, which (IMO) is pretty likely to get altered upwards this year. I believe it is still tuned for DHs only being half the league (which should make the replacement level higher). Even if you believe fWAR for pitchers is a really good way to evaluate them, it seems a little odd to try to act like it's not even close.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 30, 2022 21:33:33

He's not "way behind," certainly not by bWAR (what this post is about).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 30, 2022 20:52:31

It *is* funny but it's also really a bad look for the Nats, somehow nobody comes out a winner here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 28, 2022 16:15:34

Of course it's suspicious, it may have been cherrypicked but it seems like he has the second or third highest SLG of any player his age ever (Bonds is number one). I mean he *is* Pujols, but yeah... it's suspicious. But you know what? I don't care either way, let him eat his wheaties in his last season to hit 700, he clearly wasn't doing it before lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 24, 2022 11:45:47

Veloren does have weekly meetings.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/rust on September 22, 2022 01:16:36

The humidor getting applied in all stadiums has messed with park factors a bunch (or evened things out, depending on who you ask).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 22, 2022 01:00:33

Not really! Virtually all our decent prospects are the ones we got from losing Soto and Scherzer.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 21, 2022 02:14:22

TBH, it was mostly Bitcoiners saying mining is good / not a problem / whatever. Ethereum bros instead kept saying "just wait until the switch to proof of stake!" which was always 6 months away (until it wasn't--so congratulations to them on that).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 21, 2022 01:05:18

You completely forgot Soto, lol. Nats are good at drafting, that's why they hit on so many picks (a few busts are to be expected but they've done remarkably well at not wasting top picks on busts and using the international draft well). They just absolutely blow at pitching development.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 23:30:13

Depends on what you value in pitching. Usually people value some combination of peak / longevity when deciding who was "better," but where the break even point is that makes longevity outweigh peak varies by person.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 13:32:40

They're consistently in the top half of the league in park factor and are often top three, go check the rankings for the last ten years:

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 13:14:49

Not this year (since they started using the humidor everywhere), but before that it was almost always in the top half of the league. In 2013, when he won the Cy Young, it was actually top three.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 13:11:36

Mostly because he didn't really get amazing at pitching until very shortly before he left the Tigers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 13:00:04

I don't know. I honestly can't think of a single prospect the Nats developed who wasn't already elite. I think they've just relied on great scouting with zero clue what to do afterwards. It's super frustrating to see team after team that apparently can add a few mph to every pitcher's fastball, while every pitcher's velocity only declines with us.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 12:57:32

The low HR/9 is a direct product of leaving what was historically one of the most hitter friendly ballparks in the league. Pitching at Nats Park hurt his career ERA by quite a bit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 12:48:28

Yeah... it kinda is. Look, nobody disputes Kershaw's dominance in his prime *when he was on the field.* But Verlander was very dominant too, and Kershaw missed way more time than Scherzer during the 2010s. WAR reflects that, whether people here like it or not.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 12:45:53

Under 3 WAR over 10 years is not "blowing them out of the water" by any stretch of the imagination, but okay.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 12:37:40

> Eh, plenty of pitchers worked in mid 90's even in 1990's. Relievers, sure. But starters? I don't think there were a lot averaging 95+, and a lot of the ones that did *did* famously flame out or get injured young.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 20, 2022 00:59:44

That popped up 6 months ago? What? What are you talking about? Like I know this is a hater sub but the massive waste of energy was very much a big part of the reason to hate!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 19, 2022 23:09:07

A lot of pitchers of that era had well over 110 or 120 pitches in many outings, though. It's just not as hard on your arm when you're throwing upper 80s to low 90s.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 19, 2022 23:03:11

Except that they don't because they have no history lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/agedlikemilk on September 18, 2022 04:00:30

Yeah when the article was like "but that would take thousands of GPUs and months of time!"... oh, like what literally every mining warehouse has, you mean? They did find a more efficient method but it wouldn't surprise me if they were just brute forced, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 17, 2022 03:22:12

No, not really. Nothing's replacing Ethereum in that regard, this is simply a win for the environment. Unfortunately Bitcoin has always had way more hashpower and unlike Ethereum it is basically run by the miners, they will never even consider switching.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 17, 2022 03:16:14

Do you all remember when people kept coming into this sub saying that mining was *not* responsible for the dramatic increase in GPU prices and shortfall in availability? People were doing it a ton less than a year ago lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 17, 2022 03:14:54

Hey now, Ethereum turned off the pollution factory! That's something to celebrate at least.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 17, 2022 01:54:29

Non-mining validators do not provide any real security because (in Bitcoin's security model) they lack trustworthy identity and can be used for Sybil attacks. You could have 10 validators or 10 million and it wouldn't do anything in the face of a 51% attack because only hashpower matters at the end of the day.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 17, 2022 01:49:03

"Gotta spend money to make money baby!" -- me to my accountant while doing a line of cocaine shortly before blowing the entire rest of my trust fund on the WeWork guy.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 16, 2022 21:18:34

This applies to more than just crypto but people should *really* hold off on these "we were laughed at but we sure showed them!" softball interviews until a product has existed for like... well, let's say five years at a minimum?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 16, 2022 20:56:04

lol I just realized why crypto is such a horror story... any of us who have had to maintain a database full of stored procedures, imagine if you're *never allowed to update any of them*. Just, whatever bugs they come with when they're written, they're there forever. Also all the source code is public and there are no DBAs reviewing anything.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 16, 2022 20:47:19

I understand Bitcoin, the question is why you think that non-mining validators serve any purpose at all in the protocol other than to make people feel good about being decentralized.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 16, 2022 20:34:27

Validators that aren't mining are functionally useless from the protocol's perspective.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 16, 2022 19:28:19

It's not gonna gain any traction lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 16:01:51

Huge upgrade honestly. Props to them.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 15:59:57

Yeah honestly, the visceral hate I have for crypto mostly stems from its environmental impact. Without that it's "just" predatory gambling and dumb tech marketing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 15:59:17

Well at this point I think the odds of Bitcoin switching to proof of stake are basically nil unless its price falls so much that its power usage is negligible anyway. So my assumption is that this is basically it, the last good day for crypto

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 15:56:57

Nah Ethereum was the big one. It's not profitable to mine most other coins at that kind of scale. Genuinely, a good day for crypto.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 03:21:51

*Actual* good news for crypto? On *my* Buttcoin? Fortunately this will be the last time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 15, 2022 02:38:39

I don't think Ohtani should "just win it every year." I think Judge is having the kind of season that *could* beat him, i.e. a 10+ WAR season. I also think it would still be perfectly reasonable to vote for Ohtani this season.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 14, 2022 02:08:03

Yeah he basically averages a no doubter MVP season, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 21:31:35

They're not "decent" on both sides, they're insanely good. I really don't understand this line of reasoning, it's like you're not actually looking at Ohtani's actual numbers but instead imagining some mediocre season and then getting mad at it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 21:07:29

Ohtani will deserve it any year he has a good year unless someone else can put up an insane year on one side of the plate. Judge is doing that this year. That doesn't mean Ohtani somehow isn't in contention for it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 21:06:19

There's actually (or was historically) a "DH penalty" and even more severe "PH penalty" where people who didn't get consistent playing time would actually hit worse.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 11:20:16

"His numbers aren't that impressive if you separate him into 2 players" okay but he's one player, and his numbers on both sides of the plate are All Star worthy... it's not because "he pitches and hits," it's because he's elite at both.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 11:18:47

Ohtani is going to end the season with over 9 WAR lol. You might want to check out the list of past MVPs, you'd see that fits comfortably in that group. He and Judge are very close right now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 03:06:26

I had to look up Allen and man... what a forgotten player.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 02:45:23

It does, I'm mostly saying that went people think of Kershaw's dominant years from an ERA (not ERA+) perspective, they're thinking of the 1.x seasons that were not realistic possibilities for Scherzer.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 02:12:03

First off, almost all starters can ramp up velocity if they make fewer appearances; secondly, as long as you have *anyone* to be your sixth pitcher, the other pitchers can go on normal 4 days rest if they choose (with occasional off days like they would get anyway over the course of a long season); thirdly, Ohtani has said that he's not opposed to pitching in a 5 man rotation.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 02:05:19

Again, that is not actually a requirement and he's indicated that he wants to transition to four days rest. He has also played right field for the Angels in the past (pre-DH) to avoid having his bat taken out of the game (I think it's pretty hilarious that you're arguing this is some sort of lack of roster flexibility considering that pitchers don't normally play the field, but whatever). I really don't understand where you're coming from here, you seem to have made a lot of these restrictions up in your head.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 13, 2022 02:03:38

You don't *need* to carry six pitchers if you have Ohtani. You are all badly confused about what's going on and what "flexibility" means.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 22:54:10

Being able to give each starter more rest *or* choose to do something else with the roster is the definition of flexibility. They have more options than other teams, they aren't "forced" to use Ohtani this way.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 22:53:02

It's not gonna be unanimous (and it shouldn't be).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 14:57:19

He doesn't, being able to use six pitchers is an increase in flexibility lol. For what it's worth I think he requested to be back on a five man rotation going forward though.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 14:55:55

Yeah he's definitely been better, it's just closer than most people think and I think a lot of that is due to their pitching environments.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 14:48:38

Kershaw isn't actually that far ahead of him in bWAR, for what it's worth. Scherzer played in some very tough ballparks for pitchers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 14:28:04

You're clearly using a nontraditional definition of "floor" in this context, so I won't fight you on that. I will just say that under your definition pretty much every player has a garbage floor so it's completely reductive and not worth pointing out.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 14:23:25

Do you think a cherry-picked 21 game sample is especially predictive? Did the sabermetrics movement pass you by? Or hell--do you actually watch baseball?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 13:07:02

Okay then ever player's floor is a 0 OPS because there are days when they don't get on base. Seems pretty reductive to me.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 12, 2022 05:24:55

I don't really care what people do with their old cooking oil, I just don't see what that has to do with the unquestionably correct statement that Bitcoin is bad for the environment because it's a waste of fossil fuels.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 10, 2022 16:53:58

Do you actually think an appreciable amount of mining can be done with used cooking oil? lmao.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 10, 2022 16:31:15

It's more of an explanation game. Some blocks are breakable, but it's not the focus of the game.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on September 8, 2022 19:28:08

The performance can be quite good if you use a native M1 build. Unfortunately Airshipper only ships with x86 for Mac for now, but you can find the native M1 builds on Gitlab.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on September 8, 2022 11:49:16

"Hey guys settle down, he didn't actually learn it in one day, it took him a couple weeks"

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 4, 2022 17:44:19

We don't send any data at all when you're on singleplayer.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on September 3, 2022 16:21:32

I never said they did. The specific allegation from the OP was that the site's maintainers are actively *encouraging* negative comments about crypto, which they obviously are not.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 1, 2022 14:54:17

They used to be quite prominent. They get downvoted into oblivion now because the broader tech sphere--even the obnoxious part of it that hangs out on Hacker News--is completely sick of crypto. It's invaded every aspect of the industry, and rarely for the better (a bunch of free tiers have been discontinued in no small part due to abuse by mining software and other crypto shit).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 1, 2022 13:13:36

Hacker News is quite literally run by venture capitalists. You know, the exact same guys pouring bottomless amounts of money into crypto. How is this conspiracy theory even self-consistent?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on September 1, 2022 04:56:45

Eh. People say this, but look at the amount of WAR recent consensus HOF candidates have accumulated, often long after what people assumed were their primes. It's true that pitchers don't pitch as many innings, but it also seems like pitchers are aging *much* better than they used to when they don't get injured.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on September 1, 2022 00:17:04

Strange indeed. What settings are you using?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on August 31, 2022 17:52:34

It runs extremely well on M1. You need to get the ARM build, which isn't shipped with Airshipper by default yet: If you're still having FPS issues, there may be something else going on.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on August 31, 2022 17:30:14

Pitch shaping organizations like Driveline consider a splitter a variant of a changeup and teach it as one. See

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 30, 2022 12:15:12

It is a screwball by pretty much every movement, spin, location, and outcome based definition of a screwball.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 30, 2022 12:13:05

A "normal" splitter is really a variant of a changeup, but you know... pitch types are weird. Devin Williams calls what he throws a changeup, but is it one?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 30, 2022 01:37:32

Not really. It's supposed to be a variant of a changeup.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 30, 2022 01:34:44

If nothing else, if Ohtani gets 9+ WAR a year for the next few years, it'll at least mean whoever's MVP will definitely deserve it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 30, 2022 00:18:48

Because if they're close in WAR it'll probably go to Judge, if only because of voter fatigue. I wouldn't even say it would be the wrong decision.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 29, 2022 14:21:08

Miller makes good movies and people like giving him chances.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on August 28, 2022 12:02:26

"Fury Road lost WB money" is one of those r/boxoffice smug things people say that has no relationship with reality, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/boxoffice on August 28, 2022 04:11:32

It's hard enough to balance the economy of one game, imagine having to deal with the reprecussions of stupid decisions in some other game by unrelated people...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 28, 2022 00:51:25

Calling subs like Buttcoin "anti-freedom of speech" is a nice summation of the Bitcoin worldview, central to which is the inane idea that money = speech, therefore censoring transactions = censoring speech.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 26, 2022 20:25:12

What happens (from experience) is that crypto bros log into your Discord (if you're an indie dev), pretend to care about your game for a little bit, and then immediately jump to shilling crypto. Usually they try to sell it to the game devs by arguing that they're throwing away a bunch of monetization opportunities, that there's no harm to other players, etc. These tactics basically never work because everyone in gaming fucking hates NFTs but the keep trying, bless their hearts. I honestly have no idea how these tactics worked on companies like EA and Ubisoft, but I'm guessing it's because they appealed directly to the CEOs of the companies instead of the developers.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 26, 2022 20:16:00

That's actually *incredible.* Oh my god. Being actively hostile to users like that because "they have to learn" explains so much of the crypto world.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 25, 2022 12:39:31

Yeah the main problem is that Reddit basically killed independent forums.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 24, 2022 12:03:46

And that's just on the hitting side!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 24, 2022 02:03:14

Normally I hate it when people bring up Bayes theorem but yeah... this is a good example of why you *have* to think in terms of conditional probabilities. Obviously, the odds that someone who tested positive for steroids was juicing when they passed the tests earlier are not the same as the odds someone currently passing the tests is juicing...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 24, 2022 02:02:25

Yeah I'm not sure how you can see this quote as anything but self-aggrandizement by Pujols lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 23, 2022 11:48:11

Considering the rest of their lineup that's actually pretty amazing.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 21, 2022 13:54:50

Probably now, I would guess. Or if not, just one more game. It'd be one thing if he were getting unlucky, but all his expected stats have jumped up a ton too...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 20, 2022 16:23:12

In the 6.2 innings since Hader was traded Williams has struck out 9 and walked none with 1 ER and a .443 OPS against, doesn't seem like he minds all that much.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 20, 2022 02:47:07

I said this in another comment, but the scary prospect (that I think most be what the Brewers were concerned about) would be that he *can't* pitch out of that slot any more with any degree of control, at least not while maintaining his velocity. The whole reason it's so deceptive is that it's a very unusual slot, which presumably means it's really hard to pitch out of. So what happens when he loses the feel (or worse, flexibility) for it?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 20, 2022 02:21:38

They definitely thought that they could fix it, someone who was tracking this for a while noticed that Hader's release point *was* actually lower after his first game with the Padres. Apparently though, it was rising for a reason... seems like he has zero control out of the lower slot now.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 20, 2022 01:51:17

I think it's because the perception is that high OBP requires more *talent* (be it actually getting hits or great pitch recognition), and high SLG is "just" power. Therefore, people are much more enticed by high OBP players. I also think it's worth noting that I would be very unsurprised if having a high SLG makes you likely to also have a high OBP (since pitchers will pitch you more carefully), while I doubt the inverse is true.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:48:39

Because WHIP is for pitchers, not for hitters? It seems like good pitching in this chart is a lot more predictive of win% than hitting in general.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:46:04

I'm actually kind of surprised that slider% has zero correlation.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:42:21

Yeah honestly, I cannot think of a single great pitcher who would want to spend a lot of their career at Coors, except maybe on a megacontract. The great ones are all gunning for the HoF and they saw how hard of a time *hitters* at Coors have at getting in... how many people are going to be willing / able to adjust to the fact that even stuff like statcast will report pitchers at Coors as having way worse stuff than they actually do?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:41:24

We already knew it before, there were guys like Mariano Rivera who maintained a significantly below average BABIP, HR/FB, etc. for 20 years. We just couldn't predict it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:38:44

All three systems also do systematically underestimate / overestimate certain pitchers (although not a whole bunch). You can never get away from RA/9 completely.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:38:03

You are correct that the *way* he's been bad has been different with the Brewers from the Padres, but I don't think this is a coincidence... * With the Brewers, his release slot kept rising, presumably because he was no longer able to command his pitches at his usual one. As a result he started losing his deception and people were able to start teeing off on him. * The Padres were aware of this and *forcibly* tried to move his arm slot back to where it was before... great, he has his deception back, except now he can't locate at all. The Padres had better hope that they know how to fix him, because my guess is that the Brewers didn't.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:09:39

Yeah you caught us, we actually *wanted* to get rid of Ted Williams 2 because he occasionally strikes out.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 15:04:38

When you take out steroid users, Randy Johnson was the single best old man pitcher since integration and it's not particularly close... and while again I'm not saying he used steroids, it's worth noting that his great older years *did* come smack dab in the middle of the steroid era.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 14:40:47

Apparently, based on in-game data, the Padres *are* trying to address it--they're aware of the problem and are trying to force his arm slot down back towards where it was. This is also probably why he got such a long time off from pitching, they wanted to work with him to improve the slot. The problem seems to be that he no longer has a feel for it and therefore can't locate from that slot anymore, which is probably what the Brewers were worried about (I guarantee you they tried to fix this). As a result, it seems like he's struggling to keep the release point consistent and the word is out that all you have to do against Hader right now is take your free walk.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 19, 2022 12:10:26

Like I said, maybe! There are lots of good explanations people have for it. I am not saying he is on steroids, just that I would not be terribly surprised if it turns out he is on steroids.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 18, 2022 16:13:44

I honestly wouldn't be surprised, I love DeGrom but his aging trajectory has not exactly been typical. To those who say it's all mechanical: *maybe*, but a lot of people came up with convincing non-steroids explanations for weird aging curves for during the steroid era, too.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 18, 2022 15:28:29

FIP (and consequently SO/9) is not a great metric with which to evaluate Rivera. He demonstrated extremely replicable elite contact suppression ability with his cutter along basically all axes for his entire career.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 18, 2022 00:59:40

People say stuff like this a lot but I *genuinely* remember when after the first leg of his career people were talking about him being potentially better than Mariano Rivera all time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 18, 2022 00:50:06

IIRC it is actually because people were sexually harassing the avatars when they had legs. Yep...

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 17, 2022 21:35:21

It's incorrect to say it's never prescribed for skin defects, but it is definitely not prescribed for ringworm.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 15, 2022 16:24:30

I think it's more just "he has a 102 mph fastball and a 93 mph slider as a starter" lol. Like what are you supposed to do.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 15, 2022 00:05:12

I'm pretty sure trying to move around the tainted funds without reporting them first would get them into legal trouble even with fiat, this doesn't seem like much of a disadvantage here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 14, 2022 00:47:55

There is a straightforward solution on the exchange side: flag wallets as sanctioned only when they spend more BTC than the tainted amount they received. Whether people care to implement this solution is, of course, up to them.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 13, 2022 13:59:18

It's unambiguously good if you care about the environment. Probably the best "good" crypto development there will ever be, since Bitcoin isn't ever going to switch from proof of work.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 12, 2022 23:26:25

Yeah, you are correct, but this goes back to what I have always said about the supposed "good" use cases for crypto--you can't create something fundamentally opposed to how the world works through tech alone and expect to get your way.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 17:14:01

It's not my fault that you don't know how to use Reddit.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 14:52:13

I went into quite a bit of detail about it, actually! That's all right though, I get the sense you're not seriously interested in finding out how easy it is to get around this kind of dumb publicity stunt.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 14:14:05

Maybe you should read the rest of my replies to find out!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 13:04:43

TBH, there's a fairly straightforward automatic rule you can apply, which is to just subtract the amount of tainted eth transferred in from the total amount the wallet is allowed to spend, and flag any wallet that tries to spend more.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 03:08:28

I'm pointing out that sending tainted eth to random wallets won't really accomplish much. It's only "funny" because the wallets are doxxed.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 02:43:27

Okay, once more, from the top... Obviously, their current wallets will be whitelisted. Going forward, they can use different, anonymous wallets that don't directly interact with their current wallets (if they actually want to continue using BTC). For inter-wallet transfers, money can flow through Coinbase wallets and not actually transfer on-chain. This is pretty similar to stuff that flows through Tornado Cash (except not illegal)--possibly traceable by chain analysis, but not particularly easily. We know this because in fact, many scammers' money is *not* easy to trace for people who aren't privy to the exchanges' KYC information.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 02:41:47

And I'm saying, even if it *does* become a popular thing to do, it's not a big deal, because the only addresses they can usefully spam are addressed already known to belong to Bitcoin celebrities, and they can just start using different wallets. The *exchanges* will know who the wallets belong to, but the people doing stupid shit won't.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 02:34:14

I uh, understand perfectly well how Tornado Cash works. I'm not talking about people using the service trying to hide from chain analysis. I'm talking about dumb people sending money to "doxxed" wallets to try to prevent them from being used for legitimate purposes. This is most certainly resolved by just telling Coinbase "hey, use this other wallet for me, please, don't cash anything out of that wallet anymore."

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 02:27:50

It's how it works for people who don't want random idiots to send money to their wallet, but are okay with exchanges knowing who they are. Which is most people who aren't money laundering, i.e. the people we're talking about here.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 02:26:36

People can just switch to un-"doxxed" wallets, it's not even going to present much of a technical challenge. There's a reason why most of the transactions went to a handful of people.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 10, 2022 01:54:23

I have no idea why they think this will do anything, it's like they have no understanding of the legal system whatsoever.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 9, 2022 22:53:54

Some idiots will lose money because they think the legal system is as unyielding and unable to parse context as smart contracts are.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 9, 2022 22:52:45

It was a high fastball of the sort that is used as a strikeout pitch throughout the league. And if you think every single pitch in his career is gonna be at the corners you're going to have a bad time.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Brewers on August 4, 2022 11:42:01

I don't think Soto has anything to worry about lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 4, 2022 00:42:27

It wasn't even a bad pitch lol, you all are funny.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Brewers on August 3, 2022 23:10:57

Yeah Nats have literally never been good at developing pitching, unfortunately. I like Rizzo but it's true.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 3, 2022 16:21:14

If you're use after freeing in the start menu, the odds are rather high that you can also do so in game :)

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 3, 2022 12:11:18

Ehhhhhh. There are a ton of security vulnerabilities in commonly ued tools and libraries. Unity games often perform use after free in the starting menu. There's just not much incentive to exploit them because the fallout is limited.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 3, 2022 04:31:30

In the other thread Treeco already established that we have some issue with that user's particular GPU model that makes it weirdly slow.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on August 3, 2022 00:03:32

Login is managed by the auth server, which is a completely separate service that we have not touched for many releases now (including this one). Additionally, we don't manually update it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on August 2, 2022 23:47:56

The truth is that most code is this insecure. Crypto just makes it so incredibly easy to turn insecurity into financial gain that it would almost be stupid for hackers to focus on anything else (besides stuff like ransomware).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on August 2, 2022 23:20:09

Yeah I'm not sure I can watch / support the team after this, honestly.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on August 2, 2022 23:09:10

I'm pretty sure PitcherList is going by general relief pitcher metrics, specifically pERA which is proprietary to them, by which Williams was already super elite. He just didn't slot into the closer role before due to Hader.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/fantasybaseball on August 2, 2022 21:09:49

You're very obviously right but this is apparently the wrong thread to be correct in, lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 31, 2022 19:01:55

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/redsox on July 30, 2022 19:36:55

I love how that disclaimer is prominently placed directly over the meme and right next to the logo so your eye is drawn to it. I really hope some tired copywriter did this deliberately because they were sick of dealing with this client.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 29, 2022 19:35:40

FWIW, Joel is totally wrong there. They tried incredibly hard to make Netscape 5 work. It wasn't going to happen and would never have caught up with IE. This article has always annoyed me because there are plenty of examples out there of bad and unjustified rewrites, but this isn't one of them.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 28, 2022 12:54:42
/r/Buttcoin/comments/w9tegu/banned_from_minecraft_crypto_group_says_itll_just/ii0bxje/ We had to add this disclaimer: > Simply put, no. We do not want to add any form of crypto nor be tied to it. If you see cryptos or NFTs linked to Veloren, please be advised that it’s not an official part of the game and that we are not responsible for what you do with it. I think Minetest had to add something similar.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 28, 2022 12:31:38

NFT projects periodically promise to make an "NFT" version of the open source game I work on (which is also voxel based). They almost always violate our license, so at first we were really concerned / annoyed about this, but we quickly realize that NFT projects basically never follow through on anything substantial so we had nothing to worry about.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 28, 2022 02:21:11

Yeah when he's throwing strikes, he's basically unhittable... I think most batters' strategy against him is just to hope he can't locate that day.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 27, 2022 03:30:49

Those two are pretty much bought by crypto lobbyists, lol. The question is whether the rest of the senate cares enough about crypto to do anything about it... (my guess: probably not).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 16:36:38

In real life most end-to-end services are down for maintenance long enough that they can't hit 99.999%, even if all the components can (stuff like Visa that uses redundant everything is an exception, but even then I'm sure you've run into point of sale terminals that couldn't access it even if the whole network wasn't down). That doesn't stop companies from pretending to offer it though.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 12:03:44

How did they actually calculate this... like shouldn't the number be much closer to 100%? What does this mean? Where does this come from?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 12:03:13

Yeah lol the whole thing is so obviously illegal that I'm sure the harebrained idea they sold to a16z (besides the usual pump and dump on retail) was that paying in crypto rather than USD magically made it legal... i.e. the "use case" here was again supposed to be exploiting lack of regulation, only it turned out the product was too useless for them to actually profit even as a criminal enterprise.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 07:40:56

Probably no real reason TBH, Lightning hasn't changed much for a long time now. He probably just got bored with it.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 04:06:25

Didn't you get scammed by Mt. Gox?

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 26, 2022 04:00:23

FWIW, while I have never tested with a Mac as old as yours, with the normal drivers it should still work (I use an M1 now, but previously used an Intel Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, and AFAIK both still work). Most likely it is some driver issue with the old Mac nVidia drivers you are using. Unfortunately this is likely to be too obscure of a hardware setup to receive updates or be able to debug it further :( It's worth noting that we target Metal directly on Mac so experiences with other Steam games may not be that instructive; in particular, Diablo 3 targets OpenGL on Mac, which we no longer use (and so almost certainly do virtually all older Steam games that actually used to work on Macs; we are one of the very few cross-platform, non-mobile games targeting Metal).

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Veloren on July 25, 2022 23:32:10

It just makes super aggressive / extreme tradeoffs for pause latency--much more aggressive than any other production GC--for basically no reason, making Go much less suitable in GC-intensive workloads than other languages in that space like Java or C# (see for example its performance on binary-trees on the benchmark game, which stresses the allocator). It's not "better" by most conventional metrics, and probably doesn't even improve end to end latency in most cases (since low-latency concurrent GCs waste a lot more CPU cycles than ones that allow slightly longer pauses--see e.g. this talk on recent low-pause collectors in Java, which are still much less extreme than Go: But what it *does* do is address criticisms from C programmers about GCs having unpredictable pause latency. In that sense it's similar to LN, the design is more designed to address that particular criticism than to actually build a world-class garbage collector.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 22, 2022 23:15:51

I think it could actually work but only with an already super efficient L1... like I think the design is fine for a worldwide financial network if Bitcoin itself supported like, 1 million tps lol.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 22, 2022 23:12:22

Doing any math about the lightning network is always hilarious. It's very much in the vein of Go's GC, something designed more to address very specific criticisms (GC has high pause times! Bitcoin has low theoretical max tps!) rather than to actually solve the real-world problem it claims to.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 22, 2022 22:51:32

Yeah the big problem is that you still have to notice and report it to a watchtower, *or* the watchtower has to already know how to find and follow your wallet. Lightning transactions are not broadcast on-chain by default so there's not necessarily any way for the watchtower to even know the transaction is illegitimate. If the watchtower *did* have to witness every single transaction, it would effectively just be a centralized, trusted node (that has to operate at the scale of the whole network), which sort of makes one wonder why you'd even bother with the blockchain part. IMO, the bigger issues involve the actual mechanics of settlement... closing down a lightning channel requires an on-chain transaction and, if you're reusing the same channel to cover multiple people's payments, may end up reverting a bunch of other unintended transactions as well. The system is kind of designed under the assumption that the penalties will be sufficient that you rarely actually need to arbitrate, and I'm not convinced of how true that will be in practice.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 22, 2022 22:44:37

Yes, but to understand that, you would have to understand that much like units of currency, people do not construct units of measurement for philosophical reasons, or to marvel at the fact that something defined to be constant remains constant, but to use them to interact with the real world. This is diametrically opposed to hodlers' relationship with Bitcoin.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 18, 2022 11:46:08

I swear replacement level is worse than it used to be.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 15, 2022 20:57:09

My point is that he is already getting "rewarded" for being a pitcher and hitter in one by being allowed to tap into the WAR pool for both hitters and pitchers (if people's chosen metric was WAA he would look way more pedestrian, which I agree would be unfair). He gets to do this because, objectively, there is no such thing as a replacement level major league hitter+pitcher, there's basically just him and like one other guy in the minors, so nobody is looking for a roster spot that does both and there's no reasonable way to set a positional adjustment for one. He is not *additionally* getting rewarded for saving a roster slot, but that impact is pretty minor by comparison anyway. e.g., it doesn't seem like starters who go deep get disproportionately rewarded for saving bullpen slots (or at least nobody who computes WAR takes that into account). > I see what you mean about how his multi-positional usage affects his WAA, but you're confusing roster spots with positional adjustments, and then chiding "people" for talking about the thing you're incorrect on. Not really? The intent of replacement level is to capture the value a player you could call up from the minors would bring to that same roster slot, which is the justification behind computing wins above replacement in the first place. That's also the entire reason there's a positional adjustment. Because of the way it's calculated for Ohtani, it effectively treats him as taking up two instead of one. It's not *quite* accurate because he doesn't actually take up two, but it's pretty close.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 19:01:46

Wins above replacement is computed relative to replacement level, which is set per position. TangoTiger's tweet is pretty clear about this. Ohtani's wins above replacement as pitcher are set relative to a replacement level pitcher. Pitchers (as spelled out in the article) get assigned 41% of the overall WAR in the league: > The wins, and therefore the runs, are further divided between pitchers and position players. We assign 41% to the pitchers and 59% to the position players. This corresponds to the salaries of free agent pitchers vs. hitters over the last four seasons. Replacement level for pitchers is set substantially *below* the average: > For pitchers, the replacement level starts with the replacement level pitcher's runs allowed per out, RpO_replacement. This value is the league average runs allowed per out multiplied by (20.5-1.8)/100). In this example, 20.5 is the league's replacement runs per 600 PAs and 1.8 is an empirical factor that makes the final result mostly closely align the sum of all player replacement runs to the desired league total. RARP (and consequently WARP) are computed based on this replacement level: > For pitcher, runs_above_rep is then runs_above_avg + RpO_replacement * Outs pitched The other 59% are assigned to hitters using a similar process (that also adjusts for position, via the positional adjustment). Again notice that hitters *get their own replacement level for hitting*, there's no combined "pitcher+hitter" replacement level and an average hitter will therefore be well above 0 WAR (it's league adjusted so that the average WAA for hitters is 0), with how much over they are depending on how many innings they play. Since Ohtani hits *and* pitches, if he is average at both, he gets the WAR benefit of both, just by being there, even if his RAA is 0 in both. The calculation explicitly *first* calculates runs saved above average, then adds bonus runs saved for being average at pitching; it does the same thing for hitting, first calculating runs above average, and then again adding bonus runs for being average at hitting. It does this because being average at hitting and pitching is considered difficult, so I am not saying it's unfair (quite the opposite), but it is how the calculation is performed and it answers your question for why Ohtani has a much lower WAA than you'd expect.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 18:49:21

They absolutely do. The roster spot is used to compute the meaning of "replacement level" (i.e. catchers are competing against AAA catchers, DHs against AAA DHs, etc.). Search for "positional adjustment" here: Ohtani's WAR is specifically computed with two different replacement levels: DH as a hitter, and P as pitcher (see

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 18:36:07

It's because Ohtani's interpreted as taking up two roster slots, one pitcher and one DH, so he gets 4ish WAR just by being average (apparently quite a bit more? That seems very wrong to me, TBH). Trout and Ruth are considered to take up just one roster slot so they only get 2ish WAR by being average. This is part of why people who complain that Ohtani's extra value from taking up two roster slots isn't accounted for by WAR are wrong--it is, and this is how.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 17:59:04

WAR predicts their current record pretty accurately, you just have no idea how terrible the rest of their roster is lol (or aren't familiar with the WAR relationship to wins). *Edit:* Just did a quick calculation and I think fWAR predicts the angels to have won like 41-42 games, and they currently have 39 wins. Wow, WAR disproven!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 17:54:52

The rest of the Angels are *terrible* lol, Trout and Ohtani out-WAR the entire rest of the team by a good margin (unless something changed recently). They have a handful of *average* players and the rest are like replacement level or worse.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 15:35:06

Rendon is out, Ward has been injured a bunch, the rest of the lineup after Ohtani and Trout are basically the MLB equivalent of the NBA players in Space Jam after the Monstars stole their talent.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 14:53:26

Have you seen the rest of the Angels roster

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 13:57:02

Yeah this story is ant propaganda lol, they're vicious.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 14, 2022 02:58:49

Well, *people* are not generally good hitters (or good pitchers), at least not at a level where they can play major league baseball. And outside of throwing speed for fielders, there really isn't a lot of overlap in the required skillsets. So the odds that you're a good hitter *and* a good pitcher at a major league level are something close to the product of the two odds, which is way lower than either (it's not *actually* that low because only a small percentage of people actually practice baseball enough to be good at either, but it's close-ish). Beyond that, there's a ton of pressure to specialize once you get to the higher levels of baseball. It's kind of insane that Ohtani even exists.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/baseball on July 14, 2022 02:44:33

It sounds like their primary use is by scammers to bilk people out of money, apparently a bunch of shops have warnings signs over bitcoin ATMs basically telling people not to use them if they've been instructed to do so over the phone or email.

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/Buttcoin on July 13, 2022 16:16:56

Yes, *firms* love arbitration. i.e., corporations. I'm talking about workers, i.e. the people who are being forced to agree to arbitration. Being unable to enter into a class action lawsuit seriously harms labor rights. > Because they agree to the contracts, not write them. Pretty basic contract law shit here. It's not "basic contract law" that you have to agree to mandatory arbitration and waive your right to form a class action lawsuit. It was even considered illegal for quite a while. It's really funny that all of you are quiet when major rights are being violated, but got forbid someone undermine the legitimacy of that great American institution, mandatory arbitration!

Commented by /u/wrongerontheinternet in /r/news on July 12, 2022 14:21:37

This is libertarian bullshit. The vast majority of larger companies force arbitration now, you don't have a real choice.

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If mandatory arbitration helps "both sides" greatly why are corporations the only ones who want it to be mandatory, why do consumers not get the choice, why do most labor organizations tell you to avoid arbitration wherever possible, and why do most other countries not allow it, lol. I mean come on don't be this transparent.

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It's only enforceable because the Supreme Court is bought and sold, lol. It makes absolutely no sense.

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The funny thing is that I'm pretty sure they named it after AI winter, which: * lasted decades (not like a year). * was only broken by fundamental innovations and improvements to computer hardware (GPUs) and discarded algorithms (neural networks), so it barely resembled the work being done earlier. * probably would have ended sooner if it weren't for the ridiculous, outlandish overhyped promises people kept making, especially ones rooted in exponential growth. * resulted in systems that *still* struggle to justify their existence economically (though they are a heck of a lot more evocative than cryptocurrency, that's for sure!). Feels like kind of a self-own whenever people use this term to explain why Bitcoin's gonna go up...

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All right dude go try to post this in a gaming sub then lol.

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Okay. You realize gamers fucking hate NFTs, right? Steam literally banned NFT games because they were too much of a headache from a fraud perspective. NFT flagships like Axie Infinity been failing at a large scale. Ubisoft's foray made so little money that it probably wasn't even worth the cost of integration. Like even looking past how morally distasteful we all find NFTs, they are *obviously* not a profitable enterprise for game studios! The only way you can imagine that this can somehow be salvaged by incorporating a gaming aspect is if you're being willfully ignorant.

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You realize you are on /r/Buttcoin yes? What makes you think bringing up the gaming aspect of the NFT project would somehow exonerate it?

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The Avalanche founding developer used to be a respectable database guy (many years ago now) and all he's been doing lately is bitching about everyone associating Avalanche with all these scams and being like "why won't they look at the *tech*?" Dude all the "tech" wouldn't even exist without all these scammers funding you, you can't pretend it's unrelated!

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TBH I just used imacheat and built tons of arcologies...

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It never will be because our stars don't get to be ASG starters off reputation lol.

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That is exactly what I meant, I'm not really sure why that was considered so controversial. The good pitchers had many more innings in which to be good, so they could accumulate WAR very fast. If you look at hitters through the years the WAR leaderboards are not nearly as dominated by hitters from specific eras. This despite the fact that by most objective and rate standards pitching is better than ever across the league.

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I asked this in another thread, but if they're not doing any of that and they're investing in crypto... how exactly are they offering almost 8% APR? The whole market is down and the only reason anyone was taking crypto loans in the first place was either to invest in those kinds of schemes or to abscond with the money. Seems kinda, I dunno... Ponzi.

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Yes, but that was at a time when it was much easier for pitchers to accumulate WAR than it is now.

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2001 Barry Bonds couldn't get the current Angels rosters over 500 lol.

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No, you're misunderstanding. Even their customers' USD is not ensured against failures by the company. That part is just a lie, it has nothing to do with whether they bought tokens with it and it is not technically correct. It is just fraud.

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